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why do I feel sad ? :(?
would my GP tell my mum about self harm?
Is there something wrong with me?
Theres this boy who always makes me upset on purpose, HELP?
Is it just my anxiety or more,neck pains?
How do I know if I heard voices?
do i have OCD ??????
I keep getting a strange side effect from smoking weed I need help please?
First day of new job that I was really excited about and I hate it already. Shall I leave for a better job?
is there a cure for paranoia?
Do I have some kind of mental disorder?
How do I improve my attention span and make it longer?
i've never felt so alone?
I need help with cutting?
why am i upset for no reason?
What is Hypnophobia the fear of?
my nephew last night gashed his knee to the bone, is it normal for his knee to feel a throbbing pain?
Does anyone have any tips on how to stop blushing, I blush very easily, its very embarrising?
Sharp pain in my ankle?
I have a "knotty" feeling right near my kidney. Please help!?
Does Sjogrens syndrome cause muscle pain?
Does it hurt having your ears drained?
How can I stop thinking about a painful work episode?
my arm dully aches :( what could this be?
i cant fall asleep please help?
Can being sleep deprived ruin your vision?
is a fevor of 102-104 normal for a 19 year old?
i really cant sleep!!?
wasn't sick, hadn't been drinking yet woke up to go puke, why?
I got blood from meat in my eye, what do I do?
Help, I have to pee almost every half hour! What's going on?!?
Is monosodium glutamate (MSG) really as bad as people say it is?
Which way is the best way to sleep?
I've been feeling dizzy ?
How can you get a bunch of sleeping pills if you have no trouble sleeping, and no one you know has them?
I forgot to take my prescription yesterday should i keep taking it ?
Twitching, not Normal, Help?
How long does it take for a slight sunburn to go down?
Any advice of trying to get to sleep?
What's wrong with me..?
So it's 3 o clock in the morning and I can't sleep?
Both of my parents have Hepatitis but I don't know which kind, does it mean I have it too?
Can a needle break off into someones arm easily?
When I go to bed very late, but sleep in, why am I still tired?
my back hurts when i sneezze !!!?
does blisters in mouth linked to herpes or not?
just started taking lamotrigine??
Does anyone know where to buy Kendall Curity or J&J Zonas tape in Niagara region of Ontario?
I had a bad accident in oct of 06 and now im havin lots of problems, i was in a drug induced coma for a month?
what do you think as the best solution for the currently high cost of hospital care?
Why do people breath in a bag when they hyperventilate?
one tonsil has been permanently swollen for years
Sinus infection or Flu Virus ?
Could I be depressed?
What will happen to Incapacity Benefit?
Why are Benefits never mentioned in Soaps? [U.K Question]?
I havent cried in four years.?
Anxiety issue while reading outloud for my play?
Misdiagnosed Bipolar?
I give up, what should i do?
Has anyone else lost someone who took there life? Im really suggleing to come to turns with it?
My Life Is Such A Mess, I Feel So Low (What I Am Going To Write Is Going To Be Long)?
Whats your opinions on teenagers who commit suicide?
Is bi polar disorder a disability?
My NHS psychiatrist advised me to go their anxiety classes; how would this help my disability and debts that I?
Advice on how to deal with depression?
how do you deal with borderline personality disorder?
not feeling good, any ideas on what it could be?
What is it that im feeling?
Troubles Falling Asleep?
can you finger yourself in your sleep?
Why should we be for the plastic surgeries ?
Dizzy, nauseous, shaky...?
Serious question folks - For the last several months, my armpits smell like hamburger and I rarely eat them.?
everything going to be ok?
How much sleep is too much sleep?
help, my friend? what could this be?
will I die from this?
I don't need sleep is this ok?
Should i go to school?
constant sugar craving?
I take over the counter sleep aids every night, and I need advice on how to stop?
I just swallowed something?!?
What is wrong with me?
Why am I having heart pain? ?
How long should one stay on a clear fluids diet following surgery for a hiatus hernia?
every night i cant fall asleep?
Is my chest pain (left side) related to the fact that I work during the night and sleep in the morning?
Haven't been able to sleep the past few nights?
Wen out on the wkend got blind cant remeba anyfinn. woke up bruises all over?
broken toe?
Does anyone have a TMJ injury (jaw joints)?
Knee Question?
If you have had a shoulder surgery such as a torn labrum years ago. Is it necessary to see a chiropractor or a?
If i fell at work and injured my back how should i get out of bed?
Is it okay to take out your belly ring and clean it and then put it back in?
I fell off a horse and landed hard on my chest. I have pain in my chest and on my shoulder blades. Pls help?
How is SCIATICA diagnosed ?
There's no doubt my toe's broken...?
I'm not sure if my finger is broken or not, how can i tell?
My back hurts?
What did i do to my leg?
Uhm, a few weeks ago while playing volleyball i...?
I've just been for long walk and I'm all hot and sweaty....?
how to fix a fractured limb (sims2pets)?
legs swollen and tight after sunburn on friday pls help?
Does anyone here have stories of a time when they had to wear a cast?
What to do?
I can't speak but my throat doesn't hurt, what's wrong?
Wet hair before bed bad for you?
Why do i sleep walk?
I sweat more these days - why???i am 5 foot 11 and 12 stone?
today all of a sudden i am feeling sleepy i slept for very long still feeling drowsy why is this happening?
pain in my mid back, doctors and specialist tell me i just have to learn to live with it?
Low back Pain with Warfarin?
Is there any harmful effects with mixing LSD and Propecia?
A Little about Hep B Shot? :(?
Moving to a bigger appartment, I had a panick attack?
Bump under ear piercing ? :S?
is it considered bulimia or anorexia if you only eat one thing a day then throw up after?
Depression forum. Best site?
teenager with mild depression and anorexia, advice?
why do i mix alcohol with anti depressants deliberately?
my old cat is bleeding from the virgina and also peed on herself. what could be wrong?
what should you do to help get over emotional stress?
what psychological changes occur in the ageing process?
Has anyone with a mental illness ever applied for an Australian Visa?
do you think the mind is connected to the bowel?
Do I have Bipolar Disorder?
What are your experiences of Mental Disorders? ...SchizoPhrenia, BiPolar, Psychosis..?
There's no will for me to live anymore.?
scared iv been put on the wrong meds.?
Help please, I can't feel like this anymore.?
Do i have a strange body?
Are there any support groups for trichotillomania in coventry, england?
am i going mad or am i been paranoid ?
A question about MY mental health?
Do guys use Clean and Clear?
hard groin area??????????
what are good ways to fall asleep//stay asleep?
What does it mean when you fall asleep & when you wake up many hours later it feels like no time has passed ?
Knee Problem/Pain Some one help?
What could be wrong with my son?
Am I bleeding internally?
How can a person get shorter?
Is there a website where it tells you all the illnesses and you can type in symptoms?
Annoying coughing and noises in chest...help!?
How to get better really quick?
how to stop sweating?
Constantly tired????????
why is my bottom left eye twitching?
i wanna quit smoking help me, advice?
I ate unhealthy foods. After I got really dizzy and had cold sweats. In evening had sharp pain in left leg.?
why do i have dark marks in my skin?
Is healthcare a personal issue? How hard is it to be the person you want to be?
How Bad Are All Nighters For Me?
Hard lump on my neck...?
Why is it that .. ? ?
How do you get sleep on track when really off track?
what can we do about sore and bleeding gums?
2 fingers tingle and go numb :S .. help ?
How do i get my voice to crack? (i am 14)?
quit smoking new friend?!?!?
im paranoid after finding a june beetle i thought it was a bed bug but it wasnt?
Do the fire department charge for them 2 come and check a carbin monoxide level in house?and how much?
Please Help Me With My Sleep!?
i know someone who has really bad dehydration?
Can looking at a computer screen for hours/too often seriously damage your eyes?
Will I get a hunchback from sleeping on this desk every day?
is it bad to take multiple catnaps throughout the day?
where is the cheapest place to get prescriptions filled?
do doctors make money on prescriptions?
pleaasssss answeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i need help about to fall aslepp?
how can i cheer up my friend after she had sprained her ankle badly?
How is CRPS diagnosed?
Is something wrong with my pinkie toe??
Could this cause numbness in big toe?
Can biting through your tongue kill you??
Does anyone know any good at home PT for a dislocated shoulder?
Blood Draw went bad and now my arm is hurting?
Why do my legs keep hurting more and more?
My neck hurts when i move it to the left wat should I do?
I got a pencil stuck through my foot and the lead stuck in. I can't seem to get it out. Can I try to ignore i?
I drank alcohol about 4 hours ago and was wondering how long I need to wait to take a prescripted loritab?
how to cure a badly swollen ankle.?
Is it a broken wrist??
HELP my cat just gave me a big scratch down my nose, ways to reduce scaring needed fast?
my eye is painful. I woke up and it was red.?
Lower back pain.. ?
how long should an athlete wait till returning after an ACL reconstruction?
how to lose weight in a month or two?
internal hemorrhoids ?
Lead coming out of skin after 16 years?
How Long Does it Take for Degree Clinical Strength to Work?
My boyfriend has 4g earrings stuck in his ear. ?
The Laparoscopic Band is it covered by OHIP?
Why does a person who does alot of cardiovascular exercise not feel as hot or cold as other people ?
out of work and depressed?
Is depression 'real'?
Mental health-How should community support workers be used?
when i sleep sometimes my feet rub over each other voluntarily is this s sign for an under lying condition?
help meeeeeeeeee!!!!?
How can i, ' contain ' my worries in the present economic climate?
Should somone be severely punished if they talk someone out of suicide, someone who has spent ages plucking up?
can sum one please help mee?
Why am i so paranoid about EVERYTHING!?
Is this obsession with pain normal to an extent?
lymph nodes that are scaring the s hit out of me?
need a small light foods eating play recovering anorexia help?
i want to overdose....! why am i debating?
Effects of drinking alcohol on citalopram?
is there any irish website that allows you to talk to counsellors/psychiatrists thru email?
concern about a friend?
I think I might have appendicitis (warning TMI)...?
Advice on how to cut down smoking?
What could be wrong with my water, very scared?
How Will I fall asleep again?
I get frequent headaches and I am always tired?
Help!! Really annoying and serious problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Should i go to the doctor or just wait it out?
what is the purpose of alka seltzer, brioschi and gaviscon?
smoking a cigarette on an empty stomach..?
I have varicose veins in my leg. Well it's one, kinda of a big one??? Please help?
Can I go see my Doctor alone, if i'm under the age of 18?
Why am I getting all these sinus headaches all of a sudden?
Can anyone take blood pressure?
What is your favorite and least favorite thing about the health care system here?
I start to Tremble alot at random times?
Are these symptoms of ADD?
please help ; so scared?
Tips on how to sleep longer?
Aniexty? Health top contributers please? Doctors please? (Thanks)?
Will stretch marks fade if...?
Why do I constantly get the hiccups?
Why are certain locations more susceptible to violent occurrences than others?
heeeelp i cant stop shaking?!?!?!?!?
I had food poisoning last night. Drinking water makes me feel nauseous, so how do I hydrate my body?
seasonal Affective disorder?
Everything tastes sweet? =?
How much will Universal Credit's be which will replace different Benefits?
please answer!!! help me sleeep?!?
A question for parents with OCD?
How long do you take to take bath? which includes brushing teeth's, wash face and body with a soap...?
Depression, frightened in-case they want to section me?
chest pains, burning anxiety?
Seriously, is he playin me or what, help! i really need your decision(s)?
are you wanting to treat bulimia? PLEASE READ?
Suicide VS Running away?
I'm feeling fed up because i get anxiety? :( ?
i would like to know about my health insurance?
Which city has better medical facilities - Ottawa or Toronto?
Why am i ALWAYS so depressed?
ringing in my ear...?
When you are sleeping, why if you somehow get your hand in warm water do you pee?
is it normal for your head to be bigger at the back than near the forehead?
What are tips for staying awake?
Anybody else think that The X-factor judges are Bullying Wagner?
I usually have a knot in my thigh after injecting b12 I would like to know why?
Ontario Health Care system?
Is there a phobia for taking antidepressants?
Sick? Please help :)?
trouble sleeping, due to irregular sleeping patterns?
Would you advise them to see someone?
URGENT. Please help me figure this out!?
I think I am severely depressed, I am only 16. Help?
What is the blood test called...?
im feeling so weak these days?
I am so tired am I lazy or is something wrong?
Why do I feel like fainting after I smoke weed?
Could these symptoms be an unbalanced thyroid or something else?
went to bc 30 hour round trip got home and noticed my ankles and legs and feet?
Well being going down hill, what to do?
Where can you get a 'Fit to Work' note from the Doctor when you don't have a family Doctor?
I have headaches for past week?
How can i check my OHIP history?
Pernicious anemia: got bordeline results, do I need treatment?
anyone know of a syndrome or condition of the eyes...shakey eyes?
Any wisdom out there regarding retirement? (not financial please)?
How can i deal with my cast on a long haul flight?
Damage cotton buds can cause ears?
Toddler who had a fall should I be concerned about concussion?
what happens if you're lip is cut open?
PLEASE ANSWER!!!! How Bad is tendonitus?
Does drinking coffee help heal bone's quicker?
head injury help please?
sore shoulder?
my foot was ran over by a 4 wheel drive truck,?
I have a big bruise from hitting my head on my eyebrow. it hurts. what should i do? i put ice on it?
I have a hardened sole and it hurts?
fluid stuck in my ear?
Can a really bad bruise cause something more dangerous?
Is the "Fusion" operation for the back bone safe?
almost unbearable pain!!!?
can you actually break your humerous bone (upper arm) and still function?
i have this bad, reddish/purplish bruise on knee with blue specks?
My big toenail fell off?
What's wrong with me?
Does anyone know how to do that submerged foot body purifying thingy?
can a nurse (RN) work in a medical spa or do you need extra training?
What could I have or what is the problem?
What's making my toe hurt?
what kind of medical tests can i take to know I'm in good health?
I need help trying to understand things about my blood type and donating blood please help!?
is it bad to have you nose blead when it just got cauterize?
do doctors whrite gossip on their notes about their patients?
If Canadan has free health care system, why do we still need to pay for medicine?
eyes hurting really bad help!!?
I have had a brain injury and I want to take cialis.?
how do I stop hangnails from forming?
Walking into walls, uncoordinated, dizzy, loss of balance?
What's the difference between these two salts?
I have an infection on my toe and my parents are refusing to bring me to the hospital?
why do reterants and stores put chemicals liek bleach into there garbage?
In America, if someone starts dying and the person can't pay for the surgery.....?
I have a hard time breathing and feel weak? Are these related?
I obsessively crack my knuckles, like every hour at least. Is it O.K.?
If i went to hospital with a suspected broken hand and it turned out not to be broken, what would happen?
Travelling Pain............ouch!?
Why does my wrist crack?
Help, been feeling down about something? please read....?
I have really sweaty hands !?
I severed the tendon in my big toe, doctor wants to do surgery as soon as possible.?
I have been sick and i just took a Tylenol pm and then my left ear begins to pop?
Someone please help, thankyou :)?
Can you get some sort of skin treatment to make you skin healthier and get rid of the teenage acne spots?
Dilated pupils with Zoloft?
Help!! schizophrenia description?
Is a foundation certificate in counselling & psychotherapy enough to be a registered psychotherapist?
I Think My Mum Is Depressed?
having problems with talking, im 27?
Can someone explain about SchizoPhrenia and hearing voices through the TV?
What is the procedure/what happens when you go to see a psychiatrist?
Sleep Vs.No Sleep? Should I bother going to sleep tonight?
How to stop being so hard on myself?
What can I do to take my mind off alcohol?
why does anxiety make u feel so unbalanced and dizzy?
I need serious advice because I'm confused & depressed about my life, not having a girlfriend and other stuff?
What would you think to this statement? PLEASE HELP?
Serious fear of eating infront of my boyfriend. HELP!?
Where did my willpower go and why is reading such a struggle?
I had got sectioned in July 09 becaude I had schizophrenia, how would i go about telling people?
red spot on white part of eye? looks like veins?
How can I fall asleep?
There is a small bump behind my left ear?
I am petrified at the thought of having a tapeworm... how would I know?
Do I have something seriously wrong here?
Can A Vein Break and Come Out Your Nose?
What is the fastest way to get through this ordeal?
The tip of my nose droops when I lie on my side. Is this normal?
I'm looking for a good knee doctor in Quebec?
this wasn't a stroke was it?
I am a new manager and I was wondering how do you not take your work home with you?
When you take a bloodtest, will your family doctor bother to tell you that everything checks out fine?
Ingrown Toenail??help?
How many IU of Vitamin D should the average person be taking daily?
Is that what is really happening?
Where can you get tested for ADD in edmonton AB?
how many hour does a human sleep in a 60 year pried?
What good techinques are there for srcatching and taking a shower for a broken leg?
How do I fix a dislocated back disc?
How to stop pain and numbness in hands?
How long will it last? Should I see a doctor?
My nose ring wont heal?
How can i cut my nails?
i feel dizzy when i stand up, should i be worried?
How much time can I take off from work for a sprained ankle and foot? I stand on a cement floor 8 hours a day?
i slipped on some ice and hurt my wrist and it has been hurting ever is it a fracture or a sprain?
Why does my big toe get so cold in the winter? It's very painful.?
Injured my lower back on medication, any tips to help strengthen it so i can return to work sooner?
My rib hurts, whats wrong with it?
Do books feel pain?
Need help with Shin Splints?
i think ive broken my finger its not swallon but i cant bend it because it hurts really bad ?
Should I go to the D.R. and get a x-ray or let it heal?
PLease help, I have an injury?
I have a UTI(bleeding and side pains) is it okay to play sports or should I take a week off for it to go away?
Nerve hurting in wrist?
Acne trouble any suggestions ?!?
what is the best and pays good? dialysis nursing or operating room nurse?
if I smoked a small small peace of crack ......?
REALLY BIG pain in my throat please HELP?
Putting eye drops in my eyes..?
My Uncle is getting worse in hospital meds making him ill - how do i get him x-fered to another hospital?
are stye's always painful?
why do we need health care?
help health question?
If you don't have insurance and you are pregnant, do you still have a huge bill to pay after the birth?
How to fall asleep in class?
is it okay to put a nicotine patch on your neck?
Numbness in head, and hips?
kaay do i have an earachee ? or whats wrong with mee?
I can fall asleep around 10:30pm, but always wake up around 3:00 or 4:00am, then can't fall asleep?
how often should eyedrops be applied?
Home remedies for retching?
can you get a sleeping eye mask that puts pressure on your eyes while you sleep?
Dizzy while lying down?
whats the best way to quit weed?
HELP! How do I get my sleeping schedule back on track?
How often do people vomit when they quit smoking?
huge problem.. i donno what to do?
Do the negative consequences of cocaine out weigh the positive? Why?
HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!?
I need help....can someone please tell me?
third bladder infection??!! :(?
What should I do? Can I take the pain or see a doctor?
Why the constant throat-clearing?
Still having panic attacks while on Luvox. is this normal?
wat is a anal fissures???????????how do u heal it?
what are the symptoms of kidney failure?
Why does my ankle hurt and feel weak like its about to break when I put pressure on it?
I got a second degree burn on my face this morning, should i go to the the doctor tomorrow?
It's normal to feel antisocial, right?
Does God have a personality disorder?
what will happen in the psych ward?
How to be confident to everyone?
sometimes i feel like im in a dream, but then it kinda feels like a panic attack kind of thing.?
do antidepressants help with..?
I think I may be OCD?
A question about depression?
What happens if you tell the doctor about suicide plans.. PLEASE HELP?
Getting diagnosed with depression at doctors? PLEASE HELP?
During episodes of psychosis what have you experianced?
What is the difference between Neuroleptics & Anti Psychotics?
Could I be depressed?
How can I pull my self together?
Will Olanzapine(Zyprexa) help me sleep?
fighting off ocd, please help!?
R U aware of patient who recieved bad treatment at the Emerg Department of Foothills Hospital in Calgary?
My ear refuses to pop?
is toronto western hospital good?
how come when I'm sick music looses its quality?
problems with gases (just filling for the 20 characters long)?
We are a family of three,I work for LAUSD, we are covered by Kaiser, until what age?
I've come down with my sons rotten virus...help?
is it a nurse or something else?
Ball in the back of my neck?
i am wondering if there are any special diets!! for hepitites patirents?
I Keep Rolling My Ankle......?
is situps and pushups the fastest way to get a six pack?
How do I increase the blood flow in my index finger?
When having a CAT Scan, do you need to remove your clothing?
whats happening to my wrist and ankle?
how to developed sharp memory and speak very smartyl?
hurt mucle what should i do?
If I hit walls or any solid object with my bare fists can it become a problem later in the future.?
Sharp Pain in lower knee when i try to straiten it hurts to walk what could this mean?
I fell and hit my shin.hard.It bruised. but now there's a lump at the point of impact. what could it be?
cold sores?
I got tripped over and now my knee is killing me? Help!!?
Im really sore, and its getting worse. what should i do?
has anyone else experienced this?
I had a finger amputated two weeks ago, the top of my stump has been quite itchy, what would cause this?
my cat got a claw into the white in my eye and its got a small hole in it what is going to happen???
a black lady sneased on me in public am i going to get diseases? HELP?!?!?
Does anyone have chronic fatigue? I'm having a flare up because of family stress. Any suggestions?
i can't wear anything around my neck, and i don't understand why. Help!?
Is SVC Syndrome a disability?
I had a CT scan done and a lesion was done on my liver?
Should I eat a good, full meal, even though I'm sick?
headaches, headaches, headaches. ?
if you always have a runny and stuffy nose?
Does anyone have a child who has cataracts?
Red elevated rash all over my body and gets hot?
How do I get rid of bags?
Is anyone else taking venlafaxine?
Should I tell my college i get anxiety?
what is chaetophobia fear of?
I know i wont get any sympathy?
What the heck is going on and why can't I get to sleep?
How can one, get over depression?
Is it healthy to be an egomaniac?
Do painkilling drugs help keep depression (bipolar disorder) at bay?
If somebody jumps off a cliff to their death will they remain conscious throughout or blackout before impact?
What's the difference between Schizoaffective Disorder and Schizophrenia?
what will the doctor say/do ?
how would i find out if i am.?
im still depressed and suicidal ? 10 points?
why do we jump went you just going to sleep ?
anxiety disorder ruining my life!?
why dont i die in my nightmares?
Plantar Warts?
Should I trust an audiologist?
How to know if i pulled the muscle or if i have kidneys pain??? best 10 pts?
i lifted the other day im really sore?
What is wrong with my joints?
back pain what is it?
I have Gout! And it bloody hurts like mad, Whats the best pain relief during a flare up?
i had a muscle spasam in my leg that was so bad my leg was rock hard turned blue and was ice cold to touch.?
How to heal my sore ankle?
how long does it takes for broken ribs to heal and does anyone know how to ease the pain a little .?
help identify knee pain cause/treatment?
what is a mild degeneration within the posterior horn of the medial meniscus?
what did i do to my knee i twisted it poped out then bake in then i fell on it and it....?
A quick question. Is pain and suffering figured on Total medical bills or on paid total.?
Will my cut leave a scar? ( HELP ! )?
Is it a bad idea to get my lip pierced before I get my wisdom teeth pulled out?
why does my knee hurt?
has anyone else encountered similiar toenail problems like mine?
How do i help heal my toe?
Help me please!?
I need home help. Can you suggest where to go?
soreness on the side of my foot after running further?
What would u do?
is my wrist broken?
my eye got scratched.....?
How long does it take?
How to dislocate shoulder relatively painlessly?
if I drink something from mexico can I get swine flu?
I have a cold! Need help!?
is it normal to be so lazy? help?
my left arm wont stop tinling?
fish capsules and oily stool?
is johanna newsom autistic?
I keep smelling ammonia.. but no one else does! ?
What is worse for your body: weed or cigaretes?
i am sick and need help.?
What is a pendent And what are the signs of an inflamed one ?
Can you use a light bulb vapourizer twice?
could i be going deaf in one ear?
blocked nose question?
Weird habits that you have?
DO i have a behavioural disorder?
From time to time, I suddenly feel discomfort in my heart, I mean it is as if someone is squeezing it.?
I constantly feel depressed and drained?
Please help me?? My last hope, after this I give up completely..?
why am i always feeling tired?
What happens when someone is voluntarily sectioned?
How do I stop thinking I have cancer?
this cannot be normal please help.?
how do i tell my psychologist that i'm not ready for therapy?
Best options for a liar.........................?
Unable to support my own emotions?
I can't see myself having a future.?
do you have any knowledge and/or personal experience of bipolar?
Is it possible for someone with Borderline Personality Disorder have episodes of Psychosis?
Help: Am I Depressed?
skin is really bbugging me !?
Is a moisturizer product with an SPF of 15 just as good as a SPF 30?
a little help this is very weird?
Sleep with my contact lense?
Do I have a bladder infection?! HELPPP?
How can a person get shorter?
What could these symptoms lead to, or what do they mean?
What is a "hot" clinic?
what makes your joints click?
Distal Radius Fracture?
Is my rib broken fractured or cracked bruised?
Does a broken nose heal by itself? If it was broken would it be tender to touch?
Any ideas on how to pass time while mending a broken arm?
Looking for a comparison between before the discovery of antibiotics and after the discovery. Anyone can help?
where can i find those snoring mouth guards?
If you have diarrhea, but don't ahve gatorade...what should you drink? water? juice? what should you eat?
Having to have your feet amputated with severe frostbite?
If I start taking anti-depressants will I have to take them forever?
Fast moving, extra intense lights, noises louder than usual...am i going crazy?
why do people get random migraines?
Does anybody have an idea about what could be causing her....?
what can i do for a ear infection at home i cant make it to the doctors right now?
Why am I getting nightmares am I going crazy or what?
Bad earache - please help me figure out the cause!?
sick quick relief for stuffed nose and sore throat?
sleeping problem help?
i really need help, can someone tell me whats wrong with me and how to fix it pleaaase?
why I was bleeding after a bowel movement, there was no pain at all.?
i think i could have schitzofrenia?
How are people diagnosed with clinical depression?
What can i do - i hate changes and looks like i have to put up with a new one!?
what happens at dialectical behaviour therapy?
Im really depressed and withdrawn from everything, Im not happy. what can I do?
I think I have an Anxiety problem, I need to urinate and panic a lot?
Is there any tips on how i can sleep better?
What would happen if you jumped off london bridge?
Strange changes in depression, any ideas?
Is it ethically irresponsible to encourage mentally ill people to turn to religion for help?
I have totally given up on myself and everything else :( Help?
Feeling of dread and panic?
anxiety disorder or heart problem?
iv been on citalopram for just over a year.. please help?
PLEASE HELP?? What to say? Should I ? I NEED your help :( :(?
Why am I hearing things?
Are the voices clear that schizophrenics hear?
Does eczema ever go away.?
Why is it hard to produce a universal flu vaccine and how would it work?
Is the new Swine Flu Vaccine safe?
Do you think swine flu is a joke or serious?
can you die of the swine flu or just get ill?
I obsessively crack my knuckles, like every hour at least. Is it O.K.?
My long nose problem ?
Do you ever feel sick from being on the computer too long?
Is there such thing as....?
i need openions about human health pls?
Has anybody else ever felt totally in-sync before?
I just took 10 gravol at 50 mg each, what will happen? I am only dizzy and tired so far.?
what causes this pain inside my nose?
Had finger bitten off by a dog ten days ago, now the stump is tingling and sometimes aching, what is this?
ankle swollen, how to fix?
my right leg ankle twist andspain befroe 18 months.x ray normal.i suffered lot .mri done.?
how do i heal a hurt lip?
help me please?
Does anyone know of any PRO self-injury/Cutting sites?
What would happen if...?
whats wrong with you if your side is hurting?
The bottom of my foot hurts when i walk?
I can't straighten my arm..?
help! Question about nerve damage?
1.What are the effects of brain injury on brain function?
I have tennis elbow on both of my hands .?
does wearing ankle socks hurt your feet?
my grandmother has fell and injured herself?
Is putting any thing cold on a pulled muscle good or bad?
If you have a pierced nose wat happens when you get a nose bleed?
too wierd?
i dont know weather i broke my ankle or spained it?
Just found out some bad news?
How can I stop a panic attack once its started.?
why does high anxiety mess with my head so much?
Am I very badly depressed?
Was told I had siatica 5yrs ago off my GP and just take pain killers, Can I claim DLA?
Depression - How to beat it?
I want to get help - but how do i get it?
okayy,so i MIGHT have depression. i told my mom and she didn't believe me.what do i do?
Feeling lonely and depressed?
I dont know if i have depression or im just feeling sorry for myself?
I sometimes think crazy thoughts, am I crazy?
how can i stop my bad temper?
Is love all what we need?
Tearful... can't control it... how do you?
Is this a heavy diagnosis?
Should painless suicide methods be more available, rather than suppressed with the threat of jail, so anyone?
Are there any free mental health/counselling services in the UK for 18s and over?
My boyfriend hears voices?
I cant resist eating shake-n-vac..?
why does my legs feel light and i feel cold and my body's tingling and i got dairrhea?
Why are my eyes dry lately?
Will a really clean room really keep bugs away?
Where can I buy Fiberglass Cast tape & Plaster Bandages?
what is hiv any one please?
When a disease like hepatitis has a letter on it eg hep b what does the letter mean?
are u afraid of the swine flu epidemic in australia and the world?
Does a routine blood test show if you have a serious infection in your body?
Could i have mad cow desease?
what cold medicine can a nursing mother take?
I have a weird pain in my ear?...?
I lost my Hyper Taite..a week ago..?
cure for constipation?
Pain full sore throat Remedies help?
Champex....serious answers only please!?
pulled small hair from sole of my foot?
My ear refuses to pop?
how to stop stinging of an allergy?
CT SCAN ?!?!?!?!?!?!?1?!?
Should I go to the hospital?
How to get someone to quit smoking who's been smoking for 34 years?
British "stone" vs Canadian/American "pound"?
What does it mean when a gold ring leaves a mark?
I hope I don't get food poisoning..?
Will I cough alot on my first joint?
Know anything about ears?
what is the difference b/w a CT and a MRI and what does each look for?
how to treat a child's coldsore?
Stomach rumbling at school PLEASE HELP?
what happens if you get addicted to taking?
trying to quit, relapsed 4 times in 10 days, what should i do?
I'm ashamed to be British!!!?
Help Social Anxiety and depressed?
despretly depressed.dont want to be here anymore plz help?
I'm suffering servere anxiety, can I still pass my course?
i like the city but need mental health and good school is swansea a good place?
How to get a good night sleep?
Help With Prescribed Zopiclone Sleeping Pills ?
Can the depressive state of Bipolar be triggered yourself rather then just random?
What are ways to build my self esteem?
i can't see the point of life anymore?
There's something wrong with the way I'm eating?
What are you scared of ?
What is Schizoid Personality Disorder?
I feel like my life's falling apart?
Why does she always do this and why can't I help being upset?
I have a very high temper & feel depressed all the time, help?
Blacking out in the shower?
I suddenly got bad smelling urine?
whats the easiest way to quit smoking ciggeretts?
Sun-Damaged skin on back, help!?
if i hurt my neck can it effect my legs?
I need help with my coccyx injury at a band concert!!!!!what should I do???
Could my knuckle be broken?
i had fake nails on for about two weeks and one nail is green and discolored. what can i do to heal it?
My foot got really swollen and I put ice on it but I can't walk or put pressure on it.What Do I do?
My toenails have grown dark in color and the are no longer in the usual shape of a toenail as 5yrs ago. Why.?
Why are my arms hurting like this?
How long after you break your foot does it keep swelling and being discolored?
I broke 2 ribs one in 2 places. When can I start to play golf and tennis?
My hands occasionally stop working and I have no control over them. I have had no surgery on them. What is is?
A magpie walked into my flower bed, spread out its wings and went flat. But when I went over, it flew away!?
How early is it safe to use Mederma scar cream on my 4 year old daughter?
Did the doctor really help my ankle? ?
i just went and got a double industrial piercing done?
I think I fractured My thumb?
ankle injury -soccer?
elbow pains, is it tennis elbow?
what should i do,bad cartlidge pericing problem.?
Foot pain - any ideas?
Treat A Twisted Ankle?
Muscle Injury HELP ME!?
pin and needles after hand surgery is this normal?
swine, bird flu whos next?
can you get chicken pox twice?
I have a urinary tract infection, I don't have medical to pay for the medication.?
can a chihuahua dog help me get rid of a cold or flu?
are specialist covered by OHIP? (respiratory specialist)?
Will it work by then?
I get a lot of energy at night time?
nausea and bifocals?
Clonazepam/Klonopin (benzo) side effects!?
Does the amount of sleep you get effect the amount you grow?
pulled upper left back muscle?
Does Sjogrens syndrome cause muscle pain?
what are anxiety symptoms?
How can you know if you're bipolar?
Worrying about everything?! How can I stop WORRYING?
What's wrong with me? I can't copy from text to screen (vision tests up to date)?
Can learning too much cause forgetfulness o.O?
what if i took 7 sertrline 100g and 28 chlorpromazine 25g and 7 zopiclone 7.5?
I keep getting suicidal thoughts and keep thinking negative about myself? What shall I do?
how can you block out bad thoughts?
Income Support being cut!!!!!!!! Is this happening to anybody else?
Why does my mood change?
how did you tell your doctor you self harmed?
how can i stop being a couch potato?
Does Bipolar Disorder affect how you see people?
Depression relapse or just grief?
Hypothetically, if you were checked in, without being consulted, should you not be given help checking out?
Paranoid taking control of my life. Has this happened to you? wot did u do?
what is heroin? how bad is it? can u take it for major depression and major headaches? please help?
What is Schizoaffective Disorder?
is this a panic attack?
I'm 14 and trying to quit smoking ?
My concussion symptoms have been getting worse, help?
How long does Sciatic Nerve Pain last?
Swollen knuckle...what helps the swelling go down?
Been hit by an ambulance based out of FL, but I live in TN.Had 4 broken ribs and knee pain. Any idea on the $?
i have a 8 wk old kitten whose back left leg is dislocated. what can i do to make it right?
do i need crutches or have i got a hairline fracture?
My toe is jammed. I jammed it in soccer. How do i unjam it fast???????
I took a spin class 6 weeks ago and still have pain in my lower back radiating to my left thigh and knee?
Burning and numbness in heel?
Bruised toenail- should I go to a doctor?
I took a muscle relaxer on sunday and I have a urine test on Thursday?
Worse motorbike injury?
I got my second whole peirced and it keeps closing up why?
Last weekend I was getting out of a friends car and cut my toe open.?
Should i see a doctor for my sprained/rolled ankle?
Shoulder keeps cracking?
severe pain in both shins when jogging or running?
today tonight?
Ankle Sprain or Break?!?
I have really bad knee pain..... can you pleeease help me!?!?
Weird Lump on my throat?
Can you end up mute from all the trauma in a motorcycle accident?
Should I or should I not get my tonsils removed?
Given the current Swine Flu epidemic, what should I do if I have flu like symptoms?
can a cold cause an ear infection? HELP?
can u still get swine flu when you've taken ur flu vaccine?
I've had tonsilitis and am taking antibiotics (penicillin)... can I drink alcohol?
appendicitis??? PLEASE read?
I've lost my voice... What's the best way I can get it back?
How does the body protect itself from diseases?
can some one who is HIV positive give birth to a baby that is not infected?
Most dangerous cancer?
Walking into walls, uncoordinated, dizzy, loss of balance?
I've got a neck ache, what do I do?
Why is my ulcer so sore :(?
pains in left of chest and all around into left shoulder blade?
Why does my head hurt and why do I feel sleepy after the gym?
Can lack of sleep cause aches and pains?
whats wrong with my ear?
can marijuana improve your eyesight?
I have a swallon eye lid?
Please help me with my tired eyes!!!?
how can you make your eye look like it has pink eye?
can sulphacetamide ophthalmic solution be used to treat my pekingese' pink eye?
When should i have my bath today? i cant have it later on as eastenders and im a celeb is on?
My GP isn't being understanding about my sistuation?
Thinking of suicide.?
Serious Anxiety Problem!!!?
Who can I turn to my friends depression is depressing me?
How can I over come my shyness and lack of confidence for an Apple recruitment seminar?
Took 28x50mg of quetiapine(seroquel) ?
i'm so scared of dying but i dont want to go on living!?
i feel very depressed at the moment-can anyone help.?
Is it weird not to be interested in alcohol?
better to be hyper than calm?
Dating Someone one with Bi-Poplar?
Bipolar question: how long between episodes?
Do depressed people laugh?
anyone who feels like giving up on life all together.. whats kept you going?
Has anyone ever heard of a condition called "post traumatic stress euphoria"..?
my daughter has special needs?
My friend has been 'referred for anorexia' what does this mean?
Why am I so irritable all the time?
If I needed surgery due to a car accident, would it be covered under private health?
Do i have a fracture or hairline fracture or something else??
Non Cardio related chest pain.?
concussion pls help..........?
What to do when hit by a slow-moving car?
help!! plz im so worried (really bad headaches)?
I broke my ankle and was wondering...?
I had a finger chopped off last week. Can I swim with the bandages around my hand and stump or not?
Tennis Shoulder or something else?
Can you get whiplash and not know it until a few days later?
torn knee ligaments... exercises to strengthen. any ideas?
BROKEN BACK!! ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1?
tailbone injury question?
back problems?
How can I make scratch disappear?
So I hit my knee in the middle of the night. Should I be worried?
What do you think???????
i've been in a wheelchair 3yrs and still not used to it,how do i get over this?
i dislocated my kneecap running suicides. any suggestions for a quick recovery. this happened 7/03/08?
My tibia [I think thats what it is] really hurts. Whats wrong?
can you catch diseases from mosquitos?
Sick Dog, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Lethargy, will not eat, will not drink?
Advice from someone who had gone cold turkey?
Can people that are HIV positive get tattoos?
need help getting rid of the flu/cold?
help i have bieber fever how do i get rid of it?
my mum wants to get pregnant in february but yesturday a bird flew in the house? please does this mean bad luk?
after swimming vomiting but no diarrhea?
swine flu? normal flu? am i over-reacting?
Whats the difference between swine flu and a cold?
What is wrong with me? Please help?
A question about Chicken Pox - when to send 6 year old boy back to school?
is it true that only Straight people can get swine flu?
How deadly is the Swine Flu Pandemic?
Question about shingles?
What short-term conditions are highly contagious, invisible to others and don't cause death/much harm?
If you have black snot is it a sign of swine flu?
Are face masks to protect yourself from the swine flu or protect others if you have it?
anyone had hiatus hernia / GERD surgery?
Why wont my acne scars go away?
Why do we not eat when we are sick or depressed?
how to get rid of a flew?
Showering after LASIK?
i am very ill and sick?
why am i so tired when i get home from school?
they are making me believe...?
I am looking for a website that will help me guide to work out?
What makes flesh tunnel piercing smell?
should smoke weed again?
Can stress be the cause of a blood vessel break in the white of an eye?
nigh time hallucinations. ??
I have a habit of chewing the skin at the end of my fingertips any easy ways to stop this ?
hard lump on back of hand?
Lump feeling in throat?
Piercing headache left side?
is bankrupsy my relief of my stress worries?
My Side Is Feeling Weird Whats Wrong With it?
Can you break every bone in your body and still live?
Do i have a concussion? Should i go to sleep?
Is my baby toe broken, or just bruised. I need to know ASAP b/c I'm going to camp in 2 weeks?
Do you think my finger is broken?
I have a burn blister...?
Do you think i should go....? ? ?
How do you fix a torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL)?
What to do when your home alone and you get stabbed?
I have had an accident at work about a year ago?
any one know what to do for a sprained hand?
Is it normal for yellow around new stitches?
what have i done to my finger?
I twisted my ankle at soccer practice.?
I've had a spinal lumbar infusion of the4 &5 , two months ago. difficult if possible to bend ,lift, and turn
i just got my MRI back ! whats it mean??
my son (6 years old) fractured his distal radius and ulna.?
what do I do when someone on here seriously threatened me?
what stuff will the physio make me do???
Does anyone else have one side.....?
Any advice with dealing with a sore toe? (More info inside)?
I think my son has been through enough...?
frequently occurring flashes of violence?
can someone who has dissociative personality disorder have a succesful relationship with someone with bpd?
What kind of depression do I have?
i cut my arm its turning black!?
Is it a bad sign for us?
Do depressed people know that if you go to your doctor you will feel worse, after the dangerous pills they?
Does vitamin B complex actually work in reducing anxiety and depression?
What is Schizotypal Personality Disorder?
People with depression etc, do you think your home interior design reflects this?
Kid Animal/Insect Torture?
what is wrong with me and why is this happening?
Is any teen out there taking citalopram?
I don't know what to do?
I feel awful i can't do it anymore.?
list of panicking effects?
Auditory Hallucinations- why?
I think my boyfriend has a mental illness and I feel so trapped..?
Help needed from someone with anorexia or a high understanding of it please?
Why am I not happy? Please read details...?
What is this, please answer!:S?
If you had the symptoms of swine flu...?
what are the sings of a cocaine user?
when will the swine flu be eliminated?
I keep on getting ulcers in my mouth how do I get rid of them?
Ok really, what is your opinion on Swine Flu? Exaggerated by the media or no?
can u get the flu even if u have had your flu shots for the season?
What is the medical test called...the one that goes down the throat to check things from the upper end.?
Can I still be a nurse if I have Hepetitus C?
green urine???????? help.?
Is this swine flu coming from pigs?
child sick for 3 months?
how can you kill housefly?
does anyone know the chances of getting hep b or c or even HIV through a used needle?
swine flu outbreak our kids at school?
HELP!! I have an infected household could possibly be swine! I could now to have it!!?
How to avoid sweating so much?
I have a hard pink bump on my hand - cancer?
when you get bit by a mosquito why does it itch does anyone have a good repelent to put on homemade?
My father's lung & back surgery was supposed to end by 5:30 pm but it is 9:00 and he's still in surgery?
Is normal that she's feel dizzy?
whats a good garnier or neutragena product that will help with discoloration or even skin tone?
Question about the Regulated Health Professions Act, Nursing Act 1991?
Why does my nose burn when I am exposed to cold, crisp, winter air?
I am interested in becoming a surgeon, or an attending, can I become both, separately?
How do you get rid of a zit?
Sinus Infection Cn You Help?
how effective the CREAM PEROXIDE?
Arm hurting, what happened?
Has anyone ever died by a bobby pin?
I hit my head today at school?
How much nerve damage can a person suffer without dying or losing a limb?
I have sprained my ankle ... hot or cold relief? Please and Thank You?
i have fractured ribs after a "good" fall. i have a clicking sound from my ribs when i breathe or move, why?
I've broken my index finger and have it buddy taped how long should it be taped for?
I have this slight lump on my knee, i was wondering if it could be fluid?
Okay to have alcohol before local anesthetics?
Should I get a second opinion?
OK,i fell yesterday on some concrete and hit my head,now theres a scar on my forehead,how can i get rid of it?
Help my lower back and left foot toes hurt!?
East ways to heal pinched nerves?
My knee hurts....?
my joints are in extreme amounts of pain, why?
I just noticed the other day that the blood vessel on right side of my chest is very very blue.?
whiplash... please help=)?
keep getting nighttime cramps in my calf and the pain is unbelievable?
Anyone with Borderline Personality Disorder/thinks they have? or Social Anxiety?
hELP! yesterday I drank a bit (half a cup) or mild alcohol - but im on 20mg / recently 30 mg prozac!!!?
Question regarding pulled muscles in the back.?
I need help my friend is looking for something called skin whitener if anyone could help that be great thanks?
I'm not sane but I'm not insane either, what should I do?
Can stitches that have been left in too long cause infection?
Anger problems But now become numb...ideas?
This situation is making me mad?
Is it possible to have both ADHD and Aspergers?
Sometimes I want to kill myself?
How to talk to someone about self harm?!?
What could this be....?
Does anyone know someone who has been taking the anti-psychotic drug clozapine for longer than 9 yrs?
For anyone who has/had the personality disorder, 'borderline'?
Is it a nosejob a difficult operation?
how do they diagnose depression in teenagers?
I need help with this medication please...?
I can hear bangin down stairs and i cant get to my mobile, im in myself?
What was this all about?
am 30 yrs old lady.my body temp is beyond normal since childhd,pple complain whn they touch me.i feel it too?
why would anyone do this?
When someone stresses too much or is contineusly stressing? Can it cause cancer and problems?
I just carnt sleep at night =/.. Anyone?
i have moments where i go crazy!?
feminex tablets side effects?
Headache above left eye for last 3 days?
cracking your back/spine?
i have just got rid of my unbelical hernia?
Is a symptom of dyslexia, the patient not being able to take in what is being said to them, or what they are?
what is the difference between a medical virus and the bacteria ? please help!!!?
What is mono and how is it spread?
really bad diarrhoea- 11 month old?
Why don't animals get our illnesses?
signs of sickness.. but which 1?
Is crohn disease and inflammatory bowel disease a lifelong disease?
is gastro infectious?
what is HIV positive?
How come when i rub behind my ears it smells like cheese?
Is it possible for one person in a house not to get gastro when everyone else has it?
If you have a cold sore do you get a cold or generally feel unwell a few days after?
Do I have the swine flu?
my parents want me, and the whole family to get the swine flue n1h1 shot,,i dont want to.!!!!!!!!?
Question about Seizures?
I need some Chicken Pox help?
How do you avoid the black plague?
How can I get rid of my depression?