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darker knuckles after Snowmobile crash?
ways to provent cross infection and promote good hygiene?
Anxiety and body odour?
How do you know if drinking coffee is causing problems?
Do anyone know where I can find MSDS sheets for free on the internet?
how can i get taller?
Reliable online pharmacies - do they exist?
How can I better myself physicly?
prurigo or eczema ? which one describe me?
Getting my 8 glasses a day?
When your leg/arm/etc. is "asleep," what exactly is happening?
Alcohol effecting culture?
I'am having a stomach problem?
Between the hot summer coming, and my CNA classes I want to get my hair cut short?
how can i clear up my nose from a cold?
My Throat Has Felt Swelled Up for the Past Few Weeks?
what steps can you take to avoid the most common errors in formulating nursing diagnoses accurately?
PLEASE HELP!! What does one do for work when your ALWAYS sick? ?
Is the shampoo frizz-ease good for straight long black hair?
Are there any arteries in your nose?
Is Sheesha bad for you?
How to know if you have a personality disorder?
Where is your birthmark?
Why is my urine cloudy?
Novel H1N1 Influenza A? (Swine Flu) Help I'm freaking Out!!!?
what are some times of cancer?
How to get rid of acne?
how do muscles hurt with fibromyalgia?
What could very frequent bowel movements mean with a 3 yr old?
Stop Being So Tired?
How to make my cold go away quicker or not be as bad?
i need to know something from a medical person!?
How many pharmaceutical shops are there in Hong Kong?
I'm unusually light headed, especially when sitting down; what is it from?
I have to wash my hands at least 50 times a day. My hands are swollen and cracked. What should I use?
Feeling extremely tired and weak all the time?
How old do you have to be to get into the N.I.C.U?
Is table salt harmful for healthy people?
I feel weak and cold?
Can hha's cut patients toenails?
What are some good ways to get rid of a case of nerves ?
how long it will take the water that we drink to get in to the blood?
should a non diabetic hypoglycemic carry a meter?
I took 3mg of Lunesta and I'm not sleepy...will taking Nyquil be a bad idea?
Around How Much Time Does One Cigarette Take Off Our Lives?
White sludge in the bottom of my cup?
Any ideas on how to get rid of a very pervasive wart?
"Quit" anti smoking mouthwash - has anyone tried it?
Throat is sore on one side?
I have a lazy eye...Will contact lenses fix it? I have been wearing glasses for 11 years.?
Deaths related to Heat Strokes?
Is it odd to get diarrhea almost once every day, or once every week?
What is a normal white blood cell count?
I've had a severe loss of appetite and I don't know what to do?
One thing that triggers my migraines the barometric pressure(storms)How do you avoid a storm?
I have something odd on my foot, do you think you know what it is?
Do I have Bulemia ?
How can you tell if you have a blood clot in the leg?
Feeling dizzy, what does this mean?
would you trust this (fibromyalgia)?
People with IBS - advice?
Scoliosis caused career change
Someone i know has the Parkinson disease and has trouble sleeping? how should i help?
Most effective way of combating persistent Nausea?
Why am I vomiting blood?
What does this sound like?
My boyfriend has very bad back pain~ please help!?
this is kinda weird...?
Are there contacts you can wear for a month that aren't super thick?
drooling and mouth hanging in elderly?
Do Canadians have extended waiting time for health care?
Have you the exact address of delon Laboratoires Ltee in Scarborough?
Head cold just before GED exam. What should I do?
Will there ever be a comprehensive home health medical testing kit made available for the consumer?
Sleeping problems almost every night for the past 2 months?
How can you get someone you love to quit smoking?
In the following problems.explain briefly the feeling expres by the client and actions for the CPSW 2 take?
My 2 year old daughter has egsima and I was wondering if anyone knows what kind of sunscreen I can use on her?
Should I sleep on a hard/firm or soft bed?
i keep excessively sneezing and i have a runny nose, help?
melted plastic off of a pot in oven toxic?
Looking for a recipe to make essential oil from a Curry Herb Plant.?
what do nighsweats mean? i have only had them for a couple weeks.?
Plastic surgery?
Weird Carbon Monoxide smell, what could it be?
Is eating sweets a good thing when you're sick?
pain in my neck, now in my arm.... ?
What can I do when the travel insurance company denies a claim?
help asap! drug testt.?
looking for ratings on family doctors in ontario?
Is it normal to feel like he is "there"?
How can I get rid of sneezes..?
i feel sick ? ?
why is it that when i scratch my skin it will start to swell and later on it disappears?
Nose Bleeds???
Does anyone have anxiety attacks and if so, how do you handle them?
My neighbor has a REALLY STIFF NECK. He thinks VIAGRA CAUSED IT. What do you think? Pill got stuck in throat.?
Why is my ear ringing so much!!!!??
Cannot Find Any Information on a Drug Addict's Survival Rates. ?
Why does my daughter turn so very white just before she gets sick?
medical question help!?
Does LSD and Shrooms change your perspective on life?
What does this mean?
What does poon mean? i wanna know bad?
almost diarrhea how to stop?
is there any drink to clear ur system?
could any one tell me if there is anyway i can make a gambling site inaccessible to myself as i am gettin myse
everything is going wrong im my life because of horrid people?
Has anyone in Britain had any experience of applying for jobs and having to explain you've been out of work ..
work work work, having a bad time is it best to just go back tomorrow and face it?
has any one tried lithium carbonate? did it work for you and did you have any side effects?
What is the name of that famous eating disorders clinic in the UK?
Prozac-doubling the dose?
what do you think?
is leg pain normal in a child with asd?
bulimic (vomiting blood)?
i need to sleep more than 10 hours, should i worry?
pain left side of abdomen?
Sumtimes my knees feel like ther bleedin inside?
I have bad pain in my arm for few days please suggest me something I allready had some pain killers?
How to get rid of a wart?
Ways to start my own Cancer Fundraiser, or donate to Cancer researchers.?
lately ive been having problems with my eyes..and having migranes.?
Can't sleep threw the night, whats going on?
HSA account?
Physican and medicare / medicaide billing?
What is wrong with my body?
[DOCTORS and/or MEDICAL EXPERTS ONLY Please] Which one of these is healthier?
How should 3 hours of sleep make me feel?
what is the record temp for Tolstoi Manitoba?
Coffee?? Anxiety??
i am getting knee surgery done, for a torn ACL.?
causes of Thyroid problem, can stress be a possibility?
Canadian health care system?
This is a pill id question. The pill is yellow, round scored with a line right down the center.?
what laboratorie service is antiendomysial?
how long does it take to fully recover after a appendectomy done laprosopically ?
Early Morning Wakeup help?
Black Fly [email protected]#%@?
i have a question about Eyesight?
Is it okay to take Tylenol Cold & Flu while I'm on antidepressant (PRISTIQ)?
how much bactroban would you have to swallow in order for it to be harmful?
Help My Sister?
What do I ned to do to train to be a psychotherpaist and is the salary good?
Where is my mind??????????
im starting to come off citalopram (an ssri) any advice?
What is the best food to boost serotonin levels please?
if you take an anti-depressant that makes you put on weight?
What are the long term effects of having asthma attacks?
my husband has suffered with dipression for years.?
Is it bad for your chest if you constantly get smoke out of your lungs?
how to calm nerves?
fluoxetine (prozac) for compulsive eating disorder? does it work?
help plz, trouble breathing?
my throat feels funny..but not sore? Help?
Could it be Appendicitis?
Do you think I have eyelash Trichotillomania?
I caught cellulitis on my nose!?
what is a.d.d. and a.d.h.d...?
What's worse for your body?
How do you Strengthen Skin To Prevent Small Cuts?
I don't know where to put this...?
Questions about taking Prednisone?
Does cough syrup make your entire body go numb?
whats a fast remedy to get rid of a bad sunburn ?
How much dosage of L-Arginine should I take ?
I have alot of viens showing on my body, not only feet and ankles but my stomace as well is this normal?
Why does my vision go blurry when i am trying to focus on my computer?
will i be high forever....?
can u get ur emt paramedics online?
What happens when a cast comes off?
I want to buy a heated duvet, is this a good idea?
Is bad breath caused by not flossing?
What is Muscular Dystrophy?
What's the best decongestant that doesn't make you drowsy?
Does anyone SHAKE when they feel sick?
can you die from this?
whats a healthy blood pressure for a 14yr...?
what happens after a pill overdose?
What happens if my son who has been sick with the flu and hasn't had a big pee until now and I noticed that?
Worried I have a ruptured spleen?
Are brain tumors genetic?
I need to know a litte more about Multiple Sclerosis
Any Home Remedy`s For This??
Hip displacia what can they do other than a hip replacement?
Why do I wake up in the night in pain when I eat junk food?
Is this just a bruise?
weird pains in my knees.. something wrong ?
Pain in lower abdomen?
Does Getting Your Tragus Hurt ?
how can i stop migraines caused by stress and tension?
Why does my left wrist always hurt?
Ive had my tounge pierced for 2 years now and for a wee while it has beenm hurting a while lot, wot can i do.?
Ouch!Hip And Knee!!!!!! Please Read!?
I Have A Sore Right Knee After Playing Football?
i had a accident at work split my head open?
i keep getting a sharp pain in my foot?
any good ENT docs in kingston ontario?
why is this happening only when i run?
2 1/2 year old with fever?
What is happening to me...?
I need suggestions...?
What is the biological function of the hymen?
Due for a colonoscopy tomorrow:?
Malarone and Day Surgery?
Would anyone from Canada like to trade their health care system for ours (United States)?
Why do I sometimes shake right when I'm about to fall asleep?
Need to remove some Warts?
how do I start to fill the void and build a new life?
i would like to find a site with a list of health care websites for jobsearch in Toronto?
How does Bluecross work?
Hearing Test/Examination?
Will my insicion heal properly?
Cheapest dispensing fee in Ontario?
I am looking for ideas for 16mth old with gas and pain possible lactose intolerance waiting for diagnosis?
Is it bad how my joints are always cracking?
I am asking this from a professional standpoint- exactly what does crack cocaine smell like when being smoked?
Will this really happen, should I be worried? Help please.?
anyone know the source of Trader Joe's Salmon Oil caps?
Why do I feel nauseous?
My right hand twitches esp. my thumb & pinky. Could it be a trapped nerve? & what is this?
Open brain surgery question?
How can I stop Smoking?
Why do I have to clear my throat constantly? How can I prevent this?
do you know about superficial blood clots ? i'm worried?
Question for breathing therapist (CPAP)?
Any ideas based on symptoms?
Why does my hand feel like something is raining on it ? But its not and not wet ?!?
What happened to my neck?
I need a big stress reliever?
I feel sick... help me please?
is calcium in foods a macronutrient or micronutrient?
do any of these blood tests test for testosterone levels?
Do people generally vomit when they are nervous, or am I even nervous? What's up?
can i ask wat are the symptoms for west nile deseas cause i dont feel right?
How long will it take to heal?
could this be hypothyroidism?
Ear Infections and concerts?
Have you ever thought about how your own death will come about?
does anyone have a child with a chromosome deletion?
Do you sometimes feel terribly sad but you have no idea why?
anyone gone from being an over-drinker to a safe-drinker without needing to give up completely?
Bottling it up?
In Canada, specifically Ontario, can a doctor that is accepting new patients refuse a patient?
how to dismiss union in writing?
With an American nurses licence can I nurse in Canada ?
difference between CT scan and CAT scan?
Can I use antibiotic/steroid eye drops on an infected Zit? Will it work?
why does my voice block/shakes when i try to scream or talk loudly?
How can I make my ankles thicker?
When i asleep i wake up during the night covered in sweat, i'm not unwell and am generally healthy, can anyone
does anyone know what happened to 'yes to carrots' products in canada?
ant 24 hr walk in medical clinics in Toronto Ontario?
Will using the diskus help my breathing?
Have you ever participated in a massage exchange?
Cost to Change Doctors?
How should I limit my exposure to sunlight?
can you please tell me the recovery date of t12 fracture in back thank you greatly?
Where can I buy liquid glycerin suppositories in Toronto?
Got my tonsils removed....should I talk if it doesn't hurt?
Inguinal Canal Ultrasound?
Why am I always tired?
Feeling unwell after blood test?!?
Loud clunking in lower spine when I bend my right knee?
Knee Pain? should i insist on an x ray ?
Getting stitches very easily?
see my nose and tell me i can move in right position?
My Jaw is Hurting...?
Sleep deprived EEG and how much to not sleep?
What are some things different people would say about ANOREXIA/BULEMIA?
What happens to pills that are not digested?
can malnourishment cause someone to faint?
blood test reference ranges?
Does anyone know why my eyelashes are breaking off?
Pancreatitis and thirst? Water makes it worse?
Nursing diagnosis for a 59 year old male pt submitted for right shaft pain along with back pain.?
What jobs can a candian with an MD degree from Europe get?
Should I be worried bout veins on legs...?
I'm seeing Flashing Lights after playing Rockband for XBOX 360.?
I quit smoking 4 months ago, I recently started coughing on and off especially during the night?
did i scratch my cornea?
I find it very hard to go to bed early?
can he keep the cast, and can it be removed in one piece?
where can i find good dietician in Kolkata?
Could you get a blood clot by hitting your foot?
Does energy efficient flourescent light has any bad effect on our health? radiation etc? Not sure please help?
Can you work out of your home?
Can health care employers access their employee's health records?
Who has some good questions to answer that you didn't get what you wanted? Give me a link.?
How Could I Find A Neurology Specialist and Where?
answer asap! is this sleep paralysis? i'm scared?!?!?
waiking up with red eyes.?
What does an ESR test with a result of 42 and 'flag' of 'H' mean?
Momentary empty feeling in chest/heart area?
Planters Warts?
So many people suffering depression on here,whats up???
Poll: how many of you with mental health problems (particularly schizophrenia) had problem births? It is said?
i think i might have an inferiory complex and think others are better?
If you have the stomach flu,what else can you eat besides toast and crackers?
When is a fever too high? I am freaking out!?
Why don't you get high on your first time trying pot?
Everyone thinks that I am way to obsessed about food if i ask a simple question like what's for dinner?
How come people take drugs?
Why do we stink after sleeping?
Have you ever smoke marijuana in your life?
Growing problem, please read please HELP!?
Do you think there's a link between vaccinations and autism?
I have to take a drug test and I need to get the weed out of my system, how do I do this?
Chemical Realesed In The Body To Prevent Pain For Death?
Is it bad to be peeing alot but a little bit?
what happens if I wear 30 day contacts more than 30 times.?
Are people aware Methadone,doe's help the person who has addiction problems.?
Can a guy get a period?
Need help, about weed.?
marijuana kit?
Why did this Happend So scared?
When will drug cravings go away, and how can i stop them?
Frequent Urination....?
nogils on the vocal cords?
whats the amount of alcohol for alcohol poisoning?
sore spot on left breast?
Urinary tract infection?
i have razor burn and need it healed.?
Can someone find me a facial product that's good for skin with acne, oily in some places, dry in others?
Why Aren't You Supposed To Wake A Sleep Walker?
My Hearing.... What is this? Will it go away?
Will you get any sleep tonight ?
Do you have to REcertify your primary care paramedic certificate over time after you get it?
What's your go-to decongestant?
Why are energy drinks so dangerous?
Will my throat infection hurt more during a flight?
I keep Having these weird popping noises in my ear?
What Is A Sknar?
whats wrong with me? :s?
my son just showed me his finger nails and at the white area it seems to be bubbling up and falling off ,what?
Help pleasee?
Survey for SIDS parents: Did you recently vaccinate your child?
What kind of hernia would this be?
Why does your neck get sore after you sleep in a draft?
How long is it normal for your ears to ring?
Insomnia & Exercise?
Fractured skull broken bones back and neck?? Please help???
Has anyone worked for the interior health authority in BC?
Does a 'Consent to Disclose Personal Health Information' ever expire?
I'm not hungry or tired anymore?
What causes sleep in your eyes?
How to stop muscle spams?
Tell me what UVB & UV rays are?
what would happen if i breathed in car exhaust air outside?
Can my respirator block organic vapors?
Concrete dust inhilation, should I seek a doctor?
Does anybody know if a (SADD) lamp can cause Cancer in our housepet (cat)?
how is hypertension related to pneumonia? and can be fatigue a cause of pneumonia?
Is smelling gasoline a drug?
I'm sick and I don't know what it is. Help?
i left a dirty rice pot in the sink for a week.?
Doing Crank [aka Crystal Meth]?
Can a human...?
What can I take to burp?
does alcohol burn the lining in your stomach?
Girls Only Please!?
How many people have smoked before, at least once in your life?
what can i buy to get rid of a canker sore,the doctor, dosen,t help.thanks.?
Question about oral health?
I keep getting headaches?? =[?
Do I have a problem? I'm addicted to water!?
I have really bad body aches, a sore throat, and chills. Could it be the H1N1 virus?
Where do you buy fake cigaretes??
I feel Sick? :'(?
I drink 6-10 beers a night , I am a functional human being and I do not drink during the day ... am I a drunk ?
how long can a human go without having to pee?
how to tell if your wrist is sprained or broken?
What wrong with my little sister?
Why do my lips feel numb when I give my boyfriend head?
Dangers of cell phones?
The bottom of my eye wont stop twitching?
do anesthesiologists work as extensive hours as doctors do?
carpal tunnel surgery....swollen days later?
What Happens During A Bone Density Test?
Weird chest/heart/breathing problem?!?!?
Ontario Canada residents::Has anyone ever applied for OHIP?
my temperature is pretty low lately...?
How do you cure a canker sore?
TMI.... bad gas..?
tingling/ numb and stinging lips?
How can a person invoke death in their sleep?
does it mean anything when you get hot than cold then hot again?
What do I have? Should I go to school tomorrow?
Is it okay for a 9 year old to have a NeoCitran drink for a cold?
How to prevent soreness?
stuart montgomery. doctor, graduated london 1960,1961 or1962.born bulawayo zimbabwe( was rhodesia)
why does it take me a long time to fall asleep?
Can hormone levels effect fibromyalgia?
Blood Tests To Detect Viruses?
What is Autism Spectrum Disorder and what are the signs of it in a 4 year old?
all i know is that my doc said my white blood cells detected that?
Why am i getting panick attacks?
Does anyone know anyone that has bled from their tear ducts before?
So, I was told I probably have an eating disorder o.O ?
Does clear tea & black coffee affect thyroid medication absorption? Does the food rule apply?
do autistic children have their own type of doctors or would it be the normal family doctor?
Does anyone know any prayers for Recovery (Step !)?
How many days can a patient live without food and water?
sore throat? or somehtinn?
Should I see a counsellor about comfort eating?
seriously p****d off??
why is supportive relationship important in a care services?
Are there any illnesses you can get from ipods???
How to treat middle ear serous infection ?
Is shingles bad when you have an autoimmune disease?
Do you ever feel suicidal, because nothing you do changes anything for the better?
I feel like hunting down my ex therapist?
How would a clinical immunologist treat/diagnose SUSPECTED SLE (Lupus) compared to other specialists?
borderling personality disorder?
scitzophrenia: what type is this ?
what are the chances i will have to get colonoscopy?
I am on 0.05mg of Lorazapam x2 daily. How long does it take to take effect when i take a pill.?
How is the availability and quality of the medical insurance in Canada ?
Could the smell of formaldehyde cause indigestion?
Has anyone had an operation to remove a cyst from their hip?
Has anyone had 2 Carpal Tunnel surgeries on the same hand?? what was your recovery time?
After having a removal of the gallbladder...?
does smoking cigarettes really stop growth in height?
Are Canadian nurses offered american contracts?
Question about these bumps on my legs?
How often should you get your blood tested?
If you really need to talk to someone can it affect your sleep or health?
How to raise Kundalini energy in our body? Any yoga experts?
Where do they come from????
Has any one heard of proleva? Was wondering where i can purchase it in Ontario?
Getting blood work done ?
Have orthotics worked for you?
How many weeks does a decrease in vasomotor flushing is observed upon taking estrogen supplement?
Where can I find medical laboratories or hospitals in Manila, Philippines that conduct NICOTINE TEST?
Is food stuck in my esophagus?
How much will I pay for private health insurance in the U.K.?
What causes people to text in their sleep?
Help choosing a good shoe?
my back can bend in the middle of my spine instead of at the waist?
Anaesthetic injected into stomach?
What are some things that we do not physically consume, but that are nonetheless addictive?
Eat marijuana?
how long will pot stay in your body?
how much ritalin can you take before you overdose?
What would happen to me if I decided to get into a habit of sleeping the day and awakening at night?
New Glasses..?
AARGH! Help! I am getting a cold sore.?
how do you get alcohol poisoning?
Do you find melatonin effective for improving sleep?
Please fill out this survey! It's quick (6Q's)?
what are some drug's giving to stop you from drinking?
what kind of shoes are best for a nurse?
constant intense hunger?
Is my vegan diet preventing my hair from growing?
i have so much to do today but im so tired how the heck can i stay awake i can't keep my eyes open right now?
What do you take to relieve cold symptoms?
Why is it good to chew aspirin if having a heart attack or stroke?
is cold water good for a sore throat?
Waking up with green crust on eyes. ?
Is my thermometer Mercury?
is it bad if you dont take a shower right away after you sweat a lot after playing a basketball game??
difference between smoking and using smoking aid?
stomach migraines dou you have any information?
acne marks. help.please?
my blood pressure is 97/58, and I frequently feel dizzy, should I be concerned?
Do 'Seroquel' tablets really make you gain weight.?
I keep having really weird dreams. What could be the cause?
What can cracking your knuckles actually do?
How to cure the "Other" Cramp?
What is a push enteroscopy ?
Does Head On really work?
Is it possible to get a copy of immunization records if doctor has retired?
When you basically lose consciousness---?
why do I feel so numb after when I smoked marijuana?
wheelchair in Vancouver bc?
What is the differnce between XR and CR on medications?
Things to Eat After Tonsillectomy?
how to be less tired and sleep better?
If you have trascient urinary leakage from a uti does wearing tight pants make the leakage worse?
What do I do if someone needs a doctor, but won't leave the house?
Good shoes for lower back and leg pain?
Wierd feeling when i sit up?
What is pot in comparison to crack?
PLEASE HELP: Is this an infection or a keloid on my navel piercing?
would tylenol 4 or regular tylenol make birth control less effective?
Tinitus? Something? UGH?
I can taste the smell of things sometimes?
lower back part of the skull extremely dangerous?
Do I have appendicitis?
More than 4 head injuries. Do I need to see a neurologist?
What are the bad side effects of smoking cigarettes?
Does anyone have any sugestions how i can burn my leg calories or just calories?
urgent pain question (in my stomach)?
So what exactly does rest mean?
can i get an arch on my feet again if i start wearing shoes with arches?
KK soo when ever i seee a spider i start frekinggg out like i meean shaking and almost to a point to to.. cry?
Why is everyone so confident in doctors?
i only seem to have fleas in my bed, i have no carpet, i've washed everything in hot water, but doesn't work,
This is gonna be hard to ask but.. what do you think this little grey bubble-like thing is on my leg?
How do you get RID of lice nits?
Can e-coli be harful if you had it for awhile?
Should i try smoking weed?
I got mega mosquito bites on the weekend mostly on my calves and ankles. The itching is driving me insane?
how does soap clean your body?
God, so many things to do!?
Can you get a virus or anything if...?
What makes you feel like this: ☺?
How do you make yourself throw-up?
why do people shiver sometimes when they finished peeing?
Why do purple small like bruises keep appearing on arms ,legs out of nowhere?
cut or wound am i going be ok?
Does urine cure athletes foot?
Does anyone know what this malefunction is of humains?
...Pneumonia question?
I'm having chest pain,any ideas?
Do you think one day we will have a device on the wall that tells us what we should eat?
I got an annoying ringing like noise... last night?
do I have indigestion? feels like something is stuck in my throat?
How much bleeding is normal from a surgery drainage site?
I feel like my left eye is strained. I get a throbbing pain in it. Should I stay away from the computer?
can someone please tell me what a Colonic Irrigationist is ?
Could there be health risks playing a wind instrument with too much pressure?
How much should this medical situation cost?
what is the source of drinking water in Toronto, Canada and how is it treated?
Have you tried LASIK eye surgery?
Do you use hand sanitizers? How do they exactly work anyway?
I have some corningwares that I suspect the paint could contain lead due to their cheaper prices. How do I ?
Why and how does the consumption of sugar cause head pain?
Is this normal when stretching ears ?
Is it safe to vaporize ozonated water?
Random muscle twitching?
Please, what is a Hernia?
Does the regular intake of mineral water decrease levels of calcium?
My skin feels numb...Why is this?
Can i give Buckleys (kids) and Tylenol (cough & cold) at the same time to my son? Within an 1 1/2 apart?
Do you beleive that there could be a chip when you get vaccinated ?
I believe that my partner has borderline personality disorder.I can cope with almost evrything but?
what to do when you are careing for a vuluerable adult from harm and abuse?
Does anyone else with severe depression seem to be dreaming more than normal and for longer?
What causes people with Schizophrenia to look strange?
is "dementia" the same as "mental degeneration"?
random awakenings?
Why do people keep going on diets when they are fat when a working holiday in Africa will make you slim?
why i feel like i'm not wanted and useless?
is it bad to eat raw eggs?when u make cake with eggs i like eating it before cooking it!?
Please help me.?
does dymatize xpand cause hair loss?
After I take a heavy metal detoxifier?
Will I grow up to be taller than my sister?
i think my fingers are fat./...?
i have a dilemma. it involves prescription drugs. can you help?
whats the deal with lead paint, is this a huge hazard for me?
what happens to you if you do not get enough air in your Lymph nodes?
how to clean your colon?
What is the mechanic of action of an oven in microbiology?
What low level of Vitamin B12 would be considered deficiency anemia?
When you have to use the bathroom, how long do you hold it in 'till you're bladder bursts?
Why when you yawn, your eyes get watery?
What should i do today? I really need exercise?
Water Question - How much is too much?
Can manual labour for 7+ years cause arthritis in the hands and fingers?
I need help sleeping?
Is a horse suppose to bleed when she is in heat?
What Could Be In Marijuana That Would Make Tongue Blue?
what treatment/medication is there for incomplete bladder emptying?
Whats wrong with my lungs?
i need my conjestion to be gone by tomorrow!!!?
If you already have Alzheimer's, does drinking coffee do anything?
Is staph aureus at all treatable? even with the strongest dose of medicine if that don't work is there any?
my ulcerative colitis is flaring up and i am getting a cold?
what would urine from someone suffering from acute glomerulonephrits test positive or negative for:?
Could there be more to my depression like another disorder of some short?
maroon stools for 3 days and new unset dizziness his skin is rather pale?
I feel like my tummy is always full of air that makes me so uncomfortable,do you know any remedy for this?
Meth versus Heroin. What are your thoughts?
cant tolerate gluten.whats the name of this medical condition?
recurrent sinus infections?
Is there anyone out there who is or knows a survivor from burst cerebral aneurysms?
what happen to white blood cells when there is an infection?
My neck always seems to get swollen 3-4 days out of the week, my thyroid?
why is it people with mental health problems are allowed 2 walk the streets when they r a danger 2 the public?
Is anyone here taking Fluoxetine????? Does it make you feel tired?????
Is it possible and/or ethical for male with mental health problems to find a partner?
can anyone tell me how they deal with their highs and lows of bi polar ive never heard a success story yet.?
uk mental health helpline?
how to increase memory and concentration in studies?
sorry...how can u raise your own self esteem? any ideas?
Hallucinating things that are not there ?
medical tests for seniors?
Anyone have BPPV - dizziness disorder?
Can you Mix Valium with Zopiclone.?
Itchy Throat!!?
what should i do?!!?!!?
is this ear infection?
could they find thc in blood or urine test even though there not looking for it ?
Am i sick..im having trouble going ______ and havent felt myself?
Can somebody recommend a good family doctor in Hamilton/Stoney Creek (Ontario) near Eastgate Square?
Any idea why my foot is going numb?
why is the base of my nose and top of my lips numb?its only started recently and it comes and goes through day
How Well Do Earplugs Work?
Just had a sigmoidoscopy. Having extreme gas pains. Is this normal? Any suggestions???
What are some factors to consider when seeking long-term care for victims of dementia?
Does nicotine show up in your urine if you chew nicorette?
Does anyone take Amitriptyline?
Has anyone had a positive experience with varicose / spider veins going away after pregnancy?
Checking the nerve to see if mentally incapacitated people are still alive?
Need address for Elizabeth LaFrance - was at Picton, Ontario, near Belleville, On?
Really nervous right now, possible blood clot?
Blood clot in my arm please help?!?
Hi I have a girlfied here from america who is having troubles with a wisdomtooth/moulder whats the best route?
exercise for someone who had a prolapsed disc, advice please?
i had an operation to remove a callus from the bottom of my right foot?
Feeling quite down, what to do?
I feel like ive got something constantly stuck in my throat what might be wrong?
What are some good remedy's for zits?
infected big toe/alot of pain?
Do side effects for Venlafaxine go away?
Hiccups for 5 months ?
Back hurts from years of carrying my backpack to and from school. What to do?
Does anyone know of a Website that allows you to look up the safety of mixing medications?
Am I nauseous?
Why do marshmallows make my stomach feel sick?
Can i drink while on this medication, and help with my infection!?
Why do I have a clubbed thumb?
why is marijuana ilegal. and more people should do crystal meth?
I have gas .. how can I get rid of it?
How to get rid of painful gas?
How Can I help the government with it's war on drugs?
IS it bad for you when people...?
Please help, I've got a question about smoking.?
Why is constipation so bad?
Do blood tests find things you weren't looking for?
I really need help sleeping?
HELP! i'm scared im going to start choking again.?
I smoked marijuana 8 mths ago. I had a hair test done a few days ago. Will that show?
new contact lenses?
cold or allergys??? PLEASE?!?
Are you embarassed to POO in a public bathroom?
How do I get rid of foot blisters,and how are they caused.?
Varicose veins questions/concerns?
Is smoking mango flavoured sheesha bad for you?
I lost my health card but i need my health card number now? Where can i find it?
Information on physician employment?
lately my body has been feeling really weird.. could it be from the sudden changes in weather?
I keep getting random twitches all over my body, what's going on?
Unlce Passed Away, Can't Sleep! Help!?
What are the differences between under arm crutches and forehand crutches?
Buzzing noise on the left side of head?
Is there an average cost for health insurance premiums in the US? I just want to know how much it costs?
Sleep Pattern?
Throbbing throughout my body?
trying to find vasocon eye drops on the web?
do people that get gastric bypas actually have bad breath for life?
Minimum school required to be under parents health insurance?
who created the MS Society website?
Lump inside of knee?? any sugestions what it is?
is it true that if you eat a little bit of yoghurt, then your canker sores will heal?
Can you get the DPT vaccine without a needle?
Infected throat and exam just around the corner.?
something wrong under my eye?
Why are people increasingly feeling alienation and depression?
what important role does the epiglottis serve?
Need help getting rid of Eczema?
when on a routin doctors apointment?
What happend to me??
How do I remove acne scarring without surgery?
Please give me all the materials that are sterilized in the autoclave.?
Is it bad to stay up late even if?
Do people with amnesia still know how to ride a bicycle?
Please help with uncontrollable shivering!!?
How to treat mosquito bite?
Is it just me or is Yahoo!answers being spammed by Colon cleansing "ads"?
Why am I get this stomach pain ?
please read this if you know about medicine.....?
Do suicidal people always cut themselves?
What's the difference between swine flu and regular everyday flu?
What is involved in a bone marrow test to see if you are a match for someone?
I worry about everything, I am down in the dumps most days and get very short tempered. What could be wrong?
HICKUPS! please help?
What is the best things to do/take when you have cold?
What are some ways on having somebody crack your back?
how can i get a better vision?
When your stomach growls, does it always mean you are hungry?
How many...?
when first staring to smoke, how long will it be till i dont cough, when smoking?
Where can I buy a home testing PT-INR meter in Canada?
Would this help?
ever senice i was drooling in my sleep...?
I'm extremely tired and only got a couple hours sleep last night. What should I do? :)?
Random heart rate increases?
Anyone else have site reaction from Morphine Shot?
Much like Muchos I have chills when I go to bed. My skin is cold to the touch no matter time in bed.?
Sickness due to changes in air pressure?
Fatigue... can it be indicating a vitamin or mineral deficiency?
when I eat bread, no matter how good I chew it, it will always get stuck in my esophogas. Why is this?
Is this a good thing, about health?
I have severe abdominal cramping. I had a fever last night too. Fever broke but still have the stomach pain.?
candle oil spilled on skin?
any one knows bout eye fluid?
Has anyone using Champix experienced stomach problems?
My hands and feet are boiling hot (FEVERISH)???
I pinched out something from my skin?
Post tonsillectomy scabs?
Why is this?........?
Nauseous After Waking up? Not Pregnant!?
Are there health risks to exercising on no sleep?
What would an eye twitch and pain with the slightest amount of pressure be?
Keep gettin headaches at the front of my head,do you know whats causing it?
Hit my head today and horrible headache?
repetative strain from work how can i help the pain?
soccer tackle caused knee ligament problems..help!?
What are the treatments to Tuberculosis? Please describe in detail, as much as you know! Thank you all!?
What causes long term kidney (?) pain?
How many years does it take for getting a permission of doctor?
Buy enema in Toronto?
My toe locks and there is a constant feeling of it about to lock?
Quitting Lorazepam ?
How long will it take a CAT 1 avaition medical to be mailed to me?
i would like to get a psychologist that excepts a goverment health insurance plan for natives?
Computer Headaches?
How can I have a private conversation with my father's doctor in Alberta?
Why won't my body digest food?
My doctor gave me a vitamin A creme for my acne. When I use it it really peels off my skin...read on please?
where could i buy hermetic anti-mite pillow cover and for mattress in Montreal?
Where can i find a really comprehensive list of services covered by OHIP? Govt website is far too general!?
What exactly is post nasal drip.. is there a pre nasal drip?
How long to ween off of 37.5 mg effexor xr
Has anyone had a VNG and what is it like ?
differentiate active vs inactive disease?
Do I have an allergy? Sinus allergy?
Spider veins???
when do i give my toddler decongestant to avoid ear infection on a plane ride?
What is your opinion about the uses and misuses of psychoactive drugs?
What kind of attitude does a Family Doctor and Opthamologist need?
Has anyone tried Hydrasense?
What is the proscribed waiting time for a bone scan test in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada?
Tylenol upsets my stomach?
I think I had a panic attack?
do humans have a few big tast buds on the side of the toung in the back. pls let me no. thanks.?
I get bad panic attacks seemingly daily - how can I stop this?
why is it that when we wake up we get "gunk" in our eyes?
what's happening to me? ?
my brother oversprayed AXE-help!!!?
Calm me down !!! :(??!?
would an allergic reaction to 2.5 mg of oxycodone be dangerous?
what is good for pain when it is inside your leg?
When donating blood - what types of diseases do they check you for to make sure your blood is ok?
Apparently I'm faking sick!?
i would like to know if i will still grow taller, and what foods should i eat, that might affect my hieght ?
I inhaled some smoke from plastic. Should I go to the ER?
I dream all night long and never get any real rest...?
Has anyone ever overcome insomnia?
how to make you shower refreshing??
I can't stop moving my fingers.?
please help!! any answers help!!! ten points for best answer!?
My ear is plugged up from ear drops?
Is there something wrong with me?
Does the H1N1 Vaccine really hurt?
how did your kidney infection feel?
Research Purposes: Cocaine and pregnancy. Any personal experiences? What are the most comon outcomes?
Is it true that Crestor is more dangerous than lipitor both statin drugs?
I lost my voice completely this past weekend.?
Is it an early sign of autism if a 19 month-old baby moving constantly, and having difficutly sitting still?
is anyone familiar with the drug avonex ? it is a treatment for m.s. what are the side effects?
Eczema Problem and need opinion
my fingers swell on cold days but do not hurt terribly?
Universal Health Care?
is there anywhere in alberta, canada to have a gastric bypass, and if so where?
Will benzodiazepines show up in a routine blood test?
I'm looking for opinions on the proanorexia web sites.?
why do my lips swell when i sleep?
is there something wrong with me?
Dr or naturalpath to fill out medical marijuanna forms in the Halton or surrounding areas?
Moving to AB fr. T.O. Need info on AB health card. Should we apply for it now while still in Toronto? TY?
lighting "tobacco" pipe, alternative to lighter?
Two Question, Ingrown Toenail and Burping Taste like eggs?
is it ok to take neocitran at night to fall asleep, even when you arent sick?
Can i add my parents to my health insurance? I have blue cross blue shield of nj?
Can you recommend a good family physician in Calgary?
are these okay to mix together ?
I have a sore mouth. It feels like I drank something too hot, though I didn't.?
what can you do to prevent cold in the winters in Canada?
Very ill still Starting from June 2008?
Weak Knees? What is this?
Why are my hands/fingers and toes swollen?
i am getting these werid thing in feet HELP?
i have been gettin a slight pain down the right hand side of my abdomen its not that sore?
My boyfriend lies and when he get upset he cuts hisself?
Talking about the sauce, cont.?
How does one improve memory ?
Is there a an alternative drug to Imipramine to help deal with anxiety and depression ?
My friend can't take my advice,he is over working & iam afriad that might affect him. Help me to advice him?
Anyone ever taken cipralex and if so, what did you think?
Was anyone insanely addicted to the words " Thinking about"?
therapeutic intervention?
Lately I've been countind 1-2-3-4 to the beat of the music, and, I seem to be timing with others timing,?
How can I stop my anxiety affecting my appetite?
Is it possible that some people aren't able to meditate?
I think my friend has bulemia, what can i do or say to help her? Should I just leave her to it?
Haven't been satisfied, and i'm relapsing into anorexia again.?
Ankylosing Spondylitis vs Osteoarthritis?
Weather related migraine?
How long can a person live with...?
fainting!! any ideas?
do fibroid tumors bleed or have a leakage?
What does it mean when your right hand is significantly weaker then your left?
Swollen eyes?
Do they check for Scurvy in annual checkups?
Can drinking a teaspoon of cooking oil eventually kill you?
Can someone tell me the best Pill to suppress appetite?
Why are you still awake?
On my medical certificate it says I have B positive negative blood type what does this mean?
I stopped smoking two months ago and I still cough up sputum sometimes in the morning. When does it stop?
How to make myself feel high in fall and winter ?
How do I treat my infected Tragus piercing?
My Grampa's sick... what could it be?
Random itchyness!! Help?
what should i do help?
Personal Health: PLEASE HELP ME!!!?
trouble focusing????
How do you treat an ingrown toe nail?
what should you avoid eating when you have gallstones?
Can people be addicted to aspartame?
Can contact lenses come out while you're sleeping?
is olive oil harmful for women to use for lube?
Acne....Help! PLease and Thanks?
Bump on lip that won't go away?
what profession takes 2 years in college and does holter monitoring thing?
Do I have Sleep deprivation?
How do I locate which Naturopathic Doctors in BC carry 'Similase' and 'Zypan'?
How can I fall asleep faster?
Need Tips to weight loss? could it be medical steroids holding me back?
Little Robin?
Someone yelled really loud into my right ear at around lunch. And it hasnt stopped ringing since.?
Restasis is too expensive. I have no insurance. Any advice on maybe getting it from Thailand or elsewhere?
What are the effects of a holiday fast food binge such as this?
How much does a retail pharmacist make in Alberta?
How to find a family doctor in Toronto?
Is it too early to have another blood test?
I live in Canada, do any other Canadians out there know where I can find prescription med's online???
I have a stye on my right eye and, i been putting a warm compress on it. It also hurts to blink and move my ey?
Are these cold chills?
Knee spasiums?
can you get more stiff and sore a few days after a gallbladder surgerie?
Coccyx/tailbone MRI, do you have any information on this?
My cold has turned into a terrible cough! What can I do to stop it in it's tracks?
lemon to treat acne scars?
I've been dealing with a lump in my neck.. What is it?
how does one decide the difference between stress and menopause?
Can you gain weight over night?
I got my cartilage pierced under a week ago?
I just took a stool softener for the first time, how long will it take for it to kick in...URGENT!!!!!!!?
Throat Problem ? help?
39 weeks pregnant with a ruptured ear drum?
How can I cure/cover up my cold?
Trichotillomania Questions....?
Pls help! I hv ds kind of severe chest pain w hapns mostli at nyt.what cld b da cause n hw do i resolv it?
A poem. what do you think? No abuse please?
what the .......?
What causes depression?
Whats wrong with me?
i want to stop crossdressing, what can I do?
what could i do if i felt there was a conspiracy to stop me emigrating from the uk to canada or australia?
How much does it cost to put someone in a mental home?
road trip!?
If I think about suicide n death alot does this mean I hate my life?
mental illnesses ???????????????
hard to breath :( help!?
My blood test results - Bilirubin and G6PD?
How hard is it to eat if you have PKU?
Is there Medication available to help alleviate Choreia due to Huntington's disease?
How to cure socially-crippling anxiety attacks?
Extremely dry mouth, especially while sleeping?
health insurance coverage question ?
Best Home remedies That actually WORK?
can you quit smoking cigs by smoking weed instead?
Medical malpractice?
Why are my feet always so cold and numb?
Stool stuck in my acute abdomen? It won't go away.?
Started Shivering randomly?
Not feeling good at all. What are your thoughts on this ?
Is the Healthcare going to pass?
HELP!!!??tired all the time?
Dizzy from computer ?
Who are often effected by alcohol?
wat kind of internet buisnesses r out ther which is the best?
why is ciprofloxacin contraindicated to patients 18 years of age and below?
How do you become an X Ray technician in Montreal?
Why when your Doctor sends you to get blood work in NB?
How serious is this to one's body?
how long does it take for disintegrating stitches to go away?
Using filter for drinking tap water?
How do labs discard the blood after the blood been tested?
I have a ridiculous fear about general anesethesia?
Wart problem?
What's wrong with my daughter?
Cause and size of canker sores?
Ecstasy ??(drug) . . . . ?
Why is it when you are full of pee you....?
Will a drug test come positive if..?
Ideas for Organ Donor Awareness?
Where is the best place to get addictions counselling in Canada?
what do i do?
I need to relocate for my job, but I will miss my girlfriend and dog. What should I do?
Can a doctor tell the receptionist personal medical information?
Why am I so sleepy.........?
How to stay awake at school and at work.?
What's the minimum age to become an organ donor in Canada?
How much do you have to eat when an antibiotic is to be taken on a full stomach?
how long does weed stay in your system?
Circulatory System and Cardiovacular System??
am i sick or weak i feel dizzy?
can you get throat cancer at 16?
How Long Lung cancer patient can survive?
Will the weight/appetite gain of marinol last?
Can forms of scoliosis cause gastric problems?
Does anyone know what causes your eyelids to twitch constantly?
Having random scary symptoms?
What to eat if I have kidney stones and IBS?
Why exactly do people develop eating disorders?
I have Dissociative Disorder, can my Doctor lock me up for not taking meds?
Why am I so gassy & bloated?
A friend of mine suffers from trichotillomania! She has had this problem since she was 12 and she is now 22.?
How to cure a high fever..?
How am I going to fall asleep earlier?
Does anyone use Jamieson or Centrum mutivitamins? Are they any good or just a wast of money and do they work?
....Constant Headachessss.?
How long does it take for Tums or Rolaids to work and how long should they work for?
My Left ear is plugged, this is the second time?
How do I get a physical exam in canada?
Thirsty before bed. ?
what is community health nursing in the philippines?
Can you help my sore, runny nose?
where can I buy disposable 5cc syringe in Toronto?
Can OHIP cover lap band surgery? (Ontario)?
Something on my leg... what do you think it is?
Nose Infection?
Sleep problems... What is causing this!!?
I know that tanning in general is not good for you but what,s safer,indoor tanning or out door??
What do the colours of stool have to do with health?
My left leg feels like it shorter than the other?
How can I take really good care of myself?
how can I treat my swollen tear duct?
What is this pain on my ribs?
Pain in knees and feet, hard to pick up my baby, any help?
whats causing my headache!?
does anyone have any tips or advice on how to overcome social anziety?
my boyfriend has just been told he has bipolar affective disorder. what do i do we been together for 7 years?
Antibiotics and Piercing?
puppic hair question..............
What do you honestly think about this???
do you dream when you are in a coma?
can you snort methadone?
how can i overcome my OCD?
why do i have white stuff sticking out of my tonsils?
What do you think this could possibly be ?
whenever i get cut i bleed for a long time before it stops, is this a condition?
Can an infected ear piercing cause swollen lymph nodes?
I think i may have insomnia?
PIease ! need help!?
why am I getting really painful acne all of a sudden?
Is there anyone here here that has M.S.?
what besides cancer can be found in a lung biopsy?
What is the function of the Pharynx?
Any body experience or is/has been on Methadone? Give me your insights, Thanx.?
How do I stop my hair from falling out?
Anyone have really odd sleep schedule or not get much sleep due to job/school? What could happen?
Why am I vomiting after lightly jogging a very short distance?
Please diagnose me!!?
help! Don't know why but I constantly feel like...?
Please answer I really need help!?
Canadian Medical Websites?
Absorbing pills through skin? Can it work? PLEASE HELP I AM FREAKING OUT?
Are there any Doctors accepting new patients in Mission, B.C.?
Do you know why LAKERIDGE HEALTH CORPORATION changed their motto from PATIENTS FIRST to?
Is it okay to drip a small amount of contact solution directly into my eyes with them in?
Is anyone taking Propranolol?..Please help?
A beef about the waiting time at medical centers?
How many canadians would trade their national health care plan for an American health insurance policey or HMO
can any doctors or nurse's help me?
I have a science test tomorrow...?
I can't fall asleep?it takes me 2-3 hours to fall asleep?
Apparently i have smokers cough but i don't smoke :s Help?
What's wrong with my shoulder? I fell on it....?
Medication Lyrica ....how did it affect you?
How can i stop moving in my sleep?
Sleeping problems..?
I have a problem with my sleeping & biological clock?