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Nora Virus Is Sweeping Australia, Want A Good Tip?.?
Ask the aliens to fix your health it works for me how does this work does anyone know?
anyone know anything about knee reconstructions?
bee pollen tastes soooo bad... what can i mix it with to cover the taste?
marijuana problem!!!?
I have had itchy skin(body) for about a week and 1/2. Help?
I think I inhaled a mosquito?! :(?
When you cry too much, is your breathing supposed to get terribly unstable?
is this true about cold soars?
should smoking be banned?
Am I going to be able to pass this drug test in 2 hours?
Has a particular voice put you in a trance, or made you drowsy?
is 4'9" too small for a 13 year old girl ?
BULIMIA . . . . . . . . .?
How much is too much sleep?
Joints stiffening?
my eye lid has been twiching for the past week please help?
High blood pressure and nose bleeds?
Buying stilnox without a prescription, victoria?
What do the number levels mean when you our tanning at a tanning salon?
i have been give metronidazole but after taking a 3 week course still in agony! can any one help?
I think my brother is smoking weed. how do I tell if he really is?
Does anyone have something that helps to relieve paresthesia (pins and needles)?
Short of Breath,Dizzy,Fatigue....?
How does applying to work safe effect your future?
does anyone know if 460 ng can be possible after only 16 days of not smoking pot?
hi guys,i would like to have my Labia Minora increased but not by plastic surgery what can i use? please?
I need help figuring out what this is!?
Who exactly is trying to make vitamins illegal, and why?
Feeling very nauseous lately?
just about to fall asleep then a large banging noise wakes me up and no one else hears it> what causes this ?
Wound/stitches question?
Lymphoid Tissue growth after Tonsillectomy?
Am I silly to be worried about my sore shoulder?
where to buy sanitary anion napkins.."love moon"?
genetic engineering in mankind like dogs cats etc did it cause the plague?
what are some good ways to get rid of cramps and headaches?
is there anything I can do to get pregnant while on dialysis?
Turning 21, need some advice on things like health insurance, it is all so confusing!?
Why do my hand plams and feet ALWAYS sweat ALOT?
I think I want to kill myself.?
Is it insomnia or something else?
i have a drug addiction who can help me ?
Me and my brother are full blood siblings so how comes were nothing alike and what can I do to enjoy life?
Why do i feel so low? Why cant I move on?
How do I stop being all of these things please help me?
Feel confused and dazed?
Terrible Memory 16 year old girl! Is it normal?
is it normal for a teenage girl to hate everything about herself?
Someone staring through the window.?
Everyone around me thinks im going mad!?
Paroxetine is it the increase in your appetite that would cause weight gain or...?
My depression has gone but I still do not feel emotions?
Clobezam, epilepsy, anxiety and sleep?
im 13 and im depressed?
Can anyone give me a diagnostic guess here please?
whats the difference between people who hear voices that are normal and people who hear voices that are not?
Is this depression or something else?
Is schizophrenia often misdiagnosed as psychotic depression and vice versa?
I have a bloated stomach and constant diarrhea, do I have worms in my stomach?
How can I get over my anxiety and dizziness?
Does this look infected?
i say some small raches on my body and so i went to the doctor he told me i have a sporodic disease.?
when you got to hospital to have your toncills out what do i expect to happen.?
why are my hands and feet almost always cold even though I wear socks and slippers?
why does alders don't like kids?
does odsp do drug testing ?
I am addicted to Cigarrettes?
Why and how do people sweat?
Unexplained Bruising?
Question for ER doctors?
what is a orgasm? READ THE " more detail"!!!?
I have a question anyone out there that can help me would be greatly appreciated?
How can I get sick in a few hours?
Is it possible to perice your sholder blade or thigh?
Whose celebrating 420?
Alcohol is a drug, so why do we use the term "drugs and alcohol?"?
How much should I weigh for my age/height?
Why wound cleansing done from the least contaminated area to the most contaminated area?
Is b positive blood rare?
Can you get HIV/aids disease from pedicure???
AIDS and immunisation?
I have Mucus in my stool?
ok, what the heck is 'mono'?
My son got a fever of 100.5?
Is anybody aware of a dengi fever outbreak in thailand?
How is influenza different from SARS?
What does it mean when you suddenly get increased Saliva?
does lyme disease go away?
How long should I wait to kiss my boyfriend with mono?
hi . my friend says she has a bowel virus. but its not contagious.?
HELP! i have strep throat :( and my party is on Saturday!?
has anyone had the same and what is it from?
if a mosquitos can metabolism the HIV virus why can't they use then to find a vaccine?
how can I buy medicines of acyclovir for healing fever blister in Australia?
Hepetitis B?
Swine Flu transmission - how easy?
What would look like chickenpox?
I may have a urinary tract infection would that affect my menstral cycle?
Can my headaches and stiff neck be caused by my stress and anxiety?
Please read - anti depressents?
Why do I sleep so much? How do I learn to wake up early?
please help, how do I stop myself?
Depressed and don't know what to do?
i haven't left my house in a month, am i odd?
Feeling Detached 24/7?
Am I normal...........?
Does Citalopram result in my lack of emotions, I never feel excited or happy or sad for others.?
where can I get therapy?
Does my friend's mother possibly have a mental disorder? If so, what can I do? *read inside*?
does this sound like i have ADHD?
Why do some self-harmers feel no pain when they cut?
Depressed? Sad or what? I'm confused..?
feel like taking an overdose :(?
Some advise about autistic children?
Is happiness contagious, like a virus; if a stranger on here is enjoying life, does it mean you automatically?
i honestly think its unhealthy how much im in love with a charcater from a tv show.. help me pleease!?
time off from work for stress?
Are you allowed to drive if you have Schizophrenia?
why is it the person behind the counter at a chemist always looks like death warmed up?
my mid/upper back has been hurting i'm only 14 and a 1/2?
So what would you do with your third leg anyway, if you had one?
How do I make my pulled hamstring heal faster?
I have a bump in my eye. Help?
how can i tell if the top of my tibia is fractured or just bruised???
possible sternum injury?
I can't sleep? Insomnia?
is it true,can you go on medical disability if you are obese?
ok Lupus question, drinking too.?
Could i have an abortion without any sedation, only the local anaesthetic?
hydrogen peroxide in first aid kit?
How do I relax when I'm nervous?
What can I do to regain movement in the spine joints?
is it second hand smoke if you makeout with a guy who smokes?
What kind of disorder is this? (making self bleed)?
Feeling dizzy and numb after taking Buckley's extra strength caplets?
I love the sound of my voice when I'm sick?
So stressed lately! Feels like my stomach is burning?
What is medical marijuana used for?
Do you think smoking is cool?
i hurt my finger at the joint ?
ankle curb question?
2 months r nearly up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
can i still work with children if i have had an eating disorder?:(?
Should ECT be prohibited or not, why?
Depo-provera and depression? Please help?
(Re-post) can my dad get me sectioned again?
I just feel like getting away but where can I go?
how to act more confident?
Can my dad get me sectioned again?
Experience with Venlafaxine?
please help me,what should i do ?
psychotic Mental issues?
How can i make people not miss me...?
Can't sleep due to anxiety?
Besides Bipolar Depression, what else is...?
What's up with the increasing autism rates?
i think im depressed but i don't know?
my mum keeps buying junk food? even though she knows im bulimic?
Recovering from depression... intense anger outbursts?
can an anxiety problem be related to hormones even if it has been on going for 2 years +?
Who had (or who founded) and in what year was the first case of chicken pox?
Am I suffering form heterophobia?
sick note.?
where can i buy an pure 100% MCT OIL(Medium Chain Triglycerides Oil) ?
is my toddler getting chicken pox?
Is the chickenpox booster shot necessary?
Measles Immunisation ?
do i have headlice/nits? please help?
I'm so hot! but temp is only 99.4?
What could these symptoms mean?
What are the methods to control hiv infection?
Have a kid's health problem...?
How long is the flu contagius especially if I teach in college?
What are the chances I have contracted MRSA? ?
what diseases can be passed through saliva?
Sore throat and bug bite type things?
What are the symptons of E-Coli?
swine flu vaccine-safe?
Which is better for anxiety / stress : XANAX or VALIUM?
What would happen if for some reason your veins snapped under the skin?
hi slipped over on my knee?
I got punched in the face about three days ago and i have a nice size cut on my left upper lift.?
Do you think that people are getting taller over time?
Should I see the doctor for constant headaches?
Why do i get Nosebleeds when i drink coca cola?
Who is band-aids competitors?
Dropped a Penicillin pill on the floor. Should I take it?
Help please!! Which is better going to a franchise or a Dr.?
Marijuana traces in your system for how long?
What does a Pediatric Nurse do?
what's the different between vasodilation and peripheral vasodilation ?
why do i feel like im bein watched?
About my grown in septum piercing?
Where to go to donate Kidney?
What would happen if I injected about 50mL of cooking oil into myself?
Can a child get a staph infection during pregnancy?
Can scabies latch onto leather belts, school bags and/or wallets? Can they also lay eggs in those places?
what is the vaccination after 2 years old?
What do you think?? could it be ceoliac disease? If you could diagnose me.. what would you say?
What do docters do to check if I have Swine Flu?
Are their any distinct symptoms of the early onset of HIV?
Do you keep a secret a supply of oseltamivir (Tamiflu)?
Do you need anti-biotics everytime you have a tick bite?
How can I prevent getting the 24 hour bug?
what micro-organism is pterygium ungius?
Is malaria a life long condition? Do you need to take medication for the rest of your life?
what is the difference between "Swine" and " Bird " flu ?
I just discover that i have a hepa b, can i transfer it to my kids, even though they have vaccine?
Do i still have swine flu?
is it transmissible airborne disease if PCR positive for TB in the sputum?
Can artificial insermination be easily done in Newcastle hospitals?
How can I get a fever from a boil?
Will Glandular fever show up on blood test if symptoms are not yet evident?
what immunisations should a massage thereapist and y?
Which organ/organ systems are affected by Measles?
I have heard grape leaves can help with infections. Is the rough side for drawing and the smooth side to heal?
Do you undertand the concept of the paradox?
I have ADHD but whats the point?
How can I stop my depression from ruining my relationship?
I can't stop crying. help please?
Why do I want to be sent to a mental hospital? Serious question!?!?!?
will there ever be a cure for a panic attack if so when?
Has anyone taken Blackmore's Ginkgoforte,which is claims to help people imporve their meomory?
What do I tell my children about my self harm?
am i schizo or just anxiety or depression?
if i often get calf muscle cramps, what's the problem?
if i see a psychologist about my shyness would they give me the option of medication or not?
help with depression?
has n e one ever had their s depression challenge their relationship?
Fluoxetine side effects?
A really good way of holding tears back?
Depakote and venlafaxine with anorexia?
Is there a mental disorder that makes you excessively happy?
how do u de stress??
Is a symptom of depression or anxiety, an involuntary smile and flushed cheeks?
im bulimic I felt shakey so i just had 400cals and a cup of tea but i am finding it hard to keep down?
is this an eating disorder?
Did I get it in time? +++ More :)?
Swollen Knuckles?
is it high end shoes are dangerous to our leg...?
How long does knee surgery take to heal?
Sometimes I get panic attacks, but i'm not sure if i really have an anxiety problem. How can I tell?
Another stye question......?
It is possible to get the vomiting bug twice?
How contagious is chickenpox?
What do you know about...?
2-MONTHS fever rises daily at 9 A/PM.Allpossible tests -ve.Surgeon wants appendix/intestine procedure.gUIDE?
Dog Bite Suspecting and Risk of Infection
I've had the flu (not a cold) for 6 days, when can I expect to get my appetite and energy back.?
Has anyone ever heard of "Apollo Conjunctivitis"?
i think i have a cartlige ear infection i dont know what to do?
I have some questions about an allergy?
Help, am I too obsessed with him?
The sudden urge to hug my therapist. Is this a normal reaction?
how do i get over my fear?
i need something to cheer me up?
Friend with paranoid perosnality disorder, what to do?
I need to keep my temper, could it be moods swings?
Mirtazapine - headache when reducing then stopping taking.?
Suicidal Girlfriend-what should I do?
Can i claim DLA for depression and self harming and anxiety?
anti depressants are making me more impulsive. leading to me driking more...?
I cry in last night, my sorrow are killing me!?
is this normal?????? Please read!?
Does this sound more like schizophrenia or schizoaffective depressive type?
Night visions!! help!?
what are some of the similarities between mental health and mental illness?
Sleep trouble? Help!?
Is there anywhere to go but not hospital? UK only?
Why when I get a cut or something it heals so slowly/poorly?
Can green mold on an organic substance kill you or make you sick?
What happens when you mix medications?
Help. Mercury poison. Emergency.?
I'm having a bloated/hurting stomach with gas and diarrhea.?
Why are my feet always so cold?
Does urine color have anything to do with blood pressure?
Why am I always cold?
I had a really horrible ear infection and ended up going to the emergency room?
My friend want to try out smoking weed?
not showering in the morning before school?
Keep coughing in air conditioned room. What is this symptom?
weird pressure in face and shortness of breathe?
Appendis mostly comes what side of the stomach?
When you had gall stone attacks, burning back?
Does any1 out there have a fear of dying of cancer or think they may have cancer???
Partially torn achilles tendon?
ive fallen into a thorn bush?
Ihave had a bruise on my leg for 7 months.Its not as it was at first but its still there.?
how much settlement can i expect from a broken neck and two broken shoulder blades?
I hurt my knee playing basketball. What should I do?
am i turning vampier?
Every single day, I get headaches?
Black dot under skin after getting h1n1 vaccine?
Question for people who live in countries with socialized health care...?
why do the corners of my lips tingle when I eat citrus?
Why do my fingers go blue, purple and white for no reason...is this poor circulation?
Episodes are coming back?
What effects will coming off the birth control pill (Yaz,) have on me?
Men or women health.?
What sort of muck is it?
Does liver cancer cause great pain in the end stage?
What causes a cough that won't go away?
I just started taking Citalopram for anxiety and now I can barly feel my pulse in my neck...is this normal?
I think I have OCD? :(?
Also I gave a query I don't know what it is?
how do you claim free nappies on nhs?
Help needed with ocd?
Stuck in my head!!!!. I want it out.?
What's your worst fear?
How would someone typically behave in a period of mania or hypomania?
Is this depression or autism? Or something completely different?
Why do I still get upset because of it?
Although they are unpleasant, are brain zaps "dangerous" in anyway?
How do I over come bulimia?
Panic attacks at night ? Is there a curep?
A OCD problem. Checking the taps..?
I've been told i am bipolar by quite a few people, What is it?
I need control but I have run out of ways to get it?
How can i stop feeling empty?
Advice from loners (people who like to be alone)?
is it time i got help?
how i protect my self from swine flu?
Skin flares up in pain and irritation when suddenly warm?
anyone tried nicottine inhaler for quitting smoking?
How can I remove my eyebugs?
Should nose piercing be turned to clean or slightly pulled out cleaned and then pushed flush to the nose?
My son broke his arm. The doctor said to see specialist to reduce arm. Specialist didn't will his arm be ok?
using ankle weights hinder my growth?
How long should it take to walk on a fractured ankle after the cast is removed.?
What is this? Professional advice needed?
How do i know if i have colon cancer before it's to late? Had all tests done last year.Perfect.Pain is worse?
what is staph aurias?
how long does a bcg vaccine last in your body (bacillus calmette guerin )?
How to stop being so nervous?
Why am I so moody when I have just woken up?
How long can a person live with liver failure?
What would a doctor say to this?
Was there a program in the 70's in Illinois to give daily Penicillin to any child that Rheumatic Fever?
My sister has a phobia of bananas, is there anyone out there who has it too?
Help with manic depressive bf?
Have serious worry that arachnophobia will be the death of me?
Was diagnosed with OCD and High Functioning Autism when I was younger, but not sure if I have them?
Why do I have a hard time remebering things?
do you fink i am?...?
I Cant stop thinking about diet and weight loss?
Do I have some form of mild OCD? Is this normal?
Do you think I have MAD?
What's the most painless way of committing suicide without the use of a gun?
Im absolutely obsessed with Sheep!!?
Why am i so depressed?
Everything I do seems to be wrong...I feel like a failure?
Question about marijuana vaporizer?
Do you also face ....?
Question about Sick Kids appointment? Or any appointment in general?
My eating is out of control!! PLEASE HELP!!!?
What is the greatest recorded weight for a human stool specimen?
Can you have two Neocitran's ?
What remedies would you recommend to someone whose hands were 'burnt' my ice and are now red and a little sore
Injury from Yoga: why does my hip still hurt for 1 year+ from overdoing the "Jathara Parivartanasana"?
Torn Rib Cartilage Injury?
why do veins stick out on the back of your hands?
I have a numb toe HELP?
If a child stops breathing 25 times a hour every hour, what kind of damage is this doing to the heart & brain?
ferritin /iron levels =7?
Sleep and children's health in Asia?
methods use to treat malaria?
Could this be Perpiheal neuropathy STD or HIV symptom?
Anthrax in Australian cows??
What to do about post sprained ankle popping?
I am a competitive gymnast with shin splints that have lasted for 3 yrs. Now i have ankle problems. Help?
rib cage problem?
What muscle is a powerful shoulder abductor?
what to do after auto accidents been finalized on injury comp?
Can u or can u not sniff ibuprofen i was just wondering?
Have you ever seen a therapist?
Difference between schizophrenia and psychotic depression?
why am i becoming so rude?
severe panic attacks and depression, ruining my life.?
Why am i always so bored lately?
Do you think that the portrayal of mental health conditions?
Im emotionally distressed and dont know where to find help?
Can you die from making yourself faint?
how do i distract myself from thinking about my breathing?
My friend keeps saying na na nai, has he got turrets?
What should I do about depression?
how to stop concentrating on my breathing!?!!??!?
does bipolar disorder lessen as you get older?
i you were hositalized...?
I seem to have lost everyone since i suffered a traumatic brain injury. Do I have any chance of finding a man?
is this a panic attack?
In which mental disorder do sufferers commonly have very sensitive hearing ?
I'm doing research on mental illness and astrology. When was the onset (year-month) of diagnosis?
I need some advice/help with parents.?
This might sound crazy but is it possible that im thinking out aloud and not even know it?
Is It Bad To Take 2 Different Tablets?
Why do some people get dizzy easier than others?
bad headaches with dizziness and ear hurts?
blood nose?
why does the eye twitch constantly?
i have been feeling very itchy?
what are the reasons for lower back pain, lower abd pain and bloating?
Blood clot; thrombosis.?
Had a MRI on my knee?
Infection and treatment for small knife wound?
why cant doctors operate on someone when they are in a coma?
sprained hand ?
i feel suicidal and really need some advise?
I need help! Why am I like this?
Does anyone know of any good books I can read regarding Depression ?
i keep hallucinating, and freaking out, help?
help appreciated. heart stuff.?
Adult crying? what is it for biologically speaking?
I can't help but laugh in 'serious' situations?
I was talking to my mates gran about him, Nothing strange but next day he told me that she has been dead for?
How to clear my mind?
why do i feel when im out with friends or family anywhere? i have negative thoughts ..10points best answer?
I've been getting really bad night terrors for a long time?
I can't sleep. I have some sleeping disorder which the doctors can't diagnose. It's ruining my life!?
Unnecessary frustration?
Im i just depressed ?
What is wrong with my friend mentally?
I'm scared of silly things?
will i always be down and anxious?
What are your views of decriminilizing cannabis, chronic?
does drinking hurt kidneys as much as the liver?
im always running a high temperature and dont know why.. im starting to ger worried (with all seriousness)?
Bird flu spreading?
What are the effects to a baby born with Hep C from her mother?
globus sensation - I would appreciate any advice to this syndrome which I have been suffering for 10 months?
i have really bad tummy pains and i have for a long time they have just got worse in the last 4 weeks?
tiny bumps around nose?
My brother is a heroin addict and wants to start soboxin but i heard its also used so they can continue using?
can kids eat fish if they have diarrhoea?
has anyone used chantix and was unable to quit?
My cartalidge earing oozed pus?!?
What does my friends have?
how to get a brain tumor .........?
When my gf sleeps with her mouth closed and teeth together her back hurts in the morning?
What bones are involved when skipping?
I am sick and i wonder if any one could tell me what I have?
why does my stomach hurt when i eat toilet bowl cleaner?
Where can I find a link to see a photo with all the muscles on a human body shown and named?
I can't sleep. I need help!?
is this bad, please help?
why am i so angry all the time?
Do you see a glass filled up half way 'half full' or 'half empty'?
I finished high school and feel old?
Am I depressed?.........?
What is worst type of bullying:Cyber or real bullying?
Can you refuse emergency treatment off a helpline if they do it without your permission?
Why can i never wake up early?
have you ever been addicted to antidepressents?
was i wrong to keep this from my ex boyfriend?
how do i feel good about myself?
How can I be louder?;/ confidence problems...?
How to get SELF confidence rather than have other peoples opinions dictate your confidence?
i could be kicked off my uni course and im major downer at the moment-what can i do with my life?
Would depression and anxiety in the world decrease if everyone had a suicide pill or simple way to stop their?
I think im depressed.?
Do you think most people would look down on me for not going out or socialising very much?
I fear my anorexic thoughts are coming back?
Cold and Flu Tablets only mask a cold?
How was Sars discovered and isolated?
what are the nursing diagnosis for intestinal obstruction?
my eye hurts when i blink,. help!?
Can a Frozen Shoulder Recur?
for three days ago,I have got apain inside my left ear like apulsation heared specialy in bed in quiet environ
my friend had 2 toes broken as a kid and has now got deformed toes he is 29 now is there a way to fix them???
Do I Have Diabetes?!?
both eye twitching?
how long does nicotine take to get out of your system? same thing with marijuana?
Cracked Rib - should I work?
What could I have done to my knee?
Can I get gangrene?
My hands turn white after running long distances. What causes this?
I got glue stiches put on my head at the hospital and now I can't get them out!?
College is making me full of anxiety?
How serious are suicidal thoughts when...?
Do you think people would look down on me if they knew I don't go out very much?
really disgusted by other peoples feet?
My friend is anorexic, help?
how can i never get another panic/anxiety attack again?
I'm failing school and don't care about anything, what should I do with my life?
Doesn't it infuriate you when someone hurts you with their words or actions and carries on quite happily and?
Why does this keep happening to me?
Could i have Depression?
Have you ever considered suicide because of depression?
I've just started taking Lustral?
Has anyone found a better sleeping pill than Zopiclone?
could i have so help please , im ready to shut down?
am i going crazy ?? ?
I have mental health problems and i am having trouble keep on top of organising daily life like bills, etc?
how do you end the stress for being dumbed?
i hear voices in my head?
Does anyone nearly faint or black-out when they start to laugh??
Anyone with an interesting accent want me to call them now?
how to stop inflamation and flu?
They said it was Staph, or Strep...?
My Father has cirrosis of liver and hepc has been sick for eight years.?
Do I have H1N1 or mono?
My mother is suffering from heartburn how do I help her?
What could cause someone to not be able to move or feel most of their body for about 40 minutes?
congestion in one nostril?
I have every symptom of anemia but the doctors claim I don't have it....Help...?
Nausea, abdominal cramping, diarrhea, sore eyes, mild stomach pain.. what could this be?
What are the short effcets for drinking alcohol?
Creative Names for a Magazine?
Everytime I take Vitamin C pills, I get the cold?
why do I have a pain in my upper left part of my chest all of the time since falling 3 metres onto my head?
in-grown toe nail what happens?
Can you have an exposed nerve in your toe?
My broken leg is popping, is it ready to come out of the cast?
Why does my boyfriend twitch as he's falling asleep?
need help with depression PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!?
I think I'm depressed ?
What is wrong with me? Am i going mental? PLEASE HELP!!!?
if you have or know anyone with borderline personality disorder then what medication do you or they take?
Do the side effects of clozapine go away?
i have panic attack every day and been to ER twice a moth for 4 moths now and they find nothing help?
If I were to be diagnosed with Schizophrenia, would I have rights infringed on?
Scared I have schizophrenia?
Question to anyone suffering from an eating disorder?
Experiences with mental disorders?
Why does religion have to torment the depressed with the threat of eternal life?
Ideas For Becoming Seriously ill ?
My citalopram has no markings on it, is it a placebo?
is amp energy drink addictive?
Depressed at 14? crying all the time? relaionship aswell?
How long will I 'probably' have to attend these sessions?
does anyone know if I can buy antibiotics over counter in spain?
can someone arrive in australia with latent tb?
What are your chances that a canada working visa be approved if you are a hepatitis B healthy carrier?
what are some websites for eating disorders?
Please let me know of some good Aromatherapy oil wholesalers?? - Not already made skincare. oils, base ingred.
i hit the top of my foot on the corner of my desk and a bump appeared almost instantly.?
A dead patch in Friends Leg?
At what age in one's life, would someone begin to suffer from Huntington's disease?
What can dark circles under your eyes be a symptom of?
Peice of ingrown toemail left in skin?
Blood in Diarrhoea?
Weird things are happening and I'm freaking out!?
Do I have a problem?? Need help ASAP!!?
What's a nurse that works in the ER called?
Does sea salt have less water retaining properties than table salt? Is it less harmful to someone with?
Does "Clean Smoke" cigarettes work?
what's the difference? (Drugs)?
What kind of gift to buy someone close who had their arm amputated recently?
is blood really thicker than water?
Why does the localized freezing drug Xylocaine sometimes contain epinephrine?
What is the difference between Export A Ultra Lights and regular cigerettes?
Are ginger people genetic mutations?
What is the difference between general hospitals and community hospitals?
overdosing on iron pills?
Can people with Autism have normal lives? Or will their lives be miserable?
I am very tired all the time?
what should i do when i feel panic attack coming?
There's a gun in the house.....?
Why am I ALWAYS tired? HELP!!!?
psychiatrist for the first time? adderall?
How can I get to sleep earlier?
Prozac overdose.......?
Do u think i have depression?
Why do i suddenly wake up at night with the sensation of falling?
I think im depressed but don't no what to do?
if i took 5 tablet of 5mg of olanzapine will it kill me?
i think i need help. depressed?
fear of things sound related?
question about anti-psychotic medication?
Do I have a disorder?
I'm really shy, some advice please...?
i have no friends, should i kill myself?
Anxiety and motivation question?
what to do about Sun burn pealing?
There are cases of type A influenza going around Australia at the moment. Should i immunise my 2 yr old?
my baby is 7 months old and he is having bad throat infection im confused what food shall i give him?
The incubation period of middle ear infection?
help please.....golden staph infection?
Religion versus death?
I got an eyebrow last dec, after a month it started to swell beneath it, on the eye lid.?
LUMP THING what is it ?
foot sprain?
Doctor patient confidentiality for mentally ill people?
Freezing hands and feet?
Does anyone know ways to not taste medicine when taking it.?
Whats wrong with me?........?
Why do i get bad dreams if i fall asleep after i eat?
arn't you sick of this happening to you?
I think i'm depressed?
How long does it take Clonadine to leave your body? the doctor told me to stop it?
Is Herpes contagious?
Why do I get a bad headache after I cry?
what should myglocuse leve be in the moring?
I HAVE A SALIVA TEST ON WEDNESDAY.Up until 2 weeks ago i abstained, i broke down yesterday and smoked ANY SUGG
Tonsil Stones??
What would you do if you were in my situation?
Need some help on medication?
Fight after Fight, I feel like my head is going to pop what is wrong with me Please help!?
How would I start a respite home in my home?
How bad does this person sound to you? Mental-health wise?
how can i tell if my friend is taking heroin she is 41?
Why do i want to be mentally ill?
What can I do about my OCD?
am i depressed at 13 please answer?
anti-oppressive practice and western psychiatric system of reclassificatio?
need help on how to make myself sick?
could i have BDD (body dysmorhic disorder)-sorry about spelling?
Am I having a psychotic relapse?
Have you ever thought about offing yourself?
When do you take Zoloft, in the day or night?
What do you do when you think you are depressed?
I need therapy or something someone help. Please.?
My mum once said she'd get social services to pick me up and have me put in a psych ward? Can she do this?
sanesh avasthiis 17-07 -1965time 7.52am place birth ludhiana punjab iwant toknowmylifespan,dueto problem?
Knee surgery Question?
Knee Growing Pains. (Osgood Schlatter Disease)?
How CAN i GET rid OF stitches?? please help!?
What to do in the event of finger pain?
I had L5/S1 Fusion 9 months ago! and I am still suffering..My surgeon told me that it can take up to 18 months
Share a food poisining story?
have any adults ever had slapped face syndrome / pavovirus B19 / Fifth Disease?
vancomycin resistant enterococci - VRE infection?
gastro problem?
How do I stop my legs from falling asleep?
why do most hyperventilate when they cry at a funeral or at a grave site ?
My lungs wheeze all the time i need help?
Does hypnotherapy work?
what can ecstancy do to you?
Can you act normal when on ecstasy?
What are the negative effects of aspartame?
is it better take meds when your sick or to just let it take its run?
What is the difference between a medical and a nursing health history?
Is 1000 IU's of vitamin D3 per day safe for a 6 year old?
Why am I gaining weight and breaking out more?
How do you induce a second growth spurt?
What's wrong with my dad (Having unusual bowel functions)?
Has anyone out there broken their arm and had pins?
Groin Injury...?
pains in my foot . . . ?
Shin splints & running cross country (4.6kms)?
Do you suffer from aches and pains?
What is the difference between the two strains of EI??
can glandular fever make men sterile??
where are photos of this new superbug?
glandular fever around my kids?
does depression cause memory loss?
My boyfriend of 9 years is suicidal? What should I do?
deppression needs help quck !?
What is the fear of being too close the people?
Why am i only happy when i'm asleep?bad depression?
I think I have OCD??? please help!! I don't know what is wrong with me!!?
How to get checked for ADD/ADHD? Do you have ADD/ADHD?
Psychotherapy on the NHS?
Ive got a problem concerning my singing manager and my therapist?
I'm worried about.....?
18 with dissociative identity disorder?
Severe anxiety...it isn't permenant...is it?
would you rather have a male or female therapist?
I think I have BPD, any advice?
Can a alcholic or a problem drinker become a normal drink again?
Can Somebody Please Tell Me If I Am Bipolar And What Should I Do?
What to do if your scared to leave the house?
Really bad stomach pain...?
Whats the history of shingles?
What is causing this?
What are all of the causes of a nerve rapidly going off in the eye?
5th day of being sick. should i go to the clinic tomorrow or the ER today? nurse or doctor opinion appreciated?
Why is my breathing getting harder?
What do they do if you go to the doctor to get tested for H1N1?
Mercury in H1N1 Vaccine?
At what point should I go see the doctor again?
Are vaporizers ACTUALLY good for you?
Sore throat on right side it's really bothering me!?
should conjoined twins be separated, if doctors know that one of the twins will definitely die?
Second Hand Marijuana Smoke?
increase blood platlet count?
my girl friend apparently has anorexia and im really scared?
hangover question?
I drank alcohol about 730 pm yesterday is it still in my system?
i've been having an inexplicable "reverse breath" prior to REM sleep that is terrifying me literally
I go to Children's Hospital every year, is this normal?
Hot 103 contact help?
Are the services at a salon/spa/laser place good for acne?
Is it okay to run even though i have a sciatia?
Help with healing.?
Broken thumb a few months ago, now nail is hurting?
Teenage green stick wrist fracture?
are low-cut converse shoes damaging my foot??
best way to get over depression yourself?
Anyone on antipsychotics?
I've gotten very forgetful lately?
if mirtazapine isnt a ssri then what is it and what is the diffrence between them?
My grandmother is totally paranoid and I think she may need help?
Can you call NHS Direct over emotional/suicide problems?
im only 14 and i have anger issues..help?
Don't Judge Please help ?x?
A question about depression?
Is it possible to speak if you have severe oral motor dyspraxia?
Is "Compulsive Lying",considered a illness.?
What happens in Britain in the NHS to your medical (mental health) notes when you die? Are they destroyed....?
ugh. why does he snort viccodin?
Does the film "The Machinist" give a good example of what a person who hasn't slept in a year would be like?
How to overcome being scared of dolls?
help please :(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Can a nose huggie really change your nose?
Why do you see stars when you bump your head?
Hi what is the best way to stop smoking?
Is it possible to make wide feet thinner?
I have a stomach issue that can't be solved, and it's getting on my last nerve!?
I am sick the day before my septoplasty surgery?
How to help get rid of a fever?
how much weed? and will it wear off?
Is drinking every night as a stress releiver bad.?
Why top eyelid near the lashline keeps twitching! It's driving me crazy...why is this happening?
why do i have pumps on my head?
What are these see through bumps?
Changes you'd make to deal with the drug problems?
What are some ways through which someon can drug me? And what are these drugs?
The "Thin" Commandments...what are your views on this?
All my joints crack and clonk?
what is the subclass of salmonella?
Do you have a picture of a Telfast 120 tablet?
The transfusion of blood components should routinely be administered between the hours of?
My 8 month old just had a vp shunt inserted after suffering meningitis what are long term effects?
I broke my collarbone 6 weeks ago when can i do weight tranning again?
Ankle, will it be ready for Saturday?
I felt some dust-like substance go into my nose when I breathed in...?
urgent question about green potatoes!!?
Could Aids be Used as a weapon?
I have two questions that I need to know.?
The aftermath of weed?
Would holding in weed for a long time..?
How to I deal with a person that doesn't shower?
Solutions to diarrhea?
Why are my hands always freezing?
have u ever tried to convince someone that drugs are bad for them,but felt like u were falling on deaf ears or?
Am I gonna grow taller?
Can you use it again?
Arthritis in the knees--How do I prove?
where is the supraclavicular in the body?
I have ankle pains from somebody fallong ontop of me in a basketball game. Should I see a doctor?
Sore knee?????
Knee clicks since starting running..?
Knee injury during netball, please help!?
Could depression have kicked off my psychosis last year?
Does anyone have a phobia of crisps?
Herb that causes schizophrenia?
help, please :(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Once depressed, are you always depressed, unless you win a million?
Has anyone in UK ever been a loner due to moving towns, losing acquaintances, depression or any other reason,?
How can I forget somthing I saw?
is it possible to have depression without having melancholia?
How much Doxepin (Aponal) would kill a 17-year-old girl?
Has anyone who has asked for a painless, effective suicide/exit method on here, found one yet?
What could be wrong with my parents; they are vacant most of the time, eg, walk into a room looking for?
Why do I get so depressed? What can I do about it?
Unreal feeling i feel like giving up...?
I know this might sound crazy because..............?
Detached from reality ......? help?
please help feeling really down?
Is there any anger issues chat rooms.?
Terrified of dying/ Suicide :/...........anyone evrer felt like this ?
Will my Dla get taken away if i visit my gp ?
dizzy spells....??
My throat is often dry. Any ideas what i might take to stop it being so dry?
what is the immunization given in the form of drop?
testing for the heterophile Ab of infectious mononucleosis by Davidson?
ok im not to sure if she was for real or not but i need people to help me on this one its about meningitus?
Is doing ballet bad when you have flat feet?
What are some ideas for donating a Power Chair?
Nursing student wondering about clinical placements?
What is the difference between Bacterial and Non-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer?
What is wrong with my throat?
What Do You Think About Hunger In Poverty?
How can I stay awake?
Why do people self harm?
What tools does CBT give the patient to combat anxiety?
sleeping troubles please help!?
Why do I get panic attacks when I'm alone?
is there something wrong with me?
i think im depressed but im scared to talk to any1 about it?
help with deppression and relationship please :(?
depression :( help me please x?
Is a Section 136 a criminal record? Would it come up on an Enchanced CRB?
What's wrong with me?? help!?
Missing my old job and scared of moving on?
Is this normal for a teenager to think this way?
I wanna be happy but...?
Does seroquel cause weight gain because it increases appitite?
I dont like who I am, How can I change this?
i'm tired but i don't WANT to sleep..?
How to fight addiction?
I think there's something wrong with me?
For what symptoms and mental illness is diazepam prescribed?
What does this sailor dream mean?
My son is 1 yr old an smashed his index finger with a chair on Saturday.?
Felt pain in my heart,i struggled up the stairs, then blackedout,fell,broke my nose,swore was dreamin whtwrng?
I have really bad bruises on my thighs and legs. I've been gettin them 4 about 8 months. And they are gettin w
I was diagnosed with a bruised bone after 4 years of pain. Is it normal for this to last so long?
knee pain? how..?
I have develpoed a dark bump on the the groin area.?
can you still become a model when you have scoliosis?
wat would happen?
Foods that speed up recovery from colds?
Where did Hepatitus C come from?
i have a whole top plate, i have been growing like flaps on both sides of my mouth, what is it.?
what do i have symptoms of?
My hands are ice cold?
Why do we sneeze. What good or bad does it do to us?
Is this strep throat?
How to relieve ear pressure?
How long should I wait to do any physical activity after 2 stomach ulcer surgeries?
Where should I start to take care of my health?
is there a drug that gets you high but doesn't hurt your body?
umm this has to do about bulimia?
PRODUCT JUNKIES! Need your help with this acne cleansers?
my horse has a cut that about more than 2.5 cm long and deep. the cut is located just on the neck. pliz hlp me
My knee swelled up after training?
Please Help?
Hip and lumbar pain on one side after lifting something too heavy?
Some questions about bulimia?
Having problems sleeping... Any help?
Do Sunscreens/sunblocks start to work immediatly?
how can i heal cuts/scars fast?
How busy are the doctors office?? Should I go in soon even if it's busy?
What happens when you swallow 10 Tylenol, and 10 Advil ?
Was this just dehydration?
How do I get free therapy? UK?
I need a replacement anti-depressent with anti anxiety effects too - stopped seroxat now need another..?
how do i find my nearest therapy?
I'm totally devastated, I accidentally killed my dog.?
What would be the best way to die in my sleep?
Does anyone know about psychosis and marijuana?
What are the benefits?
I'm extremely depressed and can't sleep?
help with depression?, please read x?
Why won't my doctor help me?
I feel like I'm falling apart.?
I feel like a zombie today, how can i wake myself up????????????
Can depression go away without treatment?
How potent is haloperidol as a sedative?
Is there such a thing as mental illness hypochondria? Seeking out mental illnesses info ,believing you"ve ....?
I have been diagnosed with BPD... but i don't understand what it is, any help?
Lonely and depressed because i have few friends, help?
GP's/ Referral's AND Mental Health.......Someone please help me out :)?
Do you suffer from anxiety? How does it affect your body? symptoms?
!??OMG help; Sweating :|!?
Can people survie liver cancer?
can you get a stomach virus through kissing, or does it have to be through fecal matter?
What to do if I scratch an BCG vaccination site?
Antibiotics are making my dog more sick, help!?
sleeping disorder?
Hurt Wrist, Hand, and Thumb?
How do I Make myself Sick ?
are there any prescription drugs that make you not care about anything thats bothering you?
Catching disease when smoking in a group?
Was it really that serious?
How to treat a kid who ingested some mild bleach and his throat is "burning up." How would you treat the boy?
I am having sudden pain around my right side, around the kidney area, it occurs randomly,started two days ago?
I dont know what my problem is?
Why Do I Sleep So MUCH?
accidently looked at the sun?
I have had glandular fever for nearly a year now! Any ideas on how to treat it or relieve some of the symptoms
4th day of flu STILL NOT GONE-When could it be gone?!?
cold, fever, chills, body aches?
im about to start combination therapy for Hep C,Im just wondering if any one out there?
What should i eat if i have gastro?
Treatment for calcific tendonitis of shoulder?
could this be a stress fracture?
Is a 40 yo too old to have leg straightening done?
I have a differant nose in differant mirrors?
What does arthritis feel like?
Do I have internal bleeding?
what is your nose made of?
I have heard regarding human sleep and sleep loss...?
cyst on my neck please help!!!?
chicken pox marks?
if culture shows no growth should I continue antibiotics?
how can diseases be controlled; how do these methods work?
If you have eaten something you are intolerant to, how long will it take for the symtoms to disappear?
weird question but around how?
Lithium to kill hot tub bacteria?
does sniffing nail polish get you high?
what causes the body to laugh?
are apples okay to eat when you are vomiting and have diarrhea?
i have a weird pain in my stomach?
Effects of marijuana on the body?
what happens when you get water up your nose?
I've had a really annoying cough every night for a month. What's wrong with me?
is my weed laced with pcp??!?
How much does a chiropractor make and what are the steps to becoming one highschool to becoming a chiropractor?
What health problems would cause extreme dizziness....?
What is wrong with my ankle?
Unsolved Knee pain mystery?
Muscle Pain!!?
Lights & Sirens?
It's 4:15 AM here, and i'm going out at 10 AM....?
varicose veins?
I by mistake swallowed a little shisha oil from a hookah...can it harm me?
What is lacking in my body, or diet?
How long will this hangover last?
Dark circles and Sunken eyes?
Will you get a bad trip if you take acid around alot of people?
Whats your favorite smoke brand?
What is it. ??? im worried.............?
Problem with my forearm/forearms
Have I damaged my back?
why does my mouth feel sensitive to every touch when i eat?
sleeping disorder?
What is NLP is layman terms how can I use it to improve my life?
an old friend has implied she'll commit suicide?
Is it dangerous (or even possible) to overdose on Kalms Sleep?
I think im depressed?
Have you had experiences regarding giving of antipsychotics to elderly relatives in care homes with dementia..?
Has religion played a positive role in helping or negative role in your mental illness (i.e forming part ....?
Is Zeldox (Geodon) available in the UK?
Why do teens get depressed very easily?
am i suffering from depression?
Really need help with sorting my life out!?
what would happen?? overdose?
What does this dream mean?
my stepmum had a blackout, what are they?
im feeling stressed with home and work life thinking about buying a packet of cigarettes. ?
Anyone know the best psychologists in the state of Indiana?
i'm scared about going to sleep?
Phasmophobia is the fear of what?
What should I do with my yellow tongue?
Hit In The Head..boxer?
i have a really sore throat and i have my tonsills out?
Chest Pain?????
How can I hide the veins on my legs?
Mental Illness in Dog?
How long does is it suppose to take for your stomach to digest and break down your food?
What do welts feel like? Are there different kinds?
what do you think is the purpose (rationale) why the nurse should Monitor recurrence of vomiting and LBM 4x?
Wireless vibrating bullet?
Could an incision to the left of the bladder affect the bladder itself?
How to fix your sleeping patterns?
how much more will i grow. and good tips to grow?
IVC tissued early this morning. What does this mean?
A question about my life?
can anybody give me some tips for motivation please?
how long can a doctor backdate a sicknote?
What does it feel to be depressed?
Hi, I've just started dating an alcoholic who's currently detoxing...?
I watched a scary film and now i cant sleep:( what should i do?
my friend thinks i am suffering from depression?
Self-help for health anxiety?
When will i become normal?
how can i stop taking drugs?
Depressed, unsociable, social phobia.. what can i do?
This is getting me down and makes me feel sad?
I cant help feeling sad about this?
Should i go to doctors about this? am i mad?
I have anger issues and i break things when i get mad i cant control it i need help b4 it gets much worse?
Help with suffering from anxiety?
cracked colar bone why didnt they pin it its been a couple of days since accident will it heal ?
What to do?
How can I tell if my thumb is broken or bruised?
Shoulder pain,volleyball?
Can the immune system remember pathogens it has dealt with previously?
Can you eat dairy products when you have strep throat?
what does a medical technologist do?
Can Hedrin Headlice treatment be bought in Australia?
what should i do if a pup is having fever and internal problem? ?
What is wrong with my knee?
shoulder popped causing pain to shoot down my arm?
Is there a test they can do to make sure you don't have a bad reaction to anesthesia?
what is wrong with me? what am i sick with?
any pot smokers out there, or experts on the different effects from pot smoking?
Will weed hurt me, need some help? anyone?
contacts question!!Answer pleasee?
Is there a cough syrup phobia?
Can a stool test still be performed if I did not fill the test bottle fill line?
What does the right mid part of my neck pop, and then I pass out?
Why am I EXTREMELY prone to dizziness?!?
Sleeping problem help .................?
how can i stop my eye twitch?
What do you honestly think about....?
Is there anything that can control flees besides the expensive chemicals which soon gets immune?
Lately when I have bowel movements, I see white liduidy streaks and chunks that look like undigested food. ?
how do i gt rid of red cheeks?
Anti-depressants and life cover/insurance.?
Why can't I sleep in other countries?
What can i /should i do about my life?
What is your diagnosis and have you ever tried healthier eating for your mental health and has it worked?
Fluoxetine (Prozac, Sarafem)?
What will happen if I speak to my GP about my condition (UK)?
I believe I may have Trichotillomania?
AM I A LION please help me?