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how do you know if you have glass in your eye? even if its the smallest piece?
what if you broke your wrist and i wast fully healed and 2 years later it hurt again?
Is it possible I broke my nose?
I strain my ankle more than three months ago, sometime it does hurt when i put it in a particular position.?
Is there such a thing as a toe brace?
Are there any books on how to nurse the elderly in easy read form?
My boy friend had a stock yesterday what should i buy him whilst he is in the hospital?
I keep getting blocked ears in the evening...?
I have bags under my eyes.....?
drunk too much pool water?
Can a homeless person have a GP, in any area?
my right eye has been twitching for a few days what does this mean?
were can i get free pepper spray?
What should I do??????????????????????????
If three people were left to starve, one fat, one normal, one skinny?
I get a bad back in the mornings but after twisting and bending my back I feel and hear it crack!?
what hospital records that seek permission from access the information?
Do you have to have a GP within your postcode catchment area; what if they are all incompetent, or in a rural?
I have irregular bowel movements?
Inhaled gas from hob & feel reeally ill, help!?
Should I cover up the "Plantar Wart" on the bottom of my foot?
Help! I have a sore throat and I have call backs on Tuesday!?
have u ever tried meth?
how do i get a dermatologist referal?
Is this irritation or head lice HELP?
Debilitating fear...makes me want to die?
possible bug bites in a new apartment...?
what household products and hygiene products shouldn't you use if you are allergic to sulfur?
Have you taken the needle for allergies?
Red bumps on the back of my tongue?
epsom salt footbath - exactly how does it work - ionization of salt - detox through pores ?
What could this skin issue be?
I got a tb skin test and the bump is nearly flat after an hour?
Help! very dry skinnn! ?
Mole Removal -- redness around the area where mole was removed?
Why does this happen to my feet?
i have excema how to get rid of it?
What is the skin on the bottom of your elbow called?
Red Spots what could it be?
what exactly are cancar sores?
What is a safe way to lighten my armpits?
Whats the best thing to use to ease the pain of a bunion?
how to flush pot outta your system asap?
pure colostrum poweder for baby??
is Agnus Castus (Vitex or Chaste tree berry) safe?
Nature's Own Complete Sleep?
nauseous feeling...quick easy cure without meds?
Can you tell me what Nat. Carb is used for?
Which one is better Chinese massage or Thai massage ?
EPO and Interleukin-11?
Can I buy Flagyl Tablets 400MG from the drugstore without medical prescription?
Vaporizer use in medical herb inhalation in Australia?
What are some popular toys for four year old boys?
anyone had colonic irrigation, and if so what was your opinion of the benefits, if any?
Alternative Medicine for pcos?
I'm looking for a rife frequency for the Bilharza snail waterborne bug from Africa.?
Has anyone every used desensitizing gel by KamaSutra?
Does anyone know anything about the natural diet pills labelled sanovera ?
What is a cone? (when smoking marijuana)?
Can Natural insomnia relief tablets actually go bad? if so can i still take them?
What essential oil has the highest amount of vitamin C?
Regarding Manufacturing of Ayurvedic Medicines?
Contact Lenses - Fashion - With Prescription?
Please help my sleep pattern is all wrong?
I would like to know what people do in other countries,?
What are the long term results of Carpal tunnel surgery? Are all symptoms resolved?
Can getting a brain scan possibly determine what is causing increasing dizzyness?
Some symptoms are "looks/thick like cottage cheese" what does cottage cheese look/feel like .?
My jaw keeps locking, whats the problem?
What Do You Do To Stop Hiccups?
Have you ever done anything so bad in your life that you could never tell anyone?
How can I fix this problem on my finger (pic included) its not nasty looking btw?
Please help...how can you keep your energy up and not feeling tired(answers that DO NOT involve food plz?)?
what could give you a panic attack or cause you anxiety?
scabs possibly from acne on face?
what does eczema do when untreated?
I'm nervous for my next camping trip because of my acne!! :(?
Is this a normal reaction to cold conditions?
I just started a new job and I am burning an fever have a really sore throat and ear should I still go in? ?
Viral replication question?
If properly diagnosed with TB?
What are the good and bad things about having your tonsils taken out?
What aggravates a urinary tract infection?
Blood poisoning from ear peircings?
h1n1 swineflu vaccine?
my nose is stuffy and my throat hurts what do I do?
Yeast infection help?! :(?
over the head headphones and lice?
Where can I get answers to my questions on Swine Flu? (Canada)?
Help with diagnosis, cant get into doctors for a week?
swine or normal flu this question needs to be 20 characters?
What are some sings of the Swine flu that I should really look for?
How to stop nausea after flu vaccine?
Where can I get the H1N1 vaccine in Montreal?
Do I really have an ear infection?
What is the real word for a nose bogey?
NEED HELP Boyfriend is shivering and cold at night?
Who is behind this research, who and how much paid?
low potassium, (follow up to another question)?
any x H users out there with addvice on getting clean and staying that way?
Sun Block Whats the stuff cricketers use?
Does alcoholism is a desease?
Rare disease?
How much is too much to start off with , with xanax?
Intolerance of eggs, how do you experience it?
Liver Failure...?
my throat feels swollen?
Any help would be appreciated..........?
Waking up with a paralyzed knee?
Has anyone gone to physical therapy for a ankle sprain? if so what did you do?
Over-stretched my lower-back, and hurts mildly when I sit on chair. Should I be concerned?
I have A Pain In the back of my head! I got when i was at the gym and forcing myself what is this?
Spinal Injury causes dizziness?
what do they do with a deer when it gets both of its back legs cut off at the joints?
how do i do back walkovers ?
Growing pains? When will I stop growing?
after surgically attaching a severed nevre at the forearm...?
Got a blister on my pinky toe from walking. How long do they take to completely heal and do they leave marks?
Does anyone know anything about tailbone pain or chordoma?
How to wear heels while having blissters?
Hurt nose please help.?
Right top Foot injurie?
Can you help me on swelling facts?
Pressured feeling in my knee?
repetative strain injury question? need info on prevention?
I have a bump on the back of my head?
How long does it take to recover from metatarsal pain?
Isotretinoin and hair dying and alcohol?
ads for escorts Independent escorts massage liverpool female?
Where to buy Rhodiola Rosea?
Solar plexus chakra..yellow one?
Suffer from hypoglycemia? Colloidal minerals helped me.?
Swallon area near my right cheek (near my nose)..what should i do?
Which natures own product was the one that helps with skin renewal?
Sir john's wort help ? side affects :(?
What supplements, drugs or drinks/foods lessen side effects of Epilim and Risperidone?
when is the time ice first spread in sydney?
extraction yesterday food stuck or healing?
A question about biotin and iron tablets?
Are pentobarbital (Nembutal) and Secobarbital (seconal) legal in Australia? How can I get it?
how do you know if you are allergic to Vicodin?
Where do you get Salvia Divinorum?
Can we buy homeopathy medicines over the counter in Australia?
whats the story with b.z.p,pep pills,party pills,smilies?
How much cyclobenzaprine (flexeril) would it take to overdose?
what is xytotic medicine for? Does it have side effects in our body?
where to buy khat in melbourne?
best mediclaim policy?
any suggestions?
Why can't I breathe properly?
Heartburn / indigestion symptoms?
medication mix up can tabs be mixed?
Not eating Question????
Can you still wear skinny jeans and knee high boots if you have a varicose vein?
Feeling ill in mornings?
Does anyone know how to reduce sunburn quickly?
Have any of you in UK done a clinical trial? if so can you plz recomend one to me? how much did you get paid?
what layer of the skin contains accessory structures?
I really need some help regarding paying for medical treatment in the USA?
rubber syringe enemas laurey?
What is causing me to regurgitate a small amount of everything I eat?
What is the best way to remove skin tags?
i have trichotillomania. i have had it for 6 years. how do i stop?
Does this sound like limes disease?
Why am I getting acne?
i feel sick over this?
Why do my feet, lower legs, hands and mouth burn all the time?
What am i suffering from? NOT HANGOVER?
What do you honestly think this could be ?
what could happen to me?
What can I do to adapt to cold weather?
When a doctor say it's ok to stop antidepressants ?
Will I get any taller? How much taller?
Anyone have a link to a web site where I check out a Doctor's track record in Canada?
ive been abusing my anti psychotic medication and have seizured, and now i cough up blood? whats wrong?
Ugh! My mom is ruining my life!?
Ways to help boost immune system?
What do you think I have, I am burning up--?
Medecine for hieght grow?
Sharp Stomach pains!!! Help.
I Can't Eat Fast food anymore?
How can i tell if shes smoking weed !? HELP !!?
what is eating disorder?
Where can I find transparent frames for prescription glasses?
I have redness on my cheeks it's always been there its not rosacea, does anyone know what i can do about it!
Am I allergic to bodywash?
what can cause you to get a rash in your mouth?
which is worst sickle cell or malaria?
Swollen tonsils and uvala ?, what could i have...?
What to eat when you have a cold?
can u give me any dog specialist's e-mail id through which i can consult my dog's problem?
Get rid of a sore throat?
Sore neck and fever - if it is meningitis?
Symptoms of Measles?
what is the liklihood of getting botulism from honey?
I need you all to watch this video on the swine flu vaccination?
what can i have for colds and sore throats when im breastfeeding?
bing keloids be erased?
Mystery Diagnoses?!?!?
Why are colds more common in the winter?
What are considered "chronic health conditions" in regards to the H1N1?
Ear Infection........?
As a healthcare provider should I used a mask to treat infected toes?
Is having these feelings after the H1N1 shot normal and how common is it to have?
my son2yrs getting stomach flu every 3 months(june2007 to jan2008) and feb. again he got(1month gap)ineedhelp?
Can you have swin flu without any sytoms?
how to impregnated wood with lavender "essential oil"?
Whats a good way to treat Acedia?
how dose the lindel method work?
Is there a vitamin called BA??
has anyone ever used P.S.H therapy for anxiety and/or phobia's?
I want ask ,I can massage cure many sick , no need eat any medicine .?
what is the herb you smoke called spike 99?
Question about chinese medicine?
Laserquit Therapy?
dr pankaj naram few weeks back on zee tv mentioned about home remedy for reducing cholesterol
Ion cleanser foot baths. Any evidence about whether they actually work, and what the black tarry stuff is?
Where can i buy 'Kombucha Tea'?
Is anyone a Naturopath here?
Panamax with escitalopram?
Multivitamins high in Vitamin A and Zinc?
Is safi medicine good for skin and health or maintain weight?? Please advise.?
how often should I be taking a Berocca Performance tablet?
how many vitamin b's are ther and why so many?
I want open a plant of ayurvedic medicine How should i do ?
i found a yellow and white capsule with no markings on it. Does anyone know what it may be?
why is there so much filth on messenger/alternative medicine?
clear passage or wurn techinique deep tissue massage?
frostbite research centre and current research on frost bite3 degree?
How can I treat/Prevent the basketball from hitting my fingers straight on and stinging them?
I had an ankle injury when I played bball in school, I heard water jogging is good, how many caloris do u burn
Walking without crutches after calcaneal surgery....?
seeing an occupational therapist in january?
Foot injury?
my mom got an accident in her work 2 weeks ago, he reported it to her supervisor .?
bump on my head from last year still here?
Reinjured my strained back muscle yesterday playing on hard concrete ground in cold weather...?
Is my wrist sprained?!?
achilles tendontitis?? or just stiff?
How can i relief lower back numbness?
Back-inside of my left knee has been sore for 3 months..?
How do i heal a pulled hip flexor properly?
I just burnt my tongue on tea...how long until my taste buds are back to normal..?
What type of brace to use ?
what pressure point do you push for someone who has lost an arm?
My friend had lazer surgery and had messed up! Resulting in pain under her eye! Is there any way to fix it?
3 months I got a small cut to my face. I did not?
I got a fat lip 5 weeks ago from a blow and
After doing crunches, my abs still cause me pain after 3 days. Whats wrong?
Ever since i quit e , my pupils still go huge ?
i have spodolitis cervical and lumber plus osteoarthritis?
How long should it take for a trapped finger to heal?
I am trying to find a good pain management clinic for my wife. She has a Medtronics Intrathecal pump to fill.?
My left eye has a creasing of its outer layer in the bottom left. Do i need to be worried?
health and safety'@ work?
tingling on left side?
What will happen if i dont take a shower for 5 months?
What is this ``Tinnitus``?
Disc protrusion 3 discs?
Is acne unattractive?
Can smoking cigars help cure fungal mouth infections?
Adult Glycerin Suppository dosage?! I need help NOW!?
Should I get the tea tree oil acne wash from walmart?
Can my doctor help with acne?
how can i make my scalp itch free?
Do I have larvae in my chin?
how do i get rid of a dry scalp without harmful chemicals?
What does this sentence mean?
could head lice move down?
Wart on bottom lip - Treatments?
Clean and Clear Black Head Eraser . ?
White marks from eczema?
is there a way to get rid of acne and the next day it would be gone?
why do my ears turn red and feel hot?
feet burning at night!!! please help!?
How do you know if weed is laced?
Am i overweight for a 12 year old girl?
Where to buy yohimbine/yohimbe in Melbourne?
Help, I'm falling asleep!?
Which basil oil is not to be used in aromatherapy? A) french basil or B) Comoro Is. basil?
herbal medicine the herb named "comfrey " is used for and is it safe to drink?
Bouncing sound in right ear?!?!?
Best Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor?
Occupational Therapy with an Australian Degree?
ive smoked a little bit of pot. i have a drug test coming up in a week. how can i clean my system fast?
What would happen if I ate mascara?
meaning of tibicus?
Is weed becoming an everyday thing like cigarettes?!?
Can you kiss if...??
Does warm milk actually help?
I am tired of anxiety.?
Why do I keep sneezing?
Is sprite good for you?
Whenever i stand up after laying down, or sitting, my vision goes blank..?
How old do you need to be to donate blood?
How To Lift Something??
Living with friends, I'm just worried about when I have to take off my makeup?
my doctor said eat tums to get calcium?
i accidently ate a whole breast of raw chicken what should i do?
I've been feeling sick lately!?
is it alright for a 14 year old to stay up late...?
Is it possible to have someone else's skin lodged in your throat?
how long does marijuana stay in your system?
Why can't I spread my toes?
what happens if you swollow a tablet (eg panadol) and it goes down the wrong way into the air pipes?
Que son las gotas reliveran y para que sirven?
why do i get a headache when i cough?
Can anyone suggest a cheaper alternative to resource thickenup,IE: something that can be used every day?
who can try acupuncture?
Does anyone have random urges to shake their legs before bed?
Can anyone recommend an Australian forum for Alternative medicine?
Tool that a Kinsielogist use.?
What exactly causes a migrane?
Is it ok to take fexofenadine with setraline/zoloft?
Do bee pollen tablets work for you?
where in Melb. do I find RODEOLA . The herbs, or can you get the plants ????
how is 'rh' in blood types read?
My boyfriend is feeling ill & he has these symptoms..?
Could I be causing my girlfriends eczema?
I have a something on my lip what is it?
What do you have to do to get tested or TB?
REALLY SICK, Please help me out?
Thyroid Disease... Medical bracelet?
Dyshidrotic Eczema?!?!?
What's the reason for my eyes getting tired and headachey?
funny looking arm?
is it weird?
Did the metal chips cause my nose bleed?
What kind of knee injury do i have?
Why is kays belly sore?
ive dislocated two toes on my left foot does anybody know how to pop them back in??
what is intercostal condronitis?
I cant stop cutting and hurting myself, Help?
i think i sprained my ankle what should i do?
can you get tendinitis in your wrists what are the symptoms?
Hemoroids or just pain in the bottom?
My foot hurts right under the pinky area i dont know why...? read below?
Teen granddaughter may has separated her rib at her spine. Anyone have similar injury?
Can a minor Subluxation in your neck ever heal?
I recently have had the mispleasure of experiencing an IT Band injury. What do you do about this? Depressed?
Is it a mild finger sprain?
left ear pain?
How to heal scar tissue, Fast!?
can u see or spot a ripped ligament on an x-ray?
How to recover faster from a pulled hamstring?
Foot problem with Navicular, any suggestions?
fractured wrist plsss helpp.....plss?
how long would you be able to think and move for if you were shot in the heart?
my eardrum is inverted and causing hearing loss. What can I do to help this?
Chocolate rain, Why do some stay dry and why do others feel the pain?
weak nails and psoriasis?
red spot on arm?
does clearogen work . i heard clears your acne.?
Why am I obsessed with picking and peeling my skin?
can you increase the level of cloistral by applying body oils too your entire body daily?
Do you know any natural remedies to keep chooks healthy?
What Antioxidants are better?
How exactly do I use the healing clays- Bentonite, Kaolin, Red Cedar and Feldspar?
is it just me or when the AMI nasal spray advert comes on...?
I want to buy Orova Detox pills, but dont have a credit card any suggestions?
Dose anyone know how to get rid of greenants?
im seeing a plastic surgen?
hair growth from taking steriods?
I may have taken too much Antihistamine without realising. What are the effects?
Yeast infection and ecoli cures please.?
what questions should any individual as before choosing any type of health services?
What are the most common operations needed as a result of smoking?
Has anyone taken Lipovax? if so does it work?
mysterious tablets.....heard of them...?
how can we innovate coconut cream powder?
Is hemp prtien legal in australia?
How do you know if your ready to use Salvia?
Chinese medicine-question about pinellia and yin deficiency?
A question about Chinese medicine Gan sui/Kan sui?
Has anyone heard about a detox pad named Kinotakara?
How does the artificial heart replace the natural heart?
I need advise on night vision. I can no longer see in the dark.?
What can I do to keep myself awake in work?
Is there any nutritional benefit to eating kiwi seeds?
Haven't noticed my contact lenses not in all day ?
What should I do with my 2 weeks off?
Will I lose height if my joints crack?
How does Universal Health care work in UK?
I am not feeling all that great?
having one point of veiw is like keeping a ship in port wot is the point of owning a ship if u never sail it?
Does anyone out there ever feel totally dissociated from your self and the rest of the world?
It's about bad / scary dreams?
Swollen Neck Lymph Nodes?
struggling with addiction?
Can anyone tell me how engagement moves the communication process forward please?
Kendall House pelham road gravesend kent?
Whats the difference between anxiety and adrenalin rushes?
Are the voices part of my illness or actually real?
had a bad night at work, just feel so nervous and panicky couldn't wait to get home?
narcotic cough syrup?
Not eating, fever, watery stool, bad cough....?
How do you I get over the loss of my cat?
What do you do if you can't stop urinating?
pain in neck?
How Bad Can Bulimia REALLY Be?
How can you tell if someone just did cocaine or crack?
Would you rather........ OR .............?
Osteopath vs Chiropractor: what's the difference?
online doctor?
Why do I feel like this?
Is there an e-mail address for a holistic therapist working at Lavendermoon, possibly in Colchester?
Why do some people have so much wind?!?
Knee cleansing op recommended for synovial fluid sac build-up..anyone had same problem?
Why after a night of drinking, when you lay down the room spin's?
what is cadmium and how does it affect the human body?
Sore throat? What's wrong?
How do i get rid of this skin/burn pink thing?
Someone at my school eats paper with ink from typing on it?
Please help my wife: Constipation, Hemmorhoids?
blackouts...why is this happening?
Any doctors in the building or someone help me thanks?
Headaches on Accutane?
I am having an MRI on just my leg, and the guy told me I could keep my piercings in?
what are the different kinds of weed??
Why is it that employers find it hard to hire a person with a disability?
What are some quick, cheap and effective ways to relieve stress?
Do you keep a journal or a blog of your daily life?
some body please answer me! It will make me so happy!?
i need more long my hight?
I've had a cold for about 2 weeks, any help?
Please answerrrr?
if you are serious about eating healthy, try eating for your blood type?
what happens when you snort klonopin?
Neck twitches..........ugh........?
Weird purple circle in the middle of my forehead? Help please?
Do black people get sunburned?
American Medical Emergencies.?
Do you ever get breathless for no apparent reason?
I need some help off of people who know about Hospitals and what goes on in them?
Why am I overheating?
What can i do when im resting my eyes?
What's wrong with me?
fly in my dinner will i get ill?!?
why wont my bruise go away?
I have a friend (60+) with swollen ankles, is there a scan or test to look for clots within the ankle area?
i really need medical health help?
Is it okay to sleep during the day?
Is it normal for one of my ribs to be sticking out more than the others?
help...i keep being sick and its like soil?
Not sure what is going on!?
i'm really pail and i dont no why?
Do you agree with The Book Of Proverbs 17:22?
Kids NHS Glasses - How many pairs a year?
can anybody help me about the efficaciousness of gin and pepper corns as an anti-inflamatory?
what does the work of a polarity therapist involve?
What is it like to inject speed? Anyone know of anyone who has done it?
Can you get preperation H in Australia? If so Where?
How to fix a snorting nose?
Documentaries Of Death?
Who is serious about prevention rather than cure?
Can you buy the following herbs in Canberra?
Does anyone know a good brand of Nettle tea here in Oz?
a fiji question about kava?
Do you take "royal jelly" or "bee pollen"?
Has anyone here in Australia used Isagenix?
Is there an all-natural alternative to the rabies vaccine?
do radiographer have much chance to travel while working?
Dose VitaClear Pills Work?
laser accupunture?
Are there any true and Natural Holistic ways to desolve Benign and or Adrenalin Tumors to avoid Surgery?
Appointment diary with SMS reminders?
Can u take Vicks DayQuil cold & Flu on empty stomach?
help me with medicine?
Anyone know where to get deglycyrrhizinated licorice in sydney ?
What are signs of alcohol poisoning?
Is this an infection or something? ?
Will I get sick if...?
Who was the first person in the world to get diagnosed with H1N1 (swine flu)? What country were they in?
Betta is bloated, how can it be cured?
is it good to run with a pulled groin ?
anyone treat chondromalacia and successfully compete in triathlons?
Recovery after a hernia operation?
Blunt Force?
is the palmer branch of the median nerve compressed during carpal tunnel syndrome?
Severed nerve?
Do I Have A Elbow Sprain?
Please help me I have broken my foot.?
The Tip of My Thumb is Amputated. Is there any sort of replacement Thumb tips online?
Pain right under the corner of eye?
i had the lap band surgery don in july and i am at a stand still got one fill done but still nothing?
i get this white spot on my leg when it is cold or damp outside?
fractures and xrays can somone help?
how long will it take to heal?
Should pain worsen after physiotherapy?
how to care for broken ribs?
hurry up i need this now!?
Feet Swelling.?
is it normal for my industrial to swell?
Should you still get an x ray if it's already been 3-4 years?
Something is wrong with my eye... and....?
Got x-rays on my ankle yesterday ... forgot what the dr said .. but there was like a dark white line on my?
if one feels addicted to unwholesome sites is there any help that one can obtain?
i think i might have repetitive strain injury?
is there anyway on the net that can hold one accountable from going on unwholesome sites electronically?
Are nosebleeds linked to asbestos?
Do I have a cancer lump?
Is this food poisoning?? (=?
What is "abdominal pain"?
Acute asthma and trying to stay healthy.?
Is acne affected by diet because I have read that diet does not affect acne.?
there's a lump on my friend's armpit the size of a gumball ?
What does acute cancer mean?
Does anyone have increased MS symptoms after drinking hot fluids?
how do i get rid of my oily skin?
What are the symptoms of breast cancer?
I am ten months out of my gallbladder removal, and have began having more symptoms. Can someone relate?
Should my wart be hurting?
Has anyone else been burnt by Veet Waxing Strips??
How do you get rid of poison ivy from Motocross Boots?.?
what can i do to not sweat too much?
my hands and underarm are always wet it perspires a lot especially during hot season and really its annoying?
Tiny Red dots on feet?
kind of embarassing but still.. foot odor? at school?
what is the best medicine to treat nail fungus?
Weird rash on the inside of my arm?
Holes on face? maybe poors? help plz?
what is a naturopathic treatment for eczema around the eyes?
I have a rash from sunblock, does aloe vera help?
is Estee Lauder the best creme for crows feet?
I have a small bump right behind my ear?
I'm so SCARED please HELP me?
How to get rid of dark circles?
Your opinion: Is addiction a disease?
How long does diaherra lasts?
What effect does xanax have on how you feel?
What is creatine ? I have been told I have too much creatine in my blood>?
can i give my daughter calpol and cough medicine at the same time?
Is short-term memory loss caused by severe nutrional deficiencies reversible?
Where to Buy Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals supplements in Australia?
how does ru-486 work?
Does anyone know a wholesaler that sells Organic VITASOY soymilk in the central coast or sydney region???
Pallor in anemia Vs pallor in Orthostatic hypotension?
Olive Leaf Extract?
Cold flu - Does Onion and Sugar really work?
where can i buy dxm in australia?
I read about a herbal supplement called alexia that reduces breast size naturally?
How long is THC/MJ detectable in a Roadside RDT?
Where can I find cellular zeolites from Waiora in Australia?
Is it ok to take St John's Wort past the expiry date?
help i think im allergic to panadene forte or overdosing?
How much does a chiropractor (new grad) in Calgary AB expect to make?
Blackmores - Executive B Stress Formula??
anyone ever used red marine algae i hear it is good to boost the imune system,?
can Diphenoxylate and atropine made in ayurvedic form if yes than how ?
Whats something that a 15 year old can buy over the counter that makes your chuck?
pure vs. organic - the difference?
illness in malta, old remedies etc?
How do I cure myself of this lingering problem?
Are boils just adult spots?
anyone have any tips/techniques to combat social anxiety and/or anxiety in general ie when under pressure?
What is manic depression and how do you get a diagnosis?
Anyone know where I can find information of the overall amount that Northern Ireland spent on suicide in 2005?
What goes on between psychiatrists and drug companies?
Is attomoxetine {treatment for ADHD} accumulative?
My child age 9 is on resperidone (respridal) 0.75mg per day for aggression?
i sense angels, anyone else?
question only too depressives?
the top of my lip bar fell out,will i choke in my sleep?
whyis this happening?
How much soap is used per year by the average person?
Which person would you never want to get in a fight with?
Is putting the lid on something an effective way to keep bacteria away?
Best way to prepare for Fasting Blood test?
What are some things I can do in the hospital?
tingling nose lips and tongue what can it be ?r=1244666315?
Cochlear implants........?
When contacting NHS Direct, do they inform your GP that you have called them?
Will my GP take me seriously if i go to him about night terrors?
why am i still really cold? :S?
Feeling funny! Please help!?
Nearly fainted last night and I am still dizzy and lightheaded today?
kind of wierd question but need real doctors answer?
Does it sound like exercise-induced asthma?
What are the symptoms of breast cancer?
Is the flu vaccine formula universal?
Interpretation of Sinus report , any doctor or nurse?
how to prevent hand, foot, mouth from spreading?
is this normal? i puked 3 times today..?
H1N1 Vaccine. Did anybody get it?
okay well whenever i swallow or chew it KILLS my throat. is this any sign of strep throat?
how can you avoid strep?
Why do we all must have chicken pox at least once in a lifetime and why do we all get it at a different time?!?
is my ear infection coming back?
what are some reasons for taking the H1N1 vaccine?
How can you heal sore throats really fast? ?
If you THINK you have mono,?
An open question about the swine flu?
what is the difference between communicable disease and contagious disease?
What is the chance of death for an adult (50) who has the H1N1 flu?
Could I die? Tick problem?
Eye infection?
Flu virus and germs.?
Stomach virus question.?
I got a mild concussion three weeks ago and I'm still in pain?
***CT scan or MRI for suspected Scaphoid fracture?
BONE AGE?! help please >.<?
How can I get the blisters on my fingers to heal faster?
what happens if you run right after you pulled your calf muscle?
ACL tear - how long was YOUR wait for surgery and what helped with pain after?
Do i have shin splints?
Broken foot? and arm tremor?
The doctor claims my knee is bruised, why can I see no bruise? Why is my knee beggining to tingle?
Is My Big Toe Broken Or Just Sprained?
how often should I be taking for my pulled groin?
How long does it take for a sprained ankle to heal?
Cupping Massage & Shoulder Injury?
i have condition in/with my shoulder ?
A friend of mine's has a black toe nail what does this mean?
How long will i have to wait simple surgery procedure done in Ontario?
Virus.... =|?
Possible ear damage?
What is Patella plica syndrome and osteochondritis dissecans?
can someone tell me more about my mri..?
Rolled ankle?
broken thumb?? insight anyone?
why doesn't alpha stim work for me anymore?
im studying polarity therapy in what instances would you refer on to this practitioner?
Is compound W suppose to sting?
Why can't you take valerian and melatonin together?
Leg cramps?
I am retired Male-Nurse of Indian Army Medical Corps. May I appear for IELTS Exam? To go abroad Nursing Jobs.?
indications and contraindication of fitrum?
Adivce on fallen arches?
Is Primolut N safe to use without prescription?
List 5 natural medicines that have a schedule 3 rating or higher?
Where is the rami bone in connection with the pelvis?
Where can I purchase Ayurvedic products (specifically the tonic Pippalyasava) online in the USA?
I hope this is an appropriate ? Where can I purchase Phytolacca 30x, Phosphorus 30x and Cholesterium 30x?
What are these sleep problems?
can u smoke flavored tobacco with bong?
What foods contain substance P? what are the benefits of substance P?
can you give l-lysine to a cat of five months old?does it help boost their immune system and how?
Has anyone used natural remedies in trying to conceive ie they give you a mix of things in a liquid form?
Electric shock pains?
I want to change my GP but I still got an appointment with the hospital?
what causes twinges in back of lower left leg? female?
how to stop a cold thats begining to start? IMPORTANT.?
temporary disabililty benefit?
L-Glutathione pills ???
Has any1 ever suddenly needed to take in a short sharp breath randomly/why?
Is there a legal age to use herbal highs in NSW Australia.?
please help???? i'm worried about my brother?
How could I help her?
Can you suggest to me why....?
On & off stitch like pain for around 3 months very worried?
Is it safe to take Eltroxin and Thyrox 100 together?
what does it indicate if your nails are ridgey? I got ridges like lines prominent down each nail, can this ...?
Where can I buy acne treatment?
Is it normal for curly hair to grow back straight after radiation therapy?
Non itchy rash? Could It be tied to my eczema ?
nose right or nose huggie?
Does stress accelerate the apparition wrinkles in the face?
I have been a nurse for nearly 40 years. have had psoriasis 15. now have it on the soles of my feet.?
Okay well, it's gotta be a rash or something? Bites or something keep appearing on my body?
what happened to polio victims in iron lungs?
What can happen if you have an allergic reaction to antibiotics?
Whos got de most mobile fones the UK. I have 3 active -Voda, O2 + Orange and 4 non active + 1 pager. Am i mad
What is having cognitive therapy like?
1980's Courtroom drama about a boy accused of murder claims he has an alter ego and is found not guilty but is
What diseases cause poor healing wounds (other than Diabetes)?
How do you "meditate on a problem"?
How To Permanently Get Rid Of Anxiety?
How to stop smoking. . . .?
i got sunburn!!!!!!!?
How does a shroom look like?
Sore Throat but not sick?
I can't eat without feeling sick :(?
Does it scare you that?
Hey! Need parents help.....?
how long does it take for a peron ( not me ) who takes 20 tylenol daily to die from it ?
I have to wear tights to school and my feet stink?
I have school today ! I can't sleep at all?
feelig dizzy need help?
when you sneeze?
Can the use of marijuana have long term effects on someones face?
How much do Transition Lenses Really cost? I have To pay a kid for his glasses and im wondering if he's lying.
Why does it seem that time goes by so fast as we get older?
Is Cracking Your Fingers a Bad Thing?
i Just got jumped yesterday....?
If I keep stretching my legs will they lengthen I don't grow taller anymore though?
Getting a CT scan done?
Broken scaphoid question, last one lol?
My injury is swelling badly with fluid?
I have a horrible burn on my lower leg and am going to my cousins wedding in just a few days - help?
I injured my right trigger finger badly.Does anyone know how I can strengthen it?
What causes repeat swollen thumb on both hands?
Cyst on my nose ???
How long does it take to heal a second degree ankle sprain. Any tips for a quicker heal?
broken ribs and surgery ?
anyone have info on torn ligaments in a thumb? i injured it playing soccer but it was too swollen too diagnose?
My burn--what should i do?
Broken Femur Recovery Question?
black area on my toe nail?
Bug bites??? Rash?? Bed bugs, mites? Help me!!?
Is it? I have a fracture in my hand because its bruised and white in the center where the bone is raised !?
I have really bad canker sores...any help?
High jump elbow injury at 1.35m?
How long does it take for a person to recover from a severe concussion?
I need help diagnosing this head injury?
scar question...?
I got what looks to be a canker sore around the piercing of my tongue. Should I be worried?
Is it safe to be on the computer while wearing a TENS device (Transcutaneous Electronic Nerve Stimulator)?
Donjoy vs. CTi?
is my pinky toe sprained or fractured ?
when can i submerge my hand in water?
i might have a broken foot? help.?
Top back hurts (human back...)?
can my friend get disability for this?
Kicked off accutane because of cholesterol?
Is nausea from chest congestion a symptom of the flu?
What is the quickest way to moisturize?
activated charcoal???????????????????/?
What could be wrong with me?
Could this be my body telling me something?
How much would my company need to pay towards reading glasses? I am using the computer at work?
since being at my place of work for 1 yr my eyes have got really bad.could it be due to artificial light?
Accutane and Cholesterol?
Has anyone ever had the hot and cold body thing together?
Docs appointment, worried about going, don't want to be a nuisance?
How much sleep do you get a night?
Can you get post-exposure prophylaxis from the emergency room?
KNEE CLICKING- please answer!? especially if ur in the medical field?
I have an interview for a bank health care suport worker, what sort of questions will i be asked?
I just had tests?
How many hours of training do I need before I could work as a Massage Therapist in Victoria, Australia?
cost of see a hypnosis?
I've disvocered one of the causes of the cold (cont.)...?
is there anything natural u can take to get rid of a uterine tract infection.?
Why is down syndrome so funny?
I Skipped Last Night Sleep,,But i'm Wide Awake!?
Australian plants with medicinal value?
How Long Would i have To Stay Awake to Have Hallucinations?
Is Hamdard SAFI safe?
Where can I get Energy PIlls that Really work in Tassie?
can a mixture of panadol , sleeping pills and alcohol kill you..?
Will Mastic Gum Kill Parasites (worms)?
I smell bad, but I can't smell myself, I don't know what to do.?
How to make powder of herbal extract taken out of herbs?
Does Cold Laser Therapy really work?
Legs and feet problems???
Pink light/shadow in photo of me?
If there is a pink swelling underneath your eyelid does that mean it is pink eye?
Trouble Sleeping Please Help!?
Is it true you can accidentaly poison yourself if you re-fill a water bottle?
Is the nitrix supplement a steroid?
Do you wear a cedar-wood pendent?
St John's Wort and how to get off it?
I need Dr Pankaj Naram's telephone no or mobile no urgently Dr who gives medical tips on?
Question about valerian forte?
I am interested to know how many people out there have heard of Fibromyalgia?
What happens physiologically during relaxation?
Does anyone know of any urine therapy clinics or specialists?
Hoodia or Cha de bugre? Is there a pill that has both? or something different thats better for weight loss?
Treatment for multiple personality disorder?
Is this a good combination of meds to treat bipolar 2?
high temp, no voice, sore throat, belly pain...?
have you or anyone you know been?
What causes the H1N1 flu? (short answer)?
Is the H1N1 flu vaccien safe?
viral specificity?
Diagnose: How do i treat this?
Mosquito Bite I got yesterday?
where are the cases of H1N1(swine flu) located?
Am I coming down with the flu?
Strep Throat with Tonsillitis new symptoms?
can a pregnant woman get vaccinated for hepatitis a or b?
what are the ingredients in kiwi juice drunk by the Amazing Race contestants(Oct.19/08) I read a list...?
Is drinking hand sanitizer dangerous? And why?
I have a bad cold, should I stay home?
Foods You Should Avoid If You Have Crohn's Disease?
What is the name of the sickness ?
Is H1N1 the first Pandemic flu?
Do you think the wound has healed?
the cure for BV from the books?
The Salmonella outbreak?
white in the back of my throat?
today i had a rash on my hands and arms from wrist to elbow. i have a bronchial infection. is that why?
I never had eczema until last November on my top of the hands. I was using tide and javax?
-------Acne on my back?
Help & Advice needed for Preasure / Tension?
how is paracetamol made?
Hair loss due to skin infection?
does antiperspirant give you acne on your face?
Why can't I stop burping?
Have you ever taken Olanzapine (or a similar med) and what was your personal experience with it?
Has anyone heard of success&you?
where can i buy safe pills with ephedrine or phendermine in them?
Aromatherapy essay! Help please?
Ear Cleaning Device or Product in Australia ?
mora therapy?
Do hypnotherapists get paid well?
does anyone know how many people boost juice employ's?
home remedy for tonsillitus?
Where can I find an Australian midwive in America?
Natural Therapies Expo?
anyone know about polycythemia vera alternative treatments?
what are duromine benefits including weight loss?
Has anyone bought DMSO liquid 70% in Australia ?
Is HGH legal in Australia?
can i get this product shipped into australia without it been quarintend? or is it too dangerous to have here?
metabolism boosting tricks?
is this essential general math? im using it too if it is!! i cant get q17 about the wine?
COLONICS do they really work?
can dosage of chantix be cut in half?
What Happens If I Take Valium (Diazepam) With An Antihistamine?
Why does water taste different boiled in different kettles?
which is the best benzodiazepine drugs (sedative-hypnotics) in the market today?
night counsellor?
define mental health?
how can i make life worthwhile?
Does dyslexia effect the memory?
anyone taking concerta drug for ADD?
Befriender service for someone with anxiety/depression in N.Liverpool?
Do you just get used to being sad or?
ADHD can anyone explain it to me please?
Anyone know, catagorically and for certain, what the longest anyone has gone without sleep?
So Antabuse and alcohol doesnt automatically just kill you?
Can you get DLA for being depressed and suicidal..?
what two pieces of Scottish legislation influence the way care and support are delivered to those with mental?
Im on anti-depressants, i find it very hard to talk to people, and im loosing really great friends i had. help
how can you get rid of acne and also get rid of the dark spots (or scars) they leave behind?
I have a cold and my upper lip is raw?
How can I get rid of a huge painful under the skin zit fast?
help?! sweat!!?
I have a big pimmple or a zite on my cheek its pink and its driving me crazy. I hade it for?
I might have frostbite?
I have many acne scars on my body, how do I get rid of them? (possible treatments?)?
USA healthcare system how does it work?
Feeling tired all the time?
UTI/Bladder symptoms..... negative urine test?
cholesterol levels how are they measured?
sleeping more gets me more tired?
Blood Pressure Measurements?
Why Work to Eat to Work?
What's wrong with me?!?
HC1 NHS Certificate, student?
Bad Heartburn........?
Help? My Wrist Clicks When I Do Push Ups?
got bitten by insect, should i be worried?
When u roll a cigarette, do you smoke the end where you put the 'swan', or not?
What does it mean when your blood pressure is low, goes high then low again?
I feel under the weather, is it because i have been sleeping with the fan on all night?
What does this symtom mean?
What year was Liberton Hospital Edinburgh opened?
Did i sprain my ankle ?
can i play hockey with a broken 5th metatarsal?
I sprained my wrist about 5 months ago...?
How do you tape your thumb?
my husband was in accident in 2004 ever since this accident he had problems going to toilet 8 - 10 times a day
Why would you fall down when you wake up suddenly and it was putting full weight on one leg?
sharp pains through my right wrist on the pinky side?
I had a vertebrae fracture in my spinal cord in the t12 and i fell on my back in soccer today what should i do?
My arm hurts, and now its gone numb why?
Just the weather or...
Cellulitis in my leg? After three months of antibiotics I got a blister out of nowhere?
please please answer, really need answers?
What are the long term effects of a concussion? Should I be worried?
Is my foot broken? There is no swelling or extreme pain.
Questions about finger movement?
permanent toe nail removal?
Help needed....have a frozen shoulder.?
how long to stress fractures take to heal?
i got an infection in my ankle its starting to turn white?
Could i have breast cancer at 26?
What is the indication of Rapidus 50?
Do I HAVE ADD?! (Attention Deficit Disorder) 10 POINTS?
I have a rash, is it ringworm?
Was the swine flu as deadly as everybody thought?
Do I have Rosacea? Anyone have skin irritations?
why does my neck feel tilted forward?
Ammonia health hazards?
Am I anemic, or could this be something else?
what is the pathophysiology of pressure ulcer?
What could this be on my head?
can someone please help! my chest hurts and i have difficulty breathing. Im 17 and smoke!?
is honey bad for acne?
creaking knees?
how can i get relief from heal spur?
if i take buscopan for stomach cramps , will it work straight away ?
My left leg feels very tight & heavy, especially behind the knee. It feels as if I'm dragging my foot. Ideas?
symptons of a red eye?
Which natural medicine college should I go with?
how can i work as radiographer in San Francisco, CA?
Medical professionals, doctors and Cartiologist help!?
Sick? Swollen Glands?
Is 1.4 grams of gingko biloba overdosing?
Does anyone have a monograph or info for Szechuan pepper(any language ok)?
Is there a remedy for childhood arthritis?
In what foods do plant sterols occur naturally?
can anyone comes into a apartment and hide a drug needle some were, i was washing dishes?
I am being forced to have a swine flue vaccination?!?!?
Help! My husband in on prednisone for ulcerative colitis, huge mood swings, any advice? ?
pcos help saw palmetto natropaths?
mozzys anybody??need a recipe?
how long does it take for drug trial recruiters to let you know if youve been chosen?
Long term effects of mononucleosis? ?
Has anyone done laser therapy recently ( Apr 2010 ) to give up smoking ? Did it work ?
I caught mononucleosis(mono) in august, and i'm feeling very sick/weak. is it possible that it's coming back?
Is it true or quackery that depressed people have 'leaky gut'?
If I have a yeast infection, after I go to a washroom...?
Chicken Pox parties? Help!?
Whats wrong with me .. sore throat, mucas build up in throat , but no other symptoms? Lasted few days now?
can anyone tell me about sulfonil and if it is available in Australia?and does it work for quitting smoking?
Whats worse diabetes or high blood pressure?
can anyone tell me where to purchase Orovo detox in Australia?
Has anyone had a colonic irrigation?
Do Vpxl herbal are safe and FDA accepted ?
Explain the difference between...?
first time having a seizure and im at work.. help? 10 points for best answer?
How much money is there in naturopathy?
how is health and well-being different from illness and cure?
My Mom is 50 years old , and she has a blood pressure of 149 ,shes been hurting all over her body, please help
Colonoscopy - fasting, ate a piece of spaghetti?
Why do I get allergic to alcohol?
Panic Attacks from withdrawal from Alcohol?
My left eye is shaking due to stress. How is it called properly?
Some questions about Beta Blockers?
I haven't slept for 48 hours, why am I not tired!?
what dilemmas are there and can there be between individuals views,preferences and expectations?
Can anyone tell me how I know if someone is developing alzheimers or if the just have a really bad memory?
What is the mental disease called where the patient thinks they have wings?
have you heard of people who have to make equal amounts of turns each day, as in north south east and west?
what would make me fitter & healthier - Kickboxing or just Boxing?
I have a mole that appear out of nowhere on my upper lips?
I'm sick and tired of acne.?
I need to shave my armpits but I have skin tags. What should I do?
Acne Problems , any tips ?
Why does the oil produced from our skin turn black (blackheads) while other types of oil doesn't change colour?
I have recently noted bruised "veiny" type marks on my leg below the knee and now faintly on 1 wrist __HELP???
right side of my eye is red?
I have been told that Bio--------(something) detox "stuff" gets rid of the?
Where will I be able to go for a passive smoke next year?
i am looking for any herbalife distributors that opperate in whitwell a place in derbyshire or in chesterfield
Alan Truedeau-- writer can you give me his latest book on health nutrition?
what causes boils on one's throut?
Skin tags (removal)?
is sauna damaging to the skin IE. loss of elasticity?
Why is my Knee swelling up and not getting any better?
I am rather concerned that I know everything?
My right ear has been popped for 2 days now.?
Hints & tips for keeping cool in the (surprisingly strong)heat?
How do I help heal a sore on the bottom of my daughter's toe?
What are your experiences of having a phosphate enema?
NHS what would happen if you lost some of your medicine? would the doc give you a prescription for some more?
i sprained my ankle, how should i treat it?
Lumie Sunrise Clock - Any good?
had miscarriage at 19 weeks?
Why do I keep fracturing my toes?
Does a EMP have the final say in a DLA claim?
I've been feeling dizzy?
solar plexus invulnerability?
injection for china??
'orlistat' question for people taking this or have taken it!?
Hip Flexor?
What are your Sleep Tricks?
High blood pressure concerns?
I hit the skin between my thumb and it hurts so bad?
Is the TLSO brace for support or just to prevent bending?
Cut on arm when i fell on pavement?
What is wrong with me, I wonder...?
smelly and yellow nails is that bad?
Could I have done something serious?
My self diagnosis is that I have knee bursitis. How can I treat it?
Weird bump on my hand?!?
Head Injury? Long term Recovery?
If you have a planter wart and someone touched it, then touched something else without washing first.....?
What is arthritis in human beings?
Why is Swine flu not called pig flu, when bird flu is not called Fowl flue etc ?
Can anyone tell me anything about Dengue Fever is it dangerous or contagious?
I have a friend that has a buzzing sound in his stomach and what causes this?
Itchy and (sometimes) painful breasts?
i have a big bold spot in middle of my head that just appeared?
What can't i do with mono? {10pts for best answer}?
Does anyone know where to get a procedure, for a science fair project on skin cancer?
TO ALL RASH EXPERTS: what type of skin rash is this?
When I run really hard it feels like my airway gets smaller and not as much air can get in. Do I have asthma?
why with the itching? PLEASE HELP!?
How to get rid of stuffy/runny nose?
Is there a way to shorten my bad cold?
coccygeal pain [coccyx]?
Morning foot pain. What is the cause?
can I take temazepam with diclofenac?
i have just noticed a small pale white spot on my arm does anyone know what it is?
does it really take tt long to heal from ear lobe piercing?
Why is there Darker skin under my armpits?