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Abdominal pain fpr 3 weeks but blood and ultrasound clear please help!?
Ongoing pain in wrist?
What is this pain around my eyes and at the side and back of my head? Is it sinus pain?
Can someone plz answer my last question cos am in pain right now?
i have thumping pain in me head 24/7 and my left eye is bloodshot most of the day?
Why can't I fall asleep?
Get sick if I eat too early?
If I drank a can of root beer is it ok to take an advil?
is liposuction safe???????????????????????????
Can someone help me with a teeth problem?
I can't sleep what will help?
is my appendix ok???
not that time of the month but OUCH serious cramps...
Will I need a blood test?
Thyroid pills what do you think of them? Do they work for you?
I need a hangover cure that actually works?
If you are an 11 year old with glasses....?
Is it safe to treat head lice even though I am breast-feeding?
I think i have adrenaline problems?
How to save my relationship?
If I'm having these symptoms do I need a Doctor?
How to overcome gum addiction?
Trouble falling asleep....Help!?
Is it possible to go into shock after you have sprained your ankle?
HELP! :O:O:O finger strengthening?
How do you know if you have a soft tissue injury or a possible bruised bone?
My ankle is swollen, anyone knows what this is?
always pulling a back muscle?
question about bumps to head?
Advice on how to cope with and accepting having a finger amputated? It was bitten off by a dog two weeks ago?
I am a Muay Thai fighter and I get hematomas on my shin after every fight?
I have a lump on the left middle side of my back. its pink and it hurts when i touch it?
Glass splinters ,, my hand .. please help?
really weird sore ankle?
I recently fractured my medial malleolus. It was closed and nondisplaced. How long will it take to heal?
Have i broken my Knuckle?
painful knot behind knee?
Left arm tingling and left back shoulder twitching?
i am getting pain around my heart area?
Bad Coughs?
Can you go deaf at 18-19 ??
Help! My ankles swell BADLY - I'm not pregnant or overweight.?
100/60 bp normal or low?
is sleeping way to much normal ?
What would you do everyday?
conspiracy to withold unlawful information about a person?
Do I have to put up with constant noise from nieghbours in a block of flats?
why wont my ears stop ringing ?
will they put me to sleep during my surgery?
How do I make my urine smell better?
Some days my veins are bright blkue and others they are really dull, why is this?
What's the deal with my body temperature?
Is my arm suppose to smell like dead skin and have drainage?
bloody stool for months?
wat can be done about a yeast problem?
Has anyone tried the sleep apnea devices at http://www.nosnorezone.com/?
I have a problem with my lower back and right side of my hip?
was it something i ate or.....?
My left eyelid keeps twitching?
has anyone actually got the swine flu and recovered from it?
After a appendicitis is removed what causes infection in some people to heal slower?
If 4 out of 5 people suffer from diarrhea?
Swine flu Can you help me PLEASE?
what would happen if swine flu spread through schools ? would school be canceled to stop the spread ?
Would the ibuprofen make a liver with hepatitis worse?
Positive Ana test?
I have pharyngitis or strep throat?
my husband has had the flu and now my throat has starting hurting really bad could it be the flu.?
white piece in stool?
What do you think? Have we gone too far keeping oursevles safe from microbes?
scabies help! could i have passed on my scabies to my friend? PLEASE HELP D:?
Can I catch the chickenpox from my daughter's vaccination?
in your words the definiof infection and compare. contrast between community acquired &noscomia?
just found out i have mrsa,work question?
4) How do inflammatory cells arrive at the inflamed site?
influenza protection with antibacterial soaps?
What is the scientific name for "rheumatic fever"?
swine flu...i dont get it?!?!?!?
I'm pretty sure I have the flu and I have been taking aspirin. Am I going to be in trouble?
I revieved an intermediate blood test result. What does this mean?
how long will your toenail hurt after the ingrown toenail is partially removed from the side?
Tanning and Psorasis?
depression very important please help ! :(?
Is it possible to have schizophrenia without hallucinations?
What do you think these mean?
Is nine weeks a long time to be stuck abroad? I'm going crazy.?
I think i have depression?
How do I wake up whilst I'm on anti-psychotics?
Sleeping problems and horrible thoughts :(?
What is it like living in supported accommodation?
I think my friend has Borderline Personality Disorder, how can I approach him?
Starting an awareness campaign?
I want to go without sleep for about 36 hours, how ?
I heard Cliff kept forgetting the words at the Albert Hall last night, do you think he's past it?
help with bad memory?
whats the difference between autism and aspergers?
do i have a mental illness?
help im feeling depressed and i hate it :(?
How to make yourself feel better?
What could be the problem?
Is 'internet addiction' classed as a real mental illness now?!?
restless leg syndrome?
why does my back hurt?
why i can't throw up, even naturally ?
leg aching after exercing for like 30min.?
how do you get rid of a blister?
my date of birth is 24/11/1980 10:11 am bangalore, I am sufering from arthiritis and post remedy?
i hurt my thumb about 3 months ago and i don't know what i did but recently it's been starting to hurt again?
I need a Knee-Reconstruction and cannot decide what type of graft to use to replace my ACL. Any suggestions?
How effective is alternate hot and cold therapy for a sprained toe?
felt a pop when coughing now rib is very sore?
What's the best remedy of getting better?
This is going to sound really weird, but does anyone have any ideas on how to gain weight?
Does anyone use earplugs everyday to sleep? I've heard it's bad...?
Why am i urinating every hour?
HELP me quit?
I had a baby May 23rd, & he's sleeping well at night but I still feel tired all the time What could be wrong?
Does having a radio (talk) or audio book playing through the night affect the quality of sleep you get?
why am I always so tired?
What's wrong with me?..?
How do laxatives work?
Can passive pot smoking be detected in a urine test?
I got hit in my eye and now my eye ball is red and it hurts when i look at the light when i got hit it ..
Why is it when I have a sleep during the day I wake up with a really bad headache and feeling groggy and shaky
Is it better to not have medical insurance?
I'm constipated, bloated & really thirsty?
Sleeping through the alarm. How do I get up?
Shortness of breath but why do I have it - what are the causes?
what does liver de genereralised fatty change mean?
What's the quickest way to get over a cold?
Eye is still red and SLIGHTLY swollen from sty I had a couple years ago?
Get answers from millions of real people.?
i am a postman who suffers severe lower leg pain. do any other postmen suffer from the same?
How To Get Over My Fear Of Needles?
who else feels like life is dragging out?
What can I do about flat feet?
i feel pain in my left arm?
Recurring diarrhea, please read and tell me if you have ever had anything like this..?
How did soldiers get rid of cholera?
how do I know if I have parasites?
A friend of mine, a 2nd WW veteran believes that his current illness is a recurrence of malaria?
question about tonsillitis?
Telling a physician office in which you both see the same patient that a patient can't be seen because?
Cold Sores ,at what stage are they contagious?
HEP C V's Alcohol this is bad?
what do ear piercing infection look like and what are some symptoms you get?
If the syptoms of the Swine flu are the same as a cold how can you tell the difference?
Is it true the older you are, the faster your fever will go away if you do have one?
How can I find out if my diarrhoea is caused by viruses or bacteria?
Updates on infection control and are disseminated. What does this mean?
What should I do!? I got a urinary tract infection and I'm away at college?? The second time this has happend!?
Does putting Vicks on your feet before you go to bed with socks really clear your nose and head if u have flu?
What is the difference between a Pharmacist and a Chemist?
Is it possible to contract Rabies from an infected person....?
what is the texture of bone marrow?
how do aromatheraphy work to human?
Are there any foods that will help me sleep longer?
Professor W Zhu's Pearl Cream?
boyfriend jumps when hes about to fall asleep?
knee/back pain?
I think I have meningitus. How will the doctors be able to know?
how do I stop my voice wearing out?
how to keep joints healthly?
How do I get a slipping/falling hazard in my office taken care of?
how do i quit studering?
Why am i constantly tired?
Why am I thirsty when I wake up in middle of night?
What am i lack of if i have white patches on my fingernails?
mould...? is this bad for health..?
how long does it take avanza to work on your moods.im terrible snappy at moment.?
Good scorses of vitanin D?
Bad Headaches what would a soft spot in head be?
Why is it that i can't breathe when facing strong wind?
why do i have headache when i walk?
What would cause sharp pains on the left side between your rib cage and hip; person has no appendix?
What's wrong with me, Please help urgent!?
I had an appendix scare yesterday and now my lower left side is hurting.?
How come i can't get to sleep?
lower back pain! in agony!?
I have had pain around my trapezius(lower) has anyone had any similar injuries?
where do i go now with my crps??...had 4 lots of injections and loads of physio:((?
What is the difference between Cavinton and any other vinpocetine supplement?
Shall i start to take st johns wort ?
Is this common with schizophrenia?
Does deja vu always mean that something has happened before...?
Changing medication, advised by doctor?
how to start again-a fresh start a new beginning?
Is it wrong to not commit suicide for someone you love?
I have taken an overdose of Amitryptiline, am I in danger or can I just sleep it off?
I think im suffering depression? Please help me..?
Still friends with my ex, how can I help her with her depression?
do you need to keep a social worker?
NEEDS HELPP?????????
I just want that how maybe i was never Meant to be on me!?
feels like committing suicide?
I am feeling anxious about school trip, should i tell my teacher about my anxiety? should i cancel the trip?
Still friends with ex, how can I help her with her depression?
PHOBIA of needles, please help!?
Do I have an anxiety disorder?
What's wrong with my hips/ Is something wrong?
If your nose is broken will it be crooked or can it still look Straight?
want a fibreglass cast!!?
i had a foot operation gone wrong 20 years ago , can i take the doctor to court to get compinsation?
what should i do about my knee? it dislocated about 18 months ago and now i grinds really badly!?
Do I Have Orthostatic hypotension? ?
Tinnitus making it hard to think straight?
I might have to get surgery to remove my adenoids?
Ergent! Can you please help me?
Is my wrist broken or just sprained?
What causes poor circulation and does this cause your foot and leg to feel cold but (not to the touch)?
do i rest or keep trapped nerve in arm moving?
Anyone on here using alcohol to numb a bad relationship because you don't know what to do for the best?
How come I did not get any sore in my muscles ?
Inflamed toe help please as im not sure?
My foot hurts so bad!?
what painkiller is best for sinus pain?
what could cause , lack of strength muscular pain mouth ulcers?
does accutane make you gain weight?
Why do I get a rash on my neck and chest when i am upset or nervous?
Do parents have an impact on adolescent’s health?
What's the best remedy for not being able to fall asleep?
Insomnia for the last 3 nights?! Any suggestions?!?
What can you do to avoid varicose veins?
What doctor do you go to if you need your nails checked out?
I Cant stop moving my legs when i try to get to sleep.?
Why not protect the environment?
I have a blister/boil under my scrotum.?
why when a teacher talks to me 1 on 1 do i cry it has only been recently though!?
Why do fingers do this.?
Why am I always tired?
Bath soap Is claimed to help prevent cramps in bed...Has anyone experienced it?
In your personal experience, are Doctors trustworthy and competant?
Have you ever been so tired that you can't sleep?
Nurofen after drinking?
can i get my belly pierced if i have an hernia?
How Come Some Nights I Can't Sleep... I Don't Feel Tired And Im Unable To Shut My Mind Off?
does anyone else have this problem, or know what might be wrong with me?
Mucus came out of my nose while urinating?
do liquids we drink go through our bowels? or just solids?
Something wrong with me...What could it be...Symptoms include:?
Will burning the rainforest cure my cold?
must you check if your immune to the rubella?
can you give me 2 to 3 sentences of treatment options for anorexia?
Can you get Hep C from a few drops of blood on your fingernail?
I wonder If my dog take a medicine is Doxycycline 100Mg and would cause him nausea or sick for a whiles?
Scarlet Fever?
HOw did I contract Staph? (Sputum sample from back of my throat). And what is it?
Do worm eggs get into the human body only by the mouth and nose, or by other means?
Recurring kidney infection?
Ive had a cough for the past 4 weeks that wont go away.?
If my child has measles can I carry the virus and infect other children?
what is good for a weak liver (after glandular fever)?
No effect from penicillin with my tonsil infection?
Can HIV live on a bottle top?
Husband has flu like symptoms-took cold & flu tabs this morn & has had elevated pulse all day & is dizzy???
What is the name of the disease where parents make their kids sick for attention.?
Ways of preventing catching SARS?
employer and the flu shot?
help! mysterious bug bite with with weird symptoms!
Does the Wish-Bone Bountfiuls that have tomatoes have Salmonella?
Weird sleeping problem.?
Doctor changing medication?
People who have much experience of depression & loneliness, do you reckon at the end if the day, no matter how?
Is drinking your own blood consider self cannibalism?
i'm finding it so hard coping without him?
depression answer :( ?
Is it just my hormones or could i be depressed?
Do people with Autism or Asperger's feel lonely and shy, or is the opposite of Autism because Autistic people?
What kind of medication can treat anxiety?
I'm going to lose my job. Should I take the voluntary option?
confusion, lack concentration, feel exhausted - is this due to depression or my medication for it?
Do you do mental health questions today or do you leave it 'till Monday? There is a lot coming up I see.?
Help??? Am I okay? answers...please?
What drugs can be used for ADHD?
eating disorder help!?
Morbid nightmares becomeing reccuring?.?
Did my therapist cross a boundary?
when yur 16 can you have mental health without parents knwing?
Is this a really unhealthy way to deal with death?
does anyone know what this is?
Do I have a micro-scopic cut on my finger?
what would doctors do for a chipped knee bone?
I really hurt my pinky 1 week and the middle part has swelled and not gone down What should I do?
How long do bumps to head take to heal?
Ganglion in foot question? Please answer!!!?
My foot has been hurting for 2 weeks...some help please?
To get cauliflower ear, does your ear need to be bruised and puffy more than once? or can once do the job?
banged my head four days ago?
I pulled a muscle in my back.?
Does a damaged nerve ever heal?
i need back surgery what should i do?
Ulna Nerve - How long is too long?
Help, causual job, but i have a broken arm :(?
Stepped on a toothpick?
then you put your fingers so thay touch each other are the leaning in to each other and some go under each?
The left side of my right Knee is hurting. like an injury. What is wrong with it? Have i got an injury?
Snake Bite lip Percing hurts??
Does this spider Venomous?
I have got ankle problems! I have broken it once when i was 12 and once wen i was 15 and never took care of it?
my husband has a sore Elbow, its like a nerve thats playing up, what could it be? medical help please, thanx?
Achilles tendon nerve damage??
I want to get laser acne treatment what is the best one?
How long until Accutane takes effect?
Strange lump on my neck. Please help?
Is coffee bad for ur skin?
why does my breath stink?
How old do i look? **pic included!**?
I'm worried about what happened, felt like I had a seizure and couldn't breathe, fell off the bed...?
I'm 4 feet 11 and a half inches. will I still grow?
My nails are chipping and breaking?
Can depression cause wrinkles?
Headaches and off balance!?
How often do I need a check up? (Canada)?
Would a bloody lip interfere with the results of a breathalyzer ?
is it really true that dyslexia is generic?????
How long should I be off work after a laparoscopic appendectomy?
69 yrs old woman with a painful hard bloated abdomen for about a yr now. No test can show what is the problem.?
have you had the gastric bypass surgery?
quit smoking?
Any ideas what would help?
Is sleeping in jeans unhealthy?
Diesel semi fumes making me puke? Daily as I live next to truck driver.Help?
any idea what could be wrong with me?
when u mix weed and tobacco is the smell of the tobaco stronger than the weed?
How long does Ecstasy remain in your body after last use?
I am really Tired! But Don't Know why?
Waking Up Early?
why does the hands have 27 bones?
I am finding it very hard to sleep at night! any suggestions on how to get a good nights sleep (non-drugs)?
Sleeping with Lights? ?
i am not on diet like to eat late how con i stop?
does it hurt a 7 year old child to take dimtapp everyday all year round?
Is it okay to use public transport quite often and walk to most places?
Question about blood tests?
i feeling numb on the right side of my face and tingly, i've had headache for the last 2 days and my right arm?
Are self rolled cigarettes worse than normal cigarettes?
I've got a bruise kinda lump on my forehead, and it's itchy sometimes?
My little toe and pinky on my left side are numb?
What is the incubation period for tonsillitis?.?
Gastro virus..?
Swine Flue???????????????????????????????????????
Common Head cold , but schedueled for surgery in 8 days?
If someone gets colesores but does not have one at the time you kiss them can you still catch it?
Many MDs say do not get swine flu vax-why?
how to keep away from swine flu...?
How to prevent and treat malaria?
how do i get post-exposure prophylaxis?
Do you give your young child/ren flu vaccinations?
Would you support a campaign to improve Mental health Services?
How to explain 8 months signed off work on CV?
I think I'm severely depressed, how should I tell my doctor?
What do you do if someone with mental health problems is misdiagnosed and treated? (UK)?
I need a life overhaul. Help?
My heads messed up, what could it be?
How to get rid of anxiety?
Is smoking a form of suicide?
How do i tell my mum i need to see someone?
How do you cry when you need to?
Should I go to the doctor, if so what for like ADD etc?
does anyone ever feel like this?
Has your mind ever been a maze of paranoia in a crazed up sandstorm?
Ever had withdraw problems from Seroquel?
What is your opinion of people who have multiple mental health diagnosis,?
Are psychopaths as emotionally cold as we have been led to believe?
Bullet wound diagnosis?
Groin pain can't move leg or walk?
elbow bone on one side sticks out?
after an appendectomy my wound is horrible,i can fit my index finger in it. im afraid.what should i do?
crying cause of a sudden physical pain (men who cry)?
A question about getting ear tubes? ?
How old do you have to be to buy dextromethorphan in canada?
My friend has bulimia ?
any one have an idea what this coud be?
Is Scarborough, Ontario considered underserved in terms of health care?
Is it normal for medications like Pepto Bismal or Maalox to change stool colour?
Why didn't I like break something?
I get headaches everyday?
all of a sudden so much dandruff?
How do I know if i am addicted to smoking?
Pain in base of neck, top of spine when I yawn, swallow, etc?
Throat problem with son?
Are skin tags dangerous? why do I have so many?
Who thinks this is marketing honesty?
How can I keep cool in this heatwave we are having in melbourne! I'm dying here!?
Low Iron and B12. concerned?
Do you go through periods of being really really tired?
Has anyone tried 'hypnotheapy' before??
Anyone have any advice for an extreme insomniac?
What causes a headache?
is it possible to reset your body clock?
Is it better to sleep with the curtains open or closed?
I need to be able to sleep earlier (and kick this late night habit), but can't. Any Suggestions Please?
Stay motivated????HELP?
What happen to all my medical records when I change doctors?
how will you measure the level of anxiety?
Bleeding from the ear?
What happen when you want to have a vaccine in Australia?
When your foot falls asleep....?
Recently, i could find white marks on my nails. What is it? How can i evade it?
Losing voice?
Am I at risk of fainting again? 10 points to best answer?
I have chronic pain in my rib cage, what could it be?
My eyes ache and the pain goes to my neck...help!?
Has anyone developed Plantar faciitis after using Wii fit?
I want to get my ears pierced for the second time. Will it hurt bad ?
Should I go see my doctors or not ?
my wife has broken her wrist?
Needlestick injury at home?
What is the disease Giardia?
If I get swine flu, how long do I need to get rid of it?
What is the worst "thing" that you have been bitten by?
treatment Hepatitus C in Australia how do i choose?
Swine is it really normal? how come young people died from it?
How much does the tdap shot hurt???!!!??? I`m getting one in 2 days and I`m terrified.?
Staph infection?
Does an instrument technician in a hospital setting have to disinfect soiled linen?
Im 8months pregnant and suffer with Epstein Barr Virus?
how long for co-amoxiclav to take effect on tooth abscess (I have a panic disorder)?
am i thinking too much?
Help with social phobia & depression, does it really get better?
Annoyed with myself, how can I stop being so emotional?
Decision of what to do tonight after being betrayed?
Am I unemployable? Do I have to disclose my mental illness to anyone?
How will I help my friend through her anxiety disorder?
What happened to me? Symptoms suggest..?
I only seem to have Nightmares when around a certain person is there any reason behind that?
how does medication get rid of panic attacks?
Mild Bipolar or just a teenager?
How would you describe the lack of identity and emptiness feeling of borderline personality disorder and....?
Desperate. Parents want me to give up my life and look after them?
Please help me. Desperate and unhappy and upset. Am i selfish to want a life. Parents say i'm bad?
I dont know why I am crying?
I'm always worried about death, to the point were it's hard doing day to day tasks what do I do?
Any tips on telling my parents about this?
i am so worried I cant eat or sleep I am starting to feel sick and shakey?
detached feeling 24/7 PLEASE ANSWER?
Cerumol ear drops to aid a cold? (Sore throat)?
Months after Carpal Tunnel release surgery I have a RED LINE on my palm above the incision about 2".?
I get a headache and very dizzy sometimes when I stand up?
sore spot on my head?
How many Advil's would not get me killed? ?
Do you get really negative when you are tired?
How to re-gain your voice?
If generic drugs are the same as the "real" thing, why is there such a big price difference?
When people say they have ringing in their ears, what does it sound like and how loud?
Is sleeping 4 hours bad? I"m only 14 years old.?
I Have Stomach Cramps, What Can I Do?
I have a 'hole' in my chest.?
I have a swollen groin that is causing me some pain. It is swollen in the corner where my right leg is. ?
Burning pain on left side of stomach, help! :(?
What would cause a stomach ache most likely?
Why can't I speak fluently and find words easily when I talk to people!!?
HELP HELP Dont know how much more i cna take!!?
How do you get to sleep earlier??? please help!?
When I Bend over My stomach hurts ?
Is there a link between my constant nearly fainting and a lot of homework? (i mean A LOT )?
My goal is to be 5'8?
help me here, my whole body hurts.. how do you get rid of it?
Sprained finger? HELP?
Treatment for torn ligamnet in hand?
everyone thinks im fakin it cuz i had hip surgery...?
Knee Problem?
Degenerative disc disease. How long did it last for you? How did they treat it? Any time off work?
What does it look like before a bruise forms? Say someone hit you 20 minutes ago?
lower laegs lateral pain?
what should i do to help with the soreness?
I got this white bump thing on the inside of my lip.. i polked it and yellow pus came out.. what is it? help?
sprained/fractured ankle?
How do you know if you broke your knuckle?
I had 4 stitches just below my eyebrow under local anesthetic about 38 hours ago.?
Blood on surface of my tongue (But it's not cut)?
What a "no lifting" policy and why it is now common in Home and Community Care Services?
has anybody with a prolasped disc done yoga?
broke finger in dec still swollen and hurts to bend was told may have to have rebroken and set is that true ?
Wrist strengthening exercises?
How to fix a swollen toe?
new earing?
my maltese has sharp pains and he screams- heartbroken.. went to dr ran blood test no diagnostic help?
How can I keep in shape/try not gain weight with a stress fracture?
my nephew has gotten a sudden nose bleed and now his temp. is at 91.6 and the?
My bellybutton piercing is red and has dry skin flaking a bit around it?
I have been diagnosed with Streptococcus B can it possibly be something else?
Is there many-in-1 vaccine shot for children in Australia?
im havin problems with my mouth and throat is keeps feelin like something is stuck there?
Do face masks actually protect your from Swine Flu?
my 10 yr old daughter has intermittent fever for last 10 days?
can you have symptoms of UTI then they disappear in 12 hours?
Why is Salmonella predominant in Chickens?
Regarding Swine Flu.?
Glandular Fever???
my 13yr old son has just been diagnosed with both cytomegalovirus and ross river virus,any info appreciated?
Vomiting while in an exam?
HEPC false negative + alcohol = what?
Bovine spongiform encephalopathy, is it infectious?
Malaria, How long after a mosquito has bitten someone with malaria does it take to spread the parasite?
Are Shingles Contagious?
do i have west nile virus?
Where do lice come from in the first place?
I will marriage a man has a gilbert disease how will this affect me and my sons?
Mumps and when did vaccines in schools start?
Could a blot clot in the lower leg cause a sore and swollen foot?
has any one ever had a bad sunburn on there leg and was not able to walk for a few days ?
a question about blood pressure medication?
Varicose veins; painful especially at night. To treat or not?
What does someone in Australia do when he needs an operation but has no money to get one?
Anybody taken Tramadol?
How many vaccines have you or your children had?
Does anyone know good techniques to use when trying to get to sleep?
Help...my eye is swollen?
I have a cold and I can't sleep...?
will 2 hits from one hitter (pot) be detected on test? Not a reg. smoker?
I'm really in need of help ?
why am i waking up with a really aching lower back and puffy eyes?
my Daughter burnt fingers are healed yet bent, is there a way to have them straightened or is it too late?
Universal Healthcare?
Do I have low blood pressure? Lower than normal readings?
Is it harmful to have a unrepaied hernia?
Bell's Paulsy question?? 10 points?
what could be causing a twitch in my left hand ((on the side, beside the pinky)) ?
Has anyone tried ACAI BERRY? Just wondering if it is as good as claimed and where can I get it in Australia?
How can I go back to sleep?
two ways to distinguish between the esophagus and trachea!!!?
My stomach hurts, what should I do?
how to tell if it's sunburn?
Will I Crave Alcohol Agian After I Go To This Party?
Why do I feel so "sleepy and tired" everyday?
i am 5'11 and 20 yearls old.?
I am seriously confused about this, could I actually still grow?
marajuana and the bad effects ?
How many litres of blood does the human hold?
Coping with a "known" soon death. Please help.?
Whats easier to smoke your first time a joint or bowl?
What could be wrong .?
Do prescription drug commercials get to anyone else?
Have you tried ECT on the NHS (UK)?
change for the better?
What usually makes people be "self destructive" EG annorexia, self harm drugs etc?
Im really scared about treatment?
What do you do, when something is stressing you out so much you can not sleep?
is this normal coming off anti depressants?
I'm scared about blood tests, can someone help me?
Seasonal Affective Disorder?
How would you cope if you had a mental and physical problem that prevented you from fitting in every day life?
how cruck cocain overdose kills?
Is there anything I can do?
Help I'm addicted to cannabis.?
If you have schizophrenia and you use Yahoo Answers, do you have to have a different login ID for each of you?
Can my doctor refuse me contraceptive meds because of my bipolar?
What is going on in my brain?
I Feel strange all the time?
I Feel strange all the time PLEASE ANSWER?
How can you help someone who has depression as their partner?
worried, simple fracture/crack of the ulnar?
i sprained my ankle july of 09. i went to hospital cause i thought i broke it. doctor said nothing broken?
i got elbowed in the centre of my ribs, it hurts alot to grab things such as lifting a chair did i fracture it?
what is it about my back?
i fell on the weekend and the dr said?
spine transplant?
I broke a bone in my hand ; (?
what happens if it comes back negative?
i have a sore foot i dont know whats wrong with it?
back injury on workman comp how do they pay?
how do you get a torn foot ligament?
i've ruptured my ac ligament in my shoulder....?
Has anyone had hip arthroscopy for a labral tear? If so how quick was your recovery??
Can your eyeball be punched out?,and are lunges bad for the knees?
Feet in pain swelling - how can i treat this?!!! HELP!!?
left elbow hurts for no reason why is that?
Ear Stretching - will the swelling go down?
Will my rib ever heal (its bruised)!?
I want to get my tonsils out finally! What are the risks and recovery time?
i jst have been diagnosed with pcos?
Can you get sick if you sleep for long periods at a time ?
Can you really make somebody faint by squeezing a pressure point on his shoulder?
how can i redeem my life?
why does my right eye keeps twitching?
What domestic anymal has got the best eyesight?
Fever.... What do i do??? ?
How do you meditate???
Can I make an appointment if I'm under 16?
Whats wrong with me????
ADDISON DISEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
hemmorhoids or worse?
Signs of fleas?
does anyone know if you can still buy parvo vaccine retail? I have checked all the online stores I can find.?
hep c and sores on face?
Do i have tinnitus???????
Will taking Flyagyl (metronidazole) still work if I'm on my period?
Can kids get hemorrhoids as well or is it just mainly adults?
Is it normal to have swollen neck glands after a flu?
Could recurring UTI's that do not clear up with antibiotics be due to an infected gallbladder?
Emergency responses to epidemics?
Where is the Swine Flu more common and Why?
I find it already hard to fight off just normal colds and the normal flu if I got swine could I actually die?
im still worryed about a hard painless lump in my neck seen 2 diff docs already! lump been there for 3 weeks!!?
how do i test if i have tape worms?
What is the difference between an infectious and non-infectious disease?
Are there any good ways to prevent catching cold sores?
lip issue. please help!?
I have a bug bite in the winter?
what are some tests a doctor would do if you might have a tumor?
I dislocated my knee cap at work. I slipped on floors which were covered in grease?
How likely is it for me to get sick when I go to Cuba?
how to make him stop?
Easiest and Quickest ways to fall asleep?
Does lsd affect someones motor skills?
Is it bad to take three adult gravels if the box only says to take two?
how to cope with cold or flu?
I'm always sick in the morning!?
any ways to reduce or diminish freckles?
I got tests taken three weeks ago, and I never got the results! Help!?
Why do women live longer then men do?
Whats the Big "hype" on hookahs? Should I try it?
I have a problem...please help me!?
Mental Health Please See this !!!?
Why am I crying right now? I haven't cried in ages..?
is anyone else on cymbalta!?
What do you think of this mind article about recalling incapacity benefit claimants to see if they are fit ...?
do i have mental disorder? im confused?
Am I suffering from mental illness?
Cant get anxiety out of my head?
Overdose... Whats the damage?
Modified mini mental state exam?
help with eating...please read?
Can coming off the pill have negative effects on your mental health?
I purposefully starve myself, now I am underweight, and I still don't eat as much as I should?
Diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome.?
Is your life largely -work, eat, computer,sleep?
i lack confidence and self esteem?
I need help! what would happen if...?
Xanax and alcohol mixture?
Why can't I remember my family?
Cosa?? Salutisti?? Spero vediate la mia domanda!!!!!!!!?
social worker said id become detached?
How is schizophrenia pronounced?
My Foot Aches when i kick the footy...Whats Wrong?
I was in a car accident and may go to physiotherapy will it effect my health insurance?
if my spine is bent really far forward is their anyway to fix it? Like in my picture?
Ankle stabilisation surgery?
Hernia Or Just A Cramp?
what does disclocating your arm feel like and hats the recovery?
I think i may have broken a bone?
where is geelong is the best place to get treatment for a sports injury?
How long should it take to recovery from eye strain?
will panadeine forte take away the pain for a broken toe?
If I have my broken finger partially amputated, how long is it going to take to heal and regain function?
Muscle spasm while running?
something bit me on my toe and the area is hard and it hurt, i have no idea what it is,?
has anyone had surgery to repair a torn subscapularis tendon and a dislocated bicep tendon? how did it go?
swollen ankle after gall bladder surgery?
Help! Inner and front of one thigh hurts?
I fell on a step a year ago I had no pain then it hit I was in agony?
I think I rolled my ankle (5 Stars For Best Answer)?
has anyone had an ACL reconstruction and how did it go?
worms in children...?
Bad Immune System please help?
Is British Colombia suspending its vaccination program for H1N1,swine flu?
What symtoms would a newborn have if it contracted HIV??
I have yelloe diarrhea for over a week. I had a fever of 102. What is causing this yellow diarrhea?
How does a pig flu start in a capital city?
my dad finished his radiation treatment, he is so weak, will he get better and how long will it take.?
Preventing gum disease...?
Chicken pox! help me out here please?
cold sensitivity help needed?
37yr old female has had hep c for past 15 years and continues to drink?
What does vaccine, contagious,influenza and isolated mean ?
Severe home sickness please help me!?
List three major contributors to childhood morbidity?
where do headlice come from?
How do i get rid of ulsers?
Has anyone had positive outcomes after using Pascalite Clay?
SARS, please help?
Yellow eye, please help?
i think my boyfriend has the flu and he woke up with his nose bleeding, is that a symptom of the flu?
Is my foot infected? (photos)?
I get a bit embarrassed about buying over 18s stuff (UK)?
How to cope a year on?
do i have COD or paranoia ?
im 15 and i think im depressed?
Is this normal on Paxil/Seroxat?
Do you know a person who recovered from depression?
How do you motivate yourself when you're feeling down?
i get upset and scared for no reason?
How do you tell the difference between voices in your head and just talking to yourself?
I need honest answers regarding anxiety/low self esteem?
Can UK paramedics restrain someone who has been detained for mental health reasons?
Can some1 help, need advice about depression?
Advice about a care home in UK?
Is there any other way to help myself?
are these the same thing depression in medical terms?
I don't want to be scared anymore...?
I'm so disapointed in myself. read info?
How long do you have to stay in the hospital after drinking charcoal, for an overdose?
is this razor burn? heeelp!?
Does this sound like kidney stones?
It got stuck in there.?
When I'm nervous I get really sick?
need help??!!!???!!!???!!!?
Is this anemia!? Or what? Please help me :'( ?
Why are my fingers so PUFFY!?? please help!?
I really hate to swallow pills but i need to have my vitamins.?
i dont know what is wrong?? serious answers only!!?
steroids .were can i get them?
Blood clot after tonsillectomy!? HELP!!?
Blackouts loss of eyesight?
Can I use a regular cigarette in a glass pipe or would I have to purchase tobacco?
For the last week i have had really bad headaches. I am also waking up at 3 each day and cant sleep.?
I'm 17, 145cm and 40 kg. is this healthy??
I crack my bones.. Regularly?
Pain killers after tonsillectomy!?!?
I'm exhausted. Every day is the same and I have trouble getting up in the mornings?
Health insurance company is asking my health records before making a decision. Is it good to give consent?
Does any younger women here have varicose veins in their legs?
Why is my nose always "stuffy"?
is it bad for you to crack your knuckles and other bones?
Why do I feel like I have pins sticking me in the top of my head when I get hot?
Where can i buy Adult diapers in Australia? Even better if i can buy them in Melbourne.?
living close to highway, air quality?
My husband for the last 2 weeks has had a constant pain in his head, and keeps getting a 'dead' arm. V Worried?
10 points question..?
How to make my cold sore not hurt?
does tongue piercing hurt, im so scared?
ideas for back pain relief?
Severe pain in legs after drinking alcohol?
feeling sick, lower abdominal pains?
i brooked my left Hand 2 weeks ago , what exact things should i eat?
What can send pain down right arm? Can acid reflux or gastritis do this!?
Severe home sickness please help me!?
Protein - wee?
My dog was given cephelaxin antibiotic, could it cause blindness?
Possible tonsil infection? build up of white stuff squeezes out of my tonsil.?
Please help me get rid of virus?
Can someone who was previously infected with acute hepatitis C but has been cleared of it still infect others?
How do you test for pelvic inflammatory disease?
Can you get Gastroenteritis from breathing the same air as person who had/has it. im in an office area?
What causes people to die due to cosmetic surgery?
Do I have a bowel obstruction, or IBS?
derealism any solutions?
Do 0G Ears Go Back To Size When Removed?
What sickness do I have?
is it true that taking a shower is bad for you when ur sick?
Feel like have a hangover but didn't drink?
I had a bubble in my mouth under my tounge, I tried to pop it, it felt like it popped but nothing came out.?
How much fish oil should I take a day?
Why can I never sleep properly?
Is chlorophyll a source of magnesium?
can someone from the ER at any hospital please email me cause i need some help with a few problems please!?
If you sleep for 5 or 6 hours wake up for about half an hour then go back to bed for another 2-3 hours?
nits,can anyone help my kids keep coming home with them,i`ve told the schools,but they still come home with em
Help, pain!?
My daughter has a problem with not finding a strong enough deodorant.Do she have a gland problem?
I am constantly cold and my feet turn purple.I cannot seem to ever warm up.It is not Raynards either.Anyone?
I keep waking up in the middle of the night with a fever, then go to sleep and it goes away, whats happening?
Just before I fall asleep I feel like I'm falling?
How much does it cost for contact lenses??
Would popping my knuckles for a year and a half stop me from learning to play the guitar?
Is this really bad for me?
What is more important?
Ear problems help quickly!?
Does the air outside really affect your health?
Ingrown toenail, who is best to see, Podiatrist or Dr.?
No matter how much I stretch, I can't touch my toes...is something wrong with me?
my 2 year old has dark circles under her eyes. why?
I think my friends suffering from a nervous breakdown?
Do I have any condition?
what is wrong with me?
i cant sleep HELP ME PLEASE?
can stress or feeling depressed cause?
sometimes i doubt that i am capable of doing well in college and that im not as able as everyone else.?
Any tips on depression?
help!! why do I experience these thoughts!!?
i have derealization 24/7 for 5 months?
derealization 24/7 for 5 months?
14.I've been told i need to tell my parents but i don't know how?read Info?
what other things like self harm do teenagers do to cope?
(UK) Can you call NHS direct about issues regarding mental health, even if you are in no immediate danger?
how do you cope with deafness U.K. only please?
Why does the sound of the vacuum cleaner make me insane?
I hope I didnt cause to much stress?
Alzeimhers medications?
Torn Brachialis playin rugby plse help?
I had an infected finger amputated three days ago. How long should I expect for my bandaged stump to heal?
I fell down,all my weight on my right hand, I had a broken finger and a sprained hand, what kind of therapy?
Pancreas Problems?
I am wondering if anyone would know of any treatments for fatigue in the hips, drivers and lower back?
Might have shin bruising, there is a lightened area on skin but no pain?
trackerpal ankle monitor?
Problem with my knee?
I have a shortened glute muscles, please help?
Herniated Disc and no urge to do number 2's?
How long does it take to wake up from brain tumor surgery ?
Why is my left kidney swollen?
Redness from Accutane?
My father in laws hands turn black or grey but washes off with soap?
How can i test smoking affecting lungs?
What is this sickness?
there is noise in my head? when i slap my head or bend down i hear the noise in my ear and head? help?
How to get rid of/prevent gas???!?
Why do I have a runny nose that runs clear water, and my throat is dehydrated?
Do you trust the medicine that Doc said it will cure you? You know how's made and tested before prescription?
Why am i like this. please diagnose me!?
NEED a list of the top 17 typs of strains on Marijuana with the Effects?
What is going on with me?
chicken pox and Hep C?
how to make mosquitoes jelly?
is herpes zoster need isolation in the hospital and type of isolation and why?
My daughter has gastro, If I have caught it from her how long will it take for the symptoms to show?
what is the relationship between capnocytophaga bacterial infection and the spleen?
my 12 yr old daughter has step throat,her temperature went up to 39.7c last night,it is now 34.7c ,?
chicken pox or just bites?
can you get (HSV1) by using someone else 'tooth brush?
When you have HIV and your 'viral load' is considerably higher than previous...what does this actually mean?
Hepatitus c lifespan?
I was wondering who has had the swine flu and how long it took for a FULL recovery... My son is 5?
Is color blindness invarialy fatal?
how do i get rid of the flu?????????????????
Do you know anyone who has actually had the virus H1N1 (swineflu)?
is this staff? or not?
pus cells 12-15/hpf...rbc 5-8/hpf...epithelial cells few...mucus threads few....is it normal?
I'm not sure whether I have Thrush or Cystitus!! Help me!?
can needles cause....?
why does 'V Energy drink' make me pee like crazy?
I have just read in my local paper that gall stones can cause cancer?
Which one is not normal flora of the mouth?
I quit smoking and now i can't taste anything, is this normal?
Methods of reattaching a fingernail to the nailbed?
What is wrong with me?? I have lumps filled with blood and pus on my body.?
do you think that drooling and wetting when you sleep is only a?
i have been really stressed at work.. the culture is really bad and there is so much pressure.?
Has anyone downshifted ?
Heroin users?
how do u heal peeled skin?
does your immune system get weak when your pregnant?
I have stopped taking methotrexate three weeks ago, as I could not tolerate it, I am so sick the last few week?
Why does my toe feel like this?
Pain in the eye, any ideas?
Where can I purchase a set of wheels for my walker in Liverpool N.S.W.?
?Whats the deal with my veins?
is it physically possible to crack/pop your knuckle/finger joints without touching them?
Can your blood type affect your health being?
i have no clue what could be wrong?
i need help please ?
I often wake up at 4.00am with my mind racing and unable to fall back asleep. Any hints on stopping the mind?
Sinus Infection - A sign of whats snot nice!?
concusion or contusion?
i fell on my back playing sport over a year ago and ever since then my upper back hasn't been right.?
I need your help to identify the run-ons in the following paragraph.?
ive got very very tiny bits of glass in my skin, clothes, etc after smashing up my mirror?
really sore wrist?
I had a finger chopped off a month ago, how do I go about maintaining the functionality of my stump?
Ive had a realy bad headache thats in my right temple and behind my right eye..?
hurt my back after slipping on ice, why do i need to wait 4 days to see a gp about it?
different ways to heal a deep cut?
Why do my wrist already hurt?
Pain in lower right side os my stomach?
really painful pains in my chest?
Why does my left ear feel blocked?
My son is 35 and has no social life at all and does not do anything at home?
how can I get over my fear of going to the doctors?
I think I have some form of depression?
I have recently diagnosed a patient with ASD and he has kindly asked me to find out if he is entitled to DLA?
Why do I get nervous so easily?
I think I have mild depression I think I need to talk to someone but I don't know who?
What is generally the case for an Emergency Ambulance picking up a 'healthy' looking person? MH?
Need help from recovering/recovered bulimics?
what is it used Lexapro - Lamotrigine - Olanzapine combined?
I feel I may be depressed or have an anxiety disorder?
i'm 16 can i get depression tablets NHS?
When everything seems to be spiralling down and death looks like the only solution...?
what is everyone's opinion on this issue? thanks so much?
Please help me ..................?
Why am I still poorly?
3 month old son, do i have postnatal depression?
Can you claim benifits for Paranoia?
i have been prescribed propanolol for anxity attacks do they help with the symptoms?
im scared to tell anyone... help?
Why am I no good at anything?
Is Wellbutrin a good drug?
i want to be a girl what do i do ?
can cocaine make you feel sick the day after?
Lose your eyesight???????
Does this sound like arthritis?
What happens in the brain during a migraine?
How can I start sleeping early?
Has anyone had any experience with clonazapam?
Lump in back of my neck ?!!?
Only sleeping 3 hours a night , is this bad?
Growth Spurt.....What is it?
What's it like being a Doctor?
I have been going back to the doc for the past 4 months over the same thing!!?
I've been having these very quick shocks in my brain (usually starts towards back of head).?
Why am I thirsy all the time?
Salt and high blood pressure?
What does it mean if you have very white nails on fingers and toes?
If you take vitamins but then you drink a lot of water, do you wash them out of your system? ?
My blood pressure is 106/70, is it normal, low or too high?
What's the best food to eat when sleep-deprived?
constipation, and help using a laxative please help please.?
Can you really "sweat" out a cold?
Do you think health insurance in Australia is worth it?
How can I look and feel fresh all day/night on very little sleep?
I have two days to lower my blood pressure, what do i do?
How do I change my sleeping pattern?
can anyone discuss the side effects of prednisone?
Why do i Bite In my sleep ?
I get a sty in my eye at least once a month, they are big and pain full. should they be this often and sevear?
smoked weed three nights in a row?
tingling feeling in shoulder blade.?
how long does it take for a fractured pelvis had surgery?
Does any one have a suggestion what to do about joints that feel like they have seized up?
how do you get capsulitis?
My pinky doesn't work!?
I have to have a finger amputated. How long should I expect for the stump to fully heal?
My 4 month old Pomeranian broke her front leg fibula and Tibia, how long should the cast be used for healing?
help with a finger wound and nerves...?
twisted knee during game?
I have a swollen right foot and ankle, even toes. Can it be fixed?
Yesterday my dr. put me on darvocet and i was wondering will taking this med decrease my chances of conceiving
what have i done to my finger?
what part of my Lumbar spine is causing tight QL muscles?
bad shooting ankle pains?
Did i sprain my ankle?
Is my wrist broken or sprained?
Whats wrong with my knee?... is this caused from netball?
How do you get rid of this scab/bump in the middle of my foot?
My finger hurts help?
Annular tear of the L5/S1 disc?
i think i have sprained my ankle im not sure though?
My 7 month old puppy,a Maltese, has parvo.?
Can Glandular Fever and Depression be linked? ?
Pretty sure it's Chicken pox =[?
Is it possible to get sick from cleaning out a chicken house?
Can lice spread from dogs to humans?
what classifies someone as an Hepatitis alcoholic?
l learnt that Hitler was a vegetarian and contracted a bad veneral desease? Maybe this desease made him crazy?
will she get the chickenpox?
how do i get rid of parvo out of my yard cause i have a 2 month old pup and my last 1 died?
HCV and someone who refuses treatment?
how long does it take for mono to cure?
I have a platelet count of 124 for 3 years. I have all tests done and the doctors dont know why.?
how do i ingest the pro biotic acidophilus?
is the Swine flu really really bad in Australia?
Can you swim in a salt water pool with a middle ear infection?
Lymphocytosis and glandular fever?
infected even tho i was cl?
Can effects of hep c come on fast?
how do you get very sick that you go to a hospital?
Can the Flu cause loss of Appetite?
white spots on nails ?
I smoked weed once in the past 6 months?
i have a lump on my achilles tendon, my calf muscle on same leg is swollen & very tight?
Is this seriouse?
What are some sleeping pills that don't give you a 'hangover' in the morning?
Is the insertion of a catheter painful for a 3yr old girl?
I can't sleep at night...?
how will you know that anxiety is at manageable level?
Is best"cure"for disease to avoid illness in the first place with an intake of Colostrom?
Can Any1 Please Help Me?
I heard there is a new product to quit smoking,without using nicotine?
My friend's sis went to bed and didn't wake up?
Why do i shake?
how can i get to sleep if i can only sleep 20min a day?
my boyfriend got really dizzy today and then got a really bad nosebleed is this somehting to be worring about?
Could Anemia be undetectable or "hide" in some people?
I get depressed when I smoke weed?
Help please! I don't know if I have acid reflux, help?
urine drug test sent to lab mask used?
does weed make u paranoid ?
Is there any coupons for totallywicked-eliquid.com?
Is there difference between Diflucan and Canesten Oral?
What is ur first reaction when u see someone with a red face?
the tip of my finger has gone numb what can i do to fix it?
HELP?? pain in my thighs?? HEAT OR ICE?? or WHAT???
Sprained ankle itching?
Self harm scars? help?
i heard a really loud crack in my knee?
Is Scar Tissue meant to hurt?
knee injury?
Sprain? Broken? Hurt ankle help?
What do you do if the boot cast is rubbing on the ankle bone fracture causing more pain and swelling?
I cant clear my mind?
I had an unstable open book fracture of the pelvis wondering what problems others had with there recovery?
What could cause a cool sensation along the shin below the knee?
How to fix a Adductor muscle rupture?
Having surgery to repair my quadriceps tendon which was torn. Anyone had this surgery? recovery time?