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Is AVELOX a drug that can combat M.R.S.A?
Hand, foot and mouth virus?
What are the symptoms for foot in mouth?
what is your opinion about Mexico ir order of this world viral problem?
Question about Halls Tablets?
Do Orovo Acne pills work?
What is Idebenone?Is it working in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy?
My Uncle died from Cancer on Wednesday.?
How could I get an asthma inhaler ?
is my finger infected?
Feeling lightheaded and dizzy a lot, blood test and CT scan showed nothing, worse when I stand up for too long?
how do i can keep on track so I could get my target?like study,invest,love...?
home made effective medicine for coughs and other symptoms of flu?
Can vitamins make your pee turn dark yellow and smell bad?
How to fake sick and stay home without going to the doctors?
Sleeping to long?
is taking too many vitamins (6 for example) every day bad for you?
unexplained tingling and numbness...?
Why did the doctor do blood tests ?
what happen if you ejaculate everyday?
A few questions about head lice?
body image?
i have a constant or semi constant ringing in me ear and sometimes the other one rings?
Is it possible for someone to use cocaine recreationally and not be an "addict"?
Why do I have this kind of sleeping disorders?
I tweaked a muscle in my back - what should I do to stop it getting worse?
Can you help with the wierdest thing?
whats a quick fix for a head hurting, dizziness; vomiting & diorreah hang over?
i want to quit smokin i need some tips and advice?
pain in the upper back the day after drinking alcohol?
How to get rid of a headache?
i have had nerve pain in my left arm and hand for 3 months. the pain increases depending how i move my neck ?
High Jumping Knee Pain?
hi i woke up with a burning chest?
How do people who are in constant pain and/or a disability cope with having to go to work every day?
can your Achilles tendon get repaired?
Is There Anything That Can Help Me?
I heard my foot crack but it does not hurt to walk is that weird?
is it normal to feel like your being followed when you walk up stairs?
how do i know if i twisted or sprained my left ankle?
fell on my shoulder and have really bad pain?
Heel Spur! Steroid injections not working! Help!?
I have a weak ankle?? PLEASE ANSWERS!?
foot infection!!! EXTREME PAIN!!!?
i have a broken bone in my foot but it wasn't plastered, is this normal?
i have a pup 6 months old and has really bad arthritis can any one help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
My injured knee cap, need some advise?
Why another foot stress fracture?
how badly injured is my ankle?
Has any out there ever experienced a Supraspinatus tear?
Broken/Cracked ribs? How do I know?
How do i get rid of a "strawberry" i got on my face from a sandburn?
Ankle Sprain recovery in short time?!?
I had a finger on my writing hand amputated last week. Will this make it hard to grip a pen and write neatly?
Tongue piercing swelling?
I ruptured my achilles about 4months ago but didn't seek treatment any ideas on how to rehabilitate it?
my 2 yr old slammed his finger in the door last week and it clearly hurt him then after a day it didn't hurt .
about 2 weeks ago i tackled my friend and my neck got stuck on his back while i was tackling him...?
If a broken bone doesn't hurt is it not broken?
lower back problem?
my son broke his hand ( the proximal shaft of the fifth metacaropal )?
What are the effects of self-medication on nervous system?
Why is this dream making me so depressed?
Last night i think i overdosed?
Were you born with a sense of depression within ?
how can i improve my weakness of, worried more than i should?
i just don't feel happy...?
what are the key symptoms of psychopaths...?
What neurological problem could cause my middle aged relatives speech impediment; his words come out all wrong?
my ex employers have made my life a misery - do i have a personal injury claim?
Problems with low self esteem and how to deal with recognition & praise?
Post tramatic stress disorder help?
Are they trying to get rid of me? Or do they really care about my health?
I really need help with depression, anger, fury, rage...?
Question about Olanzapine(Zyprexa)?
Can someone with Schizoaffective Disorder have a manic episode?
What is CAMHS, how does it help - i suffer from severe panic attacks + anxiety?
Are anti-assisted suicide groups Fascist?
i dont have anybody plz help?
Do I have a mental health problem?
had a cold sore once in my life, should i be worried about spreading it?
Is Swine Flu affecting life in Australia?
Is it true chickenpox cannot be avoided?
do you people think swine flu is a plague from god ?
do i have food poisoning?
What exactly is the Swine Flu?
Flu Vaccination making you more susceptible too colds?
Do i have a fever if i am 24 with a temp. of 101.3?
Can temps of 82 or higher kill the germs that cause viruses in your home?
can dogs transmit hiv?
if you supect the dog for giving you strep throat what can be done to the dog to stop it?
How long does it take for mono to go away?
What is the Chance of my boyfriend having hepatitis if he has been using needles?
How the plague spread from person to person.............?
what is the best way to clean out your system in 24 hours for urine tests?
Kids body temp has been boiling for 5 years?
f****** freaked out help!!! stool issue?
can computers get the swine flu?
Can I have Ciproflaxacina for a Tonsillitis?
what is kamikaze disease?
What are some ways to get over the flu?
Can a constant use of paracetamol eventually kill you?
what should i do about this sinus infection?
i'm always dizzy 24/7 around the clock can anyone help me?
Is there anything I can do/take to increase saliva production?
how can you tell if a 5 month old is to hot?
When you can't sleep.....?
im 16, im iron deficient, is it serious?
Any ideas?
Weight Gain after giving up Ciggarettes?
Can't sleep, help?
I haven't slept well since doing a good meditation a week ago - Any ideas why?
sometimes i get nervous but its really bad my hands shake and i get a kind of panic attack how do i stop it?
How do I keep cool in the heat with no aircon?
does anyone know if taking anti depresents give you a slower resting heart rate ?
i have a sore heel. its not bleeding or anything. just feels bruised and aches. what's up with me?
Goodnight!! bed is so much more attractive than this computer chair.?
I am trying to quit smoking?
I wake up???
Does masterbet hve efect on helth?
Stabbing Chest Pains?
Can I go to sleep with Visine in my eyes?
what could be the problem??
Still can't Sleep, please advise?
Thyroid Question...Please help!?
what can you do when the skin on the corner of your lips crack?
how do i make my neck veins stick out more on both sides?
Gangrene in fingertip?
i was at cross country and i cracked my ankle in 2 places is it broken??
Soccer - kicked in the ankle?
painful back please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I am writing a book and I need somones advice who works in the Emergency Room?
How can you tell if you torn your meniscus?
can a bruise be called a shiner if its not on your eye?
Bad bruising, is this normal?
i almost pulled my calf muscles both of them...should i follow the procedures 2-3 weeks to heal or what?!!?
How long do ruptured tendons on ankles take to heal?
killer headaches after I had a concussion on Thursday, and I'm afraid I wont cope at Uni?
what do i do if i have eaten a piece of plastic from a paperclip and my stomahc hurts?
I had blood drawn and now I feel a burning, pulling sensation down my arm?
How to mend a pulled muscle?
My toenail is broken. what should i do?
shin bumps?
What is wrong with my hand?
Sprained ankle but I need to run a marathon!?
I hit my toe its bruised already and sore this might Sound dumb but how would you know if its broken?
what happens to your skin if you write yourself with a shapie marker?
if i get menstrual blood with thc in a clean urine sample will the urine come back positive for thc?
Swollen near the tear duct of my eye?
is it bad to go to a chiropractor when you are pregnant?... what are the effects of it?..?
Question about stomach problem, maybe the flu?
Do I have eyesight problems?
Problem with constipation, please help!?
My friend has stomach aches but refuses yogurt, he is vegan!?
having an operation with out anesthesia or a muscle relaxant?
Does a Company have to give you warning for a Drug Test?
My right eyelid is pink and swollen..?
Why didn't E work on me?
Why is it necessary for air to tumble within the nasal cavity?
How do I avoid getting sick?
Does my high-metabolism stop when I reach adulthood?
What's with this tickling feeling?
Almost Daily Nose Bleeds?
Can you get dehydrated from crying a lot?
Short term effects and long term effects from drinking alcohol?
What can a person do to get out of a rut? Depression?
What is the difference between vertebrae, vertebra, vertebral and spinal cord?
whyy do i keep having this bad trip ?
What could this be ?
heart palpitations with anxiety?
ive been getting in trouble cuz i drink, i just need something that will cover the smeell?
I eat lots of food (junk food as well) but i dont seem to put on any weight and im so skinny! Help....?
What would make you vomit really soon?
is it ok to be a stripper when you have nothing left to live for?
I sleep for usually 7 hours but I still yawn @ school?
i'm 14 and i have really wrinkly hands it really embarrassing !!! is there anything i can do for it ??
Is the amount of blood they take in a blood test significant enough to make you dizzy or weak?
Where else is acidophilus found?
Why am I always so...tired??
I have had my ear syringed, tried olive oil and ear drops but i still have hearing loss!! what should i do!?
I cant sleep. any suggestions!!:(?
Help are these symptoms dangerous?
why? why? why is there no answers?
Is there any regulations about washing new cloths before you wear them. If there is where will I find the info
Why am i always so tired?
Is it normal to feel so tired after you quit smoking?
I bite my nails...???
can't wake up?
will i have a heart attack in the next hour?
Anyone out there using a machine for sleep apnoa?
why am i so light headed?
What builds negative and positive self image?
Im always bored when im at home?
i feel like iam on drugs 24 7 my doctor gave me 2.5 mg ov olazipine been on them for 4 months there not workin?
Chronic nervousness cant be myself?
Whats the difference between ideas of reference and delusions of reference?
Woke up feeling dizzy and sick in head?
where can I find out about breathing retraining and positive visualisation?
How do I find out if I have a borderline personality? And is there any hope for a relationship if I do?
Am I cured of Schizophrenia?
40mg Fluoxetine dosage?
I'm scared to sleep, recently when i've been trying to get to sleep my body paralyses and i feel disorientated?
I'm so confused... Advice, please?
My life is a complete mess I don't know what to do?
How do l cope with Seasonal Affective Disorder?
Question about feeling guilty?
My brother is schizophrenic but he's not getting the help he needs?
why should antibiotics not be over used?
How can i get over this throat infection fast!!?
Can you get pink eye from a swimming pool?
I let my kitten lick my mouth what diseases am I opening myself up to?
can you get hepatitus c if you have a cut and the other person has it...touches you?
Can i catch the chickenpox if...?
Food poisoning...? Could I have it?
Do I Have Appendicitis?
how often should the flu vaccine be administered?
can children who get raped get a east infection?
How do I tell the difference between Swine Flu and a common flu?
can antibiotic use cause diarrhea ?
do nurse suffered from illness can make better nurse?
i am a registered nurse in health care facility what precautions should i take while i am pregnant?
Would Perth be the safest city for the inevitable Zombie Attack?
what is mutation?
I need store treatment for head lice please!?
Is this temperature too cold for a baby?
what is the cause of conjunctivitis?
Bulimia related health concerns? [Emergency!]?
how do you get rid of pigs flaky skin ?
Help I have lots of acne scars?
can an MRI of the spine show spinal fluid problems?
ileostomy and raw open areas on skin from gastric juices caused by liquid stool for past 24 hours?
EATING DISORDER?! what should i do??!?
what would be causing loose thin stools?
how to make crutches?
I fell down two stairs today, just after buying coffee at Starbucks.?
could he have an injury to his brain?
I am not sure why my shins keeping. It feels like shins splints but I don't run? ?
sprained ankle ? HELP PLEASE !?
do I have a stress fracture in my fooT?
What do I do after the stye in my eye pop?
I'm having a finger amputated next week because it lost blood circulation. How to I prepare for the operation?
Has anyone ever developed a hard bony lump on their upper gum?
MY toe hurts and i dont know why!?
will i have any chance in sueing department of housing for negligents waiting 2 yrs for work have been ringing
Can anyone please tell me whats wrong?
have you ever broken your nose? how long did it take to heal?
Lateral Release questions?
How long does it take to recover from the pain of bulging discs and whats the best treatment?
dislocated tumb!!!!!?
shoulders keep cracking. Is this a bad sign?
why did my new nose piercing bleed heaps when it fell out. It power bled out the whole and squirted up the wal
5 weeks post laminectomy, I got pummeled by a crazy man...?
Is carrying excessive weights on your back able to give you a hunch back?
i have mono and my spleen is swollen. I lift weights, how long until im able to lift weights again?
is it possible to break your wrist without knowing about it?
is ankle sprained or fractured?
Lightning safety when indoors?
Every morning i wake up feeling anxious, nauseas and need 2 clean my bowels. the nausea is the problem..?
My glands on one side is swollen and feel sick?
Is it true that your blood thickens in colder climates?
danger to put you to sleep in hospital?
How many hours of sleep does the body actually require?
getting annoyed! it might be serious though! HELP!!! urgent?
Lack of sleep and pale skin?
Stroke like symptoms without a stroke?
Have you ever had a 'visual disturbance' as a side effect of medication? It happened to me today...?
how long deos weed stay in your system if you have 2grams?
Is this more than culture shock?
what can make you go to the toilet in a few hours?
can lack of sleep or sleeping at odd times influence wait loss or gain??
Has anyone else quit smoking with the new electronic cigarette?
how does your body filter blood?
Is it bad to sleep on your stomach?
I have a Sty Above My Eye lash its Not Huge but You know. Anyway I can get it Removed?Or some why I can Remove?
How much folic acid should a person take?
do I have a uti or kidney stones?
i am mother of 3 kids and i just want to know, are we all going to die if we the swine flu???? i am so scared.?
Can you get throat/mouth fungus?
can you get cellulitis from the public jacuzzi?
Can mice spread diseases to humans??
should I get Gardasil?
Australia's swine flu pandemic plan?
Explain How a genetic disease is different from an infectious disease?
how does swine flu spread?
If i have pink eye aka Conjuntivitis, does that mean i dont hve 2 go swimming?
What are the best home remedies for the cold/flu?
if antibiotics can't kill a cold virus, then why do you feel better after taking them anyway?
I think i have Staph?
would you take swine flu injection knowing side effects?
hep-c + Herpes + large blood clots and period pain = ?
Tatoo Risks?
Planning a trip to a friends...child has mono!?
Do you have to take antibiotics to get rid of tonsillitis or can you fight it yourself?
I have one swollen tonsil for the second time in two weeks and sore throat,feeling tired, what is it?
Is it safe to eat with your hands after using Dettol Hand Sanitizer?
right side of my stomach has been shaking 6 times a day,,?
I have undigested food in my stomach!? Caused me to gain so much weight!?
How can I improve my posture?
What do you think about blood transfusions?
what could be causing a strange metallic taste in my mouth every time I eat?
When we breathe oxygen into our lungs is it absorbed through the lungs into the bloodstream?
My son who is 4 years old has a Temperature of 38.6 degrees for nearly three days now?
My GP is unable to see me in time for my new perscription of medication. What is the best solution for this?
sick & Fever?
Problems with 'Number 2's'. Please help.?
Am i immortal? Ok i have fixed this idea upon myself that i'm immortal but i have only one shot at it?
Just smoked weed for the first time and felt nothing?
What is wrong with my son?
I'm 14 and next month will be 15 i am about 5'7 i'm about 130 pounds what's my weight supposed to be?
Why am I smelling stuff?
Swollen Eyes. waah!whyyy?
Fellow Ex-smokers:Is it normal to have cravings after 4 months quit?
Is it better to stay up late and sleep in the next morning, or go to bed early and get up early?
Could somebody explain gastro to me?
Why quit smoking before surgery?
Small black bugs on my skin?
Why do I have a hard time breathing after exercise.?
How long does a scab take to heal?
Blood Clot In Brain?
specially this question for"the mom" but you also may answer me,?
Sore lower leg?
i landed on my neck doing a back-handspring and now i hear a cracking noise in my neck what should i do?
Supra-patella effusion?
ingrown toenail help!!!!!?
can i have angulation of the bone without an actual fracture..WRIST?
I broken my pinky toe --is it bad that I can't feel it?
dislocated knee???help and going insane because of it?
Can an xray of an already healed fractured bone determine when the fracture occured?
Knee injury with ripping sound?
I have an outer thigh injury but don't know what it is or hows its happened?
Help with wasps?
how do i know if i sprained my knee?
Physical Therapy on knee or surgury?
How long are stitches like this supposed to stay in?
Have I broken my finger?
Volleyballer with ankle and knee pain skipping.... help pls?
why does my middle hurt?
Broken patella, probably torn meniscus. I have swollen knee, tingling in foot and red leg. Why is this?
Are lateral releases painful?
are my fingers ok?
What are the true long term health effects of not enough sleep?
For the past week or so I have been expericend stomach rumbles in the lower part of stomach?
can i buy lortabs in mexico?
I'm wondering what the Spartans were wearing in winter times, especially their military armies. Anyone knows?
Is it healthy to be on the computer 5 Hours a day?
Are plug in air fresheners really ok to breathe every day?
glandular fever (mono) I need answers PLEASE!?
How does being cold and wet help you catch a cold?
Very sick kitty!?
tonsillitis + drinking?
If you are in a country that is currently experiencing winter what is the swine flu?
Is my son at risk for C-Diff?
How long do you think the swine flu will last?
I have severe pain in my lower left side back and is tender under my ribs?
Swine flu worry - toddler.?
whats wrong with me,?
why can genetic diseases not be treated like other diseases?
what is the hosts response to conjunctivitis?
does anyone know where i can find the yellow fever vaccine in melbourne?
Is a severe headache one of the first symptons of the swine flu?
I'm scared, do I have glandular fever?
What is the final result of a swine flu affected patient?
Stomach bug - How long could it take to pass?
Has the swine flu got inside Australia? if so, where?
Is it safe to participate in the flu vaccine trial?
Do you think the death toll from Swine flu would be similar to the Spanish flu pandemic death toll?
What are some good acne treatments?
headaches should i be concerned?
Why is humidity added to the oxygen source before it is breathed by the person with lung problem?
My Ferret has Fleas...Help!?
New Tattoo, scaring myself about HIV help!?
continuous ring tone in head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Is chewing gum the best substitute for cigarettes and chocolates?
Can Somebody please help me?
Do you ever fall asleep in your clothes?
why cant I sleep at night?
Why am I so lightheaded?
do you think the health care thing is gonna work?
HELP!! need info? 10 points!!?
occassional eye twitch/numbness at cheeks/dry lips?
I have a pain at the base of my neck on the right and my right hand 2 of the fingers have had pins and needles
I have a migraine - sleep, cold flannel, heatpack, panadol & water are not helping. Anyone have a home remedy?
Cigarette burns - advice?
Would a large amount of sleeping pills/pain killers be detectable in a blood test ?
I'm 35weeks pregnant and I sleep so much I wake up and sleep am I suppose to be sleepy like this or what??
are my fingers normal?
I have suffered 3 nose bleed in my life - the 1st injury based - 2nd and 3rd unpick unprovoked & 13 yrs apart?
is it bad for you?
sleep prolems?
Can Anyone Help explaining how someone get's Unexplainable Bruises?
how long have you quit smoking?
Question for a physiotherapist!!?
wats a good stretch for the ankle area?
Sore muscles?
I broke my wrist just over a month ago and its still very painful is this normal?
I have a Hamstring Injury and im 13. i have had it since 6 months ago.?
14 year old boxers fracture?
How long does it take a broken pinky finger to recover on its own?
this morning my arm it had a really
injured ankle now back at training after 6months off, still sore?
sore back!?10 points to best answer?
Has anyone ever suffered from mallet finger? What is the recovery like?
one side of my head is larger than the other?
Nose fracture help///////?
I can only sleep only sleep 4 - 4 and a half hours a night? Tried everything please help asap.?
so i tried crystal meth the other night I have work tommorrow and cant sleep how long does it take to wearoff?
Does anyone know what is wrong with me?
I heard that when your eye twitches it means your body is in need of potassium. Is that true?
tips on how to improve posture?
any suggestions to help my 6 month old, she has a terrible cough?
I didn't sleep last night?
my 12 year old daughter started her period last month for the 1st time?
I am having random attacks of violent shaking, numbness, fast breathing and nausea. What is wrong with me?
Whats the best way to quit smoking for the new year, any good advice from ex-smokers?
what effect does an increase or decrease of potassium have on the heart?
pain under ear?
How many hours can the body take with no sleep?
how come i can never sleep in late?
i ate nachos at white water, the cheese was expired i got sick to stomach, told director at park ,can i sue?
How do you make yourself sleep if your just not tired????
Anyone help to cheer me up a li'l?
Is money dirty if not handled in a long time?
Would you be annoyed with me?
why does my neurologist note that I am left handed?
is there any way for someone under 18 to find out their blood type?
Have you ever gone nude in a public sauna?
kidney pain?
Does Ritalin have any other names or is it the same name in every country!?
I have a very bad sore throat, and my ears hurt really bad. And no fever, whats wrong???
Sick when drinking...?
Did A Spider Bite Me?
Depression - Why do I feel so empty and miserable most of the time?
Depressed at university and generally in life?
Has your mental condition be used as an excuse for comiting a crime?
Have you ever lost a job due to your mental illness condition?
Does cannabis help depression/anxiety?
what is your opinion on the book "suicide and attempted suicide" which is currently on sale in WHSmiths?
What is the likelihood of my GP prescribing me valium?
Anxiety and Depression are ruining my life. I am yet to go to school this year.?
How does ecstacy make people more alert and awake?
What happens if you run away from psychiatric hospital in the UK? :(?
Why dont I wanna go????
Anyone good at analytical poetry?
Someone i know has schizophrenia, but i want to know how is it that i saw what he saw one day,?
Am I crazy? Please tell me I'm not?
Can't cope at all. Don't know what to do next?
I Am Scared Of Sleeping?
how do you get rid of conjunctivitis?
How contagious are scabies when it comes mainly to objects, furniture, shoes, sandals, etc.?
Cold sore on my throat!???
I had extreme dizziness and nausea which has now turned into a very sore throat..what could i have?
is all 24 hr vomiting gastro?
What would you say if you see a nurse giving her patient's friend her charts?
what will happen to the millions of swine flu vaccines?
my gf has the flu and i want to do something nice for her?
Can vaccinated people still be carriers of contagious deseases?
I don't understand this Microbiology question can you help?
Is it true that you can carry glandular fever in your throat for the rest of your life?
A friend has Shingles and i was wondering what it is?
I've had my cartilage pierced for about a month...?
What specifically can you bring to Strandbags that makes you the best candida?
pilonidal cyst surgery? Quick!!!!!!!!!?
I have 2 questions! please help!?
is there any way to eliminate stretch marks or improve skin elastity?
How do I get rid of little bumps on my face?
Painful lumps in your armpits - blocked gland or something else?
What is a smear?
Do you agree drug addicts should pay for their own medical treatment?
Which would u prefer BROWN or WHITE?
Low Blood Pressure?
I need to find a way to completely shake off a cold/flu. Anyone have an ABSOLUTE way?
What is blood pressure?
Are there any differences between right and left contact lenses?
Sleeping Sitting Up?
really gross question so beware about bowels?
I've heard I'll get varicose veins...?
Resting Pulse Rate Please?
is anyome on here a doctor could they send me an email!?
What Can I Do To Stop My Husband Having Night Sweats????
I get heartburn everyday?
any advice please would help?
Why is it sometimes I really have to pee, yet I'm hugely thirsty too?
aged care nursing has it gotten to you cause I quit its hard anyone else changed careeers? what do u do now?
How can I quit smoking with out any patch or gum???
does any one out there,know what causes your ears to go bright red all of a sudden(for no apperent reason)?
I don't know how to tell her......how do I put up with this?
Numbness in face?
sharp pain what is it from?
i think i broke my index finger. am i treating it right?
What do you do if you take three panadol's and cut yourself ? ?
how long does it take for broken ribs to heal and does anyone know how to ease the pain a little .?
fell off my deck yesterday landed with?
Should I tell my doctor about my concussion from 5 months ago?
Tibia and Fibula Post Surgery?
How do you treat capsulitis?
if an adult breaks his/her leg and it heals, will the leg be longer?
I had a torn labrum and had arthroscopic shoulder surgery . What are my percentages?
is my nose broken? it hurts heaps and feels kinda feels like there is pressure being forced onto my nose?
i think i may have broken or dislocated my wrist?
.Steroids. I currently have a broken leg and was wondering if any sorts of steroids may help me recover quicke
Why does my tailbone still hurt?
how long does it take to do middle splits?
Can a hairline fracture to the skull cause a child to have squint?
Broken or sprained wrist?
How can you tell if you have a concussion, and what should you do about it if you have one?
Pnemounia: I had it awhile ago and I'm scared it'll come back?
I hurt my foot. Do I need to go to the doctor?
Swollen Knee or out of place cartilage?
weirdness n tingling?
what brain dammage could happen from hitting your head on concreate hard?
If I see a psychiartist, will it prevent me from becoming a doctor or psychiatrist myself?
my mum has bipolar and i think i do too?
heres a question for you.?
Why am I always unhappy?
Help!! I Just want to know what i'm suffering from?
should i go back on my medication ?
Feeling Melancholy and don't know why? Please help!?
I have an NHS Counsellor calling me at 9am, what to expect/say?
Do you think Im suffering from post dramatic stress disorder?
what should i do intrusive thoughts about self harm?
How did you start to recover? Where did you start? How did you find that first thought that you could go on?
I think i may have mild Aspergers?
Would love your thoughts :)?
how long does it take on a waiting list for cahms?
Is it wrong to take anxiety medication?
How long do you have to be off Antidepressants to join the Royal Navy?
Why is my 12 year old child so scared of most things?
abortion question...is it normal to feel this way?
Itchy Itchy Itchy skin!?
What kind of tests are availbale for Hep C?
I was treated for Lyme disease about 2 years ago, can symptoms re-surface?
Is Swine Flu really that dangerous?
Should i be worrying about my temp which is around 39.6'C?
Both my adult dogs recently died of Parvo. Both were vaccinated.Can i have another dog where i live?
what does it mean to have contamination in your urine?
Why is my nose mucus light yellow? What should I take for it?
what would someone do to get food poisioning?
Why do i always get sick after kissing this person?
Cyst's... dangerous??
what material do hospitals use?
Do I have tonsillitis?
5 year old awoke from sleep with severe headache only in front, with fever.?
how do you get a cold without going next to a sick person?
cold hands?
any diseases that u know about?
Are the confirmed cases of swine flu all been contracted thru human to human?
How to get rid of thread worms?
Help! Every night I wake up in a cold sweat. I am 45. Any ideas?
Why do i have dark purple/bluey fingernails?
How do I learn to work smarter, and not harder?
How can I best catch up on sleep after having disturbed sleep patterns?
Rivotril (Clonazepan) - help!!?
How long will THC stay in your system if you smoke on a regular basis or every couple days?
How much a water??
What's wrong with me? So... tired.?
why do joints make a cracking noise?
what causes snorting in your sleep?
What Can I Do?!?!?!?
how long does it take a 14 year old to recover from a tonsillectomy ????
Mold causing me to be sick???
How do I get myself to sleep earlier?
Snore Cure or Help Please?
what would happen if i opened a green tea bag, rolled the tea and smoked it?
i'm sick and i have PROM TOMORROW! how can i feel better?
Define pre-existing conditions when trying to claim on health insurance?
poor circulation?
what is the difference between a private patient and a public patient?"?
constantly eating food all the time?
Medical questions?
I take between 1000 and 2000mg/day of the drug provigil. does anyone else take that much?
can gravol be addictive and what are the negative effects if taken for a long time like months at 6 per day?
why does torn cartilage heal slower than broken bone?
Is it bad to have someone walk on your back?
Can pilates mess up your back?
Where can I buy a Neti Pot in Los Angeles?
can i take 20 mg of adderall and take a 750 mg vicodin with it or 4 hrs later?
What is Cerebral Atrophy?
OK so I know its been asked before, but I have a really bad sunburn. How long will it last?
ear sounds???
Why in Dogs they called it "heat and humans is Menstration??
any RN nurses here??
I stood up too quickly and everything went black- what happened?
could a teenager possibly get dementia?
Speed up healing process?
Have you experienced pain/discomfort in your pelvic area from wearing boots with heels of at least 40 mm?
I am almost 30 yet I have acne on my chest and back what is a good way to get rid if it without going to a doc?
Any idea about what could be the cause ?
does culture difference affect the way some one is treated in first aid?
What are sme diseases that are caused by bacteria?
Ear infection, both ears are blocked, scared it is getting worse.?
What is so bad about limes desease?
I called in sick today because I am genuinely sick with a bad cold or flu - is it ok for me to be on the net?
Can a duck bill mask the symptoms of the swine flu?
anyone can tell me if i have possiblity to get rabies?
can salmonella contaminate just part of a food or does it contaminate the whole thing right away?
can you get viruses from rubbing your eyes?
HOW can i fix a mouth ULCER?
How do i know if i have thrush? What are the symptoms?
Glandular Fever (mono)?
Strep throat?
How long before they find a cure for Hep C?
Kissing diseases and germs ?
What is the difference between meningitis and meningococcal?
im thinking about quitting smoking weed but i wanna know if their a point will ma lugs ever be the same?
how can you build up serotonin naturally if you have panic disorder?
Why would i be getting a pain in my chest when breathing?
How do you get rid of a sinus cold?or get rid of the pain?
what if you find something like this? what would your actions be?
I havn't gone for a bath for about 8 years ,i always shower, when is the last time u bathed?
What are some tips to help quit smoking?
I Had Quit Smoking For 2 Weeks?
I got to get a blood test and my mom didn't get the emla cream!!?
the shakes, dizzy and very thirsty. any one know what could cause this?
do i have a brain tumor?
omg please help im in so much pain?
I can get to sleep but can't stay asleep. 4-5 hours per night. Always tired.Any ideas?
poor blood circulation in hands?
What in your opion is the best why of working out eg weights, jogging etc?
Ear hasn't popped from altitude & is also blocked with a cold. How do I take away pressure?
is it not a good idea for mental persons to drink coffee...even if only in morning?
When the hospital asks you to fast 12 hours before surgery & you have a coffee 2 hours before, what happens?
Am I having a panic attack?
I ran out of contact solution. Can I sleep with them on?
How many people on Blood pressure tablets stop taking them?
General Saliva Issues?
How Often should i work out and should i go about doing it.?
Does the way you raise a child affect their influence?
indigestion and laying down?
NightShift PPL!!!!?
can i buy pain medication or antibiotics online from canada?
Is cocaine a hallucinogen?
Does caffein help get rid of headaches?
always feeling sick ???
Skin Care - Tanda Light System. Has anyone had any experience with this machine? What were the results? tks.
What kind of gift can I give for someone who is going for surgery to remove one of her lower legs?
what can u substitute cornmeal with when it is off your diet limits?
What should I do?
What happened in your ADD screening?
how long does cocaine stay in your system?
effects of burns on other systems of the body?
What is an Indigo child?
Is this a manic episode i am experiencing?
What do my symptoms indicate?
Could my middle aged relative have a specific personality disorder; he has poor hygiene, he mutters to himself?
Sad, depressed, lazy, confused, or something more?
Will the baby be taken from my friend due to her mental health problems....?
How do you help someone with autism/aspergers who has other issues?
Do all teenagers really seem bipolar? (asked my mum about my emotions, she said all teens are like that)?
Is it true that the middle bits they cut out of Polo mints are used as placebo pills by doctors?
How do I tell my doctor that I think I'm depressed?
there's no easy way out?
Anxiety Medication - No Prescription Needed?
Was recently diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder?
What is wrong with me?
is this Borderline Personality Disorder?
why am i panicking 24/7 its really getting to me?
My doctor suspects it's bipolar but I suspect it's schizophrenia?
Is it depression causing her problems?
how does achilles tendonitis occur in gymnastics?
Severe Pain Upper Chest On The Right Side?
What bone did I break?
how do you know if your noes is broken? if it is not tender to touch is it safe to say it is not broken?
I fell on my back isi?
Why do cuts and bruises take a long time to heal on your foot?
Minocycline and cold-like symptoms?
numb fingers and numb face left-hand side?
How many people can't eat cheese as it makes them constipated?
a fainting sensation?
my drink was spiked to late to get tested any one know what it was?
Quit smoking last month, Now I'm Really constipated. Pls help.?
What would happen if you got a urinary tract infection and you didn't take antibiotics for it?
can i live with 5 hrs a day ?
Please help would really like to know about eye lenses?
Terrible headaches that won't go away. Please help?
If you practise sleeping in uncomfortable positions will you get use to it, or will you just lose sleep?
Brain damage from alcohol?
I have been suffering anxiety attacks lately and it's starting to affect my girlfriend?
sore upper legs after excercising help! what to do?
I wake up at around 2.30AM and then cannot fall asleep after that. Why is this?
Sleep Deprivation? Normal? Am I Doing Something Wrong?
how do i draw back smoke when i have a cigarette?
Is there a quick way that i can clean myself out in about a half a week?
I smoked pot 25 days ago and had a random test for work will I pass?
Should I go see a doctor?
does hypnosis work?
PLz help! my lips are severly chapped ,but i have no chap stick!?
Is there a spot you can push on your body to make yourself sleep instantly?
whats the effects of methadone? to the user and close ones AROUND them. LIKE COMMON SIDE EFFECTS?
Are walk in clinics allowed to prescribe puffers?
What to do to Prevent Smoking ..?
Looking for a user manual for an old "first medic 610" defibrillator.?
It´s normal that when somebody don´t eat for 2.5 hours then experience heart problems and headache?
Hydrosal Gel or CertainDri?
Omega is important for small growing children's brain development why is it priced to high?
I am only 33 and I think that I might have a weak blatter. Is there anything I can do without going on meds to
looking to find a drug for CANDIDA?
Difference between zolofts? APO and PMS?
What type of massage would you recommend to someone who has never had a massage before and wants to start?
planning on taking a medical transcription course?
Is it safe to eat packaged cookie dough?
Question for Nurses?
what can i do to grow taller?
I have had loose bowels and a very painful abdomen, I have seen the doctors what could be the problem?
Do i sound like a hypochondriac?
is this normal? doctors or smart people!?
Why does my sight blurr in bright light or when I read?
when did you...?
Will she get an eating disorder ?
Is Gaucher's disease a metabolic disorder?
do i have a infection ........ doctor siad he cant do anything ?
symptons of meninggococcal?
my toddler has a fever of 39.5 degrees (103.5 F) ahould i be worried?
my eyes are shivering. what are the symptoms? Anything to worry of? I did a research, coudlnt find anything.?
Shouldn't limits be placed on people flying in and out?
What is this rash on my daughters body?
What does MRSA-carrier treatment include?
Is my TB Skin Test Result a positive?
My husband has diarrehea following strong antibiotics for ear infection. What foods should he avoid?
Is there a site of the country's numbers of the infected and death of the swine flu?
started having symptoms.., weird feeling behind left rib cage, stool changes?
do I have liver disease?
do i have appendicitis...?
how do you get a limpthnote infection?
What is some basic advice so that a traveller would not get sick from Salmonella overseas?
Sore throat please help!?
my daughter is getting over a cold and all the sudden as a crouppy cough and fever?
Can someone help me? My mom told me that I Stomach flu and read online it lasts only a few days.?
I would like to know what cement does to your skin does it burn your skin?
is it healthy for the skin cover it with make up?
Lower back discomfort following fall?
feel dizzy weak lightheaded sick and shaky?
what can i use for self massage whilst working at my notebook computer at home?
im pregnant and my right arm recently has started falling asleep when working or sitting or laying?
How long can i be on this drug for?
do i have a mental illness?
what should i do to decrease stress while i'm lecturing or taking interview?
how do i no whether im addicted to an antidepressent?
What does cannabis do to you?
21 years university drop out who's depressed?
why is it that i feel better after self harming?
have I eaten too much today?
My dad is so controlling and manipulating please help?
For those of you that have Borderline Personality Disorder...?
I have nothing worth living for and I just want to end my life?
suicide? cant stop cryin need help?
Who else thinks OCD is not taken seriously, especially in the Media?
How can I stop self harming?
Help, would like advice, worried!!?
(UK) Question about the medical information that a barrister would have to release to get the post?
sore knee from running? what should i do?
How do I know if my cut is infected?
Why have I got special powers since I had a frontal lobe brain injury ?
My finger is jammed but its swollen, blue, and i cant bend it. It gets worse everyday. What should i do?
i think i might have broken my arm?
What physical therapy is there for avulsion fracture and how soon after injury should I start?
How to take an Acutane Pill?
Horrible migraine that lasts for days?
Why do I always have circles under my eyes after 8 hours of sleep?
one sore arm, dehydration?
Have a cracked or chipped the bone in my leg ?
Pain between shoulder blades?
If I put up with regular bouts of pain from gallbladder problem will it damage my health further?
Can I come off the injection?
What can I do that I can fall asleep better?
Are there any appetite stimulants on the market?
I am scared... is there something wrong with me?
I think that I am depressed but I am not sure...?
Is it healthy if I (15yrs) get about 5-7 hours of sleep per night?
I have pin worms but ive had them since i was 7 im 13 now. how can i tell mi mom about them non-weirdly?
my daughter taught our dog to go between her legs?
Is watching too much t.v bad for a 14yr old? Can t.v make you blind of is it a myth?
My 10 year old girl has totally clear urine (no colour at all!) also pain and burning on urination any advise?
I'm a 22 year old woman, how much sleep should I be getting each night?
Stilnox sleeping tablets are killing me . What can I do to get back to a normal sleep? I am a shift worker.?
is it true your body can fully recover if u quit smoking before your 21?
How long does growth continue after the start of puberty?
I'm always tired, always. I have taken to living of NoDoze which I know I can't continue doing.?
What's a good way to stay calm when I feel unsafe?
what is a home remedie for conjunctivitist or ways to prevent it?
When you are out in the rain, you have a higher risk of catching a cold yes?
What is it called when you sleep listening to a voice to get over a habit? I need one to stop biting my nails!
what is the best way of stopping myself from mangalating my wrists?
i have not eaten in over a week, depressed, going through a breakup with my partner... chest starting to hurt.?
What do you think of bullying?
what are kegels?
How many times a week someone should shower???
What Do U have that U really want to get rid of & U don't want to give it to anyone except your enemies?
Has anyone heard of household decorative artificial grass and/or plants releasing toxins into the air?
Am i immune to burns??
when I call Release of Information at the hospital....?
My hand hurts so bad... why?
how long for a broken ankle to heal?
i got electrocuted by a fence?
Why does my Eye hurt?
It feels like a bruise but there's nothing to see... what is it?
Is it right to be having something like 1-3 muscle spasms a day?
Cant switch off at home, sleep, headaches and feeling run down - could this be caused by stress at work?
i got my ear piercing 2 months ago and there is some pus and sometimes blood?
Clicking, grinding in my knees?
i have a pain on my carpals, numbness of the fingers all throughout that does not fade?
can i go to an nhs walk in centre and get a prescription for quit smoking products?
i keep waking up at 4 am every night and if i sleep throughout the night i have a bad headache all day long?
Ankle, foot and toe pain?
How to get rid of Indigestion/Heartburn after vomiting?
why so bloated/hard left lower rib?
my doctor tried to ring to discuss results?
Please help, vomiting almost every night.?
my finguer feels like it it is burning. HELP?
are chicken pox still contagious once the spots appear, is it safe to have a month old baby around the place?
For someone with Addison's disease why would they have low cortisol and high potassium?
how can i get my dog to stop scratching he is a shytzu he lick him self all the time ?
How can i forget about this experience?
I'm in hospital for anorexia can someone please tell me what to do?
Nail biter.. eeeww what a baaad habit.?
Is it healthy to sleep with my computer turned on?
Has anyone else experienced this?
Just been prescribed anti depressant?
Is Schizoaffective Disorder a serious mental illness?
Does my friend have dissociative identity disorder?
I just want to be heard?
Question for people with borderline personality disorder?
What will be the likely effect on two children whose parents have undiagnosed learning disabilities and?
My son, wtf has he done. Smoking weed and not coming HOME!?
Would you donate $5 to feed a starving child?
I have a fear of socialising. I just...don't know how to socialise.?
has anyone ever donated blood and if not whats the reason holding you back?
What is the best way to reduce the waist line when over all fat in the body is alright.?
I cant get to sleep URGH im so angry?
Can certain smells keep you up at night?
I think i have paranoia?
My mother is a alcoholic help needed?
it's like I am being roasted?
how do you make exercise less boring?
Why every time after I had some milk, yogurt, and even soy milk drink, I felt less enenergy?
Crossing your legs?
What can I do about just recently starting to have trouble getting to sleep?
Are you happy?
Should i go get a blood test?
if marijuanna causes us to be dumb an other things, what does it actually mean an the outcome from it all?
Trouble breathing, catching breath???
I fall asleep while working in office and I cant control my sleep?
what do you call your depression?
People with long term depression; Any advice?
Alternatives to Energy Drinks?
What just happen to me?
I Smoked 4 days ago and im worried about a job oral cotton swab drug test? Will it detect weed?
PLEASE answer...I need to know why this is...lack of energy!! Need 10 POINTS??!!?
what happened to my ankle?! sprain? torn ligament?
My b/f lost a finger in an accident when he was hit off his motorbike three months ago. Should he sue?
Red Line starting from armpit across inside bicep to elbow....?
I got hit on my elbow with a baseball.?
if you get hit in the temple and its serious how long does it take to cause brain damage of any kind' or die?
Help.. Swollen Bruised foot?
i crack my fingers and i noticed there really big now how can i make them be smaller? how can i stop?
My left bicep is really sore?
Help! My horse is limping!?
Softball injury from last June still remains! Help!!?
will i ever recover from torn ligaments in my sacroiliac joint?
Three hours ago my right index finger from the bend to the tip went numb for no reason. What should I do?
hi. i am awaiting a knee replacement and now have ankle trouble. told deferred pain the cause. how is it so?
how long for a puncture wound below the armpit to heal?
Will My Finger Eventually Heal?
what is the link between rape and self-injury?
A picture of the finger I had amputated ten weeks ago is attached. Can anyone tell me how you think it looks?
ABNORMAL X Ray on a 3 yearold?
I broke my arm a few years ago n it occasionally clicks when i straighten it?
whats a good drugstore facial cleanser for sensitive acne prone skin?
3. Is blood in your urine a prerenal, renal, or postrenal disorder? Explain.?
I have a lump and a scratch on my forehead (NEED HELP)!!?
i have been awake for 24 hours but i still cannot sleep?
Swollen elbow with bruising and pain that comes and goes. What could this be? Pain isn't serious.?
answer please,how do you break/shatter/chip/crack your knee???? :)?
i have severe back pain in my lower back. i have been taking dicloflex and co codamol but they are doing no go?
my apendix pain is disapearing what should i do?
hypermobility do's and don't, questions?
varicose veins???
Can someone direct me to a good Handwashing Procedures downloadable poster for office environment?
why do my legs jump around at night? i dont feel it but my boyfriend says its like im running in my sleep.?
Pain under left ribcage?
does it mean anything if after 20 years I keeprandomly bumping into people from my past?
lump on head swelling?
why wont this virus go away? (please please answer)?
is going to sleep at 12:00am and waking up between 8:00am-9:00am unhealthy?
Why do some people feel like they need to be a certain weight for a man to accept them?
What causes deep vertical ridges in fingernails.Is it a vitamin/mineral deficiency if so, what kind.Thank You?
Random pains on my left side?
I have a injury from a removed scab on my head, will I need a skin graft?
if i take one paracetomol based painkiller, then wait 4 hours, can i take a different one?
Serious Back Pain Please Help?
What is a Hang mans Fracture and is it Survivable?
Waking up dizzy?
quitting smoking whilst on holiday?
twitching above breast?
Would you take advise from a hollywood drug addict??
i need real health advice?
Is there a name for what's happening to me in my sleep?
What does this sound like?
I sleep way too much?
Persistent sore throat right side, tongue ulcers and fatigue what is causing it?
Getting slight Nausea and some dizziness few times a week. Usually around 2pm. Any ideas on what It could be?
how do you?
Who wears hearing aids?
Is this low blood pressure?
Does taking a shower wake you up?
hands and feet are really cold?
Is 25 too young to start having botox injections?
how can i get adequate flora back into my digestive system?
Can I go back to my old doctor in a different London borough?
Anyone sleep with someone who has sleep apnoea?
neck, back and arm pain?
Why does canabis have such a huge affect on my memory?
will we be alive in 50 years??
Is there an advantage to working your recovery steps on the computer?
what are they doing/smoking here? what is it? describe it?
Do people's sinuses hurt when they cry?
does smoking marijuana increase your breast size?
will the supository soften the stool or just make it slippery so it pops out?
how to think and action positive?
Bed Placement affects Sleep Patterns?
What’s the difference between Rogaine 2% and 5%?
Throwing up then bad nausa?
My girlfriends sick?
Skin damage from the sun...?
should he be aloud to drink and do pot?
How do you sleep when you're scared and worried?
Nerve damage temporary or permanent?
Severe Pain Upper Chest On The Right Side?
Hi i have a question about my symptoms?
Is there a Website like this, for the Swine Flu, that shows deaths? (Or better yet, just the stats)?
help me on ebola?
shoulder problem....?
Transient Ischemic Attacks?
Ankle is sore, ok to work out?
Help, what going on (10 points)?
Hand& arm hurts? Thanks.?
can a person get mumps and chicken pox at the same time?
Why do i keep getting cellulitis? i had this question in diabetic category by accident?
What to drink when suffering from glandular fever?
were abouts in the body do tapeworms go?
how serious is the mrsa bacteria after the infection is gone?how should i treat it?
could a blood test find any seriouse problems early?
How long does the staph infection stay on a human?
i have impetigo..how long till it clears up?
Can a child have pink eye if eye is not pink?
Is dismissal a too stiff a punishment for doctors that don't wash hands?
Sore Throat...? What is going on?
Can I get Aids if my dog licks an open wound of someone with aids then immediately licks an open wound of mine
what diseases carried by ants????
wheres the flu bug going around at i live in wv and i have it so does a bunch of other people.?
How many different strains of influenza are there?
Hepatitis c test quiestions?
Do you have Anxiety? How do you deal with it?
Why is there a social side in the health triangle?
What is mental health?
How do i become and stay mentally healthy?
What type of neurological problem could my middle aged relative have; they are unable to form certain words,?
Are our thoughts and knowledge a part of our mental health?
I Move a lot in my sleep, i have even sleep walked is this normal?
What causes sleep paralysis?
What are the roles and responsibilties of nurses when dealing with patients with dementia?
Fed up with being fat and horrible?
how can one cope with complete isolation.?
I don't want to talk to some people but to others i can't say enough anyone else felt the same?
I cant sleep Help!!!!!!!?
what should i do??????
please help depression problems ?
What would be a good job for someone with anxiety, and depression?
When I Was Six Years Old, I Occasionally Had Pains On My Chest, What Was It?
Why do my lower back hurts after I run or stand too long?
trimethoprim 200mg tablets?
My thighs are paining badly?
Leg pain Could it be DVT?
Pain in my right side please help!?
I fell last saturday on the ice, and I have a real bad pain in the kidney area in my back. The doctor said?
Hair loss due to Accutane?
I suffer from constant short-term memory loss though I am still very young. What should I do?
what is a lupus?whats the best thing to do if you have this disease and what you feel if you have this.explain
Is there a doctor in the house?
Will I get a catheter during surgery?
help!! my ears won't pop!!?
Does anyone know a good Medical Insurance plan?
Stitch type pain in side of rib cage?
Trying to Quit Smoking!?
I am having indigestion problem, everything I eat keep coming back up . Should I use home remedy?
what can i use to clear up kidney infection?
Bowel movement only once a week?
Am I too short? Everyone calls me short ;(?
Has anyone ever had a moment that has really freaked them out? like a hallucination of god or something?
where you live, how often do you see teens buying or smoking cigarettes?
Going barefoot for school health check-ups?
I've been defecating liquid for three day..Is this normal? Please Help..?
stitches in my hand?