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Stopping cutting and getting rid of scars?
Advice?? what condition is this?
i feel detached from reality could it just be in my head?
what is best cream for removing injury marks?
I just started women's crew (rowing), and although I'm working really hard, I'm getting slower?
Lemon tree thorn injury. Please help?
dizzy spells?
anoying ankle injury?
If somone were trapped in a place they were put in without being asked, should they be given help to leave it,?
are citalopram antidepressants any good?
how does the Linden method for anxiety work and is it very effective as claimed?
Anxiety issiue or isit?? :(?
I have a callous on the palm of my hand that has formed over the top of a scar as if something is inside?
Part of my fingernail ripped off D:?
What Happened To My Back?
Is this a Social anxiety disorder?
anyone else here ana or mia?
..............so what?
feel like i'm stuck in a dream. help!?
Has my daughter got bipolar?
How can i remain positive and not compare myself to others?
How can I cope with being suddenly small?
blisters on my hands?
Is there such a blood type as AO?? If so can you please tell me the possible allelles?
Why are my bones always cracking?
How to i get rid of itchiness deep down in my ears?
Is ventolin a mild steroid? If not, what is its classification?
If you play sports after having a needle does it tear the muscle?
I have a condition where i don't sleep for a large number of days(5-6).Whats wrong with me?
Varicose Veins - what can i do to prevent them now?
Im off to Turkey for my holiday?
Does anyone know of a health insurance fund that covers lap band surgery with no waiting period?
24 hour urine test help?
Orthdox vs unorthodox treatment?
Do skin grafts re-gain sensitivity?
Would a regular cup of coffee (1 heaped teaspoon of instant) contain approx 100mg of caffeine?
Ear stretching and a little bit of blood?
Invertion Table for back pain?
What's the best way to fight the "blues"?
bladder infection, back pain, cold?
nurses, doctors obs help?
any ladies on here who is going though menopause? I am 40 and going through this early then a lot of females?
What are some side effects of a barium swallow. Is it dangerous?
Bells Palsy and tumor?
What will the doctor do for a binge eating disorder?
Why is my entire face numb/tingling?
white bubble canker sore?
Explaining My Problem, What Do I Have?
Do I have a mild case of seizures?
Some Health Problems?
fast and effective ways to ease sore throats?
Should I get a nose job?
Why are my eyes suddenly getting a sunken appearance underneath?
What is in my ear???
How can I catch a faker? Feigning Unconsciousness?
Why do I have diarrhea?
I get headaches hearing myself talk?
Why would I get chronic hiccups while at home, but never have any hiccups anywhere else?
Do I have asthma (symptoms included)?
i always slouch my shoulder which gives me bad posture. how do i fix this?
5 Recurrent episodes of Tonsillitis in the last 5 months for an 11 year old boy. What to do?
Where is a decent place to find statistics of Herpes in Australia?
baby running a slight fever after shots?
Should a person still have a flu shot after they recovered from the flu?
if the doctor say you have AIDS insteads just a little shinggers infections is it legal?
how many is 2 many? hepC?
What is indicated if an animal has a "no blink" response?
blurry vision, worsens daily?
loss of feeling in the bottom of my 2nd toe... shoes?
I have spurs on my backbone can it cause tingley down arm & swelling under shoulder blade & pain like RSI?
how long has ankle socks been around for?
i got middle finger pain suddenly?
In what cases would an Ambu bag be used?
I was stung by a jellyfish about eleven months ago, the main sting keeps coming back and it's very itchy.?
inturnal injuries? please help?
No idea to cause of hip/back pain, help?
Pinched Nerve????
How do i know if my fracture toe is fixed?
Muscle Sore??
Do I have a elbow fracture?
What cardio excercise can I do despite snapped ligaments in my knee?
i cant move my big toe but an ultra sound and x ray showed nothing. whats wrong with it?
i have a stress fracture in my back should i put heat or ice on it?
Why would there be plasma but no blood?
Why does my cartlidge piercing still hurt after just over a year?!!?
I had acl surgery 2 years ago and now its making a popping noise, whats going on?
help!! I have a mystery wrist injury?
butt muscle sprain or strain?
My friend sent my sister an email about being supportiv of my needs and that i am a nice person but my sister?
Does schizophrenia cause brain damage?
My CBT sessions are useless?
i'm searching for a spiritual healer in Mumbai. can anyone guide me?
very bad year and a half!!! Is it just bad luck?
this may sound weird but i get scared alot and think i see things...?
please can anyone help me with advice/opinions? living with a bi polar/aspergers partner?
I want to die but I'm soo scared?
I'd love for schizophrenics to give me their experiences and stories, ETC..?
Does anyone want to swap their experiences of Psychosis with me?
Sensitive subject...?
One moment im in good happy mood and the next minute im stressy and all i want to do is sleep and cry? :(?
please please please please help =(?
Does this mean I'm depressed?
Does schizophrenia have the same stigma bipolar once had?
Question about cutting yourself?
is there medication for paranoia/ anxiety, and is it always prescribed?
tiredness causes?
What causes dizzy spells?
How to balance my partner and work...?
I haven't slept in almost three days now...?
Serotonin Syndrome?
Why do people sometimes scratch themselves in their sleep? How can we avoid it?
chest pains when quitting smoking?
parasite in my nose?
how do you lip lock for the first time?
twitching problem.????
Green finger???
Moved to a different country and havent slept properly?
can anyone tell me how often the hospitals have Health & Safety meetings?
2. How does cigarette smoking by mothers affect their unborn children?
how long does it take for ear drops to take effect with an ear infection?
okay so for the past week i've had laringites. does anyone know any good remedies to get my voice back? thanks
Roommate smokes, could I test positive?
Will the wasps go away over time, after being stirred up?
Enema solutions to cleanse more often?
How can I get rid of Panic Attacks?
are underground labs making safe steriods?
whats up with this blister?
I have no meniscus cartilage in my knee - is there an implant???
Help?? Whenever I start playing soccer, Or jump my ankle hurts like heck?
Cracking of joints in elbow and shoulder?
Is my Tailbone fractured, or bruised?
how to bandage my ankle for supporting it?
have i sprained my knee?
do neck braces help you neck to sit strait ?
unexplained bruising on my legs...?
what happens if you rebruise a bruise??
i have dislocated my first nuckle on my ring finger and have it in a splint. how long wil i need to where it?
popped blood vessel?
How does a reattached muscle stay attached?
How do I stop blisters from forming on my stump?
Did i bruise my ribs?
what is a function test? (like for my knee)?
Pulled a muscle at the back of my left thigh. How to care for it?
Foot help, please?:D?
How can I heal my sprained achilles tendon?
I A Having Neck Pain. Why?
Hard marbles that stick out on sides and back?
who has had a broken bone without even knowing it?
headaches after a dissected artery.?
Is it bad to like the sight of blood?
i went for blood work and my platelet count was only 4 ? what risk does this bring?
Chances Of My Child Having Blonde Hair?
white coat on back of tongue?
Purple toes.........circulation problem?
How exactly does weed effect my lungs?
Why arent my cuts healing well?
Is there something like "Kids Help Phone" in Canada for people over 19?
I snorted mdma(extasy) last nite and now I have a white bumpy sore on the side of my tongue,is tht normal?
why artificial flavorings is bad for our health?
infected even tho i was cl?
How long does it take for a mole to fall off after treating it with iodine tincture?
How are cystic fibrosis and chlorine related to each other?
Whats the best thing that will wake me up in the morning?
A question about getting headaches every night...?
girlfreind is always hot to the touch and sweats.?
Does drinking fizzy drinks take out the calcium in your bones?
i want to find a really good brand of childrens sunscreen that doesnt leave yuo feeling greasy and white any ?
can you get fired for being sick at work.?
the contact lens from bausch & lomb SoftLens have become thinner?
blood in veins stoppp?
Why low white blood cell count?
How can I stop my snoring and talking in my sleep?
Is it worth getting Health Insurance in the U.S?
How many muscles are being used when your laughing?
Cold very close to drama exam :(?
I'm constantly waking up tired...?
How to stay awake if You wake up at 2am and fall asleep at 6pm?
Wart, yuk, on my face, I feel like a witch!?
waking up and not being able to fall back asleep?
Why do my hands shake?
Hot weather makes me feel light headed?
Wart came out, worried about infection..?
father 76 had swollen feet legs and hemoglobin 45 and 6 units of blood was tranferred what could this be?
What kind of sickness?
Is it normal to be able to feel the lymph nodes around the groin area?
Anyone out there who is in pain from arthritis of some kind and have used all the pills for this disease?
Burning sensation in stomach?
My lower back is KILLING me?
how do you when you addicted to painkillers?
why do i feel something going up and down in my ear especially when i'm jogging?
i get pains in my eyes and head when i use p c apart from not using pc can help me lose pains?
Musicians: Would you risk a carpal tunnel operation?
My jaw has been popping for at least 5 months now?
what does it mean if my right side hurts just below my ribcage?
Throbbing pain above my eye?
what did i do to my elbow?
Did I sprain or brake my leg?
Slight Loss of Hearing in Left Ear?
what would happen if chemo leaked?
I want to wear a mask all of the time...?
is skipping breakfast and lunch an eating disorder?
I can't come to terms with my diagnosis?
Id depression a mental health issue or people just saying that they are depressed to get sympathy from others?
Something very wrong with me but I don't know how to ask for help?
Why am I having a hard time getting to sleep?
i am suffering with ocd/anxiety over cleanliness - help?
whats the earliest you can normally put in a repeat prescription?
I WANT something bad to happen to me..?!!?!!?
ive been self harming and don't know what to do?
How Can I Stop Spending Most Of My Time On Msn?
Is my weight over weight? and am i fat?
what would happen if i took 2 45mg of mirtazapine instead of 1?
Are People that See Clinical Psychologists Mentally Unstable?
help with eating disorder?
anyone know anything about trachoma?
urgent help with collarbone please click !!!!?
Knee-Sore Next Day?
I have suffered with a bad back for a while but its playing up right now should i go to the gym today?
Nose Surgery?
Rotator cuff injury -I have a supraspinatus tendon tear in my left shoulder ?
i have a big hockey game in a few days. i need to play, i was on my rink for to long now my groin is sore?
Tear in posterior tibial tendon?
Painful Open Blister on Hand?
Bruised articular cartilage...how is it possible?
My 11 yrold daughter has pain on the left side of her chest when laughing. It began 1 month ago.?
Two Questions one about my ankle the other about my palm/ thumb area?
do they have casts in electic blue?
Broken foot and Aircast help needed pls..?
I hit my elbow on this metal thing, It's been 3 days and it still hurts!? :(?
how do i know if my baby is having concusion(sp)?
So Last night i had a massive cramp on the back of my leg now i cant walk on it?
how long has ankle socks been around for?
valium and alcohol...plz read if u like?
Why do I get marijuana "hangover"?
Short and long term Marijuana effects?
why do I sneeze a lot at one time of day?
What does an "infection control department" in a hospital do?
What are the chances of a newborn having withdrawals?
where are all the organs , including the liver in a woman's body ?
what is the minimum age that antidepressants can be prescribed?
Are these symptoms of something bad? whats wrong with me?
Do you think I could have Scurvy? Is that a common thing doctors check for?
sweaty hands and feet BAD?
Can mites lower the thread count in bed sheets?
Is Methadone really SAFE for long term use?
Constipation or Worms? Need an answer NOW!?
How long after carpal tunnel surgery will hand heal?
is smoking for 3 months of your life harmful i have quit for a year now?
Chop head but moving body? medical?
why is my sons ring worm not gone yet?
any ideas to help me sleep?
help, am i going blind?!?
Is there more than one type of depression?
I feel like I am going crazy, paranoid, scared?
why did i feel lke this?
What do you think this might be, diagnostic guess please?
My now ex boyfriend is suffering from Schizophrenia, but hes pushing me further away. what do i do to help him?
........are we really free?
why do I feel so bad?
Whoever called it the "theraputic hour" was never a client?
Questions about becoming a psychiatrist.... Help please! :)?
What mental illness does this sound like?
Why do I feel so alone even though...?
Is depression genetic or not?
Where is my brain?Help me?
What can i tell myself to make me not want to bindge?
Struggling with fatigue/depression?
Im going to see a councillor for anxiety, procrastination etc what should I be aware about?
what meds are used to?
What illness does this sound like?
How to Handle Alzheimer's Disease?
Approx how much does a Allograft ACL reconstruction cost?
torn muscle behind shoulder blade?
For the last 2 days the left side of my right leg to the left of my knee has been hurting.?
Been on w.c.for 10 weeks ..The treating dr. says I am ready to go back..I do not feel ready,I slipped and fell
Why does my heel hurt?
Nose peircing! helpppp?
is it normal for the back of your head to be randomly itchy?
My thumb is heaps sore and swollen so does that mean it is broken?
Pinkie toe pain?
I have a slipped vertebra, i am going for surgery. Should I be thinking of a payout with worker comp in N.S.W?
Can you get a doctor to prescribe duramine to you if you are using it to lean up for body-building comp?
Mouse behaving very strange after injury?
Is there any test which would show an orthopedic surgeon which of 2 factors in what proportions perhaps, is r
help??? what should i do??
Chronic shoulder Bursitis! Do you have it? Can you help me?
Why does my broken toe hurt more after being taped to the toe nextdoor?
working out - the base of my thumb hurts where it connects to my hand while doing push ups.?
A photo of my hand with amputated left-ring finger is attached. Can anyone tell me how it looks after 8 weeks?
Nose piercing scar after piercing was removed.?
hi does anyone know how to tell if u have a tear in your hamstring or just pulled?
how much can i claim for of a back injury?
help! fell onto scab- blood everywhere!?
I want to give blood, does it hurt? And how many viles do they take?
Should we be using Nicorette gum or other nicotine helpers while taking Champix?
repost..can some plz help me with my dialysis question?
I think I may have circulation problems.......?
Scared to give a hand .. job..? 10 POINTS?
What are the physical signs when you die of sleep?
Can anyone help me? I am sick!?
Do things absorb faster in your lip then in your stomach?
Can you buy a puffer without a prescrition?
What are the effects of doing weed?
Is the ringing in your ears driving you crazy.......?
Where can I find statistics on Osteoporosis?
Guinea: What is the leading causes of death in adults?
Just found out i have h.pylori bacteria, anyone had this before?
How did Swine Flu come about in the first place?
why carn i open my mouth?
Are 8-9 pus cells in stool normal?
Who is at risk of lead contamination?
Cervical Vaccine...?
What are the symptoms of AIDs?
if i got bachelor online it will be accepted to continiou study in college?
my 12yo old has glandular fever and high white blood cell count and bad liver function. Is this more sinister?
What happends in an Immune Complex?
I Got A Stye Virus, and i need help?
Chronic lymph node infections in neck as a child. Other than climate, what else could've caused it?
How long can a child go with appendicitis?
White Blood Cells?
What is the result and impact of the high rates of AIDS and AIDS illness in Africa?
can viruses be used as an agent for bioterrorism?
I do no why I feel very thirsty every night and I drink a lot of water but still I do not get satisfied?
i think i have a cat-butt from ear stretching?
What is good for High blood Pressure - natural things, not drugs.?
My boyfriend has been fainting frequently for no apparent reason?
What should my sleeping posture be?
Can you be eligible for medicaid if you are 23 and live at home with your parents?
my puppy twiches constantly while walking laying down and before she gets in a deep sleep. ?
Dry.Sore,Scratch Throat?
CHAMPIX stop smoking tablets side effects?
Ever since I gave blood one time a couple of years ago, I feel like it's easier for me to get sick.?
Does anyone know any good knee specialist's in sydney?
Does anyone out there have temporal lope epilepsy? I have it.?
Does anyone know what could be causing my fatigue?
how and why do my eyes change colour when i have been crying, or the day after had a big nite out.?
Why am I still tyred after I sleep?
My eyes are bad my mum rekons i should get eye lenses but i want them in a colour can i get that?
Is it healthier to sleep with the bedroom window open even on cold nights? Explain.?
Do you feel 'normal' all the time, or do you ever feel 'un-normal'?
I'm looking for a good doctor in Melbourne?
Tounge ring?
The Great Depression did not:?
I walked 2 miles to a lake in the rain....to commit suicide without realising!?
what could be the problem if you have this list of symptoms?
How do i come to term with this?
i cant cope i loved him so much someone help me!?
Have you got over your depression without medication?
Are psychiatrists always right?
I think my mom has an eating disorder?
What does it feel like to be apprehensive?
my birthday today and i feel depressed?
help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
does smoking make ADD worse?
Am i depressed or just a sad typical teenager?
i think theres something weird going on with my sister, are these any symptoms of anything ......?
I'm really depressed?
I had breakdown and some of my friends don't talk to me...why?
anxiety has controlled my life. i am trying hard to change.?
Help pleeeease????? wrist again???
Does cracking sound mean I have a broken nose?
i was snowboarding went off a jump and landed on my right shoulder?
is it a good idea to go running if you hurt your ankle hurts very little but not swollen?
Why do I have shooting pains up the inside of my leg from knee up rest of leg?
is sumthin wrong??
Had a finger partially chopped off in hospital last week. How long will I experience phantom pain in the stump?
Medical Glue for open wound?
worried about weird thing a Dr put in my nose?
my ear was like stopped up could barely hear out of right ear used a qtip had blood on tip what could the prob?
Need to know will my fist function one hundred percent.?
What is the best padding/strapping for a rugby league player after a broken collarbone?
My left foot has been swollen with a painful raised round bump on the top, what could this be?
Need to know what the statistics are on 12year old male sprained ankle?
My Contact Ripped!!!?
why do my ribs look like this?
My two year old smashed his thumb in the door -- when should the fingernail start falling off?
Really Stinky arm cast?
Broken nose - Would it go back to normal?
Is started going grey 6 years ago and it hasn't changed since not grown or decreased any possible explanations?
Is my recovery for a broken fibula normal?
Is this anxiety or something else?
I'm suicidal alot of time, and dont know what to do. Is it me or my psychiatrist?
what is the difference between rheumatoid and osteo arthritis?
I'm 14, and I have really stubby eyelashes how do I make them longer?
Little white particles floating in my water bottles after freezing and thawing? Safe to drink still?
Where can I buy Scott's Emulsion in Canada?
How do you get rid of a stuffy nose?
Should i pull an all nighter?
Can someone give me the summary of Bad boys by Tony Bradman. What happened to the story?
Am I suffering from insomnia?
What happens if you have a drug overdose? I am 16 and this is my first time.?
Drugs That Cause Parkinsonism?
Why do i feel as sleepy when i sleep +12 hours as when i sleep -6 hours ?
how to fix scratchy voice?
electronic cigarette? dudd or studd?
what is it in the brain that makes us sleepy and fall to sleep?
have i got a sinus problem?
My mom is short and my dad is kind of tall, will i be short?
why does pepto-bismol turn your tongue black?
is Multi grain bread good for children under 5 years?
I cannot take calcium due to constipation?
what causes an enlarged spleen? and how is it treated?
Does hypnosis really work? If so where can I get it?
Fingers that go numb and swell... something to be concerned about?
I ate 2 week old roast pork will i get sick?
What is the name of this rib deformity (w/o scoliosis)?
It's been 4 days since my tongue's been pierced and it's still sort-of swollen. Any ideas to "heal" quicker?
Discomfort in bottom row of teeth?
How can this be healed?
If you were choking in you sleep would you wake up?
What are some new ways we can fight the tobacco companies?
How can I touch my nose to my knees? :-P?
If you able 2 access worlds leading nutrition, stay well, change lives, & have freedm, would you will 2 listen
Post-tonsillectomy (ouchhhhiieeess) gunk, it's gross, what is it?
how to fix my posture?
swollen eye!!! HELP!?
I Cant Sleep At Night!!!?
what role do you think hands play in the spread of disease?
i am suffering from synus, whom i should consult? i am from Hyderabad, India?
Eye Infection?? Can someone Help?
What is the cause of appendix ? How we are know a person affecte by appendix ?
My negative thinking has made me believe I caught HIV from blood test?
Tdap Shot/Vaccine?
pls help, feeling unwell..?
annoying flu symptons that dont go away?
Pink eye someone help!!!?
the question; what is the nature of the disease? Is asking what exactly?
Ideas for Encouraging Cold & Flu Ettiquite in Society?
i carry the cold sore virus?
Meningococcal question?
has anyone ever died from mononucleosis?
Does Serratia Marcescens ferment mannitol? And if so does it produce a gas?
How Long Do I Have To Get Treated Once I Find Out I Have MRSA?
is it rat faeces? will i get ill?
what is the best time to get tested for hiv in india.?
do you think the swine flu is a game from the governments to keep the people's mind away from their mistakes?
If my dog chewed on my retainer for a minute, is it okay to wear again after sterilizing and cleaning?
Best way to get rid of the flu?
been feeling sick, any help?
Swine flu vaccinations - are they safe for kids?
Headaches. From jaw dislocation or pregnancy?
i have r.s.d in my two legs arm eye bottom of back well it all started in my left knee hadthree ops on it had?
Saw tailbone..?
Sprained or not sprained? Healed wrong?
i twisted the same knee 9 times.should i have a cast put on my ankle?
i am going in to have urethal structure was wanting to know if it made you sore and how long to be off work?
Swollen ankle is that shin splints?
HEY whats going on here!!!! Help!?
Right im stuck on 6:20 and can get no further ive got everythign needed just dno wat to do next please help!!!
Tight thigh muscle!!!!!!!!?
When you ben your knee which muscle is the prime mover ? which is the antagonist?
my ankle hurts really bad!?
Excersizes to prevent injury from repetititve work?
Pain in the right side of my left knee?
Damage to ribs by ex?
can you tell right away if a surface piercing is going to reject.?
Prolonged eye bruise?
What makes people like S&M?
my doctor dais usually aspergers comes with another mental health disorder / problem - like what?
help - my mental health dctor - i explained about me not being able to concentrate - but he said i dont have?
what's worse physical or mental disability ?
I have been diagnosed with low mood/depression?
i dont know whats wrong with me sometimes i can be really happy but then sad !?
LOOK please?!!!ex recovery system?
Am i bulimic........................?
If You Tend To Always Think And Feel The Worst In Everything People Say To You, Could This Be A Symptom Of ...?
Is there anyone out there who has found help for compulsive saving of clutter?
If im signed off work by my doctor for work related stress and anxiety can my manager call me?
derealization help??????????????/?
Am I doing the right thing seeing a counsellor?
Is this an Eating disorder?
Anxiety help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What could this be??????????
Major depression, martazapine, next step?
Recently I have had depression, a drink problem, and epilepsy. Doctor said go to the 'Complex Needs Service'?
Is suicide the most selfish thing a person can do?
do men have a well being symbol?
what is wisdom?
Have you quit drugs? what has changed about your life since?
Fruit and Veg Wash?
What foods aid nail growth and strength?
Twitching muscle?
Sleep with snoring??
Would It Be a Problem?
how to get veins to show more?
how ageing can effect the muscle tone?
How can I get my voice back in a week?
HELP! School project! Please help me! Healthy Bones?
Adult tonsillectomy?
I have severe arthritis and need to work?
Are these symptoms of low blood pressure?
Sleeping problem - can anyone explain?
About sunscreen expiry date...?
why do you get ulcers in your mouth after you quit smoking?
What is the best way to flush medications out of my system???
Does bio-oil work???
Where can you buy Magnesium Citrate Oral Solution from in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia?
How much does ___ cost?
What kind of food is good for my skin?
After a bout with a sinus infection, why would my nose (sinus) still bleed from time to time?
why is omazeprole expensive after all it only to get rid of heartburn?
Think I've accidentally od'd?
why do i get pain in my chest?
Is it a grumbling appendix?
I have the shakes, headache, tired & aching all over! whats wrong with me?
How strong are Mefenamic Acid tablets?
shoulder pain for no more than 10 seconds?
Pain in left knee what could it be?
I have a pain all own my left leg. It's really sore upper thigh and lower calf near ankle.?
my little sister has red itchy bumps all over her stomach?
After Effects of Smoking Weed?
taking 800 mg 5 times a day for a 110 pound girl at 5'6?
Smoking marijuana and mixing antidepressants lead to seizure?
Why do doctors prescribe marijuana?
Whats Wrong With My Son?
Was my weed laced or was it some kind of horrible trip or a combination?
Stomach - diharea - problem?
Effects on body if the stomach doesn't not function properly?
My daughter became sick on wednesday ( nov 10th)..and hasnt eaten anything since....what can I do?
passing out all the time??
question about crying... ?
Do i have a stomach bug? PLZ HELP?
Freaked Out & Worried Something Is Wrong Pleas Help......?
What is alcohol? (not necessarily the drink) What are it`s uses? What are the 3 stages of liver damage?
can someone explain the disease 'sepsis' to me in detail? thanks?
Gastro outbreak in South Australia..?
How can i make my cold worse?
I have had glandular fever for about three weeks, I feel fine and health. Should I resume training?
why would someone all of a sudden set a 3 month ban on alcohol intake if they have Hepatitis C?
should we i solate brucellosis patient in isolation room?
which one is worse with hepatitas ab or c?
I dont know meaning of this sickness called Talasima?
How does influenza (flu) affect the respiratory system?
How can we go there (kinglake) and help the victims as volunteers?
if i was to buy a caravan and go out bush will i still get the swine flu iv got 5 kids and were scared?
How do I get rid of a cold as soon as possible?
Malaria - what is the likelihood of contracting it in India?
Could a virus cause dangerous behaviour?
How to cure IBS or Bowel movement?
Notwithstanding illness etc. Is complete baldness of the head naturally possible?
has anyone here had champix to quit smoking?
Quit smoking advice : How many days does it take for the nicotine to leave the body ? Withdrawal symptoms?
My contact lense just stays stuck to my finger!?
Does anyone have a problem about being conscious of their swallowing?
My job is physical with long hours. I take 8wks off during quiet time and relax. Does this alter my hormones?
Right hand is shaking, Left hand is fine ?!!?
why is this happening???
Has anyone done things too fast?
Have you seen these articles on vaccines? What do you think about it all?
I am still looking for a voucher for Adderall XR until insurance goes through. I need it right away.?
Hit my head PLEASE ANSWER PPL really stressed!?
does anyone else fall asleep befor the ball drops in time square?
Could this be a heart attack? Or the start of one?
i dont know whats going on ?
what would cause ua's to be diluted?
if the health care bill passes this weekend,will it affect anyone with medicare?
I dont know how to sleep right, causing bad shoulder pain.?
READ and HELP pleasee ! anyone & everyone?
what is a little lump on my lower neck?
How can I find a Christain GP doctor in melbourne Australia?
Seeing my Doctor on Thursday about possible depression?
are these normal symptoms of bi polar in adult men?
Why do I feel guilty?
Is there any way I can seek therapy without my parents knowing?
How to hide my cutting from my parents?
Why is depression the worst feeling ever?
Can 6 Sleeping Tablets Kill You?
Do I have cyclothymia?
cars follwing is it normal?
Why do people with muliple sclerosis think cannabis can help? and why do people disagree with this?
dont know what to do?
does sad light therapy work?
Can local council (UK) help long term unemployed man (manic depressive).?
Bipolar with psychotic features?
making an appointment with doctor to discuss depression?
I've been Sectioned loads of times :( Do I have much of a future!?!?
I think i'm a pathological liar?
one minute im really happy and then minutes later my mood changes and im sad and want to cry?
what are the symptoms of ocd?
What are the three weekest bones in your body?
what r some circulatory, respiratory, and digestive diseases?
Would Leprosy be considered a Respiratory system disease?
Has anyone had problems after having a total hip replacement, just from the actual equipment?
Can you start to feel negative effects of effexor after one day?
Is it medically true that coffee increases blood presure?
Increase patience ability?
I have curly toes.. could it be the reason getting shoes to fit is a problem for me?
would tatiana and krista hogan get neck problems in the future?
A question going #2 in the bathroom?
Is this normal?? ob/gyn question?
How does a Viral rash effect the human body?
What are some control methods on Tuberculosis .?
If I always wash my hands, will I still get Swine Flu?
what is the vaccination after 5 years old?
ulcer on tonsils .... just one?
Please answer asap , nicotine patches?
what if there's blood and u don't have a head ache or cramps or any thing??
My eye has bleed about 6 times (dripping blood) and the optomist and specialist have no answer?
Smoking - Nicotine patches.. could a non-smoker become a smoker if they use these patches?
Are the new formula of Beados(bindeez) now safe?
Question about after having a tonsillectomy. . .?
Pills And Needles?
Why do some of my poohs float & others sink deep in the bowl?
Relaxation help??
Ive been up since 0245am its now1045pm should iI think about going to bed?
How do I quit weed when I have trouble sleeping?
What health problems do you get from unhealthy eating?
i have not used my 2nd holes in 2 years but one of them just became infected. what should I do about this?
I took 12 perocetes over 12 hours but my resprotory system has slowed down i guess i shouldnt goto sleep?
hard to explain feeling, never had it before and it really scared me.. kinda dizzy spell or something?
need health insurance and whom?
how can i quit smoking?
electric shocks...?
10 good reasons for hiring a nurse in the hospital?
Can blood tests for an autoimmune disorder come back as a false positive?
I didn't know having constant headaches is kinda common...any of you like that?
what, how, when, is Dwarfism?
Help settle a debate?
Addicted to drugs at 13. What can i do to stop?
Why do I get stomach cramps (stitches) when I run?
Do I have lice? Are these symptoms?
Which gives a better Pipe or joint?
Why do I get sooo many cankersores and how should I get rid of them?
Can giving blood constantly (as often as allowed) have any long term effects?
can i sell my body to science when i am dead and get paid now?
I am throwing up with fever hot and cold sweats, what should i do or take?
Why does our nose start to run when it's cold?
Should I go to the ER or wait to see my doctor AGAIN?
If a doctor in Ontario can prescribe you an antidepressant right off the bat when you?
i want to be a nurse but im scared of seeing a dead body?
Is he ignoring me on purpose?
how can you make suicide easier for the ones left behind?
Depression And School....I Need Help Please?!?
how do you cope with stress?
Sabotaging thoughts during meditation?
What is Schizotypal personality disorder?
i get panic attack once or twice a month is this considered panic disorder?
How to cope with stress?
can i do well in life?
Does anyone know whether I'll ever get over the negative symptoms of schizophrenia?
I just want to ask about my mood...?
Experience of using Buspirone/Buspar?
Am i in depression?????
everyday all i want to do is stay in bed and cry, sometimes i'm happy and then minutes later im sad?
why the kemadrin is used ?
What are the effects on the family when someone commits suicide?
Shaky hands... any advice?
Does anyone else just feel like when you think thing's are going ok you get a major setback?
My finger is jammed but its swollen, blue, and i cant bend it. It gets worse everyday. What should i do?
What Should I Do I Think I Have A Fractured Finger?
Help with Pain?
Symmetrical disc bulge at L4/5. Left posterior disc bulge at L5/S1. Residual S1/2 disc, partially lumbarised S
I did many MOS in Iraq one was 88m, I was wearing a lot of equipment, and I was sleeping on a cot I get,?
Has anyone suffered a fracture to their wrist and had wires inserted to realign the bone?
sore mid/upper arm?
Help on my Toe injury??
I fell down a half meter hole on my left foot with all my bodyweight and injured my left knee, now it cracks?
There was black stuff when i went to the bathroom today and its really nasty! What could it be!??r=1229654912?
I heard a popping sound in my knee, but I'm doing everything I normally do. Do I have a torn ACL?
Can I get compensation for someone smashing my car & bashing me?
How do you feel for knots in back?
i think i have a torn acl?
Plastering a greenstick fracture......?
has anyone used antibiotics to treat acne?
Is it IBS or something else?How to control it?
No cramps the first time...?
Slight pain and strange feelings. advice please?
i have constant pain in my left side in middle of my back any idea s :(?
Still get squeezing pain left arm left side ribs in my lower left leg dizziness?
I've have a pain on my tailend lower back and down both legs since Friday. It's been 5 days now.?
Lightheaded, Dizziness and Headaches what could this be?
This morning when I woke up I notice I had little bumps everywhere around my neck!?
electric shock pain in the back of my thigh, sensitive to hot and cold temps, sometimes numb?
what are healthy ways to releive tension , pressure in one's head?
pain control for adult scoliosis whats available?
Can you get a sore throat from cold drinks?
I have a throat infection - when I am contagious from /until?
what is the biohazard level for ?
what are rabies?
tuberculosis test question?
what stage of cirrhosis is a person in when they have ascites?
What are the 2 defences the body uses to fight the Mycobacterium tuberculosis once it has entered the body?
Brain Transfusion in Dubai?
Am i in danger of getting chicken pox?
How long does a Hepatitis A Shot last for?
what do these symptoms mean?
Have I got shingles again?
Hep C & Stress?
My son never recieved his 2 yr immunizations. He will be 4 in November and will need another dose.?
Why does glandular fever not appear in your blood results?
Where exactly did the last "swine flu"start?
does the flu/influenza ALWAYS have a fever?
Glandular Fever?
what are the methods used to control the spread of the sleeping sickness?
how do you get rid of a cold in one day?
will I eventually need my tonsils removed?
I don't know what to do anymore (12 years old)?
What can I eat to get rid of bloating?
Which is worse Speed or Ecstasy?
Senior Medical Alarms are reliable?
I worry allot should I get help or is this normal?
Please help me figure out what is wrong with me... Could it be Lupus?
Can someone who knows a thing or two about blood test results (CBC) answer this question?
i have pain in the front of my head and above my right eye?
would it be safe to get my nibbles pierced?
drinking tolerance?
What food is good to eat after tonsillectomy yesterday?
Whats the healthiest position to sleep in for the body?
I get a charliehorse in my leg calf every time I start to walk more than a two or three blocks? what do I do?
I have a really bad foot sweat problem. what can i do?
Pins and needles in arms and constantly yawning?
why does marijuana make people so irritable?
Quit Paxil cold turkey?
Your thoughts on stilnox?
Medium hard lump on my neck...?
when ever i get extremely nervous i faint ... why ?
What happenes when you drink 2 cycle oil?
I have been sick for a while, but now i can't hear out my right ear?
What are push-ups beneficial for?
why do i feel sick all the time?
Does medicating bi-polars often make them lethargic and uninspired?
Could a personality disorder cause someone to mutter, whisper and mouth words to themselves as they are?
Would you say theres anything wrong with me or am i overreacting?
When people overdose fatally.. how much pills do they actually take, and what's the most common kind?
i iam going to take sertraline 50mg how long will it take befor it starts to work?
could this be adhd? PLEASE HELP?
How long does substance induced psychosis last?
Need advice, getting me down??!?
Anyone have any of these weird fears?
Are shyness, lack of confidence, lack of self-esteem and depression innate traits?
Do counsellors respect privacy? (UK)?
I am unemployed and went to gp who said did i want a sicknote for my employer?
I dont know what to do about my therapist?
I think of suicide every time something goes wrong.. classic depressive behaviour?
What is intrinsic depression?
I'm scared? :( Is it schizophrenia?
what is this condition?
best way to gain bending degrees after a femur condyle fracture with arthrofibrosis?
Whats a central disk herniation?
How long does it take a strained tendon to heal?
stress fracture in shin?
i have knee pain, and wonder if any one might have a answer.?
i want to pierce my nose but im on aspirin..any side effects or extra bleedin?
My friend's were wrestling and fell...?
How can I reduce a hard knot that has formed under the skin on my chin after a hard fall on concrete?
How can i make some quick cash? I'm confined to a wheelchair and in constant pain.?
Should I go to the doctors about discoloration around my thumb?
i want to spread out my muscle use, how can i do this?
during on of my ballet practices my left leg seemed to have locked what should i do?
Recovering from a fractured clavicle?
i don't have a bath to take an ice bath after training, is a cold shower as good or any good?
I have a true jones fracture but I am in a cast to see if it heals on its own. I still have pain?
Infected graze/abrasion on face? :S?
Is it possible to 'break' your vocal chords beyond repair?
Muscle spasms with broken elbow?
Cartilage infection?
How do you get knots in your mussels?
Growing Pains in Teenagers?
I have a Jones Fract- if I have to have surgery are there side effects? Will I be able to run again w/o pain?
which one of these helps cure puking from the flu better?
thumb wart ?
How to help my headaches?
If my spleen bursts...?
What is causing my stomach pain from physical activity?
How does marijuana effect the sleep cycles?
get rid of depression at home?
Does coughing after exercise merit a trip to the doctor?
What can I do to get rid of my social anxiety ?
Why do we drool??????
What is more important, sleep or breakfast?
brok arm 3 mo. ago.now arm has swollen and bruising around area what is wrong?
fractured right fibula 3 yrs ago,also sprained ankle,tore ligaments.still hurts.Is this normal.?
Missing Toenail Regrowth?
What can i do? Whole forehead hurts from bump?
Why is dehydration and electrolyte imbalance a danger in regards to burns?
what should i do about my head?
what happened if i use,corn caps more than 2 weeks?
How have you injured yourself?
Will Voltaren heal a tear in my calf muscle?
Shoulder Separation Advice?
Buldging discs at L5/S1 and L4/S1 and annular tear. pain in right thigh and right foot. like this for 8 weeks?
can ankle weights help me in ?
I have never degeneration at my lower back, is there a way to recover it?
Hi im 14 years old and im having problems with my ear?
Is My Little Toe Broken?
I fractured my collar bone when will i be OK to do weight training?
My thumb really hurts and its like white, what's wrong?
I got a black scab on my right knee?
Fracture or bone bruising?
stress fracture!!!!!!!!!!!??????????
Vitreous Humour damage will I be normal?
Re-injured Thumb...worth a trip to the er?
What is causing an unstable knee and swollen calf?
I'm losing my voice... What do I do?
Knock-on effects of cronic illness.?
go to bed late?
Have you ever hired a professional life coach? What would you look for in Coach as I am starting my practise?
I feel out of it? Is it a cold or did i sleep to much?
Dangerously low body temperature?
I think i just worked out how to trick my brain lol, does this actually work?
plzz help....I REALLY NEED HELP......?
at what age should adults be getting there shots?
What does it mean if I feel really tired and exhausted in warm/hot water?
Leg is achy and stiff, help?
Has anyone used over the counter garlic tablets to lower cholesterol?
Can i dietician order a blood test?
Why does my right foot fall asleep when using those Eliptical Machines?
Swelling after a month (ear piercing)?
Can an eleven year old boy take dollar general women's vitamins for hair skin and nails?
Can anyone tell me how a person with F60.2 Dissocial (Antisocial) Personality Disorder is treated?
antidepressant induced psychosis? Is it possible?
whats the dangers of drinking alchohol and taking sertraline ?
I don't know if this cut needs treatment (pic) please help?
Are you allowed to talk to a learning mentor about your emotions?
What could this be?????
what is the ecstasy death toll?
I miss the person who used to be my mentor?
do you ever get worried about the thought of time moving on and departing with the ones you love?
How to get rid of intrusive thoughts?
How can I relax when I go to work...?
guys how did you battle social anxiety?
how do people realise they are suffering from schizophrenia?
How do you turn the tables on being a hermit (I have schizophrenia)?
How can I avoid snapping at my boyfriend so much?
Help me I feel cursed or isit my depression?
how do you know if depression is from a chemical imbalance or the way uve been impacted in your life?
why do i have constant back ache?
The soul of my foot is sore when I touch it?
Who has low blood pressure or low blood sugar?
can you turn a left handed straight stairlift to right hand?
Foot pain, so worried!?
could i get a peircing on the back of my neck in the shape of a heart?
Should extreme sports injuries be treated by the NHS?
my knee has hurt latly ...?
Tension headaches symptoms ?
wtf, my leg is locking or something?
What can I do with a chest cold. How can I cure it?
what do u know about sleep paralysis?
I always wake up tired, what can I do?
My whole body is popping and cracking at a young age, what's wrong?
how long does it take to leave your system?
The nurse could not get enough blood to fill the 6 vials required for my lab tests.?
I am having trouble sleeping on a school night. Help?
How do I get a doctor to listen to me?
why am i urinating so much?
Should I go to the doctor to see if I need to get rid of earwax?
What color is buckleys cough syrup suppose to be?
My eye whites are very white, but my facial skin often looks tired, worn and YELLOWISH,?
Is it bad that I injected air into a muscle?
Is pretending to smoke fake cigarettes bad for your health?
why are my sinuses constantly plugged. i can use my Neti pot all day and still blow my nose with snot?
if i have ulcerative colitis can i do boxing?
can you get tonsillitis again 1 or 2 days after you've finished you medication?
How long does inner ear virus last??
Toxoplasmosis Gondii?
i think i have the symtoms of finterionsteinitis, please help?!?
is it possible to have glandular fever with very few symthons? or are they severe with everyone who gets it?
how long does mrsa live 4?
Do you think Qantas should reduce its cancellation fees for US flights given the swine flu scare?
Bad stomach pain accompagnied with other symptoms. What do I have?
i been already feeling sick like 2 days?
are enrolled nurses allowed to give injections?
How much longer do you think this will last?
can you get gastroenteritis from someone coughing near you who might have it?
what meds kill you faster?
hep c and alcohol - child custody?
Feel like i havent slept in weeks, why am i struggling to sleep at night and why do i fell so terrible?
Im 18 and drink 10 to 15 drinks a night when i party!?
Lately I have been having plenty of headaches. When I take ALeve it takes hours for it to kick in. Help!?
how do you make ur own cigarette?
Whats to best way to get rid of pinched nerves?
how do you best deal with severe chest pains?
Is it bad for your eyes to use clear eyes everyday?
how do you get a good night sleep?
Ive got polysethymia vera, how often can I extract blood ?
Can you get something when a dr. sneezes on plastic surgical gloves and then does an exam?
Why Do I Wake Up With My Hands Numb At Night..?
How can I freeze my Yahoo!7ANSWERS account. I wish to keep myself away from it due to my eyes and neck pain?
why do i get cold after drinking alcohol?
Do copper bracelets work for you?
have you heard of Usana?
smell in my nose and taste in my mouth?
i sleep over 12 hours a night normally, today i fell asleep at 6 in the morning only to wake up past midnight,?
How to sleep early so i can wake up early?
Why are my my hands always sweaty?
Do I have a dry or oily scalp?
Quitting Smoking... HELP!?
Is there any way to grow 1 1/2 inches taller?
How can i stay awake??????
How bad does Nicoderm affect your sleep?
Am I going to die if so how long do you think I have?
I'm sick but I don't want to go to the doctor. Any suggestions for curing my sickness?
where can i get e-liduids in canada under $10? and e-cig starter kits?
Random stomach pains?
Sore throat! Any at home remedies I can use?
18 year old with no past problem with bed wetting starts now, why?
how can i make a fake hospatel at home?
i want to stay up but should i go to bed now?
is it normal for symptoms like burning throat, dizziness, and pressure on the chest after inhaling helium?
Question about sick kids visit?
Stomach Pains Help !!!!!?
how to you grow taller really fast?
what should i do? :(?
people suffering from a mental illness?
anyone ever tried xanax?
I can't stop crying today?
(BPD) Borderline Personality Disorder?
do i have a split personality?
Too sad to live, too scared to die?
Those experienced or knowledgeable about mental health issues Only; if you had schizophrenia, would you end?
Anxiety Disorder what should I do?
Could St Johns Wort be the cause of my psychosis?
Is this a sign of old age, getting all flustery when routine is broken?
Sick of being a freak. Can anyone help?
My son is unhappy. What can I do?
what are the best SOCIAL anxiety drugs on the market in 2010?
Panic/anxiety leaves me unable to speak?
whats wrong with me?!?
How to deal with constant rejection from society based on my appearance?
hi, I got hit in the head and now have a permanent dent/lump on my forehead,is there anything i can do?
lower left back pain from previous repiratory infection?
if its not my scaphoid what could it be!?
What is this muscle and bone disorder called (Sports injury)?
Annular Tear L5 leaked for year.Can I recover?
my upper thigh seizes up?
i miscarraged about 3months ago and i was wash which made me sick like a whole month.now this days i cant hold?
what is a hammer foot,my sister in law went to the doctor and he?
What is it like to stay in traction after breaking your leg?
Jammed finger or worse?
Injury in football?????
Neck issue - Help please?
My arm hurts really bad please help?
g'day 2 weeks ago i snapped my anterier cruciate ligamant and tore my medial miniscule, any rehab ideas?
Whats wrong with me? I just had my tongue pierced now im feeling very ill and sore.?
The inside of my knee has been popping and hurting, what's wrong with it?
Does walking around on your tiptoes cause muscle damage?
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE help me! I want to know if my wrist will recover to a normal place?
Is Botox/Cortisone injection what I need for my neck?
Hamstring Injury:Will elliptical trainer aggravate it?Swimming/Bike?
Hurt my thumb?
Should i trial 'injured'?
How long does it take?
Just quit smoking and now I cant find anything to fill the gaps in my day!!?
Is there a difference u go to bed at 10:30pm and 2:30am? (both have 7-8 hours of sleep)?
Metal Arm on Glasses Broke!?
I work night shift full time and when it comes to the weekend i cant sleep at night. Anyone got any solutions?
Is my husband eligible for private health insurance?
If someone shouts at you, can you go partly deaf?
What happens to your body when you don't sleep enough?
is this a good way to get rid of bad anxiety ?
Do you think i'll have a consequence.?
how much do there quit smoking tablets cost and do i need a prescription to take them.?
health concerns of computer use?
Is mould harmful if its been washed off?
What can I do now to live longer and look better when I'm older?
Is a tweezer dipped w/ Lysol & washed w/ soap & water can still be toxic? ?
I usually get 8-10 hours of sleep each night and I eat right but I seem to be tired most of the time. Why?
Can i sleep or take a nap with my contact lenses in? help!?
I can't help but fall asleep during court trials!!!?
One of my eyelids droops noticably lower than the other - what can I do to fix this?
How can I fit more in a day?
cellulose in our diets.?
M taking oratane now m turning black is that good or bad?
Do i have a throat ulcer?
How come i get a chest, sickness every year for the last 25 and no doctor seems to know what it is?
can asthma impede or prolong treatment of flu?
how do you get rid-of diarrhoea from a hamster?
does the jag you get for hay fever work?
How are antibiotics made?
does meningitis affect epithelial cells?
How long do white blood cells live for?
how to report a bad pharmacist?
Can an adult with cold sores give a toddler roseola/baby measles?
examples of immunisation records?
is melanin deficiency transferred to the successive generations?
is there any chance that i may have an sti?
does she have ring worms?
Tonsillitis can kids catch it?
minimise methicillin-resistant staphlococcus aureus?
examples of australian scientists who helped with an infectious disease?
Can you get glandular fever from sleeping in someones bed who has it?
help! my earring wont go in through the back end! wut do i do? how do u treat infections?
Malaria vaccine.........................?
I'm 14 and have tonsil stones... I've only had them for about.... 2-3 times a year... but...?
Do I have broken leg/ankle?