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Is it true that Drinking orange or orange juices will help or prevent soreness? After or before Running.?
did I eat enough today?
How is coffee decaffeinated?
How is Acai Berry Supreme suppose to work?
What is your current exercise program?
How can my friend burn off 1420 calories that she just ate?
How do I lose at least 20-30 pounds within 3 months?
When I run for 20 minutes on a treadmill, i burn 200 calories but on an elliptical, i end up burning 300.why?
girl- 6 pack abs?
What would cause severe pain.....?
How can I avoid...?
How old were you when you got your first cavity? Or....?
My company does not provide dental insurance. Anyone know of private group dental? Not those fake plans.?
Is it best to use mouth wash before or after you brush?
How long should a dental anesthetic last?
i need help about chlamydia?
i have a scab about the size of a quarter and it keeps spewing puss and i lose the skin of the scab evryday!!!?
Swollen ankles from mosquito bite.?
I would like to make Gift Baskets for people in the Hospital?
What effect could this have on me?
Over dose of generic medicine for allergies (pollen).?
What do you do when you have runny nose for 3 months?
Is there a non-prescription pill that works like Allegra? Can't take Clariton?
What is your opinion on whether the US should be expected to pay so much to help fight AIDS in Africa?
Does anyone know if they are working on a vaccine for the swine flu for next flu season?
Is swine flu going to be bad in school this year?
How does someone contract autoimmune disease?
Will a bandanna around my face protect me from swine flu?
Why would anyone worry about the swine flu when the biggest killer is the seasonal flu.?
Has anyone here been trying Hemp oil?
Natural bug repellent?
Will alternative medicine advocates every stop killing people?
How do you get high off of Mucinex DM?
how does distant healing reiki work?how do you send someone positive energy?
What natural remedy works for restless leg syndrome?
Would you?................?
what excersize you can do in your bedroom burns the most calories?
What is the best way to do Sit Ups with or without support for your feet?
Healthy (and fast) dieting? Please answer.?
is it dirty to wear the same underwear after showering?
How can I lose 10 to 15 pounds in 1 month?
if the parathyroid glands are removed along the thyroid during surgery, can death occur?
can you please tell me if there's anything wrong with my blood count?
My nose gets really stuffed up when its humid and hot. Does anyone else have this? It is not allergies.?
please help me... pnuemonia.?
when hacking up flem ,do to cold, does it come from your lungs or you're stomach?
my husband is passed out (drunk) and i just noticed he has an allergic rash all over.?
My Allergies Interfere With My Sleep.?
An allergic reaction to deodorant?
How can I beat stress from school work?
How do u go by asking your dr for certain muscle relaxer or pain meds without being labled a substance abuser?
I'm getting my tongue pierced in one week. I have a high tolerance for pain. Will it hurt ?
can i make my adderall xr realese like regular adderall.?
What in the world is this?
Help? It really hurts? Doctors/nurses?
Can Shilintong help shrink kidney stones?Do you know what is Shilintong?
Does any doctor check out these answers before they are deemed to be the correct ones or the best ones?
What's the best mood stabilizer / relaxer that you've tried?
my friend showed me this stuff that looks like tar...?
i have constipation any home made remedy?
Is staphysagria safe for a 2 year old?
English native speakers, what do you call this; thanx?
tounge piercing with braces, good idea or bad?
Braces = Worries!!!?
Has anyone ever used a Waterpik for their teeth??
How do u know if u have AIDS?
pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma - what is going on?
how do you deal with post nasal drip?
I am extremely allergic to all sorts of pollens chemicals even the sun and have been going to doctors for?
how many days from refill date can i get my meds refilled?thanks dave?
Is It true that they think there will be a cure 4 HIV in the next couple of years??
How can I lose 100 pounds in one year?
What is the FASTEST Way to getting bigger legs ?
Chubby Cheeks?
How can I be healthier ????
What's your motivation for working out?
I need to Lose roughly 100 lbs. Any suggestions?
Has anyone had success with acupuncture for allergies/asthma?
Athlete's foot?
Naturopathy VS Homeopathy..please help me!
Sister has a bad stomach ache....help?
What do you think about this chiropractic doctor talking about the thyroid?
who can tell me where i can get my hands on some juice, in VA?
Are there any home remedies for a cold?
What Are men "crabs"?
Crazy question put on the radio? What do u think?
Did a piece of my tooth fell off?
Bulky or slim?DESPERATE HELP!?
Why Are Eggs Suddenly Making Me Sick?
help me i am sooooooo sick?
Could an allergic reaction to a certain food cause rapid heartbeat or a spike in blood pressure?
Sinus pressure (sinusitis) puffy eyes EYEBRIGHT, NETTLE OR Echinacea?
What are some sighs that u r going to get your period?
Do I have liver damage?
What is an RNA virus and how does it work?
A question to the mask wearers who are scared of the Swine flu.?
Am I at risk for contracting the Swine Flu?
Do you have the Swine Flu..?
Into which biochemical category is the hormone insulin classified?
do allergies raise glucose levels in type 1 diabetics? Similar to what happens during illnesses?
How can I do more push-ups? I can do 40 consecutively but need to do 50, any tips?
Has the ab lounge worked for anyone? I got one for free and didnt use it yet?
How many calories does a 130 lbs woman burn each day when not having much physical activity?
I need strength! I'm 110 pounds & 5'5 but...?
How long would you think it would take to lose 53 lbs?
Is it possible to lose weight when you sleep?
What's a really, REALLY good diet?
Does constantly stretching all leg muscles make them slimmer?
Question about smoking?
I smoked for the FIRST time today...?
Is my Pulse Rate Normal?
Is sleep paralysis dangerous?
Sinus and ear problems!?
I need anyone who professions in nasal passages?
headache. please help?
how fast does the first signs of herpes I last before cold sores appears?
How do I help my husband?
recovering from gallbladder surgery?
tongue pierced 3 days ago, sharp pain under tongue?
Very weak, dizzy, pain behind eyes but not quite a headache, blurred vision and fatigue?
Is there any health advantage in drinking orange juice with lots of pulp ?
how long does it take before the symptoms of chlamydia leave. I took antibiotic 2 weeks ago.?
Has anyone had Chlamydia and was possitive for HIV and there MALE?
AIDS was discovered by scientists from Los Angeles in which year?
HELP please!!!!!! all answers appreciated!?
If detected early can HPV be rid?
what is the proper medical name for wide space between two front upper teeth?
For all the people who want to whine about their weight...?
wisdom teeth/jaw pain/ear pain?
Random white stains on teeth?
I need help losing weight?
I have a 7 yr old son who has NOT lost any baby teeth yet, but in his front bottom middle teeth, his adult?
How to keep going?
Does a dental hygenist make good money?
if im feeling sluggish should i exercise or sleep?
I want to put on weight?
how to loose weight quick like the celebs do?
im 21 male, is it safe to weigh 120 at 5'8"?
am i allergic to alcohol?
Does chocolate have gluten in it?
will the stage of allergic reactions to this end when it heals?
unusual bleach allergy?
I Need Help Drain My Ear Got peroxide and water inside and it wont come out can some one please help me!!!?
stepped on toothpick, got it out, dont know what to do!!!?
what does a burn between the thumb and index finger mean?
help i jst got mylesf drunk?
I cut my pinky finger cleaning the floor instant infection swelling and pus?
what do you use to cleanse your system before a drug screening?
what is DE GEORGE syndrome its symptoms & effects in a child as he grows up my two year son is dygnasoed with?
Immunizations, good or bad?
I found a couple blue round pills labeled with an "A~" I think it might be ambien but I'm not sure...
numb toes???
Is it bad to take naps during the day at 23 years old?
Is eating raw chicken really that dangerous?
A few questions about blood donation?
I'm cold all the time :[?
I carve sweets constantly. It is almost like an addiction. I feel tired and weak if I don't eat them.?
Is it usual that "humalin" insulin wont work for me the same as "novolin" insulin did? I seem tired always!?
can diabetecs go on roller coasters?
What are those needle things called that makes people passout or whatever like in those movies?
Oops.. Fat free NOT sugar free!?
Does any out there have fibromyalgia and and have troble getting pain meds?
my lower back hurts.?
My neck and spine and shoulders have been hurting for 2 days straight?
What does it mean when you are caughing up blood and your ribs hurt?
stretch marks?
anyone here weigh 105 pounds?
I've just purchased Green Tea Extract Capsules ?
Fast Ways to Burn Fat?
Can Monistat mess up a pregnancy test and make it positive?
Whats the difference between AIDs, HIVs, and STDs?
How much should a 19 year old boy weigh?
What kind of foods should should bodybuilders NOT eat?
Aspartame in my cereal?
Question about hep b? What does a negative core antibody mean?
Swine flu cure TAMIFLU?
Swine Flu questions-what is the difference?
It took me less then 2 months to L4, barring any OW, do you think I can get to 5 in half that time?
Swine Flu, what is it and how do I prevent myself from getting it?
My tonsils are HUGE?!?
Hiding behind the Swine hype?
Can a stomach ulcer kill you??????????????????
Short-term Prednisone Side Effects?
Sneezing Continuosly Dont knw why !!!!?
Formalin, allergic reaction?
Dental implants cost for all of top teeth?
Lump inside my tongue?
How do you know when your wisdom teeth need to be removed?
Does anyone know of a home remedy for treating pain in the inner-ear/jaw/sinus area?
Can you chew the wrapper of Stride gum?
Diagnose me! Teeth Clenching!?
How do you clean a mouth guard?
Brushing problems...?
Can yeast settle in your ear and cause these problems?
what is the proper dosage of vitamin E daily?
Is it safe to drink expired herbal extract?
what are some good herbal insomnia remedies?
Excercises to get rid of "love handles"?
After working out i feel sick?
Is top ramen bad for you?
is running on the treadmill better or the elliptical machine better?
If u use shoulder bookbags, (not the rolling ones with wheels), will it cause yourself to shrink in height?
MY gosh darn impossible belly fat?
Is squatting without a weight productive?
Any RSD/CRPS Veterans Out There?
is it normal to have soreness around a bellybutton ring?
Sore throat remedy?
My doctor took blood work and my fasting sugar was...?
what happens to insulin if you accidentally freeze it?
my friend is a teacher, has two kids and is married. she is also diabetic. Today for lunch she had cheetos.?
A few main questions about diabetes?
Am I allergic to beer?
my graddaughter is 8 and never burps why is this?
I wanna tone ..im not fast .....just?
Metabolism Booster?
5'8, teenager, and 140 pounds?
what does "M358" mean on the back of a vicodin pill?
what r otc meds for herpes?
Is herpes real? and do crabs really exist? what kinda oil should i put in an 100,000 mile fiat engine?
Does the no carbs diet really work?
If your bulimic, does it make you lose weight fast?
Is it true that if you eat more (healthy food or non healthy) it makes you skinnier and taller?
meal / exerize plan?
how can i lose 30 pounds in 11 weeks?
What is the fastest way to loose weight?
I want to burn 5 pounds a week how many calories should i be burning and eating a day?
What do I do?! I feel terrible...?
7 Year old with constant runny nose?
If your allergic to cats are you allergic to dogs too?
i have a sore throat... hard to swallow. ? any ideas how to cure?
Why my nose is bleeding?
I never get headaches or nosebleeds ever.. and over the last 4 days ive had 2 headacvhes and 2 nosebleeds?
If you have caught syphilis, how long does it take for symptoms to show?
Do State Troopers have to get tested once a monh for STD's and HIV???
What is the fastest way to get over being sick from stress?
is this really true?
Can you die from smoking weed?
Is flax seed safe while breastfeeding?
attention for all those who practice reiki...?
Does anyone enjoy smoking pot anymore?
Are the essential oils I'm using safe?
why my teeth still feel very sore..?
Does it hurt a lot to have your wisdom teeth out?
why do people smack gum?
Swine Flu (?) with sore throat?
Is the HINI Vaccination dangerous?
How is it that the h1n1 flu virus is a combination of several strains?
how do i get rid of a cold sore or fever blister?
i think i have swine flu but i don't know i have it for sure, what should i do?
my husband's sister has the swine flu and started taking tamiflu 3 days ago?
Is this bad?
Pedometers - how do they count steps?
Legs more feminine? HELP!?
Is there a cure for cellulite?
I forget to eat. What should I do?
Help!! how can i loose weight???
I want to have a toned body but I don't have time to go to the gym, what should I do to help stay in shape?
how do i tell my parents i have a curable std?
I know this might sound?
Do "negative" laboratory pregnancy test answers mean I am pregnant????
Please help anxiety attacks are horrible?
please help me! i am 13 and really depressed!?
can an anxiety attack make you faint?
I have a weird obsession?
get rid of my blocked nose in 24 hours?
how to prevent rheumatism?
What natural products ie, herbs,vitamins,minerals can be used to improve once skin and overall complexion?
during the day cold medicine?
Can I take ecanacia to boost my immune system when on thyroxine. I was told one counter acts the other. Emma?
Do you use Homeopathy?Do you like it?
What helps for OBSESSIVE thoughts?
ok, so I have a cold now, and.........?
What is the life expectancy for an adult with CF after having a double lung transplant?
To asthmatics or ppl who have a real knowlage of asthma .?
I have a metallic taste in my mouth, what could that mean?
Fatigue 5 days after wisdom teeth removal normal?
what can u do to get healthly and stay fit over the summer?
Workout regimens?
When should I drink water before running?
Is there a way to enhance my strength easily?
I am looking for excersises for the relief of lower back pain?
what is phenter np?
I am 177 cm and I weigh 11 stones. I'm 22 years. Is that healthy?
How Can i get bigger chest muscles?
im doing a project for school and i need 8 STD deseases....?
What areas of the body can STD’s effect?
natural anesthetic?
Can Chinese Herbs Cure Hair Loss ?
do you know of any websites that you could enter a food and get an alternative choice?
Have you tried massage therapy to alleviate Lupus pain?
Is it recomended to have chiropratic adjustments done 2 days in a row?
Can you give me some good natural therapy sites in U S A?
Whats the best way to store your tooth brush???
which is the best exercise to loose weight?
How to lose weight quick?
how do i lose a few pounds a week?
please help (no rude people please)?
which of the following vitamins would be removed in the production of skim (or fat free) milk?
Whey Protein?
Why do I feel hot and not cold with the flu?
I know I need anti-biotics, plain and simple, how to obtain?
H1 N1 vaccine can cause gillian barre.?
How long does the swine flu virus stay "viable" on objects?
Mexico pig disease spread to Illinois?
swine flu still a problem?
Rash or herpes?
What does it mean when you have AIDS?
Help Please! Red, Puffy, Stinging, Sore Eyes!!?
Bennedryl and fluoxetine interaction leading to hives?
ahhh safe to go to school??? hives? plz answer!?
Did medication help you?
Its Creeping Back, I Know This Feeling. I Wish I Was Dead?
How can I make my point to my parents that i don't want to go to counseling anymore?
Do you a couch potato, a fitness freak or a sport fanatic?
Swimmers body?
What's a good exercise for getting rid of lovehandles?
what is the best stomach mussels exercise at home ?
I eat a lot when i am home alone or bored, and i want to lose weight what can i do?
How fast does the low-carb diet work? How fast do you lose how much weight?
How quickly can you reduce your cholesterol levels?
How much melatonin should be taken to improve sleep quality?
Anybody know how to make Herbal cigarettes of any kind?
what helps keep you regular naturally?
Alternative Medicines; I need a herb or vitamin..........?
cocaine info?
Herbal remedies for ear infections?
What's the best toothpaste and/or mouth wash for healthier, whiter teeth?
What is the difference between sea salt and table salt?
my son has been dignosed with sudo seizures.he's been having 2 or 3 a night is there anything i can do to cont
How do you prevent sore throats?
Stem cell research?
What are the long-term effects of hookah?
Is is safe to make an operation to be a virgin again & if so how could I know doctors who do it in Egypt?
Be honest: How often do you REALLY take a shower?
How to tell if you have a fever without a thermometer?
What are the challenges of being an Occupational Therapist?
What happens to your nails if you swallow them?
Is a virus living or non-living?
Does the HIV virus die in open air?
What about this swine flu thing?
I am 13 and I just found out I have mono help! I have many questions!?
Coughing for months EVERY year?
My mom's having a problem relating 2 cough & cold.Can any1 help?
I am 5'2 165lbs need to loose weight, what worked best for you?
Omega-3 Vitamins, are they all the same?
In terms of weight loss: What excersize routine worked for you?
What are good foods and snacks to eat for potential volleyball players?
benefits of olive oil taken internally?
What's a good natural way to prevent break outs? like herbs or something?
what is Gawdar?
what chemicals are in clay that aid in the healing process?
anything over the counter as good as allegra please my allergies are crazy?
I need something to cleanse my stomach..Any remedies that work?
how to transfer my father to another hospital?
Help?! I've noticed something wrong with my arms and hands and I don't know what it is?
I CANT SLEEP please help?
What can I do about this?
What are the pros/cons of teeth whitener?
does rubbing a mushed strawberry on your teeth actually whiten them?
Do untreated cavities cause root canals?
Upcoming wisdom teeth removal and panic attacks!?
decay tooth that is hurting?
What are Allergy Shots??????????PLEASE??
Any solution to being allergic to dogs?
How do you know if you are allergic to FRUIT?
Is it ok to drink coffee with allergy medications? is it normal to fall asleep after taking them?
does my friend have a small medium or large frame
How long does it normally take for creatine pills to start showin results?
I have thunder-thighs/butt but a small waist. How can I make my thighs/butt smaller by exercising (continued)
belly fat?
What is the best way to stay skinny forever?
8 Minute Abs?
Is coffee bad for you?
lose 15 pounds in a month???
What health risks are involved with Diet Coke?
Bacterial Vaginosis?
fastest way to cure sinus problems??
What are some natural ways to regulate my period?
How to choose bach remedies for myself?
is it healthy to take 1500 mg of lysine a day during a cold sore?
what do people think about centrum multivitamins are they good is anyone taking them what do u think?
How do I keep the HEAT IN my body?
Is it possible to get the H1N1 virus by being exposed to someone who just received the vacine?
Why do insects like misquitos not get infected by dieseases?
I'm off to Mexico do I need to worry about the swine flu?
How can i throw a faster, harder punch?
Losing "love handles" and tightening the stomach?
I need A diet plan wich will provide me with drastic results. Anyone know a good one?
How exactly do dieting pills work?
i was wonderin..?
how can i lose facial fat?
Is it damaging to the body to exercise when there is no food in your system?
could i grow an inch more?
how long does it take to heal after gum surgery?
When will i get rubber bands for my braces?
Do crest white strips really work?
do they test girls at most clubs?
Any other allergy sufferers having a hard time this Spring?
Spit out tough bloody mucus after sneeze!?
Wheat allergy help please!?
Why are my eyes red???????????????
I have a flourde allergy and they're putting it in water?
anyone found out they had herpes and had no signs or symtoms?
Candida overgrowth cause for over weight? Do you have experience?
green tea?
Does the supplement Mannatch cure diseases such as cancer??
Anyone ever heard of Acie berry? Tried it?
himalayan goji juice - fake or real natural anti aging refreshment???
What is the best source for resveratrol pills?
When is it better to exercise - before or after eating?
A Technique for Weight Loss: Been wondering about this for a while...?
what do you think of the bmi 19.9?
What should i do after I come back from a jog?
easiest ten points that you can get!?
How does drinking plenty of water help you lose weight when you are still gaining weight from drinking water?
Does sparkling or carbonated water hydrate the same as flat water?
ever tear up a little whenever you go pee?
how any mg of Clonazepam should i drink to make me sleep?
whats the hormone or gene that helps one with tragic situations, special forces are said to have more of it?
Problems while taking abilify?
I have healing powers?
How can eliminating abbreviations reduce errors?
Can a person change like this?!?!?!?!? HORRIBLE.? ?
Possible pyschological problem?
Forgetfulness at 31 - too early for memory loss? Why can't I remember things?
how do you deal with homework and stress at the same time?
what precautions should health care providers take to prevent contact with HIV infected blood?
What should i do if my neighbor has herpes and is 8 years old and plays with little kids?Can she contage them?
Sometimes My Gums Bleed When I Brush My Teeth...?
Where can I buy Oral B Gingivitis Mouthwash here in California? I recently went to Mexico and bought one there?
Are braces sore all the time?
Teeth Whitening??????
Dog lover looking for pet allergy cure?
Why are my eyes always red?
Tired, but can't fall asleep?
What are the people who take your blood at hospitals called?
I have to go to the orthodonist during school hours and i don't want to smell like smoke!?
posted this before,but..?
Have you ever quit smoking, if so how did you do it?
Should I join track?
How to gain weight ?
whats a workout and exercise diets?
For a girl that is 5'7" what weight would be considered: 1) skinny, 2) thin, 3) plump, 4) heavy, and 5) FAT?
What does it mean to have o positive blood?
What foods should I avoid eating to avoid coldsore outbreaks?
Sick Againnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Why was H1N1 called "Swine flu" in the beginning?
I have the stomach flu and I'm SO HUNGRY. Can I eat anything?
group b strep???????
In which year we can expect the vaccine available for HSV-2 for the healthy women not having the HSV-2 ?
how do u contract herpes?
Chiropractic Care....?
Has any one heard of?
how long does withdrawal from suboxone last for?
how do you make magnesium oil?
colon cleansing crystals?
How does apple cider vinegar, which is acidic, help with acid reflux?
Natural remedies for headaches?
what is the most suceeded weight loss tip?
Back fat....How can I get rid of it?
Im 15 years old and i need help putting some muscle on my upper body?
help! I quit smoking and Ive gained 10 lbs!?
Who loves their body?
What is a good way to lose weight while not playing a sport at the moment?
i am losing weight that i dont need to lose. i was at 84 pds and i have dropped to 75 in less then a month?
Does working out in the gym stop growth spurts?
I just got my wisdom teeth pulled and I hugged my dentist and told him I loved him and Socrates..?
Is your tooth/gum/jawbone suppose to hurt after a root canal has been done and before a crown has been placed?
Are you really grossed out by silver fillings?
Invisalign?!? Braces til 12th grade.?
Are you supposed to floss a temporary dental bridge?
Do I need braces????? (Pics)!?
The Right Allergy medicine?
skin rash possibly from dust?
my young son is allergic to the sun?
are these symptoms of an allergic reaction?
i have really bad seasonal allergies?
Can you help me out? Symptoms are....?
Are we accidently "creating" new super diseases/viruses by finding cures for current ones?
Is the swine flu THAT serious?
Can Anybody Write A Poem About The Swine Flu ? :)?
Do you think the swine flu can cause the final end?
How Do I know I have Swine Flu?
should i stop smoking?
nicotine patch??
blood colts that reach lungs, what happens?
Tinnitus- are there any natural/holistic ways of treating it?
I want to try hypnosis to help me with my self esteem but can't afford to pay. Are there any free sites?
alternatives to blood pressure meds?
is regular salt as good as epsom salt?
melatonin and alcohol?
What is the risks of Paxil?
can i eat grapefruit and take lisinopril?
Can I have coffee before going for blood work?
will i lose weight if i eat nothing but cereal drink and fruits?
why isent my diet working?
vinegar and nutrition/weight loss?
Can my loose skin shrink back to normal? I'm 16?
is pickle juice a weight loss myth?
secretive eating??!?!?
What can I do with my red nose?
please answer my question very important to me?
How do I cure my loose tooth?
I once read you mouth can say alot about your health do you agree?
Please Please HELP my tooth hurts a LOT! :'[?
Help i Grind my teeth at night and dont know why!?
Baking soda to whiten teeth?
Is it possible to train yourself to sleep 3 hours a night permentantly?
Can i eat before having conscious sedation?
How can I sleep on my back ? ?
help! about contact lenses?
What should I take? Please answer!?
What just happened to me?
Question about pelvic exam and stds?
Does massage purge water retained in the tissues?
My doctor tells me to limit my intake of pureed foods to control uric acid. What kind of foods are they ?
should medical marijuana be legal in every state?
Memory Supplements?
For your new years resolution: How many pounds do you want to lose?
what is the best way to loose fat?
EMERGENCY! please help?
Question about working out?
Is working out during puberty affect it?
An easy workout routine that burns calories fast/well to do at home?
the truth about diet pills?
Can I give my 1 year son loratadine the small dosage is for 2 up can i give him half of a tsp?
How much zyrtec Can i take?
question about 3 tr old and her meter test?
What is Diabetes Type IV???
will alpha lipoic acid help with weight loss?
Can septic abortion precipitate diabetic ketoacidosis ?
hypoglycemics and insulin pumps?
Why won't the lab techs check your blood sugar when you tell them it is bottoming out instead of waiting....
Do Orthodontists exist in the UK?
Is there a possibility that HIV would become water-borne or air-borne?
Can You catch aids from drinking after someone?
How many days can Brian Go without showering?
does anyone have anything positive to say about vacinations?
What is the fastest growing group contracting AIDS at this time?
Swine Flu, is it ok to eat mexican produce?
How long does Conjunctivitis bacteria last on surfaces?
Natural hayfever remedies?
what can I do???????
natural supplements in weight loss?
Cannot sleep for a week, HELP with tramadol problem?
Mixing psychedelic mushrooms with cannabis?
what is a good herbal cleanser?
Best medicine for a sore throat?
is it a miracle that im alive?
are there any benefits to waking up early around 6 am?
Whats the worst thing that could happen when you do not sleep?
How can I wake myself up?
Should I take up smoking again?
Facial twitch in my left cheek and eye lid.?
Borderline diabetic....?
Do cornflakes make you gain weight?
Im 13 and I am 5'1 ans im 110 am i fat? how much should i weigh?
Just4weeks diet anyone tried it?
Poll: Which Diet Pill Has Worked Best For You?
Weight loss?
losing weight? 5 pounds?
call me dumb, But what does my thyroid do?
So I have a problem with prom. I have extremely quick bowel movements when I eat at restaurants. What is...?
Can you get high from smoking pinestraw?
Who long a patient can survive with a urine catheter?
Has anyone had issues with taking Ambien?
How to give a good massage?
What difference does it make?
How does a person remain calm on a stressful day at work?
What causes "butterfiles in your stomach"?
why is E.coli used as the sanitary index for potable water?
How do drug users get HIV?
please answer?
Do Cold Sores run anyone else's life-or am I just crazy?
I have Mono, any help?
What color rubber bands should I get for my braces?
Teeth Whitening by Strawberries?
do all retainers have wires across the bottom teeth?
where can i find a dental plan that covers wisdom tooth removal and braces?
Teeth Whitening/Tooth Paste?
anyone know any home remedies to get rid of a runny nose or make it better?
Am I lactose intolerant?
Could taking benedryl allergy make fetal heart rate slower?
what is this? i have watery eyes,runny drippy nose,my face feels bigger than it is?
How is the onset of puberty relate to the endocrine system?
what is the best brain vitamins?
What's your favorite essential oil for energy?
What are the best herbs for fighting colds and why?
Sinus headaches?
Is there scientific proof that acupuncture works?
Anyone know anything about rosewater? (:?
should we drink water immediately after or during exercise. wats da harm or gain?
im in the process of losing weight..i need ideas so that i wont end up with much jiggly skin.lol.
What is the difference in yoga & pilates?
avacadoes effecting weight?
what are some great websites for plus size teens.?
I want to open my own home sleep study business, where do I start?
How long should I wait after taking Vicodin to drive?
If you drink white vinegar?
5'3'', 160 lbs. Read my story and help please!?
how can I lose 10 pounds easily in a month?
Can I lose 30 lbs(mostly on my stomach and sides) by March?
how do you loose weight fast naturally?
Question about Good Carbs and Bad Carbs?
What is the best way to get a six pack fast??? and i'm NOT talking about getting drinks!!!!!!!!!!!!?
does anyone have any ideas on how i can loose a few pounds and not starve myself(highest 20)?
Starving and exercising???
What are good main dish recipes with all these:?
am i sick or is it just allergies?
Any link between these allergies?
Do you think I have a sun allergy?
Is this an HIV risk?
Best way to get rid of hiccups?
Alt. Medicine remedies/cure for Lyme Disease?
what do you all think about this?
Abortion ru-486 pills?
should physicians practice alternative medicine?
webiste on alternative medicine ?
Does sleep apnea train you to breath abnormally while you're awake?
repeated coughing causes emphysema. why this reduce the amount of oxygen that can be absorbed into the blood?
Sometimes I wake up wheezing & short of breath in the middle of the night and don't know why. ?
do i have Pneumonia and how do i get better?
What causes or triggers munchausen syndrome by proxy?
okay what STD has the nick name Tricks?
my arm is beating?
I can't stand loud chewing/breathing/sipping...plz help!?
How did you quit smoking?
Eye twitching???
When will a vaccine for the swine flu become available in the united states?
What happens if I drink urine from a swimming pool?
Will the pig flu go dormant, then mutate to something more lethal and return?
Fever blister help? Anyone have any ideal how to get rid of a fever blister fast?
Understanding how viruses work...?
any ideas???
Is it possible to have a second tongue?
I need help! A lot of help! PLEASE?
Best way to cleanse your body?
how long does it take too burn calories?
diet secrets to lose weight fast?
What is the historical significance of why we eat 3 meals a day? Are there any historical references for this?
how can i lose 20 pounds of body fat?
I need a fast way to lose about 10 pounds. Any ideas?
Special k Diet and loose 35lbs in 2 months ?
i hear that bulimia is a "binging and pking" disorder. i don't binge, but still pk. so, is it really bulimia?
What is tartar? and What can i do to prevent it from building up on my teeth?
allergic reaction to an apple and my tongue is quite swollen. what should i do?
My shih tzu's ear is read and it stinks!?
Ever tried Latavi?
is drinking passiflora without a doctors permission dangerous??
are their any herbal remedies for headaches?
is there an easier way to cure anxiety with out taking presription medicine?
Does anyone know a good homeopathic remedy for heavy period?
how can i open my lung air ways?
I have a sore throat and a cough. Do i have to go to the doctor for antibiotics?
Does strep throat affect asthma?
What happens after you find out you have AIDS?
Losing Weight...concerning stomach and thighs...?
What is the best Prescribed diet medication that works?
Excercise Ball?
eating disorder?
What size do guys consider a women to be fat????
How can i lose weight?
Is it true that chocolate is good for health?
How do you loose weigh around the chin?
Are slurpees bad for you if you're sick with a virus?
Do mosquitoes carry HIV?
Is it okay to eat a girl out with a bladder infection?
Should I be re-tested for HIV?
Should I get tested for Syphilis even though I'm not promiscuous and I don't have symptoms?
how would i know?
itchy throat when drinking milk?
I think I'm allergic to Bismuth Oxychloride in Mineral Make-Up EYES SWOLLEN?
does allergy pils make you sleepy?
What should I do about my red eyes?
What happens if you ingest mouthwash-type products?
Loosing Weight. HELP!?
How do i loose a inch of my stomach?
Fasting! help?
what is better to do?
if i don't eat for 1 month how much will i lose?
WHats da best way of getting a real nice tight *** and nice thighs..i think i got thin thighss ..what do i do?
I'm 14. Is it strange that I'm a boy with a huge booty? And also, I how can I make it huge and jiggly?
I'm a fatty. How much weight do you think I should lose?
Have you ever tried to detox your body through fasting?
Really. Why not take prescription meds?
Good sleeping remedies?
Any good things to help give you energy?
What acne system works best?
Other then Caprylic Acid for leaky gut syndrome...?
link to picture of dime bag?
My sister is having a breast reduction. ?
Clear round tiny blister inside my bottom lip...??
i need hearin aids, i cant get health insurence for 'em, is there any place i can get help?
Does cold weather affect your immune system causing you to be more vulnerable to illnesses?
Bladder Infection?
Im a nursing student. How do I use stethoscope/BP Cuff?
i can't sleep these past few weeks... =(?
Why can some people sleep 14+ hours per day?
Why do i have to?!?!?!?
Can you Urinate too much?
Can i have ibuprofen and coffee? like together?
Good Posture while sleeping?
Quik way to fall asleep?
How do you keep a nose ring from getting infected??
I am wanting to lose 20 lbs by the begining of June?...?
wat do saunas rilly do??
Does milk actually help you lose weight?
Is Popcorn fatttening? If so, what kinds are fattening?
how can i lose crazy weight fast?
How can spinach be good for you when...?
How can I lose about 15 pounds fast, but safely?
Do you tend to eat more after exercising?
if fat people are so sad, why dont they lose the weight?
what is contact liquid?
STD testing?
How do i know if my tooth is a baby tooth or adult tooth?
i need to identify a pill that i found.......?
kelp vs. seaweed?
I need a live in massage therapist!!!?
sea kelp ? whats it used for ?
Effexor and Internal Cleanse, laxatives, milk thistle, etc?????
Can medicine really help you grow? Or are all these pills just rip-offs?
Diabetes...Common symptoms?
How can I lose 10 lbs?
Is there something natural I can do to suppress my appetite?
how long should i walk/run to lose 20 pounds by end of march?
How long before I begin to loose weight with acai burn?
How Can I Lose Twenty to Twenty-Five Pounds By July or August?
What is an EXCELLENT at home Yoga series?
What are some healthy meals a teen can make during summer?
Did PETA go too far? (CNN NEWS)?
I have a friend who just said.........,?
how can i go to sleep early?
I can't sleep?
damp walls what are the effects on your health?
Why do i feel so tired and cant get up early in the morning(just want to sleep?
what are your thoughts on holistic or natural medicine?
Are there any kind of herbs or other ways of curing blackfan diamond anemia?
what is homeo medicine "hypericum 200" most widely used for in females?
which brands are best for bone calcium suplements?
Is it true that alcohol cancels out the benefits of antibiotics?
how do i loose.?
Do Vitamin Supplements make you gain weight?
Weight Loss Plateau???
What is wrong with eating red meat?
would u rather eat healthy and not exercise or exercise and not eat healthy?
Why am I getting larger instead of smaller?!?
Are the Hormones in cheese the same Hormones people put in meat?
what are pounds equal to stones?
what are some stuff i can take to get pumped and hyped?
Back Surgery and Leg Pain/Numbness?
Is there a difference (other than the manufacturer) between Naproxen DR and Naproxen?
Undiagnosed Abdomen Pain For 2 years. What could it be?
stomach pain?
I've had a headache for a week. What should I do?
This may be gross but I just accidently ripped out my pinkie toe nail...?
what is the point of getting your wosdom teeth pulled. like will something BAD happen if u dont?
My tongue piercing is infected and it HURTS BAD! What should I do? PLEASE HELP!?
Does it hurt when the dentist pull your back teeth out with braces on?
When can I smoke once i get my wisdom teeth removed?
How can i prevent damage to my teeth????
i really want to get my tounge pierced but does it leave a mark once you take it out?
best is 10 points PLEASE ANSWER?
Should I take weight control supplements?
Whats the best exercise to do to lose weight fast?
i'm 5'6" and i weigh approx. 190lbs. and i need to loose weight fast what do you reccomend I could do?
what's the best exercise to tighten your lower abs?
does hoodia really make you not want to eat and how much do you take daily?
====Muscle soreness after exercise====?
can antibiotics make you get other infections or problems?
What are these worms?
best herbs for extremely irrationally nervous individual?
can acupuncture cure chronic larnygitis?
does homeopathy helps pcod?
Doctors which is better for you cranberry juice or water?
Has any one heard of using cayanne for heart health?
What are the best vitamins and herbal supplements for building muscles and physical strength?
does any boby know?
can i have aids?
hiv window period for testing?
What is the name of the muscle near the top of our neck that causes a warm sensation?
Does sleeping in the morning differ than when you sleep at night? could it really affect your health?
Is this a bad thing????
If you are in the hospital, can you use a computer?
Are There Any Realistic Heath Concerns If Someone Smokes 2 or 3 Packs of Cigarettes a Year, For A Few Years?
is it better to hire an attorney to apply for social security disability the first time, or try it on your own
How long does marijuana stay in your system? And is it addictive?
I once played a game with an "imaginary friend". When the game was over ... I disappeared!!!?
How do you get rid of bad smelling feet?
Question about my biopsies?
What should I expect on my first apointment with a psychiatrist? Will there be any like physical?
When someone sneezes.....?
good morning! how is your day going?
Why does it help to look at a light source when you want to sneeze?
My old cavity fillings are comming out?
What's a good toothbrush for cleaning braces?
what can i do to get my teeth as white as possible?
white strips anyone?!?
I Have An Abscess Under My Tooth And NO WAY To Pay. Help?
Is it okay to go to dental students if you need a lot of work done?
What will too much caffeine do?
How can I lose weight if I have a huge sweet tooth?
need help losing weight?
who knows a great workout for stomach and thighs?
what would happen if i lose weight too fast?
how to build more muscles ?
Can you contract an STD from using the same toilet?
How did aids begin?
Ulcerative Colitis?
Does aloe vera juice heal all types of digestive issues? (100% aloe vera juice?)?
wat home remedies can i take for a sore throat?
any alternative meds for PCOS?
Tips for working for a chiropractor?
will flaxseed oil give me prostate cancer?
sniffing TYLENOL 3 does what?
what is E. on E.colli Bacteria?
Herpes-can you just have one spot?
has any one used one of those colon cleanser?
Can Kellog corn flakes be consumed by a diabetic person?
Can squats and side twists get rid of love handles?
Is being cheap hereditary?
What's it like in a tanning bed? im going to be going in one for the first time soon!?
Does anbody know how to best treat the scars caused from hot wax burns?
Why is there a canine tooth growing from my upper gum?
Pineapple Juice and Wisdom teeth extractions ...?
is it normal to chew 12 packs of gum a day?
how can I remove plaque from behind my braces?
please give me tips on having teeth with braces?
don't you stop and apriciate the warm room that you sit in right now?
how can you tell if your teeth are baby or grownup?
whats the best way to clean a retainer?
are diet pills healthy?
i left my ipod on the school bus!?
I Just Saw an Ad for the Con "Nutrisystem", Again, Weight Loss is "Easy"?
hard boiled eggs are they good or bad ?
Why do i like to eat so much and how do i stop?
How to lose weight healthily and not be 'jiggly'?
Need to shed some pounds >_> ?
Smoking weed after or during fever, Is it bad?
Natural Mood Enhancers?
Treatment severe lower back pain?
are there any home remedy for high blood pressure?
this may sound like a strange question,but am serious!ever hear of a coffee enema?
what foods can u eat when u have diabetics?
how germy is the common bar of soap? new or old? soap dispensers?
What causes a cleft pallet?
What leads to sudden loss of balance while walking where the legs fail to cordinate well?Advise on solution.?
does grapefruit juice lower or higher your bloodpresure?
why does my bed smell like vinegar if I have really bad night sweats? I often sweat rivers...any idea why?
restless leg syndrome in children?
How to ignore junk Food?
how can i loose weight in my groin with pilates?
tips for losing 13 pounds?
Why are so many people overweight/obese?
how can i lose 32 pounds as soon as possible?
Can anyone survive without the carbohydrate for a whole week?
How to lose 20 lbs before school starts?
how to rid of scars that are old possibly 22 years old?
keratosis pilaris?
Burning pain in esophagus?
How do doctors tell if you have stomach ulcers?.?
What can I do to help the pain in my wrist from Tendinitis?
when ever i get a headache....i get a pain/throbbing in my neck ....?
throat hurts, bad cough?
Leg Cramps?
What pill is this?
Anyone that's ever tried salvia?
Can any one help me here and tell me about capsiplex red-hot pepper slimming pills?
Help finding four herb tea?
I am always tired...any ideas for energy that are natural?
Are Adderall pills vegan?
Why does my friend have so much ear wax?
Do i drink too much water?
Migraine Duration?
Worried about my dad?
I just did 100 jumping jacks. How many calories did I burn?
What kind of foods should i eat to lose weight?
why does drrinking water help you lose weight?
What do you think about the swine flu?
Ball thingy in my throat?
What's the difference between swine flu and a regular flu?
I have a very sore throat? Help?
can u die from food poisining?
What do you do for sinus infections?
Which is more important? Finding a cure for HIV/AIDS or cancer?
Shots of Wheat grass?
How does using candles help remove ear wax?
Can Hydrogen Peroxide Cure Anterosclerosis?
What are some home remedies for acid reflux?
How long should I wait before taking a drug test?
What is Aloe Vera Juice good for?
Can carrots help improve your vision?
where can you buy rose water or rose oil?
my blood sugar level goes on changing every time when i go for blood test... that is once in a week or so?
Positive UA for alcohol caused by diabetes?
diabetes drug,Glimicron, not working for me after taking twice a day. can i take 3x a day?
What is the price of a insulin pump and how do you like it?
If an MRI shows infection in the bone of a foot of a diabetic, can they recover without losing their foot?
I quit smoking then started again?
Do you lose more weight working out at a gym or outside?
am i considered fat or average?
Are any vitamins considered "mood boosting"?
How can I gain more weight?
Do i need to eat more carbs? I feel really weak when running?
Anyone just starting geeting fit for the summer?
Are there any home remedies to cure a Stuffy/ runny nose?
What is the best energy stimulants that are gauranteed to work?
OCD help?
Does just my family do this?
Occasional alcohol permitted on candida diet?? Mixed answers online.?
Natural cures for depression?
Can you overdose on anti-depressants/anti-anxiety pills?
what it means?
just found out i have Mono?
toning exercises for the stomach?
what diet pills actually work!?
how to get rid of chubby cheeks?
how tall is too tall for a girl?
What's a good workout play list?
Whats the easiest thing to do?
If I wanted to become a model, at 5'5 - 5'6,how much would I have to weigh?
bariatric surgery?
Hope someone knows...?
How did people live back in the days before toilet, nor any hygiene tools were invented?
Painful lymph node back of neck, enlarged?
Ever avoided going to the doctor because the billing/insurance paperwork is a BIGGER pain than what hurts?
Why did my blood rh factor change?I have had my blood "typed" several times over the past 30 years.?
Ever have heartburn and it turned out to be something else?
Leg cramps?
oxycodone 80mg ER Tab Endo?
when i get a head ache what can i do to make it stop without meds?
Tooth ache?
Serious Question: Swine Flu & AP Exams?
Why do we only get some diseases only once in our lifetime?
What does my "URINALYSIS" test result means?
can an unborn baby catch chicken pacs?
Stomach Flu?
Why do people in Baltic region have CCR5 deletion that makes them resistant to HIV?
Does each person have a dominant chakra?
have you liked quercetin for inflammation?
Help With My Massage Business Name Please!?
When you drink colon cleanse what are the long rubber band looking things called that come out?
What herbal or natural supplements may I take to help with my Hypoactive Thyroid?
Any Home Remedies For Reducing Stress?
Paul Mckennas "I can make you thin"?
I lost 10lbs in 2 weeks...?
is too much stretching bad for you?
where can i get an over the counter inhaler for asthma?
Can animals have gonorrhea?
Any Myths on this STD?
sleep deprivation... what are some action plans to take to prevent this?
When your arm goes to sleep...?
Hi I am a 23 year old male and I woke in the middle of my sleep feeling dizzy, faint, hot, and nauseous. ?
cna at hospital?
What career shall I take - naturopath or dietician - and why?
Do you know if there are any vitamins/minerals that could possibly keep you?
what would happen if you smoked ginkgo biloba?
is it safe to drink after taking antidepressants?
Can acupuncture affect height?
Can Homeopathy medicine effect eye site ?
What is the liquid you can buy to clean your urine right before a drug test?
Im in the begining stages of a bad cold/flu, dont want to gain any weight though?
Does eating food that contains water count towards your daily water intake?
help losing 5-10 pounds?
what is the average weight for a female model who is 6ft?
what are some good lower ab workouts?
HydroxyCut.......does it work?
Can you help me by your advices?
what could this be?
How can i condition myself to talk louder?
How do you naturally get rid of warts on your hands?
would it be okay to skip a day?
I need a good massage would you massage my back?
How do you use these herbs to get rid of parasites from your body?
Has anyone had colon hydrotherapy done and does it work?
what is a good working scar removal remedy?
Can anyone recommend a good Omega 3 supplement for toddlers?
Is it better to use less lbs and do more reps or use more lbs and do less reps when using exercise equipment?
how to get smaller thighs?
how to lose belly fat???
what ever happened to susan powder?
Is there any way to get rid of cheek fat?