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Why do I have zits all over my upper arm?
Why does acne come back after accutane?
what makes small acne scars go away fast & nothing expensive & no treatments please!?
if i use sunblock do i still get the benefit of vitamin d.?
Should I get surgery for my facial scarring?
Eczema Help?
Does moisturizing your skin helps? i have oily skin ?
How do i remove these little bumps on my face?
how do you get rid of blackheads?!?!?!?
Does this heart issue sound serious?
I'm 18 and my blood pressure was tested as 140/70?
How would you feel if you got caught at school smoking weed and now they drug test you RANDOMLY until you grad?
I have black stuff coming from my nose, is that bad?
Whats the difference between an air filter and and an air purifier?
Will 25mg of Benadryl make me pretty tired?
Pine Allergy, can anyone help?
Why do I get bad hayfever In winter months and rarely In the warmer months?
I dont know what this allergy is from
Medical terminology for egg allergy?
the best thing to eat for a cold.?
i need advice on what to do with my 1 year old she is lactose intolrrant and she is alergic to soy also?
Weed Allergy or Just Weird?
how many teaspoons are 4cc's?
am i allergic to chocolate?
Do you have to avoid wheat AND gluten if you have fructose malabsorption?
Can you become allergic to mosquito bites?
How to get rid of the ear blocked?
my nose is very sensitive to cold water. is that allergy or just sensitivity?
I think I am allergic to some alcohol but I am not sure.?
what do you do if your dog is allergic to fleas and flea medicines?
how long should i wait for Macrobid antibiotic to work?
do you think I could get side effects from Accutane?
I'm anemic and I stopped taking my iron pills for a couple of months ....?
Ohkay every now and then something suddenly happens....?
I need a whole lot of help in shot time!!!?
Meat Parasites on cutting board?
Could this be something BIGGER than the cold I thought it was ?
Fever? Help Me :( CLICK HERE.?
Who is dying from the Swine Flu?
What is the relation between an enlarged spleen and anemia?
[email protected]@@@@@@@@@@@@2?
Can Ciprofax (in pill form) be effective against ear infections?
Fighting a really bad cold , headache, runny nose, soar throat?
does anyone know about the illness PMR or temporal arthritis?
could this be blood poisoning?
Can i travel if i didnt take the H1N1 shot?
could human intervention have prevented them from occuring ?
List of sicknesses or diseases? ?
UTI-Clear has anyone used it?
is drinking alcohol bad if you have strept throat ?
Pros and Cons of MBT shoes?
what is narrowing of the l.5/s1 level , is this serious?
Which massage would help me? Neck/Shoulder tension?
Swimming and trapped nerves?
i am having trouble with my shoulder?
How can I extract the acetaminophen from my lortab elixir?
Sore throat?
Iv recently gotten pains in my elbow?
how long does it take to recover from arthroscopy?
Why can't i sleep anymore?
How effective is the health care system in England?
When was the UK Health Professions Council created?
Ermm Why does this keep happening?
PLEASE HELP !!!!!.......?
nurses and their own families and friends? ENGLAND?
My sister is having problems with bugs?
numbness in my fingers!?
Has anyone taken Buscopan and had side effects?
what causes splits in a tongue, no bleeding?
Is there a cure for the heebee jeebies?
My mother is 74. She is suffering from nausea x 1 month. No vomiting, diarrhea or any other symptoms.?
Can someone please tell me what my dreams mean??
how long does it take to get cocaine out of your system?
How much % alcohol is in hand sanitizer?
Starting to slouch / get a hunchback?
is 38.6 c normal tenperature for human body?
mr smith eats a diet very high in fat and little exercise. he has already been diagnosed with heart disease.?
I sprained my left foot doing aerobics?
Going up and down stairs with a broken leg?
Something wrong with my kneecap?
Toenail coming off? what is the best option? please help.?
Problems with shoulder.?
What are ways to prevent RSI injuries from keyboarding?
Unexplained tailbone pain?
Did i pull a groin muscle? or is this part of the healing process?
Why Can't I move my pinky anymore?
Is my ankle sprained?
I injured my back slipping on ice, what can I do?
There's a dark spot on both my heels, what is it?
I broke my ankle and now I'm in physical therapy and i have a few questions?
What is wrong with my Head?
what does it mean when you have a superior end plate compression fracture at T12 in the human spine?
Does surgery on a rotator cuff really make your arm normal again?
Shoulder pain, injury? help?
Broken pinkie toe... how severe is it?
Ulnar Nerve Question?
I got my cast off like a week ago and my foot is real red?
Help with stretch marks? How long till stretch marks fade from red purple to white?
what are some of the natural ways to get rid of under eye circles?
Dark spot on my leg? What might it be?
will mine ver be gone?
None of my cuts will heal? no matter how small.?
Medical help about my eczema please?
does accutane get rid of acne on your back too and any where else?
Itchy Moles.?
Acne Scars Creams?
i have a rash and dont know what it is from, should i go to work? 10 p for best answer?
helpp with stretch marks?
How to take care of oily skin?
Acne/Hairbump Treatment (10 EASY POINTS)?
what causes moles on your skin/face?
Butt acne is it normal how can i get rid of it?
i have a really bad hang nail what can i do?
Can you spread a wart like this?
did the 2002 smallpox pendemic really happen?
Will I not be able to get my license?
is it normal to have one white puffy tonsil?
Cushing's diagnosing? can someone help?
Why do i have Mucus in my stools?
my mom has lung cancer?
Could you still naturally get rid of a scar even if it's been there for a long time?
going to beach today, but medication says to stay away from direct sunlight?
Does anyone here have panic attacks, and what do they do?
Does cannabis damage the brains frontal lobes?
autism please help?
how do i explain Gibbs Model of Reflection?
What do I do when they've got no carers for me?
has anyone used the Relate counselling service?
Being useful?
SEROXAT? have you taken it for depression/panick attacks.......?
My partner's psychiatrist does not say anyhting, is this normal?
Does anyone else out there have an Irrational Fear of Choking when they swallow Liquid??
Open Access Doctors Appointment?
Why Does My Arm Click When I Wake Up?
what food causes allergic aggressive reaction?
I have a dry continuous cough,?
What can a young child with dairy allergies eat?
How much sleep should a 16 year old male get?
Am I allergic to dark cherries and apple's? (details)?
Do I have to pay for national health insurence if I am insured with Bupa?
My nose is incredibly itchy all the time! I don't have a cold, and I've never had allergies.?
my 5 year old daughter has a bad allergies reaction from an antibiotic medicine on her face, ?
Are Corn Torillas Gluten Free?
Suffering really bad allergies and asthema need some natural alternatives to chemist drugs?
Is chicken stock gluten free?
my son has spots on his chest?
can i see my GP to get Immunotherapy shots for my allergies?
can sinus infections make an eye dialate?
help i have got a really sweaty bum what shall i do?
any elderly care nurses or doctors out there?
Will year+ expired albuterol cure my newly developed flem in my lungs and throat, amd i experience coughing.?
Swollen face and lips with rash?
can you get all your hospital records???? x?
How can I convince my GP to...?
who can I ask for general medical advice...?
How much yellow cheese or milk do I have to drink to get over my lactose intolerance?
Normal Tempearture? :)?
Allergic skin reaction?
Do allergies (eg. peanut) and diseases (eg. ceoliac) occur more these days or are just more aware?
I am currently taking Tradorec XL as a painkiller and I am due to start taking Gabapentin at the weekend?
My friend has been smoking weed for the past 4 years (around 3 times / week) and nothing is wrong with him?
Curing sore throat & lost voice - any tips?
is allergy medication just benadryl?
No matter what alcohol I drink or how much I have, my top lip swells to massive size.?
how can you tell if you're allergic to vitamin E?? 10 points!!?
Milk allergy treatment?
any one has any info on peanut allergy?
i can't get my contact lenses out? I can't even find where they are?
HELP.. whats wrong with me!!!!!?
I keep getting a sore throat!?
Does anybody women like being taller than 5'10?
what is condition called when you have a hard time coming out of general anaesthetic?
What can help ease a throat infection?
Is it true that smoking kills or is a lie ?
What causes a person's eye to be very red?
hand excersises?
right distal femoral derotation with osteotomy and gastronemis recession?
have been diagnosed with SLE (Lupus),.I have severe pain throughout my body,is this normal.?
I have IBS-C- has anyone tried Guar Gum? Have tried most other laxitives, zelnorm, (recalled) now amitiza?
what is the name of this?
How do you tell the difference between High blood Pressure and Anxiety, Panic Attacks?
passing wind1?
my mom is just went on a beta blocker - her heart rate dropped to 44 - BP 109 over 52 - should I worry?
What could cause my heart rate to be so fast?
was it a faulty defibrillator my husband died three days later?
can a nurse see signs of meth withdraws not of blood but just observing the patient 3 days after surgery?
Spiritual reasons/cures for Anxiety and Anger?
how much per day can you take of 300ppm of colloidal silver?
Does T-Pain have the HIV/AIDS? On His CD it says he got it. Some Media says its true. Some say not. Help!?
What is the actual incidence of C.Difficile with Clindamycin use?
Should I keep volunteering at the hospital in Hamilton, Ontario despite the swine flu?
Which hearing aids should I get?
whats the difference between hiv and hsv2?
does anyone know anything about the black plague (black death)?
where can I find a list of blood born diseases in autoimmune patients?
stomach flu question?
sickle-cell anaemia life expectancy?
Felt something in my throat, later my throat became scratchy and now I have a cold.. Could this be serious?
If I had the stomach flu last Thursday and Friday am I still contagious the next Tuesday?
What could this indicate?
Can someone tell me what treatments and vaccines are available for anthrax poisoning?
Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever: Threat?
soccer after h1n1 vaccination???
I think I have a UTI .. & it's been over a year .. help ? ):?
My 10 year old sons thyroid is enlarged?
Is it possible to get Rabies off a skull?
Is there a way to remove a blue gray hard spot on skin without cutting it out?
Anxiety & Panic attacks? ADVICE, PLEASE!!?
i whistle when i breath out my mouth?
How to get rid of cole soars?
what happens if I tell my doctor I am depressed?
Green Bowel Movement?
Chest pain when i run?
how can you tell if you smell bad or not?
Is someone who smokes pot every day considered a drug addict?
what could eye soreness be?
What are some good brands of antihistimine medications to take for blocked sinus passages?
I am trying to find the term Alphilapoic acid - it is supposed to be found in creams to reduce swelling. I kno
What are the ideal physical and psychological conditions for sleeping?
Ungency housing organisation ltd Birmingham, do they have a web site?
Fluorescent yellow urine and a metallic smell?
my hands keep shaking and go really hot and my eyes go a bit funny?
I cut myself shaving.. Kinda of bad.. Will there be a scar left behind forever?
bad acne that wont go away?
Can you suddenly develop an irritation to a soap you've used for years?
I have half an eyebrow on each one..and its from itching..what can make it grow back?
Is there any know cure for arsenic poisoning as a result of taking Fowlers Solution?
Signs of fleas?
I'm 57 years old am getting numness in my right fingers and left teos. Can you tell me what is it?
There's these spot like things on my body, not itchy atall had them for a little while..?
Both of my arms have very dry..?
showering everyday with only water?
Is This Possible??!!?
How do you know when a plantar wart is gone?
I have moles growing all around my eye and on top of my eye lid, i can see more coming out. What do i do????
What is good food to treat acne?
General Anesthetics?
Sprained ankle or what?
Can you black out more than once after giving blood?
Could anything be wrong with my shoulder?
What do you know about a deviated septum?
is a dent in you shin a good thing ???
hand problem?
My tailbone hurtss alottt ? :( Can you consider anything that might helpp?
Help me figure out my hip pain.?
What can I do to make my cast smell less bad when i remove it?
i stepped on glass and now it is stuck in my foot!?
Has anyone had surgery for a deviated septum? I have to have it done soon?
Back Injury?
i cut myself but it doesnt hurt?
Where Can I Find An Ankle Brace In Vancouver, BC?
Back of throat jabbed by toothbrush, now theres a white spot where it hit. Worried, should I go to the doctor?
What is the matter with my knee?
what do blood clots look like?
Is there any proof that Cholesterol Medications actually prevent "heart disease"?
can excessive exercise cause you to have a heart attack?
new drug to replace warfarin shown on today tonight this week?
How would I know if I had a blood clot
question about blood clots?
What could be wrong with my heart? ?
Can heartburn increase your heart rate?
I've being getting heart burn for the last 10 months.I've gone to the doctors last?
I have high bad cholesterol, heredatry unfortunately.?
Do all veins connect to the heart?
17year old blood pressure 75/60 is this normal ?
What can I do to stop getting contact dermatitis from chlorhexidine wash??
vitamin e problem?
Help with itchy eyes... driving me crazy!?
Repiercing my nose;?
Is my baby allergic to panadol?
all over itching after painting?
any idea what is wrong?
Why did I faint in school today?
Abit more revisions :/ about genes?
should I be worried? any doctors?!?!?
Is there something wrong with my..........?
Will I be ok to try donating blood in 2 weeks if it failed today due to thin veins and resulted in bruising?
Why can't I get going in the mornings?
i cant get enough sleep!?
how do i get a second opinion from another doctor?
help got a exam in school tomorrow but i got a problem..?
Anyone have an answer to these two things?
How often should i go for a physical exam?
"magic" - drugs - what is it?
Why I have something like a ball under my eye skin?
what will u do if u have three days to live ?
what are the (3)three stages the human body goes through after you die?
How to overcome stress?
How many drug dealers and normal people are killed over Marijuana every year?
how hard is grade 9 to be??
Does anyone surely know or is anyone is really experienced about this growing taller Device called?
what happens if on 10 mg of prozac and you drink beer faster than usual?
Orbs in Pictures? Dust, humidity, ??
What is an over-the-counter drug with somewhat similar effects as Ritalin or Adderall?
Got a Helix (Cartilage) Piercing and Barbell Fell Out?
How can you get rid of bad breathe ?
Whats that needle you get when your 15?
has anyone noticed this about guy twins?
Question Concern about Drug. ?
what to do when you have hickies ?
What are some street names for ecstasy?
I have a pea sized lump in my cheek, just about an inch above my left cheekbone.?
I experienced a very weird sensation...?
tablet identification?
What is a good way to clean out your bowels?
Anyone had a Vagus Nerve stimulator fitted?
alzheimers disease what part of the brain is affected?
Has anyone been on Thorozine before? What was it like? Do they still use this drug?
seroxat/paroxotine withdrawal -help!?
My Friend is suffering from depression but doesn't want help. What should I do?
does anyone know if there is anything out there to help families of coping with a loved ones suicide?
Why do I always pass out, or get really sick whenever I see anyone in pain, or hear it?
Is Ink Poison/Ink Cancer Real ?
why is my skin so dry?
How effective is Epsom salts in clearing the skin or impurities, i.e. acne and blemishes, rough patches, etc.?
how do i know if my belly ring is getting rejected from being infected or having a scar?
whats better for skin! neutrogena or clean & clear? over a week.?
My wounds are NOT healing... what is wrong with me!?
What kind of bites could these be?
Is my Belly ring infected?
Help in identifying skin rash on 7yr old's arm?
What treatments help alleviate sweaty palms?
Is there a way to permanently get rid of corns?
eww... help me please~!?
why is my whillie so small?
What can I buy to help my blackheads go away!?
How to keep Head Lice away? Any tips?
I get constant tickles under my chin? Why?
It's about Anorexia Nervosa?
Why can't I stand the heat?
Does having cysts on your thyroid cause weight gain, or make it hard to loose weight?
What causes warts and skin tags? Does the over the counter remedies work?
panic/anxiety attack!?
Chest/heart pains?
What makes the heart skip a beat, is it serious problem occurring?
Heart Problem? Cancer? What is wrong with me?
I gave up smoking. 6 weeks later I had a heart attack and a VT. Any theories why?
Heart Condition in the family...need advice?
what steps i need to take to become a cardiologist?
short on breath now have quit smoking?
very high heart rate when im at rest?
I am 25 years old male, my heart pulses about 85 per minutes, Is that natural?
medical term for person who wants medical procedures done on them?
What symptoms can be expected after a stroke?
what kind of tests do they do to see if you have angina?
Would anything go wrong if i'm taking UTI medicine?
how many days should a normal fever stay?
Stomach virus help ?
Complete Blood Count ?
do i have tonsillitis?
how long is too long for having mono/epstein-barr?
What determines whether or not a patient can be released from hospital?
Is the H1N1 vaccine dangerous?
I have been given "Oftlar" eye drops.?
Blood Poisining? C-Section Scar?
Is this a normal cold or what?
What is Canada doing to protect Canadians against the H1N1 virus?
I know swimming when you have a yeast infection is fine, but if you swallow the water, could you get thrush?
could it be the flu?
Do antibiotics come in liquid for teens?
head feeling?
has anyone held there urine to long and when they went to the bathroom experienced sharping pinching pain..?
Why do I get constant pains in my left leg after exercising?
A.C. surgery,arthitis removal, Ligament tightening?
I have plantar fasciitis and had a cortisone injection 5 days ago, the pain is almost gone, how long do I have
I have very random soreness in my outter thighs and under arms on shoulder blade...any suggestions???
Has anyone any suggestions for exercises to help a trapped nerve in the lower back?
two aspects of human rights relevant to social care nvq 2?
How long does it take for a fractured virtibre to heal?
does anyones ankles hurt after standing or walking for a while..if so any tips to making them not hurt so much
armpit pain?
is it safe to work with 5 microwaves in a small area not air conditioned?
hi i been having some kind of blunt but irritating pain on my hip bone of my right leg for years now?
What are some really helpful ways to speed up the healing of a sprained ankle?
Scaphoid Fracture help?
really painful kink need some advice?
Know anyone this old?
Could I have cracked my knee?
What could be the cause of a bruise lasting over a year?
can a torn ligament in your ankle....?
do stitches hurt?And what do they do to it.?
Ankle hurts - swollen - but didn't twist it?
Hit head on ceiling...worried about injury?
My Left side is hurting me. i dont know why.?
can you get the munchies from passive weed smoking?
Advice on where to seek help?
Anyone over 40..Earlybirds?
Are stationary recumbent bikes OK to use if you have Ililotibial Band syndrome?
question about my ears ?
Little white dot/bump below my left eye?
ok here is the thing?
help! whiplash...i think..?
My family doctor is not helping me to recover from my work injury (most likely tendinitis) and claim to WS IB?
i have this lump near my rib?
Injection on tuesday?!!?
What do you think i did to my ankle? I've never had an ankle injury before..?
I recently sprained my wrist... and now my thumb has gone numb. Should I be worried?
What is the daily routine of an elderly care worker?
What is the function of lime scale in water?
Lansoprazole capsules?
how to get a live autopsy on an unwell person in UK, other than via your GP? how much will it cost privately?
is it safe to have an operation in an NHS hospital in london, even with this flu going around?
Do i sound silly here? I just can't stop the paranoia?
Coloured lights around people?!??? normal?
NHS neglect..........................................?
Im ill, can anyone diagnose this? *10 points*?
Does anyone know what this could be?
Help with a dust allergy?
Safe foods lists for severe anaphylactic allergy for 12 year old girl?
I have a cat that scratches her ears till they bleed?
:( I lost my voice! Help me find it?
Bread gives me terrible flatulance, is there something that I can take for this embarrasing problem?
food allergy... HELP!!!???
My cat every summer gets swollen itchy runny eyes! I don't know if he could have allergies or not. ?
My mom is deathly allergic to bees, my dad's semi allergic. How can I tel if I am?
Why have I suddenly developed allergies?
i think i am allergic to my room?
should i start taking allergy medication?
Is it possible for my daughters to be allergic to sunscreen?
How can I make my eyes less irritated?
I have a 4 year old who's got what looks like an allergic reaction?
please writelonnie owens 385452nwcx lake county 1-6-2960 state rt 212tiptonville, tn 38079?
Allergic Reaction?
Am I allergic to bread?
Am I allergic to bananas?
Sore Throat Question?
is it possible for me to be the same height as my father or exceed his height or what?
Can a person finish a diploma or degree with 50 mg Risperdal every two weeks?
how to grow taller in 5'5 height?
how do you grow taller?
How to get taller fast?
was my weed laced with pcp?
What happens to deceased peoples medical files? Where are they kept? Are they ever destroyed?
Doea alcohol have ANY effect on a kids PHYSICAL growing?
i feel ...?
Old people in argentina are dying due to lack of proper medical attention.Need International Organisation?
what exactly are the affects a tazor could have a person?
Why is part of my thigh muscle numb?
WTF toxic shock syndrome?
What are the symptoms of fibromyalgia? Is there a cure out there?
Am I sick or developing some allergy?
can you over doce on dimatap?
Medical errors is the 6th leading cause of death in Canada.?
Which is better: Relieving stress on your own, or doing so with a partner?
I have a really bad cough with mucus..What should I eat for it to heal?
My heel hurts so much - anyone had this happen to them?
Does anyone have advice on helping an alcoholic who wants to quit?
Rectal damage due to method of meth use question?
I have diarrhea and i need to get rid of it fast?!?!?
How can i give my friend Gastroenteritis?
Why will eating potato chips cause a sore throat and fever?
Do I have an eating disorder?
What kind of dizzy spells are normal?
What does it mean when you cough up blood?
What are the symptoms of heat exhaustion? Should I seek medical help if I think I'm suffering from it?
My body started itching all over a few weeks ago.?
Why is the superior/inferior vena cava furthest away form the heart?
hard lump (bean sized) under chin what is it?
how to get rid of acne at your own home?
If the disease leprosy is not contagious then how do people get it?
Kind of Gross? Internal Bowel Hurts?
during which phase of the cardiac cycle are the coronary arteries perfused by blood from the heart?Explain why?
Why do heart attacks only sometimes result in death?
I want to know if i have high blood pressure?
i wonder about high blood pressure?
I've got 100 problems?
rare heart complaint aorta can anyone tell me what are the symptoms?
Tropol for high blood pressure?
i had a heat stroke 3-4 years ago and never went to the hospital.Am i now prone to have another heat stroke?
Am I eligible to enter the Fire service or Police service with a Cardiac Pacemaker?
Severe Anxiety Attacks?
How do doctor's treat a patient with calcium build up in the heart?
Whats causing my potassiumn levels to drop dangerously low?
Hypertension problems please help!?
the relation between the skull and the heart?
Can excess Calcium in the bloodstream cause Angina and Hypertension?
What are the causes of a enlarge heart?
Can you tell me if this is something serious?
IS 50 a bad heart rate for a 56 year old women?
Dangerous Moles?
Accutane for milder acne?
How long does it take the pain from a sunburn to go away?
wat the brown black spots on my nails well it more like in my skin?
sween cream?
How can i help prevent facial sweating, besides surgery?
What is this bump inside my nose around my nose piercing?
does 20mg paroxetine help lift depression?
Is cipralex heaver on the liver?
what is anaemic???
Is drug rehab effective, either in getting addicts de-addicted or towards their happiness?
Are vain and self-conscious people the same?
what are the sighns of depression nearly lifted?
What is the best way to remove Hepa B virus on your dody?
Should I still take medicind after my fever is better?
patophysiology for infectious mononucleosis?
If I have a yeast infection, but the amount of itching decreased a little bit today,does that mean I'm healing?
Can meningitis brain tumor can grow again at the same place or some where else in the body?
could my ear infection be coming back?
Monistat Cream help?.........?
A question about Tamiflu?
I need information from someone in the health industry on the issue of drug resistant bacteria please :)?
is it normal to get flue like symptoms after fasting ,for test?
would the doc remove my tonsils?
Their should be H1N1 chat rooms?
How long does Omega 3 take to work to improve your memory?
What could these symptoms mean?
Running making veins worse? wtf?
Is it normal for my ear to be numb and to have brown discharge?
how long does it take to get smoking out of your system?
please help with panic attacks?
How can I sleep better. I can't seeelp.?
ive caught my 3 year old eating raw bread dough, can it can it cause him any harm?
Really need help Please HELP!!!?
What is the best way ...?
Does anyone shower or bath with their stoma bag off?
is this a kidney infection or water infection?
how long does it take to get Tylenol PM out of your system?
Very random question but would like a decent answer please!?
constant nausea (not pregnant)?
Is it toxic to mix laxatives and viagra?
How much water should I be drinking daily, how much is too much?
My ankle hurts alot for no reason at all.?
Can you explain why my thumb hurts?
Did I herniate a disc?
When you have muscle spasm in the lower part of the leg.?
how long does a broken growth plate take to heal?
what's wrong with my backbone?
Ingrown Toenail Problem?
2 crushed vertebrae, pain prevention?
My brother got a part of his finger cut off will they be able to stitch it backup?!!!?
Help, my little toe's nail is going to break off! How should I take care of it?
Knee muscular pain prevntion tips please?
What would work better or faster?
essay using the ff. words pediatrician,orthopedic,ipidermis,osteotomy,radiologist,hematoma,diagnosis,fracture?
Dear RN. Yes I do have pooling of blood in my foot?
What happens after traction?
What kind of things can someone with two broken arms/wrists do to pass the time?
how do i get rid of scratches fast?
My dad came home with an alkali burn?
[10 points!] How to make blood blister on hand go away?
Can someone show me a pic of a cut that is infected?
Have you ever gotten a windburn worse than a sunburn ?
Is it bruised or broken?
ways to get high??/ im needing a fix, dont worry im going to rehab lol :D?
could i have an OCD disorder?
how do you get rid of constant tiredness and nausea? I need to study for a midterm?
Why does washing with water help dry itchy red eyes?
how would u explain a contamanation risk to an earlderly person the is ripping up incontance pads?
Severe temple pain at night, any Doc's out there?
What do you think's wrong with me? (+BQ)?
Children with Cramp?
Keloid scar next to bellybutton piercing?
Question about in situ carcinoma?
i have a sharp pain on my lower back, right at the top of my back side should i be worried ??
What treatment is there for long term joint and bone pain caused by hypercalcaemia?
is my walking a lot too much for my osteoarthritis as my legs/back seem worse for it.?
pains in either side of the lower spine?
Random Nausea???Pls Answer?
How old is too old for surgery involving Meningioma?
What is the life expectancy of someone with Huntington's disease?
Severe GERD can someone suggest?
what are the best things for preventing cancer?
my friend has horrible fecal leaking problem.?
Is it healthy to take a shower everyday?
how do you know when your in puberty?
how many extra strength tylenol will kill a person ?
How can I get my family doctor to prescribe me ritalin?
i keep having nosebleeds frequently what can i do?
Euphoria from starvation?
What is it with apple juice?
Should one study when they have a cold?
How can I gain weight?
MRI scan and dye injection?
I'm VERY depressed I need help!!!?
Anybody on Zyban to quit smoking?
TIENS or Tianshi. Do they really sell organic products as their distributors claim?
what medical/eduction availble in Costa Del Sol, belamadena? for child with DS is it free?
kind of accidently knocked the back of my head on a wall few days ago trying to lie down?
Split Nails : Any Ideas?
what is the worst sort of handicap/disability?
I am almost six weeks pregnant and my heart is beating alot faster giving me shortness of breath?
Whats the difference in treating STEMI and NSTEMI?
How long for the pain to stop after open heart surgery?
Is it possible to have a heart rate greater 220bpm?
Heart Problems - Any Comments?
What is jumping leg syndrom?
What affects your heart rate?
does any 1 else's muscles or pectorial region hurt on and off randomly but isnt angina and is a smoker...?
How often do you survive of a burst aorta?
Youngest age to get heart attack's?
what does it mean if my heart beats really loud?
Where is antero-superiorly?
Triple Bypass Operation and recovery?
The muscle right over my heart or my heart hurts?
Will there be a cure for blood pressure?
explanation re stress test please?
Is it dangerous to smoke marijuana if you have had a mild heart attack?
how to stop heart palpitations???
Frequent inhalation of allergens?
Constant Dry Gritty Eyes! Eye Drops arent working!?
How do i determine if i have food allergy's?
Why suffer allergies when there is a new treatment? Advanced allergy elimination. it's weird but it works.
Sking allergy ....may be hives?
Swollen Eyes. Help me :(?
I think I have Hives..help!!!?
help help help!!?
Sore throat due to allergies?
Giving up dairy???????????????????
tongue piercing swollen and bead sinking?
Can u get a reaction from the magnesium in minute maid orange juice, with milk allergies?
Can a person with a sunlight allergy be healed completely?
How can you tell the difference between an allergic reaction to something & a bed bug bite reaction?
Coughing while exercising?
Allergic reactions.. please help!!?
Epipen question?
What's the quickest, easiest, and safest way to treat a sun burn?
How can i clear my skin before school?
could these be bed bug bites?
I have a wart problem..?
<<<Why am i so itchy>>>?
How to get rid of acne on my back?
How can i get rid of scars?
Night hallucinations?
Has anyone ever felt like this......?
Kicked In Noes Medical Advise?
Can anyone tell me what a shotty node is?
is it a virus or something else? what should i do?
How can duplicate billing be avoided by a firm that provides medical billing services? Also name a firm that?
best way to get back to sleep in the mornings?
Indigestion! Help! Its so painful.....?
I want to get the side of my ear pierced?
whats the difference in "Residential" care home and "nursing" home ?
Hey I have a prelim, just wanted to ask about hours of sleep reccomended?
how many hours should i sleep for?
My mom they find in situ carcinoma in her breast?
Do i have swine flu or what?
Was it the cheese or the flu?
H1N1 Question Vaccination?
Can you get the swine flu (h1N1) more than once?
Yiest Infection...... information please !!?
What is this? (picture included)?
Can a severely infected skin ulcer?
RABIES serum - RABIES vaccine ?
Long Term Affects Of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever?
Is meningococcal polysaccharide vaccine safe during pregnancy?
low platelet count, normal white count, hemochromatosis?
I have a stuffy nose, what can i do ... ?
What is best for sore throat and runny nose while breastfeeding?
how old will you be if you die on Saturday, October 21, 2073?
do you have to have pain if your having a heart attack ?
sodium ascorbate?
how do i treat a heart stroke
is tonsilitis connected to heart disease?
I have heart murmur when i took a medical test for visa457 does it cause any problems for me to get this visa?
Safest anti hypertensive?
what are the treatments for heart failure?
My heart is feeling weird please help?
how does one get their colesterol tested? how does the gp do it exactly?
how can I help my partner who suffers from bdd?
i would like to talk to somebody who has had a angiogram. have to have one next week?
frequent heart/chest pain?
Am I borderline? Does anyone else have this feeling?Does what I'm describing make sense to anyone?
after or side effect from the heart pacemaker?
say someone plays a spade because they do not have a heart but then you catch them playing a heart later?
How can I improve myself for the New Year?
Is it possible to stop taking calcium channel blockers?
Is 160 over 100 a dangerously high blood pressure?
I need surgery to replace a bicuspid aortic valve, any major risks?
what sort of foods will raise my blood pressure fast?
Can SVT be passed down genetically?
what dose a ecct cardiogram do for heart patients what and how dose it see the human heart?
What is troponin?
learning disabilities?
does marijuana raise or lower blood pressure?
My pulse and Blood Pressure are erratic, why?
Does Prozac ever stop working?
do you think that this is a cold sore?
Do they do PET scans for schizophrenia on the NHS or is there research into schizophrenia that involves scans?
how do you prove someone is harrasing/bullying you at work?
can amitriptiline be taken the same time as fluoxetine tablets?
Being put to sleep by hypno?
My wife has OCD and fears choking, how can I help her get past this thought.?
to puffy yes i am doing my nvq but struggling can you help ?
does alcohol affect the effectiveness of prozac?
anyone else feel depressed and unmotivated after Christmas?
Blood after bowel movement..?
What could be causing these symptoms?
Do I have IBS? Other questions about IBS along with this as well...?
bitten by a bug?
what's alzheimer's? does anyone know ?
Should I got to the hospital? ?
Whats Pot?
why is it that everytime i smoke a ciggarette, i get dizzy and feel like puking?
Can a person be an alcoholic if they crave alcohol but do not drink?
black grayish spots on white part of the eye?
Question about neutrogena wave?
How do you prevent/cure fever blisters in ears?
I got my whole class sick from bird flu, is it that contagious?
Aching elbow joint (inside of arm).?
what could be causing this?
my husband has a degenertive disc disese and l4 bilactral scaralosis could any1 give me some sites 4 info?
i have got adhesive arachnoiditis,, is there any cure fot it?
sacroiliac joints, sacroikitis and desmophytes?
Ive been going to the gym recently but past few days Ive had bother with my sciatic nerve?
doing the splits?
swollen foot,(left)?
Haematocrit high what does this mean?
Dizzy and numb feeling?
I get dizeeness when standing up and my legs go all weak. Its like head spin, ive fainted from it once..?
Really Need Your Help. Having Migraines Every-night ?
Can you reverse an allergy? Make it go away?
Allergic Reaction... HELP!?
Help Allergic reactions?
itching and sodium erythorbate/ nitrate in hotdogs...food allergy?
Tomato Allergy - Unique Reactions?
How can I tell if I am allergic to a food or something?
Could it be my period or allergies?
Is this a sinus headache?
questions about allergy?
when i drink i get asian flush..? preventable?
How do you get rid of Skin Tags on your neck???? ?
Rash from noseblowing :P?
what can i do? any ideas?
I have minor acne on the lower cheeks/chin. What can I do?
What medications can't you take with an NSAID allergy?
whiteheads?what if you dont pop?
Nasal Polyp removal absolutely necessary?
How do I know if I am allergic to certain food naturally , as Iam always bloated after I eat, any solution?
Hamster Question about allergic?
QUICK, URGENT...What do i do for a blocked nose!!!?
How to get rid of a mole ,?
Please helppppp skin rashhhhh?
What is one of the best laundry detergents for eczema?
why does oily skin slow down aging?
red itchy dots coming on legs?
Why is my 2 year old saying her stomach and chest hurts, but saying it itches.?
Should I go for Botox?
I had a allergic reaction to the drug Maxolon the other week. Do I have to wear a Allergy bracelet?
how do i get rid of dandruff?
eczema outbreak =( oh no?
Bumps on legs and arms.?
who knows how to cure planters warts?
can degenerative disc disease be linked to a whiplash injury?
celluous paint?
I fell last year and got a concussion, I also injured my neck at the same time.?
Pectoral Muscle Workout, pectoral muscle movement?
How till I can take off my earrings?
Ear bruising?
nonunion fracture missdiagnosed - legal options?
I got elbowed in the jaw today, hurts...?
What are some good physio exercises for your rotator cuff?
I was playing soccer and when i hit the ball i felt a sharp full in my left knee...?
If you had a complete fracture on your forearm, how long would you need to wear a cast? ?
I sprained my ankle 2 days ago...and.....?
Went to sleep with headphones on, ear hurts baad now?
What is the best treatment for ruptured collar?
I broke my FOOT......................?
i broke my tibia a small break off the back of it as well as tendon and ligaments how long for recovery?
Bump on my leg......?
is there any wrist band out there that helps heal an injury?
Shin Injury, still sore and numb after one week. possible diagnoses?
Possible nose job/correction surgery?
When you get a cut, what heals first?
what are Ural spasms and how is it resolved?
I dislocated my shoulder about 12 weeks ago (in mid-april), now I'm getting an MRI...?
eye focus not the same?
kinda like a cold sore, but my bottom lip sweeled up majorly!,?
Why does my heart pound? Need medical advice.?
I have an Irregular Heartbeat?
Could this be high blood pressure or something else?
What are the risks if you do not treat Supraventricular Tachycardia?
so what could it be???
low blood pressure need some answers?
how do you prepare for pacemaker surgery?
normal blood pressure?
is heat bad for blood pressure?
I had a blood test done to test thyroid, results came back slightl low, what does that mean?
my blood pressure was 170 over 89 how bad is that ?
how are impulses transmited to the heart?
I'm interested in hearing from anyone who has had open heart surgery? i am 24 and need to hear from someone
Is Aortic stenosis hereditary?
Q1. What connects to the heart? A. Hepatic vein B. Arms C. Pulmonary artery D. Lower body and legs?
My blood pressure is normally 120/80, but today at the doctors it was 120/95?
chest/heart pain. please help! i dont know what is wrong..?
What is M.M.A?
i am inside Out! plz! help me! i can see my heart!?
keep going dizzy, and my head kinda goes tight like a bad head ake?
Just a breathing question..?
white spots on lower legs?
Has anyone ever had a Corneal Transplant?
What can i expect in a hospital if i volunteer?
Will high alkaline water help me to detox?
What happens when you go to the dermatologist?
Can alcoholics donate blood?
Tonsilitus!! I need help please?
Help Quitting smoking for a 18 year old?
I had diarrhea for the whole day?
question about getting school physicals?
Question about school physicals?
where can i buy organic baby products?
missed my doctors appointment earlier will they have a go at me when i go 2 see the nurse?
What does an elevated blood sugar level mean?
my brother is having A loss of hair, whats wrong with him?
What is "Locked in Syndrome"?
weird pins and needles in my spine?
NVQ Level 2 - Health and Social Care?
Are those stroke adverts starting to put you off?
my ankle's and knees keep cracking when i walk around like when you crack your fingers am i doing any harm?
Questions about the NHS...?
I'm drying out!Please help?
do we have veins and arteries in the backs of legs?
What is a vaccine? Name one type of vaccine that you might receive in Canada u?
If you have only been using a sippy cup for water, is it still as important to clean the cup after each use?
Any idea what this could be?
how do you administer liquid iron to a 2 year old?
I think I may have an UTI?
White spots on my tonsils?
When is the swine flu vaccine being released?
In 2003 I received my first two Twinrex shots, but didn't get the third. Do I need to start from scratch?
I used hot water to completely clean inside my intestine, does it work to kill worms eggs in there?
what is pigeirrea decease ?
constant eye infection?
experience with (z-pack) antibiotic? ?
Is it possible to get rabies this way?
What causes premature rupture of membranes?
Will new Zoonotic diseases that jump from animal to human cause the extinction of all Mankind in the future?
I'm starting to do the study case about TOXIC SHOCK SYNDROME (S.aureus bacteria)?
How can you tell if some one has some sort of mental health problem?
I think i need help?
How to take down swelling on old injuries?
how do i know if i have a broken heel?
What do I need?
i suffer from anxiety and find it hard to go out i have a felling inside that really effects me wot can i do??
Your advice please?
Why does my tailbone stick out?
i feel depressed?
I have been stress for the last 5year because of by past,how can i stop thinking negatively , please help?
Laser Eye Surgery?
Healing tips for amputated fingertip?
how do you get/fell more motivated out of life and be more positive?
Does therapy actually work?
how do you help road rash heal?
Helo,2 years ago i pieced my ears,i put gages and take them out forever,then when it was close i got a ball-->?
hi could anyone tell me of a good psychiatrist in the bournemouth area 4 depression please?
Has anyone been on the anti depressant cybalta?and has it helped? i have been on around 10 different ones?
How do you make your skin color back to normal?
flea bites.;..........?
What causes bed bugs?
what is a good products to treat dark circles?
I GOT Shingles ... im 22 years old?
Red Scar on my face, will it go white?
Major Skin problem help!?
Dealing with Facial Redness?
Wart help!!! IT HURTS!!!?
Which is your favorite kind of zit?
How long will it take for Ringworm lesions to go away when being treated?
What do YOU look for in a pair of glasses?
Where can I get the cheapest eye test in the UK?
First pair of glasses..problems?
is laser treatment good?
What does it mean when my eyes change color?
im purchasing some solotica contacts and wud like them to be un-prescribed.?
my left eye is blurry sometimes?
how can i get rid of sinus tachycardia?
2 months ago an ecg showed up RBBB, just did a 24 hr holter, no RBBB now, why?
I am pregnant, and my heart skips beats and my pulse also goes very fast. Is this dangerous for the baby?
how can i a heart child exercise?
Is 149/65 an okay blood pressure reading?
Need help - in the middle of an operation?
Can Aortic valve replacements be done by keyhole surgery?
Can hot weather increase your heart rate?
cardiac surgery bypass?
tight chest, elevated heart rate?
have you or will you leave your organs for a transplant?
why is it risky to administer Physostigmine to all patients presenting with muscle weakness?
Does anyone know about Arrhythmia?
Does anyone know the average heart rate for a teen?
Is it that the person is always born albino? Or is it possible for someone to become albino later on in life?
How to explain my pain with allergic asthma to my medical director?
I can't stop sneezing!?
What causes asthma? What are possible problems? What are some treatments and care?
Allergy Shots / Injections?
how do i sleep with a blocked up nose when camping??
why is one of my eyes red?
my mouth/lips swelling 10 pts?
Do Clogged Ears Unclogg Eventualy Without Me Doing Anything To It?
Food Alergies.........?
Why does eating duck make me feel so sick?
corn allergy?
Allergic to seawater?
Is it okay to drink milk while taking the medicine Cephalexin?
swollen ankles,mine seem to be at times and marks appear on the elastic lines as if a depressed?
allergic to rye.. what can't i eat or drink?
Dustmites and allergies?
HELP! This is URGENT!?
If your nose is stopped up with sinus and allergies, how is nasal spray effective if you can't inhale it?
Fastest way to clear back acne?
What is the recovery time for partial removal of the right kidney?
Does St Ives Green Tea Cleanser really work on acne?
Do I have a sinus infection?
How long should inflammation last?
has anyone been on omeprazole for a long time?
What could be the cause of this?
Weird things that can........?
is it possible to call an ambulance for someone who doesnt live in same area?
How to make him better?!?
Ate 3 baked potatoes with Coleslaw/cheese a few days ago...?
Have you got bad eyesite?
Feeling tired, pale and unhealthy all the time?
what personal factors could affect communication with service users?
can diet cola damage your liver?
What causes an enlarged stomach?
Do I have Celiac's disease?
where can i buy durex top gel lubricant in glasgow?
I damaged ligaments in my foot in January and my foot still painfull any ideas?
Does anybody know any safe exercises to straighten my hamstring after bone graph from my hip?
I've got a football tournament soon! ................. HELP!?
how long does it take for psychiatric medicine to leave your body?
Does Meth Smell?
I've got bad pains in my stomach, what shall I do?
Article i read states ASA can cause hearing loss. What about Tylenol can that also do it?
what is the purpose of Aspirin?
What is the most effective sunscreen?
What are some ways to get rid of stress?
why does my stomach hurt so bad?
My dad's addiction has me really scared... what do I say to him?
Why are Indians born in North America or Europe taller then their parents?
where can i get sumthing that will stop facial hair to grow?
Which are the best most affective hayfever tablets?
How come the next couple days after I smoke a lot of weed, I act differently?
What is peyote....???Plzz answer?
How can I make my bones stronger?
why do i get headaches everyday?
I feel like puking when i eat and drink...??
DNR --- Could you do it?
what is the cause of hiccups?
just a regular cold? or more of an infection?
I want my avatar to wear a surgical mask so I don't catch H1N1?
Malaria Pills??
I have mono and tonsilitis is there anything specific i should do?
Please help. What could these symptoms be? IS this a fever type of thing?
Can dogs catch H1N1/swine flu?
Why is there a particular flu season?
How to have normal eyes!?
Swollen lymph node on stomach?
I live in Quebec if I go to Florida for the winter can I get the flu shot there and do I have to pay for it?
Hepatitis B>>? helpp pretty please?
Can constipation cause depression?
Straw Berry Hemangioma birthmark?
Is it certain that there will always be an emergence of new communicable diseases ?
Is it normal for a wart to be throbbing?
Can we be carriers of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease?
HELP me please help help heeelp!?
Are Work-Specific Colds Possible?
Small bump on the heel of my foot?
How do you get pink eye?
Breathing doesn't help, i need advice,?
looking for a medical criminal case about a doctor who gave teenage boy AIDS OR HIV?
Having some throat complications.?
Are you allowed to work in medical labs if you are infected by hepatitis b?
i need help with a anthrax question?
Vomiting at work and ask to go home!?!?
School closures in Ontario, Canada due to swine flu?
Please help! sign of bacteremia in older people?
My daughter has been found to have a heart defect?
oh man I am light headed and have a low heart rate. I took it for 10 seconds and it was 6?
I have a high resting heart rate how do i fix this?
I had blood and urine labs and I have high BUN and high creatinine What can help lower it?
i have low blood pressure...i feel dizzy and lighheaded what should i do?
the structureof the heart?
Weird heart arrythmia?? Doctors HELP !?
I have MVP (Mitral Valve Prolapse) and I want to know if that will automatically disqualify me from the ADF?
is there any truth that the Vagal Nerve Stimulation device may cause cardiac arrest/?
does anyone know what kind of virus can cause a toddler to suddenly have high blood pressure?
So many pains in back, breathing and heart?
My blood pressure is 112 over 69 with a pulse of 81. Is that too low?
when can i recover?
i need advise on a blood clot?
urgent plz help..is this chest pain a heart attack symptom?
Can you have Pulmonary hypertension, short of breath but still get 100% oxygen sat level?
4. What kind of ECG changes would indicate myocardial ischemia?
a very low vitamin D level! what be causing this?
Can my Heart now have permanent damage?
What Private Healthcare provider would you recommend in the UK?
Have you or anyone you know had a Cholesteatoma?
l fainted and was out for half an hour, should l be worried?
Is a gastric balloon available on the NHS?
please answer?? sleep problems?
why is my throat so sore?