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any1 else out there with anxiety who cant eat?
Seeking validation from others how do I rid myself of this? Dont know where to begin?
Why do some people suffer from bad skin and others have perfect skin?
how to get rid of a sunburn in 1 day?
how do i get rid of zits ?
Does anyone know any treatments for psoriasis that really work?
has anyone dyed there skin???
How do i develope an arch on my feet???????????
brown spots on the skin?
In pain from getting one wisdom tooth out any suggestions so I can get to sleep?
Cancer of the spine...?
Extreme leg joint pain?
i have really chapped likes like really!?
crhohns diaese??
What exactly is the clear liquid, similar to water, formed in a blister?
Pain in the ribs about 3 inches above bottom rib?
Valium pills.......people who are on Valium are they crazy?
I smoked weed going on 2 weeks ago. didn't smoke alot, and i normally DON'T smoke. ?
Does this sound like RLS?
How can I ease the pain of a bruise?
can leukemia sometimes not show up on blood tests?
Question about chemotherapy?
medical field careers??
Does crying give acne on your face?
Removing stretch markings on skin?
i feel like i cant breathe at night?
could i still have bipola?
I Feel Lost And Don't Know What To Do?
how will i know or what will change?
What happened after you told your GP you were depressed?
Hey, Am i paranoid? (apparently i need to make this longer?)?
Is it weird that..........?
Is there anywhere i can get help?
Any help with OCD please?
I think I have insomnia but Im not sure if it's something else?
I have Blackouts & i am claiming Incapacity benefit?
Mirtazapine (Anti depressant drug)?
citalopran..is 30 mg a high dose to be taking?
I just want to die!suicidal feelings,why do I feel this way?
Can anyone please help me......?
What is wrong with me?
is it a bad sign 2?
getting help with depression when u cant get out because of anxiety?
what do i say how do i explain my behaviour?
What does Leukemia mean?
for two days now ive been getting a sickey watery mouth has made me sick once any ideas what it could be ?
Why did I fell like I was being pulled out of bed last night?
how to just relax and stop worrying to much about life!?
Is this enough sleep??I am 19 years old?
I have had what seems to be a flu or a cold for at least 5 days straight what is it & how can I treat it?
is it true heat can kill cancer?
what causes cloasma?
I want to get a mole removed on my face?
I know I have Hyperhidrosis by reading it's conditions, but would getting treatment as a teen be too young?
How can I cure someone of the Twilight virus?
how can diet reduce the risk of bowel cancer?
How likely is weird abdominal pain (like period pain) to be a symptom of anemia?
an inflammation of a deep vein with formation of a clot is a disesase called?
does washing-up liquid contain any chemicals that can cause leukemia?
Iron deficiency...can this be harmful?
How do I get a record of my Immunizations?
Why does my Wrist hurt?
How many prescription medications do you have to take?
Could it be PCOS?
How do you get rid of an itch in public?
What's good for acne scars?
Nerve damage from chicken pox, should i go to the doctors about it?
Dry, rough, shrivelled looking skin on face - what could it be?
Does anybody know of a great treatment for psoriasis?
I am really worried, I have found out that I have psoriasis? Help me please!?
what cured your acne?
Itchy bottom gets very sore and red at times?
i have white spot on my back after being out in the sun and now its bigger and more spots what is it?
pain, pain, and more pain. ?
I was wondering if anyone knows how to get aDr. into prescribe morphine without having to be really injured..?
computer chairs and lower back pain?
Cutting back on codeine?
How can I make sure my arm is broken?
Best way to prevent waking with leg cramps besides calcium magnesium supplements?
how to get out knots in my back!?
Does anyone here have stories of a time when they had to stay in traction?
I think I have depression. Any advice appreciated?
im in a bad mood and upset... help?
How can I make my mum see how obsessive and unreasonable she is being?
what are the signs that someone has had a emotional breakdown?
Is mental health care free in England? Do you need parents consent?
Help! Someone please help me!!!!!!?
I am a schizophrenic but my sis don't know n she shares the room with me.... I been schizo since i was 12?
How much time per day, at most, should I spend on the computer?
help depression and eating disorder?
is it possible to get professional help for a family member with addictions?
Strange Feeling .. :(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I have a habit sleeping late?
I Feel Lost And Don't Know What To Do?
Is it weird that..........?
Just asked this, but only 1 answer so...?
girls only please!?
hubby, skin cancer?
how do people live and cope with tinnitus?
Severe stomach cramps!?
what causes people to become crosseyed?
How to kill head lice and most importantly the eggs?
What are some of the best ways to cure food poisoning?
blackout/whiteout after a bath?
help :( my son of 13 recently told me he's been taking drugs and is very addicted to dope/weed what should ido?
What causes "growing pains" ? ....................................?
How to get rid of this burn on my neck?
Boyfriend has acne on body, looking for body wash/ cleanser... any ideas that work???
How do you get rid of a sunburn overnight?
How do i get rid of stretch marks?
would a light bulb tan my skin? what are the best ways to tan?
dark circles?
I have a Ulcer on my lip?
How do i get rid of whiteheads?
is my father schizophrenic?
I need to get a job over the summer to earn some money but i have social anxiety disorder
Advice on what itme to take antidepressants?
I think I have borderline disorder? How can I be sure?
Is caffeine & alot of sugar supposed to be avoided if you suffer from an anxiety disorder?
:S what is happening to me :SSSSSSS !!!!!!!!!!!!!?
If a 35 year old adult has been depressed, terribly lonely, and had low self esteem since their first memories?
I am really depressed, mental paranoid?
my friend has recently been suffering from really low self esteem?
Dead relatives talked to me in my sleep?
Are many women inclined to be like this?
on the outside to people i look happy but inside im dying?
what are symptoms of mini heartattack?
Can someone who is emotionally/mentally abusing someone actually change with the right help?
I'm feeling depressed...?
Why do mostly poor people think of glamour and wish to become actor and are impressed by rich celebrities?
Why has my foot become very sore after taping (fracture)?
Death @ 2 AM in the Hospital why?
how much more will i grow taller?
can anyone tell me if you have allerrgies it can cause a sore throat and how long can it last is ?
I get this feeling somtimes of wanting to be sad?
Nursing Restraining Training?
my friend has recently been suffering from really low self esteem?
Should I see a therapist?
how do I speak to my doctor about...?
I randomly feel like crying some days...?
i just need to get this off my chest, i'm so tired of it, and want it to be gone. it's ruining my life!?
Displaying symptoms of paranoia?
I keep obsessing and thinking i've got concussion, help me! :(?
My back cracks a lot?
Why SGPT & SGOT is not getting normal?
Can you grow out of eczema?
my 12 year old son has been waking up with sore throats off and on and I am wondering why and what we can do.?
Why does you skin go wrinkly when you get old?
let's see who's the fastest and will give the best answer! 10 points!?
know any good creams or lotions for someone with scars on face?
hypothetically if i was bulimic, would it hypothetically make my skin bad?
Small red line on arm?
can any body help me ?
will clearasil get rid of my spots ?
How can I stop a plaster cast from becoming smelly?
I feel depressed, stressed and dread. I dont;t sleep etc..have got mental problem?
what do I do about this?
Why Does Everything Happen All At Once?
bi-polar disorder i need help?
is this some type of bipolar?
i keep trying to turn my head till it stops?
I duno if im being a hypochondriac but looking at the symptoms of bipolar im worried i have it, any help?
Im a clean freak....help!!!?
think i have a mental disorder?
embarasment, is it normal?
university and mental health?
How do i reconnect with the past?
I'm fourteen and I don't remember?
Why wouldn't my friend wake up through all this?
How do I start valuing myself?
I have ADHD/ODD, any advice?
how can i stop myself getting so angry?
do you scratch your itch or itch your scratch?
What are cremated ashes supposed to look like?
i ate too much now i have heartburn and i feel almost sick. How can i get rid of this w/o vomiting?
What happens if u swallow phlegm?
REAAAALLY Bad Sore Throat :(?
I know this is a crazy question, but does Cigarette smoking have any health benefits at all?
2 issues: one son has stinky feet, the other gets a rash from underarm deodorant.?
what if a pup is vomiting and throffing from the mouth but was good the day before?
Brown mark on bottom eyelid?
Whats the best way to get rid of acne over night?
Rash and Itchy hands?
I live in Australia. How do I get rid of warts?
To have a toe nail removed or not?
what is lactulose and does it have any adverse effects?
What does your fibromyalgia pain feel like?How severe is it?How does it affect your day to day life?
i feel like something is crawling under my skin?
what is acne caused by?
The left side of my brain feels like is swelling, there is also a cool sensation? Crianial bleeding?
How do you know when you have cancer?
My sister has REALLY bad abdominal pain. what could this be?
I had an epidural about 1 year ago. I am now experiencing extreme hand pain? Could this be from the epidural?
Alternative to tiger balm that doesn't smell as strong?
pain in right and left side of forehead.. ?
what is hammer toes and what causes it?
I always feel like i need the loo but nothing comes out!?
how to deal with wrist pain?
Will my headache EVER go away?
What is "Mental Stress" and what does it feel like really?
will my anxity ever go?
How can I stop worrying so much?
what is it called when you feel like you are trapped in someone else's body?
post traumatic stress?
Question about Depression and Doctors?
is effexor good for paronia?
Is chocolate causing this depression?
Do i have depression?
Will my friend be ok see below?
why did i go on a downer when i stopped my meds?
Do you feel you had a rich inner world which has now gone?
what could be wrong with this person?
I really really need help D:?
Dealing with bulimia at school?
please describe me to me someone who is weigh too insecure, low self esteemed because i think i am :S :(?
has anyone tried the pill for mild acne?
Help! How to get rid of eczema and psoriasis?
How to treat adult acne?
How do I stop my skin from peeling as soon as possible?
Whats the REAL way to get rid of acne?
I have a problem I cant stop biting my nails. I have the stop and grow nail polish but it doesnt work..?
Any Way To Clear My Acne...Please?
How do you get rid of strech marks?
I got shingles after a long period of being very stressed. Now that I have had it once, am i likely to get...?
Anyone know any good products that really work to keep your skin clean and clear?
Acne Acne Acne........???????????/?
Anyone know an effective treatment for Shingles?
How to get rid of bruises? (easy points)?
how do you get rid of freckles??
Iam in my forties and overweight.I seem to be out of breath a lot lately.what could be wrong with me?
Can cats detect cancer in humans?
What's the best way to cure fever / flu / sore throat/ cough?
Why does my skin hurt from the slightest touch?
why do people with down syndrome have problems?
dont get disgusted?
I have experienced muscle spasms in my legs sleeping on memory foam topper. Anyone else have this problem?
How can I tell the difference between poison ivy or oak rashes?
What can i use to make my mozzie bites stop itching?
Help dry skin problem...?
I have a sunburn right now... will it turn to a tan?
My husband is in a mental hospital but hasn't been sectioned PLZ READ UK ONLY?
Should i see a doctor about my increasing memory loss?
Why cant i sleep even when im on medication for it?
I have all over muscles and/or joint pain that is getting increasingly worse...and I need advice!?
Why am I having teeth pain, and what can I take to stop it?
I get back pain when I drink a slurppee?
Someone said drink plenty of fluid because my throat hurts...what are fluids?
I have a pain in my right side. What could it be?
Taking advil and drinking beer.?
bottom left side of the stomach?
Extremely sore neck, shoulders and spine?
How dangerous is a Blood Clot in the Lungs?
Anyone who may know information about this please help. This is about something in my hepatic lobe. ?
has anyone personally foud something that got reid of your strechmarks????
My horse is old and her skin is hard and peeling off in large chunks, leaving her meaty flesh exposed, help!!!
How can i get rid of my acne?
How to get rid of back acne?
Does anyone have any recommendations for alleviating rosacea?
What is broken skin.?
tattoo peeling?
how long does citalopram stay in the body?
is there something wrong with me?
Going back to work after factory fortnight... so depressing?
I think I might have a phobia...?
Iv just been on youtube looking at tripping, it looks so much fun, should i try them or could i really........?
Demotivation and Depression?
if i took 7 tablets of 5mg Olanzapine what will happen?
Paranooiiiiddd??? Normal? Not normal?
Help - i was in a mood yesterday and today I heard my sister and mum talk quietly / bullying me?
is it possible to be happy and lonely?
i have zero tolerance for hard work?
hi has anyone tried zoloft?
Social Anxiety -What's the answer?
Any Ideas ?????????????????
im going crazy help!!!!?
How can I stop my anxiety coming back. I am better than I was, but ANYTHING can kick it off again. HELP! im 17?
trying to work out my sleep needs?
Beating depression. Come on join me !!?
What is Cinchona? What is it use for?
Is there a way of telling if a product contains Bisphenol A (BPA)?
My skin on my nose is peeling but not from sunburnt... HELP?!?
What are the moral consequences of drugs???
I just put a tampon in and took it out 2 minutes later and now I feel sick
Has carpal tunnel syndrome ever forced you to change careers because you want to avoid surgery?
Back pain and urinating without control?
SCARED BECAUSE I AM HOME ALONE WITH MY BABY. felt dizzy so i went and laid down but when i closed my eyes it?
Has anyone out there survived esophageal cancer?
Lupus is a desease ,I want to have more information regarding its cure,signs and any issue relevant?
Why do you get lumpy waves in your fingernails?
I think i have a kidney problem not sure?
Is blocked thoughts a side effect of risperidone or is it what is does?
Should i be doing this to my self?Stress ,self harming?
why do i self harm like this?
can anyone help me its about my mum?
Had a dream about the sea overflowing the uk?
insecure about myself?
Nervous Hands Shaking?
Can ADHD medication help control your anger?
Whats worse, A group of youths outside your house, or a political question directed at you?
how do I find a suitable counsellor for my 14 year old gran-daughter locally, I live on borders Kent/london?
why when just as you feel you slowly getting better Anxiety and Panic attacks get worse?
Anyone who self harms or has done in the past?
how does mental health affect a persons health?
Triggering hypomania?
alway have something on my mind when there nothing i have to do?
What to expect from first meeting with conselor?
i have been caring my mom for 12months how far can i get it back dated?
Is This Paranoia Or Is It Just A Phase?
I have a patch of dry skin on my finger that itches it first started w/red small dots that itch now hardpain?
Is peeling ok?
my face is realy oily and i dont no what 2 do bout it. i was my face twice a day wit proactiv & its still oily
What is the blue dot on my forehead?
my 5 year old son has a ringworm on the top of his head...?
there is a bump next to my industrial piercing?
I had a Boil a couple of weeks ago...?
Do blind people get suntan?
Is this a...WART?
Where can I buy dettol wipes? I am a germaphobe.?
eczema? psoriasis?
One of my sons has what looks like a cigarrette burn on his shoulder & 2 on his upper arm???
I have really painful cuts and hard skin on the bottom of my feet and tops of my toes have tried lots of cream?
Looking for an effective face wash. Any suggestions?
Body ache, headache, dizzyness?
How do i get over my fear of needles? PLEASE help me!?
Can back pain and leg pain happen with to much walking?
I can feel my heartbeat/pulse in my throat!?
do i have H1N1..................?
I need help sleeping earlier?
Physiotherapist: Some discomfort on my knee (front) when descending stairs. Knee feels a bit weak. Theories?
My knee has been hurting for a while, help?!?
anyway to rip this nail off without feeling pain?
avoid tea if alcohol?
irritable jock itch?
MER. :( Psoriasis.. HELP?
what is the effective way to whiten under arm?
i am 45yrs old, and wet the bed, and remedies?
rash problems?
oILY sKIN???
treatment for adult eczema?
fastest way to get ridd of body acne?
how do i kno if my belly piercing is infected or not? I've had it three days and it pains n how do i clean it?
Do I possibly have head lice?
are dark purple hickeys normal?
rash on legs when cloths rub for the last 2 months?
has anyone had moles that changed colors removed that wasn't skin cancer?
a question about suburn but im not being rasict!?
I have this really bad habit of biting the skin off my lips..?
what is the best way to get rid of a hickey quickly?
I have these weird light brown/tan spots?
What causes reacurring ringworm?
My sinuses are clogged, and my head hurts and feels heavy. How do I get rid of it?
Neck pain and numbness in left arm?
Numbness, eye pressure.....what is going on?
is it true that...?
I have an extended bone recently (joint) between palm's backside and wrist?
3rd Degree Burns?
I need some advice. I have cancer of my right ovary. now the speicalit today will be booking me in?
cant breathe through nose?
!!!ACNE!!!!! please give any good advice that helped you???!!?
Is it worth spending $6000 on a water softener to help my children's severe eczema?
cold sores ??
what is the best way to remove ance scars ?
Are there any Dr's or nurses who can tell me how long after chemo. can you give blood?
What are changes in your skin as you get older?
Why does my mole hurt?
Tingling legs, arms, face anyone else had this?
How many beers would a 19 year old male have to drink a day to be considered alcoholic or close to an alco?
Food gets stuck in throat daily - Doctors can't figure it out?
I need to have a mammmogram and can't afford it,Mom had Breast cancer and is doing well?
what is the best thing or product to soften the soles of your feet?
Is this an eating disorder?
What are some things that can affect blood test results?
Does a Clinical Psychologist need a stethoscope?
My husband has neck rash which is spreading up side of face and is very red and weeping. Could it be the soap?
How do you get rid of blackheads between your thighs?
Two of my best friends have an eating disorder! i dont know what to do! help!?
How do I stop talking about myself so much?
Uhm..I think Im bi-polar..Help?
chinese medicine-has any one tried herbs and accupuncture for sleeping problems and insomnia?
How to get over this fear?
ive been abused by my ex bf jacob and he wont leave me or tanner alone and tanners been to the hospital 2advic?
Has taking Citalopram helped you?
social anxiety disorder...help?
How can I stop oversleeping all the time?
Please help, really suffering with anxiety problems?
paranoid all the time help?
how can i stop worrying about the slightest things?
I think I'm depressed, not sure, idk?
Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Scared Only At 'Home', Should I Move House?
i really need advice... whats wrong with me?
Do vacuous people lead happier lives?
My stool was kinda dark, and at one end it looked kinda red, what can that mean?
Can breastmilk be fed to a toddler who is supposed to fast before an abdominal u/sound? Water OK, but BM?
What do you do if your a pain management person on 4 80 Oxycontins......?
AIDS/HIV Virus trasmitted by breastfeeding - effects on the child ?
How do you apply Jojoba oil to get rid of blackheads?
Who has had success with Proactiv?
I think i have Eczema?
Have a Big knot under my skin between my legs?
seizures..what are they?
Urinary tract infection worry - is it all in my mind?
what is the best cure for acne?
What's wrong with me..?
Gastric bypass - how overweight do you need to be to have the surgery?
i have a boil on my neck inbetween my hairs. what can i do?
what is the best way to get rid of a sty?
how do you get rid of spots, not zits, just the little red spots?!there only on my chin?
How do you get rid of dark circles under the eyes?
I think i have RINGWORMS .. but im not sure . Can anyone help me please?
What is wrong with my scalp?
How do you get rid of blackheads?
About boils:- what are the emotional reasonings for getting Boils?
Effective natural cough remedy for a toddler?
What are the health properties of Cayenne pepper?
I feel lonely, bored and bad because i am stingy, I really need some help....?
What are the signs of depression?
I'm so lonely!! I want kill myself!!?
i don't know what to do anymore?
Mental Health: Intrusive thoughts?
boyfriend has depression help?
I think I Have Depression?
OCD and Mess Problem!!?
Can a sleeping pill overdose have serious long term side effects?
Depression coming back?
Zyprexa - really bad tiredness?
Helpp Pleasee I Need To Knoww Pleasee!!!?
I'm seeing a nurse about depression/anxiety...?
i am signed off sick by my doctor with stress due to work and my manager has texted me asking to meet up next?
Is it possible i have tourettes?
teenage counsiling . need help ?
a question on bulimia?
What can I do to overcome bad habits?
Why do I feel moody all the time?
I hate sleeping. Help?
what do stomache ache, shaking, and headache symptoms mean?
Anyone taking a total of 150 mgs of the medication Lyrica, or anyone taking Lyrica?
help! my throat is starting to hurt and i can feel a cold coming on! what should i do???
what is the worst cancer?
is it hard to having relationship with epilepsy?
How can you tell the difference between having the stomach flu and a bacterial infection: food poisoning?
Question about cyberknife treatment?
what is "perpetual foot in mouth" disease?
How do i get rid of Flakey sculp?
What is on my face, cyst? zit? how do i make it go away?
sunburn help?
How do i get rid of eczema?
how do I get rid of awesomehomepage.com it has taken over?
water bubbles on breasts...what could it be?
i have little things on my head and i keep itching them?
is using face washes good for skin or is just plain soap better?
How do I treat a boil that has already popped, but not completely?
I am almost 15 y-o, I have had from chest acne for a long time,does someone know how to get rid of the scars?
know any good things to get rid out warts?
Gluten or Celiac help?
What are some tips for finding things that are lost?
I need help on sleep problems?
nhs walk in centre what information do they hold about you?
why chicken is a potentially hazardous food apart from salmonella?
How can I speed up my mental processing?
are there tablets or anything else u can take that make the fear of flying easier?
help coping with a great loss?
Do I have a problem that is hurting me?
when i go to deep sleep, sometimes i feel my head swirls.I feel motionless.unable to move myself or shout.?
can you have an eating disorder and not want help and not show any physical signs?
how to help a depressed friend?
is the human centipeed based on a true story?
is paranoia from cannabiss temporary?
What can I do to deal with stress?
Anyone suffers from chronic or existential boredom?
Do I have a sleep disorder of some sort?
What is the name of the belief/condition/disorder where one imagines the whole world is constructed around....?
Having mental health issues.. Maybe anxiety?
Really bad exam stress: HELP?
If you have had personal experience with NICO, can you please give me advice?
How many people die from breast cancer at the age of 14-17?
I will ask this question on more time tonight as I only got one answer in the cancer section, she was nice but
Psoarasis on scalp, it won't go away!?!??!?!?
Anyone know how to get rid of those bumps that some people have on the backs of their arms and on the legs?
how is the liver supplied with blood?
How do you reduce the symptoms of croup in adults?
How do you get rid of red, dry skin?
I have a daughter who every summer gets red sores on legs resulting in scarring.?
how do you deal with self mutalation and aneorexia?
what does it mean, when someone says i have been poping pills like crazy.?
How do I recover from the fact that my throat hurts and I have other symptoms too?
Is there anything I can do for the pain in my knee?
Can't get RID of my HEADACHES help ME?
headache PLEASE HELP?
Help with my headaches......?
muscle pain?
Nurses - Migraine, 30 weeks pregnant, can I take anything for it?
Really bad head aches after accident..?
Ingrown toe nail question?
I have a stomache ache what should i do?
How to do I escape my strange sleeping pattern?
i have been caring my mom for 12months how far can i get it back dated?
Is This Paranoia Or Is It Just A Phase?
I am worried about telling someone how I feel (please take time to read)?
Whats happen after you've...?
Accutane did anyone find this effective for acne treatment??!!!?
where do lice come from?
My foot has gone purple with green bits, could it be?
why is your skin yellow in colour?
11 yr. old looks like 16?
Gillette anyone?
What kind of exercises could i do to increase Vertical if i have Tibialis Posterior Syndrome...?
my Tongue dies to anything i eat?
Sore Ankles?
finally tomorrow is the end of the week..?
My daughter and I have a problem we think might be MRSA. Could sombody please email me with any cures. Thanks.
Is there a difference between hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism?
is it alright for a man to have three testis or would that just imply that some gene mutation?
Sick, i feel flem, but cant cough it hurts, want to thow up.. how?
what are the meanings of the letters of blood test?
test for sleep apnea
how can i get rid of hemorrhoids? In Australia what are the treatment from the chemists called?
is something wrong with me?
how can i soften stool thats ready to come out?
Post Christmas blues, do you suffer?
Id like to know about bipolar and it's effects on the body and mind?
UK ONLY...what is a "gateway worker" ? what do they do?
AnySuccess with Cognitive behavioural therapy and BPD?
am i right to feel this way?
starting my Celexa again?
Does he enjoy making me feel bad?
is this anxiety symptom?
Asd and depression help plzz?
I suddenly lost my memory capacity?
Sleep paralysis starting again?
am i being obssessive...?
Anxiety help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
When on ketamine can these things happen...?
i seriously need help,am I Schizophrenic ?
For those who have social anexity, how did you survive highschool?
Generalised Anxiety Disorder?! My friend has it and would like to help her!!!!?
Howcan i stop feeling like this, its a weird feeling?
how do i go about getting mental help?
Am I too nostalgic and stuck in the past?
does my friend have a concussion?
Are your toes cold or warm?
How do I know if my sternum is fractured?
Do I need to go to the E.R.?
Is it ok to cut your plaster cast off?
Question About Stitches?
acrylic nail ripped off. will it grow back?
If someone got hit behind the neck with a meat clever?
knee problem? more inside?
Can calf pain be a sign of Tibial Stress Fractures?
i have a bulge around my ankle, i need to know the reason?
my upper back around my shoulder areas feel tight why?
Can a bad facial/neck massage lead to bruised or damaged nerves?
slipped on ice and landed my back on a rock. It sore, I can walk it is not so painful that I feel it is cracke?
is this normal with push ups.?
i got hit by a hand in the eye. i woke up with a light swollen eye could i have concussion.?
How do you know when you're broken?
Why do I wake up shuddering and then feel nauseous all morning!?
Where can i get gel insoles/inserts for my football cleats?
Swelling,bruising,tingly,numb, and a moderate sharp stabbing pain in my left had. Please help!!!!?
how long i should wait to go get a fake toe done after my toe fell off ?
Is there something wrong with my finger?
Help! I have a problem with socialising.?
describe symptons of someone who is becoming mentalling ill?
Could I be Psychic or just a coincidence?
whats the most effective medicine for WARTS on the near elbows?
I have seven lumps of different sizes under my right arm. What can it be?
What's the best natural / home remedy for mild acne?
How are planters warts contracted (especially on the feet)?
help? hair problem..?
Is it dangerous to cut a wart out?
acnes help!!!!!! plzzzz ans this ques if u knw hw to get rid of acnes naturally :''(?
Im starting to get a sty how to i stop it before it becomes a full blown pus...thing?
why do camel frost cigarettes have a tiny blue plastic ball in the filter?
What could this mean?????
I had a bad bout of constipation for about 2 weeks, no I am going but it is wet and runny, any suggestions?
how do you walk the upstairs?
Why do I get spasms in my foot so easily?
My Wrist Hurts From Playing Guitar. Guitarist Advice?
Knee pain when walking?
how do you pop a dog's hip back in place?
How long does it usually take for a broken collarbone to heal?
broken finger had surgery and now they are totally numb its been 9 hours will i get my feeling back?
Dancers ankle problem? Urgent!...?
I hit my knee really hard causing a hematoma, 6 days later it is still hot and swollen. Is this normal?
Could I have runners knee?
sometimes when i drink water it will not go down or come back up , hard to breath and it hurts?
how long does it take my fractured fibula to heal?
Running injury , Any suggestions?
if you get a blister in one spot and it heals, will it happen again if you keep running?
How can I hurt my leg good enough to get out of p.e but not bad enough to go to hospital?
kitten tilting head to the right and cant walk stright?
What can be done to help my knee?
how do you know when your knee gets out of place?
Get over ankle and knee strain injury by tommorow.?
Whats happening to me?
shooting pain in my wrist?
If a hyperextended knee is left untreated...?
I get a feeling of a needle poking me in the eye from the inside its very painful?
how to get rid of this pain?
I have pain in my forefoot, it hurts when I walk. ?
My perscription for tylenol 3?
Who has the best smile ever?
My mood keeps changing?
Im Feeling Really Weird?!? Please Answer ASAP!?
I have just lost my girlfriend and i have no self worth anymore i need help?
Does this sound like a good dr? or should i go for second opinion....?
What other disorders..............?
Consent is an essential component of the nurses professional practice.?
do you think i am or not ?
What will my psychiatrist prescribe me?
Help i keep vomiting every morning (eating disorder)?
buzzing in my head? what is it?
Why do l feel so moody and depressed?
what are the early signs of schizophrenia.and do these people believe their own lies?
Could i be depressed?
Panic Attacks - Physical Manifestation?
What are the side effects and probs of anti depressants?
I have recently been diagnosed as having the adult form of ADHD, could this effect my career?
Who is responsible and what can be done?
Where can you get a cam walker/boot in australia not online?
I've injured my finger?
What causes muscle spasms? I have had chest muscle spasm for 3 months now?
How serious is a carpal bone dislocation ?
Finger strain from indoor bouldering?
i think i've injured my shoulder muscle as i cant seem to thrown overarm at all?
What's the third muscle?
HUGE ice block fell on my foooot?
Just need to know why every time i walk a long distance my thighs crack?
how to take care of a toenail removal?
pls suggest a home remedy or home made treatment for ankel muscles's tissue tear.?
why would i go for a walk in the middle of the night for no reason when its 3 degrees outside?
A reason for having a scar on the inner thigh?
Nose fracture...................?
what is the difference between an acquired brain injury (ABI) and a traumatic brain injury (TBI)?
lisfranc injury rupture of ankle ligaments damage to all 5 meta?
Why do my knees hurt after exercising and what can I do?
If I walk a half marathon will I damage my knees?
If you got hit with a meat clever on the face would you die?
Today my thumb went numb...why?
What do you do if you have muscle pain?
. . .hey. ..?
Helping a rooster get over bad frostbite on feet?
Why does our brain need more oxygen when we're tired?
Feeling the need to throw up?
Weight Training and Fitness Theory help!,,?
do you have any small lumps of the back of your head?
Paranoid+depressed? please help! boyfriend help needed.?
how can i tell my mum how i feel?
is it possible i've gone on strike from my life cos i'm fed up of been told how to live it & even dress for it?
when i try to diet i end up starving myself or been sick and purging?
What result do you get in this test?
how is it possible that depression does this?
im not sure if i have the right diagnoses?
do i have to tell my brother that my mum is dieing?
Does mono make your immune system weak for month's after recovering from it?
Are there any miracle medications for Irritable Bowel Syndrome?
the huccups?
is colour blindness a genetically inherited disease?
My father has been having severe night sweats with nausa to dry heaves. This has been going on for a while.?
what to do about a mole?
how do you get rid of macule (superficial acne scar) faster?
What's a fast, natural acne treatment?
i think i have warts on my toe. Instead of going to a podiatrist any recommendation for a cream here in aus?
Rough skin on the back of my arms?
Anybody else with eczema?
how do people feel about having naturally rosy cheeks?
I have 8 year old diagnosed with chk pox. Since I never had chk pox ,am I contageous to others being exposed?
What is the smell coming from my bumbum?
How to get rid of a VERY VERY deep ingrown hair?!
if u have had eczema on your hands and u have gotten rid of it please give me some pointers thanks?
Why are there red dots and water bumps between my pinky toe and dry scaly skin. WHat could it be?
How to get rid of ear wax?
What kind of acne medicine is best for extremely sensitive skin?
why is it hard when i wake up in the morning and when i go to bed?
Stabbing pain and paralysis in my left leg... is this shingles?
Is anyone taking Amitriptyline?..Please help?
i twisted my foot wakeboarding?
Can't straighten my knee fully, or bend it to far?
what sort of stuff do physios do?
How do people become maimed in a fight?
Crushed finger - still hurts after 3 weeks?
i think i have torn myt calf muscle any advice i am in a lot of pain?
is it bad if I have a nose fracture?
Numbness in the foot since pregnancy?
I think I just pulled something in my groin area.?
is it normal to experience bruising after massage?
Is my big toe broken?
catus prong in leg should i see doctor after pulling out?
My leg is bruised badly what can i do?
Rhinoplasty patients: how long did it take for your swelling to go down?
Has anyone found depression always returns sooner or later, after fighting it off by physical or mental?
How can I get over my phobia of mice?
What Happens when you see a counsellor if you are a very shy person How does the first session work?
Recently I dont feel "all there"...?
Do anyone know where I can find MSDS sheets for free on the internet?
Is it okay if I forgot to take milk of magnesia before my barium enema? (I still have to take castor oil)?
B12 deficiency?
can i take duromine while i am taking efexor-xr?
Does anyone know why eating honey causes me to have acne?
is it bad news if they cant get her oxygen up over 65%?
How can I fade acne scars?
What would you like to ask?How do i get rid of pressure in only one ear?
If you are on anesthetic and you got shot would you feel it?
help with smoking?
I can feel lump on shin of leg but can't see it could it be cancer?
how can i get rid of a burn?
Who wants to Diagnose me!!!?
This is a serious question I'm 14yrs old and I found a bump on my scrotum and I'm too embarresed to tell mum?
I'm throwing up blood. Help!?
Is my foot broken or fractured?
Can I remove my fibre glass cast after 5 weeks?
obsessive sweating?
how long would it take to bleed to death with deep stab wounds?
Is it possible after having hameriods(I think that's how it's spelt)removed,?
easy bruising from the lightest tap on the shoulder?
My foot is itching non stop and they smell?
getting rid of razor bumps and blackheads- black male?
I have two small white spots on my upper lip near each other. They are also are very small bumps.?
can computers cause dry eyes?
What is this on my skin?
my 20 year old nephew has a red flaky nose and hates it, any suggestions?
help! why does the skin under my ring always crack?
has there been any new discoveries in the treatment of excema?
Does anyone hate being told when they sunburned?!!!!!?
buzzing in my head? what is it?
Im Feeling Really Weird?!? Please Answer ASAP!?
Had a headache for the last 4 days!!?
Sore in the inside of my mouth.?
Why do I always feel like i'm going to pass out?
Canker sores?
Strong heart beat.?
guys please help, do i have mono? :(?
what do you do when your anxiety becomes out of control?
I'm quite sick with a sore throat and a stuffed up nose except I have to sing tonight, any tips?
Sore Throat Question- please help!?
i have really hard and big stools with traces of blood what could it be.?
am i at risk for rabies?
11 year old with crohn's disease PLEASE HELP!!!!!?
I have no health insurance,what can I do??
What should I have to do with my little black love, now?
What's causing the awful bitter taste in my mouth during the night when sleeping?
How long does a patient with terminal kidney cancer live? Read Short Description?
What is this red rash?
only ppl who has been diagnosed with a thyroid problem or has a family member with one?
is anyone feeling like i am?
Help with bad impulses! Impulses to hurt people/animals I love, kill myself, break things, make a scene etc?
Recovering from anorexia?
does it sound like i need help?
How to stop being so stressed...?
im not sure whats wrong with me it could be anxiety disorder/agoraphobia?
Scared of anything bad happening!?
How to be less stressed, I'm so full of stress at the moment.?
Bad mood swings and depression!?
I feel sad. Not sure what to do?
How to deal with this sort of anxiety..?
I fed up of contolling people causing me stress what can do?
I Can't sleep like i use to every single day since ive started uni?
Am I being horrible feeling this way? :/?
Cures for eczema any ideas?
a guy with acne problems should use moisturiser?
is it possible to have a permanent sunburn that never goes away?
My Biology teacher has one attached earlobe and one free hanging earlobe. How is this possible?
has there been any successful ways of removing freckles on fair skin?
how do i know if my industrial piercing is infected?
Excema - type thing... don't really no lol..?
BellyButton Piercinq ! HELP PLEASE!!! :(?
Why do my hiccups hurt allot?
Help with lower back pain?
Is it safe to treat bursitis with an injection?
I am deathly afraid of needles, what should I do?
What is this strange pain in my wrist/hand?
Bad calf pain out of no where?
i have back pains recently and i have visited the chiropractor...the pain went away for a month..it came back?
spine being uncomfortable and cant walk properly. please help?
Stomach ache in middle of the night?
I've been getting foot cramps since I was a kid..?
Can I take heartburn medication while on Xanax?
My daughter is hard to wake up from sleep. A sleeping disorder?
what age does teenage hormones start to become less 'effective'?
I suddenly lost my memory capacity?
Anxiety help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
how do you get someone to stop cutting?
Have i had a disorder or something?
Does anyone else get drunken guilt?
Anyone got oppositional defiant disorder?
Quit smoking with Nicobrevin? Anyone done it?
what is the life expetancy of some one with william syndrome?
what possible illness/disease can be diagnosed with the following symptoms?
I drink almost every night but almost never get drunk just to feel like going to sleep. Am I alcoholic?
what is Creutzfeldt-Jacob (MCJ)does anyone have any info on this disease ?
I have these symptoms, and I want someone to tell me a 15 year old girl doesn't have a thyroid nodule!?
tingling and pain over body?
Has anyone recovered from a nervous breakdown (or similar thing) ?
What do you thinks wrong?
My life over past two years.........?
what do i do now? (personality disorder)?
I feel I can't talk to anyone about my depression?
I'm worried about my Borderline Personality disordered sister?
Problem with Involuntary speech?
my friend thinks shes mad. help.?
How is Bipolar diagnosed?
i think i have a problem with food :/?
Is this dyslexia or not?
How do you make yourself?
thinking of becoming a mental health nurse...?
Help read please =[self harm issues?
Im agoraphobic please help?
Anyone have any advise to help with heel spurs?
How to crack the upper half of your back?
my girlfriend has sore legs?
How can I stop the headaches and pains from this injury?
i took 5 ibuprofen!!?
How can i get rid of major bag pain, i bagged myself climbing over a fence and my foot slipped in the ice?
Is there a numbing cream for arm?
My kneecap poped / shifted and went back in as i was sprinting.?
is there anything i can take for heartburn or acid reflux?
Is it normal to have bloody snot all the time?
House almost got broken into?
jock itch?? what is it?
i have had acne for 6 years?
my hand sweat a lot...help plzzzzzz?
Does acne cleanser dry out the skin alot?
How can I reduce the appearance of a scar on the tummy?
What is the fastest way to get rid of a cold sore? Advice and personal experiences would be appreciated!?
how do you get rid of lines like strech marks on your leg and bottom?
my dog has vitiligo do you think i could use human medication or vitamin to make him better?
Does anyone know someone with schizophrenia?
my friend???????????
How can i help my mate who has a social anxiety disorder & depression?
Does anyone have any tips/advice to help me recover from clinical depression?
I do not know what i should do?
how would i know if i have adhd?
Does my Fiance have depression or another mood disorder?
I've lost complete hope.?
People recovering/recovered from an Eating Disorder?
Anxiety ?? (Please Help)?
Im looking for people who have HAD and Cured themselves from panic attacks?
is all depression/ anxiety medication prescribed?
Anxiety Meds.............?
What is a good mental health forum for young people?
Please answer, Insomnia and depression maybe...?
Upset at the slightest thing?
do I have a anger problem?
I was in a car accident 2 weeks ago and I have been having chest pains.?
How long it takes to heal an Abdominal Muscle Strain?
What causes muscle spasms? I have had chest muscle spasm for 3 months now?
i have extended mt knee in sideways and downward motion causing pain in the inside lower quadrant of my knee?
Tendons click while I walk!?
here are my symptoms.... help?
If you live in Australia all your life, what are the chances of developing a type of skin cancer?
Is a melanoma and a mole the same thing?
Lump in my neck, been there for a few weeks?
Does this sound serious???
How do you know if you have scoliosis?
What are the cures for eczema?
My mum was diagnosed with bowel cancer 2 weeks ago. It has also spread to her liver. How bad is it?
Is direct sunlight gmake acne worse or better?
My partner was recently diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer?
what poisons can cause leukemia?
Does working out effect your voice?
What do you do if you have a really bad headache?
white painful patch on the tongue?
does getting your tongue piericed hurt?please answer right away!!!?
Cartilage piercing?..Where on the ear does it hurt more?
my bum hurts when i sit, stand, and pass gas. could this be serious.?
Had three days of dendistry and five teeth pulled...ended up with a very sore stiff jaw...11 days later still?
is anyone on crutches?
Why do I feel nervous?
How long can a person go without sleep?
Is there anyone else similar to myself?
Struggling with depression?
So what should I do now?
is this normal or not ?
What is Schizoaffective Disorder?
why cant i get to sleep?
not what i used to be?
Does being stressed for a week do anything bad to you?
does anyone live with someone with a drugs problem? or work with drugs users?
Help me I cant sleep! :s?
Why am I feeling this way?
help me please i getting bullied !!!!!?
I am terrified, I'm getting my grade 7 needles soon and I am super scared! HELP!!!!?
what are the signs of depression?
What is it with indians and skin lightening???????????????
i think im going to have skin cancer?
how do you stop yourself from blushing. i go really red and i hate it!?
How come i have acne scars but i can;t see them on anyone else.?
does peppermint oil help skin heal and stop itching?
has anyone used roaccutane?and did your face get red and sore?
When you're tanning is the sun burning your internal organs?
body problems!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOOSE SKIN?
Help!! what is on my skin?!!?
Nail scratch mark on face?
Could someone please tell me what this neck X-ray report means?
White, Pasty face while on accutane?
Can someone suggest a remedy for in grown hair on arms/legs?
Maybe just being paranoid, but could my son have septicaemia - and what should I do?
tea tree oil and cancer, please help?
I have a phobia of wrists!?
what are face twitches?
why do asian people generally seem to get more acne? ?
What's your attitude about giving blood at a Blood Bank? Do you think it hurts?
what happens if you have the cervical cancer needle that teens are getting lately at there school's?
How safe are skin lightners?
How can I get rid of my habit?
Personal injury claims for stress and bullying?
Whats anxiety & can it cause somniphobia?
Is it unlikely to be bipolar?
am i over reacting to this am i wrong?
If you look to another person and try to get signals from them about what to do when you face decisions?
Has anyone seen the BBC drama series, I Claudius, in it, Claudius' mother calmly and rationally announces she?
How to help someone with depression?
I am on Accutane (5th month) and think I might have depression?
What about having kids while you are on Invega? I am little scared about having kids if I have to go off meds?
anyone with anxiety had an ulcer?
How can I stop being a compulsive liar?? Its ruining my relationship?
Are these kind of feelings normal? Or in any way common?
Help if you can please people ! What should I do ?
Ive been feeling really upset lately :(?
I donĀ“t know who am I?
how are therapeutic drugs used to treat schizophrenia, typhoid and diabetes?
Emotional roller coaster?
Is there anywere i can talk to kids my age who are going through the same stuff as me?
i've been getting weird twinges on the right side of my head near my temple for a couple of days?
I have the worst case of gas/ indigestion EVER. What can I do?
What causes a child to walk on their "tip toes" instead of walking normal?
The doctor ordered some tests done, but I feel better, so should I still go?
What's the best way to relieve sore/stiff muscles after an INTENSE workout?
does this sound like nerve damage?
Can a plastick sergeon fix nose fracture if it is 4 years old?
If a hyperextended knee is left untreated...?
Psoriasis and Methotrexate?
ER wating times!?
How do i get rid of ear wax?
will my doctor think the worst of me?
What is the best way to care for an ingrowing toenail?
my partner has just been diagnosed with divertiticulitis
What exactly causes autism?
how do they treat testicular cancer?
cancer info?????????
how to remove acne?
Psoriasis and Vitamin D?
Should I go swimming if I have athletes foot?
what should i do for acne ?
Why have I suddenly developed dermatitis on my hands?
can chirproctor really cure back problems?
I found a purple, worm looking thing beneath my skin in my pelvic area. Any ideas on what it is?
does pot make u hallucinate?
armpit sweat how do i stop it?
Skin reaction right before my wedding! HELP?
Head Lice please help.?
I have chigger like bumps but they don't itch?
do i keep using the same acne medication??
Is it bad to pick the dandruff off your scalp?
help please big problem?
stomach queezy feeling and burping?
Please answer 5* best answer?
why have i come emotional?
anxiety...what is the best way to get rid of it?
Anything wrong with my brain?
can caffeine hurt the brain in any way?
Anxiety + Palpitations?
what do i do if my brother is taking weed or i think it is?
Tips for an Aspie who wants to make friends?
Any success with Cognitive behavioural therapy and BPD?
Am I afraid of attention?
Homesick everytime I travel?
Question about mental homes? need 2 know?
Counselling for depression (i'm 16)?
With bipolar disorder...?
why am i so up and down all the time?
time to think about myself for a change?
uncomfortable dreams and nightmares?
dialectical behavioral therapy tapes or cds?? please help?
Cervic Cancer Neeedle SIDEEFFECT! helpp!?
Is psoriasis dangerous?
What causes rotting bone and tissue around the left sinus and eye socket, complete loss of nasa septrum ?
I have had bad dandruff for ages and have tried EVERYTHING, know any ways to actually get rid of it?
What is deoderant or deadorant or something like that?
what cures for insomnia?
What seems to be Jeds problem?
i went on a HUGE binge last night , Please Help.?
Prednisolone dispersible tabs are used for what desease?
i have a rash please help?
how to stop constantly weeping eczema?
Drinking while taking citalopram?
ear problem did i bust my ear drum : ( ?
Being unemployed is making me depressed, but i'm so picky with work because i have social anxiety. Need advice?
Pain In Right Side Abdoman?
Lower back pain?