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My gf has a allergic reaction to some medication she took and now has hives and want 2 get rid of them asap?
I need to know if their is something to help me with my problem (sweating lots)?
Gahh i can't really breathe well!? what can ido!?
Got dizzy and went unconscious ?
i accidentally took an extra dosage of sleep pills, is it true i can flush it out with water?.?
if i get more sleep will my dark circles start to go away?
Should i go to the hospital or no?
Going to the washroom alot?
I have a charlie horse starting, and I can't get it to go away.?
What is the worst thing that can happen if you let ovarian cysts go untreated?
I took 15 extra strength ibuprofen 3 hours ago and nothing happened?
I "overheat" when I am sleeping, what does this mean?
bug found in my hair?
I quit smoking for 2 months now, does the urge for one ever go away?
I feel weak and when I sand up I get dizzy.?
what can i do to get rid of a sore lower back?? tylenol or...?
how do you Take pills?
sleeping through the alarm!?
Swallowed gum?
What is the most important organ in the body?
How can I recruit a Patron for a mental health charity?
Eye brow piercing not healing?
I cant eat ANYTHING?
metal in the microwave?
Do you smoke a joint the same way you smoke a cigarette?
Tips for a good nights sleep?
How can I prevent my hands from going numb while I sleep?
im 29, but im ageing prematurley,with lines . wrinkles her n there. battling a mental illness (bpd)?
I have a serious problem.?
Can you sleep with make-up on?
I haven't slept in 30 hours, and I feel fine. What's happening?
After #2, do you do an inspection?
herbs for insomnia or not?
Gastric-bypass,would like to know some results.?
how come its takes so long to get concelling for anger or deppresion?
I am a community psych nurse looking for funding to complete a hypnotherapy course. Any ideas?
Having some stomach problems, can someone help me?
Should smoking tobacco be compared to eating fast food?
Dizziness when I stand up? Weird?
Why do overweight people continue their poor eating habits?
Let's say someone gave you 50$ what would you do with it?
I need to control myself ....?
i feel like i want to die?
Is it healthy to take Ibuprofen at night to make you fall asleep?
Hi, my 15 yr. old son has been very tired in the mornings lately and has been going to bed earlier at night, a?
How do I fall asleep faster?
QUick answer please! How to lower blood pressure quickly!?!?
What causes bloodshot eyes?
please help me, need to fake an illness?
People can get canker sores from eating deep fried food?
What is ITP blood disorder?
What to do when feeling nauseous with no appetite?
How long should the virus croup last in a child?
ive been sick for 3 weeks now, what do you think it is?
What is Celiac Disease???
what are the effects of insomnia?
What is medically wrong with me?
is schiophrenia induced or hereditary?
What's the English term for the branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis/ treatment of men's disease?
Are sleeping pills available OTC in Canada?
is hemorrhoids diet related or something else,.?
elderly symptoms what is happening?
How does eating too much salt contribute to swelling in the feet and legs?
I recently noticed dark specs on my face like dark dots. How do i get rid of them.?
how do you get rid of a sty thats been their for over 48 hours? ( two days)?
What do I do about my bumpy, irritated neck?
skin care product available only in canada?
ACCUTANE for acne !!!!!?
How long do acne infections usually last? I'm on anti-biotics?
tiny bump inside my ear?
why do i sweat a lot?
Red bump beneath my knee?
Why am I cold all the time?
What happens to skin cell when you burn?
acid reflux best cures home or others?
What type of diseases can people get if they dont keep a clean house?
If my prescription lenses have prism, can I get contacts?
What's a really good brand of contacts?
Optometrists: Do most of your patients buy their contact lenses from you or order them online?
How long after PRK (eye surgery) can I do a boxing match?
Do Lazy Eyes Affect Coordination?
a cut inside the eye?
My eyes start to hurt when i am near bright light or in a house with brighter type lights?
Why is it that people have eye colour? Also black eye colour?
Eyes change colour! Help!?
Monthly Contact Lens Question !?
Is it possible to have prescribed contacts for your eyesight with colour?
how much are colored contact lenses?
Is there any chance that a person whos over the age of 18s eyes could get better?
So I've got this problem with my eyes...?
Do wearing glasses help improve your natural vision?
How to take care yearly disposable contact lenses?
Colored Contact Lenses? Please help!?
I have really dry eyes and its usualy the wind that afects them how can i stop this?
How can l cure an eye infection?
i have been throwing up brown stuff in my spews?
Why do past injured areas get stiff and painful when its cold?
How do i prevent pains in my shoulders that come when i do weights?
What is wrong with my toe?
How do I sleep earlier?? I seriously go to bed at 1 a.m every night!?!?
cannot stop smoking even though it makes me ill, tips?
what is the longest you've slept ?
Numbness in two outermost fingers (not carpal tunnel) what could it be?
Is it possible to get addicted to Diet Coke's laxative effect?
What to do about migranes?
When I get up too fast?
what kills more people anually #1-alcohol #2-drugs or #3-tobacco?
last time you left the house?
Does anybody know the cure for constantly smelly feet?
Why is life so stressing ?
Why is marijuana use increasing in teens?
Why do electrolites make people feel better?
How to stop myself from biting my nails!?
astigmatism... anyone have this?
How to not oversleep?
Why do i keep getting nightmares?
What are the dangers of hypnosis?
I haven't puked since I was 7.?
What are all the ways possibly to help you grow taller?
If your parent or partner was elderly and senile would you care for them at home??
How do I wake up?
Taking showers in the morning or at night?
Stomach Acid: What kind of diet /lifestyle change is necessary to reduce stomach acid?
Can a bout of shingles be caused by a spider bite. Serious answers only please.?
how do u cope with dangerous,strong feelings?
I have problems getting up in the morning, help?
yellow mucous = infection?
I'm not sleeping right.?
hi i got a cartilage piercing and it is red and swollen...should i worry about it? is it an infection?
Is the pain medication Oxycodone made from synthetic heroin?
ok, now how do I get my nose to stop itching?cream or a pill perhaps?
my family doctor is charging me $110.00 just to get my files from her,is this normal?
anyone else scared of throwing up?
Can drugs or alcohol be transfered into your system through somebody else..for example making out?
How do you know if you blew your ear drum?
Why are people so afraid of socialized healthcare?
I just took 10 extra strength tylenol. Is this enough to kill me?
Healthy snack?
Does your doctor's age matter to you?
I can't sleep. Any suggestions?
Is this a Gallbladder Attack?
how much vomit do people purge if their bulimic?
Hallelujah, yet another eating disorder question?
Numb hands and feet, anyone ever have this?
17 have leukemia and im a mom?
Is anyone on arranon and is there anything you can do about the nausea?
Abdominal pain? Low blood pressure?
is cancer screening in canada free?
does Ritalin tend to make your pupils dialated?
Where is the best heamatology center in the East side of USA?
the big eye contacts?
How to determine is theses lens are One-day or not?
My Eye Hurts and I haven't had an injury?
I have a trouble with my eye...please help?
blue contacts?
I put on my contact lenses at 6AM, and took them out at 11PM...Will anything bad happen?
red spot in my eye! Help please!
I have pink eye. How long until it should clear up?
Contacts info?!???????????
best place to buy colored contacts?
if the right optic nerve behind the right eye was cut how would this effect ones vision?
has anyone read In the Eye of Deception? Whre can I purchase it?
is it possible to go blind after doing laser eye surgery?
Gameing and watching tv?
Nikon or Essilor Transition V lenses?
age for contacts in canada?
Question regarding my subconjuctive hemorages?
is it safe to peel ur blisters i like to do that but i dont know if its safe should i?
Do you know a solution for dark under eye circles? Also, what causes them?
How do you get rid of fungal infections on the feet?
Side Effects of Minocin- Is it worth the results?
Is there a cheap instant zit remover solution you can puchase at shoppers drugmart?
How Could I Get Rid Of Blackheads Growing From Under The Skin? I Need Tips Please!!!!?
Who had acne treatment done?
I get red bumps in my armpits whenever I shave. What can I put on them to stop them from coming back?
how do you get rid of this cut/scar?
Cushing's syndrome or Excess Cortisol !!?
sry not getting more pink spots. i have just one?
MY carer has this week been diagnosed with Manic depression, Bipolar and Mania,?
is there a womens centre in reading, berkshire?
How do I know if I'm being emotionally/verbally abused?
Is being shy and sensitive wrong?
Wellbutrine side effects?
Are there any drugs that give the same effect as drinking?
whats a good way to detox your system from chemicals?
I am 46 and have cysts in on or around my overies.?
Is there such a thing as "minor" IBS?
The doctor prescribed Crestor 10mg for high cholesterol, what is the best time of day to take this medication?
I'm looking for a doctor to help my 2 year old son he has had seize rs rapid heart rate & blood in urin?
help diarrhea problem?
Can I make an incision in a cyst?
I forced myself to blink like 3 times a second and now I can't blink naturally. What do I do?
strange feeling in head,followed by pain,than severe nosebleeding?
i feel like im going to have diarrhea, but when i rush to the bathroom, nothing comes out...any ideas?
my liver is enflammed, help me !?
Why do Heroin and meth accidents get so many sores on their face and their teeth rot out?
Can Anyone Give Me Tips On Getting Rid Of Acne?
I tried everything for acne, tell me what to do?
how to bring bone ash out of canada?
Adding to my other question : Do i have an eating disorder?
Question about St.Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis ?
Is it possible to get mono the day after i drank after someone with it?
sudden sharp pain in stomach, and then an odd feeling lasting hours, what's wrong?
i dont feel good:[ vomiting and head trauma? :(?
Got hit in the eye with a soccer ball!!!?
Will boiling water destroy E.Coli bacteria?
Is it possible to become lactose intolerant later in life?
I felt that my eye doctor was inappropriate with me...has this happend to anyone?
How to get a good night's sleep ?!?!?
whats the damages of hitting your head?
what is the source of drinking water in Canada?
Can't fall asleep at night!?
Is it safe to take 2 tylenol and 2 mingrane pills at once?
how long it takes alcohol and smoking time to leave my body after a party?
What's the effect of alcohol on people with diabetes?
Yoi need some help i smoked weed like 3 days ago but ima get a test in 4 days like blood n pee n all dem stuff
Why am i always so tired?
Is it possible fr a person to be naturally nocturnal?
why cant i fall asleep quickly?
How can I refrain from smoking cannabis?
I'm seeing spots when i look at the sky or a plain background?
Can we smoke something that is actually good for health?
Do you live longer if you drink your own pee?
ceoliac condition food and nut allergy food!!?
My nose is constintly blocked?
Help ,, what willll happen to me if i spend ALL summer from MAY-AUGUST in a dark room?
I'm Constantly Hungry????
At what age does nearsightedness usually stop increasing?
Why am I always cold?
my nanny had a stroke on friday an suffered a brain bleed doc said she is brain dead but today she spoke out p
Is something wrong with me?
Cried with my contact lenses on?
What do you do with a really sore throat and cough?
Yoga truly is A Wonder Cure?
healthy smoking, is there such a thing
Does anyone else eat ground flaxseed with food?
What age do you stop growing? & what if yu want to grow more?
how much is a gravestone plaque?
What happens to your lips if u wear lipgloss everyday??
How do you keep yourself busy and sane if you are disabled?
want to quit smoking?
why do i feel like this? is it even a little normal?? :'(?
Does he have autism?
How can I stop my snoring?
ADVICE: Is this dangerous?
What would happen if I took an ADHD pill (I don't have ADHD)?
Pain & Spirituality...any experience with this?
Today i was lifting some boxes at work and....?
Do studies exist that show how much UV exposer is needed to reflect early aging?
i have some whits pimmples they look like white small dots on my top side lip do you?
Do i have to pay for anything to see a dermatologist ?
Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean Produts for acne?
How to get rid of my sideburns?
Help I keep breaking out in Hives!?
What is wrong with my eyelids?
What's the deal with moles?
have u ever baught acne free in 3 days?
I sometimes get tingling in my face and my finger tips will go pale?
how can i reduce my facial swelling?
dry bumpy skin (face) .. please helppp!!?
What is THE best mineral powder for dry/oily winter skin? T_T?
Has anyone had "no touch" eye laser- if so, how soon can you be up and about (i know 6 days are recommended)?
Color contacts non-prescription?
What's wrong with my eyes?
how many diopters is 200 degrees. try and answer what you think i am asking.?
remedies for a twitching eye?
I noticed on two older clients?
I have dust or something in my eye and I can't get it out....?
Are there any ethical issues with Laser eye Surgery or LASIK?
morning dew in the afternoon until evening?
Accommodate coworker with no peripheral vision?
Blue vein under my eye?
What exactly is the procedure to an orbitotomy with medpor implant?
Discuss the impact that glasses have had on you (or your family) personally.?
why is it my glasses don't feel like there doing anything?
How long can I wear contact lens without hurting my eyes?
Narrow Angle Glaucoma?
How often should I clean my contact lens?
how old do i have to be to go to the eye doctor?
Why/How do eyes sometimes change color?
problems with my right eye?
What are the symptoms of OCD? How Can I Cure It?
Some symptoms of something perhaps?
I have the chicken pox, Some are in my hair, how do i stop that from itching?
Weird lump on my ear cartilage? Help please!?
What's a good song for a Kid's Cancer video?
why are the waiting lists?
How does one get over weight issues?
is josh fincher a spaz?
Is it possible that bad luck can follow people around?
Do you think relationships are comparable to drugs like alcohol and cigs for starters?
why is my eyes twiching?
i am worried about my boyfriend's alcohol consumption. how would you behave?
What happens if you get scared half to death twice?
my work mate is always falling asleep....?
what are the symptoms of addiction?
need to know about healthcare careplan in a sort of writing an essay about it.?
why if i go to bed with a headeak i wake up the same ?
is this just my bodies way of giving me a hangover?
chest pains?
i need help with this constipation question?
How to quit biting your fingernails?
Really, really, really craving a cigarette, I need advice on how to keep my sanity?
I am trying to quit smoking...would this be considered cheating?
is it true that if u were too join all the veins in the body it can go around the world twice?
would you be comfortable with a family doctor you knew?
Is it better to sleep on the floor,or bed?
Questions about my health?
I seem to get sick pretty often, how can I prevent this?
I need some tips on how to get a good night sleep????
I can't sleep?
How can i get rid of a cold, FAST?
Heel spurs?
why is my nose constantly stuffy?I can blow my nose a hundred times and im still stuffy??
Quitting smoking, i have smoked for 3yrs. 16-19, i just want to quit help plz :D?
If you get the swine flu, what is your chance of dying?
My eye will not stop twitching! Why?
i sleep 12+ hours a day and am still tired?
Blood sugar?
I suffer from feeling bloated and full constantly. Please help!?
what is wrong with my girl friend?
do i have a mild cat allergy?
i have been waking up every morning with bad headaches for a while now. does anyone have any solutions?
I don't feel well at all and no one can help me... I just keep getting worse!?
Long legs woman fetish?
Could i use bamboo for a bong stem?
Feeling very sick!!?
Has anyone out there ever been declined for life insurance because of the medical test you had to take?
Is there anything wrong wit spliffing?
Do you think "scent free" workplaces are a good idea?
how can i feel better?
Really think about it, what's so wrong about weed?
Why Am I STILL Tired?
why do I have nosebleeds often?
treating scars...???
How much does it cost you to go to the doctor if you live in the states?
Woke up this morning feeling very sick. Help?
Sleepwalking ... help !?
i have a cyst in my eye?
Feeling Really Sick! Please Help!?
omfg. why does this hurt so bad?
Does Penicillin increase Heart Rate ?
Tylenol 3 & 4 Overdose?
What does "autosomal dominant" disease mean?
What can i do with my iguana if her eye is extremely small and watery?
Whats a good facial product?
What cleansing procedure is most helpful for?
I have a really pinkish-redish rash, what do i put on it, when mum is away?
Has anyone done the acne free in three days book ?
Weird Leg Hair Question?
Some kind of scabbing? Is it related? What is it?
12 year old pom with skin spots.?
I have some dark skin circles beneath my goatee (specifically on my lip) what are they?
How do i get rid of my excema?
Skin Tag????? How long?????
What the heck are these raised areas on my face?
Can someone tell me what these tiny red dots are ?
Anyone ever get a bump on the side of one of their toes about a week after a pedicure?
What is the best way to heel a wound after the stitches come out?
i have a skin tag under my eye near the eyelash hair area on the bottom of the eye will it fall off natuarally?
I have stretch mark/stretch mark looking line on my outer pectorials, how did I get this?
Why is one iris moved in more than the other?
About Eye drops & pain...?
Where are guide dog training centers located in Canada?
contacts question..did i scratch my CORNEA?
if you wear colored contacts with no power...can you loose vision cause of them?
How much do Acuvue 1-Day Moist contact lenses cost? are they good?
i have normal vision and my base curve is 8.6???but acuvue 2 color make you choose between 8.3 and 8.7 .?
I need new glasses in hamilton. I was great glasses ... How are there prices 3 for1?
what sort of medical is required to pass a canadian hgv liscence, mainly regarding eyesight?
Can anyone give me a website about the bush babys eyes, including a diagram ?
if my contacts dont hurt should i not worry?
Whats the best colour enhancement contact lenses for dark eyes?
I have a lazy eye and at a young age had a surgery that was not succesful are there any other tratments ??
If i have a damaged eye can i wear contacts?
Can a person who has been blind from birth dream of images?
switching from expressions color contacts to acuvue color opaques contacts?
Where online can I get non-perscription colored contacts In Canada Quebec?
How long does it take to get coloured contacts?
Eye brow lift with surgery?
How do you tell the difference between tired eyes and dried eyes?
My eyes feel really dry lately?
is there any way correct night glare ( my eyes)?
i think im depressed wot are some signs?
how can i get happy and cheerful?
how do i play it??
In left sided heart failure, how does it progress to affect the right side of the heart?
what happens when your 'heart drops'?
has anyone used stiff strips?
i need help to quit smoking, todays my second day and its hard :(?
Questions about sleeping pills?
has anyone with back problems found seeing a rheumatologist beneficial?
What are some good ways to get people to quit smoking?
any one have gallbladder problems?
what in ciggarettes causes smokers?
i need help writing letter of complaint please?
what does it mean when u still have pain & swelling 2 yrs after having a total knee replacement?
Pee in bed?
Not able to have fun anymore..?
My poor little fella has HIVES! Information Please!!?
health question?Always sleepy.?
How did YOU quit smoking?? help!?
how to over come shyness?
if you studied for a test and understood everything, and smoked weed afterwards would you forget eveything?
What does HMO mean in the American Medical field?
How can I sleep during the daytime?
can i go to school im not really that sick?
Arm paralzyed in sleep?
headaches 1 week? HELP?
I took 6 hits off a joint and haven't smoked since oct. how long will it take to get out of my system.?
How efficient is the Canadian Health Care System ?
can i get my money back from a pup that has sever hip displasia at 6 months old.?
are rock hard nodes always lymphoma?
My eye hurts and looks swollen..?
ahhh more stomach problems?
Are cortisone injections for joint inflammation safe?
blood in my stool?? sign of colon cancer?
can yu get the swine shot while on Zithromax aka azithromycine?
What are some of the effects of having a kidney infection in the future?
what does it mean if you have frequent diaherra and stomach cramps?
On Biaxin but my cough is dry now can or should I take a cough medicine?
once you get asthma, do you have it forever?
Fluid in my ear, should I go to my dr yet?
i have IBS what do i do now?
How do Beta-blocker drugs help in treatment of angina? And how do they prevent angina?
will magnesium tablets stop my heart palpitation ?
luxury memory foam mattress topper visco elastic memory foar with quilted cover?
I had a cortisone injection for my tennis elbow. It hurts... help!?
i am a man of 58 and ended up in AE with severe abdominal pains which did not reveal a great deal. i had tests
Painful neck and oesophogus why.?
if knees were backwards, how would chairs look?
can you take other pain killers while you are taking day and night tablets by benylin?
Children and back pain...?
probiotics will they help ibs constipation and bloated tummies trapped gas?
Why do i shake my leg so much?
Why do you smoke weed?
Help..I can't sleep...?
Could I have a cuncusion?
Is drinking milk 20 min b4 going to bed, bad?
What are your methods for relaxing after having a bad day?
How is purging affecting my stomach?
Pain on the right side of my stomach below rib cage?
Why is it that when you are high on marijuana you think a lot?
am i going to grow anymore?
What are the negative effects of alcohol?
A question about acid?
Tips for dealing with mono?
help me....STOMACH FLU?
I need your help for real !!!?
how to get contact lenses out?
After having a Cat scan how do you feel, after effects?
How long does it take for amoxicillin to work?
How many of you are aware of what Cystic Fibrosis is?
ive got a latex taste in my mouth what do u think it could be?
why are carrots good for your eyes?
what do dreams about alligators mean?
Health Project- Marijuana?
What is the price range for sunglasses at Iris? (Canada)?
possible eye problem?
Would is sting of burn if you got pee in your eye?
What Is Vision Therapy?
how do i know if my eye prescription is too high? or too low?
What happened to my eyes?
Whats the protective layer that surrounds the optic nerve?
Blurry vision in one eye?
Is my eyesight getting worse?
Blurry left eye only at night?
What's an "Off-axis Astigmaticism"? I have that...?
How can i tell which eye prescription is stronger?
Question for people with glasses, and lazy eye?
Progressive myopia question?
I have own one set of contact. I somehow have two sets with me. Is there any way of figuring out which is mine?
Eyedrop questin. please help!?
Are there ways to fix my eyes?
Does the Canadian government cover surgery for birth defects? Specifically Lazy eyes.?
Is this normal? ( contacts )?
Its illegal to sell glasses online but..?
Issues with a cross eye, what could this mean?
What colors are you wearing when your eyes turn hazel?
Is Life Force International's 'body balance' drink homeopathic nonsense?
How to remove a mole (caused by a scab) at home?
rash and extreme skin irratation in strong sunlight?
pliz tell me how to reduce stretchmarks?
I got big a** hives all over my leg, help?
discoloration of skin?
how to treatment for vitiligo on lips?
Is there a difference between Beauty Salon chemical peels, and the ones from a dermatologist? HELP PLEASE (:?
I woke up with an inflamed eyelid? what could it be quick!? i'll choose best answer.?
Is your skin connected to your eyes? ?
Acupuncture for acne?
whats that sunblock that's green and has a hand on it?
Cephalexin.......ITCHY bumps/areas on feet & legs....?
why does my skin glow under black light?
Blackhead clearing?
Heart problems or panic attack?
Could I be getting over the H1N1 virus?
can having a boyfriend with motor tourettes make me crack my body parts more too ?
does this sound like a staph infection?
swollen lymth nodes in theback of my head.. since 2007?
Is waking up in the morning dizzy a problem?
Doctor says one thing and pharmacist says another?
i constantly feel like i have to go to the washroom....why?
hi when i go to bathroom i have blood in my stool why?
Has my work collegue lost the plot?
Does anyone else get hypnogogic hallucinations or hypnagogic hallucinations?
What single event in your life has had a good/bad effect on you?
How do you focus on any specific task?
which do you prefer?
can u be scared half to death twice?
anybody know much about Citropram ,?
I think I'm losing the plot.After so much stress and so many things going on i think I've become invisible
epilepsy and schitzophrinia?
Why is it that you feel less wanting to do things and slightly depressed on cloudy days?
why do i wake up with a song in my mind?
No recollection of something I did?
I've just started the job of my dreams but unfortunately it's turning out 2 be the opposite. What should I do?
when sleeping, suddenly u wake up due to a bad dream by moving (shaking) ur body, what is that called?
is it possible for a patient to have a serious mental health problem and for it to not be detected at all?
Should I worry if doctor does not give me result of a blood test.?
what can I take to strenghten my finger nails?
I have a problem, can anyone help?
I accidentally swallowed my chewing gum, what might happen.?
I'm curious to know......?
How Can I Pop My Ear?
How to get my Son's ID?
Does it mean that there is something wrong when your bones make that cracking sound?
A question about colds and immune systems...?
Why is it that sometimes I hear a crackling sound when I chew ?
What are your thoughts/opinions on people who smoke marijuana?
i like to sleep A lot! doctors say that's bad but it feels so good, what do i do?
Its 3AM and I have to be up at 6AM for school !!?
I have trouble sleeping at night, my mind is always wondering and thinking so i cant sleep at all what do i do
Quitting smoking?
Lower right eyelid has been twitching off and on for 2 weeks, help?
quick help!! my boyfriends really sick :(?
Did I have a heart attack of stroke or something..?
Really Tired?
Eye Specilist In Nova Scotia?
Can using the computer for a long time cause cataracts?
Is this normal for hazel eyes?
any places to get cheap contact lenses in toronto ?
Strained feeling behind eyes....?
Can eyesight worsen because of improper cutting lenses or bad quality of lenses?
Definition by OCI Daily Contact Lenses ??
Why when reading book pages and the computer screen does everything look like an upside down trapezoid to me?
OHIP cover cataract eye surgery?
Sorry, again cleaning glasses...?
Where can i get coloured contacts,,?
I want to buy contact lenses online...but I am confused =_=" ...?
how old does ontario health plan cover you for EYE EXAMS? free?
Is it possible to change my eye colour from blue to hazel?
How to tell if my eye is infected?
need glasses help!!!?
Eye trauma + contacts? Possible?
Inflammation after Lasik?
Blurry/Cloudy Vision?
Weepy eye syndrome?
Eye specialists please help. I only have a rough spelling of my condition:polymorphorendopheldystresy.?
Is there a good eye doctor in Montreal that takes insurance?
A Short History?
dry and peeling lips could it be a clue to other problems?
what is a sports physical?
Why do i feel a sudden burst of knife-like pain on the left side of my rib cage, around the last two ribs?
Why do people come on yahoo answers for health advice?
where would parents keep medicenes?
I am going to start taking propranolol for migranes.I do not want to gain weight...?
why am i so lazy when it comes to looking for a job?
What type of jobs do they do drug tests for?
My sis makes me wear my glasses 247!?
I had two gauze's in my stomach for a year should i sue?
Is it normal for girls to grow little short hairs all over their chest?
Why would this be happening?
My friend (who was 54 years old) just died...?
Stomach issues! help?
i burnt my finger in the oven..ahh?
i have severe stomach pains and acute diearrea ?
How Can I Cancel my Surgery?
What can you do if your wife is addicted to hydrocodone, etc. She now wants percocet. She sleeps alll day.?
Does weed make you lazy the next day?
I think I have a cold?
What medication do you buy to treat scabies?
Is my poor child hood diet somewhat reversable?
dry hands and some rough Feet please help?
ive got this pain at the right and side of my head..?
Can I be immune to certain medication?
I have 2 lumps on my right leg and 1 lump on my left leg there about shin high and sore its even worse?
I did some arm wrestling at the weekend and now my arm is in agony, what is it?
Where is the best place for LASK surgery ?
Ear Problems ?
I have a bubbling sensation in my left side of my back just by the elbow when arm is at my side?
i have picked at my skin on my face. I am on prednisone and my skin isnt healing. whow can i prevent a scar?
Irritated skin, cure/solutions?
spot on my 2nd big toe?
Health Problem, Red Spot?
Black spot on finger?
I have a re-occuring rash on my hands, it started under my ring finger and spread in patches.?
Who would cost more for cosmetic treatments? A dermatologist or a laser center?
Treatment for Tinea?
Chicken Pox Problem! Uh oh?
Red Spot on Face?
How do I get rid of/ prevent spider veins?
can are fingers have dark pink, light pink in them, can the thumb have more dark pink?
How to prevent the growth and kill tape worm?
Whats the best way to improve your memory?
Valium and paranoia?
Is it safe to clean your eyeglasses with Windex (or Glass Cleaner)?
ok so i smoke weed and this one time i did and it made me stay up all night but i smoked it at like 3pm?
A Disorder Mentioned in the television series 'Doc Martin'?
what is cognetive behavioural therapy?
i cant find any mental health questions or answers whats happened to them?
I have stopped smoking for 2 days now.....?
Is it bad to get lightheaded/dizzy when standing up?
Did you know....?
Can you get brain damage from Coffee?
why does falling into freezing water cause shock?
why do i urinate very often but every time i go to urinate it's a very small amount?
If I have to work tomorrow and only had 4 hours sleep, will I be tired?
What is that small ridge on your top-ish midde-lish upper lip and or under your nose, whats it for?
What causes pain between shoulder blades and numbness and tingling in the left arm?
what can happen if i just have ONE cigarette?
Is it safe to work downtown at night as a teenage girl? How likely would i get raped or kidnapped?
Depression and medication?
how many days can a person stay awake?
how to get to sleep faster?
Irregular heartbeat. Should we go to the ER?
Can anxiety cause obsessions?
The dark..?
Should I see a doctor because I'm a fatty and I'm obest?
IV fluids in hospital and what do they do exactly?
How come my girlfriend is sleeping so much after a recent surgery?
Whats could this be???????
What is your opinion of going gluten- and casein-free to deal with autism?
How can I get over my anxiety and dizziness?
What can be the cause of numb sore legs or nerve damage?
How bad is it for me to worry about stuff?
My best friend keeps having seizures...?
small lump behind right ear?
What's wrong with me?
Can my father die from bone disease?
what are the signs and symptoms of A L S sickness ? In body where its mostly noticed, What is it's cure?
In patients with localized disease, overall 5-year survival rates have improved to more than 80%?
Do I have H1N1?This is very urgent!! Please Answer!?
How to deal with being a Hypocondriac?
kidney problems.... help me please?
i drink regularly, do you think my liver is damaged?
Is world domination the main purpose for ALL viruses and MOST bacteria?!?
My brother is a heroin addict. How can I help him?
Just found out my uncle has Pancreas Cancer?!?
What is this severe cough?!?
What's the best way to get eyeglasses for cheap?
Some question about eyes :3..?
How much does it cost to get glasses fixed in Canada (Toronto)?
Eye Floaters? PLEASE ANSWER!!?
I need new glasses what kind of lenses are the best to get?
Any information or cures for Dwaynes Refraction Syndrome?
Can anyone give me advice about my excessive blinking?
A question about the white parts of eyes?
Half of my right eye is red? I wear contacts lenses..?
Will these black stringy things ever go away?
What are some disadvantages to Endoscopic surgery?
EYE HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Should I wear an eye patch with pink eye?
Why are one's prescriptions different for glasses and contact lenses?
looking for info on rigid gas permeable contacts?
If you want to get eye exam and wear contacts instead do you need 2 exams?
Does anybody know where I can get a cheap eye exam in Montreal?
My eye goes lazy later in the day?
Help With Soft Colour Toric Lenses?
Your Lazer eye correction experience?
Random black blotches seen through my eyes?
On eyeglasses. The bend on the arm that goes around your ear, Can it be adjusted?
pilots and eye surgery?
I almost always have cold feet. Is something wrong with me?
does sticthing on the lip scar?
all over muscular pain?
What can I do to get my long hair thicker, It is falling out and dry?
Roughly how many cigarettes are equivalent to smoking a pipe?
Metal or bone I maybe,many teeth I have and always bared, yet my bite harms no one ladies delight in my touch?
Can emu oil get rid of spider viens?
Wet and Dry AMD???
Has anyone had varicose vein stripping done?
Acne and Hairbump Treatment?? (10 points)?
odd bumps on face - possibly acne?
I sweat one sid of my head/face, why?
Does anyone else have extra calloused feet?
any ways to get rid of bumps faster?
can sum 1 explain me what do doctors do to remove corns? and wat happens after its been done?
HairBump/RazorBump Treatment (10 easy Points)?
how can I get rid of Granuloma Anulaire????
what is it when someone who lives alone, wakes up with scratch marks on there back and face?
how do you get rid of pin worms?
I get tiredness whenever I work(retail store). What should I eat to get energy?
How to pull an all nighter?
what does a red streak mean?
Does anyone know whats wrong with my leg?
I dont feel like I empty my bladder completly?
do cigarette health warnings on packages work?
i stopped my meds last month because i still hear voices and for the last too days i sleep a total of 2 hours,
just wondering. need lots of answers plz?
Why are we not allowed to eat before a surgery?
why do all my bones crack so much?
post tonsillectomy question?
Is one grape a full serving of fruit?
Can thinking too much cause panic attacks?
why is my right eye twitching every 20 mins or so and how to stop it?
how to stop nose bleed?
Nose constantly running (has been constant since yesterday - no way to stop it) please help!!?
How can i get all this snot out my throat?
I have posted this a million times but no one answers, please, I really need some help?
acid reflux best cures home or others?
Poem for cancer patients daughter?!?
Is it possible that weed can cause acne?
How does the skin protect the body from the bacterial growth?
Why is my father having diarrhea after every meal?
Does this mean i am narcoleptic?
I have a painful neck which makes me dizzy when I turn over in bed. My GP says it is labyrinthitis.?
I always feel this stange pain in my hand whenever i open a bottle full of water or do other stuff?
Lump in back of neck?
rumbling on left hand side?
painful clicking in my hip?
I have arthritis in my hips due to Purse disease.?
How does an opthalmologist examine an eye freckle?
Is dimming of sight normal when taking Acetaminophen?
does your eye color change a bit as you get older?
Is it possible to get something in your eye and not feel it?
please answer? idk what is wrong with my eye?
eye contacts?
Question about increasing your vision ? Is this true ?
question bout contacts...?
I have 'strobe light vision' in darkness?
coupon for eye glasses that was in a week-end flyer recently that could be used at superstore or zellers?
price of eye exams in ontario?
Can My Night Vision Be Improved?
Glasses are not HORRIBLE after Lasik?
Is it normal that I have purple eyes?
where can i find eye-patches?
What is The Difference Between Lasik and Laser Eye Surgery?
Why is the inside corner of my eye red?
Elastic Glasses Headbands (plz i need answers)?
Are contact lenses used for fitting cheaper quality?
do clearly contacts pay for shipping when returning your order?
Do i still have to do the g1 eye exam if i already have glasses?
Is there any place to get non-expensive, nice, women eye glasses?
Is this vision loss?? Please Answer...?
Getting Tonsils out...?
Bi-Polar highs?
Help with OCB : Scratching of face - I would like to thank everyone who offered help & suggestions. thank you?
My mom has had a stroke ?
need some andriol?
is schizophrenia genetic to your babies in the future,what causes it?help?
how long does ptsd last?
zoloft--your views please?
thanks to everyone who already answered but could you look again?
What are common side effects with Tegratol?
Is there a support group in Uk for people suffering from depression?
i found something to do to stop me feeling depressed have a go yourself?
is neurology a grey area?
what is a social need?
I've been recovering from anorexia from a year, does this seem like an average weight?
What is causing the dusty smell in my nose/throat?
Does Benzoyl Peroxide 10% - Brings Out Spots First?
My mother is suffering from heartburn how do I help her?
Moisturizer for my face?!?!!?
would going to a natural path help with acne?
I have alopecia areata, and want to dye my hair.... is this a bad idea?
How common is Amemia?
Will the USA be able to give every one free flu shots ?
How does Huntington's disease affect a Patient psychologically?
what are ways to help me fall asleep?
Why does my elbow crack?
shaky after waking from nap?
OMG my "quit smoking gum" causes hiccups and they won't stop. What do I do?
Weird feelings?
Please only answer if you are sure of the answer!?
Help? Medical Problem...?Getting tired easily?
Is taking naps midday everyday healthy?
What does it feel like when you vomit?
What are good remedies and medicines for the flu or a cold?
Can anyone tell me who to contact to have feet callus removed?
it wasnt hard for me to quit smoking?
Anyone quit sugar and feel a little funny after?
I tried so many time self-hypnosis without success. Can anybody help me?
Men's Foot Problem (cracked heels)?
Vitamins that are good for your skin?
What is the best way to get to sleep and then wake up early?
How does this affect migraines?
nose bleeds any ideas?
I need some Acne Tips...
How do you fall asleep faster?
how do i get rid of these hives, they are driving me crazy, antihistamines are not working.?
I need to find a good information site on seizures as I've just had another after 13 yrs free...?
Blood Pressure Machine Said I Have No Blood Pressure!?
Stress causing stomach aches before going to school Help!?
What are the symptoms of kidney stones?
What are your experiences with addiction and the withdrawal period?
Migraine Headaches + Numbness/White toe and pad of left foot?
Lump on side of right side of neck.....?
Can a person having epilepsy drive?
I got a cold sore and wanna get rid of it quick.?
My ear is a bit red and it is sore..Now it has a bump?
age marks on your hands, everything is for the face, but what about young looking hands.?
VERY ITCHY SKIN but it isn't dry and no rash?
HELP! Horse has bumps all over body, and is going crazy!?
i have this bump on my head, ?
Blister Problems! Need Help!?
How can I make my red stretch marks less noticeable?
I am constantly sweating out of the bottom, whats wrong?
I have a skin colour round spot above right eyebrow thats i can see?
A red itchy patch of skin on my face overnight that looks like a burn?
i have bumps all over my face can you help?
Can I buy contacts with a glasses prescription?
I live in northern ontario canada and i am looking for an opthamologist that specializes in sever myopia?
Clear Care contact solution?!?! (question)?
eyes get red across the middle?
How far away from your eye is the thing that shoots air into it when at the eye doctors?
Wearing contacts for the first time right now..?
Im getting glasses ; first time ever does anybody have tips because im like really nervous . Details inside .?
I got contact lenses, and after about two hours my eyes start getting irritated?
my eyes are a funny colour... why?
My eyes have become very sensitive to light, what could have caused this?
Eye twitches?
How do eyeglasses with colour filters help people with dyslexia to read?
Can broken plastic eyeglass lenses be fixed?
My eye lid is swollen?
question about lasik laser?
If bladeless is safer, why do many say blade is best?
one eye sees in different tone/colour?
contacts will it mess my eyes?
IF you know anything about ophthalmology PLEASE read this *****?
Just went to an eye exam for the 1st time do I need glasses?
Where can i buy blood red contacts?
I see green blotches floating around in my eyes i even see them when my eyes are open what is this?
Question about the Eye?
Are people more susceptible to colds after they surf? especially this time of year...?
How do you prevent a dog from making pee on the same doormat. Any anti-pee powder to apply on the mat?
what happens if you inhale janitol ultra saitiser as Im pretty sure I have had a bad reaction too it!?
Someone advised me to have a?
How do I cure or make RSI better?
What kind of rash or bug bite is this. Please HELP!?
I have be using Depends for more than 10 years. Recently I bought some, TWO IN THE PACKAGE HAD NO VELCRO TABS
Is it bad if part of a mole falls off?
I might have swallowed some antibacterial soap?
is there a cure to depression ?
can your body produce cholesterol that would be too high?
What's wrong with me? I'm constantly sick, and wont see a doctor until December 17th! I need help.?
Belly ring troubles .?
Eating unfrozen freezies. Is that bad for my health?
I had nuclear medicine scan and was told I had an increased ischium vertabrae. I have severe lower back pain?
A question about organ donations?
when you get mono?
Excess body and face hair, a sign of hormone imbalance in girls?
Constant touching objects with back hand front hand etc.?
there are 6 on my stomach 4 in a group 1 by its self and another one high up.& 3 on my neck Help ?!?!?
Difference between Phentermine and Phentramin...?
What do you think? health concern?
how do you get a wood chip out of your skin?
Do RNs need to do perineal care?
Is this a huge health hazard?!?! please help!?
What is an MRI scan and how is it performed ?
Are all changes to an existing mole skin cancer?
anybody with tempular mandibular joint disorder (jaw cracking)?
How long is bacterial pneumonia contagious?
can anyone please provide input to recover quickly.?
Where can I find Treatments for Spider Veins in Mississippi?
when getting a rectal exam, should the doc ask you to cough?
I constantly have heartburn. It's been over a year and find it may be something else more seriouse.?
My heart is painful, and I'm dizzy - energy drink?
Can you get rid of a sinus infection without antibiotics?
How can I boost my confidence, quick and fast.
Cause of a rash on my left wrist?
I've had yellow chunks in my stool (not corn!) What could it be?
Live on my own and have head lice?
how come i can't take a deep breath?
Is there another way to beat insomnia other than sleeping pills?
My bones hurt!?
Why am I suddenly so incredibly thirsty?
Dents in my thumbnails?
I drew on the inside of my arm with permanent marker and it's really starting to ache. Is it ink poisoning?
There's something really wrong with my friend!!!HELP!!?
Do I really need to use a hand soap that is labelled as disnifecting ?
i cant sleep :(?
I hyperventilate a lot lately. Why?
Should I go to the doctor?
What's a good soap to use to get rid of grease and the grease smell off of my hands?
is there a way to reverse the effects of years of drug abuse example short term memory loss and sum longterm?
can borderline personality disorder develop in childhood?
What support is available to those with autistim?
Do you find the world of mental health just as fascinating as I do?
i see disfiguration of the face no one else sees it its hurting me so much i trust no one now what is wrong?
I have just relocated and scared about my depression?
what is going on?
how much time is taken from a persons life, looking for the remote control?
How do i get tested for dyslexia?
OCD sufferers , intrusive thoughts , how do u deal with them ?
confused teenager with suicidal friends?
Difference in Lexapro 10MG and and Citalopram 20MG?
What are some good yoga asanas that can help relieve migraine?
Any remedies for bad ME pain?
Re op for prolapsed disc?
Is it piles?
superficial thrombophlebitis??
does anyone know where you can buy dermassage skin lotion?
what do you use to treat ringworm?
How can I tell if I have a wart or if its something else?
Has anyone ever gotten a chemical peel for acne? Help!?
Puberty, or a medical sweating condition?
eep, could I possibly have pink eye!?
Red scars from acne..help !!?
Vision and medical product discounts?
Are Proclear Compatible(monthly) contact lenses good?
Why aren't eyeglasses covered?
I think i have ptosis?
CoolTouch Laser Treatment in Mississippi?
laser treatment?
Are the circle contacts on herdebut.web.com any good?
Where could i buy non prescription coloured contacts here in Montreal ?
AHH!! *panics* I'm scared of contact lenses?!?
effects / dangers of longterm use of anothers much stronger eyeglasses?
Are there hologram, flashing or decorated/designed contacts with little flowers or pictures?
is dr scholls freeze away wart remover availaable at shoppers drug marts in canada?
REPOST: PLEASE ANSWER i dont know what this is...?
Help with glasses and eyesight?
Who else had side effects from Maxidex?
Antibiotics/ Birth control for acne :)?
mosquito bit my forhead >.>''?
I had ear surgery and developed a keloid. I am searching for a good doctor in south texas. can u help?
Is lemon good for your face?
I have a lazy eye, how do I know which one is it though?
What is the difference between a glaucoma crisis?
if you have astigmatism...?
My eye is a little red in one corner?
How Much are contacts ? Please help?
what does me perscription mean?
eye hurts 2yrs after injury should've healed?
One of my eyes is cloudy and hurts?
The patients body reacts opposit than doctors concepts. All those medicines simply makes COMA and man dies!!?
How do I do a liver detox?
What is the difference between a UTI and a bladder infection?
antibiotics resistance and Bacterial Resistance Difference?
Why do I feel hungry all of the time?
She can't get me off?
I have an uneven face. Is this a common problem?
what are the damages of drinking petrol?
What is wrong with my bowel movement?
Have you noticed that doctors seem to discriminate against young people when prescribing meds?
sleeping affects you?
What is the fastest way to get rid of a cold?
has anyone ever had a brazillian wax? (full bikini wax) Does it hurt?
excessive sweating?
Can you die from insomnia?
do you have this? PLZ ANSWER!?
What does it mean whenever i put pressure on my foot and it hurts?
should I tell my boyfriend I may be sick?
Why at just some random point in the day do I have just one hiccup and thats it, there gone?
Why is it that doctors call what they do practice?
my friend has bed bugs and my 4 chilren an i have broken out bad now my 11 yr old has clear fluid coming out?
hi its sam how are . i have dandruff . i used so many product for dandruff but i could get any relif . thanks
Dpes anyone have any trick on how to stop nail biting?
i would love tose some weight but it never seems to come off.?
How many people from Canada would like to live in the USA to get health care coverage?
i'm having pain in my lower right side..what is it??
what is wrong about the chronic use of mineral oil?
plugged ears...not sure if its an infection?
what is gastro esophagus reflux disorder?
I`m getting an X ray..Do I haveto take my clothes off?
what would this be called. dr told me but i forget?
Should i use pot to help me sleep at night?
I have problems falling asleep?!?
i have had vertigo problems for three years can someone tell me how to get rid of it ?
Is there a link between Rheumatic fever and panic attacks?
Question about relation to anemia and menstruation?
at 2.50am Primary reasons: Fear, stress, anxiety, medications, caffeine, nicotine and depression?
Is this a stomach infection? Please help..?
puking while having a bowel movement?
Does Prozac treat OCD? 10 Points!?
I am on anxiety meds right now and u think they gave a bad effect on me?
Can blood test for celiac disease show if i smoked weed?
what is nevtrophils and what happens if you have it and it's too high?
why is there blood in my stool ?
**whisper** Good Remedy For Voice Loss!!!?
After pushing myself in doing my weights, I got a sudden pain at the rear of my head?
how do you cope with epilepy low grade me still getting there with help?
How can i educate my partner about my depression without scaring him?
If the right hemisphere of the brain is smaller than the left, what affect does this have?
Are eating disorders curable?