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Why was Leonard Peltier thrown in jail for something he didn't do?
Can you get HIV from blood test if possibly used needle?
I work in Mexico at a pig farm where all the pigs look ill. Should I wash my hands regularly?
How long is weed/marijuana in your system? (for chronic smokers/potheads haha)?
is it possible to buy hGH in Toronto Canada?
Friend sick for 6 days?
Swine flu in Australia?
home remedy for tonsillitis?
It is true that swine flu is part avian flu part swine flu and part of the regular flu virus?
Can amoxicillen capsules cure sinus infections?!?
If I'm really good at math and computer science and very socially awkward, does that necessarily mean I have a?
Is this all true about Shesha?
What is a good daily multivitamin?
How do I stop my dry eyelids from itching?
Can you get a cold sore without being sick? I got one after I kissed my boyfriend?
my bum hole is really itchy what should i do?
Do you feel smokeing weed is bad for you?
comfort help? GIRLS ONLY!?
Sore Throat Problem HELP......?
I'm having a endometrial biopsy next week! The doctor found fibroids in my uterus. Can this biopsy find?
Has anyone tried the baking soda DRINK to heal yeast infections?
what does this sound like? cough, metal taste, vomit.?
Toenail fell off and I need help prom is this sat!?
i want to sprain a ankle but how?
i think i was bitten by a black spider, 5 mins ago help!!?
should i be worried about my head?
rib broken/fractured ?
For those who have experienced breaking an arm, how did it happen?
I burned hot oil on me now I have a big blister?
Is it a pulled muscle?
Concussion something weird.?
What would cause pain in front of shoulder when running?
what happens if the cartilage wore out?
my elbows won't straighten up. anyone else with similar problem?
Foot Swelling inside cast.?
Any tips for faster healing of fractures?
I had my nose reset on Saturday, and my plaster is really loose, would it be okay to take it off?
is it torn or just pulled?
How long should head hurt when fall on it?
have degenerative disc disease for 3 months Had physio and walking in pool no improvement how long till better?
Could a mouse have diseases?
swine flu is it really that bad?
is a body temp of34.3 for a 11yr old anything to be alarmed of, this has been ongoing for 2 days?
I get tonsillitis a lot, is there a away of preventing it?
Is it okay?
Is the swine flu smarter than we think?
How far along are scientists to finding a cure for HIV/AIDS? What can I do to help?
My 12 yr old daughter has the flu, I can't keep her fever down.?
No fever, sore throat, swollen glands ( I can barley swollow), headache... any idea what this could be?
does anybody get ill constantly?
what is amoxicillin used for?
How long does it take for an appendix to burst/explode from the time of infection!?
How to prevent getting sick?
Very painful lymph node?
Swine Flu help......?
What's the difference between the Flu and a cold?
SWINE flu Questions, i need to know?
Bad Leg & Feet Pains?
Do I have arthritis ?? What could it be?
Need some diagnosis. Very sore neck/throat, tingling all over, weak, feel hot but shivering, any ideas?
why are my eyes always sore and tired?
Why does my kidney hurt so bad?
Help! Sea Urchin spines stuck in my feet?
Why do I feel so weird?
im pregnant and my right arm recently has started falling asleep when working or sitting or laying?
When I jog, and start to get tired, why does my throat hurt quite badly?
Milk of magnesia? Stomach ache?
Why do my knees hurt so much when I bend down?
my best friend has discusting feeeet!?
If someone burps a lot do they have a parasite in their intestine (like worms)?
My feet are weird. Is this normal?
Does Quick Clot work and does it do permanent damage?
Where can I find a fast, easy site on drugs, for a teens, with addictions?
what is the best antiperspirant?
What is wrong with my head/brain :(?
How long does a person wear the lap Band?
what can ciproflaxin hcl cause to the elderly?
Headaches from light sensitivity?
I Have a Smoking Question?
self harming is addictive...?
What would happen if my councillor was told all this?
Any ways to hide a big cut from your parents/friends?
What are some good ways to cope and deal with anxiety?
please help......How can i stop her from telling someone?
Head Injury's-Partner kicked in the head?
I have been tol I have two cracked ribs but Im feeling something else anyone had a puntured lung? Symtoms?
Is this a Manic episode(please help)?
How do you get free counselling from qualified pracitioners, in Ireland?
Why do I feel like something bad is about to happen?
I just fell down, How do I get back up?
Help with a broken hand....Dr not doing anything?
So i got my ears peireced like almost two years ago and they still havnt completly healed?
Howdo you get over with the loss?
Can You Get Benefits For Agoraphobia & Depression In UK?
How do I become more organized.?
Is there a mental disorder for lying?
Underarm Swelling and Tenderness?
has anyone used valerian?
How much is a orthocopy meniscal knee surgery? How much is an ACL reconstruction...ballpark figure for each.?
Has anyone gained or lost weight on Mirtazapine?
am i depressed ? i dont know what to think?
Oh my goodness, I am stressing about tommorrow! How can i stop stressing?
Get real answers from millions of real people.?
what suggestions can you give to prevent outbreaks of infectious diseases?
Do they do routine HIV checks with most blood tests?
My gf has Tonsillitis, things i can do to help her?
Can mosquito transfer AIDS from one person to another...?
Are you scared of the swine flu?
Are there any deadly diseases that cause harm to adults, but not children and adolescents?
hi...i am travelling to the US with my 9 month daughter..Due to the Swine Flu going on.i just need some advice?
Pregnant Women Loses their babies before they are born to swine flu?
my 1 month kitten is suffering from fleas,what should i do ? plz help me out.?
how safe is it for me to give my 9 year old the MMR jab?
What caused vomiting?
well how do you no iff you get the swine flu?
Can anyone tell me a website that can explain gane green disease?
Help, I recently came into contact with someone with tourettes, and now i think i have it?
How likely is it to get Hiv this way?
i have throat ulcers. i'm on antibotics, and gargle my throat. nothing helps. is there any treatment?
I have an upper respitatory / viral infection and have a 13hour flight on Saturday, should I cancel?
Do I have swine flu or something?
what is hep c?
what are the side effect of any blood pressure tablets ?
someone please help me out here my head is killing me ?
How to hide cut scars?
Anything else I can do for the following?
soft lump on back of hand?
l need help and don't know what to do?
i find it hard to sleep at night ?
I can't sleep and need to be up in 3 hours?
Doctor can not find anything and says I am fine..?
Does the 30 second rule really work?
ear stuffed up?
What are the top Korean pharmaceutical companies?
why is it so difficult to get a job as a Registered Nurse in Canada?
Can ear wax cause pulsatile tinnitus?
How do you check residuals from a peg tube.?
Anyone hear of or know anyone with Serpiginous Choroiditis?
if you were going to try a drug, what would you try?
Are there any private health insurance providers (e.g. Blue Cross) that will cover a private MRI in Alberta?
Deep part in skin over heart?
Do you know of any home remedies for ear aches/infections?
How can i get rid of this cold ASAP?
Afftects Of Valerian Root Smell?
LASIK MD what is the cost and your experience.?
how to get ent appointment in canada?
What does COPD stand for?
i thew up acid, isnt because ive only been drinking water and eating no food?
Excessive peeling under lower lip?!!?
How often should a woman shave her armpits and is it really necessary, at all?
Growing lump above my left ankle for 3 wks, ultrasound said nothing, it hurts to walk & run. What could it be?
can you hit a nerve that makes your arm numb after getting your eyebrow pierced?
Sore knees after runing?
Cortisone Injections for torn tendon/frozen shoulder? ?
Strapping a Clavicle injury ?
Broke/ did something to my finger?
i had a little bit of cement/sand on my hand then i washed my hands and rubbed my eye?
Finger Hurts While Getting Hit In P.E?
could i have tetnaus?
what should i do to stop bruises from appearing from horse riding?
How to avoid getting shin splints?
Why does my bicep hurt and muscle seams soft?
if i bumped my head on the wall,do u think there should be a clot in my head?its killing me know.?
i did the splits and heard a crack ! WHAT DID I DO ?
15 and my shoulders keep dislocating.?
Nerve damage temporary or permanent?
Self harm scars - it wont fade :(?
Has anyone seen you crying at work?
What do you do when a mental health person wants to inspect your bedroom?
How can I get over feeling like this?
Anxiety medication has destroyed my once nice personality? Im suicidal please help.?
Can a person die in there sleep from trauma and stress?
Perchè tutti mi guardano?
Does depression often feel exactly the same as loneliness? What could this be, since depression and loneliness?
why do i keep turning lights off?
what can i start to eat recovering anorexic nervosa?
i think i might have social anxiety, what are signs of it?
why do people seem to have such a negative view of Funeral Directors.?
what makes you down in the dumps?
does a parents mental health effect a child as a adult?
Does it count as self harm?
Not sure what to do - serious answers only please?
Do i have Borderline Personality Disorder?
I am going to be hopeless.. What must I do?
Would I be better off going to the emergency room or to my doctor's?
Help!!! Stomach swelling- Causes!?
what are some websites for eating disorders?
my mask (incase of swine spread) says something I cant understand?
I have a very congested cold and i am 22weeks pregnant, feeling very drained what can i do for this.?
I am Scared.Please help me.?
Lice Specialists!!!!!!!?
tuberculosis skin test shot? do i have tuberculosis? (pic)?
Anyone need help with Celiac disease?
How much is it to get your eyes examined, in Canada(Ontario)?
why do girls hold themselves when they need to pee but cant? its not like they have anything down there......
Depression? Stress? Dangerously fatigued?
Headaches Really Bothering Me, Whats Wrong?
how to get rid of blackheads?!?!?
Can an elderly person take too much vitamin D?
how can you know if you've been given a rape drug?
How can I get my sleep back on track?
What to expect taking a sleep aid?
I *really* need a doctor’s note, but all I have is the flu…is it silly to go to the doctor’s just for that?
What complications can OTC sleep aids cause for people on prescription medication?
(Acid/Lsd)What were the arguments that were raised by the prosecution, the defense and the drug itself?
after wearing underwear all day do you find that your underwear smells?
Have you or anyone you've known had laser eye surgery? What was your experience like before and after?
How come they don't remove tonsils anymore?
What can we enhance our resistivity during swine flu?
Antibiotic question?(Zithromax)?
Could you get aids from drinking someones blood that didn't have aids and you knew for a fact they didn't?
i recently got my nails done and had a slight cut, what are the chances of getting infections or possibly aids?
Over the last few weeks I've lost my taste of salt-is this unusual and what could be the cause?
Questions for people who have taken Effexor XR or other?
what bacteria is transferred by a human bite(through the mouth)?
How to get rid of a cold?
why does water make skin wrinkly?
How do you concentrate when you're really sick?
do i need glasses?
My friends 15 year old daughter has anorexia...?
Help, I have trouble removing my contact lenses?
why can i just pull my eyebrows out and is this dangerous?
Anyone had bad experience with Lasik?
Do I have to use my paid time off if Im on leave with a Dr. order?
Safe method for cleaning ears?
I have a head cold and my ears are plugged up....how do I un plug them?
Diagnosed with high cholesterol, only fasted 10.5 hours?
panic attacks?
why do i feel pain while i jog?
brown red spot on breast size of a dime?
If I add fresh lemon juice to black tea, will it reduce the goodness of the tea?
I'm smoking to much ! I need help !?
Name one healthy thing in your fridge?
I keep getting an instant headache when I use the computer.?
Is it bad for you to sleep with a light on?
I'm a heavy non smoker. What about you?
I need to have a blood test done but Im scared of neddles.?
Whats the best way to treat depression? Without taking paxil?
Superglue.. URGENT!?
Queensland Australia Drought!!?
What should all parents know about ensuring health and safety for their children?
Meditation.I want to learn how,please help?
What are these little bumps on my fingers?
How can I fix bone bruising of the heel?
Had 1 wisdom tooth pulled 3 days ago and still swollen and in pain..taking T3 anything else that will heal?
i've torn my meniscus and am waiting for surgery?
Something's wrong with my arm?
broken pinky toe treatment?
do i have strained elbow? (tennis elbow)?
I've injured my fingers in an accident at work?
Anyone ever have "complications" from a broken ankle?
What wrong with my knee? someone please help?
torn ligaments in shoulder ? residual pain ?
can i tape up my collarbone?
whats wrong with my friend?
torn ligament in knee cap. Recovery time?
Lower backaches?
MAJOR cleaning problems!!!! please help?
help please? Weird puncture wound on my neck?
i think ive bruised my ribs on the right side?
Knee pain but no trauma?
i have been feeling very itchy?
what do you use to get rid of scars?
Can this be cancer, i had this white lump, maybe red now,but i had it now for 3-4 months, and it doesn't?
i had a FBC and ESR examination done please help me interprete my test result which are stated below:?
Do you think I have hypothyroid? I've been tested 4 times (3 out of 4 normal) but symptoms getting worse?
unexplained cough and now cold?
When you study how do you stop yourself from falling asleep?
Is anyone else on Answers because they can't sleep??
did you wake up from "unexplained" noises last night?
My Friend is cutting her wrists is there anything i can do 2 help her???
What really is the point of going on? Were all going to die anyway!?
why am i tired?
Whats does DETERIORATE mean?
Is there anyone out there who would like to enjoy a cigarette and some with me?
Does music make you healthier?
how to stop my rash from itching?
Why am I always so tired?
How do I stop eating my fingers?
Having trouble sleeping...?
When a person has schizophrenia what is there true personality?
What are early signs of bipolar disorder?
Is there something wrong?
Why are people who want commit Suicide Considered Selfish or cowards?
Why do I keep getting bullied?
Do I have something on the autistic spectrum, or is it something else?
How long does a depressive episode last continued ....?
forums chat rooms depression?
I am burning out! Please Help!?
Can children suffer from depression?
I feel really upset and want to kill myself....?
Sleeping problems, please help !?
Is their a medical examination to diagnose bipolar disorder?
Why am I having these thoughts?
What to do when you give up on life?
Been on antidepressants for a week but confused whether these are side-effects or PMS?
am i really ill? unwell mentaly?
how many days after i can find out iam hiv infected?
Do you know whether chicken pox occurs only once?
in the USA how do u pay for your treatment?
wondering about swine flu?
Should I get a flu shot before travel to the U.S.?
swine flu immunity past down through generations?
have you ever gotten the chicken pox?
is it possible to create a man made contagious disease
What is the life expectancy of someone with hep C & ESLD who does not seek treament ?
I've had mild gastro symptoms, mainly nausea, body aches & dizziness for over a week. Would antibiotics help?
Am i a Hypochondriac?
Sore Throat .. How can I get rid of it in a Day?
infected surgical wound??
If i have a colsore does that mean i have one of the herpes disease, or could it just be a simple colsore?
Can The Chicken Pox Cause Infertility Or Stop Periods For Awhile?
I'm worried need help!?
Was my dog poisoned?
can they be medicine for HIV VIRUS?
I have to get my tonsils out {im scared}?
omg my dog eat my cat and my cat had rabies will my dog get rabies?
How to get rid of rosacea?
What could this chest pain be?
how to control wanking?
I have a horrible runney and stuffy nose. Blowing mr brains out just dosn't seem to work. What should I do?
should i worry about coughing up blood?
First time period- Lots of blood?
i want to quit smoking ?
if i don't smoke cigarettes or weed or drink often but take ecstasy on weekends.. dus it cancel them out..?
HELP!!! My mum has been drugged up and she's not moving much?
What is the best way to get rid of acne?
How to get taller, for a 14 year old boy?
Can anyone else NOT sleep right now?
I want to get to sleep quickly?
Im always dizzy, help me!!?
what can you do for a 14month old that has croup?
What is the best & most efficient way to get rid of a cold?
How often can I donate blood ?
How do i get to sleep really easily?
what are the smallest bones in the human body?
Please dont think I am a weirdo this is a serious question?
really sore foot, no visable marks or bruises.?
How to to reduce smelling of the eyes lip, after surgen. Medication, cream or ice ? quick fix !! Please! help?
oww my ankle still hurts?
my toe hurts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Will i get electrocuted if..?
Last year I broke my bones near my wrists.. Now it healed but now i cant do pushups or chinups properly.?
need help please!! its a peircing question?
I got my cast off today (fractured wrist), it looks slightly deformed, will it stay that way?
Help ive got a like a greeny black spot under the cornerof my toenail it is about 0.5 cm long?
What can you tell me about nasal recontructions after a broken nose?
Im upset. someone stepped on my big toe and now its falling off. its a nice toenail too...?
Twisted My Knee???? TWICE!!???? please help?
Is it ok to give your dog Tylnol?
Have you got your first cold or flu of the season yet?
do you keep a glass of water by your bed when you sleep?
What is the highest amount of "take homes"/"carries" you have heard of a clinic ever giving out?
Coping with stress of quitting smoking?
hey guys and girls?
Can certain foods change your skin colour?
Do we sneeze when we are asleep?
how long after use is cocaine still traceable in urine drug screen?
what are the odds of getting aids from a nose piercing?
Can I train my body to not require more than 7.5 to 8 hours of sleep?
Is there enough of everything in this vitamin?
how long should i wait to drink after suffering a MILD concussion?
do your bedsheets feel to heavy on your feet.?
my body as bleuish red whith weak musckle and problem breathing what could be wrong whith me?
is 38 degree celcius a normal body temperature?
Do people with wandering eyes see straight?
I would like to hear from anyone who is taking Champix to help them stop smoking.?
Contact Lens: Is it okay to go from Base curve 8.4 to 8.6?
How to get rid of razor irritation and bumbs?
Why are my feet itching?
Can accupuncture help alleviate symptoms of vertigo?
fixing IBS the natural way?
How many hours do you sleep & does it affect you?
What's the best way to chill out before i go to sleep?
Are many people physically able to move their ears?
How can I get to sleep at night, with the street light shining through the curtains?
Im a bit embarrased but i have to ask.Does anyone out there have mucas that comes out when you use your bowels
I know it's bad but...?
If you were stick in traffic and had to pee, would you go in a diaper to relieve yourself?
Is it unhealthy that I only release solid waste for only 2 or 3 times a week?
what does it mean when you feel like you need to crack your knee?
Mixing Children's Tylenol and Children's Motrin?
does anyone suffer with anxiety or panick attacks how do you deal with it?
Is drinking alcohol a good way to get rid of Nausea?
Why is getting more than 8 hours of sleep unhealthy?
is it ok to sleep 2 hours for 1 day?
Here we go again Rate this Joke 1 to 10?
I feel like my antibiotic pill is stuck in my throat.?
When pregnant can you??
How is it best to get to sleep when you find you are scared or have something on your mind?
Veins popping out?
What is the best paint color to reduce eye strain and stress in a work area?
Addictive personailty?
What causes Hallucinations?
Ways to stop myself from throwing up?
Do you think I am crazy?
Mental Health Question...moods?
What separates Narcissistic PD from Histrionic PD?
Is it bad iffffff...?
How do i distract myself from something?
Is Sleep Really The Cousin Of Death?
i really want help with my anorexia but im to fat now?
16 ?No matter what happens i feel Down :'(?
How would a child taking drugs...........?
Fell out with my Best Friend?
I was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder?
trying to go asleep, cant move eyes still open and i can still think ?
very depressed...............?
Do I have arachnophobia? Please answer!?
what is strep test????????
What can be done to relieve the itchy symptoms of chicken pox in a 15 week baby??
What are the side-effects of Amoxicillin?
I am suffering with a cold can i still have the flu jab?
could you get hepatitis c if you just touch someone on the hand or on the skin: like the face,?
i'm 17 years old and i have never had chicken pox?
fatigue?? help?
i seem to get phenomia alot as well as chest infections and colds.?
Can humans get fleas or ticks?
can u catch cold sores from a straw?
swine flu advise, please help?
how do i know if i have food poisoning?
Is this swine flu a so-called pandemic because it's hit the USA compared to bird flu which didn't?
Vomiting up to two times every two minutes continuously for four hours?
what type of food do worms hate to eat?
swine flu if schools are closing and kids stay home to stop the spread why are teachers still at school?
Is my healthy 14 month old at risk of making his newborn cousin sick because he hasn't had the MMR vaccination
do you think people with HIV be refused to enter other countries?
I am using preparation H to get rid of my eyebags. Is that good or bad. And are there any side effects?
All I seem to want to do lately is lie around the house..?
Why do I feel like crying when I have the flu?
could any one tell me how to decrease cholesterol with out taking any medicine?
Roundworm question.............?
Is it bad for me if I take a warm shower everyday?
Fever do I need a shot?
Where in the UK can I buy a donut pillow for the ear rather than to sit on?
I have pains in my left arm?
what organs are just below or under the right rib ?
sore leg and big toe?
What are these pins and needles in the back of my shoulder?
Help with pain on my right side.?
why do i have pain only on my right breast?
I Have Pain in both knees.?
is sleeping 9 hours a day normal ?
how can i stop smooking dope?
I think I ate some moldy wheat bread and I'm freaking out?
I can't sleep... does anyone have any drug free tips?
I cant sleep can anyone help?
Why can't I sleep it's late and I want to wake up early tomorrow?
What happens if a child takes too many multi-vitamins in one go (up to 10)?...can it be dangerous?
how often do ppl.....Please answer im really concerned.?
my head hurts and im tired. But i keep answering these qustions. should i go to bed and get some sleep?
How do you cover up the alcohol coming out of your pores?
medical advise please!!!?
I need a quick fix for high blood pressure...HELP.?
can a lack of sleep effect your health?
What causes nightmares, insomnia and loss of appetite?
how much sleep should i Have?
What is the worst thing about getting older?
Nightshift tips....?
how can i quit smoking weed ?
How do i know if i have colon cancer before it's to late? Had all tests done last year.Perfect.Pain is worse?
Weird rash on daughter?
Is the Revlon Beyond Natural foundation alright to use on acne face?
Ways to get rid of acne?? Plz help!?
hepatitis question?
Is it true if my toddle has pink eye it's not necessary to apply to drops?
major headache could it be swine flu?
my daughter was told by the doctor that she had pussthroat. i have never heard of it and am lookingfor answers
Uvula stuck to tonsil?
What do you think the next flu will be called?
tonsiilitis 4 time in 3 months, 3 different types of antibiotics. what to do. HELP?
im 17 and never have had the flu, is it really serious if i do get it?
I've never had the chicken pox, is that bad?
What are the symptoms of swine flu?
guysss this one is for you, sorta?
Do I have strep throat?
Does this sound like Swine Flu?
I have a cold and it's getting anoying?
I know this sounds disgusting, but....?
Is there a chance of herpes?
If the swine flu were to become very deadly, what would you do?
How Do I Get Rid Of A Cold?
How long does it take to heal a pulled bicep muscle?
Elbow injury?
After Wrestling, my ribs feel compressed and I can't take full breaths, is this serious?
reflective sympathetic dystrophy?
Anyone ripped their ACL and played football (soccer) again?
Who is responisblle for my falling on ice in the dark?
eye injury?
i just ripped my nail half way off do i tape it up so it will reattach its self or do i have to cut ot off?
red bruise,with burning sensation?
Do the shots of an Ingrown Toenail hurt?
do i have a stress fracture?
will this scar??? top answer being given away to quickest here.?
My left arm is killing me!! Help me!!?
i cant handle much more of this,but no doctor?
random shoulder pain yesterday, has gotten worse today!!?
i tore my acl need help?
Really bad shoulder pains.?
sores inside the nose?
Any "cure" for a muscle pulled on your back?
car accident, suffering lower back pain?
I think I have flu but this extra symptom is worrying me?
I posted this in the womens health section but mostly they would be teenagers who know no better?
wiil you get brain damage if you dont sleep?
Well Im scared to go to sleep at night because I feel like I 'm not gonna wake up?
I haven't slept for 36 hours straight?
i am 16,i smoke alot,i have 104kg,iam 176cm tall,i sleep very late ,can anybody help me to improve my life?
how can i get a full 8hrs of sleep when i go to bed i take slleping pills and i still wake up every hour?
well for a quite long time I want rather trying to quit smoking, please help me out to quit the menace?
Should I go to the Doctor?
Is it safe to drink alcohol with the painkiller, "oxycodon"?
Trouble sleeping....?
Is Working Till Midnight Bad For You?
Why do both of my hands fall asleep when I lay on my shoulders for more then 10 mins?
im 15 and feel like im 60?
wat is the maximum amount of sleep recommended for an adult???
I have a bowel movement every 2 to 3 weeks, how can i go more often.?
How do i prevent heartburn every night?
Help! I have a stye in my eye!?
I have low blood pressure. What does this mean ?
I just recently went tanning for the first time bc my friend convinced me into it and I got fried!!
If I starve myself for 2 days, nothing but a lil water 4 2 days and hold my breath wile runin will i pass out.
How do I stop playing with, running fingers through, and pulling my hair?
how can i cure my bad posture
does anyone else feel like this or am i a freak?
do you think this is just my depression or something else?!?
Why is my grandmother having sudden hallucinations and fits?
Does anyone suffering from Bipolar Disorder have any good personal stories?
was it a anixety attack?
is this normal behaviour?
Chlorpromazine and marijuana?
am I being wrongly diagnosed.?
Emotional bullying at work am i better of just saying nothing at all and being the better man?
How do you beat internet addiction?
Drinking on antidepressants?
In the UK could you get a Shotgun/Firearms Licence if you had a documented history of mental health issues?
how do you cope with sleeping problems?
Probable Borderline... Worth getting diagnosed? How? Treatments?
Normal head circumference for 14-15 year olds?
Is it Normal to live in a fantasy world?
Skin under my nail growing a mini thin nail?
Arthritis and Glucosamine?
The sides of my neck like under my jaw is swolllen on bothe sides but more on my left side, wat could it be ?
Does everyone recover from Anemia?
Where in Calgary can you buy white iodine?
Sometimes I blush for no reason? Why?
Why am I always so cold?
How to increase my energy for night-shift?
I've recently started smoking more heavily and dont know why?
what are the side effects of chamix?
when you get up to pee in the night or in the morning.. why does it wake you up?
Does any one have any cocaine expiriences they can share?
Why when getting a pysical the doctors ask to see your "equiptment"?
What's your phobia?
i'm sixteen and always sick, what could be wrong. what tests can i get done to figure it out?
Circulatory System?
Where can I find information on the lungs?
Anybody know what to do with bad corns on the bottom of your feet?
fall asleep extremely earlier than usual?
tonsils removed? pain?
druged maybe?
My b12 level are at 152 and are supposed to be at1500 what could i do to help?
why when im sick i always...?
Taking Accutane and alcohol simultaneously?
My son and I have ringworm?
Does urine helps restore eyesight?
how do you kill tape or round worms in humans?
I cant fall asleep before 3 am therefore cant wake up before 12 noon tried everything it making me depressed?
Should I spend my time trying to get two hours of sleep or should I just stay up all night?
How do i get rid of my insomnia?
My left eye keeps twitching.......?
is it safe to drink when you take medication once a day?
Is oversleeping a problem???
I am always moody or depressed?
Theres a spot on my elbow if i push on it i get a shock feeling in my pinkie finger?
can you really get cancer from your computer?
How do I get my son to eat more food?
Sinus problems?
as carer of my elderly parents sometimes i think i dont have enough time to myself any suggestions?
any suggestions to ease pain in my hip would be appreciated,?
What do people do when they are at home all day due to retirement, illness, and no longer able to work ?
What is the country with the highest like expectancy?
Help me please. IS THIS WEIRD? 10 points?
do i have broken knuckles?
Knee pain from wrong shoes?
hit my head, and fell down. My eyes hurt, unless i touch my head it doesn't hurt. what should I do?
Soft tissue damage?
Numb Hands and legs from a car accident need help?
Can cauliflower ear be be fixed when it goes hard?
what can i do to make money?
my toe nail by using bad remover got blackened n accidently broke with blood out so will new nail grow n when?
i did squats the other day and my knee feels weird..never had any problems with it before so im kinda worried?
Do You Think Some of My Fingers are Broken?
if you got hit in the face really hard by someone will the face become disfigured?
what is this? what does it mean?
I have a bicep injury due to a crushing bite from my horse,it is a very large hematoma .?
how do you walk into a room with no legs?
cure for a torn calf muscle?
i did something to my shoulder?
changed ear piercing for first time?
Oil burns treatment?
i have fractured my stermumin car accident how long will it take to heal?
sore ankle?
Looking for a Relay for Life team name that somehow combines Friends, Basketball & Cancer Awareness! Any Ideas?
please help?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Am i depressed? Im not sure please help?
I'm in a good job with good money but I don't have any enjoyment anymore?
I want to be a child again?
I feel very insecure out of my comfort zone because I'm scared?
how can i start to eat again ?
What is Schizoid Personality Disorder?
depression? or do i not love him anymore?
I want to go into a psychiatric ward?
how can i get over someone trying to commit suicdde?
What's wrong with me why am I so down?
Will my anxiety attacks disappear?
Is it possible to have many Personality disorders.. ?
grieving led to depression?
how to get rid of the desire to be in a band?
Not eating need help !!!!?
I feel like screaming I love you, Yes You, No You, Your great?
signs of gangrene???????
Constantly dehydrated? Diagnosis?
hey can people catch fleas???(humans)?
A question about vomiting?
How do you get Urinary Tract Infections.?
do children need to be immunized before going to thailand ?
People who know blood?
hep c and alcohol?
IS there any price money for finding HIV/AIDS cure?
Is herpes simplex anything to do with hepatitis?
I keep getting sick - Advice please!?
swine flu what if he has it??????
saliva and hiv?
Can you catch HIV from sweat?
What is the best remedy for head lice?
Just out of curiousity, how many of You have had H1N1 or know someone who has?
could this be swine flu?
Swine Flue..............?
Could this be a HIV or Cancer symptom?
does chocolate give you headaches?
My leg feels achy, why?
trapped nerve in top halve of leg?
pain behind ribs radiating into my back?
hurt while doing splits?
fasting before a blood test?
Drugs. How to tell (and make it known that you know)?
Stiff neck help?
dont know how to quit smoking.?
How many times can I sample crack before I legally become a "Crackhead"?
What is a germ stopping rule you always adhere to? ?
I have bad BO?
plz help!..im scared!?
what should i think of on the bed if i wan to fall alsleep faster?
How do I stop choking on my food?
how do i find out my blood type? with out having to give blood.?
i have 3 -4 nightmares a night and wake up nearly every 2 - 3 hours, do i have a sleep disorder?
is discontinued sleep for 8 hours just as good as a continual 8 hours sleep?
How dumb can we get from smoking marijuanna?
Nicotine Dependence?
Do any of you snore?
a HUGE cigarette problem!Help!?
Am i sick?Im a 15 yr old female. Im always tired, even when i get 14 hr of sleep, tho on school nites i get 6.
Does anyone know a good way to stop biting nails?
how bad is it not to sleep for just one day?
Does my skin have a reaction to silver? PLEASE HELP?
NEED TO KNOW, does fat-free yogurt cause breakouts?
Mold causing me to be sick?
How Long Tell i Can Pass a Urine Test?
Weird thing in the back of my throat?
If you've had scoliosis and mono for a year and cough up blood and been very sick(nausia,) can u die?
How to get rid of a keloid?
what is the difference between hydrophobia and rabies?
My mom wants to know why I'm not eating and wants to take me to the doctor...?
if smoking marijuana is ok for medicinal reasons ,is it a sin?
Why ask if you're fat!?
i can have a conversation with myself in my head ... ish that normal ?
Please help me I'm so scared?
What could I have?
How can I get rid of these hard hang nail sorta things?
How is Snot made?
How long does it take for blood to circulate the body once?
My friend gets the hiccups when im on the phone with him...?
i have nothing to live for?
just started my period and its very heavy
I hit a rabbit in my truck going 60km/h about 40mph, its lower half was severly broken,
How much food is a 15 month old supposed to eat
do i ask a pharmacist for dandruff help, or a doctor or a dermatologist?
Do men and women both have estrogen and testosterone in their bodies?
Fever and A strange looking welt on her knee
Throbbing in my left ear with computer use
im pulling an all nighter help!?
Ever got to the point where you feel you just physically can't go to bed?
How do i believe in myself?
Does my girlfriend have any right to punish me?
anyone in same situation?
depression : love , has this happened to anyone before ?
deppression question :(?
Why do i have such low mood?
Can this be depression over a guy?
What can help me concentrate more?
Please help i need advice?
Is this an eating disorder or am I just messed up?
Will a psychiatrist give you meds on your 1st visit?
Would a firearms certificate be given to someone with a history of non-psychotic depression?
I'm going back to school tomorrow, HELP?
Incredibly detailed nightmares, help please?
Can thinking about the possibility of anxiety give you an anxiety disorder?!?
im getting evil thoughts?
So what's the deal with salvia? Can you really buy it at Walmart?
Did I have a panic attack?
Any nurses or doctors.. help greatly appreciated...?
How often are you supposed to get a physical exam?
How do I get a Prescrition Sleep Medication?
Does anyone know where you can buy cod liver oil and malt in Australia?
Took half a bottle of sleeping pills last night - how bad is that for you?
is it good to take multivitamins.?
Vitamin tablets?
What do you do when you look down the corridor and all you see is dark?
i have had a sore neck/throat for over 9 months and I smoke?
Do you still tan regardless of the health warnings?
how do i stop smoking the easy way?
Why am I constantly thirsty?
Blood in stool -ish?
i was bitten by a bat should i seek medical advice?
My 3 mth old has been following through every time she breaks wind today, now she has blood in her faeces.?
Can anyone recommend any vitamins to take for general wellbeing?
I feel worthless!?
For the past few days I have been waking up at 4am- 5am?
sleeping problems?
im having the worst muscle ache?
I broke my Ankle Bone, should I trust my Orthopedic Doctor ?
Why does a spinal cord injury usually result in loss of voluntary bladder tone?
Achilles tendon?
Why does it hurt when I throw?
My amputated finger, which was chopped off in hospital on Monday because of infection, itches. Phantom pain?
how much does it cost to have a wrist broken and reset properly.?
Why does my shoulder hurt every time I work out?
Fractured Ankle PLEASE help?
knee injuries caused by rotational stress will most likely affect the meniscus ?
Osteochondritis Dissecans? How far can you walk if you have it?
Broken Wrist (ulna to be exact)??
Im 16 male and have had back pain since baseball of 2006 season, ive had every test done, any suggestions?
what is angulation of the distal radius mean?
Heel injury from soccer?
**** Recent Knee injury.. Can anyone help me *****?
At rugby yesterday im not sure if i popped my shoulder or seperated it?
pain my calf??? (help plz)?
When will my sprained arm heal?
How long after 'total knee replacement' could a person start using a cane to walk?
why is it, that when you feel sick.........?
Has chicken-pox become more or less common in recent years?
Mono? Is it the same as....?
can you get a blood borne disease from dog?
How would we know if we had swine flu?
i heard viniger is acidic not good for somone that wants an alkiline ph is it true?
if im sneezing and have a headache and a runny nose does this meen i have a cold? plz help?
im in swine flu quarantine and the isolation is making me depressed. any tips on keeping myself sane?
What is Benerial Disease?
swine flu? my step dads sister lives with us, she's always catching flu's ect.. at the moment,?
99.9% safe and 0.1% not safe?
Wow, let's try this again...?
what is the best way to recover from a cold?
What causes lymph node infections (in neck)?
I am taking Metrogyl (metronidazole) 400mg tablets. What would happen if I drank alcohol with it?
i have a girlfriend and im very worried, she had a UTI before but the symtoms are not to be a UTI, but when s
slightly feverish and sore throat...what's wrong with me?
I know someone with MRSA, Should they be dining out at restaraunts?
After my Carpal Tunnel Surgery I still have numbness, tingling and more, should I be worried?
Does anyone know of anyone that has Amyloidosis AA?? If yes, please contact me ASAP. Thank you kindly!!!!
how much marjuana bud to smoke?
bug found in my hair again, don't think it is lice..?
What do testosterone drugs do to your body?
Very Odd Leg symptoms...HELP?
Hemp = Marijuana ...?
Is going to the washroom 5+ times a day okay? Is it bad?
If I have social anxiety, and I smoke weed for the first time, will it worsen afterwards?
I woke up with a swollen eye lid and the first day of high school is tomorrow, help!!!?
I'm REALLY Short For My Age.?
Chronic pain where head connects to neck and between neck and shoulders, nausia, dizziness, focusing issues...?
If you had contracted head lice?
Can I get them wet??????
What should I do about this blister?
can i buy a needle at a pharmacy in Canada?
Will a person die if covered by nicotine patches all over the body ?
Abdominal pain/pressure, missed periods, bloated stomach, help?
Where how and why does she keep getting them?
Floradix Iron Liquid!?!?
Sharp pain just above rib cage?
permanent pins and needles?
getting a piercing, pain?
Tolerance to pain killers?
I've recently being getting motion sickness, every time I enter a vehicle? What could be wrong with me?
What are the types of bloodless brain surgery for brain tumor? Are they expensive?
why do I quit everything that I start?
Coughing out blood after smoking?
how do i quit smoking?
How can i sleep??????????
What is the effects of smoking?
what causes Cramps As in leg and foot cramps is it too much or not enough salt?
This is for serious answers regarding "blood brother/sister" ritual.?
is it legal to dock someone five hours pay because they left early due to health reasons?
Where is peoples manners?
Does anyone get itchy when sleepy?
Should you always take your medication/supplements after food?
Why do I have bad knee pains!?
What makes you spring out of bed besides an alarm clock?
My right arm/hand has been feeling numb/pins & needles this evening, while using the comp. mouse. Why is this?
Marijuana test. am i clean?
What Side of the bed do you sleep on?
why am i feeling so badly lately?
Are there any medicine to prevent cracking of my lips due to my lips tatto?
which is worse for you. cigarette tobacco or pipe tobacco.professional answers please.?
can i have your opinion on my throat problem ?
Who has never smoked,taken any drugs stuff like that ?Who has?
what happens after i get my tonsills out?
afraid to grow up...?
What mental issue could cause reading something of more than a paragraph or two, to be a hassle?
Is there a disorder where instead of finding it hard to talk in front of crowds, you find it hard to walk?
Why does my brain seem not to function well these days?
How do i feel less sluggish in winter with the dark nights?
i was wondering if i could email someone about some problems i've had?
Why has this happened?
My brain is a tormented tube of toothpaste in reverse!?
Could someone please explain autism to me?
Is 'Quiet' a good or bad personality in your opinion?
Lithium Carbonate and Kidney Damage?
i can't sleep help please?
Can someone being placed under a spell then it being removed cause mental trauma or even illness?
What Is Borderline Personality Disorder?
So advice plaese? :S?
am i bipolar? depressed? what is wrong with me?!?
How do I improve my concentration?
how long does it take to recover from a drug induced psychosis?
What's going on?? Is this normal?
I had a manic episode infront of my colleagues?
how to cope with intense feelings of stress and worry?
Painful foot joint, what's wrong with it?
is a bulging disk similar to a slipped disk?is one worse than the other?
Nose Ring doesn't sit flat on my nose it keep sticking up no matter how much I push it down how come?
What is wrong with my right foot?
I fell on a metal chair and hit myself in the eye. I have severe pain but no bleeding, bruising or blurryness.
I have a weakness in left side since little.?
my daughter lightly bumped me on my temple?? it hurt for a little while should I be worried?
Recovery period after a concussion?
Will they take my plaster cast off a week early?
x rays show nothing but pain has not gone?
What types of plastics should be used and not used?
why should people risk their lives to smoke?
headaches ! headaches ! headaches !?
Weird thing happening to me?
swallowing gum......the concequences?
i need to talk to someone who is pro-ana?
Are these side effects from my Hep B shot on monday?
looking for books to help me quit smoking. i have quit 5 times in the past and need help with the relapses ?
How are headaches caused?
How do I stop snoring?
drug adiction? how to help my bro with this?
so I am completely paranoid!!?
Can Pumpkin guts make you sick?!?
i'm sick at school and i have a question?
how much lead from a pencil if stuck in human skin is dangerous to ,or fatal to a person?
I have a stomache ache, and theres no washroom what should I do?
what are antioxyanins?
what are the legal consequences for PCP in canada?
Keep getting nosebleeds?
why are my nails so bumpy?
switching andepressidents?
How Can I make Myself Sick?
i am going through heroin withdrawal and i wanted to know if i'm doing it right.?
How do you catch tonsillitis?
My Dr. wants me to get the shingles vaccine,I don't know if I have had chicken pox. Should I get it?
has anyone ever had body lice?I have them for the 1st time.Yuk?
was swine flu really man made evil? like an experiment like those other experiments back then?
what is the common flu?
How is the flu transfered to people?
Antibiotics and liver damage question?
Can my mom get compensation for getting hepatitis c from a blood transfusion?
Should I eat my antibiotics medicine on an empty stomach or not?
how can i help my friend to cure chronic tuberculosis?
What's it mean when a bird vomits on you but isn't sick?!?!?!?
Can u catch hep b by being bitten?
How bad is swine flu? What does it do?
How many times can a blood transfusion be given in the hsopital in a week?
I have pin-worms? Help please?
what website to find nursing care plan for dengue fever..plz..?
hep c confusion overload help please?
could this be meningitis?
antibiotics resistance?
Why do i get sick at least once a week!!?
how do you sleep in?
would this make me to skinny?
I am a run down mum - cold sores, mouth ulcers, always tired. Any suggestions on a vitamin supplement?
do you ever RELAX?
Is there any way to cure eczema?
Bad posture help!?
Whats wrong with me? *Best answer given for most descriptive answer*?
To all successful ex-smokers out there.....?
How long must I wait after eating to go to sleep?
im always tired!?
how do you calm down?
If i smoked a lil marijuana yesterday and i give blood on the 6th will it show up?
bleeding rectum?
i think im hooked on weed?
Has anyone slept poorly at night?
I fell really weak, droopey, im burning up and im sore in the back of my shoulders?
sleep and eating problem?
Why is it when I carry about 1.5kg of things for about 10m my arm muscle starts to hurt for days I'm only 16?
My wrist hurts! Is it because its still healing from being broken?
My boyfriend has been bitten?
Pain in legs and feet, How do I get rid of it, And what is the cause?
how long for a broken ankle to heal?
Sharp pains in both kneecaps?
Can I stand while getting a shot?
Doctor cost in canada?
Pain in lower back - right side - kidney problems?
I am using zantac for more than a month and still feel heartburn and bloating? why?
Why do the smallest things make me feel extremely depressed and suicidal?
Why do you stay alive?
Self harm - Meet other cutters?
Do i sound like a loner.................?
What are other reasons people are put in psychiatric wards?
whats wrong with me, i'm so unhappy? :|?
What's your story? ----------------?
do u think i need to see a doctor?
bipolar medication worries ?????
Please help? what should I do?
I cant deal with my depression much longer, what do i do?
Can someone help me find a graph of the relationship between cannabis use and mental illness?
Bipolar with psychotic features question?
Having sleeping problems, how do i overcome this?
At rugby yesterday im not sure if i popped my shoulder or seperated it?
Has anybody(male) had surgery to repair a partially ruptured urethera where it joins onto the bladder?
What causes my elbow to pop when doing pushups?
Doctors advice or answers?
Pinched nerve?
i injured my knee 7 wks ago and now my foot and calf swell if i am standing or sitting should i b concerned?
Ankle Sprain Bruising Help!!!?
Im thinking about having bunion surgery, anybody had that before?
Why does my hand shake?
white phlegm and a smokey chemical smell?
With weight loss, does the width of your feet... reduce?
How can I get over a cold quickly?
OMG i need help with this please!!!?
Instant sharp pain in my temple?
Grapefruit and amphetamines?
Is yellow cervical mucus normal if you are a virgin?
why do hiccups occour?
Middle back pain? Hurts when i move or twist body. Any ideas?
coffee + ? = vomit? how to vomit?
Have you quit smoking? If so, how?
just wondering if hypnosis works with anxiety has anyone tried it???
is it just me, or do you agree?
What happening with me?!?
Does anyone know what automated spray tanning booths are like?
Lavendar oil?
I am 20yrs old/female and my blood pressure is usually around 92/51...how do i raise it to normal?
Is chalk poisonous?
INSOMNIA!! I cant get to sleep, even WITH sleeping tablets! help???
My daughter says smoking ice helps her study. Is this true?
Why are my multi-vitamins making me vomit?
i have a thing where i have to get 10 hours of sleep every night or im tired. whats this caused by, wat is it?
what time should i sleep im 13 years old and wake up at 6am?
How can I prevent my ankles from swelling?
Would sea salt actually be better for your health even though it does not have iodine?
Will a blood test show if someone has only been eating dinner for the past 5 weeks?
can accutane have lifetime side effects?
i have petechiae looking dots on my knee..?
can you get reinfected by the same bug/virus/cold/flu ?
if you have excema can it develop into herpes?
if children vomited antibiotic due to strong smell ,can we repeat the dose again?after how long?
is it possible to not throw up when you have the stomach flu?
Do live vaccines such as that used for smallpox can activate a dormant infection such as HIV?
could i have scabies 10 months after husband had an affair ?
What's the difference between food poisoning and gastroenteritis?
PARVO...what do i feed him?
What Are The Symptoms Of The Swine Flu?
My roommates have scabies, how can I tell if I have them or not?
blood test question?
tinea versicolor?
theres a medicen called, cordol 4 flu?
sore throat and i have my tonsills out?
what does everyone feel about this new flu out of mexico?
at what age is a flu vaccine recommended?
A friend of mine has meningitis and he is admited in the hospital so is it safe to go and visit him ?
how does immunisation protect humans from disease?