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tummy twitching?
has anyone heard of a spa in the bruce peninsula called: e-terra?
I randomly twitch, Is anything wrong?
STI tests, I have a question?
Fell in bath - side hurting - just had opration.?
earache + headache. :L?
Vibrating leg problem?
Is the "Get Permanent Relief" ebook that claims to relieve chronic headaches from "tensionheadaces.com" legit?
Please, im very desperate, need help: 16 year old male with "black outs"?
how to get beautiful skin?
my76yr old father, has internal bleeding, history of ulcers, could it be that he has bleeding for a yr unotice?
Are the muscular and skeletal systems affected by Alzheimer's?
Are there any short and long term health disadvantages or consequences to using beta-blockers?
Please help - Frustrated with severe toenail fungus! Please reply if you have first-hand experience with it!?
lymph nodes? please help.?
Nurses and Health care providers!?? When patients pass away...?
My doctor gave me Hydroxychloroquine as part of RA treatment. Is the medicine good? ?
Why is barium sulfate not toxic to us in our blood?
Can sombody tell me where to buy PSW uniform in Toronto?
my boyfriend is really depressed/stressed out about might needing surgery, what can I say/do to help ?
How bad is it to sleep on a bed with no linens if many other people have used it before?
Start of a cold or something else?
Hospital question!!!!?
My sweat has been smelling like vinegar lately?
in canada,toronto.. is there any healthcare benefit for the students on the study permits?
Is anyone taking wellbutrin Xl and have nausea that won't go away?
Where I can find the Canada By-Laws in respect of Non-Smoking Regulation?
Good songs to fall asleep to ?
What do a Gallium Scan show that an MRI doesn't?
can you work in the ER just as a doctor or do you need a practice too?
Diarrhoea: My mother won't see a doctor about her chronic problem.
I'm part of an organization that's trying to establish hospitals in less fortunate countries and we are lookin?
ODSP Will they reject me?
Big huge vitamen C's??
sleep and the heat ?
Didn't get enough sleep the night before an exam?
If you touch the sciatic nerve while giving an injection what happens?(other than pain)?
Do you have good Health care in Canada?
HELP! I think my life is in serious danger!!?
Is there anything that will cure or help the tiredness caused by rheumatoid arthritis?
16 years old - late growth spurt?
Why is my nose ALWAYS red (pic)?
Is this normal?
I was wondering how the bladder deal with retained waste(urine)?
HELP! I get sick after eating!?
Is Aspartame REALLY That Bad For You?
is your adult height based on parents height or grandparents' or is it both?
should i be looking for genetic counselling?
panic attacks- why do some of us get them and others dont?
If a car crashed into the middle of an icy river and people were trapped inside, how would they be rescued?
Should I Got to The Doctor to get like vitamins or something..?
Fatty and Enlarged Liver?
I seriously need advice on how to stop sweating under my arms!?
If I have patella femoral Syndrome?
Can diseases/problems arise from inhaling coal dust/it entering your body?
Is vitamin D 3 tablets daily the answer to weakness and cancer and disability?
Is it the Swine flu ? or .... :-S ?! help..?
How well do you think this routine is for getting rid of acne?
Natural ways for healthy skin.?
Are CRNAs recognised in Canada?
Why do I always Puke?!?
Are HMOs and PPOs available in the Philippines?
Why do my limbs twitch after passing out?
What is the best multivitamin in Canada?
weird medical question...?
Do you ever get an enlarged spleen?
Daily Health Improvements - 5 STARS?
Where can I donate plasma for money in Montreal?
Is it good for you to work in the sun a lot as long as you wear sunscreen and a hat and drink lots of water?
Do you know a website that explains how to use the different respiratory medications and its devices?
are you supposed to sleep with a tensor bandage on?- HELP.?
What could my gross sunken in blackish, blue & red coloured circles under my eyes be caused by?
Secret Clinical Strength vs Certain Dry?
haitus hernia and back pain?
Accidentally bought vitamins for seniors?
should canada have a 2-tier healthcare system why or why not?
Feeling of food stuck in throat?
So i jumped put o a tree today and...?
I got my h1n1 needle today and my arm hurts.. but I can't stop laughing?
Volunteering at the hospital?
Do laxatives cause diarrhea?
Why do I feel light headed?
lack of potassium, does this make your skin below your eye twitch?
what happens when you TB Test is positive?
Getting over a cold and coughing light gray phlegm?
What does it feel like to get shot?
Can I take Amoxicillin and Melatonin together?
Should I throw out all my lip gloss?
Help Detox Breakout!?
Do i have hepatitis B?!?!?!?!?
Here's my symptoms, whats wrong with me ?
Every time i eat fries from home i get really sick?
What is a good way to get rid of blisters?
Is there any possible way I can reduce the chance/diminish the chance of getting a cold?
Does coffee stop, or slow body growth?
How do i convince my doctor to put me in a mental hospital?
What would make a persons knee turn blue and go numb??????????
Dizziness and nausea symptoms?
where is there help for mental health problems in north london?
Would anyone like to hazard a guess as to what mental disorder Skinhead Charlie is suffering from?
How long time you have to take B1 after a huge Binge?
how to qwell hormones?
Will the way I feel change? I had a very bad experience with a professional man?
How can I help friend?
How can i increase my self confidence?
i got D.L.A indefinitely could someone explaine what this means? in UK.?
why do i do it?
does anyone know the best way to quit a ten yr weed habit, drs dont do much.?
i am in great mental tension conflict with father who's lieing about me to others what can i do?
Has anyone felt they couldnt deal with outside life?
I'm scared of another attack?
is there any kind of online counciling service?
what kind of food poisoning causes tendon damage?
Complication with knees, Osgood-Schlatter Disease?
Bump on my leg when i flex?
what causes memory gap? is it curable?
What is the best way to get rid of the fibroid without having surgery?
Frequent urination - help!!!?
Pain in veins what can this be now?
i have all symptom of a bad cold....but why im vomiting?
I have this bad habit...?
I still cannot get rid of this pain when I breathe and I am wheezing a little bit?
How to cure an itchy scalp from radiation treatment?
Have any of you had thyroid cancer?
What causes a cough that won't ever go away?
Can A person consume alcohol while being diagnosed with crohn's disease?
Feeling emotionally numb?
Uncle has pancreatic cancer?!?
i am having achene problems?
Can amoxicilin cause drowsiness?
how long does a broken growth plate take to heal?
what is a green rehab?
I'm experiencing abdominal swelling. My stomach hardens each time I eat. Any doctor in the room to fill me in?
Are you worried of the FLU?
What do I do with my grandfather with dementia?
I have very little confidence when speaking on the phone, and need advice on how to solve this.?
hi, im on seretelene, feeling pretty numb, neither good nor bad. anyone else felt this? does it pass?
I feel ashamed of who I am and concerned by others' opinions of me more often than I'd like to admit?
Have you withdrawn from effexor and feel it has caused permaneny brain damage?
Question about mental illness and work?
Partner suffering from depression following fathers death?
I think my child has PDA Pathological Demand Avoidence syndrome?
does paroxetine/seroxat/paxil work and how do you know when its time to ween off?
How much will my repeat perscription of prozac be when I turn 18?
im feeling pretty weird?
I suspect a family member may be suffering from depression. Not looking after himself. Doesn't want to talk...
help my job is making me ill with worry?
My mum's in excrutiating pain?what could be wrong?
what hurts most, kidney stones or childbirth?
ive got ear ache and i cant hear?
Migraine effecting my school/ life what's ur opinion on this?
If I don't get hip replaced, what will happen?
why am i lightheaded when i move my body?
How can I convince my Mom that I need acne medication?
thyroid gland affecting female functions?
How does an accumulation of carbon dioxide affect respiratory rate?
Hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, mutually exclusive?
I'm on oxygen 24/7, trying to qualify for a double lung transplant, I have no help or support. Can anyone help?
How can i tell my mom that my blood sugar was 500?
I have blisters on my feet?
Life takes a U turn! ?
Morning Person!?
why do i get a headache at least once a week?
How do I get rid of an eye infection?
Is it Bad to take 2000 UI of vitamin E everyday?
Should kids wear orthotics?
I have a hemangioma on my liver.its 12 cm. doctors say its not harmfull.?
I'm sick and have a bridal shower to go to in 2 days?
Two week old yellow jacket stings are acting up again.?
Healthy Weight? BMI Calculator?
My son has a " lazy eye", needs patching..how long each day. I keep geting diferent answers from profesionals.
Why do teachers drink?
Chances of Open Heart Surgery ?
Tuesday night I took some meds.. was unconscious and was bleeding from the mouth .. What can cause that?
what is sleep?
can u successfully quite methadone cold turkey??
how to lock a door for children HURRY PLZ?
okay, i need your help! please?
Why is it important to tell your doctor that you stopped taking antidepressants ?
k i broke my arm 4 differnt ways?
whats the differnce between UVA &UVB rays?
I have to pee all the time?
i have really bad head aches?
What kind of Migraine is this or what do I have?
help me:(!Will i gain weight after tonsil removal surgery?
can suncrean go bad if it is frozen?
Whenever I workout or exert myself I get a massive pain in my head and chest?
hemangioma on the liver, could it be causing ...?
How long does it take ?
My leg is shakeing after a night of two energy drinks and two joints, I've sleept 8 hours and I'm 14?
Is the VGS implant available for depression now? Will the operation be available in the Uk?
Understanding Depression?
Am i wasting therapists time?
negative daydreaming - how can i stop?
Help sleeping?
i dont know how to help my mom?
fear of rubber glOves !?
Please help me to understand this behavior..........?
Why do the hang ups from our childhood affect us so much in our adult life?
Please help me!!!?
Why do i get so emotionally attached and obsessed in relationships???
What's the first step to take with depression after visiting the doctor?
What is the motivation behind being cruel?
Has anyone survived or knows a person who survived liver cancer?
Eye is red and very tender to touch! Help!?
how do i get rid of a massive zit?
Throbbing painful belly?
Kidney/liver question. Please I need help I'm getting a really weird feeling in my side, help?
Can smoking while you're on prescribed medicine make you sick?
Black specks in tap water?
is it bad to take 600mg of caffeine everyday?
I can hear a bullfrog sound in my stomach when I push it out...?
ways to reduce stress and relax?
Do you feel refreshed and alive after 4-6 hours of sleep but so tired after 7-8?
What do appendix do, and why do so many people get them removed?
Is it normal to go a "big", solid poo about 4 times a day?
... Should I be worried?
Chronic appendicitis question? 10 POINTS!!! ;D?
What Should I Do with My Throat?
How many different different types of Cerebral are there?
What does "Punching a rimmy" mean?
How likely is it that I am a bone marrow match for my cousin?
nuva ring... important question!!!
Everytime I stand up I get these symptoms...What could it be? Please read?
What could be causing chronic painful bladder infection?
im quiting smoking and i just have a few questions?
identifying Light red vs dark red blood?
Trapped aching pain in my whole stomach ?
My lower back really hurts. I'm in serious pain.?
can i go to A&E/hospital for..?
Why am I breathing like this???PLEASE answer!?
how would you know if you got that VEET® In-Shower Hair Removal Cream in your eye?is there any symptons?
ia this the behavior of a sociopath?
how do you get out of a mid life crisis?
what is a blue moon?
Borderline Personality Disorder?
Should I Get My Best Friend Some Help?
Would dementia drugs be helpful/safe in healthy people who wanted a to boost memory?
in Reference to my last question (should i get my best friend help?)?
I am frustrated about my lack of progress with CBT, how long till i notice a difference in my behaviour?
How do I cope with my boyfriend of nearly 3 years who has long term depression? I feel I am at a crossroads?
How Can I Help Myself and My Depressed Friend? I need someone to talk to myself about it.?
PSD. Post traumatic stress disorder.?
I want to move house, but i'm really scared..?
why my eye sight getting blurry?
Chronic constipation and other symptoms?
what is this poster from centers for disease control and prevention?
angelman syndrome question?
Why does scratching an X on a mosquito bite make it stop itching?
Traumatic Brain Injury?
Possible to permanently ruin your metabolism?
I moved house 7mths ago and its very high up,me &my family r always ill now,could it be due to thin air here?
I have a big ribcage?
Shaky? all over my body - legs chest and even stuttering?
Could be swine flu or not?
Nausea, heart-burn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea?
Help meee (trippin out badly)?
Need advice for this question.?
Am I ready to give blood?
why is my hair falling out so much for ?
What is the purpose of a throat swab and what results do the doctors get?
Why did I wake up shaking?
why are you not allowed to eat before physicals ?
Cough and Congestion.?
What is the age of sick kids hospital?
Anyone know of any good Medicinal Herb Books?
broken leg , getting out of shape?
Is it possible to get a doctors note 2 weeks after you were just there?
can I get a liver tests without a doctor has prescribed it for me? and how much does it cost? I am a minor, b?
How long does it take for it to get worse?
I'm still very angry with an out-patient doctor from my local hospital...?
what does it mean when u have bloody stools?
in the old days did people see in black an white?
Does fake color contacts ruin your eyes?
How can I make my eyesight better?
Can I change my eye color?
Why do my eyes hurt? (I had laser eye surgery 2 yrs ago)?
What are important modifications that have been made to eye glasses over time?
Why does my right eye keep twitching?
i find myself using the computer looking over my glasses?
Is my eye sight bad do i need glasses for near sighted?
Crazy Halloween Contacts?
Can poor eyesight cause puffy eyes/dark circles?
Optometrist in Quebec refused to give me contact lense prescription...is this legal?
Does anyone know about peripheral vision problems with progressive lenses?
night or day contacts?
where to find colored contacts?
Why would someone suggest I get reading glasses?
if I have dark eyes, is it possible to go light green with contacts?
My friend can't afford an eye doctor but she has the same prescription as me?
How long is the normal healing time after catarats eye surgery? side effects? etc. Thanks a lot?
Why do my contact lens hurt?
What age do u have to be to start wearing COLOURED contacts?
how can u avoide swelling in the feet in summer time?
Doing Crank [aka Crystal Meth]?
why is it when someone wears glases and later on takes them off it may look like their eyes are mest ?
i dont wear glasses is it still possible for me to get contacts just to change the color of my eyes?
lose your hearing or lose one eye?
Touching my eye for contacts?
Burning , itchy , watery eyes?
i have just gotten contacts but i only have contact cleaner can i use water to rinse?
Health question Please help anwers...?
My contact have poo on them...?
Contacts and Eye Drops Question.?
Where can I get Colored Contacts without a prescription?
New Eye Prescription.Is this normal?
My eye doctor gave me OD: -300 -150 4, OS: -250 -200 6. What kind of contact lenses can I get?
Fireman eye sight job requirements, 6/18, 6/24?
Are yearly contacts comfortable?
Is Fendi a good brand for Eye Glasses ? what would u rate it out of 10?
I got my glasses just over a year ago (March) is it normal to start having problems again. I'm only 36?
Is there anyone out there that has gone through a small child with double catarats...?
Using Acuve Oasys bi-weeklies?
eye vision, does it go down hill when we age?
How does one get "lazy eye"?
Help my right bottom eye lid twitches every once and a while?
White bump at the red part at the top of my eye?
My eyes are blurry and when I tear/water they get clearer?
How to handle dry skin problem in winter?
Mole Removal.................?
In woman with turners syndrome the incicdence of colour blindness is similar to that percentage expected in...?
Serious condition or not?
About how long does it take for symptoms of cancer to show?
rare diseases that teens can get?
When would i notice symptoms??? [repost]?
The bright side of having MS?
How many vertebrae can be fused for scoliosis surgery?
doctor said its ibs?
Why do I have Blood in my Stool?
I drink 6-10 beers a night , I am a functional human being and I do not drink during the day ... am I a drunk ?
My left ear sticks out, how can I hide it?
compo for cracked ribs caused by police?
One Eye Keeps Closing?
Should I avoid television and camera flashes when I have a healing cornea?
cant see with my eye?!?
is it bad if your contacts sting in the morning when your putting them on ?
high index progressive lenses?
Is it illegal to sell prescriton glasses online in canada?
bacteria make contacts feel uncomfortable?
Do you get your Contact Lenses from your Eye Doctor or Online?
There is something wrong with my eye - feels like something is there when I blink? PLEASE HELP?
I just pulled out a 7 to 8 cm piece of hair from eye(EWWW), is that dangerous?
Eye problems. Temporary blurred peripheral vision.?
having two rings around the iris?
Body Mods Colour Contacts?
i have a........[more inside]?
Scared of vision loss.. 17 yr old (floaters)?
Upper Eyelid is swollen - Stye maybe?
Permanent brown spot on white part of eye, why??!!?
Eye Care in Canada Question?
What could be causing my eye strain?
Severe abdomonal pain, throwing up and blood in urine?
Are Clearsight 1 Day 90 contact lens good?
I think I damaged my eye and I'm a little worried.?
What is a good acne face wash?
Frossbites - What Do I do?
when will seroquel start to work please answer as on verge of hospital admission x?
has anyone reduced mirtazapine (remeron) dose and found it better for sleep?
Do you think that mental illness is being caused by evolution?
i thnk im hwving a bad trip[?
Depression, Anxiety... Hormones...?
what is 'bipolar disorder' and does anyone on her suffer from it?
Why do I keep getting times of complete misery?
Are these nightmares normal?
mental condition?
Anyone able to help a hypernervous person like me??
Treatment of Anxiety Disorders?
What's the best way to find out if soemone has Asperger's Syndrome?
what has gone wrong with me ?
Hopefull boyfriend but druggie. What to do?
I always feel inferior to all others. I also feel inadequate to face situations. Can anyone help?
I want to make a video about self harm/injury, how do i avoid triggers?
my knee hurts, why is that?
vitamin c and medication?
whats with this cough?!?
Chronic sneezing and runny nose?
I live near power lines and I have a question. What is considered to be the safe EMF levels?
what is the cause for this?
Why does my feet/hands feel cold ?
How long does a pill buzz last?
can you develop getting car sick?
What is Indulat Tablets?
Why do I get bad head aches and dizziness?
What are some treatments for Atherosclerosis?
when i smoke i get really cold?
How much will gravol help?
Is there anything wrong with drinking after blood loss?
Health Help? (10 easy points)?
Do you think I have OCD? What do I do next?
Which of the following can be identifed through paleopathology because it leaves lesions on bone?
Getting a cold while on antibiotics?
why is life after oxy's so boring?
respiratory problem help please.?
Where should I go to get my eyes checked?
The other day I was watching T.V and I could actually see the T.V for once.What could this mean?
i want to know something about eyes?
EYE GLASSES Can ur set of frames be repainted? I have a pair& I want to keep them,but the paint is wearing off?
Eye Watering, Odd occurrence?
Poked myself in the eye, now I have blurred vision.?
Eye Problems, Please help?
How durable are lens implants for the eyes?
Where can i get contacts this color but cheaper and my size??pic included??what brand?
Why can't i see 3D movies properly??!?
perscripted contacts from drug stores in canada?
What is this under my eye?
Contact lenses + diving board = hmm...?
Puffy, sore eyes with a lot of eye secretions.?
If you have a low degree of nearsightedness, can it be corrected?
Where to buy Contacts with FX?
I live in Montreal (QC). Does anyone know which dealer has the best promotions for eye glasses?
Please help I dont know what is wrong with my eyes?
how much does it cost for contacts?
Why are my eyes focused on one object at a time?
can needin glasses cause you to be gettin dizy when movies fast or your eyes fast ? any help please ?
How do you rinse contact lenses?
lazy eye correction please help?
what other online store sells contacts????that are safe and cheap?
What are the ups and downs of laser eye surgery .?
Scratchy feeling with contact lenses?
GenTeal eye drops safe for contacts?
I want some new color eye liners but I'm not sure what color would look good with my eyes?
My eyes are feeling weird?
Lower back pains at 16 Urgent ?
Everytime I take a dump, a trickle of blood runs out of my nose, even if I'm not even straining?
Is it a good idea to tape up my ankle to prevent it from spraining it again while doing sport?
Feeling sick all the time and stomach aches and pains ...?
Why do my feet ache and burn?
where can I find video commercials for pharmaceutical drugs?
Looking for natural cure for hook worms in humans?
Healing Properties of Vanilla???
Why people don't take time to live life at it's fullest ?
How do you stretch to prevent the pain of shin splints?
how do you stop your feet from smelling after you wear you shoes all day?
how do i get rid of stretch marks and selulite on my legs?
Does Panic disorder and agoraphobia rule your life?
day 1, valium anyone ?
is touch important do you like to be touched have your head?
Mental health and DLA?
why do you get scared?
how long does a xanax take to work and how far apart can i take 2 of them?
Is it possible to feel tired when your dreaming?
does society, people or the system you grow up around have the power to turn you into a person you never?
Why exactly do people develop eating disorders?
I went for waxing for my upper lip and something happened?
Is it illegal to sell prescriton glasses online in canada?
Anyone know how to get that dye from those dye packs that banks use off their skin?
Has anyone heard of the Daymaker Movement?
How do you get water out of your ears after swimming?
Which is the best ayurvedic way to avoid rashes on skin?
can someone look at my question before this...and answer?
recently started taking dilantin, does anyone have any info on how a hair perm will be affected?
what's in apple cider vinegar pills and how does it help u to loose weight?
bout my legs ???
Fixing Cross Eye (Lazy eye)?
Should I avoid television and camera flashes when I have a healing cornea?
I just pulled out a 7 to 8 cm piece of hair from eye(EWWW), is that dangerous?
I need surgery for my deviated septum!?
Could I have COPD or some other problem?
Question about relation to anemia and menstruation?
Which substances are exchanged between the blood in the capillaries and the air in the alveoli?
What important role does diffusion play in connection with the respiratory and circulatory systems?
Cancer Survivors (throat) ! Need Advice !! *TEN POINTS?
Question about my vision?
A word of THANKS for all your supportive answers.....................?
The options for a doctor?
EFEXOR gives you sleepiness? What do you do to stay a bit more awake?
My daughter is going thru mood swings, depressed etc, been to see counsellor but not helped. Please help me.?
depression linked to verbal abuse?
I am a junkie. I smoke up to 40 cigs a day on money I do not have. I have got into a big OD with the bank over
i self harm have done since 1995 but why does it seam to be getting worse??
On bereavement?
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Training.?
Scared to Play .....?
I got my hair braided in Mexico and now my scalp's so itchy!?
i have a........[more inside]?
Help with eye contacts?
Why do I constantly see hundreds of colored spots during the day?
Does anyone here have experience with laser hair removal?
How do I find songs that relate to subjects as active living, nutrition, sleep, declutter, hiking, gratitude?
i have gained weight from celiac diease did you?
Deet: repels insects - but gets absorbed thru skin - ? harmful effects over time - health hazards?
if u a canadain and went to the usa to vist will the canada gov pay if u was in a accident?.?
why is it that we perform CPR and release co2 from our lungs into someone elses,and it saves them...?
what is the best kind of lotion for dry hands but won't make your hands feeling sweaty after?
A raised facial scar. Need help.?
Cure for ear pain and blocked nose?
I have quit smoking tobacco but on occasion, not often i am offered pot by my old?
can finger break hymen?
i have a cold tongue! why?
What is causing my friends stomach pains?
breath air from a car exhaust outside?
how do you know if someone is skitzophrenic?
Consultant phsychiatrist??
How much 'alone time' do you need, if any? People's reactions to the need for it?
Has Cannabis Caused You Any Mental Health Problems?
help iv become very afraid of other people actions because i keep getting hurt by them?
anyone want to be my ana/mia buddy? i know i will get critisized but i dont care?
Is Dr Frank there? A heroin question, I'm afraid?
Anxiety and work??
how would i know if i was manic depressive?
I am starting to become anxious in public places, how can I stop it?
Should I be harming myself?
what does it mean when your scared to approach somebody and try and make friends with them incase you give?
what is high functioning aspergers?
if i really want to emigrate from the uk, how can i make this happen if im 30 now and deal with borderline PD?
Sleeping & nightmares?
what are the uses of common laboratory apparatus like beaker, funnel, stirrin rod, etc?
Revel smokeless, am searching to buy product in Minnesota.Who sells Revel?
Religion and medical treatments.?
Is liposuction performed for cosmetic reasons only?
who hires at the mount dennis medical group?
What is 5' 1" in cm ?
Can galstone pain be in the lower abdomen not the upper?
Possible reasons for needing a follow up apt after MRI?
Can my lack of appetite, bloating and pressure in my chest be an ulcer?
I'm coughing a lot but my asthma is not bothering me should I use my inhaler?
I've been getting a lot of nosebleeds recently, is this serious?
need something to help with stressfull situation to calm me down?
i am on duloxetine and tryptophan question about tiredness and halving tryptophan dose?
How do I loose my inhibitions ?
what is the affect of being homless on a persons social and mental health?
Why do I feel guilty when I stick up for myself?
Do you or have you ever smoked a cigarette?
global warming?
Is a complication of prostate cancer impotence and sterility?
Which procedure of prostate gland removal can lead to the complication of incontinence?
if only the good die young, what does that say about senior citizens?
where are there hyperbaric chambers in Ontario?
Playing the Guitar is painful?
I have a spot on the side of my tongue which is sore to touch. what is it?
Messed up finger nail, help?
It's 3:44 am, should I go to sleep?
chicken pox,healing,scars?
Peeling skin occurring?
I can't breathe my chest get tight and it HURTS. Then my ear starts hurting. Then I get DIZZY.?
Having Shingles dangerous?
What determines whether or not a patient can be released from hospital?
has anyone had lap band surgery in ontario or gastric bypass .. can this be covered by OHIP?
if I have a PR in Canada, is it easy for me to get a job as a nurse?
This may be a birth control question please point me in the right direction.?
Approximately how many sick kids, in Canada, are stuck in hospitals each year on Christmas Eve/Day?
I was hit by a car last year, and I would like to know, how dose one live with them self after hitting you.?
if u have lice and dye the hair does it kill the louse?
my baby has white spots on his eye lid and under his eyes what could it be?
Has anyone let one rip (LOUD) in public?
Can i do anal if i have bowel problems?
When I Move, I can hear my bones cracking and clicking together, is there something wrong?
What goes wrong in synapsis when a person has to take seretonin for his bipolar disease?
My friend/neighbour has Alzheimers Disease. Why can't he have visitors.....?
Can a Doctor Have you excused from an Exam due to medical reasons.?
Is this a cold, flu, or other..?
I have diastasis recti do i need surgery?
Signs of a Tumor Or Strokes?Help!!?
What types of foods should I avoid with a kidney infection?
Pressure in chest/throat area?
i feel terriably sick. My entire body feels like its bruised and i feel as if there are little bumps.?
How much gastric acid travels into the esophagus during heartburn?
If I have an itchy urethra, and the skin around it, would it be okay to try on pants?
dizziness bad eyes and neck HELP?
thyroid removal after surgery?
Took a huge whiff from a container, realizing afterwards there was a huge mold growth inside....?
How can i get over my nerves whilst learning to drive.?
is not being interested in things like christmas and holidays a sign of depression?
cures for depression and anxiety?
do you think the anorexia storyline in hollyoaks was realistic?
started uni in spain,was so homesick i came back to uk,need to return,so upset?
What's the definition of a bipolar disorder?
.i am worrying constantly by one of My mother neighbours my mother eldery and she seems to be causing?
how can i get a personal support worker job?
How do you get rid of fibromyalgia?
Does taking a nap during the day make you groggier?
What are does it mean to have red cell antibodies present in my blood?
I Received A Spider Bite 2 Days Ago Trying To Figure Out What Kind?
Does anyone use magnets to ease pain?
is this normal for my vision?
My boyfriend has 2 different colored eyes, I have brown eyes, what color would our baby's eyes be?
medical question- does soap or dandruff shampoo cause blisters?
Persistent lung pain after pneumonia?
I went for a medical exam, what does the urine sample check for?
Just on the inside of my ear, I have slight pain and a small bump. What is this?
What is Down's Syndrome?
What is this and how you cure it?
how come when i get dirt in my cuts, i don't get the flesh eating disease?
increase blood platlet count?
What are Nikken Mag Steps?
Should I go to school with pink eye?
I keep Over heating and getting soar stomachs, help?
if I have an invention, how do i make it happen?
How long is the entire length of the bowel, and of the intestine.?
what is the long term prognosis for chronic pancreatitis?
What do I do when 2 people called my doctor and said I was selling pills.?
why do i get deja vu from my pain killers?
Who has a nightmare to tell about Canadian Healthcare system?
Bowel Disorder and Effexor a possible side-effect?
I have a 5 month old baby and my monster-in-law wants to give her a bottle of tea, is this OK for babies?
anyone been in freak accident or shark attack.?
Lab report shows that my urate level is at 483. the normal range is 200-440 umol/L. What does this mean?
Call the Doctor?
My daughter will not wear her glasses?
How come majority of color-eyed people need glasses?
I feel like I'm bein watched like on the Truman show ALL the time, is it me?
I need serious help!?
What is anxiety?
Is it OK to take Lexepro and Cymbalta together??
Insomnia, what do you do when the sandman plays hide and seek?
help i need some urgent advice!?
online counselling?
Women: Effexor and PMS?
I'm getting really frustrated now?
How long does it take to remove a wart?
How do you suppress a facial (eye) twitch?
Have you ever sniffed under your arms while out to see if you smelled sweaty?
I'm looking for a really easy recipe for baking sandwich wraps, no yeast?
why might my fingers be slightly numb have been for about a week?
If you've had your ears gauged could they ever grow over?
where to post resume for applicants who are in Toronto?
What to do for scratched eyeball?
Can a contact stick to an eye and I not be able to see it?
I think I've damaged my eye cornea?
do blind people get tired slower (blind people answer only)?
Timed Release Quest # 1 - If you chew up a timed release capsule that is too big to swallow, will it work ?
Is this an eating disorder, and if so what kind?
Will Disease's Ever Be Cured?
What is "laryngotracheomalasia"?
do i have a crazy cold or is it somthing else?
Can you use Boric Acid to get rid of underarm discolouration?
Will I get alopecia universalis if my father had it?
How to get rid of a cold sore fast?
my combat arms dont work?
Temporary double vision: should I be concerned?
Is cannabis effective in treating all these illnesses?
Cauliflower ear, fight on saturday.?
How long will this take?
What medication is more effective in G.E.R.D?
Does anyone know about LCPD? ?
Sharp, stabbing pain in the throat?
Who is more affected by cystic fibrosis? Males or females?
What can I do to hide my flaby hips?
whats the most amount of responses u can get for a question?
Does anti psychotics make you gain weight?
Confidential Help - Do you need somebody to talk to about worries or fears??
what effects do this drug have?
are glasses annoying?
Is it normal to have two, different coloured eyes?
How can I stop myself?
Have I lost my soul?What is a soul?
Is this a valid glasses prescription?
How much do eye tests cost???
can anyone give the names and telephone numbers of mental health units in southern Ireland?
citalopram at night?
If your eyes have long or short sightedness, over time does your eyes eventually heal themselves?
contact lenses while swimming?
Experiences with contact lenses?
Do I need to see an eye specialist?
Has anyone ever?
is it possible to get help with gambling addiction from nhs?
Marijuana - how illegal is it in Wales and where can people get help?
Does anyone know about muscular rheumatism { not fibromylga)?
Why does peppermint make a person belch.?
what can i do about my shoulders?
I find it hard to sleep at night...?
I also think I might go for.....?
Why is it that I can sleep on when I have to get up, and not get back to sleep when I don't have to get up?
Where are the best Ayurvedic centres in India which specialise in Ayurvedic psychiatry?
THANKS to you all?
Anyone have used Kimi product?
I am going to be quitting smoking soon.........?
what kind of affects is there with oxycontin abuse?
Pain with a tendon?
Strange almost electric shooting shocks from my collar bone area along neck?
what is worse pain,, please help..?
ear problem ?????????
Is my eye infected or am I just paranoid?
How can I remove my lazy eye?
Are visual exercises to improve vision legit or are they BS???
Why do the eyes of people with short sight look different?
For people who have contacts?
Is there a certain age you need to be to buy contact lenses?
Eye Vision Test???
Which eye colour is the best out of...?
Do I really need reading glasses?
will i eventually be blind?
I'm scared about my eyes
where can i get really cheap colour contacts that i dont have to use a credit card for?
What can be the cause of blurred vision in the eye sometimes?
coloured contact lenses- how much do they cost?!?
I think I have gout, can anyone with the condition lend any advice?
can someone with lupus live as long as a person without it?
how do I gain more blood after a heavy surgery? (diets) (juices and stuff like that)?
Has anyone contracted renal failure as result of high dose chemo?
I've been feeling weak alot, and lost weight... HELP!?
Is there a disease/syndrome for these symptoms ?
Does anyone know of any meds for Peripheral Cyanosis ?
Hand, foot and mouth disease?
How to prevent fevers?
what is causing my toes to go numb?
There going to put a pin in my arm.Wats going to happen?
Need info on the cost of kidney dialysis in Canada?
Can You Diagnose This Illness?
should i......?
I smoked 6 times this whole summer but five of the times were in the same period of time and i quit for a mont
is medical lab technician a good career to get into in Ontario?
It makes me sad, can you please help me? This is important to me.?
If someone has angina, is it a good idea for that person to watch the news all the time?
I've got a 2nd hand BBQ that is rusty in every part, is it safe for cooking?
how long does it take to heal after having your apendix out?
Are mosquitos the only thing you can catch malaria from?
Connection between Bubonic Plague and AIDS?
Does everyone who touches the same animal infected with ringworm contract it?
Are there any physical tests to support a diagnosis of bipolar disorder?
Can anyone recommend some self help help books for bulimics?
antidepressants for those who selfharm/ed?
does it cause a disorder?
Is it possible to get alcohol addiction if?
What should I do?
Does this sound like depression ?
Anxiety & The Body?
why are you here?
Does this girl have a mental problem like confusion/indecision?
If MDMA is legalised would people be happier?
How do you overcome shyness?
Has anyone had experiance of a family member with anorexia/bulimia?
i would like to know more about bipolar affective dissorder (depression)?
Hi i have BPD im doing ok generally,been a bit low but it could be i missed my meds had a thought of doing som
what is the best treatment for panic disorder (anxiety attacks, panic attacks) ?.?
what would be the mental illness of this person?
your thoughts?
Contacts for minor astigmatism?
Is it alright to clean your contact lens cases with boiling water?
I have a lazy eye. How do I know which one is the dominate eye is which one is the lazy eye?
my eyeglass prescription reads OD +0.75-1.25X165 OS +0.75-1.00X107 ADD +2.25. Can anyone explain this?
My optometrist is recommending multifocal glasses for me...anyone had any experience with them?
do glasses give black eyes?
One eye is bigger than than the other!please help
Why do I get blurry eyes?
Strange Bright Flashes in My Eyes??
i Think im going blind?
My eyes hurt and seem soo tired every day, eventhough I get enough sleep. I use eye liner every day as well?
Have you personally tried any eye excersises?
My eyes go funny after looking at the computer screen?
Can typing in the dark damage my vision?
Contacts and reading glasses?
has anyone lost their eyesight from a nosebleed?
Earaches on airplanes ?
odor eaters?
what is social health?
Where can I obtain Extended Health Expense claim forms for Canada Post employees?
doctors .... ?
What is sandoz bupropion used for?
eyes sight worse or better?
I have a strange lump at the bottom of my throat?
Request to change CPN?
My bf has a stigmatism...can he get Laser eye surgery?
how do i stop feeling like this?
Anybody been through this and found an answer?
Why do your eyes hurt when you are on the computer for too long?
is it wrong to.................?
Does leaving contact lenses in for an extended amount of time harm your eye?
I don't get how people measure their vision?
Laser Eye Surgery? Help, advice, info, experiences?
What are contact lenses like?
Bipolar breakdown?
I need an eye exam, but what do I do?
would colored contacts show on brown eyes?
my 18mnth old daughter's left pupil has always been much bigger than her right?
Have you ever felt a complete lack of emotion or motivation for everthing.?
psychiatric service dogs?
Dealing With Embarrassment?
bad eating?
please help?
what far sighted ?
keep busy or rest?
I need a voluntary counselling service in Glasgow?
how long does a bipolar manic episode last for?
Good questions to ask a Home Intensive Treatment Team worker please?
Hi i am doing a study on heroin,how much is a 1/2 ounce?
Bipolar Mania?
Have you had very strange and intense dreams on withdrawing from effexor (venlafaxine)?
Blood Cravings/ iron deficiency?
How do you do deal with family and friends and their lack of understanding Celiac Disease?
THE BURNING DISEASE,"is any one familiar?"?
Puffy face from Hypothyroidism?
Is this treatment dangerous?
General bad weakness ?
What is low b12 and RBC a symptom of?
How were UTI's (urinary tract infections) treated before the discovery of antibiotics?
What happend if you have a term life 20 insurance and it expires.?
what cause you laughter when u get tickled? and why in those same spots??
Let's say you have smoked heavily for 5 years at age 18, will you get lung cancer?
what may be the reason for heel and arch pain?
warts (this is kinda gross)?
Picking the skin of my fingers.?
first time?
looking to go to school for nursing, not sure if I can do it ! I would like some information clinical placemen
joint surgery in my fingers??? have a doctor that says it is fairly new but is just as sucessful as hip repl?
What is the best angiography test place in Asia?Is there any chance of death?
What are the dots you get sometimes after itching?
nausea and bifocals?
How can I get better eyesight naturally?
how much are contact lenses? (AUSTRALIA)
i want to become far sighted so i can be like this girl that i like?
Should I get multi-focals or single vision lens?
If I'm a teen girl who's 125 pounds and 5 foot 7 inches,I want to lose weight,how do I shed about 20 lb fast?
What will you do if your daughter vomited in a lady`s handbag?
Glasses give me headaches?
is staring bad for your eyes?
How to tell if contacts are inside out?
Lazy eye? what do they look like? Do I have one?
Has anyone bought fashion contact lenses online to change your eye colour? Were they okay?
how much do contacts usually ?
What are od and os for right and left eye abbreviations for?
Self Serve Checkouts at Supermarkets?
What is the cause of this on my eye???
blood shot eyes, any help?
OMG help my friend just got windex in her eyes....!!!?
Cracked and chipped contacts?
Will wearing contact contact lenses changes how my eyes look?
my eyes are very sensitive to light and i cant stop blinking what is wrong with me?
what happens when gallstones large but too risky to operate?
do canadians require h1n1 vaccine to enter united states?
cut on arm and severed a nerve, can function and sensation be restored?
i severed a nerve on the forearm, anything after surgery that can aid or speed recovery of function and sense?
severed nerve:?
how rare is o negative blood?
My son is 15 years old and as long as i can remember he has always been a nite hawk?
is there any medicine that can make pns nerves regenerate faster than 1mm/day? any doctors out there?
what is difference and similarities between code of ethics for LPN and Code of ethics for Pharmacists?
how do u get rid of spots on ur face is ther any good cream out there?
i am looking for a daily journal. One where I can plan my daily and weekly plans?
how much does it cost to get new lenses for my old frame?
why is my eye sore and red?
Does contact lenses mess up the eye really bad? Do contact lenses mess up the eye vision any worse?
How can I prevent my glasses falling down my nose?
contact lenses on a long bus trip?
What Will Happen If I Don't Wear My Glasses? is -1 and only needed to look at the whiteboard? PLZ HELP? 10PTS!?
i got hit by an arrow in my right eye during childhood and my right eye is slightly slanted.what is the cure?
is sleeping on a cotton pillowcase damaging to your eyes compared to sleeping on a silk pillowcase?
I Want To Wear My Contacts To Europe!!! :'(?
how much is lasek surgery usually?
Contact Lense wearers question?
short sightedness remedy?
I bought sum colored soft contacts w/o prescription at the mall-Is there a secret to getting them in?They keep?
Why does my eye randomnly start to tear when i go outside?
What does my eyeglass prescription mean? Do I really need glasses?
How do you get nail polish off of eye glasses?
what makes it easier to put in and take out your contact lenses?
Lazy eye and eye problems?
what does 0.3 eyesight mean?
my eyes feel weird?
do glasses make your vision worse?
why is my big toe numb?
How do you help your gastritis?
How does socialized medicine work- I'm the U.S.?
i found this lump on my inner upper thigh?
Twitch a lot while sleeping ?
Is this a myoclonic seizure?
i got a lump on the back of my ear?
Any dermatologists/people who know about keratosis pelaris/pilaris???? Pleeeaaasseeee.....I NEED HELP!!!?
Do I have a Brain Tumor.?
Does PMS / PMDD have anything to do with Bi Polar?
Which 1 of the following wud help to maintain independence of a client suffering frm dementia??
could home be making me depressed?
how do I cope with lack of motivation?
i need some time off work?
How come I feel tired during the day and more awake during the night?
please answer . really need advice?
Why does my heel hurt?
i have had this sharp pain in my stomach for five day what could it be?
Did I buy the wrong reading glasses?
I am still worried about my driving sight test even though i wear contact lenses power -12 00 please someone?
Two different frames, same prescription, with different vision results ?
Help! Double vision and its not astigmatism!?
Will these tips to improve my eyesight actually work?
can you wear contact lenses while playing contact sport?
Can surgery fix a droopy eye lid?
My prescription doesn't match the contacts I want?
Whats the advantages and disadvatages of having refractive surgery to correct myopia?
Scratched eyeball but haven't had problems with the eye...anything to worry about?
Nobody can reassure me I'm normal, can you?
How can I remove my lazy eye?
Are there any long term health issues related to getting eyeliner in eyes?
I can never see the magic eye pictures?
Can you use the glasses that you find at Hot topic or Claire's for prescription glasses?
How to tell if you're just not used to glasses or if the prescription is wrong?
Can you wear contact lenses for longer than recommended?
Is glaucoma usually picked up in eye test?
Will wearing sunglasses protect my eyes from the computer screen?
Where can I buy formaldehyde free plywood in Ontario, Canada.Is there a supplier here.?
i wear glasses for reading does anyone know about laser surgery to prevent wearing glasses?
WARNING: spinach imported to Canada from US?
I can't see a number plate 25 yards away do i need glasses?
HELP!! I have bed bugs in my home.?
what is carmol good for were can i get info on it i have the drops?
what is the best remedy for a rotator cuff tear?
What happens if you put only one contact lens and pass a day with it?
Does anyone have a child with Asperger's Syndrome, and what are some of the symptoms?
For those who have had near-death experiences.....?
has anybody(or knows anybody)who has been poked with a dirty needle and contracted any disease from it?
what are some cures for cancer? (any type)?
I have ear pain, ringing souds, heart beat sounds in my ear, whats wrong?
Sinus CT Scan report :(?
how can you help stop your eye twitching?
New contacts, astigmatism.?
New unopened contacts - what is the liquid in the cases?
Do these people need in fact the same glasses?
Will night blurriness& halos around lights disappear by themselves?
What's the average price of contacts?
If your soft contact lens is inside out..?
When starting on contacts, is it essential to only wear them for short periods before increasing the duration?
I accidently wore a cracked contact lens - what happened to my eye?
I hate glasses and I was wondering if my eyesight it bad enough for contacts. I never wear my glasses.?
Having trouble reading with & without glasses ?
will i pass my drug test?
has anyone got any ideas?
Floaters in eye .... ! !?
I am considering Lasik Laser eye surgery, if you've had it done opinion please?
Intraocular lenses. What is their longevity? How long have they been in use?
perscription is -5-5?
Is it safe for my eyes if I get a pair of glasses that allows me to use one eye for distance & one eye reading?
Dry Eyes problems?
Sudden attacks of: Extreme dizziness, nausea, chills, diarrhea, weakness.?
When wearing my colored contacts why is their a haze at the bottom of my view?
wrong prescription = worsening eyesight?
How would you feel if you had a twin who died at birth?
Has anyone ever heard of thrips burrowing on a human or animal??
my mom has crohn's disease for many years, but lately, she hasn't been able to keep hardly any liquid or food?
I need help on my eyes please?
Does anyone else take armour thyroid, can u tell me how much u take, i take 4 but not sure if its enough?
Celiac Disease Question?
Question about B12 deficiency?
rectum bleeding stopped long ago but have groove mark on stool ?
What are current population health trends?
Is it possible to be homeless but still maintain good hygiene?
when someone is unconcious and dieing in the hostpital is there a way to wake them up to have last words?
Ive bee puking and i have an upset stomach?
Is it true that yellow lady bugs are poisonous?
Can you see your medical Files in Ontario, Canada?
how do i get my 13 year old son to eat vegetables, iam relly tired of telling ?
Strange bumps on my daughter...?
What makes a person urinate when you run tap water?
dumb question:how many squares of toliet paper are there in an average roll?
Is addiction to sugar the main cause of obesity?
A terminal patient in SouthAmerica wishes to come Canadato try STIMUVAX, the vaccinfor Cancer How do we buyit?
got a cold, any good relief medications?
owwww!!My back?
What does it mean if you poo with a little blood ?
ways to gain height?
What's good for acne?
I have some Skin problem?
Pneumonia, Will She Be Alright?
my husband is suffering from stomach cramps and a shooting pain which make him discomfort,painful..any idea?
where can i buy an electric cigarette that is refilled by the liquid?
Sore chin, pain when touching it..?
How does staring at a computer screen all day , every day,,begin to make one feel?
whats wrong with my leg?
Out of prison, off of canabis, agoraphobic.....what help is there for someone like that?
anxiety, panic attacks, depression...help with mum?
my past as been as gone wrong because i met the wrong people how can stop this happening again .?
How sick mentally is someone like this?
what do mental health services provide for people with mental health problems and learning difficulties?
Over active Imagination problems, mental illness????..........?
I have so much Stress?
Is it possible to have major mood swings within depression, and it not be Bipolar disorder?
Is there such a thing as "Social Autism"?
what are some of the side effects of coming off effexor..?
hi there is there any medication i can take for anxiety ???
How can you make your self enthusiastic!!!!!?
zoplizone can some tell me of a trusted website they , its cheaper ive been told i have been taking zoplicone?
any one on Clonazepam, im on it as a mood stabiliser for borderline,just wonder if any one has had trouble?
what is wrong with my eyesight?
Am I cross-eyed a little bit??
Tips to maintain eye health?
I have about 89% vision but i want glasses how can i persuade my mum and dad i need glasses or what can i do?
is it normal to see germ type things on your eye? they look like worms.?
how do our ears work and how fast do they travel?
what to do about a very bad reaction to contacts? This happened at dr's appt.?
Once you have glasses can you fix your eyes?
Do contacts give you headaces when first weared?
what vision do i have if i can see far but cant read small print?
My eye sight has gone green twice for about 10 seconds in 10 min?
i have been wearing night and day contacts for years. now they bother me if i sleep with them on.?
Acuvue free trial pair?
how long does a doctor have to send an update to your insurance company so that you can receive a pay cheque?
how long are you suposed to use salbutamol HFA (inhaler) ??
can we hear a mute baby cry?
My 22yr daughter's intelligent last yr at U. Sheis home mostly, hard to get along with, not listenning, autism