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Are there complications from strangling yourself briefly?
Stomach pains?
How long does it take for the swelling to go down?
Today, I felt lightheaded or something during swimming? Please read and help?
Does this mean I need glasses?
What was wrong with me last night?
Will my septum ring close?
Thesis for why smoking is bad?
What do you think about my mum's tum?
Is it true that coffee stunts your growth?
how do you get rid of a sore throat tips ?????????
what could cause pains in my lower stomach?
I wake up sweating from the waist down...?
how much hearing aid cost??? how many different kind in the market???
Drug testing for varsity sports?
Why am I hearing ringing sounds?
What do you do when you can't sleep?
should you reuse coldsore medication or lip balm once exposed to the herpes virus?
Does wind affect your tanning?
Will it show up in my blood test that i've been smoking?
I have A neg blood is that rare ?
sleeping pills? affect athletes performance :( ?
i took a bad fall...?
The rules for having a cold?
do doctors put u to sleep when u get stitches?
Know any easy ways to fall asleep?
Dizzy and nauseous after blood test...?
If you were really sick for 5 years, getting worse each year, what would you?
best health insurance for people with pre-existing condition?
Why does my face go really pale after smoking weed?
please help, i dont know whats wrong with me
This weird line on my face??
what is the best web site to find jobs in the healthcare field?
My ankle is swollen, yet I did not fall or twist it?
Why people call New York City is big Apple?
What is wrong with me?
Weight Restrictions on Depo-Provera???
Who is getting their children/selves the H1N1 vaccine?
To Be or not To Be: Vaccinated?
I received h1n1 vacine last monday a week ago but now have a horrible cough and throught pains do i have h1n1?
does any1 here have a sibling with autism? and if so how do u communicate through tantrums and anxiety!!?
Intense Anger????
panic attacks?
Uh-oh, test tomorrow?
Is a consistent keystroke transposition error in an individual indicative of a brain malfunction?
does ct cream work well with tennis elbow?
Has anyone experienced extreme pain when having fluid drained from a knee ?
problem with teeth?
shooting pains in my left leg?
i need relief or something?
ouch, finger pain!?
I started smoking about a year ago, and now im out of breath and it seems out of shape.?
My mum has extremely high blood pressure and refuses too take her medication?
im 20 with a racing heart of 145?
How do I convince myself I'm not having a heartattack?
I was told by a nurse that eating oats for breakfast will reduce Cholesterol and blood pressure?
ok last question here. I am 40 year old female, and I went for a long run tonight?
why is my heart beating so hard and fast?
HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am 40 and female and fit. last week I had a resting rate of 40 beats a minute?
Can you die from a broken heart?
ok I am going to ask a question here. can a heart rate of under 40 beats a minute lead to?
Short Of Breath and Lightheaded...PLEASE READ!?
had heart attack now clear fluid runs sometimes from left nostril what could it be?
I'm 20 and i think somethings wrong with my heart?
My Heart, is there something wrong?
Heart rate... confused and scared!!!?
has any one had a hole in the heart and the asd closure to fix it?
about an hour ago my heart started beating really hard and fast,?
what are the impending signs of an angina attack?
Should I get it checked?
my mom is having an operation tomorrow......?
heart/breathing problem??
Icant sleep at night as my heart rate is above 110 per minuet and i stay week and nerves all nite this has bee?
What is causing my palpitations?
how to get rid of blood pressure?
Lower back problem help?
I damaged my skin through sunburn and it's still affected months later- how can I get it back to normal?
Why do you get sleep in your eyes during the day?
If ya feelin miserable if ya feelin blue, doz putting ya finger in ya ear and goin tingy lingy loo really work
Waiting....why is it so long?
Can I buy Theanine on the net - its not illegal or anything?
Someone with paralysis below the waste?
Has anyone else had problems with neon coloured bandages from the Dollar store?
Eyes get all red and teary after gym class?
How long does a cold usually last & when should you see a doc?
Stick in your throat?
Is it normal for your arm muscles to pulse.?
Is Anemia severe.. ?!?
What's going on in my head?
Getting high on robutessin cough and cold?
What medical requirements do i need in order to make a living kidney donation?
Does valtrex help cure break outs?
do you know any websites that would list any counter effects of medications?
Can internal bleeding be caused by a minor car hit, and how long can it last before it's serious?
is there a site that tells you what foods are good for?
What could cause the whites of your eyes to look grey?
Why is Blue Cross Health Insurance ripping people off when they cancel their insurance and no money 3 mths.?
hi just som thing is not good waith my salf i wouth like a opinon three tim am going to pee blood?
Partner replacing cigarette addiction with poker, not sure what to do?
I never feel good????? ....?
I just got sick (cold) again for the 3rd time!! within 1 month and a half?
Bumpy Nails????
Is it painful to get your nose cauterized?
Can you get rid of rickets ?
HELP!!!!! I quit smoking 9 months?
what are the benefits if you quit smoking cigarettes, weed and drinking alcohol?
Why Does Your Foot Fall Asleep?
feeling fatigued, tired, weak and nauseated?
Why do I have muscle spasms in bed?
Tattoo removal covered by health care?
Is this blood pressure reading good?
Can anyone help my sleep? (caffeine junkie!)?
Have you ever had an STD?
Is it wrong to donate blood at my age? help?
Is it wise to skip one night of sleep a week because of my job?
cure a cold?
Snoring and asthma??!!!!??!?
how long Does It Usually Take For a cold to go away ?
Will stretch marks fade if...?
why is my skin always so hot all the time?
My cat is coughing and wheezing. What could it mean?
How common is acute lymphoblastic leukemia in children in Canada?
whats wrong with me! i'm fifteen with the symptoms of an 80 year old :|?
Is it my heart?????????????
having a heart ultrasound?
what are the treatment for low blood pressure?
I WOKE UP WITH A THUMPING HEART? why!? please answer :) 10 points?
i have a clot in my brain?
ok I asked this question before I am a 40 year old female who is very fit, and used to be an eliet athlete?
This is a serious question here. I have had relitives in my family die of heart attacks and my dad has a pace?
My father is 50+ y/o and is a alcoholic, smokes a pack of ciggaretes a day and has had 2 heart attacks?
what is the most muscular part of the heart?
Anyone know i have rapid heart rate, hot flashes and daily migrains and my D-dimer test is positive?
Should I follow my heart?
my heart rate is 96 is this normal?
where can i download free step aerobic's video?
ok serious question here. I have elevated colesterol levels and on a couple of the blood tests for my?
Can you please advice me about some treatment for my condition?
Heart Valve replacement?
Does radiation treatment or prostate cancer contribute to high blood pressure?
causes of cardiac ectopics?
What can i do to keep my temperature and heart rate down?
do you suffer from heart burn?
Angina at 21 and nobody will help me?
has anybody else got a fear of the sight of vomit ?
do you use citalopram? how have you found it effects you.?
How do you now if you're stressed?
Does anyone have any experience with taking Effexfor (Venlafaxine)? I've heard horror stories about coming
what is the role of a nurse?
Why do up to 80% (some other studies suggest the figure is even higher) of schizophrenics smoke?
Help Me!!!!!!!!?
Can you stop taking Gapapentin for a day if you want to drink alchol one night? or does it need to be longer?
My son has pink eye. What is the duration of the illness?
throat swollen inflamed, but not sore?
Can you REALLY be cured from an eating disorder ?
Where can i find 'The essence of care' document for mental health nursing (older person)?
blood in stool for 3 1/2 months? anemia?
Is anger the best way to?
S.A.D - any cures?
Does baking soda kill sweat germs?
Athletic Heart Syndrome?
high potassium levels and imbalanced electrolytes?
do i have a heart problem?
What is Low blood pressure?
hearing lostt due to hardening of the arteries?
How can I prevent side effects from caffeine?
I have had chest pain just right of the center for 3 days now.?
aortic heart valve surgery serious ?
how can i win her heart?
Why doesnt the Marine Corps care if my medicated, arythmatic heart stops beaing?
blood pressure and seizures?
Recurring electric shocks in the left side of my chest?
trival mitral regugitation in a 24 year old with no symptoms?
How can you tell or how to find out the Clogged Arteries were from Cholesterol or blood clot? ?
after surgey the hernia is leaking?
BDS can treate some other disease like psycomania or heart problem? this answer very important for me be l?
Heart Worms in Humans?
Thyroid Nodule Surgery?
How does thyroid medication help?
What do doctors say about PSHSHT?
Have a few heart question...?
Was this an Angina attack?
Irregularly fast heart beat?
what does high protein and high hemoglobin in urine indicate?
Recurring unexplained fever with my 2 and a half year old?
if doctors told you that you're dying from smoking cigs,would you switch to dope?
Should I go see a doctor aout my lymph nodes?
can you go out and be physically active while trying to pass a kidney stone?
Muscular/skeletal problems, please advise!?
What is it that shark cartlidge can do to help a sick person?
HELP! BLACK STOOL! Going insane!?
Help! Is this strep throat,how do I cure it!? Urgent!?!?
HEALTH, bruises? noooooooooooooooooo?
Am i going to die of suffocation?
If you have a cold.. Are you supposed to take a hot bath?
Questions about Sore throat...?
i's it wrong to feel like touching myself?
stress and the human body?
Does Oxycottin Make You Thinner?
What do you think of this article that doctors often prescribe PLACEBOS...this is what your cash gets you?
One in nine trained-in-Canada doctors is practising medicine in the United States?
How much should I sell my massage table for?
I feel...Almost Motion Sick and havent felt like eating in over 2 weeks? What does this sound like?
How do you say to crack you knuckles in french?
What organs are vital for keeping your skin clear?
How you can get hypothermia?
I think I might have H1N1?
citric acid, good or bad?
Is the whole Swine Flu crisis basically over?
Smartsmoker.com keeps charging me for free trial, what can i do?
why do i get headaches?
about health?
why am i hiccuping so much??
Will I be more tired if I only get 5 hours of sleep? Or 2 hours of sleep?
im sick and my mom's ignoring the doctor?
Been having sharp pains ):?
if i smoke a joint rolled with a hundred dollar bill, will i get sick?
will this go away or should i go to a doctor?
my left arm is numb a lot and its not a sleep whats wrong with my left arm as i speak its hard to type ?
bad cold or what?
I PICK MY NOSe in public how can i stop! its gross but I like it?
Right eye bulging slightly?
Does cracking the fingers affect finger flexibility and make the joints appear larger?
Wheezing ....?
Why have I slept 17 hours yesterday?
Is 36.5 degress Celcius normal body temperature?
Drinking pop caused me discomfort?
Shaklee ???
i just purged and i'm shaky... is this normal?
how to stay awake?
Finger won't stop twitching?
I cant RUN???
are there any health benefits to having a cup of tea (orange pekoe) every morning?
can my daughter dance tights be washed with regular hose thats he wears??
Am i addicted to ciggarettes?
thyroid gland affecting female functions?
Problems with getting a sick note on the weekend...while SICK!?
I have Osgood Schlatter disease. Can I still play basketball?
why do your fingers go wrinkly in water?
if you drink 2 much u get drunk,if u eat 2 much u get fat,so why,if u sleep 2 much u are still tired?
when was the time i stop growing?im 17 years old girl...?
Hypnosis for phobias?
lump on leg?
How long will my hip ache?
hip replacement private?
I tried to kill myself but I survived; Why?
definition of referral?
Anyone got a home remidy for a mild case of DTs, I`m a bit agitated and getting peripheral halucinations?
can you help me find websites on codeine addiction?
what is audio Hallucination?
how do i help my sister?
Why would a doctor call someone back in after a routine annual blood, urine, and ECG test?
why do health care costs increase?
Has anyone tried self hypnosis online...Hypnosis downloads.com?
Is it ok to sleep next to a fridge?
Smoking advice! please help!?
Does it mean i get an hour extra hour to sleep in?
Finger twitching?
What do the abrevaitons behind a Dr.'s name mean...?
Kinda embarassing to ask but why do I...
Will receive points if answered, please help?
Have you ever used Drysol?
Chest pains after working with asbestos for first time...?
Bitter/Salty liquid coming out of my gums? Just got wisdom teeth out...?
Sleeping troubles?
PEOPLE WHO HAVE QUIT SMOKING --- How did you quit for good? What about when drinking ?
I see on the news that medicines are in our water?
I've been cracking my knuckles for some time?
whats wrong with me?!?
Why Can't I Sleep ?! ?
Tuberculosis test question?
Swine Flu doesn't seem all that bad. Why's everyone freaking out?
do cats usually die from UTI's? and do you think this sounds like a UTI?
I sprained my toe and i Wanna break it (please read)?
I have a little hard bump on the back of my neck. What could it be?
Whats the best lotion for dry rashy skin?
How can I get rid of the pain and itchyness of stretch marks?
What causes hick up beside drinking gas-added drinks?
I had a spinal fusion in January and since then my back cracks.?
I get really spotty vision when i look at the computer?
When a doctor says______?
I cant fall asleep fast. do i have insomnia?
how to get rid of stomach acid after drinking beer..? (read description for more information!)?
Any method of exercise,physical or mental to overcome forgetting things?
is it safe for me to smoke now?
can psychologists prescribe medication?
I Have a Minor Toothache?
How long should you spend in the bathroom?
my body is making wierd sounds?
whats the best thing to take for an extremly soar throat and bad cough?
What happens if you pop an ingrown hair bump?
Any help? Feeling very sick ( sorry it's long)?
what happens if u get 7 normal mosquito bites?
What is a good remedy for gas?
is there any medicine to make your height grows taller? would there be any side effects?
What are the odds of being predisposed to having kidney stones?
What can you tell me about the ulnar nerve?
I have a colonoscopy tomorrow. I have been doing the prep(fasting)?
Is it possible/likely to have blocked arteries at the age of 23?
Athletic Heart Syndrome?
Father and Grandfather died of cardiomyopathy- will I?
my blood pressure is 129 over 79 with a pulse of 69. is this good for a 46 year old male?
Am 18years old and i weigh 49 am i normal?
What does bone cancer do to the body?
Smoker family...HELP! 20charactersssdkfjsdfksdjf?
How do you get rid of headnumbness/lightheadedness/dizziness?
Has anybody dealt with the wait times of MRI's, General Surgery, or the ER in Canada?
I AM A 82 MALE WHY DO I FEEL SO ILL afer taking a long nap?
im taking beta blockers and mirtazipine for ocd and panic attacks, i also take zanax in certain situations,?
Alcoholic friend needs an intervention... Any advice? Have you ever had to stage an intervention?
Is it actually possible to hypnotise someone into thinking they are something else like a chicken?
Anybody know about Appendicitis?
I can never sleep at night, no matter how tired I am. I lay there for sometimes 5 hours and still can't sleep.?
Why can multinational Drug comanies stop the distribution of Generic drugs?
Very Dizzy Please Help?
what is the real difference between a sof bed and a hard bed ??
Is getting a nose job safe?
Why did i Just vomit in the middle of the night!?
what should i do to feel better all i got is one tylenol?
i took some ECSTASY for my first time and i have some cankersores is that normal and how can i get rid of them
What causes heart palpatations?
need to treat a ear ache?
my knees sometimes crack when I do simple things like bending down or standing up. i am 15 1/2 years old.?
How to quickly beat a cold?
Can a pharmacist help me quit smoking?
Can I take Cephalexin for a bladder infection?
This is really embarassing please help!?
Sleeping Problem...HELP?
Does anyone have a Cure for Gut Rot?
Quit cigarettes and weed at the same time?
I feel nauseous and sometimes weak?
Knee Locking or Giving Way?
What risks are involved in having bunions corrected through surgery?
Opiate Withdrawal?
why do i get the feeling of pins & needles on my face when im stressed?
I have got Knee pain?
Swine flu question...........................................................?
What should i do if i MIGHT have swine flu?
How long can a flea live without blood?
Flatulence cure?
just these past few months i have found it difficult to get up in the mornings.?
Is it bad to mix alcohol with sleeping tablets ?
If we were made to put the "verichip" in our heads/hands,what is the correct medical procedure to remove it?
Is it the flu? Or something else?
Eisenmenger Syndrome/Pulmonary Hypertension- do you know this diesease i have?
how can i start breathing again? Asthma?
I have had constant acne how to prevent and get rid of it?
my sister punched me in the lips and now its swollen .. what do i do ?
Constant sneezing help.?
Hair Dye causes Cancer? 5 Points?
Ow! I have terrible chest pain?
prove to me marijuana does more bad than good because i thing is a good thing?
Cousin got beat up in store?
Should i still go see a doctor if the signs of a concussion are going away?
why do i get dizzy when i stand up?
Why do we Hiccup?
Why is my left hand, half of my palm and my pinky and ring finger, numb?
How to deal with withdrawal from klonopin??
i start to feel nauseous randomly?
My stomach growls too often?
something medicinal to mellow me out.?
Ever meet a woman that made your Johnson want to fall off?
Huge Piece of Potato, stuck in Throat.?
What should I get pierced?
why is it bad to pour cold water on youre head when its hot outside?
Can I drink with this medication Apo-Amitriptyline?
side effects of vitamin b100?
who here has this problem?
What Causes A stuffy nose? And why does it becomes "Unstuffed" but goes back?
Why do people get goose bumps and sweats when they have a really upset stomach that often leads to diarrhoea?
this is out to all the victims of the horrible thing that happend to students at virgina tech.......... R.I.P?
So i feel REALLY sick,?
sleeping problems?
My elbows lock constantly and stay stuck for at least and hour at a time!?
really bad carpal tunnel?
Blacking out and low blood pressure? ?
does anyone know of a drugstore anywhere in the GTA that carries reusable eyepatches for kids with a lazy eye?
my g friend is always tied/sleepy when iwant to sleep with her it goes on for weeks.is it common thing what?
Any help for severe diahrrea and upper right abdominal pain?
How can i quit smoking?
everything feels thick, to the touch?
Any Doctors or Nurses on Yahoo?
Is it possible to run out of tears-especially when you're already dehydrated?
Whos ever gotten chapped lips?
Is this bad for my health?
What is a good way to stop heavy perspiration?
Period every 15 days (kinda scared)?
my doctor told me that dust mites live in my mattress, do they also live in my blankets/pillows/box spring?
Weird feeling in eye?
how do i stop sweating?
Do I get a nose job? What are my risks and how to go about it!?
intestinal detoxification?
How many caleries per day in order to loose weight?
If you had mole removal done, can you replace it with artificial skin?
What is a terminal illness for a child that progresses slowly?
How can I apply to get stem cell injections for MS?
Why is my stomach STRONGLY pulsing, abdominal aortic aneurysm?
what do i do if i have an infected lip?
0_0 what are the signs of an appendicitis?
I use hereford hospital rheumatology department. If I move out of herefordshire can I still use the same heref
What is iron deficiency, and what happens to your body?
What law does a researcher broke in faking data? What would be the punishment(s)?
A friend of a friend's mother recently lost an eye in a car accident. This is really unfortunate,?
My friend wears sunglasses inside because " it's too bright"?
Can stress cause lower back pain and lower abdomen pain?
Anyone Know Why This Is Happening???
Why does it feel nice when ..?
What are the chances of getting C.difficile from amoxicillin?
Is miracle grow bad for pot plants?
How to get rid of a.....[more inside]?
Waking up in the middle of the night not being able to breath?
my ribcage is wide....is this phisically unnattractive for a girl?
What's wrong with me? Help!?
I think I might have a hearing problem. Advice?
are you able to determine whether someone has taken drugs by their appearance? has she taken drugs?
Allergy to penicillin?
How come music relaxes you when your stressed?
Can people be prescribed more than one kind of benzodiazepine?
Serotonin problems, what can I do?
broken thumb?? insight anyone?
I can't wake up, what do you suggest?
I hurt my shoulder at hockey, felt instant pain.. 4 days later it still hurts?
Does cooking fruit or vegetables destroy vitamin content such as vitamin A?
where can i get acidophillus pills in bangalore india its urgent guys please help.?
I cut nuckle open and.. PLEASE HELP?
How do you become less clumsy?
What is the best sound to fall asleep to?
How can I prevent myself from being sick ( cold ) ?
Do bedbugs bite if you sleep too tight ?
How does Canada's healthcare system work?
How can I not get sick? Please read below!?
I feel really strange, any insight?
Why is it that corn starch is a miracle on diaper rashes? What makes it so work so well?
What to do with a concussion?
What is this ?
what is a dermitolagist ?
Does our body "clean up" after we quit smoking?
What is the main difference between an oral thermometer and a rectal thermometer? Just that mine tastes funny.
How do I...........................................?
what are the major problems with Canada's healthcare system?
do contacts irritate a lot of people?
Is 0.5 % cortisone cream safe to put on my babys face?
Can lack of iron make you tired and....?
Do you sleep enough?
what is disassociation, depersonalisation and narcissistic personality disorder?
five potential risks to yourself and others involved in direct personal care?
is Schizophrenia heredity,genetic..can it be brought on by emotional trauma,too many pregancies?? etc?
How long to skip for using a skipping rope everyday?
Anyone else on Lofepramine anti depressant?
following on from a previous Q, alcohol and anti depressants?
efexor, has anyone had any experience with the anti depressant known as efexor?
can sociopaths's be cured.?
Do You Think They Sedated Her?
Do you/or do you know anyone with a strange 'sleeping habit'?
why do we need to sleep for hours why not minutes and why does coffe let us stay awake even more?
Switching to hard contact lenses from soft contact lenses?
I have an itch on my proximal bicep, what should I do?
pregnant with pins and needles in chest??? comes and goes can anyone help?
i am have 2 injections in my lower bach and coccyx they are going to manipulate aswell what will they be doing
whats wrong with my neck??
what can u recommend 4 repetitive strain 2 wristbone (joins wrist to thumb)? cant take ibuprofen due 2 asthma
does anyone have subluxation of the coccyx?
why does my big toe hurt?
hurt my finger?
i have a sharp pain in my upper rights shoulder?
Trapped nerves?
Does smoking have any correlation to deafness in children?
Recovering from anorexia- gaining some weight but still fit into old clothes?
Protein supplements, muscle pain and possible kidney issue?
Whats a quick way to get rid of a sore throat?
eye prescription conversion?
My mom has Degenerative Disc Disease?
Is it normal????cold toes?
Genetic disorders Question?
my leg is red and swollen and my head hurts whats wrong with me ?
How can you lose your sense of smell. URGENT?
does it sound like I have Insomnia?
what is the cure for otitis media(without the doctor consent)? Any alternative medicine?
what causes kidney stones?
i constantly feel like im choking? why is this?
How long would you have to stay in a hospital?
How do you know if you have weak ankles?
help me please?
Becoming Healthy Again?
I need your opinion on something!?
Isn't it counterproductive to use oil in your ear to soften ear wax before removal?
Why do I feel sick when I eat?
what can i do to soothe morning sickness?
What do you think? Is this medically possible?
Next year im going to university for psycology, but im not sure that that is what i really want to do...?
Why the heck...?
Bad day at work?
Pain in head feels like someone stabbing me in the head??
Self employed - What is the best dental insurance and health insurance in Ontario, Canada?
i need help with my body temp. please help?
Pain in lower left abdomen and groin area that goes down inside of left leg?
If an 80 plus senior had a mini-stroke, would there be any lasting effects 3 days later? ex. speech probs.?
Leukonychia? I'm really scared?
what is the risk of injecting into the front of my thigh?
2 persons same physical condition, 1 take twice the time to recover from flu than the other?
REVISED Should I take my boyfriend to the hospital?
why do we love when all it does is hurt eachother???
Not sure who else to ask for help.?
Question about obesity?
Solution for tired eyes.?
cant sleep at night.?
Why would a hospital use general anasthetic for toenail removal?
Surgery stories? Any interesting?
Numb fingers?
I accidentally took a bite of a sandwich and I have a blood test in an hour - will it affect it a lot?
Can anyone tell me of a supplement to help control high blood pressure?
Mole Removal?
What am I trying to spell? (Medical related) Please help!?
Why am I never thirsty?
Does your spleen swell when you get a cold or flu?
How long does tylenol take to have effect on toothache?
Are energy drinks (Red Bull) really that bad for you?
How come when you have a cold, your mouth tends to want to stay wide open.?
I would like to know how can I withdraw from heavy dose of lorazepam without doctors supervision, if possible?
I'm having chest pain? What is it?
Shingles illness?
Help for stomach flu?
Tapeworms? How do you know?
Stubborn wart won't go away on thumb?
What is colon cleansing?
how do i get started getting help? I know I am depressed, I am afraid I am going to lose my husband?
TRACEY J , i think i had / having a similar experience to yourself.?
Constantly reviewing myself - lack of self confidence?
Who would you give more money and resourses?
Citalopram , Pros & Cons!??
Every time it takes me ages to make a decision?
can you recover from borderline personality disorder?
Bad Though I always think when I am alone that I or someone I love is going to die of a very Violante death.?
Can a person with a diagnosis and treatment for..?
Fullness in ears and nose?
why do i get cramp all the time?
What are 'smarting eyes?"?
strange head ache?
Knee pain from cycling?
Sandals with a built in arch support?
headaches? pain in back and sore stomach why ??
Fashionable Flip Flops with Arch Support?? PLease help....?
What do I do? (open wound)?
Is it alright to take Gaviscon in place of Maalox? (please read the full question)?
Can you name a disease that requires a lot of blood transfusions or blood donors?
Are there any natural ways to cure thyroid?
How long until stomach cancer stomach cancer will "kill" [[read description]]?
Has anyone had a Tibial Tuberacle Transfer?
pls help me! i have been experiencing difficulty of sleeping this past 3 nights now. what should i do?
I feel tired all the time.?
Bizarre question - can anyone else make their eardrums vibrate just by thinking about it?
Does anyone have chronic thoracic spine? I've been suffering with chronic upper back pain for 2 years now
Bed wetting Best Meds?
my toe nail is about to fall off?
I'm a student in police foundations and I'm trying to quit smoking ?
Brutal headache during period?
Is it bad to pee in the shower?
Can you stop a cold dead in it's tracks just as it's beginning?
I have a cold sore on my lip that is just starting to form, is ther a way to stop it from getting worse?
URGENT! I accidentally ate one grain of drano...?
my body temperature is 35.4 degrees celsius is this bad.?
Can a aspirin overdose affect you later on?
Whenevr I move something in my ear moves?
F**K Im getting a cold, thats been going around, and i have a job interview???? HELPP MEE!!!?
If God works through doctors is He a sadist?
Does getting your nose cauterized stop nosebleeds?
in montreal, what time should sunlight be avoided because of powerful uv rays?
What is the average age to develop breast and ovarian cancer?
where in liverpool can i find help with my condition?
Sorry ask again , what do you think of naltrexone treatment for heroin addiction?
did it stop you using on top of heroin?
if there was a colour infront of us, how do u know that colour is the same that i'm seeing it?
How long do Prozac withdrawal symptoms last - tremors?
How can I change my sleep cycle? During my undergraduate days I regularly woke up after 11.30am..?
My stools have changed to pencil like size with air holes in them and have bloating and cramps. What may be?
Autistic spectrum disorder in men?
If you have just found out that you have depression do you tell your children?
I felt a lump on my cheek and the doctor said it is a tumor on the parotid salivary gland.?
Are there too many humans?
What are the symptoms of autism?
Do i have Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (als)?
Stomach issues after flu?
does nexium cause black bowels?
I get dizzy on the bus... what's wrong?
I have a infected cut on my finger.?
Good medicine for Hay fever?
Need help calming down?
Extremely itchy everywhere from Duromine ?
i've got a broken toe?
Broken rib? can't breath, passed out.?
whats wrong with my back?
Gallstones...Could someone lead a normal life
How are nails attatched to nail beds?
Is it better to sleep on one side as opposed to the other, meaning your left side or right side?
I get hemorhoids every month that lasts for about a week?
is there any scientific evidence to proof glucosamine sulphate prevents early asteoporosis and arthritis?
How often do you go to the doctors?
Benzo - Clonazepam - Anxiety Med?
Is it better for your back to sleep on your back or you side?
What does it mean when you sweat in your sleep, not because your hot?
how can i stop being tired in the morning?
why are my veins sticking out!?! 10 POINTS!?
can you really fall asleep when someone puts sleeping pills into your drink?
I seem to sleep longer than other people and I recently quit smoking. Is this why?
Have you expericenced side effects while using sleep-eze? ?
My son is 15 & has been having bad leg cramps & now his right hand goes cold a lot, but it's only his 1 hand.
1 tequila, 2 tequila, 8 tequila..FLOOR!?
what do you do if someone has heat exhaustion ?r=1248544699?
How old do you have to be to give blood in the UK?
Earring holes in your earlobes?
does anyone know of any good lowcost health insurance plans...looking for prescriptions especially?
Ingrown hair?
I have diarrhea with the flu coming.?
HELP!!! PLEASE!! what do i do!?
is this a type of plastic surgery?
I get sick after I eat and drink ?
what's the difference between penicillins and cephalosporins?
concerned about body please help?
Energy saver lights? Are they a fire hazard? If So where do I complain too?
what are problemes caused by the brain?
What is median neuropathy mean??
I feel more refreshed when I get less sleep. Why is that?
Nose job??????
I have a cold and my ears are plugged. how can I unplug them?
hunch back...what is it? ?
How do medical students stay up?
How does the muscular system work with the skeletal system to support our bodies?
Vaccines, is it true?
Drunk & Ate lots of tylonal...?
is it safe to put ice up your bum?
i have been sleeping like this? is this normal?
Red Lines In my Eyes And Pain in eyes?
i have got a sharp stabbing pain in my right side, more or less under my arm,?
Why do I get chest pains/heartburn?
i have disturbance of colon ?
what are these tablets?
I keep getting tiny painful blisters in the arch of my left foot.?
Is it dangerous to have pain killers and RED BULL together?
I have a blood blister thats been here for 7 months now, what do i do?
ONLY serious answers. help. pleassee!!?
Can anyone explain my chest pains?
why do i get cramps in my fingers?
What is that splintering feeling and sound I get when I twist my neck when it goes to sleep?
Help With Soft Colour Toric Lenses?
i might have mono.....?
does it have to be asthma?
How long can I go without taking accutane? (and not ruin course)?
Rituxan and Arthritis?
do i have food poisoning or stomach flu?
How to stop brain drain from india?
my dog runs away when I blow wind in her face, why would she run away, could she be allergic to wind?
allergic reaction to cohcolate?
My daughters allergic reaction to a new guinea pig...?
Question about bacteria killing sprays?
Weird question- I vomit within 3 minutes of consuming salty foods - chicken salt is the worst anyone know why?
is it possible to be allergic to someones deodorant that is near you?
Remove dust from the air?
What is mucus made of?
Allergy to Chlorine?
how to be pretty if you have a big nose?
i have lupus what can i take,to relive the pain?
is it an allergy to cheezels?
Is there gluten in..........?
My friend Isabella has an itchy eye?
my dad is deadley allergic to bees i have been stung be4 can i become allergic to them ?
can water for injections be used for the nose like normal saline?
Am I allergic to something or this something else? : (dry slightly itchy lips, tiny bumps below my cuticles)?
I'm allergic to bees?
What happened to my nose?
where to buy benzedrine nose inhalers?
Anyone out there vitamin B-12 deficient (warranting monthly shots) and also low in iron?
tired in the mornings?
Wake up more tired than I was before bed!?
is it bad for your health to sleep with your arm below your pillow?
What are the benefits of vitamin B6, B12, and folic acid?
any doctors or health majors?
Blood Test Results????
What colour should ear wax be?
Abdominal twitching?
Why are random areas on my body aching, twitching and tingling?
How can a person with scoliosis find the comfort they need to get a better nights sleep?
Knee keeps popping every step I take?
Does Nicorette actually work??
This question is for our brothers and sisters in the Great White North?
Are there any other options to recieving blood in a medical emergency?
I went to a loud concert a week ago and there's still ringing in my ears. Did I cause permanent damage?
What's a good way to speed the recovery process?
Can I wear my custom orthotics in my skate shoes?
Can drycleaning (perc) cause rashes and skin irritation?
Infection in my right inner lobe?(Spaced ears.)?
Why does my stomach hurt when i drink milk?
i need help with medication withdrawals?
HELP, EXTREME Heart Burn Pain!!!?
How to clean build-up from eyeglasses?
Does drinking milk/sleeping REALLY help you grow?
i was wondering if itching is a symptom of melanoma??i had a small spot on my lower leg i thought was a bite?
Can we survive without B12?
will I keep growing? details inside..?
i fell off my bike and got 6 stitches?
I think my scrotum is torn.?
how to cure stutter really fast?
What could this digestive Problem be?
Is an enlarged spleen dangerous?
Cough Medicine Question????........?
What are some ways to not feel sleepy during class?
Do I have sleep APNEA? & does it sound like serious form?
what is counter love?
Question about head lice?
Where is bilirubin stored in the absence of a gallbladder?
milk protein allergies?
How do antiinflammatories work?
Getting mole removed?
my heels and ankles ache?
Loss of hearing in left ear ...... For how long?
stiff shoulder...that wont go away..?
Knee pain in left knee?
Can I get a pain in my eye from sleeping?
Why were some people immune to the back death/black plague?
how did the black plague/black death End?
Who was the first person in the world to get diagnosed with H1N1 (swine flu)? What country were they in?
Lungs are clear but I have Pleuratic chest pain ongoing ... help!?
What would my doctor do (or a psychiatrist) if I told them about my comfort eating?
when i worry about this thing back of my head hurts.... any reasons anyone?
Just a headache or something more?
URGENT: Anyone can reccommend me a good orthopedic (private) in London?
possible overdose?
I'm just .... so pathetic.?
how do you cure or calm depersonalisation?
can any one give me emotional support i feeling down?
Any ideas of what this could be?
Help! What is wrong with me?
how often is too much when it comes to taking hot baths?
Does Manuka Honey really work?
I can't quit smoking? i get really dizzy none stop day and night :(?
i feel dizzy and tired all the time?
What might be wrong with me? (headache, nauseated, sore throat etc.)?
I have a small lump underneath my armpit skin what is it?
How do you power nap?
1 day till 18 and i wetting the bed?
Why am I always feeling so nauseous? What are the causes of nausea?
My thumb on my right hands twitches any guesses why?
Why do i get so shaky and weak before i even feel hungry?
Shoulders hurting..?
how bad is my sleep deprivation?
a question regarding contact lenses.?
How to fall asleep? [20 char]?
i am looking for private hospital in GTA to get a hernia surgery for me?
I just got my H1N1 flu shot, and a few mins after I got it... I felt dizzy...?
Every morning for the past week, my eyes have been really puffy. BUT WHY??
why do we twitch in our sleep?
Fold, Roll, or Scrunch?
Can a tear duct unblock its self without surgery?
Why does it feel great to scratch wounds etc when it causes damage?
I went to my doctor to see why i am tired all the time, he looked in my eyes at the bottom,?
swollen ankle ??
where can i find a reiki master in karachi pakistan?
Roles of doctors beyond diagnosing n treating?
could this be cancer?
Campfire smoke=sore throat?
does any one know of a good cold sore remedy?
my eye hurts so please tell me what i should do?
My friend Isabella has an itchy eye?
safety of people that work in rehab centers?
New Years resolutions!!!!?
my dog has a clear runny nose and sometimes what sounds like an asthma attack. It just started.?
Scratchy throat remedies?
When Im out in the sun I get really hungry?
How come I am only allergic to dairy SOMETIMES?
does your nose grow indefinitely?
my dad is deadley allergic to bees i have been stung be4 can i become allergic to them ?
How to stop the pain after leg cramps?
Which one of the 5 senses do you prefer the most?
how can i get off prescription drugs-painkillers and sleeping pills?
Cut on arm when i fell on pavement?
is it possible for someone to wake up this way?
can water for injections be used for the nose like normal saline?
i eat concrete and dirt,do i have pica?
what is counter love?
Rezveratrol Supplements?
Will I grow?????????
How to get my energy up when I have a runny nose and am tired and have a DANCE CONCERT TOMMOROW!!!!!?
how can you make yourself throw up?
How long should i not train after getting my tonsils removed?
Why am I constantly worrying about getting sick?
sitting and studying make me lose weight?
Lunch meat... throw out or keep?
how long does alcohol stay in your blood stream...?
Get rid of warts????
Has anyone heard of tongue exercise therapy?
I am working two jobs first one is from 9am-6pm the next is at 6pm-1am Mon-Fri I obviously don't get that much?
Why do my veins stick out so much?
Is this right????????????
ever have a dream that the devil has you by your ankle, and you are flying as well as you can but you are solo
Painful knee and swollen leg?
Do you think i could get my drivers license?
are you not supposed to shower after using a tanning bed? WHY?
Bicep Pain?
How many Canadians that die yearly from cigarette smoking live in a metropolitan area?
Extensive blood taken as a child?
Do you have to think about which hand you write with?
i'm going to quit smoking i'm going on NicoDerm?
Can being strangled at birth by the umbilical cord at birth cause mental problems in later life?
What illness is it?
healthcare and how happy are Canadians with the system?
Where can i find 5htp in the philippines?
Is there an online version of the DSM or similar?
Is there internet counselling?
When your a teenage should you have a couple more hours sleep than a usual person?
saw psychiatrist he says tablets are working too well to block anxiety has this happened to you?
Is there something like a dissocial-paranoid personality disorder?
Help making friends.?
Zest for life?
i have a real problem and i dont know what it is....??????
why is it hard to speak about memories from my childhood?
why has our society become so reclusive?
Why I feel hollow, and terribly absorbing care and interesting things?
Have I done the right thing?
Is this a medical condition?
where to buy benzedrine nose inhalers?
I have a disease and I dont know which one (please this is true)?
What does Nathaniel Heintz have to say about parkinson"s disease?
Question about colposcopy and biopsy?
Stomach Pain! PLEASE ANSWER?!?
Astigmatism and Contacts?
What's an "Off-axis Astigmaticism"? I have that...?
Hi, has anyone had any success with home remedies to cure vitiligo?
Do Boots the chemist do anything that stays warm for hours? IE Hand warmers?
i got this horrible pain last time i flew in my eye ball. it felt like it was gunna explode.?
I broke my foot and damaged the facitis muscle, am playing sport again, anything i can wear for extra support?
Is there any relief from the pains from poly-neuropathy?
when i am lying flat in bed and try to turn over to my side a pain i cannot describe comes and it feel like?
i dont know what it is :/ please help anyone?
which is a good chair to sit?
Margie Garrison's arthritis diet?
Tenderness in my arm?
I think my friend might be anorexic...help? Advice?
pain in right side of abdomen, can it be my appendix?
do i have kidney stones?
Does anybody know what can cure someone that has Emetaphobia?
Most dangerous "party" drug?
**my throat's making these really weird noises??**?
can anyone help me?????????
My friends and i are thinking about taking shrooms?
what drug stores sell zyrtec?
sore throat and fever! HELP?
for LSD (acid) users, how many of you now have side effects?
dizzyness over stress?
Is there any way that I can help my son not be afraid to go to the doctor?
Uh..getting slightly worried XD ?
How can I grow taller ? x]?
Does anybody have any experience with those nasal strips?
Tips on grow taller within puberty?
I can get to sleep!!?
Cupping Massage & Shoulder Injury?
So scared about my 4 yr olds tonsillectomy??Anyone out there can tell me their experiences?
Is the patch a good way to quit smoking?
I was on the patch and I felt a tingling/numb sensation on my upper back where the patch was. What is this?
Afternoon naps make me more tired?
would picking at a scab increase the likely-hood of getting a scar when it heals?
What parts of the health care system in Canada is already privatized?
My friend wants to skip from a 4g to a 0g...?
my friend took 21 tylenoland was throwing up every hour exactly is that bad?
How do I know if its just stress, or something else?
Is Smoking Paper Bad?
taking a long time to sleep?
What is the microbe that makes facecloths, dishcloths, etc., go "sour" during warm weather?
I have been on the nicitine patch for 7 days why do I have so much Gas and gut pain?
how do i lose my voice fast?
how can I sleep in later?
I have flat feet, is there any problems that could develop from this?
Is taking three 2-3 hour naps a day as effective in maintaining health and comfort as a 6-9 hour sleep?
How can I be sure I'm talking to a Canadian? U.S. Coverage in Health?
I lost my health card...How do I get another one? I only have my passport and birth certificate as ID?
what is a groogle?
has anyone experienced dry mouth when taking citalopram?
How do you truly let go of the past and just forgive and move on?
Can a camera flash or watching tv interfere with the healing of a scratched cornea?
i have a eye question?
Can eyes change color?
Mole removed by laser?
moles that are growing on my face, neck & arms,some are becoming bigger,does it mean anything?
Need advice about my new peircin?
post thrombotic sydrome?
hi i have a little spots in my tongue and i wikll like to know why it doesnt hurts and are in the back.?
Pain in upper abdomen?
why does my back always hurt?
Help!! numb finger!!?
I have had persistent lower back pain for the last 15 years.?
Severe pain in my hip and thigh area?? causes?
Stiff painful joints after exercise...What causes this?
Are vibration exersisers safe to use?
what have i done to my neck to make it hurt so much?
chest pain what should i do......plz help me?
Getting off dihydracodiene?
How will a child with sensory processing disorder be able to cope with braces?
barb has blood on him and like a hole in the side of his body help!!!!!?
how to get rid of rednees around the nose?
get rid of warts before school?
To all the doctors out there? Help !?
Arthritis?? I had a blood test done years ago, around 15yrs old, and I remember the doctor telling my mom?
Canadian Cancer bracelet?
I live in northern ontario canada and i am looking for an opthamologist that specializes in sever myopia?
Clear Care contact solution?!?! (question)?
is it normal to moan in my sleep?
Whats happening to me its been going on for 4 days!?
How much does an average relatively healthy American pay for health insurance?
Is it finally over now???
How can I get better sleep?
im extremely tired...i feel like sleeping right now...on this desk!!?
Anyone go to either UBC or SFU (in BC) and in nursing??
are there any benifits of cracking your knuckles and other joints?
What's your best way to relaxe after a hard day at work?
Rate Your Doctor On-Line?
what are the drugs used in smoke cesation?
Any [edible] foods ward off mosquitoes at night?
Ear popping constantly?
Trouble speaking and face twitching/numbing?
does wartner work for killing warts?
Have you ever mistaken someones snoring for millwork ?
what qualifcations do i need tobe a health and safety officer in ontario Canada.?
Sleep problem, please help?
Is it okay to use Accutane and Tazorac at the same time?
Does anyone know the basics about the H1N1 flu?
This is a really disgusting question about stool, but please answer?
how to faint easily?
which is worse....?
What does the doctor do at a girls physical?
I might have ingested a little bit of hair wax. Should I be worried?
Orthopedic Soles...Walk Fit and Barefoot Science?
I heard that kleenex is made from virgin fibres, does anyone know of any tissues made from recycled content?
I have to get the H1N1 needle tomorrow and I'm terrified of needles!?
QUICK!! EaSy 10 PoInTs!!!!?
does making out for a long time make you sleepy?
I have a painfull, small bump on my cheekbone?
can you randomly get beauty marks?
Are high tempuratures bad while wearing contact lenses?
Health Nutmeg High trip (quick answer) Health?
bubbles on the back of my throat, pleasseeplease help.?
Question about Asthma?
I work at a Chinese place. I'm very sick
What do these blood test results suggest?
why do you smoke and would you quit?.?
Is it normal to see big glowing rings travelling like it's going through a straight tunnel at night?
can pregnancy cause my girlfriend's "area" to be "tighter"?
Do i have a pulled groin or pull leg?
What is wrong with my feet?
is Gum harmful?
Dark, stinky urine? Prostate/kidney/liver infection?
urinating frequently?
Can you die from the first time you try drugs? If so, how often does it happen?
what happens if i take expired echinnacea?
Poll: The Latimer Parole Decision: Does It Set A Dangerous Precedent?
what should i do to get rid of this embarasssing halitosis problem?
who believes for whatever reason someone could have an incomplete mind/brain and powerless to get help?
Ray-Ban Glasses Question?
How does Exercising help prevent Cancer?
How long did the symptoms of shingles last for your child?
Coughing, or something more?
Should I see a doctor for this?
I Slept 21 hours what could be wrong?
sleep paralysis!??! help?!?
Can you leave the Vaseline on overnight while you sleep or should you leave it on for a certain amount of time?
Did I have a good Blood Pressure Reading?
Where can I purchase a bathtub chair for my grandmother in Edmonton, AB?
Is it lip cancer?
are these signs of sleep deprivation?
Ways to cure my loss of appetite?
Donating Blood - First Time?
Is there any ultrasound machine which can able to do x-ray and CT scan?
Where can i order KINOKI foot pads - that ship to Canada?
Medication Lyrica ..... did you have weight gain?
Do you know you can be paid For health?
Heart Beat?
Hacked out a .5 centimetre white "thing."?
I am only 16 and I am getting carpal tunnel, and I don't know how i got it.?
redbull in the evening and tylenol pm at night, bad?
My head has felt foggy for about 3 weeks?
Pains on a regular basis ?
Why does my ear pop when I wake up every morning?
Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis?
I don't think that I'm getting good enough treatment from my GP, can I insist on a referral?
have you or anyone you know changed your or their lifestyle?
I experience tremors in my left hand?
What do you think this could be???
Drinking when you're anemic?
When I put on my glasses, two fairly large lumps appear on the back (left & right side) of my head.?