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What is the scientific name for fearing to be gagged (like what is the phobia name?)?
What happens in the body to make us laugh?
Benefits of doing yoga
Death? Do you have to deal with death at work? How do you cope?
What kind of muscle is a calf muscle?
is there such thing as an upside down stomach? ,a friend of mine claims to have this......?
Does any one have a legitimate safe web site where they buy there meds without a prescription?
Is it a pulled muscle or sprain?
what happens if you run right after you pulled your calf muscle?
Could my bruised/swollen foot be broke?
Physiotherapy ~ how does ultra sound help in the treatment of sciatica?
why do I feel light headed when I suddenly bend down to pick something from floor?
What should I do not get fat?
What do you do for acid reflux?
Is multiple Sclerosis deadly?
does cheese give you cancer?
Can a person become lactose intolerant later in life?
In Canada, if you weigh over 300 pounds, are you legally handicapped?
Who do I call when a bird dies on my front lawn?
respiratory therapist! i need help! please help me! :(?
swollen lymph node approx. the size of a pea... any ideas why?
h1n1 vaccinations what should i do?
Am i technically dead?
my hernia is so sore,its being like this for weeks now,everytime i eat,or drink,please help.?
My boyfriend swallowed a piece of tooth and now keeps having really bad heart burn, could it be because of it?
Have I got low blood pressure? If so, how can I improve it?
Sleeping issues, need help!?
what do you think i should do? please answer if you KNOW that it will work?
I have veins showing on my right arm and not on my left?
My eye is really irratated, it stings when i blink and its getting kind of red. What do I do and what is it?
I've had a plugged ear for a little more then a week. And i'm getting REALLY FRUSTRATED. HELP.?
Flying out of town to have a surgery, will be under local Anesthesia, will it be okay to fly home that day?
Trouble sleeping at night?
blue ring around my iris?
I am about to quit smoking. (for the 10 millionth time). Any neggitive things you can tell me about niccotine.?
i need a glaucoma ophthalmology?
My left eye keeps on twitching?
weird question ???????
How can i sleep better?
What would happen if your lip ring yanked out?
Who are the greater of the Anti Depressant addicts ?
i am really afraid of losing people close to me.?
cipralex in pregnancy?
any helpful tips on beating social anxiety?
Is mental health of a lower standard in modern society, or are there simply more conditions though of as?
Has the Linden Method worked for you?
who buys dexedrine?
Does anyone one know the best way to get some self esteem back when you hit the menopause?
help me, help me?
I like this girl,but i dont know how to get to he heart help me?
if i got a migraine and was already taking medications would the only sign i have a migraine be dizziness and?
Prolonged night terrors!?
sometimes when i dream i wake up and i am so scared i feel like i could cry what is this?
Please help my wife: Constipation, Hemmorhoids?
I feel nauseous after I eat?!?
bloody stool amd freaked out?
About celiac disease...?
What are some good allergy pills that work good for you?
Why are you suppose to go to the doctor if you have a subconjuctive hemorage in both eyes but not just one?
If i were my 8 hours contact lenses for 9-10 hours does it matter a lot ?
How long should I wear my contacts?
Question regarding my subconjuctive hemorages?
What is the cost ($) of these surgeries?
Do you think I have cataracts?
Bite your own ear?
when can i submerge my hand in water?
Why does all my family have chronic dry eye?
i have had severe nausea and vomiting for 4 years; should i be able to get my medical marijuana carde?
Hypo- Hyperthyroidism?
Alzheimer's disease ?
do you have support groups for drug addictions?
Iron Anaemia?
why can't my teachers understand that i'm anaemic?!?
Is there some diagnosis for this? ?
Every morning my stomach hurts...plz help?
I have a temperture that is about 95 and my normal is around 99.1 ?
it is recommended that gravol not be taking when you are drinking alcohol but why is this?
hard lump in head? Is there any possibilities of it being something serious?
If one conjoined twin dies, does the other as well?
Can you get body tremors from staring at a PC screen all day?
what can i do to decrease tension and lower blood pressure?
is your rectum suppose to be purple?
Chest Pains. Numbness in my face.?
Large bump on my neck and it hurts..what is it?
I get 6 hours of sleep! is that OK?
stye on my eye?
Is it safe to use hydrocortisone cream on lips?
heart suddenly starts racing… ?
question about the amount of sleep I have?
What are the best over the counter drugs to reduce inflammation?
How often does a person need to get a Colonoscopy and a Prostate exam?
What are the names of some OTC sleep aids (in canada)?
what is this?? HELP!?
One nostril runny...the other plugged?
how did you quit smoking?
What is wrong with me ?
What is that? Should I be really worried?
how to fix my messed up sleep schedule?
My stomach is hard not like usual and bad pain?
I have Pectus Carinatum. How do a fix/cover up my chest deformity?
I've got a really bad headache...Help?
what is the best medicine for migraine?
Pain in upper arm when lifting?
Will these black stringy things ever go away?
m colored contact has been stuck in my eye for three days i cant get it out how can i?
how many days a normal fever stays?pls tell me!?
How can I convince her?
Does MRSA stay in my body forever?
I got an asthma attack yesterday from painting....?
Liver Failure? What can I do?
What is this thing on the bottom of my foot?
I have a small patch of itchy red bumps of the side of my stomach. What could it be?
What is your oops of the day?
I have pinworm. But i reallllly don't want to go to the doctor or clinic! HELP ME!!!! PLEASE 10 points!!!!!!?!?
My Muscle's Sting A Bit?
What actually happens when it feels like your heart drops?
My Friend has a EATING DISORDER?
I'm going to give blood tomorrow?
Am I too sensitive? Should I be stronger?
how do you get a pendasides?
Is There A Doctor in the vancouver area who will sign my health Canada form B1.Permission to use Marijuana?
how to get rid of acne fast?
Today when I peed, it smelled different. Why?
what are the withdrawal symptoms for paxil?"?
Should I, or should I not take a multi-vitamin and mineral supplament?
Does it Creep you out when...?
Pain in my lower right abdomen...?
Fine needle biopsy on my thyroid gland?
Any doctors who specialize in the baby department, that can help?
Flu Season ?
Drugs users (occasional and regular): your drug experience(s) [and other questions]?
WHAT is the purpose of CREATINE (what does it do?)?
Why do I get random nose bleeds ?
I've tried many methods for my warts?
What's wrong with sleeping 3 hours 3 times a day instead of 9 hours once?
So I really really can't touch my toes?
Sweating in his sleep?
What can i do to prevent from falling asleep???????????
have you ever?
Im looking for something..will someone help?
Weird bumps all over my arms?
Im Exhausted ALL of the time.. Why?!?
Is my ear damaged?
What could this be???
tips to help me quit smoking?
Is It True That Your Fingers Can Go Into Seizures?
my eyes are messed up... whats wrong with me?
belly aches whenever i sleep over !!?
My fingers fall asleep?
Riddle me this friends to the North........BE honest......How do you like your socialized health care?
does any one knows Whats gonna happen if the eye fluid gets more in front of the lens?
What is fibre and what does regular mean?
Did i have a growth spurt yet?
weird sensation in arms and sometimes face?
Having slight testical pain that makes the lower stomach and back hurt?
ad pain in the 1 side of my back all day keep getting shootin pains aswell anyone knw wot this could be???
I have been diagnosed with trapped nerve in my left thigh and left arm?
Has anyone had facet joint injections in their neck?
What can I use as pain relief on my throat ulcer?
Pain in my bicep..what could this be?
Back pain, will it go away with time?
pain in bottom?
is there any treatment for a tear is a disk at the bottom of my back?
Leg problem?
Leg problem & weights ?
Color contacts non-prescription?
How can Ideal with greif?
bad mental health, or maybe it is every one else who are loopy and havent turned our sort of sane yet?
how do i kno wots real and wots not coz at the moment i crnt trust wot i see is real?
What can i do to alleviate my anxiety symptoms?
what junk food i must avoid when taking remeron?
How do I tell my mom I have pinworms?
Do I have breast cancer?
What are some Unusual diseases that can occur in the circulatory system?
I have a bloated stomach and constant diarrhea, do I have worms in my stomach?
I have a infected cut on my finger.?
I have mole on the bottom lower side of my neck, its light pink and its oval shape .?
How come my vaccination to Chicken Pox, does not protect my newborn from the illness ?
where can i find eye-patches?
anyone cancel trips to mexico due to the swine flu outbreak?
Swine Flu- could I have it?
Some people think Swine Flue is "Natural" others think Swine Flu virus is an engineered recombinant strain?
Why does my eye keep twitching?
Coccyx pain for over a month?
Early diffuse bulge of L5-S1 with fissure in annulus mildly indenting the thecal sac?
Sore knee joints from jogging?
how painful are bowel obstructions?
What's wrong with my foot?any help?
terrible pain in my neck, that runs up into the base of my skull. tried neurofen etc but its getting worse.?
what am I supposed to do now.what do i say to my family and friends.?
i have a bump under my ribs the size of a golf ball?
Does anyone else take levothyroxine?
What do you think this is?
what does koch's infiltrates mean?
What can happen if depression goes untreated??
Can Hemophillia be fatal?
what is bursor?
Questions on Anemia (Anaemia)- Blood Disorder.?
how many xrays per year make you vulnerable to cancer?
Question on hernias please?
Why can I ever fall asleep right away?
HYPNOSIS?? help?
Feels like I have something stuck in my throat?
How do u get armpit rust off you?
Is cracking your knuckles bad for you?
will i die from dehydration? How soon? i think im dehyrated?
If I Reverse My Sleep Cycle What will Happen?
Can I do my workout after I had my surgery in my appendicitis?
Do you believe people should be responsible for their own health?
can a hospital deny me even if i still owe them money?
Does Purell Hand Sanitizer Really Work?
Will staying up all night and all day help me get back to sleep early?
Is there something wrong?
eyelid twitching, whats the deal?
Feeling dizzy this past week?
Just cannot get a good nights sleep?
Any tips on catching up on sleep?
I ate commercial hummingbird nectar...?
Help i feel light headed...
Second Degree Sunburn?
How long should my bowel movement take from start to finish?
Is it possible to get rid of a high metabolism?
Is chewing on the inside of my mouth bad for my health?
Ive been getting sinuses almost everyday ?
Why are these blood test used?
Why do i keep Hiccuping?
Can panic attacks go from an everyday thing to just a once and while panic attack episode?
indian burn damage to my arm?
why does my body take a long time to cool down?
During adolescence, are early or late bloomers at more of an advantage when considering body development?
What is making me sick?
Will eating a whole Ritter Sports bar of chocolate at once kill me D:?
whats the best thing to do for a pulled neck muscle?
The area behind my area sticks out in an abnormal way?
Remedy for smelly shoes/socks/feet?
I have uneven shoulder blades...?
How do I make my feet not smell? I clean them everyday the never smelled my whole like until this summer.?
Should my prescription for contact lenses be exactly what my vision should be?
How can I improve my Emotional IQ?
Mental Health Issues Causing Family Stress?
how to built self cofidence?
what does in mental illness a duel diagnose mean?
Monday blues are halfway over - how have you coped?
how to convince relatives i don't need pills?
Where can I find a job as a Counsellor, working with bereaved, domestic violence, young adults, etc?
Confidence problems?
What should I do?
Messed up finger... help?
My eye keeps twitching?
Lower left side abdomen pain?
A right pain in the thumb!!!?
Help :s!!!!!!!!!?
Sleeping help?
Ibs stomach cramps,help!?
doctor or hospital? at what point should u consider the hospital for aching chest pains?
I recently started a new job (three weeks ago)...?
Co-codamol versus Co-dydramol?
Unknown baby rash...?
i constantly get itchy,what should i do?& its EVERYWHERE!?
what's the antibiotic that we must not use in Gillian barre syndrome?
What are my chances of getting breast cancer when I'm older?
I think i need help....I think i have an eating disorder?
What company is producing the H1N1 vaccine?
Should I get the H1N1 vaccine?
We cannot get rid of this flu! any help?
Why can't I sleep at night plz help fast?
Reason for numb toe?
Help! im sick and bored 10 points...?
Sleeping with an electrical blanket?
I need help??????????????
I need contacts how much are they from the eye doctor and how many times do you have to replaice them?
why is my eye twitching?
sometimes scared of the dark?
I need help sleeping.Just can't fall asleep.?
how you get bad eyesight ?
I work in a climate controlled storage room all day?
what's an orgasm?
How to break a habit?
I know this is caused by puberty, but what exactly is causing this?
What happens if you dont bathe or shower for like 2 months?
Medically what does it take to make you nervous?
why is my stomach flater when i lay down?
colon/kidney cleanse....ever done it?
what meds actually work for a cold and fever?
FINALLY, a Gluten-Free Vegetarian Dog Treat?
Will I Grow Any Taller?
If our stomach acids are strong enough to break down razor blades...?
I might have swallowed a bit of candy wrapper, is that harmful to my body?
I hate colds! So how do I get rid of them? In ONE day!?
what are the best earplugs?
Do you feel and hear better after having your clogged, compacted ear wax flushed out by the doctor?
Craving chemical smells?
Vaccinations and immunization?
How long does it takes to make your vision clear if you started eating carrots?
Just ate sugary candy and need to sleep right now, what do i do?
how many people die from ecstasy every year in Canada?
tension in neck! nneed help badly?
What are the symptoms of the flu H1N1?
Should I find this weird ..?
is swimming good for injuries even tho it causes alot of pain to your injuries?
2nd hip replacement should i?
Can someone explain the pain I'm having?
knee patella dislocation question ?
How to get an MRI in Ontario for very sick man?
has anyone else at approx age of 50 suffered a breakdown,lost everything because?
I'm scared...need help!?
I have Myasthenia Gravis, I have not responded to treatment,anyone else not responded to treatment?
Itching and swelling of the ankles and wrists????
Could an individual with Down's syndrome ever have normal children?? HELP & Explain please!?
What is a good remedy for dry, scaly skin?
Who or where do I go for further medical treatment of cellulitis that is not responding to treatment?
I have had my appendix flare up many timesbut still nothing on test they say it is IBS but it is under control?
I have white bumps on my top lip but it's red all around them and white water comes out of them?
will she survive with this kidney and cell problem?
Do i have a cold or a sinus infection?
where can i give free Reiki healing ?
To TUMS help with gas?
its really hard to breathe. ?
Could Stroke happen these times?
What are your thoughts on Herbalife products?
after how many hours is it dangerous to stay awake?
I accidently used a Personal Warming Lubricant....and it was expired...?
what is a beta blocker?
How are you feeling today?
What are some good and quick cold remedies?
The difference between a cyst, cancer lump, fatty tissue?
What is the recommended dosage of vitamin C for a for a female adolescent?
What is the time that resistance will happen to AZT (Zidovudine)?
When you get goosebumps, do the always raise in the same spot?
What Are These White Things In My Hair?
I've decided to do this, but is it bad?
what can i do too help it ?
what is my eye colour?
i suffer with ciatica type back pain will this worsen if i get pregnant?
i have got ostoarthritis in my spine and in so much pain at the moment can anyone give me any names of painkil
why does it hurt?
pain in my arse well my tailbone anyway :)?
leg cramps in plaster??
knees? hurt sometimes?
pain in arm?
Pain relief for gallstones??
What are the various diseases you find in Africa?
Whats the best way to get rid of headlice?
How do you know if you have TAPEWORM?
How common is anorexia in 11 year old girls?
I have a lazy eye!!!! HELPP!! :(?
Is My Foot Fractured?
Peeling Nails?
BlackOuts/ SharpPains?
what equipment do I need for a suture set and what is the wrapping technique for autoclaving?
Who can I call to get help for health problems?
twitching.Is something wrong with me?
What is good for the pain in neck from a herniated disc? Heat or Cold?
What are some of the nurse's responsibility when administering medications?
I have a sudden dizziness that makes me feel like I am going to collapse it lasts for about 2 to 3 seconds?
Real truths about Atkins diet? -HEALTH EFFECTS, big business/meat industry lobby, legalistic threats against?
How long does it take to restore digestive flora after antibiotics?
Feeling Really Tired?
i found a bunch of orange pills in my drawer?
what is the course of a stroke?
why are broad spectrum antibiotics not preferred
why when i drink the slightest thing i have to pee?
where can i volunteer as a yoga teacher?
Help!! Stuffy nose..?
Very Sick 10 month old please help me!?
When I smoke marijuana I basically fall asleep and wake up every 5-10 seconds?
Taking tablets for constipation when I feel like I've eating too much?
Experiences with Provigil?
Anorexia/Bulimia treatment units in the UK?
Why is it that so many more people are suffering from depression.?
I would like to write to someone on Q&A how do I go about it.?
St. John's Wort....?
has anyone ever taken the vitamin suppliment 5-HTP? how long did it take to work for you?
Toothpaste+leg... Help!!!?
How can I find out if I have a thyroid problem online?
Whats wrong with my 3 yr olds toenails?
what should expect at the doctors for my bulimia?
Ferritin levels are at 4 anyone have good treatments to raise this?
i smoked weed last night and today I wake up and feel numb and i feel so dumb and relaxed?
Lump beside my throat?
Eltroxin 0.05mg?
My boyfriend has very serious nosebleeds. What can I do to convince him to go to the doctor?
Under eating causes acid stomach?
discuss the symptoms of protein deficiency disease, where it is found and how it affects the body?
What does a rigid eardrum mean? also hypotension in the ear? I would appreciate websites please?
Sinus Surgery?
Is shivering and a headache symptoms of exposure to chemical sprays?
Where can I go to gather information on Disability claims/sales?
how tall is 183cm in feet and inches?
Is it normal to still occasionally taste cigarettes even 3 months after quitting?
If you were disabled because of vision problems and you had to go before a cpp review tribunal and they told?
A weird sensation feeling in my gut what does that mean?
causes of anal bleeding?
Is Novo-Fluoxetine a good medication?
Is Wet Naturals Sensual Strawberry lube?
Does anyone know the side effects of coming in contact with radiation/xray without protection?
sooo confused why am i like this?
Why are my contact lenses so foggy and move around so much?
Is being night blind a real condition?
I have bony Shoulders?
What is the cause of repeated hiccups?
How do you tell if a wart became a planter?
hey i really need to know the aftermath effects of longterm extacy abuse what would i have to worry about?
hot,head,ears,face and red?
Have a hard sore lump from my H1N1 shot from a week ago, How long before it goes away or do I need a doc?
Are balding, cilnical depression and stuttering problems?
If I keep my cell phone at my bedside table every night when I go to sleep, is there a chance I can get cancer?
Connection between b12 and bowel movement?
Why does it itch when i put lemon or lime juise on my face?
free nicotine patches programs in vancouver, bc?
What do I do? Asthma?
*Itch itch* AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!?
They say I have inflammatory arthritis but its not RA and its not osteoarthritis, so whats left??
Feeling light headed?
what is the best way to beat aniexty?
Back pain...?
name of a good othognatic surgon?
Hiya, Got really sore chest. It feels quite tigt. Ive had a stressful morning at work, that could be to blame?
suffering chronic neck pain and read about Micro Doctor pain relieving machine.Does it work?
it burns!!!!?
my mother suffers from hammer toes apart from an operation what is a good treatment?
about rib pain..? help plz..?
What isa normal dose of crack taken to get you high, and how much would it cost?
does smoking Cannabis stunt growth it height?
How many of you touch y our nose before you go to bed?
what do pencil thin stools look like?
Is something wrong? Dizzy-ish spells, etc..?
oops.. did I take to much meds?
Is there more to Celiac disease than just avoiding wheat?
I don't want to quit smoking :(?
I got a small dime size bruise on my thigh almost 2 weeks ago, (dont know how it happened),?
my eye wont stop twitching WHAT DO I DO?
I sleep ALL all day......?
Why opticians claim that myopia is irreversible?
MY boyfriend has had the hiccups for the last 3 days off and on?
What are the guidelines for prehospital hyperventilation of head injury patients?
Really bad headaches and I'm worried?
Once I Wake up in the night, it's take too long to fall in sleep .Any easy way?
i got a big crack down the middle on my big toe nail?
Has anyone every used Dermisil W for skin tags or anything else? If so what were the results?
water in ear from swimming? help?
i broke my leg 2 days ago and its feeling worse is this normal?
How do I make cuts heal faster?
my neighbor is an alcholic,?
Since I had a mole on my neck checked for Cancer, I litterally cannot touch my neck without feeling physically
any reflective accounts for svQlevel 3 process of death and dying.?
which part of the brain for mind control?
Any tips for better concentration?
Anybody suffer from depression and the Hypomania?
what is the best way to control some1s mind?
Can OCD increase?
how do i build on my confidence?
Is there any Speech therapists/pathologists out there who can help me?
The dark place! Don't you think its a good place to hide?
I'M IN SO MUCH PAIN! Punch biopsy, hurting badly! Help!?
heat rash in the diaper area....?
Is it normal to urinate brown liquid?
Help! I have this "bug" that is like bronchitis. I have tried antibiotics and still have the heavy feeling che?
What is a good gift in memory of a loved one lost to breast cancer?
Cancer, other or paranoia?
A bunch of symptoms????????
does Trillium insurance cover botox injections for hyperhidrosis?
when i woke up in morning my toungue was black? help?
I have this deep hurting feeling Help?
How can I have clear looking skin without makeup?
What is wrong with my ear?
A question about body electricity...?
where can you find stories of drug addicts for school?
Are these symptoms of anemia?
I'm 12 and get ride sick??
My EARS! I don't know what to do !?
Massage Therapy for Headaches???? Question - do i have to take off my clothes?
how to get stronger?
How Does Needle Shots Work?
why is my skin bruising?
How to help heal an anal fissure ?
when i was young i would wake up and be gagging all the time why?
strange pains around my heart?
I sweat so much after gym!?
what are the benefits and problems of seeing how you die?
Really need help with this. I am having trouble.......?
Right side pain is it stress?
Ankle Problem? Need Help!?
Have you tried Cold FX??
do bobby pins have nickle in them?!?
would cocaine metabolites be in my system after 5 months??
did anybody use the cream called tarozac for ?
Best way to wash my face?
Does an American have to pay to see a doctor in Canada if they are visiting or living temporarly?
Do you think this was food poisoning? Do you think that its over now???
Get answers from millions of real people.?
Have you ever noticed that the people who do cooking shows never seem to have clean finger nails?
Can i trust Lasik MD?
I got a new pair of glasses, and the prescription is slightly stronger, is it bad to also wear the old ones?
do i have a ear problem/ infection?
Sleeping trouble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
We are having construction in our school should we have concerns with dust from lots of concrete dust?
phenobarbital - has anyone tried it?
How much you pay for Health Care in your province? Is it for free?
omg help! Something is wrong with my ear!?
What is the best way to prevent a cold?
Deep pain in right side? Serious or not?
is't true that olay product is good?
Bottom part of the leg shakes from inside?
Whats wrong with my knee?
Very bad headache?!?
Knee pains.?
push up's with a back condition?
I have been diagnosed with spondylosis, slip disc and a possible trapped nerve in my neck?
The back of my right heel hurts should I rest or move it?
what IS THIS?
I've been getting pains in certain places lately?
cant go sleep at night?
Why do I not go red after drinking on an empty stomach if it is caused by enzyme deficiency.?
Why am I coughing blood?
My doctor saidd..... food question :)?
Can a teenager(15) with cerebral palsy tie his own shoes?
I think I have Seizure? What should I do?
What are the symptoms/signs that someone is having a nervous breakdown?
My last questioooon?
Feels like i am stuck in a rut?
It started with believing in Queen?
If i work less than 16hrs work and do permitted work will my housing and council tax benefit be reduced if i?
Any good ways of getting to sleep to boost concentration?
Anyone on Procyclidine? Does it give you a buzz?
Are questions to?
Thing about Worcester sauce in a bottle?
What 2 do?!?!?!?!?!?
What is an Heartache?
Im really struggling to come off diazepam?
Where are you going on holiday this year?
when i go to do something i get really nervous and worry lots and end up turning my friends down any advice? x
If you get liposuction, do they remove all fat from your body??????????
is it dengereous having aquous humor like fluid in our eyes?
What to expect from pre-op surgery?
Sunscreen Sticks?
clogged up ear ?
How can I fall asleep?
How does your medical system work in the U.S.?
does hypnosis really work to make u quit smokeing?
Any tips on helping me go to bed earlier?
Need help, can't sleep at night?
Are doctors nice? I'm going to the hospital and really hate them?
how many days in the hospital for colostomy surgery?
Whats a good way to quit smoking?
Is anyone else here an insomniac? How can I fix this and get to sleep already?!?
Waking up every morning help.?
Smoking cigarettes question?
what is the cause for low WHITE BLOOD CELL COUNT?
Sleep patterns that are well f---d any suggestions?
my mom has a crack in her skull on her forehead...?
I don't know why I didn't ask this before.?
Anyone got experience of Hypnosis to help Teeth Grinding ?
How long should a broken bone hurt if it is in a cast?
Did I herniate a disc?
My ankle hurts alot for no reason at all.?
I am sick how can i get rid of it ASAP? please help?
How well does exercise work like an anti-depressant?
Muscles used when reaching for toes?
I feel very anxious. what is wrong with me?
Basketball Jerseys requires tank tops ... read on ... [for girls only!]?
What are the downsides of drugs?
Does anyone know where to buy laxatives in Toronto?
What makes for a better memory foam topper, the egg crate or slab?
How Do I Get My Body Clock Back To Normal?
Is working to much bad for your health??
Can anyone recommend a chewing gum that doesn't have a lot of flavour?
Long term effects of eating THC?
Does anyone know about Back MRI's???
i knwo i have had a outer body experience when i was very ill in the hospital..has anyone else had one?
Will this fail the pee test?
My son is having his wisdom teeth pulled out tomorrow?
Please answer!!!?
It appears I have gotten hives?
Why do i keep getting sharp pains above my eyes?
neck still hurts after being pulled on rubber ring by jet ski...why?
I have muscular pain in both legs, After medical tests doctor says it is not arthritis. What should I do?
whats wrong with me!?
I have started jogging but my shins hurt, what are the best trainers to buy?
Why do some foods seem to give you a headache or migraine? What causes this please.?
My feet hurts so bad and i tried almost everthing so what can i do?
Celadrex - Good for arthritis?
if nufink shows up on my MRI scan with doctors leave my problem?
Has anyone suffered with (cpr/rsd) I have it and would like to know the prognois.?
how can Docs tell wot is exactly wrong with the patient from an X-ray ?
Pain in the top of legs?
Why does it hurt when I blink?
Headaches (throbbing sort of) after exersize?
what is the best part and the worst part of being a Care Aid, thinking about taking the course???
I'm having trouble getting to sleep?
Chest Infection, cant remember name of Pill?
How Much does a Pyshical Cost?
Is showering twice a day bad?
How long can you use a BPA Free water bottle for?
Lips change?
Radiology technician (x-ray tech) high school requirements?
how to provide care for who has a colostomy?
Is it true that knee cap replacements only last for 10 yrs and can only be done twice in a lifetime?
How to start looking for a part time job in a medical clinic office?
Could this mean its infected?
has anyone gained weight on celexa?
A question about low blood count?
Everytime I think about it I need to puke?
Anyone ever heard of these medical terms before? I cant find any info on either of them?
What are some other reasons for high eye pressure other than glaucoma?
does tomatoes cause heart burn or acid reflex?
why is it that i choose to make all the wrong decisions in life like doing drugs,disobeying the law etc.etc?
Zelnorm side affects?
can anorexia cause hypothyroidism?
Does anyone know what to do about persistent headaches?
Is WebMD a thorn in your side?
What do heart is where Feeling come from?
where can i buy the new Volcano covers for the storz-bickel vaporizer?
If both my parents and sibblings are RH positive ?
About Magic Mushrooms?
I only feel comfortable with people sitting to my right - i feel uncomfortable with people on my left...?
What is the meningitis vaccine all about, its for my 2 years old son.?
Prescription drugs on 'empty' stomach: 1 hr before OR 2 hrs after a meal, not both (3 hrs total), right?
im sick can you help?
Do i have just a cold or is it something else?
citalopram - anxiety about taking drug?
How Can I Feel Pretty, Confident and Good About Myself?
mental health / autistic spectrum question?
l've never been able to make friends.Self help books don't seem to work for me.What am l doing wrong?
A few Qs on Hypnoanalysis?
Salvia Divinorum? Please could someone give me some advice?
What is a nervous break down, and how do you know and what is the treatment ?
Is my mate a paranoid schizophrenic?
do 50% of canadiens get pedicures or clean there own feet?
Birth Control Pill Question ?
i'd like to find out more about games for schizophrenics?
difference between psicosis skizophrenia and paranoia?
Two sisters at their mother's funeral...?
When you get (feverish) sick, are you more emotional to the extend of crying..?
Who Is this Al Zimers everyone talks about when they come to visit me?
Sleeping late night a problem?
whats your take on tongue piercings?
red throat with white furry tongue?
How do I make my computer private so that no one else can share my broadband please?
please help me!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
what are your experiences of despair and how did you find hope?
Horrible rash! please help?
iis there any1 out there who would like to chat 2 me?
Heart burn surgery? did anyone ever have it..Its called Lap something?
help me with my skin problem,my chin has a pickled look, what can i do?
Stress worstened my acid reflux?
Laser treatment for Smokers in Toronto?
How can you get rid of White Heads, in a very sensitive area.?
ringing in my ear driving me crazy..?
Questions About Cystic Fibrosis?
scars on my back from acne...please help!?
my eye itches alot and it is like this alot?
question for the those in health care?
It hurts my chest when I breath in deeply? Help please?
Does Canada's HealthCare System(Medicare NOT to be confused w/US Medicare) pay for medical care in the US?
3.5 weeks with an ear infection, how long should an ear infection last? What should I do?
Do you see geometric patterns when the lights are out?
Should I skip sleep for the night?
Do i have a bladder infection?
I sound really wierd when I talk plz help!?
What is the best health advice you have ever received?
I have very dry feet. They even crack. Why does this happen? How can I fix this? HELP!?
how long does it take to detox from general anesthetic and all the other drugs they put in you?
How do I dress for a professional interview?
Best way to find a Family doctor in Mississauga?
Any really good tips on quitting smoking?
how can I clean the ear wax?
Should I keep my humidifier on all night in both my kids' rooms?
If my mononeucleosis blood level was a little high, but I don't have mono, what does that mean?
Length of hospital stay for a thyroidectomy?
i ran barefooted 4 35min n now im having shootin&terrible pains on the outside of my feet i cant walk w/o pain
does aby 1 know off a numbing cream tht u can buy over the chemist?
I have been told of wear and tear to my knee cartilage?
what is the treatment for a broken hip socket, my hip ball has shattered the hip socket after a RTA?
sore when moving my bowels?
will four 8mg subutex tablets help with heroin withdrawal? Any help gratefully received.?
I get a contant pain in my neck due to working at a computer all day. Tried exercises, pain killers, doctors.?
Help! got an super important question idk what is wrong with me i think im hurt idk?
what is wrong with my leg muscles?
nasy ear infection!!!?
went out side felt dizi?
Do I have a throat infection?
how long is too long for having mono/epstein-barr?
Odd pins and needles.?
swollen throat please someone give me advice!!!?
My knee is aching like mad need help!?!?
Pain in my shoulder blade - can you help?
Bullimic,is this normal feelings?
Cancer::Wen its genetic?
Are they any ways to permanently get rid of acne?
i have swine flu...................................?
What's Going To Happen To The Pigs That Have The Flu?
once you got the swine flu....?
Lung Cancer - Smoking Health Test?
What am I sick with???????
What are the common symptoms/results of insomnia?
Are you sick of disorders?
Can you gain weight over night?
Why do my sneezes smell so bad !? ?
will it affect how my body works ?
Does anyone else ever randomly get up and run around the room or jump up and down?
Taking care of sick kids?
please help my dr. says i have bovine spongiform encephalopathy?
Anyone know what IgG in blood test is?
how can i stop drooling when im asleep?
can i still get pregnant after i have a goiter removed?
since my other question got deleted,is it possible to have an orgasm while on ecstasy or not.sniff or pop 'em?
heyy guys, i have a curved back. and i think thats preventing me to grow taller.?
The lemon trick?HELP 10 points best answer?
Not feeling well after ultrasound?
Why can't you get a vaccine or a flu shot while you're sick? Best Answer 10 points.?
Can Synthroid be taken at night?
what does drugs and drinking have to do with spinal fluid?
How fast do side effects start after starting a medication?
Why should we study the frontal lobe?
Do I still have any more to grow?
Can someone PLEASE tell me if a hospital can provide a note for missing work?
which hormone causes menses?
How can I stop my fingers from going numb?
Is it true that you can get sick by walking around the house in bare feet in cold weather?
hands smell weird after waking up?
has anyone ever quit smoking and stayed smoke free?
i need help dont know why this is happening please any one no dume annswers please?
Can you get serious eye damage from people taking your picture all the time?
what do ido with the stuffy nose?
How long does it take for cigarette toxins to exit the body?
Why do I get acne in the winter more?
Very nauseous all the time. please help?
something sticking out the side of my tongue?
My eyesight is nearsighted or something....?
What's the longest time the residue from the weakest pot cigarette will stay in the body?
Why do our stomachs gurgle when they're hungry?
i cant sleep....help.?
What are some signs or syptoms if I continue to be dizzy everyday?
What's worse? Having metal rod in your back or, a dislocated shoulder?
I felt dizzy when I stood up, then my head starts shaking. When I reach the hospital I vomitted?
does this sound like a good way for me to not get sick at my dance competition tomorrow?
how do i cope with anxiety?
If someone has been phsically abused in the past will they be more likely to freak out if it happens again?
Could you spread a planter wart like this?
what causes this sudden?
abdominal pain is killing me, help?
Pain in left side of Groin!!!?
Help With Tonsil Pain and Ear Pain?
I have a sore leg?
Both my ankles have been hurting me quite bad, I walk flatfoot first thing in the morning?
If a person with one leg tried to work a pogo stick, what would be the result?
Can physiotherapy make back pain worse?
Root Canel Problems.. PLEASE HELP?
Almost slipped disk in back?
why do i keep getting tired and hungry?
In a lot of pain, don't know why?
Is there a way of knowing how tall you are going to be without going to the doctor?
How long before I should change my Septum Ring?
How bad is it to smoke when you have the flu?
i have trouble sleeping at night even tho i didnt drink caffeine?
If an unopened bottle of Infants Tylenol spends the night in the car and freezes can it still be used?
I am experiencing intense chest pains .. I am 23 and can it be related to my medication overdoses ?
i have a sore tongue, it's redin center and white on outside, lack of tastebuds, kind of burns, dent in center
Is this a form of dyslexia?
Painful Local anesthetics?
I have an annoying Fever - help!?
what is the difference between adrenaline, noradrenaline, epinephrine and norepinephrine?
What should I do about stomach aches?
what is castor oil?
RED LINES!!! Help?
Calling ALL Nurses (and nursing students)!!?
how do virusis multiply?
why is this?
whats the best way to combat bad foot smell/sweat?
Migraines and vomiting?
how do i get rid of dry mouth caused by effexor?
Can you smoke weed and go on rides?
OMG! Is it my SPLEEN!? Help...........?
i've got a sore throat, what are some ways i can make it feel better quickly?
I Feel Really Dizzy & Sick?
new grad - intimidated...need advice please!?
Dead tired, falling asleep, game in 2 hours, how to wake up?
What can sleep do to the body ?
Can I go blind if I can no longer blink? I also have a cataract.?
Why does yogurt, and not other milk products, give me indigestion, gas, and bloating? ?
Health hazards of cell phones and laptop wireless receivers?
Having a Weird dizzy feeling?
TV or Computer Monitor's Affect on my eyes?
I am having trouble sleeping!! Help!?
I've been kicked on my left foot really hard, What will happen to this?
I got a slight fever and a sore throat how can i get better faster and keep from spreading the germs?
Is this worth a trip to the hospital/medicentre? *10points/5stars*?
Sinus headache, body aches, and not feeling really good...?
shopping in an hour and my stomach hurts?
you don't really want to know but..?
Does anyone have a source or link to show where cancer doctors themselves take chemotherapy ?
Food Poisoning Question?
What did I do to my foot?
Pain when I move my leg but not when I touch?
Wrist pain............?
can being positive be negative?
what are the possible side effects of taking st johns wart and citalopram SSRI's?
Why do heights give some people the urge to jump?
Does anyone else ever have days like this?
I am interested in starting Medical Transcribing from home. Does anyone know of big companies that hire?
Turning into my mother?
CBT and panic?
what is obsession conpostry disorder?
I have lost my flock - can you help?
Do anti-anxiety medicines make you sleepy and tired, or do any of them give you energy?
when will i b due next?
have you done any exercice today?
Anyone take or have taken?
i keep bursting into tears at work their are reasons but everyone goes through the same thing without crying?
How exactly do you get impatigo?
Hi My friend has an ileostomy (she has for over a yr) For the last few days she has been leaking constantly?
would a heartattack be complicated for someone with panic disorders?
Anybody with Asperger's ever hear of a change in nerve functioning?
Thyroid Range Question?
Help I need to get rid of this cold sore ASAP!!!!?
shaking/tremors please help!!!?
Pains In Chest Someone Answer And Help?
Can you die from a infection in the bone?
what do they do with a deer when it gets both of its back legs cut off at the joints?
Ripping noise in my ear?
I need a strong painkiller!!?
why do my legs ache?
pain in shoulder whats causing it??
My doctor checked my blood pressure by putting the cuff ABOVE my thin sweater... could this make it wrong?
Is it ok for me to use stop-smoking aids?
Can yoga help with lower backache?
councillors in niagara region of ontario canada?
blood work check up question?
How much Tylenol 3 is needed to be taken to be lethal?
Does Germany have health care insurance?
what can i do to prevent my tip of my fingers to crack...?
colofac tablets?
Air Bubble in my ear.?
Ex-Cutter: How do I remove scars?
I have "PLANTAR FASCIITIS". Injection or not?
Painless way for Cortisone injection for plantar fasciitis
Can you wear spandex in an MRI?
should i go back to sleep?
How do you fall asleep?
what could this be, its getting to be a bit much?
I beleive i have strained a muscle underthe ribs , not sure if this is possible
I have a really bad ear ache
can anyone tell me if they
Anyone recognise these symptoms?
How do I keep my heel from cracking?
What would be the reason a hospital would say someone has been discharged when they actually haven't been?
what does it mean if you are really sleepy but cannot sleep?
Swimmers Ear With No Hearing and Swollen Ear
If I had wine with my meal, should I take Vitamin after the meal as usual?
It's 2:20am and I have to get up at 7, I've got caffeine in my ststem and can't sleep!?
What side affects on my body a coffee has?
I have a serious question about drug overdose ?
Why Is It Impossible For Me To Get High?
How can plastic surgery cause death?
Where is the flu AH1N1 gone?
Wouldn't It be cool, if they could develop a gravity machine?
I feel like I've been punched in the back of the head. It's soar to touch and keep getting headaches. Why?
What am I sick with ?
Breathing and heart things?
My weakness...?
i got my tongue pierced today and.....?
is melatonin good for someone who has problems waking up?
How to overcome my desperate fear of needles and blood?
white coat on back of tongue?
What's it called when your iron is too low?
Football Extra Time?
How long does Aricept work for? Do people become immune to its effects?
why is the amount of poles in this country starting to p me right of im getting unhealthy thoughts please help
do you cope with a problem .!! or not.?? ..how?
depression. at what point is GP intervention required?
Abilify and weight gain?
My granddad fell and no broken bones but still hurting and cannot walk, what is the problem?
whiplash help!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How painful is orthagnatic surgery?
Enormous Headaches What shall i do ?
I keep gettin pain near my eyebrow?
My osteopath suggests i need an mri would my G.p refer me through that?
Has anyone ever sued a medical professional for malpractice?
Medical Prescription History!!!?
Here's some symptoms I have, now what's wrong?
I am planning to quit smoking and was wondering if anyone can give me info on zyban and it`s affects.?
what goes on in your body when your stomach growls?
Does anybody know what this could be????
I got my cholesterol checked and it came back as a 3.5. Is this low or medium cholesterol levels?
I have very bad dark circles under my eyes however I have bad vision and I also -continued?
DOCTORS ONLY - Which of these two is ultimately safer to drink?
is it normal for 3 month post op total knee replacement to give out?
Sharing Contact Lenses URGENT?
is cracking your fingers bad for your hands?
How many hours a day does a Brain Surgeon (Or Neuro Surgeon) work daily?
What information does the pharmacist know when you use your health benefits card for medication?
does celestial sleep time tea really work?
I am looking for a new Dr in the Van, lower mainland and need a list of ones that are excepting new patients?
What can be done about nose bleeds...??
What happens if you dont have a health card?
good kind of contacts???
I have lower back pain and am also peeing very often....read please?
Its said 1 cigarette takes 10 mins off your life so does shift work take hours off your life? If so how many?
how many diopters is 200 degrees. try and answer what you think i am asking.?
How can I tell if my index finger is broken?
DO I HAVE TSS(toxic shock symdrome)? please help!?
I've got a wart. I started the process of getting rid of it, and it hurts...?
can you tell me ALL ABOUT TEA TREE OIL? how to use it? when? how often? where to buy? what is the best brand?!?
Has there ever been any confirmed reports of a anyone dying from a punctured lung due to deep throat...?
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit?
has anyone had a D.N.C.?
Should my mother treat her breast cancer (lymph node) by chemo?
been told i need a hernia operation?
how do you get rid of cramp???
Kidney stones??? I have awful pain on the left lower part of my back
My ears poped and it made me feel light headed and it also hurt, could it be an ear infection?
Ive 'cricked' my neck, what exactly is that
Does anyone know what this could be?
Bad Trips on marijuana?
mild ear infection, can't hear, too much ringing?
I had my blood taken and it bled a lot - why?
Low Self Esteem & Bulimia & Starving Myself : (?
If a person overdosed on...?
How can i relief dizzyness fast?
what is a normal tempter befor going to the hospital wen your sick
Question about using Abreva for cold sores.?
How can i stop drinking and using drugs?
What exactly is an orgasim ?
question about Canadian health care system?
Why if lice only lives up to 48hrs with no food source, do we have to bag everything for 2weeks?
heyy people..please please please read and help.. i would really appreciate it?
How effective are calcium supplements?
whats the differance between a dry and chest cough?
What do you think this could be ?
How to become tall ????
What could have happened to me?
Is alcohol produced by the ingestion of fruits, grains and molasses. If so could this harm a growing foetus?
Why do i sometimes randomly go unconcious?
hep b and menengitis shot question and personal advice?
what are some of the physical effects of alcohol?
Can optitions tell if you have a brain tumor?
Can you Feel a Brain Tumor? (without your hands)?
What should I do about my bad anxiety attacks?
how do you get past bulemia?
my daughter has been using the patch orthro evera and has now started to get red marks around the patch?
Are Meningitis and Polycystic Kidney Disease related in any way at all?
Is Celexa a drug that should be taken long term. Does it affect memory?
what usually is the condition of those bedridden clients? we're having a thesis and we're looking 4 bedridden
How can you tell if you have Mudkips?
Is it safe to take lipdil and crestor meds. together?
If in Canada there is a free healthcare, then why do people buy medical insurance plans?
can you run warm water through brita or pur water filters (the kind that are on tap) without wrecking it?
Have any of you suffered from Vitamin D deficiency?
Is this a sleep disorder?
Why is it that I have gone through four hernia operations that it still keeps popping out?
Did you ever have a bed bug infestation?
what are these burns?!
What numbers on plastics (in the triangle) are dangerous?
pepto bismol vs tums?
emitting a metallic scent even after washing?
benylin does it work?
what is the lipemic index?
well i have a couple of questions for people...?
Why is just one eye (my left) and one side of my nose runny?
how is canadas health care system?
Tips for my upcoming surgery?
Is it normal from me to twitch when i'm in semi-concusnees (i know i got that last word wrong)?
How do I deal with a Sinus Infection?
Why does my face sweat alot? It sometimes feels like its stinging, whats wrong and what can i do to help it?
how do I stop my eye from twitching?
What am I sick with?!?
stomach flu question?
Anyone ever have such bad psychiatric care they were made worst?
does anyone have a good diet/fitness plan..?
Anybody else get so stressed with work and social life that they feel like their head could explode sometimes?
why am i doing this to myself?
Why am I feeling like this today?
Who else thinks that psychiatry is just glorified literary theory?
why are are is my dad trying get out of the house?
nervous trembling?
depression books?
Has LSD been known to cure depression?
Best medication for panic attacks?
can anyone teach me telekinesis as i am very interested in that field of mind power?
all my joints ache and the tops of my legs also What could be the cause l am 58?
How can I straighten my middle back?
how long do light spots n blurred vision last for after a migraine?