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How can I make my costochondritis less painful?
Sciatica? Is there any relief?
my knees hurt soo much.....help?
Major neck pain... base of neck... details?
About Headaches?
whats wrong with my head?
I don't know why I do this....?
what are the affects of kava kava?
Why couldn't my friend wake up?
what does this mean ?
Help with depression?
is citalopram a good cure for migraines?
What is Depression 2?
how do i stop feeling so lonely?
Controlling your temper without suppressing it?
Is there any interrelationship?
help i feel scared in bed?
Tips for getting out of depression?
i suffer from bulimia..im on prozac but it isnt really helping im 15 i feel drained what can i do?
My NHS psychiatrist told me either of us could walk out whenever we wanted; what is the patient supposed to do?
Im sleeping so much lately?
What disorder do I have?
if you love someone do you know or is it possible not to be sure?
I sent these people a facebook message about piano lessons about two months ago - they have been online but no?
What is Recurrent Depressive Disorder please?
I think i suffer from depression?
large blood cells were found in my urine sample, what could this mean?
Could someone suggest me a good blog or a website containing information on developments in cancer research?
Please help with cancer?
Am I developing an eating disorder?
Do I have a cold sore? Help!?
is it possible for a person with high iron to have cancer?
Are there any symptoms of having a brain tumor?
Does anyone know of a cure for seborrhoeic dermatitis (on the scalp)?
Heard Of A Link Between Anti-depressants And Brain Cancer?
I think I have Pneumonia but don't have any insurance or $ for meds. Where can I go in SE Hou & still get meds
can someone tell me how to manage IBS?
Mucus in stools, what could be the cause?
Can little acne scars be removed?
where can i find tea tree oil???
How to people get warts? Aren't warts the same as blisters?
My husband gets knots under his arm every now and then Is it from the deordorant or a myth What's the tx for
how to control sweating?
How do i overcome the depression with psoriasis?
Are water softeners safe? Is the water safe to drink?
how do you tan in the sun without getting burnt?
how can i stop getting sweaty pits?
Dandruff.....I use anti dandruff shampoo, #4 blade haircut, and scrub my scalp with a scalp brush.?
Paw Paw Ointment For Cold Sores?
How old were you when you truly 'grew out of' severe eczema?
Removing warts with duct tape?
what is a good site for skin problems??
What kinds of illnesses start with a rash on the face?
white skin spots...?
Could this Marijuana have been laced with something?
does anyone know of anti anxiety medication that doesnt cause weight gain? and is safe?
constant care and long term care?
Don't feel normal!!!?
i had a strange night terror?
Having hallucinations/black-outs?
Dreaming of breathing under water?
Sometimes I forget words/forget names. Is this cause for concern?
what does citalopram actually do to your body?
what treatment are you on if you have ocd?
is self harming related to drug takeing?
If untreated dose Borderline Personaliy Disorder get worse?
can anxiety disorder really cause aches and pains?
Is it okay to take Kalms with Fluoxetine?
okayu i think im addicted to?
I don't know what is wrong with me, any help?
How should one cope with Feelings of extreme anxieties?
just got shots!?
What can I doget read of pain due to IBS?
What is wrong with my leg?
HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please help!!!!?
galbladder attack?
I am having pain in my upper back by my neck area and my head it throbs and my shoulders feel heavy.?
Stomach Ache...*more inside 10pts for best *?
Why does that happen?
Has anyone heard that Diclofenac causes heart problems?
Have you heard of any treatment for Myofacial Pain Syndrome? Help!?
Is there a name for my knee pain?
Question about FLU?
urgent help! Please,it's important?
Brest Cancer?
does lemon juice helps you?
What is the risk to cancer (oncology) nurses from working with dangerous chemotherapy drugs?
What types of cancer do smoking cause?
Long term signed off work?
depression advice needed?
Suicidal, Using Champix for 4 weeks, quit pot, morphine, gabapentin etc, Any Advice Please?
am i loosing it or what?
I need help.how soon i need to go to work after i stopt being a carer to my mum.?
what should i do in the holidays ?
why i always feel awkward around people?
What could be wrong with my relative; he acts like he's prematurely senile, muttering to himself all the time,?
has my mate got bipolar disorder?
what does propranolol do?
think im relapsing :(?
How do I convince my brother that therapy is the best option?
Do i have Manic Depression or perhaps a milder form?
Is there a diagnosis for the symptom whereby the subject wants to be left alone most of the time, but starts?
How can I stop letting him get to me so much?
Do we have any idea what kind of changes take place in the body or brain when death is imminent?
Misdiagnosis of Adhd, help please?
(More Detail) Are people who have mental illness more able?
Please help my 11 year old daughter with severe eczema?
if u do drugs does it show in your nails?
will wrapping just my torse in saran wrap shrink my belly?
hives on face?
how do i treat sore eyes?
Prescription Acne Medications ? ? ?
What is the best prescription drug availible in aust for treatment of acne other then roaccutane?
Dry, flaky face...?
Is there any way to reduce the oil in my face?
does your skin still tan when you apply sunscreen to it and lay outside?
OXY PADS arent workingg !?
anyone who knows about nits?
How to apply proactiv for the best result?
How do you treat a infected belly piercing?
Does neosporin help acne sores go away?
what are the cause of eye bags other than aging and how to remove them?
Bowel cancer... anyone know about the diet?
Can your body still absorb vitamin d from the sun if you have sunscreen on?
Tapeworm - Adult Humans?
Can I get diabetes cos my dad has it?
I am male 41 years, since 5 years found elevated liver enzyme SGPT only till present its between 80-100?
How come i have acne scars but i can;t see them on anyone else.?
Are these seizures? I have had both petite and grand mal seizures before but what I'm expierencing now is new.
If we have a "funny bone" where's our "sad bone" ?
What is the average height and weight for....?
stomach ulcers...?
Is there any way to rid/mask the metal taste from my medicine?
Is there a website to view doctors accepting patients in my area?
I feel like I am losing it.?
is it possibole this?
I can't concentrate? Help!?
is there a condition?
how can i motivate myself?
Was MJ really diagnosed with schizophrenia when he was younger?
Please help, what would you do?
Why do I feel the need....?
does anyone have G.A.D or a similar anxiety problem?
Can parents who both have uniagnosed learning difficulties or personality disorders be abusive?
What can I do about my mums irratic behaviour?
Do I have a weird form of eating disorder/ depression?
Sleep problems, need help?
Strange effects of Vvyanse (ADHD)?
Talking to my boss about depression?
what sort of problems can a bad lifestyle cause?
need help with sum depression?
How do you get rid of a charlie horse?
should i see a doctor about my headaches?
what should i do if i ripped my eyebrow pericing ring?
Bright yellow stars floating everywhere?
Want a fresh start in life, what would be a good idea to do?
can you die from kidney failure? my mum has it?
Why is mum so sleepy after her stroke?
What are two viruses and what diseases to they cause?
High BP or Not!!?
Can leukemia be fully cured?
Acne at 19 with no sign of going away?
muscles or lymph nodes?? WILL GIVE BEST ANSWER!?
easy lymph node question?
i know it sounds weird but i need help?
how do you make your sims to full GREEN health?
In SERIOUS serious pain from wisdom tooth!!!! What can I do?
spine being uncomfortable and cant walk properly. please help?
HELP?!?!?!?? Seriously need help getting rid of a charlie horse in calf NOW! :'(...?
How do i get rid of body moles?
my dog has a pinkish bump on his foot what could it be?
What is this fluff under my eyes?
Help I'm really itchy and there are bumps over my body?
Does proactive work for blackheads?
how to help fade facial acne scars?
Do i have dandruff or lice?
My Kids got Sensitive Ears- Earring Issues?
I have a skin problem, and my face is always red, no matter what season. Help!?
does excersise cure cellulite?
Visible and Invisible Bumps... ARG!!!?
Clinque Anti-Blemish or Shiseido Pureness?
Whats the best way to treat acne without drying out your skin? -mines really sensitive. thanks =)?
how do u get rid of ingrown hairs on your privates?
How do you get rid of mozzie bites?
wrinkly hands from water?
get rid of cold-sores?
Lavender oil on the skin.?
Are you scared of missing out on something?
The consequences of a sudden withdrawal, Read on.?
Facebook Support Chat and Group?
How can i cure my phobia of spirals? ...I'm scared i might hurt myself?
Are Their Any mental health overnight stay for under 16's in northamptonshire?
postnatal depression?
What is it this called and why is it happening?
Mental Disturbance - nervousness?
Why do i blame myself? Is this normal?
can you explain these terms pyrexia hyper-pyrexia hypothermia?
is this going to turn dangerous?
what should i do? get help? alcoholic dad?
What is neurosis?
PET scans - what can they pick up in the field of mental illness? How are they useful in detecting ......?
Can any one help with my OCD?
what causes leg cramps ?
I twisted my knee. Help?
What do you do when your stomach really hurts in class and you have to go?
my knee hurt alot? help please?
Neck cracked, now stiff?
Should I be worried about the pains in my head?
Back Pain for 2 months now..?
sore on the back of tongue near my throat.?
How bad would it hurt if i had "down there" peirced?
on urge to the past again, please help :(?
Am i stressed? What can i do?
Problem, need help figuring out whats wrong fast?
how should i be feeling?
reacting to the world and relating to others? is it?
bizarre moment of clarity , is it healthy or not?
How can I calm down an over sympathetic nervous system?
Help please going mad.?
Can clinical depression make you vomit?
Is there such fear of being in a car?
Is my medication working?
Stress at work how to cope?
ethical issue about psychology?
Is it OK to take Setraline and Metronidzole?
I feel anxious all the time?
something weird with throat?!?
How do I make my skin clear and shiny?
Am I on the verge of becoming anorexic?
I have a crack on my toenail ?
Why do I have this weird pain in my head?
my bro is Breathing heavily?
how to take care of my hair ?
H1N1 question? ( Canadians only please )?
surgery for dermoid cyst on ovary?
why are hospitals getting rid of their gift shops?
What are good ways to get a clearer face?
Is compound w ok to use on my 2 year old, and or does duct tape really help to get rid of Planters Warts?
Yesterday morning i woke up and my armpit was really sore and there is a bump there. What could it mean?
my skin keep breaking out even though i use very expensive products...please see it cheap stuff would work?
Red rash-like patches on my leg NEED ADVICE
Is there a itch relief you can put on your face to prevent you from scratching? I need to get rid of acne!?
Will my skin darken a little once I recover from anaemia?
Rash all over body after flu shot?
I've eczema and I know that it's inherited. None of my ancestors have it. Is there another reason for eczema?
Confused and concerned !!?
Toenails removed? How long til they dont hurt?
Has anyone had results with using dietary supplements to treat acne?
What can I do about red blotchy cheeks?
Itchiness everywhere?
I have copd, and have been diagnosed with MRSA, in form of skin infection, my lungs feel weaker, is that MRSA
What are the symptoms of schitzophrenia? How do u know if youve got it?
Can anyone recommend a good doctor who can accurately diagnose Autism?
Do i have narcolepsy?
why am i so lazy when doing simple things?
Counsellor confidentiality........did my school counselling service break the code?
What's wrong with me? Please help?
what is a recovering schizoprenic?
What can help to boost confidence?
If I'm eating am I being self - centred?
I gave my Dad some tests as advised by another member on here for demensure?
paranoia help..please help im desperate?
There's nobody that can help?
Childish Behaviour, Mental Problem?
im always nervous for no reason at all?
Help. My mum is an alcoholic and always slips up at christmas, what do I do to stop this?
what is happiness?? what is life?
Anxiety in mornings, what to do to help this situation?
why always the same?
How do I cope with this...read for details please.?
I think I might be depressed, or manically depressed, but I don't want to go to the doctor. Help?
Anti Depressants. What are your views on them? Do they work? I've just being prsecribed Citalopram for the 2nd?
Vitamin B12 shots??? pernicious anemia?
What do you do when your arms get extremely sore?
Naproxen and Migraines? ?
Whenever I woke up, my both of my heel is aching. Anyone experience it?
Major leg pain from heels ladies helppp lol or men !!?
Pain in stomach, constipation, etc?
Achilles tendon pain?
Meds don't seem to be working! Help!?
Weird "crushing" headaches?
Insoles for planters fasciitis?
Why are my cheeks always red, and why is my face so dry?
how do you get rid of a wart on the finger if liquid nitrogen doesn't work? (tried several times - not a?
are there any good side effects from sunburn?
Anyone had success in minimising blackheads/pores? I have them on my nose and hate them...?
What do insect bites itch?
take the sting out of sunburn?
White 'spots' on olive skin - is this a fungus?
i got little white spots on my lips?
How to get rid of Back & Chest acne?
Can anyone tell me how to get rid of this fungus?
what causes hair to turn white/grey?
My boyfriend has sore underarms...?
How do i treat hemorrhoid on my bottom, is it common?
what does it mean if you have a freckle that is always itchy?
I have crohns. Now I'm coming out in a skin infection that is extremely itchy and becomes open sores. Why?
How do I tell if an operation site is becoming infected?
Unmotivated-whats going on with me?
physiologist, what will he ask me?
what your expieriences with olazapine ( zyprexa)?
Stress making me slightly shake and feel ill?
Gut Feeling exist when sleeping ?
motivation - need some advice please?
Borderline Personality Disorder?
I feel hopeless right now, I am moving into a new flat a week on Monday and I am going to be by myself?
Has this got something to deal with my depression?
Good reads - About Anxiety.?
Dissociation - please help.?
Hypnotherapy for self confidence?
DR Frank, please can i speak to you...please?
can anyone identify this pathological liar or compulsive liar ,please any answers emma x?
Can postnatal depression/psychosis cause this?
Do i have a chemical inbalance in my brain?
How to feel happy again?
How do I find myself again?
When you are getting a biopsy or ultrasound is it normal for a doctor to reassure you and say I dont think.?
I think i may be sick. I found a lump in my breast and one on my neck.?
How come every night around 9 I start coughing like crazy?
I need a website where I can look up what symptoms I'm having to get a diagnosis of what's wrong with me.?
Wilson's Disease ????
I blew my nose and i had some blood in my snot and one part of it ,really small an all by its self was dark?
my grandsons were bought up on avent baby bottles heated in microwave, what chance is there of getting cancer.
chest pain? stress?
when and why is an inhaler and spacer used rather than a nebulizer for acute asthma attacks?
18yrs, average physical condition, high BP?
I have to take a urine test tomorrow plus a blood test for other reasons, I have been drinking am I in trouble
Could I have ovarian cancer?
to anyone who has cancer or had it. did you feel very tired too with this desease?
where do I find Medical information?
unknown pain... plz help?
Stomach Pains That Won't Go Away?
For the last 2 weeks i cant sleep at night because of pain in my left arm.?
cartilage piercing?!?
I was wondering where you can order Vicodin and Adderral, online for shipping within Cananda?
What is this?
how do you cure night terrors?
Schizoaffective and friends?
can hormone changes lead to depression?
Are Their Any mental health overnight stay for under 16's in northamptonshire?
Weird Feeling in my side...I'm scared?
Help my stomach hurts almost every night and at least oonce a day?
I'm taking naproxen for pain but have a cold too wondering if I can take cold meds as well?
Can anyone give me advice on donating blood??
Should I be concerned about what the doctors office said?
How to deal with this nerve pain?
2 things... please help?
Can some one help .. in regards to upper back pain?
I kinda hit my funny bone and now my hand hurts.?
Help?! Is it crohn's or uc? or something else?
Help! Stress! Confusion!?
has any one suffered from 'delayed shock' or know where i can find out more about it ?
How would you overcome a eatting disorder,?
Effects of ecstasy 3 weeks after ingestion?
What type of behaviour can be seen during interations with someone in mental distress?
Would an overdose of 540mg of Mirtazapine do any real damage?
Is this normal or a phase or something more?
Citalopram and intense jaw clenching?
I feel really sad-Weight Matters?
How do you stop being paranoid?
Has taking Citalopram changed your personality?
im torn between two? what should i do?
ummmmmm help confidence crisis?
Has anyone successfully come off sleeping tables zopiclone?id like some help?
Nardil - i need advice...?
Does Champix interact with any antidepressants?
Obscure medical issue(s) HELP?
anytime I get a pain or something doesn't feel right on my body I freak out think I have cancer!?
why blood is coming with urine?
does anyone know what would case my one side of my head and face to feel numb and full?
if you are wearing a breast cancer arm band can your school tell you to take it off?
Could this be a breast cancer lump?
blood spot in my eye...a tiny black dot in the middle!!?
do seborrheic dermatitis/eczema heal naturally?
Wart in my mouth 10 pts?
does anybody else suffer from hyperhydrosis?
Redness appears on skin after attempting to rub paint off with water?
Why is my skin yellowish around eye area????
i m taking minocycline..i m really hoping that it work out for me..?
I have quite bad roseacea on my face, back, & neck. Is lipase deficiency a factor for causing this disease?
is my acne really bad? SELF ESTEEM ISSUES! (pics)?
surgical mole removal?
bump on 6 year olds head?!?
What is the best way to get rid of cold sores?
Have a lymph node in my upper jaw that popped what do i do?
Why are my fingertips wrinkly?
Is there anything I can do to stop getting sty's?
could my pillow be causing my acne?
how do you get rid of bonions on feet need to know?
Accutane, good or bad?
Why do we go dark under the eyes when we're tired?
Massage makes muscles hurt more?
Why are foot orthotics a rip off?
i have been off wok for three months for a menius tear in my right knee what should i do?
how long until i feel effect of tylenol?
I have a question about an Asprin a day ...?
Can doctors tell if you get a prescription filled by another doctor?
does light laser therapy help with osteoarthritis in the knees?
Why can't i concentrate in class and Why do i feel like this?
Do i have problems and if so how can i solve this?
advice from a psychologist to someone with depression and social anxiety?
when go places i feel sick and panic?
When you are receiving treatment as an in-patient.........?
As any one been hard done by like me in there working or personnel?
Have you ever felt so let down and upset?
Why am I so oversensitive?
My mum has Bi-Polar, and i'm worried i have it as i've just done a quiz about it.?
Does HE need help??????
Is there a psychological name for this type of obsessive behaviour?
Can a doctor test you for drinking alcohol if you have mental health problems?
Am I obsessed with my sister's pregnancy news?
i love to read,and i am good at it yet when speakin them not so much?
What would happen to the baby in the womb of a mother undergoing an emergency Appendectomy?
I keep getting up and leaving before I am dismissed?
how to write a good end of life careplan?
Am I heading for depression?
Ok, any help with this question? Any idea what these are symptoms of?
A question about people's tongues.?
All of a sudden,my lift eye looks larger than my right one.What might be the reason ?I am scared to death!?
toxic shock syndrome?!?
what are the symptoms of a gull stone?
38.7 degree fever, with no flu or infection or anything?
Can a change of sleeping pattern delay period?
Glands in neck swolen, sore?
What should i do if my sister-in-law hit my daughter for vomiting?
Are you always lactose intolerant or do you become lactose intolerant?
When I was taking a bath, accidentally water got inside my ears. Water got inside my ears 3 days ago.?
Why are scientists having difficulty developing a vaccine againts AIDS?
Can doctors respond to patients increasing awareness of CAM?
Common Reasons For Being Tired And Sleepy When You Have Had Enough Sleep?
Does anyone have a quick cure for facial eczema?
what causes fingernails to become brittle and break.?
any good home remides for acne????
Thick toe nails?
Is it ok to scratch if your continually itchy?
What is the best way to.......?
how do i get rid of blisters on my feet in 24 hours?
I have weird things on my arms?
What Face Products Are Good For Getting Rid Of Acne?
I'm 13 and have always had rosy red cheeks. How can i get rid of these or at least decrease the redness?
Boils! Remedy and Causes?
i want to know about your psoriasis if you have it and what u use to treat it??
helping with neck pain?
my feet hurt in the heels. what should i do?
Just got a tatoo!! HELP it hurts pain killers?
I had asked the fentanly question and I just wanted it to be known that no I don't have an addiction,?
My ankle is swollen, yet I did not fall or twist it?
Please any advice? Back Pain?
somewhat pain or soreness in my head in front.?
what can i eat in this condition, pains & diarrhoea?
lid swelling and hedache?
How does arthritis feel?
Really terrible menstrual cramps?
Why do I get a headache when I watch tv and use my laptop at the same time?
Constant anxiety and fear of going crazy?
How can i deal with this?
what to take to help concentration/focus?
my brother is an Asmatic and he was proscribed efadrene when he was a child he was a very afraid child?
promoting mental illness awareness and how its portrayed in the media graphics project?
Hallucinations/Sleep Problem???
What can cause a sense of isolation, detachment from other people, and a constant feeling of being left out?
Anyone know a good NHS dr for pure OCD?
What would happen to the baby in the womb of a mother undergoing an emergency Appendectomy?
im tired.............................................?
What is aripiprazole (abilify) used to treat in teens?
Why is it that whenever I share something, it loses it's meaning?
do i need to self cert b4 i get a sickline?
How short can alcohol blackouts be when your drunk?
what can I do about my mother not listening to me?
Can I test my husband for cocaine without his knowledge?
Husband going to drug rehab monday..what to tell kids?
What's Wrong With Me?
Please help - my family keep saying things to me eg u done it on purpose?
Emotions from a few years ago coming out now?
sick note if not taking medication?
Need to come off the tablets ?
Do i want my ex back or is it my illness?
how to claim mileage allowance (traveling support worker)?
2. Provide a couple of examples of healthy and unhealthy coping strategies.?
In the future I want to work with young people in the NHS, but what as?
Emotional damage, finding a way to overcome?
Why do people make fun of salesman, sweeper, peon etc. if all jobs are respectable?
Trying too Hard, what can I do?
Might be going death?!?
Has my anxiety subsided?
What is an activity to improve concentration?
Anxiety Problems, Please help.?
Does anyone have to take Cymbalta?
So much stress, what do i do?
I have been getting headaches all the time what could it be?
What helps alleviate the chronic pain from an inner ear infection that is filled with fluid?
In an attempt at Do-it-Yourself Dentistry have you ever pulled the wrong tooth ?
Is there anything I can do to prevent this?
has anyone ever hallucinated before... if so what did they see.. or do?
I was told that my platlets were low, 134, and need to see a specialist. That's all I was told.?
Did you know that the causes of cancer have already been discovered??
xanax question?
Do microwaves make food cancer-causing?
are there any cures for fibromyalgia?
Two family members of mine have brain tumors. What rights do I have to obtain information on types etc?
Vomiting & Diarrhea in the morning every day?
how to get rid of sore throats? actuall methods?
How Can I get a Good tan in 1 day with out the tannin beds or fake tans.(just sittin in the sun?)?
bad acne help!!?
how can i lighten the appearnance of old stretchmarks?
Treating acne after having tried everything?
can you use wart remover to remove skin tags?
I have psoriasis. i was wondering if any body knew any home remedys or cures? Thanks?
Do grasshopers eat your face?
Dry lips ...help?
a mole that hurts.should i be scared???
does dandruff shampoo cure acne?
I have had shingles and it has left me with a terrible itch .What can I do to get rid of it ?
i have back acne and prom is right around the corner where do i get a dress that is long and covers my back.?
what to do about possible eyebrow infection? weird problem..?
Optimal humidity levels (ie % ) to maintain good skin with eczema.?
My daughter 17 Has z!!its!!She wants to knowhow to rid them?
I have white skin patches that started on my upper back and has spread down my arms, What is it?
Does anyone know a good treatment to get rid of diahrea?
What could be wrong with me?
in ireland what help is available for paranoia?
why do i have nightmares about everyone i love dying and im stuck there not being able to help them?
really weird sleepwalking and talking?
help...i am an addict?
Is the fear of driving near cliffs and wanting to drive off it a mental condition?
I dont know what to do anymore?
do i need help about self harming?
Do I have Adult ADD? How can I tell?
I want to help. (OCD)?
Please help me - any suggestions/Advice ?
anxiety and trouble reading out loud in class good answers help plz?
Help!!! I'm so lonely and depressed?
What's the website for adults of alcoholic parents?
I went on pro ana and now im scared?
should i be worried that im having effects from bulimia?
How to stay calm and not get panicky?
Why do I always feel ill?.?
is this normal? i dont know whats wrong, PLEASE help?
headache after massage?
annoying muscle pains?
Earache that won't go away..?
numbing gel?
Ankles hurt... please help!?
I've been having pain in my left arm that goes from my shoulder right down to my fingers.?
Why is that, whenever I'm upset or sad or even mad or hurt by something or someone my hand starts to ache.?
A really bad knot on my back... How much would it be to go see a massage therapist/chiropractor...?
Can HIV/AIDS be spread or created if you go down a girl h a blood nose all over and in her vigina? ?
Why can you only "supposedly" get chicken pox once?
has anyone ever died of diarrhea?
Are there any cases of swine flu in Australia?
swine flu....so much fuss.?
Whats the strongest/best antibiotic for treating a stubborn ear infection?
ARGH i just broke the wish bone?
How do I stop a cold before it gets worse?
Do I have the swine flu?
What is the difference between an epidemic, and a pandemic?
question about swine flu...?
I would like to ask this question please. I was just woudering if fungus that is growing out if your shower in
how sick is a chicken when they have diarrhoea?
Intestinal Worms?!? Help!?
I didn't finish eating my food. But my mum ate the rest. Will she catch any disease, germs or infections?
Swine Flu! The next big drama to talk about.?
Can i kiss my GF after dog bit me ??
its tongue piercing ok for hiv positive ?
The first Australian has died from Swine Influenza. Is this the tip of the Iceberg?
my mum has the flu or some sort of bug, and i live with her to.. does this mean im going to get it to?
Should I keep using cetaphil?
Is Ick Quick Cure ok for Clown Loach?
my problems with bacne?
why does my sunburn itch ?
What can i do to cure/get rid of my sunburn?
What are the healing properties of Aloe Vera?
I need HELP!?
Help with psoriasis?!?
how long does it take to get rid of ringworm?
I'm currently taking Lamictal and my hands are feverishly itching. There's no rash, but should I see my doctor
TB Skin Test?
Hiya I need some advice about my spots and how to get rid of them?
Peeling skin on hands???What to use??
best treatment for coldsores?
I have the feeling something is crawling on me..?
Rough bug-bite like bumps on belly?
why should i stay away from lidocain when i have a sunburn?
I saw my bf with a cold sore and it disappeared after a week, now I have one! Is he cheating on me?
I have extremely dry skin after taking antibiotics 8 MONTHS AGO!?
I have really dry legs. can you help me?
How long does it take to recover from Pneumonia? how long have others had it for?
why would you smoke?
Do the detox pills works for passing a drug test?
Im always suffering with migrane headahce?????????
my family thinks i have a couple of disorders....?
i have a catheter in my urinary track the prob is the pain and wetting myself the doc said that every thing is?
How can I control my moodswings?
Does the mental health act?
What is joy from a psychological/medical view?
Which questions are asked during a "mental evaluation"?? and how are "trigger questions" suppose to work?
detached feeling 24/7 PLEASE ANSWER?
I dont know what to do...?
i cant stop repeating things in my head.?
has anyone used sertraline?
Bi polar bf doesnt call me or text anymore?
Generalised Anxiety Disorder?
can being signed off work with stress stop you flying at all ?
Had my first appointment with a psychiatrist today?
Dealing with Emetophobia?
What causes some people to blurt things out, to talk to people as if they are deaf, and end up annoying them,?
Are there any support groups for dementia sufferers in the Norwich/Holt area?
How does addiction work, on a psychological level, not so much with regards to the substance...?
grown up having tantrums?
How to talk to people online?
Can some help me with this problem that is greatly depressing me?
Is it normal, to still after nearly a year have a diagnosis of brief reactive psychosis?
Is anything wrong with me?
how can i help my partner who has borderline personality disorder?
Woudl a full blood count test show if you have glandular fever?(mono)?
My Partner has MRSA, is it possible to catch it from his body fluids?
i shared a smoke with someone now i'm sick but i dont know what i might have caue he looked kind of seedy?
"Unknown" sickness? Answers?
swine flu problems need help please?
Anyone remember the "SARS epidemic" or the "Avian Flu epidemic" or "Mad Cow Disease".....?
ok so i have swine flu and i was just concerned about my family and friends.?
If you have ciirosis of the liver, is it too late for treatment or to get better? I am very scared and go to?
can i sue the hospital that give me a MRSA staph infection ?
amoxicillin medication questions for strep throat?!!!! (please answer)?
my 3 and half years doughter have fever what can i do?
If I (probably) have conjunctivitis (pink eye), what doctor should I visit?
Was bird flu a level 4 alert ?
what is the medicine for AIDS?
ahh, help me!! about mono...?
anyone know about osteomyelitis?
can you get a throat infection?
what will happen if i get swine flu is it true you die from it what is pandemic?
why my son is having rashes in hot temperature and gone in cold temperature?
I'm afraid I have a tapeworm but not really sure if I do. How can I tell if I do or not?
Is it safe to mix panadol with cold and flu tablets? I am 16 years old.?
Psyllium Fibre????
Am i alright? i need your opinions!?
what should you expect with having a breast reduction?
How do I stop chewing my nails?
could my pillow be causing my acne?
What is the best way to get rid of stretch marks?
i popped my blackhead now its a hole..?
I can't stop biting my fingers?
I've had acne for 3 years now?
Im worried about my uncle..?
Not feeling some emotions?
where can i get independent advice on the sertraline 100mg i am taking?
co drydramol - is it addictive and what can i expect?
i never seem to know what im doing and always worry about things if i try not to.?
Bipolar question...how long between episodes unmedicated?
Mental Health team at university?
Does this sound like ADHD?
crazy flatmates constant play loud music, help!?
I think i might have OCD?
Anxiety Relapse: WHat To Do?
Am I being bullied at work?
I have a really bad fear of change, and its making me really low, should i go to the doctors ?
i don't know what to do, self harming?
I've recently started to get very anxious. Please help!?
im getting myself ready in my sleep?! does anyone know why i do this or have the same thing?
My friend has Schizophrenia, what benefits can he get?
Depression and my friend!?
Symptoms of Borderline Personality in Kurdish/Iraqi?
I Have Really Sore Feet?
random drug testing at work?
girls only, easy points.. down beeloowww?
What drug is teeth clenching / grinding a symptom of? Not marijuana I don't believe.?
Which drug is better for anxiety, Celexa or Welbutrin?
i make my self throw up?
How to get high with out drugs?
Am I going to die????
I throw up after every meal- but not on purpose?
should I start taking medication...?
can you get high off dry ice?
Why does "poo" smell bad?
Tylenol Overdose! Could someone please help me!?
I have a really big problem!!!????? Help?
do finger nails grow faster than toe nails?
What do I do about my horrible acne, I'm desperate ! D:?
How to grow 5- 6 inches taller?
is me weed laced?!>???
how long does maijuana stay in your system?
First time smoking weed?
How/where to find a determologist in SYDNEY (australia)??
Hurting stomache muscles from coughing and gaging?
HELP, very uncomfortable!?
"too much iron" - actual condition???
how do you get acid reflux?
My puppy is running a fever, throwing up and has a few mange/scabies like spots on him. No money for vet. ?
What are some dietary diseases?
Whats the first symptom of swine flu?
Why is garlic said to help fight colds?
cross contamination??????
Is there anyway to help babies avoid getting chest infections?
h1n1 flu exposure...?
my 2yr daughter keeps getting fevers, doctors dont seem to know whats wrong, she has a fever every month ?
PLEASE READ and tell me if you have ever had anything like this, please everyone, just want to know asap?
i have been told by my dc that i have large platelets?
Early signs of appendicitis?
Salvanorin ? Is it really that dangerous?
If the nail came all the way out of the quick, will another one emerge?
my son is sick with flu. He swam in the sea on a cold day and spent the day on the beach. Is this the cause?
Getting Tonsils removed?
Am I getting the flu?
I think I have liver problems? Help?
im 28 weeks pregnant and the doctor put me on antibiotics for an ear infection..is this safe?
How long does hepatitis c virus live in spat out chewing gum?
AIDS question for science..?
My skin...?
Sunburnt face :/ help ?
What type of pillow do I need?
Do you have the right to be "crabby" at times if you are in PERMANENT pain?
I have pains on the left side of my stomach, close to the belt area. Anyone know what's going on?
pain in rib cage PLZZ help in pain?
How do people break their wrist in a non pain full way? And why do they do it?
OMG camera is going in my " willy " !!!!!!!!!!! does it hurt?
Symptoms of Borderline Personality in Kurdish/Iraqi?
Help i cannot handle stress and that is all i seem to get off people not laughter enjoyment?
Does psychiatric medication cause a total lack of joy and positive heartfelt feelings or is it the .........?
I don't understand whats wrong with me?
What strange things can depression do?
I'm trying to figure out what mental problem I have. Can you please help.?
Is this normal a fun, loving and care free 12year old? :/?
Questioning life help!!!?
What's wrong with me?
I feel as if I need my anti depressents right now?
i don't feel at home...?
How do I cope/deal with this?
Please can someone tell me how to improve my mental focus?
How come I never check through my work etc, its like ANYTHING that requires brain power..its too much..just to?
help me please depression !?
help with a decision..?
Is there a mental issue that can cause someone to use the wrong syllable, while speaking, and not realise it?
signs of depression? how to help..?
How to get over this feeling?
what steps to take when doctor touches you inappropriately?
Hiding scars from the doctor?????? :?
Why Do I randomly get dizzy and feel like i need to throw up all the time?
Dangers of not sleeping.?
Bad breath problem.. HELP!?
If you ingested a small amount of gasoline and had no symptoms, can your body still be harmed?
Will this help me quit marijuana? Advice please.?
What is the drug Salvia?
how do i relieve my constipation?
Can i still get taller?
Should I get gastric bypass surgery?
I have found pills in my sons room labeled cz 100 gg i cant find it anywhere on google can u please help me?
Will Adderall make me a more creative writer?
smoking weed and drinking beer can it kill you?
What's wrong with my friend's heart? PLEASE ANSWER FAST?
What is the most effective protection to protect against STDs or AIDS?
Sweat issues!!!!Please help me?
i think i have eczema.. how can i get rid of it/make it not so visible?
cervical cancer??
OCD ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
I heard if your over 16 the chance of surviving cancer is slim..?
i find it hard to breathe?
i havnt vomited in years, what happens when u surpress it?
Operation undone?
my rabbit got a disease and died, any tips on prevention?
not sure what to do, or what i want to do with my life?
Am I loosing my mind?
what is HIV/1000?
Should you give your kids the flu shot?
really sore throat, maybe strep, party with drinking tonight?
Swine flu in Australia?
Is it possible for for the human body, to develop a resistance to a poison that it has encountered before?
I have sore throat, and I am just woundering if Raspberry and Peach herbal tea?
Could this be depression?
Body temperature and feeling rundown?
I keep forgetting big parts of the days is that normal ?
has anyone seen the ''i love panic attacks.com'' website and tried it?
How can aspies behave that is labeled as rude to nts?
help and guidence for living in a relationship with adhd sufferer?
What to stay clear of after a brain seizure?
If you have a jumpy mind is it best to study several things at once &/or have music etc. on?
Does anyone feel 'unreal' or 'nonexistent' on Epilim Chrono?
do i have a chest infection?
Is it possible to pass on tonsillitis through kissing?
Could I Be Getting Sick?
I got bitten by a dog 18 years ago but I didn't know how I survived without any medical treatment. The pro?
Effects of otitis media on school students?
I'm getting over the Flu and i cant smell or taste anything!?
How can i take control of my self?
how did people react to scarlet fever?????!!!!?
what is swine flu fever?
How can I get rid of my sore throat?
Is it safe to kiss if you have a mouth ulcer?
Why I wake up 4:50 or 5:50 AM without alarm clock when i study in the evening? I go to sleep around 11:50 pm.?
Why isn't my tonsillitis getting better?
6 months ago i found a lump in my neck the doctor told me i had a viral infection, now the lump is still there?
how to diagnose swine flu?
I'm recovering from the flu.?
My 19 m son has history of 8 high fevers in 9 months105.3F. Doc say viral infec. pls. suggest is it normal ?
What body systems does bird flu affect? and how?
8 month headache, nothing works?
Cortisone Pills or Injection for Tendinitis in elbow?
13 yr old son has a pain: the left side of back head. Then has numbness: left side tongue & head, vision loss?
I need some advice? Please?
Would long term use of Nurofen Plus give me palpitations?
chronic back pain and swelling!?
Friend's mother addicted to snorting OXY-?
Nose is all clogged up. Any tips for me so I can breathe again?
What s a good excuse to tell my mom?
How to grow even taller than 5ft6?,I'm 15?
What is the first ok foods I should eat when I had a full night of stomach pains, throwing up/diarrhea?
non-prescription sleeping aids?
Does marijuana smell before smoking it?
Question about anemia?
What should I do? Very bad headache going on second day now?
Fun things to do when you are SICK ?
Do I have a minor case of OCD?
How do you make yourself vomit?
what can happen when you somke?
How can a chronic pot smoker pass a drug test?
is this considered a drug i'm not sure?
Question about annual checkups and drug tests...?
can anyone tell me some ways to get taller?
3 year old will NOT take oral medication.......?
i am 5'7" and i am 275-285lbs and my health weight is about 235-245lbs. if i lost say 30lbs would i get taller?
What's a really good soap or product for face and body acne?
The bump I have on my upper lip someone said it's a growth, how do I get rid of it?
What's the best solution for healing athlete's foot?
Sore underarms - what do I do now?
Why does sweat sting after a workout?
DO you know some great products for my skin?
I have little red dots appearing on my inner thighs near my quads .........what could they be?
Can anyone tell me if I endocronologist can perscribe Accutane.?
Does acne cause a burning sensation?
I have a six month old tatoo with red ink and now I have small bumps under the skin and it itches, what 2 do?
does anyone know a great all natural home-aid skin scrub?
i have this rash on my legs.it is a purplish red colour and causes abnormal pain.what is it?iv had it 3 months
Bio oil and acne scars results?
Is laser treatment for Rosacea or spider veins On the face effective?
what is the best way to get rid of acne scarring on your back?
why does hair sometimes grows back differently after chemotherapy?
Acid reflux?
My doctor has no idea what I have!! HELP?
What do you think of people with moles on their face? ?
Strange Feeling .. :(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Uk councelling? Bulimia?
Natralseep and antidepressants?
How do i get my confidance back?
help anxiety and depresion?
i have just started takin propanalol 80mg, and i cant keep my eyes open :(?
Why does he seem to have an obsession with car parks?
Stress related hallucination or drug side effects?
Can you be given medication for Paranoia when your 16?
what disorder is this?
Why do i stress so much?
What? Do you doubt thou the stars are fire?
How to last out to the 15th October without having s breakdown?
What would you do for a short attention span in the short term? Long term there is psychotherapy?
who am i who can answer me i dont know my self who am i ?
Working out with a runny nose?
seizures, please hlep?
best way to fall asleep really fast?
Help me reduce stress !! PLEASE HELP!!!!!?
why is it that i dont get headaches?
foods that make u taller???? and does jumping make u taller?
How to get rid of a hangover?
why is it bad to take antidepressants and alcohol?
how to wake up early?
New to Canada, have bad migraine. What drugs can I buy at pharmacy for pain not requiring a prescription......?
How do you get rid of stretchmarks on a low income.?
Really bad diarrhea. HELP!?
How can I QUIT smoking, with out being bored on breaks?
How to get to sleep faster?
Problems With Drug Use?
Pain under left breast?
Can anxiety cause daily headaches and tension in neck?
Why am i so insecure with my height?
Can you get warts from kissing someone with them?
I had blood test and it shows that the lymph absolute is 3.5h, what does it mean?
how if the somebody kis me in the neck after sahving and there iscuts in my neck can i got infected with hiv?
h1n1virus transmission?
If I get over a common flu, are there less chances I will get swine flu this season?
i need some help with some techy stuffz?
Im sick with something i dont know what help!!?
HOW TO GET RID OF THE [email protected]@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@?
How long i have to avoid fatty & oily foods..
hep ! olcer in my mouth.?
can yeast infections make you infertile?
I dont know what to do anymore, Im so stressed?
Smell of dog urine making me sick.?
endoscopy test, shows several small discrete erosions in D1, what is that?
Gravity=1.010 ph=5.5appearance=slightly turbid color=straw pus=2-4hpf urates=few bacteria= many, is it UTI?
i have a 15mth old german shepherd that is constantly getting throat and ear infections .?r=1218490681
how muny people does cardiovasculer disease kill in australia a year?
i think i am getting tonsilitis.. can kissing give it to my bf?
I'm allergic to latex, how can I protect myself from STI's?
Do I have the flu or a cold?
crooked back?
a light bang in tip of my finger sends pain up my arm anyone know why?
How can I wake up earlier in the morning?
I have weak bones ...... what should i do ?
knee pain (from overprotonation?)?
I have nerve damage in my shoulder and it makes it worse when I am walking does anyone have any suggestions?
I've been getting severe head achs. Is it normal?
Has anyone lost weight on Celexa the depression medication????
lump under tongue?
19 years of age and suffering from hypertension
Have you ever used proactive or laser acne treatments?
How does asthma spread?
Could my cousin be anorexic?
recycled water?
Can someone tell me what blood tests etc are done on a patient prior to surgery to remove bowel cancer?
I have severe FMS and just found out Guaifenesin does anyone know where to find it in Australia?
i had pre cancerous cells in my cervix in 2000, it was Cin 2 and I was told?
A quick question about Cold sores?
My skin got worst using Proactive Solution what should I do?
how to stop itching.bad sunburn after affects?
how to remove a white head?
What is the best solution to get rid of headlice? Is there a secret remidy not known to me? Please help!?
Where and how can i get a birthmark removed?
can i see a dermatologist?
is it bad to scartch off a mole?
Can bad blood circulation cause swollen hands and also make you more prone to bruising in the arms and legs?
i have a hard white dot on my eye lid?
is benzoyl peroxide for mild or servere acne?
I put garlic on my zit, and it caused a horrible swollen burn. does anyone know how I can get rid of it?
Can I wear makeup when I see my GP about my acne?
I get really bad heat rash?
Ingrown hairs...?
Constant mood swings?
anyone here takes loxpine?
question about buspirone? anyone taken it?
Question. What should I do?
will i be sectioned tomorrow?
I get frequent waves of distress and depression, what can i do?
intentional overdose?
For the past few years ive felt really down and i feel lke the only on i can confide in is my head of year,?
what is the relationship between children challenging and testing themselves and self-esteem?
I care more about how I sound rather than what I say. Help me change my thinking!?
I have been asked to see a occupational phycologist what can I expect?
considered an aquired or developmental lang. disorder?
Why are mental and physical fitness required in the public service?
having problems with being over tired?
How to stop 'sleep swearing'?
Can a person could overcome COMMON ANXIETY?
effects coming off gerozac also known as prozac?
I have aspergers - I never thought I had a weird sounding voice but? my mum said:?
What do you think this could possibly be?
What are some of the extremes that people go to just to get that dream body that they have always wanted?
im about to take a nap...how long should it be?
Is it possible to grow an inch taller?
every morning i wake up i have dry eyes!! help!!?
How can I get rid of this awful bitter taste in my mouth?
how can i get taller and get a broader upper body?
can a high fever cause laughing?
I haven't slept in 29 hours, but I'm not tired?
back of head goes all tingly?
Why is the blood on my pad brown but when im in the bathroom (when i pee and i wash) its red?
How Do I Get Myself To Sleep Less?
is it possible for your eyes to be permanetly red after smoking marijuana?
How bad will it hurt if I get a tattoo on my back?
i always get the hiccups twice in the same day is that okay?
Why am I getting so many nose bleeds?
I've tried many things.How can I get to sleep quicker?
personal question ( woman /girls ) help answer 10points?
what is happening to me? why am i getting headaches?
Does your head hurt when you hang upside down?
Could my laptop have given me ringworm?
my mom might have throat cancer does anyone know anyone with that kind of cancer?
Researching Parkinson's Disease?
I have a throat infection and got meds for it (z-pack) and my throat still hurts plus ear aches and neck pain?
What non-drug approach is best for foot pain?
Is Advil a Stronger Anti-Inflammatory Than Aspirin?
Is it bad to take pain killers for prolonged time?
Does it help to put onions on your bunions or is that just crazy talk?
Recently had a DVT now have weird pains. Are they related?
I have a infected cavity and i don't have insurance! HELP PLEASE!?
whats wrong with my thumb? or wrist?
what do worms look like that are found from human food poisoning?
swollen tonsils please help?
does this sound like the common cold?
Worms coming out of my mouth in my dream!!?
I am 13 weeks and 3 days pregnant and contracted chicken pox?
I've been sick with the flu for about a week now, and eating food has made me feel nauseous, help!?
what would make someone that has the flu think that the couch is spelling out words to him ?
can some body get infrcted with hiv by kises??
What is causing my nausea?
what sickness can you get from not cleaning your house properly? i.e: salmonella?
my left tonsil is sore and has red veins...?