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Bump on lip?...helppp!!!?
Does sniffing gasoline on a regular basis destroy your liver?
Does Advalat make your leg and arm muscles sore?
dry mouth and upset stomach?
The evulation of the ambulance?
can nyquill cause anytype of sleep walking?
my finger is really bruised and swollen. could it be broken?
A sprained finger? D:?
Is having no conscience a good thing or a bad thing and why?
do i go bk in to hospital and loose my family or stay at home and keep them?
i have had a head ache for tha past two weeks?
Why is my hip suddenly hurting?
Doe's anyone know any social network sites or forums for mental health/ self harm?
how long does it take for antipsychotics to leave the body and can you return to your original weight?
anxiety please read and give your thoughts.? medication ( struggling)?
Why do I have Pain in my Pelvic region?
If you broke or bruised or fractured your tailbone, would you be able to walk?
What is the validity of the dsm?
Why am i getting a rash on my wrist?
Depersonalization, anxiety? or something worse?
severe liquid reflux but no heartburn?
face skin peeled off, really burning and painful...need help to knw wut to use?
Why is the antibiotic chloramphenacol not used to combat MRSA?
Home remedies for DRY SCALP (not dandruff)?
anyone know how to eliminate dark patches on skin, like sun damage spots?
would this be considered an eating disorder?
Best Acne Medication?
What are the effects of not sleeping for 24 hours to 48 hours?
Questions for Nurses, doctors, or someone who wants to be one of those!!!!!!?
Does accutane get rid of blackheads?
too high of a dosage of synthroid?
What could be the cause and treatment for the bright red spot on my left eye ball?
does anxiety cause tinnitus?
Whats wrong with me. Sore throat, fever,head ache,dizzy.?
Broken arm in the summer.?
i got a stiches in my knee can i skateboard?
Is my finger swollen or just jammed? will it heal fast?
Adhd and teen incontince?
Do Kids wear Diapers?
My arm feels like it's broken...?
What does pinkeye look like? (please have a link to a picture or good description) Thank you so much!?
How do you know if you have a low immune system?
Intelligence or Wisdom; which attribute is more important for doctors?
My sister has swollen face nad hands! Whats wrong? HELP!?
Why is it as you age, Time gets shorter?
Can sleep deprivation cause nausea?
I'm just wondering :|?
Piercing Question...Do I have a keloid?
why do doctors never get the flu?
Does this sound like hyperhidrosis?
Can this be cancer, i had this white lump, maybe red now,but i had it now for 3-4 months, and it doesn't?
Can salbutamol sulphate worsen asthma?
help i have warts everywhere?
Can swollen....?
Are there any good acne treatment facials?
what are the symptoms of swine flu?
have cough fever gone headache stuffed nose but feel okay after yesterday..is not swine ful??r=1259147431?
I have a severe case of Vertigo,and I am on meds for it,I need this to go away,I can't handle this anymore
Something is wrong with my stomach, but I don't know what?
What is run for the cure?
Mental issues... please help.?
depression, help please?!?
Where in Canada can you buy in store....Wart & Mole Vanish, that's supposed to get rid of moles it's a cream?
What could these symptoms (dizziness, mood change, memory less etc.) mean?
cartilage piercing infection!?
quick question about antiboitics?!?
I think I have ADD/ADHD and OCD. Is this possible? or am i just been paranoid?
Why am I constantly bloated?
My Toe nails are cracking brittle and yellowish and dry what should i do ?!?
i suffer with severe anxiety disorder and depression and the doctor is?
am i mad help me i need it?
i get anxiety before going into work and feel anxious at work?
Does anyone know what the history of exfoliating our skin came from?
Do i have a Brused bone?
If you broke or bruised or fractured your tailbone, would you be able to walk?
I feel pain along the lining of my ribcage (diaphragm i think) a very painful stretching feeling?
The pain is unbearable.?
Did I break or bruise my tailbone?
Does Red # 40 and Yellow # 5 cause hyperactivity in preschoolers?
Can i snowboard after breaking my tibia bone 6 months ago?
I have a capative bead earing and i cant get it out can someone help me out?
How can i deal with my OCD?
My industrial hurts. Should it?
I have so much trouble concentrating in class and can never stay focused...?
What is the best way to deal with work place bullying?
how come sometimes I just zone out?
Is it dangerous for your health to smell charcoal incense every day?
what can i do to help me stay focus and concentrate in class?
how does crying work?
I CANNOT stop coughing and i have a runny nose?
I am having a horrible time falling asleep, is there anything I can do do help me doze off faster at night?
Do you get "off" days?
What is the best way to deal with a blister?
would anyone know why a seller on ebay would block me?
how can i get rid of trapped wind fast it feels like its in my intestines?
Is this a digestive problem? ?
Can I mix my bio-oil with my body lotion?
what do you know about hydrocephalus?
Where can I find clinic for myaunt who has alzheimer?
I think i have psoriasis! :( ?
I have a bug bite in the winter?
Sunburnt and I dont know what to do...?
What is a good anti bacterial soap? I want one that's good for sensitve skin. ?
Young boy clinical symptoms...help plz!!?
I just rubbed my face really hard with a towel now it hurts like alot?
ACNE QUESTION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
HELP!! What Happened to my FACE!?!? and LEGS?!?!?
Is high SGPT a cause of cancer?
Any of you know the risk factors or side effects of the Gamma Knife surgery?
Can you have walking pneumonia and not have a cough?
has anyone used antibiotics to treat acne?
Please Read ! Sprained Ankle?
I hit my elbow off the ice 5 months ago and only had pain when touched but not when I move it.?
Help! I got scratched by a cat!!!!?
what is the best way to remove or fade a small bruise on your face?
Got hit in the back of the head pretty hard, what should i do?
Do i have shin splints again?
Can anyone help with my anxiety?
i'm really freaked out please help!?
Bringing myself off my tablets - what physical effects should I look out for?
help. severe depression and anxiety. so scared. please give me advice?
Is my eating abnormal? Do I actually need help or can I keep going like this?
does anyone know anywhere online where i can join a free chat room for depression?
Pains in my back and round my sides?
Can laptops affect your eyesight?
i am thinking of getting a nape piercing (back of neck) and i need details!HELP.?
I have a ear ace in my right ear and it hurts when I swollow anything.?
Why do I have random pains in my arms?
If I have been taking liquid capsule Ibuprofen, am I then able to change to the tablets with no liquid in?
I need help with getting rid of Stretch marks!?
Do Scholl Orthaheels actually work or are they a waste of money?
can you be constipated but still have soft stools?
why is my hand going stiff all of a sudden?
Swollen glands, aching head..help :(?
Social, Ethical and Legal Issues with Leukemia?
how will epilepsy affected a person's life?
is supplemental iodine good for thyroid disease?
What could I be sick with, please help ?
Irritating throat? Help ?
Cough and left neck lymph node is very swollen?
is it ezcema if it doesnt hurt or itch around they eye?
health risks long term mould exposure?
Does he have pnemonia?
How to........ *more inside 10pts*?
Cats that get the flu after owners got vaccinated?
are there any Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma survivors who were told they wouldn't be able to have babies who now have?
Susceptibility to pneumonia?
Does anyone know where I can get a free English copy of the instruction booklet for the Total Gym?
Will I get sick eating a cracker that was rancid? It smelled a little off but when I bit it, it tasted awful.
Is it bad to wet your head or go inside a cold room when your hot?If so why?
Humm... just wondering if that could be the reason..?
cure for a knee injury?
fractured elbow? or just hurt?
i hit my funny bone very very hard 3 days ago.?
For the past week, I've been having bad lower back pain. My back seizes up after sitting and it really hurts?
HELP!!! I fell off my bike 2 days ago and I cant get up!!! What do I do?
Is Burt's Bees good for very sensitive skin?
Whether immobility will cause problems often depends on what?
During night dry parched mouth few seconds...whar is the cause ?
weird cold sensation when eating cheese?
Does this sound like dementia?
My head is hot but I don't have a fever?
Please tell me the best way to get rid of a smell and taste disorder brought on by chronic sinusitis ?
on Macrobid for UTI for only 3 days?
My acne goes away in the summer, but always comes back?
what is chronic obstructive pulmonary disease?
What is wrong with his ear?
Red irritating rash on cheek?
How do I get rid of rashes quickly?
How do I calm myself/destress? Was it my irregular sleeping patterns?
I have been experiencing pain in my lower left ribs.Would it be kidneys? Or lung?
Is there a virus that does not cause disease or bad effects (non-pathogenic) to any organism?
Sleeping Disorder [20 characters]?
acne scars how to get rid of em fasttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt?
What's wrong with my skin?
Quetiapine (seroquel)/ amitriptyline and appointment with psychiatrist?
What are the symptoms of morning sickness? ?
What shots do you get in elementary school?
Is this head rush? I'll sit on the couch for like 5 minutes, I'll stand up and see bright colours?
Pain in my gum pops up from time to time, what may it be?
My hand is still swollen quite badly?
Acne Problem? Please help!?
splotches/rash after fever?
why is this chronic head pain still here?
Skin problemm !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
what could this be in my leg?
While peeing today, i have a strong, swelling kind of sensation in my right kidney.?
What could possibly be wrong?
Blood tinged mucus? Need advice.?
We are all sick, what is it?
Burn on my hand...infection? Freaking out here :O?
Drunk a Gulp of Male aftershave?
Why does the bone at the top of my bum HURT!?
what is the main way(s) swine flu is transmitted and....?
do you always have fever and vomiting with a flu virus?
Does anyone have any ideas why my bilirubin would be high?
I have a wierd pain on the palm of my feet? HELP PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEE?
can i sue my workmans comp doctor?
I have little bumps on my arm ..?
is it just a cold or something else?
identify nursing diagnosis related to bowel not open?
i have a bump on my Pinky ,doctor said it was created by rubbing on flat surface to much ?
Getting cast removed?
Strange Itchiness when Warm?
Sick, sore throat, cough coming from the chest..?
bump on head?
My right tonsil is extremely sore?
i purposely scarred myself a long time ago and want to get rid of it. how can i?
Too much skin over right eye?
Help with scars?! I want to get rid of them asap!?
how do you get rid of oily skin?
This is not a mental health question but...?
what types of seratonin tumors are there?
Bowl trouble?
How can I get over my fear of horses?
Why im i so emotional?
I think I'm beginning to feel depressed?
Best friend died from anorexia?
Were these 'voices' in my head?
I want to pull a sicky tomorrow, help please!?
Is changing ones mind about every good thought, swapping for negative thoughts, a symptom of bipolar?
School trip stomach ache?
I can't sleep because i'm yawning.?
please answer i dont know whaats going on ?
i am 5 feet 4 inches and 11yrs. how tall will i be when i am fully grown?
My nose feels plugged even when I blow it?
Im kinda hotter then i should be, and my eyes burn for the last 6 hours? what is this?
Do you need a reference from a family doctor to go to an optometrist?
Why am I still sick and coughing?
With what home remedies can I treat a nail that turned half green!!!?
My back has been hurting a lot lately, and I sit with decent posture. What are some possible reasons?
Pleease Help for Concussion!?
my head hurts real bad and I dont know what happened?
i get mosquito bits leave a mark on my skin.why?
Is Ovarian cancer a result of a single or multiple gene disorder or of choromosal abnormality?
Pain in Legs?
i went to my doctor last month and she told me that i have group B streptococcus?
how do you get rid of a blister?
does the liver have anything to do with the immune system?
Topical Cream with MSM & Emu Oil for Acne, redness and scars ?
my mom has cancer and is having heart problemsss plz help?
What have I injured? How can I get rid of it?
I got hit in the face by balll HElpp?
blackheads on my face? I wash in the morning and night with soap, don't touch them, and I'm 14.?
i had elbow surgery 2 months ago.. i lost alot of muscle. any ideas on how i can regain it.. ?
:S How do you get rid of a boil?
how can i make my cut stop burning?
Could someone please tell me where my puffer is?
I want to get laser acne treatment what is the best one?
MRI Results? Some one please clearify!?
Did i pull a muscle in my back?
Recent back pain and iwas wondering?
Running from a recent strained muscle in back plz feed back best aNSWER 10 PTS?
what is a creative anti smoking ad?
Why did this happen??? i was so scared?
Drug causing Brown Urine?
AcneFree has anyone used it?
What can I take to help me sleep (without prescription)?
Why is there a pounding in my stomach!?!!?
What does it mean if my right side hurts just above my hip when i look down?
Please help! Medical! Dont wanna go to the hospital!?
Why are mental health disorders so rife in todays society?
Sharp pain in left side?
Why am I getting so many medical issues?
Just a few questions about general health :)?
What is wrong with my thumb joint?
What medication/s do others take for constant jaw/facial pain?
Shoulder pain when sat upright?
If a fatality rate is 5-7% is that high?
how do you extract tar from tobbaco with out ruining the tobacco or ciggarete?
Snapping Hip???? Please Read?
Is Depression a Legal Disability?Do you think I should work?
Elbow pain, what's causing it?
Do ALL pharmacys stock methadone? Do Boots NOT stock it?
Pains in my right side, what could this be?
How to tell with cold sores?
my facial skin in the past had a fresh/whitish look to it, now my facial skin looks yellowish and unfresh,?
DO You/DID You Have These SYMPTOMS?If so what have you been diagnosed with?
after be hospitalized where do i go?
My throat feels cold?
how to doctors test for adhd/add ?
Skin pain? No rash, no itching, no bumps.?
im 21 but have wrinkles under my eyes?
My stomach hurts, what should I do?
Is There A hep A & B pill?
salmonella vaccine availability and timeline?
Pituitary gland information. Can you help me?
What are some exercises I can do to strengthen my wrist and forearm?
What is this breathing problem I have.?
Why does my head get tight and I lose my vision when I stand up?
Causes of chronic Bad breath?
How do I get rid of blackheads other than popping em?
Does smoking a pipe give you diarhea?
Are robitussin cough gels available in Ontario, Canada?
Chronic Cold Or Something More Serious?
my inner ankle bone hurts after jumping alot in soccer practice?
What happens when you catch fire?
I always fall down the stairs. Any suggestions to help me to not fall anymore?
Cutting your wrist Vertical or horizontal?
I have an illeostomy and there is a narrowing at the abdomen wall & i have a14cm herna is this serious ?
Can i change my dressing sooner?
how to diagnose a knee injury?
Knee pain playing soccer HELP!?
My husband has been admitted to a mental hospital but hasn't been sectioned..read?
What do you think to my youtube channel (self harm, eating disorders, depression)?
Can Diarrhea be contagious?
I am going to see a adult psychologist what will happen at this appointment?
I always get inspired?
Canada use health promotion messages to increase awareness in the youth about the dangers of illicit drug use?
How long does it take to get a new health card in Ontario?
Is 36 kilogram to low for a twelve year old? ?
My heart rate is really high? What do I DO?
why cant you have tattoos in a MRI?
Why I have I just given up?
Have i bored my shrink to tears, I'm so UPSETTTT. she told me not to come to her offic?
Are there people who can do cocaine without getting addicted to it and all messed up?
How long does permanent marker take to wash off human skin?
Is there a time of the year when most people die? ?
Unusual sharp pains in forehead...but doesn't feel like a headache or migraine..what could it be?!?
Sudden shakiness and slight headache?
i wake up at night doubled up with severe pain in my toungue i knw this sounds weird but i have no cut or ulce?
What will happen to someone who gets 4 hours sleep for 3 nights in a row?
hernia? or muscle pain?
Pain in my big toe! Help please!?
what will happen if i drink an take paracetamol?
Bruised shin, now full of fluid?
What could be causing my left arm to hurt and tingle and go numb, my left foot also has a numb/tingle feeling.?
does anyone like having the front of their neck tickled?
Sore throat, chesty cough, painful to swallow?
nerves get the better of me! help!?
Sleeping problem please help?
Does anyone know where i can find good and bad health behaviours?
What can cause my hand and arm to tire and ache, just from holding a newspaper?
I have a lump on my upper right abdomen and on the top of my right rib cage.?
does any one have a cure for urticia hives?
Why is my throat swollen?
It feels like something is crawling in my right ear?
Has anyone ever been treated for trichoepithelioma?
do i have mono? help help!?
I think Im seeing things?
what is the difference between hydrophobia and rabies?
Will I get Arthritis? Can I prevent it?
why do i get skin tags?
I need help with wart removal?
Started out as muscles spasms but now its chest pains..?
Temporary vision loss?
Treatment of Mycoplasma pneumonia?
Is there anything that can cure ringworm up fast?
Post Transplant Surgery?
Is this just overuse or is something wrong.?
what is a good OVER THE COUNTER cleanser and moisturizer for people with rosacea?
Could it be a infection?
I suffer from schizophrenia and i want to get better?
Teen hero drowns to save brother.....?
What percentage of people in the world have 20/20 vision?
my classmates are going to tell my teachers that.......?
How long does vomiting last in a 20month old?
I feel so... ashamed and scared :l?
what is counselling like?
Mind Block! How can I get my mind to go deeply into profound thought like I used to do...?
how much cholestrol are you supposed to have in a day. what happens if you exceed that?
identify the principles of moist wound healing?
Why is my eye red??
if you have a cancerous mole on your back do you require surgery?
Does anyone know what I have?
How do you get rid of a sinus cold?or get rid of the pain?
What kind of sickness is this?
Do I have warts on my fingers?
Why does hot water make a spot on my hand itch?
Isn't it about time we forget H1N1?
can guys use birth controll to controll there acne? :p?
Skin Damage problems ..help what to do ? ?
Cold sore is still there?
Why are they still given out the regular flu shot in december when it 2 months late ?Regular flu is done this?
How long does it take for a sun tan to go away on dark skinned people?
how to treat cold feet and hands?
Can you get the mumps more than once?
the water in my vaporizer is brown?
Why won't these blackheads go away ?! Help?
Smokers and bathroom cleaning...?
What are some types of food to avoid when sick?
What to do if I inhaled a lot rubbing alcohol?
Lately I have been having difficulties..?
I have a BUMP on the back of my HEAD!!!!?
how much ritalin does it take to get tuned?
Why am I suddenly not as hungry?
i cant get rid of it please help?
can ibuprofen tablets be addictive?
How come I keep biting the sides of my fingers?
In the morning... ( read Deatails)?
surgery to remove disc bulge?
migraine sufferers!! help! what do you think of topamax for migraine prevention? ?
Verucas! Best way to get rid! Chiropodist did not work nor any chemist stuff!!!!?
Are there any remedies to cure a hangover quickly?
I don't know what's wrong with me?
skin mole removal cost?
How do anti depressants work?
How has social Anxiety affected your life?
How do I get rid of abdominal muscle pain?
Could this be Arthritis?
How long untill my eating becomes dangerous?
Why me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
eating disorder support group?
I think i may have a mental illness, please could you look at my symtoms and see if you can tell me what it is?
what to do about flaky skin?
Brain Tumor recipesjuices?
Husband being sent for Non Hodgkin's test...?
How to get rid of warts?
How does chronic kidney disease affect the circulatory system?
can we prescribe singular 4 mg for a 2 year old girl who has ASA allergy?
what is Thyroids is that belongs to cancer?
Chances that it's chronic kidney disease?
I got two blisters today. What should I do?
if you pick at a dried cold sore will it spread?
Amoxil/z-pack didn't work! now what ?
Pore that enlarges from acne?
What will treat Onychia?
What is ricket disease and how do you get the disease?
I went to the doctor and was told I have ring worm but I was also exposed to Chicken Pox?
Something purple, please help.?
I have awful blackheads all over my forehead and sides on my nose...?
Swine Flu Fever - Is it too high?
why do i have hundreds of blackheads on my nose?
causes of burning itchy feet?
Accutane? (want somebody who knows alot about it)!!?
best treatment for mono?
laser skin surgery, skin peel treatments etc.?
Question regarding SSRI (Zoloft)?
Back,shoulder, face acne solution hint?
I have stomach discomfort?
Did you have kidney stones? What was the feeling?
blood and urine test for ADD?
Generic Imitrex just came on the market in Canada. Savings of $60 for 6 pills. Has anyone tried the generic?
Facial problems Please Help!!!?
Dry scalp since I got my blonde highlights?
would doing Laser hair removal help me?
I found a little kitten lastinight , i think she might be a little sick?
How to get rid of fat, please help?
what is this bug its scary ?
Crohn's and employment concerns?
what does white matter flair & T2 hyperintensities are numerous in cach frontal lobe measuring 6mm?
Is dizziness normal after a few days of having food poisoning?
So I've now moved back home..?
What is the maximum dose of Concerta XL can you take once daily in the morning ?
If I were to go to my GP about my depression what would I likely be offered?
Am i sick in the head or something?
how can you tell if someone is having a mental breakdown?
the cure to bulimia nervosa?
my face is really dry, why?
Yellow fever vs. malaria?
Feeling helpless about potential ovarian cyst and afraid of rupture?
short headaches..........?
Why do i have such bad back problems at 16?
what are some good ways to get rid of acne?
Can a blind person see if a person donates there eyes..!?
why are my legs swollen, and rashy? just returned from south east asia.?
There is a painful bump on the inside of my left nostril...what is that?
left side of body went weak while exercising?
Why am I getting back pains during times of anxiety?
i have rather large pores. looking for some easy home treatments that work.?
Has anyone tried Bioskin rejuvenation? I was going to try it for an acne scar and for post-acne red marks.?
scared of black henna scarring !!?
what is the best anti histamine to buy for itching?
Is there a way to get rid of that 'shock'/nauseous feeling you get when you receive bad news?
How long does the rednness last from a Hot water second degree brun?
Can anyone shed some light on what these symptoms might be caused by?
breast cancer commercial featuring the family after the loss of a mom!?
are underground labs making safe steriods?
Precordial Catch Syndrome?
i would like to have the name & email address &/or contact of the world's leading authority on gbs. pls help
bad rash!!?
Is going to school to b a EMT-P while working as a EMT-B a bad idea?
OMFG what are these? PLEASE HELP!!?
Strattera; Can you snort it?
Pukey burps question #2?
Does pot make you 'binge?'?
Tylenol Tablets help?
I can't sleep. What do I do?
ok if someone peed in a cup could you tell if they were doing drugs?
Can I grow taller? am I as tall as I will get?
how to top being paranoid?
What is wrong with me? Why do I feel this way?
what happens when i see a therapist for my depression?
Cymbalta Side Effects??!!?
Can one bad night's sleep bring on stress and worry?
what r the symptoms and treatment possiblities for goiter and thyroid problems?
Is there something that could make a mental tick be more “on” then usual?
I have a fear of busting my spinal cord?
Eating disorder story?
normally im dead sensitive to pain but when i ...?
Why do people with anorexia usually suffer with depression and insomnia?
Does smoking weed make your eye's SMALLER?
Did anyone have a drain when they got an appendectomy?
What Toronto Hospital to go to, Sunnybrook or Grace? Father spits blood and won't eat?
am i the only one who likes to count sheep?
Antidepressants ... decision making?
What should I do to be a MBTI practitioner in UK?
Wierd bump on my leg?
Suggested reading about physical abuse from Person Centred Counselling Approach?
Please help! Am I schizophrenic?
I Have a really bad pain bottom left of my tummy?
what medication can i get off my gp with Methadone?
pain but no bruising?
I am taking antibiotics for my sinus infection but now instead of a dull ache im getting pains.?
i have back pain and pain around my ovarys what could it be?
Is there a reason as to why i am always so tired?
been having some body aches?
High fever! how do i get rid of it b4 halloween party?
broken spine questions? :)?
Dr.Scholls freeze away moles? (pictures)?
Should health care workers such as doctors, dentists, and nurses, be screened for HIV?
white patchs pops up when I itch my skin?
whats up with this blister?
I've been getting lots of head rushes...?
How to get taste buds back when your sick?
What causes torticollis?
How do Asbestos fibres work?
What is it like after recovering from anorexia? (recovering or recovered anorexicx prefered)?
How to ge rid of an infected ear after piercing?
Brown Spots on Stomach?
Has anyone ever had a reaction to lipitor or crestor? what was the reaction and what did you do about it?
get rid of Acne on your chest and back?
Small, black, mysterious bump?
Has anyone here been diagnosed with OCD? (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)?
celebrities with troubled pasts?
OHIP coverage in Quebec?
I am depressed, but I don't want to go back on the drugs :o(?
Okay, the muscle on the left side of my tongue has been noticeably more tense then the other half, (below) ?
What do low compliment levels and low b12 imply?
I need some words of encouragement?
How serious is this diagnosis?
I have been sick for over a year now please help me!?
is it pregnancy or swine flu!?
how to get ride of candida??? plzz help?
I might Have Swine flu?!?
How Can I Make My Sister Who I Gave Scabies Feel Better?
Can your finger get infected?
do i have some kind of food poisoning? please help?
lip problem. please help?
How do people get diagnosed with leprosy? i really need answers, please!! thanks?
Dizziness and winking of the left eye is a symptom for ?
How long does it take to find out if you have a urinary track infection after you go to the doctor?
cold sores help !!!!?
can wearing earplugs destroy my hearing over time?
I have this long term bruise on my upper arm is it leukaemia?
Why is my left kidney swollen?
I think I have mono....?
Help Please!! *hiccup* its driving me crazy?
Red swollen bump in my ear?
Pink eye? Doctors asap ?
Has anyone ever "vomited" or coughed up like a whitish/clear foamy liquid? ?
Is it bad that i like pain ?
Why am i always cold?
please help???? answers soon as!?
What could be wrong with me?
why is my tounge still swollen?
Characteristics to Anorexia Nervosa?
Is there any way to prevent nightmares and sleep-induced hallucinations?
QUIT CHAMPIX, back smoking, Doctor prescribed prozac, any advice on how good it is?
I need help! Please!?
How long does the average cold last?
how can i go to sleep if im thinking about scary things?
is this normal for lack off sleep?
Awful moments of deja vu?
Depression and emotional pain?
Do you think this SWINE FLU will halt ALL travel?
Where do animals get rabies from?
what medications can i buy in the philippines to help cure my wifes eye infection?
Individual home septic systems generally DO NOT involve?
does fear have an odor?
i don't know what sickness i have?
Horrible cold for almost a month now.. Help?
How do i get rid of splotchy skin on my Legs?
Do I have an ineffective cataract?
Help me bowel movement issues?
I have a red bump on my chest, Information regarding mole?
tranquilizer statistics help?
spinal cord damage causing this?
Last night those storms were very nasty and all night too?
i have digestive problems i dropped 55 lbs unitentionally the doctors cant find anything wrong i eat any info?
Chemical peels from my waist down to the top of feet?
Huge zit still there! Its been 3 weeks now!?
I have all these red splothes and they look like red dots all over?
Ever worked as a mortician?
I keep having this urge to.. (please read)?
is this psychosis??????
I can't help over thinking things, what can i do?
how can i get help help with acedia?
my boy friend is depressed how can i help him?
Is it true that Schizophrenia can be cured if brought on by Trauma/Stress but not if in your Genes/Passed Down?
How long does it take to beat a BenzoDiazepam addiction?
I feel so lonely and bored?
How do I get rid of ADHD?
can a toe infection cause illness?
Bad Viruss orr whatttttt!?
What kind of sickness do you think I have?
why does this flu bug happen?
Do I have Mononucleosis?
My 11 year son just had the flu and now he doesn't but he still feels sick! Ten points for answer!?
anyone else have a Over Active Bladder?
Help! Swollen Feet and Ankles?
Long term waxing on legs?
smoking stats in Canada..?
Digestion noises with pain followed by hunger...?
which product works for ocasional breakouts and acne scars?
Somthing Wrong With EyeLid ?
so if your skin gets peeled off behind your ear and it's red and you can see blood but it's not bleeding?
Has anyone ever tried stevamycin acne treatment? Did it work?
I don't feel good, is 99.4 or higher a fever?
medical question about 18 yr old breathing troubles!?
How do you remove a planters wort ?
whats wrong with my chest? should i be more worried?
is there anything that you know thats better then accutane?
Pinworm treatment not working?
Contraction of HIV/AIDS/Hepatitis?
does the h1n1 virus breed/survive in cold temps?
peirced my cartilage at claires its been 6 weeks now.i switched the stud for a hoop and now its swollen?
why has my eyesight suddenly improved?
Can I take my prescribed pain killers to Turkey on Holiday?
Worried About My Neighbour?
Can someone explain my glasses prescription?
pain when moving neck to the right. any suggestions on whats wrong?
i felt sick and i was vomiting a few times,and now i feel like a have something stuck in my throat?
Why does my sternum hurt?
Neck strained? Any advice?
can Hepa B be transmitted through saliva?
Why does you skin get all wrinkly after a warm bath?
How did people who cut themselves get the nickname emo?
questions about shisha?
How do they do a bone density test?? pain??easy,fast?
What are some symptoms that you are going to faint?
what causes someone to faint?
i think i have iron deficiency?
Canadians, can you still find Drixoral on your pharmacy shelves in Canada?
SOOOOO embaressed about this but please help?
what are some brain foods?
Is this a Flu/Virus/Stomach Problem? ?
Is fainting in excessive heat normal?
medical question about 18 yr old breathing troubles!?
Cartalige is red and swollen?
cold ice asthma remedies?
Hepatitis in dried blood?
Has anyone had parvovirus B19 for a long time?
Will my dark suntan go away if i keep avoiding the sun and wear sunscreen?
Has anyone been on paxil for more than one year, then gradually come off of it?
mold spores,do they become airborne?
Why does my skin change throughout the day?
i need help with blackheads!?
Nice ways to clear skin.?
I don't have a cold, what could this be?
Is my mole dangerous? Or am I just paranoid...?
Is rubella easy to catch? Help Please!?
NEED A CURE ASAP = for dog yeast infection.?
why is my skin dry from the winter season?
can you help me make SLOGAN for fever medicine?
Do you experience voices in your head?
anyone knows anyone with kids by 3 women but lives a stress-free life?
could i possibly have a bladder infection?
how can i help my dad who is ill with work related stress?
How do I get her out of my head?
do i have a mental disorder or something?
What are your views on people committing suicide ?
Have you ever used the services of a psychiatrist?
Does this sound just like a cold or should I be worried?
i get really nervous and scared when people are behind me?
how to cope with the guilt?
What feeling do people get when they self harm?
Any tips for using accutane?
I get covered in bruises at the slightest knocks, how can i get rid of them quicker?
Why do i have this headache all the time?
Any home remedies for a cricked neck?
Lower back (right side) muscular pain? trapped nerve?
Questions about knee-cap dislocation?
are there any health risks in drinking water with high levels of limescale for long periods?
getting really bad sharp pains in my stomach?
I have pain in my lower right backside?
questions about mono, please help!?
Why do people's noses get runny when it's cool/cold/windy outside?
How can I recover quickly ? any input ?
What was it liek when you had your hepititis b needle?
ways to prevent smoke smell?
How do I make myself not lazy anymore?
Do I have a sensitive stomach?
What do you think of hand sanitizer?
Why are the inside of my ears always itchy?
medical vs. dental?!?
What's wrong with me?
i can't concentrate, or do work. . ever?
Should I be worried about anxiety related chest symptoms?
I hate it here, it's making me depressed?
why do i feel like i just wanna eat and eat ?
What really helps to finnish my tinnitus?
Absolutely no appetite and depression?
Is the only way to deal is OCD through taking medicine?
has my mam got mental problems?
I am 22 years old, i'm unemployed and my self esteem & confidence is really low....What can i do? HELP!?
How to stop feeling ashamed for eating?
Any good mental health forums out there?
Gastrointestinal docs?? Other knowledgeable peps??
I keep having psychotic dreams?
Im not close to my mom how to tell her to buy panty liners?
Do NSAID's work on skin inflammations too?
what are these symptoms a sign of ?
i have like a patch on my head and i think its a ring worm and i was wondering how do i get rid of it?
How do you get rid of scars?
Odd chest pressure in chest?
What are the causes for dry nasal passages and how can I cure it?
do you have a noticible circ scar?
my dad just had an ultrasound were a red spot showed up on his liver what could this be?
red lines behind the knee! really need help!?
severe abdominal pain?
Laser treatment for scarring?
After a bout with a sinus infection, why would my nose (sinus) still bleed from time to time?
is there any way to fix a diviated septum?
My stomach hurts really bad right now and I think its cause of anxiety?
What's wrong with me, can't feel better!?
Red splotches on my arms?
what does being with sick with vertigo mean ?
Does this sound like a sign of a stroke?
What is the name of the person that investigate the dead bodies and determine their cause of death?
Do i have my period, cause my lower back burns and lower stomach hurt!!!?
I have laryngitis, how can I feel better?
Is having a 6th lumbar vertebrea the same as a transitional lumbrarsacrial vertebrea?
Question about Appendix?
How to get taste buds back when your sick?
i don't know what sickness i have?
What questions should I ask my anesthesiologist?
how do i stop a headache without parasitamol?
i need help now please?
i started feeling light headed about 2 months ago and about 2 weeks ago i started having constant headache?
Red cheeks.... Looks like a rash..?
are theses hypo thyroid symptoms?
what is it exactly, when u feel like your throat is swollen?
im just curious i got dengue fever 2times and i was wondering what will happen if i get it again?
Sudden tiredness and short breath?
The best skin moisturizer?
bloating after vacation?
Swine Flu In Canada, Ontario?
Burst Appendix and Abscess?
should I worry...could it be Lupus?
Avoid future old damage bone?
Small black bugs on my skin?
which acne product should i use?
Rabbit starvation how to avoid?
How to make my skin less sensitive (itchy)?
Could it be exercise-induced asthma?
Is Bipolar Disorder Genetic?
How can I get rid of OCD by myself?
talking in my sleep...?
Tips of keeping a postive mind?
When did Psychiatry really become a big thing in Western countries of the world? (such as USA, Britain, etc)?
How to stop worrying about things that won't happen?
i'm obsessed please help !?
does being poorley make anxiety worse...?
Cocaine does relly change grey and white matter?
I have depression for about ten years and I have just been told I have a Borderline Personality Disorder?
What are psychiatrists' opinion about meat eaters?
Why Do I keep staying up past 3 AM!!?
Severe Anxiety! Help techniques?
prozac over dose advice please?
My friend lost her husband how can I help her?
is this a mental disorder?
I don't look forward to anything and i am constantly feeling miserable, what the heck is wrong with me....?
How do you make the best out of being bipolar?
Painful, dark bumps on skin?
How long must one wait after smoking marijuana to donate blood?
swelling of glands around face after flu shot?
PLease help i am freaking out.?
what are these symptoms of?
swollen axillery lymph nodes?
What category is cocaine in, and why do people take it?
Why do I feel sick and tired all the time?
I have broken blood vessels on my face?
i have head lice and summer is drawing to an end. help!!!?
Levaquin.. and its side effects?
can anemia go into remission for lack of a better word and then come back at a later date and is this normal?
does staph aureus infection react on the skin?
What can happen?
what's the chance of having third collapsed lung ?
Why is it that I have acne and almost no one else I know does?
Best way to lighten skin?
What is this belching?
Does the homemade saline mix for a blocked nose work?
How to get rid of razor irritation and bumbs?
acne left scars behind?
why does anemia occur in leukemia?
hie people help me pliz with this question: Will hospital RPNs be expected to work 'anywhere' in the hospital?
Pink eye? Doctors asap ?
I don't feel good, is 99.4 or higher a fever?
My boyfriend and I are discussing the acceptance of blood in an emergency. thoughts?
Flu question? PLEASE HELP?
Mono question... kissing ethics?
what is wrong if you bleed when going to the washroom?
What does a meningitis cycle of infection look like?
is waxing your stomach bad?
Worried about a mate who realllly can't handle break-ups that well?
Is this normal/ok to want this so badly?
I think there's something wrong with me?
Urge to self harm persistence, help or advice?
Can you get any help for depression without parents finding out?
is Dysania a real thing?
Ready for an italian visit?
I am always feeling down and depressed, I get annoyed very easily. and I don't seem to want to see my friends?
How can we socialize?
What stimulates the brain to keep focused and be able to study?
what disorder or disorders could this be?
What can cause someone to sleep at every little space of time?
is counseling available on the NHS?
What's wrong with me? :/?
How to wean yourself off of amitriptyline for migraine headaches?
Need good posture...help?
Plantar Fasciitis Injections?
My jaw line and my chin are irratated like crazy what does this mean?
does the UK have an agreement with USA for health care?
what is doctor giovinazzo like with surgery?
how many throaties can I have in 24 hours? Ive had eight since 3:00 yesterday?
Headaches and pain in chest/abdomen?
Nurse tried to syringe my ear twice, no luck. Have ear ache now.?
I feel as though I've trapped wind in my stomach, similar to mild heartburn/indigestion.?
What on earth is wrong with my throat?!?
how long are floaters supose to stay?
what is mean Hemoglobin large in urine test?
How Can I Get Rid Of My Head Cold?
Panic attack: Palpitation lasts a few days?
If you changes the toner on a photocopier and got some toner on your hands, should you use warm water or cold ?
I feel the urge to vomit but nothing is coming up.Any ideas?
Help! Ponds dry skin cream?
Are there any support groups online for Subluxation Degeneration?
What are these itchy red bumps?
Is Pears soap a good cleanser?
doctors/psychiatrist. auditory hallucinations. voices in your head.?
I would like to know why, after I eat certain foods, I have trouble to focus my eyes on reading?
how can i find my way up........?
how do you make a black eye swelling go down?
My baby received a spiral fracture to arm and haematoma to scrotum during c section birth and I can't sue!!
Am I getting the flu? Please help?
Do your tonsils get swollen when you have the mumps?
if you have a magnet on your 8 hours a day for the while year does it harm you?
H1N1 vaccine , whats in the vaccine?
Treatment for meningitis?
how low can a fever go before its bad?
What do your blood counts mean?
Gardacil vaccine safe?
Stuffy nose and sore throat?
Is Bronchiolitis Contagious?
scared about my bff's seizers?
mono help!....[more inside]?
hepatitis c from toe nail clippers?
I'm taking antibiotics Cefuroxime Axet 500 mg, can i still drink alcohol?
glandular fever help!!!?
whole body feels itchy, worms spread out to everywhere in my body. My whole leg and feet feels so itchy?
please.i want to know if dyslexia is generic or not.?
What kind of doctor could advise on advanced arthritis in the knee?
Why people with Downs Syndrome have similar facial features, regardless of race?
Dog has swollen red eyes and swollen cheek, anything I can do to help her?
Can your cheek swell up from TMJ disorder?
i have abdominal pain... help!?
sharp pain in my rib cage..when i breath in?
What are cures for severe & mild acne?
i am breaking out on my chin but don't break out anywhere else but my chin why is this?
Circular skin blotch ?
my throats closing up !?!?!?!?
after bathrum iget blackout. for approx 1 min or less. it happens sumtyms.?
two tiny bumps on my baby eyelid?
I have a photo of a plant that I'd like identified - is it Poison Ivy?
Help! My lips wont stop :(?
My son has a smelly ear. Could it be drainage from a cold virus?
what are causes for non itchy rashes?
Hurts under arms?
My toe nail fell off, will it grow back?
why is when i drink i realise that i might have mental health problems?
My sister is not taking her medication. How can l 'force' her to?
I feel horrible :( What should I do?
i'm slightly scared of going to sleep ?!?!?!?
Diazepam for anxiety - how long they last and when to take them?
What are your experiences with Fluoxetine?
Talking to doctor about depression..?
Does anybody use light-boxes to help you cope with the winter blues?
in in oxu hosptail feel all good what should i do im soo bored nures making me angry?
Please answer no one is answering?
Is this a strange phobia....?
Someone help me please?
I need some drive and motivation to get me into touch, and looking for work...Any advice?
How would a Bipolar 10-year-old girl react?
Memory after prolonged drug use.?
Can you overdose on Vitamin C?
Is getting high worse then getting drunk?
Am I Overweight? Underweight? or Average? ?
how long do hickeys last?
10 mg prozac i have ocd and have aspergers should i still drink beer? hahahahaha!?
I very stressed as I have tons of exams coming up, does any one know how to relieve stress?
What ways can you kill a person with your pinky or a drinking straw?
My Dr is sending me to a CT Scan or my head for this...what to expect?
Itching in Heat?
Does your stomach bloat to the extreme to the point you dont want to eat?
Is there any cure for Asthma?
is acne hormonal and something that will eventually go and spots(not acne)are caused by something your body is?
Stomache pains?
what kind of cleanser should i use for dry skin?
Bacne scars.............?
I have these scratch marks from somebody's nails, can i get rid of them?
Removing A Planter Wart (from the thumb)?
what does it feel like to pass a worm?
help. itching !?
first time smoker coughing so much!!?
Anyone know anything about Hashimoto's Thyroidism and its symptoms?
Medical question about asthma?
Itchy feet?
How long after an anorectal abscess is lanced, is it safe to exercise?
I reused contact lens solution, help?
Does alcohol kill diseases like AIDS?
Why is my dad decaying and disintegrating in the hospital?
can you get sick from somebody's nose?
if hiv was presented in blood would a CBC Blood test show some inconsistancy or abnormality in cells?
What is the bird flu?
what happens when u have worms for over 4 months~~!!?
how many people with a tongue ring actually get an infection from it?
Tonsillitis has a nasty way of creeping up, doesn't it?
when did h1n1 last visit canada?
Can Intestinal virus be detected in stool test?
Questions about food poisoning.?
How do they check if youve got the swine flu?
is it aids or stress?
are their docters in edmonton who specialize in detecting and treating lyme disease?
How long does it take for strep throat to go away once you get it?
my hands hurt in winter.. why?
I still have diarrhoea and cramps, should I call in sick again?
What's the best way for me to stop smoking?
how do i fix my posture the way i walk?
Everday 10 times or more i go dizzy, cannot see anything and go light headed?
I have shoulder pain!?
Blood pressure.................?
Mum upset with house, very complicated.?
Why do I keep waking up feeling light headed and dizzy?
do i suffer from depression?
my mum just told me she's proud of me but i dont deserve it..?
If someone has imaginary conversations out loud-why is that?
Scared of going to sleep?
how would i go about becoming a councellor for young mums, or for mums with depression?
I think i have trichotillomania... any tips?
Seriously tired but can't sleep...Help!!?
Im 16 and suffer from depression, i just need someone to talk to?
What should I do, my boss doesn't believe me!?
How do i do that trick to make people instantly sleep for 30 min?
long term marijuana use??
detached retina?
How do i get Bed Bug Bites to Heal??
could i be suffering from short-term memory loss?
Self-Harm cut infected?
IM SEEING THINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Why Do I Feel Like This ?
i have bacterial vaginitis...will monistate work to get rid of it?
penicillin + benadryl?
Separate fact and fiction of how we catch a cold or the flu. Are there any myths or is there only one way?
The grim reality of UK current events?
give me examples of innovative solutions to practice issues as a nurse?
Does teatree oil help reduce the chances of you child getting lice?
Feeling sick..?
Can someone with MS help me with symptoms?
do i have angina or what? or heart problem?
what if you get a pneumonia more than once in a year?
why would you need a blood transfusion for pneumonia?
left sided numbness in abdomen below rib cage?
what are signs of sleep insomnia?
mark daley had prostate cancer 6 years ago and was cured then why?
Can i use Vaseline Intensive Care Dry skin lotion on my face?
Trouble breathing, don't know why?
What acne related skin problem is this (pic)?
Normal blood, but abnormal urine sample?
Ringworm like rash? Or Tinea Versicolor?
What if I don't take my thyroxine for two weeks?
Can an adult person overcome motion sickness?
Cold Sweaty Feet??????
Dark skin due to excessive scratching.?
is laser good for the skin ?
Is the salicylic acid treatment the same for these two?
Spinal Disc compression?
Burning Eyes, Can't Open?
I have a bump on the bottom of my lip... any ideas.?
what foods should i eat to get BIG arms, really big arms?
If you were my foster mom would you do this?
skin problems, can someone please help?
Are your lungs being damaged by each asthma attack?
Help... I have a cough that sometimes make me feel like vomiting...?
what do you suspect this could be?
what is like for a young teen to go through a liver boispy?
whats good for the brain?
After it's been diagnosed, how long can a Woman live with Huntington's disease?
yeast infection prevention?
Do you think it's normal for me to be bacteriaphobic since I have a weak immune system and how can I cure them?
HELP! I have a Cyst beginning on my face-How can I get rid of it?
can someone help me please and my anxiety condition?
what disorder might i have?