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back from biking up hills and pushing myself, and i got home and i have a headache, kinda blurred vision,dizzy?
If my feet are 11 inches long, what size is that in US/Canada?
every time i eat i feeel sick?
I'm ... Physically Numb?
Fever, stuffy nose, coughs please help!!!!?
How do you relax?
I regularly (once every 1 or 2 weeks) get a sudden acute pain in my chest + I can't breathe. Help..10 pt?
Ways to cope with Chronic Pain?
Everytime I look to the left or right(even slightly) or down, I get a huge pain in my forehead?
what would cause this too happen?
Has anyone used or know anything about Melaleuca products? Are they any good? Do you really save money?
Having major sleeping patterns changes pls help me?
Can I use my health insurance straight away?
Do I Have Pink Eye? and if not...What is it?
something black in my tea cup?
would it be better to have my septoplasty performed by an ent or a plastic surgeon if i want i straight nose?
eye twitching.......................?
Have you ever felt numb in a body part, that usually shouldn't be (Without sounding too personal)?
Scared about telling my parents about an issue from childhood?
Alcohol weird effects? sickness please help?
can you describe depression to me?
i hear sceary voices and experience dizzy feelings when i start 2 drift off what can it be?
how can i make people realise how i feel?
Addiction to yahoo Answers. help?
Please help! is this a symptom of social anxiety?
panick attacks and the fight or flight method. does anyone know what this means?
What ways can I help myself?
how can i start standing up 4 myself? ?
why can't I get up in the morning ? ive tried everything! and i dont have money for sleeping medicines ect.?
Teenage sleep problems?
please help, deeply affecting my life ? ://?
Do you think its wasted time in your life to sleep?
she's hurting herself....?
I got my own conclusions about depression it can be caused by having negative people around us and by having?
How can I get sectioned?
Can somebody please tell me if I am Arachnophobic?
What can be used to treat anxiety?
please take this quiz and tell me your score!?
Acne problems?
what happens when cancer matastisizes?
What is wrong with me, I feel absolutely terrible?
i found a lump on breast...please help..?
I'm a 16 year old female with a lot of noticeable facial hair on and under my chin. What's wrong with me? =(?
i kno im anorexic and my friend is about to find out what do i do?
What is this white mole like spot on my upper eye lid?
Unexplained illness??
Itchy scalp....not nits not dandruff what could it be?
I am 15,helping my mum and we were moving until my Aunt told us my Pa is dying?
swine flu advise, please help?
How Can I Stop This?!?
Too much energy, ideas on how to calm down?
i no i suffer depression but is it getting worse?
am i dieing.........................?
Emotional mess with time of the month?
Why do I hate myself so much?
where is it safe when the whole world is out to get me?
i'm too sacred to ask people things?
Can someone tell me bipolar symptom's?
What can i do to tackle extreme anxiety?
I've got voices in my head?
Have you succeeded in life despite having Bipolar?
What's going on??? (details below)?
Am i too young to be depressed?
friend who self harms?
what are the sympthons of depression?
if someone sleeps all day and hears voices - is it a mental problem?
WOW!!!!! Bye Bye Depression!!!!!?
I made the mistake of giving him my blades.?
my husband has gone of the rails. obsessive thoughts of pickpocketing, robbing people.?
How do I know if I have Borderline Personality Disorder or I´m just on a rough teenage phase?
My mom, not taking care of her self, and to much smoking... help?
What sounds more German?
Having trouble sleeping?
Does sleeping in light affect you in any way?
Help! What Disease do I have??
I want to help the sick people :)?
How long does it take for antibiotics to start working?
Periodontitis and breaking bones..what do i do now?
medical question lump beneath sternum where ribs meet?
Need help? my friends daughter has Cancer again.?
what would you do if you found out you had leukemia?
What is Dopamine prescribed for?
Dec 25th 2006 till today smoke free I did it cold turkey I thank every one that supported me on here?
What is causing the pain down my the sternum in my chest ?
Is it legal, if someone is in a coma and are going to 'pull the plug', to give their organs away?
Does johnsons baby oil work on acne scars?
What causes urinery tract infections?
when i don't eat for like more than approx 3-4 hrs i become dazed, confused& all over the place?
how do you cure lymphoma?
Are computers bad for your health?
how do you think of water ionizers.?
Cant pop my right ear for 2 months ! ringing in right ear for 2 months too ??? doc siad he cant do anything?
my gf wanted a foot massage and i bought a foot massager. was that a good idea?
I woke up this morning really sore, and I cant use my right arm without shooting pains in my collar bone.?
I'm getting 5 tattoos thursday. I am pain intolerant. I will cry. Anyone suggest any tips to survive?
why cant i sleep omg its killing me?
Really bad Jaw pain on the left side.?
can TENS be used when taking gabapentin?
Is it safe to take 2 extra strength advil at once?
ever had so many problems you don't know where to start?
somethings wrong with my brain?
can break-up affect your mental health?
I have appointment with GP as i self harm...but am too scared to go.will they ask to see my cuts etc?
What could be wrong with me?
Am I Borderline????????????
How do you know when your depressed?
Am I right to cut contact wtih these relatives who have turned against my borderline mother?
fear of multiples of 3?
what is wrong with me ?
why does my brain keep thinking of things that i don't want to do?
PLEASE HELP ME?? Need help, Don't know what to do :( x?
please help. actually so scared i shouldnt be :'(?
Ex-boyfriend is hinting at a suicide attempt this weekend... don't know if it is just for attention?
What do you personally do with your time if you cannot work due to mental illness?
what do you do when you cant sleep?
pretty sure i have social anxiety disorder, should i go to the doctors about it?
Can this be a sign of paranoia?
osteoporosis what best med?
I have been feeling nauseous when waking up and have thrown up twice in 3 days.?
Describe different understandings of health, wellbeing, disease & death held in differing societies over time?
how to prevent Ingrown hairs ?
I receive SSI but $710 is not enough to live.How many hours i can work without loosing my benefits?
i think i have a chest infection?
My feet tend to sweat a lot and it makes my shoes smell bad even when I wear socks. How can I prevent this?
Freckle that has turned into a mole..?
Best way to kill acne fast? Minocycline for about 8 months, doesn't do anything, Acnefree Sever, worse acne!!!
You have a terminal condition, what is the one last most important thing you would like to do before you died?
can dermatologist remove facial scars??
is there any negative effect of proactive on skin.
underarm warts how do you get rid of them?
Ways to eliminate acne?
I hate my life and i want to die most days i need help?
Don't know what this is? Suicidal thoughts but..?
Advice needed about my 6 year old son. I'm not sure if he has ADHD or autism?
How do I stop emotioanlly spending all my money - I think it is because of low self-esteem?
i awallys seem to down?
help aswell as having hfa - i am 100 grumpy and a depressed person for life!:((( im non compatible!!!!?
What is wrong with my mind?
How can I feel normal again? I'm 22 and I suffer from anxiety.?
I keep thinking of harming myself (again)?
Dealing with an arrogant personality?
there are things in my life that make me so unhappy but dont know how to change them can anyone help me?
Do you ever zip your zipper up and down rapidly and make it sound like it's talking to you?
Does living with others make your OCD worse?
My body won't let me do it?
I get my b and d mixed up whats wrong with me?
is there any answers to getting over a 28yr marraige?
Can i get anti-depressants without seeing a doctor?
18 yrs old. at uni. on anti depressents having really weird and horrible thoughts?
my boyfriend wont stop threatening to kill himself and i'm so worried that he will?
after staying awake for about 2 days why is it hard for me to sleep, and why do i also sometimes hallucinate?
what could it be??10 points!?
If you have eaten nothing and take a laxative what will happen?
doesn anyone know where i can buy syrup of ipecac?
Am i likely to get cancer too?
can anyone explain what "Level 3" multiple myeloma is...and any info?
Please help with lung cancer?
Is it common medical practice in USA for patients to be given their test results directly?
Niece has bad dandruff help!!!?
large hard bump thats hurts behind right ear?
I have a samll, red bump on the roof of my mouth, is it cancer??
what will happen if someone with leukemia gets pneumonia?
ive tryed everything but nothing will work i have had acne scence i was 8 and im 13 now and really need help?
quickly plz?
why would a silver necklace go black when i have worn it for 3 yrs, has happened twice, could it be an illness?
am i addicted to painkillers?? Plz help?
did anyone any cure for liver cancer, either conventional or alternative treatment?
What is wrong with my skin (Picture)?
What's so bad about addiction?
how to overcome anxiety?
How Do I get Antidepressants Prescribed in England?
whats wrong with me? why can't i leave my flat?
addicted to sleeping tablets for 6-7 years?
Very short attention span, bored easily and distracted easily is ruining my life!. help?
Im feeling extrimley low, what should I do?
how can i control my anger and stop people being scared of me?
I'm so depressed that I feel like I can't go on, even though I'm on medication?
Social anxiety question ???????
does anyone get winter depression?
What would you do if you had asked your Mum to come to seek help with you?
what are the causes of depression?
Anyone seen Shutter Island? I have and I thought it was FANTASTIC?
I don't know what to do?......?
is it ok to cry over death of cuzzin?
what does acute aged care mean?
Ive beenfeeling ill since august last year and the doctors cant find what is wrong with me, what do i do?
How to get my ears to heal?
Can someone identify this disease for me?
Hi, so I have bad hypochandria, and I'd like to know if there is a way to cure it without therapy or anything.?
Does bad posture REALLY stunt your growth?
What are the hard white pellets in my feces?
is this a sign of depression?
anxiety ?! help im stuck on what to think?
Is it possible to run out of tears :'( ?
Please Help Me im completely lost?
Diagnosed with Depression. How to tell people?
suicide attempts.........?
I have OCD (Obsessive-compulsive disorder) Please help xxb?
i tink im depressed! help!!.......?
Social anxiety disorder?
unable to control my minds thoughts?
I cant get to sleep, any ideas on how?
Can someone hide their mental problems?
How is your relationship with your psychiatrist? Do they listen to you?
what happens chemically/neurologically if you have untreated depression for too long?
I feel so lonely and stuck?
I can't get to sleep, and im working with babies tomorrow.?
PLEASE HELP ME.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What are the best ways to stop and prevent Acne?
Constantly chapped lips that wont go away?
how can i get rid of acne with out useing medicine or strips?
What would tingling and numbness in hand be?
is it true swine flu thrives in discarded chewing gum?
i've had the worst cold for like 5 days now and i keep takin medicane and its still here wats goin on?!?!?!?!?
what is wrong with me????
what can i do for my stepbrother, who is sick and has to stay in the hospital?
how to get of a common cold quick?
is obiesity a disease?
My heart is pounding from smoking marijuana... is it normal?
Why do I feel so terrible and depressed after I smoke some green buds?
He wants a drink when he's stressed over a situation he can't control...?
What type of glasses can I get if my vision is 20/18?
What do you think of this health problem? I've been worried...?
how i can do fulowship in general anesthesia?
can you get high off abilfy the adhd pill?
OCD or Just obsesion?
How to get confidence?
How do I communicate better?
How do i become more confident?
I really don't know what to do?
I have a mental problem.?
I hear voices. I'm not worried, just annoyed. Advice?
Why do I start hating the people who like me?
Is it bad to think this?
is there something wrong with me?
My cousin used to abuse animals?
Shy? Social Anxiety? Do I Need Help?
Anyone had a full nervous breakdown?
Has anyone used on-line counselling?
Do I have Borderline Personality Disorder?
how can i get help at night?
Do male children who are over sensitive get bullied at school?
Is there any relief to joint pain during chemotherapy?
Why do I have never ending dandruff??
hey this question is for people with or had cancer. when you had cancer or while you are going through this?
What it mean if your Pee is yellow?
.what are the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis , be specific?
I think I have conjuctivitis. Does anyone have good remedies on treating this?
How well does a chemical peel work for removing old scars?
Anyone else have lymph nodes growing all around their body?
Who knows the symptoms for food poisoning ?
My lungs hurt REALLY bad in the morning?
Do you ever feel pain when you touch...?
How do you find a doctor that is easy about writing prescriptions?
Have you ever been severely constipated? If so then what did you do to relief of your constipation?
I have lower back pain,?
How to relieft a stomach ache fast?
Is it healthier to take cold showers rather than hot showers?
My heart hurts. Physically .?
Back Problems adn i need help?
Any site with medical diseases?
citalopram and alcohol?
What is this? Scared of going out?
Really need help My boyfriend on heroin?
I feel like death is chasing me, i feel i wont live much longer.?
This really starting to bug me out...any idea what's causing it? ?
Okay, serious question would be grateful for any help?
is there any free online couselling for rape and childhood abuse?
Is there a medication that can help a person to read? i don't mean an illiterate person,?
i am on the edge... i want to commit suicide... any help please?
Can you be bi-polar without depression?
How to feel self confident and good?
if im depressed and want to make a doctors appointment with out anyone knowing would that be ok?
help me please I need someone who understands me!?
My friend alters his sleep pattern almost daily. Could he die because of this?
Is smoking as addictive as heroin?
Do you think I am depressed?
what is a personal statement?
i have moles in a shape of a triangle same as a guy i know?
what is a personal statement?
Going to the doctor and gettin diagnosed with depression... what happens if you lie about something...?
i have applied to do vouluntary work with the brownies but am worried about crb check,?
How can i calm my nerves?
Counselling: Is it important to like your counsellor?
Does anyone else on here suffer with an eating disorder?
i need advice what is wrong with me!?
What books are good for coping with anxiety?
Experiencing Sleep Paralysis?
why is it hard to give cigs up im ready to kill some one withdraw is hard and iv only stopped 3 days ago?
What to do if someone wants to Kill themselves? (Suicide)?
I'm 17 years old and mum can't cope with me anymore......?
People who have ever had depression or even anxiety.. have you felt spaced out or drunk because of it?
are autistic people handicapped?
have i just gone into a complete meltdown?? (quite long)?
feeling really down!?
Is my mom worth being depressed about?
HELP PLEASE!! Do you think he has done something terrible?
With a debate on healthcare,how is the average in a city teen affected by the present health care system?
What is a good cure for fibromyalgia (CFS)?
Why can i smell things I see on TV? Is there a name for this?
When will I return to normal after quitting weed?
I'm Very Sick Please Need advice?
My right leg feels clogged? and there a black vein right down the side of the leg?
what happend to me today?
Where can i get one a day teen advantage?
I caught a bug near my bed, what are your thoughts?
My sister feels sharp pain in her stomach, can't eat a lot of food, gets sick after eating....?
serious question not trolling.?pain in lungs hard to breathe?
Do women get better health care then men or is it equal?
Question about antibiotics?
I suspect I have ADHD, but I REALLY don't like GP's, who else can diagnose it?
is a Borderline Personality Disorder serious?
Help i can't stop smoking ?
Please tell me what's wrong with me?
Do I Need Help????????????
Am I crazy?
Can you self diagnose that you have bipolar without a doctor?
i think im manic depressive...?
past the point of depression.?
Should I see a doctor?
mood problems-help here?
am i deppressed???????????????
how can i stop ruining everything?
personality disorder?
I feel like im ruining my relationship?
I feel depressed and I'm not sure what to do anymore (Long)?
Scared to get old????
I have a problem and I don't know why (eating problem - not disorder)???!!!!?
I'd love for schizophrenics to give me their experiences and stories, ETC..?
Running out of options?
ear infection wont let me sleep?
What are the best stretches/exercises for lower back or SI joint pain?
Seriously, I drove a nail or a spike through my left foot. Can you please tell me why my right shin is sore?
My Throat? Whats wrong? Should I stay home from school?
My ear hurts and I don't know why!!!?
Headaches after car accident?
ruptured ear drum or just wax?
whats wrong with me?!!?
What is peripheral neurophy?
my tatoo scabbed very bad, got infected,now area is pink skin,is it possible to get this fixed, and why did it
what does cancer look like?
how to peak at ur mans text imbox without gettin cough or being to nervious?
My friend has recently been diagnosed with Leukemia and its getting to me?
can warts be cure?
Bowel Problem?
What are strech marks and how are they formed?
If you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn's Disease, have you drunk a lot of Coffee?
What causes Blackheads, and how do you get rid of them..WITHOUT BUYING PRODUCTS?
where can i find a dr (locally) for fibromyalgia?
What is narcelepsy and how is it treated?
i have a high fever with asthma?
what do you know how to calm down when your angry?
If you self harm does it mean you have a mental illness?
does anyone ever wonder if their just going through the motions??
please please help something weird just happened to my head?
Is is possible to have night depression?
Bi polar bf hit me in my sleep was this delibrate?
I think i'm suffering from anxiety?
Happy One Moment The Sad/ Depressed The Next.?
hi what help can i get my son has ocd ?
I always talk to myself am i going crazy?
Help me.....before i go insane!!?
The man I love is hardly talking to me because of depression?
i need some reasons to go on?
My parents and family are being threatened by my brother who says he has schizophrenia. What can I do about it?
how can I be more positive?
What is guilt? I've never felt it before. Is there something wrong with me?
Why am I still unhappy?
Help for depression, what do i do?
Any good advice about eczema?
Tips for a broken pinky toe?
rib muscle???????anyone know?
Dog injury?
My hand/arm really hurts, and its an arthritis like pain???
Can your skin really go Green!?
I had got my tongue pierced about 2 weeks ago... It doesn't hurt or anything but it pusses a lot... Why?
Please read...I need an answer?
Good acne treatment for face AND body?
Does anyone have chonic ongoing Kidney infec`tions that make you exhausted all the time, with fever?
Pain when I blink?
Back of head, neck and back teeth aches, eyes burn and aches , sometimes its hard to speak, what is it?
What are these "bites"?
why is cancer such a complicated topic?
Why do I have " growing" pains in my legs at 28?
what foods are good to eat in order to get rid of dark under eye circles?
A lump on my throat for over a year. Is it a tumour?
If you suffer from chronic migraines how do you cope?
What to do with bad sunburn? Do I need to see a doctor?
I've had this rash on my arm for a few weeks?
why are people so ignorant about tourette syndrome?
Chris O'Brien - what made him stand out as a great doctor?
Head lice ?
I have aspergers but am wondering if I also have adhd - but mild adhd - i cant finish books unless im really?
worry,crying,cant eat,bingeing,unhappy,hate self,hurt self,not sleeping,wots up with me?
whats the point anymore?
Confused, go to doctors or not?
I feel.. so weird right now?
whats the cure for people diagnosed with a personality disorder?
I feel soo depressed?
can you suffer from depression when your 13?
ocd sufferers,what meds work best for you?
I think my 17 cousin is bipolar.How can i help her ?
panic attack and panic disorder?
Is it possible to find work experience in counselling at 17?
partner is depressed and we have split up?
do i have Bipolar ?????/?
why always constant anxiety?
Why does my internet connection keep cutting off? I have a strong connection but it cuts off every 3 minutes!?
Is this normal with schizophrenia?
Are there any depression medication I can take and still drink alchol?
What can be done when you've got nothing and when you are nothing!?
Im really depressed at home and cant cope there anymore. Is there any youth hostels in the wrexham area? Info?
What do you think is wrong with me?
any1 no any depression chat rooms not forums?
My skin is very BLACK and want to make it lighter???????
Proactiv does WONDERS for my skin...but dries it out very bad! Please help me..?
My skin is breaking out and proactive isnt working, what will help get rid of it fast?
Is there a way to get rid of acne without buying medicine?
What is the average length of Gastroenteritis and what can I do to ease my symptoms?
Is there some sort of instrument that can keep your back straight?
how much is the gardasil vaccine in canada with out drug plan ?
I am 14 and my right eye is the lazy eye...it goes outwards. Is there a way I can make it straight?
if u have a dark skin..... do u need to apply sun cream?
Did you know that Yahoo Answers is quite happy for the public to be given wrong information about Autism ?
I'm around kids alot, and now I have lice how do I prevent this?
What are the white bits on nails?
Can anxiety ever be fully cured?
home remedies for sunburn? ?
Can you die if someone made you a hickey?
What kind of drugs are sold in little balloons?
im not sure if i have the right diagnoses?
What's wrong with me? It takes me so long to do simple tasks...?
do i have to tell my brother that my mum is dieing?
i can never get to sleep .... please someone help!!?
i feel so empty inside and isolated. So down all the time and i have totaly lost my confidence and self esteem?
Help! A family member has just been diagnosed with bipolar but the medication is not working, what do we do?
Depression and the medication isn't working, what then?
Why am I so bloodthirsty?!?!?
Why can't I even sleep in my own bed?
in school can you do p.e if you have anorexia?
According to survey by NCB 85% of world population is suffering of anxiety depression disorder? bestxanax.com?
Those who have suffered long periods of loneliness, would you go mad or even do suicide, if you lost all?
If I ate 5 bags of poppy seeds would I get high?
Having thoughts that are not your own?
is my friend a psychopath?
I need some help for my Mother's pain, please!?
How do you treat a morning headache?
Swollen eye lids some mornings?
how many people die each year form smoking?
Male to Female Through Hormone Therapy?
how can i cause paralysis on myself?
Gastritis or Pancreatitis?
Diagnosed as high risk for Down Syndrome at 12 weeks , previous Scleroderma symptoms?
how to clear acne?
my mum keeps smoking behind my back?
Dark (dirt like) patches on neck. Possible to remove? (pictures included)?
Health problem.... or not?
why do children with cancer lose their appetites after having chemotherapy?
i always feel tired and weak and dizzy. i have a chronic cough and i have been blowing my nose nd theres blood?
what antibibiotics can be used for bruns to the skin?
i have blood in my stool when i go to the bathroom whats wrong?
I get a pain in my chest area whenever I try to do cardio activities. Is it heart or lung problem?
How can I bring an Acne Nodule to its head?????
i woke up and found some white stuff on my chest what is it?
Mole Removal ~ Can Anyone Tell Me Some Stories Of Having Moles Cut Off And How It's Done?
a bit embarrasing but does anyone know how to treat BO?
What's the fastest way to get rid of a cold sore on my lip?
Please answer quickly, ERgANt?
what is the best natural remedy to get rid of dandruff and a very dry scalp?
im allergic to sunscreen is there anything i can do or get to help protect me from the sun? anything?
What should i do if i got sunburned?
itchy nose..itchy nose, itchy nose, itchy nose........PLEASE HELP?
why are these red spots all over my rear?
How can I stop mosquito bites from itching?
I am wondering if anyone would know of any treatments for fatigue in the hips, drivers and lower back?
Can a bunion cause back pain?
Help? Girl Question?
Any ideas on how to deal with migraines?
If you've ever suffered cramps either in your legs or inner thighs....?
Standing all day, looking for tips/suggestions for getting rid of the pain I get in my feet.?
Can doctors give you fake prescriptions?
I just turned my ankle and cannot put weight do you think its broken?
stomach/back pain?
What's a Psychiatrist? and do they specify in all diff things?
How to cover up self injury scars from doctor?
following on from my last question with regards to my mum?
Anti-depressions(coming off them)Help.?
is there something wrong?
i want slef confidence?
sorry i asked this eariler FW: will the doctors tell my school?
Do I need help- Stress, depression?
im 17 and my dad said im hairy inbetween my legs what dose he mean?
Always feel worried before i go to sleep, Any advice?
I'm starting to harm myself...?
PLEASE HELP ME!!! Need advice badly... Signing off soon so please hurry... Thanks.. x?
Feeling a failure?
Lack of concentration equal Schizophrenia?
Do you think a parents drug addiction can effect their children? If so how ?
I'm terrified of going to sleep?
I think somethings wrong with me?
Can you get headaches from being stressed?
How can I stop picking my hang nails?
when u have low platelets will u die and how much is the lowest before danger mark?
i always stink what can i do to help myself?
Who Else has an Ulcer? What is your experience?
where can i change my health card in Guelph, ON?
Question to those who have had ear candling done?
Pinky nail removed, what do I do next??
zits on my back?
smelly shoes and feet?
im 13 and i NEVER wear sunscreen?
Krazy Glue harmful?
My skin is always dry.?
Weird red bumps on my arm?
Can you recommend the best product to deter stretchmarks?
y is it that we have great technology,cures for very bad diseases but cannot clear the acne on my face?
getting rid of warts........forever?
disgusting lips =|?
How can I get out of my comfort zone?
Would you Iick my iguana's cIoaca if it was known to completely prevent cancer?
is there anythign i can do to stop panic attacks? or anything doctors can give you?
I'm always depressed, help me?
Is it possible to get yourself in such a state that you somehow create your own painkiller & feel numb?
He me please ????????????
What can I do about her?
What should i do ? Am I Crazy?
How do I get over depression?
how do u know if yr depressed?
why have i set myself a target to die before 25 ? (im 20 now)?
Well I need help and don't want to ask anyone I know so please help?!?
what do people think about people who have personality disorder?
Help for health anxiety please?
Do i have an illness or am i just stressed?
Was I abused but can't remember it? Can I have a dissociative disorder without being abused?
Am I likely to be diagnosed with a mental disorder as an adolescent?
Help me with my fear of death?
What can over-tiredness cause emotionally?
What should I do?Please help. :(?
i cant sleep and feel really emotional but i dont know why?
Is There Something Wrong With Me?
I'm scared about dying what advice can you give me?
i have personality disorder and dont know what to do?
Are there support groups in the UK for those with depression or loneliness?
what are the emotional changes you experience in later adulthood?
How can you get rid of an adult bully?
What's wrong with me? No drive, can't feel love from friends familynumb to the world. Only feel like.?
Are there any drugs that completely block out sad moods?
If the world ended would there be no more worrying, anxiety, bullying, pain or suffering?
Citalopram... How long is the treatment for severe depression?
I need help with a long term anxiety disorder and the discrimination i'v had to face at work.?
I always feel paranoid and nervous in public places..?
Please Help. is there something wrong with me ? asap?
Do you think tanning is bad for you?
serious sweaty hands !!! please help?
I think I have a on my foot!!!! How do i loose it without going to the Doctor?
How can I stop my face being all red?
anyone know how to get rid of red eyes?
I have poisen ivy on my hands and face. it is spreading rapidly. what should i take to get rid of it?
what do nose hairs do. Is it better to get rid of them?
my mole grew back can i get it surgically removed?
Would a liver cleanse help clear up skin psoriasis?
I was bitten by something, and now it looks like a "target" ?
Am I mentally retarted?
Whats the most reliable acne solution?
what is shingles?. how do you get it and how do you get rid of it?
is an normal abdominal xray enough to diagnose bowel obstruction?
I have really dry hands. help?
When I take showers my shoulders get all red?
If a person has too little dopamine in their central nervous system, they most likely have what?
My mom used to always recommend Epsom salts for infection...is it safe to put it in a bath?
What's wrong with me?
cocodomol addiction how easy?
Can I but bupropion (wellbutrin) online without a prescription?
Where do I go from here?
I had a very traumatic/physcotic episode on saturday evening, very confused.?
What Is Disturbia? Is It A Condition?
ok cannot stop thinking about this?!!!!!!?
I secretly went to a hypnotist but still feel in a bit of a trance? what has happened PLEASE ANSWER?
Am i Bipolar, im 14, so yeah any help please :)!?
How long can you survive without food or water?
a problem, my friend is really depressed?
why is my 8 year old sister so angry and emotional?
Having an MRI scan ?
I really need help understanding my blood and urine test results. Please help.?
Can anyone suggest a good ENT (Ear Nose Throat) specialist in Toronto Canada?
Is there ant thing i can do to get rid of freckles?
Why would a deodorant for sensitive skin cause me to break out in a rash?
how do i get rid of warts?
how do i get rid of red acne scars.. im desperate and have been unable to leave my house for weeks?
What really works for acne and black heads?
16 yr old guy acne ruining my life?
stretch marks?If already developed(and bad)besides vitamin E cream,how can i speed up the fade process?
What causes zits or whiteheads?
How do I get lice or nits out of a woollen cap?
Does anyone know anything about hives?
head lice that just wont go away!!!?
I have had hives now for 5 weeks and have no idea where they came from. Anyone else having this problem?
A question about pneumonia/virus:?
what are symptoms of salt deficiency?
Can mouthwashes really give you cancer?
im tan but a week ago i got burned and now im peeling?
Will alcohol have a bad affect on anemia?
Could this be lympoma or something else?
Bipolar - manic episodes?
Why is it so hard to get back my confidence since my mum died 6 nearly 7 yrs ago?
Signs of cocaine abuse ? Help needed?
I've just started taking citalopram?
What should i do? please answer x?
a simple question regrading depression maybe you can answer?
How do I get and give off a poisitive vibe?
I feel BROKEN.. I don't wanna loose everything :(:(:(?
i hate birthdays,and myself and i feel like crying.?
i think im depressed please help?
My friend won't go to sleep because he hears screams at night?
my mind is experiencing something strange like this hmmmm... what shall i do?
I suffer depression, but Im not sure how to ask for help?
Hi, would someone be able to tell me more about the side-effects of medicine?
Mental health Question (Depression)?
Why am i feeling like this?
please help i dont know what to do :( is she stalking me?
38..mind going over and over how fast life is passing by?
Suicidal thoughts but not suicidal?
i have poor blood circulation in my hands legs and feet?
mega migraine?
is eating three sleeping pills at any point a good thing?
Why am i having calf pain?
Lyrica?...what experiences have you had?
Whats ibuprofen in. Please help!?
What do you think about this???
mole removal and skin cancer?
do dr scholl's corn removal really work?
How do I go about seeing a psychiatrist and being diagnosed?
a simple question regrading depression maybe you can answer?
i hate birthdays,and myself and i feel like crying.?
If someone gets sectioned for having paranoia that they might get sectioned?
Suicidal thoughts but not suicidal?
I self harmed last night they need stitches but isnt it too late now?
What Would Happen If A 13 Year Old Tries To Kill Themselves But Fail?
What does it mean if someone, before speaking, has to search for the words in their head...ie the words don't?
Can the doctor prescribe me medicine for anxiety?
Should I have another round of chemotherapy?
I have a lump ??
My sister 7 year old sister gave me head lice? and Its discusting! How can i get rid of them?
Should a 24-Year-Old Get Frequent Blood Tests?
Would you tell someone what kind of surgery you are having done?
How long will these smoking withdrawal symptoms last??
i suffer from insomnia and have been given sleeping pills but am really reluctant to take them incase....?
I have reoccuring night sweats and am a 27 y/o female. What are some possible causes?
Has anyone ever used ProActive Solution?
My son has eczema, worst inside his elbows, whats the best thing to stop his skin cracking?
can u contract a cold sore from like a pillow or something?
Foot infection should I go to the hospital?
Extremely oily skin.....someone pls help!?
what am i going to do about my cold sore?
hair falling out?
Stretch marks ?
I found a tick in my hair what should I do now?
Why do people have green toes and 3 ears???
Blackhead help?
Mole on my leg .. help ? BEST ANSWER 10 POINTS!?
My Son has a rash that started on his knees & Elbows and has spread to the rest of his body, what is it?
Does anyone collect their dandruff?
I get cold sores over my entire lips. I can usually manage them but right now I am having a bad outbreak.HELP
What is this hard bump, that is underneath the skin near my bikini area?
I have bad acne on my chest and back that gets worse just before my period (I'm28) Is there anything I can do?
Reasons for pain in esophagus?
Self Esteem and Depression issue?
sometimes my heart just aches even though there aren't many reasons for it to happen. Is it depression or...?
What's going on with me (please read/answer)?
Why are the hallucinations getting worse?
Taking Citalopram for depression. Advice please?
all downhill from here?
I'm a little thin but I want to be thinner?
why do I have a fear of loosing control/reality?
Why do many anxiety sufferers, who don't have a religion, say life is sacred and you must carry on living even?
I am really scared to sleep?
i never sleep the whole night whenever i watch a horror movie..this normal?
How can my life change?
when are you considered "RECOVERED" from anorexia?
I keep having Anxiety/ Panic attacks, what does this mean?
i hate my body , please help me?
I recently am experiencing pain on and around my right heel. The pain is fairly constant when walking but?
How do you know if you ruptured your eardrum?
Water for 4 Weeks .?
Seeing how American health costs are obscene, have any of you tried major treatments by yourselves or non-Drs?
every once in while i feel a cold spot in my leg. It feels like a burst of cold air hits just the one spot..?
I am having my gallbladder removed? Can i live normally without a glall bladder? What should i expect?
What bad things happens when you eat unhealthy Take-away?
Is stess caused by people who treat you indeferently?
my school has blocked more or less all da pr0xi3!.ol da smoking ones are blocked etc.wot r da most recent ones
Constant Dizziness (Minor) but had for 2 yrs and very annoying!!!?
I just found out that I have a tumor in my index finger...?
Toenail fungal?
Fake disease name...?
Has anyone heard of 'Rhobergs'?
What is alpha 1antitripsin deficiency?
Does Anybody no???
Strange marks on my arm when i wake up?
really bad sunburn help!!!!!!!!!?
I have abnormal cells (pre cancerous)... Will going to the solarium make it advance faster?
i have really bad stretch marks, how can i get rid of them?
does dandruff make your head itch?
weird skin =S?
does your skin get more sunburnt when...?
How to get rid of blackheads?
How can i get rid of stretchmarks?
I hae hot flashes and I am 20 Just started What could it be from?
i have a mole behind my ear should i be worried??
Cat with sores,bald spots?
i have these anger bursts and it makes me aggressive ?
PLEASE HELP ME!! Adults especially, No idea what to do?? Getting too much!!?
how long have you been taking antipsychotics for?
Psychologically disturbing behaviour!?
my sister can't hold a job due to her depression/anxiety?
What's wrong with my boyfriend?
How do I fix my sleeping habbit?
Do I need rehab?
Is dementia a mental illness?
Visual/audio hallucinations?
Is this depression serious?And do I need to get help?
is being depressed a good reason to get drunk while at home alone?
What would you like to ask?I am feeling so depressed.....?
Should people who try to commit suicide be revived?
For anyone who has overcome anxiety (specifically social anxiety)..?
How to look for work when i have social anxiety..?
How do u completely escape an abusive person, who wont let u leave or do anything?
have i got anger problems?
is weight gain common when taking citalopram?
Is Schizo effective disorder the same as Schiozphrenia?
Help me, im not eating atall?
What will happen if i take 5 Tylenol 3's and take 5 more 2 hours later?
I have a new tongue ring and i have recently noticed a white with a bit of brown color surrounding thing pier-?
How long do the after effects of viral meningitis last? It has been 3 weeks, and I still have slight dizzy.?
How painful was your hip replacement?
I have been having neck and back pain for 11 days, and?
REALLY SORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What work best for migraine?
I get a pain in the back of my head when I laugh- anybody else?
can someone give me info on norovirus?
has anyone heard of using 7 up to treat an enlarged liver?
knees pain arthritis joint?
dying situation?
Champix.....smoking aid....details?
Lower Than Normal Body Temperature?
What do you think this was???
Is there a way to will youself to die, if you've had enough but don't know how to take your own life?
why do i feel like this?
Is it strange/wrong for me to feel this way?
What's wrong with me?
Anyone with an eating disorder?
I think i am depressed :(?
How can a young male living in a rough area avoid turning to crime for money?
how would a mental health work respond to this?
when you cant stop thinking about what your saying or going to say?
What is the Bi polar side?dont knw what to believe?
I want to start over or run away?
I feel like I have no patience left at all, I constantly feel angry and irritable. Tips for calming down?
How do I change the way I think?
Lost my appetite, not sure if it's mental?
does anyone live with a male adult bipolar partner? can anyone please offer any advice?
I'm putting on weight at an alarming rate, could it be my medication & how can I come off them safely?
Why has my bf suddenly lost his appetite?
Why don't I respond to antidepressant medication?
can a skincare clinic or a therapies treat impetigo?
I have bad acne scars on my face and back. What can I do about them? I am black and the scars are darker.?
Do you get acne if you like someone?
Daughter's itchy hands?
Is there a difference between normal soap and antibacterial soap, and does normal soap kill germs, if so how.?
Contact with blood from a dead body....?
how do i get rid of my nasty wart in like 1 hour?
ingrown toenail?
about Gang lions?
What is a natural remedy for acne?
Can u cure Eczema perminantly?
Got hit in the side of the head...?
I think my brain is swelling up? and in so much pain?
Dose getting your nose pierced hurt?
What pain medication is a step stronger than Tylenol 3?
Is it good to take a bath having with Chicken pox?
I am 17 and colour in all the time?
i don't want to die, but i keep thinking about it?
Do you know any ways of finding things out about myself & getting to know myself?
Is she crackers? And if so, how do i go about getting her diagnosed?
I have derealization 24/7 for 5 months now its really geting me down what medication would help?
mental barrier (punching face)?
Trying to learn more about anxiety, can anyone help?
I have always had trouble laughing - I have never laughed at a joke, or really funny videos - i just cant?
I keep thinking of bad things that has happen to me in the past?
best ways to treat anxiety?
Have I ruined my life?
can i help my anxiety?
i suffer wit depression but recently i have been getting huge highs and lows with it and alot of anger.....?
Is methadone the same as heroin?
do i have OCD or hypochondria ??
I am depressed, please try and help?
Do you ever feel like giving up?
Torn Acl Please Help!!!?
bone function as detoxification?
who has webbed toes and would like some answers?
What Face Wash Work Best For Acne?
Hey guys? Y/A says I've answered my quota of questions for the day. I don't understand though?
i had a foot blister and i popped it...?
are PET scans safe?
HELP!! Brown burn around my lips? Hasn't healed with everything I've used!!!!?
i started having dry eyes 3 weeks ago...it seems like i will have them forever?
How can i get rid of acne over night?
I have itchy skin a lot and have never experienced this in my 42 years of life what do you think this is?
which foods and vitamins are good for keeping clear skin?
Food IS linked to acne!?
will i get a tan?
I have a big zit on my face and i have a big date tomorrow how do i get rid of it before anyone sees it?
do i have small feet?
What is this black dot?
hi im always on edge my past is eating me dont know what do some days i need i wish i wasnt here sometimes?
I get really depressed lately..?
Helping depressed people?
I'm experiencing extreme high and lows?
Is bi-polar termed as a psychotic illness?
My friend keeps saying shes fine but...?
I'm worried my son will never be happy?
Is there any way to treat anxiety without seeing a doctor...?
What is it like to have a fear of heights?
I am fed up of people hurting me and projecting there own guilt .?
i have a weird thing when i sleep?
I think i am reallly big for my age but am i ?
can you get over depression?
I'm getting so fat on prozac...?
do i have asperger's syndrome?
Admission to a psychiatric hospital?
does anyone else feel this way?
how to make an ear ache go away?
When i have a daytime nap i get a headache when i wake up ??? any ideas why?
I need help with my ear ( Ear wax problems)?
how do I make the pain in my lower leg stop?
How to get rid of headache pain?
Am I overdosing? (Extra Strength Tylenol)?
Question about using morphine for pain due to cellulitus?
I have something wrong with my skin on my face??? :(?
is there a website?
Real Bad Sunburn!!!!! HELP!!!!!?
Shisha question?
Feel like a failure since moving back home?
Mental Health issues advice?
I feel like everyone is in a relationship but me...?
i cry for no reason at all...help?
Can someone emotionally damage someone so much they go crazy?
I think I make my co-workers uncomfortable! Any advice? It's hard to change myself?
Easiest way of giving up an addiction?
Is it normal to hallucinate with Bipolar?
im not confident atal im realy shy..?
i feel so low lately i have fault about killing myself alot?
depression and treatement?
Feeling dissociated? How to stop it?
Is this a mental health disqualification from the British Forces?
What would be the affects of alcohol on someone taking Citalopram.?
How can i cure holiday depression?
I think i'm suffering from internet related infomania. ?
My husband who is 45 yrs old dont sleep very well. he goes to bed very late. Sometimes 3 in the morning.?
Which is worse, ADHD or Dyslexia?
Fed up with acne!!!!
Acne cream or oral medication?
How do you get rid of acne WITHOUT any chemicals??
Why do I get itchy every time I shower?
I have had a rash just on one arm, it is really itchy and seems to only occur at night?
I sweat way too much under my arms.. what can I do to stop it?
what is good for getting rid of black heads?
Under my eye is red, sore, and puffy. Any ideas why?
What is the best deodorant soap on the market?
I have these little pink skin tags,wart? things under my arm pits.?
Where can I get a very reasonable price for a nose job?
Which is best to use to clear black scars-Lemon Juice or a lemon?
I Think I Might Be Having An Allergic Reaction. PLEASE HELP...?
i am overweight and i have serious problem with something called boils...?
what causes hives and is it contagious
Swollen Lips from Sunburn?
what is cancer in the blood?
so sick of this.. help!?
anyone help - &%#@@# - me? I have writers tourette's *%$&$%^%# syndrome?
Left arm suddenly goes numb?
anxiety ? help please !?
serious panic attacks and anxiety?
Think i am going mad- cant stop thinking?
When a teen commits suicide?
How can I be more emotional?
Help.. Am I Going Mad....?
my boyfriends grandad has cancer and could possibly die how can i help him cope with the grief?
Will I ever feel happy?
Can anybody talk to me on msn right now? I feel awful..?
Anxiety disorder questiom?
what is depression?!?
Hi, I've experienced hallucinatations when I've been taking Citalopram (20mg daily).?
I am suffering from anxiety disorder and not sleeping, any help please?
Abuse as a child does any one have any thoughts on this subject?
ive no job or anything to do? any options for me to keep active since im young?
Whats wrong with me...?
What do counsellors/therapists do?
What would you call this mental disorder?
is there something wrong with me ? help me plzz i need help !?
What does smelling..?
Why Do People Look At The floor when they do crack?
Feel dizzy sometimes while eating?
what if i cant eat because everytime i eat i comes back up?
How do i get rid of black heads?
what is a good moisturizer for acne prone skin?
What is mononucliosis?
What can I do about the bags under my eyes I have enough sleep.?
Brain nerves swelling and there is tumor, is it curable? please tell me the solution.?
Why do we have 2 lungs? What does the trachea do and what does it stop?
what is aids?
HELP!! WART OR NOT?? (pic included)?
i dont understand my life its difficult !!!!!!!?
How do i control my anxiety better?
How to stop thinking about something ?
How can I control my anger?
Please help!!! Am i depressed ?
question about councelling (NHS)?
How to control my mood swings?
Please read description. Am i Bipolar?
Is this normal________?
How can i stop these nightmares?
Is there anyway to get numb without drugs?
Bipolar question? All experience/opinions helpful?
4 yo g/son has welts all over his body from hair to toes?
I have a rash under my armpits, what is a natural remedy for it?
I just got a new tatoo and would like to no how i treat it?
Itchy Stiches?
how do i get rid of ingrown warts on my foot?
How do you get rid of nits/eggs in girls long hair?
Will my acne scars fade?
Sunburn help!?
red rash in crease aat bottom of stomach what is it.?
I have really dry hands. help?
What does Vaseline or Petrolium Jelly Do?
How do you get rid of rough/hard skin on your feet?
my mom has pain on her right side?
What is going on with my head?
neck tension/headaches?
I have some pills left over, and I don't know what they are for, orange tec on one side and 10 onthe other sid?
which works better for headaches, tylenol, advil, or sumthing else also need one thats fast acting?
Late Period ?????????????
Can people who are born with Treacher Collins syndrome, after a couple of dozen surgeries, end up with...?
I feel like I'm loosing everyone and growing up to fast?
she refuses to admit it, but she really needs help, she is a danger 2 herself...?
guys i sleep too much! night and day. i'm gaining weight & failing my exams! help!?
Kava Kava. Does it help you to relax?
Sleeping problems? (plz help)?
whats the best medication for borderline personality disorder?
I got balck marks around both side of my lips ,i used clearsil but it made it for worser leaving black stains?
Why do some people bruise more easily than others?
i am 45yrs old, and wet the bed, and remedies?
20 yrs old- New to Acne- Out of Solutions- What should I do?
Stage 4 cirrohsis, 20% kidney function and hep c. How long?
How does radiotherapy help brain tumor?
the use for hair?
For jaundice do your eyes have to be fully yellow?
I had a CBC drawn. My WBC was 3.1 Do I need to be alarmed?
My big right toe-nail can be lifted at the top of it, and besides it's greenish/blue.What should I do?
Are you supposed to take Accutane the same time everyday?
I have been sick and now have really dry lips. Home remedy?
i used "large extra tough" band aids continually for 2 weeks and the glue left a brownish colouring on my arm
Help with ECZEMA and asthma?!!!?
how to get rid of a hickey FAST ( love bite)?
I have a skin condition,What is it???
latly i hav been using aloe vera jely for my severe acne, i hav been putin heaps on, cud i be putin 2 much on?
My lips seem to always be a little dry, any suggestions?
Scars that just won't go away?
Does anyone know what the heck bactroban cream does?
A question about an illness?
what to do about gallstones?
What is the point of an appendix?
When will Champix start working?
How much cocaine does it take to harm yourself?
Memory loss , is it possible that i could have a brain tumor?
My thyroid tests were within normal range but I still have most of the hypothyroidism symptoms?!?
Which is it...................?
I think I need help, who do I go to?
Hypothetically, if you were put into a place, out of the blue, and you didn't like it, didn't want to be there?
Please Help? Urgent!?
How do you get rid of guilt?
Depression Has Changed me, I want my oldself back?
How can I get over this?
i dont feel comfortable in my own skin please answer!!!!!!!!!!?
Is this considered self-injury still?
do you think im weird?
Would a psychiatrist help me?
What stays where it is even after it goes off ?
Intrusive bad thoughts?How do I combat them?
Do you ever just push people for the sake of it ?
are these the symptoms of ocd?
I'm dyslexic, and i want to learn guitar?