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Severe myopia: What are my options?
Does anybody know of coloured contacts for astigmatism?
Does Walmart keep your eyeglass perscription?
Can computer games be bad for your eyes?
Computer harms eyes?
I took 20 tylenol within a 24 hour period. Am I at risk for Paracetamol toxicity?
why do people die?
on average what time do you usually go to bed?
Naproxen cause facial swelling?
does it hurt when a doctor removes earwax from your ears one of mine are blocked.can they do it in a walk in?
what happens when you sing?
can someone die from this?
Have you ever tasted pee? I actually have by mistake.....?
what is worse for your eyes, contacts or glasses?
what is a weiner for?
did you know that a sneeze?
im sick but what do I have?
My feet aren't straight?
how to get rid of a cold?
does it mean I have enough sleep if I wake up on my own?
is earwax removal covered by OHIP?
What turns you on????
Anemia...iron pills not working?
How do I hide the effects of a hangover as much as possible?
Can non-lethal forms of torture lead to death, caused by extreme emotional upset?
Where can I find online Medical Advice dealin with Cardiology in Relation to health Problems??
What are these symptoms of?
what are oxxy contin tablets for?
things to consider when visiting a acupuncturist?
Natural Therapies for the treatment of patients are now not only widely accepted but preferable to traditional?
Girl - How to get taller?
I still feel so tired no matter how long I sleep. Help?
how do you lift your spirits?
whats the best way to get to sleep?
isn't time you went to sleep?
Does anyone know how much it costs to go to a private doctor in the UK?
Why is my husband always ill?
Major sleeping problems!!?
Is there anything seriously wrong with me?
Is this flu or a bad cold ?
How can I be nocturnal and not fall asleep during school?
how to get good sleep through food?
Buzzing in the ears after a concert and headbanging - how do I stop it? :P?
my trought is so sore ( sory cant spell?)?
Why do i keep feeling like i have to vomit?
Feeling hot and cold... Please Help !?!?
What might these symptom be caused by?
Got 2 issues here, please help?
How can you get rid of acne in two days?!?
Picking off a mole? (Bad?)?
Does aspirin help a chronic cough?
x ray on lung Advice needed please..........................................................................?
What are the possible effects of facial scarring in the future?
I have very red face just nesr the nose area every morning.Is it my diet?
Clotrimazole not clearing up jock itch?
i cant walk because of my sunburn it hurts help.?
my zino...?
I have some skin on my stomach that slightly looks like cellulite.What Can I do about it?
What type of lump/bump could this be on my back?
How to remove scars off arm?
Rash under eys and above cheeks!?
Health care?
my friend has had a twitchy eye for abt 12months and is going to have 4 injections soon any 1 had it done?
At what age can you go to the doctors alone?
does ecstasy/MDMA have the same affect on people with low levels of serotonin?
I'm considered really skinny in the USA, would this be true in England?
what foods did god said was unclean and what are the health reasons behind their prohibition?
i havn't slept all night and?
I am anaemic and i can't sleep at night.?
What is Wrong with Me?
I need help? Is this right?
i feel really ill. help ?
Why do I wake up all the time at night?
What's wrong with me?
What is this called, and how do we treat it?
Why can I only fall asleep with my hand/finger lightly pressed against my mouth?
Do Doctors prescribe nicorette inhalers?
What is causing my headaches, strange sleep patterns and nightmares?
I am so tired after a day in uni how do I study when I come home when I feel so exhausted?
does anyone have a ticklish neck?
rhinoplasty on the NHS?
what does it mean by yellow/orange feet/soles?
what is the best homeopathic treatment for calcium deposits?
What is wrong with me?
Has this cornea abrasion been totally healed?
Cool eye contacts??(no glasses)?
laser eye surgery?
Burning Eyes...............?
Help - Lost contact lens case? Urgent.?
help, what eye contacts power?
I'm 14 and my eye site is getting really bad?
tips on eye care ????
IS it possible to correct your binocular visual?
Does my friend have to live with blurred vision now?
How to fix my different eye size problem?
Can I get contact lenses with dark eyes?
Should I panic about my eyes?
Exhaustion: Eye Twitch?
i have pain in the stomach after i eat (acute pain). i was told it was a viral virus but...?
How can I get my eyes white?
Why is my eye doing this...PLEASE ANSWER?
Is a tens machine any good for a trapped nerve, or will this make it worse?
What level on your tens machine have you DARED go too!?
Eyeglasses : Same Prescription, Different Frames?
Is there a way I can get my eye lashes to grow back?
Do you have weird eyes?
found out it is the flu ,i am worreyd bout my back thoe?.?
I currently have a condition called Brittle Bones Osteogenesis Imperfecta)?
pain in the side?
Can someone diagnose me? blood from rectum...?
Please help..how bad is a cut liver?
i did a liver test the ast/got was 155 and the alt/gpt was 526 what that mean?
How To Get Rid Of Nausia.?
Pharmacy Medicine Help :)?
Blood is made in the bone marrow. How and where does it get out of the bones?
What organ is on your left side of your body..?
Why is myopia becoming more and more common?
how long does adderall stay in system if i took 10 pills in a night of 20 mg?
When you get a lip ring do you have to wait before you go swimming and if you do how long do you wait for?
Will chewing on jamison Vitamin C tablets prevent my cold from getting worst?
My urine smells strong.?
how to make your eyesight better?
I drank too much tea and I can't stop getting out of bed to pee?
how to get rid of my bad breathe?
Is it normal after a one hour nap to feel groggy and shaken up?
what exactly is DXM?
After getting your appendix removed should it be swollen?
I have a sore throat and im going dirt biking how do i get rid of my sore throat? (answer quick!!!)?
My stomach hurts after I eat. What could it be?
Ears bleeding / crusting?
How many hospitals still have a chaplin or priest in them, or is that outside the hospital, since when?
How do you get a chemical taste out of your mouth?
How I get rid of keloid scars?
Small yellow bumps on eyelid?
How to get rid of acne on your back?
X-Ingrown nail smells?
Is PerspireX available in Canada?
i have these little bubble like blisters on the inside of my lip. they arent painful at all and are very smal?
Is it normal for my hands to be cold all the time?
Nizoral for tinea versicolor?
Medication for Acne Scars? Panoxyl, Accutane or over the counter?
How can I treat my skin to prevent the redness in my pigmentation?
What exactly is an itch? What causes it? Why does scratching relive the itchiness?
my bubbles are to HUGE !!!!!!!!!!?
I'd like to know a bit more about why I get shingles so often, I'm only 25!?
What Is This Reaction ?
How to fall asleep quickly?
How can i quit smoking?
I am really skinny and I don't like it!?
Why can't I ever fall asleep in my own bed anymore?
how to get the smell of smoke out of my room?
asperger's syndrome?
how are drugs used to target tumor cells during chemotherapy?
Ovarian cysts and white blood cell count?
When you hear a ringing in your ear, what exactly are you hearing?
Colitis Prednisone treatments/Imodium?
My girlfriend won't stop having seizures. What could be seriously wrong with her?
do pediatricians wear uniforms?
When you have sugery for cataracts, can your eye be frozen or do you have to be out cold.?
can i wear colored contacts..?
Can raw food really change your eye colour?
Can eye exercises really improve your vision?
anyone gotten laser eye surgery before? or the no touch laser eye surgery?
how often are you supposed to get an eye exam done?
Contact lenses advice?
lazy eye????????????????????
Has anyone worn pinhole glasses, and their vision has improved has a result of wearing the glasses?
Question about my vision problem?
Using Honey as Eye Drops?
My eye has a heartbeat?
Am I qualified for Laser Vision Correction?
what does hepatitis carier mean?
Any preparations for eye exam!?
My Eye uhrts badly. Help!?
Does your eye have to be pink in order to have pink eye?
My left eye hurts when I blink... help?
Why do my eyes go bloodshot after i take out my contacts?
is none prescription contacts bad for you?
D&G Non-Prescription Glasses?
question about contact lenses...?
Thorn in the eye...???
back biters?
i am thinking about my health?
Club feet for those that know what it is?
I have had jaw ache on my right side for about 2 years now. Gets worse when a do exercise. Can anyone help?
Cluster headaches please help before they totally ruin my life?
is a tens machine suitable for Achilles tendinitis?
what is a pinched nerve and what can i do to get rid of it!?
what is reason behind hair fall of a person who is migrated to chennai ?? Is there any cure for this??
How do I get rid of this sun burns?
Wart Question -- Is it safe it say that....?
i picked a mole off....and now it hurts!!!?
Could a black line on my face be related to bed bugs?
My guy friend started having this yellow and orange skin. What could this be?
Who do I get my natural skin color back?
I have "hammer toe". or fungus on my toenail that makes it yellow and thick. What can I do to cure it.
do they tablets work?
Getting rid of lice - is a dryer only enough, or do you really need hot water too?
white spots around and on eyelids?
What is the best way to heal acne scars?
my daughter has a skin rash under her neck...how do i get rid of it without hurting her?
Is Mederma available in Canada?
rhinoplasty on the NHS?
Why do I wake up all the time at night?
I've read about chemicals in moisturisers which are bad, such as parabens. Shall I sleep with dry skin tonight?
What happens if you have a drug overdose? I am 16 and this is my first time.?
Does this last name look German or English?
I have the flu what do i do?
Is the 24-hour stomach virus airborne?
denied short term claim by company doctor . my doctor has put me off due to cluster headaches anyone have this
What can I do to help get rid of..?
How long will it take my earring holes to grow back in completely?
Can you develop A.D.D?
Negative effects to quitting smoking (serious answers only please)?
50 Dumbest & Deadliest Medical Myths in your mailbox by Dr. David G. Williams?
My stomach makes wierd noises, even when im not hungry!?
Approximately how many days ..?
what is the best way to get health insurance for my 1 year old son and my husband if not thru work?
I sleep VERY HARD, why is that?
i need some advice ASAP!!!!?
can you overdose on fiber?
What is the best website to order contacts on (perferably Canadian)?
Can I be addicted to Milk?
im going mentally insane from the lack of nicotine, i really need your help!!!!!???
i am a concerned parent who was asking about the pot thing and how else can it be taken??please do not worry,
my brother with neurofivromatosis (nf1)?
im scared about salmonella / food poisoning ! please help!?
Do I HAVE ADD?! (Attention Deficit Disorder) 10 POINTS?
what makes a drug addict?
What is flesh eating disease?
Can you get HIV if an infected person purposely puts a drop of his blood on the food or drink..?
I'm so scared? Optic Nerve?
is this lazy eye? any ideas?
Is it possible to get a lazy eye from wear someones who has a lazy eyes glasses??
question about contacts?
does eye strain makes your eyes worse?
What causes eyesight to degenerate?
Why does this happen?
Contact lens "expiration date"?
what is my eye colour?
What does it mean if you have large pupils?
are my eye contacts safe to wear?
If You have a Lazy Eye ( Amblyopia ) do you...?
My 5 year old son failed his sphere vision screening, what does this mean?
Does someone with 20/30 vision need glasses?
What specific tests are performed?
what exactly is body dismorphia and what are some symptomes?
What my Brain MRI results could mean?
symptoms: diarrhea, feeling light-headed, nosebleeds, trouble breathing... any ideas?
There's a small lump below my collarbone. What can it be? Help!?
Test for Celiac Disease?
what type of?
Brain tumor surgery options and risks?
Does The Duct Tape method really work on plantar warts?
If a stone is too large to pass, will you still have blood in your urine?
Do/Did I Have SAD?
I think i have to go i cant live with hu i am please help me ??
Anything that helps with "Croop"?
What is Earlings or Urlings?
Has anyone received counselling for food issues, was it helpful?
Can I increase my dosage of St Johns Wort?
why would musicians have more cerebellur volume as a percentage?
I need to talk to.?
Is there such a thing as keyboard dyslexia?
can enzyme capsules help with flatulance?
can you name some good anticeptic creams?
What can i put on strech marks for them to go away without spending alot of money?
is my Industrial piercing infected?
I have a cold sore, and it needs to be gone. PRONTO! HELP!?
I'm brown skin but after I had my child my skin got really dark?
Lips and Petroleum Jelly?
Home remidies for ....?
I have a big rash that cam up on my face what is it? its kinda white looking?
What is this bump inside my nose?
Does everyone who touches the same animal infected with ringworm contract it?
Anybody know a REASONABLY CHEAP acne removal cream that I can get at some easy to get to store like Wal-Mart?
Does accutane give you a sore back?
how to get rid of thickness underneath toenails?
sebaceous cyst bleeding..?
I have these white spots on the bottom of my foot??
Why does my skin react this way and what if anything can be done to correct it?
Why is my skin so pale?
My toes split all the time help !?
My dog Meg Hyperventilates?
Piles serious question?
How long would a Sciatica pain last? How long can i take pain killers?
What do you think when GPs work Privately as well as NHS?
Anyone have an affinity inversion table?
Have you tried lifeline tabs.?
Has somebody had their NECK adjusted by a chiropractor?
i have a really sore sharp pain in my left side, am not that keen for the doctor?
I'm concerned about my weight..?
What is so wrong with it!?
Is my ear piercing infected ?
My 5 year old son needs a bath
Lump in neck still remains after it has been surgically removed.?
Im kinda worried about my doctors appointment?
Can you dissolve a Tylenol in normal water?
will i EVER get taller?
Can there be side effects from a REALLY fast heartbeat??
Fainting From Marijuana?
Is there something wrong with me?
Has anyone regretted having done any kind of plastic surgeries? If yes, what kind of plastic surgery was it?
That programme where people stayed awake for a week??
Crack sound from my chest when i strech???????????
It say I can only have one throat lozenger every 2 hrs. What do you think will happen if I have more?
is there a way to make your eyes look black without contacts? a way to spead your pupils or something?
sweating problem.. help please?
Wrong prescription, right glasses... but they're already made?
does getting laser eye surgery hurt?
I've been having episodes: Migraines, numbness, loss of vision.?
my contact and glasses perscriptions are the same?
do you think i should get the laser surgery done?
Can a stye in the eye, left untreated for months, lead to blindness or serious diseases?
Eye Floaters...it is normal to?
nonprescription coloured contacts?
Colored contact question?
what age does Strabismus usually occur for adults?
Wearing your glasses will make your eyes dependent on them? its true?
Are clear contact lenses noticeable on brown eyes?
Is numbness related to MS?
Any remedies for something called Croop?
what is the mass of 9 moles of glycine?
I have a low immune system does this mean?
Gluten free/lactose free shopping list?
What Could Cause These Symptoms?
why should hydrogen peroxide not be inserted in the ear canal, if you have a hole in your the ear drum?
Bad breath problem for a while ... HELP!?
What is the bump on the back of my ear?
No Doz Tablets.... I need HELP!!!!?
I am going to be having surgery for shoulder impingment and a torn rotatorcuff. What is ...?
how long does iit take to cure a soar throat and how can you cure iit please and thank you ?
blood in urine sample?
What is this pain in my side?
Reasons for feeling light-headed and vertigo?
Do you know about hypohydrotic ectodermal displacia a genetic disease?
Have U learned anything?
How do i cure a rash under my bottom lip?
did anyone use psoramexal for psoriasis cure ?
Oscars with hole in the head disease?
Can you get liver spots from taking steroids?
Bump on Skull, Please Help?
So i have a skin problem...please help?
What are the red lines on my nose called and how do you get rid of them?
I have large pores on my legs and it looks like specs of pepper scattered all over my leg. Can I rid them?
after tweezing how do i prevent blackheads?
why do tanners tan their bodies?
i Need help .. i had a skin graft 22 years ago on my hand i want to know how to get over it .?
Bikini line dots??????
I'm interested into smoking one cigarette...What would be so bad if I smoked one cig?
how much do chiropractors earn?
New RX for glasses. How long do your eyes take to "adjust."?
One of my eyelids opens more than the other?
What is the best brand of soft contact lens?
Could not eating meat at all be the reason why..
what colors of eye contacts are there?
What are the best monthly contact lenses?
Which would be the best type of contact lenses for me?
Contact lense prescription vs Glasses prescription?
Laser Vision Correction :if anyone knows its good go for it .I need ur suggestions.?
Optician Salary in Ontario Canada?
Contact Lense Troubles. Any Advice?
Has Lasix surgery worked for you or anyone else you know?
My eyes have been twitching ever since january 2008, whats wrong with my eyes?
What's the best brand of contact lenses for dry eyes?
What kind of Transition lenses?
Subconjunctival Hemorrhage (bleeding in eye) questions?
New contacts and I need help!?!?!?
no perscription colored contacts?
Is it possible to develop an immunity to chemo therepy & radiation treatments?
What does diffuse white matter of the brain mean?
Chest x-ray...............?
have they found a cure for aids?
Foot cramp?
Clicking joints?
RSI question and Another Pain?
Abdominal Pain?
pain top left area near arm?
When you adjust your posture, is it normal to feel more pain in your lower back at first?
Can anyone tell me how muscle relaxants work in laymans terms?
What is the best treatment for a herniated disk?
What can I do to get out of this rut?
do i have to come off my antidepressants?
Any ideas for a mental health in the media presentation?
what is up with me?
i have a pea sized lump on my neck. it moves and feels smooth. had it for a year. should i be scared?
Is it possible to have cancer without pain? Or pain always occurs with Cancer?
what are some effects to your appearance, if your a smoker?
swollen tonsil/neck.?
Cheap Presciption Glasses Sight!?
How can I tell what vision I have out of 20? or below?
1 yr old's diarrhoea more than 10 days... doctors in disagreement. Advice, please?
how can you fix nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism?
What if i dropped my contact lenses?
I have a chronic stye in my right eye...?
i need help about contacs?
Do pinhole glasses actually work?
What causes papular mucinosis?
Azithromycin didn't completely work?
Missing Tendon in knee?
Images after closing your eyes. READ :)?
do you think its serious?
Contacts causing irritation?
Test for Dry Eyes available?
how much are single colored contacts??
Will this be same with contacts?
I'm starting to get really frustrated and scared.. I have had this problem where I feel like I can't breathe?
I am buying prescription glasses from "simplyeyeglasses.com"?
Eye Glasses - Making existing lenses frameless?
Is it true that putting vinegar on your glasses, stops it from fogging up in the winter?
Switching to hard contact lenses from soft contact lenses?
are these the big eye circle contacts or normal eye contacts?
Twilight Colored eye contacts......?
Question about glasses & vision. Please help :)?
Is this possible?
do your pupils dilate and constrict when your eyes are closed?
What is the average time teenagers should spend on the computer per day?
HELP! I have sweaty hands due to anxiety/nervousness :(?
How to make bone and tissue heal faster?
Can a vegan gain some good body?
what is speech thearpy?
Blood in my phlegm???
good ways to get rid of back acne?
Possible causes of chronic stomach pain?
What is the .... ?
How to sneeze on command plz?
Will i get taller because my dorsal is still small?
how to take calcium & Vitamin D?
Do you know good ways to stay asleep at night?
Drug prescribed but allergic?
how to make going through marijuana withdrawl easier?
I have a chronic illness and my work gives me a hard time for my sick days. What recourses do I have?
Where can I find statistics on drinking and smoking in canada?
If a minor bone is broken does it matter? does it hurt?
Does anyone know where I can find a small 'claw' that is used to open public bathroom doors?
How do you get rid of the horrible aftertaste of liquid antibiotics?
can you get swimmers itch from a child's swimming pool?
how to cure vitiligo?
Anyone ever been to that site Banish Rosacea.com?
Rash or Disease or something else?
i have a rash under my pits?
Should warts hurt when I put Duofilm on them?
Can they tell if hormones are causing my acne using a blood test?
Is Mederma available in Canada?
Have you ever had a mole biopsied? Why? What happened?
could my tounge ring be infected?
Can I take Benadry allergy antihistamines, in pill form, to lessen the itching of my eczema?
removal of large mole on top of head?
how do corns develop on the bottom of your feet or calluses on your hands ?
Okay.. i have vitiligo and it's pretty bad... it has made me really self-conscious..?
The little tiny piece of skin under my nail detached , HELP ?
Very dry areas only on pointer finger and inner thumbs?
Are hot + cold showers healthy?
What are mosquitoes attracted to?
My child is very thirsty and has to pee constantly?
what is the Burning foot pain?
What is the safest over the counter medicine for long term pain relief? Back pain?
continous dull pain in left shoulder.Pain goes into neck.Ongoing at least 6 months .Having physio.?
My 15 yr old daughter has complained of stabbing pains shooting up her right arm. Any ideas what this could be
why does my left leg ache when i sit and rest?
Is there any web site that i can comper my back x-rays?
Seriously, I believe my nephew has undiagonesed Aspergers Syndrome and would appreciate some information.?
Side affects: concerta XL. strattera?
i have a history of depression doc has put me on mirtazapine. took one night befoer last sleep 24 hours not w
Prozac or herbal remedies with counselling?
whats the best way to talk so someone with dementia?
what is the best way to live with tinutus or is there a medicure?
What are the best portable humidifiers, also, the best air purifiers for my apartment?
Is a sinus rinse hard to do?
Are you addicted to cigarettes or Anything else?
How hot does a regular vaporizer get?
How can I reduce my wife's swollen legs?
Antibiotics for acne?
is there a condition of someone who cannot see in the dark at all?
I'm only 23 years old, and my physician just informed me that my Liver enzymes are high? What does this mean?
I went to a consult at Lasik and they gave me to quotes. Between the 2 which is better?
Is there a difference between a prescription for contacts and one for glasses?
What would happen to the eye if continuous light beam (flashlight/laser,etc) was shone in the eye for hours?
What is considered Low/Moderate/High Astigmatism?
Under/sort of in my eye in the outer corner there is a little puffy ball under my skin and idunno what it is?
Rain/water-proof glasses lenses?!?
Dry Eyes...?
Should I go forth with ordering the prescription I THINK I should have?
can you go blind if your eye sight start weakning alot?
My prescription lenses goes blurry. I got them in the mail today.?
UV rays or squinting?
contact lenses and glasses? =?
What the age a person is allowed to wear contact lenses?
Right Eye is Plano(Zero), Left Eye +5.5 for reading , is person considered legally blind?
Will coloured contacts work on dark eyes?
Can you wear coloured contacts if your Prescription for your contacts are really high ?
My contact lens is acting all weird - please help!?
Can anyone help...best ans.gets 10..are there any sujestions how to adapt to anothers stronger prescription..?
You know the red lines in your eye?
20/20 vision yet needs bifocals?
Circle Lenses, are they really dangerous?
Just got overt food poisoning, what foods should I eat?
How long does it take the human body to eliminate excrement from consumption to exit?
Addict going to Detox. Help!?
what are signs of going deaf?
Why the heck does my big toe hurt?!?
help me,someone i really need?
is there a way to test THC(weed) levels on your own?
Why can't we lick our elbows?
noise in my ears, kind of whistle??
Is this true? die if you take bath right after meal?
How serious is a Kidney infection for a 15 year old?
Do I have tinitus?
I'm having gas, with mucus...?
How do you get rid of a plantars wart on the bottom of your foot?
How do cue a "charliehose" in your calves?
Ciggarette addiction or not???
infected pierced ear?
How to fake a cold?
I Might have strep throat, but im not sure..?
My eye won't stop twitching?
When im running what part of the body am I exercising? Also what part of the body do i exercise when i throw ?
drug test a week from this monday???
Would I die early if ...?
Why do I keep crunching ice all the time...I smell, see or hear ice and I just have to have it?
Blood Pressure Numbers - What do they mean?
Huge dark circles under my eyes can anyone help please?
HELP! Very Bad Headache!?
Yeast in the body?
Any tips for a bad back?
what are some ways to treat anxiety?
Can stress make you uncontrollably tired?
do u look in the toilet after you poo?
How do you make the pours in your legs smaller?
Why do these bumps appear?
HELP: Chicken Pox Scars!?
how do i get rid of execess fluid in my legs and feet?
anyone else have yellow eyes?
pennsaid , which is a lotion for joints with arthritis . How long after surgery do you have to wait to use it?
Itchy sore breasts?
Emu oil for?
Large Cold Sore! What can I do to keep it from spreading?
Pinkish red in the corners of my mouth.?
whats the best way to remove a foot blister??
I get a sort of cramp in the groin area when I sneeze too hard, help?
Frequent belching,Upper abdomen pain,Blood in stool/unusual colour?
can a person with a history of being abused as a child?
Please help! does anyone know the effects cocaine has on the brain & a persons thinking pattern and feelings??
My Gran's bipolar is coming to the surface what should I do?
Efexor/Venlafaxine side effects?
does anyone else do very well on Prozac 20 mg?
Is there an alternative herbal remedy to treat ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)?
anyone recognise these symptoms?
Does anyone know if Wellbutrin is available in the UK?
help cant sleep.......?
anxity and is there a connection with gastric disorders?
Can you give me the # for a "warm line" for depression, etc. for Australia and/or New Zealand?
Your experience with Efexor?
how long does weed have an effect on your life?
what can someone who have internal tiredness,headache,dizziness,unsettled stomach be suffering from and cure.?
Situps technique?
Neck problem?
tendinitis help?
pain in back?
Does anyone know why heated milk would give me a stomach ache?
contacts: biweekly: fourteen wears or fourteen days?
contact lenses give me headaches does anyone know why? changed types 4to 5 times and had eye exam?
i have i hard time waking up in the morning what can i do to wake up?
What's wrong with my eyes?
polarized sun glasses?
how many drops does lotemax 5 ml bottle contains?
Will I get hyperopia if I always see the far distance stuff ?
blood in right side of eye. what are the possibilites?
,When I wake, up my eyes,?
Where are guide dog training centers located in the U.S.?
how to improve dull eyes?
how can i get rid of my Red eyes?!?
Nervous about going to the eye doctor!?
Keeping contact lens moist?
Do colour contacts dry out faster than clear ones?
Should I worry about the eyelash stuck in the corner of my eye?
Can my contact lenses freeze in the original package?
is there a way to natrually change your eye colour?
Limited brown eyes? Wtf?
amblyopia? is it when one eye drifts off?
Is it ok to wear one contact lens coz my other eye is getting iritated because of the scratch? ?
does font color matter to the eyes?
whats the difference between raw honey and manuka honey?
Is it alright to do Dxm Occasionaly?
Suffer from hypoglycemia? Colloidal minerals helped me.?
How does increased water injestion help weight loss?
I have difficulty sleeping...?
How can i fall asleep faster?
Would you like "House" as your doctor? Why?/Why not?
I'm scared?
Why am i always tired?
is it dangerous to drink human urine?
How long does marajuana stay in someone's system?
Is it okay to take a shower every day at about 6:50 AM?
What do you do to fall asleep, any suggestions for a restful night?
Why shouldn't you wake a sleep walker?
How do you help heal the holes where your earings pass through because they have become infected?
I am trying to stop my bad nail biting habit. Any ideas?
By 50 years of age, 80%-90% of us harbour HSV-1 (Herpes)?
Why do I suddenly feel completely exhausted?
I've been sick for 5 years, why havent my doctors checked for Cancer or even brought it up?
someone hit my head really really hard last night am i going deaf now?
How do you get rid of a cold in 12 hours?
What do health bracelets display?
I have a small lump on the side of my head that seems to be pulsing? Any ideas what this may be?
I have trouble getting up in the morning, feeling very fatigued.?
Are there ingredients in my home for a teenager to make drugs?
What are the therapeutic effects resulting from thyroid hormone replacement?
Anyone help me to identify the reason for pain behind the eye?
Thinking of joining a health club, do you belong to one?
Fear and Blood transfer?
Should there be surgery clips left in me?
Help !! How do u get rid of post nasal drip fast ?!?
Will My Skin Bounce Back?
i get lip cole soars!?
why do I sweat more one day than an other day under the same conditions?
Little red spots on foot?
how long for dissolvable sutures?
Is there a cream/mask to remove peeling skin due to sunburns?
I think i have the chickenpox...?
Facial care help! acne, blackheads!!?
how do you get a clear skin without a acne and mark?
I think I may have eczema, does it sound like it?
weird bump on my left leg what is it????!?
Mild acne problem, what can I do>?
Ever watched 3d tv stoned?
purchase of Food grade hydrogen peroxide on Gold coast in in queensland australia?
During an eye examination, is the optician able to tell if..?
I have dark brown eyes, is it possible to go light green with contacts?
Yellowish,Orange,Red Eyes?
White flash in eyes?!?
What website sells cheap coloured contacts?
Eyes….How do you make them look healthier?
Astigmatism and Contacts?
Contact lenses for astigmatism?
Why does my eyes go dark when i stand up?
is this possible for this to happen..?
red eyes and contacts?
where can i purchase night vision glasses?
Smartbuyglasses.ca trustworthy or not? Do insurance company reimburse prescription from this store?
When I get tired my eyes really start to hurt??? WHY IS THAT?? ?
How old do you have to be to get laser eye surgery?
CAN too much Tv or Computer Time make you blind?
Does this sound like pink eye? Should I go to the doctor today or wait to see if it is actually anything?
If I wear bifocals, are contact lenses out of the question?
what do you think about advantages and disadvantages of an eye surgery?
is my son under weight?answer asap i am worried.please answer
My knee cracks/pops when I bend it?
What are some home remedies for HEARTH BURN?
Is it dangerous in anyway to inhale Helium Gas?
help! i am always tired!?
I feel a chest cold coming on. Best way to fight it off?
Expired pills?
how to fall asleep fast?
Do you think that smokers are discriminated by health care professionals?
Can a cold gel pack burn and leave blisters on a child skin?
Can you smoke tylenol?
Does anyone know anything about lumps around ear piercings?
are there side effects from a tetnus shot?
tight pain in my chest??
I want quit my bad habit of going to bed very late at night?
I have terminal ALL.?
What are the statistics for the morbidity and mortality rate for a ten year period on leukemia?
Hysteroscopy what does it mean when..?
I have some health problems....?
can i get necrotizing fasciitis by shaving my legs with a old razor ? :|?
What is the easiest way to get rid of a zit?
ok i know something is wrong, but please tell me its not cancer!?
is sleeping on the couch dangerous?
Vomitting, Lightheaded, Diarrhea, Shortness of Breath, Fatigue?
tick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! easy ten points!!?
What is the easyest excersize with best results?
Should I go to school tomorrow.. I feel horrible Read on?
So if I don't want to cry anymore can I just get my tearducts removed?
In class today i felt like I was going to puke or faint?
What's the best way to prevent nose bleeds?
Help, what are these symptoms?
Guys, is it better to do it with...?
About how long should I wait before I eat after putting Purell on?
whats the best or worst con you have experienced?
frozen shoulder?
since having a sub-total thyroidectomy in march i am taking medication and feel very unwell can anyone help?
Head pains -back left?
I have pains in my ribs and arm?
Anybody out there used an Ionic Bracelet for pain relief,and did it work.?
Winters coming, and my tan is going away, acne marks really visiblle, plz help...?
Infected Blue Thumb (Subungual Hematoma)?
how to wear my hair up wen i have lice without people seeing nits?
Best skin care you ever used for combination skin?
what is this patch of skin on my face?
Is it possible to enlarge small earlobes through cosmetic surgery?
What cream can i use to help heal my anal fissure?
How can you get rid of bumps from under the armpits?
my son was just diagnosed with seborrheah?
home remidies for coldsores ?
What are these small white circles on my feet?
name some influential figures in person-centred-therapy?
do you get muddled up ?
Mind altering substances?
okay ive read on here that popping a blood vessel in your eye is not that uncommon but...?
i am waiting to have an injection on my coccyx?
what does a chiropractor actually do?
soccer injury cause of my painful muscles everyday?... help!!?
What are some foods that are good for the health of your eye?
Soft Contacts - Can I Still Wear Them?
30 day contact lenses?
Opticians/Optometrists - Have you ever seen somone's impaired vision cure itself?
eye does weird stuff?
i have an irritated left eye that when i open it it kinda burns and i can't see bright lights PLEASE HELP!!!
Can you use too many eye drops?
Help with my Prescription please!?
Can i be cure Usher Syndrome?
Eye sight question...?
Contact Lenses and Red eyes?
can dropping a 115 pound bar on the back of the head cause sight problems?
Is vision-correction eye laser surgery safe? Long term effects? Cost?
Relaxing my eyes = blurry vision?!?
Do Positive Eye lens exist?
Wearing glasses, could it hurt my eyes?
problem with eyes!?
Please answer easy 1800contact question ?
Why do our eyes water when we yawn?
Can't see out of one eye?
What's Going On With My Eyes!?
Nikon, Essilor or Zeiss?
Is it just a cold or something more?
Anybody know someone who's hair turned white overnight due to stress?
Oncologist job information for a career in Canada?
Is there a weightloss program for someone on kidney dialysis?
My parents wont let me shave my head for cancer research, any ideas?
For those with kidney disease, how long did you have early symptoms before it showed up in urine or blood work?
Does this have something to do with bulimia?
Do I have a sleeping disorder?
dizzy spells...?
Is it ok for me to?
I cannot get to sleep because my house smells really bad, what should I do?
i have been tryin 2 quit smokin 4 as long as i can remember... ne suggestions as 2 how i can achieve dat??
i have BAD wrist pain but i dont think its arthritis. What is it?
anyone have any tips on falling asleep at night?
What is the best way to get rid of dark and puffy bags under eyes?
What's a good way to quit nail-biting?
Should I call the clinic or what?
Can you smoke weed and work at a hospital?
i need help sleeping!?
Does smoking worsen a sore throat?
chapped lips?
Why is my temperature only 94.7 ?? What is wrong?? Doctors/ Naturopath HELP!?
I have dark half circles under my eyes. I will be smoke free two years in Feb. Any suggestions?
Whats the best thing to use as a sleep aid?
what can i do or take to get rid of a nasty headache? should i use Tylenol or ?
any advice on how to quit smoking weed?
Want to quit smoking cold turkey, any suggestions?
My Niece is really sick with a cold, she has a stuffy nose dry cough and stuffy head:( how can i help her?
Cant Sleep?
its 3am right now, and i cant go to sleep, how can i make it through the day?
Is it possible that my fish oil caps are making me dizzy?
Is there any chance I can grow taller?
how do i get to cadillac michigan from toronto ontario if I am going by car?
Has this ever happened to you and what is it?
Whats wrong with me? I'm feeling kind of down.?
I have tried several kids cold meds. , but which would you recommend to be the best effective one for a cough.
How are Dorothy and Eric doing these days?
Why are cold symptoms always more intense when you first wake up?
Stomach pains after taking Celebrex?
How long does it take for a mole that was removed to heal?
help me im scared medical ?
What age do you stop growing in height?
type 2 diabetes and Sylliac ?
How to get rid of a congested, chest and throat..?
hi umm?what is obesity?
can fresh shrooms get you high ?
Can people get there own Medical records? in ONTARIO CANADA?
Can you help me stop puking?
Is there something wrong with me?
wat complications will i hav if i hav to hav a goiter removed?
Is taking to many vitamin C large tablets bad for you or your kidneys?
Recurring sore throat..desperate for help..doctors gave up 10 PTS?
I feel a sort of pressure in my inner left ear after listening to music last night?
The area between my legs is moist and smells all so stings when i clean it ?
Why is Caffeine really bad for candida sufferers?
what is kawasaki syndrome?
Has any got pains in thumb joints.?
Casodex --- Withdrawal Side Effects?
Muscle pain in jaw/neck? Muscle always feels tight and painful?
Tollerance to 'Gas and Air'?
Numbness in right eye?
Lifts making me dizzy?
what is this on my leg?
My baby fish have black dots all over it. For a month now?
i have some weird rash.. i think?
I'm so SCARED please HELP me?
the skin around my fingernails peels and looks disgusting..why?
I have a pink a bit rased bump on my arm, its a size of a neckle , does anyone no what this could be and?
Botox? how often is it needed?
a friend has a red bumpy rash on her back after hair removal...?
Why do i get these bruises and red spots on my arms?
how to clear up old leg scars?
Cramps, No period, loads and loads of acne...Help?
how do i get rid of plugged ears?
Do I have lice????????????????????????
Keratosis pilaris on warm climates?
What does it mean when a doctor says "50 percent chance of recovery" ?
Why my contact suddenly hurts?
If I have contacts that are meant to last for 30 days but only wear them about 2x/week, will they last longer?
Candians: Lasik Eye Surgery?
Is There any type Of Lens Glasses That d'ont Make Your Eyes Appears Bigger The Other side ?
what brand of color contacts are a go for darker eyes?
What is the best contact solution(s) and/or treatment for dry eyes in Canada?
i have a eye question?
princeidoc please answer this!!!?
How do I protect my eye vision?
How To Heal From eye Number?
I have my lasik eye surgery scheduled at HORIZON LASER CLINIC in saskatoon. Please give me any tips that helps
Is there any reason why I should not be able to get contacts?
Can you get tinted Contacts?
Getting brown spot/freckle cut out of my eye?
my eyes don't move smoothly... what could this be?
does eye laser surgery have any pregnancy SE?
Is it bad to wear the wrong prescription contact lens?
Delay in vision focus..?
contacts....just for looks?
Does doing this affect my eyes at all?
Which foods contain red dye # 40?
what is the most effective way to smoke weed without wastage..?
what happens when you put the worlds hottest chilli sauce up your but?
how can i sleep better?
It's 3:44 am, should I go to sleep?
Is the war on supplements and natural remedies justifiable?
Feeling hungover? But didnt drink alcohol. is it Dehydration??
What causes runny, watery eyes all the time?
I was eating my peach... and I found a worm in it.Will I be alright?
What's the use of nails?
I want to know what is going on wiht my body?
I couldn't sleep at all! any tips on how to stay alert during the day?
Why Am I always tired?
what will happen if I smoked weed on Saturday and my surgery is in three days?
Eye twitch solutions?
I can't get to sleep at night?
How to stop a cold before its full blown?
Is 41 years of age to young to have a knee cap replaced?
what is a good time to go to bed?
My 6 years old daughter has woken up with leg pains the last three nights. Are these growing pains?
How much sleep should you get a night . Went 15 years on 3-5 a night . Ended up getting very sick. Get 7 now.?
Why is it we don't fall out of bed when we are sleeping?
how many hours have you stayed awake ?
can i drink alcohol 16 hours after taking two tylenol 3's?
Nearly a week ago my four year old son started complaining about his mouth being sore on one side. More...?
throat help please !!!!!?
Why am I still sick? I feel weak, sweaty, exhausted, and out of breath every few hours.?
why does my stomach feel weird?
Is this a sort of waking apnea?
Radiation in pediatric ct scan of head?
Has anyone ever heard of an Icy Cold Nose?, so cold it's painful.?
What calming thought's guarantee YOU a good night's sleep?
How long does weed stay in your system,blood,urine !?
After taking a sleeping pill to help me sleep, i have pretty creepy nightmares, why is that?
Having trouble sleeping... help!?
Where does the gunk that stores up in your eyes when you sleep come from?
I would like to be a living donor. Who do I contact and how?
why is my right ear plugged up?
An aspirin a day is good for health?
Is this normal when on shrooms?
is it normal for a 14 year old to black out when they stand up?
I just took a pill on an empty stomach...?
Will I get more stoned if I smoke marijuana when Im tired?
why do people have a yellow ring arond their pupils?
Do magic mushrooms make ur brain bleed? or is this just a myth? what about ur stomach?
whats it like inside a CT scanner ?
How do you cure a stye??
Any recommendations for getting a prescription of Oxycontin?
has anyone appealed against dla desision on mental health?
what does border personality mean?
Mum is 69, has suffered from paranoid schizophrenia in the past, widowed and not really coping?
anyone bought valium online uk?
In the UK, what treatment have you been offered for depression or anxiety?
holes in a polo?
Need some advice please?
how many hours of sleep do u need?
Whoops - losing it!! Any advice?
Im Irish but am hoping to seek treatment for eating distress in the UK publicly?
Has a nyone found a really good medication for chronic fatigue?
Is this a sign that my antidepressants have started to work?
UV rays: which part?
Help!! Brownish (darker pigmentation) spot from waxing...how do I get rid of it?
Bug Bites (showing up over night)?
Should I use vinegar on my armpits at night, then regular deodarant during the day?
How can i get rid of my hives fast for new years eve HELP?
Itchy rash started from cuts?
Does PerspireX work or should I get a prescription?
Is my Hickey normal or not?
Natural treatments for Poison oak?
what could this bump be?
Are over the counter skin peels any good?
quickest way to get rid of scars?
What treatment have you used for Mulluscum spots?
if i popped my poison ivy and then put peroxide on it will it go away?
What do these symptoms indicate?
can guys struggle with bulimia too?
Lactose Intolerance...?
Legs are feeling weak?
18mths after car accident?
Sore legs?
it is to early for me to do a test being getting sciatica in the top of leg is early sign of pregnancie?
My eye hurts what can it be?
I have a femoral hernia..but?
Anyone out there suffering with Rheumatoid Arthritis?
Canker Sore?
Is it ok to talk on cell phone more than 1 hour a day?
I have a massive hair lost problem?
Im at a loss, should i quit smoking or not? please help?
Posture Problem.?
I need to know what the normal body temperature is and what is considered a fever?
troubles sleeping at night?
I have sweaty feet, as soon as I put on shoes they just start pouring out sweat.??? What Can I Do?!?!?
why do we get chapped lips?
Should I continue taking my antibiotics?
What was wrong with my mom last night??!!?
I used to drink a lot, but have recently cut out booze....now I can't sleep! Any suggestions?
Can a human live without water
what can cause extremely low blood platelets?
Gross dark circles under my eyes - what is causing them!?
my 11 year old girl stated blinking her eyes.....continuously ,what should i do?
What does an eye exam score of 20/250 mean?
Will wearing 175 and 225 degrees near-sighted glasses harm my vision?
I have a new glasses prescription, what would the contact prescription be?
Depression medication & your eyes?
I am nearsighted... Do you know how I can improve my vision withought lasering? This is HOPELESS...?
Why does my eye keep twitching?
i see flashing light that resemble the shape of a bottle cap..ya know the edges and have trouble seeing,why?
my contacts are making my eyes red... help?
When measuring pupilary distance, is it better to round up or down?
I need new glasses. I was told I should also get contacts, as I would look good. I have a fear of putting anyt?
Contacts Q?
Is it possible for my eyes to hurt from tanning all day in the sun?
How can i avoid lazy or sleepy eyes?
Is it something to do with my eyes? Afraid to drive?
good high Rx contacts ?
I fell asleep with my contacts on, help please!?
What's wrong with my eyes?
How do I know if I have Retinal Detachment?
After lasik, should my vision be good well into old age?
Can I wear 14.5 diameter Halloween contacts if I normally wear 14.2?
eyeglass out of focus -- see double images for one solid line on road?
A piece of food is stuck in my throat. What do I do?
I gained weight from antidepressants - has anyone else experienced this? citalopram?
I have a scar on my belly, how do i get it to go away?!?
Mysterious bleeding under my fingernails?
Are there any products to lighten dark patches of skin significantly?
I am thinking of ordering the ZenMed acne treatment, has anyone had success with it?
psoriasis diet?
Skin Condition. Left arm,. blotches of purplish-red throughout top, with red lines running through them. ..?
blackhead eraser or something you can buy to remove blackheads?HELP!!?
Does Nivea Creme Really Work For Acne Marks?!?
Rash looking thing on my face?
Help with undereye circles ! ?
red scaly skin around my lips?
SKin diease !? (honest ,serious help please) ?
how do you store enoximone?
Does anyone know anything about a hernia puncturing the bowel?
so i have perfect eyes, i want colored contacts?
i got THC in my eye!!!?
About my eye lids. Weird quesiton?
What is that little area of your eye called where crusty stuff sort of stays?
Can Anyone Help Me With Glasses And Prescriptions?
Transition lens price range....?
HELP! To convince my parents getting contacts for me!?
Wierd feeling in my eye ..?
Im trying to get contacts in Canada?
Any Toronto Optometrists willing to let someone shadow them?
In Louis Braille's time, what aids did visually impaired persons have?
What is a good contact solution?
What glasses would look good on my daughters faces?
Eye function and Computers.?
Are Biomedics55 contact lenses for 2 weeks or 2 months?
Can you wear mascara and eyeliner on your lower and top lid with contacts?
Wearing my one month contacts for two months?
What is the cost ($) of these surgeries?
My prescription is -3.5 i was wondering what that is in the 20/20 measurement?
How can I convince my mom to let me get contacts?
What should I do when my heart awoke me from my sleep?
dust stormm!!!! i need info?