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i had a ecg and now i have to have a stress test?
How can I check my blood cholesterol level?
Can any 1 tell me what neuroaxonal dystrophy is?
Heart palpitating? is this nomal?
which of the following is a type of lipid?
my grandfather died of a heart attack at age 54.?
Why does my heart skip heartbeats?
Why does accutane have to be kept out of light?
how can i get rid of excessive blackheads and whiteheads?
What's a really quick recipe for hand moisturizer?
Using Accutane while having high cholesterol?
do i have ocd?
Bach flower remedies - anyone tried it?
H1N1 flu need to know?
I just got two moles removed?
when do i put moisturizer when using stievamycin?
skin problem - darker skin with increase growth of hair?
On Tv last night (Thursday Oct.24), there was something about moisturizer being bad for your skin?
Flu, vommiting up all the gravol?
is the swine flu bad in hawaii?
H1N1 vaccine side effects after 12 days?
RotaTeq Vaccine concern!?
Where can I find a good dermatologist in Ontario?
what is wrong with me ,dizzy,sweaty hands etc?
I got flu 3 days ago.Today I feel little better. Could I go to work(retail customer service)day after tomorrow?
Grapefruit seed extract for yeast infection?
My throat feels funny after kissing?
viruses on a object, and you shake that object around (shirt, ball etc..) can viruses go into air & make u ill?
should i be going to the hospital for the pain of my pelvic cuz i suffer from a pelvic inflammatory disease?
hiv survival outside the body?
What to do with this bump on my head?
how do i get rid of cold sores?
Does anyone have info on killing flu virus in Windsor?
I have been doped with ecstasy. I have symptoms such as vertigo, paranoia, anxeity, and aggression?
Is Alzimer's disease contagious?
Will 50p increase per unit of alcohol have any effect?
Name a good medical billing services offering Company with over 17 years experience?
why is it that i need glasses when people who stare at a screen longer than i do, don't?
If u have Glucoma can u still wear contacts?
Questions about contacts?
can anyone tell me how i can find a website that has good eye contacts so my eye dont look stuiped ?
What types of substances can cause blindness?
Can I naturally improve my eyesight after I am forced to glasses?
can i still wear contact lenses?
I'm getting glasses/contacts?
Hate wearing glasses!!!?
How do you learn to sleep with you eyes open?
Can I go on rides with my contacts?
Do contacts hurt [10 points]?
any recommendation on eyedrops?
How do people see when they have..?
is it really true if you do cross eyes all the time your eyes will get stuck like that?
Is this bad for Astigmatism?
what could be the cause of bad eyesight?
Are contacts better than glasses?
if i read well my eyes improve? and if i watch to much tv well my eyes be bad?
Could a pair of clip-on sunglass lenses be worn on a pair of sunglasses to provide additional UV protection?
Why do sometimes our eyes start twitching?
Perfectionist = ?
My friend has panic attacks?
Anyone have any experience of Topamax as a mood stabiliser for Bipolar Disorder?
I have bipolar disorder but my husband cannot/will not accept there is anything wrong with me, any suggestions
what rights do i have regarding time of for counselling?
Does anyone know of any good depression chat places?
Sleepless? Is it the moon?
melsposty want to ask something?
am i wrong to refuse antidepressants? I'm afraid i'll just take them so not to fall out with him.?
how can i sort out my extreme vomit phobia?
how can i feel more confident & outgoing?
can some tell me if cognitive behavoural therapy has worker to cure severe depression for them.?
What does 'safe person' mean, when talking about depression or anxiety?
patella fenrod syndrome?
I donated blood 2 days ago and now I have a big bruise?
If you were to ingest a poison...?
Do i have strep throat?!?
Do potheads ever develop lung cancer?
What are these bumps on the backs of my arms?
What does it mean when you get a sudden sickly sweet taste in your mouth, much like an epileptic ora?
if my cea levels are 6,5ug/L and smoker should i be concerned. my dr has sent me for heaps of bowel test?
Is there a normal resting heart rate for adults?
Has anyone heard of anybody having Aleukemia?
My C-Reactive Protein is14.5 (out of range). Will I have a heart attack?
What to do when a person has a heart attack?
under blood chemistry, what is the meaning of SGOT(ASAT) and SGPT(ALAT)?
what can this all mean?
do you get irregular heart beats and shakes from a low 7.5mg of prednisone...tapering alternate days 10-7.5?
is it possible for your heart to just stop beating?
tingling sensation up in left nostril, frequent sneezing?
Hey my grandpa was diagnosed with lewis body dementia...?
Rash *down there* (help from girls pleasee)?
So I might have ADD but ....?
Whats the most common heart murmor out of AS or MR?
How long does it take for arteries to become clogged?
What services are available to individuals with cardiovascular disease?
How do I file a complaint with the American Board of Pediatrics?
How can my dad get his health insurance knowing he's not a citizen here.?
turned heart?
Is there any device that will stop me from twisting my pelvis?
will i get better?
What is Frozen Shoulder?
could peniclin v have side affects that could cause rednes in between a childs fingers?
Bad pain???
my lips or blue and my hands what is wrong with me?
whats wrong with his eyes?
Dry Eye In Only One Eye?
why do my soft contact lens burn burn and make my eyes water so bad I have take them out as I put them in?
Will it harm my vision to wear my readers full time until I get replacement frames for my broken bifocals?
what's wrong with my eyes?
Is it normal for one eye to go dry after awhile?
Is it okay to wear contacts solution that expire this Sept 2008?
where can i get solution for contact lenses?
How much do prescription contacts cost? (NOT coloured)?
How do I clean my eyeglasses and fake glasses if I don't have any eye solution?
i wake up with pus and bloodshot eyes. What causes this?
My bad eyesight keeps worrying me, I need some Reassurance and help.?
How come i can see a lil better when I scwint my eyes??
My eye, please read.?
how is your vision if you have astigmatism but wear non-toric contact lens ?
Switching from glasses to contacts?
Where can I buy contacts on line?
+.05 eye glass prescription makes distant items blurry...?
How old do you have to be to get Lasik?
neck pain & m.e/ c.f.s?
Feeling my lenses in eye?
Why do I keep having disturbed sleep?
why do i always wake up at the same time in the morning, even if i feel very tired and need more sleep?
Im having a operation on my ankle?
Medical Standards: Can I join thte military ....?
How much does a medical cost in Ireland?
Mouth watering? need help!?
What does ESMI stand for in nursing?
How do I lose my voice?
Is there any interaction between Propranolol and alcohol ?
im scared of putting my contact lenses in!?
What changes have been made within the NHS over the years regarding out-of-hours emergency care?
Can a teen under 16 go to the doctors alone?
subarachnoid haemorrhages help!?
tinea versicolour?????
skin help i have MILIA?
Anyone else have a really rough time while on Docetaxel Chemotherepy?
White bump inside the upper part of my eye?
It feels like there is an ice cube on my skin?
Accutane, can i drink alcohol in moderation (4 or 5 times over the 5 month span)?
red blister on baby's face?
Water Leaking Cellulite?
Pro Activ ? or is there a better product?
Skin Flushing Red And Blotchy?
How do i get rid of swelling on my lips, i got punched very hard?
what is the pathophysiology of hirschsprung's disease?
too early to get tested?
General Weakness after viral infection ?
How long does a cold last?
i read a story on yahoo about a new sickness and?
A wetland is going to be drained and a mall is going to be built on that space what is the positive thing?
what are the effects for the shot for swine flu?
Doctor said no strep throat but he didn't take the test?
i have done online tests which suggest i have severe depression, i had it in the past, what should i do?
I fear I might have the flu? Is it just a false alarm? Or do I have it?
Who suffers from OCD?
Help! Do I have some type of disease?
Can you refuse the swine flu vaccine?
Is it still pink eye, or was it ever?
z-pack antibiotic side effect ?
I can feel my heart beating?
im feeling hardly any fetal movement now?
Why do i get out of breath so easy and my heart starts racing?
does something have to be wrong with your heart to have pht?
Angioplasty fitting a stent?
Chest pains, Doctors and/or nurses only.?
how fickle my heart and how woozy my eyes?
My Potassium is high and my Cholride is low and I have high platelets what does this mean?
broken heart songs......................................................................................?
How accurate on a scale of 1-10 are these cardiac tests in diagnosing a blocked artery?
Query regarding anterior infarct. Why is that proximal LAD gives depression, distal gives elevation II,III,aVF?
what this means??? should i worry or feel ok??????
Blood pressure vs bad lifestyle?
Queries regarding hypertension?
OZ question. Does anyone have the medicare code for a Coronary CT Scan?
What organ does lactose intolerance affect most in the digestive system?
what is causing this diarrhea?
Cold remedy help (inflamed sinuses)?
Would Severe Endometrosis cause someone to be tired a lot?
Does singulair or advair make you feel depressed?
what is the most common type of cancer in young adults?
Having asthma is going to Cuba okay?
is Salbutamol a bronchodilator?
Home remedies to get rid of Mucus?
What would happen if I stabbed an epi-pen into myself?
Why is it that??
what can be the cause of optical swelling with fluid behind the brain?
why do hot tubs make you tired?
Is it a good idea to go swimming if I have a cold?
whats going to happen?
Can anyone tell me a good safe site online to purchase non narcodic tramadol?
What can I do to straighten out my back?
Would anyone know what limitation long term disability claims would have?
Does Smoking Marijuana Reduce Brain Cells?
I smoked some weed the other day and my pupils were so small...?
How can I sooth an upset stomach?
I am becoming diabetic at the age of 13? ?
my friend is sick but with weird... symptoms...?
I have to do my own injections. I noticed in my vile of meds there are 2 small air bubbles...?
My right ear feels clogged and I can hardly hear out of it. This has happened before. What do I do?
Food Poisoning?How long from when you eat the "offending" food do you get sick? ?
Is life too short ....?
why did i react like that????
A blue colored ring on the white of my daughter's eye?
Knee Surgery and drug use‏?
Does Hepatitis B shot hurt?
Green stools, what does this mean?
how close are we to some break thro is some thing like canser aids ect...?
Are earaches symptoms of hearing loss?
Lasik healing....eye surgery?
Can I wear my glasses all day if I only NEED them for long distance and clarity of distance?
i started to see purple light ...is it a symptom of blindness?
Laser Eye Surgery?????
Deoderant in my eyes???
Will I continue to lose some of my vision?
does any one know where I can get color contacts without a prescription in Toronto?
Does Eye Colour Affect You??
Do trial contact lenses last 30 also?
Why do my eyes get tears when theres onions, ( sensitive eyes?)?
Is it ok to keep contacts in for more then 24 hours?
Does it cost a lot to get glassess lenses replaced?
Is Laser eye surgery safe please tell of experiences?
I hate wearing my glasses! how do get contacts?
When I wear glasses, I can't see 3d?
i am farsighted and i want to know if wearing glasses for only reading is good or bad for my vision?
how to get rid of this zit/scab?
Is the mole on my arm normal?
i have a scab on my mole?
Red Dots Q?
aney acne treatments for oily skin?
What could the brown spot under my skin on my hand mean?
What does a somewhat small, hard lump on the head mean?
Is this arm acne or something different?
I've got a rashh?? yikes?
my shih-tzu has had skin problem for some time.?
how do i treat blackheads/whiteheads? ?
this is for rachael. okay, saturday morning hia mother, i'm the grandmother, gave him a asthma treatment. he
How is coronary artery disease detected?
how come my heart doesn't beat faster?
concerend about irregular heart beat on right hand side?
overload off stress pls help !!!!?
i figer that if i drink a lot i have 12 hours a day without any worrys is this good no blood pressure what do?
We are trying to obtain travel insurance for my brother a pre existing medical condition called cardio myopath
what could feeling faint mean?
Can I prove that Red Bull is bad for your heart?
Can human get heart worms ?
Can you explain to me in detail about a bicuspid aortic valve?
What actually happens during high blood pressure?
If someone was suffering from Aortic Valve Regurgitation...?
I have had a fainting,high blood pressure and convolsing since i was 3 yrs old any ideas? anyone really?
Quivering in the middle of my chest?
Shih Tzu heart murmur?
is there anybody in the same boat that can help me through this?
What is the effect of ventricular ectopics for Aviators (helicopter Pilots)?
Signet Cell Carcinoma - Who has heard of this type of cancer? What are typical treatments?
I have had 3 CT scans in the last 2 and a half years. Two of them were for the sinuses and one for the brain.?
What is the difference between sebaceous glands and fordyce spots?
help please large flat red circles on lower leg?
Do you know of a NICE smelling shampoo for Scalp Psoriasis or Seborrhea Dermatitis?
What's Wrong With My Eyes?
what herbs can i smoke?
pains in left leg...?
Does anyone know much about the Mills & Mills Surgical clinic cased in spain?
Help - Relief from Gout pain in foot?
can anyone help me?
Gallstone Pain?
What is wrong with my arm?
I need help - OCD -?
what can a nvq level 3 trained carer do different from a normal carer?
can other animals such as birds, rabbits, or dogs get the swine flu?
What kind of infectious diseases are deadly?
If anyone here is HIV +?
Will there be any bad drug interactions if I take antibiotics with once a week malaria pill treatments?
TONSILS covered with BLACK and WHITE stuff?
Can anyone answer this, my finger is swollen?
Can anyone give me info on Clindamycin and its function.?
legs and splits?
Can I still get the H1N1 vaccine if I already have a head cold or the regular flu?
Help! I have strep AND an ear infection and nothings helping!?
Do pinworms go away on thier own?
How can you stay away from Flus?
How did you feel when you had H-Pylori?
What is the reason for this? I have had this a few times now! when i grab something or lift something nothing?
If you have a bladder infection/UTI is it common to pee blood?
Anyone Else Had An Operation For Shoulder Impingement?
Can stress cause chocolate cravings?
Almost every day i barf up my dinner and i don't know why!?
Are my eyes really bad?
How do I get rid of this panicky feeling in my stomach?
Heart Arrhythmia three types?
What is the cause of heart palpitations?
After eating a meal my chest feels tight and its harder to breathe. Also fast heart beating on other occassion?
What is a Small Systolic Heart Murmur?
i have SVT and currently getting th flu?
what does a rustling sound on an echocardiogram mean?
Is it possible to have a heart muscle spasm?
Is hypertension a contraindication to any beauty treatments?
A-Fib, SVT & AV node ablation?
what are the pathophysiology of a patient with acute pulmonary oedema?
Does your pulse rate rise in cold weather?
Why am I not feeling so good after ablation?
im goin 4 an echo and scared(please read very important)?
Who knows who is the best open heart bypass surgeon in Los Angeles, CA?
Why the things is being like this in the case of Hypertension?
Drug-eluting heart stents?
average heart rate and heart blood pump?
l need best hosiptal in france for kinder dieases?
I used the GFS and it has worked. I have had no problems for 6 months. Does this good result last forever???
Another question about heart rate?
my blood pressure OK, my pulse always high 95-110 .why ,?
can bacteria causing endocarditis lay dormant before it presents as infective endocarditis?
What Short Term Physiological changes occur to the heart and circulatory system during exercise?
Commotio Cordis Question?
ibs! Irritable bowel syndrome! :'(?
I am suffering from a medical condition called Palinopsia?
no one takes me serious because i have a lisp.?
I know celiac disease is pretty common, but it's hard not to feel alone?
Green Bowel Movement?
Son has been having problems with right ear..........?
Scoliosis test today.................?
My toes turn PURPLE.. I meantioned it to my doctor (bad doctor by the way) and he didn't really seem worried..?
Any free herpes dating websites/personals for Ottawa, Ontario, Canada?
Why do People who are ill insist on going out and making everyone else ill?
E-Coli.. you can't catch it from pools or jaccuzi spas can you?
who can tell me more about?
Anyone ever felt like this?
Do you find my autism theory website interesting?
Concerns re dirty hospital?
Why does my belly make sounds even when I'm not hungry? How can I stop it doing it?
I feel sleepy after having breakfast about 10am and i cant get things done in the morning?
why do my thighs keep going numb after i sleep?
Get answers from millions of real people.?
I took (3) laxatives last night and today... I've been to the toilet 3 times.. Is this normal. seriously?
i have strained the tendons in my fingers?
Private health care in the UK / England ??
should i aim for 20/20 vision or is it too powerful?
High index lenses for sunglasses?will it improve vision and/or appearance are they worth the price increase?
Where to buy new Solution for Contact Lenses?!?
I can see into other peoples glasses, but I don't need glasses, when I get my eyes checked?
What will they do to my eyes? Eye infection....?
Why did my uncle suddenly go blind in one eye?
I have had an eye twitch for days. Why could this be?
My son is farsighted, I'm curious to know how he's been seeing the world?
How do I know if my contact lenses are the right size?
Muscles around my eyes ache?
Is this normal for a dog?
small transparent circles I keep seeing?
can laser eye surgery treat astigmatism?
has anyone had laser eye surgery?
Unknown Eye Problem... Please Help?
Far-sighted, wearing glasses full time?
What do these numbers mean...Got my eyes tested for the first time?
lasik surgery?
How Come When I Hear A Bell, or a High Pitch Sound, My Eyes Hurt?
How to keep eyes from needing glasses?
Is my eye sight really bad?
why do humans sweat? is their anything thats prevents sweating? something you can wear or something?
How to use an Aloe Vera plant without killing it?
Picking on my Stitches?
Why does my face get red and puffy when I go in a warm room/place?
general question about penile lentigo?
Whats a moisturizer? Help (Yea I know it sounds dumb)?
Pregnancy Rash at beginning?
Painful Tongue?
A really bad pain in my arm?
I am in agony with my shoulder?
problem with back pain pelvic out of line and spine problem?
i have pins and needles in my fingsers?
Ingrown Toenail Procedure...?
how many mcgs to 1mg?
I get pains like lactic build up in all my muscles every time I move. Any ideas?
Memory foam or pocket sprung?
i have this friend who wants to come round everyday?
Eating disorders?
what can i do to get my mind off certain things?
What was the first mental health hospital in europe?
what is the role of a clinical psychologist?
my grandson has just been diagnosed?
Venlafaxine help please?
what can carers do to help the disabled more?
why do i feel so tired?
Are nasty bad people really abused little kids yearning to break free?Or is it all down to themselves?
has anyone bought drugs over the net?
What is Depression? What Causes Depression? What are the different types of Depression?
ocd and false alarms?
i just looked in the mirrior and didn't recognize myself?
EKG reading.......Help?
This is a questions for Australians (NSW). Is anyone aware of the costs of a Coronary CT scan?
What If You Had A Heart Attack....?
what is solution of lungs defect?
I am experiencing neck pain on the right side, shortness of breath and tightness in chest.?
will magnesium tablets stop my heart palpitation ?
Temple pain that radiated to my throat ( missed the jaw) then my outside of my chest and ended in my shoulder?
when i lay down or get up fast my heart rate speeds up, why?
Cut down on HTN medication?
Blood Pressure 111/71, pulse 116, what is wrong with me - help?
Taking hypertension meds without hypertension?
The Ross Procedure question?
Father has low blood pressure and in ICU after having kidney removed PLEASE HELP?
My husband had one stint 2 weeks ago in a Costa Rica public hospital & received NO info from Dr?
In laymens terms and detail, how and when did abiogenesis occur?
BPM 220 while resting!?
can preservatives make my heart race ?
Harvest Moon: IOH - Denny's heart is still gray! -Trying to get purple heart event.?
Why have I got this pain?
what systeme is related to the muscualr systeme?
Can Anyone Diagnose these sympthoms? too serious?
What is the best way to fight off a cold when you feel one coming on?
if your 95 pounds can you still be considered anorexic or bulimic?
Am i gonna die????????
I accidently drank from another persons water bottle?
How come the next couple days after I smoke a lot of weed, I act differently?
What is this? Picture?
how to bring to media that i am refused medical aid worldwide - dying of heart and kidney disease?
How long between allergy medication can I give a child cold medication?
Has anybody had a FNA on their thyroid?
What problems can arise if their is long term exposure to mold?
I've had a sore throat for 3 years, suggestions of why?
Why am I feeling pains in my ribs and back ect. - answers please !?
Bad pain on left side of body under rib cage.......?
I just pulled out a piece of ear wax that is see through and kind of reminds me of a bug wing..?
Can anxiety cause numbness on forehead?
Why my lips go blue when I cry?
why does my achilles tendon hurt?
What do you think is the appropriate time for the waiting times in a hospital?
can dosage of chantix be cut in half?
Is he one lucky plumber, or what?
Best cold/sore throat remedy?
at the start of the day i have bags of energy for school but by 2:00 im fed up and tired...?
I think there is something seriously wrong with my eye..?
wrong contacts prescription?
Should I get hazel coloured eye contacts?
Is there any relation between the power of the lenses and astimatgism?
what shall i do ? will i get better?
I have keratoconus (description below), does anyone know if I could have laser eye surgery?
purple eyes- read for more info!!?
I am knackered but can't sleep either - what do I do?
How and Where do I get colored Contacts? Any suggestions?
any 1 know a physio? i can see?
If you want to try contact lenses will your eye doctor usually give you a free trial pair just to try them?
What's going on with my eyes?
How do you know if a contact lense is inside out?
I have just changed to monthly, disposable contacts lenses. If not worn everyday, can they be used longer?
New glasses, headache?
I have something in my eye? please help?
Does anyone have any advice/tips for people who want to get contact lenses?
Is colour-blindness genetic?
Contacts Questions! Please Help!?
I have a lazy eye...Will contact lenses fix it? I have been wearing glasses for 11 years.?
Is it possible to put non-prescription lenses in frames?
spots on the whites of eyes?
contact lense question?
My eye doctor cant find my proscription.?
does lenscrafters dialate your eyes??????
have a blood clot and pregnant when can i go back to work?
My friend refuses to eat, how can i get her to eat?
Serious,..help,..going doctors the day after but just askign,..i get these kind of spots on my wrist,...?
What is the best type of chair you should have at a computer desk?
If i quit smoking and get over the addiction will i be able to have one socially every now and then? Or would.?
what postcodes are in cold weather payouts?
need ideas for to raise money for hospital equipment? sensible answers only please!?
can anyone recommend an Osteopath in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK (or nearby)?
why doctors use military health terms ?
have a sore throat.....any of you know what this means?
passing wind confused?
Can you take too much Gaviscon?
why do i feel more tired when i have 11 hours sleep rather than just 7?
Itchy !!!!! please help?
Oxytocin for shyness?
Sleep apnea = brain damage?
How much vitamin A can be taken while on Accutane?
I get a bad rash and inflammation on my armpits and I want to know what to rub on them to heal it?
weird spot on arm! please help?
Bad acne problems? red and swelling?
How do I get rid of a rash?
I have dark spots on my face or maybe sundamage for 5yrs.?
i have a very itchy rash on my stomach, around my bellybutton.?
What Birth Control is best for acne?
What type of skin do I have and what should I do about it?
Woke up ear hurt, looked and its black spots (like blackheads) in ear ?
Why am I getting so many dead skin on my hand recently?
Does Multi+ daily glow by Genuine Health clear acne?
Gentle Yag or Lightsheer for laser hair removal? HELP?
what other sorts of cardiovascular technologies are out there besides catheters and efibrillators?
Should Complete Right Bundle Branch Block be a concern for me? 26 year old healthy male?
wpw, brugada or long QT?
What r the symptoms 4 stroke?
question here. I just want to know why my heart rate again jumped extreemly?
Irregular heartbeat w/dogs?
Explain the basis for the delay between the atrial and ventricular contractions?
Why can troponin, cardiac enzymes, full blood count creatinine, urea & electrolyte be odered for a pts with MI?
Zoloft withdrawal, heart palpatations?
what are the causes of global hypokinesia? Please mention the source while answering the question?
How do you know if something is wrong on the echo test of your heart?
Is it too soon for my friend to be out and about after an Angiogram?
Anyone had a myectomy?
I'm 32 weeks, and had an ultra sound, it shows only one vessel, im so afraid now after reading up on this, hel?
Can the "coctail" cause heart related problems?
music is very good breathing exercise..it can romove your stress.do you know this?
What has been done in Australian Society to help prevent heart disease?
What questions should I ask my doctor before I have a PFO closure?
My ALT level is up to 122 now! Is this damage reversible?
I have stroke/seziure symptoms the doctor says its pysclogical?
34-yr-old woman with high blood pressure?
Blood pressure due to hormones!?
If I put a freshly taken blood in a plan tube it'll become clot?
Questions on cholesterol?
What do I do?? Tablets stopped working?
how does stress affect you?
How to handle different areas of developmental landmark?
How many hours do you normally spend surfing what would you consider normal???
i was spiked with E over a year ago and now i dont go out socialing any more?
how do I stop drinking in the evening wouldnt thank you for it day time but to sleep need alcohol?
Any advice please?
im 29 and the main problem i think i face most out of my disorder and that i think will be hard to battle with
Is compound W suppose to sting?
What is a cone? (when smoking marijuana)?
Why do I remember stuff happened to me in the past?
Have you had your health care effected by the post code lottery?
Were the greatest people in history Alcoholics?
How can you make yourself feel more awake?
My 4 year old has aching shins?
Electric power generator makes me twitch ? phone call ?
What causes sore throat?
Do shorter people feel more pain than taller people?
How can I stop smoking?
White spot in the back of my throat and I'm 90% sure it's not strep throat.?
Always puking in my mouth alittle bit?
does temazepam show up in urine tests?
i need help sleeping!?
I quit smoking Marijuana 10 weeks ago, and although Im over it, I'm still not enjoying life, will this pass?
what does my dream mean??
At What Age did you Stop Growing in Height?
Do paramedics ever insert foley catheters inside the ambulance?
Please tell me im wrong?
will i have kids?
Why do we have a appendix?
do people still grow?
I need a doctor, or a nurse, or someone medical?
When do I know when to wake up?
Brutal mosquito bite. ouch...help?
Do all people have bumps on the back of their tongues?
How do I get rid of the cough and stuffy nose?
When is NG tube feeding necessary?
Sore throat and a lot of phlegm?
question about smoking weed?
What happens if i don't think any water for like... 2 wks?
Pinworms and whipworm questions, please help me, please, please?
I have bites on foot and thighs and arms, they apear in clusters and itch bad?
If I have pink eye and green discharge all around my eye should i go to school tomorrow?
What causes eyes to be glassy?
What are some tips for second degree burn care? Showering, clothes etc.?
Going two steps down every visit for eye doctor?
Does anyone else get the zigzags in their eye?
What are there white specks i see in the dark?
how bad is my vision considered?
eyes burnt, I put water in my lens because my solution ran out this morning, is it going to cause infection?
Why can't i get my contact lenses in?
Eye Problem Help *Urgent*?
Who has bought the Rebuild Your Vision Program?
I have a Lazy eye question?
Goggles, Sunbed?
Do coloured contacts or circle lenses cause damage to your eye?
Is there laser eye surgery available for chronic myopic astigmatism?
How high does your eye degree need to be to be Blind?
Why is my blood pressure different on my left and right arms?
where does the blood go from your heart?
Rad Tech or Diagnostic Medical Sonography?
Difference in Shortness of breath in patients with heart valve disease and coronary heart disease?
can someone tell me what this might be?
will increased heart rate and elevated blood pressure slow down recovery of boxer's fracture?
what causes poor capilary blood flow to the hand?
i keep having panic attacks, how can i stop ?
What part of the heart is affected by occluding the following coronary arteries?
what is adnormal ventricular contractility with global hypokinesia with a nuclear stress test?
Do doctors round off blood pressure readings?
What should I do when my heart awoke me from my sleep?
Can Pariet 20mg increase blood pressure?
I was on a heart monitor when I was in labor and the midwife said I had an irregular heartbeat?
How much does the Exercise Stress Test cost in Australia?
Where is the best location for pacemaker/ICD insert to?
I can't seem to get the mission A key to Her Heart?
State the indication for cardiac monitoring.?
I've quit drinking now my heart speeds up when I eat, why?
my mum eighty six had a stroke three weeks ago, can not walk or talk still what are her chances of recovery?
Can I take Nitrix if I have high blood pressure?
Is there a connection between chronic pancreatitis and high cholesterol?
does anybody know about, FIBROMYALGIA what iy is and what if any thing can be done to cure or relief the pain?
My doctor is scaring me...should I be worried?
Needle Phobia .. Any Help ?
I sleep with thick blanket over my face. Is there any risk?
Putting oust on your hands...?
Home help? Who do you help and what jobs to you do?
the back of my neck has been itchy an its been so itch i caused it to scab an bleed an it has a foul spell to?
Do you have any tips for me?
i go half blind, on and off..what might it be?
How to hide my ringworm?
What is this, a bump under the skin?
diplitory cream?
Have you had Blushing Sugery, or ETS?
What is a good treatment for warts on your palm? Are they contagious?
get rid of stretch marks?
how long does it take for the mole to fall off from the string?
Bumpy skin used cream and wont go away?
Anyone know home-made remedies for dry scalp?
Pain in ear?
Do you have trouble sleeping worrying about stuff?
When does Yali Sleep?
What would cause just my left foot to swell 4 days after delivering?
Could it be a chipped bone?
What are the positions of sleeping to avoid shoulder and back pain?
How can I sort out my sleeping pattern?
Self harming?
anxiety sufferer feeling intimidated! should I quit?
can feel a depressive/paranoid episode coming on - so tired of it all now, what should i do?
Citalopram anti depresents any one else had?
Does anyone else...?
i have been asked to look for the secret dvd on the sygnus website but i cant find it. any ideas anyone?
what is a cognitive report regarding ADHD?
What is the Phobia when a person is freaked out by clowns?
How do I deal with my ex when I want to be with her but depression may have caused our break up?
what do you understand by effective communication and why is it important?
How do I deal with my ex when I want to be with her but depression may be a factor?
Has anyone else never been satisfied with life?
did l-tryptophan help your depression?
how can i give up addiction form codine phosphete?
Why would someone get an ileostomy if they've had liver failure?
HELP!!! Is multiple sclerosis a result of single or multiple gene disorder or a chromosomal abnormality?
What causes stabbing pain in center of body under rib cage, when i lay on one side it hurts on that side.?
my family has had the norovirus, can it be contagious to dogs too?
Is laser eye surgery possible for someone 54 yrs. presently wearing progressive glasses for reading & distance?
can some people have yellow eyes?
Im going to get Glasses and I was wondering?
colored contacts help please lmaoooo easy ten points.?
What ruins your eye vision the most?
where are some good websites for info on laser eye surgery?
after you take your contact lenses out?
How long should I wear my contacts?
how does someone get astigmatism? how to prevent?
Sudden Droopy eye lid?
Why do my eyes become bloodshot when I shower?
I have a old eyeglasses frame that has lens in it that i want to replace with crizal lens, can i do this at a?
can anyone explain the degree system used for vision tests?
Help i think i got a lazy eye =[?
are trial contact lenses prescription?
Does anyone know if they make contact's for eye's that just need them for reading only. Pain in the neck
Where can I get reliable contact lens fitting and prescription?
i just got glasses today and?
there is nothing compatible with anticoagulants so what is one supposed to do?
Turkwise heals your heart ?
Dealing with high K+ levels?
scarring on heart ventricle?
Describe the path of the blood through the heart when the vessels hv this arrangement.What are the consequence?
what is the cost of 64 slice ct equipment in india?
Prinzmetal angina and women with menopause?
Rosehips and blood pressure?
what does hospital tycoons paitens have for cases(broken legs,flues,need heart transplants)?
Does tostesterone weaken the heart and immune system?
have small fluid round heart ,now have right atrial enlargement-cause?
can someone with medical experience please explain what is going.?
should i be worring about my heart?
Can an echocardiogram and a holter monitor show different results??
What the deal if the heart pulses like?
hi everyone I have a failing heart. My dad has had to have a pace maker to save his life my uncle and granddad?
Does or has anyone here suffered from Wolff Parkinson White Syndrome?
Fast Pulse & Normal Blood Pressure...What's wrong?
High Blood Pressure...?
How tall will i grow?
Isn't it just not fair?
diagnose me please!?!?
Is there actually any way for a person to grow taller?
What exactly is a blackhead, and how does it differ from a regular zit?
Hard Bumps in ear. What are they?
common cold?
bulimia...i got caught?
Need Help With A Burn?
I have a really bad cough. Help?
Has this ever happened to you while trying to sleep?
How tall do you think I will be
Going to work after shroom trip?
i want to buy a juicer today, where can i find a good one?..will i find a good one at walmart?
Body Odor??
Why do coffee drinkers get headaches when they don't drink coffee?
I'm always cold, but no fever, anemia, vitamin deficiency or thyroid problems... any ideas?
CPR help????
What can I take to get to sleep?
A Question For nonsmokers!!?
heart goes funny when lying on left side, why?
Does anyone have easy dinner recipes that will help lower cholesterol?
Can anyone advise on a cigarette lighter that disabled person could use?
Can A GP refuse to ignore the advice of a consultant?
please help! stressed and aggresive! :O?
I want to view my medical notes from my gp, how do i go about it? (i'm within the UK)?
How do you see a different doctor to your regular family one?
Can Thread Veins be treated on the National Health?
Going to the doctors 2moz ?
Who else loves the new Benylin advert?
UK: How has the NHS changed in recent years to care for patients during out-of-hours basis?
when is this going to go?
How many hours should sleep?
How much sleep should I be getting every night to stay healthy?
i really need to know how to stay warm now can anyone help?
I had 3 cat scans on my brain when I was 11 yearsold, am I gonna die of cancer soon? im 27 now :(?
Itchy red bumps on legs and arms?
Why has my head been hurting so bad???:(?
Clindoxyl Gel - Skin Cream?
how to get rid of a wart?
Sun Damage @ Dermatologist?
Why is my face green?
I have this freaky tendency/ability. Can anybody tell me what it is?
How can i prevent ingrowns?
Weird marks on my arms and chest?
Birth Control Pills and Acne?
If you go TANNING regularly, what VITAMINS could u take to help with your skin??? why?
what are the chances?
How can I get rid of acne please help?
how can i get rid of back spots?
I have terrible black head problems.?
never had a tooth out now i have to get 2 wisdom teeyh out anybody experience that?
Prolapsed disc?
Has anyone actually had any success with Acai Berry , as claimed in this report?
middle back pain?
Do cortisone injections weaken the muscles through time?
Abdominal cramps when exercising?
Are there any easy mental techniques for coping with labour pains?
is there a chemist in blackpool, that can provide me with norton temazapan, on my prescription?
Should I keep my glasses or go for contacts?
what are the besy contact lense eye color for a brown guy?
Eyesight question?
How can i tell if my prescription for my glasses is wrong?
a qeustion about contactss.?
Can I get my contact lenses prescription from my eye doctor and then buy my prescribed lenses somewhere else?
How to solve a constantly weeping eye.?
Why do Circle Lens last so much longer?
Is 10 feets belong to ditance vision?
How long would it take for me to get glasses?
have you got, or been acused of having OCD?
how pray helps stress?
how do i overcome my addiction on speed?
Help with eye prescriptions.. PLZz?
Where can I get colored contacts?
What are the side-effects of not wearing glasses when you need to.?
Ripped eye!?
depression is it very common in 27 year olds that just got married and have young family?
Crying from just one eye?
Can a Contact Lense go behide your Eye? HELP?
need help eye feels wierd?
I have a question about my pupillary distance (PD)...?
How come I started getting dry eyes a few days ago? how can I quickly fix this?
How come people said that eye exercises can improve the eyesight but other people don't?
WHY do I still have these floaters?
Best Contact Lenses?
What name was given to the view that Schizophrenia in young girls is caused by dominant fathers?
did u become more sociable after taking anti deppresants?
My son Is 6 year old.He is suffering from leukodystrophy.?
Can you be unconscious during eye surgery?
My daddy's seeing a black line floating around ?
eye appointment question?
What is usual dosage of chlorpromazine for someone suffering from agitation and anxiety?
milk thistle-what is it & is it good for you?
What Genetic Disorder does the person in question have 47 chromosones and 3 copies of the 22nd chromosone?
Blood in my stool ?
how do you get rid of constant tiredness and nausea? I need to study for a midterm?
I am taking a lot of medication. Where can I have them checked for interacting with other medication?
What could be wrong with me?
If you smell burning toast, does that relate to a heart attack?
Can fybromyalga graduate to the severity of crippling, walker, wheelchair?
Signed off for a week, when am I back?
does anyone kno of excellent gp in uk/london,i mean 1that tells u wats wrong as oppse 2other docs who dont kno?
Quick question for non-Brits Health Service?
I stayed awake all last night and slept all today, but i need to go back to sleep? ?
is my body image realistic?
anyone have any ideas on what could be wrong?
EU citizen, i have an enectronic health card, how can i be visited if i have a problem? where? its free?
i think i have a sever earache?
Should I be eating chicken and turkey?
i havent slept since friday night, its monday 1am, any ideas what to do? ?
Migraine sufferers? How to cope with nausea before the pain med kicks in?
Will My Voice change ?
Is it a tumor or not?
IF ONE has a growing tumour in ones stomach will his weight increase or overall weight will reduce .Please ans?
Are mosquitoes attracted to certain smells more than others?
WTF is wrong with me!?!?
Does the distance between your hip bone and bottom of ribcage detirmine how much you will grow ?
Can some one help me? Please?
Have you ever suffered from insomnia really bad?
Do you think I need glasses??
does sleepeze D work ?
Lower Abdomen Pain Between Hip Area?
Pain in my abdomen after throwing up?
What bad can happen if you take expired codiene medication?
Sore shoulders and upper arms?
How would asthma affect a persons energy?
What are the side effects from camera flash directly in eye?
What is the life expectancy for someone with Huntingtons disease?
What is this mark on my lower left abdomen?
What is this Little Hard Painful Lump Behind My Ear?
Having THYROID surgury tomorrow morning.. Do you lose weight right away?
what does a person look like when they are high? Are their pupils dilated, sweating profusely and red skin.?
hi im 17 and have IBS HELP!!!!?
is it normal to bleed 6-7 days after tonsilectomy?
Pain in my chest when I lie down...?
Is sleeping 12 hours harmful?!?
I have a presciption for benoquin and it is very expensive can I purchase online and still get the same?
How to renew myself on my day off of work?
help what sickness is this?
can i get a cold from being tired?
Wonder cures that dont work?
does anyone know how many people boost juice employ's?
do you know any remedy for hairloss?
How can you speed the healing of 'scarring' from cellultis?
Acne and Razor/Hair Bump Treatment (???easy 10 points???)?
Does "zeno" acne treatment work?
Marble-like thing in my right cheek?!?
How to get rid of years of sunburns?
My palms moisten a lot when I am slow dancing with a boy. Help, it's feels embarrassing.?
benefits of aloe vera?
How do I get rid of this acne scar?
bump on my bellybutton!?
can anyone tell me how stinging is it to undergo a laser pulse therapy for skin tightening on face?
Do tanning beds cause further freckling?
What happens if you don't wear glasses?
is there a way to permanently change the color of your eye pigments?
HELP!want to buy green eye contacts with no prescription?
Contact lenses.... Questions!?
Lightweight marshmallows or cotton swabs : Has forgetting your glasses led to purchasing the wrong thing ?
how old do you have to be to get contact lenses?
Is it normal to see purple when you first open your eyes from waking up?
do i have a lazy eye?!?
Is it possible to correct your vision?
Has any one had PRK surgery with a prescription of -10 D? ?
Black Ring around Iris?
Wearing contacts and glasses together?
Is it bad to wear normal contact lenses if i have astigmatism?
Does Anyone Know Where to Get..?
Eye Laser Correction - is it Really that Easy and Safe!?
Am i colourblind??? please help ?
Where can I buy contact lenses online for a good price?
why do my contact lenses make my left eye sting?
Does it really matter if I change the saline solution for my contacts every night?
My Contacts Bother My Eyes?
what making perfume or scents with our memory to bring us back to the past?
What exercise is best for depression?
sometimes i get really disappointed?
howeasy is it to get pregnant at 46?
how come every body talks in their sleep but not to you when your awake?
am i suffuring depression?
Feeling Down?
can any one tell me about wellbutrin depression meds ?
Medication for mental health, is my doctor taking me seriously?
what are epa,s used to aid /treat depression?
how can i control my panic attack?
now how do i resolve bolimia and body dismorphia without counceling???
What do you do when your child has obvious mental health problems but they are in denial and are over 18?
a psychologist once told me that the need to be loved?
how do you know if you are depressed as opposed to feeling down?
how long would I have to stop codeine for..?
Thumping in my ears!?
why cant the brain remember physical pain.?
Badbackhe Problems?
Stomach pains?
Has anyone had facet joint injections?
What are the national minimum standards for midwives?
What are your views on giving third world countries aid?
5 nose bleeds in 2 days ?
Why am i getting a nose bleed?
What would happen if a non-diabetic person was injected with a large dose of insulin?
Does trigger finger surgery hurt afterwards ?
am i short for my age?
Any ideas what could be rong with me?
how can methadone be used asadrug?
tonsillitis cure what helps?
wanting to be a surgen, help please.?
Is constant weed smoking safe?
Problems with Orthokeratology contact lenses?
My friend had a lung collaspe. They have tried to inflate it for 3 days now. What could this mean?
What is this thing on my face?
If you have a unknown mass in your frontal sinus and it is big enough to have bone grow around it.....?
what type of DR. diagnoses lupus?
What is the strange swelling in my fingers and toes?
what is the right diet for gout?Is that a form of arthritis?
Leg Discolouration During Period?
Whan you're sick will it kill germs if you throw your dirty kleanex in the wood stove?
what is the best antibiotic against the Helicon pylori Bactria in the stomach?
UTI after effects????
Is it possible hiccups can kill?
sick have a cold help?
What Nerve is This in Your Neck?
What does mercury do to you?
Do I have some contagious lip disease?
Slight loss of feeling in right foot?
would yo say im a germ-a-phoebe?????
Looking for a Medical Site?
Will the doctor check my umm.. well you know..?
:( I feel sick:( Help?What should I do?
Can headaches be a health hazard?
doing a general bloodwork, should i eat before?
Problem with my sleeping schedule, how to adjust and get back to the right sleeping habit?
Do physicians in long term care facilities in Ontario Canada need to inform residents when doing x-rays etc...?
chest hurts when i breath in why?
Is my heart rate anything to worry about? Approximately 90-128 bpm?
I'm not sure if I'm a germaphobe or a slob..?
Is this morning sickness or the flu?
why would someone be moved from london to lagos?
Just a Few Questions I Need Answered!?
Can I get colored contacts if I have an astigmatism?
How do you get your eye Vision better?
I might have gotten a bit of pesticide in my eye? Please help, I'm very scared?
Can anyone find a picture of prescription eye glasses that have this shape: o-0 ?
I wore Contacts to Dorney Park (Water Park)...Is it the Contacts or the chlorine?
If Restasis eye-drops are not available in canada? Is there anything else similar?
whats going on? my eye...?
how to help your vision??
Doctors, pleas help! I have "temporary blindness" some times?
I touched my eye and now I have a headache?
I think my daughter popped an eye vessel?
Being in front of a computer does something to your eyes? What if i'm wearing glasses, what could go wrong?
Do you need a prescription before wearing a Contact Lens with no power?
What's wrong with my eye?
I need to get a free eye exam done (without glasses). where can I get it done in BC.?
my eye sight isnt horrible, but i still have to wear glasses 24/7 and..?
I'm worried about my eyes
About RGP contact lenses.... Can I wear them?
I took off my Orthokeratology lenses this morning and my right eye was blurry?
A Question about EYES and DAYDREAMING?
my contact wouldnt go into my one eye this morning , I attempted many times ?
Who do a persons eyes go bloodshot?
I would like to know if bed bug bites itch?
i have a very bad scar between my eye brows, does medera really work, will it get rid of my scar and is it 20$
Small bumps around nose?
how deep does a cut have to be for it to scar?
Hives on my shoulders for more than a month?
what kind of infection could i get if i pick at my skin?
What should I do with these mosquito look-a-like bumps?
Does Bio Oil really work on stretch marks and scars?
has anyone had the bulb of their nose done?
How do you cram in things for exam you have tomorrow, when you are shattered and only want to go to sleep?
Can you get a stroke if you sit too long at a computer?
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning to unborn baby?
Emergency please help (especially doctors) I feel like im trapped inside my body?
Is there a time period after having alcohol poisoning that you have to wait before drinking again?
ragarding gallstones?
is chemotherapy used for anything else but cancer?
what is the name of this disease?
I got some really strong acne cream in my eye it's really burning can't see out of the eye what can I do?
If you had the power, what is one disease you would cure? Why is curing this specific disease important to you?
Can ovarian cysts cause an elevated creatinine level in blood?
Really old bruises on legs?
i smoke at age 13 how can i stop.....?
why do my lymph nodes come back if i had surgery?
where can you go to check for glaucoma?
Should I go for Botox?
I really need to sort my life out? ideas please?
poem on depression?
I worry far too much?
Can anxiety/stress really cause pins and needles and other very odd symptoms?
Is there always a reason for..?
dream or reality?
Signs of OCD?
i am really poorly at the moment i got something wrong with my face but nobody will tell me?
Does Aricept help ?
What is the phobia of stranges called?
I'm thinking of trying Nytol to get myself into a good sleeping pattern.Have you tried this?Does Nytol work?
phobia confusion? where do i draw the line?
Small pea sized lump (Hard) on right forearm - Possible causes?
IBS sufferers advice plse?
I Think I Have Bad Hearing?
what is the minimum rest time between shifts?
does anyone know what is the norm for blood pressure?
I urgently need some help please can people help me with my question?
What codes do gp's, doctors and hospital workers use for treatment?
Mucus stuff out my behind when i went to the toilet?
i feel sick??
what are 3 classes of anti-retroviral (antiviral) drugs that are used to inhibit the life cyle of HIV?
Can you develope anemia and other vitamine deficiancies from H_Pylori?
Can a child who has come into contact with the chicken pox still get vacinated?
******** Help! My eye has a problem! Please********?
How long should I wear my contacts for on the first day, second day etc...?
can u get contacts even wen u cant see far away?
Is looking into a laser beam harmful to the human eye?
is there anything other than surgery you can do to make your eyes bigger?
11 Days after Lasik. 1 Eye still blurry?
SWOLLEN PUFFY EYE. previous eye problems.. help me!?
a question regarding contact lenses, correct me if i'm wrong?
what is the best color tint to have in my glasses if I drive alot?
rubbing eyes hard causing blured vision question?
Could this be true...?
Surgery for eyelid ptosis!? PLEASE HELP!?
Glasses being both farsighted AND nearsighted ?
Nhs voucher for Optician's help?
Sensitive eyes...?
How much are color contacts?