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Eating carbs at night?
is there any medical proof that aspartame is harmful to you?
i have eczema on my hands and it started about 2 years ago. i was wondering....?
what are some ways that i can fall asleep?
Help! How can I best get rid of chapped lips within three days. Any suggestion?
To anyone who has had sinus surgery,rhinoplasti or deviated septum fixed?
has anyone ever had an EGD?
I feel like something is stuck in my throat?
3 in 1 fitness question! Yay!?
Dancing helps lose weight?
how do you get rid of fat under your chin?
I have really strong abs, but sit-ups aren't helping me get rid of the fat on my stomach... HELP!?
How many calories can you eat everyday without dying?
A Question for Nutritionists?
i'm 28 and have diabetes type one and i want to lose like 15 pounds whats the best way to do it?
Homeopathy question? Has anyone been to one?
Was this weed a waste of money and will it get me high?
Home Remedies for an on coming cold?
will someone fail a hair test for 10 mg of hydrocodone or 1 hit of weed?
Best quick cure for a hangover?
So whats some alternitive medicine for my so called "major depression" and "bipolar"?
I've been choking on my own saliva lately?
How long before antibiotic kicks in?
my left ear feels clogged up?
CT and X ray please help...?
Is smoking hookah worse than smoking marajuana?
how do people fall asleep scientifically?
What are ways to make yourself grow taller?
what do you really hate?
Are the generations really getting shorter?
What is wrong with me?
My partner smells?
What type of drug is Oxy Cotton?
Worried about blood work results help!!!?
i have what i think is an ingrown hair on my crotch....how do i make sure it isnt herpes or something?
I want to take alli and want to know the risks.?
After eating 2 bowls of cabbage and broccoli last week I came down with a serious case of burping that does?
herbs that knock a person out COLD!?
I'm a 21y/o with an umbilical hernia. Is there any medicine that will reduce the pain without having surgery?
What are some vitamins to increase my awareness and make me more alert?
What are the best or some herbs that boosts energy strength awareness and mental state.?
whats the best way to go with going into medicine?
what are the best fruits or natural remedies to help tighten pores?
what is hemochromotosis?
My teacher has diabetes?
After eating or drinking something high in sugar I get very dizzy and slightly blurred vision.?
How long can a virus last?
Anyone have brain "fog" after quitting smoking?
What's going on? Can't sleep?
Do you think I might have herpes?
I need to know how to get all the TCH out of my system permanently.?
Why would squalene in flu vaccines be bad?
i have very bad anxiety problems but my doctor won't give me anything for it?
whats the most healing product you have ever used?
What is the best home made remedy for your knees?
i dont feel good..wht should i do?
diet for gouty arthritis?
How to get rid of seasonal allergies and stuffed up sinuses?
would you rather be thin or healthy?
About how many pounds would i lose, if i workout/run 4 hours a day for 3 weeks?
Would 113 pounds be too thin for someone who's 5'7"?
How are you guys losing weight...?
If you eat 300 calories a day.. About how long would it take to hit starvation mode?
Working on Cybex machines with slow reps?
How far should I space 5 meals? I feel starved?
lately i have been very tired and i need help to have energy?
what allergy meds should i take?
Is it possible to be allergic to Salvia Divinorum?
my nose keeps bleeding nonstop?
Am I allergic to smoke?
What is the best pill to take for outdoor/indoor allergies?
Dark circles under eyes?
My teeth...............?
Where can i get permanent vampire teeth?
Is it normal for teeth to shift after Braces?
Blood Sugar test reading help please?
When injecting insulin with an INSULIN PEN does it hurt? and where can it be injected?
What is the Filipino term for pancreas?
My grandma ate my 'special brownies'. . .?
in the morning i have been feeling nause and sick to my stomach where it feels like im going to barf?
Will making my ears pointed make me an immortal?
What is the best diet to follow when doing a Detox?
Can I lose weight with this routine?
Can one over exercise?
im 11, 5'5", and weigh 116lbs. but my stomach is larger than i want. is there a way i could lose that weight?
Where does the blood from funeral homes go??
Does DETOX of Noah Ion Cell Cleanse is effective? Is it True?
Switching my anti-depressants for something natural?
What is a natural cure for gall bladder problems?
Hi I started babysitting and 2 of the kids that came to my house I?
The CUre For ProCraStinAtion: what is it because i need it!?
My sleeping schedule?
what does taking vitamin e orally do for the body?
general anesthesia...?
how to cure psoriasis?
Are there any natural anti depressants, i can get over the counter?
How many of you watched the film Sicko,and how many of you believe it?
what is health care like in your country?
What are the consequences of drinking alcohol with the flu?
are there really anthrax in tide detergent samples in the mail ?
How to help the stomach flu?
Whats the best thing for Flu in America?
Staph infections at school?
My cat is acting strange since learning about the Swine Flu in Arizona. Affect animals too?
staph infection with swine flu?
Is staying awake for a long time dangerous?
what are the symtoms of swine flu?
getting your teeth whitened?
Can I ask the dentist to cut a piece of my gum off?
Can i wear a mouth guard with braces?
Whiting toothpaste and braces?
I can feel that my teeth is shaking?
What are the chances of catching herpes....?
What exercises burn the most fat and calories?
is there any nursing facilities out there any good at taking care of a patient with bad ulcers?
Does anyone have a lot of belly fat and insulin resistance? Trouble losing weight?
Can you get addicted to?
nyquil question?
sometimes i think it would be ok just to not wake up in the morning`?
they say if you put salt in your bath it will help ache feet,what does the salt do?
Gardisal vaccine?
What foods are good to treat anxiety?
anyone ever met a sick person(not mentually you had a bad headace)but sick in mind?
what is the best non-prescription cure for osteoarthritis?
What herbs or supplements are helpful for dealing with stress and anxiety?
What website do u get salvia from?
Meditation before yoga or yoga before meditation? :)?
can I take alfalfa with spirulina and what dosage?
how can i catch up on sleep?
Do orthodics really work?
They say fiber is suppose to help with digestion, so why...?
URGENT! How can you fall asleep when your not tired?
how can i get better sleep?
Why is it when we turn the celing fan's on they end up with?
If you use to be a smoker, how long ago did you quit?
Survey: I just spent an hour standing on this here treadmill and i'm not even out of breath?
POLL: Scope or Listerine? Which mouthwash do you use?
dental travel - What the heck is that?
WISDOM TEETH removal STILL hurting!?!?!?
How do you get rid of white spots on teeth?
Where my wisdom teeth were, are there big holes now?
Is a person allergic to other stimulants if they are allergic to caffeine?
My nose gets runny when ever I get exercise?
Sinus infection/ sinusitis?
Ways to relief allergies?
What is the difference between Oxy-Cotton and Oxy-Contin?
I've had a migraine for two days now....?
i have a stie (however you spell it) help?
How can I get my doctor to prescribed me painkillers?
Best to have both knees replaced at the same time or one later?
ouch girls read only pleaz?
What are some natural remedies for my sister who suffers from Migraine headaches?
What are some healthy ways to put on weight?
Are most women supposed to have a little fat on their stomach?
I'm trying to lose a good amount of weight before summer, and need some advice?
what is the quickest way to build muscle at home with no weights?
How do i overcome my fear of needles?
What do you think would be a worse way to die?
growing pains! urgh?
When does your body start aging?
When do you 'black out'' and when do you 'white out'?
Does your breath smell?
What is the newest substance for flling teeth?
Can I take my retainer out to eat ?
I was prescribed oxycodone/apap for a viral throat infection. i feel so zoned out, what is drug?
right side pain under ribs. hurts mostly after meals and at night.?
Do you like pain? I think it builds character don't you♄?
PLEASE HELP I have just had a amputation, right above the knee, 7 days ago,?
Why insulin can not given IM?
OKK! i need to lose weight?
HOw do you stop overeating?
exersises to tone thighs?
Whats the best website to buy Legal herbs that have the same effects as marijuana???
Dr says pinched nerve in arm...?
What is effective for chronic toenail fungas?
Can taking apple cider vinegar daily cause nosebleeds?
How do I read homeopathic things like 30c and 6x?
Weed. Piff. Ganja. Mary jane.?
What does weed feel like for you?
what makes a sore throat feel good?
how do you stop snoring?
long term effect of chlamydia in men?
how does alli work really need to know before i take it?
Are diet sodas bad for you?
how do you get rid of under arm flab?
How many calories is in a pound?
i wanna lose some weight the healthy way. whats the best way?
is there any wiet loss pills u can get out of the store that work good?besides 90 $ 4 alli! i am exersising?
Scared of getting my braces?
Is this normal????????
How do they take braces off and does it hurt?
My gum hurts a little when I brush my teeth.?
How do you remove tartar without going to the dentist?
diarrhea's Cure?
getting someone to quit smoking?
what do you like about your favourite Doctors waiting room?
Can seeing blood cause an epileptic seizure?
work as LPN while going to RN school?
I want to be sleepy?
I have been getting really bad night sweats , why?
Amitriptyline for sleep?
Where can I buy Homeopathic medicines?
Do natural remedies work?
Has anyone here made their own colloidal silver with success? Can you recommend a site with instructions pls?
I have a question for doctors??? about taking two medicines together?
Have anybody studied Ketamine?
Natural Detox................................?
Are cornflakes a good breakfast for a diabetic patient?
If you haven't had any HPV outbreak in over 4 years, has it cleared from your system?
how do you get thick muscular thights?
What are some good bedroom exercises?
I've been working out for almost 2 months and no noticable results. Am I doing something wrong?
Besides exercise, how can I build up my metabolism?
How to calculate calorie deficit?
Why Do people smoke Cigarettes to lose weight?
im going to 24hr. fitness what should i do?
Leukemia symptoms?
Has anyone tried the No Pain Spray for joint pain?
i got a pain in my right lower ab aera?
What's the best way to treat a cluster headache?
Does a papsmear usually iclude an std test?
what percentages of teens get herpes?
How can you reduce snoring in your sleep?
Twice this past week, during the night, I woke up with blurred vision.?
I would like to donate blood. Is there anything I need to know or prepare for before making an appointment?
How can you get rid of a stuffy nose?
what are the best trustable web sites selling herbal medicine?
What is a easy way to make Kombucha tea?
In reference to marijuana what does 420 mean?
Professional Massage Therapy Practice and Spa, NAME?
what exactly is agnus castus? and where would i find it at?
what home remedy will aid the body to belch?
Bad Breath / Haliotosis ..post nasal drip? acid reflux? I have tried everything. Diagnose me!?
Will Your Tooth Grow Back If You Pull It Out?
How can I ask a person to politely chew their gum without making all that disgusting cow noises!?
Is it advisable to brush your teeth with a bottle of Jack?
can you keep wax in your braces overnight?
What is a great whitening toothpaste I can use that delivers amazing results, that really works?
Question about Gardisil...?
I have been working out and nothing has been happening!!?
How can i loose weight by the summer time?
girls what do u prefer on a guy. abs,biceps,chest,or broad shoulders?
What percent of people join a gym, go a few times and then never go back?
So according to the BMI scale, I'm underweight?
Donating breast milk to university of Iowa milk bank?
I'm suffering hay fever for the first time. I'm trying to go without medication when possible...... (read on)?
Why and how is acv with "the mother" so good?
hey people ive lately been smoking between 5-7 blunts of marijuana a day but now ive also tried coke 3 times?
my posture is bad. please help. how do i fix it?
i was wondering if anyone had any stories about Alli diet pill?
can you lose 33 lbs in 4 weeks?
how many pounds do u have to loose b4 u go down a pant size?
Can you lose weight with frozen dinners?
Exercise for reducing thighs?
Does working out in the morning affect your metabolism for the day?
Bottom of my eye hurts.?
What's the best thing to do to relieve sunburn pain?
He has 9 days left and I cant take it!?
I just stood up and could feel a thudding heartbeat in my head and my neck.?
How does medical coverage work in Canada? Is it similar to the USA or totally different? Who covers and what?
how is hepititis b transmitted?
How does The Ebola Virus attack the body?
My baby has bacterial meningitis??????????
how people get anthrax and is contagious?
has anyone used the homeopathic remedy belladonna?
Tips for swallowing pills?
Can you abuse Xenadrine?
What are some natural laxatives?
What are some of the natural antibiotics I can use to treat infections?
How to cure shin splints?
Why do normal doses of anything not help me? I have to take so much meds for it to work?
Why does my back hurt worst when it rains?
what is oxy? and can you get it from the regular store or does it have to be per-scripted?
how can i help my child with his pain?
sleeping on a bed with no bedframe?
i cant get my abs to show!!! (teen guy)?
how could someone lose...?
How do I get girl abs fast?
10 lbs before my wedding! PLEASE HELP?
Body building and stretching?
how much do the invisalign braces cost?
What do you call this white stain on my tooth?
What will happen if I take alieve every 4 hours? Since I got my 4 wisdom teeth pulled...?
Why does our mouth smell after waking up from sleep?
I have a sore in my mouth that hurts...?
swollen gums w/ braces?
is it true?
Fat burning exercise regime?
How much does a model eat?
I washed cars non stop almost 6 hours, only ate 1200 calories today should i eat more?
I am 13 and need to lose 40 lbs. HOW?
How to lose weight in 2 months?
should i eat dinner even though it's late?
HELP! How long before ending an exercise routine can you start it again?
how can i take care of a busted ear drum with out seeing a doctor?
WHAT IS BURSITIS i have a pain in my shoulder?
What are these strange sharp electric pain sensations?
Do you think that surgery would be more of a solution , compared to having physical therapy?
Will my gp / doctor prescribe me oxycontin?
what should i do if my lip ring gets infected?
how can i relief itchy eyes?
What part of this allergy medicine is the part that works?
what are the chances of getting staph?
I am HIV positive and haven't dated since i found out. Now I want to get back into dating any suggestions?
Diarrhea in 6 week old?
signs that i might have to get my tonsils removed?
I always get hungry b4 going to sleep....?
how to get a flat belly? please help..?
Help for healthy school lunches?
Alli diet pill, does it really work?
Will I really lose weight like Jared if I eat Subway everyday?
anyone else 5'0"? what size jeans do you wear?
Is this normal? What could be wrong with him?
What can happen to me if I take Tylenol PM every night for two weeks?
What do you do when you can't fall asleep?
My BP at home readings are far different then my dr.'s office readings. Now she wants me on meds, what would u?
Anyone have experience with a sleep number bed?
Is it normal to sweat during sleep?
Keep a General Practioner Appointment or not? I have no health issues now.?
Are prunes good for constipation?
still possible to have a dry socket?
What type of braces work the fastest and best?
Do braces hurt? What colors do they have? Do rubber bands hurt? what colors do they have?
does tooth extraction hurt?
Does anyone out there have braces PLEASE your help is desperately needed?
what could cause my stomach so much aching pain?
I have a headache that will not go away...?
Ok every1 has gone to bed except me. My throat hurts. What helps a sire throat?
My friend ate 5 tylenol extra strength!?
My neck hurts? quick question?
should you stretch sore muscles?
How do you cure a burned tongue?
Help me!!!!!?
How do you remove dark circles under your eyes?
feel sick should i still exercise?
How much weight will I lose if I give blood?
What are good ways for a lazy student to keep the weight off?
strange effect from protein shakes... help anyone??
if you want to get healthier.....?
Could I have been infected?
How long will it take for my burnt tongue to heal?
question about getting medical care...?
How can I stop my niehgbours cigarette smoke from entering my apartment..?
Can the hairdryer method be used for water in the middle ear canal?
Where can I find buyer for my kidney (legal)?
Any docs, nurses, PA's ect. Could you please advise me?
Is it bad to whiten your teeth?
How often should i brush my teeth?
How is taking so much insulin bad?
how can we get hiv and aids?
true or false: the illiac region is also known as the inguinal region?
does anyone else feel like there is a cure for diseases like cancer aids or is it a way to control population?
hows to get ride of sun burn pain?
If you take topamax for migraines....?
Should I see a doctor??
Is there any way to strengthen my feet?
What should I do to help with my fibromyalgia?
whats it called when you hear people calling you who aren't there?
How many cool people have been in a psych ward like me!?
after defecating. after peeing. how do you clean up?
What are things I can do to help protect and even make my eyesight better?
Why is it so bad to fry?
How harmful can drinking of chilled water be?
i want to lose 10-15 pounds.....anyone could help me!?
Been eating 1200 calories a day for 2 weeks now and have NOT lost a pound WHY?!?
I have a question about weights?
why have my joints started clicking?
Does anyone have great insulin resistance diet tips for someone always on the go?
Tell me about the medication Metromin HCL used for Diabetes.?
want to get off my 20mg oxycontin, by cutting it in half?
Why do my legs ache???
Pinkie Finqer.? o.o?
I hit my goal weight so tonight I'm celebrating by eating chocolate chip cookies...?
loosing 7- 10 lbs in 2- 3 weeks.?
What can we do to stop MAD-COW disease?
Anyone with Hiv willing to talk with me about it?
Roughly how long do lymph nodes remain swollen for when you have Mononucleosis?
my 18 year old daughter has had bladder infections since baby?
data on Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)?
What can you tell me about herpangina (hand, foot and mouth disease)?
My poo won't come out!?
Why does my throat feel like its closing up after the first sip of alcohol...?
How do you choose and buy diabetic devices/supplies? Do you have a choice or does your doctor/insurance pick?
How long does it takes for steroids to get out of a child's system?
Why do my lips stay constantly chapped?
I'm gonna have a job per diem at a hospital, what "per diem" means?
i get really bad headaches.every evening?
Just want to feel better!?
What Blocks Iron Absorption?
does the teen STD rate need our attention?
i have a really serious question.?
How do I get rid of my "love handles"?
How much weight can I lose with a 400 calorie daily intake?!?
a medical q....?
will you gain back weight once acute hiv symptom is over?
Is cracking your knuckles really bad for you?
Help: I Never Feel Full?
Why do I have so much trouble getting up in the morning?
What is causing my nausea and headaches?
Are naps bad for your health, even if you don't get much sleep the previous night?
What causes people to sleep walk?
How do I get to mswomen at yahoo? It is where women share multiple sclerosis experiences with each other.?
what would you say the average weight would be for a male in there 20's?
help me get a pretty tummy!?
I Seriously Can't Stop Eating!?
What can I do to keep myself from passing out for my first Krav Maga class next Thursday?
i need your help... 10 points?
Should you flex your abs when you do crunches?
Do bogies hold any nutritional values?
"Can Diabeties patient donnate blood"?
what medications can cause muscle spasms i have diabetes II?
what is chlamydia in tagalog?
Have you ever used a full stick of Chapstick before?
what foods/drinks contain nitrates?!!?
How do you convert steps taken into miles?
Something freaky happened to me last night...?
Stomach aches at night consecutively?
What do you think is the best workout song?
how many vegtables are on the earth?
do you burn more calories sitting around doing nothing or sleeping?
Should I go to the hot tub first or exercise first?
how can i lose 20 pounds by summer?!!?
How many times a week should I bench press?
can anyone help me to burn fat in my thigs please?
what caffeine affects on insulin?
how do you get diabetes?
can you die from having HPV?
How much blood is required to transmit aids?
how do you know if you have crabs 'down there'?
Kindly explain how AIDS OR HIV person feels ie physical, emotional, social needs.?
if a person has an infection that can be cured by antibiotics, is the infection caused by virus or pathogens?
How can someone get chicken pox?Is there a cure for it?
My daugthter in law has a kitty that is sick, sneezing and wants to lie in a dark place, what could be wrong?
ok im paranoid what r the symtoms for mrsa?
How to get rid of back spasm?
I have an event in October and I want to lose 30lbs.
How do I lose the love handles.... (picture included).?
Do I have an eating disorder?
How can I tone up (legs, arms, abs) with no work out equipment and no money for a gym membership?
Have you ever tried the Master Cleanse Fast?
the best and FASTEST weight loss exercises?
Is it possible to lose one pound in a day if you jog alot?
What is the best thing to take/use to quit smoking?
What is a normal body temperature for now (1pm)?
What do you think this could be??? Suggestions?
What would cause a headache to last for several days?
im getting hard over old people what should i do?
Have not worn my engagement ring for 6 months...but now I keep feeling like there is a ring on my finger?
Is my sleep schedule bad for my health?
Whats worse? high or low functioning aspergers?
Not slept in 3 days,work eating me up?
What are some thing I can do to occupy myself and my mind?
How do i keep myself from getting angry/annoyed by people?
forearms and hands feel warm and slightly stiff sometimes tingle. diabetes?
if you have diabeties... can you?
How do i get over the severe withdrawals of lortab?
has anyone ever experience sciatica?
I have been getting muscle spasms in my legs, arms, stomach, hands for three weeks now.. not sure what it is?
Thought I broke my foot but...?
Cold Air causing headache. Why does it make me feel so ill?Please help!?
what do you know about arthritis of the neck and head area?
Are teeth bones? if not what are they.?
How long after exposure does an individual test positive for Chlamydia?
Is chlamydia curable?
would you be weirded out if a friend told you she had lupus?
What is a sweat box?
Could my deviated septum be the cause of my fatigue and sleepiness? (lack of oxygen to the brain)?
swolen finger tips?
What does this sound like? (Health Concern)?
Please help I need this annoyance gone!!?
Why does my thigh keep twitching?
How can I diet without always being hungry?
can you help me with my core workout?
How do i get tighter thighs?
What happens if you eat protein that your body doesn't need?
lack of motivations :(?
How do I not get so tired in cardio?
How to prevent from getting red eyes disease ? Best food or vitamin for red eyes disease patient ?
What is the incubation period for TB? Is it possible that it could take up to 2 yrs without symptoms?
cumulatively through 2004,over 5000 children with HIV under the age of 13 have died is this true?
why do eskimos live in snow and not ice?????
Is it okay to drink alcohol while taking tamiflu?
Are canker sores in the throat contagious?
cure for HIV/AIDS?
How can you tell if a guy has HPV?
Bad odor. After getting treated for Chlamydia.?
Does piercing your ear hurt yourself hurt?
Why do my feet hurt?(Please answer,The Pain is Unbearable)?
what happens if i mix tylenol with ibuprofen??
i stepped on my moms high heel shoe and now my foot is KILLING ME?
i woke up with numb, burning, fingertips and toes. What causes this?
What's wrong with me?
Is cracking your knuckles bad for you?
i need a reason ( any reseans) to why a 21 yro women is in hospital?
PLeasee help! UTI.....?
I have a small hole in my tooth..?
How do I make the pain from my braces go away?!?
What is this thick white saliva like stuff in my mouth some mornings from brushing the night before?
Help: My Dr. turned me down cause I didn't have the money to see him and I have a cold...?
Mono and school this semester?
Can a pap Smear tell if your HIV +?
What are the stages of hepatitis C?
what is a Mononucleosis test?
3-5 cases of swine flu at my school?
Ok, on a more serious note.. Is it possible for the Swine Flu to go airborne and exactly how contagious is it?
How do you get your voice back after having the flu?
Whats wrong with me? I NEED HELP PLEASE?
Possible to get over a weak stomache?
is it possible to drink too much water?
What is causing me to pass out?
I know someone who hasn't eaten or drank a thing in four whole days. What should I do?
I have a crazy question about laxatives that needs an answer?
Does anyone know anything about mild dysplasia?
What can I do to strengthen my weak wrists?
How can i quit smoking?!?
How severe is my glasses prescription? (6.00 in right, 7.00 in left)?
Is there anything that helps bad eyesight?
Why is it that I am slow sleepy in the morning and day but I am awake durnig the evening and night?
Does oral herpes form on the tongue?
I just got braces, how can I make them feel better? ?
I have really little teeth. When my braces get off will they get/appear bigger?
What is the best product to whiten your teeth fast!!?
Dull pain in old root canal?
how do they take your Braces off
how much would it cost for invisalign ?
can you get a crown without getting a root canal?
What are some therapy methods for doing "cold turkey" at home from heroin?
Do you have to pay to go to the hospital in the U.S.?
Why do I get dizzy and nauseous almost every morning D:??!!?
what does it mean to get the hiccups every single day?
Do doctors/pharmacists/pain clinics have an agency they can refer to,to find out if patient are abusing RXs?
I just took about 20 ibuprofen that are 200mgs each so that's 5000 mgs i think what is going 2 happen ?
whats the craziest thing you can take to loose weight?
Is oral seex considered seex?
could provide questions for an Aids questionnaire ?
Is it possible to test for stds and other things like that without a parent needed or knowing anything?
why do dental or medical offices charge for prescriptions?
have you had your wisdom teeth pulled?
Could I have diabetes?
Looking for inexpensive diabetes pump accessories!?
why am i addicted to cutting myself and how can i stop?
Someone help me calm down please!?
i'm tired of being shy around people?
my strep throat is hurting and i cant go to sleep?
help in losing weight?
Abs on a girl? Or a flat stomach?
I need to tone my legs,thighs, and stomach FAST!?
how many calories do anorexics usually eat and how rapidly will they lose weight eating that amount?
i want to lose 35 lbs by the end of jan. what kind of exercise should i do to reach my goal?
Why won't he just stop calling me fat?
Can you abuse antibacterial handgel?
Is it bad to pop or crack your neck or back?
When you have a migraine, does the pain have to be on one side or can it be all over?
Why are eggs used to make some Flu shots?
how much is it to bleach your teeth?
What is the best color to get for braces?
does peroxide eat tooth enamel if you use it as mouthwash?
I chipped my tooth yesterday. TT^TT I'm scared that it's gonna rot... Is there anything I can do to stop it?
My tooth feels cold when i drink and eat, and it kind of hurts,is it a cavity?
Root Canal Done almost 4 years ago?
What is a natural GOOD home remedy to whiten teeth?
if i have crabs can my baby get it to?
Can herpes be deadly?
so i'm writing a book about an anorexic girl who...?
Whats a better weight loss speed on a treadmill?
How do you get abs? How long does it take?
How can I get my parents healthier?
If someone with multiple personalities threatens to kill himself, is it considered a hostage situation?
I am really streesed out all the time lots of things goin on. What can I do to calm down?
How can you clear your mind of useless information.?
How can you manage your own depression?
How can i tap into feeling young again?
where can I find detailed information on my doctor and the docs in my community?
Sleep trouble?..............?
Is the Swine Flu actually serious or just another disease blown way out of proportion by the media?
Regarding the swine flu that came about in the 1970's - did it just last one year and then go away?
is swine flu really that bad or are they making a big deal out of nothing?
Possible Herpes Exposure?
Is it possible to lose 20 pounds in 2 months? Tips&Advice?
Is it better to work out every other day, or every three days then to rest?
tightening belly?
How can i loose 15 pounds?
how much weight could i lose from starving for 1 week and if i didnt pig out after?
how to lose 10 lbs quick!!!?
How many cups of milk do children have to drink daily to grow one inch a month, ignoring genetics?
I can't stop eating for real?
When should i go back to school i had a bad temp,cough,headache,and bad allargiees?
How long does it take to break a smoking addiction?
How do I get rid of ibs naturally?
My friend dared me to swallow a gallon of cough medicine?
now whats the most thing you think about when your taking a dump.?
Is this acid reflux(heartburn)?
the last couple times i drank margaritas i got terrible stomach pains?
Does PediaSure contain sugar (or high fructose corn syrup, etc.)?
Why am I hungry if my blood sugar is 125?Shouldn't my appetite be satisfied?
virgin mobile SUGAR MAMA?
Palate Expander with Braces?
How often one should opt for a health-check?
Can steroids be detected forever?
Nasty Habit!! why do i do this i cant stop-is this common??Help?
Could spending too much time in a sauna and steam shower bring on the flu?
Marijuana Withdrawal?
Strange tingling sensations?
green tea = weight loss?
Why can't I take the stairs?
I'm gaining weight but losing inches?
How to get a six pack...for skinny people???
headache, stiff neck, sore upper back... can they be related?
does ANYONE know what this pain could be??
How does taking heroin feel the first time?
Why do people call committing suicide selfish?
what are signs of an panic attack..I've been in alot of stress im wondering if im experiencing it.?
Is it healthy to trim your toenails with your teeth?
What kind of withdrawal effects should I expect having taken Vicodin for 6 days.?
Where can I get diabetic testing supplies for little or no cost?
i need information on sodium free or salt substitute items?
If you are an insulin-dependent diabetic, how many years have you had it and what complications have you?
where can i buy specific gravity strips for urinalysis retail?
help, New 2 braces???
I got kidney stones, could i drink alcohol or will that increase risk of more stones?
Hey could you tell me in how long time my body will be recovered avter a nicotine intoxication?
how exactly is marijuana worse than tobacco?
Is it good to listen to music when I sleep, please read details?
How to get rid of cold sores really fast?
Cleaning out your system for a drug test?
is going from 8 hours of sleep to 2 hours dangerous? like the uberman sleep schedule?
Is popping knuckles Healthy? Unhealthy?
Found something odd in my stool. Any medics who can identify this?
Why do we yawn when we're tired?
I Have A Bad Sinus Headache.?
how do you get rid of headache quickly?
Is it healthy to have yor 5 fruit a day in one smoothie?
i really need help getting rid of my extra weight, i have a month off school and i need to loose alot of lbs.?
What foods are good for your metabolism?
Weight loss tips for 14 yr old teengirls?
I CAN'T EAT ='[ help please!?
What is the fastest and best way to lose arm and thigh fat?
anyone that has HPV or knows about it!!! please?
Might have a chance!?
can someone tell me what might be wrong?
handling depression??
Which exercises will flatten my stomach?
What type of drinks/food can increase your metabolism?
How to conquer sugar habit?
What are some good AND bad facts about marijuana?
Marijuana aftermath.?
What good comes out of smoking weed?
Other sources of Calcuim?
Would my pediatrician still have a record of my chickenpox from 20 yrs ago?
can being dehydrated cause you to be really really tired?
Do Amerasians really have to pay money to see a doctor?
How tall am I going to be?
What happens when someone "accidentally" swallows a pack of sea monkeys?
Can you swallow a pill into your windpipe or lungs?
What causes metal taste in mouth?
How long should I wait to see if it clears up before going to the doc?
in short words, what is malnutrition? and how can you fix it?
How to stay up all night tonight for a church youth grop lock-in?
How to Stop Aging and Extend The Life?
will you guys give me some good ideas to loose weight? i wanna loose 20lbs:)?
Why do fat people get so fat without knowing?
Have you seen this website for healthier living?
Is it possible to be skinny and strong or to gain strength without gaining muscle or looking buff?
natural way to bring down blood pressure?
What are some healthy fats to eat?
what are your findings with MBT shoes, I understand their quality is very poor.?
can you suggest me a good dental blog to read and follow ?
Home remedy for severe tooth pain?
my tooth broke in half the one in the back.?
I think my teeth are rotting...?
Gums swollen & lymph nodes swollen...Help!?
Is it possible to still get strep throat with your tonsils out?
What disease is it that makes you seem dead?
How is the swine flu caused?
What does the US gov stand to gain by hyping the H1N1 flu?
How do I know if I'm becoming a zombie?
Any ways i can proctect myself from the swine flu?
Please help. I took an OD on prescribed pain killers and the tox report came clean. How?
stuffy noes...help please?
can I get antibiotics in a pharmacy without a prescription?
is this normal..............................?
Causes of soft fingernails?
My 2 year old just had a bad nose bleed.?
How Can I avoid becoming a diabetic while im young?
Do you think moderate to severe Epilepsy should qualify as disability and receive benefits?
I think there's something wrong with me....?
taking OTC cold meds mixed with daily Claritin? What will happen?
i dont sleep anymore?
I seem to take hours to go to sleep each night, even when I'm tired. What are some suggestions to fall asleep
(PIC) how can i improve my abs? http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/3124660455/ soz bout bad pic!?
How do I get leaner, smaller thighs?
Can this expire dietary supplements..........?
Does Zumba help you lose weight?
How will my breasts change when I lose weight?
I'm so tired all the time and not sure y.?
for emergency rehydration, why are patients usually infused with a 'saline' solution instead of pure water?
I didn't get a good answer the last time i asked?
how do i wake up early in the morning?
Why have I Been Circumcised? Please Help.?
What hallucination drug does it seem like im on?
What is the best way to improve your heath if you haven't taken care of yourself in years?
Can you feel when a medication starts to take action?
What are the possibilites that all of the schools in America will be shut down due to Swine?
Do you personally think popping your knuckles is bad?
Question about Anxiety....PLEASE ANSWER?
how can i get rid of the fear from the dark ?
I have an interview tonight for volunteering, but i also have pink eye ?
How do I find out how tall I am going to be?
Why would a blind people wear glasses?
Any advice for an insomniac?? i can't sleep & it's driving me mad!!?
Headakes - please help I'm desperate :(?
How can I fall asleep quickly at an early time?
I want to get tested for Chlamydia/Gonorrhea without my parents knowing. What should I do?
My herpes test result was .90.?
i have hpv ,can i take any supplements to help clear it up?
How can I keep from getting the stomach flu?
I have a cavity in my two front teeth?
How come dogs teeth dont rot?
The right side of my jaw is in serious pain...why?
what is best to eat on the second day after wisdom teeth surgery?
How can I make my teeth whiter and healthier?
What are the symptoms of dehydration?
In All Honesty, how bad are microwaves?
Do they sell Amazon gift cards?
What does it feel like to be "high" and "low" with diabetes?
could i have diabetes?
what are early signs of diabetes?
Could this possibly be diabetes?
question about testing for diabetes?
I'm curious as to the interaction that occurs between high fructose corn syrup and insulin?
Are there any tips for a person with type 1 insulin dependent diabetes that would like to explore nature?
What kind of diet will help me get a flat stomach?
I really really wanna get skinny !! ?
What's a good work out?
Plan for losing weight mainly in my gut?
How Many Clories Are In a Drop Of Sweat?
is there anyway to gain weight with a fast metabolism?
Watching my health?/................?
does wii fit help you lose weight?
Are you an organ doner and why ?
Trouble Falling Asleep?
a person who stays in a cold room for some time will...feel numb, have a lower body temperature or shiver?help
Is elocon lotion reccomended to use inside of ears?
Laser hair removal?
Is buying prescription medications online without a prescription illegal?
Is there any harm if you sleep and your mobile phone is beside you?
Sharp Chest Pain?
Why is my opiate use not being detected on my urinalysis?
anyone have any suggestions about fibromyalgia pain? nothing I am taking works such as neurontin,tegratol help
What do u do to relieve cramps???(Girls only)?
Any stress relief?
Physical blood testing, and weed?
leg twitches?
When you get addicted to sleeping pills, what is the best way to get off them?
what is the best masking agent for urine test, if testing for Marijuana?
Is it safe to eat snow anymore?
Is it true that if your feet are large in length you will be very tall?
I smoke pot once in a while, and I might be going to the doctor soon. Will they find out about my THC?
I cant sleep and have to get up in 3 hours?
A good healthy food and exercise plan for a 14 year old?
Is eating fruits for breakfast a good plan to lose weight?
Why do I always loose my energy?
Whats the difference between bulimia and the purging type anorexia?
Chantix? A family member is going to try Chantix as a stop smoking aid. Do you have any experience with it?
Pain with breathing, laughing, and laying down?
How many people can live in a single dwelling home ?
need some tips, nauseated?
Has anyone tried Alli (weight-loss pill?)?
Just curious...?
i had two molars pulled on thursday and i am still swollen and in pain.?
How do you know if you have a cavity?
Can antibiotic medication throw off a diabetes test...?
Has anyone ordered the free meter and skins from accu-chek?
New onset of diabetes..dropped sugar by 150pts. Now have blurry vision. Is this normal at all?
What's Causing My Eyes To Do This?
if I woke up after sleeping for 8 hours and my blood sugar is 111 should I be worried?
Are humans being coralled into inactivity and eventual inability to move?
i cant go to bed on time?
is cracking your fingers bad?
What would happen if you mix beer and morphine?
Universal health care?
My throat hurts (been 2 days) and now my voice is fading...what is it?
How can I fall asleep?
how long can a flu virus live on a hard surface?
I am 14 and I am very skinny like aneroxic size and eat a lot but cant get fat do anyone know why?
What is the best way to lose 18-20 pounds in one month?
How to lose weight and shape up effectively?
What is the best way to lose overall fat?
Will constantly flexing your abs lead to a six pack?
Does weed reduce body growth ?
what would cause an irregular pulse?
I need to know some antiperspirants that don't have aluminum in it?
What should I do go the hospital or Doctor tomorrow?
apart from a rizla what else can i use to orally take a drug, e.g mephedrone?
Double Stuff Oreo Question?
do you ever get so bored it feels depressing?
Body dismorphic disorder?
Should commercial vehicles(specially bus,trucks,etc) be allowed in residential areas???
please give me some information about the following topics..?
Cant stop puking?
i only leave the house to shop as my chair is too hard to get over pavements and hills,?
Getting Violent when I sleep.?
how many hours is so enough to be wake up energtic and active?
Urge to Defecate QUESTION?
i always fee like someone is pushing on my chest?
Does water help reduce body fat?
I have an Exercise Question?
How does muscle build???
Lower back ache when running in treadmill?
I am so EXTREMELY exhausted all the time...why?
ear wax problems? any help please?
Am I a Viral Vampire?
I wake up feeling extremely cold, the room temp is 70 degrees, what's going on with me?
what do you think is wrong with me?
How long to get rid of Chlamydia?
Are rubber bands the last step when wearing braces
Extreme pain after root canal!?
What can i do to curb my hunger when im bored?
is weight gain caused by steroids any harder to take off than regular weight.....?
How many kool-aid packets would it take to turn the Great Lakes into kool-aid?
is this a good plan?
I am serious and not changing my mind. Please help me.!!?
Is drinking to much ovaltine dangerous? can you over dose on it?
Losing weight in thighs..?
How toxic are energy drinks?
has anyone ever tried the ecstasy pill: red olympic torch?Details..?
I usually do really well in school but this year it seems like I cant remember anything more im taught.?
is it really dangerous to breath in other peoples smoke?
Anyone know adults who take adhd meds?
What could make me grow?
Please HELP ME!!!! ANYONE!?
Why am I not hungry at all?
newborn baby girl born with fever/undeveloped brain is this normal.
HPV information.....?
Removing warts... Is this true?
Can chronic Anxiety attacks cause heart attacks?
I need help with a gaming addiction?
I think I'm delirious. Please help?
What harm do hallucinations & delusions do that they need to be mentally hospitalized IMMEDIATELY?
Can I enter myself into a psychiatric hospital?
Do hospitals.. nurses and doctors get mad when someone arrives after attempting suicide ?
My husband wants to know if it is normal to hallucinate from ptsd?
Some good Homemade facial mask solutions??
Do you drink diet soda? Aspartame causes cancer in lab rats...will you continue to drink poison?
What happens once your body temp gets down around 90?
Whats wrong with my legs?
What Is It About Scars?
I've very flat feet, and cannot cope with the pain at work any longer.?
Whats the difference b/w psychiatrist/psychologist?
Has anyone lost 100 lbs? ?
how can you make your thighs bigger? is that even possible?
How do severely obese people lose weight?
Exactly how many sit-ups should i do daily in order to get slimmer abs in a week?
how many calories should the average thirteen year-old have in one day?
I only ever go to the toilet once or twice a day, is this normal?
How to get skinny legs instead of muscular?
What is the fastest way to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks?
What is the best cardio exercise to lose weight quickly?
Does sleep deprivation affect your hand-eye coordination and reflexes?
What do you think of one day our medications?
Whats the point? Help anyone??
Deep sleep?
Stiff fingers?
what is a good get up and go to sleep time for a 12 year old??
Can what I am doing to go to sleep be unhealthy?
Commercial on FOX for Blue Shield of CA- It had a black guy that had lost his tooth where can i find this ad?!?
Why won't the dirt come off?!?
Is Ez White tooth whitener a scam?
can i rinse with hydrogen peroxide instead of the strips?
Did you know that there's a lump that develops behind one of your ears?
Horse show after wisdom teeth?
Why does my dentist take my pants off when he sedates me?
Why does my saliva taste sweet?
Will running make my thighs skinner/thinner ?
What is the lemonade and red pepper diet and how do you do it?
Why Can't Anyone In Here Spell "Lose" Correctly?
Can drinking water help you lose weight and become healthier?
quick exercise; thinner thighs?
Can you get aids if the other person hasnt got aids?(HIV)?
How do I stop cutting and trying to kill me?
I feel as if I am not really here. As if I am on the side lines watching what goes on in my life.?
What are the psychological reasonings behind girls like older guys?
A bit of a questionnaire/survey for self-injurers...?
did I get my period?
can you still kiss someone if you have a mouth ulcer?
I mixed Nyquil and Claritin-D?
Is infared harmful to you ?
how come it doesnt tickle when you tickle yourself but it tickles when someone else does it?
how do you get rid of hiccups ?
My mom has been getting migraines?
My back hurts, any advice?
Type 1 diabetes help please!?
Are this signs of Diabetes?
If your body produces high insulin-what diet is good?
Can I shave with my ex-wife's Epilady?
What exactly kills when someone jumps off a bridge?
what do you think are the good ages?
I need to find out what is going on with my body this is a health question?
What sickness do I have?
I am i in any danger from this (medication help)?
can I die from one cigarette?
~chantix~ Help me!!?
This is making me crazy...any ideas?
Sleep issues. I can go to sleep fine but I wake up in the middle of night and cannot go back to sleep. Any tip
Help Please: Do you know how to read an eye prescription (contacts)....details.?
What happens if you ignore a UTI?
Lethargic, sore throat, and mild fever?
Can you have the flu but not have a fever?
Why does the media make Swine flu to be worse than it truly is?
How critical is the swine flu situation where you live?
Can a person get the flu even if they took the flu shot one month ago?
Do i have the swine flu?? If I do how do I treat it? Should I stay out of school tomorrow?
How long will it take me to get a six pack (not beer)?
Has anyone ever tried the 500 calorie diet?
At what point will my weight drop from working out?
Get completely skinny by feb 15?
What was your last dental emergency?
What are some good tips for making a decent, quick recovery after having a large molar surgically removed?
Food in empty wisdom tooth socket?
i hate my teeth.....?
Teeth Help?
I have a dental question?
where can i buy safety floss?
i got stung by a bee today!?
Any exercises or other ideas for back pain?
How do i get rid of migraines!! please help?
Has anybody had any luck with fibromyalgia treatments without going broke in the process?
How to treat my sun burn? Neck, forehead and cheeks...?
Herpes related question. What did she mean by this?
Did I find the cure for AIDS?
Why am i such a klutz (accident prone)?
Whats the best position to sleep in?
I need to get sick fast!?
Why am I only ticklish when other people touch me?
Is it possible to experience a seizure while being fully aware of it?
average weight for a 10 year old girl?
Why don't McDonald's hamburgers decompose?
fastest way to loose weight natrually?
i'm pretty skinny, but i don't have a "flat stomach" what can i do to get it flat?? :)?
i have had diarrhea for over a week!?
Don't you think we need to try a little harder with Swine Flu?
Will sweating be caused due to virsues?
Can I get food poisoning the day after eating?
Do you think a canker sore could be a sign of getting the Swine Flu?
I live in So-Cal... whats the deal with the swine flu any info?
Which group made up most of the early victims of AIDS in the U.S.?
ways to sober up from smoking weed?
trouble sleeping?
Do you think death hurts?
What are some good ways to fall asleep easily and wake up easily?
Need a way to get rid of headaches quickly, without pills or medicine!?
Can I skip school, when my throat hurts, and I cough alot?
Do you walk on a treadmill?
anorexic friends- help?
Any Good Diet Tips?
how many crunches do you have to do to burn a calorie?
I'm underweight and I have a question?
Do you think that drinking alot of pop makes you lose sleep?
How Long Before My Protien Shake Will Give Me Weight?
I need a good Low-Carb diet? Are there any suggestions besides ATKINS!?
does anyone have any tips on how to stop eating so much junk food,, and start eating healthy??
I think its a cold sore? Please help?
Hiv blood test result?
I have mono, Is this symptom normal?
why is there a hole in my tongue?
Is it bad to use bleach to get rid of a cold sore???
I had 6 bottom teeth pulled 8 days ago. Taking vicodin5 four times a day. When will the pain stop?
Help my teeth are falling out and i dont no what cause it?
How do you properly dispose of expired over the counter medication?
Is chronic insomnia fun or what?
Do I have lactose intolerance? please help?
what's the fastest way to tone my stomach?
Does hair loss occur with stress?
What is the best energy drink for causing heart palpitations?
stop smoking aids?
I passed out in class today... why?
genetic testing what does it mean?
if the fathers blood type is b neg and mothers blood type is o pos what would the sons blood type be?
Cookbook recommendations?
what is the most effective way to lose leg fat?
I have found the easiest way to work out and have fun at the same time.?
How does a depression-sufferer develop the motivation & maintain the dedication to exercising regularly?
How to get a flat & firm stomach? best answer 10 pts.?
WHAT IS THE FASTEST WAY TO DETOX MY BODY? without going on some lame water diet for a month?!?
whats a fast easy way to loose weight in 3 months or sooner?
What is the max number of fat grams someone should have in a meal?
Should I go to the doctor or is this regular for my hand to stay numb?