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Do you know of the drug tylenol??? 10 pts best clear answer:::?
What is potassium sorbate/sodium benzoate?How safe are these products to consume?
What do you think of detox diets?
difficulty breathing, short on breath?
I have scars in my legs-any advice how to hide them in the summer?
When I get bitten by a mosquito, what do i do?
How to cure dry lips?
How many days from exposure to actually getting symptoms of H1N1?
Vaccinated for H1N1? Are you going to get the shot yes/no why or why not.?
ingrown toenail!!! HELP!!!
what are syptoms of acid relux?
Can you get AIDS from breathing the same air or touching the same surfaces of people who have it ?
i'm getting a cold!advice!?
Natural way to get rid of Eczema?
I've been having diarrhea for a week, what should I do?
Can you see the symptoms of HIV with in 48 hours of being infected?
Name some strange diseases?
Effects of chemo on non-cancer patients?
Whats with these red marks just below my bum?
My sleep patterns are so messed up.For four years my sleep has become more and more erratic?
This girl named Rosemary has broken my heart again..........?
Can I change CPN?
If you smoke or did smoke ,How do cigarettes make you feel?
when my session with the counsellor has ended, why do i come home feeling even more stressed/worried?
Enduring power of attorney?
Hi I'm Claudia and I need some exercises for relax myself!?
When people are rude and ill-mannered towards you - does that make you anxious?
if someone has mental health problems what does that mean?
The bottom of my neck makes a curve?
can i get contacts for astigmatism when my script is -3.5 cylinder? my optician said no, that was 2 yrs ago..?
what could be the problem ?
what does it mean if my friends' eyes are dilated when i'm with them?
Contacts wont stay on cornea?
Where can I buy contacts online without a prescription? Is it possible?
Will my eye color be this color forever?
What could help curing a lazy eye?
Do I need glasses?
I have a whitish yellowish lump on my sclera, one in each eye. what are they?
what should the pupil of an eye do when the eye is closed??
Is there an expiry date to one's optic prescription?
Who are Contacts I can Look Up For Teen Suicide to talk?
Would blue contacts work on brown eyes?
Can "Seeing-Eye" and other prosthetic dogs attack on command?
I'm blind in 1 eye, been having lots trouble with good eye was told that I only had 6/18 with glasses .?
I have a triangular shape of extra iris in my pupil?
What can I do to help stop the onset of macular degeneration, now? I am a 21 yr old female.?
My eyes have gone blurry?
Sister woke up with droopy eyelid!!!!?
Why am I always feeling motion sick even when I'm not moving?
why do some ppl have humps on there back?
I have OCD?? Some Advice would be great.?
21 years old with Osgood Schlatter?
Tourette/spectrum tic disorder?
why is my blood calcium level high and i am very tender on my liver?
looking for info on lumps found on , right posterior cervicle regoin can any one help ?
Is the Mind affected, in the later stages of Huntington's disease?
Itching inside shoulder and arm?
I need educated facts please not just hearsay on prolong use of ecstasy?
risk taking behaviour?
I had a seizure in the bed?
would people who work for Disease control agencies get more pay than a doctor?
Bed problems?
How to solve thick saliva?
What do you do to increase your metabolism?
Metal taste and reaction to gold?
Can Oil Paint release CO2 Gas???
Can dogs really detect tumours?
what does the expression " jump someone's bones " mean ?
did mr guy penrod of the gathier vocal band pass away?
My hands are in water all day long what is the best for extremely dry hands?
Safety of the H1N1 Vaccine?
im 22 and have been diagnosed with breast cancer...?
i need help with acne.. wut are some good products for acne?
I have super dry skin. what mosterizer is best ?
Should I call the hospital???
Do i have the swine flu?!?
I have terrible cuticles and hangnails and very weak fingernails Is there anything I can do to help my fingers?
Carotid Artery?
Does this cause brain cancer?
Does anyone know how to clear acne because I tried Proactive and it didn't work?????
how can i get rid of this cough?
i have a really bad sunburn?
what is the main cause for fibromyalgia?
Making prescription glasses out of diesel chemostat sunglasses?
Do you get headaches from watching flat screen televisions and using computers?
eye discomfort?? help??
When you have eye problems who is the best to consult?
Can someone tell me how to do retinoscopy? Any optometrists out there - help!?
Why don't i need glasses and what makes you need them.?
Scratched Eye, now i see black dots on lights?
OW, contact problem in my eye?
Irritated eyes?
I soaked my contacts in eye drops and now they burn my eyes like crazy. how do it fix my contacts?
How do i wear contact lenses?
my contacts are bothering me?
Has anyone had any experience with buying glasses from Specsavers?
Is a contact prescription the same as glasses?
What are my contacts doing to my eyes?
What are the risks or wearing contacts made for someone else?
Chronic dry eyes...please help!?
Is it normal that a Optometrist doubles the prescription of your glasses?
Is it bad to just use the cheap magnifying reading glasses when you need prescription glasses?
Prescription contact lenses - am I meant to be able to see the edges when I look in certain directions?
Can you get laser eye surgery and still become a pilot in the Australian defence force, or are you ruled out.?
How do you get rid of anxiety?
just lately......?
How many people are there in your head?
i know i keep going on about having negative people around me dragging me down but i am also very afraid of?
Mental Health and Work?
Do most people walk about with a closed heart?
my mother died march this year my father had a terrible stroke 20years ago when he was 51?
im going though bad depresion and im looking for work im not getting no where?
social anxiety disorder?
Can section patients travel abroad after release?
What countries is it legal to buy Zopiclone (Imovane) over the counter in a chemist?
I've not been to sleep since 11 o'clock yesterday morning?
How do you tell the difference between depression, and just feeling a bit low?
What is the best way to get rid of acne?
What am I seeing?
Hurts when press on top of left eye?
Do I need Glasses?
Adding a prism to my eyeglass prescription?
Do you think I have droopy eyelid? (pictures?)?
Should i have this checked out?
For those of you contact wearers who had Lasik Surgery...?
What's wrong with me???!!!?
eye exam - opthamologist or optometrist?
Is it strange that me eye colour is always changing?
my 16 year old daughter complains of cloudy vision in one eye ...it usually happens at night in darkness...?
Question re: eye changes from contraceptive pill?
eye discomfort! help please!!?
For the girls, You know at school the toilets are disgusting but some girls still use them what do u do if u?
ok,i have the chills,congestion starting,feeling tired,,need some relief,any remedies...give me your best..?
Alternative treatments for carpal tunnel?
what kind of eyes glass should i wear?
Contacts [first time user]?
inter-muscular botox injections for spasticity- good, bad, side effects?
What kind of drug test do you buy to detect vicodin?
For a 17 year old, what is the MAXIMUM length of time in any one day can contacts be worn for?
what are heart palpatations?
are they the same thing?
Eye twitch, what is causing this?
Does anyone else see a black colour when you look up or to the side?
2 month old contacts can i wear them even for just once?
Dryness around lips?
What are the main muscles used when moving a patient up in bed?
The Urologist advised me that my bladder isn't emptying completely, what are some causes & can it be repaired?
Could this be Acid Reflux?
To bend the arm what muscles relax and contract.?
eating disorder turn into depersonalization disorder?
can consumption of gluten lead to gallbladder attacks?
when you get an I.U.D. how offten do you have to get it changed i thought it was every 5 years but then heard ?
is this an OCD....?
Can a blood test tell if you have an infection?
how has modern living made india weak, unhealthy and disease prone?
Raynaud sufferers: Question about Raynauds disease and FIR gloves?
i have a hip question?
would taking celexa for a long period( 4 or 5 yrs.) affect my liver in any way?
Major IBS problem- highschool exams involved. Advice?
Health Care question for fellow Canadians, please ?
What causes floaty specks in your eyesight?
How do you convert a vision reading from 20/20 type to -1 type?
what does this eye prescription mean?
anyone know anything about optic neuritis?
if i do cross eye will that make me need glasses?
Is Something wrong with my eyes. i keep blacking out?
do eyes go in due to wearin specs...?
Do I have central heterochromia iridis?
Eye test & Prescription Help - Australians help pls
why do i get a head ache that makes my right eye painful particularly the eyebrow bone on the roof of the eye?
Can Scratches from Glasses be removed without having to buy new lenses?
Is it possible to fix lopsided eyes like?
I wear normal reading glasses and do not have trouble with my sight except for reading. If I got everyday?
has anyone ever had eyeball pain and headache?
How long does it take to get used to new glasses?
Olanzapine and Paroxetine....are they effective?
Should I feel ashamed to get free glasses?
Why do my hip and rib bones hurt?
Does anyone know what lenses look like that are: OD SPH +3.00 CYL +5.00 AXIS 90, PD 58mm?
What exactly is the process of getting someone into a hypnotic state?
Why do my eyes hurt while i put on the contacts?
Bleeding eye from bird bite , help me please?
Can u add transitions to your prescription glasses?
Why do you think there is such a negative stigma around counselling?
Would these special effect contact lenses harm my eyes?
Pain below my left lung?
What is this painful lump behind my piercing?
Pain in ear, pleaseeee help?
what is the meaning of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (copd) in own words? ?
Its hard for me to breathe right now...can someone help me?
Demerol. What does an OD do? Affect on body? Lethal?
ive just been diagnosed with bipolar and i was wondering if theres any every day symptoms to look out for?
What is best type of diet for dealing with depression? Any examples of meals etc?
1e substance chimiq peut être toxique par voies respiratoire et digestive et ne pas l’être par voie cutanée?
When, if ever, do you think the nukes will drop?
What affects does alcohol have on anti-depressants? Does it completly stop them working?
Really bad pain in my stomach, near my abs?
Can you get STI's from online dating?
Has anyone tried primal screaming?
Is this true...need serious answers?
people with personality disorda?
How to get rid of cold sores ?
do you believe in pharmeceutical companies / CDC / FDA?
while known for feeding the masses,?
Bunions - too young to have surgery to remove?
I've been realllly tired lately?
does it sound like i have Aspergers syndrome?
Does this count as an eating disorder..?
How do I get rid of my acne VERY QUICKLY?
Why do i have acne on my back and how do i get rid of it?
Acne Problem Plzzz help!!!?
How much does it cost to go to a psychologist? (London)?
Does anyone know where i can get hold of Mental Health Act 'patients rights forms' in foreign languages
Can you please help em with these symptoms?
Is there a one-time payout for the survivors of Can. veterans who have died as a result of war injuries?
How can i help my friend get of of an addictin to codine?
why are there so many flies around my computer desk area?
what might I be suffering from...no doctor yet?
I need to relax, I'm so worried!?
How can I get off my computer/electronics addiction?
What are the four leading cause of death in North America?
Does vacation drinking cause brain damage?
Anyone experience increased anxiety while taking sertraline (Zoloft)?
ear lob smells had piereced 12 years ago reoved 6yr ago ?
does the thyroid affect the eyes?
describe process of inflammation?
what kind of flu i was hoping you can help me a friend is sick and they need help very badly..................?
do i have epilepsy????????????
how long is it normal not to have a bowel movement after having diarrhea?
If you have OCD will you....?
How do you get rid of black heads on your legs?
I have a lot of phlegm build up in my throat.?
why do i have zits on my back?
Does anyone know of any support groups for teenagers suffering from depression? ?
Stinging Eye. OUCH!!!?
Blurred vision?
How can you tell if your eye contacts are hard or soft?
How much can laser eye surgery correct amblyopia and what is the minimum visual requirement for a rifleman?
How to get nail polish out of your eye?
Is it safe to look at a partial solar eclipse for a few seconds? Can this cause any damage?
Questions about cataract surgery?
Problem with contact lenses?
colorblind glasses??????????
can colored contacts ruin your eye sight?
My contact lens? Can I still wear it?
when i look left me right eye hurts?
has any purchased glasses on www.opticaldirect.com.au ?
how would you know if the eye were to suffer long term visible damage to the cornea from a thermal burn?
I am an eye doctor in trainning and have a question for a real eye doctor?
whens can you get contact lenses
I have sun damage in my eye!?
short sighted?
whats the rite age to get contact lences??
My eyes are always red and irritated. I swim a lot, and have contacts.?
Can severe myopia cause blindness?
How do Luminette glasses work?
Am I allowed to switch doctors?
NyQuil gel caps how many can you take before it is dangerous?
A Bad Cough?
Is meningococcal shot given for pain? Is there any other uses for it other than Meningitis?
Fused vertebrae - Please help!!?
How come some ppl dont like being around a person with a disability that they can not se?
Is my Circadian Rhythm off?
WEED, made me paranoid un confident, social anxiety disorder?
venlafaxine again !?
Can you tell me what my eyeglasses prescription means?
Can people survie liver cancer?
itchy skin???
I have n ingrown toeail and it is infected...please help?
What's the easyest painless way to kill myself in my house?
Only able to see with my peripheral vision,I can't look directly at something,what could this be?
How should i treat my fever?
All my life I've had a problem with my "Eustachian tubes" which go from the inner ear into the throat.?
I have a pressure feeling in my head?
what would happen if i stuck paperclips in the 4 holes in a mains socket?
a lump in the opening of my rectom?
Do I have H1NI? Please, only answer if you are sure...?
is it true that exollab makes real x-ray glasses ?
Is there any treatment for the eye condition 'Retinitis Pigmentosa' where a person gradually loses vision?
My husband has been doing this annoying sniffing for 2 years. I ask him if his nose is runny or stuffed up.?
why does my eye hurt when i put my contact lens but then it subsides after a while?
My feet are covered with dry skin?
Transitional glasses no longer changing?
i've ben playing computer all summer and im kinda blind?
Wearing glasses makes your eyes smaller ?
Is there something wrong with my brain?
Are a lot of people ineligible for Laser Eye Surgery?
I have fluid on my lungs, I am having more trouble breathing, and also coughing more often?
What happens if you get peroxide in your eyes?
If you have perfect vision and try on someone's glasses, do you see what they see without their glasses?
Scratches on glasses/spectacles?
dilated eyes plz help?
I got baking soda in my eye?
Eyes warping out when i look at some things.....?
My eyes are starting to be weird and I dont know what to do.?
Need a comfortable alternative to Complete contact lens solution?
pain in my back and sternum?
My back is throbbing terribly what is wrong?
i'm having otoplasty next week and was wondering if anyone has any advice?
My contact got stuck in my eye?
I sprayed my eye with deodorant..help?
I have red veins in both eyes & they rub on my eye lids! can I have them removed? would this be safe?
How much will the average pair of glasses cost ?
Has anyone had corneal dystrophy before? How was it treated?
Who has the best health care!! ?
What is this stomach pain?
Is there a list of people who have Proteus Syndrome?
What is TS - Touurette Syndrome and causes and cure and practicle knowledge?
Hearing Impairment research?
stomach acid?
What happens when you have cartilage damage in your upper back?
which blood tests should be done to see about pancreas problems?
Is Azo available in Canada?
i have problems with sinu's headaches, in my jaw,tooth, dizzyness, and i have tried, everthing,
my son developed last night a rash on his torso and back, its itchy with tiny bumps.... any idea??
Need ur advise pls?
If you have a thick white discharge coming out of your eye what is it?
looking for a quick painless death any suggestions?
What is people's experience with hiring a personal trainer, was this a postive or negative experience?
Kids help Phone no accepting new posts?
How long does it take for cocaine not to show up in blood and urine tests?
My 4 month old caught my gastro..what can I do and how serious is this in infants?
when i went to the hospital?
my daughter has eczema, what can l apply to reduce it?
How do you get rid of warts! please help?
any Spanish speaker dermatologist in Toronto?????
How much does a visit to an optometrist cost ?
what do you know about dyscalculia?
Drug rehab in Ontario?
what is best eczema moisturizers?
at what age will i die
Can someone have a reaction to sweet grass? Got sick right after and was sick for a day.?
can hiv be cure for ever re dont mean treatment i mean cure total cure to live a normal life?
what kind of antibiotic under counter urinary tract infection?
I have spina bifida and hydro sephilas and i feel alone any one that can give advice please do?
what can be used to stop the itching of shingles in the armpit area and breast area?
i have a zit!!?
CAN'T BREATH PLEASE HELP >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>?
Does anyone know any good medical or health sites?
how do you get an in growned toe nail?
Does anyone have any tips for chronic common migraines?
Why are my hands always cold?!?
swine flu vaccine- to get or not to get?
locality enquiry.?
how can i shake myself out of this depression?
what are the effects of stress on a person's performance at work?
How can I boost my energy levels and build my confidence?
show that u understand where helping work fits into a wider suportive network by comparing the help provided?
how does the careers advice, C.A.B, GP's and Therapeutic counselling fit into a wide supportive network?
Q. how could a stroke/seizure cause some loss of memory and especially bad sense of time?
Most people say they will not get the swine flu vaccine. How could we protect ourselves from the flu?
Some questions about depression?
I want to be sectioned under the mental health act?
Does this mean depression or mental torment?
H1N1 Vaccine, any good?
I'm feeling scared?
If you are small does it take a shorter time to go through our body?
doing a # 2 with perianal abscess?
how much does it cost to get contact lenses in Australia?
Rubbing contact lenses?
whats the price of contact lenses compared to glasses?
What is symmetrical eyes? What does it mean and how do i know if my eyes are symmetrical?
High astigmatism + not sure what BC + what lenses to order?
If I constantly get shampoo in my eyes which sting, can it do any long term damage?
Prescription mistake?
Can i wear regular contact lens and not toric lens?
Do you know anyone with a glass eye? If you take it out can you see their brains?
italian eye measurement?
What do you tremble when you are finished with a fight?
I want to ask about cancer reserach by drug companies?
What can I do to stop sweating?
Bumps in my throat?? ?
When I pop a zit puss doesn't come out. This clear liquid does. What is that?!?
Acne Scars - red?
help fast...how can i get rid of the hairs on my face?
Encouraging songs for a cancer patient?
My hands keep shaking.. whats wrong?
What causes canker sores?
Dry & ithcy scalp? what can I do about it?
What can i do to get rid of acne on my back..fast!?
Possible Breast Cancer? Im very scared.?
I think i have an ulcer?
Do I have the swine flu?(serious question more inside)?
How hard is it to get a prescription for Oxycontin?
Anyone have similar experiences or have been trained to deal with those who suffered them?
How do you convert percent into milligrams? For example for milk 30%=?mg.?
is this right???
Is there a system in Canada to ensure people are not "double doctoring"?
How long would my contacts last if i skipped a few days?
How does it feel to be on drugs?
Is this a normal symtpom with anxiety?
A Blocked Nose!?
Does Parkinson's disease include bouts of nausea ?
LUMP ON BACK OF EAR.. please help?
Everything on my computer is enlarged and can't figure out how to get it back to normal.?
My 56 year old, male family member is experiencing profuse sweating and some nausea?
A rare arthritis that skips generations?
I have a strange bump on my neck..... Could it be Dangerous?
When can a trait be expressed when only one allele for that trait is present?
I had my thyroid blood test done . My results were,FREE T4 .7 ,TSM 0.39.Does this indicated low thyroid?
ear bleeding!?!?
Who is pigface!?!?!?!?!?
Spots show on Bowel in CT scan?
i have an unmanageable hair. im thinking abt rebonding which i hav done b4. wat other ways can u suggest?
anger management - help?
What the f**k is Bonkers 3 ON????
What can I do about my agoraphobia at work?
does daydreaming too much lead you to mental illness?
what is ostio necrosis?
Who can help me cure my bordom?
What would happen if you took cocaine while on prozac (fluoxetine hcl)which is a ssri?
I dont know what to do!!?
i was diagnosed with degenerate disc disorder in my upper back but i'm having worst trouble with my lower ba
Are you still awake and why?
Has anyone overcome BDD? Or have any tips on dealing with it?
laughin for no reason.?
How many other self harmers, specifically cutters, are there out there that...?
Fluoxetine hcl (prozac) and hair loss?
how can you get rid of acne?
How to get rid of acne FAST!!! PLEASE HELP!?
is a aero chamber good for a asthmatic?
how do you get rid of blackheads?
Can someone help me with my contact/circle lenses ?
can looking at the light that glows at the front of a mac laptop when you close the screen damage the eye?
I'm getting these red bumps on my body i don't know why PLEASE HELP!?
Neulasta side effects with R-chop...help please?
Uncorrected Astigmatism and consequences?
Does using Sunscreen stop you from getting tanned?
i've been wearing glasses for 8 years........?
Can corneal surgery correct my astigmatism in my right eye?
Contact lenses - buying online?
Seeing Squiggly line in left eye when squinting or looking at white or light blue?
Is there any time period someone should wait to fly after having a?
Does this sound like skin cancer to you?
Sometimes I see flashes of light in my eye, and I also have a black fuzzy thing floating in my vision?
how could i have this?
How do I know if I injured my eye, or more specifically scratched my cornea?
I had my eyes dilated and they are still dilated. It's been about 33 hours now. (Eye color=green)-What to do?
When i look at things to the side i see mirages.....?
My Skin Is Peeling! Please does any one know what the cause may be?
i have a really big computer and im on it for long periods?
I have hypermetropic astigmatism with amblyopia in my left eye, will this affect my capability to view 3d mov?
how much is contact* lens here at australia?Is it good to use contact lens to sports people?
Cat scratched 3 year old child's eye?
Eyesight problems ! Help !?
Is there a way to get rid of oily skin?
Does smoking weed make your eye's SMALLER?
How can i give myself a black eye?
how do I convince my mom that contacts are better than glasses? She thinks im irresponsible?
My eye is sore and red but i can't see anything!?
How long can you wear 'one day' contacts for?
Have you had laser eye surgery? Please tell me about it?
Does everyone have colored rings surrounding the pupil?
left leg, thigh, knee pain?
headaches after banging head on ice?
do i have food poisioning .?
where can i get a wheelchair for free in British Columbia?
blood tests?
High Liver Enzymes?
what is the drug mda?
I jz pierced my lip lately but i got a problem..My lip is eating my stud,,I mean its sinking in my lip,,HELP!!
do anyone know where in Ottawa to do a hydraulic colon cleanse?
Where can I buy a prosthetic eye in Singapore?
can the flash from a normal camera damage your eyes when the camera is only an arms length from your face?
why has my vision suddenly gotten bad?
where can i order my perscription for eye glasses on the internet?
is it bad to stare at lightning?
what could be wrong with my eye? there a small 'lump' on the eye ball??
can you leave contact lenses in for too long?
Can I bring my own frames to the optometrist/optician?
what is Clear eyes or Visine made up of in lay mans terms?
What can be the cause of discolored eye stuff?
constant headache and sore eyes?
is my eyesight worsening?
Getting contact exam thursday?
I was unaware that UV can still penetrate the eyelids to a certain degree. Will I have any permanent damage?
Flarex caused some vision loss - any treatment?
I know this sounds awful, but if I break some reading glasses, would the optical place replace them or fix t?
can I replace eyeglass temples with spring hinges?
Amblyopia (Lazy eye) surgery cost?
Why does my left eye hurt soooooo much?
My doctor told me that i have a rare fungus, but they look normal, is he lying to get a reaction out of me?
Can you help me with my fear of swallowing and agorophobia?
Iv'e got depression.?
is it normal,to feel like satan when you are in extreme back pain,is it cause its connected directly to brain
i ve had the chicken pox before am i getting it again?
can i dead from swin flu?
Best way to get rid of acne?
chronic anxiety...?
stopping citlopram?
How can i get ride of acne?
How do you really overcome O.C.D?
!!How can I raise money for Brain cancer reasearch?
Should I be worried/go to the doctor about this?
I get more sick when I get the normal flu shot than when I don't. What could the H1N1 shot do to me?
Swine Flu! Is this it?
Do i have a bladder infection?
If I have testicular cancer, how can I tell if it has spread to other parts of my body?
Helping itchy red sunburns ?
Weird rash on daughter?
Uncontroable body shakes during night - loss of feeling in legs, right side of body heavy, confused in morning
how deadly is breast cancer?
Why does the cold, damp winter weather cause my old shoulder injury (from 3 years ago) to hurt so much?
Do i really need glasses?
anyone else heard of dieing from drinking a soda out of a can?
How do I put my left contact in without it flipping inside out on my finger?
Dangers of high heels?
I want to stop smoking weed but everyone around me does it at work, school and wen im with my friends?
How long should i have waited before getting out of bed?
ear piercings ingrown???????
Does anybody actually like needles? If so, why?
Why do my big toenails separate into layers?
Night Vision - fuzzy in dark?
Will these tips to improve my eyesight actually work?
can water from a shower head damage your eyes through your eyelids if the water is reasonably strong and sharp?
Problems Sleeping?
I wear glasses and I have stark indentations behind my ears. Is this bad? Does this pose a health problem?
Does eye strain affect eyesight?
Vision puzzle, what is happening?
I am looking for a good daily contact lense that won't dry my eyes out. I am currently using Focus Dailies.?
is this a problem with my eyes or am i just thinking too much?
I was wondering how important the PD (Pupilary Distance) was in ordering eyeglasses?
which eye drops are most suitable for one who wears acuvue oyasis with hydraclear & has sensitive eyes?
Stye Doctor?
Problem with the eyesight?
am I color blind?I can't tell the difference between yellow and white and blue and purple and green and brown.
Contact Price?
when you were ever younger did you ever ask your parents why you were glasses?
a good optometrist on the gold coast?
a new pair of eye glasses - how much do they cost in australia?
Is this my new glasses, should I be worried and when will it go?
Need help on choosing the right frame size for eyeglasses ...please!!!?
electric shock like symptoms when unwell?
i have a huge buldging knot on the back of my leg!!!!PLEASE HELP ME!!!?
anyone know the nhs waiting time for acl reconstruction?
lower navel piercing pain ?
My friend has a second degree burn on her arm what can she do to get rid of it as quickly as possible?
I think my appendics or going to burst?
Which is the best exercise to strengthen the cranial muscles?
I need help with the direction in my life!?
What is this called psychologically?
what do i have? symtoms:?
chances of catching the stomach flu at school?
taking ssri's for 11 years slowly weaned off them stopped completely month ago on edge moody but ok any advice
My daughter and I are getting bit by something, husband & son are not. Little white itcy bumps. Any ideas??
lot's of acid in stomac?
Which Product for Acne treatment?
experienced a feeling of being electrocuted with large jolt to body?
Is it friday yet!!!?
whats difference in a person with mild ocd intrusive thought and a person with sever ocd intrusive thoughts???
how long should it take for a wart to disapear?
how can i make myself vomit?
Whole body very itchy, skin isn't dry, showers don't help... Can you?
what is a boil?????????
I have a hard pink bump on my hand - cancer?
can i get rid of a cold by sweating it out?
Swine flu at my school?
help me i had a Vision about the future?
Why has everything gone so wrong?
What is panic disorder please?
What can I do about a mole on my forehead ?
does anyone know of a good web group site for post traumatic stress disorder/rape?
How safe is it to eat after a flu and what kind of foods?
What kind of moisturizer is good?
Change of mental health area.?
Am I having an anxiety attack?
will anyone think of me differently?
Citalopram side effects . . . ?
I have been itchy all day, but I don't have any hives or bumps on my skin...?
depression is anger?
Anyone on effexor at 375mg?
If you feel very unhappy,How do you adjust yourself?
Why do we pay so much for optical frames (glasses)?
Do you think I need glasses?
Online Pharmacies?
I just got a new pair of eyeglasses. Everything black or white now has a yellow border...what is wrong?
has anyone else been ripped off from Bright Eyes Sunglasses?
Grey dot when I move my eyes?
where can i find the marijuana seeds called Cheese?
should i get computer glasses?
Glasses Question please help?
I always get Conjuctervitus?
is there a contact that i can have for more then a week to a month?
sm i suffering with M.E?
anything else i should do..?
What is wrong with my eyes?
does folic acid really improve ones memory/?
Where can I get cushioning pads for the leg end of my spectacles?
How can I help an eyelid ulcer heal?
my eyes rolling soe days?
what could this pain be around my eye?
Is there a medical reason that just prior to passing away,a person looks,acts and talks so much better.?
When can i get non-prescription contact lenses?How much?
how do hallucinogens enter the body??
how to loose 50lbs in 45 days? I've tried everything, please help.?
So if my eyes are really bad, then would you suggest getting a LASIK surgery done or not?
eye lid problems !!!?
eye problem question again..?
What is the most amoxicillan you can take in one dose?
Got a Tetnis shot 2 hrs ago for the first time in ~20 years. I'm feeling a bit nausious. Is this normal?
Eye twitching?
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) ?
Whats it like getting hearing loss? Do you wake up one day with a deaf ear?
Crack addict getting clean?
I am haveing sharp pains in my upper abdominal what could it be & it seems to be a little swollen..?
What is Leukemia? Where does it occur?
what is wrong with me?? :(?
Can a person get a mammogram.. to often?
Good Products for light scar removal?
Does this sound like acid reflux?
Why is my skin so itchy ! How do i make it stop?
How does someone young get Pneumonia , and why do you get a crackle? What is the crackle?
small red bumps that are spreading?
How can I clear up my acne?
ear drops stuck in my ear (i have a grommet)?
I have severe diarrhea and a fever, but nothing else is wrong other then fatigue?
i have to get my tetnus shot on monday, i am DEATHLY afriad of needels.?
Where can I find the latest H1N1 Swine Flu Death Toll Numbers?
Sudden Kidney Pains??
i have a lump in my armpit?
is it common for your eye to sweel up when u have pink eye?
When I open a hot oven, my left eye fogs up!?
is using Eye-drops give problems in the long run?
Do coloured contacts work well on dark eyes?
Can sinus problems cause blurred vision in the eyes?
Why does my eye have a blue patch on it?
What are the sunglasses lense categories in Australia?
Can i get contacts with Brown Syndrome?
I bought +5.00 reading glasses, but cant see in them. I want to how can I be able to?
Is my eyesight very bad?
What condition causes bright, swirling flares in my eye?
big pupils in shade, tiny pupils in bright light?
Am I recovering from my corneal abrasion?
im doing it right this time?
caring for other peoples eyes?
Where does a bird flying at 10:30 o'clock anterosuperolateral 45 degrees to the left, end up in visual cortex?
natural eye healing : myth scam or is it real?
Help! contact problem?
what can i eat that will help my eyes see n the dark ?
My rat scratched or bit my eye and I'm worried it might get infected?
Reading glasses turned into regular prescription glasses?
Are your contacts meant to feel cool in your eye?
How much do Freshlook Color Contacts cost in the US?
at night time i have trouble sleeping and cant go 2 bed until late and then i am so tired in the morning?
If amoxycillin is going to be effective for an ear infection, how long should it take to work?
what is wrong with me!!!!!!?
Where can I find a list of Canadian Doctors?
I have some skin problem =(?
my mom is sick(the flu) she is crying and i no clue what to do help me make her fell better?
Is chemo therapy and radiation treatment covered by health insurance in alberta, canada?
How rare is breast cancer in your 20's?
Will this Help me stay away from acne? Get a soap bar and put a drop of water on it ,rub on face,wait till ...?
i need help!!!!someone i love very deeply may have breast cancer and id like to check out some websites to?
i hit my shin and now there is a bump?
i can't breathe properly, is this panic attacks?
what will happen if i take my infected piercing out?
Does steaming open your pores, help with acne?
H1N1 Vaccine questions.....?
What are the chances my husband had food poisoning?
A fever, a upset stomach, and I feel really week and tired. My heart rate will go up really easily.?
Chest pain since yesterday?
Have all the serious H1N1 cases involved a fever?
how to cure this peeled burn. (pic included)?
Anyone else living with NF?? Im so depressed?
Citalopram V Fluoxetine?
Why the human heighten while he sleep?
How can a woman increase self esteem?
Has anyone experiencedthe distraction of music?
St. johns Wort and anxiety. . .?
Why has CBT got a good reputation for helping people with Eating Disorders?
Does anyone have any tips on coping with adult ADHD?
Living with a bi-polar sufferer?
Is it possible for a contact lense be bigger than your eye ball?
i need to know how far 20.5 metres is so i can test my self for the driving sight test?
Why do my eye's bleed?
Characteristics of Blindness?
haven't been able to see well out of left eye for over 6 weeks.?
Can low prescription reading glasses damage perfect vision?
Help. eye floaters sooooo annnoying, do they go in time?
Pain in my eyes?
can the heat from an oven when opening the door damage your eyes?
people who wear o2 optic contacts?
Have You ever....?
How much is Laser eye surgery in Australia?
getting used to stronger glasses!?
When does an eye prescription normally stabilize?
Questions about my eyes?
What's wrong with my eye? My left is good but my right eye has a blur of cloud of moveable goo interfering wit?
My Friend Said To Find out if premature babies are blind they remove the eye from the socket is this true ?
should you want to wear glasses just for the sake?
Help please I'm alone:Are my symptoms a sign of something very bad?
One red and blood shot eye?
How can I boost oxygen supply to my eyes when I'm wearing contacts?
just took cast off wrist... need help?
URGENT please help?
does anyone have female lovebird for sale in north bay sudbury district?
constant eye infection?
Could you have too much ginger in your digestive system?
How long do benzodiazapines stay in your system?
My doctor in St Maarten tells me I can have eye laser surgery with + prescription vison.?
how much does it coat for a pedicatrican at a hostipal?
Is it true that nail polish kills planters warts?
Is getting nailed to the cross such a big deal ? Sounds like a top ten way to go?
worsening acne, dry skin, frustrating creams, HELP!?
what the heck? Can anyone help me?
This is Ram , male 30 years old. How to avoid/manage dry skin ?
why is my face so itchy?
how do you get rid of acne scars naturally?
what symptoms does Hl-N1 give?
will i get lung cancer?
how to clear cold sores fast?
What kind of rash is this?
My boyfriend is 31 and he has a tempture of 41 1/2 cel. is that bad?
What are the symptoms of H1N1 (swine flu)?
Pressure on bladder. hurts. frequent urination. ?
I called in sick for work 3 days in a row- and now need to tell them what I had- ideas!?
Contact lenses from eyeglass prescriptions?
I need 6/9 vision to get into the police force. I have astigmatism, can this be fixed with laser eye surgery?
Will my vision improve?
My Glasses Don't Fit?
I think both my eyes cross slightly inward, eye patching will help?
My astigmatism healed. Is that even possible?
are my pupils big (pic)?
Should I replace the lenses in my glasses?
How do you keep your glasses from fogging up?
What percentage of people have naturally violet coloured eyes, what causes this is it possible to have red ?
How do you care for and protect your eyes?
if the words sometimes go blurry when your reading, does that mean i need glasse?
What causes this vision problem: things in view move about so that you cant read because it moves so fast?
why my eyes sometimes can see far objects and sometimes can`t?
Is there a way to better your eyesight without the use of surgery or corrective lenses?
for all the eye docs?
many times when i wear my contacts, i begin to experience eye strain.?
One Of My Eyes Were Stinging!!!?
how do you strengthen ur eyes??!!?!?!?!?
Why don't my reading glasses work?
Why do I have blue eyes?
Does anyone believe in being psychic or having that kind of gift?
Can you get over shyness? Any success stories.?
can yoga improve self esteem and help with stress?
What ilness is this?
I think I want to see a psychologist or counsellor, uk. How should I go about it?
i cant sleep i have a belly ake for some reason feel lonely is that normal??
Is this guy weird or is he perhaps mentally unstable?
Are solitary animals sociopaths?
How can i help my friend!!?
Munchausen syndrome ?
have i got an anxiety problem due to past events?
Not feeling confident or good bout myself help?
Mental Health 60+ yr old male....?
I taught myself to talk after a stroke. but now I sound like child with lisp. How do I improve myself further?
Going to see my GP about my depression anxiety?
antideppressant side affects?
who can statement a child with cerebral palsy other than a head master?
what's your longest confinement in the hospital?
Can epilepsy cause you to have a kind of selective/ weak memory?
Kid washing her hands excessively?
I'm using prescribed acne medication and my face is either peeling or drying really badly?
How do I get rid of my stretch marks quickly?!?
Suddenly feeling dizzy?
how to cure ringworm?
Should I get surgery for a sinus infection?
Vitiligo/skin disorder Question?
Am i going to be sick forever? ?
Can i use normal Bleach on my neck?
How can I get rid of alot of blackheads on my nose and upper cheeks?
How would you prevent the following accidents from happening in the home?
I think I have a brain tumor :( ! help me!?
I have a small rash on my face and lts itchy?
How do i cure dry lips from cold sore?
is it true that pens...?
Is a tonsillectomy needed?
Is this a bladder infection?
What's the difference between regular Lasik & Custom Lasik?
what causes severe leg cramps? what can I do?
Extremely Dry Itchy Skin?
Help I have coughing problems?
Plz plz help!!! over the last 4 days i had this red sore under my tongue, and a white spot on the top, it?
Smoking, i need some help!!?
asthma because of a dog we love?
why is water important to living thing?
The joints and muscles in my hands have been incredibly sore...?
What can happen if you don't get your tonsils taken out when you are told you need to?
chest pain, whats wrong with me?
Cost of Tonsil Removal Surgery in Ontario, Canada?
burning eyes............?
contacts prescription with astigmatism?
Time for eyes to switch from hard contacts to glasses?
can the suns UV rays penetrate the eyelids to cause any serious damage?
What is the highest contact prescription they make?
How do I heal a chalazion/ stye in my eyes.?
Do you ever feel disoriented, or weird, when..?
Does Medicaid in Florida cover vision (optical)?
I have a stye in my eye. what do I do to cure it in 2-3days?
Best treatment for bloodshot eye?
can you put on Visine for Contacts with prescription contacts lenses?
my left eye does not constrict... what can be wrong?
My sleeping pattern is seriously messed up.?
why does wearing sun glasses all day make my eyes brighter and pupils dilated?
Do fortnightly contact lenses mean you replace them fortnightly, even if you don't use them every day?
My sister recently purchased a dog that has a urinary Tract Problem!?
Is this proper use of semi-colon??? please help?
Is it possible to have vomited so many times that you physically cannot vomit anymore?
How can I get rid of acne and get smooth skin?
Blood test and Urine Analysis ?
Asthma and Marijuana?
What disorder does my friend have?
acner health will crushing a vitamin pill and puting it on my face help or is it dangerous?
If my aunt, my Mom's sister, had breast cancer and died what are my chances of getting having breast cancer?
What are rewards of quiting Drugs (aerosols)?
can anxiety lead to seizures or seizure type symptoms.?
Last question 4 2night; Anyonelse bored with their ergonomic chair?
She has Borderline Personality Disorder. What are the best things to say?
Americas and Canada's health care is good?
What should be done to cope with stress?
what is the best way to make yourself happy after leaving an abusive relationship?
I suffer depression and have been signed off work for 2 weeks, what rights do I have?
Will a fm system help my daughter who is deaf in one ear?
What is arthrotec(medication) used for?
I would to change my I.S.P from Virgin media, they are bullies?
What is a medical section?
Where should I go for the best laser eye surgeon in Sydney, Australia ?
Just Out Of Interest...?
Can staring at a normal light globe for around 5 seconds damage your eyes permanently?
How do you acquire heterochromia?
why do some people sleep with eyes half open?can it be harmful?
How do you focus?
Are you all such helpfull people?
Ophthalmologist recommendations needed for the Detroit MI area, please?
If you shut your eyes and wear sunglasses when sunbaking on your back, can the sun damage your eyes?
Is Collyre bleu eye drop dangerous?
I ordered contact lenses from ClearlyContacts.ca,& when will i recieve them?
Have you ever been so sleepy one eye won't open for a little while?
How do you know if you scratched your cornea?
Double vision/Blurred when watching tv?
lasik eye surgery help?
Uhh, how to correct eyes?
One Eye Smaller than other - can it be 'bulked out'?
My son was also born with Lebres desase any one else with input of info?
Everything white and lights look pink???
my eyes are unequal please help?
how do i use an ivac eye chart?
How Can I change to a stronger colors my initial yahoo page, because my visual problems?
Why do my contacts hurt?
Did i just have a seizure ?
What's the cheapest I can pay for prescription sunglasses in Australia for a short sighted person?
How do you get rid of mosqito bite(bump)?
what other symptoms can pink eye have?
How do i get rid of my acne?
I need to write a letter to mom about how brave she is for donating her kidney,help with how to write it?
is 104 a high number of red blood cell count?
Really bad headache and i feel sick all the time?
Vomiting and using the bathroom constantly?
Black fingers... whats wrong with me???
White Spots on Skin?
Tiny white bumps on tonsil..what is this?
Does anyone Have Excema or Psariasis?
I have a bad habit of picking the skin around my fingernails. Has anyone had this and knows how to stop it?
What can I do about my Asthma?
Have had diarrhoea for the past while is there something wrong with me or is it just some bad stuff that I ate?
which blood tests should be done to see about pancreas problems?
Chest Pains, please help?
What's wrong with my leg?
Is it possible to get trapped wind in your back?
Is there a way to help CH suffers without medication?
Twitching in certain places?Does it mean something?
Treatment for Watery Eyes?
My eye feels weird - help?
orry i was ment to say and did they pass the sight test for driving as i had a lense check up and optician?
if my eyes seem like theres something in there but theres none?
Are these prescription sunglasses or regular ones :S?
how long should i use Genoptic (Gentamicin Sulfate Ophthalmic) for?
Why is Zenni Optical so cheap?
If you have double vision/diplopia?...?
My eyes are tired, help?
o.d.sph +2.00,cyl +0.50,axis 050 o.s.,sph +2.00,cyl +0.50,axis 050 pd: isthatthickwith high index lenses?
why do my contacts water and go red after I remove them? Is this even normal?
What reading lenses does Pd 70, sphere +6.00 and cylinder +4.00 look like? Thick big eyes, thin?
How & why does conjunctivitis occur?
Is Eye Dew the most effective eye whitening drops?
Where can I buy coloured contacts in Australia not online?
What is "blur sensitivity" and how is it caused and/or treated?
what would happen constant touching adams apple for 5 months and making it click?
My contacts lost their tint while in my eye?
Can you get prescription sunglass lenses for frames you already own? From where and how long would it take?
Reading - Sore on the eyes?
I cant see from my right eye as I suffered Optic nerve damage 15 years ago, can it be cured by surgery?
In terms of additions(alcohol, drugs) How do you define Treatment?
Will My step dad die?
Trouble with sleeping at night??
what affects or damage is there in lying in bed all day?
Were the studies that said back pain shrinks your brain ever verfied or debunked?
Where do people come from?
pain in right side?
Can 3 weeks of untreated headlice be a sign of neglect?
Estrogen in food closes growth plates?
Those with OCD do you ever feel like hurting yourself just to try and make it stop?
How to relax a heated head ?
is she addicted to food shopping?
motivation and commitment?
mental health.....?
Hypnosis for shyness?
How can I keep myself awake?
How do I deal with my co-dependant tendancies?
Australian psychiatrist (I think) famous for wearing a baseball cap backwards?
Are there any withdrawal side effects from coming off antipychotics like olanzapine?
when was the first case of depression?
How can I help my brother who has depression?
mental health serices,islington area.?
Pain on the right side of the neck everytime i swallow?
Asian (chinese) skin - getting rid of acne scars? Any natural remedies?
Can farsightedness be surgically corrected?
Anyone knows about Atropine eye drops for myopia control?
Why does the back of my eye ball hurt?
does your eye shape as you get older?
Any good websites to buy presription eyeglasses frames from Korea?
Computer eye strain question?
What is going on with my eyesight?
Can Eye pressure change?
Have you heard of this brand of Contact Lenses? Honest answers only prefer from Optometrists....?
Tear in retina - central vision?
My new varifocal zeiss glasses make my eyes burn and water, especially watching tv. ?
Is the part of the cornea which is covered by the eyelid meant to be a bit grayish?
Eye Contacts!!! Good or Bad? Pros and Cons. Thanks?
looking at small print?
can you get a lazy eye if you hit your eye badly?
how can you prevent iritis coming back?
What type of Eyeglass lens should i choose?
CooperVision Biofinity Aquafresh lenses?
Does polarized sunglasses also protect the eyes from UV rays?
LASER EYE surgery LASIK/PRK, should i pay average price or higher?
What should I do? (professional advice if possible)?
crohns;any info is helpful;;;;;;;diet to follow?
do i have....?
Are there any sicknesses/diseases that relate to not being able to eat meat?
do I have an ear infection?
why all of a sudden my feet are swollen???
Melatonin, Melamine and Melanoma?
Unsuccessful angioplasty?
I see splotches in my vision, on computer screen or elsewhere. Small areas seem to be blotted out from my?
How Can I Know If I Truly............???
what could be causing this pain.?
What are the chances of someone dying from swallowing a razor?
How many degrees is scoliosis if you have a perfect S shaped spine?
What is the best remedy for a baby or a child who have a diahreah?
What infections does Ciprofloxacin / Cipro treat?
On A scale of 1-10 how bad is the pain from a tongue piercing ?
Tested positive for Factor V Leiden?
age 3-11 daughter part. complex on tegretol, 3 yr off med no seizure now 14 yrs old 1 more severe seizure ????
How close are they to finding a cure for Arthritis?
Could it be a bad health condition if my feet are cold a lot?
how to not fear immunizations?
Chest Pains, please help?
Please help, no bashing me please, but question on chlymidia.?
What is the best diet to follow to achieve a healthy and naturally fair complexion or skin tone?
what foods cause arthritis inflammation to be worse?
How worried are you about the Swine Flu outbreak that has killed 81 in Mexico and now been found in the USA?
can truck drivers take chantix when in drug testing pool?
My head is itchy.... why?
how to stop my daughter who has asthma from smoking?
what rises the risk of cancer ex.smoking?
lump in throat?
wat are some symtoms in clomittiah?
I have this breathing problem?
Headaches, tylonel no longer works.?
how to get rid or prevent acne?
I have a question about diarrhoea?
Headaches and nausea for no reason?
Brain tumor or brain cyst? please help :(?
what type of metastatic cancer causes...?
Is this anxiety/depression ? ;(?
Does my grandmother have asthma?
how do you get over dipression?
im 14 and im a boy who has an itchy ball sac?
How do you fall asleep faster?
I have an eating problem and my GP wont change my physcatrist?
how can i stay ok ?
Is it safe to use acne cleaser over and over?
I have 2 freckles on my top lip, is this normal?
Does proactive work? Would it clear skin colored zits?
What kind of doctor would i go to?
how do you fight depression?
how do u get rid of exzema?
should i quit my job?
Is this reason valid enough for being absent from college?
Don't Feel Good...?
what does ciprofloxacin treat ?