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I have these little white things under my eyelid please help! 10 points!?
What are the affect's of taking Celexa (Citalopram) and drinking ?
What causes insomnia?
Can I use body lotion on my hands instead of hand cream?
have you come off paroxetine was it ok?
someone hlp me!!!!!!!!?
I'm feeling ill all the time is it because of my problem????
what kind of flu do i have?
My 19 month old son has had diarrhea for 18 days vomiting every few days with low-moderate fever?
How to get rid of zits...QUICK!!?
constant headaches daily?
My hands are ALWAYS wet or moist, how do i get rid of this problem ?
Head lice can any one give me some more tips?
If someone is harassing u how can u get it stop? If the Local Police Force & Landlord doesn't help you?
how can i perk myself up?
stomach flu or something else?
Hi, for the past four weeks, I've been very tired. As soon as I get home, I can't keep my eyes open.?
Do I have to have the exact BC to order contacts?
How Much Do Proffesional Fee's For Contacts Cost?
I have a cough that wont go away?
How do i know if my eyes are misaligned?
I want to order contacts online. ?
Do I have binocular vision?
i used monistate 3 night treatment and i started bleeding internally i then stopped using it is this normal?
Those who are also acne-prone, do you find that your skin appears..?
Question for Acuvue Oasys lens wearers?
contact lense question? thanks?
for those who have tried eye exercises for myopia?
what is the best skin lightening and whitening product?
How to reduce eye flashes?
my eyesight is weak and i have heard that 3,3 cup eye excersise can make your eyesight 20/20?
Hey I understand some people can have up to 1 diopter of pseudo myopia. I have heard this is reverisble.?
do I have double vision (dipliopia)???
What does the DIA stand for on my contacts?
Heavy Amblyopia/lazy eyes?
how old do you have to be to get eye surgery?
What eye shape do I have?
Should I wear glasses or not (please read on)?
what eyewear shops sell cheap prescription glasses in australia?
What is the process of the laser eye surgery (so you dont have to wear glasses)?
A question for all you optometrists out there!?
Why do my eyes change color in the winter?
It feels like it takes a while for my eyes to start seeing properly each morning?
I had my right thyroid removed oct 10th my throught feels like its smaller?
What is wrong with me ?
i need some good answers please?<:)?
can i take asprin after i drank alcohol?
Headache and things plz help!!!!!!!?
Why does my thumb hurt everytime I bend it?
How will I relax my muscles?
i just ate bleach ice-cream?
best painkillers for cracked ribs?
My hurt ear is hurting sooooo bad please help?
I have noticed pain in my knee specially left and it won't go away. Is it arthritis , I am quite worried. help?
What is the function of the stomach?
what's a good cure when a person has been biting their cheeks too much?
if i take ( 14 ) apo-naproxen in (one) shot (500 MG) what? will it do 2 me????? will it kill?
Need help desperately please!!! addiction?
Eye Infection.... How Can I Get Rid Of It?
does smoking pot stop u from daily activites?
Should I get the H1N1 shot?
Unfortunately, my father is a drug user. lately, he has been drugging me with some substances?
Small red bumps on palm?
Have any tips to avoid acne?
A little bump on my head?
Why is Asthma so common in Manitoba, Canada?
Flesh eating disease?
How can I get rid of oily skin?
What's the process of making your own herbal cigarettes?
Do I have a broken ear drum?
Not feeling all to well today.?
What would cause a person to have hallucinations when they have a brain tumor?
What helps you with thalassemia?
my eye dr said my second layer is detereating.?
If you have a eyelash stuck in your eye can it get infected?
can you damage your eyes by looking at the sun when it goes down over the water?
My Eyes Ache, Is it from Reading or is it Sinus?
hi i have eye floaters in my eyes and i am about to start a new job were i will have to use a microscope ?
what is the best cure?
Eye test question?
Please answer this question QUICKLY...?
What is my eyesight? I just got a new prescription.?
Is it ok to wear non prescription glasses?
I would like to know if a bone scan shows inflammation around the joint it's looks black hole?
son is dizzy with sore stomach?
i always missed periods what can i do?
Do hemorroids eventually go away? If so, how long does it take for them to shrink ?
Moving rainbow in vision?
Can not wearing glasses cause baggy eyes?
How much does eye test costs in sydney Australia?
what is the following brain related disease/problem called? (see details please)?
Anger problems?
Eye surgery in 2014 !?!?
Venlafaxine (Efexor) and NIGHT SWEATS?
how can i help my best friend overcome her mental health problem?
Best way to calm stress in a Meniere's attack?
A health question regarding my gf.?
Contact LensesQ!!! I need contacts that last in my eyes for more than 12 hours and up to like 16 hours or more?
Has anyone heard of having lung problems from taking rheumatoid arthritis drugs?
Introverted Bipolar?
how long have you been on depression meds for, do you think it a waste i cant remember anything for 4 years?
Can conjunctivitus take a week to incubate?
what would cause my eyes to become smaller,this is being commented on?
Do anti-depressants help when your mind is too busy and you are too anxious? Are there any less heavy ones?
help please?
Does anybody else think Tom Cruise is a manic-depressive?
How could i get info for Eye lazer operation and how succesful itis?
Scar removal creams or products?
Would people who have bipolar disorder (manic depression) choose to keep the condition or get rid of it?
Why do my eyes always burn?
Is this normal or not normal?
Woman with large bumps over body? What was it?
How to fix my ingrown toenail?
If you lose things inexplicably, like car keys or wallets several times a week what condition might you have?
can you mix benzodiazepines with wine?
In PSTD -How do you know when someone is having a flashback?
adhd. its hard to cope?
how do I keep my fiery temper under control?
would it be a good idea to set up a support group for people with eating disorders?
can the tongue be light pink at the tip of the tongue, I'm a white female?
What is this pill?
Twitching eye?
Im always tired. help? 10 points for best answer.?
pain in upper arms ( upper biceps )?
Why do i like pain,and dont hate it?
I dont want to go on holiday, please read!!?
Had a sore back for a few days?
i work in an unheated warehouse in a thermal suit but my knees hurt and my face burns, i drive a forklift what?
Do you get back ache when you have the tummy bug?
Hip joint pain........?
trapped nerve help :(?
where to buy prescription photochromatic lenses safely online?
What is my prescription actually telling me?
Eye question..........?
can a 19 yr old get intacts for kerataconus??????
Please recommend me a blepharoplasty/eyelid surgeon in Melbourne, Australia?
Whats up with my eye?
How is it I have trouble with light sensitivity during the day but my eyes adjust abnormally fast at night?
If i was to take a pill with melanin in it to make my skin darker will it effect my eye colour?
Yellow and blue aura around objects?
Vision recovery after PRK?
My eyes? whats wrong with them?
Lose of vision in one eye for 10 to 15 mins ?
Hit in the eye, now blurry vision.?
Am i ever able to find colour toric lenses in my prescription?
Is there anyone in Adelaide or SA with Fuchs Dystrophy?
my eyes get watery..?
Any place in Bangalore where RoseK lenses are fitted ?
my eyes are red and watery?
My Eyes Sorta Hurt 0_0?
I have recently gotten a new, stronger prescription for contacts. Can that be making my eyes fatigued?
Vision question? blah blah blahhh?
What could these symptoms suggest?
how do u get rid of chest acne and back acne!?
What are some good ways to get bruises?
how do you know if your cat has the flue?
bladder infections....?
Why do I sometimes get this lump in my throat when I start to eat something cold?
I can't get to sleep, help!?
can you help understand this MRI head report---I am sced to see nuerologist and pathology (2wks)?
i think its a swollen lymph node?
Help plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!?
Chest pains after working with asbestos for first time...?
Swine Flu - Transition period.?
I am in trans gender, I am seeking a penile transplant, where could I get one in Ontario? I need replies?
How long does it take for symptoms of Hepititis C to show?
People with multiple sclerosis please...?
Very fast hearbeat like a fan and lighthead?!HELP!!?
why am i breaking out all of a sudden?
Sunburn Help !?
Lactose Intolerance Help - My Food choices!?
can dust do damage for people with deviated septum,,?
Can having high cholesterol cause borderline diabetes?
Warning signs on anorexia?
i no i have ocd.. but.....?
chest/stomach/abdoman pain and discomfort for no reason?
Is the Wheat Gluten Pet food scare only in Canada & US?
I have temporary spots of light in my eyes last about 15 minutes?
How do you get eye make-up (mascara and eye liner) off your contact lenses?
I really want reading glasses?
Testing my eyes on my computer?
Is it possible to 'tighten' muscles in the eye?
My sons eyes seem to flicker sometimes?
Why do I see streaks in my periphery when I walk past objects?
Eye color question? Ahahaha.?
I sometimes dry my mascara with my very hot hairdryer (eyes open)?
Laser eye surgery: Post op symptoms for long-sightedness correction?
Conact lense question Colour Change?
Which famous sportsmen/women wear contact lenses?
Eye's blurry to Letters?
Vision prescription question?
have you had something in your eye more then a day?
know what lenses i need but buy without prescription?
Cosmetic Contacts? What's up with mine?
Can a 3d mole just above be causing the occasional throbbing in my eye?
Is it okay to switch from two-weekly contact lenses to the monthly ones without consulting an optician?
Should I get the H1N1 vaccine?
Vomiting Bile in palliative care patient- why?
I had my appendix taken out a week ago doctors say it's normal but i've had a fever for a week every day?
Little bumps on my arms?
What kind of sickness do I have?
what is the bubonic plague?
Is what I'm having just a cold?
mild skin acne.. help?
I'm a teenager and I have REALLY dry and wrinkly skin. HELP!!?
Purple and red skin dots?
Is standing for hours everyday causes hemorrhoids? What are the others causes of it? Any treatment?
Usually when i stay out too long my face starts getting red dots. Any soutions?
How to get rid of a cold?
foods that help lower cholesterol?
Last night i was out in a nightclub and i felt perfectly fine one minute the next i felt extremely faint and h?
Do I have an eating disorder?
How do spray tans work?
I just got my H1N1 flu shot, and a few mins after I got it... I felt dizzy...?
i can't straighten my knee?
does accutane make you gain weight?
Has anyone tried Hydrasense?
Hospital question!!!!?
whats that new drug called?
i have a dull but agonising pain at top of adomen - pain goes round to back above?
slept badly now my neck hurts ):?
how can i cure my belly ache?
Do either psilocybin or amanita muscaria mushrooms cause your brain to bleed?
With the Earth's population, how do we know that everybody's fingerprints are different?
pain behind my ribs and shoulder?
What's the appeal of the Mary Jane?
can pharmacy techs advance to pharmacist?
Dealing with what i believe to be depression?
DNR Order questions?
Anyone been diagnosed with bi polar but only experienced a single episode of mania? What drugs work for you?
I have a phobia about being in large rooms with high ceilings, I feel dizzy and that I am going to fall over.?
did you know?
Is There a Name Given to a Person Who Has a Symmetry Disorder?
Can blind people, especially those not born blind, suffer from S.A.D.?
Some questions about an eating disorder inpatient programme?
do drugs for the treatment of an illness are tested on animals?
Want can you do when you have been pushed out of your job by your ex boyfriends bullying mates who were biased
Is hearing voices normal or not ?
What are the Pro's and Con's of someone having Psychiatric treatment?
What is a spontaneous somnambulist?
Has anyone got experience of dating psychopaths/sociopaths?
why does quitting marijuana give people such strange dreams?
Is it normal for me to be depressed like this?
I am trying to get an epilepsy chatroom so that I can share my own experinces with others?
what is HB?..if you have hapiatitis B is it possibel to get pregnat? And how dangerous is HB, and what coues i
Getting rid of large pores...?
I have dead skin problems?
I feel terrible! What could be wrong with me?
Itchy day after H1N1 shot?
Does SWEAT cause acne?
How to get rid or diarrhea?
Can you help decipher what these flu like symptoms might indicate?
How long can a person live wih a twisted bowel?
Could the Swine Flu Become as bad as the Spanish Flu (1918-1920) ?
What happens if ones Kidney's and liver fails both at once?
Is there anyone who has recovered from being a drug addict? I need help.?
Tips on Treating Back Acne?
Is squalene (particularly in flu vaccines) harmful?
I used two acne treatments/exfoliators one after another and now my face is extremely itchy and red?
I have a slight numbness in my left hand?
Im having problems with my feet, what is this?
Can I mail medication to the US. My Dr. gives me samples and I will need them when I am there?
What my Lactose intolerance is doing to my body?
Condition in which one loses physical control in response to art or an aesthetic sourse?
why would a 7 yr. old girl get stomach cramps when running or playing soccer?
can anyone tells me when you cough and the flem is white and runnie. Is it normal to have?
i have cold symtoms and a bump in my ear above the lobe?
I this normal for a cold?
About Presbyopai??
can extreme temperature changes cause colds?
my mom said that im sick with vertigo ? ?
what is the copper level (in ppm) in tap water in Canada?
Abdominal Pain ... please help!?
Is there a website that lists serious, maybe even fatal conditions?
I have a hump between my neck and back, how do i get rid of it?
What is the best seizure medication?
Question for girls?
Got a small septum after a surgery for birth deformity. How can I increase the size of my septum naturally?
Is cracking every thing bad?
(UK) Employment and support allowance medical checks. How are they supposed to test for sickness?
Why One sided Love Involve Extreme Pain and Suffering ? An Atheist in Pain,seeking serious Help ?
Today I walked past BinLaden and he shot me in my leg then I went to hospital I'm in the UK?
what to do when kidneys hurt?
Mood Swings?
What are your Auras like? (epilepsy)?
How do you cope with your dissociative disorder?
how do u get rid of pink eye?
i want my black heads GONE!?
Dizzy and nauseous after blood test...?
what is the difference between negative and positive blood?
Constant nose bleeds?
Just been criticized for your work, you respond by saying...what?
Does this sound like ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?
I have a sleeping problem. i cant sleep at night. it helps if i work out before i go to bed though. tips?
Choice of soap/syringe?
effects of mosquito bites on humans?
a runny nose after yawning?
what is pneumonia and how long does it last?
Encopresis. Can a child have too much fibre? Six year old.?
Will smoking weed before a sergerie harm the surgerie?
My fingernails have no lunulas (white parts) and I'm wondering what that means? Or if I should see a doc abou
a carrier for a particular disease is an individual that is?
What should I do about my severe nasal congestion?
Symptoms of...?
Insomnia help?
Ladies, how many moods in your 28 d. cycle?
Why did you first use Crystal Meth? Why would you?
I have some betagen - it's expired (in august 2007) it it okay to still use?
Desperate for help... please?
do you think it may be possible that i have anemia?
Is This Normal About my flu?
bowel problems related to cancer?
How can I get rid of my cold sore?
I have a bug bite (bed bug or flea, I'm not sure) and one looks infected. best ways o cure it?
I have a small lump on the back of my head should I be worried?
How Much Times Do I Apply Lemon Juice To Lighten My Dark Skin?
I keep getting sores all over,,,,is it cancer?
Do you think I might have mono?
What is the purpose of a laxative when you have ear trouble?
How do people first get infected with Ebola?
Please help! Lump in the throat feeling and spitting out blood. Anyone have any ideas what I'm experiencing?
do I have acid reflex?
i am a former anorexic/bulimic not anymore and i gained but i feel sad and lost interest in life?
Has anybody donated a kidney?
What can this be, what do these symptoms lead to?
Is it bad to exercise with diarrhea?
what's the danger of being around chlorine all day?
Kidney disease (proteinuria and glucosuria)?
Anyone that knows about Hurler's Sydrome?
Anemia Question.....?
Feeling dizzy and shaky after a bath?
how do i get rid of acne without a really expencive costing product?
Does anybody else take Actiq or tried to come off them ?
Im feeling down help?
what's it like to wake up from being under anaesthetic?
How to get leg cramp to go away?
clicking sound hip / top of leg?
sharp back and stomach pains. please help?
whats wrong with my throat?
what is the cause of numbness in both feet.?
Is this because I don't have enough calcium?
Can I get diagnosed for Dyslexia from overseas (Asia)?
Screaming in my sleep!!! HELP ME!!!?
Areas with high suicide?
my wife is coming off anti depressants a side effect is that she is making alot of adrenaline?
Is Pupil dilation (mydriasis) normal when starting prozac (fluoxetine)???
Where has Dr Frank gone?
Is it normal for my friend to shake in her sleep?
im on prozac for depression do I need a seperate medication for my anxiety?
Does one always have OCD when you have ADD?
how can i sleep at night?
Get real answers from millions of real people.?
Work problem i dont know what job i want =(?
What are these symptoms of? Sore throat. Copper taste in mouth. Half of the face going nymb. Dizzyness.?
my laugh sounds retared?
How can i strengthen my reflexes?
doctors only need apply,.?
Can our autonomy be explained by that of our brain?
Please help me diagnose this gentleman............He is an elder age 65. It was rather easy for me to?
where can i buy food grade silicone spray in calgary?
Where can you get hip hop abs (2 dvd set)?
How come when I drink the whole or most of the bottle of water it makes me vomit ?
A helping hand please?
urinary tract infection in elderly?
Besides Meds, any ideas how to control Gout ?
Does anyone have chronic problems with gout.?
How do you diagnose asthma?
acne bumps (not whitehead or blackhead)?
I'm not sure if I have something serious. I notcied a black area to my toenail, I just thought it was from...?
My hands and feet are always cold?
does anyone know if a constant twitch in the eye can be related to a cancerous tumor?
every morning i cough up brown mucus im a smoker.. but only for 2 years, whats wrongg!!?
Could I have Stomach Cancer :S?
How's there racism going on in the swine flu outbreak?
Does anyone know any remedy to stop a 20 month old continuous runny noise?No antibiotics please,done that!?
how do you get canker sores?
I need help for living in a dry climate?
school in four days, i'm sick.?
small bump on testical?
asthma bothering me can't sleep what to do?
Could this be poison oak or poison ivy?
Arthritis of lower arms and hands?
Severe stomach pain.?
How is Inflammation related to the Immune System?
How long should it take for swollen lymph nodes to go down?
Other than diuretics, does anyone know of a treatment that would help a parapalegic who has edema?
Is (captopril) the last choice as an antihypertensive drug in pt with post streptococcal glomerulonephritis?
Problems after Fundoplication what to do?
my 8 years old son has tic disorder , will it go away on it own?
does adderall xr cause mood swings or develop a bipolar disorder?
Mood stabilisers and weight gain...?
Does counselling work for you?
Getting rid of depression?
ever since i was the victim of a evil psychopath some ten years a ago my past since then as got twisted?
One severe manic episode...Does that mean I am bipolar?
My Head Hurts and My Eyes are Funny?
Therapist/Psychiatrist in south wales?
support groups for adult adhd in london?
I have all my neck glands, numbness in my head and sore shoulders and neck and back?
Heellpp I i think i pulled a muscle behind my neck and it hurts?!?!?!!!!?
i have been a strong believer that crying doesn't help, but you know it does, i'm all cryed out, what can i do
manic depression?
IS there any way to know if you have depression without going to a doctor?
I understand that there are people that believes in pork pies?
My Thoughts Are Really Annoying Me?
Can people naturally digest milk and other dairy producys?
Is there a name for this phobia?
this is really annoying me?
im so stressed i havent eaten anything since last nice which was at 10pm (and im talking new years eve)?
im just about trying to say yes to giving up but i keep telling myself one more then ill quit, what should i d
Why does everything i eat makes my stomach queezy?
What is a good cleanse???
I wake up and notice that I stop breathing. why?
Does anyone else have the chills & a headache?
Am I trying to do too much?
how long does it take for crystal meth to dissappear so that it wont be traceable in urine and hair drug test?
I seem to be experiencing sudden hearing loss in my left ear. Can anyone help me?
what should i do? i really need help...best answer = 10 points for sure?
What are panic attacks? What are the symptoms?
Toenail Fungus Treatment - How long until new healthy growth will start?
i think i'm allergic to something...?
does sodium nitrite give you cancer?
Why am I not feeling thirsty?
I have no idea if I have a brain tumor, and I am terrified if I have one or not. Help me! Please!?
So I have horrible acne...?
Can you have swine flu for only like 4 days?
which is worse , cocaine or dust off?
what is the best thing to do ,treatment for anemic person?
Help! Bump on my armpit!?
why do i always think i have a illness?? please help?
I'm 17 and I'm going for bunion surgery , do you get put to sleep ? I'm very nervous .?
What might this scab like sore at the back of my tongue be?
Red spots in mouth, on hands and on scalp? I can hardly eat!!!?
Does biotin help make your hair and nails grow nicely?
I am close to being anorexic, I am a 14-year old boy...the technical term is "disordered eating pattern."help?
What qualifications one needs to regularly take blood samples in a doctor's office in Canada?
i have a drooling problem what can i do?
Tinnitus, what can cause this?
low thyroid?
What is the drug called 'CID' and what does it do to you?
A question in regards to testing for learning disabilities in adults.?
Random Headaches and dizziness?
Sharp pain in jaw and chest when breathing in?
I'm fully rested but my eye still jump why??
Is there such thing as "whiskey sores?"?
I'm having trouble getting a good deep breathe.?
Is there a way to get rid of my whiplash?
Have you ever had a mole removed from your body?
I seen some kid with green skin?
Weird almost tingly feeling in my hands...?
Can lava give you a sunburn?
How to strengthen your liver?
Cut and left a mark on my skin?
do you catch colds in winter time?
how can you catch laryngitis?
how i protect my self from swine flu?
What is the best way to get rid of acne?
What do you need to get tested for after performing CPR?
can I take probiotics and antibiotics together?
can you get rid of blackheads or are they there forever?
I've tried face wash and lotion, how do i get rid of the acne?
stomach pain, trouble breathing, chest pressure?
Burnt Ahhhhh?
how do you get rid of nose blackheads?
who carnt sleep.?
Why is smoking not allowed near an oxygen source?
Is this normal? I'm feeling really unsettled in my mind?
My temp is 35.6 and I am sweating and freezing cold at the same time? Why?
Isn't this awful?
Told Boyfriend I have bulemia...he won't talk about it...?
you know your an internet addict when...?
panic attacks. please help!?
i want to work in a hospital?
I had 69 with my girlfriend and afterwards i found orangy brown dry stuff on my face??
voluntary mental health service?
St johns wort does it work?
Everytime I think my bipolar husband is getting well (or seems to be coping better) he deteriorates....?
i have a history of depression and alcohol and drug abuse i go through good and bad phases when im feeling goo
antideprssants and sleeping pills?
Why do I wake up at the same time EVERY night?
my muscles feel like they don't stretch properly?
my friend is.....?
Looking at Sun..?
Has anyone used Dr. Bronners soaps? What do you think?
Can doctors/tests determine if liver damage is due to alcohol?
Can someone tell me about the health-related and social consequences of rave drugs and marijuana?
I was at the bar last night, I think I might have been drugged ?! help?
Marijuana Drug Test?
question about spleen and appendix bursting?
seeing flashes through eye?!?!?
Is there anyway to train your ears to increase their sensibility?
i have a scar from a dog bite.. help?
Do you know anything that can solve sweaty hands?
Why is my shoulder hurting?
when will the pain go away?
is this just a cold or ?
I have a stuffy nose, plus I have problems breathing and more?
Pain all down left side of body what could it be?
my arms ache when i lift them up?
Can you get a tattoo if you were diagnosed with I.T.P 8 months ago?
Young Adult Osteoporosis?
my ear feels like its underwater D=?
Serious pain in my chest. plz help.?
i have a skin disorder-white patches in some part of my hand..and its became bigger time to time..?
How do I get silver nitrate off my hands?
My left eye pupil wonto go back to normal size?
Is it possible to lose your voice permanently if you scream TOO often?
getting over the flu but im extremely weak and just want to sleep ?
Liver MRI after nodule found on liver by ultrasound?
Twisted Stomach Symptoms?
15 years old with several mental illnesses, and life difficulties?
Found out l have degenerative spinal disease is exercise good for me and what to do if? Take enough pills now.
Has anyone tried Sativex (who has Multiple Sclerosis)?
Something strange has developed on my thumb, I thought it was a wart and now I don't know.?
I have hepatitis B inactive so I can immigrate to Canada?
I seen some kid with green skin?
What is this acne called?
Info on Liver.... Help! ?
PLEASE READ Really need some advise?
menopausal profuse sweating ?
Acne Problem, What Should I Do?
what are signs of cancer ?
if a person doesn't blink will he/she go blind?
Doctors and Nurses only please:?
What causes blood clotting?
What is a cough medicine that works REALLY well? I've tried buckly's and benylin, and a few others. nothing.
Does drinking too much water leave bad effects on my body for long?
Is it possible to be successful at yoga doing it by myself? or is a class better?
does the sun affect your mood and well being?
do magnetic bracelets help headaches?
Nosebleed due to dry, hot air?
Ear Infection..?
Drain problems....Help!?
Sometimes, I wake up with mysterious scratches on my arm?
I keep thinking about dieing?
Only for women. I have 40 GB free in my heart disk?
do many people suffer with bipolar depression?
Sertraline/ zoloft/ lustral?
how do i stop talking in my sleep anythinggg? im 15 years old if that helps?
Hyper and very tired?
Are lower class people who raise children to be criminals mentally ill?
How many types of depression is there?
how to improve my memory?
When is the best time to have an operation?
Anyone taking the medication Amitriptyline?
what is the best muscle pain cream/gel?
Why is my back hurting so much!?
how to get rid of a chill in the kidneys?
why do i get shooting pains in my head?
How to treat dislocated shoulder?
I have extensive back pain/aches and I don't know why. What should I do?
What is happening with my body?
Shooting pains in arm?
why does left side of my chest hurts?
Do i have burn infection?
I Really Hate My Psoriasis?
What are the red marks on my thighs?
Do moles hurt to get removed ?
tightness/lump in throat?
are acne scars faster and easier to get read of then acne?
Should coughing up lots of blood be taken serious?
Isn't Prednisone given to Cushing's Patients?
Friend of mine with kidney pains!! :(?
is Echinacea good to take when you have a cold.?
Gas Pains or Apendecitis?
big bruises on leg, not getting any better and not going away?WHY?
Help emergency my mom is breaking out in red bumbs on her neck face back and chest?
How do get Stretch Marks Away.?
Symptoms, they kind of worry me..?
why does my throat feel like it's burning?
Gastroentrology clinics?Im currently trying to find a gastroentrology clinic in USA to redo an ileoanal pouch?
Will RSD( Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) cause the loss of control over the bladder and the bowel?
Low blood pressure and high heart rate?
I had a seizure and I don't know why. more details inside.?
If i dont pee every four hours i start to feel sick and then i vomit.. Why?
Galactosemia anyone?
I have this bad freckle (very misshapen) on the back of my arm, it's been months..?
What are some treatments for severe Idiopathic craniofacial erythema?
what can i expect seeing a CPN???
does anyone know how long it takes to diagnose 'adhd' and whet the process is?
where can i find self help groups in the UK, London???
where can i buy OXYTOCIN nasal spray??
help me on pms?
self harm help I'm Birmingham?
Could general anesthesia cause depression?
continuous abuse which is progressively worsening,i am seeking help?
What are the most common withdrawal symptoms when coming off tricyclic antidepressants ....?
Has anyone heard of this drug?
what s the opposite of agrophobia?(excuse spelling)?
I believe that I have traits in sadism, bestiality and necrophilia. Am I flogging a dead horse?
if i stopped taking the medication for panic attacks how long would the medicine still be in my body for?
psychotic experience ?
someone is in a hospital and she si going to be certified for not taking her insulin.?
How do you make a pectus carinatum (pigeons chest) unnoticeable?
Ear Problem.?
Dr doesn't know but it looks like chicken pox, not that itchy?
How to get rid of a flu?
If I use Clean&Clear Oil-Free moisturizer will that cause more acne ?
difficulty breathing in unmoving air?
What does it mean when the left side of the back of your head is bigger than the right?
Jaw joints pain please help?
what have i done to my toe?
What is the recovery period after a carpal tunnel operation?
everytime i eat i feel like i have to puke?
i wake up with my right leg asleep and numb?
how much bleach would you need to drink before it killed you?
What do these symptoms mean- spitting up blood, tummy ache and back ache?
Is oxycodone supposed to make me feel...well, hot?
Pain in the left side of my head?
Are Zhu Zhu hamster tots unsafe?
What's wrong with my knees?
How can i fall asleep faster?
joining the navy, worried about the drug test!?
what can a blood test tell?
Can any doctors answer this?
Doctors dont have time to listen to all my symptoms but what if they are all related?
PLEASE HELPPP!! for people who know about blindness?
Why do I Continue to blech?
I think my friend is phsyco?
Breast Cancer Penpals?
What does malignant neoplasm of liver mean?
What is a procedure that can expel the pork tapeworm?
Does Hyperthyroidism cause low blood sugar level?
getting better quickly?
Which pharmacy/drugstore in Ontario carries the Nit Free Terminator Comb for head lice?
I have the flu really bad. How much longer should it last?
Someone please help!?
I got a lump behind my right thigh, it hurts when I touch it. Is it acne? Is it contagious? Help me!?
nurse hotline!? quick answers please :)?
Should I pick the crust/scab or leave it?
How does a doctor go about draining a boil?
What is alien hand syndrome?
I have random seizures, and It scares me to death, can any1 offer me help on what i should take to handle them?
Whats the best way or is there anything to get rid of a cold sore?
how to take care of a patient with alzhiemers disease?
does a perforated ulcer absolutely have to be operated on?
Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter bathing pouches?
I have PCOS...a few months ago i started getting lumps?
pains in my head & feeling dizzy??!?
what is it called if i cant waste or stool would not coming out?
How do I lighten stretch marks????
How to get a better night sleep?
I tried everything for acne, tell me what to do?
Why have no pycharitirsts seem to have heard of Valerian?
why won't I sleep?
can any one tell me how long the withdrawals will be?
Why do we have destructive emotions?
how to try and overcome my problems without making others worse?
peace of mind?
Ok question about prozac?
Is there anything stronger than Prozac ?
Does anyone know how long withdrawals can be coming off 0.8mg of subutex?
Can u make me laugh cause iam hurting inside?
Has anyone recovered/know of anyone with severe agitated depression?
Does anyone just want to be able to delete your memories, just like a computer?
Borderline Personality Disorder in the workplace?
Do pets help combat empty nest syndrome?
Side effects to dose alteration to Prozac / Fluoxetine?
what is it called if i cant waste or stool would not coming out?
Found a tiny mole on my inner leg? Picture!?
Help!! acne question...dry skin?
why do i have 4 ears and my ear hole is big?
What's is the flu? is it deadly?
What is a quick a way to get over a cold?
dry cough, bloody nose, chest pain - what's wrong?
Treating a yeast infection :$?
Are blood transplants free in the US ?
why do i keep going dizzy:/ ?
why am I having breathing problems, having them for 5 days?
why do they mean ecstacy drains spinal fluids?
Do bones have nerves?
pains in back of ribs?
how can i grow taller?
Feet smell!?
feeling sick but it won't come up even if i heave/gag?
what does it mean when i breath my chest and lungs hurts?
Who's got the winter blues???
I am trying to get info on resolve2 stop.com - it is a pill that u take to help u stop smoking:I have brochure
whatt should i look for?
I have a question about my vision that has been botehring me for my whole life. In dimmed conditions..?
can you help me?
I got a couple questions on being a LPN nurse?
does your stomach make weird sound before and after lunch?
starting puberty?
Anxeity or Seziure?
Can a drug craving be both physical and psychological?
Help stomach problem?
does anyone know why sometimes when your eating you get a really bad "cramp" or pain on the roof of your mouth
Why I'm feeling that I'm not growing up?
How tall Will I Get When I Grow Up.?
Why do i have pain in my left scrotrum.?
all I want to know is what happens when u stop?
Help needed for real bad heartburn?
I want to be a surgeon (cancer tumors)?
What are your thoughts on Accutane, the acne drug?
One way the body can fight infection and disease?
Skin Irritation Caused By Sunscreen?
about to get a cold help!!!?
Is this normal in cancer survivors...?
I have been having pain in my abdomen before I pass gas and before diarrhea. What is this?
Accutane -?
i have major major scar on my front legs (shins), from my diabetes ive tried everything even dermablend. help?
i dont know why but for the past month or so my chest has been tight all the time?
is there anything you can do to get rid of stretch marks or reduce them>?
Skin problem... Do you know what it is?
Burning , itchy , watery eyes?
How do i get rid of zits and blackheads??????
Red lines around zit?
What is this giant skin tag?
What are the systomes of aids , the frist sings of aids, hiv. Its there spots on the early sing of?
lump in knee/ lower quad? im scared idk what it is?! :0?
what is nephritis?
How long must I wait for the gluten to get out of my body?
Anyone know what these symptoms are...?
is there a website that offers free health issue articles in the philippines both nationally and locally?
what do you guys all think of me?
I've been kicked on my left foot really hard, What will happen to this?
How will this end???
I feel alone?
Has anyone had more than one eye surgury in one year? I got Glaucoma and Catarac im only 16.?
Anyone with severe B12 deficiency? What was your treatment and how are you coping?
trichotillomania bald spot .. im 13 !!! help?
Nondisjunction Disorder?
what would you do? plz anwser!?
What do low complement levels indicate?
Feels like my throat is closing in?
what can i do to dig myself out of a bigblackhole?
Do these symptoms go with a partial epileptic seizure?
how does dexomethasone affect blood?
ermmm strange feeling?
Playing sweet music to someone who is sad is like vinegar on your teeth???
is there a problem with me if i like my bed so much that en i drop the kids off at skool i sleep all day?
I want to be a social worker but my mum keeps telling me how hard it is?
Do you fear Alzheimer's?
how do u not flare your nose?
will a sore throat or flem affect my vocals for my band???
How do I calm down and stop fighting?
nosebleed/eye is red?
Health? Any Advice?
how do i start a medical transportation company and how do i find disabled clients ?
Why is my eye swollen?
what causes a major infection in the leg with leg swelling out of shape?
possibly oral cancer/ear//brain cancer?
Does anyone have sunburn remedies?
Dandruff Question? How to get rid of it?
what happens if someone can't sleep for days?
Pain in Knees... Please Help?
Where abouts on your body do you feel pain when you have gallstones?
how do i fall asleep quickly?
my armpits sweat alot?
I have a few random brown spots on my body like, about the size of a 5 cent i suppose, like what is that?
asthma and septra ds?
My legs have a very uneven skintone?
What are some homemade cleases I could do to get rid of the toxins in my body?
Anaemia? PLEASE HELP ME!!?
Anybody know anything about Fordyce spots?
Rosacea... questions?
Bruised Earlobes?
What is ur first reaction when u see someone with a red face?
toenails in wine?
what are ck levels in medical.?
What can be found during an endoscopy?
My hemoglobin is more than normal range?
What is the root cause of human body becoming hot?
What drug can kill you if taken without prescription or overdosing?
Does anyone know what are the effects of Extreamly high or low saritonin levels??
I get extremely tired after being awake for just 9 hours.?
is it okay to donate blood if smoked weed a week ago?
Do you have to REcertify your primary care paramedic certificate over time after you get it?
Pain in left shoulder blade, elbow and thumb joint?
To all single parent, being busy at home and at work. How to avoid stress so that we can maintain our beauty?
Eating Disorder?
suffered from bipolar for 25 years?
Sickness excuses?
do cigarettes help to numb emotional pain?
Help please.?
Bhopal,Hubby stood by me?
Tell me about Co~Dependency.What on earth is it?Where do you go to get help?
Is there a treatment for fatty liver?
Weird spots.............?
in alberta an illness of 3 days or less do I have to provide a doctor's note?
About cellulite....I have some questions?
Is eating a cough drop (like Halls) outside in the cold windy weather bad for your lungs?
When/where can I see the documentary, "My Skin Could Kill Me"?
reccently i've been sick with fatigue, nausea and occasional diarrhea, what could it be?
what is mean Hemoglobin large in urine test?
Things to fix coughing after smoking?
are the sinuses connected to the lungs/bronchial tubes and/or esophagus? ?
A lot of people are suggesting this... Do I really need to peel my skin off manually when the Sunburn is heal?
DOES anyone know what these symptoms could be??
do i have h1n1 (swine flu)?
little red spots on back and stomache?
Whats wrong with me? (stomach problems)?
there is kind of smell comes from my stomach?
List of drug rehab/treatments centres in north america?
HELPPP ! ? Major spine/rib problems :( !?
i am 18 years of age i went to doctor today and he said i have little gynecomastia?
Terrible tongue cramps :(?
Are there any famous people who died as a result of Huntington's disease?
In what years budget did the price of twenty Embassy No1 cigarettes go up to 50 pence?
Why does my back "creak" when I roll my shoulders back?
Why do my legs keep aching?
Unusual stomach cramps!?
why does my throat get so itchy?
Interstitial Cystitis Sufferers. Have you found green tea to be helpful with this condition.?
Candida Cleanse - Will Caprylic acid/Psylium husk contradict my Blue Green Algae supplements?
Does my mom have an eye infection?
my shoes hurt my big toe how can i stop this?
How to tell if a recovering opiate addict is about to relapse/give help to recovering addict?
ive had foot operation done for high instep and also tendon transfers ect will i be able to do manual again al?
What is the cheapest private CT scan in the UK?
why does the left side of my stomach keep making noises?
How can I stop taking myself so seriously?
Worms in humans?
Should we invest in technology to improve the human body for tasks that could change the fate of our existence
Addicted to Sleep aids?
I really enjoy 1 cigarette a day and rarely smoke more that. Do you think this is a problem?
Does it hurt a lot to get your tonsils taken out?
kerosene help!?
Swollon Eye on one side?
What is the Best type of Medication to take when treating a person with OCD,Depresion,Anxiety&ObsesiveThoughts
weird lumps on neck that comes with headache and fever?
How do you remove a pool of blood from the brain?
How would you go about seeing a psychiatrist in England? How much does it cost?
Why can't I wake up in the morning? If I go to sleep at 10pm and have to wake up at 7am I can't? What's wrong?
Mental Health Clinic in Ediburgh?
Why is it that when you need people the most - no one is there for you?
Broken family due to terminall illness?
Mental health?
anti depressants?
Psychological Help?
Since having come off of setraline almost a year ago I have noticed?
problems sleeping while taking fluoxetine?
can a tbg course drive you insane?
What are the relevant legislations in relation to administraion of medicines...?
Any reason why humanity should not extinct?
Did you see the programme on dementia and antipsychotics? Have you known anyone with bad experiences on these?
Can't sleep at night?
My skin is bumpy help?
what are these pains from?
body acne i really need help?
Do I have Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)?
i have eczema on my face and it wont go away?
Can your finger get infected?
What cream do I use to get rid of the scars left on my skin from Pityriasis rosea.?
Dandruff,itching, and dry scalp!Which treatment?
Does asthma affect the way a person thinks?
whats wrong with me.....?
my friends head hitted with somebody and yellowish fluid came out...what is it and why?
Will someone please help me? Anxiety or Something else?
does getting fingered hurt?
where to buy avena sativa with 5% or more avenocosides?
how do you get rid of hickeys?
Why do I black out and get dizzy everytime I laugh?
For how long will the Diane drug prevent pregnancy?
I have had bad back pain and has been send to MRI scan by GP as i can hear clicks at my lower back?
can narcotic analgesic be used for nitrate induced headache?
Chantix can you get it in Canada.If so did you find it to work? And how long does it take if it did work?
Schizophenia, what do I do?
why we feel irritation in adverse condition?
Would taking steroids in small doses still be harmful to the body?
Any doctors here? Stopped taking citalopram for 5 days and now having scary effects...?
i got bit by a roof rat, thought they had diseases and rabies? why don't i have any diseases and rabies?
Do you keep those feelings?
Mirtrazipine headaches?
HI.I am 22 , I have been fair and had a very good white skin but now my skin is darker,why it has happened?
What happens if you inhale dust chocolate???
Burning thighs...?
how long does it take for the swine flu to become effective?
a question about depression?
home remedies for moles?
When you have moles surgically removed does it scar?
Can you child-mind after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder?
What could this be and why won't it go away? Bad cough for 6 weeks?
why did my mum abandon me in a psychiatric unit?
What is the difference between Rapid Cycling Bipolar Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder?
I need advice about skizophrenia?
is it likely for swine flue to kill people?
cant eat anything?
I was diagnosed with a UTI (urinary tract infection) and prescribed antibiotics (CIPROFLOXACIN)?
what is this drug emtec 30?
do i have food poisoning???help plz :(?
Negative obsessions and intrusive thoughts?
I just went to a Mental Health Ward and got the patient number down from 23 to 12 heading for zero ?!?
Why Does this Happen, Any preventions For This?
I coughed up green phlegm?
What is narcissistic personality disorder?
Has Andy Pipkin got OCD?
Is this some kind of neurological disorder?
Help with moderate acne?
I want to feel more confident in the things I do, has anyone got any suggestions on how to do this?
how can i control my anger?
Caffeine tablets?
C section Scar, Itchy after 3 years?
Child Birth Options for Scoliosis Patient?
Can you get a kidney infection from not drinking a lot of fluids and eating too much sodium?
Have you ever had sleep paralysis and what did you see?
hurts to swallow!! with headache?
what is a mild paroxysmal cerebral dysfunction? spanish please?
i have what seems to be a small blood blister, but im not sure. It is under my tongue and on the bottom of it.
phone no. of a dr. mark nowaczynski?
After surgery for a detached retina, my vision is coming back but it is "distorted" will it improve?
When referring to how many people die from a particular disease...?
My father had kidney disease released from hospital but was given Levaquin should a test have been done?
has anyone heard of EDS? (ehlers danlos syndrom)?
Why am i losing my balance?
Haircut and forehead acne?
trouble grieving?
How can I delete something from my brain?
'drunkorexic'...please don't be horrible about this?
Will you show your support? (Anyone with ANY experience of Self-Harm!!)?
Does being lonely make you less tolerant?
can you please tell me what is positive stress?
How to resolve being scared of flying?
I would like to know why ever body round me wants to forget the past as am sure this is the wrong attitude to?
is it normal to make someone else feel like they are abnormal..?
can you cure illnesses like a fever with therapy to do with the brain?
Do you have a panicky contact?
what explains this?
depressed over boredom?
How does it feel?
Seperation Anxiety. What to do?
long-sighted laser eye surgery.?
I can never fall asleepp?
Ugh and im supposted to feel this way?
How to make someone faint by pinching them?
Spine/Back problem??
My son JUST had his Tonsils/adenoids out and has a Bad cold!?
How do I know what I smell like?
Can anyone tell me why I break out from enteric meds? And do you think it makes a difference if it's vegan EC?
i need some help for my duaghter she has these planter warts on her feet how do you kill them?
Why does my hair smell like sulphur when it gets wet?
I Quit Smoking?
i was on the plane and my has got a pain by back of my leg by the sitting up 2 know what could it b?
when i tryed to get out of bed this morning i was very dizzy and had a bad headace could it be migrain ?
Am I likely to get the swine flu?
The back of my head felt blocked and now my ears are blocked, could this be a stroke?
very bad abdominal pain?
I get sharp hot stabbing in muscle next to shin alot,pins&needles in foot&numbness&cold feelings in leg?
My upper and lower back, and neck have been sore for atleast a week?
could visiting mount shasta ca help ease arthritis pain ?
ichy/Pain going up my right side, gets worse when i lay down?
Chonic Colitis Q?
Is something wrong with my voice?
Severe dry heaving with Morning sikcness and nausea.?
what are some things your brain is doing when you are sleeping?
Having chest problems any idea?
Rheumatoid Arthritis?
Has any body out there had a kidney bioppsie?
I have had Salivary stones?
Question on mental health?
is parkinson's x-linked disease?
does anyone practice reiki or know of a course to learn in Northwest of England?
What Can Heal Trichotillomania?
What are the newest treatments for abdominal aneurysm?
what is the name of the 8 limbed girls medical issue?
What are the three diseases caused by a virus that kill the most people worldwide every year?
What in chocolate could cause shortness of breath?
Slippery elm?
What do you think of the sleep med Imovane (Zopliclone)?
Questions not for the squeamish or faint of heart....?
Need help, doctors in my area can't answer my questions...?
Will there ever be a magic elixer to cure drug company excesses?
Is my new dog sick?????????????
what things can cause blurred Vision?
I smell some rotting food or something of a pungent odour but I cant find the source?
what is the best?
Watery yellow diarrhea?
I'm doing Research about PRO-ACTIVE and i was wondering if can you answer my Question if YOU have tried it
Do i have a tumor?
fungus on back i think?
Will I get alzheimer's or other sicknesses if...?
beaing a teen .. help.?
Does my Dad have lung cancer?
Anthrax: Global Threat / Threat In Canada?
Is something wrong or am I just sick?
If I take medication to rid a tapeworm from my body ... Will it come out with my poo?
Will i get lighter skin if i avoid the sun complety during summer?
stop smoking facts............?
how do you get rid of pin worms?
Why do i have pain in my left scrotrum ?