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do i have deppression?
i have severe trust issues and anxiety, is there anyway to stop it?
I'm bored of everything?
can a 13 year old admit self into mental home?
Are you compliant with the psychiatric medication prescribed for you? If not why not? How often have you......?
Is this normal (hearing voices)?
I doubt every glimmer of hope what should i do?
advice, at my all time lowest?
helpppppppppppp me, am i depressed?
has anyone over come agoraphobia if so how?
i have trouble falling asleep?
Big worry about highschool and things in genral.?
is spirulina as good as people claim it to be?
Where did this explosive diarrhea come from and what do I do?
Would an iron imbalance make your dreams weird?
does any1 know the symptons of mange in a dog an how long is it on the body b4 you see the signs?
diarrhea and constepation?
is there some kind of a stomach flu/diahrrea bug going around?
A question for RN Div 1 about urine test?
what did the U.S do to stop AIDS in Africa?
wHO meditates and where,,,,,,cheers?
has n e one else has had this type of depression?
How have drugs affected you in the long term?
I hear voices at night. Should i be worried?
question about psychiatric medication?
Will my mental health problems destroy my dreams?
am i having panic attacks and if i am should i be ashamed?
Loneliness is usually experienced if someone loses a relative or moves to a new place where they don't know?
my child has an aggressive imagination?
How to fake CONFIDENCE with social ANXIETY?
Can somebody please tell me what mental disorder this is?
If the police talk one out of suicide....?
is there a test or info or doc i can talk to regaurding mental health issues thats free ?
Heroin: the truth - need help ?
I want to be ill?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
am, i schizophrenic??
i think im a pervert, can i do anything about it?
I keep hearing scary noises in my head. What do you sugeest?
why am i scared of everything?
knee catching!!!!!!!!!?
Upper right back pain, minimal for about 4 years. ?
Sore Right Achilles, diagnosis?
are apples okay to eat when you are vomiting and have diarrhea?
what causes people to blush? how can it be controlled?
How do I fix my sleeping pattern?
Healthy weight? - BMI calculator?
Throwing up for no reason?
I had a PAP done. And my results came in. What does RBC:OCC, YEAST:OCC, EPITHELIAL. and G. VAG LIKE BACT mean?
best remedy for the flu?
how will you reduce the risk of cross infection?
I think i have tonsilitis, HELP!?
Exponential Growth in Diseases?
Why after an arguement with my partner does my body get...?
Did I have a seizure ?
I have a red bump on my eye. ?
What is this???????!!!?
anyone have social anxiety?
Do I have depression? Please help me! :/?
how do you get rid of a bad feeling?
Psychological Screening help?
I hardly feel tired anymore?
Is this manipulative attention seeking behaviour? 'Attempted suicde'?
i have personality disorder an my doctor has just got to the bottom of it after a year?
Do you remember that moment five years ago when you were very nervous and unhappy?
How much paracetamol can I take without having to go to hospital?
samaritans advice please?
Physcopathy, Just a phase?
Dyslexia, or something else?
Questions about Olanzapine(Zyprexa)?
My boyfriends wants me to die with him? He is depressed?
what does my dream mean?
I have ended my relationship with my bf who has BPD. Will this make him better? He is getting therapy already.?
When I'm hungry, which is very often, I get really shaky and feel faint and nausious.Could it be hypoglycemia?
peirecing and infections?
can someone explain the process before a heart block?
viral conjuntivities, how long does it take to treat viral conjuctivities?
once you have mono and get get over it will it still be contagious?
how long can viral conjunctivitis last?
Can you catch air born sicknesses from effluent pumped from untreated septic tank?
what can you do for shin splints?
What kind of healthy natural alternatives to steroids are there to cure eczema?
what is the main cause of adult acne?
Becoming a Neurologist , do you think i should be one.?
Ways of strengthening my knee?
does anyone know of natural sleep aids for a 5 yearold? my son is never asleep before 915 pm earliest ?
I think I may have Bipolar Effective Disorder, but not sure if these symptoms mean anything?
I am unable to cry, I think I'm having a nervous breakdown, can you help me?
What does it mean when somebody tells you that you look mentally ill?
why am i so tired ALL THE TIME PLEASE HELP !:)?
Chaetophobia is the fear of what?
Why do i feel sickly in my stomach (is this my anxiety)?
Could you name a movie? please ?
where do u see u self in 10 yrs?
I'm so stressed...i chew paper!?
How is one meant to be able to .........?
Do you have bigger stress then this to worry about?
Depression after a break up..?
Amisulpride - is 400mg per day a lot?
What should I do about this anxiety?
Was we wrong to leave him?
What does this dream mean? (Probably won't make sense)?
What alternatives are there to counselling?
tips to stay up for 24 hours?
What do you think about this article and the affect of children getting sick?
Can someone tell me when Encephilitis was first discovered?
How can I get rid of my cold (or flu) quicker?
Does anyone have any good chat rooms for hiv+ people & their negative partners?
How soon after contracting mono do you get symptoms? And could you get petechiae from mono?
I have a green spot on my toenail and later a red diagonal line developed, does anyone know what this is? ?
i have had a wierd black dot on my knee for a year now......?
Should jogging cause pain?
oh god is this really really bad for my health...?
Please help, what do I do?!?
I want to fix myself up despite depression holding me back!?
I need help understanding some things about my blood type and donating blood!?
What is an alternative to Anacin? Anacin hurts my stomach.?
Whats wrong with my body?
hi its currently 2:04 and i cant go to sleep please help anyone????????????????????????????????``?
have you ever thought to donate your eyes to eye bank?
How long should i stay off a twisted ankle?
I cut the roof of my mouth from food. How do i make it not hurt?
i fell on my arm and now i have elbow pain when bending? i can't even bend myarm? ?
how do i heal up recent cuts?
alcohol smell from hep c?
do i have tonsillitis??
i went to see my mum she had mrsa i think it mite be cause of death but i went to see her after she had died i
Taking Met tathione (Gluthathione) and Antibiotics???
PLS help! I'm i going to go deaf?
In depression, started taking pain relief?
When I think about stuttering, I stutter. Help?
is there something called risk addiction?
is this normal? please answer!?
Feeling really low, is it depression?
How do you care for someone with dementia with lewy bodies?
I just saw a man get run over, how do i get it out of my head?
What is it like in an adolescent inpatient unit?
Can keeping the TV on during sleep inhibit dreaming?
Am i being bullied, if so what should i do?
What is depression and how can i help my girlfriend deal with it?
How can i get over my fear of sleepvers?
I am so sad and alone i feel like i am going mad?
why do i feel so old at 23?
Do I have OCD or am I just a weirdo?
Mum of 2 - struggling please help?
I need help, But where can i go ?
What are your opinions on euthanasia?
Strange Lower Back Pain?
Working Out Your Chest Till it bleeds?
Do you think I should be worried?
Why our life is so painful?
It felt like i peed my pants, but i didn't...?
i had 12 xtra strength tylenol yesterday and 8 more today.. whats ging to happen?
medication with marijuana?
My whole leg falls asleep way to quickly.?
Why did my thumb swell up?
Whats wrong with me?
how to stop cracking my fingers?
I have white spots on my tonsils but my throat does not hurt. All info I have seen adds sore throat.?
Any HIV+ People out there?
Malaria. When a mosquito bites a person with malaria, how long does it take?
Can someone help me figure out the problem?
how can i calm down and not blow my head off at everyone?
Why isnt depression taken more seriously?
Is it common to have withdrawal symptoms when a diet is changed?
whats happening? please help i feel like im dying?
Coming off anti depressants and pregnancy?
What jobs are good for someone with ADD (Attention deficit disorder)?
I think I'm schizophrenic but I don't know how to tell anyone?
Why do I feel so down lately?
So what do you do if you think... you have OCD or some kind of social disorder?
seriously there must be some way to get fully cured of ocd and anxiety disorders?
Do people with general anxeity disorder , tend to not get diseases ?
How do i improve my confidence?
Is it bad to miss phase II of your sleep cycle, for a few nights?
can a person on medication for bipolar disorder ever be pregnant since she must stop the medication in order?
How to Beat Winter Depression?
My confidence has been shattered, I hate being me ?
Why does my arm go numb?
my son tore a ligament in his knee.?
Would it be okay if I were to take 1 extra strength Tylenol every 3-31/2 hours?
??? Sore Calf Muscle.... For Days ?
growing painn in one foot?
Does caffeine really make you stop growing?
I just took a chewable Gravol and within minutes of taking it feel really woozy + fluttery? :/?
My spine sticks out too much!!! HELP?
Does this last name look German or English?
Why are Podiatrists scam artists?
Will the quitting smoking laser treatment make him quit smoking pot?
help1 throat issues ?
why cant i sleep after quiting canabis?
what exactly is a hernia? huh, explain that for me, ?
Can anyone Plz help me!?
how do i look after him. please help.?
What's the best way to get rid of fleas and lice?
Is neutrophilia a life threatning problem? Please answer I'm very much worried about my son.?
Gastro and indigestion
should I go back to the doctor? (about leg sprain)?
Hurt myself, please answer! :) ?
i have this bump on my head? what could it be?
Sprained or broken thumb?
Where to buy camu camu?
best way to totally cleanse and purify your entire body?
What if you answer no to a question on the blood donor questionnaire?
Why Do I Need Sugar Someone Please Help?
Anybody have any results with any kind of medications for neuropathy pain? Please let me know I suffer greatly?
Bad diarrhea since yesterday?
PLEASE lookin for few answers of what could be goin on with me !!!!!!!?
How to rid a hemorrhoid?
I think I'm getting obsessed over someone I don't even know?
anorexia and boyfriend?
How can I make myself aggressive?
what do you think is the best emotional medicine?
whens the last time you thought wtf am i crazy?
Why is it that I don't wake up having a panic attack if I sleep really late (such as 6am)?
(question about making changes) how do i get over this fear?
how do i get a therapist to talk to?
My Son has committed suicide and my Daughter has been Sectioned - how do I cope?
Is there a way I can...?
How to cheer oneself up?
I only feel good after a pint of beer, how do i change this?
how do i stop feeling guilty when i drink!?
Self Harming has returned?
Who should i talk to?
I feel weird (mentally)?
I feel so depressed all the time?cant take it anymore?
Is OCD only caused by anxiety or can there be another cause?
Help!! Why can't I sleep....?
Is 37.8 degrees Celsius a temperature (in a human)?
Why did my skin turn yellow?
if you eat right and drink water and exercise and wash face how long will it be till my acne starts goin away?
I need help with some shoulder problems?
why would a wound take longer to heal in alice springs than adelaide?
Ball at bottom of spine, hurts to sit down.?
i jared my finger 4 weeks ago & its still sore?
I used to have viral conjunctivitis, but now that I don't have it anymore, I have dry eye. Help?:?
How does immunity to stomach bugs work?
What caused millions of deaths in 1918?
do i have tonsillitis?
my 22 month old has flu! help!?
Questions about Asperger syndrome ?
I wake up with panic attacks and think this is related to going on the computer. What is the best solution?
Who drives you more crazy than you already are?
How long have you struggled with your anxiety disorders?What helps you cope the most?
Extreme tiredness and anxiety... any advice?
First she tells me I have schizophrenia then she says she isn't sure?
Why did I faint? I'm so scared, please help.?
my mum had a massive stroke, she is very confused, i feel i need to take over her finances, am unsure of how 2?
I hate my job!! Help!!! advice appreciated..?
Why am i so paranoid?
What is wrong with me?
Help. Stress problems?
how does depression form?
Can someone give me some examples of bizarre thoughts that people have?
What should I do? My OCD is driving me crazy?
How do you help constipation?
Should I be a Physiotherapist or Chiropractor?
How much will i make as a psychiatrist?
Sweating ALOT, and migraine!?
This had turned into an obsession....?
What's the disadvantages of breaking the legs to become taller?
What does calcium magnesium supplements do to your body?
is my weed laced with any other drus?!?!?
Possible Knee Injury?
Doctor or nurse please head injury?
A question on OCD mental illness?
What Is The Correct Way To Put Day Contact Lenses In?
Should I see a doctor about this wedgie?
can you get high off of meloxicam 7.5 mg tabs ?
help getting sick in 12 hours?
Optic Neuritis and vision loss?
When you grow older does chickenpox get fatal?
Back Acne Problem :( please help?
Why would a Dr ask for blood pressure to be taken every 15 minutes over 2 hours on a pregnant lady?
Painful Hernia operation recovery?
Anybody actually overcome anxiety with Claire Weekes books?
Do you know anyone in this situation?
Not totally depressed but what can I do?
What's wrong with me? Why can't i deal with things?
I am 29 year old female,i take Fluoxetine 20 mg twice a day,in addition of some other antidepressents,?
Why am I hearing voices?
Last day at school tommorow!?
Why am I afraid of meeting guys?
Please help. How to handle this nasty behaviour?
is this part of anxiety?
A quick painless way to die? (I'm doing research)?
how do i get help for my depression, posibly bipolar?
Why can't you sleep when you want to but can when you don't?
How to stop self-harming?
What's the symptoms of depression?
Are child & adolescent psychotherapists in demand like child & adolescent psychiatrists?
A friend found a dead body?
Is it normal to still like playing pretend games at 13?
how do you get rid of hiccups?
What kind of repeated doctors appointments should i be arranging?
How much does marijuana effect your memory?
im going to get my deviatedd septum fixed is the surgery painful?
How much more will I grow.. ?
i cant take a tylenol if my neck is broken?
Why is it bad to let your body starve?
How to fight accne, age 25 female?
Is it normal to see your food in your throw up five hours after eating it?
Ethically speaking, do you think liver transplants for alcoholics is justified?
Does anyone know how Hendra Virus affects the nervous system? ?
what is the difference between an infectious and a non-infectious disease. give examples.?
Could it be pink eye?
What happened to bird flu?
have i overdosed, realisticly?
why suicide..... why do they just give up?
are there any positives to drug addiction ?
Help!! I think I have a disordeer but I don't know what?
How can I be eloquent?
OCD and temper loss solution?
Anyone had ECT and had either positive or negative long lasting results?
What help is there for bulimia in Ireland?
help with sleep problem?
can they make me continue treatment for depression?
Can antipsychotics cause anhedonia?
Do you think I may have (mild) OCD?!?
is this normal with taking prozac?
Does anybody else write entire novels in their head?
Jajneseni Mitra - Reiki?
Any pointers to anything wrong?
Which is the most severe mental health disorder?
I'm not sure whether I'm just pathetic or not.. need advice please!?
do you have any suggestions on how to stop self harming?
doe's anyone else here have borderline personality disorder?
What is it called when you obsessively keep researching information?
Have you ever taken any anti-depressants or anxiety medication?
What Do These Pathology "Terms" mean? For a Blood Test?
I have recently gotten a twitch in my right eye. Could is be stress related?
Acl surgery vs. rehab?
Can Chicken Pox Affect hips?
My best friend is prone to having fainting..?
Did I overdose on nasal spray?
Tylenol brand medications?
When you are ill, does it make your immune system weaker?
What does a "low level of basic life force" mean? I was going through a chinese medicine website.?
What could this be??????????
what causes excessive sweating?
Question about drug tests?
Will my body recover from having too much msg/salt?
Well Im scared to go to sleep at night because I feel like I 'm not gonna wake up?
I feel so ill, HELP NOW PLEASE?
Do you think health insurance in Australia is worth it?
any one know why my daughters legs get weak?
Has anyone else got an advice concerning an elderly abusive controlling mother?
i think my mums depressed?
I don't know how to cope with my mental health problems?
are you depressed or anxious? taking medication or not?
In a bit of a daze, not myself.?
what do you do when your at a dead end?
can someone give me some advice how i tell someone i think i have an eating disorder?
If you formerly abused drugs/alcohol can you remember the day you stopped?
Does anyone know the best medication combo for Borderline Personality Disorder?
My friend is probably bipolar but wont go to the doctor. What should I do?
Loss of Appetite, due to depression?
How can i enjoy my childhood?
is it possible to blow your brains out if you blow your nose to hard?
i self harm can i section myself?
Is this part of the panic attack or what?
do you tell your partner you suffer anxiety depression?
looking for a website that helps grieving parents of babies please. UK based.?
am i being silly or am i actually..?
Can anyone cheer me up?
my 8 year old daughter can't walk. Help?
I have my worst might pink eye i've ever had?
Is having multiple migraines each month something to worry about?
How do you use a heat pack to treat muscle injuries?
help.back pain =/ it hurtsss please help..?
Do i have a hairline fracture in my scaphoid bone?
How do you treat a swollen knee? Not sure how I hurt it but it is very swollen. PLEASE HELP!!?
I recentley got mugged and on the side of my eyeball is all red and is slowing expanding. What is this?
my eye really hurts just under my eyelashers anyone no why PLEASE HELP!?
Why does my ankle hurt?
hey I have a fear of sleeping away from home. what are something I can do to fall asleep easily.?
i get car sick and im going on a ten hour drive from sydney to victoria with only one stop?
How can I avoid getting an cold sore, when i'm hunting and am exposed to all kinds of weather?
husband has hepatitis c?
Catching disease from mosquito bite?
Can I quit a contract job if I am having medical complications?
I am 55 yaer old woman. MY feet relise lot of heat when I am sleeping. Why?
What are the bad effects from long term use of Methdaon Maitenance?
Why do I feel drowsy, weird, tired and in unattached to the world?
I have extremely bad acid reflux / heartburn.. help?
one night out, weird morning waking up...?
How to get off sleeping pills?
Why does muscle soreness occur when you are sick?
Beneficial effects of calcium?
What is bulimia? Please help?
Is there a treatment for trichotillimania hair pulling disorder?
I'm so anxious my whole body feels weird and I don't wanna do anything, help me?
how to calm down and not kill her?
Whats the best way to deal with depression?
how to help a friend who has been abused from the age of 4 until 22?
Why won't Stacey out of eastenders leave the house?
I'm worried my friend has an eating disorder, any advice?
Depression, please read!?
is it possible to be a workaholic?
my parents make me feel so bad about myself?
Apparently teen drug abuse is at it's highest level yet?
What can I take to induce nightmares?
violent tendencies with my 10 year old?
Why do I cry too easily?
can depression make you think these things?
i think ive got depression/bi polar?
where am i going wrong?
addiction to pain killers?
i suffer from an eating disorder friends all want me to go out for a meal what should i do?
help with a sudden break out ! ?
How can I sleep better?
how could I stop this?
i think i may have broken or dislocated my wrist?
foot sprain!!!!HELP!!!?
will a 2 week old dislocation show up on x rays?
Did I break my finger?
Ganglion in foot question? Please answer!!!?
HELP - How long for a cut thumb to heal?
Bad back injury.............?
Will i be able to go back to dance after knee reconstruction ?
Can you take antibiotics the day after a huge night?
Do typhoid injections hurt? Does anyone have any tips?
When you are low in Vitamin D how many "IU" should u take in tablets daily?
Where abouts do they sell the new rexona clinical protection antipersperant?
The longest you've gone without changing your underwear/showering?
Is self hypnosis healthy?
Embarrassing situation - I was caught talking to myself in the mirror? Read please? Am I crazy?
I can feel pressure at the front of and a feeling as though something?
Can you use depression as motivation?
why do i feel i want to be needed ? please help ?
What disease produces these symptoms?
Question About Acid Reflux?
Fear of sleeping, anxeity?
confidential chat...where and to who ?
I have insomnia..BUT..help?
Sleep paralysis. help!!?
stage fright medication?
Is it safe to take Diazepam 2mg during pregnancy?
Emerging Borderline Personality Disorder?
What's wrong with me?
Is this a sign of Depression, what do I do? I feel that no one likes me?
Where are all the blood poisoning cases?
can you recommend any herbal remedies or alt. therapies to help me to get better?
How to tell someone about your self-harming?
what should I tell my friend who has biopolar?
Is this normal?? Or am I crazy or sth?
Why do I always feel tired after I have a good cry?
How Can I make my eyes open when i sneeze? Or is it not possible?
My bf has 'blisters' inside his mouth...?
Chili, Irritable Bowels?
What could be wrong with my throat?
what happens if I take nyquil and pain killers at the same?
I ate a bunch of fibreglass installation. HELP ME!?
how can u take care of your appendix?
Help with severe sinisitus.?
would it be safe to get my nibbles pierced?
Is there such thing as a vitamin patch.?
Tiny bit of glass in me?
I have this lump behind my ear?
Are these symptoms of low blood pressure?
Can I get compensation for someone smashing my car & bashing me?
Can damage nerve recover itself?
what damage would i do if i jumped off a balcony?
auto-immune emolytic anemia?
what is the best way to reduce swelling after eye surgery? Ice packs are too cold.?
how do you reduce the size of enlarged tonsils?
Why do people millions of people still die from malaria each year?
can u help me about virus DIRTILE.COM ?
I been diagnose with right rotator cuff and subacromial bursitis and my GP recomended steroid injection.?
is this possible.......................................?
Need information on calf muscle, Can you help?
My knee hurts when I walk really bad, did I sprain it?
Minocycline and cold-like symptoms?
Why am I still scared of any bathroom?
How do you deal with feelings of guilt?
what to take instead of xanax?
i feel like i have been branded for life? help plz advice????? :(?
I am depressed what should I do?
What treatment have you had for PTSD?
I think I have Schizophrenia! I need to find a decent Psychiatrist!?
There's this weird thing I have to do...?
what drugs are best for social anxiety?
Anti-depressants, Work so quickly?
I desperately want to find love, but I obsess over people so much I am afraid of having my heart broken?
What are these traits exactly?
Are all these things red flags?
schizoeffective disorder articles?
why did mom black her face out of my pictures?
my ex was teling me after he dumped me?
i think my mom had a heartattack but she says she's fine and i don't know what to do, i'm worried?
I fainted while I stretched?
How Do I Get Rid Of My Hiccups!!!?
My friend has had an on and off headache for more than a month since his friend passed away?
What are these symptoms of?
Why do we urinate after emptying our bowels?
What happens when you smoke weed for the first time?
Do i have a hemorrhoid?
What is in a multivitamin that causes an upset stomach?
What happened to me??
swallowign wax when i eat..?
Question about an MRI?
What is inside the H1N1 vaccine?
How much does an MRI cost in the U.S.A.?
i swallowed some whitening gel, the plus white 5min one... what should I do?
knee high or thigh high compression medical stockings?
I slept on my arm last night..?
I just want to sleep all the time...?
Voices screaming in my head keep me awake at night. Is this normal? How can I make them stop?
How to help a friend who suffers from serious depression?
can i ask for prozac...since my fiance left me?
Why would a college teacher be amused about an anxiety disorder of one of her students?
Whats going on in my head, look for mental problems?
If your child wanted to exit, because of life long anxiety, excessive sweating, and lack of social skills?
is feeling like everyone hates you, wanting to die and being upset linked to mental illness?
how do i let go of all the regretful decisions and mistakes in my life?
help!? i get scared!?
overdose on co drydramol?
How to overcome stalking obessions?
Is it more than depression?
Is it normal to feel so repulsed in this way?
im always trying to get fvcked up! what is wrong with me!?
I get horrible paranoia at night?
why when the sun shines we’ll shine together?
Scared about not turning up at work today?
How long do I have to live with appendicitis?
what type of micro organism causes mumps and Syphilis?
whats was the solution to the plague, how did it end?
What is the diff between positive and negative strand virus?
Names of diseases if your too cold?
can a swab test detect anything if you dont touch it to your cheek or get saliva on it?
Do you take meds for anxiety?
Oh wow bad hiccups here ,?
Why does oat meal make me go to the bathroom so badly?
is getting headaches everyday for the past 2 years normal?
Very bad Shoulder pain?
Nose bleed 4-5 days in a row...?
Why do I have pains in my Joint?
Which test for vitamin D level?
I'm addicted to drugs?
why are my bones hurting?
Can Pneumonia be healed? How much percentage?
Do i have active tuberculosis? Im so worried now, help...?
Theres a carpernter bee in my kitchen?
What is Causing This???
Is there anywhere on line bereaved people can chat without any fear of having uncaring , nasty comments? you n?
important about depression .?
Why don't doctors know how to diagnose depression efficiently?
linden method for G.A.D sufferers?
Naturally high?????????????
I'm looking for the appropriate help with my mental illness!?
How do insomniacs keep fit?
Why do i feel horrible.?
Unreliable Keyworker, would this affect you? your opinions plz!?
Naturally high???????
can my psychiatrist discharge me?
Question about shin splints?
Ankle Injury - Sprain, Bruise, Fracture, Tendons, or something else?
my grandson is 18 and i believe he has mental health problems?
This is my last day of being 16... i feel really depressed and old :(?
A question about Anger Management?
I have a herniated t 10-11, with pain in lumbar area and down left leg.?
Achilles Tendon: How easy is it to snap?
i tripped ova ma new kickzz nd now ma head hurts. wat do i do?
Something wrong with my foot and hand!! DOCTOR NEEDED?
can someone help me with this, regarding lead paint?
What's the difference between sunglasses that say UV 400 and other sunglasses that say 100% UV radiation?
Hurths when I breath...why?
what things can i take that will make me fall asleep?
Im 12. How do I grow taller?
Perfect Skin by Genuine Health - Taking the pills??
I am getting a CT scan done and I have some questions?
private health insurance?
Can smiling make your head explode?
i'm having very frequent dizzy spells?
how to get weed out of system in 9-13 days?
Why is life so complicated?
I see things that arent really there why?
how is it possible that depression does this?
depression and hiding away?
Am I a complete and utter freak?
Oxazapam medication question?
depressed and feel like i can't go on anymore?
Has anyone been attacked for blushing because they think you're smiling?
My parents wont let me take antidepressants?
what do you think of my sleep?
Panic, and anxiety attacks are taking over.?
Boyfriend who self harmed...?
with citalopram 10mg I cant sleep?
Friends and Depression......?
How do you raise self confidence? [short]?
Travelling to Malaria prone areas?
What should I do if and when the Swine Flu hits where I live?
Can you get Swine Flu from eating meat ? please i need and answer and a true one?
another question about the swine flu??? please help!?
wrist injury that is not healing?
Air bubble under my toenail.?
help with poss shoulder strain?
what's wrong with my arm?
I keep getting injured?
Piercing Question...Do I have a keloid?
Why do I have a constant bitter taste in my mouth?
help with health!!!!?
Whats wrong with me!!!!!?
weird head ache question?
Why are my brothers index, middle and ring finger almost exactly the same size(he is also 'missing' a knuckle)?
Hairline issues!! Is there any way I can lower my hairline and make it grow lower on my forehead?
Should i worry about my pulse rate?
Does drinking warm milk really make you sleepy?
Can any GP doctor prescribe me with antidepressants?
Strange Itchiness when Warm?
Name the legislation about protecting people from abuse?
Why do I keep having random highs and lows?
4mg Diazepam (valium) and 10mg Propranolol (beta blockers).. PLEASE HELP?
too scared to take citalopram for anxiety and depression don't know what to do ?
Is my doctor likely to be mad with me for not being totally honest with her?
Borderline Personality Disorder at 17?.. i know its long, but please help.?
do i sound bipolar to you?
Really weird dream...?
Is it wrong to get annoyed with a family member who has a lisp, has a false sense of superiority, mutters to?
the best way to stop self harming?
I am sad ALL THE TIME. What are some everyday things I can do to get better?
Were the people who jumped from the windows of the twin towers during the terrorist attacks, to avoid the fire?
I am completely unsociable and its making me really depressed?
Is this wrong for a 33 year old woman? I mean 33 year young woman?
What could I get my dr as a thankyou present for helping me with my Anxitey treatment?
Please help me, I started self harming again?
How to prevent/cure home sickness?
Any bi-polar traits..................?
since i am turning 13 in 3 months....?
are what i describe nits, dandruff, or something else?
Splenectomy back in the early 1960s—performed from the backside or the abdomen?
what is the cause&cure to swollen glands in ovary area?
When i'm upset my stomach hurts?
Can you die from an infection in the bone?
Do I have a serious problem?
Lump on neck... Answer please !?
How much does it cost to see a doctor at a walk in clinic for an alberta resident?
NZ the only country that says you must come in person to buy timiflu if you have swine?
what is the symptoms of the flu? Would you classify this an emergency?
Is overdosing on sorbitol twice a month going to affect my body?
my husband has fractured his 4th rib?
my arm fils with bood very quickly ever since i hit my funny bone pretty hard a week ago?!?!?!?
I have an unexplained bruise?
What can i do to fix my back?
i have had a tummy tuck 4 weeks ago i am still healing the process is long is it ok to fast would it affect me?
Do i have a fractured rib?
should i go see a doctor about a sprained ankle?
drinking and too much ibuprofen--overdose?
Is there something wrong with me?
would a shot of heroin, say a triple dose, be lethal to a non-user.?
Constant knee dislocation?
When giving first aid for a one injured eye which has to be bandaged why do you bandage both?
How can i purposely sprain my ankle or wrist? (my ankle just enough to have crutches)?
Really bad back injury help!?
Help, I'm scared that I ingested some gasoline. Would the situation I was in harm my body?
was my weed laced please help!?
Is it bad to cross your legs when you sit?
Is there a special way to pack a cigarette pipe?
Spinal Anesthetic and lower back pain?
i think iam addicted to weed :|?
When does sunblock expire?
Seeking percocet- without a perscription & without credit card?
has anyone been to shades of hope eating disorder center?
How many forms of self harm are there?
I have a bug, but my skin hurts? + Bad imune system?
I don't want to sleep at night, even when I'm tired?
Art therapy - can you work in this field without obtaining the approved masters course?
What is this? thanks?
What's wrong with me? I'm always angry and upset?
My girlfriend has just been placed on antidepressants, due to issues moving on from an ex. What do I do?
If "manic" episodes are years apart, is it really bipolar or is it something else?
One doc thinks I have schizophrenia, the other psychotic depression?
Why can't I remember my childhood?
I'm extremely kind, but have a deep liking for malice?
am i bipolar please help me?
What does it mean if I refer to myself as "we"?
have i got a personality disorder?
not depressed, but very emotional. what's wrong?
where has swine hit in your countrie?
How long until swine flu reaches level six?
Can we get rabies from rats in Australia?
Should all HIV + people be killed to eliminate the virus?
Can you contract salmonella from someone who has been diagnosed with it and how?
Health Reform in the United States?
What are the results of excess alcohol consumption?
How long does it take for surface piercings to close up?
how do i get a prescription for medical marijuana in montreal?
at 130 pounds 5'9 do you think i can pass urine test for pot?
Is having a pain over your left hip normal? And sometimes both sides.?
What can i drink/take to make my voice come back?
how do you fall asleep quicker?
How to help an injured knee?
My leg is hurting, anyone know whats wrong?
What is a concussion?
What is wrong with my leg?
Please Help???????????????????
Should i be worried about swine flu in my situation?
I had a boil lanced at the ER yesterday?
Help with EKG results please?
is it possible to work productively when u have a migraine?
how do i stop smoking the easy way?
why do i sleep more during the day than night?
I am in a rut and am finding it so hard to lift myself to get motivated, what can I do?
Has anyone tried a light lamp for SAD. Are they worth it?
Depression, to the point where i feel physically sick, what should i do?
Feeling Depressed about My new Job?
Why does mental illness have such a stigma when cancer, heart attack, etc do not?
OCD??? i think i might have it help :s?
How do i become unobessed with people?
I feel unhappy all of the time?
What does Bipolar mean?
A question For people with Social Anxiety Disorder?
Do I think too much to cure my shyness?
constantly feeling hungry...?
How can you deal with stopping marijunah smoking?
How to wake up early for day program?
I have a Yahoo Answers addiction :/ What should I do?
what could this be!? depersonalization?
why is it that depression causes you to think so empty and wrong about the past present and future...?
Do I have a mental health problem and where can I find help?
Is depression brought on by anxiety or vice versa?
How long do prescriptions stay valid for?
why am i feeling discomert in my stomach?
while on topamax can u do a intensive workout? because i heard that i stops your ability to sweat.?
i bort a single use piercing gun from the chemist now i want to do my nose but keep reading that it aint good?
Is there really a 24 hour bug? :S?
Energy drinks like red bull especially - bad?
Crutches Problem!!!!?
Tibia and Fibula spiral fracture. Any help?
how to i know if i have broken my finger?
Needle in the bottom?
How to look after your joints?
How would I stop myself from walking on my tippy toes?
how badly injured is my ankle?
what can i do if i see a guy get hit in the groin? how can i help him?
Broken Wrist set wrong?
Do I have the regular flu?
I heard that the government is closing down all schools in victoria until swine flu is over?
How many swine flu confirmed cases should there be before they close a school?
What are these white marks on my arms?
Looking for Relief for Restless Leg Syndrome.?
Can anyone help me sort my life out?
Are most people who end up in their 40s single, never married & having had very few relationships mentally ill?
How can I cope depression and unfulfilment?
I feel like a panic attack when I don't hear from him?
bipolar iii or bipolar iv or hypomania caused by antidepressants?
Depression & Paranoia?
Going to the doctor about depression and social anxiety disorder? Only16.?
hallucinations am i going mad? THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT BY THE WAY?
What am I supposed to do, I went to see my doctor about self harming and she said nothing?
Do you think I have an eating disorder?
Is this about food or emotions?
What are the side effects of Quetiapine?
does this sound like depression to you?
If I had been recommended to be sectioned by a family member or doctor without my knowledge what would happen?
What's wrong with me?
What Health Care Card (HCC) is for?
whats wrong with me? HELP!!!!!?
If your 54, on blood pressure tablets, feeling dizzy, and body temp is 33 degrees Celsius, is that dangerous?
how badly would smoking 2 cigarettes a day impact my health?
whats good to take for a sore throat?
My baby just got diagnosed with leukemia. Now what? I couldn't live without her!?
Why when I was taking a shower I felt very sick?
Whats going on with me?
What are the effects of drinking red vinegar often?
how to go about ?????????? how to get over??
Is it bad to drink a lot of crystal light?
How do you know if your doing it "right"?
have u ever used ecstasy b4?if so how what kind was it and how was the high.how long did it last for?
It been 24 hours that i decided to quit smoking and why food taste different when i eat ?
When i do or about to do something, it feels like i have already done it before. is this normal?
How to eat on 200 dollars a month? (Frugal)?
what does the emergency managment of a patient with abdomineal pain consist of?
I just had a grey-out?
thumb!!! ASAP ans thanks?
TWISTED ANKLE!!!!! need answers fast!!!?
I cut my little finger a few months ago while cutting chicken with a very sharp knife.?
Fractured ankle. Why doesn't it hurt as much as a sprain?
I just burnt my arm on a lamp red mark,swolen and pain.?
knee problem back of knee sore tendon at center feels very thin knee gives way and feels very weak?
Whats wrong with my knee?
what causes H1N1 virus?
I've got glandular fever. Does this mean my boyfriend has cheated?
how to get my voice back?
Is this due to a supa strong inmune system?
how many milligrams would there be in a tailored cigarette?
how to get rid of mosiquto bites?
Weird images in my head?
Why do I feel so emotional?
Question for people with knowledge/experience of hallucinations?
is this a serious problem?
Agoraphobia & Claiming DLA?
what mental health condition did Syd Barrett suffer from?
Do you get these symptoms with anxiety?
why are all downs syndrome children so cheerful?
Self harm?????????????????
Have I got Bipolar disorder?
Is internet access allowed in mental institutions?
depressed boyfriend i don't know what to do ?
strange thoughts when anxious?
Confused about counselling?
I need a diagnosis for my fellas strange behaviour please?
bipolar is ruining my life!!?
Why does do my feet get numb when exercise?
help with health!!!!?
How to get my mother to take me to the ER?
too much advil?????help!!?
What is the difference between 'Tylenol' & 'Advil'??
nausea...oh my, nausea?
do i have a broken thumb?
i'm a little worried..?
HOW DO I GET RID OF THIS??it's limiting the kinds of clothes i wear!!!!?
My Head Hurts... And I Can't Sleep At Night:P?
HELP!! my mom And Sister Brother and grandma Are sick And i dont want to catch it!?
How to crack someone else's elbow?
How to crack someone else's ankle?
How long before ears get infected?
Can't stop from shaking?
Why do I keep losing my voice?
Could I have epilepsy?
Dachshund with swollen tummy?
I want to quit drinking but need help?
when a hospital calls does it come up private number?
Is stratterra available in Italy with a dr. perscription?
Is blacking out normal?
Why is the "Health" section so busy?
Why is my head feeling unbalanced?
Bruised Knee Bone! - recovery period?
Why am I sick to my stomach after acupuncture?
memory and concentration problems?
Advanced Health Directives...?
Is The Brita Water Pitcher Safe.....?
how do i get to sleep?
is dia Ze*-10 safe to take i got them from india not sure i should take them?
Is a severe headache one of the first symptons of the swine flu?
whats the best way to past a oral drug test ?
Is there a way to know you have herpis without going to the doctor?
does the anti depressant citalopram alter your personality?
Lexapro vs. Paxil-- which has less effect on creativity and concentration?
How to Survive the 6-Week Summer Holiday?
I have 2 weird obsessions, but I have no idea what they would be known as?
i've been thinking about ending my life for the last couple of days as i have hit rock bottom?
Is this a sign of mental illness?
I'm 17. I feel ill when nervous?
Is there anyone to talk to? :(?
Can mental illness get worse because of the reaction of other people?
Why do i keep having thoughts about dying and wanting to die?
what's the easiest way to get into hospital with self harm, but without killing yourself?
Do you / Can you get "Direct Payments" for Counselling?
im so shy!! help please?
Guidlines, and how can I get antidepressants?
why is it when your depressed...its like your mind wont let you see the truth in things?
how do i get my brother help with Schizophrenia?
Help Me Please Am I Crazy?
Why is it hard for people with Asperger Syndrome to make friends and to go on a date?
Could my body have some weird hormone disorder?
Went running, now my hip hurts?
i swallowed my tongue ring but it feels like its In my throat maybe in the wrong pipe tried finger no good?
Help i think something is wrong with me?
What does it mean if i stop breathing in my sleep for more than an hour and i'm still alive?
can you get high off of meloxicam 7.5 mg tabs ?
I think I have Sleeping problems?
what things can i take that will make me fall asleep?
Does anyone know of Angela Vecchio-Ozmon? (ten easy points)?
Can Someone Who Has Taken This Tell Me What It Is, Please?
A pulse in my leg, arm, etc..?
Can being obese cause swollen feet and pain?
Does anyone know anything about plastic surgery?
My birthdays today nd i want a nose stud?
After I shave my legs, that get itchy?
Does anyone think i might have ADHD or Aspegers??????
I'm having problems sleeping =?
Can someone give me examples of someone who has a delusion of reference?
Shortness of breath - anxiety?
is this problem bipolar related?
is this a form of bipolar or just depression. or me over reacting please answer?
Do I have a disorder?
Does anyone know any reputable NLP practitioners in London?
i want to be confident in myself ?
i feel guilty about something please help?
Why can't I sleep?? Help please?
What would be the outcome of headbutting a horse?
I'm going to Florida, and I am terrified of masks...?
I'm always tired at 3/4 o'clock?
how do i stop feeling so guilty and sorry for everything?
what is this depression ?
this is a question. RE: benefits?
Are there any specialists in the UK who understand what Post Traumatic Stress Disorder means?
What should I do? I need help?
just got stitches...?
What is the immune/host response to chickenpox?
My throat really hurts?
need big parasites help?
Someone has pos.PPD test in my group living home, what are the risks ?
How to crack someone else's back?
natural remedy for acne?
my urine is making me nervous...?
Why does my urine taste like Tic-tacs?
what is hernia, & ?cause?
Acid Reflux: What Can I Eat?
what are these symptoms?
anyone know what this is? :/?
Stomach Problems After Eating?
How Does the Digestive System Work?
How much weight have you gained since leaving high school?
How to cure Fecal odour?
sinuses and air travel does it hurt?
How to avoid Giardia?
Metabolism problem? - need help!?
tonsillitis help.....?
Swine Flu, mentally, how do you feel?
I cut myself. Is it infected?
if you broke your leg would you be able walk on it with on and for how long?
Swollen ankle from lesion?
Can someone please tell me what is ADHD?
help! i have no goals/aspirations and aims?
Am i a hypochondriac? Please help?
what does it mean and what do i do?
Is this situation normal?
is zyprexa good in treating depression?
my daughter, she is 14 years old, she cant concentrate on any task which is given to her and forgets soon.?
why does PTSD seem to be a u.s soldier /military problem and not a common affliction of english military?
Is self harm bad if you don't cut deep?
How do you get diagnosed with a mental illness?
Do people with schizophrenia experience emotions?
I can't get over losing my therapist, I can't stop crying?
Paroxetine ? ? better than sertraline ? ? ?
can a person wit bipolar kill someone?
What if I don't have another psychotic episode in two years!?
I get really annoyed when anyone mentions primary school please help!!?
i am having these wierd dreams about what appears to be me and my mates in the future. what do i do?
You're in a deep, dark jungle. You have a matchstick, a wooden stove, and a lantern. What will you light first?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of working within a multi-disciplinary team?
Ways to fall asleep and stay asleep?
This is really gross, but please help?
mistrust in an aged care facility that may require conflict resolutuin and how to solve them?
Oh God. Please help me out with STI's!!!!?
What are the small bones that make up the spine called?
Is it alright to smoke marijuana every couple of months?
should we make organ donation mandatory?
I'm having a sleeping problem!!?
Im sick what can I do?
Why Do People Smoke? (Dont say its a habit) Do you people know its some other reason?
Why can't bend my toes ?
Never want to go to sleep?
Easy prevention/remedy for less serious strep throat?
What is heroin typically cut with?
Is it a good idea to donate blood?
Drinking and the blacking out ? What is the cause of the actions?
How can you stop cracking your knuckles?
Hurt my lower back...injury.?
when i cut myself the other day,i noticed the my blood was so dark it was almost black?
Double Jointed Pinkie?
Is (captopril) the last choice as an antihypertensive drug in pt with post streptococcal glomerulonephritis?
Appendix problems help please?
what would cause a person to get chronic styes?
Can anyone help me with IBS?
How to get over depression?
Is tourette's syndrome a mental disability!?
Ear pops while talking?
can someone clear Hep C?
where can i buy dried elderberry?
I am taking effexor for PMDD, the only side-effect I am having is nausea,?
Will i Die, Temple hurts?
Depression/Psychotic Depression?
I have aspergers and have been on prozac for 5 weeks now - this morning i felt emotional and was holding?
Should i see a therapist or neurologist?
mental abuse???????>>>>?
No Guidance, No Direction in life, and i'm 21. What do you do?
Sweet dreams are made of this who am I to disagree?
How to be normal and fit in society?
Why am I constantly tired?
what is wrong with me mental question?
My mum asked our neighbor about piano lessons and she said yes - but - she texted me saying:?
Do i have a phobia of my baby?
I think I'm depressed how do i tell my mother?
burnt tongue!!?
I have severe anxiety and it feels as if no one understands. What do i do?
Is it normal to have to wait few weeks to see a counselor?
MIRTIZAPINE and anxiety?
I think i have social anxiety disorder, what should i do? Anyone that can relate?
someone help me cope with this?.....?
Ways to cheer up when you're chronically sad... ?
memory loss and difficulties at multitasking?
Have you had Gastric bypass?
Tennis elbow question?
Blood Test Results? What does this stuff mean?