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what makes your eyes cok-eyed?
C.DIFF someone help, need some answers please...?
Why if you eat and then swim you could die?
Life: one endless trudge of work causeing depression and anxiety true or false? Poor LEX is on a real downer!
has anyone been through the same experience as me? I feel like i need some guidance...?
is depression becoming more obvious in teenagers?
when clearing my mind i can get to the point where im not thinking about anything but i see a flower, why?
is my weed laced????
what type of foods make you smarter and help your memory?
is it harmful to use common wart remover stuff on plantars warts?
is there any treatment for blemishes?
Is it possible for eczema to re-occur because of taking birth control pills?
How do you make an earring piercing bump go down?
What should I do to get rid of/ fade stretch marks?
Red skin rash - anyone experienced, ideas?
Okay, About My Legs...And the Skin. Please help!?!?
Foot Bacteria Question?
i was wondering if there was a home remedy for skin moles ?
Quickly growing eyelashes ? :(?
How do I know if I have warts?
clogged pores and blackheads......?
how do you get rid of a cold sore in one day?
Little bumps on my hand?
OK, I have rosacea and my skin is definitely less than perfect especially my face. Help?
i am always shaking do u know why?
Do I just have diarrhea or something more?
Do you trust a medi center doctors diagnosis?
how long will my children be contagious from chicken pox?
recurring plantar wart?
Gastritis and acid reflux, which is the cause and which is the symptom?
Is this EI Athsma? 10 points!?
why would i pee my pants without knowing?
I smoke 2 cigarettes a day, am I at high risk?
What type of foods can help prevent acne in very few days?
Tiny raised bumps on hands?? What can they be?
Bunion Night Splints - How good are they?
Where can i get a pair of insoles to put in my shoe to cushion the navicular bone by the ankle?
OPEN HEART SURGERY, what does it involve?
Can anyone explain "therapuetic window" in relation to drugs.?
What are the mayor differences between cardiac monitoring and telemetry?
My heart is driving me crazy?
Rheumatism - Any effective medicines/treatments?
heart rate over 100 per beats a min?
Can we ever create a medicine that will prevent us from ageing?
Would it be wise to begin a one a day low dose aspirin regimen even though I have no medical problems/allergy.
the coroner has said to me that my mums death was all to do with the surgery?
Most survived heart attacks!?
Slipped Disk?
how do you know when its time to replace the battery in you alcohol monitoring bracelet?
Why in America is An electrocardiogram referred to as an EKG when cardiac begins with a c in America as well?
Has anyone else been prescribed statins for high cholesterol and found that they caused pain,?
My Grandad had a heart attack and has quit smoking , how can i support him quitting as it must be hard for him
25 Bentch Press-up's?
why does laura have a headache on the right side when she bumped her head on the left?
Soft Tissuse Hurt?
ok this is another question here. I have a serious heart problem that will claim my life?
If someone has an implanted defibrillator and their heart stops, will you also get shocked if you touch them?
Slow heart rate and high blood pressure?
Why am I still getting palpitations?
explain why blood pressure and heart rate differ when measured in a reclining position and in a standing posit
What is good for runny noses?
is this common if the doctor can't recognize the sypmtom of an antibiotic allergy with rubella???
What should I Do about my ears? ?
Why would someone be unable to eat chocolate?
Am I allergic to alcohol?
morning allergies: why i'm more sensitive in the morning than the afternoon?
swollen lips with blisters?
Is there such a thing as allergy to sweating?
HELP! Allergic reaction possibly?
Help Me Please, I've Swallowed Horse Shampoo!?
A nutritious diet for a lactose intolerant youth?
I had a severe allergic reaction to my epileptic pill..?
Does removing the mold from the cpets & walls also kill the mold spores in the air??
Why do i have such a horrible taste in my mouth?
Are Amitriptyline.Clonazepam, Cytalopram,Baclofen safe taken together?
should they be illegal?
Feeling weak!..................advice?
What are the dangers of poor food hygiene when preparing babies' food?
I'm really embarassed.. 2 boils on my face for over a week? Serious answers only please.x?
I will have my Harrington rod removed after few days,what could you tell me about this process?
my partner was refused a future appointment, and told to phone a week before he needed it,?
Which is he best liquid chlorophyll product? Where to buy it?
i have lost my glasses :( Does anyone know if i can get another nhs voucher for another pair?
What was wrong with me? It was so random, and I was so ill, but what was wrong with me?
Often very tired, any ideas?
i went to sleep this afternoon as not sleeping so good?
Knees Clicking, any advice on how to help?
Can someone give me guidlines of how to becmone healthier in the way i live please? :)?
Hassan Sulaiman, Advance Cosmetic Surgery N. Ireland?
sleep study?
Laser eye surgery does it hurt? How long is the recovery?
why am I regurgitating?
medical doctors with naturopathic credentials as well.?
How do I keep getting strep throat?
Non-infectious hep b?
how long does it take to heal after having your apendix out?
what can i do to help my sore throat?
medical endoscopy problem,how can i make a peg tube inside the tube clean?PLS.do give me guideline,thanks!?
5 polygenic diseases?
first i had a throat infection then a virus then an ear infection, im still taking the antibiotics .....?
macrobid for elderly uti's?
about H1N1 vaccination?
Have you had a childhood disease as an adult ?
i got knee replacement of both knees done in iondia but my esr count is 65 .what should i do?
Can you get fifth disease more than once?
How to get regain energy ?
About Hepatitis B cure (WHAT I THINK)?
how do you know if an ear infection is healing?
4days fever always above normal. negative typhoid, negative to bacterial endocarditis. the patient is sufferin?
Chest Pain after Cold?
Can the doctor fix this if I ask?
I need to know how to rid myself of back spasms.?
Could constipation be caused by water?
wierd skin issues on my legs?
Is it possible to get breast cancer when you are only 24 years old?
Can a kid have an aneurysm?
How long until Metformin side effects subside?
Amoxil 500 mg for throat infection?
I have a bump on my upper back near my neck, should i be worried?
What if I accidentally took 2 of my blood pressure medication instead of 1?
Acid reflux is taking its toll...?
if you have spots is it a conversation starter,if not why don't you get rid of them,i know acne is hormonal an?
Can laser pointers cause blindness?
Why do eyeglasses cost so much?
Why do my contacts always hurt my eyes?
what is needed to open a respite business in the uk for people recovering from mental illness?
What is Lexapro?
Why does the emotion of paranoia rarely get tired?
does anyone know of anybody that has taken concerta being older?
My wife has just told me she is hearing voices and she has been issued with risperidone?
Thanks Aria but how can i record evidence which ?.?
Out of body experiences?
Is anyone else on Mirtazapine/Zispin? What side-effects?
Bipolar Disorder with Teenagers?
i feel nausea all the time and i'm 14 years old?
Does anyone have any experience of Borderline Personality Disorder?
In the 1990's I had depression for a few years. No further reoccurences. However when I try to lose weight I
Why do we go temporarily blank when a person talking to us forgets a name or word and asks us to remind them?
what is bovvered?
Diagnosis Help. Not sure what I have?
is there a personal treatment can be done home for severe sweating of palms,feet and armpit?
Unusual Headaches?
am i anemic?
does everyone urinate and bowel movement when the pass away?
How do I know if I am still a drug addict?
What is this weird feeling I keep getting?
My friend is really sick..?
Why do I have to keep urinating at night?
not eating for a long or short time make you have eating disorder? how long?
can weed (marijuana) go bad in 4 days?
Should you have to cover your mouth when your not coughing a sick cough?
why am i always so tired? how can i fix this?
Can oversleeping make you even more tired?
What are some reasons to take long bath?
Most the times I smoke and drink to much,what can I do to Change,can one help?
please look at this picture...im 16 and my hair is falling out.?
I'm deathly scared of throwing up? :'(?
Can't get up in the mornings?
my husband addicted to vicadin. Can he overdose? He mixes pills to. HELP!?
Nose bleeds, what is it?
why does his nose keep on bleeding?
What is fresh fenugreek (methi)?
can you smoke weed on accutane?
unexplained cuts, bruises, scratches; how?
How can I heal popped blisters on feet?
I really need to know, HOW CAN I PREVENT A KELOID?!?
Swollen, sore lips. very chapped with dead skin, producing cold liquid?
White Blotches on neck?
What of these works better on acne sacrs? vitamin e, neosporin, or mederma?
what could cause patches of numbness on skin?
What is remedy for Mitral valve prolapse?
What is a Heart Palpitation? Is it dangerous?
what equipment must be nurse use if a patient is receiving blood components through a PICC line?
Coma after second stroke?
Is it a problem if my heart rate is faster then others?
i did take child to dr. child had cardiac arrest is that normal?
I have just been diagnosed with high cholesterol and high blood pressure. the Cholesterol is genetic (my Mum h
Drs pls help me with this one...?
Why wasn't there an s wave from lead III recorded when an ecg was being performed?
Slight Chest Pain and Feel a Little Ill?
yo am 18yearsold but have high blood pressure an a low heart rate do u think video games really mess me up.?
Heart Conditon Question?
blood preasure?
cardiomyopthy (please read)?
QUESTION regarding ECG Results?
Can you get a weak heart from an electric shock at AGE 29 and healthy? If not what can cause a weak heart?
in relation to arrythmia (sp?) u speak of..can it be detected?
Can catheters damage the heart valves?
Post heart attack diet?
How would increased vagal stimulation be detected in a routine physical examination of a patient?
ECG stress test suggestions?
Bad reaction to paracetamol?
What would you say are the chances of dying before 50 or 60?
Why are my hands always freezing ?
I need a way to stop chewing my nails. Even if I use something that tastes nasty, ill still do it.?
Antacid + Antibiotics? :)?
Have i got something wrong with me?
what would month of smoking do to your skin now i only smoke about 5 smokes a day because im getting of them?
I think my drink might have been spiked last night?
Any advice on this...?
Any ideas on what this is?
Im In Bed, I Cant Fall Asleep, So I Come On My Laptop, I Cannot Sleep 1 Bit?
Very clicky bones?...?
Feeling faint and panic attacks?
Alternative Labour Inducing Methods?
Can someone define the term bulimic and bulimia in their own words?
Do you have a child with mild Rett Syndrome?
I am getting a CT scan done and I have some questions?
Is DCA able to treat cancer? where can one buy DCA?
How do I get rid of an 10 year old scar?
Have there been any studies to indicate that smoking Pot reduces the effects of Choreia?
i have been sick for the past day and a half is it ok to take antibiotics now?
why does my left ear pop while I burp?
Right side stomach pain.?
Diclofenac (voltarol) side effects?
ihave an inconsistent pain/ache in the back of my hand, what could it be ?
Just lost part of my right index finger. Has anyone else encountered same problem?
can anyone recommend a good office chair to help with/ prevent backache?
my 10 mo has had goopy/matted eyes for 2 days w/ lots of snot im sure its allergies...but IDK?
I have discovered I am severely allergic to nickel.?
does anyone know the reason why every time i get a blocked nose my left eye gets badly swollen?
the guy i'm seeing is allergic to cats and can not come over what can i do?
Chunky stuff when I blow my nose and cough....gross, what is it?
I am alergic to novacaine; what else can be used as a replacement?
Pressin Medication if any side effects?
What kind of rash is this?
Allergy to latex foam. Is there any type of bed available in Australia (other than a waterbed) that does not?
Latex free childrens shoes Australia?
what's wrong withe swine flue vaccin ?
throat problem?????????
i might have mono.....?
Why can't I get rid of this flu - feeling?
do i just have the flu or is it something else?
How long is a person in the hospital for a bladder replacement?
Is Glaxo the only company to make the vacine for the swine flue, if yes, then why?
My cat is sick?
air concentrated for the posr polio syndrem?
what are the symptoms of Dyslipidemia?
Is tonsillitis Contagious?
What diseases can you get from human feces?
Urgent care: who calls back?
How many people with scabies actually saw a mite? (Of who's tested positive)?
Has anyone gotten their "MMR Mumps catch-up shot?"?
When you stop something thats bad for you, is it common to get sick soon aftr quittin?
What makes a person have a low immune system (please read on)?
I gorgot to take out my contact lenses last night. My vision is hazy now (due to lack of oxygen?) Whatcan Ido?
anyone taking cipramil had tinnitus,did it go away?how long?
are cheap vitamins just as good as brand vitamins?
why does answers & questions ask us to report abuse .i dont see any.?
i have cheat pain shortness of breath and what could this be is it panic attacks plz some advice im worried?
arteries carry blood away from the heart,the blood is------------------------in color?
why would a patient who suffers from diabetes type 2 and has just had a myocardial infarction...?
Why would someone be on prednisolone following a Myocardial Infarction?
List the 4 classes of Antiarrhythmic medications?
Will a Complete Blood Count detect Fluid Overload in the bloodstream & arteries?
Is there an organisation to sponsor a child with a birth defect into Australia for free medical treatment?
Does a sore left arm have anything to do with the heart?
158 beats per minute help?
difference between Simvastatin and Statin?
What could cause fluid around the heart in an 18 yr. old female?
i like to talk to a person that has got a st.Jude hart valve replacement and would like to know about flying?
Why are some people prescribed two types of blood pressure medications?
Does anyone have a special place that's in their heart?
what can cause a heart skipbeat?
Is this true? I have read these things on-line but wonder if they are true.?
can humans get heartworms? where do they come from?
Echo cardiogram?
my life is too stressful. it is too complicated an people bring me down i may have a heart attack!?
Are prematurely born children at a higher risk for heart disease?
I have a sty coming on, what is the best way to treat it before it gets worse?
Why does my baby have a huge green-blue birthmark?
Whenever I get nervous or have the attention of ppl on me my face goes real red. Is there a way to contain it?
Will my family doctor check to see if I have an infection if my period is very light, or about to end?
How to Cure Bad ringworm on Arm?
Treatments for eczema below eyebrows?
How can I stop my fingernails breaking back so far at the sides? ?
what is the best treatment for rosacea?
Will this irritate my skin?
getting rid of a scar ?
What are possible long term consequences for Blisters?
I'm 15 years old and I have brown beauty mark-like spots appearing on my face where I used to have blackheads?
whats a good way to get rid of zits and black heads fast?
Itchy skin, redness on face and body, very sensitive skin reacting to any touch.. Please help?
Do I have razor burn?
Is sleeping with your feet higher than your head ok?
What is it called when you enjoy pain?
my girl friend does shrooms?
What helps you when you are stressed?
is surpressing rage a bad thing to do?
why do i go to the bathroom after i have eatten?
I stretched my ears to ears to a 0, I was wondering if they will go back to normal?
sick...i don't know whats wrong with me?
Why do doctors order type specific blood?
Swollen tongue? could it be caused by stress?
what can i use to feel the same effects as weed if i dont have weed ?>?
can you buy percocet on the internet without a perscription /?
Foot fungus...does any one know anything about it?
What happens if i change my piercings early?
Continuous Yawning???
is it normal if the skin from the side of your nose starts peeling off?
eye keeps twitching!!!?
9 year old with insomnia - help?
Anything Can Happen From Visiting A House Where People Smoke Weed Inside?
what is thinning of the brain?
Are you bi polar and on lithium?
what are the effects of sleep deprivation on the human mind/body and do you you get enough (sleep)?
What' the weather like on your planet?
Body dis-morphia....have you a child or relative who suffers from this condition? I have a close relative who
more people drinking at home due to Scotland/Ireland smoking ban?
mental health nursing??
Why do i sneaze 5 times in a row when i get drunk ?
What will be the best cast colour?
Excessive wind, both ways.?
Zispin / Mirtazapine and weight gain?
Do I need to consult a doctor before I leave the country?
i have a kidney infection and i drunk a glass of cranberry juice and water before bed. i had to pee really bad?
why are veins on my wrists and forearms showing up alot more?
A curious feeling in my side.?
What do you think? Any Advice Appreicated?
Food Tolerence tests?
Name lots of benefits from doing exercise...?
Sudden birthmark to appear?
Every joint in my body cracks and pops, and it hurts!?
How to get rid of a stye fast?
Anyone ever hear of such an ear condition?
30% Success Rate For Brain Tumor Surgery?
What's the technical term used to describe breathing problem?
What should I do about this wart?
Success rate for small brain tumor? PLEASE ANSWER! URGENT.?
how can i quickly get rid of red spots on my face?
how to get rid of skin moles, at home without painful results ?
I have pink eye and I need to know....?
are there ideal conditions for a virus..if so what are they?
Yogurt & yeast infections?
Regarding Mono virus ?
Amoxil/z-pack didn't work! ?
Is the stomach flu contagious before symtomes appear?
flesh eating disease how rare is it?
What does the phrase bacterial resistance refer to with respect to antibiotics?
What are the flu symptoms?
mono and phlegm-y throat?
Chicken pox needle?
I am very much allergic to Penicillin and already have two tattoos so would not baulk at the idea of having?
I have a few symptoms that I would like to figure out how to treat.?
What will an allergy to penicillin do to a child that had a liver transplant?
i have been throwing up brown stuff in my spews?
Cure for Hay-fever. Please I need help.?
how often do you need allergy shots?
i am getting a allergy test for biting insect ...would i get a RAST test or a skin test?
I keep getting what seems to be hives for almost 2 months now?
1 years old baby has been coughing for 3 months.?
What has lecithin in it?
My parents are allergic to cats, but i'm not...whats with that?
Ive had hives for more than 3 days, n ive been using antihistamines?!?
Heart Bypass?
Hayfever for a year.?
Its now spring in australia and i got some kind of grass allergy now?
are there any medications or natural remedies to cure kienbocks disease?
gall bladder?
How long will Zithromax stay in your system if you took the 1st days dose of 2 pills and the second day 1pill?
I have an allergy to some pork, but not bacon or ham?
help my sons has red spots everywhere for 2weeks NURSES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Skin on my face stings after exercise?
suffering with lateral epicondylitis...............?
My partner is allergic to sand flies?
is a pace maker safe in a mri and cat scan?
what is a normal pulse rate?
now and again my heart gives a hard beat that I virtually can feel it shake in my chest is it dangerous?
56 y/o female with diastolic heart failure, just diagnosed.?
I drank some strong coffee yesterday, and i was in 9000 elevation..My heart started racing really bad.. i?
Is a NSTEMI just unstable angina?
My ECG Result ? good or bad ?
What is the pay rate for a EKG Technician?You did not answer the question.?
what affects the heart rate to change?
its thinn blood live treatning?
i've been having pain in my left armpit.?
is it a heart problem?
ECG results?
How long after a heart attack before you can drive a heavy vehicle in queensland?
Normal heart rate but winded?
Where can I purchase a video of Surgery. I am interested in Robotic Heart surgery on Video.?
cheap hearts?
My Husband requires Open Heart Surgery - What do I expect?
Oncologist Information?
just wondering what is rem sleep?
acid reflux medicane?
Does it seem like i need glasses?
have you used ortho k contact lenses?
ear ache and swollen glands?
is it really unsafe to swallow chewing gum?
Is it more than what the doctors think?
i have red spots all over.?
Why are the new musical cigarettes from Spain so addictive ?
what is a mole not the animal type though?
Dizzyness followed by nosebleed?
sleeping 12 hours a day instead of 6 since breaking up from school?
Smoking weed in school.?
Am I sick or developing some allergy?
This may sound like a dumb question but none the less...?
My dad dyed his beard black, and now the area of his beard it all red and swollen, help?
I have gotten this platic scrunched up type patch of skin on my face after using clearasil?
IS this a normal Accutane reaction?
please help. red face /cheecks causing major depression, self esteem rapidly decreesing?
How to get rid of flee bites?
Does hard and crumbly finger/toe nails mean in lacking a vitamin or something else?
can ringworm give you a headache?
When do industrial piercings start to puss?
hey my both eyebrow white compare to my eye lash ...arround 15 day back my eyebrow was very dry but not now a?
I have a wart on my finger?
Chinese Herbal Medicine acne treatment?
I had a ringworm and now it has turned to red spots. What do I do?
Blisters on Fingers ?
Is eczema/rash considered an open wound?
what is this called?
How any days do food poisoning last?
Are there people willing to help me out financially in dealing with Parkinson's Disease?
for u wath cereal is better? sorry meyve i rite bad because the english not my 1 lenguage?
Do You Think I Have OCD?
Hypnosis - Sleep?
Does Yvette Fielding merit 'a sickie' for stress?
government help for addiction?
how dose zispin help with sleep is dosulepin or amitriptyline any better?
Where can I find a therapist online?
I came off benefit to go into a job where I got bullied. I quit for my health. Can I go back on benefit?
10 year Long term valium addiction off for?
Alzheimer's help..........?
what are the symptoms of clinical depression?
I need some encouragement to go to my GP for help with depression and possibly AvPD?
Have you experienced CYBER RAGE?????
What could these symptoms mean?
Carotid Vein Angioplasty?
:O I have black heads!!!? How can i get rid of them!?
What does an endocrinologist test for?
is it possible for cortisol levels to be normal in cushing's?
i have a fractured humerus which after surgery 8 months ago is not healing. What will happen next?
trying to find 'heat giving' sticky patches to relieve stiffness and muscle pain.?
how long does it take to heal a pulled medial ligament?
Can anyone explain my eyelid bruising?
How does an echo measure LV function with a pacing pacemaker?
Low resting heart rate?
health question?
investigations before an oesophagectomy?
I suffer from Alopecia and as a male it is not that bad , My heart goes out to the females who have this doyou
how do i find my maximum heart rate?
Can your heart literally "skip a beat"? What was the sensation I felt?
How many years does it take to become a heart surgeon?
Been disorientated for a couple of days, please read.?
darkness under eye?
No contact solution! what do i do!?
Why is my mouth so full of saliva?
Is it OK to wear contacts for over 12 hours during the day?
Is it normal to feel like you see more from one eye??
Worried about my boyfriend... :(?
Laser eye surgery?
if i go blind how will i see?
Do you have to get needles when you have laser eye surgery?
Am I right in thinking shisha is a style of smoking and not a substance smoked?
GI bleeding after taking ibuprofen?
Where can i buy an iposture in UK?
What do you UK nurses think of the UK Gold Standards extended careplan?
Were you a heavy smoker and did you quit for good ?
I am having problems with my lips?
Do I have the swine flu?
Can rheumatic fever cause chest pains and backaches?
Can you spread a plantar wart like this?
Are immunizations an obligation in Canada or are they optional?
My tonsils have shrunk at age 13?
Mosquito Disease Research?
Is "Anemia Cronica" how you say Sickle Cell in Spanish?
whats the effect of rabies on the environment ?
Will the USA be able to give every one free flu shots ?
If someone with Ebola coughs/sneezes at you, will you get infected?
can hand, foot, mouth - start on baby's stomach as a rash?
Sick child .... Swine Flu?
What is wrong with this little girl?
Do I have a throat infection?
can anyone tell me if there is a bread without soy flour added?
Guinea pig help please!?
has any one received any luck with Argos sofa complaints and how long did it take ?
What would you like to ask?What should I do?
What causes nasal polyps?
Can I get my nose fixed?
Has anyone had an allergic reaction to a jumping Jack bite?
Sun Allergy help????
BAD seasonal allergies...?
I have these orange welts at the back of y throaght, what`are they?
What are some ways to relieve hay fever when medication doesn't work?
Whats wrong with me? Hay fever?
Could it be allergies/Sinuses or something else????
preventing cat allergies?
Lactose Intollerance?
can you eat blue vein cheese if allergic to penicillin?
Allergic or not????????
What is a good way to cure " Phlegm " (Fle-m)?
Last week I was using metal bobby pins in my hair and had a reaction..what could be wrong?
can you stop a runny nose by standing on your head?
Anyone use DariFree powdered milk alternative?
could any1 tell me some good medication nown 2 work for ankolisng spondilitis and any good info sites on it?
why does billy have a belly ache?
which is best for osteo athritis steriods or hip replacement?
Oh it hurts so much?
i get really bad heat rash and i'd like to know if there's some sort of cosmetic product out there?
How do you determine if a beauty product will irritate sensitive skin?
What exactly triggers an itch?
I Think I Have Hyperhidrosis?
how to cure a canker sore?
My thumb's skin is peeling ?
winter rash or something?
I'm taking accutane and i was wondering what would happen if i were to drink?
One side of my nose has blood clots and gets stuffy...?
I'm scared, what can I do now?
is it normal to feel a hard lump (feels like a round bone) on the side of your neck?
Smoking question.. please help!?
How can accutane cause hair loss if it is rich in vitamin A which promotes hair growth?
Help with surgery scar?
Dose it really put the lotion on it's skin?
i don't know my own symptoms!?
Do you need any kind of paperwork if you want to go to the doctors/ hospital in the uk?
anxiety caused stomach problem?
Can you not chill out without smoking that stuff?
URGENT! I really, REALLY need a HEALTH VISITOR to reply to this!?
why do i always feel TIRED?
my son is 7, has to have tonsils out,,, wat do i need to expect,does it hurt ,, do they sleep while havin it,?
My finger keeps twitching? why?
I was only able to donate 160mls of blood.?
who pays for the running cost of a gp surgeries and who pays for them to be built.?
I want to know if there is an age where councillors can tell your parents?
the importance of nurses completing documentatio for clients/patiens?
Not feeling to great,going out tomorrow night,help!?
What can I take to reduce dizziness and nausea?
what causes sleep walking/talking?
What was the treatment for heart disease 25 years ago?
Is their a relationship between heart rate & blood pressure?
what are the signs of a heart attack?
Fibromyalgia - anyone had a heart bypass as well?
I have high cholestereol,Are there tests recommended to check the status of the arteries/circulation?
Do you know anybody who tried to hang themselves and were left with brain damage and physical complications?
help with diagnose?
asymmetric crying facies syndrome?
how long does it take to develop heart disease?
where can ppl (adults) get help, when they are abused and bulllied by parents and still live at home?
What sort of job would suit a person (23 yrs old) suffering with Asperger's Syndrome?
Depression / Anxiety chatrooms?
Homesickness: why I am I feeling it so strongly now?
a question on self esteem and confidence?
Voices in the head jokes: How do people with the true condition react?
is there a link between poor bladder control and dyspaxia/dyslexia?
is there a link between poor bladder control and dyspraxia/dyslexia?
i got my period yeterday for the first time ...?
is there a new test for arteries other than an angiogram?
has any one out there tried buspar for anxiety and does it work?
Sudden onset of preventricular contractions (PVC)?
How does a heart transplant work?
Trying to understand not only a hole in the heart but also pulmonary stenosis in a 2 month old?
What is more accurate, a blood pressure wrist monitor or upper arm (mercury sphygmomanometer) ?
Is Dr Arun i real doctor??
Support groups?
Why me ...?
does any one have david veales contact number he is based inlondon at the priory?
What are signs of being De-pressed?
I have two brothers who are good human being but... a big BUT... are blank about their future.?
Glasses make eyes worse?
Do you think i need glasses??help.?
I am kind of worried about contact lenses for first time...?
how long will it take me to get used to my new glasses? please help?
I have very dry/ itchy eyes.?
contacts instead of my glasses ?
If you lose vision in an eye, will it die so that you'd have to take it out?
What will happen to your eyes after sun exposure?
do you think?
Can you squint in most eye exams?
How to dilate your eyes back to normal after taking extacy?
why do i need to throw away my contacts after 30days?
Why are the whites of my eyes yellow lately?
eye exam report form?
what are the causes of parkinsons disease?
What is Pennicillin used for?
Veins Starting To Appear On Arms?
Anybody with Lupus (SLE) can tell me how the pain feels like?
Should I continue to weight train?
A few years ago I had a prolapse between the third and forth?
ive pulled a muscle...what happens to it when you 'pull' it?
Help for physically hampered friend please?
Is there any way to strengthen ligaments other than surgery ?
anyone had a tendon stitched back up in the top of your arm?
, if you put your cold hand on your hot forehead,which do feel most, the warmth or the cold?
Flagyl and penicillin allergy?
i have developed white spots on lower inner eyelids of both my eyes?
Am I possibly becoming allergic to something?
what should i do?? (20 characters)?
does cocca powder contain milk?
could this be only allergies im worried?
allergy to red meat ?
Is indian food generally gluten free?
Is having a sore throat a side effect of taking Nyquil and Tylenol allergies?
Swollen eye lid and lip?
My throat closes almost every time I eat or drink. ?
I have phlegm that seems to get stuck in cavity and throat. Always feel need to clear my throat... HELP!!!!?
ccld unit 202 question explain the importance of following instructions about childrens diets ie allergies?
is non-surgical nose jobs,could makes any side effect?
I have an itchy nose, and i keep sneezing! anybody have any quick remedies!? Urgant!!!!?
can eyedrops cause a swollen nose, perhaps due to sinus blockage?
Does anyone out there have a Soy Intolerance?
Food Allergies - How to Interpret RAST results?
Can anyone tell me if Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein contains gluten?
How can you naturally remove moles?
flesh eating disease?????????????????????/?
geographic tongue and psoraisis (sp) outbreak?
How can I get rid of a scar from a bad burn?
How do you get rid of facial blemishes,on black skin?
Why are my elbows so dry?
get rid of acne on back?
Acne treatments-Hormonal acne?
My scalp STINKS! Help??!?
Sciatic pain and general aches all over?
iam 53 years old and my legs hurt all day when i sit its worse?
loud clicking/cracking noise in my neck?
pain in upper left arm?
hi. has anyone ever used the 'chin-tec' oral exerciser that is supposed to strenghten face and neck muscles?
Pain in chest around the top of my lung...how serious?
sometimes i talk too much think i feel lonely carn,t get out much in?
familial hypercholesterolemia?
Does monocytes with LDL make form cells to block artery blood flow? please give me simple answer?
How is traponin I and Traponin t measured?
My doctor has changed my hypertension drug KARVAZIDE TO COVERSYL (perindopril)?
has any1 had an angiogram (or aniogram), is the only way to have 1 is thru the groin?
Can thyroxine cause AF?
Is my Blood Pressure bad?
Is aortic valve regurgitation considered coronary heart disease?
Exist in Sydney a doctor Mark Waugh?
Pravachol 20 and cholesterol?
Im having heart surgery, I wanna reassure my fiance but im scared, how do i help her wen i'm not sure bout it
I have been diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy.What is the treatment?
Heart arrhythmia after heart surgery?
Mitral regurgitation with severe heart palpitations, thickening of mitral leaflet and chest pain, what do i do
ok a little worried here. I am a 40 year old female who used to be a very competitive Elite athlete?
Is it possible for someone to regain consciousness after a brain hemorrhage?
Can you request to be put to sleep during Catherisation/Angiography?
why do you all fear the swine flu?
The H-Pylori stomach bug; why does my wife feel worse after the medication killed it?
hepititis b question, my dad has it, what should i do? 10 points?
How often do you get sick?
Whats swine flu?????????????????????????
aee staff help me there?!?
whats the difference between the anti-biotics amoxicillin and cloxicillin? ?
I need to know the top ten list of uncontrollable risk factors for infectious diseases?
how do i cure bv also known as bacterial vaginosis, had it for 9 months now?
can indigestion cause anxiety ?
Hey can you please help me from being paranoid?
swine flu in ontario, canada?
Exactly how does rubbing alcohol on the chest help break a fever?
Any Infectious Disease Docs out there or Rabies Specialists?
How effective is vaccination against Mumps, and is there any need for it if you had Mumps as a child ?
Can Mississauga residents go to Toronto H1N1 clinics?
How to get rid of what we think is the flu?
Fever and body aches but no cold symptoms?
Recovering alcoholic: Relapse with Saganaki?
information on mouth cancer, HELP?
Could this make sense?
what should i buy for someone who has the parkinson disease? plz answer, i care very much for this person?
Could I have kidney stones?
do your eyes look at things this way?
Bottled water to clean contact lenses?
Can your vision get worse once its bad? And a question about glasses!?
I'm going to the eye doctor tomorrow?
Contacts or glasses? which are cheaper?
My contacts are KILLING me! :( Help?
Lasik eye surgery, who did it?
If you cross your eyes a lot, will they stay that way?
eye contacts help plzz?
Any eye doctors out there? If so PLEASE answer! Im very worried?
can you replace the cones with rods in your eye?
Do contacts fall off when you go on roller coasters?
Why are computer screens harmful to our eyes?
Can too much time at the computer cause you to be cross eyed?
does using toilet paper on a public toilet seat actually work?
Fever for 2 days?
I'm looking for help in Canada for drug and alchol addiction?
can alcohol tolerence be passed down through genes?
Is melatonin an effective sleep aid?
can use of marijuana lead up to..?
Leg shortening surgery ?
Can you dissolve normal pills (tylanol, advil, ect.) in regular tap water?
How much weed do you need to smoke before you die ?
is it worth going to a psychologist for?
My throat really hurts ... Do i need my tonsils removed ?
please help. Does anyone know a site I can find information on the social and medical model of care?
Has anyone been on effexor (venlafaxine) and seen the online petition (12800 signatures) to get it off the?
My lifestory part two, is it really worth it?
I heard that when your sleeping when you dream of say yourself falling off a cliff?
how can i deal with body dysmorphia?
Social Phobia Health Concerns?
What can I do to feel myself happy?
After coming off setraline in November is it possible that the flutterings I feel?
sleep why so.?
Adolescent hair pulling?
Just quit smoking and?
Recently i've found it hard to get to sleep...?
is this normal......serious answers only please?
what type of help can i ask for when my nan comes out of hospital?
From where I can get vomit controlling sticker/patch.?
blood pressure question!!?
iv just quit smoking and.?
Can taking Glucosamine daily affect the results of a blood glucose tolerance test?
Morning Nausea???..........?
Whats the easiest way to stop smoking?
Medical question/Advice Re: Pain in Face?
Why is binge drinking a public health issue?
How many people in the UK are paralyzed from the waist down?
This Is Crazy Help!!!!!!!!!!?
Fat, cholesterol and heart disease?
Blood pressure and heart rate issues, anyone in the cardio feild/experienced this before have suggestions?
Plan a complete lunch menu for this person with corresponding health condition & consideration?
Medication has a doctor any sugestions .I am told that I am on max medication .?
Heart problem but don't know if it's serious or not...help me figure this out please???
i had an echo doppler on my heart today what is Mitral Valve & Tricuspid Valve - Regurgitation Trivial mean??
what are the first signs of TIA?
It Disappeared but back with a Vengance!?
Does taking a shower increase or decrease your blood pressure?
Thrombolysis for stroke?
I want to define anterior infarction?
What does "Poor R Wave progression and Right Axis Deviation in ECG?"?
i want a heart with the memory of my father and a cross do you have any ideas?
I am shortsighted and my prescription is -6.5, & i am 25 years of age. Is this a high prescription?
Does anyone know what my Echocardiogram Means?
Abnormal ECG result in 14wk old baby?
Why is it as my hair dries... it goes very hard?
How can I tell where I have blackheads if my hair colour is black?
How to get rid of acne FAST.?
Extra skin over one eye?
What should I do about a ganglion cyst that is growing by my temple on the side of my face?
Sweat problems? My friend needs help?
What is this bump on my foot :(?
I have this weird rash! help!?
Questions about warts (hand and foot variety)?
Remedies for blackheads and dry skin?
Back acne? help me! :(?
Brownish spots around chest area?
whats hyper kinetic skin?
What would happen if you left chemicals on your hand?
Ideas of Home remedies?
About alergy among USA citizens?
Itchy Rash on neck after swimming in the ocean? WHY?
4 year old small dog has not eaten 7 days?
I am currently travelling in germany and need ( hopfully) over the country treatments for sinusitis?
What foods is the carbohydrate fructose in? Am allergic please help!!?
Cadbury choc(with palm oil) allergies?
Why do I burp after eating Laksa?
Cows milk and soy allergy?
My 3 yr old is using nebulizer?
how can i tell the difference between my allergies, and me being sick?
Allergy, vomiting, headache and low weight in a 5 year old. Please help.?
Is poison ivy airborne when it is growing profusely up to the top on and around 70' maple trees.?
pressure marks on my nose?
My boyfriend is suffering from cosmetic allergies, I use PF for everything. Is it the minerals in the product?
is there sulfur in tattoo ink...?
problem....allergic reaction 2 wax?
food allergy testing in victoria ....?
Help I Am Allergic To Soy and preservatives products?
some sort of Allergy or hey fever?
Sneezing/stuffed up again!!?
HELP pls answer- about colonoscopy and colonics...?
There are three types of Spina Bifida, what are they?
my father is couphing up blood ? Am I loosing him .. ? help please?
How do you know if your lymph nodes are swollen?
can someone please tell me what's a ringworm?
for the last year or so my achilles tendon has been giving me an aching pain, it is worse after exercise?
I have an extremely sore heel,not the sole (plantar fasciitis) or achilles,but the actual heel bone.Any ideas?
Any physio's out there?Or anyone have any advice?
Bad back pains when sitting on sofa?
have there been any complaints about Mills & Mills cosmetic surgery clinic?
I feel really ill, dont know what to do with myself...????
i have to operations on my back for prolapsed disc but neither have worked?
How often should you wear prescription glasses?
I don't want another eye test?
Help me!!!?!?!?! a very important question!!!??!?!?!?!?!plz help me!!???
Am I going blind?
Is it okay to use someone else's coloured eye contacts?
Contacts - Keep eyes from getting red.. or at least slow down the "process"..? Help?
Which contact lens rewetting eye drops, or solution (saline?) is a good choice to buy in Toronto?
How do anti-glare night vision glasses help people who have difficulty driving at night?
Wearing to pairs of glasses interchangeably ok?
Where can I buy contact lens solution ?
Does anyone else sweat under there eyes when they eat pickles?
Do I Need Glasses?
Can eyes...?
how do you tell if your contacts are inside out?
How come my brown eyes look gray sometimes?
Why does my Perfectil supplement contain 40 mg of Vitamin E, which is 400% RDA. Is this harmful to you body?
help my partner snores all the time?
somebody, anybody, pleaaase?
Can I get a free drugs test?
What does the term 'antigen profiled' mean?
infrared saunas are they what the say they are?
how long is a good sleep when taking sleeping tablets?
Would this put you off visiting a dentist or anyone government funded for that matter?
Pumice stone / bad circulation. Why does it mention this on the label?
water? if i drink a bottle of water how long does it take to reach my bladder?
I been having this salty taste in my mouth for the last week...?
Do we need Britain to be more of a Nanny State?
Eyesight deteriorating?
How many hours sleep recommended for a 16 yr old girl?
where to buy citro soda?
people with depression/anxiety, did u have that distant unreal feeling?
What stages of the mind do other people go through when Growing up?
why do i feel so sad?
What are the pros and cons of Person-centered therapy/counseling?
what is the easiest and least painfull way for your family if u need help+ hand ya self in?
I am starting to feel very anxious because the nights are getting longer...?
Where can I get a bodyguard?
Should I see a shrink? Bad words pop into my head all the time from nowhere?
Ocd but scarred of water?
Would you necessarily know if you were having a nervous breakdown?
What is a disease?
is it normal wit depression to be in a dream like state?
I need support and advice about a stroke?
How has the number of Australians dying of cardiovascular disease changed since the 1920's?
Can someone plz explain to me....?
Hi, I have just been diagnosed with Leaking valve (mitrol regurgitation)?
What is my basal metabolic rate?
Is there something wrong with my heart if caffiene slows my heart rate?
heart problems?
what should be the resting heartrate for a male aged 40 years old?
What kind of bed is suitable for paralysed people?
Would you ever sign an organ donation card?
how can I achieve and out-of-body experience without drugs?
Is something wrong wrong with me?
How do I contact South Muskoka Memorial Hospital,Bracebridge to find out what time I was born?
Refill on my medication?
Do you sleep in the nude(naked)?
The Fear Of Bee Hives?
Do you bite your nails, how can I stop?
anyone who has/had braces?
is it true that coffee could stimulate nervous?and smooking also?
having triglyceride 233 sgot 68 sgpt 45 whether i should take tablet Stanlip or ursocol as recommended by to?
Question regarding a medical test...?
what coronary arteries and heart region are affected in an anterolateral myocardial infarction?
LSD question.......?
After bypass surgery, how long does the back, neck & shoulder blades take to stop hurting?
Is that normal after His bundle ablation, next day can induce SVT?
What are the top 5 most frequently prescribed cardiac drugs in America?
Could someone have so much atherosclerotic plaque built up in their arteries to cause angina BUT?
I had a blood test and one of the results was my liver reading was 84 cld someone please tell me what it means
Meal planing for CVD. what do you recommend ? any singlle meal which help heaps?
i have had an overactive thyroid for 2 weeks. Does anybody else suffer from severe heart palpatations.?
Is this a serious problem? about my heart?
low blood pressure and slow pulse(pls read)?
7 way bypass and valve replacement....?
what is the nagitive maximal ischemia at high work load?
Is this the flu or food poisoning?
Why do I sometimes feel weird?
Mystery condition, need suggestions from health care professionals?
I have a problem with plugged ears every time I drive my car up and down my hill.?
what should my pulse rate be?
Why does milk seem to do things to my throat?
Can just TOUCHING crack or cocaine show up on a urine test?
How many people die as a result of taking prescription drugs each year?
whats the normal body tempture?
im using proactiv and im almost out and cant afford another?
Could the 2 be related? My father had early prostrate cancer and was cured. Now he has a rectum tumour...?
What just came out of my nose!? Sinus infection?
Little red bumps on the back of my legs and top on the top of my arm?
Acnease ? has anyone tried it?
what is the function of the pharynx?
Spit & Saliva Question?
what kind of intestinal infecton is this?
Help! How do you prevent/shorten a cold that's coming on?
How do you spread BV?
Has there been a lot of recent swine flu cases in the Coquitlam/Burnaby area?
General Weakness after Viral infection ?
Do I have an inner ear infection?
do children get a needle in the upper arm for tonsillitis?
What's a Inflamed Liver and how do you uninflame it?
What are these symptoms caused by?
What is the differance between the cold and the flu?
hematology test---TAM 6 or 8?
I went to the doctor for soar throat and ... ?
Are Morgellon's disease what our "scientists" are giving us, the Pandora's box?
Could drinking half a bottle of Lysol kill you?
Can I buy Malaria Mediciation over the counter in Canada?
Something really weird is going on with my skin..?
Red rash on my arms, abdomen, back, neck and face, also have the chills.?
How can I get rid of a crease in my forehead?
How can I get rid of my scar?
Whats a good acne product for me?
will this happen if ......?
Does anyone else have alergys that make there skin peel?
dark circles under eyes...................................................................?
What is this Rash? Does anyone know?
Does mederma really work?
Getting Rid of Eczema?
Questions about Accutane for acne?
Why is my face itchy?
Can i use soap as a cleanser?
why sweating with dirty smell comes to neck and joints in pemphigus?
Can you have a mold allergy with only one symptom?
What is a non-drowsy allergy medication?
Where can I find mitoban mediated shampoo??
What are the mediators involved in anaphylaxis?
I am looking for active dry yeast that is gluten free - Aussie brand?
Could this be a soy allergy?
Food ingredients - common denominator?
I have hay fever or something and it won't go away ..help!!?
is it allergies or am I just getting old?
what happens wheat dies?
Anyone know the name and address of a Food Allergy aware Cake Shop in the Macarthur area of NSW?
Alergy and cetirizine dihydrochloride?
Allergic reaction to hair conditioner?
there is something invading my dogs water.?
I have had nasal congestion on and off for the past few months?
Food Poisoning Leading To IBS Or Food Allergies?
Perhaps bitten the side of my cheek...?
can the time of a hernia be determed?
Please someone else tell me they get this or can tell me what it is!?
muscle twitching!!!?
What is Jaundice? How is it caused?
How do you know you have Asthma?
Sometimes I feel a really warm sensation on the ball of my right foot, any ideas what this is?
Re: a council rehousing application in the UK, is it possible to get internet access to my medical records.?
can you arrange an appointment with your GP regarding weightloss?
keep feeling weak when active?
i am seeing little white stars sometimes and i get really bad headaches what can it be?
In the UK, cost of be3coming a doctor?
recession problem...help-really worried?
Am I Going Blind? [I''m 13 help!]?
How does the eye work so that we see?
Is it perfectly safe to wear contacts if you have a floater?
If my prescription says -0.50 -.025 145 from the optometrist, will wearing glasses really make a difference?
Why would contacts get dry and pasty when you sleep with them?
My clear contacts say they're tinted?
Are Contacts a Hassle?
How do I get my contact out of my eye? It is stuck, and sore.?
why am i so sad?
Why do my eye's feel so strained when I wear my glasses?
Can you order contacts through the internet if you give them your prescription. If so, are they much cheaper?
Removing Contacts?!?!?
Feel very light headed and dizzy past few days?
does anybody know if they have started doing Vagal Nerve Stimulation in Australia yet? It is used for epilepsy
After and angiogram how long till i can fly?
High blood pressure in Hyperemesis sufferer? Don't just say 'go see a doctor' Dah!!?
Monounsaturated and Polyunsaturated fats mechanism with CVD?
which sphygmomanometer is better for home use?
How much cholesterol is in car exhaust fumes?
Are the pains on my right chest, right breast & hyperacidity related?
What is wedge pressure? What's 'wedgy' about it? and why don't we measure it through subclavian/femoral artery?
Unborn child heart problems??!!?
Heart problems & pregnancy.?
Is it dangerous for me to skip my 50mg metoprolol while having a few beers?
Does anyone know how much it would cost to get surgery on an abdominal aortic aneurysm in a private hospital.?
can medications lower potassium?
RAS renal artery stenosis?
Sleep Paralysis?
Do I need therapy for this rock hyrax fixation?
does blocked circumflex show up in a nuclear test?
my lipid profile indicates that i may get stroke if i dont control my diet.?
how soon after osophogus surgery can a person eat.?
what causes?
if a malignant tumor is found early it can be safely removed right?
Debating on Organ Transplants?
This Sore Throat is Killing Me!?
Is hemp prtien legal in australia?
how to stop getting kidney stones?
please give your opinion on my web site so far?
can i sue my doctor for lying to me about medication?
What can I do to get rid of migraines?
why do smokers seem to physically age SO MUCH faster than non-smokers?
What’s the best way to stop bleeding, for humans and pets?
Question for those who have anxiety attacks?
Can I eat my toenails?
Constipation: Pico-Salax?
is having a endoscopy painful?
What does Taro-Clindamycin do for acne?
What is the treatment for piriformis syndrome?
Is it normal to feel like there is a lump in your throat if you have gastritis/acid reflux?
Sharp stabbing pain in my chest?
How many heart-lung transplants in 2005 lived or died?
Angiogram and heart stent?
how can I learn to read an ekg that my Doctor takes. I want to understand what my ekg says?
who is the best renal doctor in tulsa,ok?
Help with analysing ECG results...?
Am i on correct Cholestrol medicine?
hi can someone help me my heart rate is beating 114 beats a min is this normal?
What cause pan n right upper arm I had blood clots Nov. 06 but they have dissolved since Jan. 07?
In what situations treadmill test is not recommended/prescribed?