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why does my lower back hurt when i bend over?
ankle tendonitis or just need orthotics?
i hit my ear and it feels numb and it feels clogged up but it doesnt hurt at all. is it going to be ok??
How do I know if I've sprained my wrist?
What treatments are available?
electrocution: what has happened?
Bottom lip partly numb. Any chance of recovery?
Ankle injured 6months ago but all good, now painful from first twist and turning football drill?
Aching and tingling in left arm..?
I cut my ankle really bad while shaving?
I have some weird symptoms...very worrying?
what environmental factors are necessary to sustain human life?
Water question, anyone know?
How long does it take for DVTs to disappear.?
How to crack someone else's neck?
i haven't been able to sleep and i don't feel tired...what is wrong?
does it matter whether you sleep during the day or night?
Will alot of sleep strike a growth spurt?
Adjusting sleep pattern?
At what age do you think you should start talking to girls about body image?
Hi, what do positive and negative signs mean after the blood type?
is anyone out there suffering from continuous vomiting on and off?
My nose does this thing...?
I have right bundle branch block does it affect Class 1 Medical?
How to prevent sleep walking?
when going to sleep should our bed be faceing north?
What happens when you get a blood test?
Cracking bones?
How does one come in for stones in the Gall bladder?
How long Does It take For Lack of Sleep to Be Detrimental to Your Health?
I went clubbing 3 nights in a row.. How long will my hangover last for?
Please help, I'm in pain and I don't know what to do?
How long will I stop feeling and being sick?
can sleeping with ac on cause you to get sick?
Is there sulphur in Aleve? my mom was wondering and is allergic to sulphur?
I have like the worst head pressure?
Whats a way to get rid of acid-indigestion....?
How can i stop my neck from twitching?
why do i get cramps when i run, i drink good amount of water, stretch warm up and cool down i dont understand?
why is that every time i sneeze or im about to sneeze my eyes water?
What do my symptoms show?
will i grow any taller or stopped?
how come i still feel a simialr buzz like when i drink when i sniff markers and chapstick?
Would sick kids give me a nose surgery if it was mainly for cosmetic reasons?
do i have diabetes? help me please!?
under 18 with medicaid ...how much would contact lens exam cost?
Olanzapine/Zyprexa what are your Side effects?
Is pulling out my hair self harm?
I'm so stressed out about school...?
Have a phobia of throwing up which is making me wash my hands 20 times a day is it ocd?
Should I go back to my GP?
Medication for bulimia?
bulimic ..16th birthday meal in 5 days ..help?
What is it called, to sit and have a completely blank mind?
I want to be a heroin addict, is this right.?
I think I need to be admitted?
I would like to hear your BAD experience with Citalopram?
does anyone else think that this is a horrible thing to do?
Can antidepressants make schizophrenia worse?
is it normal to feel this way?
people keep makin fun of me when i talk what should i do?
Is there ever a good reason to commit suicide?
do you ever lose your patience with people sometimes and have urges to become violent?
depression help...welbutrion and lexapro?
anxiety....citalopram.....what should i do?
I have a Groin problem located on the right side in the fold where the abdomen joins groin with the leg.?
How many times can you be hit in the same place before you get a bruise?
severe period conditions, passing out, dizzyness?
I have a little white bump on the outer part of the iris. No blurred vision but just feels like a grain of?
can hiv be cure for ever re dont mean treatment i mean cure total cure to live a normal life?
I have a weird growth coming from my pelvis, what could it be?
What are the causes of swollen lymph nodes in you groin?
How can I get back to normal without seeing a doctor?
Does anyone know a really good chiropractor in the Mornington Peninsula area?
Fastfood outlets at the RCH. Do you think these outlets are profiting at the expense of our children?
Glucosamine and Chondroitin - Shark vs. Bovine derived query?
my left eye has a sharp pain and the top eye lid twitches on it's on for 2 days any ideas.?
posterior or anterior nosebleed?
ughh,, i keep thinking about getting my tonsils taken out. Anyone been through this?
where can I buy modafinil, Provigil, Aletec or Vigicer on the net ?
Can you take both Evening primrose and Omega?
Is just store bought smoked food bad for you or is it also unhealthy if you prepare it at home?
Can I take my earring out for soccer even though I only just got them done?
how do i settle my household?
Is there anything I should know about giving blood in Australia?
What would you say this is?
How do i get rid of puffiness under my eye as a result of scratching the inside of my eye lid?
Can i use Driclor for my hands (excessive sweating)? please answer!?
How to crack someone else's ankle?
quick sleep question?
How long do cravings last?
Can you get too much Vitamin A & D intake, if you... & Do all margarines contain Vitamin D and A?
What happens when you get a blood test?
Help my friend please?!?
What does hypothermia and hyperthermia mean?
any good home remedies for the common cold, soar throat, and fever of 102?
What stages and symptoms of liver failure are there?
tell me immune system action for hair loss ?
What happens if I take my antibiotics too soon?
about bugs in the stomach,how would you eliminate it 100% naturally?
What is the correct medical term for ANJAAM PANI(=5th fever-malayalam)?details required?
I'm not sure exactly what you mean by puss, but does a clear yellow liquid count as an infection?
What is Group G Streptococcus?
Should you stay home from school if you have diarrhea?
Why is it so hard to get rid of conjunctivitis?
what are the pros and cons of reusing items in general.?
The new vaccination technique.?
What can you eat with Gastro?
I'm making a nursing care plan now,what nursing diagnosis will i use if my client has signs of common colds?
what are the symptons?
can humans catch myxomotosis?
What is the bird flu?
My Taste Buds are messed up,ears closed,Please help,I need a specific Answer ?
can u get bumps with an uti?
Ear Infection?
Don't like to party, "grind", etc?
help me falling into depression fast.!?
What is an 'acid trip' (psychedelic experience) in simple terms?
Does a healthy diet and regular exercise help to control intrusive thoughts?
I think my boyfriend is self harming?
My psychiatrist refuses to prescribe me antidepressants?
Personality change!?!?
can anyone give advice on coping strategies?
• the negative effects on an individual, if he /she never has the opportunity to take a risk?
Started to feel a bit panicky and think I might have missed dose (20mg citalopram) What to do?
Do you cut yourself sometimes (question for adults)?
Attenti a quei tre...?
Can antidepressants make schizophrenia worse? I'm on 5mg Abilify.?
Is bipolar always inherited?
Can having nightmares lead to Parkinsons or dementia as a report has suggested?
Am i crazy? do i need help?
How do you get over a phobia of needles?
I want and need to change, help?
my hand and wrist?
why does a sprain hert so much after driving fast in the dirt?
i hve cmpleted a wrkshop in pathogloy?
Urinary Incontinence/Lap Banding?
SLEEP is it important?
just a question about the human mouth?
the brown spots on my arm (freckles?) . . what are they caused from?
pulsating twitch in wrist?
what water filter system as in benchtop style can best get rid of fluoride ?
tonsillectomy after!! please ?
possible way to live beyond your years?
Whats going on with me?
Did i vomit from lack of sleep?
How to refill a prescription?
can you go to the doctors and ask for an MRI to just have a check over?
how to find a doctor by his name in NSW?
Can I remove steri-strip from my eye lid after 7 days?
Does anyone have a free motorized wheelchair I can have in NYC?
If you're uninsured in the U.S healthcare system will you be covered for Leukemia?
I feel a bit tired and just quite not right.?
getting rid of cigarette smoke?
when i go to sleep during the day..i'm more tired when i wake up?
do you yawn while sleeping?
Health Issues Facing Canadians Today ?
I hear a high pitch sounds form electronics, what can this be?
Extremely swollen eyes from crying all night, any quick fixes?
WHATS WRONG WITH ME (trouble sleeping)?
my feet are hot at night, and i can'?
Why does my nose get blocked when i sit down, but the second i stand up, it clears up?
Yesterday while i was walking my dog in a field i fell in a bagger hole.?
what drug is it, that you need to have candles for?
If I smoked 1 joint 4 days ago would I still pass a drug test?
do surgeons need to have perfect or better than perfect vision?
How can I grow taller? or at least continue to grow taller?
What could be wrong with me?
how do some people die off drinking too much alcohol?
severe whiplash injuries?
I have constant painful pins on my ankle when i press or put stress on it?
PLEASSSE HELP!(: okay well?
is incense bad for you? or is that just a rumour?
mobile phone radiation on trains? many people many phones?
Describe in detail the various planes and how they are used to organize the body. How are they important?
health insurance in new york state?
Why is my heart racing?
Extreme sensitivity to heat?
Anyone recommend some good filter water machine for home use?
is internal blue mould dangerous in any way to your health?¿?
Is there somethink wrong with me?
How would you able to stop snortting, while u sleep?
My left hand just stopped moving?
Grass-fed beef in Australia?
Why the Unexplained Bruises?
Does anyone have any ideas to cure insomnia?
spray can frosty burn?
Creeping numbness from fingers to the toes?
is knocked knees and inset hips a disability?
Better Health Commission?
How can a 21 yr old guy look younger?
Does Berocca has any effect on sleep?
How long does it take for a body to completely replace the blood it received from a tranfusion?
Nora Nova Virus Does anyone know where i can get info?
Do i have a disorder or am i mentally ill?
I am insecure about myself because of what a girl said?
What are the signs that you have grown out of ADHD?
Why can't I feel anything?
what are the effects on the family when someone commits suicide?
Why won't my doctor prescribe me antidepressants?
Is this a kind of abuse; my dad is kind of strange, like he's got Autism or something; he says he's going to?
Is hospitalisation an option if the person is pregnant?
Does anyone else here have no friends in high school?
what are some good distraction techniques had a real bad day urge to self harm?
Doctor's Appointment?
How many women commit suicide from relationship abuse?
how long will it take 15mg of mirtazapine to get out your system?
is beleving that ghosts are after you a normal fear or a delusion?
Feel like I'm going to shut down?
going to the doctors about depression, what can i expect to happen?
I just cant do it?.....?
I have Asperger's syndrome, and I get stressed out during driving lessons?
i had a bad experience taking Citalopram...?
What's it called when a place is in need of nurses so the government pays....?
Whats wrong with me?????
Something weird going on with my stomach?
I NEED TO KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
what are the short term and long term effects of caps/ecstacy?
My Doctor has been "sick" for over 2 months?
Sick, missed 2 days of school.?
do you smoke marijuana ?
where can you buy castor oil?
left pulled upper back muscle?
Does Non surgical nose job (the one with injections) allow your nose to appear straighter?
How much do radiation therapist make a year?
what is wrong with my back?
School Project on Down Syndrome??
What's it called when you are deathly afraid of vaccines?
how to break a bad habit ---A.S.A.P---?
confused with pain in my toes to the point i cannot walk. help!?
Should I be concerned about the cracking in my knee?
Medical question about soft tissue damage?
my left lower leg feels a bit stiff and looks a little blown up?
how much should i settle for in a work related injury?
How serious is Soft Tissue Damage?
does anybody know if there are any tantric massueses in perth, all seem to be in sydney, anyone of one locally
i have to go to hospital..........?
Constant Pounding headache?
Are there any doctors in Brisbane who test for hypoglycemia?
If u break yur glasses and one lens is more frontal than the other. WIll your eyesight increase?
Why is it when you close your eyes, your balance is worse?
can bruising easily be related to a bladder infection?
My body feels like it's Numb when i'm falling to sleep, Sometimes i have a Weird feeling go through my body.?
Does QLD have any upright MRI's?
what could this be? please help?
Which doctor for knee replacement?
Blood pressure monitors, wrist band versus arm band, which is the best?
What should I do about being tired all the time?
Does anyone know much about vastilitic nuerophathy?
Did I get enough sleep? Urgent! Please anwser;(?
Burp and Sneeze reflex seem switched?
What is the Jon gabrielmethod?
back bones popping out for a guy?
Can't sleep on morphine?
Champix to quit smoking?
what are the hours of the primary medical centre on old port road in Royal Park?
why do i feel so sad for no reason?
What is it like in a psychiatric ward?
what is wrong with me? severe anxiety and panic attacks?
I want to lose short term memory what are my options?
confused and just don't know what do do......help please?
Sick Of My Life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
anyone know how short erm memory becomes long term memory?
what are effects of physical abuse?
Is Diazepam good? How does it make you feel?
Can a picture trigger psychosis?
Dealing with stress and anxiety?
Need help with understanding semantic-pragmatic disorder as a newly diagnosed Adult.?
not feeling good can you please help?
How to get through a bad day?
PLEASE help me, What is my mental problem?
How can I improve the quality of my sleep and how much sleep is recommended for a 17 year old?
How To Get Over My Fears?
What is the difference between bipolar and borderline personality disorderer?
could this be mania? PLEASE answer?
Coke addict & Detox ... ? [10 points]?
Are hair dye fumes bad for health?
how to get in a deep sleep fast and stay in the comatose state?
why does my head hurt after smoking weed ?
how much does it cost to get orbital rim implants. implants, surgery and anesthesia estimate?
how long can a human go without having to pee?
anyone have abilify weight gain?
What can my doctor do?
Is is safe to take an echinacea supplement every day?
Do i have ALS, or something else?
medical mystery? help please?
I get motion sickness easily?
How can i do basic things with a broken foot?
what jobs are on offer for me?
about the TENS unit?
scared of black henna scarring !!?
what could this bump mean?
How can I boost my Immune System Against a Vomit Bug?
What would i call the shot DHLPPC if all 3 lepto strains are vacc. for? Would it beDHL3PPC?
Please help?!How much money is spent every year to help treat hepatitis and find vaccines?
What are vomiting and headaches symptoms of?! Plz help!!!!!!!?
which uk hospitals have the worst record for mrsa and other "super bug" infections?
do animals get chicken pox?
can you survive ebola?
Two year old .. Flu relapse?
can dogs get gastroenteritis?
wer can i buy antibiotic ointment for rabbit eye infections i carnt afford to go to the vet?
Sore throat or worse?
plz answer malaria Q's need in 5min?
Whats The Swine Flu??
Quarantine hospitals running out of beds?
can formaldehyde cause long period illness? or just short time illness?
how long do vaccines stay cold for in a foil vaccine bag?
Can the virus spread?
can a volcaneo be dangerous when the dormant?
Dodgy doctor- should I dob him in?
Spinach and iron: Did Hamblin really do something in the British Medical Journal about this?
When I press on my right on, it feels very sore, different to my left eye.?
why dont they put you to sleep its hurtless?
Why do I get so hot when I eat?
Intramuscular self injecting of B12, please help.?
Not to be gross at all, but when i take a poo it really smell's?
How can I get to sleep at night and be alert in the day?
What would you think?
Blood blister like thing, please answer?
want to find article in Herlad Sun June 2006 about children not being able tocontrol own body heat?
Dose anybody have any tips on varicose veins??
Individuals health is not static but dynamic.?
cerebral palsy?
Panadiene/ paracetamol?
is AD/HD short tor spoilt brat syndrome?
is there anything wrong with having surgery on eye because my eye is big, i mean skin looks big and doesnt?
Is there a medical blacklist in Ontario Canada?
What does manipulation mean?
I always get really Itchy ears deep on the inside? What causes this?
How do I get rid of swollen fingers?
Is this normal for hemorrhoids?
I need surgery for my deviated septum!?
Dry hands while washing dishes?
Pain on the back where the right rib is. I was just taking a shower then all of a sudden a sharp stabbing pain
i have a bump on my eye, i dont think its a sty, because its been here for about a month! help please?
Has any1 had back pain that just wont go away and hurts all over there back, Im only 17, this has last ages?
I peeled most of my nail off but it is still on from my cutical when will it fall off?
What is the hematopoetic marrow in the wrist?
Is there a way to make wounds heal quicker?
Is Zeldox (Geodon) available in the UK?
i feel incredibly lonely, i dont know how to cope with that.?
so frustrated with myself and my drs anyone know what i can do?
i dont know how to feel about my mums death, please read on to here my story?
What's the difference between diagnosing traits of a disorder, and diagnoses of the actual disorder itself?
incapacity benefit with mental illness?
Painkiller Addiction: IF you've been there personally, or have credible knowledge of same, can you answer this?
I'd really like some help...?
does anyone live with an aspergers partner? can anyone please help with any tips/advice?
Why do I see faces when I close my eyes to go to sleep?
Is only therapy adequate to recover from depression?
Im a nervous wreck after a car crash?
Is 5mg Abilify a low dose for schizophrenia?
Are these thoughts and feelngs normal...what help could a dr give?
How do I stop myself crying at night from being so lonely?
Are these hallucinations/some mental illness or are my fears just like scaring me too much?
Im scared i might be depressed again?
Is it true that soy milk can make your feet hurt?
I Am Suffering Through Something That Is Tragic?
Did I react badly to the marijuana?
Is this normal behaviour after you pass out & get a concussion?
Is there any kind of vitamine that helps prevent getting headachs all the time?
Fainting in public - How do deal with it?
How to be super human?
does the welfare drug plan cover oxycotin pills?
I cant sleep in day light!?
Do you need NREM sleep?
why isnt my acne going away?
For the past year I have been very tired, any ideas of what could be wrong?
Any suggestions on how to get rid of a planters wart that won't go away?
the right side of my stomach hurts alot?
If you ingested someone else's saliva?
What causes this to happen to me?
Free Kingsize mattress. Posture care brand.?
what would you do (scenario) ?
How to crack someone else's elbow?
How much sleep should i be getting?Side-effects?
How do lipids move through the body so they can be digested and absorbed? How are lipids stored in the body?
Does fish oil reverse brain damage?
My CVD Soup?
Has anyone used Isatori Curvelle capsuals and/or Vital Greens and noticed a positive outcome?
how does private health cover work? need help!?
What category of drugs does Nurofen come under?
very tired and dizzy and hot all the time?
Did you gain weight when you quit smoking? I want to stop gaining!!?
What is flexion? and what is extension?
How can I get some sleep?
Should i sleep or Should I work?
Does your nose crack?
Do I contact the public hospital or my GP?
Has anyone had a periumbilical hernia?
Collar Bone Possibly Refractured/Broke?
What to do with swollen/very bruised pinky finger?
A child has a broken femor from playing tunnel ball.?
Lumbar Puncture Side effects?
How to not catch scabies from someone that lives in the same house?
is atypical lymphocytes the same as mild lymphocytosis?
How long does boiled water stay safe from germs?
operation public patient how long to wait?
Possible contamination?
can catching a chill cause flank pain, if so, why?
How can the B-cells of the immune system recognize a certain epitope of antigen when it is their 1st exposure?
What are some recent developments in immunisations?
Glandular Fever?
Barmah Forest Virus?
If I get immunized now for the swine flu and a deadly strain pops up next year will the immunization matter?
Does panadol rapid cause infertility???????/?
can a male deer tick transmit Lyme disease?
Does verapimil have a negative or positive effect on contractility?
will demestos or bleach kill nits and lice?
How can I help my little sister, I think that shes developing an eating disorder and I don't know what to do?
How to manage stress related to revision?
this is not depression...what is it?
Do you go to shops/out by yourself? (anxiety)?
im such a horrible person :( i dont know what to do anymore?
Any help on taking my mind of smoking?
i think i might have ptsd?
Am I Heartless Or Just Less Sensitive?
My mum commited suicide & i think something spirituals going on..?
Why would a seemingly healthy young adult start saying words wrongly?
I feel like dying...?
I Think I Have Some Kind Of Disorder... Please read?
has anyone been on a fear of flying course?
Whats Happening To Me (2)?
I have too many problems, can anyone help? Sorry it's long...?
how do i feel happy again?
What is this feeling? Am I depressed?
I'm miserable everyday of my life help?
cognitive behavior therapy - has anyone here tried it?
has anyone used Tofranil 10mg (Imipramine) if so what was your experience?
lump in my middle part?
Do vaccines given to use after birth cause any adverse side effect such as autism or other problems?
Has anyone ever noticed any memory lost after taking fenofibrate?
Why am i always so cold?
Please help What could this be?
What makes ears "ring"?
I am worried about my mother-in-law getting her stomach stapled...?
i dont know whats wrong.. is it serious or no?
I need help sleeping?
how can I achieve and out-of-body experience without drugs?
how to stay up without taking drugs!?
Head rushes... possible underlying health issues?
How to tell if I have arthritis on my hands/knuckles?
Why is sitting on my heels so uncomfortable?
Joint pain and humidity?
how do you tell your doctor about depression symptoms?
i have a lump on the back of my achillies tendon i don't know why.?
wrist surface?
I'm ill but can't eat?
How do I get rid of a mouth ulcer? It's tiny but painful and have had it for over a week?
what health insurance will cover lap band surgery in australia?
Can I book Doctor appointments online?
Is cloudy ammonia dangerous?
Can I virus cause really bad indigestion?
I need help with sleep problems?
varicose vains?
Bleeding between periods. Any ideas?
for the last 2 days I have been expieriencing tingeling in just my left leg betwee my ankle and my knee ?
Hopw much is cost of a a packet of cigarette in Dubaii?
How often are emergency services called to Wall Street?
Why am i so tired?
what is the value of the dianostic process in clinical process?
Has anyone had heart palpitations while tapering on prednisolone?
Will I still grow? I've only grown about 5cm...?
why cant you lower your blood pressure straight away?
Weird tingling around my nose....?
how long after feeling better from vomiting bug are people contagious?
what is meant by a strain of a virus?
Traveling from Los Angeles to Fiji to Sydney. Do I need a yellow fever vaccination?
what are the barriers that Mycobacterium tuberculosis gets through?
when are some early signs of chicken pox?
How long does it take for a fingernail to grow back after an accident?
Just had third toenail surgically removed. How long until I can competitively play basketball again?
can you drink alcohol if you take advair?
Why do my wrist already hurt?
Half way through a swallow ( even just saliva ) it feels like the swallow stops and i have no saliva to finish?
WOMEN: Anyone suffered from premature Menopause?
Question about teens and sleep?
Dizzy all of the sudden?
This happens very often when im trying to sleep?
my daughter broke her collar bone which way is best for her to sleep arm propped up or down across her chest?
do knee joints crack more often in puberty?
Hydromet at Walgreens?
Medicare information for australia? Can anyone tell me about medicare?
Does the Allen Carr's Easyway® to Stop Smoking work?
Night-time Nausea? Why?
I wake up in the middle of the night very often and cannot get back to sleep.?
How long do probiotics take to work?
How to cure RSI?
Nurses!! Nursing in Australia please :)?
Eating bananas at bed time?
Is Lipitor really so bad for your health?
Did i do pretty well today??????????!!?
how long does it take for a b12 injection to take effect?
what could be causing my nausea and headaches?
um please read??????
does weed make you depressed?
Alcohol and stomach is a bad combination?
How can I get over my insecurity about my red face?
Do you think I have iron deficiency?
very sick could i have colonitis? or ibs?
Can i be allergic to weed?
Advice on growing taller?
can 15 year old grow taller than 5'11"?
who can i talk to for advice on my husband who is on medication for depression but will not stop drinking?
How anonymously can one use Nhs: Direct? Particularly in regards to Mental Health?
Do antidepressants treat anger and anxiety as well?
Is it rational to go insane?
Why am i sometimes not scared of spiders,then other times i can pick them up?
long term heavy drug/drink related problems?
Is this a mental disorder or just weird?
how do i tell my mum i think she's bipolar?
Support sites for depression.....?
I have agoraphobia and panic attacks, But I want to go on holiday?
why do i feel so down again today? please help?
Scrupulosity or Pure O.C.D?
Anyone who has been on sertraline (zoloft) or fluoxetine (prozac)?
Apathy for as long as I can remember?
I need help, i cant even sleep no more?
Has anyone here ever been hospitalised and/or detained for more than ONE suicide attempt?
How to relieve built up stress?
Inhalant problem...help! :'(?
how do i get rid of this nail dent?
Dr Scholls skin tag remover?
work suspension, is there any chance a nurse can go back to work?
what ares of the world is the stomach flu most common?
is it a high risk to get toxoplasmosis this way?
equine flu. possible in the wrong section.?
my daughters got cerebral palsy please hep?
I ended up in hospital with Glandular Fever earlier this year has anyone else ended up in hospital with it?
If you already have the cold sore virus, is it still dangerous to kiss someone who has a cold sore?
My immune systems broke. how can i fix it?
how is the salmonella in wound transmit from patient to patient?
just want to no if u can get mumps if u been vaccinated with both doses of mmr?
My Hep C testblood test was intedermined two times and i have to wait 6 months to have another- why?
What is the difference in the blood types O positive and O negative?
Cold, Sore Throat, Headaches, Tiredness all in one! help.?
Testing for the heterophile Ab of infectious mononucleosis by rapid slide test?
Just chest infection or swine flu?
i have a recurrent eye problem?
staph infection - no energy?
My 2 year old has low white blood cells. What could this mean?
I'm havin this...sickness I guess?
I have suffered from excessive eye mucus for one year. Any Ideas what it may be?
Why would a stye last for months?
is my ankle sprained?
After a work accident you end up with rsd do you get a lawyer?
i had a hernaited dics removed 3 months ago why do i feel like i have a golf ball in my throat?
Can you smoke a cigarette while on prednisone?
Toe infection maybe ingrown toenail?
What are ways that you get laryngitus?
How Often Do Doctors... Catch Cold's From Their Patients:P?
Years of Life Lost!!?
why is the american health care system so bad?
Any of you might know?
how do bulk billing doctor surgeries work?
Where can I buy Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup in Perth, Western Australia.?
latey my eyes feel sleepy lately?
why is psychosocial health important?
Heart palpitations does any one get them alot?
whats a condition that affects behavior that is pronounced "rhinitis" or something like that?
Anybody here has a bachelor in Health Sciences?
Is this a nosebleed? =S please help!! im worried?
why cant they just send it in the mail?
donating blood too many times?
Can sumone please tell me where I can find Driclor in the Hornsby Westlfield??
if you put a few drops of visine eye drops into a drink and drink it, will it give you the runs?
What stores sell litmus paper for testing of body pH?
Tonsillectomy Question!!!!!?
What will the dermatologist do different from the doctor?
Accutane and weed? is it good?
How many hours should you sleep?
How can I grow taller at eleven?
What height is considered to TALL for 18 year old FEMALE??? (10 points)?
how to get rid of a bloated stomach?
Accidentally ate a pot cookie - am I OK for my drug test next week?
Do you need a perscription for plan B pill?
recipe for stinky feet? HELPP!?
stomach pain? how do i get rid of it FAST?
How can one surgically remove their own arm without dying or losing a ton of blood?
What's the cure for inertia or excessive laziness?
wisdom tooth removal and still bleeding?
When I get up fast sometimes I get dizzy, Why?
Lithium Level question?
Is attention seeking bad?
I want to stop cutting but I can't.?
I suffer from sever depression, can I have free treating?
can i have some advise on managing my behaviour?
Is anyone like feeling as depressed as me lately?
does anyone know when behavioural psychology was created ??
How to stop seeking validation, anxiety over how others see me, and anxiety over anxiety?
Can you have too much empathy?
extremely happy then extremely sad within hours for no reason?
how dangerous is valum?
Symptoms of Hyperness?
What is an anxiety attack?
Fluoxetine - Side effects?
What happens if you don't finish your course of antibiotics?
I get embarassed and hit what ever is near me (even myself)?
Do i need help for this depression?
What happens to people when they are having a nervous breakdown?
I am 13 years old,me and my friend both have sweating problems.We've tried everything do you have an answer?
Can my leg present a fracture 2 days after the injury had happened?
Sciatic Nerve Pain?
I got my ears pierced about a weak ago and one of them is swelling?
Sprained Ankle - Hairline fracture?
I only get 4 hours a sleep every night?
Anyone suffer Deep Sleep Paralysis wakenings. How often? I keep getting 2 a year at least.?
For the past couple of days ive been waking up really really dizzy i was wondering if anyone knew whats wrong?
What causes us to be lazy and slow on hot days?
my tummy hurts after drinking soy milk?
Which is worse after a nightmare, high or low blood pressure?
What vision disorder do I have?
Andrew Lessman's Vitamins Hair, Nail, and Skin...Does it Work?
How is the anaesthetia ratio and other drugs worked out for a patient?
Food Servings?
Is dolased and panadeine forte dangerous to use often?
what is the difference between a PA and a PA-C?
Doctor Put Me On Lovan (prozac) Bad Side Effects Anyone Else?
I dropped my hard contact lense into the toilet.?
I have a knot on my arm!?
for the past week my knee has locked up and I cant properly walk on it?
This hole Brain pressure at night thing..i completely understand..its scary!..any sugestions?..?
My 5 month old has a couple dark veins on top of his head, is this normal?
after total knee replacement, my leg and foot are numb. why? It is 7 weeks today?
what are the government policies for age care in australia?
this man was just laying on the ground, what should i have done..?
Is it bad to sit on your leg?
after getting high for the first time off of weed i feel very tiered and its been going on for like 4 days now?
natural medication against arthritis?
I have writer's block, help!?
how to cope with an unreasonable light sleeper?
Any meds you can take ONLY when you're having a panic attack?
when i eat rice it gets stuck in my throat?
I'm on a mission to eat white floured products?
What are some reasons, example AIDS or something, that would cause a person to die slowly?
how long does prozac stay in your system?
Is it possible for someone with astigmatism to get Lasik?
I have an ear infection (according to the doctor) but the symptoms dont seem to match what I read online?
What do the letters MD FRCP{C} stand for after a person's name?
Rare blood disease: Hematchromosis? Any one heard of this?
what is really wrong with me?
People with O.C.D and/or Scrupulosity -How did you seek help?
help? i dont know if im crazy or what?
Why is it so many people have mental health problems these days?
What would happen if you gave marajuana to mentally handicapped person?
Has anyone ever been crying because they were sad then started laughing and so on?
Would you think this is bad?
I always have the urge to cut myself but I hate blood.?
i have been on anti depression tablets for two years is it ok to continue as they help?
Some good relaxing music?
Shall i use alcohol as crutch for my emotional pain?
Can anxiety and stress cause stomach symptoms such as Gas, bloating/fullness etc?
What is the current decade called? The last decade was the noughties so...?
Do i have ADD and how to i cover my mistakes from it if i do have it?
How to stop obsessive thoughts and relax while getting blood pressure taken?
Could someone be mad, weird or normal if they mutter to themself constantly, not being able to read anything?
i find it hard and when i sleep i wake up early and also i get these dark fades under my eye?
How do I go to drinking water when i've been drinking Fizzy drink since I was 15? Its really difficult!!?
Ranitidine and Pentagastrin?
Neck/Throat Problems?
For all those interested in learning how to really MEDITATE authentically?
MOBICOSA - Where can I get some and does it work ???
What is the purpose of sleep?
can any one tell me where to buy the detox product cleansemax in australia?
are matches really that safe?(when using them to light something)?
Ive got a concussion and I want to smoke weed.?
Tense face?
Prescription glasses for a 4 year old? Has any bought them online?
nursing help needed?
Is it okay to use public transport quite often and walk to most places?
I'ts 3:00 am (australian time) and ive been having sleeping problems for about a month now?
HELP! Whats wrong with me?
Where can I go for my skin test or which hospital test skin in western Sydney?
I wake up feeling tired and by 5pm can hardly think straight....?
I got a dizzy spell after and during using my computer?
How many Tamazepam are you supposed to take?
How long before ears get infected?
I have really bunged up nose cant stop sneezing im even off my dominoes pizza!!?
A cure for flem in the back of your throat and nose?
Oh no, I think I've bruised my tailbone. I am an exercise addict, what should I do now?
Should I be worried about a busted blood vessel in my leg?
I accidentally hit my pinky finger knuckle against metal a week ago. Now the finger is sore.?
What two prominent muscles have been affected?
Lime agent & bleach killing Parvo?
Diagnose me! Help!?
feeling of both warm and cold during flu?
bladder infection! help?
does flu jab really help from h1n1 virus?
Rubella Help???
molluscum contagiosum treatment?
if a person get negative HIV report after 6 months (no relation in between),can he get positive report after?
My 2 yr.old has been vomiting a lot this morning.No fever,chills,food or drink yet.Advice please.?
I have been on pegysus treatment for Hep c for 8 months now and I have a bitter metallic taste in my mouth?
Methotrexate for refractory skin infections?
Is a person fitted with a shunt for hydrocephalus has to live with the shunt for the rest of his life?
Could something be disloacted in my throat?
Can my son have the MMR vaccine split into 3 separate vaccines (mumps, measles and rubella) in Australia?
Can you tell me about Staph infection in the blood?
what is a staff throat infection? how do you get it and how is it treated.?
what does hepatic panachryma with echogenicity mean? help?
how bad are scabies???????????????????????????
Doctor Who Eternals?
what is ulcer ? whats the symptoms?
What is the best corneal ulcer antibiotic ointment for my kitten?
Am I deficient in anything if my fingernails curl over at the ends?
I have a really, really bad blood nose HELP!?
Can UV Rays penetrate (get through) shirts (clothes) made of cotton and polyester? (leading to sun burn)?
what do you know about electrolyte water. Is it better than just purified water?
help with the ottawa charter...?
Why am I always constipated and bloated?
sleep enuresis (bed wetting)?
Whats happening to me??Sleep depriviation and quiteness?
what does my prescription mean ?
is it human(ethical)to be charged vat when you fall ill?ie.vat is charged on medicines and consultation etc...
bizarre Botox question....?
Do those " Electrical facial " stimulator that give you a surge of electricity really work for tightening face
the _ lines the body wall within the abdominopelvi cavity.?
Why do I walk tiptoes?
Codral and Red Bull?
when do you ask permission to perform tasks on your clients?
Ignorance must clearly be bliss for this family!?
What is the ideal humidity in the bedroom when we sleep?
I have been taking 4-5 sleeping tablets only getting 4 hours sleep then wide awake?
help.....eye site suddenly got worse?
How come half of these people on this mental health section think they are bipolar ?
how can i get over my extreme fear of spiders? it interferes with my job?
Am I Clinically Depressed?
Which is more likely to make me gain weight?
Advice for school trip? I have a problem...?
What are some warning signs of Bipolar Disorder?
Can the doctor do anything about my arachnophobia?
How can I help my friend?
My husband is suffering severe depression and PTSD and wants committing to mental hospital, how do i do it?
When your mom abused you emotionally?
how bad does a panic attack have to be to be called a panic attack?
i think my anger is getting bad .... help ?
Can't sleep and i have school tomorow?
Sleeping pills, hospital discharging?
what should i do , how should i feel? (social phobia)?
what is the best exercise to inprove my 6 pack?
i need help i feell very unhappy want to kill my self?
Is it safe to become a sanguinarian?
How long does it take Strattera to get out of the system?
What is Viagra and can it help me grow taller?
My mom says my aunt is really sick... but I don't believe her story about what she is claiming to have...?
Do you know anyone who has had an oxycontin addiction and has gone through rehab? Are they the same person?
URGENT. Overdose question? Tylenol, alcohol and celexa.?
Right side hurts like a bittch!?
Will my contact lenses melt in Pakistan?
what does it mean when you have a 20 percent chance to live when on life support?
Severe diahhrea...at work?
Swollen Lymph node in neck?
What are the benefits of taking Vitamin C ?
I cannot sleep, what should i do?
Why do we prespire when we're asleep?
prove to me marijuana does more bad than good because i thing is a good thing?
My leg hurts when I put pressure on it.?
I would like to know more about Alopecia Areata?
My dogs belly is swollen?!!(with pic)?
Glued to bed due to illness = loser?
What is causing this whistling sound when I breathe?
i started shaving and my skin turned black its not the tone of my face even after fresh shave its still black?
Has anyone who cut the oleander back feel exhausted after ward?
I was looking for advice on private health care cover in Australia?
can i find pablum rice cereal in canada if not where can i find it
Hi. I'm a month shy from 18 and i checked my blood pressure and i can't interpret it.?
Burst A Blood Vessel in my Wrist?
Why do I twitch when I am falling asleep?
having problem with underactive thyroid, due to birth problems in pregnancy, cant treat on medication pls help
1. what are the nutrients that our bodies needs to function properly?
Why does my back crack everytime I take a deep breath or when I reach down to get something?
Very curious about my sleeping habits...?
Is it bad to take travel sickness tablets to help you go to sleep?
what are the special precaution you take to prevent poor moving and handling?
my 6 mo sharpei wakes up w/flem in his throat. could it be too cold in my house? he snores at night.?
I really do not feel encouragement or the strength to start to do something on my free time every morning?
Always paranoid and searcing for lumps in my body, i freak out cos i find them.?
i asked earlier about liver and fatty changes?
Does anyone know any good massage books?
Are sleeping pills worse for you than alcohol?
Okay i got a snakebite piercing like 5 days ago and now my piercing is really red?is it suppose to be red?
please HELP me! how to remove nit eggs ???
What would be a key determining factor to label something as paramyxo and something as orthomyxo?
I need a doctor in Toronto with HIV experience?
What is the risk of my child playing with another who has Hepatitis B?
Can guinea pigs get Hendra virus and/or transmit it to humans?
Gastro virus & food?
Staph infection?
Is there an outbreak of dangi fever in thailand, and if so what are the symptoms?
Question about Urine analysis?
Is there any vaccine for tuberculosis? Where can i get it in india?
Single MMR vaccines...? Where can i get them?
What should I do if and when the Swine Flu hits where I live?
Does anyone know of a Lyme literate doctor in Australia ?
I have Polymyalgia and been on Prednisone for 12 mths. Pred lowers your resistance to infections so can it ...?
dna mouth swab???
what does it mean when you have foreign antibodies in your blood work?
Vaccination of Rabies Time Period
I went to the doctor because I had a bladder infection?
Have any of you ever had fever blisters?
if you have diarea and bumps on you tong as well as brown substance in the mouth ever morning?
One of my female dogs is prone to cystitis, anyone have any ideas what the cause may be?
can you reget meningitis?
are any of the following brain problems serious?
Books on teenage issues - self-harm, eating disorders.. ?
I'm too different!!! ?!!?!!?!!?!!?
How can I see a counsellor without my parents knowing?
How do you know when you're getting too much sleep?
If someone speaks in a condescending tone to you...?
linden method and does it work?
I love someone who lives far away, should I go over to him?!?
can hypnosis cure panic attacks?
Is it normal to keep thinking about death?
Im in love with someone who lives really far away?!?
what are the difficulties facing people with tourettes in ireland?
Is there anything I should be worried about?
Do you think Bipolar Disorder is portrayed well in EastEnders?
dont know what to think or feel :(?
I'm 14 years old and I have total severe memory loss ALL the time... ?
How to find yourself?
i have schizopherenia and am suicidal?
Yellow liquid from my nose after hit?
Do you like the feeling when you foot is totally asleep??? I love it!!!!!?
Why is my second toe numb?
I don't know what is wrong with my elbow.?
Why are my nails growing sideways?
i am wondering if ther r any herbs you can smoke that do not get you high or give you cancer. plz help.?
I'm getting tested for hypoglycemia tomorrow - I'm supposed to fast - does that mean I cant drink anything?
Is cough and cold medicine safe for kids?
Can eating raw cookie dough give me worms?
Weird almost tingly feeling in my hands...?
Will THC show up in a doctors exam?
Geelong Massage help!!?!?
How much warmth do you need to sleep?
Blood Test Results? What does this stuff mean?
Has anyone used botox to treat migraines?
What is normal Body temperature range for children. From lowest to highest?
Ways to get a referral for specialist?
Is there any point in keeping Adderall around after 8 years?
Need help for my husband with cigarette withdrawls he, isn't sleeping at all.?
My foot/legs are twitching?
why am I ALWAYS light headed?
Where can I buy probiotic CULTURELLE® in Australia? Sydney?
what is glutaphos? is it effective? and how many times a day/week does it have to be taken?
If for 2 years i have only had 6 hours of sleep per night and it is causing concentration problems etc.?
What is euthyroidism?
how to feel about for sinus and virous?
I am on Lexapro and i want to take a herbal iron suppliment called Floradix. Would these react?
Can anyone give advice on hernia's?
What are some reasons why it would be difficult to change the health of an elderly person?
my eyes are worse now, do you think its because ... ?
why did i start lucid dreaming about 5 minutes after going to bed?
How does a serious weed smoker manage to remain slim?i overeat ever so often when i smoke?
Does too much Vitamin D affect a persons white blood cells greatly?
What causes narcissism in a person?
Is antisocial personalty disorder in Britain?
I cant seem to pull myself out my depression?
Im going on a date tonight with this girl HELP!?
Is this something to worry about?
Best Medication For Depression?
Should I let myself binge?
am i mentally ill please help?
fears: loosing people?
if you sometimes struggle to think of verbal replies or retorts to people jibing you?
I am thinking of giving some money to a UK-based mental health charity. Which one is best?
Is there any side effects to Herbal anti depressants?
why do i dream this, what does it mean?
So depressed now I am 25..?
Progressive Worrying? Keep worrying about more and more things (Why)!?
what can i do please help?
I think i may have a food related ocd, help?
Why is so much time and money spent on preventing suicide?
i have chicken pox what can i do?
Can I still recover from shingles?
Can you please help me with this health scenario?
Is Glen 20 really capable of killing influenza? In an effective way?
Can I drink alcohol next week if I possibly might have mono? Its my 21st Birthday!!?
How much Amoxil syrup to give?
what is the uses of microorganisms in the production of antibiotics?
What is the best herb out there for Hepatitis C?
can someone flicking you in the eye cause permanent damage. it sore for 5 mins but then feels normal?
what control measures have been accomplished to prevent or treat pneumonia?
Tdap shot and anesthetic cream?
Information on Liver Donations?
Feeling sick after finishing antibiotics?
Was I positive or negative in the Mantoux test?
How possible or likely is it that I can catch gastro off someone who's kid has it but not them?
What typing methods are currently available for tracing S. aureus food poisoning outbreak?
what age groups does influenza A. affect the most and how do u prevent it?
will antibiotics interfear with the results of a prescreening drog test?
id like to know what hospitals do with discarded tissue from operations etc. and do they do it in a safe way ?
Is Leprosy still spreading?
do chickens injected with steroids in australia?
I have got some unexplainable bruises..can anyone pleas help me?
Can Fractures in Young Children Go Unnoticed?
Random injuries - What to do?
Do they still sell Chloroform in Canada?
Sore throat after making out...should I be worried?
Why does soap burn your eyes?
12.5mg Paxil Side Effects?
Any way to gain fat....?
i missed my dose of antibiotics. i was supposed to take it last night, but it is now 4 30 in the morning?
I lost something *really important, and now I'm really stressed. What do I do?
Testing for A.D.D in children?
How long should you spend in the bathroom?
How long does it take to completely clear all traces of cigarette smoking including nicotine and the chemicals?
how big is the average teardop?
Larger veins on right side but not left?
Tablets affecting sleep?
How much water has been used to grow food I've eaten, manufacture items I've used and clean places I've been?
Is it possible to compensate my sleep?
massage procedure/ protecol?
how do i stop my muscle twitching?
How to crack someone else's back?
Health question, any help from experts?
Medication and Aden-tonsillectomy?
If you drink too many electro-lites can it make your tummy runny?
spider veins v hemorrhoid cream?
does any one know what effect Karvezide has on alcohol and blood alcohol levels?
any information on a discectomy would be appreciated?
I don't know what's wrong...?
Feeling sick and light headed?
Is it true that Spirulina is fattening when taken with food?
Has anyone bought a Health Beds Memory Foam Mattress recently?
Medicare Safety Net?
what is happening when you vurp - vomit burp?
How to make my spine straight?
Does everyone have to go through the process of doing "inner growth work" on themselves?
Best way to Rest between jobs?
Can you get help for depression before you turn 16 without a guardian's consent?
How do you define trauma?
Why is depression more predominant in teenagers?
Can your brain talk to you?
Can Citalopram work straight away?
how do i stop pushing people away?
Why don't you do right?
how do i get over my fear: losing people?
advice about diazepam for fear of flying?
what causes borderline personality disorder?
How much distortion can BDD cause of ones self?
Depression. Need some advice/help?
Is something wrong with me...?
im 13 i want to know if i'm i bipolar?
How does a person become confident if they have very low self esteem?
please help im so scared ?
How to cope with mental illness in high school?
I fell asleep twice today in school without knowing?
How can i stop impetigo from spreading?
Is it possible to contract hand foot & mouth disease from dog faeces?
Gastro bug- any suggestions on how not to spread it??
Stomach virus maybe? =[[?
How do you guys cope with having a cold/flu when you have loads of xmas events to attend?
Are my cuts infected?
what are the symptoms of a stomach ulcer?
what are end stage Symptoms of palmonary fabrosis?
Where is Swine Flu in Queensland?
A few questions on the parasite "ascaris lumbricoides"?
MRSA or bug bite....?
My daughter has hydrocephalus and two years ago had a VA shunt put in,she now has constant throat pain,?
hepatitis C and drinking?
What does NA of influenza virus do?
Salmonella species?
could i have caught some type of sickness or is it something else?
is viral meningitis contagious?
where did this flu come from thats killing young children over the last feww months?
Red streaks along veins on arms and legs, NO INFECTION!!?
Appendicitis Prevention?
will acyclovir treat a bladder infection?
what is meningoencephalitis and what causes it and is it fatal and is it heriditry? pls help worried aunt.?
What is the health care situation in Australia?
is there more caffeine in brewed coffee than there is in instant?
I stopped smoking 4 weeks ago and have lost over half a stone, this can't be right.?
what is the most effective and fastest way to get rid of the grayish dark shades on my face from excema?
How much does a pack of regular Camel No. 9s cost in New York?
What is wrong with me?
how many milligrams would there be in a tailored cigarette?
I am looking for Via Viente Distributors in Australia & New Zealand?
I weigh 80 Kg. How many calories am I burning when I climb 25 ft in 20 secs. How many if I repeat this 16 X?
Can doctors tell my parents?
My guitar strings turn the tips of my fingers black and the nail on my strum finger (right hand) .. WHY?
how can i get away from sleep problem?
Why am I always so hungry when I don't get enough sleep?
do kegel excercises actually work?
Should I be worrried about polyurethane in bra paddings?
i need help to QUIT SMOKING?
what can be done to decrease teenage smoking?
Remember the TV/AV sound? The high-pitched squealing sound? I can hear it in my ears, is it normal?
does hypnosis work in quitting smoking? anyone tried with long-term success?