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what is the ideal blood sugar levels- Fasting and post prandial?
Why do I feel so miserable this morning?
omg serious help???!!!!?
How do you break a sleeping habit?
Do people with narrow nostrils take in less air?
Will my body go back to normal?
what can i do in the gym to slim down my thighs?
Hamstring Issues.....?
Do you diet or excersise or both?
what is the best way to loose weight in your legs?
How can a 13 year old girl flatten her stomach in a week or so?
Best way to burn fat in ab. region..?
Energy Supplements?
I know it's safe to lose 16lbs in 8 weeks, but can you do 20-25 safely too?
How much weight can I lose by October?
This is a serious question. I have not smoked weed in over 50 days. I took a baseline drug test a week or?
Help with my stomach?
Someone please tell me anything about getting headaches on Lamictal?
Is Medical Marijuana stronger than normal weed you would get from someone?
What are the medical advantages of marijuana?
treatment for chlamydia,dosage?
can clindamycin cure chlamydia?
How serious is swine flu?
Doctor said I need Ultrasound for UTI? What for?
Whats the best way to get rid of a sore throat?
Who has gotten the h1n1 vaccine shot?
What is wrong...?diarrhea?
what does holistic mean?
What was the darkest moment in your life?
What's the difference between OCD unwanted thoughts & Bipolar's hearing voices?
is biting your lip a form of self mutilation?
Why does your foot fall asleep?
Read below: Is quitting weed worth it?
got no life, so depressed :(?
beginner for smoking? dizzy and stomach ache?
I don't know what i have?
how many partners have you had and how many were unprotected? you dont have to answer if u dont want to?
how do i pull a tooth?
is it posible to lose 8 kilos in just a month?
Has anyone used a weight vest?
Am I... fat?
I need to lose weight.. HELP!?
What's considered good on a military press?
help me with a diet please?
Preparing for Belly Dancing..?
what is the best ab workout for girls!?
What increases the strength in your forearms?
Does coffe affects blood pressure?
How to save your eyesight???
How can I make my veins pop up?
How can I get my eye to stop twitching?
My moms in really bad condition?
Is it healthy to sleep with a watch on?
can a regular doctor diagnose you with depression?
Does this mean I have a good memory is it just intelleligence?
What would it be like to live your life as an obese person?
what organ digests pills?
Any way of getting rid of a slight cold fast?
Does anyone know if there's a cure for herpes?
High Risk HPV diagnoes twice, why?
Wierd question about bacterial vaginosis?
i constantly bite the skin off the inside of my lips?
What does weed/marjuanna do to the body?
What is a good home remedy for a panic attack?
eating ice??
What have your experiences with adderall been?
is there a healthy way of gaining weight about 10 to 20 pounds?
how to get a flat stomach?
Can I do Yoga and study a Martial Art before going to Boot Camp in the USMC?
My strength is sapped. What can be done about it?
Am I attractive? I always think Im overweight...plz help,?
What's a good protein drink for women?
Will I get a nice flat stomach from doing this?
IM NEVER hungry?
Can you get a UTI from poor diet?
are there any juvenile diabetes counselor anywhere in michigan?
please define HIV and AIDS?
Hey, I have a question: if cigarettes are so damaging, why aren't they illegal while pot and weed are?
Help i cant sleep at night?
What can you buy at the store to "plump" up your lips a bit??
Is taking tylenol okay for a 12 year old?
has anyone tried CHENTEX to quit smoking?
HELP kidney pain?
HELP ME want to exercise to loose weight but stay inside watching t.v?
What is the optimal amount of calories per day for weight loss??
What FOOD is most likely to break your DIET?
what will happen if I do 100 push ups every night for one month?
What loses fat faster: Running or Brisk Walking for 1 hour?
what are you eating right now?
how can i tell if my arm is fractured/.broken without seeing a doctor?
im getting alot of blackouts with headaches?
how much does a colposcopy cost?
H1N1 virus at my school?
What effects do energy drinks have on your heart rate?
I am type II diabestes, 3.30am was 171 and 117 when I awake up at 9.00am. How can get it normal?
Is it normal for me to be really weak, lightheaded, shaky....?
how do you read blood sugar results?
My mom has diabetes? Questions for her?
beta blockers whats the side effects?
am i 2 fat????
i m pregnant and want to loss weight, is it possible?
My eating today...okay?
how do you get rid on inner thigh weight? exercises?
does drinking fruit juice give you the same nutrients as eating fruit?
what is a good breakfast if I want to lose weight?
I'm so embarrassed about my weight?
need to lose weight and getting all the info?
I think I have sinusitis, will nasal irrigation help?
has anyone ever use the pill Bontril to help lose weight if so could you please share results?
Decaying Eyesight, how do I stop it?
Blacked out during cycling, what's the reason behind it?
Urgent Help Needed. I am searching for a Anti-Nicotine chemicals or substance for Quit Smoking?
I am getting really dizzy, not faint dizzy, but world spinning dizzy, only when I lay down?
Gulping down ice water after vigorous activity?
how do sleeping pills work?
My friend thought that the anti bacterial handwash was a drink...?
If I go to a Planned Parenthood clinic to get STD testing done, can I ask for TBC testing aswell?
HIV attacks T Cells because...?
feelings of diarrhea in class?! HELP!?!?
what can i do for a sore throat?
If you get rabies, do you die for sure?
Could someone have a cold sore for any reason besides herpes?
Could I Have Some kind of Eating Disorder?
What did you have for breakfast?
Do you wear weight lifting gloves and why?
I'm underweight but still have a flabby stomach...?
What will happen if i eat too much potassium? Too much bananas and apples, etc?
I need to lose weight fast, mostly my belly. .?
What are the best foods for curbing hunger?
how can i lose some leg weight (hate legs rubbing together)?
Fiber diet?
does it hurt when you first have braces?
False teeth or fix mine?
What is the best teeth whitening kit out there?
my orthodontist didn't cleam my teeth before he put my braces on. Is it okay? or should i ask him?
I went to the Orthidontist today...?? Help*?
Braaces Help!?
Tooth Pain! Please help me i'm in pain! How do I fix this?
Why an epidural?
How bad could this be? Please read.?
Is it normal that my head it always tilted to one side?
knee hurts bad ! please help me .?
How can I remember to keep good posture?
What does PRN supplemental shift mean?
back of my throat feels swollen and I have a really bad cough?
If you dont eat enough?
is this an enough sleep?
A bug flew into my eye.?
Does anyone know of any free or inexpensive medical clinics in the Houston, Tx area?
Why is my husband always too hot, even when everyone else is freezing ?
Medical Advise that you will be glad you listened to.?
What helps you to fall asleep?
whats going on with my head?
what is actually happening when you crack your knuckels?
ways for women to lose weight?
How can I lose thigh fat?
how many calories are in.....?
I have a goal to meet this Summer; Can anyone help me please?
how do guys deal with the criticizing of dieting?
how many jumping jacks do you need to do to burn off 200 calories??thanks?
What will running for 20 minutes a day do for me?
After a workout do you flex in the mirror?
is it normal if i look on my underwear and theres like yellowish and white thing thats dry and sometimes wet.?
STD question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
dose everybody carry HIV or AIDS?
I don't want to sleep! plz help...?
Ahhh, I was suppose to go to bed an hour ago???but now I have a headach?
i am having a huge problem plz help?
Is health care really free in England, France, Cuba and Canada?
Health advice?
How do I stop underarm odor?
Dual Action Cleanse? Late night TV.?
Muscle twitching in forehead?
how to prevent getting ill all the time?
How do you get rid of phlegm in your throat?
whooping cough outbreak in california--what percentage of those kids were vaccinated?
What exercises can be done to reduce a large belly without putting strain on a bad back?
will peoples diet change in the future?
How can I work out my inner thighs?
What is better for burning fat: low-intensity or high-intensity cardio?
Is it healthy to start children in a Vegetarian diet?
Muscles !!?
what is the healthiest thing to eat from taco bell?
I'm really scared,should I move?
Drug test!!!! Life on the line! HELP PLEASE :(?
what're your thoughts on people who smoke marijuana? and why?
help! am i in bad health?
I feel cold but im sweating at the same time?
How do you get ultra white teeth?
when i smile i cant see my teeth??
How many people have died from AIDS in Europe since the virus entered Europe?
im afraid of blood test?
Whatever happened to AIDS?
How do you make yourself throw up besides using the gag method?
Have you had the pneumonia vaccine?
General questions asked in the emergency room?
What do you do when you can't get health insurance because of a pre-existing condition?
lump on forehead? *20 characters*?
best way to cure extremely sore muscles FAST?
i had my first smokes today. and it always burns my throat and i have has 5!! ?? whats going on!?
What if somebody wakes up when they are still in surgery?
What causes 'charlie horses'?
HELP!!!! PLEASE!!! 10 POINTS!!! I have a headache?
What kind of doctor should I see for muscle pain/spasm?
What can I do to wake myself up?
are u ashamed of yourself ....???
is it safe to eat the white stuff out of weed seeds?
i'm having stomach problems?
How do you get rid of stress?
Does "health make wealth" or does "wealth make health"?
How do I slow my metabolism?
Everytime I drink water I get Heartburn?
good workout songs.?
How do I lose weight in my stomach with an exercise ball?
am i fat???
why can i diet all day and then crave food at 10 pm especially saltly things like chips?
What kind of nut is the most healthy and can make you feel full easily?
I'm so Lazy?
Have you ever used a 31 lb child as a weight for squats and lunges?
How Many Ways Can You Get AIDS?
Does HSV2 affect your professional life?
i was breaking up a fight of two old men,a lil blood got on my hand,and a lil on my pants,can i have Aids?
Where to disconnect you insulin pump when swimming or taking a shower?
Does Metformin affect the B-cell of the pancreas?
Why do i feel dizzy after controlling my blood sugar, when it was high i felt fine.?
Where can I get tested for diabetes for free?
Feet Hurt When I Wake Up?
What could this back pain be from and what can help?
My baby is a year old and 1 month and still no teeth is that normal?
Home recipe 4 teeth whitening with braces?
How do you keep an electric toothbrush clean?
I chipped my tooth a year ago and now It hurts like crazy when I drink any thing cold or eat any thing hot?
i'm really SCARED!?
wisdom teeth healing?
What's the fastest way to get your voice back?
is 5-minute energy bad for people with anxiety?
How to defend yourself in a school fight?
Please Help ! Just A Cold Or Something Else ?
Do you think nurses should have the right to know what the patient has when treating them?
humane way to kill a sick paralysed lizzard?
what time do you wake up in the morning?
Did this really happen at the hospital?
When I sleep my fingers and hands tingle and go to sleep rt side first it hurts, wakes me then my feet???
ok i go to sleep at a good time at night wake up at a reasonable time but im still always sleepy?
how to quit smoking?
ok.....what's up with my eyes?
my eyes gets dry when i read, and also, i want the white part of my eye to look bright. what should i do?
i have never been able to burp and dont know what to do?
What happeneds the first time you do cocaine?
i can talk about smoking weed confidentially with a doctor, right?
Does marijuana cause depression?
IS there anywhere online i can still get REAL Phentermine? Please-?
What is the most succesful way to do crunches?
Can floor exercises alone make you look more toned?
How many bottles of water should a 108 pound person drink?
Best diet?
What does it mean when your muscles shake while lifting weights out?
flat tummy?
question about herpes!?
How can I make myself taller?
Question for fitness experts...?
does sweating while excirsing make you lose weight?
How to mosh and avoid getting hurt?
Do any Girls like people to stand on their stomachs? I no 1 who has me stand on hers all the time.?
is it bad to zone all of the time?
will i grow taller plz anserwer?
What can I have if I'm on a clear liquid diet?
Why are my hands blue?
What kind of material is best of all to fill teeth with?
Does the enamel on teeth heal itslef?
Gum infection treatment?
pain when taking deep breath in chest and right side of back?
Why do old folks die soon after breaking a hip?
What is a good topical anti-inflammatory salve or ointment?
Why exactly does my foot still hurt after I got my cast off?
What might cause numbness in the thigh?
my sister just got home frome the hospital how do i take care of her? IM REALLY FRIGHTENED 4 HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Get "girl" abs? Workout HELP!?
Is laser hair removal safe, and once its off does it stay off.?
My Bipolar medication?
how long is training to be a CNA? I was told 9 weeks. It's something that I was into b4 i'd gotten married?
Is it normal for your body to sway side-to-side?
Is water really good for your skin?
How can I stop biting my fingernails?
What causes a persons hands and feet to be sweatyclammy but yet their cold?
I can make a vibration sound in my ears by tightening a muscle there, but I don't know what causes that sound.
What's the best non-prescription sleeping pill out there?
What is causing my head itch?
is it bad to mix two different kinds of ecstasy pills together ?
does anybody know whats wrong with me? i have a really strange ailment?
Why does my leg keep doing this?
Why Do I Keep Getting These Cramps In My Calfs?
Hurts to swallow my own saliva...HELP!!?
Please help my mum please?
what is a yeast infection?
Hepitatis B or C?? Help?
like a girl but dont know right now?
Can the antibiotic "Bactrim" cure chlamydia?
What is the difference between tonsilitis and strep throat?
my kids have swine flu?
What could this be?Sore throat and achy for two days.?
If flu is a lung virus why do we get muscle pains?
Can i get the flu again?
How do you keep your weight down during the holiday season?
I think I have an abcessed tooth?
If Listerine kills germs, why do we still need to brush?
I want to know if there are any other way's of straighting the only tooth that's crooked without braces?
For those whose take a bath....?
I already asked this question, but I'm starting to get really worried. I'm home alone, I don't know what to do?
Was my drink spiked with ecstacy?
how to lose 10 pounds in a moth?
Is popcorn good to eat when you are on a diet?
I am 14 and I weigh 185 pounds. I'm not fat,I don't feel fat,but am a little chubby.?
how to i get thinner legs (thighs, calves) FAST!!!?
I want to lose 40 lbs. Any diet tips? And how long would this take me?
Is it bad to run in cold weather?
how long will it take me to lose 10 lb?
How can I lose weight? PLEASE HELP!?
one of my friend accidently fell on indian style latrine sheet.he laid on latrine sheet for around 10 minutes?
Is sickle cell disease and thalassemia the same thing?
Should i call my doctor????????????????????/?
Are the hospitals open today?
my teen daughter is shaking why?
What do urine tests test for ?, and what colour should healthy urine be ?
How many tbs. of baking soda should I add to water to make a 10 oz mouthwash?
Cavity filling questions?
Is there such thing as a lisp remover?
How do you brush your teeth the right way?
i had a white filling put in tooth #30 3 weeks ago. i began to have severe pain a week later. i went to the?
i want to switch dentist's, but i still owe a $200, can i get my records?
Diabetes and weight loss?
DIABETES TYPE 1 - problems ejaculating?
how can i stop my mentruation?
If I had one cold sore when I was six, can I give oral?
what is wrong with me?
How can I control my emotions?
what excatlyhappens when your leg/arm falls asleep?
blackout and dizzzy and vertigo and falling?
Is medicare paid in addition to disability benifits?
Disk Herniation Surgery- Worth it? I need opinions from those who have had the surgery!!!?
Relieve Lower Back Pain?
How can i get pain pills?
My back is killing me????????
does tylenol pm have any side effect if you take it every night?
I am ALWAYS hungry, could it indicate a problem?
Does Herpes Hurt? .?
Can hand sanitizer reduce the risk of spreading herpes?
why do they do this???????
Shins hurt from running?
My lower back in the middle part has been hurting all day every day. What could it be?
where can I find a nice Massager or just like it?
Is there a way to properly stretch the muscles that are under and between the shoulder blades?
hiv in blood...could i be infected if it happened 13 hours ago?
how can samonella be an std?
how can u treat yeast infection in male at home?
Can wearing underwear to bed every night give you STD's or infections?
If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
How do I stop this bad habit?
can u be addicted to weed from the first try?
What do guys think about women's periods?
can't close my lips together naturally!!!?
i've never had impressions, what are they like?
What should I do about my teeth?
It looks like i'm gonna get braces. what kind should i get?
Does fruit juice really have flouride in it to help prevent cavities???
Can you get your x-rays from your dentist after you've paid for them to take them to another dentist?
How many hours sleep do you get per night?
How TO Stop A Really Bad Eye Habit ? i starded like 4 days or os ago?
Why have I been fainting?
what could be wrong if you have blood in your urine?
My friend has a trace of herpes? what does this means exactley?
Do antibiotics boost or suppress your immune system?
Should I Get Tested for...?
what is Chlamydia???????
A new life style.?
How do you improve/fix your vision?
What happens if you accidentally eat mold?
Ocular Rosacea?
Can writting on your body do harm to some one?
E. Coli?????????????
Why was it switched from swine flu to H1N1?
With the swine flu coming, I'm wondering what mask should I can get? I know 3M makes 8000-N95, 8511-N95, etc.?
If there is a vaccine for malaria, why doesn't the WHO give everyone in Africa the?
can you sue school if your child get staph infection while playing a sport?
How to make yourself run a real fever?
I was just told I have a Bulging Disc. What does this entail? I was told I would be referd to Pain Mangement.?
Is valium stronger than percocet?
Anyone ever had a migraine that included sharp stabbing pains at one spot on top of your head?
injured knee..no healthcare.help?
How to treat Esophageal Candidas?
Can one get AIDS from drinking a gallon of AIDS-infected blood?
i think i have a yeast infection. but i dont want to tell my mom. is there any medicin i can go get myself?
How can I avoid catching a cold from someone in my house?
why do i keep waking up at night around 3 or 4 and finding it difficult to fall back to sleep?
Is their only supposed to be black particles in the brita watcher pitcher?
Can using a syringe to inject air into the blood vessel be fatal?
Really low in b12 please help...?
how to fall asleep easier?
What are some ways to fall asleep quick?
Does methadone rott your teeth?
I have this cough I can't get rid of. Am I dieing?
where can i buy valium without a prescription?
Home Health Care?? Help please!?
Anyone know any famous people who have suffered nervous system disorders and no longer are alive?
anyone know how to get rid of a cold?
When will the pain of my braces dissappear?
i am totally addicted to diet sodas, especially diet mt dew. is there any harmful effects lg term use?
Swollen adomen after ab workout, need help!?
What should my max rep be?
Is it bad to pop your knuckles, back, ect.?
Lower back pain?
How come when I get sick my skin is sore and my muscles ache?
how can i deal with shoulder bursitis?
what is it if i'm having a headache on only one side of my head?
Marijuana effect question....?
I have a brain tumour. Will homeopathy help?
My jaw kind of hurts and my mental health isn't that great.. possible I've been grinding my teeth at night?
I sleep ALOT and i am dizzy often even after ive eaten.?
whats the best way to quit smokin?
Do you have easy access to healthcare?
Why does my right eye keep twitching?
Strange Twitching Sensation In My Mid-Section. Anybody Know What It Could Be?
I've never confided in anyone about this...my father was in the hospital during his final stage of lung cancer?
How did you quit smoking?
two different color eyes?
Does anyone have any advice on quitting smoking?
Eyeball growth?
How tall should i be?
Tounge Piercings?
Is my immune system overwhelmed?
why do i eat when im not hungry?
I need to lose 15 pounds by june?
Toning up, no access to gym?
The area between my elbow and my wrist hurts when I was exercising my biceps (only on the left hand). Why?
i'm 5'5 125lbs how can i get my tummy firm after a c-section? is 125lbs a good weight for my height?
I already ate protein (some beans and yogurt), a salad, and bread for lunch, then why am I still hungry?
Doing ab workouts 5 times a week a good idea or not?
What is the best diet pill?
Good exercises at home to work the lower abs?
What is this tingling, aching pain in my legs and arms when I rest at night?
what are tne symptoms of tuberculosis in the spine???????
What should I do if I've had a week-long headache followed by sore throat/ears and fever w/ no sinus issues.?
Safe to space vaccines 6 months or more between each other?
How virulent is disco fever?
if 4 out of 5 ppl suffer from diarrhea then does that mean that the fifth one enjoys it?
Which one is more likely to kill you:?
What do I do if my peins has warts on it?
is the third vaccination of Gardasil really necessary?
Is this a healthy weight to be at?
Help me lose weight please...?
weight loss! Whats the best, safe way to lose weight without spening a tonn of money?
What are some easy ways for me to become more active?
Is it better to do cardio after weight training or before? Not including a warm-up?
What is the best diet for fast weight loss?
better to exercise everyday or take a day off?
how much do you?
How much does invisign braces cost?
My friend needs help with her maybe herpes bf.?
If you don't have insurance or any money will a hospital still test you for STD's?
please anyone can you tell me how ultrasound works? thanks for any kind of information's.?
What time should I go to sleep and wake up? (I have a need for sleep!)?
Help! Non Stop twitching.?
Tonsillectomy :s what will happen?
Has anyone taken Chantix to help stop smoking? If so, I was wondering?
I've finally quit smoking so . .?
Why am I so tired all the time?
Medical Advice on Yahoo! Answers... A good thing?
I may have peripheral neurapathy, what are the GOOD and BAD food that may be better for me?
do you need a prescription to buy diabetic syringes in california?
After fasting for a couple of hours what should my sugar be?
Can you be diabetic and not have any symptoms?
what would happen to your insulin gene if your restriction enzyme cut somewhere in the middle of the gene?
Water Pills good to lose weight?
What are some ways I can save money to afford a gym membership? What should I look for in a gym?
How do I get rid of the excess fat around my tummy area?
What is the difference between OROVO and OROVO DETOX?
Looking for help with a physical training program...?
Fat thighs!?
How can I curb my love for eating in the late afternoon/evening?
Motivation When On A Diet, How Do You Do It?
New Cold Sore Question?
I have never had this before can someone please help!??!?
Question about pain medication?
How does Sodium in your foods affect your dieting?
HELP!!!1 NO matter what I do...I cannot lose my belly fat!?
I want to lose 25-35 pound for a trip in five months how can I do it. Please hepl me.?
how can I get rid of love handles?
workouts to tone arms?
Strawberry Lemonade....?
Good tips for losing 5 pounds quick?
How do I get stronger.?
My friend is addicted to smoking paper with tea leaves inside of them?
are you still a virgin if you had oral?
hi i suffer from type 2 diabeties and take insulin and metformin is insulin 4 lifetime?
How much will it cost if you have insurance for getting braces?
Will removal of LOWER wisdom teeth make my TMJ worse?
How can i get my teeth white fast!?
i have braces and now my girl is gettin them will the get cuaght wen we make out?
How long will it take to die if I hold my breath?
? i heard that ?
All gay people say they were born gay... is this possible?
does cocaine make you shake? or what drug does?
is it just in my blood?
What food or drink counters the effects of caffeine?
lose weight and build packs.?
When trying to lose weight, what are the best foods to eat and the worst? Be specific please.?
What's pain intensity scale? ?
Quitting smoking?
Is it true that when you are deppressed you are more likely to get sick?
What could be causing these fainting spells?
what is the effect of cigarrette smoking to the health of childrens?
I have an STD question; about chlamydia and PID?
My tooth, cheek, and eye are in pain. plz help?
What are the causes of Charley Horses?
is it really that bad if i dont get 8 hours of sleep?
Why do my ankles crack?
Why do I have such a low tolerance to alcohol?
how do i fall asleep faster?
How to slow down the aging process naturally?
How can you stop an oncoming panic attack?
How can one weigh a whale?
I was born in the year 1991 is it possible for me to live to the next century?
Should i make myself throw up?
if the doctor says there are traces of blood in your urine , what does this mean ?
Are you for or against the flu shot?
Why is Hepititis B a standard childhood vaccine in some places, but not others?
what are 3 diseases caused by bacteria?
did the tsetse fly - sleeping sickness- cause death?
what is crumes disease?
what is the worst disease anyone can get?
My sister has the 24 hour stomach flu and we share a room, what can I do to avoid catching it?
whats the best way to break a bad habbit?
I'm getting a lot of nosebleeds..?
What has happened to my nose?
10 point for best answerer?
How do i smoke weed now that I'm tested monthly?
how do you know if somebody has herpes?
How much saliva is needed to pass HSV-1 Oral herpes to another person?
How do I get rid of gingervites?
When do you start to see a difference after your braces are put on?
I am having 4 wisdom teeth extracted on thursday..?
Do Crest White Strips Really Work?!?
What kind of anesthesia do they give to pregnant woman who have a root canal done?
Went to Dentist and he says i need a crown and root canel , what do you think? ..more..?
what are speed braces?
Why do some people not want others to have health care?
Who Think Conrad Murray Is A Murderer?
Quit smoking?
How is the best way to go to sleep?.....read?
I've heard it's bad for your posture to sleep using a pillow?
How do I prevent my hands and wrists from getting sore when I play violin?
Leg cramp that will not go away?
Difficulty breathing?
I have a bladder infection that might have spread to my kidneys-I'm not sure, I have lots of symptoms?
What is the lethal dose of fiber?
What do you do when people gossip about you?
Carpel Tunnel Syndrom?
What causes a blood nose?
I have really poor posture and suffer from back and neck pain any tips to improve it?
One knee cracks like a huge knuckle. Why?
How can I get a home health nurse to come to my house three days a week?
Anyone know of a pill-crusher that is electric and easy to use for someone with arthritis?
Can doctors drop their patients because their patients have 'poor health' ?
How many hours a night do you sleep?
How long can you live with Stage 4 kidney failure, until it progresses to Stage 5 (end stage renal failure)?
Diabetics! help for an interview? What's it like having diabetes?
ate lots of sugar tonight.nondiabetic..checked blood...went hi and then came back down....good right?
Panic Attack Help?
why do i have a hard time breathing when i get really mad?
Can you get contact lens at the age of 13?
Whats your greatest strength & weakest ?
how long after you eat can you take prevacid and whats the best time to take it. my symptoms are worse in the?
is it possible that i have syphilis?
Where cant teens get tested for std's?
is it ok to drink alcohol if im taking antibiotics?
What is Parkinson's disease?
Does drinking alcohol stop antibiotics from working?
is it true that when u kiss the others person saliva kills some of your virus and viceversa?
is eating good way beat the flu?
what happen if you get a blood transfusion and your?
Can Doctors detect HIV in a blood count test?
Hubby has digestive problems for 3 days now, not going away?
Why do peoples joints start to hurt when bad weather is coming in?
Weird headaches..?
Should I be cracking my fingers and knuckles?
i feel hungover but i haven't drank anything?
if you eat past 12 does it count towards the next day?
how can a 12 year old loose weight easily?
fast way to lose weight?
In your opinion should a bmi of 23 0r 24 be considered fat, overweight?
Guys: Should we describe our body fat as a "bulge" the way women describe their body fat as "curves"?
What are good healthy snacks to take to work?
Is an electric toothbrush worth it if its not sonic?
i had a tooth pulled and it feels like there is still a piece in the gum. what should i do? its painful?
white teeth?
why do we pay so much for braces?
is it bad for your teeth to chew on soda cans?
are pine cones poisonous to people?
What is it called when you get dizzy just from standing up?
Please help: Can a currently unemployed 23 yr old get Medicaid?
Why did I just suddenly get dizzy?
Cold Hands?
I have a really bad cold and can't really breath out my nose, how can I have a good nights sleep?
Feeling Faint After Switching Diet? Why?
can wearing a wet bathing suit too long cause you to have a urinary tract infection?
What are the causes of sleep walking?
Do you take Adderall and smoke cigarettes?
how much nicotine in 1 cigarette? How many cigarettes in 1 pack of cigarettes? How much nicotine in a pack?
I can't break this sleep pattern?
What can I do to i rejuvenate myself in a short period of time(5-10mins)?
Please tell me why I keep on getting these stomach aches?
What's happening to me?
does smoking cocaine thin the inside of your nose?
why is yawning........contagious????
how to take care of my sick boyfrienddd?
I'm SO stressed. Please give me advice on good STRESS-RELIEVERS before I explode and pull all my hair out!
How do you catch the bird flu? I've always wondered...?
Chest Pains? Only 19?
Can pain medication be put in the IV instead of a shot or a pill?
i have to right?=)?
Can you make a living advocating for a radically healthy lifestyle?
How much damage will taking Phentermine for 30 days cause?
desperate to lose weight....getting me really depressed?
did I eat ok today? should I eat more?
I have symptoms of high and low blood sugar but no symptoms of diabetes?
diabetes accu machine thing does it have all in one?
Could I have diabetes?
How would you get rid of migraines?
Should you still workout with cramps??
need help! I pulled something in my back yesterday and it really hurts!?
A weird question for guys?
Swallowing pills?
what is naproxen sodium, and can i mix it with other pain relievers?
How did you quit smoking?
Is it safe to take two ibuprofen (or 400 mg) every four to six hours?
I always crack my knuckles. Does it cause any problems later ?
Why do my toes crack all of the time?
how many paracetamols do you take so you can die?
Why do mosquitos transmit Dengue, Malaria etc but not AIDS?
I worry about vomiting as I have a phobia about it? I can't be in the room with someone puking and I haven't p
What is the treatment or anti-biotic for cytomegalovirus infection?
Why is HIV an incureable decease?
What deseases can determinate positive VDRL, other than siphylis ?
how can a person test positive for hepatitis b and at the same time be immune to the virus?
How can i GAIN weight and muscle?
how much should i weigh?
I get nauseous after almost every meal....??
medical marijuana?
i constantly feel sick to my stomach, please help!
How does diarrhea know that you've walked all the way back to your cubicle and sat down?
how can a person get tested for parasites?
Will sleeping with wet hair cause hair to gray?
How do you take a rectal temp?
Please help! My nose is bleeding and it won't stop!!!?
What should i do about this spider bite?
Do high potassium levels meen something is wrong with your kidneys? If not what can it meen?
What are some common supplements for type 2?
Should I see my doctor about my cold/tonsil stones?
what can i do to ease my pain?
am i weird?
Sore right side of nose : very runny Nose : Sore pain inside right eye?
i broke my leg and it itches what should i do?
running up and down the stairs for fat burning (15 minutes)?
What's good exercise?
I'm 15 yrs. old. Very bigged boned, and just can't lose weight to save my life. Please help me.?
What are good exercise machines?
How many calories does a woman burn doing nothing?
Tongue Piercing!?
burned my finger on the stove; what can i put on it?
Why do my legs fall asleep if I sit on the toilet for more than 5 minutes?
Chances for Immigration to Canada for 57 years old US male citizen?
Foundation that is good for my skin?
I keep getting migraines, so frickin annoying?
WhAT SHOUld i dO, WHEN i fEEl likE diEiNg.?
any idea why i have random hip pain on both sides?
stomach bacteria or flu?
can u catch a common cold from being in the rain to long?
Why aren’t all viruses as deadly as Marburg and Ebola?
elevated bilirubin 9.0 after 2 surgeries in 3 months. Should I be concerned?
What things shouldnt i eat when I take Warfarin?
mi husband just checked his blood sugar on a machine we just bought at walmart?
Is there a nurse/doctor that works with just diabetes; like a diabetic doctor or something?
Misdiagnosis possibly?
foods that make you feel full?
Do you think this is a healthy diet?
What is the quickest way to lose 5-10 pounds?
would i lose weight this way..?
If you starve yourself, how quickly do you lose weight?
Will jogging tone my arms or should I strength train too?
How can I get a six pack in 6 weeks?
whats the drug clonidine used for???
When do you start feeling the full effects of fish oil for depression?
what are the benefits of vitamin C to my skin?
when doing a UA for a job, can they tell if the urine belongs to a male or female?
What is In Heroin That Makes It Addictive?
sharp pain?
Is hot or cold application better for arthritis pain?
I'm not sure where to start other than the fact that i'm feeling completely exhausted.?
What tips do you have for stopping leg pain after taking statins?
Please help, what do i do now?
HELP! How do you clean a scratch/cut properly?!!?
How can i loss belly fat.?
this diet and fitness forum scares me?
What is an effective way to tone your abs?
is it true that it's best not to drink anything with your meal? even water?
how do i lose my big stomach?
HELP!!! lose weight from thighs?
Good home workouts for a teenager?
As your last dying wish..what would you wish?
How would you compare being addicted to weed and cigarettes?
What is the temperature of stomach?
Moles removed? Will it hurt?
methadone high?
What can I take for a headache???
what are some reasons for having a high lycopene level in a blood test?
using the medronic pump and cgm system cant find and tape that works when sweaty and water proof and allergic?
Since when does the fire station give free blood sugar exams?
Eye Twitching?
my boyfriend fingered me today and when he pulled his finger out and wiped it, it was orange?
What are some foods I can eat after a tonsillectomy and adenoidoctomy?
How do I go about obtaining a copy of my medical records??
Is It Healthy to sleep With your Hair in a Ponytail?
Is it bad for health if wearing hairspray for years?
How much wiping is TOO much?
Why am I at a healthy weight but I still look so skinny?
Ways to reduce severe pain?
My iguana just shot some gas in my face, should I call the meds?
why do my muscles in my arms and shoulder ache and my left jaw hurt?
I have a huge nose .. is it bad ?
Is it bad to crack your knuckles?
Do u prefer a male, or female doctor?
Please If you are A dr. or Nurse , or pharmaciest please help?
How Do I Know!?!?!?
Foot pain - feels like something in there?
What kind of spects should go for when I sit in front of computer?
Hydrocodone, are you familiar with it??
Today is my birthday and i'm 19 and i have to say i look the same as i was very young,nothing change,?
Your thoughts on cocaine and xanax as a downer?
first time deep throat?
Went outside with wet hair n now I'm sick!!!??? Help?
i have a drug test in 2 weeks..i am getting tested for THC....i need to get clean quick! wat do i do?
why do little kids pick their nose and eat it?
Do adults still get ear infections?
A question that came 2 me on the toilet!?
Is it okay to donate unused/no longer needed medical supplies?
What is the average fasting blood glucose range for type 2 diabetics?
If you get a little pen ink in your blood could you get cancer???????
Does this sound like diabetes?
Pain in the arc of foot and the pain will not stop.?
Guitar hand cramps?
Could this be a problem...........?
Marijuana is it a Drug to you????? how do you smoke it whats the best way Bong Pipe or Blunt?
Are you getting shocks off everything in the house?
What causes eyelid twitching?
How do i get my finger to stop burning?
dr not telling me whats wrong w my dad?
What are good shoes for nurses?
How to fall asleep fast!?
I might have a prostate infection, but Im only 27 please help?
3 AM cant sleep dont have sleeping pills, too young for whiskey, how to go to sleep?
heartburn/indegestion help please?
Do hot beverages really help sore throats? and do you know why, if so?
Sop my friends addictted to pain killers (vicidan), how do I help her?
Urgent help needed!?
In the middle of the night i get woken up by pins and needles in my heels. any ideas what causes it?
Im having problem with the nerve around my eyes, it always aches.?
quick and easy remedies for headaches?
Is there a name for a condition involving painful tailbone?
The circulation on my leg feels like its getting cut of?
Chest Pains, Is something broken?
How can i get me headaches to dissappear and stay gone??
For the past few days it seems that my head is pulsating, similar to a headache, but...?
ive been having really bad headache , i have a wedding to attened soon any help people?
What is your favorite remedy for muscle cramps?
Why am I not.....?
What are the early warning signs of high blood pressure?
What is the name of this disease?
What is the best flu medicine that you have taken for bodyaches?
has anyone ever done an essay on hiv/aids?
can you get hepatitis c by anouther persons sweat?
How do you get rid of a spider bite!!!??!!!?
Are they spider bites?
I BURNT MY HUBBY WITH SOUP HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
How to cure my swollen ear.?
What if you watched Yo Gabba Gabba while you were drunk?
i have pain in my left hand,from the pinky,ring,and middle finger, sometimes it hurts to use my left hand?
Where can I get a local anesthetic for my first aid suture kit?
Organ Donation...speech help?
How do I stop a cold before it gets bad?
Mucus in throat for more than a year please HELP!?
Is it bad to take showers whenever you feel like taking one?
What's the best sleeping position?
How can someone know if a person is on crack?
how to fall asleep faster?
Tips for taking out Contact Lenses?
How long does weed, ecstasy, and cocaine stay detectable in an australian army recruitment drug test?
what does it means when a girl has a visable adams apple?
What is this body odor i have ?
Is too hot of water bad for your skin?
How long should I stop smoking weed for a pre-employment drug test?
fuzzy vision? Do i need glasses?
why is it bad to put alcohol on my pierced ears?
sunburn help please..........?
Does anyone know what to take for this?
Cleaned my ear, popped/ can't hear?
Should i get surgery on my hand or let it heal by itself?
How do you deal with depression?
Do you like those fancy candles, or do they clog your sinuses?
I think I have Klinefelters Syndrome?
Why people cannot sneeze with their eyes open ?
why do i get the hick ups when eat brocoli?
My hair is falling out! What do I do?
what does (Rx) mean? related to pharmacy?
i know this is a sensitive subject, but whats your take on abortion?
Whats it like for someone to go from a high altitude to a low altitude?
How to get rid off my pain & swelling on my knee ?
Can you dionose my problem? Please help!?
Info or opinions on children's vaccines?
if i quit smoking will i start growing again?
What's wrong with me?
Got sick on bad meat from Von's last week. Who do I contact besides store?
I just got over a minor cold yesterday would it be safe to go snowboarding?
I constantly feel like throwing up?
how come you dont sneeze when your sleeping?
my tummy hurts and i keep having diarhea help!?
How deep into my inner ear a flying ant would travel.?
How many times does a normal person get sick each year?
What are the symptoms of the flu?
Charlie horses in lower legs at night, Why? Any treatment for this?
why does everything get blurry and black when i stand up?
How many towels do use?
If I join AA, do I have to tell my spouse?
If you were required to “unplug” for one year, describe the influence this would have in your life?
Should I take vitamins?
How sick am I?
what will happen if i dont quit smoking completely and still have my tummy tuck?
fructose malabsorbation and diabetes?
Is having 410grams of sugar in one day risky?
My aunt is 70 yrs old. she takes lisinopril 10 mg metoprolol 100mg for BP would this cause her BP to be 84/52?
I have this white mole on the edge of my tongue what can I do about it?
I JUST got a Root Canal and my tooth hurts real bad and I have used Tanac and my tooth is still on novacaine..
Why do I stay up late I can't sleep until 3 or 4 in the morning?
Is there any way i can grow taller at the age of 21?
What can I do to help myself fall asleep?
loud clocks and serins?
How old do you have to be to sell plasma?
sharp pain?
why do pain pills make you itch??
Painfull hips?
Did you ever get really bad intestinal cramps?
What does anyone think about perscription pain medicine?
How to stop/relieve acid?
Hip Replacement?
what is it called when you are awake but asleep at the same time?
Dizzy,Light-Headed,[email protected]?
ate a whole can of easy cheese. sodium question?
Every morning I wake up I have pain in my upper back behind my ribs...?
tired, headaches, thirsty...???
Is this an ear infection?
WHY ARE PRESCRIPTIONS need for optical lenses and corrective lenses?
Is coumadin really that bad of a drug?
Medical Mystery: What could cause vision to diminish in a matter of minutes?
Is there a healthy way to get rid of blackheads, that is recommended by a doctor?
Why did getting my wisdom teeth removed give me a dimple?
What do you do when your money smells really really bad?
Can anybody tell me how to prevent tooth decay?
Dental Instruments?
What's the most you have ever paid for a root canal with an HMO insurance plan?
Permanent Retainers? Good or Bad?
How can i make my teeth whiter there perfectly straight but they don't shine but i do brush them twice a day.
My head feels weird after i eat? please help?
What if i am vitamin D deficient?
I am fixing to sign up for Medicare. How will that affect my VA treatment and vice versa? [email protected]?
What would 205 Blood Sugar in Oral Glucose Test Mean -1Hr after drinking Glucose Drink. Is it high/Diabetic?
diabetic red toe‏.. any ideas?
Oral glucose test: 97, 205, 147, and 63?
Avoid Alcohol While Taking Metformin?
my a1c is 6.1 my doctor has put me on some meds but when ive checked my sugar after a meal its been no higher?
Can anxiety caus iching on skin?
over 50 mosquito bites! help!?
my finger is swollen how can I unswell it?
suddenly deaf in one ear?
Can a dental bridge be removed without damaging it and be put back on?
Do it your-self braces?
what kind of exercises do you usually do to stay healthy? ?
Is this a normal thing a doctor does?
Is there anything I should worry about if I get "shocked" 20+ times a day at work?
why does my nose always run when i eat?
Ok I need more answers and help! Best answer 10 pts! Chronic back pain...Best HELP ME!?
What's the remedy for irregular bowel movements?
why is the surgeons gown mostly green always?
What is the difference between a virus and a disease?
How infectious is Hepatitis C from dead bodies?
Can my pink eye spread to my dog?
how to differentiate between REED-STERNBERG CELLS and CMV-OWL'S EYE?????
surgery sponges left in after surgery?
i have recently had a burning pain in my right thumb. whenever i stretch out my arm and twist my wrist?
When I turn my head I see spots like when you press on your eyes and get a headache, anyone have any ideas?
are there any med students here?
How can I grow more?
Sick and tired of being sick...?
What rights does a patient have in a coma state?
I got bit by an ant!?
OUCH! Killer cramps!?
My head has been killing me for days?
Insulin pumping for a type 2 diabetic, good idea or bad idea?
Glucose level (Brown Rice& white rice)?
what do you know about diabetes?
can aperson drink alcohol while using this drug?
when you have anxiety like i do..and on methadone 10mgs aday.. when is the best time to take the xanax??
Why are their bubbles in the toilet when you urinate??
As far as I can remember I have had no sleep in the last 48 hours.?
What is the name of that notch between your radius and ulna?
Could sleeping for more than 10 hours be the reason why im so tired?
Is it unhealthy do have your PC running in your sleeping room?
Heart Palpitations?
Right sided aortic arch..?
Odd Looking Mouth Sore.. What The Heck Is It?!?
does dum dum want some gum gum????????? i have gum gum for the dumb dumb who wants some gum gum?
Stomach/ Intestinal Noises!!!!?
What is the cause of spacing out?
Does anyone know what makes people want to do things like?
I have a very short attention span and I am 19. I thought I would grow out of it but I haven't.?
Why does my lip keep swelling up?
How can I get myself trown into the hospital for few days to avoid going to Iraq?
Lower Leg pains..?
Do you think I could get a Doctor's note to smoke marijuana?
Toothpaste vs. baking soda for brushing your teeth. Which is better?
Is there an alternative for Novocain?
what is a geographic tongue?and symtoms?
is that possibel a permenant tooth start coming in a 4.5year old girl?
Wisdom tooth coming out?
Have you ever had your wisdom teeth taken out?
I have this really bad pain and it's not my periods (I'm 13!)?
Please help with occasional HORRIBLE pain in legs! Now the same pain in arms!! Please help!?
I'm sick and bored, home alone.?
what happens if you intubate an esophagus?
how do i grow taller?
Is getting a digital hearing aid more complicated than getting glasses?
why wont my thumb stop twitching?!!!?
How many fingers am I holding behind my back?
Why is it when I eat a big meal or even a little meal before I go to sleep I wake up really hungry?
Any answers for my excessive sweating?
Varicose Veins - Hot water or cold water?
im having trouble getting to sleep?
What does alcohol have to do with sleep deprivation?
Is it ok if I sleep with my contact?
how can I whiten my teeth?
omg! Getting braces a week tomorrow! Help?!?
Why do Toothpaste commercials Always say.."9 out of 10 dentist approved"..?
stretches to help oshgood shlauters?
I get HORRIBLE headaches all the time and ibuprofen and other pills don't even work?
is feeling dizzy randomly normal? - if not what can i do?
what kind of symptoms do u get when u have sinuses?
Metal taste in mouth??????
What is the fastest way to recover from a cold/flu?
what does it mean when you have a high blood count?
I get really bad headaches when i drink more then two glasses of water a day.?
what benefits do snorting have?
I don't get this! marijuana is just as bad as smoking???
are you an organ donation?
Why does drinking water make me lightheaded and dizzy?
Feeling a little left out in college?
How long does it take for your lip to heal?
How did you discover you had diabetes?
Is this high after eating. 30 minutes to an hour?
How can i get ketones out of my urine for a DOT?
Alternative uses for tylenol?
iron deficiency??
when will hospitals...?
I have a lose of appetite..What is a lite food i can eat so i dont get sick from not eating?
I just got into the monavie business last nigth, any suggestions, stories, experiences on bad/good stories?
exercise and diabetes?
Whuy I get teh dibetes?
Elevated A1C since December?
What could be the reason of low back pain?
what should i do to put away my migraine?
My Feet are sore?