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What are the differences between a narcissist and a sociopath?
advice on alcoholism?
Why do I crave to learn so much?
Im shaking uncontrollably and crying please help?
is there anything i can do about paranoia?
i need someone to talk to about me problems i want to talk to a teacher but i dont want my parents knowing?
what's happening to me? not normal?
I worry too much!!?? help please...?
I think I may be Autistic, what should I say to my GP?
Cellulite...a girls best friend.?
What are the body suits called that draw toxic chemicals out of your body, and where can i find info on them?
Smoke and Live Longer?
What shots would you need to work in a hospital?
I have this bump inside of my neck on the left side.?
Paxil, what don't they want you to know?
what local store in toronto can i buy a product that has Glutathione or L-glutathione??
Is it normal for a teenage girl to not talk about her problems?
I am worried about myself.?
Is there likely to be any mental impairment to offspring of one parent with ADHD, and another with learning?
Help!?...i think im depressed....(Long)?
Anxiety...Friend won't go out..Agoraphobic?
Does an overdose of seroquel XR often include severe depressed breathing?
Skin Rashes- Help please?
Reducing dark spots from sweat?
I'm not allowed to do sport - how can I keep fit?
if i went to the doctors about a sore shoulder what will they do?
Knee Manipulation? Day Case or Overnight ?
HELP stomach problems.?
what does it mean when ur knee hurts after dancing?
Pain Killer - What Dose?
How do i sleep with a scratched eye?
Diarrhea type of stool?
Ringing in ears, 3 days after concert?!?
when a woman is feeling pain on her two hands?
what should i do if my ears bleed?
when ever you have bad breath from getting your adenoids removed. How long does it take before it goes away?
what could be wrong with my blood test?
Can someone help diagnose, based on the following symptons??? ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!?
describe the neurologic dysfunction related to the fracture and partial laceration of the cord at C7 level?
I am 16 years old and want to become an actor but im worried about my dry hands.i use cream everyday. watelse?
My eyes feel weak. What does it mean?
H1N1 - Am I just Paranoid?
Right side of my face burning as well as my right ear..?
what does toner do to your skin? what kind is best for acne?
Neutrogena products? Morning burst and acne advantage review?
Is there such thing as a disease or condition that can prevent a cut on your body from healing?
Why is the expiration phase of ventilation prolonged and difficult in patients with chronic airway obstruction?
Chicken Pox: Starting up again?
For those that have fibromyalgia, What drugs are you taking and how effective are they?
I have Porphyria, an inherited disease, anyone else have it, and what do you do to treat it?
Feeling Tired Lately?
what tests should a general medical checkup include ?
Need advice - Breathless?
bowel obstruction... please help?
How to get clear skin for a guy?
how bad is it to have an itchy rash from taking azithromyacin?
Will I pass my epilepsy on to my children?
What is the relationship between smoking and lung cancer for a smoke? and a spouse of a smoker?
Meat Headaches, sugary makes me sleepy, Flakey stools?
tips about eyebrow piercing?
Has anyone ever had a rectal stump reconnection and were you successful.?
How do I get rid of my skin fungus?
Has anyone else had an acne problem after they quit smoking?
medication question..help please thnks :)?
can someone tell me whats wrong with mi stomach?
Anxiety Problems, Help :(?
help i think i'm relapsing!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have schitzoaffective?
why do i always want to spend birthdays,christmas,new year etc.... alone ?
why is it a couple of days ago i was severly depressed?
Schizophrenia and alcohol...........?
I don't know what to do...?
Depression - How do you overcome it?
I am scared to sleep because i think if i go to sleep i wont wake up please help i want to get this of my mind?
Chest been feeling 'congested', full feeling in stomach, palpitations and back pain (4 months into citalopram)?
my mum is being verbaly abusive and is trying to convince everyone that i am insane what can i do?
Ways to gain confidence?
How to stop crying in public?
i think there something wrong wid my mum?
Mental Health Nurse College Courses?
my mind is everywhere but work?
which of these are signs of a childhood psychopath?
Was is schizoaffective all aboutr?
Antidepressants not working!?
Ways to heal a bruise quickly?
What Do I Do for A Broken Toe?
Is it dangerous to sit on a computer for hours if you're still active?
i'm six foot,242 pound or 110kg,all muscle except for gut but its not to big,would i be classed as a big man.?
If you collasped while you're working,and someone from work call the ambulance,who's gonna pay for it?
Am I wrong using the disabled parking bay?
Head injury is it serious?
How do I take off my own cast?
Headaches and dizziness after being hit in the head?
what is a good treatment for plantar facilitis?
What do they call the study of chiropractors?
help! i ahve to do this experiment..?
Blackheads???? HELP!?
Encephalitis Lethargica: ANY HELP APPRECIATED !?
pre cancerous cells on cervix?
I have a lump in front of my ear, what is it?
Mystery Illness ? What could be wrong with me ?
How to get rid of this?
what is the right medicine and diet for stroke patient (father age-70)?
I have a crack in my heal that doesnt seem to heal. How can I speed up the healing ?
How do you lighten scars? Or help it?
what do i do about my over excessive sweat under my armpits? that is cheap and is not surgery?
What are the ill effects of steroids?
Why cannot eat beef when i have acne?
Can I got to a walk-in clinic to get a giant zit popped?
how can I do this? I detatch myself from pain?
Ever since I got married I've been getting this pain in my ear everytime I get home from work?
im having trouble sleeping?
Does having bpd make you lie and decive as part of the condition?
What's the best way to get over depression?
i have bi polor can i get rid of it?
What's wrong with me :(?
Can an 11 year old be committed to an insane asylum?
ive been ill for quiet awhile, help? :(?
parents with older autistic children can you shed some light on this please?
I need someone i can email and can literally pour my heart out too...?
What can sufferers of prosopagnosia not recognise?
Do i have OCD with food?
Help?! do I have OCD?!?
Feeling woozy in the morning?
How to deal with christmas day, when recovering from anorexia?
Is bipolar and schizophrenia always genetic?
What is rimming he wont tell me ?
Strange sleep problem?
Is the drug Abilify a dopamine antagonist?
How do you stop being such a spendthrift?
First meeting for depression? HELP!?
does anybody know where the 2009 Welfare Reform Act disadvantage people with Mental health problems? any recen?
Do I have OCD? Please help..?
Do you Consider This Odd?
sore chest from coughing?
I feel dizzy and vertigo for the last 2 days,why?
what does "Obstreosis of the ductal tract. Tertiary." mean?
what should i do if my voice is gone?
Since a voice in my ear says i am a traitor and poison does the fact they not treating me with AZT, Interferon?
About acne,it'd be very kind of you to read it and give me advices?
Doctor cost in canada?
Sensitive skin - and cuts and bruises?
Why are my hands shaking?
I reused contact lens solution, help?
Is using liquid nitrogen to get rid of moles on my skin safe for personal use as for bonding glue on materials?
how do you get rid of pigs flaky skin ?
Can anyone please answer my question?
Seizures dont show on EEG?
Is it possible for vibrations (like really loud rap) to displace a bone?
Polycythemia vera?
How long does it take for my twisted ankle to recover?
I Was In Car Crash 2 Days Ago, Nothing Drastic, Brakes Failed And We Hit A Lamppost Doing 40mph, I Didnt Go To
breaking your arm with a hammer will it hurt?
I got my lip pierce 2 weeks ago? its swollen so bad i cant see or feel the back of the stud?
Ear problems? Any advice?
has anyone had a arthroscope of their knee?
i have a friend who is paralyzed from the waist down?
Need a knee arthroscopy but everything is against me! help i dont no wut do!?
i fractured my ankle 7 weeks ago. i want to go iceskating...should i?
has anybody used a chiropractor on a bulging disk?did it help?
my skin scars easy, from sores and marks, how do i get rid of scars Quickly? please advise me on this...?
have you ever broken a bone?
thought i'd finally kicked the habit of cutting...?
is my finger sprained? :[[?
How to tell if someone's hand is broken?
Injured muscles, what to do?
Possible Broken Finger?
I think Ive pulled a muscle in my shoulder?
Can swimming in the st lawerence river make your throat hurt ?
Dull sharp pain in lower back
Could working out cause one to have low white cell counts?
Can having a cold lower your life expectancy?
Are you leary of people who represent themselves as doctors etc? especially when....?
wat helps cure eczema?
how do i prevent ingrown hairs?
Can someone tell me what causes the head to twitch.?
Information on DCD, Dysgraphia, dyscalcula, dyslexia, visual perceptual processing disorder.....?
how to not have a scratchy voice?
I have a head full of lumps under my scalp. this came about two days ago. Sometimes itches. ??????
I tend to sweat a lot on my hands and feet... is there anyway to reduce the sweat?
Really bad ear pain, swollen lymph nodes, and pain in jaw and neck?
how does red pen affect the eye?
Do you think theres are from bed bites?
Going on a plane with vertigo?
Spitting Mucus with some blood?
Best spot treament for acne?
Lazer sergury??
Has anyone have had a bad reaction after using one of the Garnier Fructis Shampoo?
What is this weird red spot?
acne scars please help?
I have a terrible pain in my left heel (foot). Everytime I walk wearing flat shoes the pain is too much.?
What is the sharp pain i felt in my little finger?
If you have neck pain please try this method and let me know if it works?
Is there anything you can do to ease bunions?
How to Treat Cluster Headaches?
Dry, scaly red spots on the backs of my Arms?
Vitamin K lotions/Spider Vein lotions?
whole body feels itchy, worms spread out to everywhere in my body. My whole leg and feet feels so itchy?
I have a 4 mm kidney stone and don't know how to get it to pass!!?
Why is my skin so tight?
Does anyone know how to get rid of, or reduce "preganancy mask" on the face?
what is this mean in the blood testing?
just started taking lamotrigine??
Skin irritation on my arms?
i have a serious case of blackheads and ive tried everything to remove them. any suggestions?
brown red spot on breast size of a dime?
hives- are they itchy?
does anesthia during gallstone operation cause further cognitive decline if patient has moderate severe dement?
How can I boost my immune system? I am taking Methotrexate for RA, and it has lowered my immune system.?
I take 40 mg of Nexium and how long does it take acid reflux to heal?
I failed in life and dont know how to get back up again?
im obsessed with being thin, is there something wrong with me?
Seriously. am i going mad?
what should i do about bullying memories?
right...i have been veraly diagnosed with mild autism...so...please say the symptoms of this / aspergers / hfa?
Suicide overdose and depression ?
Is it worth getting a second opinion? Diagnosed with schizophrenia + bipolar?
Why do I feel so emotionless but sad at the same time? I should be happy?
how do I know if i have ADHD?
I'm so lonely but i hate socialising.........?
Any BPD's out there with any tips for me on managing the condition apart from DBT?
What will 40mg of Olanzapine(Zyprexa) do to me?
whats wrong with my brother?
I just feel like not sleeping today, already stayed up all night. How can I stay up until 3 PM tonight?
What does morning sickness consist of? What are ALL the symptoms for morning sickness?
Is the stimulation a good treatment against the incapacity of the cerebral cortex?
serious drug interaction question?
how much vitamin A and B12 would it take to cause sickness?
When you have a cold?
Tanning Beds and Acne scars?
What's wrong with my foot - URGENT!!!?
got a branch stabbed 2cm in2 top of my foot. real hard to pull out. now is swollen sore should i see a dr?
Wrist questions?
Health question....please help!?
I hit my finger earlier today, it is very dark purple around the middle joint. Should I go see a doctor?
heal my ankle quickly.?
I sprained my ankle..:( What should I do?
I can't stand having a broken rib anymore!! Is there anything I can do?!?
how to break your ankle?
i thought i saw something on my x-ray should i worry?
sir my ESR is 103 so what i want to do?
Help me ? do i have mono?
what does a guarded prognosis related to rheumatoid arthritis mean?
Prevent Scarring from my Monroe?
I was wondering about ADD symptoms, and if it could also be correlated with other?
How to get rid of this soon to be scar?
black and purple spot under toenail?
Taking msm, silica and vit c?
Vitamin E cream Question.?
what causes a person to to have 2 black spots on his brain?
what is bloating and how do you prevent it?
how do i get rid of this nail dent?
What's wrong with my throat?
seizures. Why, and what they're doing to me?
Serious cocaine damage question educated people please help?
Will running near street tar damage my lungs?
Can someone tell me what this bump on my bellybutton is ? (pic)?
question about acne scar?
Can an Ulcer cause diarrhea?
whats the differences between citralopram and fluoxetine ?
What does this nightmare mean?
sleeping trouble, fears..?
I'm kind of depressed about getting older?
post traumatic stress disorder?
why can't i be happy with myself?
do you have borderline personality disorder? help with...?
Why does my next door neighbour act so wierd, eg weeing through my letterbox?
why am i changing,and how can I change back?
is he cutting himself .. PLEASE HELP?
How are social anxiety or Aspergers sufferers meant to pass job interviews, especially when a requirement is?
Fifteen and depressed? :( ?
will I become a serial killer?
Generalized anxiety...help?
Opinions on Self Harm - does it help or not?
What is Schizoid Personality Disorder?
I don't know what's wrong with me?
I need help - What are the needs of someone with dissociative identity disorder?
How do get rid of bad ear aches?
What should I do? I need advice!?
is a metal pipe any good ?
help... serious problem?
kids caughing all nite?
will my temple pain go away?
aching pain in my legs?
my stomach hurts unless i push on it?
I wanted to strech my ears and they gave me this circular bar with a ball attatched to it.?
Using a hot water bottle.?
Strained neck for nearly 2 months, normal?
sleeping problems whats wrong with me.?
Left ribcage tender and extremely sore. What could it be?
What causes temporary complete amnesia?
How scared should i be about a lump on my ankle?
can an achilles tear be healed without surgery? This info is for a senior female.?
Swollen Wrists, fingers, anles, feet, lower limbs?
Is this genetics? My dad and brother have exema and I have a skin sensitivity to soaps and lotions?
there's a random brown spot at the bottom of my foot, do you know what it could be?
I am mystified and scared?
Acne trouble help????
i have a little bump in the center of my upper lash line?
For 2 weeks now I have had nausea.?
What other tests can be done to see why I'm having night sweats, chest pain, extreme fatigue & body aches?
My industrial piercing got infected! :(?
Help with medical definitions?
Insect Bite... need help?
Medical marijuana for severe asthma, puffers aren't working anymore for me?
Can you breastfeeding and take advil cold and sinus?
my moisturizer isnt oil free?
how do u get rid of pink eye?
i get allot of dandruff in my hair i've used head and shoulders and many other products what can i do?
How do I get the doctor to listen to me? RN's or Doctors please read. Anyone with medical knowledge good too.?
How to remove moles...?
So im really worry now cause my dad has retinal detachment?
Recovery time for a t12 fracture for a athleti 15 yr old healthy eating boy?
does eagle brand menthol oil help get rid of itchyness of flea bites? and how can i get rid of the flea bites ?
What is this severe stomach pain that I am experiencing?
Red bump near under arm?
If Mono isnt cure for a period of time.. can mono send you to the hospital??? ?
Coronary Artery Disease and Menopause?
I fell about a year and a half ago and now have bad headaches which the doctors say are allergies...?
how to loose a tan(its very black)?
What happens when the antigens on erythrocytes bind with antibodies in the plasma?
Does your body become chemically addicted to certain people and could your body get those chemicals through ?
my ears hurt and sometimes it feels like i am hearing ringing noises.?
What does it mean when doctor wants to do a bone marrow?
few questions about problems with the thryoid?
Why is my underwear wet thorough out the day and night?
i have 2 jobs one i work 5 days a week, the other weekends a shift here and there during the week, ?
Do you like the feeling when you sneeze?
So since i hit my head finally see doc who may need to do further work. what could this entail?
i have a little bit of cold now,i think i got it yesterday, what should i do to prevent it from getting worst?
im want to know if i fractured my knee?
Are fibreglass casts still used at all for immobilisation of fractures?
is my index finger broken?
knee surgery?
i dont know what to do...?
What should I do with Grazed palms of my hands?
are there any risks from a cut sustained by a rooster?
What happens if you swallow the little metal ball of a tongue piercing? ASAP?
is my arm broken or hurt?
Broken / Injured pinky?
Should I go to the chiropractor or physio with a slipped disc?
My son has broken his toe bone in his foot and has had plaster on for 6 wks. How long until he can play sport
i'm nearly 14 and when i was in under 10's playing soccer i hurt my knee really seriously bad?
I am 15 Years old and i want to know how bad is my scoliosis?
What will happen to my Muscle Fibres when my muscles waste?
cut on my head?
Whats wrong with my knee?
Does anyone know why my knees seem to "die" when i climb stairs and go uphill on a bike?
My friend takes steroid injections dai;y for nerves. Is this ok?
Help with acne scars ?!?!?
I just feel like I wanna die?
Can you increase confidence by facing your fears or does it not work like that?
how can i handle life in the present economy , the fears / doubts etc?
have i got some sort of disorder?
Can you become physically or chemically dependent on pizza?
What are the treatment options for amnesia?
Whats wrong with me? I think i need help?
I think I may be addicted to self harm, am I?
if i tell my psychiatrist about drug use will she tell my parents?
does anybody know anything about this?
Why am I so obsessed with everything's "Auras"?
Weight loss tips for when you have depression?
will sleep help me look prettier/healthy?
my mirtazapine tablets are alot smaller and they taste different from usual?
How many zopiclone would it take to sleep forever? I have a small stash of my prescribed sleeping tablets and?
What do you do about yorkiepoos having seizures?
What happens if???
does anyone know if a herniated disk?
left side pain of head arm and leg?
Why do I get chest pain when im hungry?
I might be getting ear surgery?
Help hat is wrong???!!!?
help. i have a pain in the back!?
facial percing?
Can a person get high by ingesting large amounts of nutmeg?
what is marine drug?
Why should we be chaste?
I have a dark dry patch on my lower back?
My skin around my eyes go in just underneath. Just wondering what is it and what I can do to get ride of it.?
how does parkinsons disease effect the family and what special needs are needed to take?
constant numbness on left side of abdomen?
bactrim for prostatitis making me feel STRANGE?
How do I get rid of these at home?
Skin under my nail growing a mini thin nail?
i have trichotillomania and want help?
Does anyone know a podiatrist who specializes in children's feet?
Sweaty Legs / Thighs?
What are some home remedies to reduce a cole sore?
Can my severe toenail fungus be cured?
Do I have tinnitus. Thanks.?
Why are skin problems so difficult to treat as if they'll never be able to heal?
where is henesys plastic surgery clinic?(maplestory)?
i bit the inside of my mouth?
Unequal Pupils and concussions...?
Unhealed fractures?
I Have Swollen Tonsils Please Help?
has anybody had operation on broken arm?
elbowed below the eye?
my wounded THUMB is BEATING?
I just blacked out and fell to the floor. Opinion?
Infected Cuts On My Hand?
so last night i gashed my elbow open in 2 places help?
What to do with my broken acrylic nail?!?
Possible fractured rib?
My toenail is now black. I know its gonna fall of. I Just wanna know if it will hurt or not?
Sprained/bruised or broken?
how can you tell if your nose is broken?
Help needing more sugestions MOM WONT TAKE ME TO DOC?
Just got bitten by guinea pig!Please HELP! quick!?
how to fix ingrown toenail?
I recently burnt myself with hot oil on my right hand.?
High fever! how do i get rid of it b4 halloween party?
depression questions?
Do I have an eating disorder?
Am i Manic Bipolar, i think i am?
Activities for deaf dementia sufferers?
Can anyone help with my long term depression?
Is their a cure for stuttering?
Problems with sleeping?
quit marijuana but miss my old life so much, why is this?
What would happen if I tell my councillor that I'm planning suicide?
citalopram is it any good for anxiety?
What is wrong with me? So much stress!?
Why am i still grieving 2 years later?
what happens in a depression screeing?
Have you ever felt hurt so bad that it felt like your heart was ripping out your chest?
What is the best way to have a game or puzzle marketed without someone taking your idea?
Are there pressure points to prevent motion sickness?
I just had Endoscopic Sinus Surgery five days ago.?
how long will phenagan remain in your system?
Why do my feet stink?
I have a sharp pain on my right side?
Why do I get an itchy head after taking a headache tablet?
Iron deficiency/anemia?
Why do i feel dizzy ?
If a large volume of fluid has shifted from the blood into the peritoneal cavity HOW...?
Severe headaches from Xamiol gel for psoriasis?
Help please, wet spots?
help me get rid of my stuffy nose !?
my thyroid is swollen and there is a little growth on it?
Are the chemicals in hair-dye harmful to your respiratory system?
Do I have HPV?Please Help!?
Attention fellow celiacs!?
why does my stomach hurt everytime i eat something?
is it aids or stress?
can antacid cause indigestion?
An elderly with Alzheimer's Disease confuses day with night and does not take dinners. What to do?
Bluish-grey skin on certain areas of my body?
shoulder pain and numbness!?
My friend was just diagnosed with MS.?
I accidentally glued my underwear to my head, what should I do?!?!?!?
Hit Head. RollercoasteR?Please help me out ppl?
something flew into my eye?
Hi, my stomach is feeling really tight and sore???
Sprain or fracture? (Ankle)?
broken wrist need help?
my puppy broke his leg and he is 6 months. he needs surgery in 2 to 3 days. i don't have the $ please help ?
should you use ice or heat on head injuries?
Any ideas? Extreme knee pain...?
I just got stitches today, and I was wondering if I will be able to swim in 7 days?
help, I am very scared (10 points)?
i have a sore wrist but it's not broken what should i do?
How can i explain a deep cut on my arm?
SCOLIOSIS treatment. Can I succeed?
how do i heal my broken heart?
I have a broken arm and...?
My 87 y[o mother fell and broke her hip recently. What can I expect (typically) in terms of recovery?
Info on anal fistulas please?
What is the name of the monitor that measures breathing rate?
Which vitamin deficiency causes the peeling skin beside the fingernails?
I Have Some Alopecia Areata Questions?
Help with Uneven skin tone?
GIving up smoking question?
what should u do if u have white stuff all over ur tongue in the morning?
how to get rid of planter warts?
I found out in 2007 i had thyroid cancer?
what is benign cortical defect (humerus). Is it going to be cancerous in the future? what are the chances?
Do I have a Sleeping disorder?
Problems taking in full breaths?
Is a dog ok living with one kidney?
Is after-sun aloe vera gel ok to use as a daily body moisterizer?
Why would my diahrrea be green?
If a fly gets into your home.How did tt multiply to the sum at least 30 that I have now, had to deminish of.?
I got some really strong acne cream in my eye it's really burning can't see out of the eye what can I do?
is a raccoon bleeding and still eating a sign of rabies?
Residual effects of Pertussis (whooping cough)?
how to tell a client they have head lice without embarressing them?
what can cause bruising?
what does DC means in term of cancer?
i have son 4 year with autism?
what is post operative hyperthermia? cause and interventions?
I just had a panic attack..?
Worst cough/cold ever. Help.?
Why do i have red skin? (not rashes or such)?
Red circle of dots on bottom on breast?
Does anyone has patello formal syndrome too?
Reoccuring red circles on my child's feet?
If rubbing alcohol does burn your skin if it's sensitive, what the best way to treat it?
would a long te rm exposure to raw sewerege ie 6 months be detrimental to my health as i am no longer well?
Stomach Ache/Cramp (near ribs), Abdominal Pain, Headache consistant for 11days, blood clots, loss of appetite!?
I'd like to get contact lenses ? :)?
My GP and Local PCT have refused to fund me for purchasing a MTM Farrow Wrap?
Do i have a claim for medical negligence?
health and saftey aspects for making salt dough for children?
Weird Feeling In My Wrist?
I Have Pain in my Leg or Back What can i Do?
How much do kids prescription sport goggles cost ?
had cramps in the leg then the foot got inflamed doctors said the tendons on the foot stretched?
I want to gain muscle so my ribs dont show?
How to treat painful lymph node in neck?
What could be wrong with me?
What Is Wrong With My Stomach?
What should i do i got a crack in my teeeth at the back bottom row (Small crack)?
Aniexty? Health top contributers please? Doctors please? (Thanks)?
Is my thumb fractured??
i rolled my ankle today so?
how can i fake an ankle sprain so my doctor and parents beleive me?
I just pulled a muscle on my mid-back, what do I do now?
has anyone use that conceptive method where they insert a rod in your arm has anyone done that does it hurt?
Your most painful injury?
internal bleeding in the lungs?
I had a finger amputated eleven weeks ago. What do you make of my 'finger' now, based on the attached photos?
Injured at the grocery store. What should I do?
My left knee is hurt and I can't straighten it out all of the way, what can I do?
i am quiting, it was my 2nd time ever shooting up i idnt know how and ruined my arm. im never doin it again!!!
I got my nose pierced 5 months ago. It won't heal. A bump keeps coming up on it. Is this a "blow out"?
Will potential girlfriends be turned off by the fact that I just had an infected finger amputated today?
Do you think I have broken my knee cap?
Sprained Ankle in tennis?
I hurt my wrist. don't know what ive done.?
Is my wrist broken or not ?
How can I get rid of foot odour from wearing plaster?
Cardio workout with foot injury?
Have i injured my wrist?
If your loved one was in a coma?
worried about my 3yrs old's health?
Are there anyone with inoperatable Arnold Chiari Malformation?
winter rash or something?
Bye Bye Blemish question ?
Can one die due to hyperventilation?
Stomach Flu, please help?
Can a clinic administer needles?
Do you ever take night-time cold/flu pills just to fall asleep, even when you're not sick?
I'm Having Trouble Sleeping ?
Is it ok to take a shower when your sick? ?
ANY AUSTRALIANS please answer?
I have a pulled muscle feeling on my right side due to a head cold I think. (from coughing) is this normal?
Burning sensation along stomach and chest.?
What are the social short-term and long-term effects of morphine?
How to get out of PE when you self harm?
My Father-in-law passed away 5 weeks ago through a tragic accident.I need some help?
my sons adhd and has had his medication has been?
Anyone else have a phobia of vomiting? Please help?
Fluoxetine/Prozac weight gain after coming off ?
i have trichotillomania and im finding it hard to stop. any ideas how to stop excluding therapy?please help me?
This will sound so strange but I'll ask anyway?
why would my doctor and psychiatrist want to put me on anti psychotics over doing cognitive behaviour therapy?
Sleeping problem, anxiety and panic attacks...What can I do?
Will depression come up on my records if I get medication?
Is cognitive behavioural therapy effective? Would like to hear some people's experiences of it if possible?
Why does my friend self harm? Can scratching be serious?
representation of bipolar help please?
My brother is a paranoid schizophrenic HELP!!!?
what to help pink eye ?
i have a lisp but i dont have a hearing problem.. how can i get rid of it?
Does anyone have any information about stomach immotility?
Why is Water good for you?
Bioavailability of a drug...what does this mean?
Prednisone during pregnancy?
My gramma ?
numb ear, what does this mean?
How can you tell the difference between a lung infection and a virus?
Help with a cough???
Is is possible that I am being exposed to toxic mold? ?
Can Bacterial Vaginosis be cured ?
I keep getting sharp pains when I inhale?
Flat feet in a 35 years old man - any advice?
how long does it take to recover after a displaced ankle fracture?
I sprain my wrist with day to day activities, how can I prevent this?
I have developed a bad hip - but i am worrying slightly because after sitting at work when i get up it seem?
Lowerback pain and growth?
MRI on knee?
loss of smell and taste due to concussion
8 yr old arm fracture when can he play tackle football?
Is my toe broken (fractured) *Pictures*?
Recently, my calf muscle starting hurting really, really badly during when I sleep.?
How bad should a broken toe hurt??
If you have a pinched nerve in your neck should you avoid playing football?
Killed in a car accident just a few hours ago...?
A friend bit my arm and it left a horrible bruise, the dark mark wont go away after months. What should I do?
I have a really bad sprained ankle, should I ask to get a cast?
I got bitten or stung by something! Please help!?
problems with knees an back?
i had 6 stitches in a split lip a month ago.its still swollen and the scar looks terrible. is there anything i
Is my arm broken or fractured?? PLEASE LOOK!!!!!!!!?
how long does it take to bleed out if wrist is cut"?
What happens when you get an x-ray and an ultrasound on your foot?
Ingrown toenail operation advice.?
if you wanted to break your wrist witha hummer how hard would you have to hit it?
My dr has released me to full duty and he says he doesn't know why my right leg is numb?
why am i still alive?
how long would it take for an overdose of wellbutrin (32 pills) to affect the body? including coma/death time?
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder-New Manifestation?
im 15 and i want a therapist. i live in stevenage england, any help of where i can find one?
How can I get to sleep when I keep thinking of scary things?
Could you recommend a drug that would help coming off Diazepam to help the horrific side effects? Thankyou x?
What would happen if i told her?
How to rebuild the immune system after anti-psychotics?
Question for all on anti depressants. Do you drink alcohol? what med are you on? do u get drunk?
Malicious websites etc. - Mental illness?
how did YOU get over your depression?
im bored now wants to do something new but what?
i dont know how or what i feel?
How to prepare myself for university interview? I have aspergers syndrome and find eye contact excruciating?
How can i become more confident?
Why am I bulimic.......?
I feel so nervous when trying to sleep? how can i fall asleep?
what is parksons disease and how to get rid of it?
what would happen if a hernia is not opperated on?
What's that means is if urine showes Mucus?
Tired and finished?
amoxicillin and beer?
Please, help a girl out!!?
headache after drinking(not a hangover)?
Is computer radiation harmful to kids and teens?
How can I prevent getting a cold?
Why do I suddenly have pour circulation?
Sudden and swift rush to the head?
What are the effects of high altitude on athletes?
What is the likely probability of coming down with the stomach flu?
What did i do to my knee? Its been bothering me for the past week, but i do not want to go to the doctors.?
what do you do if you think your finger is broken?
when will the blood clot under my skin go away? help me out, 10 points i promise :) !?
please help-back pain?
ankle pain on the inside of the ankle?
Will falling very, very, very hard on my arm while skating break it?
Can someone offer me medical advice on a really sore leg?
why is it swollen??? (suggestions anyone)?
Ear piercing trouble?
what shapes are bruises in general?
are all bones the same?
How long till the swelling goes down?
Is playing basketball on a sprained ankle a bad idea?
Fell and damaged Coccyx 6 months ago?
my brother put a blade in bread and ate it. he is in the hospital. they did not perform a removal surgery?
please help! i got a fork in my head!?
While walking I felt pain behind my knee stretching down the the calf muscle. What could this be?
What do I do about my nose piercing hurting so bad?
Embarrassing Surgery?
Big Bruise and pain where IV was!!! is this bad??
i got kicked by a thoroughbred on the weekend i need some medical advice!!!?
i have a bump on my nose ring can anyone help me what do i need to put on it to make it better?
I'm dizzy and I can't see things clearly?
Can I Buy These Electronic Cigarettes (e-cig) In Stores?
Is it normal that the inside of my pierced nostril is swollen?
Would taking Nexium stop Lamisil (anti-fungal) pills from working?
Dangerous? -- Laptops on your lap?
What's the average cost of marijuana on the streets? ?
whats the main differences? tendon/ligament?
I think i have something mentally wrong with me, Im so angry and confused!?
Please tell me what you think?
Im doing my courswork about bullying?
Can Vitamin B Complex REALLY? help with Generalized Anxiety?
how do you know if you have anger problems?
Which DR.Knows more about herbs and supplements; a GP or a psychiatrist?
Can't bring myself to eat anything..........?
Is it normal to wake up feeling empty (hard to describe)?
Self harm? Common? PLEASE HELP?
What happens if you take an overdose then go to hospital? PLEASE HELP?
Is this schizophrenia?
can your family doctor prescribe you and give you medicine that a psychiatrist will give you?
Everytime i am about to eat something, even if i am starving i will only eat about 5 spoons and i finish?
am i crazy /paranoid?
how to build up muscle mass in my left shoulder?
can my girlfriend sue the nhs?
How long do you have to register with a new surgery?
21 and suddenly mixing up written words?
out of date flu tablets..can i take them?
i have sore throat and i have i soccer game tomorrow, what should i do?
why do i keep feeling so dizzy?
Done solid writing for 2 hours, i felt something ping during the first hour, my arm is now in a lot of pain?
I have chickenpox scabs and been picking at them. they come off easily and reveal pink skin. will it scar?
Is it true if you drink glue your broken bones fix?
I occasionally wake with deep scratces down my legs and/or arms. What does this mean?
Looking for a 'glue bandage'?
Can a seizure cause permanant brain damage?
How can i cheer up my friend, who has to stay in traction with a broken leg?
will any cream actually heal a slight tear in my calf muscle?
I had broken my leg and it keeps getting infected.
possible wrist fracture?
how am i able to bend my feet like this?
Popping hip/leg?
Are bee stung my back?(its really itchy and i dont no what to do )?
can i resume normal activities with a good functional knee brace for a complete tear of my acl and lat menecus
im sunburnt on the front of my legs there really red and hurt when i stand up?
Hubbby had surgery wednesday. Just fainted twice on me and im not sure what to do?
Pretty worried about my microwave?
I cut myself and it has gone blue! why?! please help!?
When should a band-aid be taken off?
Is it true that if you pop your knuckles......? ?
i got hit in the head with a wooden hockey stick yesterday.?
what is wrong with my heel??
any easy way to break or sprain, fracture or dislocate a body part?
Accutane For Acne?
no sweating??
What is Apo-Medroxy?
if you use cocaine how long does it stay in your system?
Promblems with removed tumor?
okay this might be a problem?
Can you drink alcohol while taking suboxone?
heartburn/acid reflux?
Wrong bra size - pain?
Whats wrong with my achilles tendon?
why do i have a constant 'stich' under my right rib ?
can someone put my mind at rest please i had an accident last year which left me parayzed?
I have cramp on the left side of my rib cage?
can stress affect or trigger trigeminal neuralgia?
Will universities in England be more reluctant to offer me a place because of my aspergers syndrome?
How common is aspergers syndrome in girls?
what can help me concentrate?
I need help coping with alzheimers in the family?
Sleeping problems? Help?
Are mood swings common in schizophrenia?
does my 3 year old have ADD/ADHD?
anxiety and not sleeping are ruining my life!?
How do I know if my Doctor is giving me Placebo Quetiapine (Anti Psychotic Drugs) for Schizophrenia?
Help!Years ago a doctor diagnosed me with "mild autism" but i still Haven't had a official one of aspergers?
I hear a sad song/beat and get sad!?
Why do I feel so sad and empty? Please help me figure out what is wrong with me?
Will past depression stop me gaining employment?
i feel like i dont know who i am or what i want in life?
ADHD and Medication, help?
what is the difference between anxiety disorders and cluster c anxious personality disorders?
why do i see people and others don't?
I am concerned about my friend's mental health. Should I intervene, and how can I do this?
Anxiety before school?
Why is this, the mumps ?
why am i going to the bathroom so much?
I have not had a cigarette for 3 days and my lips are hurting, is this normal?
For anyone else who has Anemia?
I had surgery almost a week ago and still feel weak,is this from the anesthesia?
What would cause a person to not feel pain?
my 3 year old son burnt his feet on a tin roof his whole feet are blisters.what do i do?he is in a lot of pain
Plz help. need to hide the evidence?
Muscles cramping frequently?
How long should he be in screaming pain?
i had a fight and i got bit on my arm it been 2 weeks and i have a lump on it now what could it be?
Cast is making my pinky finger numb ?
both hands are swollen and tight can not make a fist what is this?
What should I do If I got over blade activate? please help me out thanks?
Can handwriting reveal previous injuries in the body?
What is best to use as an ice pack?
what to do my shoulder dislocated a hour ago and wont go back in?
tougne peircings.?
How often should a cast be changed?
Can anyone bend their fingers back? Without it hurting? And breaking?
My finger nail fell off, should I seek medical attention?
I hit a tree head first at 70km hr on the left side of my brain and i think it may have done some damage?
football problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!********************************?
i just gauged my ears?
What holistic remedy is used to help cure Epilepsy?[ head seizures]?
my ear is inflamed and I'm worried?
Tell me about Scabies?
Why are my girlfriend's feet so cold even though every other part is warm and the room is warm also.?
Whenever I hold in my pee I have pain on my left side on the lower abdomen.?
thigh muscles.......?
Weird Bubble Formations Floating!?
does the human clavicle bone serve any purpose to the nervous system?
I cant swallow pills?
Tendonitis or something else....?
why do my bones hurt?
Rash between my Inner thighs?
On april 2nd I twisted my right ankle really really bad Immedialtely it swelled up and couldn't put no weight
Sore Ankle? Please Help Me URGENT!!?
Health Care Worker Worker Waiver of Liability for Accidents or Bodily Harm?
What do you call this pain on the side of the rib cage?
injured my knee 3 weeks ago. not improving after physio. been rec MRI and poss surgery.?
i'm a little worried..?
my thigh hurts...after exercising?
Knee arthroscopy? Can i take any nurofen before i get it done?
industrial piercing hurting months later?
Shortness of Breath and tingling down my arm?
What happened to my fingers? I can't move or feel my pinky.?
My Knee Popped out of Place. it happened before, but this time it hurts. and it looks swollen or bruised. what
Easiest way to break my ankle?
I cut my hands really bad on a circular saw in my garage?
Do I need to see a doctor about my toe??
is my thumb fractured or broken?
i got glass in the sole of my foot?
Could I cause damage to my back by doing this?
I've had a very soar throat for around 4 1/2 days. Does anyone know whats wrong?
what causes violence/abuse in sports?
I get dizzy around people!?
can vomiting hard cause a rupture or a tear that would cause a small trace of bright red blood in the saliva?
I just bought tea tree oil?
Whenever I put something in my mouth, it makes me gag?
I'm getting very strange symptoms anyone have a clue to it? In the last 3 months I'm getting this sensation?
How long does it take for pot to come out of your system?
Is it true that marijuana smoke is less harmful then tobacco smoke?
has anyone heard of usinf enbrel to treat alzheimers?
i think that i might be having a relapse?
i cut myself and im bulimic.(full story) what should happen next?
Should i eat something?
I feel so homesick - what to do?
What happens if you tell a teacher your going to commit suicide?
Am I being used for tea/coffee?
Where can i be tested for dyslexia?
I'm not sure if I'm bipolar or what?
Songs about getting better and stronger?
should I phone for an ambulance / go to hospital - drug withdrawal - help?
What are your experiences of Mental Disorders/Disabilities? ...SchizoPhrenia, BiPolar, Psychosis..?
is it possible that i myself have schizophrenia?
dose anyone have really bad mental health ?
Blurred Vision and Anxiety?
Thinking about your future ??? x?
no love due to anxiety anyone ?
im like a hunchback and i slouch whats the best way to stop??
tight pain in my chest??
Acne scar treatments?
whats wrong with this rash?
My 20 yr. old son has very bad acne. I am wondering about the drug Acutane?
Why do I get cramp??
an ercection give me a thumping head ache at the back bottom of my brain like theres another heart there?
hey ppl look at the question underneith?
Will my nail fall off? How can I treat it?
Broke my finger from jamming in door?
Can you swim with a torn quadricep muscle?
Hurt my toes really badly?
I have burn from boiling water i got it 1 or 2 weeks ago. how to treat it?
I literally ripped a vein inside my ankle.I don't know how but im scared help me.?
how long did you have to wear a cast after breaking your leg?
why does my big toes click sometimes when i walk ??
what happens when you break your back?
my eyeball has a lot of blood in it from getting hit. what do i do?
My hand still hurts a week and 2 days of swellling?
What's your worst work-related injury?
I need advice about this pain in my inner left knee, i fell of a horse 5 months ago.?
Remedy to Quickly Heal Bruises..?
Bee Sting :(?
My shoulder is stuffed!!?
What can you put in the eye for a broken blood vessel?
Has anyone out there ever broken a Femur?
I'm 15 and have bad knees. Why?
what is this from??????????????
Question on Siamese twins?
how can i become a morning person?
Temperature of liquid i drink changes my body temperature why?
Is this a form of sleepwalking?
Charlie horse in my foot?
How to treat a Canker Sore?
Do you think i have the flu?
What is your experience with hemmies, aka hemorrhoids?
Nausea and upset stomach?
Weird Sleep Pattern...?
how can i get rid of redness and little bumps on my cheeks?
I feel like I want to be free, how is this achievable?
What are people's experience of St John's Wort?
How to overcome my fear of rejection?
Life, whats the point so why continue ?
Can you have flat affect without having schizophrenia?
Has God spoke any concrete words to you? What did he say? And do you believe atheistic psychiatry when they...?
Keeping going how can I do it and should I do it?
Whats it like in a hospital if you are on suicide watch? PLEASE HELP?
would taking loads of zopiclone 7.5mg kill you?
help...i have a big head, i speak like im braini but im not, im confident sometimes - r people jealous of me?
is it possible to have ADD but still get good grades?
How common is schizoaffective disorder?
Are there reasons why I hate myself?
im so scared of rejection how can i overcome this?
what kind of depression is this?
Who has been diagnosed with Chorn's Disease?
What could I have?
Are there any natural ways of getting rid of a headache?
HEALTH QUESTION!! please help!!?
Permanent solution?
Pain in right side of body?
Appendix question?
How do I solve back pains?
Ingrown toenail surgery - is it really THAT bad?
does anyone have any advise for tennis elbow my doctor says there is nothing he can do about it?
My 6yr old crashed 2 ground on her shoulder when standing on chair. It is still sore 2 move after 5days.?
What do I do if a broken bone sets wrong.?
Horse stepped on my bare foot at the beach?
i wore some new boots the other day they are flat monkey boots now my heel on my left foot is so pain ful wen?
I walked away from a car accident, but am I really ok?
please help me .?
Is it possible to get Tonsillitis after a Tonsillectomy?
belly cramp but my period ended last week?
Do Dulcolax tablets force you to go?
Stich like feeling in heart area, please help! Really worried?
Two days ago i carried to super heavy shopping bags on one hand now the tip of my middle finger is numb?
cortozone injection into bone?
Has anyone had an old injury from a broken nose fixed? What was it like ?
How long does a torn calf muscle take to heal?
Help with bruise under fingernail?
Knee pain after walking?
Does anyone know . . . . .?
OWWWW omg please help!!?
I have a problem?
Why do I have pain in right shoulder?
Is it possible to get a injury from using the computer too much? (10 pt to best answer)?
I have what I believe are heel spurs. Any ideas for treatment or pain relief?
broken bones?
Do I have a sprianed elbow or a hairline fracture?
Can't deal with this anymore.?
Im addicted to crisps, how do I cut down?
depressed or not.. or kidding me self?
Do those with schizophrenia ever actually know they are ill?
Why am I so upset all the time?
Why does looking at bright flashing lights in a dark room make me feel optimistic?
Worried my friend is anorexic, how do I approach?
do you think I should try and get antidepressants?
ive been ill for quiet awhile, help? :(?
What can cause a communication problem, ie inability to form words properly, blank mind, slow mind?
Should i go back to the doctors?
Why am i like this( see details)?
How do you recover from Teenager Flying the Nest Syndrome!!?
whats wrong with me, please help?
How depressed am I exactly?
why does it seem he trying to turn my mum away from me?
IS weed really bad for u, are just makes u relex :)?
Is it bad to sleep 6-7 hours?
is smoking weed really that bad...?
Help I'm Really Constipated?!?!?
How can i quit smoking?
whats the easiest way to quit smoking ciggeretts?
i really need help, can someone tell me whats wrong with me and how to fix it pleaaase?
i have a kidney infection but puked up my first two pills..?
How do I quit the habit of biting my nails?
The best way to quit smoking...?
Hyperactive senior, 90 year old, what do I do? He won't stop mumbling*, won't sit still.?
I only had a few hours of sleep and I don't feel good. What can I do or eat to feel less tired?
Ive been laying in bed, awake for 4 hours- i cant sleep- help?
What's wrong with me, and what should I do?
Why does one get dizzy,when standing up too quickly?
What does your body use for energy if you go 24 hours without any sleep?
Should I go to the Dr.?
How can I convince him to quit smoking?
HELP!!!, what do I do?
How can I sleep better?
How to get someone to quit smoking who's been smoking for 34 years?
Why can't I sleep??????
My left eyelid has been twitching for about a week now, and it is really bothering me What is it? Please help?
Colonoscopy..what should I expect?
universal health care is rationed health care!?
Why make your bed in the mornings when you'll go back to sleep that night?
how do you stop sweating?
Sould tobacco companies pay for health care of smokers?
help cant stop smoking trying to quit !?!?
Coming down with H1n1?
How Can I Avoid Sweating?
Chewing on lips. How do I stop?
Really bad pain on my right side, can barely move?
How Doctors keep themselves healthy?
is it normal for a 79 year old woman to sleep a lot?
If i'm 18 can i get my own doctor?
Can anyone tell what supplement is good for controlling your cholesterol?
There's a burning feeling in my chest and hurts to swallow, could it be heart burn?
I suddenly got bad smelling urine?
cannot sleep! over 3 days with no sleep?
Do I have a bladder infection?! HELPPP?
What bones are your toes made up of?
why is my eye randomly swollen?
Help please!!! Hurting finger from bb!!!?
What is.............?
My dog has bitten me,and I've got it checked out and it's fine right now,but what will happen to my dog?
can you "break every bone in your body" and live?
why do ice makes swelling go down?
Sore muscle where my leg joins my bottom after exercise?
what have i done to my hand?
Exercises to help lower back pain?
is my ankle sprained or something help!!!!?
Help, I visited the park and i tripped and twisted my ankle. I fractured ankle badly. Can I sue the council?
ACL Surgery Should we and how long is recovery?
i need help fast because i don't want this to get really bad?
did i brake my tailbone or just bruise it?
If i have my belly pierced at the sides will they rip out eventually?
Major sleeping problems, please answer, its pretty urgent.?
i had an ingrown hair which naturally i squeezed.pus came out.now there seems to be infection.?
Knuckle isnt where it should be..?
Dealing with chronic pain...anyone else?
Slammed my finger in a car door, Im a guitarist and I have no feeling in my finger tip. DR? Nerve damage?
How do I get rid of my cold?
HELP!! How can I get this splinter like thing out of my foot?
How do you get rid of a scar caused by a jellyfish sting?