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Cause of intense itchy skin?
Skin questions, home remedy's?
How do you get rid of a cold faster than usual?
Will scoliosis effect my future?
Please God, Tell Me It's Not . . .?
A person with no bellybutton ? Where was the umblical cord connected ?
what can the pain be on my right side right on the kidneys?
What could this be ?
Have you ever been to the doctors with panic attacks and what treatment were you offered.?
Does your body thicken out naturally during your teenage years?
Average number of draws in a cigarette?
Please help me, ASAP!?
i dont know whats wrong?
Warm water with lemon in it first thing in a morning is good for you. Can it be concentrated lemon from a jar?
What could be wrong with me?
What's Wrong With Me?
Can you get allergic and get sick from having a dog?
Can someone be allergic to tomatoes and not ketchup?
my mother is 79 and cannot hold anything, what it is?
CCVSI and Multiple Sclerosis. Do you believe it will ever be accepted?
How to take care of oily skin?
I have been having werid episodes: Migraines, loss of sight, numbness?
how to get rid of my under-eye dark circles?
There is a scar on my eyelid. Should I do anything about it?
what causes small broken blood vessels on the face!?!??!?
I Have a black bump on the back of my neck?
What are the top 10 countries where the incident of skin cancer is highest?
do you think its a fracture?
Knee pain?
how to heal pain to groin muscle?
middle toes on left foot go numb?
I broke my nose 2 weeks ago.. I have to wait til Mar. to have surgery... is it gonna be harder on me then?
retaining water?
Pressure to the eyes causing dull pain and blurred vision?
Need advice about possible broken hand. If you break a bone in your hand, can you still move your fingers?
What Compensation/settlement should I request for personal injury?
What causes rupture of the extensor tendon in rock climbers?
Any Sport Physician or Doctor?
um, Is This normal?
Treatment for Tennis Leg?
whats wrong with my shoulder?
Why does my tailbone hurt so much?
relief for a tight hamstring?
has anybody ever been compensated for a concussion, how much was awarded to you due to neglect - other party?
It feels like my bones are brittle / cracking ? in my hand?
I got a direct cut from an armed opponent?
Does anyone know why I developed a noticeable dent on my toenail?
Elbow pain and how to prevent it?
fractured wrist?
so i recently had an IV in my arm and now i have a little bubble like thing on my arm...?
Remedy for mosquitoe bites? Afterbite is ALL chemical. Calamine is messy. what else?
Best Acne Wash?? PLEASE HELP?
Red around it?
I Need Help! Anything Will Do!?
How to get rid of white spots from eczema?
how do i get rid of my scars?
can birth marks (dark ones) be faded without professional treatment?
Why is my skin always so itchy..? ><?
How can i get rid of annoying blackheads?
Some skin peel off on my hand. Cause of dry skin?
How can you make the skin on your face smoother?
I have chickenpox scabs and been picking at them. they come off easily and reveal pink skin. will it scar?
What does Hormone imbalance have to do with bacne?
I had ear infections in both ears, still infected or not?
Can upper g.i. tests miss an ulcer?
Food poisoning help. :P?
Can a person pass out from an iv?
My daughter may have H1N1... Has anyone else experienced this with a loved one?
I was mistreated in the doctor's office today and refused test?
Does anyone have experience with Nafa for health care savings? positive or negative feedback?
I have to get my tonsils removed?
Can you get herpes on your neck?
Please Help...Yellow Fever Question?
any suggesions that could hep with my ears? i carnt hear properly and they hurt?
Do i have N1H? What are the symptoms?
Pins And Needles Question?
How does tense,nervous muscles affect you?
how can I get ready for my bleep test in 4days. I struggle every year and find it hard to breathe?
When I gently tap my cheeks other bits of my face move without me trying to move them. Is this due to nerves?
Is this normal after an operation?
can beetroot cause constipation?
current regulation systems for complementary therapists?
When gender is same for 2 people and wanting a child should not first realize a balance of male and female tho?
does smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol affect puberty?
Advantages of using Amphetamines?
Question for the guys (and perhaps...... the dolls!)?
Advice please.. opinions, help..?
is it my blood pressure making me feel unwell?
why am i still awake why am i crying?
Can anyone help me search for an Advocacy Service around Manchester in the UK please?
I often feel anxious and nervous but sometimes i dont even know why?
what are the behaviors are linked to it?
has anyone ever felt very sharp stabbing pains all over there head when desending in an aeoroplane? i?
Tempurpedic and Select Comfort Type of bed, which one is better?
Has anyone tried Feverfew?
I waxed my lower back in august and I have bumps.?
why is my boyfriend getting seizures more often?
What would a person go through, in the last stages of Huntington's disease?
Can someone please help me figure out what is wrong with me :(?
I have a wheat allergy, but what is celliacts disease?
antibotics makin me worse? is this a side effect?
Severe allergic reaction to "unknown" substance...?
Im 14 and cant stop coughing why???????///?
when im sleeping after few hours, i cant breath but i have no runny nose, what could be the possible reason?
Is brain transplantation possible?
enemas laurey 123456789?
Can I put savlon up my nose?
PLEASE help me find a way of getting to sleep easier?
Help Please???????????????
How do you get rid of horsefly bites?
Half Deaf in Right Ear After Ear Drops.?
Tonsillectomy Question And Help Please?
my whole body twitches when he does one certain thing is this normal for me to be doing or not ?
Tonsillectomy Recovery Time?????????????
Help me please.. what do you think?!?
Is Tea Tree Oil really that great for dandruff?
What can I do to stop break outs I am always having on my chest area?
Is it normal to occasionally itch down there?
What are the chances of getting cancer from pollution in Ontario?
Do I have RLS? (restless leg syndrome)?
had condem break was some itching no pain in peeing or any visble sores. now my body feels like a rash. ?
FLAGYL HELP! it would be greatly appreciated.?
How can I get rid of acne scars?
Red/White bumps all over arms and legs?
Why do my hands sweat a lot on their own?
What helps get rid of blackheads?
Why were my fingernails bleeding?
black mark on my lip?
Embarassing armpit sweat!?
ok i had a black bump size of a mole i squeezed it blood just spattared like i got stabbed lol?
Rash on the back of my thighs?
How to cure asthma without chemical drugs?
how do you prevent hair bumps?
why does acne get worse before it gets better?
Does Pronextin really work on acne?
what is the treatment to a fractured bone ?
Always pulling muscle in right thigh?
Did I sprain my wrist?
whats wrong with my toe?
What Is The Best Way To Reattach My Head?
Hurts to breathe or to stretch back?
Tendons in hand?
Is 10 weeks to late to fix a torn or moved shoulder muscle that didn't heal the way it should?
4 month old injury still causing tight chest, why?
did i break my nose .. ..?
the front part inside of my nose hurts?
what happens if you eat a steel wire?
Is it broken.........?
I stepped on my belt & it pierced my foot. I cleaned it out but now it created a blood blister. What do i do?
Playing soccer - Strained Quad??? Help?
Ulnar Nerve Sublaxation?
How can I heal my hip strain?
Pulled muscle in foot.?
Blood Clot??
Sudden Knee Pain ?? PLEASE HELP!?
best way to heal a shoulder blade injury?
Fiance has brain injury, difficulties with my family...?
Can you die from a cut on the nape of your neck?
what do you think is the cause of my swollen eye ?
if a person already had h1n1 should they still get the vaccine?
can a urinary tract infection be caused by rectal prolapse?
will this years flu injection help the swine flu?
i've been taking cephalexin for five days for bacterial infection or urinary tract infection?
MRSA + BABY .. need help?!?!?
Can the H1N1 virus live on clothing?
Are YOU getting the H1N1 shot?
Painful right hip/top of leg. Wakes me during the night if I lie with?
Went to see osteopath - should I be in pain?
why is your foot the same length as ur lower arm -from wrist to elbow and is this always the same with everyon
sickness nose?
What do you think I have?
How do you stop smoking weed, if you have been smoking for 6 years?
Cough-My 2yr old only...HELP?
If you're in the same house as someone that is sick, how long does it take to catch the sickness too?
How can I stop my insomnia...?
where can I find a makeup miorr what store?
Pink EYE!? Hmm........?
I have these horrible headaches and I never ever get headaches...?
Why can't I sleep??????????????
Why did I get a headache after exerting too much effort?
my daughter suffers from epilepsy?
How do i get rid of school-related stress?
I need to gain weight. I am sick, and every time I look at food I am not hungry.?
why is it when i eat a certain kind of food i get headache?
One eye is higher than the other!!?
Risks of opium?????????
Can anyone help me? I have lost some hearing in my left ear and have sore throat plus a migrane. What is it?
Could he be suffering with Sinuses?
will a person dies if he takes 13 sleeping tabs of 0.5 mg?
Why am I getting White Flashes and Seeing weird stuff?
Whats wrong with me?????????????????/?
Can I use a tweezer on a milia for self treatment (HELP PLEASE)?
Does Anyone know whats up with my thoatt?
Im high right now? how do i stop being high?
how long will it take the smell of weed to get off my clothes?
What can I do when ?
seizures in 4 yrs old?
Blood Blister won't drain blood?
How do I go about getting a second opinion on a medical diagnosis?
how do i cure my cold and blocked nose?
Allergy to Water?
ITCHY please help ?????
allergy to banana what can i replace them with in smoothies?
Please Help!!! desperate!!!?
an ant bit me on my lip what can i do?
Is my environment making me sick and fatigued?
Taking antibiotics and having pressure in throat????!?
Allergy to dog saliva?? please help?
HELP! I'm in a foreign country, and need advice! Threw up chunks through my nose, got stuck, have a headache!?
a cup seen on Opera Winfrey show used to ease nasal congestion?
My mucus plug is gone and I am 2 cen. and sot how much longer do you think I have untill my water breaks?
Sleeping too long gives you a headache?
ok i over plucked my eyebrows.?
Why cant i go to sleep?- i feel tired but i don't?
I can't sleep proper?
my hands keep shaking and go really hot and my eyes go a bit funny?
I am very active , but my hands and feet are very cold all the time .Some times it is hatefull cold. why?
treat comman varukka worts on my fingers?
What is the best way to get rid of backacne?
How does psoriasis start?
How do I get rid of bacne?
Confidentiality when working in a position of care?
My eyes have red rims around them.why?
Strange bumps on breasts?
Is this skin care regimen good or too much?
How to get rid of Urticaria?
Why don't scars disappear when old skin peels and new skin surfaces?
Is there a Proactiv kiosk in Yorkdale Mall?
Face Conditioning ?
contact lenses Advice please?
I Feel Faint [[help]]?
How may a client taking Tetracycline be affected by having artifical nails?
What face wash is good to clear acne and blackheads?
HELP!! Topical steroid cream made my skin bad?
how to get rid of severe body acne?
When you were on accutane did you get eczemas?
how to get rid of skin moles?
If I burn fat, will I lose the stretch marks?
my boyfriend has left me today and im hurting i have children to him?
Does anyone know anybody that?
Do you suffer with depression??
Night Sweats, Chest Pain, Coughing?
How do you get rid of the hyperpigmentation left by cold sores?
Fainting in public: how do deal with it?
Bowel Problem?? * Warning, graphic*?
acne question need help?
I'm going to India in 5 months, but Hep A shots take 6 months - am I safe?
I just found out i'm hypoglycemic....?
advice on huge hypertrophic scar on arm?
help skin is getting lighter and lighter?
Would a tensor bandgage help is my knee is messed up?
Tailbone Injury?
explain why powered alum or dilute chloride is added on bleeding wound and injury in hospital seatting?
Personal injury claim Canada..?
Ankle Hurts like MADD?
ribs popping out ???/?
What do you think the next step is?
Banged knee against the wall?
Industrial bar piercing.?
I'm having Muscle Spasms...I Think.?
I have ITBS in my knee, and i was just wondering what you can do to get rid of it, what type of exercise you?
Breaking toes?
Is this a sprain and how long will it take to heal?
I have a spinal problem. Help would be appreciated.?
Can you get colourful knee braces?
What causes a bruise? and what can be done to correct it?
Looks like a dent in ribs?
Got shouldered in the nose. Now I have nose bleeds every day?
Bump on my head, tender to touch? Please help?
Help please! :( How long does it take for a cut nerve to heal?
How long does it take for a herinated cervicle disc to heal and be able to return to normal functions?.?
I'm 15 and have hip pain. WHY?
Anyone know how to give a good shoulder massage?
My little boy has been really, really sick all night......?
May I have some advice on a bad knee?
I accidently drank expired medicine!!!!help?
knee problems..........any one know?
Why am I always thirsty?
Why am I always constipated ?
Is it true that the 1 year child vaccine (MMR) has been linked to autism.?
What gets water out of your hears?
I can sometimes hear a high pitched squeeling in my ear! why?
What's it called when a doctor works on someone but doesn't have a degree?
my heart is scaring me?!?!?
in the emergency ward I was diagnosed with a Aortic Anyerysm which answered a lot of questions for me .?
blood pressure 155 systolic 100 dialostic?
What about normal blood pressure?
What is your stress reliever?
blood pressure of 140/110 - what does this mean?
Blood pressure 168/122 at 16 years old?
how to say "Fingers on the foot" ?
what are some things i can do to make myself feel more energetic?
Why do I now bruise easy?
Heart pounding really really hard.....?
Blood Pressure pills?
I am 18 and i have high blood pressure.?
whats the best home remedy for a ear ache?
I CAN lick my elbow is it normal?
What is a Good Face Cleansing solution? What products really work?
shortness of breath in a 56 year old with little exertion is it a heart condition?
How's my blood pressure...?
My blood pressure reading is 140/79 and i am concerned what does this suggest?
Can you die?
spitting out black stuff,?
How can I increase my forearm strength?
What does having a high heart rate mean? (When you do little excersise, and your heart beats very fast)?
ive been feeling sick alot lately and i dont know why?
is a blood pressure of 100/ 60 low?
Could this be caused by stress?
What could happen in this situation?
If blood pressure is low in the veins how does blood get pumped through the veins back to the heart?
Does anyone know someone who's had a stroke in their 30's?
can you get x-rays or mris on your heart?
what can i us for yest infarction on my 6 year old?
did i take a mini heart attack?
due to heart attack icould not recover in 12 weeks,i need money further but emplomeninsurance stopped?pls cont?
10 year,s ago xray showed i had air line fractures in tibia bones.can it get worse or will it heal?
sore muscles and aching bones could it be the weather or something to do with my pills for heart Fibrillation?
I have pain on the inside of my elbow's, what is it?
My GF has picked up a tick from the livestock market. What is the best way to remove it?
Has anyone got any experiences..........?
Can i be sacked or disciplined for being ill?
How can I put my parents into a deep sleep?
do Bananas hinder or aid sleep?
Infection control in a learning disability home.?
Booster Injection Mystery?
Metformin - anyone else with this problem?
why can't i sleep? even though i feel tired?
Can't hardly breath, what is it?
what's this 'twitching'?
Bump under my knee???????!!!! HELP!?
homemade anti itch spray for dog?
If you have an itchy urethra, will cranberry juice stop the itching?
Im getting red bumps all over my body...what are they?
I am a teenage girl and I have had lice for just over 2 years. I have repeatedly used lice shampoos?
what is the name of the condition in my hands ?
Looking for the best lotion for oily skin!?
My Skin Sheds Off.. what do i do?
I have a Large lump under the skin on my cheek?
how to shrink a facial mole?
How do you get rid of stretch marks on your hips?
Belly rings and possible infection ...?
goats milk soap!!!?
anyone allergic to tomatoes? I get hives only on my face?
What should i do, I'm gettting Hives after i Drink?
Has anyone had a child with chronic ear infections and tried a lactose free diet to try and prevent them?
Natural way to stop hayfever and asthma?
What causes a stroke?
im not sure if i have a heart problem.. but lately i felt this skip in my heartbeat..?
Can anyone explain scientifically why extreme heat relieves the itch from insect bites?
Is there any cure for Hives? what is the cause ?are there any side effects by use of cetrizine A?
is there a way for someone thats allergic to cats like have that prevented like a pill or somthing?
what are you allergic to and what happens with your allergies?
What happens to the tricuspid valve when the right ventricle collapses?
What is an inflammed artery and is it serious?
How do I know if my excessive sneezing is allergies or not?
Allergic recaction?
what does it mean if you have beaded arteries in your heart?
female heart attack symptoms?
Best exercise routines for heart problem patient?
How can I lower my heart rate?
my ear is clogged what good medcines are there out there to unclog my ear?
What does my sensitivity to sound mean?
Help with heart conditions?
facts about the heart organ?
What could be causing my fiancé to feel lightheaded and have a rapid pulse and high blood pressure?
Why is my heart beat lower when I take it by hand?
If you have a mild drug allergy, is there a chance the reaction could get worse if you take that drug again?
Could I be allergic to Sultanas?
What foods Contain Wheat and Dairy?
It is a panic atack?! please help?
could this have been an angina?
what is the hospital recovery time for a quad heart bypass in ontario?
Sharp Pin Pain In My Heart?
Fast Heart Beat....what does this mean?
what does the heart organ do?
implantable cardioverter-defibrillator?
If i had a pain through my upper left through my arm, and took an asprin and it went away, what does that mean?
Is there brain function after cardiac arrest?
what does cardiovascular mean and if asked to take heart rate or reps and set or relevant measurment .?
I have recently started taking Methotrexate for my RA,I am a social drinker one or two drinks a week, any prob?
h1n virus vaccination would you get it?
How likely is it that someone in my office will catch swine flu?
How big are bloodclots suppose to be?
what part of the arm do you get the hepatitis vaccine on?
What if the world would be zombie infected and you were in a mall?
HELP! my husband might have the H1N flu...and I have a 3 month old baby, what should I do?
What could this be please help?
I find I'm taking too long to pee lately. What is the average pee time for someone?
is it okay to put hand sanitizer on your face for cleaning?
My heart rate is 90 beats / minute and I feel really anxious, what is wrong?
what is normal glocuse level in the morning?
Please give me a diet chart for a woman(46 year suffering from high blood pressure?
what is ablation therapy if i have it done how permanent is the fix?
should i be worried about Malignant Hypertension?
Periodic dizziness and winking of the left eye is a symptom for ?
what famous person has a sacred heart tattoo on there upper left arm?
Is an MRI an accurate test for alzhimizers, will it show if?
taking someones blood pressure?!?
which medicines can be used in high altitude?
Hot Stone heat problems, can you help?
nicotine patches- im trying to stop smoking for the 3rd time?
why cant i get the treatment i want via my GP?
how do you unwind after a long day at work ?
is there any doctors i can talk to online?
how is acidosis tested for?
Who are the 5 largest pharmaceutical companies supplying drugs to the NHS?
Nerve injury....?
weird back spasms?....?....?
What is wrong with my feet?
Will this make my calves bigger?
Extreme pain along inside of my shin?
Head Injury from fall on ice?
What is a separated shoulder?
Ooow... I burned my finger PLEASE HELP!?
What is the maxium IU's / amount of vitiam E a 190lb male can take per day? What effect does it have on liver?
How long does finger discomfort continue after breaking your wrist?
What could be wrong? Sprained finger.?
doc said i have pfs but pain came right away not gradually?
Had surgery on my foot and now I have tissue damage?
Hit my knee and there is no bruise?
Why does my knee squeak when I bend it?
I got punched in the wenier and now its always hard no matter what, what should i do, need answers quick?
need a diet........ for injury?
how do i heal my ankle faster?
Would you be worried? Please help.?
I LANDED with my ARM LOCKED (hyper extended and now it KILLS!! HELP?
how long should i wait to play rugby i broke my nose a week ago?
Pizotifen Causing Arthritis?
relife for sciatica pain in area of coalville?
used dermatend to remove mole, it removed it but now there is a whole in spot of where the mole used to be?
How is the fastest way to get rid of canker sores.?
How can i help my acne?
Are any of you grandmothers noticing more bottom rashes on the babies and toddlers? I know is from Wipes, you?
I discovered a small round greyish white patch in the centre/middle of my tongue?
I have small face with high cheek bones ?
What is a good 3 step facewash system for someone who tans frequesntly, or is exposed to the sun regularly???
Will Curad Scar Therapy pads still stick if you take a shower?
Are there any creams that will take away eczema or paralasiz??
i have exzema on my face...PLEASE HELP?
Why do we itch?
could headaches be because of my eyes?
Who or where do I go for further medical treatment of cellulitis that is not responding to treatment?
I got glass in my eye at work?
What is this red around the corner of my eyes,... looks like a rash.?
How do I minimize the appearance of redness on the contours of my nose? NO MAKEUP SUGGESTIONS PLEASE?
Why do Osteopaths make you neck and spine pop, what are they achieving when they do this?
Anybody seen anybody die?
how does text box work?
anyone have a copy of an e book garlic honey and vinegar?
Twitches? What is it and should I go to the doctor?
Anyone joined a good health club in the York/Leeds area?
please help. whats going on with me?
Weird Grumbling For Aslong As I Can Remember?
Looks like a bruise what could it be?
My eye is quite annoying me at the moment?
Why do I hardly get ill?
Can a person be forced to accept medical treatment other than psychological treatment?
to anyone thinking of stopping smoking?
Can you buy a.........?
help.i got a really bad cold..my head has been thumping for days.blocked nose/sweating..any advice please?
Should the government support smoking to reduce the future old age problems of the baby boomer generation?
Recommendations about Kaiser Doctors.?
contact lenses ... ??? please answer?
was just at a chinese buffet and now feel drained of energy and spaced out?
what is normal glocuse level in the morning?
Kidney pain when I drink large glass of water?
Small report on Thalidomide?
what famous person has a sacred heart tattoo on there upper left arm?
Severe constant entire body muscle pain?
Body Lotion for acne body?
What is this bump inside my nose?
It is a point that show negative and positive out come in a relation ship...?
What places in Ontario have the least amount of cancer rates?
Is this an eye infection or symptoms of one?
I have a UTI, but my cipro expire 2 months ago. Is it safe to take to alleviate symptoms while I wait for DR?
I think I may have got Giardia or Coccidiosis from my infected puppy...?
How can you tell if you have head lice?
can i kill bedbugs on my own ?
What are some symptoms of strep throat?
What is these sickness ? 10 points best answer !?
I need your opinion on this subject?
What Are The Symptom's of Gum Disease?
what do I have ? :( feeling really bad?
Malaria: Plasmodium Structure Questions- PLEASE HELP :)?
hepatitis b vaccine injection ...?
Do you think I could have contracted HIV from this?
I'm gonna take a bath with baking soda and water to help my yeast infection.?
I had mono last week and want to play rugby, can I?
What creme do you use to get exema and dry skin away?
What's a quick, easy way to get back into an early sleeping schedule?
If you taped your whole body besides your mouth would you die?
I want to shave my legs....PLEASE ANSWER THIS!!?
Why am I always tired?
going out pre-surgery?
Do i need glasses? i would like an optometrist's opinion! Serious answers only!?
Is there any connection between vitamin B12 deficiency and thyroid problems?
When you cant fall asleep what do you do?
can you pierce your own carthlege...?
why dont our eyelashes grow?
Help! Acne cream washed into my eyes! What do I do?
IM DESPERATE AND BEGGING FOR HELP OR SUGGESTIONS- My neck is sore and stiff as heck should I hire ...?
What happens when a taser is used on someone with a pacemaker?
Even while the heart's chambers are relaxing, there is still residual pressure in the arteries, how come?
i got some problems :(?
How long does it take for scar tissue to heal?
Is there any way i can help my concussion heal faster?
Question about my ankle?
workers rights RE: Doctors note?
Why do knees hurt after a back fracture in t9 vertebrae?
My nose was broken yers ago and it looks there is a dent in the nasion part. how much to fix this?
lump on side of neck ?
Is my little toe broken?
going to the doctors tommorow to check out leg?
Ankle weight consequence in back?
is it normal if you dont feel any (or a little bit) pain in your broken finger by 2 weeks time?
i got nose piercing like 2 moths ago but i notice i have like little skin ball beside the hole . ?
Re: Broken ribs?
Pinched Finger - 2 weeks later it just hurts more?
What should i do, i hurt my thumb the knuckle hurts and its hard to move my thumb a lot?
I fell on my knee and now I cant stretch it?
Head Injury?
cause of slight jaw joint paint?!?
I find that I never bruise, If I get hit or anything I just go red for a bit then it heals?
I hurt my wrist???help?
Got Punched In Lower Leg (Shin). Now It's Numb From The Knee Down, & Very Painful. Any Pointers??
Presentation nerves : how can they be conquered?
who here (suffers) from manic depression???
my husband has been feeling ill for about a year and a half with bad heads?
How can u make me go to bed right now?? instead of wasting more time than i already have??
Is it true that ADHD was only named in 1980?
I have just been perscribed tablets called CITALOPRAM for worry/anxiety?
what are the differences between the humanistic and behaviourist approaches to counselling and psychotherapy?
can people with pychoses live a normal life?
Which comes first mental illness or homelessness?
is there a natural cure or remidy for Psoriasis?
bad facial eczema outbreak!! sos!!?
Is playing games on the computer screen real bad for your skin?
Did Diane 35 work for you? And how long does it take to work?
Why am i randomly getting goose bumps?
whats the best cleanser from the drugstore?
what would make the skin around my mouth look yellow?
I've got a red patch around my stomach side, and now itching more with brown spots?
does alkaline water/kagen water really cure eczema?
I have a skin problem. Please help very urgent. ?
dry hands and some rough Feet please help?
HELP. skin issues. i've had enoughh.?
what are these white spots/blotches on my skin?
please help???? i'm worried about my brother?
boyfriend taking ice baths :/ ?
I keep getting a twitch just to the right of my right out, on the corner of my forehead. Any ideas?
Mystery Allergy?
Why do my intestines get swollen after my runs?
Eggs, vaccinations, and babies?
what are some easy wheat free recipies?
Is there any food that nobody is allergic to??
alcohol intoxication in snake bite?
Ever Had an allergy reaction from swimming in a pool?
Why are my eyes always red?
Anyone got any quick cures for hayfever / allergies?
WHat is fun to do when stuck at home with a sinus infection and it's sunny outside;(?
why do my lips get itchy and swollen when i eat pears and apples?
why i have blocked nose problem?
Why do my eyes itch durring allergy season?
Why Kiwi will causes allergy?
My nose started to bleed after I blew it the other night...?
i have been on nasal decongestant for 4 months...?
Could I have sinusitis?
I started getting red dots all over my body.. could it be an allergic reaction to antibiotics?
need help with my pinkeye questions?
What can be done for digestion when you suspect you've eaten too many mucous causing foods?
Do i have an intolerance to alcohol?
Is there a perfume out there available for people with problems with "scent"?
How can i cure my Allergic reaction that causes a Sore Throat?
I'm allergic to grass and have severe hay fever, what can i do?
What Are Dustmites?
Gastritis and alcohol?
which substances put you to sleep fast?
Second course for Accutane?
I'm 18 and I think I have Leukoplakia what will happen to me?
I have a huge itchy red swollen bump under my right thigh?
I'd like to do research and find a cure for schizophrenia?
Help what can I do to stop this vertigo?
I can barely go one day without taking Advil because of all my headaches. Anyone Help please?
Different causes for headaches?
What is the best way to get rid of acne?
What are some good home remedies for Athletes foot?
im 52 years old and in the need for kidney.Is abyone out threre that can give a nice guy a second chance.?
Blood in stool...not sure y?
What does an otolarynologist (ENT) do?
ringing in ears? tinnitus? help?
Should I get tested for..?
will blood and urine tests show that i have adhd?
do you think everyone gets bad breath from time to time? do you know someone who suffers from bad breath?
my mom sufferes from IBS..intestinal bowel syndrom?
are there any side effects to taking eutroxsig and olive leaf extract?
What is REBT?
have you ever had your pins removed?
Is there a disabled accessory shop in Worksop Nottinghamshire?
i have two prolapsed disks and was wondering if anybody else has lots of pain with sitting and walking and?
back troubles?
laser eye surgery is there a lot of aftercare?
Hospital Nutrician?
Worried about my drinking?
sore throat...................?
do you think being an adult effects your beliefs?
Can you please give me 3 important and main reasons why people should donate blood?
Anyone have a child with clubbed feet?
I hurt my finger with a ball today and its a bit swollen and a bit bluish..?
im not a morning person and hate waking up early?
Can my 3 year old have an infection??
Can anyone help me with side effects of prednisone?
Anyone had the Flu Shot?
I have a purple spot on white part of my eye near iris...and it hurts really bad . ?
Recently, I've had a sore throat. A few hours ago, and quite suddenly, my hearing became somewhat muted. Why?
If I smoke weed and have a cold and flu syrup?
really weak and loud bones?
why should the drinking age be rised?
I am a CNA in a nursing home?
Anything else better to do than spending time here at YAHOO! Answers?
I can't sleep until the sun comes up, what should I do?
Why do i get a cold every..........?
What is health and wellbeing?
Hot one minute, cold the next. Help please!?
First over night shift thursday how do I adjust my sleep routine tues/weds?
What could this be......?
Every so often can really see my vains in my fingers its weird! It happened ta anyone else?
Moving out with M.E and on DLA?
Surreal Feeling for 3 years now.?
i am a pro singer with med problems please help!?
feeling tired and sleepy but can't sleep?
how to get silver into diet?
What does it mean when a catheter "plugs"?
Tickly cough, driving me mad.?
Mild, but long lasting diarrhea; how to cure?
is there treatment for lupus?
Any good doctor in GTA (Toronto) who is good with reading and explaining test results for Breast Cancer?
Swollen lymph glands...?
Am I dangerously forgetful for a teenager?
hi everyone. i was wondering how do you lighten your skin? i am really dark and i want to be lighter.?
What were the social, economic, and cultural consequences of the Bubonic Plague?
Sometimes I have trouble breathing?
Dizziness Numbness of the face?
List if present symptoms, whats wrong with me?
What are all things that cause nausea and vomiting? And how can they be avoided?
Anxiety Attack Problem?
Can anyone give me an idea as to what this is? I'm getting nervous!!?
How can you get rid of growing marks?
Why do we feel the need to scratch itches?
white bump near my lip!!!!!!!?
Glycolic Acid on my face?
Why are my arms purplish and splotchy?
Does baking soda help acne scars?
Self esteem and Skin problem ?
odd question - Is there a way to make your eye whiter?
Contact lenses, help!?
whenever i get what feels like a foot cramp, a bump forms by my ankle which is very painful?
pulled bicep and forearm what should I do ?
I have a left leg/hip injury i dont know what its called ill tell you about it?
Braces and a cut lip... help!?
My kidneys hurt because I got cold, What do I do?
muscle pulled or torn?
pinching pain on the inside of the knee...what could it be...more info inside?
How do I know if I've pulled a muscle?
Will I end up in a Wheelchair?
HELP!! cant walk on my right foot b/c i fell?
I fell asleep last night with a really tight elastic on my wrist....?
Hi can someone help me with my toe touch?
There's this bump on my middle finger and when I touch it, it hurts and stings?
can you see tor mussul and ligaments on exaray?
my boyfriend had a concussion two days ago and has been very agressive?
Broken patella. Recovery Time? Treatment Plan?
well i think that my wrist is f-ed up what should i do?
How long does it take for WCB claims in BC?
can you still work out with a fractured shoulder blade? Abdominal exercises? legs?
Does anyone...?
My ears popped on the plane, and still feel weird.. help.?
Is it the Swine flu ? or .... :-S ?! help..?
Is there a rule or principle that states that a disease must be diagnosed at its earliest stage?
is there any side effects with the non adjuvant h1n1 vaccine?
CBC (Complete Blood Count)?
how soon am i able to find out if i am hiv positive?
do i have a cold (early symptoms) can someone tell me?
I'm worried. What should I do?
Whats the difference between a cold and a flu?
What is Enagic Kangen water?
Should I be worried about this?
do i have a fewer or swine flu?
One side of throat really hurts when I swallow- little bumps on tongue??? Thanks :)?
I have a sore throat. What should I eat?
vector of pertussis (whooping cough)?
How common is rapid cycle bipolar?
agoraphobia sufferer?
did the linden method work for you?
in u.k. with asperger syndrome and dyspraxia can one get any disabled allowances?
Have any of you had to cope with PTSD and delayed grief?
Turkey problems need help?
how good do you feel?
How can someone wth aspergers have a close walk with God and be used by Him if he cant help keeping to himself
why is suicide frowned upon?
What did i have??? Was it a seizure of some kind?
Nervous stomach pain! Please help...?
Why does my pelvis twist to another position only when running?
hemmeroid (pile) ligation?
Help with back problems?
besides heartburn, i also experienced ringing of ears, nausea and fatigue.before im into nexium but i stopped.
How to stop/prevent forward shoulders?(when your shoulders are forward so it looks like your slouching)?
I just sneezed and...?
I have an interview for a bank health care suport worker, what sort of questions will i be asked?
Whats the funniest/weirdest allergy you have?
What are the signs of alcohol intolerance, and is this one of them?
is there anything you can take for allergys of cats?
What causes asthma? What are some possible problems? What treatments and care can you do?
Asthma why doctors ask for places and times it occured. See details beneath?
Soy Allergy Reaction?
Is there a scientific test for salicylate sensitivity / allergy in an adult?
I wake up at night with a completely dry mouth and sore throat.. coughing.. I need a cure..?
Is ther a cure for ocd for a 14 year old boy?
Will I get arthritis?
A medication to stop seizures beginning with an "M"?
what kinda bites do i have?
What is difference between having an ulcer in your stomach, and an ulcer in your throat?
lactose intolerance - milkshakes are the worst right?
Legs are feeling weak?
Does rabies make humans aggressive?
myopic degeneration at 30!?
I have a huge red rash under my stomach...?
Can Anxiety cause a heart attack/stroke at the age of 14?
Am I the only one awake here?!?
who got sun burnt today?
Can anyone give me 1-10 steps on how to kick the habit of using stimulents?
Anxiety, Anemia. Purple Fingernails?
What Could Happen If you mixed Ecstasy With a Anti-depressant?
Mole on face turned red?
On boxing day I began to get stomach cramps. By the next morning the runs began. I still have the cramps and?
Do you feel like you never really get the rest you need or feel rejuvinated?
How long before a bulimic shows signs .. ?
Does cocaine shorten your life span?
Does anyone know of a cure or treatment for tinittus.?
I will never get fat/ gain weight even though...? Help?
what are the common personality traits of a person suffering from anorexia?
My cousin is 15, turning 16, and STILL wets the bed!!?
How do you get rid of bladder infections?
Painful bump on wrist (pics)?
Effective constipation reliever?
Why do my feet and calves hurt standing still or getting up after sitting down / getting up in the morning?
If someone were to be hit in the back of the head with a baseball bat ...?
ways to get over anxiety, i am freaking out about moving away?
How do I determine the cause of dandruff?
Using other medicines with Gen-Minocycline?
where can i find a good product that removes acne scars?
dermatend , or wart mole remover ?
I've developed hives since I discovered my husband has been having an affair. Well, I suspect so. We have a 4?
What are these red blotches on my skin?
Botox and the Immune System?
Any tips on how to combat Reynauds disease?
Help! I started a new job 2 weeks ago and i have been suffering really badly with neck and back ache.?
Are Jab's Ment to hurt this much?! Please Help! :(?
can lasek surgery cause pinguecula?
pain and burning feeling in thigh please help?
Is stress causing my chest pains?
Has anyone ever experienced this and what is it?
Why do Dulcolax laxatives have to be taken before bed and not during the day?
Suggestions for tired eyes?
diahreoa for past 2 years?
Temperature 39.5 o'c?
What is a hernia? =)?
By body feels sluggish/heavy/weak ...?
Sorry for weird question hehe :)?
Im having horrible stomach pains...? help?
I would like to get Aderall?
Why has my bed sheet suddenly started coming from under me when im asleep?
Back pain, aching legs, recent chest infection, any ideas?
at night when i sleep after 2or3 hours when i wokeup whole of my body perspire my head always to wet and felt?
Will I be able to use contact lenses?
what are the signs of swine flu or winter flu ?
Has anybody here ever had the viral infection know as "Fifth disease?"?
what is the exact process that happens when you get a flu.?
How endotoxin bacteria induce fever ?
Vomitting, headache, and shivers?
How can I prevent precordial catch syndrome?
What is specificity and what is difference between specificity and sensitivity?
Tabacco...is rat poisioning used?
Am I worrying too much?
Is necrotising fasciitis caused by gram negative bacteria or gram positive bacteria?
Is this the flu or a cold?
am i catching a cold?
Facts about smallpox?
Information about the Gardisil vaccine?
what do you guys think of the new HIV vaccine?
Can I use flea drops on a cat with wounds?
bacterial vaginosis? help?
Does this sound like a cold or bronchitis? Should I go to the doctor?
What is this bump inside my nose around my nose piercing?
Are recurrent urinary tract infections something to worry about?
HELP IDK! SkinID or proactive which is better?
Can a dilated pancreas tail be cancer and cause left arm pain?
Has anyone ever heard of Osteochondroma????
Broken blood vessels around my eyes after Yoga Inversions?
Whats The Fast Way To Heal Wombs?
explain why forric chloride is added on bleeding wounds and injury?
meniscus repair gone wrong?
I have lower back pain, should I still work out?
what happens to cells while swelling?
Can anyone explain my Wrist pain?
my dad has a pinched nerve?
Finger crushed in Noritsu minlab machine, shouldn"t there be a safe guard where pictures come out? Damaged
Should i take my cast off?
Broken Ankle Help...?
I dont know what to do I find it hard to work?
Does this sound like tendonitis or carpal tunnel?
Why would someone swell in the non-injured area as opposed to the injured area?
will my boyfriends wrist repair after motor bike accident?
back injury?
What could this leg pain be? - When walking?
Have I torn my ACL? How do I know if I have torn it?
When to get a second Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery?
cut or wound am i going be ok?
i'm getting bruises out of the blue, and do not know where they are coming from?
Slight Heart Murmur and Doctor Not Giving Me Info On It?
is this normal blood pressure ? worried ?
shoulder pain?
Hi, im trying to find samurai balsam online, anyone any ideas where?
i hurt my neck neck at the gym, how long till i can go go back????
Me and my boyfriend have been sick for like 2 weeks...just a normal cold?
overlapped fifth toe?
what are the long term effects of lsd?
hey boys, could you answer this please?
is Marijuana really safer than alcohol?
Can you act normal 4 hours later after taking half or a full ecstasy tablet?
at 130 pounds 5'9 do you think i can pass urine test for pot?
Must I drink four glasses of water for pelvic ultrasound?
Need advice from a docter please?
whats a golden shower ?
Help my yeast infecion is KILLING ME?
Can a prescription from 5 years ago still be refilled?
I think i'm too addicted to the internet/yahoo answers.. that it's disrupting my life?
Should I take anti-anxiety pills? Help, please!?
how do i remove an earwax blockage?
How can teachers deny kids the right to use the restroom?
I have no life, no motivation anymore.?
what is a gas or chemical that slowly kills someone when exposed to it?
Should my husband be concerned about blood in his stool?
Can you train yourself to overcome motion sickness?
Greek foot question-do you have one?
Does writing on your skin with pen cause skin cancer?
Cures for eczema on a 2 year old?
What can you do about blackheads?
How can you encourage red swelled dry cracked lips?
Does the Advanced Solutions Acne Mark fading peel actually work?
Is it okay to leave a green clay mask on overnight if i have oily skin?
I have red skin near my nose, how do i get rid of them?
I need to stay awake any tips please?
Giving blood... (a litle help)?
have you ever felt addicted to somthing you have never even tried?
I keep falling over and I don't know why. It is as though I trip on something but nothing is there. Any ideas?
Medical advice needed please?
Why have I a salty taste in my mouth?
Germany's medical care compared to England's medical care?
have i done serious damage or will this pain pass?
Hit in the left eye with a soccer ball?
who's responsible for telling dvla if you have an epileptic fit?
Flatulance help needed?
Claiming Sick Benefits?
Spott, aaaarghh! ......?
Plz Help...What's a good moisturizer for my sensative skin?
If your pee smells bad/musty?
Project for health class on eating disorders...?
how bad is my acne? pics included?
i huffed sharpies once about a year ago and i havent huffed since do you think it did anything permanant?
Skin rash looks like chafing?
has anyone done chemo for dog lymphoma?
has anyone had experience within the family of someone devolping dementia?
ii7 benefit for ex mental illness patients?
How do you know if you are depressed?
How do I make self injury scars fade?
what causes hallucinations,pacing and daydreaming?
Can anyone tell me anything about "sleep anxiety"?
Anyone know a web site for supporters of people with BPD?
medical phobic....?
How can I stop taking benzodiazepanes?
Anxiety and how to cope?
mood swings please help?
can my manager refer to a mental health adviser without my consent?
Does any antidepressants make you fat?
Morning Glory....+....Links to medical complications?
blocked nose all the time?
has anyone got a baby thats alergic to everything?
someone help me?
Need some idea for Gluten Free snacks?
Does anyone have any remedies for a clogged tear duct?
Need Even More Help!?
How do I know if I have Hay Fever or a Cold?
do I have an allergy?
Can you use a saline nasal spray as much as you want? Like Ocean or an off brand with the same ingredients?
Blisters on tongue caused by chewing gum?
my 8 months old daughter and 2% lactaid milk?
Does this sound like an allergic reaction to alcohol?
what is the best treatment for severe hay fever?
is it possible that a big nose can be linked with a severe dust mite allergy?
Is there gluten in anaesthetics?
How well do red nose pitts and maltese get along ?
Does anybody know if there is wheat in cooking oils?
Is this an allergic or digestional reaction?
I think I hav an allergy to neosporin?
About two or three times a week my daughter gets this nasty itchy blotches over her body.?
How do nitrates reduce angina?
Is this just a common cold or more?
red throat white furry tongue?
can the flu shot make RA worse?
which celebs have swine flu?
is it okay to take medications with stomach flu?
How to get rid of a fever without medecine or antibiotics?
What is meant by the Pathology of a Disease?
What does a 26,000 white blood cell count mean?
can CT Scan of Sinus ?
Lightheadedness and flu!!?
Fever, no sore throat or nasal congestion.?
What are the effects and the symptoms of the AIDs pandemic in Africa?
Help on two question to do with sickness/bacteria?
How long does it take for a twisted ankle to heal?
My Arm Really Hurts? WHY?
I was feeling great and dumped a bucket of water and suddenly a sharp pain was in my stomach, I felt faint and
Knee injury question?
What is the difference between Mild, Moderate and Severe brain injury?
What to do when you have a pinched nerve through chiropractic work?
do fingertips scar?
Fractured wrist??!!?
sudden swollen and numb thumb?
Finger hurts ??!?
Is my Wrist sprained?
I was diagnosed with a minor concussion last Thursday (6 days ago) and...?
My family doctor advised me not to return to my current job since he is concerned about injuring myself?
Sprained Ankle. 3 months.?
How do I make cuts heal faster?
a fracture in the growth plate?
my eye lid hurts plz help?!!?
My nose is fractured, please help?
Is it possible to buy an ear cleaning kit?
Why are my toes and fingers swelling?
health check at the pharmarcy have you had one?
How long do hospitals keep records?
home blood pressure monitor?
Work Air conditioning causing chest pain?
help on how to stop smoking?
yawn i should be in bed?
can i be sacked for handing sick notes in?
I dont have a temperature but i feel really weak...?
What do you think about this? Health of?
have taken co codamol for back pain i also take atenalol and asprin i have now got chronic indigestion?
Any Ideas What I have?????
Any ideas What This Is?
What Does This Sound Like?
Body Aches.....Why????
My ears are blocked , but its making me feel unbalanced sitting ? Need advice?
How long till Rubella leaves someones body?
what's the worse that can happen if i take 11 benylin cold and sinus pills?
Advice Needed :(...............?
What SPF sunscreen do I need?
how can i treat and get rid of a stye? am i getting them because i clean my make up with baby/olive oil?
HELPPP ! ? Major spine/rib problems :( !?
my dog has a really bad skin rash what can i use to make her stop scratching?
do type 2's need Glucagon Emergency Kit also?
Should I asked for an earlier Endoscopy ultrasound for something wrong with my pancreas tail?
Does anyone take Goji juice? What do you think of it?
What's an anxiety attack exactly? Symptomes?
how much caffiene is in a cup of instant coffee?
I need some help?
Why am I so tired all of the time? Please help!?
Hypothyroid ruled out, now what?
8 weeks pregnant- sore throat, temp, white patches on throat-do i see dr immediately or wait for an appt?
Caffeine pills. Ingredients?
Weed: Drug or Medicine you decide?
Is it unhealthy or abnormal that I only weigh 125?
Does anyone know if they make lollipops for kids that are mad of cough syrup?
I can feel my food being swallowed?
Is this phobia????????? >.<"?
Is it true that the psychiatry nurse doesn't care about my life story and that I shouldn't call back ?
Why is it that people here feel the need to be mean and rude when answering questions?
will i grow more taller?
I'm worried about a bump I found under my skin... help?
What are some snoring remedies ?
Do you think part of the reason there are so many of us who are addicted to smoking is?
psoriasis on the scalp?
I have a little bump in my throat..it looks like an adam's apple. what is it?
Where can I buy the original Keri Lotion in the Niagara Region?
Not sure if I have lice?