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Does ibuprofen calm your nerves if you take a bit more than the recomended dose?
Feeling very warm and about to get cold. Is that normal?
Who likes wearing socks even in the hot weather?
Why is change so scary, even when it can only be a positive thing?
Hi everyone am i a freak?
Help me please!!! i think im mental?
how long should it take lexapro to start working?
Can anyone help me with this - I dont want to talk with anyone else but im ok on here as no one knows me?
I need help with drug abuse?
Why have people started hyphenating the word "bipolar" and making it "bi-polar"?
Advice please, I'm feeling very anxious and worried?
Scared for the future??
I'm scared of food? Have I got an ED?
How much should I tell my GP/psychiatrist?
I need some advice please...about depression..serious people only..thank you?
ways to improve my life?
Im concerned about my anger?
How do you "cure" body dismorphic disorder?
14 painkillers in one go - side effects?
list signs and symptoms of abuse?
Could I be Depressed?
y do i feel so depressed?????????
weird singular white dot on tonsil?
Do my kids have the flu?? They have had alot of symptoms over the last 10 days!!?
do you think the swine flu is a game from the governments to keep the people's mind away from their mistakes?
A mono question... please help!?
Info please on Gall bladder surgery?
how bad is it to use formaldehyde nail strengthener?
If I stay up all night tonight and don't sleep until 10pm, will I be ok? 10 points for BA?!?
How to overcome fear of blood, etc?
I woke up this morning with diarrhea, what was it?
Is bi-polar medication really safe?
Is there such thing as free therapy or free group therapy on line for depressed people?
I don't know what to do with myself..?
Am i lossing my mind? I heard somones name being called out?
what is wrong with me?? :(?
How to avoid being treated like a doormat?
do care coordinators care about their patients?
i get upset when i struggle with maths, could this be obsessive compulsive disorder?
What type of depression do I have?
Living in constant fear, anxiety and panic attacks!?
I need help to cure my paranoia?
Can people with asperger's be creative?
should i go to sleep?
I have a 4 month old son and an eating disorder, I don't know what to do.?
What is wrong with me?
who wants to live forever?
Diagnosed with PTSD after giving birth and car accident?
is this un unusual please answer it urgent?
do you think i have depression?
Too much environmental noise pollution and health infection freedom is a good or bad thing?
what do you do for them when there stiff. she is also warm.?
How Come Some Nights I Can't Sleep... I Don't Feel Tired And Im Unable To Shut My Mind Off?
Doctors please read!!!?
Back aches while sleeping.?
Will anything happen to me if i took 1 tylenol 3.. it was an accident?
help! soreness..?
My knee is hurting and i'd like to know why (symptoms in the details area)?
injured ankle please help.?
i had a fracture of an ulnar and my cast was removed 2day. i can't straighten my arm and i cant rotate my hand?
is my foot or ankle broken?
pulled muscle very sore? Dr.'s help please?
My arm hurts really bad please help?
does going to bed warm help u sleep better?
does a painful mole ALWAYS mean cancer?
Tight scalp and headaches?
help to how to heal hormonal problems please?
how can I get people to stop poking me?
hi i am having all kinds of weird symptoms and i am wondering what it could be?
Why does alcohol calm my anxiety down,does it work for your anxiety too?
I dont understand whats happening to my head - depression or something else? ):?
Do you prefer a round table or a square ball?
How does our body let us know when we have had enough sleep?
Do you think I'm bipolar or depressed?
do you think this is OCD or more?
i have a nervous disposition, what can i do about?
I feel so bad right now and guilty?
Is there any way to reboot the brain?
Up for two nights in a row as I'm an insomniac, with every hour that passes this is getting harder, help?
My Uncles Death And Me Suddenly Emotional :S?
I feel really depressed..?
i dont seem to like socialising?
why do i feel so low all the time :(?
The linden method how if works?
I think that I am obsessed, how can I move on?
Two of my friends are addicted to asking yahoo answers, is there a helpline?
will it eventually kill me?
How to heal interstitial cystitis?
Guess the disease! Stomach issues?
is it normal to be a 19-yr old guy and 4'11"?
Do i have Cancer? Please help!!?
help how can i break my foot/ankle/wrist...?
Can a hip pointer injury cause pain in your lower back?
i popped my thumb out about 3 years ago and ever since then it keeps hurting to the point that i cant hold?
Why do my legs get itchy after a long run?
What are some social or cultural impacts of a measles outbreak?
Where can I get the Measles vaccination?
what happens after you've found out you have aids?
I think i have an ulcer??? ANY HELP!?!?
Sore Throat. Throat infection or something else?
Is there a mental illness that makes you feel happy all the time?
Sometimes I pretend I'm talking to someone, even though I'm the only one there.?
how do you get rid of spiders?
what is wrong with me?
I think I'm going through a quarterlife crisis?
Should I help my friend with her drug addiction?
What am I depressed? please help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee read. Additional info pls?
whats the best way to handle stress?
I have a random, weird phobia. How can I get over it?
how can I remedy trouble focusing and thinking straight?
Could this be PTSD? (long question)?
Should the mentally ill be grouped together or find work in the community?
Who directed Psycho (1960) ?
Im self-consious-aaaa lllooottttt!!!!!?
can being sectioned affect me getting a job?
Inglesi, puzzate di merda, fate schifo, w italiaaaaaaaa! i mondiali li vinciamo noi, muori bekham o come cazzo?
Should I admit myself to the hospital?
am i going mad i think i am?
i think i am going mad??? help me out here?
What can I do that will help me get to bed earlier tonight?
I have bulimia ,what should I do?????
Is there such thing as a mild eating disorder?
What Should I Do I Think I Have A Fractured Finger?
The tip of my ring finger has turned purple in the last few days, should I be worried, as in amputation?
Problems with my knee?
Ingrown Toenail for about 6 months..?
My arm is REALLY hurting my and i cant put it straight?
How long will I have to wear a bandage over the infected finger I had amputated three days ago?
My mom: depressed with no will to live anymore. I'm the only one who knows & it's only worsening. Help please.?
Does it hurt when a doctor freezes off a wart?
psoriasis what do you use to treat it ?do you have it? why can't i get rid of it?
Broken wrist, cast off, what now?
What;s an eiffel tower, and no, I'm not talking about the one in paris?
Constipation symptoms.....?
Fever for a week and a half along with headaches?
Is it possible to break a very bad habit?
Thoughts on Hemp Hearts?
Does tea make acid reflux bad?
For the last couple of weeks , maybe a month or two My elbow has been painfull,?
I have a work related injury,(tendinitis),the doctor try to give me restrictions at work?
I had my badly broken finger amputated three months ago, out of curiosity, am I now unable to join the army?
Should I be worried that this flap of open skin/nail/wound on my toe/toenail won't close/heal? it's all red?
Torn back muscle, what can i expect?
My thigh is still sore from over stretching, what should I do?
can i get a black eye from a sinus infection?
WHITE 'infected' toe-nails?
Blood test for tonsillitis...i'm scared!?
diarrhea for over a 10 days?
In my head lots of dandruff, wht to do?
I have a lactic acid build up in my legs so what exactly should i do to prevent this?
Ban All Alternative Cancer Medicines?
What should I do about my tense neck muscles =/?
How long does it take for painkillers to take full effect??
Constant Yawning, struggling to walk up hills, achy legs, bad breath, slow to wake up in mornings?
When i go number two there is no end to the wipping?
what effect does smoking skunk everyday have on the mind and body?
Can someone cheer me up ?
selective eating disorder?
Do you get the feeling of loneliness and depression like I do?
Dealing with Dementia and stubbornness?
Im living in constant fear, bad panic attacks and anxiety.?
Do I have Social Anxiety Disorder?
My friend won't sleep and I don't know what to do?
Does this sound more like schizophrenia or schizoaffective?
Sometimes when I'm tired I'll hear voices, or perceive myself doing things when in reality I don't.?
Am I depressed or just being a teenager?
I want to know if there are ways to properly move on from a difficult past? is it really possible?
Should I See A Doctor?
How to deal with depression?
How Can i sleep at night? Any advice?
i feel very sad!please help?
how do panic attacks starts?
How do you know if you have depression?
Help with depression?
How high does your temperature have to be to die?
is my weed laced with pcp?
How long is a quickie?
How do I tell my mom I am Clinically Depressed?
Any doctors in toronto that will help me obtain a Medical Marijuana License ?
Could taking benadryl for sleeping reason even though I don't have allergies (or whatever it's for) be bad?
I sunburned my face but because of my glasses I look like a raccoon?
is it ok 2 wear and use adult diapers,even though you don't need 2?
do i have allergies or a cold?
is my headache just a headache?
Wrist got stuck between car door and frame. help.?
What have i done to my ankle?
Knee sprain, how to make it heal quicker?
Any Dr on here. Knee/MRI help needed?
feeling ill. cant get into a doctor for a few weeks. suggestions?
Hard lump on shin 3 weeks after knee surgery..?
should i go to the doctor because i hit my head?
(10 points free) i was fair skinned when i was young now i am getting darker !!?
Help! Skin is awful?
email concerning advice from Dr Vinay Goyal, is it substantiated?
are enrolled nurses allowed to administer injections in australia?
why do people get stomache aches in highschool?
Slipping back into depression........................? :.((?
I have autism and can remember when i was a child - being at legoland - driving school in the dark?
What is a personality disorder and what are the symptoms?
is this an anxiety disorder???please help me out?
hi i was wondering if anyone can help me with stress managment techniques for anixety?
What will a doctor do if they ask you 'do you have any plans to kill yourself' and you say yes?
How do I learn to love myself when nobody else does?
I need some Anti Suicide slogans?
suddenly this has happened?
People with clinical depression: What songs can you relate to?
Side effects of adderall if you don't have add or adhd?
Whats the longest you can stay up on adderall before you go crazy?
what is wrong with meeeee please comment?
Why do i feel so exhausted?
i think i have adhd how do i know?
I've been diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome when studying abroad?
What's the difference between the medications Neurontin (gabapentin) and lyrica (pregabalin)?
Citalopram side effects?????
Are you able to say: 'I USED to feel uncomfortable within my own skin'. If so, HOW did you change?
Does anyone else feel like this...is it coz im young, please help!!!!?
How'd you get that scar?
sun burn peeling!!!!?
Will my knee recover from this knock?
I was in a car accident and may go to physiotherapy will it effect my health insurance?
injury from window being jammed , is landlord responsible?
Is this Sublexing patella?
health insurance(should i sue or let go)?
Are you aware of the home-grown, Australian, site dedicated to keeping us informed about vaccinations?
is my ear infected?????????????????
how can senior carer use power over someone who cant communicate?
can a person self induce a shut down of their body without being mentally aware that it is happening?
How do I get this teacher to notice I am sad!?
Totally depressed and sick of my life?
depression, any cures?
I really need your help?
Why can't the psychiatrist be straight with me?
I am planning on doing a sponsored skydive, advice on who to ask for sponsorship?
Do heroin addicts work?
Can cocaine really cause a personality change?
how do i know if im going through depression?
I was a voluntary patient in a mental health unit, but walked out, how do I go about going back again?
Does anyone have Bipolar/Borderline Personnality Disorder in Norwich?
Can shy people be shy in their manic phase?
Does thinking too much lead to brain damage?
would you go to sleep for 4 hours to go to work or stay awake and get drunk?
Why do i have cold feet? I don't feel cold just cold feet?
what is a good way to get rid of dandruff?
Is it true everytime someone has a seizure they kill brain cells?
How do you get rid of blackheads?? creams don't work!!!?
Help with Acne.?
Is a small dent in my skull dangerous?
What will happen if blood from a cousin gets into my blood? ( only a little bit)?
Is this Compartment Syndrome?
Achilles/Ankle pain - after a match. What have I done?
What damage would you sustain if you got an uppercut to the chin?
when i hit my head in a football accident i went dizzy but for a short time i saw the coloue yellow everywhere?
Sharp pain in arm , ,, ,?
Where can I purchase HCG oral drops, or injection solution?
white tonsils, sore throat and chills?
Can I ask my doctor to put me on ODSP?
Help me! I have bronchitis.?
Is hookah smoking (shisha) a better alternative than cigarettes?
Strange throat problem?
Do you lose anything else besides just toxins in an infrared sauna?
Can too many energy drinks give you a stroke?
Always tired, some headaches, and numbness in feet?
how do i stop my skin from being dry & itchy?
I droped super glue on my hands and its harding!?
Acne problems PLEASE HELP ME!!!?
how do i ask my parents to get an appointment for testicular cancer check (im 13)?
I have recently been diagnosed with Bi-polar.?
i'm scared of losing him?
I'm really scared, please help me, please?
I feel really sad, my friends dont call anymore, any advice?
Why am I so scared, please answer?
Any anti anxiety advice anyone?
Is there a name for short periods of depression, spaced out with periods of "normality" in between?
How can I live while waiting for treatments to start for Schizo?
Why did my nightmare effect me so much.?
need some help please?
I think I might have depression.?
Doctors About Self Harm?
Anxiety starting college! Help!!!?
can a nervous breakdown cause Cesar's?
do i eat to punish myself ?
What happens to someone who gets sent to be sectioned (mental health act) ?
I need help sleeping at night?
Could this be a form of mental illness?
worried im self absorbed and it wont change?
What will turn a child yellow with strep throat?
my daughter (1 in 2 wks) is vomiting clear and phelgm?
How much Codeine is too much?
I Have a Sharp Pain In My Ribs?
I am having pain in the back of my heel, can you tell me why and how to find a cure?
My neck really hurts. Help?
Why does my calf muscle hurt?
Pain in arm/ Bicep problem?
Dislocating shoulder?
Should I think about getting a prosthetic finger to replace the one I lost on a fence a year ago?
Is it normal for a 13 year old to....?
Things you can do to keep yourself awake?
how could I stop this?
I was wondering if there was any web site where i could diagnose medical conditions?
How do I clear up old chicken pox scars?
what causes anemic......?
I have a odor and discharge however i went and got tested tested negative for everything what could it be?
does anyone have any remedies for psoriasis?
Foul smelling burps! Very embarassing, serious answers only please?
How do you and your family deal with skin irritations?
Are you afraid of dying? What is the fear?
i can not concentrate !! ?
Hypnosis for anxiety?
Does my boyfriend need help?
Are These Symptoms of Very Mild OCD?
who should i listen to?
CITALOPRAM, what do you think?
Can anybody help me with my paranoia & anxiety, i'm looking for coping strategies! i'm also under my GP?
I can't sleep, please help me!?
do i put too much pressure on them?
have you ever snapped over a tax probe?
Anxiety and home sickness- sleep overs.?
What kind of personality/problems has this chap?
Why do i feel so unsociable, have no motivation and feeling depressed?
Would it be safe to let my daughter start modelling?
When you HATE someone you live with??
Really self conscious and worrying about jacuzzi party?
Hi there can you help me.?
Ruptured ATFL, what surgery to go for?
I punched the wall , and now my index knucle is cut deeply and you can see the bone , i haven't lost any skin?
Will my big toenail eventually fall off?
How can I help treat my Swollen foot?
What comes first - your job or maybe your life?
Bad Skin, what can I do?
how to get rid of acne before friday if today is tuesday???
Im badly CONSTIPATED!!!?
does anyone else have trouble driving at night but not during the day and what did the eye dr say?
blackheads!!! Help PLEASE!!!?
What is the worst disease a person can die of?
how can i get rid of this cold sore fast?
Can clonazepam cause depression ? ?
Chocolate Makes Me Sneeze?
How do YOU think YOU benefit from...?
What are the chances of Salmonella food poisoning?
Can you catch the Same Gastro Twice in the space of a couple of weeks?
does culture difference affect the way some one is treated in first aid?
depression then better then bipolar?
I feel a little lost, any advice?
My life is absolutely [email protected] at the moment and i feel totally worthless, what can i do?
Am i paranoid or just shy?
Has anybody taken St. John's wort before?
I dont know what to do about my mums depression?
When will the stigma of having mental illness end?
What should I do? (deliberate medication overdose)?
Is there help out there for people with Schizophrenia getting work?
I am going through depression I think. Not sure where to go from here?
Am i manic depressive?
Are there different levels of depression?
Is it true mental health hospitals don't do strip searches?
is it worth for me to still be alive?
venlafaxine? help? cold turkey?
How can I cure this 'addiction' of sorts?
Too scared to go to my doctor...?
I am I unusual or am I not?
As I've just had a finger amputated in hospital, what are the chances of the stump getting infected?
Worried about Leg Injury,?
Is it possible to have an ear infection and not know it?
why is there a high incidence of skin cancer in australia??
can black people get sunburnt?
help!!! if i dont eat right im going to get anorexia !!!!!!!!!?
what do u think is the worst hard drug?
i have a real scratchy throat?
Whenever i put on earplugs, i hear ringing sounds in my ears. Is that normal?
Human cloning for youth?
can 40mg of oxycontin or alcohol take away the withdrawal symptoms of methedone?
Who do you see when your frenulum is acting up?
Is it true if u slouch u dont grow any taller?
i m blessed with picky eating kid..?
Should I pull an all-nighter or go to bed?
Im always going to the toilet every 5 min but my rectum hurts?
Are boils contagious?
Can you take too many antibiotics for lyme disease?
How old does bunny have to be for 1st myxomatosis vaccination?
Mouth ulcer problem?????
How to get rid of flu fast?
my pal has a temp of 34.4 or 34.6 but not shivering etc .. what should i do as she has cramps?
Does the flu shot make you sick?
mams carers not doing the job?
I think my sister is depressed?
if you go to a doctor about stress, what do they normally say or do on the first time ?
Is it cruel and unnecessary to discriminate against mentally ill people in not allowing them to use Dignitas?
Lip Chewing and Other Repetitive Behaviour When Stressed?
How can I prevent/ stop panic attacks?
Eating Disorder help?
anyone been to an eating disorders unit?
i am due to be diagnosed with bipolar next week and im having a hard time working out how to track the highs a?
How does narcissistic personality disorder start?
can you be addicted to mephodrone?
Have you ever recieved treatment from The Priory?
Crying on a night for no particular reason?
Why do i keep waking up early, i used to sleep in till late afternoon, help!?
Four nights in a row: waking up in tears. Some implications? Life is good, but keep waking up this way.?
How do I get rid of weed paranoia (NO HOME REMIDIE ADDS)?
Do I have some kind of a disorder?
How long is frostnip suppose to take to heal?
What should I do for my toe?
why is it that i get a headache/nausea after drinking certain drinks? ?
im 14, and i have bad acne, i just used bleach on my fourhead, shoulders, back, chest and bum.wil it work?
Whats The Best Cure For Depression?
can you die from arthritis?
itchy dry lips ??
are moles hot?
How to get redness go away?
I think im depressed and i dont know what to do? please help.?
help with anxiety and depression?
My 11 year old friend has a transport phobia?
I want to stop my medication?
What happens if you get help for suicide?
what to do with the problem i dont knw?
Can stress cause extreme tiredness?
Yes or No could I have Schizoaffective With Bipolar (Not diagnose)?
Mania without depression. What is it called!?
Im seeing things move when they arnt?
I think i'm going to have a breakdown. What should i do ?
What other ways can I deal with anger? Please?
my friend needs help at every stage of her computing life, how do i tell her she's less than useless?
what is Cognitive Behavioual Therapy like?
effect of psycho stimulants on regions of the brain?
why can I never sleep enough?
what causes gingivitis?
hep c and drinking 'smell'?
Why can only some diseases be transferred by bodily secretions?
HELP HELP HELP ! !My mom has had the same headache for 2 days straight now !:O?
What is this abdominal pain ?
what is the difference between "Advil and Tylenol"?
what would happen if you take a whole bottle of advil?
My hand was completely numb, any help?
how do you get rid of caloses??(hardened skin)?
Cigarettes.. Would it help if they were banned?
I have had a rash on my arms for over 3 years now. What could it be?
Very painful plantar warts! help please!?
What should i do if a naughty boy keeps teasing my daughter about her freckles?
My daughter has been fighting breast cancer for almost four (4) yrs - Recently, we have found out it has?
what is the best way to remove blackheads?
Can the doctor refuse me a persciption?
Does this sound like some sort of allergy/sinus infection?
My first therapy session, what to expect?
Does anyone else dislike sleeping?
i was a horrible little brat ..why?
I Keep hurting People I Love With Anger Inside Of Me Can You Help Me?
feeling of something passing through me?
If you are on benefits because of mental illness in the UK how do you feel about been questioned about it...?
can anyone help, agoraphobia is ruining my life.?
Will the DWP contact my employer?
Can my baby be taken away because my wife has self harmed?
do i have aspergers? what is wrong with me?
I never forget you lalalaaa?
please help im scared!!!!!!?
feeling severely depressed?
What can cause a speech impediment whereby the person opens their mouth to say something but the words get?
What are the chances of never having another psychotic episode after the first one?
thinking about space makes me feel ill?
How can I balance my life out?
My Patner Has swin flu and im pregnet?
who does malaria mostly effect?
Anyone given blood or had blood taken and had this happen..........?
What is parasiteof a dog? how it cure?
diagnosis of middle ear infection without a pneumatic otoscope?
What Is The Cost Of This Procedure?
Why do I get such intense nicotine buzzes?
is vitamine water and aquafina enhanced drinks the same thing?
What is an MRI? Please answer.?
I don't want to be schizophrenic!!?
Do you have to feel anxious to have anxiety?
a bit nervous about starting my tablets!?
what should i do with my depression problem?
Is ADHD an excuse for bad behaviour?
I think i may have depression? Its a little long, but could you please have a read?
Carmel Brulez, famous experienced therapist. Is she the only one who is this highly qualified working online?
Which is worse, bipolar or schitzophrenia?
Coping with paralyzing flashbacks?
mental abuse and the connection with cheating?
my friend has ADHD, what should i do for him?
I have a fear of heights how do i get over it?
c.s.a confusion???????
how can i increase aggresion?
Can I refuse mother & baby unit & can the father stop the baby going?
What are your experiences with Quetiapine (Seroquel)?
i constantly think i am dying (anxiety?) help?
how do i control my depression?
My best friend had nits, how do I tell her?
How do I make my fever go away?
Does anyone know a cure for and prevention of Mouth Ulcers?
Do you have a Phobia?
is there any season for chicken pox and whats the remedy/precaution to avoid it? Is vaccine necessary for it?
I have mosquito bites around both ankles. Any ideas for something home made to stop the itch?
My boyfriend often has 'itchy' skin but no rash - help?
how to get rid of a canker sore?
how can i make my legs grow longer?
I want some opinions, pleasekthanks?
does stress change the way you look?
What alternative therapies have you tried for Depression?
What is juvenile depression?
wife has threatened to kill herself?
I have no personality?
Can anyone pinpoint what's wrong with my brain?
Self Esteem in Older Women?
Can I section myself, and how do I do it?
Is a symptom of ADHD staring at people gormlessly looking for a reaction from them, or because you haven't?
Depression and being a lone parent.. can they take my son?
Fed up of mood swings?
Please help I don't know where to go from here?
How to talk to people mental health?
Whats wrong with me? Please help.?
Am I suffering from a psychological disorder?
im 14 and i have perthes disease?
i have rotten egg burps diarreah and vomitting what does it mean?
bloody mucus from nose?
what the difference bewteen malaria and swamp fever?
if you get hit in the temple and its serious how long does it take to cause brain damage of any kind' or die?
acid reflux or stomach ulcer etc?
Does anyone know a cure for and prevention of Mouth Ulcers?
How do you control Tantrums in a 16 year old autistic girl?
how to phone in sick with depression?
escitalopram weird sight !?
I feel quite low usually. Am I depressed?
Why do i feel so old am only 19...?
I want to quit Seroquel?
How easy is it to get a job in councilling?
Emetophobia Help! ( Fear of throwing up) I'm also nauseous and very nervous!?
What are some of your food obsessions?
am i depressed ?.....?
what should i do? i need help...?
What are my chances of relapse?
I really need some help (serious answers only please)?
Help me, am i mad? what is this?
Anti depressants not working, i feel terrible and can't do anything, why?
Is it really possible to stop worrying all the time?
I though I saw my pink shoes in the cupboard and my mum is saying that she remembers getting rid of them?
How do I learn to grieve?
can someone tell me what is wrong with me i have swollen legs and when i press on them it makes a big dint.?
Help! I'm 12 and i have acne!?
i think i have the symtoms of finterionsteinitis, please help?!?
I have chicken pox and im going crazy. only 2nd day!?
can I eat food that someone with scabies cooked?
Is it possible to grow staph?
what examples are there of diseases caused by body fluids?
can feel a mouth ulcer coming. How to stop it?
Do you have some weird food obsessions?
I am having a panic attack as I type. What can i do right now to stop it?
Worries about seeing a psychiatrist...?
What can I expect from taking 25mg of Quetiapine immediately and the next day?
does the pill mirtazapine?
how to make yourself feel better?
i struggle with social skills and interaction with people , at 32 is it too late to work on it?
my mum is ill helppppppppppppppppppppp?
I don't want to keep going to the outpatient clinic?
Where do i get help in the UK?
Should I stop self harming?
A Question About Retrograde amnesia?
what mental problem do i have?if i have one.?
Should I commit suicide?
Does anyone here ever get OCD like thoughts which are distressing, disturbing and occur often?
a weird dream , same stuff keep repeating?
if a drug dose is changed, when will a new steady state be achieved ? thank you i am changed from 10mg to 5mg?
what (inexpensive) measures can i take to halt excessive sweating?
Does it cost to get a medicare card?
Help with symptoms please: dry mouth, thirst, fatigue, tiredness, no concentration?
why do most patients with humoral immunodeficiency suffer from infections with encapsulated bacteria?
how do you express a dogs anal glands?
Why is it that health professionals do not advocate the routine use of EMLA cream for childhood immunisations?
Why is it that I have..?
K, so... ?
Tracheal Burns? should I see medical care?
how do you get motivated/energized? SERIOUS ANSWERS ONLY?
Does anyone have any tips on getting rid of motion sickness?
tongue piercing hurts now that i've had my first bad cold. Is it due to the coughing?
How do you get rid of haemorrhoid's?
Does anyone else have a great way to get rid of hiccups?
How lond will my sunburn take to peel
Going to the bathroom too frequently?
Does crossing your legs cause varicose veins?
Exzema cures ???
Stye in my eye!!!?
what is it when I lay down to go to sleep? details...help?
Why can't I get over my grandad's death?
lone parents and jobcentre work focused interviews?
Research: Are you optimistic?
do you know any lullabies to help me get to sleep?
ADHD, employability and stigma...?
I've been going mental and all of a sudden depressed?
Any Advice for me please?? need help ?:[?
how do i stop being paranoid?
Which is stronger? 20mg Fluoxetine or 75mg Venlafaxine?
Bullying Issue? :'?
.... Please help mee :(?
My psychiatrist said that I'm either bipolar or paranoid schitzophrenic? But she is hoping its bipolar?
abusing marijuana, mental side affects?
Can someone give me some advice on my Aspergers?
how much weight did you lose while on prozac?
Are you a mental health nurse?
How obsessive are you?
iam feeling these symptoms try to solve my problem pleaz?
Burning pain in chest, left sided, arm, shoulder, hand, fingers?
What could be wrong with me?Why am i itchy and developing spots?
when a baby has fever, is it true that its vary dangerous to his brain? what should you do for the fever?
can you be diagnosed with hep c geno type one then it goes away without treatment?
Why is there a concern when some one has a high fever?
how can i make my throat better? glandular fever?
someone help me to answer this regarding people with dimentia?
what causes a leg to ache so bad at bedtime that sleep is impossible.?
Im deathly scared of needles!!!!!!!!?
My hip always kills.....?
do you know what is an osteopath doctor?
Strange Popping Noise in Ear?
my mum has cancer i need help to get thuer it so if u can help me thank u soooo much ?
Your cures (or temporary relievers) of the common cold?
what does ‘got the clap’ mean?
Having visual flashes in left eye that never stop. What could cause this? Trauma or emotional?
How do you prevent head lice, nits, eggs, etc from re-appearing?
Get rid of acne quick?!?
Acne much? I believe so..?
what to do to prevent stretchmarks?
Mole removal process?
my lip ring is embedded into my lip..n im scared becus i neva knew dat dis could happen...what are my options?
do i have cancer?
is this suppose to happen with mirtazapine?
My 16 year old brother tryed to kill himself?
How to stop being depressed...?
What happens with a Nytol overdose?
How can I console myself?
how to stop self harm?
Should horoscopes be banned?
My dreams are scaring me! Do i need help?
Can Any Drug Addicts, or friends, families of drug addicts share you experiences?
Can I just get prescribed Valium?
Does anybody think that i am mentally well and need this depot medication? Help please answer my Q?
Can i come off this depot medication now, do i need the clopixol depot?
Im so low in myself......?
anyone else on mirtazapine?
does anyone taking antidepressents feel like?
How do bulimics make themselves sick?? I've never understood how people can do that?
Remedy for cold sores?
Cure for cancer? Is this technique possible?
The skin in my groin area is dark compared to everywhere else... why?
How do people who have a chronic illness cope with it?
2 weeks cold turkey not smoking , 14 days today?
Vegetariansim & Spots?
I was vomiting last night, what can I eat without upsetting my stomach?
what's the best thing to eat if you've got a stomach ache and vomiting?
Just wondering why as i have epilepsy and can not work the girls on the dating services run when they hear it?
how long does it take for a sty eye infection to go away?
I have a small lump in my groin area?
Pain in neck, left shoulder, upper and lower back and constant headaches. Doctors can't agree on diagnosis??
I'm in so much pain someone help :(?
I've had headaches everyday for months, wondering if anyone knows anything it could be?
thoughts on chiropractic care?
i have a bad headache?
Small Sharp Pain in throat while smoking?
i have a headache... what should i do?
Why do I repeatedly get cramps while jogging?
What are some factors that make your hair stop growing?
What will help block chemicals from your face when working in a factory?
What would be the best insoles for travelling?
I'm having lack of sleep..?
It feels like my ears need to be popped but they won't :(...?
Is there samthing that can help stomach and vomiting?
What are all the negative effects of a minor(14) being drunk?
How can I prevent getting headaches after Gym Class?
Painfull hematuria..a few questions about it..?
Could I have EGID???!?
what are the most prescribe drugs?
I got told bythe doctor today that I have to wear Glasses?
any one else ever have these symptoms?
Easy questions !15 points!?
what's wrong with me??am i addicted to sleeping pills? 10 pts.?
I Think I Have Anger Problems And It Isnt Hormones?
How to get off depot injection and this medication?
Nursing Skills for providing sensitive information?
Am i depressed or just frustrated?
Im having horrible thoughts. Am i going crazy?
Can you test for ADHD through blood?
Does Dyspraxia have traits with Autistim/Aspergers Syndrome?
Am I crazy if i talk to people who aren't there?
Help me! I can never get to sleep at night, I am restless..?
I think I have bipolar. What should i tell my doctor?
What do you do to make yourself feel more confident?
How to keep motivated in my quest to start a new life?
Mental health: Do I have to get my parents involved?
Is this normal to be scared of clubs?
Advice on OCD?........?
Why do people sometimes feel like they need to cry for no reason even when not sad?
anxiety? really need help?
My 17 month old's Dr said she has eye infection & gave me drops for eye, now eye has bloody tears is it normal?
Are we (human) responsible for the recent rise in deadly new viral diseases?
Can I catch a cold after having a cold?
bladder infection! help?
Do I have the flu again?
hepatitis C alcoholic for 15 years?
My GGT test came back at 178 ! Help !?
help me and my poor wee puppy with sarcoptic mange?
In which countries in Asia have there been confirmed cases of Tuberculosis?
What happens when you tell your doctor you self harm?
Why am i always tierd and have no energy?
How did you cure your eating disorder?
Has anybody ever felt like this before?
The more Jack Daniels I drink ,the more the world makes sense,is that my fault ?
Depressed and lonely lol ? read on please?
how can i tell my best friend that i'm suicidal?
Do I Have Depression Like My Mum?
Are there any professionals on mental health that can help me?
Why am I in constant apathy?
i have problem with my son (22yrs) who becomes violent and throws things, he does not go out of house?
why do some people get stomach aches when nervous?
I see and hear things that aren't really there?
It felt like I was drugs? I've never taken anything?
Forever younf...I wanna be forever young!Do you really want to live forever?
Am I stuck with meds for life (currently taking olanzipine)?
can depression make you afraid to go outside?
lost contact with quite a few online friends, how can i handle it?
Coming off Incapacity Benefit help?
Stress or depression?
What will the early intervention team in psychosis do?
Is Croup Contageous to young babies?
mosquito bites!?
how can i help a child with cancer?
is my brothers operation life threatening?
I have a fungus in mah ear hole, would steel wool get it out?
Please help teen still grieving?
midwest center for stress and anxiety?
I have always wanted something to be wrong with me. Is this normal?
Is there something wrong with me? (Serious Answers Please)?
Does my gp have to have my parents permission to write a note for my exams?
i had a dream that i died...?
Feeling really weird lately?
Do any other misanthropes; who have always had a mistrust or fear of people in general, get lonely and full of?
I'm really worried about her?!? what should i do?
does anyone know of any good works of art ie books or film with BPD as subject?
is it possible for antidepressents too?
please tell me i am not crazy!! and please read the question fully im sick of people misreading questions!!?
How do common episodic stressors in the workplace affect organizational behavior?
I can't be vegetarian because I'm mentally ill?
I'm Always Thinking, Do I Have A Type of Disorder?
Simple question, is anxiety a part of depression?
What's going on with me? Please help?
Taking Excedrin and Ibuprophen for a headache, dosage?
The inside of my thighs hurt. How can I make the pain go away?
Pain in center of my chest first thought it was the bones now thinking it may be the muscles its constant.?
I Think I Have Mini Carpal Tunnel In My Left Hand,What Can I Do To Help It,Or Pervent It From Getting Worse?
My right wrist hurts ALOT?
i know this is wrong but now im kinda scared?
Should i go see my doctor now? or walk in clinic again?
i have been getting wicked wicked headaches lately,they come on very fast and feel as if my head may explode?
Sudden cold and throat pain?
Constapated...... What do I do? It really hurts?
what are some remedies to help the pain for ear infections?
should i go to the hospital?
I have dry skin and sunburn on my lips and in the corner of my lips. What product/method is most effective?
Is there any other way rather then a blood test to find out if your anemic?
My friend told me she has womb cancer. She is a serial lyre and im not sure whether to believe her!?
I didn't get to see the end what was the diagnosis?
epilepsy can it kill me.?
what's the difference between eczema and psoriasis?
Can a child born prematurely have autism - or can it simply be a development delay? Thanks?
can you survive stage 4 cancer?
Do you know anyone with "situs inversus"?
medication making me vomit?
what happens when you break your back?
whats your oppinon of what would happen if you fell about 5 meters onto your arm onto concrete?
what harm could this of done...... READ MORE DETAIL ...?
Just need someone i can trust, and confide my problems too?
help me please i feel so alone?
Bipolar disorder, how do you cope with bipolar?
is prozac prescribed for mild moderate or major depression?
what is wrong with me? why am i so paranoid?
Is this weird or normal?
Is it wrong that I am seriously and genuinely afraid of the Tories being in power?
What can I do to help?
I know somene with a mental disorder. What is it.?
Why do I always feel depressed at night before I go to bed?
Thankyou to everyone that answered my question about seroquel 300mg and alternative way,?
Can you get high off tippex by sniffing it?
what was your expierience when taking prozac (fluoxetine)?
Mental health problems?
Best way to get rid of a addiction?
Where do I go now? I think I'm severely depressed.?
What could cause a child to be born with extreme fear, of everything, and lack of confidence?
Is this normal to do with my mental health?
i think i have depression what do i do?
Can anyone help me, i have excema bad on my hands, bleeding, itching and inflamed.?
Recently, my left pinky and ring finger have been going numb...?
Pad question!!!!!!!!?
Any suggestions for skin discolouration from medication side effect?
what is hernia, & ?cause?
i am repulsive but i dont want to feel this way.?
Mental illness-Schizophrenia?
I have OCD. What should I do?
I read on NHS and other sources that Bipolar disorder?
What do you think Social Services would do?
Do I have a right to complain and ask for another med?
what is the maximum dose of trazodone that can be taken?
Just been signed off with depression and want to know about benefits?
why do i feel like a loner?
What is the difference between autism and aspergers and low and high functioning autism?
Is there a medication which can reduce / minimize or even better take away aspergers?
Please help - I really want to know - I have been diagnosed with mild autism but seem to have more problems?
What do you do when you can't cope with life?
Would it be alright to hug my counselor?
I'm a adult in my early 20's with BPD. How has it affected your life?
effects of substance misuse & mental illness?
how to tell your high from Coke,Perks, E ?
what is xanax the drug?
Woke up to a chunk of hair missing...?
How to stop or mellow out drug highs?
How do you pass the time in an emergency room?
how much does a regular pack of cigarettes cost in Ontario, Canada currently?
I am 29 years old and my doctor found out that I have bronchieactasis what is medicine for that.?
My heart rate dropped to 40 beats per minute the other day. How low can your heart beat drop?
Could you please read my description below regarding my treatment for acne?
im quitting ciggies now! Wanting to know whats it like when you don't smoke anymore?
My skin is really bothering me... >.< What is going on with it?
how do i get nail polish off kids skin?
Treatment for eczema?
Is this true about epileptic seizures?
a solution for psorias?
anyone out there know a cure for restless legs?
Really need advice!! please answer?
I have fibromyalgia. I haven't found anything that helps for pain.?
how long does muscle pain in arms take to heal?
My girlfriend has this rash and pain, what is it?
i want to hurt myselffff?
Does it sound like i have Appendicitis?
I have aspergers and have never made a friend - Did I say anything wrong or weird in this email?
Do people with aspergers laugh as much as normal people? i know they can laugh when no on else thinks?
People keep telling me i need to talk to someone...?
how can I feel and act more confident?
How do I start a charity In memory of my mum?
I worried I am being emtionally abused, can anyone advise?
convince someone to sleep?
I feel Angry and hate-filled?
flupentixol (depixol injection)?
What should I do if I am feeling depressed?
When life is going very well, why do people with bi-polar have to destroy everything around them?
tense from life? how to relax?
need to get checked, don't know what to do?
I feel lost in my mind and robotic...?
Why Do I Keep Hurting Myself Whenever Im Sad?
Mental health (report) help please?
What to SAY? What to DO? I have TWO to decide.. Help ? ?
Anyone else feel like there is nothing there to keep you going?
I am afraid to do anything. I feel lost...?
My 5 month old has a chest infection and it seems to be getting worse?
The occipital bone is found in what area of the body?
Does gout affect knees & shoulders?
My little finger dropped off, but there's no blood! What do I do?!?
Fish Oil Experiences?
can you be sectioned without even being given the option of going into hospital from free will?
Help, about drinking fluids?
Am I schitzophrenic? How would I know!?
aren't all criminals mentally ill?
have you ever backed yourself into so many corners that you have no options left?
Someone Help! Im Scared?
I think I have problems, what do you think?
SO nervous about tomorrow. HELP Only have ONE night to decide..?
REPOST: Need advice! Gonna do it TOMORROW if I can ..?
Are my mood swings normal?
Are there always mental health?
What help is available for a Heroin Addict while awaiting Treatment from the N.H.S.?
I am 25 years old and have been suffering from depression on and off for about 2 years now?
Fluoxetine Side Effects?
To nervous to eat, how do I get it to go away?
what exactly is a bipolar disorder?
What's wrong with me?
elevated white cells in urine?
Could I have mononucleosis?
what does it mean yellow phecies in people medical problems?
sick son think he got given wrong medication help?
does this sound like strep throat ?
RANDOM headaches, and dizziness.?
one minute im hot then i'm cold.. help?
I want to learn more about Massage Therapy?
Why could this be happening?
appendix what if the pain is on the lower right side of your back?
why do my legs ache so much even when standing for short periods?this started when i was about 24.i'm now 50
my back hurts. What can i do to make it feel better?
I have a sharp pain on my left rib cage?
why did nurse measure burns?
A addiction how do you help?
How can i get to sleep with lots of noise ( i cant wear earplugs they hurt)?
what happens when a mental health patient refuse's to take pills , or injections any kind of meds?? 10 pionts?
Anyone got any stories about NRG-1, its lethal!?
Do I have Bulimia Nervosa?
Do the police only allow terminally ill people to use Dignitas in Switzerland for euthanasia, or can anyone?
Are depressed or anxious people often called perverts?
I had a girl friend who was always Very Bossy & did things without thinking of the consequences. What kind?
I feel like I want to kill myself, but I'm thinking it's really just a cry forhelp?
I am reluctant to ask this on here but please help - Self Harm Question?
Is there any other mental side effects of Accutane / Roaccutane other than depression?
Im 18 so what type of meds would suit me best for easing my stress levels and worry levels?
possible ADHD or anything?
I cant take anymore,i just want it to be over !?
help i think im losing it please help?
why am I tired all the time?
Help! I am having trouble facing up to things (too much going on)!?
help me please... red in stool?
Lump on one side of my neck?
shingle scares?
does anyone know the symptoms of tongue cancer?
My mother has breast cancer?
i have a small hard bump in my nostril. what is it?
What are those little white dots that you can get on your finger nails?
feeling really weird and sick like i have the flu dont know whats wrong help?
What is a way to get ride of warts?
if you quit smokeing , and have 4 or 5 a week, will you get addicted again.?
every time i eat cheese in the past 2 months i get constipated it can be the tiniest amount?
If a lump was cancerous, would it take over 6 years to kill them?
Over 30 with acne appearing in places you've never had it before? back? neck? chest? arms?
is it possible if i drink alot of water today and tommorow i can pass the urine drug test?
If something plays a slight part in a persons death?
How do I cope with the situation at school?
how to help anxiety and depression.?
Can I up my doseage of fluoxetine?
can i take propananol /and sertraline with inostal and sleeping aid?
What's something weird or a little odd that you do to relieve stress?
I saw a group of people sitting in a room and talking to their imaginary friend? Are they crazy?
How Can I stop Self Harming?!?
Should I go to the doctor about feeling depressed?
not sure what's happening is it anxiety symptoms and panic attacks?
how do i tell my mum i'm still feeling suicidal?
how many lithium pills will kill you...just wondering.?
My bad memories, life issues....?
Self Harming... Help me please?
My cousin is a manic depressive?
I' starting to open up more about my eating disorder, but it's just making me worse!?
Do you gain confidence as you get older?
How many tylenol will it take so a person can die?
What causes one to sleepwalk?
What does my dream mean ?
who benifits from ocd?
Depressed & Need Help?
is it worth going to the dr to diagnose OCD?
I need help socially ...?
I think i'm addicted to fire...?
If you were in my situation what would YOU do (Family against me)?
Use more sugar and monosodium glutamate is adversely affecting patients with schizophrenia?
when do you have sleep paralysis?
Is diazepam safe pls help?
BPD - I have just read on a website that people with BPD (me included).....?
I'm scared to go to the doctors...?
Do you ever wish someone would just hold you?
symbyax and zaprexa!! is there any1 on any of these?
A question about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?
How long does it take to give a diagnosis?
what to do with myself?
I think I'm going crazy! Help me, please!?
Let me know the ways we can be strong and healthy ( mentally and physically )?
Why do I keep getting small flashes into the future?
will i pass this drug test....?
i have little white bumps on the sides of my lips kinda looks like black heads but white?
what is epilepsy?? is it commonn and is it very serious???!!!!!!?
SEIZURE but no fever??(my 22mnth old)so scared and worried?!!?
Colon of the Cancer Questions! easy 10 p?
Why can't I breathe that big breath?
how do i get rid of ring worms?
Is laying in your bathtub with your head rested against the back of the tub bad for your spine?
How bad is it to smoke weed out of a can?
Alcohol is still effecting me? the day after!?
heart hurts when i breathe in deeply...whats wrong with me?
I love the withdrawal symptoms of quitting smoking, am i weird?
Just found a bottle of hydroxyzine in someone's room that isn't prescribed to him. Help?
How much of air pollution is due to smoking?
Just ate sugary candy and need to sleep right now, what do i do?
Am I going to be ok? Body strength.?
I have cheast pain on right upper side usally when I take deep breath or streach . what is wrong with me?
Is there a good remedies out there for knee pain?
Do anti-inflamatory medications do anything other than releive pain?
How do I deal with Chronic back pain while on holidays?
Should I go to the hospital?
Just part of depression, or not?
Anorexia ... Asking for help ?!?!?
Anorexia.... How to tell someone?
Solution for depression?
Anorexia ... Telling a nurse?
A question about manic depression?
Do i have bipolar disorder?
I need a diagnosis for my illness!?
Have you had CBT-e for treating Bulimia?
Do I have phone phobia?
Has anyone tried Clomipramine; is it effective?
would you go out with a smoker? if you are a non smoker?
antidepressants sertraline and citalopram?
can being in a relationship with some one with depression cause you to get depressed?
How can one be more or become grounded?
Autism and lack of empathy, why do I feel such extremes?
are there any anti-psychotic medication that does not make you gain weight?
Why is my mum always putting me down? Its not fair?
how can I tell my boyfriend I want to go on antidepressants?
I'm Too scared to sleep at night?