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people sometimes enjoy being scared, for example at a funfair. why????
Is there a cure for autistic spectrum disorders?
Have i got OCD??? i have intrusive thoughts!?
why is she doing like this? what it means? we talk very nicely everytime we talk just like before.What do I do
has anyone withdrawn from antidepressants using st john's wort?
Whats the best way to beat feelings of overwhelming anxiety?
Why did my GP prescribe me these?
Can anti-depressants cause numbness?
I am applying for a job in a mental health ward. Any tips for my interview?
is xanax precribed for depression?
has anyone ever overcome a mental problem???
have read that puraepa fish oil is very good for it,has anybody tried it?
where can i get non prescription coloured contacts?
What number would my vision be? on the 20-20 scale.?
Does anyone buy their contacts from 1800-contacts ?
Is this good or bad eyesight? And how do eyesight worsen?
Does it damage your eyes if a computer moniter is bright?
Are there any "blind eye" contacts that you can actually see through?
why is too much light harmful for our eyes.?
My eyes seem shrunken.... WHY?
Clear Care Solution questions?
what is the best distance for preventing myopia?
Non stop eye twitching...help!?
I have two little black dots in the bottom of my eye anyone know what this could be?
Eye test... *more inside*?
Question about rgp contacts?
Is there anywhere that buys prescription glasses?
For people who have RGP lenses, what's a good and reasonable price for those suction cup lens removers?
will wearing minus rx glasses instead of plus cause myopia or other eye problems other than blur, nausia etc?
How close together can 2 laser eye surgeries be done?
question about glasses?
D&G eye glasses come with a case?
Do I have Central Heterochromia?
Where Do you buy Solotica's Hidrocor Contact Lense?
My skin is so dry, what can i do!?
on October 8th my life change i suffer a stoke and i am now on a drug call Coumadin what are the side effects?
How Do I Stop Coughing?
blackheads, dry skin, and oil skin?
Neurosurgery Question (Please read description before answering)?
1 year old with virus, breathing trouble?
Help me quit please? how do I be-rid of the tobacco?
Swine flu but no fever........?
AUTISM vs. AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER...What is the difference?
should I keep using an acne medicated facial cleanser if all my acne is gone?
My hands, feet, and thighs are constantly itchy but there is no rash?
what are useful treatments for pityriasis rosea? what about athlete's foot spray?
What could be causing patches of eczema on the back of my 1 year old's calves?
i just looked in the mirrior and didn't recognize myself?
Um, I just Popped a blister that was under my toe nail...how do I take care of this?
People who were on Accutane..?
molluscum contagiosum question?
How do you know when soap is thoroughly washed off your hands?
What do you put on a rope burn?
How do I sleep??
What's the cause of a charly horse?
what is the dosage schedule for bismuth subsalicylate?
If you are retaining water, how do you get rid of it?
can stress cause a stroke in a 29 year old who smokes, takes antidepressants, and drinks at the same time.?
How to get a good nights sleep?
what's the best time to check the cholesterol level in the body?
What could be causing my right foot and leg to get numb and tingly?
I work 3rd shift and sleep about 4 hours a day and when I don't work sleep about 3 hours a day what can I do
my 11 year old sister dr. said that she needs a hearing aid?
Is it better to get rem sleep or not when waking up early the next morning?
Is there a way you can get an Xray done, without your family doctor knowing?
Tired all the time..?
I've been only getting around 5-6 hours sleep lately I can't sleep any longer than that Could I die from that?
my eyebrow has been twitching on and off all day.?
I am having gas trouble...?
i get a ringing and clicking sound in my head what causes it?
Why does it flash white when I bang my head across the floor?
Period Problems!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Ingesting hydrogen peroxide...?
How can I get rid of halitosis?
What is the best way to promote drug free regularity as recommended by my physician?
If a person uses marijuana only once or twice a week in small doses how long will it stay in your system?
what does vitamin b12 do for the body?
red patches?
Aching joints?
I always get pins and needles!?
swimming with a cold/first signs of flu.. is it safe?
Dizziness feeling?
stabbing pain in my chest, then in my right side, whats the possible cause?
Hi, I have dry eyes more so in my left eye, but i get a dull achy pain in and around my left eye, does anyone?
i have had a migraine all day and earlier my fingers were feeling numb and so was my tongue...why is that?
What is sillyak disease???not sure if I have the right spelling.?
Is it wrong to get attached to your counsellor?
can any one tell me anything aboat the restrictions of the section 25 of the mental health act?
I seem to remember reading somewhere that Einstein was self-harmer... Am I imagining this or is it a fact...?
do anyone know a website where you can register dreams that seem to come true?
how do you handle feeling down?
I am looking for parents with children with non verbal learning disorder.?
Are there any effective treatments for paranoia out there?
Questions about overdoses?
bi polar, staying sane?
my lifes become a fantasy? i convince myself im not real?
what are my rights as a service user regards medication?
What is the medicine Lexapro used for?
what does it mean if someone has a 'abnormal personality'?
must of the time i get angry with my family mustly when i am facing financial problem wat should i do?
Do i need help with my anger problems?
Eye colour and mental health?
Explain what is meant by 'duty of care'?
can borderline personality disorder be treated successfully? im wondering this as i wait for therapy, cheers?
Is this custom for a physician to weigh and measure you upon visits?
What exactly is Wrong with The Public Health Care System?
how can i sleep better in the nite!? im always waking up and rising early?
is perscription deoderant bad for you?
Blood Work Question a.s.a.p?
blood in stool?
Quit losing weight?
Is it correct to say that veins carry blood with high concentrations of waste products and arterie carry blood
Why am I always tired?
What vitamin helps your immune system?
What does it mean when my legs turn purple when I'm standing?
I sleep way to much,...?
Water actually makes me feel WORSE.. have you ever heard of this?
If you are in a room with people smoking weed, will your drug test be positive for it?
What is the average emergency room wait time in Canada?
does sweating in sauna, helps loose weight ?
is it polite to pick someones nose in public?
Can i use dulcolax everyday?
How do you get Pink eye?
How come when I get out of bed quickly, I go blind for a few seconds ?
I usually dont get sun burned, but after camp i notice my nose is really red, is that a sun burn =(?
Are these products good? Which are better? pics included?
ACNE problem!!!! did i harm my face?
Old burn wound itching and ........?
Puss coming out of my cartilage?
How long does it take for a mole removal scar to disappear?
a few days ago, i woke up with a small pink spot on my nose, i showed to it to my mom?
Blackheads and whiteheads?
Raised tiny red bumps on neck and sides of face...?
I went to a tanning salon and got burnt?
Is putting oil in my eye as lubricant dangerous?
Make homemade contact solution?
Is pepper spray the same as bear spray?.....in terms of effectiveness.....and pain...?
My eyes, my head.. Glasses?
How bad does it mean if you are prescribed to wear -1.25 reading glasses?
will i grow out of this?? eye problem?
laser Eye Surgery Question?
Can I have short vision contact lenses instead of glasses?
Any eye Doctors, question about strabismus?
Colored + vision contact lenses?
Do brown contacts make you're eyes appear smaller ?
RedEye. Why is my eye 'bloody' ?
Should I go for a bigger or smaller base curve in a contact lens?
Is a small amount of pesticide/herbicide harmful?
Transition lenses?please help?
How do you increase your eye sight?
Question about my new glasses?
Should I get with-blade or bladeless lasik?
What is the most your eyes have ever changed between eye exams, I am nearsighted?
When i smile i can feel the edge of my contacts?
Eyes are really blurry after waking up?
Please explain the manufacturer marks on eyeglass lenses?
What causes one eye to be worse in vision than another?
what could these symptoms mean?
Why are my feet and hand always cold?
Seems to have bad breath.. deal or point it out?
what did just happen to me... read the symptoms?
Vomiting after a night of drinking.?
Tear Glands?
When Should a teen be to sleep?
Am I too skinny? How can I gain healthy weight?
What's wrong with me?
How exactly do we get vitamin D from the sun?
I have weight trained for a few years on & off.I have a crackling elbow at times is sore,i use Gloc/msm/cmo?
What is a matter baby?
what is this swollen eye?
stomach pain?
Aching Achilles Tendons?
any information on a broken pelvis?
Is there anywhere I can sell contact lenses?
pain in my toe.?
Teeth pain - adenoviruses and enteroviruses- sore throat beginning of tonsilitis?
why does my leg feel i have a trapped nerve?
Whats wrong with my shoulder?
painful lungs front and back?
What do i have? Is it the flu?
how can i a heart child exercise?
I keep getting styes in my right eye, around the same time as my period. How can I make them stop?
When i look in the mirror my one eye dilates faster than the other is this a bad thing?..do i need glasses?
my eye seems to have a syst or a sty growing HELP.?
How does retinal scanning benefit those with visual impairments?
Can the plastic headlight lens rejuvenater polish be used for plastic eye glasses?
how should I properly take care of my yearly disposables, if I am only planning to wear them occasionally?
Are prescription glasses free following cataract surgery in Canada?
Eye floater or what was it ??
I have trouble seeing?
where can I find a good opthalmologist in toronto?
What are the societal benefits of retinal implants?
Does any manufacturer make toric, opaque, coloured lenses with a diameter of 14.0mm?
I have trouble focusing my eyes at a point?
help!!! any idea's to quit smoking???
Does anyone know any good ways to fall asleep early when your used to go to bed VERY late?
feeling really irritable and emotional today.. what can I do?
I have a friend who wants to bring on lacatation. Is this safe to do?
I had a bad cold last month. My throat got sore last night. Could I really be getting another cold so soon?
What's Happening?
Question for anyone?
What does amoxycillin trihydrate do? What kind of infection is it for?
my friend is allergic to strawberries. What else could she also be allergic to?
HMO's are they good?
Whats the best shoes for people with flat feet??
I keep loosing weight without trying and I am very concerned.?
Hey nurses what are some of the best shoes you have worn for twelve hour shifts.....?
i have been drinking a lot for the past and i get nervous...so i diceded to quit in 10 days...is that ok?
What is causing my fingernails to peel and what can I do to make them stop?
How to stop electricity from going through my body? Sparks touching things?
Why are Americans so afraid of universal health care?
I wake up sick on my birthday every year.?
What would you like to ask?
Will I ever get better?!?!?
Is there a disorder or a problem with touching your hair?
Is anyone have knowledge of the medical term, hemacrotosis?
Hair Loss- Anorexia?
filing for disability for bipolar what if I cant afford the doctors?
Does this make me an addict? Binge drinking and smoking every week or once every two weeks?
Anxiety cures for presenting ?
What are the signs of brain tumors?
my girl friend apparently has anorexia and im really scared?
I heard that soya is bad for your immune system?
what would start an asthma attack? an emotional upset? say being scolded for something like I just was?
I wanna know why I had a small panic attack this mornin?
nausea & headaches constantly?
How much does a manager of a shisha/hookah bar make?
how to help my asthma my nose is always blocked up in the morning and I have to inhale steam to breathe better?
Is this a good medical reading for my EGFR?
does anybody have a tips or tricks on getting splinter out? Please?
Info on drugs?
Teen: having trouble sleeping
Is alcohol or marijuana worse for you in modest amounts?
feet/legs poping/cracking ALOT?
Completely exhausted from school - what to do?
any secy hairstyle for male?
My stomach hurts when i lay down? Please help!?
What foods should I eat to avoid getting sick?
Adrenalin or Panic attacks?
are there any negative long term effects to people who always use gel?
blood in toilet bowl again . HELP?
homeopathic sulphur to treating psoriasis....?
is there a natural substance that will get rid of cysts?
how to remove acne quickly ?
How to fix this dry nail?
How to tell a scar from a wart?
a question concerning 2nd degree sunburn?
I have pink lumps under my thigh?
why is the skin around my hairline red?
Will accutane take away red acne marks?
Will these multi-vitamins still work?
Red veins in the white part of my eye?
Is $5 per hour good or bad?
Has Anyone Went To A Hypnotist To Lose Weight or Quit Smoking? Do You Believe?
Just dont feal right?
What are the reasons of Low Blood Pressure....?
What's your view on euthinaseia?
Is it a mosquito bite?
What's your best way to relax after a hard day at work?
What do laxatives do exactly?
where can I find lime water to drink?
Hi, I had my gallbladder removed Jan, 31 2007. I am still having trouble with stomach gas everytime I eat.?
my kids who is 3 years old eager to bite cloth everytime. how i can pretend her?
The girl I babysit has LICE! help?
Is it safe to drink alchohol again?
What does the nail colour indicate in health wise?
When i lay down it feels like my heart is beating like crazy or something in my chest any idea why???
Has anyone successfully come off Lorazepam?
Without going to a Doctor, how would someone know if they were clinically depressed?
Went off medication against doctors will.....?
How to help my daughter who is showing signs of mental illnes?
Why am I such a primal struggler?
any tips for overcoming shyness?
Clinical depression?
am i depressed.?
What does it mean when someone is suffering from "Latent Inhibition"?
campral EC?
Laser treatment, how often ??
Pulled a muscle?
I have a severe hyperflexion ankle injury how long will it take to heal?
Sick-- stomach flu? how long does it last?
Food Poisoning or the flu?
Can you use Tens machines for muscle pains?
how can give up botox?
what are these tablets for betahistinedihydrochoride?
neck clicking?
Bad feeling in solar plex?
Is this a side effect for bulimia?
Should using a Neti pot be this unpleasant?
how many times did they get shot?
what is the function of alveoli?
How bad is it to breathe lead from a solder?
I have pneumonia and need to take food with my pills but can't get myself to eat?
Who is the best human doctor in the entire world from start to finish? What is the best doctor now?
The Travelling Plum Pit?
Steroid related question.?
What meds will knock me out on a transatlantic flight?
MRI, immediate help or wait for results from doctor?
Flu shot... Chest pain... Sick every year?
What creme should i use for dry skin and exzema?
please give an idea im having some health problems that are starting to scare me?
how do you lower insulin levels?
Female Dermatologists in Scarborough?
What are the best foods for acne free skin?
What is the best treatment/product for my frequent ance and blackheads on my face, shoulders and back?
whats a good garnier or neutragena product that will help with discoloration or even skin tone?
What could this be...?
Drysol on hands = Weird?
have you ever been to a dermatologist, not cuz of any disorder, but just to get perfect skin?
HELP! Played 'slaps' and now i have bruises on hand =S?
Does anyone know how to get rid of eczema from under your bottom lip?
Staph infection with eczema?
Why am i sick and whats wrong with me?
How much sleep do you get a night?
How can I fall asleep right away?
i have a hangover any tips to help me i have school today?
What is the best way to get to sleep?
Whoa... I just passed out... O.o?
Showering after eating?
What are some asthma symptoms?
in what ways can you force yourself to vomit ecxept putting fingers into your throat?
is it bad for ur heart to sleep on the left side, on the heart side??
I'm a 35 year old welder wanting a career change with an interest in the health ind, what is the best pathway?
What does it mean to 'sleep with one eye open' ?
I work in the construction field, after 5 or 6 hours my left leg begins?
I have had a sinus infection for the last month now when I blow my nose or sneeze snot comes out my eye WHY?
Why is my right hand always colder than the left?
Is there a medical term for loosing the sense of smell?
Why do people sweat alot when they do house work?
What are the statistics of getting certain illnesses from smoking?
if a person already had h1n1 should they still get the vaccine?
cancer patients-better to be in sun ?
are swollen lymph nodes hard to the touch?
Stomach flu! Or What?
What are the symptoms of Schizophrenia??
Can anyone tell me what Valeriaanextract is please?
What I should do? Feeling doom and always imaginating death?
drink problem?
To everyone who answered my question - 'I hate myself'. Please read?
do you think we all suffer from SAD? It is sunny today and I feel so much happier?
Is This Depression Or Boredom?
melancholia, and the west?
Anyone know of anywhere that want suicide intervention volunteers?
strange noises in my sleep?
Do I have Body Dysmorphia?
How can I come off Kira St Johns Wort when all I can find is the one a day tablets?
why do people with autism spectrum disorders need advocacy and advocates.?
blood test for tonsillectomy?
How does one quickly heal a broken leg?
my girlfriends eye hurts?
anyone had piles?
Cold. Flu. What is this?
Is this safe? sea salt?
Does anyone know the Human Resource office fax number o email address in Onatio, Canada OHIP OFFICE?
What on Earth is Omarashi?
What is the point of the flip-flops....?
canada's safe injection site?
do i have a broken bone?
yellow tec pills what are they?
green vomiting 18 month old child, what to do?
wrist bone?
Where can my friend find a methadone clinic in Isfanhan Iran?
not feeling well...any ideas?
What's this strange stomach feeling?
How do I overcome this?
If you were responsible for instituting a cancer policy, what would it be ?
Don't you think THIS BAR has the right idea?
How can a poo faster or learn to hold it?
Is this normal? Why so much..?
Who has grown taller after 18?
How long does the h1n1 virus live on clothing?
My Friend And I Have Weird Interests?
what are some key factors driving health care spending?
Which 3 groups are responsible for preventing H1N1 and why?
kinda scared about the swine flu ?
question about health?
Perscription eyeglasses?
I have a problem prononcing S's. :(?
heard a pop in ankle little swelling no pain?
if micheal jackson cut his wrist would it grow back black?
how do you get rid of skin tags?
tinea versicolor with bacteria? :S?
Ringworms are appearing like crazy? :(?
My 15mos. old son has a scar on his forehead and i'm just wondering if mederma is safe to use on a toddler?
What should i do to get rid of my henna?
How Bad Is My Acne? Pic Included?
wondering how much it would cost to get a mole removed from face above lips and where in london ontario area.?
Achilles bump how do i get rid of it FAST?
Natural Way to cover up/get rid of acne by tomorrow?
Is it normal for beauty marks to appear out of no where?
I drank nail polish remover, but dont feel anything, should i seek help?
Need help with veins!!!?
I seem to be having bladder problems for a while, I have to go often, and I find it hard to go too.?
i have a sweating problem and its really starting 2 become hard 2 work with.?
I have B neg blood and I don't donate blood and neither do other B neg people...what is up with that?
Help! I was up crying all night and now my eyes are all poofy! I have to leave for work in 30 mins?
how long does it take to feel normal again after you stop smoking weed?
constant need to pee?
Sleeping too much.. a symptom of something?
I am constipated right now?
Should I sleep for four hours?
Numbness in fingers...?
trouble sleeping.please help =]?
I cant sleep, what should i do?!?
How many hours should a child of 5-6 years old sleep? And what is the proper time for them to be in bed?
why can a non vaccinated person be protected from a disease if they are a part of a group that is vaccinated?
if i get medical care on my parents coverage, will my treatment show up on their statement?
When I go to a sauna 3 minutes is longest I can stay. My nose gets dry and feels like I'm sufficating why?
If Temptation (the sin inducing factor) be some kind of Energy: Would it be a neurotransmitter or the mRNA?
i want to print out a free registation form for new clients suffering from anxiety and depression,please?
My ex is still really on my mind. How do I move on and not worry if she is ok?
does anyone know anything about epherdrine?????
Does anyone know if or what the long term effects of Lithium.?
How can some one over come morning madness?
I don't trust to myself & I'm too sorry 4 this. could smb help me?
Lymphatic Tumour, more information please!?
I have a cold, but I'm also short of breath and usually dizzy...what can I do about it?
What could this possibly be?
Will they (please) remove my gallbladder?
Can you tell if somebody smokes cigarettes by completing an ultrasound?
Narocotics anonymous help.?
Family function coming up soon, one member ill....any suggestions for things to do?
I was given a free sample of BP mini needles I injected insulin into my fat tummy .No reduction in sugar?
What can I do about this?
Have your ever had sleep paralysis?
I think I have been having a few sleeping problems..?
Does having a vertigo attack completely ruin your entire day?
A little more info on Liver cirrhosis?
blood glucose test fasting in different period?
Having your appendix taken out?
Can immunization shots (tetnus, Hep A&B) cause extreme high levels of CK (skeletal muscle enzymes) ?
people withTourette Syndrome, What tics do you have?
Question about autism and downsyndrome?!?!?
Does she have an eating disorder?
Should I take medicin? Does it help get rid of the fever, or does it relief the symptons for a while?
Irritable Bowel Syndrome-C? What do you do about it?
red rash on my face...warm to touch and irritating, general feeling of unwell......anyone hazard to guess....?
clear skin (oily and bumpy) please HELP :'(?
Recently my 5 month old lab pup has had a skin infection so they put him on an antibiotic and now its back? ?
When people with acne shave their face, does the razor cut it off?
how to i get rid of my acne?
HELP IDK! SkinID or proactive which is better?
Skin Rashes- Help please?
what is your daily routine?
when you read up close what is this called..near sighted or far sighted?
why advise with meds?
Sleep deprivation and substitute for sleeping pills help?
I have this lump on my leg, its the size of a large spider bite?
Can sleeping 12 hours a day be bad for you?
Lately around 4:00pm I get really shaky/weak/sweaty?
can i take asprin after i drank alcohol?
What are the chances of UTIs getting better by itself?
Just had nose cauterized?
puking clear substance..?
For 3 days now, everytime I woke up my right eye is bloodshot red?
Lol im a wimp and i need a solution.?
Wearing a Pad for more than 8 hours?
Tying off mole/skintags to kill it? Advice?
Does anyone know what this is?
My husband had a stroke and is on nortriptyline for pain. He throws up a lot, is this normal with this stuff?
Have you ever done that thing where...?
muscle spas-ma?
Have you had bunion surgery?
what do I do for a headache?
does anyone have any views on DrNatura COLONIX treatments?
help. are there any lesions on gentials after a infection of hiv?
How can I make more eye contact?
Can mrsa move from a skin boil and into your blood?
Around 14-16 years old, which gender typically weighs more?
After Mrs. Jones diagnosis what kind of infection procedures would be initiated by the hospital?
ACL sugery...........
Why would I suddenly feel very hot and nauseous?
what does this even mean?
Why does taking a couple of Tums tablets cause me to sneeze?
how do u get sick?...never have b4!?
I haven't seen my boyfriend all year, because I've moved then at the end of the year I finally see him...?
What is wrong with me? Really not feeling well, PLEASE ANSWER SOON!?
i have trouble sleeping?
what are the effects of nicotine on the body ?
Can a doctor refuse you an MRI?
do you think i have somnolence?
Could cocaine show up on a urine test just by touching it or being around someone who smokes it?
How to Build a Higher Pain Tolerance? ?
heart problems at night?
about Acuvue Oasys with Hydraclear Plus contact lenses?
Is this an Overdose? How can i tell?
I have a weird shaped uvula?
What are the physiological effects of cocaine?
i cannot get swelling or colour right after having plaster cast taken off?
Do people really pull a muscle at the local " Seafood Disco"?
ibs foods insoluble or soluble fibre for constipation whats best?
Bad ankles?
What is causing my stomach pains?
How do I get rid of this weird feeling in my stomach?
Will this get rid of my dark circles?
so I have been twitching fir 2 years now, please help!?
Getting up in the morning......?
What would be better for Anxiety?
Stomach Aches?
Why at age 58 do I wonder what I'm going to be when I grow up?
Stephen Fry - Shrink Wrap?
My daugher has been struggling with drug issues for the past 15 years. As, her dad I have always been there?
My job is stressing me out and giving me anxiety?
nervous twitch?
Hi I have been on sick leave for quite awhile with depression and anxiety also the loss of my mam&dad?
does a sinus headache need to be treated?
Can doctors give you fake prescriptions?
Best and quickest way to get ride of chapped lips?
What does being put to sleep for surgery feel like?
How do I fall Asleep at a good time?
How dangerous is breaking Compact fluorescent lamp?
Can you get seriously addicted to something that isn't like, smoking, alcohol...?
I seem to be experiencing sudden hearing loss in my left ear. Can anyone help me?
is coffee really bad for you?
has anyone ever experienced sleep paralysis?
how do you get rid of throat inflammation, no it's not a sore throat, ive had this for a couple of months now
Has anyone here quit smoking cold turkey and did it work for you?
Hi. What is the easiest way to quit smoking, I have tried and tried and tried and tried...?
my son has a blue tinge around his lips but he has no apparent health problems should i be worried?
What are some good techniques for quitting nail biting?
What does technology provide today's health care ?
Strange pill found in sons room.?
is mowing the lawn bad for health?
I have been dizzy/light headed for a week.
Does Greens Plus really make you healthier? Does it really change your acid/alkaline level?
control heavy perspiration?
what will a full blood count test for?
how come if you take your pulse at the neck it gives a false count?
What are you doing to combat stress during this financial depression in your country (USA)?
I need non-medicinal tips on how to survive 10+ years of hot flashes!?
how can i correct my posture?
how to get rid of burning sensation in the back of my throat?
Throat has red bumps and white dots?
After eating i feel sick?
ecstacy and migranes?
What is the chance of a relapse? My brother is in rehab for alcohol and drug addiction?
Does my mom have Alzheimer disease?
How can we cure Parkinson's Disease now?
I have a swollen bruise and the bruise itself is going away but its still swollen.Whats going on?
Why does it hurt?
thanks everyone 4 info been docs now got strong killers if these dont work sending me hospital 4 tests cheers?
Does anyone know why I have constant mucus buildup in my throat?
Can you develop a scarlet fever rash after starting antibiotics?
I HAVE A COLD. best medicine?
whats wrong with me????????
Celiac disease?
Nasal congestion and pressure?
I have severe back pain in the kidney area in the mornings, anyone have any idea as to what causes it?
where do lice come from?
Do I have H1N1???????????
Is there such a disease where your brain gets dumber and dumber by the day?
back problems nerve root damage can scar tissue cause someone to have alot of pain in their legs?
Is it normal to get tinnitus at age 16?
I take propranolol 10mg for anxiety. Is it okay to take two at a time?
What's this thing in my ear?
our family doctor detected a problem with my wife's liver, which she says is oversized: 49. is this serious?
Question for everyone?
Think I'm Going To Pass Out?
I need help with my nose piercing!!! PLEASE?
should nurses be "friends" with patients on facebook?
Has anyone tried the e-cigarette? If so, did you find it works?
Knees Crack!?
What Incentives offers do you know about for Nursing Jobs? and where?
Dizzy spells?
got a bad cold and i really want to get rid of it before christmas!!!!!?
Why do people have nails?
why does water come out of your eyes when you look at something for a long time without blinking?
Does any one use a nettie pot for their sinuses?
what is your hangover cure?
please tell me the symptoms of an ammonia in human beings?
Can you eye doctor tell right away if you have diabetes?
Sleeping problems?
How am I going to quit smoking!?
What is a good sensitive skin solution for acne?
i feel people around me are making me ill because i am getting no possitive ansawers want can i do?
do you think psychological problems can start with internet ?
Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being". Comment if correct or not?
this counciller was telling me off yesterday, i grandaughter got in?
Are trauma teams effective in dealing with trauma calls in the A&E department?
CSP (Compulsive Skin Picking) - any suggestions for help?
Do people who have hypochondria think they have it?
In the UK, to whom does one speak for medication for panic attacks?
Have you ever been overwhelmed by grief and feel like it will never end?
Where Can I find some good info on aspergers disorder?
Do you have an Eating Disorder?
Sectioning under the mental health act ?
Do Narcissist Consider Any Group They Are a Part of as Automatically the Best?
what does borderline personality mean and also narcassitic and also body dysmorphia disorder?
Early signs of schizophrenia?
is depression something your born with?
Is it a bad idea to talk on a cell phone for 1 hr every night?
What is is like being an EMR/EMT?
why do people normally sneeze twice in a row??
basal body temperature?
can u get food poisoning from this?
Does anyone know the name of the ointment that numbs (like for ear piercing)?
sleeping eyes?
My cheeks keep tingling like they're going numb?
weeeird feeling may be from stress?..?
Is the tree guy actually growing roots.?
What: Medical Examination?
My knee, whats wrong?
Is it possible to go to a Physiotherapist covered by the NHS?
Tingling in head?
When i excersize the side of my feet swell up and i get pain...why?
I had a second Cortisone epidural Injection.?
Anger or is it something else?
change of pain medication?
who like me is going to work in morning?
pain in one spot of my head?
How am I going to quit smoking!?
i need help... asap?
i have a bump on my arm! help!?
I haven't had a bowel movement in about a week, does this mean something is wrong with my immune system?
High blood suggestions?
I feel tired all the time and oversleep...then i cant fall asleep when i have to. is there something wrong?
I've been having sleep problems for 9 nights in a row now. Tossing and turning, no comfortable position. Help?
Im 21 years old female and my stool has been very odd lately?
I have a problem falling back to sleep?
how much and how do we loose calcium in our bodies?
Kind of embarrassing but...?
What do you honestly think this could possibly be ?
blood pressure is at 162 over 82 is this to high?
Sore Throat Abroad- Home Remedies?
How many hours of sleep should i get every night?
tear in contact lens?
I have abdominal discomfort, but I can't figure out what I have?
it hurts over my heart when i breath in? it kinda hurts..anyone know what that could be?
get rid of a cold????????
How to treat infected earring?
I been diagnosed with long tongue syndrome "girls only"?
I have gone to the bathroom quite frequently ever since i was little .?
i have trouble breathing?
whats wrong with my nose ?
What should I do to my cold sore?
What should I eat/do to rid myself of a virus in my throat?
Can I use triple antibiotic ointment on my skin?
What can be done to promote awareness for Kidney Disease Prevention?
Liver damage from Hoodia?
DO You/DID You Have These SYMPTOMS??And What were you diagnosed with?
i have been sick for the past day and a half is it ok to take antibiotics now?
Is it possible for someone to have hiccups for 2 years?
Can someone please tell me what is wrong with me?
Any parents out there that have a child that suffers from stomach migraines?
What is causing abdominal pain?
Question I have had a binge eating disorder , and overexercising ( bulimia) problem before. I currently?
why is it good to alkalize your body? how do you prevent your body from becoming too acidic?
Should I be concerned?
when ever i eat past 6:00 i feel sick?
can't sleep please help.............?
could my lip piercing be infected?
is this normal and suppose to keep happening?
Do you have Essential Tremors?
I have a weird body stature... is it just the way I was built or is something wrong with me?
what might be wrong with me?
Im tired all the time and stuff is this anemia possibly!?
Is it OK to take dimenhydrinate (gravol) with dextromethorphan hydrobromide (benylin)? ?
Birth Control Question????
Has anyone ever noticed how dirty the grocery store hand-baskets are? Ever try to address the issue too?
Wicked bad sore throat ... need help? :D?
If you're choking because food is blocking your airway, then how does drinking water help?
I am taking Omega 3-6-9 does anyone know side affects?
One Hit Knock Out Ideas?
Swelling to face?
Cracked and chipped thumb?
Laser Therapy For Pain Relief?
Why is it some people feel the cold more than others?
what does adaptive reactive mean?
What happens if I eat too many vitamin candies?
How do I get through the good and bad days of grieving?
what if you need?
challenging behaviour mean?
i was wondering if any 1 has ever took fluoxetine, for pms as i have been prescribed it .?
I think I've done it again?
Why are all the prudes and squares on Yahoo boards?
How addictive is Larazepam?
Anyone taking dexedrine or alternative along with antidepressants?
is there any concellors for mental health in dublin and how do i get in contact with them?
how would you surpervise 15 clinical staffs?
do i have a medical problem?
I have a serious sweating problem, I need help?
what do you think this dream means?
Is it better to heal a cut by keeping it dry or keeping it moist?
Sleeping Problems, why cant i get to sleep?
I Quit Smoking and my tummy hurts?
My eye keeps twitching, its been 2 days now what can I do?
I quit smoking 4 days ago and have not had any cravings yet, is this normal?
do you fold, scrunch, or wrap?
-insomnia- waking in the middle of the night?
I feel extrememly weak and tired. How can I boost my energy and turn my day around?
What is the best way to get a good night's sleep?
I get up to pee 4 times a night. I try not to drink a lot before bed....?
My mother was prescribed Apo-Clarithromycin for Pneumonia 2 wks ago and is now suffering severe abdominal pain
If someone is constantly drilling for mud bunnies is it possible that they may have stomach worms?
What is the meanings of PO2 and PCO2 values represent?
My blood pressure is 109 over 54... is this healthy?
Advice please? Pain and aching legs how can I get rid of this?
Very swollen cheek bone?
could anyone tell me about spinal cord stimulation?
What is this hig/leg pain?
Has anyone got any suggestions for help with tmj?
hi i have had terrible back ache went to the doctor who said?
A pain in my bottom left side induced by the consumption of liquid.?
how do you feel?
My upper left side of my back hurts.... I don't know if it is a strain or what but its a sharp pain.....?
i have been in plaster with a broken arm for 6 weeks what happens next?
How to get a waiver for TB test?
I smoke weed on Saturday and I still have a violent cough [White Phlegm]?
How safe is the h1n1 vaccine?
Interpretation of Sinus report , any doctor or nurse?
Why does the number of West Nile virus cases in people increase in warm weather?
Why we become sad?
Can I help my friend's friend's son?
is anybody taking or have taken lithium for depression?
What type of phobia is fear of crowded places?
I am thinking of using Citalopram and I would like to know some peoples experiences of being on this drug.?
other than going to the doctor what is the best way to handle the early stages of depression?
Ear Hygeine Question?
What is a good prescription med I can get for insomnia?
How long does it take for 10g of Valium to wear off.?
How long can side effects of Tetracycline last?
can stress cause very watery diarrhoea?
Wouldn't you be cheesed to find that the blood you got came from someone who hasn't eaten?
Is loosing weight going to make a big difference in my appearance?
Nurses: How many drugs get flushed down the sewers or thrown into the garbage?
trichotillomania problem please help?
Is the stomach flu airborne?
What do they check at the doctors when you have a check up?
Does LSD stay in your system forever?
Bad Health Please Help?
can i drink alcohol while taking antibiotics for a cold?
what's the best way to get rid of the urine smell on a bedritten person?
What does sleep actually do to the brain?
Whats wrong with me ?!!?
whats going on with my eyes ? there so dry ?
what did i do to my thumb?
how come music is better when?
Can people see what you are buying when you have a drug plan?
What can I do to fall asleep faster at night?
is coming off methadone a really heavy trip? i've been on it 13 yrs now.?
what is the purpose of the spleen and the apendix?
i cant find my health card?
why smoke?
Twitching in certain places?Does it mean something?
how do you get rid of a sty on your eye?
Need help falling asleep?
Is getting Heartburn more than once per day bad?
I have some important questions about tanning beds...Help!?
liver cirrhosis?
How do you stop eye from twitching...?
What time do you usually go to sleep at?
Can you get water poisoning from taking an enema (by absorbing too much water if you don't let it all out?)?
How long does it to recover from a Gallbladder sugary?
what drugs stop excessive sweating (hyperhydrosis)?
My jaw hurts a lot? please help?
I get extremely tired after being awake for just 9 hours.?
How can I get water out of my ear?
chapped and cut lips?
How rare is Ab neg blood?
Meneire's Disease?
does lavender affect pubescent boys?
Anyone have a dysfunctional gallbladder? What are your symstoms?
Should I fix my deviated septum?
Can you get a nostril piercing if your septum is deviated?
Any Thyroid under/over active sufferers out there to share their symptoms?
Revised to old question....?
I've been battling bipolar depression, and anxiety disorder for ten years?
Does anybody out there take anti-depression pills GEN-VENLAFAXINE XR 37.5MG?
NOOOO! Insomnia!?!?!?
how do you know if you have a brain aneurism? ?
What are the statistics concerning autism?
so i can wear watches or use compasses?
have u ever been diagnosed with something that u wish u did not have?
How does Parkinson's Disease affect the sufferer mentally?
Help recovering from Bulimia??
vaccinate after recovering from H1N1?
Any bad interactions between Advil and Gaviscon?
At what stage of life do Symptoms of Huntington's disease show up?
are electric beds with massage unit any good?
how to leave marijuna?what are the medicines required to help your body?
i have recently been told i have a underactive thyroid and im now worried about my weight?
do you think that 3rd world country's just don't care about pollution?
How do I get rid of a rash caused by benzoyl peroxide?
Sore throat? How to get rid of it?
Do you think the swine flu will come to Canada? :S?
What would you do, Swine Flu Outbreak & Day Care?
Anyone had surgery for a prolapsed disc?
could of my blood poisoning caused permanent damage?
Pain in my botty wotty :L lol!?
ive used lipobind?
chilblains..any good cures?
Ever had Metatarsalgia?
Is there anything over the counter that works like pyridum - for bladder spasms?
does anyone know anything about lipodissolve?
Migraine Sufferer?
Which way is faster when trying to fall asleep; With the radio on or with the radio off?
After having blood drawn for tests, what does the hospital do with your blood?
Which Blood Type is Better? Type O Negative or Type O Positive?
I am wanting to get my ears pinned back, is there a way it could be a "medical condition"???
ive been feelin dizzy lately?
Problems after gallbladder removal?
i have a very important health question someone please help?
ultrasound found lump under thyroid?
How do i stay sleeping after i fall asleep?
Urgent help needed. What do I do?!
Why do i get dizzy sometimes?
Could i fail my pee test by smelling weed or the remaining smell after smoked?
can a Bacteriophage (T4) virus make you sick? If so what are the symptoms and how do you treat it?
what are your thoughts on nose jobs?
Itching of skin?
is there any cure for talking in your sleep?
how do i get rid of a tanning bed rash!?
I already asked this but didnt get much of a response?
How do I get rid of my cold?
fibre (sorta embarrassing)..:S?
Am i able to get my money back?
How do you know if you have BO or bad breath?
How do I get a medical marijuana license?
how to get rid of a cold fast!?
I'm having a panic attack and I don't know what to do?
How long does it take to get addicted to caffeine, and how long does caffeine withdrawal last?
Have you ever actually lost something that you really could not live without having?
How common are Eating Disorders?
cant keep eyes open?
I need help with my ADHD son he is a really nitemare?
why do peole get affected by strobe lights?
Skin picking - OCD?
what are the signs to watch out for if suspect someone of doing drugs (such as pills)?
why don't i ever feel love if somebody fancies me i feel annoyed and want to get away?
does light effect depersonalisation?
Has anyone who uses citalopram ever stopped taking them suddenly?
Is it good to not give a ....?????????
Any useful tips on dealing (& coping with) constant Paranoia & Anxiety?
how do i find research relevant to caring for people with specific communication difficulties?
Does anyone know anything about dyspraxia?
paramedics and dyslexia?
Why is there such a stigma attached to having ADHD?
suffers with depression..need to leave my job..how?
calling all doctors can you help? can you recommend an alternative antidepressant?
How often can you eat shrooms?
How did you sleep last night?
Will putting pictures that are more graphic on Cigarette packs cause people to quit?
i have been up for 13 hours?
I have chronic pain in my hands, it's not carpel tunnel, arthritis or tendonitis, what else could it be?
What are some good ways to fall asleep?
Just took a sleeping pill and realized the box said it expired 18 months ago. Is this OK?
Should the rights of the smoker out weigh the rights of the non-smoker?
Tips on how to control cigarette cravings?
why cant i ever sleep!?
I can't get to sleep...my body is tired, but my mind isn't. Suggestions?
Blood test results within 24 hrs? Something serious?
When i was half asleep one night, it felt like someone was pulling me off my bed.?
Any idea what could cause this?
I get a decent nights sleep but I am always SOOO tired waking up, what can I do before bed to eliminate this?
Having trouble sleeping.. [10 points]
What to do with weak nails?
is it okay to take someone's blood pressure if they're lying down?
I want to know if anyone has any home remedies for hemorids-an on going problem for 6 months or more?
Yesterday was my frist time smoking weed !?
A seriously embarrassing question?
How can I counteract caffeine so I can sleep?
Can someone tell me what is leaking from my ear?
does anybody know what Granuloma Annulare is?
Methods for falling asleep at night?
Can i still get tricare after leaving the army . Like pay for it like a medical plan ?
do think that people who smoke alot of pot start to get a stoner look on their face?
hormone question...?
my bf extremely sick/groggy in an instant?
Why can't I eat anymore?
Is it safe to shower/bathe in water from a well that needs an iron filter?
Can the following be shown in a regular blood test?
What illness do i have? is it serious?
Should I get the H1M1 shot?
I have pneumonia, now what?
I have alot going on?
What is Pathological Demand Avoidance syndrome ?
Counselling for anxiety?
do you only get goosebumps when you are cold? can you get them if you are scared?
Mirtazapine and weight gain, is this possible?
Prozac or st Johns Wort? I have moderate depression and my GP prescribed 20mg Prozac to take once nightly.?
does anybody know anything about the Charles linden method which claims to cure anxiety, panic attacks etc.?
I've been accused of paranoia/schizophrenia. How do I prove some people are actually conspiring against me?
LOFEPRAMINE..and missed periods as a side affect?
how do you know if you have ADHD? What are the symptoms?
I need help concentrating better.?
thing is i think my partner plays mind games?
what do you do if your lonely, live alone, have bpd, and cant form relashionships or friendships with girls?
why wont any one tell me the truth about my deformed face?
I get a lot of pain under left breast - top of rib cage after sitting at my desk in office.?
if ct scan is normal its not migraine then what is it?
Livingstone,kneecaps or forehead!?!?!?
can muscle relaxers help with curved spine?
Dead skin...?
Do i have swine flu or just a normal flu?
what kind of exercises do I need to do??
what are the health benefits of taking cod liver oil? is there any side effects of oversumption?
I have a hospital bill to pay, but no job, how do I pay it?
Is red wine bad for health?
I can't walk straght?
Is it safe to take a regular dose of tylenol or advil after having had 1 beer?
flu shot???????????????
My brother in law smells quite bad how should I suggest he bathe?
Is sleeping while listening to my MP3 player bad?
What would make a person get a huge cyst on the side of their head? This guy I know had 1 kinda near his ear.?
is it bad to ingest your own gooey substance excreted from pleasure?
the top right hand side of my eyebrow (only one) is vibrating, what does this mean? ?
Would you mind explaining how your health care system works?
i think i have a hemeroid?
why do you sweat more in your sleep ?
Can one cigarette a day really harm you that bad?
really tired, dizzy, shaky, loss of apeitite, in pain, headachs?
Quit smoking over 130 days ago...?
Don't you think we need a insomnia call a friend line.?
i'm always tired and have no energy, what's up?
how to get a good night sleep?
How can I cut alcohal out of my life?
I have an uneven face. Is this a common problem?
No food=feeling sick?
Possible Peptic Ulcers?
3 colds in less than 2 months?
My friend has a friend that has cancer and might not make it in the next 48 hours?
What kind of doctor should I see for treatment of Strep Throat Class C?
Freaking out about swine flu! Help?
What effect can "hard" water have on your face and scalp?
Green stool since frosh week and becoming of age?
My boss sent me home today to go to the doctor because I've been coughing... (h1n1?)?
how do u get rid of inflated stomach lineing?
I have a problem in my brain, I struggle to remember!?
help, i cant go any where on my own?
How can I get back my motivation?
If you are naturally "thin skinned" can you do anything about it or is it just a trait you are born with?
how do you know if they are working??
How long does citalopram take to get out of the system?
Does anyone know where I can genuinely purchase Valium on the Net?
Where in the uk can i go to sort things out in my mind with help and get away from everything?
i have pores (little bumps with black stuff in them) ( i noe it's gross)....but, howw to rid them?
Mri showed something wrong with the tail of pancreas..?
Starting School with Traumatic Brain Injury?
Anyone like to talk about IBS colitis i am here been thru this operation twice and if can help with questions
Not sure if I have Tinnitus?
What's up with me? migraines or more? please answer (repost)?
Differential Diagnosis For:?
what's bothering you at this moment? and any suggestions for my problems?
Constant tingling in hands and feet, ONLY symptom, started 10 days ago?
Is it harmful if I open my eyes in cold water for about 2 minutes ?
20/40 vision? How "bad" is this?
Stomach problems don't go away even if it has been a year after the Laparoscopy was done. What to do? ?
Frequent Headaches & Dizziness resulting in Fainting?
Stomach Pains.... what are some probable possibilities?
i had my gallbladder tooken out yesterday?
How do they test for Celiac Disease?
What are these shooting pains in my arm?
Questions abut appendicitis?
Has anyone ever had a sore on the side of their thumb that just comes out of no where?
back trouble!.. youch!?
What makes the temples sore to the touch?
Can i get chiropractor treatment on NHS?
Knee pain wen due for period?
Stiched Up?
pls help me?
fostering advice?
Raised MR......?
i have a cut on my.......?
I've been trying to quit smoking...?
How to quit Help?
How to lower a high temperature quickly?
1 day body detoxification?
I have these small white spots on my fingers under nails Help!?
what would happen if you drank one drop of gasoline?
When you take a blood test or checkup, what are they actually checking for?
What should I do after I almost got an heat stroke? (just now) Please help!?
Just for my curiosity what is the most..?
How to cure spider veins?
weird pains?
does nexium delete vitamin B in our body?
Why do I feel so tired?
Why do finger nails grow faster then toe nails?
Help! My rook piercing is infected! How do I heal it?
could a blood clot spread to three areas of one leg and have only a throbbing pain, no fever, no redness?
I have a spot on my eye that is painful?
I wonder if a kind doctor or expert could answer our questions?
how to get rid of cold & cough?
Is anyone dealing with a parent/loved one with Alzheimer's?
How do i fix over exfoliated skin fast? PLEASE HELP!?
Big fundraiser?or a bunch of little ones?
Is this a panic attack?
Does anybody know at what age does the nose stop growing?
Quiting smoking, advice please? anyone?
Why do people like smelling feet?
Rubbing things on my upper lip?
how do u call joy pills ???