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Pains happening again?
Headache, ear pain sore throat coldness?
how long does it take to get drugs out of my system?
Have I got a throat virus or something else?
what is wrong when u are like feeling sick and get pins and needles in ur hand all the time?
Why is it pain killer never work when you need to ?
can i take paracetamol an diclofenac tablets at the same time ?
can you get an elective appendectomy in the uk?
Bi-Polar Disease and discrimination - bit of a rant *warning*?
what can i do about cocaine damage?
depressed the last 4 years, dont know why. it gets worse every year.?
The "Thin" Commandments...what are your views on this?
Is it possible ? confused!?
Does this medicine time to work ?
whats a girl to do?
I have Anemia due to blood loss, should I be sleeping more?
Little bumps on my arm?
What could these lumps in my stomach mean?
Is there any type of Cancer which is genetic and like for a male?
help my life is pants?
Is it ADD or aspergers or something else???
Website For Teenagers & Young people, with Mental Healh issues?
Help me plz?
Pls, Is it possible to treat social anxiety without medications or therapies?
how do you get rid of planter ?
how to help my dad stop smoking?
Has swine flu peaked?
Amy Winehouse?
Is there a specific blood test that can identify if you ever had mono in the past?
Holiday Depression...?
Is there any chance that a 16 year old get breast cancer?
Every weekend i play ckecket whole day, my face goes black, how to avoid it?
What are these symptoms of?!?
Triaminic thin strips for children.. But I'm 16?
Smoking Experiment Please Help!?
i am 13 year old and i am only 5 feet 0". What should i do????????
i was wondering if there is any products to buy at wall mart to clean out your system of drugs?
how do you slow your heart rate to an extreme low?
About Ketamine?
I always wear sunglasses cause glare affects me, what can I do so I dont need to wear sunglasses at my wedding?
All you can eat???
My eye is sore and red but i can't see anything!?
@work with the hiccups,need help quick!?
I Have a Really Bad Problem Clearing My Throat I Need Help?
have started to have hipjoint problems (VERY painful) what can I do to ease this?
how can i tell.......?
Terbinafine tablets?
Why Do I get a bad headache after a Cardio Workout?
Do contacts affect your eyes if you wear them for long periods of time without taking them out?
Should I fill out my donor card?
Light headed?
PLEASE HELP ME! Therapists? Psychologists.?
Is Stareing at the tv or computer screen in the dark bad for your eyes?
How serious is minor kidney pain?
Will there be another ulcer?
Meniere's Disease Treatments?
Is this Anxiety- Shaking, headaches, cold hands?
Tingly hands/feet + pitting edema?
what is 0.5 mg of clonazepam taken 3 times a day? would that be 1.5 mg? i am realy bad at math and am trying?
my dad has glaucoma help ! :(?
I'm taking a dual action cleanse, does it affect my liver?
Activity on macular degeneration for class project?
ok Lupus question, drinking too.?
somatoform disorder, any good websites, or insight on symptons?
H1N1 - if you have had this, how would you say it compares to the regular flu/cold.?
can I claim disability because of my bulimia and my bipolar disorder?
What's a good moisturizing lotion for my dry hands?
why do i feel cold and wet and i feel very dizzy?
Leathery hands and feet are driving me crazaaaay!?
Still having coughing problems?
I'm scared about my warts.?
15 mon. and 19 yr old sick with cold?
Itchy hands ?? what could it be help !!?
Stretch Marks? How can i fade/getrid of them?
what medications can i buy in the philippines to help cure my wifes eye infection?
Strep Throat/Work at a Call Centre/Go to Work?
Vomitting and shivers?
HELP!!!! what is wrong?
What is this rash on my daughters body?
how can you build up serotonin naturally if you have panic disorder?
is it a vitamin deficiency when when the perimeter around your mouth is orange?
So I really really can't touch my toes?
what was i thinking about?
Anybody suffer from/know of - Trichotillamania?
effexor xl?
Why do people develop split personalities?
Upper left back pain?
I've had pain in my tailbone for three days now and have been taking NSaids?
Total Exhaustion?
What is the type of depression called whereby being surrounded dull colours causes depression, and bright or?
Can a doctor deal with Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) or can only a dentist?
im 37 +5days and ive been experiencing really bad hip pain?
Is there any hope for people like me?
Top half of my back hurts bad?
Do you ever feel...?
Why do i feel this way? Do you? (please read on)?
Mood stabilisers - am I Bipolar?
Can you hand in your notice if you are off sick.?
I can't sleep...?
My dog ate a chicken bone help!?
Candida (sufferers please help)?
Can you tell me some bad facts about weed?
i have a bad nee can u help me?
Have you or an aquaintance ever gone to emergency with a cooking pot stuck on their head ?
CHRONIC constipation....?
Dont you think our brain is weird?
Why do I shake when Im furious or super excited?
My arm keeps pulsing?
Does the urine test/sample they do at a routine physical detect alcohol or marijuana?
Can people on tegratal the drug smoke weed?
What is good to take for Constipation?
If a person who doesn't have Alzheimer's is prescribed to take Alzheimer's pills what are the consequences?
I have these growths on both of my index fingers, they're bumpy and dry?
lump under my jaw,under wisdom teeth?
i think i have marfan syndrome please help!!?
For a moment I forgot the spelling of a simple word "life". Does this indicate a problem in my brain functions?
What makes a blister after being burned?
how to get raw skin to scab fast?
what is a deviative septum? i don't know if i have one?
how does chewing too much gum cause tonsillitis?
Loss of Lung Capacity due to illness?
red itchy spots on back?
strange bump in underarm?
What can I do to cure dry skin?
Skin around stitches is turning YELLOW??!!!?
poison sumac...?? how do you get it?? and what happens when you get it??
How can living with mold in your house affect your health?
Help! I feel like I have to pee, but I dont..?
I stuck my hand down this kids throat, he is now in a coma and they don't know why, should i bring myself in?
Middle ear fluid - should I worry about flying?
Will white sugar with just water make a sufficient exfoliating scrub?
Skin questions, home remedy's?
How do you tell if you have testicular cancer?
My stomach hurts and i don't know why?
I have a infection, What should I do?
headaches/earaches/dizzyness/tiredness, i'm confused...?
help with a sudden break out ! ?
What is the strange swelling in my fingers and toes?
Do I have a sinus infection?
Fear of vomiting- are you like me?
can you choke with water?
After passing gallstones, it is normal to have blood in your feces?
best elbow lightener?
What if you have to be in the sun while on this medication?
For: Doctors, Pharmacists, or People with Ulcers?
How can I take out those white heads off my face?Need some help here?
disability pension in canada?
What do I do about my acne cysts ?
I am sick, could it be the flu, or a cold?
what could this me?
Just diagnosed H1N1. Precautions...?
what percentage of brain tomors are malignant, i am having an operation next week?
Should humans get the swine flu shot?
What kind of side effects for marijuana?
what is the derkeberth syndrom?
Is this a illness and is it bad ?
How do you take this pill??
how to prevent miminal change disease of the kidney?
Why are some in same family more prone ot diseases, medical conditions than others in family?
my ear is being weird?
Cheek Boil!?
Can Low Red Blood Cells be the cause of eyes stinging?
lots of questions?
Is bad food always bad for you?
Has anyone tried Vyvanse?
Second opinion? Any medical prof. online? I am getting desperate!?
Is nondiagnosis by a medical team neglegent?
Hair And Iron !?
how to gain weight for skinny body?
What do you do when you cant sleep?
pain on my right side?
what else will they test for?
I have pain on my scrotum?
why dont fractures always turn up on x rays?
feeling light headed when sitting mostly when standing?
Suffering from back pain....?
Has any one else used stievamycin for their acne??(question)?
Could anyone please describe to me how hypnosis is initiated and works??
My acne is not going away?
blurry vision, worsens daily?
rock hard mass? please help!?
i hate having Bordeline personility disorder and im always on this site trying to make it ok?
How do you stop your stomach from grumbling?
I think I have the flu, but I could be wrong?
Is there anybody?
What kind of sickness do you think I have?
I seem to be allergic to most antiperspirants - what are my options?
My doctor told be to take baking powder (not baking soda) for my stomach problem. Does that seem right to you?
im scared of losing my inhibition...but i want to..What should I do?
Has anyone been sectioned under the mental health act?
what treatments are you recieving for your borderline personality disorder or bipolar or other disorder ?
why tiredness, backache and feeling vomitting and hurt burn when i have a negative result?
Why do feet cramp after wearing high heals for a day?
Anxiety ??
is it normal?????
can any1 tell me?
are there any tests you can have for autism or add and adhd, if so where do you go to be tested ?
Heavy bleeding after 15 months on Merina IUD - VERY WORRIED?
Can you cut an olanzapine tablet in half? Or will this make it be ingested too fast? As they are coated?
Does anyone deal with A Borderline Personality Person?
How do you deal with a BPD person?
Do I have worms?
My drunken friend drank Windex what should I do?
Smoking Test? Please Please Please HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I'm Bulimic - Have I already caused permanent damadge?
what can i do to unplug my ears?
I'm paranoid, should I worry?
broken foot ~fo serious i need help~?
Cigarette Tobacco in a Pipe?
My Daughter feels sick when she goes school.?
Is the flesh eating disease (streptococcus group a) contagious? And to what extent?
Am I Suffering From O.C.D?
Which medication is best? Imuran or Methotroxate?
What's a Inflamed Liver and how do you uninflame it?
How can I take out those white heads off my face?Need some help here?
I am sick, could it be the flu, or a cold?
anyone been in a hot and cold relationship w/an addict?
psorasis health question.?
Easiest & fastest way to get rid of blackheads?
Will this method of sanitiziting a needle work.?
My joints are achy and.. ..?
Zig zag green veins near the surface of the skin?
solid deposits...stuff in my urine?
Anorexia recovery...binge eating?
Could this be bed bugs?
what is the cause of a bump behind the ear?
Do i have an eating disorder?
What kind of scalp problem was this?
Does my hand look broken?
Should I go to the hospital?
is clinique Redness Solutions Daily Relief Cream any good?
pancreatic cancer and leg numbness?
Is it possible to have virus without fever?
Help! Why do I have the fear of a duck watching me!?
Is my neck seriously injured?
Worth getting looked at? Or should I just take it as easy as I can?
I have a dizzy head, nausea, and coughing? What is this?
Should people that keep asking the same question over and over again be encouraged to go see a psychiatrist?
what happened to me? did i have a panic attack?
why do i have white freckles on my arm?
I have lot of uper lips hair, how i can stay away from them?
red swelling itching (skin condition)?
Should i let poeple sign my cast?
is my foot broken?!?!?! can you help me?
How do I stop selfharming?
I always fall down the stairs. Any suggestions to help me to not fall anymore?
How do I know if my arm is broken?
Wondering if i have a Fractured wrist?
i got a stiches in my knee can i skateboard?
Is it normal that I black out all the time?
I have a sprained ankle should I keep..?
i have a tiny glass sliver in my toe, how do i get it out?
how ro bring high blood presher down and iron levels up ?
ileostomys (serious answers please)?
How can I get rid of mild rolling acne scars that are just beginning to form?
Black head turned big does it go away?
Burnt on my oven, what do I do%?
Broken arm in the summer.?
teenage alcohol poisoning?
Niacinimide cream for rosacea?
Constant stomach problems?
How do I get my mom to believe me?
What is a natural way of healing ingrown toenails??
stuck in a soul destroying rut!help??
anyone been in an ambulance?
Why does my head feel like it has a light vibration but feels good?
What happens if I keep pulling on it?
My big toenail is falling off!!?
i need help fast please answer easy 10 points?
what should i do for a sprained ankle?
I have hip pain every single day, should I end my life?
Can Anxiety Develop into a more severe mental illness?
feeling tired, nauseous, lack concentration and weepy. Is this depression?
why am i still feeling miserable when i've been getting my life sorted these last few weeks?
why do i always feel like im being a nuisance?
Question about foot and leg cramp?
Why do my knees mildly hurt often? I used to get growing pains and they never are just fine all the time!?
i sprained my ankle really really bad. what should i do?
I pulled/sprained my lower back (Tailbone) and it hurts alot, Help?
peirced my cartilage at claires its been 6 weeks now.i switched the stud for a hoop and now its swollen?
My black eye wont go away and its still dark. What do i do?
Knee injury how long until it heals?!?
Jammed, possibly broken finger. Not sure if I should go to the hospital or not.?
What are some exercises I can do to strengthen my wrist and forearm?
feels like somethings stuck in my throat how do i get it to go down?
Does it sound like i broke or sprained my ankle?
Cutting your wrist Vertical or horizontal?
I banged my head pretty hard and now it feels weird?
what can u put in your face if its swollen besides ice?
Do i have a broken metatarsal?
how bad is my ankle injury?
Scar tissue or swollen? Hard bump under cut/stitches?
Broken arm? What is it Lots of swelling but no pain?
What are the best shoes for standing/walking long periods of time?
i pulled a muscle in my chest/rib area and now it hurts when i breath and laugh?
Swelling after sprain.?
What do you know about arnold chiari..... and a surgery called a cervical laminectomy?
How often do you see social worker?
what is comparable to clomicalm?
Does anyone know what H.U.F. stands for/is?
what 2do wen some1 is crazy and wont see a doctor and refuses contact with you and in danger of themselves?
how do you know if someone is a bad person if they have mental health issues when they do bad things?
Have you gained weight with Depakote?
Waking up anxious...?
English! You know Berlusca?
Has anyone tried the glotosleep sleeping mask? does it work? insomnia is killin me but i dont wanna go on meds
Why is it that...?
what is the difference between ecstasy and herbal alternatives?
When to stop taking mood stabilisers or anti depressants?
I need urgent advice, could I sue the council on grounds of disrimination, bullying or neglience?
Are Lie Bumps contagious?
I have a severe case of sleep paralysis. And I can't breathe sometimes, is this safe?
Can a collapsed lung fix itself over time?
please give solution?
What's better for my dry skin? A warm mist humidifier or a cool mist humidifier?
Does anyone know an online support group for family members of people with disabling illnesses?
Nurse or Dr!! large red spots on legs (quarter size)?
how can i remove my eczema spots?
is it bad if i photocopy my face/body parts? is it dangerous?
as a stylist i amhalf way into cutting i notice head lice. How do i deal with the situation.?
Antibiotics side effect?
my ear hurts.. Can someone plz help me?
How to get clear skin?
i would like more information about siezures?
Do I have pneumonia... Or am I just trippen?
Ugh anyone know how to put an end to awful black heads?
what can relief PTSD symptoms ??
My thyroid is making me very sleepy and tired?
Fundraising for cancer.. Shaving my head?
i got a reaction to TB test 12 days after i was injected should i be worried?
Pains in stomach????????
Help Me. a little embarrassing. don't take offence!
sir my ESR is 103 so what i want to do?
I woke up feeling things were moving faster and when I walked it felt like I was stomping
Drinking and Driving?
babys health question
Lyrica for fibromyalgia.
Is there such a sports watch that will calculate distance.
what is the fastest way to get rid of a cold?
Alcohol and ear piercing?
Why do guys lift up their shirt and touch their stomach during gym class?
What's wrong with my knees and hips?
can i buy drysol antiperspirant in the UK without prescription?
When i am at college i feel drained out and tired?
i am taking flucloxacillin 500mg caps 4 times a day. i missed 2 doses. can i take 2 tabs the next 2 doses?
Cyst on upper left of my back..?
Foot Pain. Advice needed.?
how sleep gets in your eyes?
What is the reason for the cracking sound in my knee?
how to stop water spitting out when speaking?
What is the best way to deal with foot pain?
Should I go to a gig if I have a cough?
my back hurts and my leg?
Cream for Streach marks....?
tumours? help!?
Tonsil Problems Help!?
Does anyone have a Shih-tzu 4yrs old that is able to hold their bladder for 10 to 12 hrs every day?
Did A Spider Bite Me?
do i have mono? please help me :(?
how do you stop thoughts coming into the mind that are upsetting and sad?
My husband gets depressed?
is it possible to be mildly bipolar or are you either bipolar or not?
How do you defeat self doubt?
Is This Social Anxiety/Phobia?
What do you think of this poem?
Does anyone know of free online councilling?
is it ok to take constipation relief tablets when taking prozac?
How do I improve someones withdrawls from opiates? ( vicaden, narco, tussionex etc.)?
why does my leg hurt?
is it normal to have uneven pupil sizes?
Is it normal to have no pain (at all) when your eardrum ruptures?
Is my thumb sprained or broken?
gastro doctor said my colon is fine, but still can't go to the bathroom. i take 3 fibercon a day. please help
I have a interview for a admin role in a NHS mental health hospital tomorrow, what questions should i expect?
I feel so down and depressed?
Whenever I move my head to look left or tilt the top of my head to the left, my neck HURTS!! Help?
Is my half arm cast supposed to be soft?
cure for a knee injury?
give me details of a tear in the rota tor cuff of the shoulder?
does anyone else feel that drinking and partying too much?
What supplements/herbs/easily attainable drugs can I take to do better at study?
I was drinking pop the other day....?
I am having muscle spams, what can I do to stop them?
how long would an untreated meniscus tear last?
Cracking Jaw... question?
Strained muscles, Help please!?
why do i keep putting my back out?
Fractured metatarsal full recovery time?
I suffered a 1.2cm cut across my left ring finger 4-5 days ago, should i get it checked out?
Ugh someone please help! I have these headaches ALL THE TIME!!?! :(?
my finger is really bruised and swollen. could it be broken?
should i go to the hospital and get my foot xrayed?
what kind of lifestyle changes does one have to make if they had a bleeding ulcer?
What are the symptoms or renal failure?
My uncle doug is the inventor of an air phaser that completely 100% eliminates odours and smells.?
Stomach Pain! PLEASE ANSWER?!?
Can You Have random seizures that only occur once ?
Why are my feces black, hard to push out and my stomach is bloated?
Where is this whole Swine Flu thing headed? Will it mutate? Get worse? Or go away altogether?
who has had swine flu help!!!!!?
getting a vaccine with a low grade fever?
What are some signs of anorexia?
Do the events of new people, travel into the emotions healers are able to convert into healings?
what is the difference between the skin on your scalp and the rest of your body?
i have swine flu, what should i do?
help i have hep c and my liver enxyme count is in the 200s?
i have a really sore throat. and proms on friday may 23rd!?
what is cause by headache and fainting?
can sepsis damage week joints in your body..and if so can it cause permanent damage?
Blood clot in lung?
How to get rid of scars?
i need to know information on ebola disease?
how long and how many cigarettes would it take to get cancer?say smoked cigarettes for 5 or 6 months? deadly?
i had my nose peirced about a month ago and now theres a bump on the skin around the ring?
eyesight results my sph/cyl for the right eye is -15.50/-2.50 and left eye is -14.00/250 how bad is my sight?
my girlfriend has a bulge?
why did my toenail fall off?
I'm pinched for money what can I do for FUN?
I have pain in my ankle and whenever I put weight on it?? HELP?
Welders flash. please help?
I broke my wrist, and its in a cast. need help?
Can you have a grade 3 Ankle sprain with no swelling?
an example of a chronic injury?
I've been taking cod liver oil tablets, and now my joints ache...?
I broke a vein a couple years ago...?
I did something to my ankle?
Elbow Ligaments Help...?
Question about rotator cuff injury.?
Pulled cafe, soleus muscle. Can't walk?
Hit my head hard, can I sleep?
What strength nicotine patches should I use?
question about a Leg Injury?
does coco deep conditioning cream heal peeled skin?
Finger Anaesthetic Question?
Um help! Akward gas problem! please help?
Why is asthma rising?
I slipped and hurt myself....how bad is it?
Protein in urine, what could this mean?
I have been sneezing a lot and?
muscle fatigue???????????
I am a recovered drug addict working full time. I would like to volunteer in some type of drug counseling ?
low iron does it cause gray teeth?
I have got this really bad pain in my stomach that seems so sharp?!continued below?
Do you like english fog?
Why do I sneeze so often ?
Do you scream...?
There a round thing ( like the size of a air soft bb ) growing in the cartilage of my ear??
Why do I blackout 1 to 5 times a day for short periods of time?
Aren't you sad? You don't have "capelletti" and "cotechino" on New Year's Day!!
Goo/Snot in my throat?
how can i get more calm to do things properly.?
I get this weird eye/head pain?
I have had a lingering virus. today it developed into tonsillitis, woke up with a bad stomach ache... blood ?
What did my gp mean?
smoking and drinking?
How can you eat porridge?
what can i do for this?
What does smoking weed do to you?
What type of hair grows lnger?
How can i make myself sleep?
Can anybody answer this for me?
Greys Inn hospital.?
Kindney stones...how can we get rid of them?
my son has lots of armpit big bumps?
Chronic Liver pain when drinking alcohol?
dizzy all the time?
how long does strep throat last?
has anyone ever suffered from dark armpits and then cured it ? or do you know anyone who did? how they cured i?
Ways to Fix Sleep Insomnia For a Fourteen Year Old?
what to do about Sun burn pealing?
will 3 cigarettes in 2 days affect my cardio?
Can Bacterial Vaginosis be cured ?
random itchy bumps on body!!! help!!!?
My doctor increased Tecta dosage to 80 mg as I have acid reflux. Should this help me feel better?
how to help sunburns?
Please Help With My Oily skin?!?!?
I sprained my ankle 3 weeks ago.?
I think i dislocated my shoulder twice this week ?
sprain finger, what should I do?
can i still box after my 2 four arm bones heal, i broke them?
Bruised or Cracked rib?
Why does it hurt to breath ?
Running with severe shin splints/stress fracture?
Numbness in my lower-right abdomen after working out.?
What should I do? Hip Injury?
uneven pupil size?! is it normal?
How do i get the scars to go away?
My hip is severely out of line,what can I do?
Did I sprain it?!?!?!?
Do i have a Brused bone?
What is your worst injury?
Is it possible to get a scar without cutting the skin?
I hurt my back! Help!?
unexplained swelling in left ankle?
if you walk 3,000 steps how long does it take?
Pulled Back Muscle? Help?
endoscopy with or without sedation?
I have a REALLY bad neck ache. What kind of things will help?
What could cause painful spasms in pancreas-area?
Sharp stabbing pains in my back that make it hard to breathe?
on of my friends told me im depressed . .?
Headache now for a week?
I'm confused about my sobriety date - what should it be?
i need to jnow asap how a drug addict might be helped to fight his addiction by aversion therapy?
How quickly does bio-oil work?
Can anyone receive a placebo?
Have you ever had experience of EMDR?
Alcoholics: Any sucessful 'immediate' techniques for NOT lifting that drink?
Motivational problems.?
How harmful is it mentally to delusions of grandeur. My brother who is getting on?
I have bpd and anorexia can someone tell me how i can get through the day?
Scar problem?
holding breath and panic attacks?
possible gall bladder attacks?
can pool chlorine kill toe fungus?
Cut on my face -- please advise / picture included?
What does COPD stand for?
Question About Black Toenail...?
im on antidepresants?
How long does it take for the swelling to go down after a face lift?
weak, weight loss, not sure whats wrong, anyone?
upper back pain (pinching sensation)?
Is my thyroid medication causing my outer kneecaps to hurt when running?
Knee pain playing soccer HELP!?
Anyone know anything about this throat/sinus/phlegm constricted health problem?
PLEASE HELP ME I want help with blackheads and whiteheads !!?
Doctor, Nurse, or Someone with a good knowledge of muscle pulls.?
my daughter?
bloatingg?! is this normal?
How do you get rid of a big white bump on top of the nose ring? What should I do about it?
I fell, and it really hurts?
I think I broke my arm or spained when some one threw a steel nose boot at my upper arm. Its very swollen.?
How is your pulse when your about to die?
When will the pain from a sprained ankle go away?
Can you still play soccer if your toenail is injured?
Is my cast too loose?
Can I get the flu while having a cold?
Snorting drugs vs. taking them orally.?
Help! Freaking out right now...?
By doing a body cleanse/detoxification OR infrared sauna - are there results of lost excess fat after one time
the outside rim of both my ears have been itching like crazy for a week...any suggestions to help this stop?
I am Purple from the waist down as of this morning ! ?!?
Tendonitis, help anyone?
Husband hurt his back, help?!?
I went from a 2 gauge spacer to a zero today. My ear started getting puffy and i took it out and it bled bad?
how do you get RID of Hip Chunk??
Question about SUPERBUGS and infants? Risks?
Abdominal pain. Please help I am scared.?
I cracked a finger nail help?
Help i need remedies to help my cold go away as soon as possible!!?
What kind of skin infection is this?!?
Will this "scar" go away?
Omg i got hurt by a dog!!! help!?
Do you know why it feels like I'm breathing through a straww?
I've got the post christmas blues. Any tips on how I can combat this and regain some enthusiasm for life?
Fear of Doctors...help?
Will having my Tounge tie cut hurt ?
Is it true that spreading thier front legs apart would kill a dog?
what is this a skin rash help!?
ear fluid, can this cause infection, to your face the fluid is clear, swelling of the eyes cheeks bones etc?
I'm having major sinus issues! Any help greatly appreciated!?
dandruffy bumps on my scalp!?!?!?!?
I have a steye on my eye, what could it be from?
Effects Accutane could have on skin?
What are really good cleansing pads?
What can I do to help deal with and prevent Ankylosing Spondilitis?
How do you avoid the stomach bug?
I feel discomfort since the doctor removed my ear wax ...?
Bacterial Infection help...?
what are some tests a doctor would do if you might have a tumor?
Sleep Apnea question?
What side effects can I get from using skin lightening creams?
Trachea pain...............................?
I'm really confused could it be a tumor blood clot or something worse help I'm really scared!!!?
UTI/ Kidney pain questions?
Has anyone had similar symptoms to mono, but turns out that wasn't it?
I have a bad whiplash and have had one episode of anxiety.I know it is the neck,,,what should i do to stop th?
Where is the best Life Insurance Agency located in Canada?
How Do I Heal My Shin Splints?
Do you think I could have diabetes????
Am I having an anxiety attack?
My stomach hurts when i lay down please help :( Please?
Sharp pain in my back?
I hit my head and its been 24 hours but...?
Slowly going deaf?!?
Worker's Compensation Details? (Broken arm)?
Whats wrong with my finger?
Please Read ! Sprained Ankle?
lice treatment!!!?
My neck is swollen and there's a big lump in it after being beat up 5 days ago.?
2 month old scar, is it a "new scar" or a "old scar"?
Sore Legs Answer A.S.A.P?
Broken Toe... what to do ?
Both legs injured is it to soon to go on crutches?
Flexibility Help Please?
Sore knee question???Help?
How long should I wait before playing basketball after spraining my ankle?
I FELL ON MY BACK????????????????????????
Nuclear Stress Test result
Different prednisone names
has anyone ever twisted their knee by accident and heard a loud snap and had severe pain?
What causes your arm to be swollen?
I hit my elbow off the ice 5 months ago and only had pain when touched but not when I move it.?
Any ideas what's wrong with my knee?
I stubbed my big toe ?
Does anybody else gotta do something 5 hours a day/4 days a week
Why should you use sunscreen and a hat when you are out in the sun?
what happens when you remove the prostate gland?
Can Green Tea really help you get rid of Acne?
do i have brain damage???
stuck in a rut! what can i do?
There is an un-natural bump on my body?
alapechia? cure?
what are these circular red spots on me?
is this normal for a ocd and anxiety sufferer?
Really bad cough at night?
irrational thoughts is this normal ?
what will happen if someone that takes thyroid medicine,but doesnt take it any more?
How long for antipsychotics to leave the body, namely zuclopenthixol decanoate, it has a half life of 19 days?
does the out with gout book work?
how does smoking cause or aid in depression? Is this true?
acne marks on back please help?
I got a weak positive on a mono test, what does that mean?
I think I have Bed Bug Bites?
I've been spitting out yellow phlegm for over 5 days now, should I see the doctor now?
how long before i can know for sure if i have mono?
I'm pregnant but I was also diagnosed with breast cancer.?
Previous depression coming back?
My cousin is really scared...?
How can i be a more chilled out person?
i am on quetiapine, sertraline and zopiclone?
serious bowel question?
Have I got OCD? Or am I just very neat?
An allergic reaction from a wax?
In my practice I found that frequently people with bipolar disorder were resistant to treatment because some o?
Why do I keep wanting to cry for no reason..?
Am i TAKING ALOT OF XANAX please advise?
Why when I see a question in Italian languege, asked on Answers UK, I use to answer to it in Italian?
Tips on helping my Depression.?
How old do you have to be to remove a birthmark?
I am experiencing sore eyes and headaches alot more! what can i do to stop it?
Reinjured my strained back muscle yesterday playing on hard concrete ground in cold weather...?
Could I have torn the cartilage in my ear?
can i sue my workmans comp doctor?
What are the statistics of superhero related injuries?
What could be wrong with my foot/leg?
Can i change my dressing sooner?
I have pain in my jaw?
i have hurt my quadricep and it is an aching pain and has been going on for two weeks what should i do?
Is this a sign of shin splints? please help me!?
my wrist hurts to bend and its happened before but...?
hard lump to the side of groin?
my inner ankle bone hurts after jumping alot in soccer practice?
Fever day after broken ribs?
how much does setting a bone hurt?
Sprained ankle please help?
What is this Bony lump growing on the outside of my foot?
can yu get a tounge piercing like the little two dots when you have a vein in the middle?
I twisted my foot last week...?
Can someone tell me if my toes are okay?
What is wrong with my feet? did i pull something?
i had elbow surgery 2 months ago.. i lost alot of muscle. any ideas on how i can regain it.. ?
Can you survive on a liquid diet?
what does it mean when you have high iron?
Hi i was wondering if anyone can help me i have a problem?
Long term effect?
People with Arthritis/ Chronic Pain in multiple areas of the body?
Total pain. I need something that works fast?
why i always wet my pillow by my saliva when sleep?
Why do the joints in my right leg keep seizing up?
why should+shouldn't smokers get health care?
I suffer from scoliosis and a year ago i was in a car accident?
I have a loud cracking noise in my knee?
I keep getting this pain inbetween my chest and stomach what is it?
Iv been getting this pain whats wrong with me ?
Why don't my reading glasses work?
What treatments are good for dry eyes? How to clear red eyes?
What would happen if a teen tried to commit suicide and survive?
Becoming pregnant with a mental disorder?
i need help and fast?
when your sad, what isit that cheers u up?
My wife is 50+ and she has been experiencing these strange sensations in her head let me try and explain.?
self harm it never feels like its enough?
Can you develop dyslexia?
How do you grab motivation when you need to work?
Is It Possible To Have Depression Without Feeling Sad?
Grieving process dilemma and question?
Is this normal? please help?
How to not be afraid of sleeping in the dark?
Have you ever been kicked in the shin?
how to heal a broken pinky for football?
Is it a bad sign if an injured ankle starts feeling cold?
My hand has swollen up without any obvious stimuli or explanation. Help?
Please help with ankle!!!!!!!!???????Please!?
What to do with poor blood circulation in the feet?
When I was hit in the arm by a baseball, I developed a small bruise.?
ok i punched a wall earlier and i think i did somethin to my hand?
Just quit using my asthma inhaler?
Remicade for colitis!?
Bleeding Thumb Nail? :(?
how to get rid of acne?
How do I stop this, I'm sorry if this is confusing.?
canker sores helpppppp :(?
I had surgery done almost five weeks ago?
sharp chest & shoulder pain! numbness in right arm?
What's the Best Way to Get Rid of a Scar from a Burn?
okay so how long does a sprain take to heal?
I fell down on some ice and landed hard on my elbow a few months ago.?
What should I do to make sure this doesn't get infected?
What do you think this means?
fractured elbow? or just hurt?
i hit my funny bone very very hard 3 days ago.?
I need some help with a dislocated finger about a two weeks ago?
My hand is still swollen quite badly?
Do broken bones heal 100% ?
i get burning sensations in my leg, which suffered from a femur break 18yrs ago, it also swells up. Why?
Cause of a winged scapula?
allergic reaction or something else?
my neck hurts and i have a black puffy eye how do you treat that?
Cold Sore Or Something Else?
i have a broken noe..i got ex rays done and my nose bone is way up in my head does aanyone know what it is?
Please help me im Scared? Any doctors or anyone?
I have psoriasis and when?
Can someones jaw be longer on one side?
leg cancer treatment?
Forehead acne, blackheads and dry skin?
Oh no...am I getting sick?
the canadian dollar falling and high gas prices affect the cost of food for august 08 2008
where is the cheapest place to buy contacts?
where can i order my perscription for eye glasses on the internet?
What is wrong with my eyes?
Whats The Name Of This Drug?
okay well,my hands are like always purple and pinkish and sometimes they go numb, what could this mean ?
Would you recommend getting an eye laser surgery?
Its 3am and I have to be up for 7:30 am Should I go to sleep?
Does anybody else have the same problem?
What sort of things would be classed as "Severe Behavioural Problems"?
Am I in a proper sleep? or am I always half awake?
What's wrong with me? :(?
I just got other an addiction, Now i want to start the addiction again, Can you help?
I talk to myself when I'm alone, please help?
Has anyone ever contacted the Samaritans?
What are the main and worst side effects for this medication...?
Wife completly dispondent / depressed?
Why do I get sad at night?
What's the best way to stop using Temazepam (Restoril)?
Scars from self-mutilation. Do creams and non surgical treatments work?
Feelings of helplessness are known to cause hopelessness which can lead to depression. Do you think a lack of?
I am have a dilemma regarding depression, please advise?
Complete changes in mood - help needed PLEASE?
How to get rid of cole sores fast i mean real quick?
How to treat planters warts.?
how to diagnose a knee injury?
i got up 10 days ago and i couldn't stand up the pain was so bad i went to hospital?
Running from a recent strained muscle in back plz feed back best aNSWER 10 PTS?
What happens when you catch fire?
Is my pinky severly jammed or what?
Do you think it's broken or just a hang nail?
Iv'e had a sore ankel for 3 months it hurts to bend it and I don't know if it's sprained or what?
i have a sliver in my foot but its like striaght in...?
Why do i have pain in calf and the lower part of the back of knee?
i have been wearing lenes for past 6 years...my right eye has become smallre den d left since 2 3 weeks ..?
I need someone to talk to about my depression?
Sore chest, like a bruise?
My hip pop's out when I push it back?
How long should it take to get full use back in my thumb after fracturing it?
How long does it take for my nose to swell down?
Today i got hit hard into the board in hockey and now it hurts to put presser on it how can i reduce it ?
List of possible head injurys?
What's wrong with my foot?
why do moles grow longer, darker hair than the rest of your body?
What do you think this was?
Can you eat weed Branches and twigs?
Is there such a thing as a ''life coach'' to come live with me temporarily to help me quit smoking?
anyone know the side affects after partial gastrectomy hubby just got home from hospital and is vomiting alot?
best laxative in pill form?
live kidney donation how safe is it?
does new borb baby with certical rib(extra rib) has risk to get childhood cancer?
flu 7 days and now cracked tongue?
What's the name of this condition?
Would this product work for keratosis pilaris? Pleasee helppp!!!!?
I have a bump near my nose ring. Help :)?
Will my tailbone ever stop hurting?
is my belly ring infected?
If you burned the skin where there was a scar, would the burn form a new scar covering the old one?
In a lot of pain, thigh muscle..?
candida die off symtoms?
my foot hurts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I'm about 21 weeks and not every time I wipe but some times when I wipe after I pee I wipe a red snot like out?
What happens when you get frostbite?
Flonase Nasal Spray ?
Knee Injury (Meniscus)?
can stress cause the skin on your face to completely dry out?
how to get rid of back acne/scars...?
Why don't I bruise at all?
Is it a coldsore? please help :(?
Does anyone have any experience with Laryngo Tracheo Malacia?
How to get rid of a charlie horse in my thigh?
Toe won't stop clicking?
cut off circulation.....?
How to find the right size for a ankle brace.?
sharp chest/back pain?
Prednisone - With food, but which meal?
my rips are popping out ? :(?
What will the doctor do?
Do I really have a Hip Pointer?
i think my dad has a pinched nerve in his back near the spine and could you tell me what he should do?
thumb pain+swelling for a week now!!!?
do you still get paid for an injury at work?
How do you tell if your bone moved in the cast?
Ive torn my meniscus and im an active person! Help!?
Stress fracture or not?
What happend to my Wrist?
my mustle's keep tighting up in my jaw and it closes and with time it opens again what should i do?
if you think your addicted to pain med where do you get help?
how long for gbh with intent while suffering depression,delusional and paranoid?
Is there something wrong with me?
I think i have a paranoia? Please help.?
is it normal for counsellors to make more of peoples problems or do they see things we cant see ourselves?
I've been thinking about starting using prescription drugs...?
My hand feels weird and sensitive at the base of my palm?
ever since i got my removable brace in i cant eat i feel sick when i do?
Should i take this sleeping medication?
Are There Children Phyciatric Units in England?
Opinions on Private and public health care?
whats better for you when you have a cold a hot bath or shower or a cold bath or shower?
Anxious and worried, I can't calm down?
I woke up last night absolutely freezing I was shaking and my back ached for some reason today I feel weak and?
What can cause the top of my feet to ache; I have flat feet, but it is the top and not the bottom of the feet?
anxiety and irrational thoughts?
I need some help with confidence?
how do you move you nostrils?
my little finger and ring finger have pins and needles in and this goes down to my wrist it feels like when?
Hate the feeling of sundays / school mornings?
How do I stay awake tonight...?
What happened to me?
What am i sick with?
What are ways to soften ear wax in your ears?
i need help with H1N1 information!?
Ingrown Toenail??How much pain?
fluid and small pieces of bones in knee but not painful.is this something serious or is it just fine to leave?
I got mi tongue pierced 2 days ago and its onli just started to bleed slightly and i was wandering why tht is?
I have a wierd pain on the palm of my feet?
hit hand ... it is now blue?
what happened to my back?
Aircast that may be broken?
Ear infection help please? thanks?
I have this weird uncomfortable squirting sensation in my foot...?
What is the thick string to be felt behind the knee and how to heal it?
I broke growth plate is that bad?
my hair got pulled and now my neck hurts?
Microlink extension removed. HUGE ratsnest now in the back and cant remove. What went wrong?
Is this more serious than I think?
About 3 months ago i stepped on something sharp?
Elbow injury - One week left before volleyball tryouts.....?
Have any of you had shoulder surgery?
did i breakk my nose?
Ankle Dimple?! someone please help?
Pain in foot, when I touch a bone?
I tore My Knee Ligamnet! Do i need a knee brace?
I am sick to death of school?
Have the symptoms of bipolar/personality disorder but my doctor gave me...?
mental health possible diagnosis?
What are the strengths and weaknesses of the Mental Health Act?
I think I may have a psychological problem?
The effect of zuclopenthixol decanoate on the liver and kidneys?
I have 2 questions! please help!?
what is the best body wash and facial wash for my acne prone skin?
What is this bump and how do i get rid of it? (Pic included)?
Taking steroids for Bell's Palsy?
what is the best way to get rid of moles without seeing a doctor?
What works better for acne, pills or gel (cream)?
Poison Ivy and my cats HELP?
Most dangerous cancer?
My daughter has a pain that went from her ribs to her sternum to her back and now her abdomen.?
I think I might have a deviated septum - What do I do?!?
gull bladder surgery?
When is Athletes foot not contagious!?
Some kind of lump inside my neck?
mutilation much? (POINTS!)?
can i die of hypothermia in summer?
What could cause a small random patch of white skin?
WOW wtf plz somebody with expereince help me out1?
Flesh eating disease???????
Why do are my fingertips red and tingly especially in the morning?
skin cancer or what?
does this sound like asthma?
Has any one ever read Alan Carr's book on stopping drinking?
How important are Tonsils for the body ?
Is Endocet (Oxycodone & Acetamind) Available in Peru? ?
Will this effect anything? What do you think????
what is my injury?????????
Experiencing constant jaw pain and occasional stabbing pain in the ear?
why are my fingers cold?
Vibrating feeling in hands, legs and feet?
i want my 49 pouds back?
have i damaged my foot?
Why does my back hurt and how do I make it stop?
Hard lump on neck behind ear?
Its not working , what can I do ? (hammer trick )?
What could this possibly be ?
Should I go to my GP?
Any opinions on my foot?
Neck pain help.. Urgent?
What could be causing pains in my back,shoulders etc?
will i get pink eye (question has to be 20 characters long?)?
I dont know what it is but I have a lot of brown spots all over my scalp & severe dandruff what is it? help me
will antibiotics affect this?
how to fix peeling foot?
could i be having Seizures in my sleep?
do plantar warts like to be wet or dry?
I am not sure if I have pneumonia..?
Wierd Bump on my foot?
How do people get ricket disease?
How do i get rid of acne?
Cancerous cell enters your body......?
acne problem. !!!!!!!!!!!?
I keep on having Diarrhea??? please answer! is something wrong with me?
Is it normal to get pleurisy at age 10?
questions about mono, please help!?
Lately when i eat, i get a Massive cramp in my stomach and then i have to go to the bathroom.?
anxiety problems as many answers as possible ?
Any experience of valium or xanax for severe anxeity?
I have a small lump in my armpit. It is painless and has been there for a few months. What is it?
i have a fever, is it related to my recent piercing ?
How to make her understand she's addicted to prescription meds?
Is Zest soap bad for the skin?
Question about swine flu ?
Do You Know What's Wrong With Me?
I got a rash from a band aid... This never happened before?
Why are my eyelids and under eyes peeling, red and itcy? It's been like this for 6 months!?
Frequent Nose Bleeds?
could there be any problems to these symtoms?
neck lump...?
will Irritable Bowel Syndrome last my hole life?
whats this skin condition called..?
i've got a flue and im sneezing every 2-7 secounds ! and i cant sleep!any ideas on what to do?
what could possible side effects of getting vaccinated against the INHI do to people?
Sore knees in the morning!?
i have really bad pains in my knees & arms and my arms sting when i touch them, what's wrong?
How to cure a very very bad lower back in a very young person ?
NHS hospital lost my appointment, I want to complain - how?
When you fall asleep on your arm, why does it feel really heavy and un-movable in the morning?
how can i become more healthy after smoking?
How can i sleep bettter at night?
30mg Codeine or 30mg Dihydrocodeine , which is strongest and which causes most constipation?
I keep hearing sounds in my head and getting headaches?
I wore a fake ring...?
please help ?
What Type Of Lube Do You Use To Strech Your Ears ?
I started having head spins last night. ...?
does hair loss happen more when you shower and when you wake up first thing in the morning?
Was I Sleepwalking At Night?
Clogged up feeling in ears? Pressure? ?
Smoking Paper???????????
How to walk 8000 kilometers?
How do i get rid of this cold and fast?
How can I prevent depression?
Can an animal have schizophrenia or psychosis?
cravings for alcohol when i get annoyed?
should i get the doctor out?
Why do I have itchy bumps everywhere?
How can i get rid of acne fast?
what does the heart organ do?
Sweaty Hands + First Date = Disaster. HELP?!?
Redness and little bumps everywhere?
Gas and insomnia problem?
does a TB needle hurt?
how can i make bug bites stop?
Thyroid Question...Please help!?
Cough just won't go away!?
wilsons diseases?!? anything you know! plzzzz!?
i need help with my coldsore:( ASAP?
what are the symptoms of testicular cancer?
I have a weird rash/pink spots ALL over my body? Please diagnose me!?
What are the long term effects of skin cancer?
what are the signs of a fever?
What is this disease?
effects of lung cancer?
i have dry patches on my face?
Best diet/lifestyle/recovery for major osteoarthritis in knee of 48 year old woman.?