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Why do I always say sorry when I have nothing to apologise for, it is like a compulsive thing?
Can anyone recommend any useful forums for talking about depression?
POLL: do you suffer from any form of anxiety?
Is addiction an illness?
how can i fake an ankle sprain so my doctor and parents beleive me?
what is the best way to.......?
How do people become anorexic?
A question for smokers and ex-smokers?
Treadmill in apartement?
Is it true that you can get sick from going outside with wet hair on a cold day?
Could this be a learning disability or something worse?
My friend found a baggy what is in it?
how can i stay awake?
What does this discharge mean?
Smoker with possible blood in phlegm..?
How do you'se get rid/help prevent more acne?
I am really worried, I have found out that I have psoriasis? Help me please!?
son with bad cough for over two weeks?
How can love be cured?
blackhead help?!?
Is it possible to experience trauma having watched your father die of suffocation due to lung cancer?
I can't get it out of my head, I am scared, real scared.?
Chemo kills good and bad cells? is this right?
Scond opinion?
how long would it take for a person to die from leukemia?
Staph infection. My son has developed a staph infection, Any remidies?
i tried to commit suicide,....my friend's gonna tell my teacher?
My doctor kept me on medication for 7 EXTRA YEARS! - Could I sue him and how much could I get?
Could i still be dyslexic if i don't have problems with spelling?
Self-Harming worried about pain please help!?
18 and depressed. Help me.?
How do i cope with being beaten up by a girl?
how can i stop bieng hyperactive?
ANOTHER cancellation - would you be mad,is this too much?
is it healthy to have violent fantasies?
Is there anything you can do about thinking too much; to stop thinking and just switch to automatic?
What do Doctors look for when diagnosing schizophrenia?
What does it mean if you are walking round like a zombie?
Can you become a psychologist in the UK if you have a history of depression?
Insomnia has anyone taken with success 5 htp for insomnia?
How do you prevent someone from using you?
could a person purposly suicide by hyperventilating?
How doe's smoking help with stress?.?
I've a very close friend who is clearly depressed but...?
How is H1N1 good for you?
Are the recent advancements in technology a main contributor to the obesity epidemic in children ?
my throat hurts really really bad. but its closer to my chest? hard to explain. Help?
What causes heartburn?? I know I haven't been eating well lately but I've never had it till yesterday.
my neck hurts really bad, i think i might have whiplash, what do i do?
I'm Having Constant Chest Pain today. What should I Do?
feeling dizzy why is that?
Pain in leg?
How do you get rid of severe migraines?
splotches/rash after fever?
Why is my skin so itchy ! How do i make it stop?
First Time Smoking Weed?
Internal issues or Little Fracture of my arm?
Why can't I see in dark?!?
Why do I feel nauseous?
my one toe goes numb when it gets cold but the rest dont?
What was the hardest part. (cancer)?
how do u get rid of stretch marks and cellulite?
Started snoring really badly 12 months ago. Need help to stop. Anyone help???
Hard stool? constipation?
Cows being injected with growth hormone...?
Swollen Ankles for over a week! Any ideas?
Why does my daughter get red in the sun even though she has on sunblock?
Little bumps on skin like goosebumps.... exfoliation doesnt work?
I give a very weird impression - Why did my councilor say: I dont think you know how to?
Im so scared about taking panic attacks?
how often do people usually cry?
BMI of 15.7, need help with weight?
How do I tell my psychatrist I don't want to see her anymore?
I feel so sick & depressed ???
Can someone with Antisocial Personality Disorder, Asperger's and ADHD get an SIA license and work as a bouncer?
Please help!Am i still manic?
St Johns Wort has made me worse?
What do you do when a Yahoo Answers user threatens suicide?
coping mechanisms? drink is useless now.?
Help my Anxiety is getting much worse!?
What is wrong with me?
is it just me, but do people seem to think that if they have some good days and some bad days they are bipolar?
My job makes me so depressed, what can I do?
Think my friend may have a mental problem?
Serious confidence issues in myself?
Depression Advice? Anyone?
hot flushes Nausea and feeling dizzy diagnosed with anxiety ? anybody else get this what can i do?
Which are fruits and vegetables scientifically proven to be preventing "Cancer"?
I'm worried my life may be at risk with this headache.?
How can I help my partner cope with Leukemia diagnosis?
cancer help?! PLEASE?
Is there a cure for Alzheimer's?
What's a kidney affection?
Stage 4 inoperable colon cancer prognosis question.?
my 17 month old has eczema on his chest i need help to get rid of it?
Liver lesions...what is the prognoses?
How do I get rid of bloating?
Is Escitalopram just a more concentrated version of Citalopram?
How long have you been on citalopram (or similar)?
Olanzapine not working - Do my meds need changing or adjusting?
How do you talk about depression to your doctor.?
You are the book in air?
Can i claim DLA for depression?
IF you are mentally ill do you get frustrated and angry at your condition and its limitations? And in what...?
Two questions about name?
rape and mental health?
Why do I feel so miserable?
Psychiatrist has written false information??
Do doctors see over eating as an actual eating disorder?
How do we know what is really in psychiatric medication?
My medication is not working right and my seizures are getting worse. What should i do.?
how does anxiety disorder begin and can it lasts forever?
.......Clowns or Mimes.........?
Why was his leg shaking/quivering?
GM FOOD! help please?
why do they make chalky pills that are hard to swallow?
i have 5.4 feet tall and 120 lbs weight,i want to know if i am in shape or fat?
Can you get paralyzed when getting your tongue pierced?
Sleeping dilhemma. Help if you can.?
whats the ratio of attached and un-attached earlobes?
whats it called when you got a dent chin?
I experience, weakness, numbing and pain in left are with some loss of sensation?
Rib pain on one side only?
My Chest Hurts! Whats Wrong?
What can I do to ease the pain of a child's ear infection?
Knee replacement?
I was wondering how to get rid of back pain.?
which is harder on your body...taking percocet or morphine?
im having serious back problems...?
This is kinda scary. I need help. ?
I cant get this out of my head?
Sleeping with Lights? ?
I have tried so many products but nothing seems to get rid of my acne :-(?
Will my benign brain tumor HAVE to be removed?
My husband was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia 2 years ago.He's in remission now.What are the chances..
What is the best treatment for rosacea?
help, my 5 month baby has swollen glands on back of lower head and behind ears?
lead poisoning through a mechanical pencil lead?
stretch marks on bust Please help?
I get uncontrollably drowsy after meals, have to sit or will fall. Any ideas.?
Is there a term for people who are addicted to taking pictures of themselves?
bloody mucus from nose?
Where can I go to find help for my OCDs?
Why do I keep crying?
were can i find pacifiers for adult special needs?
I cant deal with this depression?
I don't stop worrying about things, like I think something's going to happen when it won't?
self injury recovery quotes...?
what shall i do? i think she's scared of me now?
what will i be asked by the doctor to figure out if im deppresed?
Anyone suffering from PostNatal Depression?
How do i get a job in carer?
how do i get over my fear.... help...?
anti-anxiety medication?
im bipolar and have been stable for 8months after being hospitalized for 4months.?
How do I learn to enjoy working...?
how can i accept my scars and appreciate that they are now a part of me?
Whta is the diffrnce between a Psychotherapist and a Counsellor?
Im suffering with a cold i felt like death on legs when i woke up i meditated for 5 minutes and i feel ?
Experiences of Propranolol for anxiety?
I took a temazepam 2 1/2 hours ago and I'm still awake...?
Is there a link between glucose levels and dissociation?
I don't eat or sleep a lot, is there something wrong?
Why am I like this ? I think I'm paranoid and worry too much! Please help?
My legs cramp up all the time and its EXTREMELY painful?! 10 points best answer! please help.?
Should I use ice or heat for my neck, back and knee pain?
whats wrong with my arm?
I've got the worse case of external hemroids ever! I'm starting a new job on monday?
If I want to pee in my pants how long will it take?
what is the best acne treatment for teens?
Can't lift my arm after donating blood and feel confused and dizzy and disoriented?
Cold sores???
I woke up this morning an found a red bump on my lower eyelid. What is it and how do I get rid of it?
20% Survival Rate...6 months?
How do you tell if your appendix has actually ruptured? and how long does it take to kill you?
Breast cancer - am I at risk?
If I go to the doctors, will they tell my parents?
I think i'm depressed and i don't know what to do?
Do I have social Anxiety Disorder or am I shy?
Am I the only one who is annoyed by all the people who claim to have Aspergers syndrome nowadays?
Sudden mood changes that i have been told are abnormal for me?
I blush and get all hot and flustered in social situations?
Car accident has left me extremely nervous?
how to help anxiety from cannabis?
can anxiety be treated with drugs?
Here Comes The Depression...?
how do you deal with someone who is in denial about fear of going out.?
I have some questions about St John's wort?
Do you think that the Medicines doctors prescribe for patients with depression etc make them worse?
Can I go on the planned holiday even I'm signed off from work due to stress related?
I want to become a fireman but have epilepsy?
What is the difference between being"clinically Depressed" and having a "normal low"?
Do I have schizophrenia or did I really see him?
Whats wrong with me - dont know who I am?
would mort rainey from the secret window have schizophrenia as well as dissociative identity disorder?
My throat is sore! n i hv red sores dwn my throat n nw i cn hardly swalow my own saliva.Wats wrng wit me?
what is the disease called which makes humans look like cats?
Is there a website where I can talk to someone?
I think I'm starting to lose my hearing [ Re-posted ]?
I yell in the middle of the night?!?
Are medicine related tremors okay?
Should I take a laxative?
am i sleeping too much?
Weed advice? Is it a health concern? Is it normal to be curious?
Do you believe that a 14 yr.old girl should be forced to take a Blood Transfusion?
How many days does a sore throat last?
Flu medicine question.?
Is Blessed Thistle safe to take, for a 20 year old girl?
Question about Blood Donation?
How long does it take to digest water?
Does she really have Tourettes?
Does anyone have sunburn remedies?
I have a bump near my nose ring. Help :)?
Can Bee Stings be used to cure rhumatism or arthritus?
My son seems to be having trouble breathing, what could it be?
my dad has bowel and bone cancer continous bleeding from the bowel that cant be stopped how long till he goes?
Im only 20 years old and i get really strong dizzy spells.?
why does my childs chapped lips go beyond the lip lines?
How long does it take to diagnose leukaemia???
I been diagnose with right rotator cuff and subacromial bursitis and my GP recomended steroid injection.?
advice please for bullying?
I am having terrible panic attacks. Should I go to a GP or a Psychiatrist?
Any Ideas? Anger issues, inappropriate emotions? Please give me your opinion?
Why do I get anxiety only in certain locations/areas?
Does this mean i am not Bipolar?
At what point of depression should you seek help?
Did you get the impression your therapist cared, & got satisfaction in helping you?.?
I am mentally ill but i seem to be changing all the time and feel i cant cope.?
Attention Seeking Friend...?
I am so disappointed and depressed at myself :(?
A question for black African / Caribbean people in the UK?
Is it advisable for me to see a Psychologist when..?
what does it mean if i am murdered 5 times in one nights sleep?
what would they do if they know?????
Does anybody know a reputable 'Medical Transcriptionist' program in British Columbia in Canada?
What can cause lightheadedness, fainting, headaches, and some numbness?
I m female. I have birthmark on my back. Does that means anything?
My Mum has high blood pressure?
psoriasis pustulosa?
Is there a general blood test to look for cancers?
Do cancer patients find it annoying when friends and family tell them what they should & shouldn't eat?
Horrible sunburn/poisoning! Please Help!?
Anyone have any ideas to conquer foot odour?
Getting rid of a cold?
Ankle Sprain or Break?!?
How can you tell if hiar loss is from a thyroid disorder...?
can you catch tetnus by kissing?
Any inspiring stories of overcoming Vaginismus?
Australian Version of CDC?
what is ecola virus all about?
describe the four stages of MRSA?
immunological memory - time lapse?
will i get food poisoning?
Is one manic episode enough to be diagnosed Bipolar?
my life is moving to fast i think i might die young. is this normal or do i have issues?
i am on prozac 20mg for 2 mnths i dont know if its working or not?
Would a world without alcohol, tobacco, dope, heroin and any other recreational drug be a better place...?
I feel a failure, what should I do?
should i try and deal with depression first or....?
Why do so many bipolar sufferers take stimulant drugs when they're having a manic episode?
Bullying in my place of work,moved three times and the problem still goes on what can i do its making me ill.?
I have high functioning autism but I feel an urge to make weird sounds and do repeatative things?
Why am I such a walkover? what can I do to up my confidence and stop people hurting me?
Does anyone here trust psychiatrists and psychologists?
When do you think i will have another episode of either depression or mania?
Will i be kept on Olanzapine for the long term?
If i carry on starving what will happen? And what can i do?
how to cure hyperness from cafiene?
watched a scary film now i cant sleep :( HELP!?
Can anyone give me help on my OCD?
Celexa or Lexapro (Citalopram or Escitalopram) for anxiety?
Why do people think that suicidal people should blame themselves? Why don't people understand mental illness?
Should I have it looked at?
When will I hit a growth spurt?
What are the symptoms of anemia?
how much more can constipation and being gassy make you weigh?
Is there a drug that can erase memorys?
Hi all. Uterine cancer question here. I just want to know why someone with this illness?
Mother in law with end stage pancreatic cancer, renal failure,doc says she can last 2 wks is this possible?
daugther's body odor?
What causes unexplained dizziness + fatigue + foggy head + sensitivity to noises?
what's wrong with me?!!!?
IS she an ICE addict?
I am interested in how many people with mental health problems had problems in the womb or at birth?
Are addicted to something ? Explain what kind of addiction it is and if you intend to quit ?
What was your first experience like, when seeking treatment for depression?
How long to recover from burnout?
I dread going to work?
I've been having visions in my sleep that eventually come to life.?
Is sadism and masochism the same thing or two similar things?
Help someone get over body dysmorphia?
Does anyone know what is wrong with me?
fluoxetine for depression ...?
How do you conquer fear of a fight?
online counsilling free in U.K?
Terrfied of being apart from bf?
Why do i feel so empty?
Bad Immune System please help?
Are Diseases spread by the injections given to protect against them?
How do I get rid of a recurring stye?
Can someone tell me what this kind of sickness or disoreder this is?
How can I deal with a gluten intolerance?
Whats this on my arms? (pics)?
What do you think of people who have moles on their face?
I really want to work with kids with cancer but Im not sure i want to be a nurse. What other jobs are there?
what infections can cause leukemia?
Is bruising easily a symptom of anemia?
Arthritis in Dogs?
What foods / drinks am not supposed to have when there's a canker sore in my mouth?
I know I have some mental disorder, but I don't know what's wrong with me?
are people in mental health hospitals called inmates?Are strightjackets illegal. What do you thinkk about them?
Well since last 2 and half years i have been sitting at home and my daily activities are exercising ,surfing?
Do you think i need Lithium to go with my anti-psychotics?
How can I get motivated to turn up to college everyday?
A question for the shy/lonely - does it irritate when people merely say "Join a club"?
How can I get myself motivated?
What causes some people to have motion sickness?
telling your teachers about self harm?
could my lack of concentration skills be linked to not enough omega 3?
Citalopram dose increase will I feel rubbish when I go up?
Could years of alcohol abuse have caused psychosis?
I want to combine two antidepressants but my Doctor says no, the pharmacist says it is safe?
doctors and self harm?
Does anyone else experience this? Possible form of O.C.D?
I think i might have ADD... help?
Is depression more common in larger people?
Aspergers diagnosis question?
How will Olanzapine(Zyprexa) make me feel?
I woke up and my right ankle is sore and swollen could it be my new shoes?
What to do when arm hurts!!?
JET LEGGED! ( Do you know any good medication for this ) ?
How much dose nicorette gum cost?
My period stopped and i wander why it did?
Ive got to go into hospital and have my Ingrown toenail removed there going to put a caffeta in will it hert?
Are there ways to treat asthma?
My friend and a physco doctor?
Easy skin care question! Easy 2 points!?
vomiting everything i take in. what's the cure?
whats a good way to get rid of blackheads?
Im a teenage girl.My skin area about my mouth, (the moustache area) is far fairier than my face complexion.?
Cystic Fibrosis Male Infertility?
Anesthesia question!?
My dad has pancreatic cancer.?
can u get freckles removed?
cancer stages?
Do i have Social Anxiety Disorder or some related condition?
What do I do if I think I am bipolar?
dont you hate it when you hear people say, oh they were abused as a child thats why they are a abuser?
Depression and anxiety attacks?
Should I withdraw from Olanzapine (Zyprexa)?
on ninth day of taking citalopram?
Why do I feel so uncomfortable around men?
My mum doesn't want to admit I may have a mental illness?
Am I a terrible person?
How do I get my passion back, stop feeling miserable and stop worrying about everything?
What is the best way for me to get a job in mental health?
boyfriend crisis?!?!?
Is this a diagnosis?NEED HELP?
How do I help my depressed hubby when I think of myself too much?
Can some one tell me how to over come jealousy...?
Has anyone had a good Cymbalta experience?
blood and proteins traces found in urine?
Will I Grow More Taller? HowTall?
I still have to have my third cirvical cancer needle...?
Stretch marks help?
cymbalta for migraines and depression?
what is this drug for genmedroxx 10mg?
can you please help me, it really hurts!?
Swelling of nerves during chemotherapy? - Please advise?
can i take mums thyroid tablets?
pinworms nd period?
what is aneamia and whats so bad about it?
Quit smoking, when I was sick.?
My dog keeps retching as if too be sick, but never is sick?
Does anyone wanna know anything about Coeliac Disease?
Has anyone got any information on a condition called bullous emphysema.Need advise?
I have constant lateral vertigo, that has lasted for almost three years. Any suggestions?
I cant stop smoking - the older I get the more I smoke?
ankle problem please help?
I had a muscle cramp earlier while laying down and now my musle is swelled up on my left leg. my left calf?
I am depressed at the moment and I have exams next week?
spend to much time worrying about others and what others think of me, how do i overcome this,?
is there something wrong with me or is everyone like this? URGENT?
I think I have OCD. Is there a cure?
How can I deal with my panic attacks?
Please help - really important?
Does self-harming help?
is an episode of psychosis considered a severe mental illness and why?
Mirtazapine and weight gain - have you had any experiences?
how can careworkers abuse other careworkers?
Counselling concern - feeling let down?
Worried about my friend !!!.. ?
how symapthetic are you to people who are depressed when really they should not be?
Why do I get so upset about messy/dirty rooms?
My 8 year old son is obsessed death.......?
Anyone know of any mood-lifting/motivating music?
I'm about to really lose my temper!! How to calm down?
Why do i feel i need to make myself look hard ?
best tablets for depression?
am i depressed? happy tips needed please!?
Does anyone know how to relieve the constant burning pain from nerve damage ?
Can l be a Diabetic?
My boyfriend used to do smoke crack and snort coke?
Dislocated jaw????????
face probelms?
When I get cold, my feet turn visibly purple, no blood circulation?
red, itchy, bumps have come up on my index fingers and has spread to my knuckles and other fingers. what is it
If cancer is found early, whats the percent of someone dyeing?
what should i do if someone has an anaphylaxis, asthmatic or epileptic attack?
I feel really sick in my stomach. Can't sleep, can't vomit, tried antacid & water. How can I make it go away?
What is the expiration date ?
Any idea what is going on?
Will this work?? What do you honestly think?
Mental Health/Mood Disorder- Help?? :/?
I need help im not sure if im still suffering with depression?
can i take a vitamin b complex, along with trazadone, or vitamin b12 any effects of combining for depression?
Lucid Dreaming.................?
What is wrong with me i have serious confidence issues and it's making me unmotivated to look for work?
What is wrong with my mind?
im so confused? help?
how does one cope with being taken for a 'mug' by a woman at work.?
What is Psychiatric Nursing really like?
am I Bipolar II can you give advice?
I am a 14 year old girl and I think I might have OCD.?
People who have depression or any other mental issue; have you lost friends because of it and struggled to?
What would happen if I took St John's wort while on the contraceptive pill?
What is it called when someone rocks back and forth?
I knew Lech Kaczynski was going to die in a plane crash...but how?
Am I suffering from depression?
I'm always stressed out, what can I do?
vitamin b12 level of zero?
What type of cancer kills without any warning signs?
the hospital where my mum?
Tourettes Syndrome.....?
how do kids under 18 get cigs?
How do you get rid of a dark tan?
What is the cause of swollen ankles?
I have a nasty flu, bad chest cough and now my chest is having severe pains.?
Can a 14 year old get arthiritis?
would a light bulb tan my skin? what are the best ways to tan?
how old do i have to be to seek medical advice alone?
Going to see doctor about possible depression, however....?
What happens if Dissociative Disorder goes untreated?
I think i have some sort of mental disorder, but im not sure?
How to get back into reading?
how many times...before you get sectioned?
Can you be sectioned in the uk for self harm? If yes how do i get this person sectioned ?
Does having a masters of higher degree in psychotherapy mean that i can get a job as a psychotherapist or not?
I can't work in daylight...?
What Do you think???????
Do I have depression?
What are your experiences of living in a therapeutic community (good and bad)?
My Boyfriend Is Bipolar? HELP.?
Why can't I control these feelings of worry, anger and frustration?
Have i gone mental :O ?
Sleeping Trouble ??????????????
Can manic episodes last months.?
Can this manic episode last months even with the meds i am on?
why do some people say that chiropractors are not doctors?
what are the hazards to finding these prescription drug in the central water system?
medications that aggravate migraines??
Migraines - how effective is Imitrex?
why is heatburn painful?
what do cramps feel like?
Help getting rid of a sinus headache?
why do l wake up in the morning with a headache?
when you crouch and stand up , why does it feel so good?
what does a cyst feel like?
whats wrong with me..?
Please Answer- Suicide. & Don't Be Rude..?
what would be the side effects of not sleeping for 3 days?
Were you ever abused during childhood?
help, i need someone to talk to... I feel so suicidal. please help?
I can't face school again .....?
Has anybody been raised by a parent with mental illness?
my bf doesnt understand?
anyone can do this...what do you score on this personality disorder test?
is it true plz help?
i have been diagnosed with depression?
Do you think mental probelms can cause physical illnes?
i cut my self because my friends do it?
Serious question?
what is agoraphobia?
I just feel like ending it all?
What is the best way to relive stress?
ive just spent 4hrs.with 94 yr old mum with non working hearing aid, my daughter is 46 fighting breast cancer,?
Nose Piercing?
What does sharp pain behin the right rib radiating to the back and sholder mean?
help for spinal degeneration causing sciatica?
Can i give my almost 12 yr old son advil??
I've walked on my toes since i was little, is this a problem?
My lower back hurts when i get up a lot of days...?
Is it bad to drink expired advil?
Advil that expired 6 years ago?
Feeling Kind Of Down Lately?
What is the best method for relaxing the Mind.?
i need help with my self harming?
im having some problems?
Was this bad advice for a counsellor to give?
why am i thinking this?
How do i stop wanting to take drugs?
Am i mad as a hatter ? :(?
I need help with confidence ><?
is it dangerous to make yourself sick twice a day purposefully?
Do i have a phobia of insects?
I can hear music in my head - How i STOP it!!!?
i think i look disgusting. i hate myself so much.?
I need help....Im depressed.....?
Sick of people making fun of me for how I dress?
I need some serious help?
my gf has depression/bipolar we av jst ad a row AGAIN she is dif everyday today she wanted a row what can i do?
my biggest fear has happened, feeling really low. Help?
how do i get out there and face the fear
im 38 now but when i was 15 my father who was my idol committed suicide?
I'm depressed and I want life to end, I want to drift off somewhere.?
am i depressed or grieving?
Injury to wrist/hand question?
Weird feeling after smoking weed?
Weird but interesting question?
How do pills/medicine that claim they last for 12 or 24 hours actually work and processed so they last ?
Can you tell me what to do?
Stomach pain?After I eat?
i got cought with weed what should i do?
What are some good ways to hold your pee?
do u think i'm underweight?
What's the best anxiolytic drug to take?
Burning plastic bag dangerous?
How can I get rid of my diarrhea.. vacation in 2 days PLEASE help!!?
There's something not right about me...?
Is this normal after taking cocaine? also im finding that i want more each day?
how can I take revenge on a world which has so cruelly rejected me?
i'm so miserable, can anybody help?
self- prescribing anti-psychotics for schizophrenia?
getting over the feeling of wanting to die?
things to make you sleep?
People who have taken anti depressants?
I'm 17; can I go to the Doctors about depression with complete confidentiality?
no one answered this in womans health :(?
I Am Afraid Of The Dark :( ?
Am I being abused? If So, what can I do about it?
Am I depressed or just sad ?
Is it still considered cutting (self harm) if...?
Self Harm, any advice? Much appreciated.?
Is it weird if some one is scared of all these things?
Am I obsessed.......?
I'm really scared!!!!!!!!!!?
I have been going tanning now I am getting white spots what could it be?
Mole removal - non surgical?
Are there any serious diseases which can be past by saliva?
Am i going crazy or is the world after me?
has anyone ever have of had a antiexty disorder & depression?
can you be addicted to cannabis, i think i am but how would you know?
Why do some people on yahoo answers think they're medical experts when they're clearly not!?
hi i dont feel well help...?
Can anyone cheer me up?
Any tips when your depressed?
Do anti-depressants work?
What shall I do? I just don't know what to do. Any suggestions at all will help - even just a little kindness?
ever since i was little ive spoken to myself?
i cant stand it when my boyfriend stays out?
Has anyone heard of the medication Trazedone?
I feel like I am crazy sitting in my room?
my husband just over dosed who do I call to see if it's fatal?
I feel lonely i have'nt been out the house for 1 month what should i do to feel happy? mh?
Do you think antidepressants do more harm than good?
i suffer depression ?
thick brown vomit?
Heartburn remedy?
how deep is too deep?
im about to have a finger amputated so i can continue playing aussie rules. how long will it take to heal?
What would cause my neck to suddenly feel like I have whiplash when all I was doing was sitting reading the?
What is first aid for leg cramp?
Im 20 years old and Im always in pain ( Headaches and my Bones hurt )?
Why do my legs hurt so bad?
would ankle weights help me in skateboarding?
how to get rid of something inside ur ffoot?
common medications used for infection?
Is it normal to see black dots in the air?
My dad has cancer?
Doe's anyone know how to get information to Patrick Swayze about alternative treatment for his cancer.?
Anyone know anything about Panic attacks?
how do you get rid of ring worm in children?
does proactive solution help pigmentation
I might have pleurisy. I had chest pains early last wk, they're almost gone now though.?
i'm a 21 year old female with very, very sensitive dry skin and acne.?
What is the best cure for carpet burn?
Weird Bumps, can comeone help?
Weight/Food/Self Hate Problem?
im such a horrible person and i dont know what to do anymore, help please?
Is there anything we can do?
Whats the most extreme side effect you've had from a psychiatric drug?
Severe post natal depression - close to suicde PLZ HELP!!!?
How would you react to somebody who told you they were on anti-depressants?
I'm 13 and whenever I get upset or mad I cut myself?
How do I cover up Self Harm?
is headbanging bad for you?
How can I cure my depression?
How would you describe me after listening to these symptoms? is there light at the end of my tunnel?
Does anyone have any idea how positively deal with suicidal feelings?
Am i Depressed? Please Answer, i really need to know!
This time of the year is so hard for me?
My Mum just died, how am I meant to keep being normal?
I think i should admit myself to a psychiatric unit. Im suicidal and no one cares!?
help. i feel like i need to kill?
This is Serious and im so worried my friends will find out DESPERATE PLEASE HELP ME ,I NEVER LIE I DONT KNOW?
should i seek medical attention?
i got my rounge peirced 3 days ago?
my cast is real stinky an it smells like smelly shoes. what can i do to fix it?
What's the best way to treat a torn calf muscle?
Dislocated Shoulder Recovery?
Can you contract hep C from being poked with someones needle that has it??r=1256248507?
Sick, and dont know why!!?
Can I make my dimples deeper if...?
Anyone has had tonsillectomy?
Anyone who has had cataract surgery?
Am I mentally ill? what should i do?
Suicide reasons for it?
Why am I feeling like this!! :(?
i think i have depression but i don`t want to go to the doctors?
Anyone gone through depression and tried pushing the one you love away? ?
Wtf is wrong with me? Imaginary lover?
Do you think loners are?
I think i'm about to go crazy?
I was taking anti depressants and stopped on friday and i want to die?
how can i stop this?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I really fear people seeing my feet?
Self harm (cut) myself Help!!!?
I think my husband may be autistic?
Why is life such a drag, a bore, and a waste of time?
Question about your school days?
Are You Ill At The Moment?
What is wrong with me?
what do you mean by hearing voices?
How long does it take to recover from codeine withdrawal? What can I do to ease the pain?
Chronic Pain?
Back and Hip Pain ... Need relief?
Question for those who have experienced scoliosis surgery?
I have had frozen shoulder, when should I begin strengthening exercises?
Should I wear a finger splint at night?
tennis elbow? or what?
can broken sewing needles embedded in your foot cause problems?
I injured my right foot about two weeks ago and still cannot walk on it. Should I go to the emergency room?
what should i do? torn thumb ligament?
Need advice after fall?
I keep urinating..whats wrong?
Thyroid test results - hyperthyroid?
I have difficulty breathing when i excercise?
Stitches in foot, how long will it take to heal?
I think i have mental health issues?
Is anyone out there suffering with depression?
How long would it take to starve to death?
Have I got some type of personality disorder?
Is it okay to be alone all the time?
Should we have empathy for others? If yes, why do we murder animal for meat?
how do you make a doctors appointment for depression?
Does anyone think that my partner is psychotic if he doesn't go out, doesn't socialise with anyone?
If you miss a few doses of your medication (for mental health) can you notice the difference?
Okay i need a honest answer here?
planning on starting college on monday but?
How can I control my stress and temper?
I'm hearing people call my name (among other things)... what on earth?
I need of some serious help ... please ...?
has pills helped you in your relationships?
how do you know if you have depression?
help i am halluctation after givin up the drink?
why is life so hard..........?
how do you prepare yourself for heartache?
Has anyone ever actually beaten anxiety if so how?
Is there anything wrong with my tonsils?
What is non-heart beating organ donation?
How can I avoid headaches while fasting?
Do majik mushrooms cause cranial bleeding?
Someone help me!!! I feel like killing myself :(?
How do you improve you memory?
am i alowed to sleep over my bfs?
Do you believe in loneliness?
feeling suicidal what should i do?
does depression ruin your life?
Help I am so lost, depressed suicide thoughts can anyone help me?
i feel really lonely!?
How can I cheer myself up?
my friends new fella picks up his perscription daily at the chemist?
I am Depressed because I had to deal with so many deaths?
what's wrong with me?
nervous at school...........?
im going to need help to stay up all day?
Do you think I have pneumonia?
information about stomach virus and cures?
My dad has cancer. He has just finished his first chemotherapy and we find out he has lymphoma?
brown urine... does not seem normal...?
I've had diarrhea for 7 days. I've been drinking plenty of water and taking pepto bismal, which has been
Fine Lines around the eye area - what is the best treatment to elimate them?
Whati would you like to ask?is there any cure for leukemia?
Why do some people have crater looking holes on their face?
My boyfriend skin around the nails of his hand are very dry, and cracking?
I have heard from some (dubious) sources that the swine flu vaccine contains some scary ingredients...?
Would hoping to die through tumors or some sort of disease be considered suicidal?
What could these symptoms be?
Piercing causing problem. Help !?
How do I sleep on my back the whole night?
Is the swine flu (H1N1) vaccine Canada made? If not, pharmacy company of what country is making all the $$$?
Why does this keep happening?
when can we expect the vaccine for swine flu?
Can someone give me some tips on how to sleep better?
Bell's Palsy....... ?
Where to buy intramuscular needles in Toronto for b12 shots?
i have a cold, my nose kills me, My mouth hurts. WHAT DO I DO?
what are they, they hurt?
my brother in law is in surgery right now.they found 2 brain tumours, cancer in the lungs, and also in his?
why does nothing go right for me?
How can i convince myself to go out more?
I'm interested in trying sleep deprivation as a form of sensory deprivation... What are the risks?
How long will it be before I die of starvation?
Is Talking To Yourself Normal?
how can i close my mind at night to go to sleep?
What is going on with me?
Have you always been yourself?
What can i tell my workmates is the reason i've been off work? They think its a virus, but what virus?
anorexia? [kind of]?
I feel depressed!?
Would a speeding train definately kill me?
Am I going mad or what?
i self harm, should i see a councillor person?
was it a panic attack??? :s?
How do I ask My Doctor If I can See a Psychiatrist?
Whats depression really like?
I keep getting sick - Advice please!?
Last year...?
can u get bowel cancer by not going to the bathroom wen the body needs to?
I am 7 months pregnant and have a son who has poison ivy. Am I in any danger?
Weight Debate?
Red bump where cut was on my finger and it hurts tremendously! What do I do now?
Why can't i understand people if they i don't look at them when they speak?
Have you ever had skin tags removed? if so please read C=?
My feet really stink!?
I was in the hospital a month ago for 8 days. I now have red itchless bumps on my inner thighs, help!?
Can anemia affect your ability to orgasm?
I heard bottled water is bad because...?
Can Ensure Plus Cause Diarrhoea or some some form of reaction?
Whats wrong with my friend? Hard to swallow! etc?
What do you know about getting the appendix removed..?
what are some non medicinal substitutes for metamucil?
Is your mood directly related to what you eat?
How do you make yourself throw up?
help i need to cut so badly but i no i cant!! what should i do?
I came off Anti-Depressants however even though I thought I was ready I'm now not sure because of symptoms ?
relaxation techniques?
are u a postive or negative person?
I dont no whats wrong with me, can you help?
how shpuld i act after a short time break up with my bf?
I think i have an anxiety disorder, but i dont know how to get over it :(?
does it make me a pedophile if i have "impure" thoughts of children?
should i tell my Friend that i feel depressed and should i tell her about my self harm?
please help im very afraid of having schizophrenia?
Does this happen to you? Please answer?
Does anyone else feel depressed and anxious most of the time?
How do you get to sleep?
Why do I always feel tired?
im kinda scared about seeing my counsellor?
I feel like there's no point in living anymore?
will they think im wasting their time?
happy one moment depressed the next?
suffering with depression....please help?????
do i suffer from anorexia ?
can i get my money back from a pup that has sever hip displasia at 6 months old.?
My brother is a heroin addict. How can I help him?
how do i quit smoking?
How often should I change my underwear?
always feeling tired?
I can't sleep. What are some ways to help me fall asleep :)?
Anyone get a really cold right hand when using the computer mouse for long periods of time?
Is it unhealthy to live in a room without windows?
electronic cigarette?
I have this bump on my earlobe and it wont go away but its not a zit,but how can i get rid of it?
10 hours sleep a day and I'm still tired, what's wrong?
"Where can i buy MeritVCO virgin coconut oil in Delhi / Mumbai ?"?
is it a medical emergency?
boney forehead? normal or no?
Before I consider taking sleeping pills is there anyway to shut your brain off and make yourself go to sleep?
PLEASE.HELP.ME. 10 points??? really need help!~!~~!~!~!~!?
How can i stop sweating?
Sleep deprivation question?
is it ok that i dont wash my hands and NEVER use soap?
sleep issues........?
did drinking water help clear my urine infection?
How can I fall asleep better?
Why do some elderly people have light purple noses that are also enlarged/and/or have bubbly skin?
Rash of tiny red dots around the eyes and cheeks and forehead of my three year old son?
Acne Treatment similar to Diane35, or experience with Yasmin/Proactiv?
I feel like i am trapped and have no-one to talk to that would fully undertsand?
Dealing with an agitated depression?
I can't stop making myself vomit ,why am I doing it?
Depression or anxiety?
Can someone tell me if this is normal?
is it ok if sum1 cut there self?
Do you think not getting out the house enough can have a damaging effect on your mental wellbeing?
How do you control paranoia?
Have you ever been bullied?
Is this normal behaivor?
Prozac cant think straight?
How many calories would an anorexic eat in a day?
Why do I do this? Is it just habits, or is it OCD? Does anyone else do things like these?
am i depressed or just moody?
Tips for secretly smoking?
Im 52 and my life is in chaos, I want to lie to lie down and never wake up?
what is wrong with me?
do people get better after depressive episodes?
I sometimes wish i was someone else.?
Do i still have swine flu?
Doctors attitude - need or addiction?
I am suffering from shoulder/upper back/neck pain. How have other people over come this problem ?
what can I do to numb the pain of piercing my lip?
how to ask parents for lapband surgery?
how to fake a temperature ?
What are the hard white pellets in my feces?
is this my bodys way of telling me to stop smoking? confused?
im sixty now! will i live till im 65?
De ja vu...Ive been getting it alot?
Are computers bad for your health?
Whats a career right now. in the medical field?
What food should I eat to help this problem?
How Can I Stop This?!?
is it bad when your joints/bones "crack"?
How do i get my Coldsore to go away?
10 points best answer. Will this drink speed up digestion fast?
It takes me more than four hours to fall asleep every night.?
u know how your feet fall alseep and u get that tingly feeling? well i have that and its been like that for 4?
Do long term effects go away with better sleep habits?
i have got problems with my pelvis after having my daughter, which mattress would be best?
Need some help? Please.?
Feel exhausted most days of the week. What could be causing it?
what can you make with weed stems ?
How much time I have to talk to my family doctor during appointment?
Why does your skin go wrinkly after swimming in the water for a long time?
I have strech marks on my inner thighs?
i got this irritating rash under my eyelid wat could it be?
I dont know what this is can anyone help?
Im worrying, for no reson, about something I really shouldnt worry about?
Does this sound like Autism?
my 14 month old daughter has Acute lympoid (lymphoblastic) leukaemia?
I Get Puffed Out, Short of Breath Why?
Are there any antibiotic pills to cure eczema?
Purple dots on my breasts?
I've just started eating red meat again after 5 years as a vegetarian, and I've come up with a rash!?
does anyone ever have that feeling like you should quit college?
I'm 14 and i feel alone. Please read information?
Masking Severe Depression?
is there something wrong with me?
I'm feeling pretty low right now and I can't get myself to cry, even though I want to. Help?
What do I do when I am in no mood to meet anyone?
Have you had experience with drugs?
Weird Kinda depressed Maybe?
Are panic attacks due to severe anxiety?
i really want a smoke but cant?
I'm suicidal and hearing lots of voices inside and feeling horrible prescences. Will i get sectioned?
Admittance into a mental health unit?
Am I in any danger? Or is it all just attention seeking?
ive taken 10 overdoses this year would i have harmed my body?
I feel like crying?
Are people with schizophrenia less valued members of society?
How can I overcome my insomnia?
Have you ever suffered from an eating disorder?
Anxiety at work, how do I cope?
Medications - please help?
nose bleeds, dizzyness and no sleep.?
Anyone no where I can Get Cheep Health Care For Just my Child?
Does this sound like swine flue? please help?
how do you get collapsed veins to recover and come back ?? need your help urgent?
List three major contributors to childhood mortality?
Is it ok to wear shoes of different sizes in each leg? Would it affect her posture or gait ?
I sleep walk and talk after consumption of alcohol?
How would you educate your team about OHS (occupational health and safety)?
How can I make my eye stop twitching!?
What is the best way, when seeking a second doctors opinion, to not sound neurotic or like a know it all?
Why can't we fall asleep instantly?
I always wake up at the same time every morning, right around 730....?
What is the longest lasting non-ghosting suncream (minimum 15 protection) that you can buy in Australia?
Sometimes I find I can't take a deep enough breath?
Always tired, have had blood test they found nothing conclusive.?
Has anyone got snoring children?
Constantly having the urge to pee when lying down to sleep?
kidney infection or urine infection?
How to sleep easier in the heat?
There was something said about a brain where the more dents or ridges the smarter you are or something?
How are children tested for Swine Flu?
What does my friends have?
if i have a precription pill and not sure what it is, how can i find outwhat drug it acctually is????????
How to cure a charlie horse?
what to do for migraines?
My boyfriend has a really bad migraine and this is the second day! Help!?
My throat burns a lot, is it serious?
How do you get rid of heartburn?
Have I got Depression?
What is Schizophrenia?
easyer ways of getting to sleep?
What do you do when your friend tells you she's planning to commit suicide?
suicide, when some one refuses to get help?
Am i depressed ?
is there a cure for death??my sister Effie is not well at all.?
Will I be well again?
over active mind when sleeping? what should i think of?
does religion sustain mental health?
depression! help please!!!!!?
venlaxafine effexor 75mg?
Are you in a State of Apathy?
Suicide taken a lot of pain killers?
What is the best way to deal with stress?
How to stop anxiety at night?
Really confused, I don't know who I am anymore.?
How many days does it take for nicotine to leave the body?
Dry Puffy Throat and Deep Breathing?
I got a cold.......cough! cough..!?
Effective quit smoking methods! what worked for you?
I Need help with hand problems?
Is there a chance I will still get taller?
I am having gallbladder surgery, any pointers?
I was in the bathroom and I accidentally...?
Did I take meth ecstasy?
whats going on with my stomach?
I can't ever get a good sleep!!!?
I have a very very deep sleep?
How to help someone exlpain what their feeling?
how come my moving joints have a tendency to crack or click ?
I was lying down on my bed using my laptop when I got up i felt dizzy?
parts of my body twitching?
How important is sleep to adolescents?
Could this be indigestion?
why do I feel funny when I eat candy with water?
What are the social and emotional effects of longevity?
how can I get to sleep?
Do private health funds cover Otoplasty Surgery?
what does acute aged care mean?
Anyone else had their knees fall asleep/go numb while sleeping?
More tired in hot weather?
Why my ear got this sound(phone ring in silent mode) only at nigh time then after i wake up then its gone?
Describe different understandings of health, wellbeing, disease & death held in differing societies over time?
Why does my blood pressure increase while i'm sleeping and why do I wake up with a headache?
i am not having sound sleep atall?
how do you think of water ionizers.?
what to you do when a neibour bashes you up and you spend the night in hospital and get stiches in your ear?
Have you ever felt reborn like this?
Can increasing my dose of antidepressants make me more depressed?
Will i ever get over grieving?
I think that I have mild Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?
What am i going to do im scared?
strange mind blanks.?
Scared of the future?
do you think these are signs of mental sickness in someone?
Is it normal to have a conversation to somone you know in your head?
When you give someone who's been depressed for years the standard "you have everything to live for" line, does?
I cant take life anymore!?
I want to throw my life away and I'm only 15. Is that normal?
Does death interest you?? But not in that kind of way.. =)?
why am i so tired all the time?
Question about depression?
how can i get happy? im kinda depressed?
I think I have OCD................?
cant work because of anxiety, what are my options?
is any1 sick to death of there mental illness?
I just don't know who I am any more... help!!?
I know a girl , I see scars on her wrist and she wears a string bracelet painted Orange whats it mean?
I feel bit deppression?
I just had arthoscopic knee surgery for torn ligaments? advice?
Is it normal to be tired everyday?
Have you read the 80/10/10 diet by Dr. Douglas Graham?
i have a Bruise like patch on my face... please help.. what is it?
Is it bad to sleep on a hammock?
Why won't my boyfriend get up before midday?
little lumps on my knee?
pain in right side upon waking.?
Why did this happen to me?
I have been feeling nauseous when waking up and have thrown up twice in 3 days.?
Is this a good idea to get more sleep and get work done?
Does bad posture REALLY stunt your growth?
Contact Lenses Question?
the importance of handling materials and equipment?
Can someone help please?
Heat stroke... is it ok for the victim to sleep?
Can resting/laying or pressing your wrist/hand on a gel pad (when using a lap top) cause varicose veins in arm?
Is it true that sleep deprivation causes damage in brain cells?
Is there credible evidence that wind turbines cause ill-health?
I think i bit my nail a little too hard yesterday because today the whole finger hurts.. help?
Is the new health care going to chane my coverage with my HMO?
voice noduels? please help?
Hangover Nausea PLEASE HELP?
nausea, muscle soreness and fatigue?
what is the common vitamin names of folic acid?
why did I wake up sitting up?