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is 500 mg of vikatan a lot?
how do i pop my hip bone to get more flexibility?
what is electrolysis?
Could my friend have melanoma again?
Where can medical makeup be bought?
I have back pain?
Caffeine withdrawal headache?
can someone have multiple sclerosis and lupus?
Becoming an Organ Donor?
How do u knwo when you have intestinal worms?
Lumineers, veneers, and Snap-on smile questions?
Why do I pass out/blackout/faint?
How tough can human skin get?
How do you intentionally make yourself faint/pass out?
Suffering from a really bad Constipation, I've tried everything. help me plz?
prevent drooling when sleeping?
Is Phentermine a form of speed?
what you do when.......?
Am I safe?
could this be hiv ???
if some on caught a bacterial infection called chlamydia an had it for 7month's an got it treated?
low blood pressure taken to hospital?
Bags under the eyes?
My nose have black black small dots, what's that ? and my nose skin is oily too.?
ive had dandruff for a few years how do i get rid of it?
Does olive oil fade acne scars?
Topical Niacinamide Gel?
Eye lash fungus from old mascara?
What are the causes of infertility in both men and women?
How does a male carry the HPV virus?
I would like a natural remedy for an oral yeast infection(thrush).?
What are the benefits of eating hemp seeds?
what's a good remedy for migrains?
Does anyone know of a Homeopathic Medicine manual/book/guide that is easy to understand?
Have you tried blessed herbs before?
homeopathy medicines?
What is this acne thingy called?
What these places on my skin?
What if you were scratching your head and you scratched?
Wart on my thumb wont goo away!?
which is the best and economical dental billing company where i can do my outsourcing?
What's the longest you've gone without brushing your teeth?
I'm getting a cavity filled and I'm really nervous...?
I tried bleaching my teeth! I'm only 13! I don't want to loose my teeth!!?
Metal braces or clear braces? I cant decide!?
Why are my teeth a little bit see-through?
Should I get tested for herpes even though its been half a year?
Has this happened to anyone? What can I do?
I have a prescription for oxycodone 30mg, 120 per month and ran out, how can I refill before I see my doctor?
anyone else have a similar experience?
how to prevent becoming sick?
What do you think of the future of the Swine Flu?
What is the safest thing to eat after the stomach flu?
Why does the mal-distribution of physicians persist in spite of the number of physicians graduated?
My 13 yr old brother has hallucinations everytime he has a fever, is this is a major cause for concern?
What's the difference between a cold and the flu?
For all teenagers out there...?
Am I mentally ill?
Have you every woke up and discovered that your pet was licking and INAPPROPRIATE area of your lower body?
what are your thoughts on accutane.....?
What is an easy free way to get rid of acne?
Does Vitamin E Help Scars?
what are the benefits of taking cod liver oil?
What are some home remedies for menstrual cramps?
improve digetion..?
Is http://www.acnecuresrevealed.net/ a legitimate site?
My vaporizer is burning my buds?
Vitamin D: real deal or not necessary?
I just received?
what can i do for the after care of having teeth removed?
What are the best teeth whiteners?
What should I do to prepare for braces?
my little brother is gross and has bad hygine?
What can the dentist do for my tooth?
how to get rid of outer yeast infection?
How do I find a natural remedy doctor for bipolar disorder?
Natural cold remedies....?
how long does prune juice take to work.?
is there an herb that is a muscle relaxant?
Brain Injuries?
I'm depressed I'm 24 in college will be a junior at the end of this semester and I'm broke. I have over 15k in?
bipolar disorder,,,?
signs that kids are being molested?
Is it possible to find ways to effectively manage ADHD without meds or counseling?
I know age spots are normal, but...?
What is wrong with my lips?!?!?!?!?
How Can I Control Eczema?
ACNE, I HATE IT, please help!?
how do u get rid of grey armpits?
how long do stomach bugs last?
Have there been any deaths as a result of the flu vaccine, and h1n1 vaccine?
Why do Muslims seek special privileges, even when it's medically unsound?
what kind of diseases will you get if you don't eat potassium?
my doctor gave me doxycycl 5 days after i got the flu?
Any idea what this is a symptom of?
tips on who to floss properly with braces!?
how do you make your teeth whiter ?
How can I convince my mom to finally to call the dentist for me?
Can you figure out my illness?
Can you get high off of banana skins? How do you prepare it for smoking?
When did you first smoke marijuana?
Well working deoderant?
Do any of you guys "hear" a high pitch hissing sound constantly, even in complete silence?
Natural cures for ADHD?
how to deal with an allergy to onions homeopathically?
Has any woman out there successfully treated ovarian cysts with a natural supplement? If so, what did you take
birth control pills for regulating my period?
do you get hallucinations?
I have a 2year old cold&dust alergy. Can anyone tell me a YOGA exercise or MEDITATION HEALING to cure this?
how long should one take plavix ?
can you help with my acne problem?
gestational diabetes?
What Is Diabetes and How Can You Get It?
What are some good tips on whitening your teeth?
How to lessen a gummy smile.?
socioopath question?
Describe what having voice(s) in your head sound like?
I need help.. Please I'm really depressed?
Are you addicted to yahoo answer?
Is it true most people diagnosed with HIV have had previous stds?
how to get rid of scabs/cuts on face?
I have really drie hands what should i do?
Why do sweat so much on my armpits?
Do acne scars ever fade away?
does anybody know any herbal supplements that are good for poor circulation?
homemade laxative or alternative for laxative?
Question for a homeopathic practitioner, please?
do you take valtrex?
If you had a disease such as an STD could you spread it to your animals(Dogs & Cats)?
What does this add up to?
Why is it called diabetes insipidus if it has nothing to do with blood sugar?
I was checking my sugar level and it was 346 then I did it again 3 minutes later and it was 129?
What is the best age to give a kid gum?
Do wisdom teeth always hurt when they're first coming in?
Home remedy for abscessed tooth and swollen jaw?
explain why the walls of the ventricle are thicker than those of the atria?
MRI results?
Is this something to continue to be perturbed about? Sons school had a bike-a-thon; I wasn't gonnasend him but
Chelation Therapy.?
Why Don't Cardiologists Talk Up Or Recommend Sprinting Type Excercise For HEALTHY Patients?
Do you know the names of diseases in 1600's ?
Is it a good idea to stock on up food and water because of the swine flu?
how long does it take to make a bladder infection to go away?
What kind of sickness do I have? ?
Does Boiling water kill everything? (In terms of germs)?
Does anyone know if interstitial cystitis has any affect on orgasam in women?
Should i still go to school with a bladder infecion, (i dont have antibiotics)?
Is there a holistic way to treat migraines for a woman in her first trimester?
Green tea increases serotonin and dopamine or decreases them?
I need a healthy diet for gallblader problems?
Any alternatives for sinus headaches, and the beginnings of arthritis due to dampness/humidity?
I am doing a persuasive speech on medical marijuana. What would be a good thesis? I want to look a safety....?
What's the best most effective skin bleaching product?
Who has had health issues improve after removing amalgam fillings?
Im getting my wisdom teeth removed tomorrow and im anemic???
Ivory Brites tooth whitening works?
Why do my mouth get moister when i gota barf?
Is Novocaine safe? Do people die from it at the dentist office?
Some people have a noticeable gap between their top two front teeth. What is this gap called?
Migraine Treatment?
Oral surgery?
Can an allergic reaction to something cause you to have diarrhea?
how bad are zoloft withdrawls if weaned off properly??
some body help?
Why are drug addicts in recovery allowed to smoke?
What is the best way to release anger at work?
Any ideas about a numb patch of skin?
stretch marks?
What can i use on my face for instant relief of burning from rosacea?
Okay i have really bad acne how can i get rid of it?
whats the best and quickest way to get rid of a hickey??
is it safe for me to cook when i am ill?
How do you get Syphilis?
Where can you buy flower essences/Rescue Remedy?
any cure for pcos. i stay in hyderabad india.i am 32 and have kids. i just want normal periods and weight cont
I have a probelm with yeast overgrowth in my intestines does this mean I might also have intestinal worms?
I am creating a pagan town, where you could sell, buy, offer holistic and spititual healing and more...?
whats the connection between too much folic acid and thyroid disease?
Can hollow needles or ear piericing kits be found at Wal-Mart?
Why does everybody get sick in the winter? Wouldn't the cold kill germs?
Poll: Cough or Flu?
Do I have a cold, flu, or what?
Will I need a full new filling?
Do Braces Hurt While Getting Them On?
everytime i sit down, my feet start getting numb, and they hurt. what can be the cause of this?
How long do withdrawal symptoms last?
Can anything be done about knee arthritis for an athletic teenager?
triphala ??????????
What OTC medicine works best for sinus pain, pressure, congestion?
Have you ever used Xango supplement?
what herbs stimulate the thyroid?
Best way to stop underarm sweat?
How find out people allergies?
I'm chewing the insides of my mouth while I'm sleeping...?
Does getting braces hurt? :(?
kinda odd question.............?
Can I pay for braces monthly?
Abscess tooth,Bleeding from tooth area!Dangerous?
if you have to wait to pee for a long time is it normal for blood to come out?
Where do gallstones come out of?
after taking my 10 yr old to 3 different doctors & getting antibiotic, her tonsils are still enlarged & lymph?
what does mosquito-borne mean?
can you catch norovirus twice in about a month?
my throat is soar and i have a fever what should i do?
How do you know if you have systemic candida?
Can anything happen to you if you smoke a cigar once?
I need help and advice?
Explain why alcohol is a very effective disinfectant.?
Bit my tongue....is this related?
Why do I hiccup after EVERY meal?
could this be sinusitis?
Bloody Nose?????????????
What's an HPV shot? ?
HIV/AIDS HeLP PLEASE!!!!...!!!!!?
can a yeast infection cause an abnormal pap?
whitening teeth: does baking soda and peroxide works???
What do you think about plastic surgeries?
will my smile go back to normal after i get my braces off?
I think I have Gingivitis?
DO braces Hurt please tell me on a scale?
is excessive chewing gum bad for us??! ia m addicted to it!!!!!!!!!!?
What can I do to tone up my belly?
can u help me on something its about abs?
Why do people's veins pop out of their arms/feet/hands?
how can i lose weight really fast in two weeks !?
How can I hide that I'm not eating from my parents?
Low calorie meals and snacks?
i am 14 year old ,but only 4ft 9in.,tell me how to be tall.?
cure for eczema?
How do I avoid get foot fungues or athletes foot?
CYSTIC ACNE! gross nastty. i need help!?
Info on Accutane???
What is Time Release?
flaxseed is used for what purpose?
Sinuses killing me..any known home remedies?
does homeopathic medicine really help a person grow taller?
I think I'm allergic to antiperspirants. What should I use?
Medicine for allergies?
Can eating or drinking sugar cause anaphylaxis?
My dad has lots of allergic reactions and thats never happened before what should he do?
My heart beats hard after I eat.?
heart pain?
what determines your blood cholesterol level?
are we supposed to dispose of sweaty flu clothes?
Please tell me about the medicine called flagyl?
Question about Tamiflu?
Why don't dogs, cats or birds catch a cold of flu from you?
Can Tomatoes Potentially Infected w/ Salmonella Be Washed and Still Used?
Am i ulgy if i have braces?
Is it better to brush your teeth before or After Breakfast?
Braces Question - Boys & Girls Please Help?
is there a safe/good/clean way to clean/disinfect a retainer? how?
what is normal when your wisdom teeth are pulled out?
What time do YOU wake up in the morning?
How long does it take for chlamydia to turn into PID?
What did u tell ur docter to obtain pills, and what did u get?
Anybody knows about a natural, effective remedy for insomnia?
Natural bee products?
What is everyday life like for Africans living with HIV/AIDS?
how soon will a test for herpes show a positive result?
critical issue!?
remedies for white teeth?
Doctor think my study is correct of my problem? I think am sure but my physician isn't know squat.?
Can golf be too stressful and dangerous for someone with a heart condition?
does everybody tried a heart skipbeat?
Blood Enzyme and Troponin levels before, after, during a heart attack?
Is it safe for a person with high blood pressure to consume Sea salt?
What does free form lysine mean and is there a good bioavailable lysine supplement on the market?
HPV - Human Papillomavirus - Is there a simple blood test for this virus?
my grandma needs low protein foods for her kidneys and she is also diabetic!?
I've been diagnosed as INSULIN RESISTANT, what kind of foods should I eat or avoid?
Has anyone had success with memory supplements, specifically memoprove?
Please help! Does taking zinc help with acne?
I have stretch marks. How can i get rid of them without buying anything?
What vitamins are good for acne?
I have this spot on my back, but it's more than just a spot... what is it?
What is a good product for preventing "acne"??
do you know about Neosporin chapstick???
I am 12 yrs old,i have JRA ,in my hands, ankles, knees, and shoulders! i had surgery and take many medic.Help!
Disinfectants kill 99.9 percent of germs but?
How can you tell if your child has a urinary tract infection?
How does a disease kill a person?
What Can I do to help my Sinus Infection??
What are the symptoms and signs of a staph infection?
I'm sick, not for sure what's wrong.?
how can i get rid of my cold as fast as possible?
You know, this narcolepsy thing isn't so bad?
How can i not cut anymore?
Why does anxiety make me feel like I am not myself?
did i just break me pinky??? read for funny story but answer to help me?
IS marijuana bad for you ?
What do non smokers do when they're bored.?
green and red diarrhea?
Don't you care about your life?
Does stress lower the immune system?
do orthodontist clean thei tools after patients?
What is the difference between braces and invisalign and price ranges in California?
How many teeth have had pulled before?
What vegtable oils should I avoid while taking warfarin?Guidance?
heart attack?
would you french kiss your husband or wife if he or she had a bad flu or stomach flu?
feel really sick and i cannot sleep PLEASE HELP?
Do B12 injections really help memory, energy or alertness?
I have been taking Valerian Root to help me sleep, Will it also help to lower my blood pressure?
help me. please! my eyes....?
What vitamins are good for allergies/sinus troubles?
OK, I gained a few pounds from quitting smoking. Help?
Bad Posture?
why do my legs hurt after only one mile?
my throat hurts so bad what is it?
2 Q's about depression and diabetes??
what is the normal blood sager level for a 14 yer old child?
whats laughing gas like?
how far down should you go when flossing your teeth? Below the gumline? stay above it?
why is my tongue white?!?
Wisdom tooth pain :(?
My lips don't cover my teeth all the way so my teeth are always showing. What can I do?
four people have MRSA - what causing it?
What is mad Cow Disease?
Has anyone had shingles? How long did it last?
How did the origin of HIV begin, how did it develope ?
What's the longest you should miss school for "mono" (mononucleosis)?
What is "pretty leprosy" and where is it most often found (in the world)?
Can anyone suggest a tried and sure home remedy for sinusitis ?
Why do I always have heartburn and how do I fix it?
I have some strong kava powder. But the taste is horrible, enough to make me gag. Anything to mask the taste?
Rare South American Herbs???
homeopathic remedies?
Does freezing destroy the enzymes in fruit?
causative organism for Syphilis,Aids,Gonorrhea and Warts?
what if you do it to the same boy would u still get hpv?
What really happens to gum when you swallow it?
Poll: Do you take a shower at morning or at night? Do you Brush your teeth before or after breakfast?
Would it be possible to get an electric shock from an electric toothbrush?
what happens to gum after you swallow it?
Wheat, corn, soy, and peanut free diet?
why are my eyes always red??? serioiusly!!!?
Can I get encephalitis symptoms from food allergies?
i want to practice reiki,how to start/ please contact?
what can i do about chemical sensitivies?
which doctor should i consult-syndrome?
Arthritis cures?
What is this red spot?
Are you a dentist?.. If so, have you ever jabbed an annoying patient's gums with your metal pokey thing?
Do you enjoy being a Dental hygenist?
how to make home made vampire teeth?
Making your own teeth whitening strips?
Im getting braces tommaro (June 26 2008) im really excited but what are the steps on putting them on ?
Scratched with a rusty paperclip, am I safe?
A bat got into my house. Is anything it touched (like curtains) possibly infected or dangerous?
Stomach bug going around?
having a hard time keeping food down (flu). cant have wheat, grains or dairy. any ideas what i can have?
Stomach flu like symptoms and bleeding please help?
How to meditate?
Is it ok.....?
Bubbles in my eyes after blowing?
personal question?
Whenever I stomp or run, my tooth hurts. Every step I take running my tooth pounds. Then when I stop, it stops
how to fix morning breath ?
SEVERE TOOTHACHE..when will it stop?
whats it called when peoples pointer teeth are up in their gums?
When will my braces stop hurting me so badly?
Does it hurt when u get your teeth pulled?
Is it normal for one's teeth to slightly clench when looking at fresh veggies?
My job doesn't offer insurance and I need dental work done?
homeopathic medicines are supposed to work wonerfully when only mental symptoms are taken. How?
Where can I download the sound of "white noise'?
What foods strengthen your immune system?
Have you ever used those toxin releasing foot patches? Do they work?
what can magnets do in terms of health?
What affect does drinking green tea have on you?
What are ways to get mosquitoes away from you?
Can a large 27-year old man drink wine if he has the chickenpox? No fever, only pox.?
Very bad cold?? what should i do?
What do I do for a cold?
How to get rid of a cold?
Can I make this restaurant pay for doctor bills from food illness?
How likely is it that a pregnant woman would receive a false positive HIV screening?
What is the cause for keloids/skin tags?
If you don't get help for depression will it eventually go away?
Cracking My Fingers????
Did you know that sleeping on your left side is supposed to wear your heart out faster?
Why are my feet and ankles swollen?
UGH, I can never fall asleep within a half hour!!:(?
Why do doctors leave the room after telling you to get naked?
Is it better to sleep 1-2 hours or to just stay awake?
Best Way To Stop Picking At Fingers?
Good dentist in houston?
What is the average down payment to get braces on?
whitening teeth?
Is it possible to whiten teeth with braces?
my below tooth covered upper tooth which is reversed of normal ppl that upper tooth cover below. how to fix it
Do I need braces? Would they help? What's your opinion? **PICS**?
Anyone ever heard of the Clayton College of Natural Health?
Has anyone ever tried using Lobelia Inflata (Indian Tobacco)?
What herbal medicine works the best for "YOU" for menopausal?
How can i find Green Stool and Abdominal Pain over the counter medicine?
Anyone treating their high blood pressure with natural "medicine" I need hints!?
Very sore throat, any home remedies to relieve the pain?
what do I do for a sore throat besides taking medicine or gargling listerine or salt water?
is hepatitis b or c less common to catch than hiv?
it 2:40 am in cali what shuld i do mow?
At what tempature of fever should an adult go to the hospital?
Is Naproxen worth taking?
how can you get rid of eye bags?
Do cartilage piercings hurt ?? ?
My shih-tzu scratches her anal area and rear legs. She also makes mats on her rear legs scratching.?
Is this true about hives?
How do i cure my watery eyes and drippy nose?
What can be done for an overbite?
Looking for unflavored toothpaste for my 5 year old..any recommendations?
ok i have a problem with my teeth?
Wisdom Teeth?
When you get braces how do you get your teeth to stop being sore so you can eat?
How do i get my teeth whiter?
can u really get paralyzed from piercing your tounge?
why is the tongue pink?
Will the dentist put me to sleep to do a root canal or a filling?
How do you get rid of a fever blister on your lip...?
My sunglasses have all these scratches on it, is there any product to get rid of them?
Stretch Marks??????
My dog has warts growing all over his body.?
Anyone ever used CHANTIX to stop smoking? Did it help or work? Any side effects, or anything I should know?
Please help me find my rings...?
i found a large white pill that says "recreate" on it at a party. what is it?
What's the easiest way to make a homemade bong/ smoking apperatus?
How should I treat joint pain?
Gerson method of treating cancer-has anyone heard of it and what success has it had ?
Has classical homeopathy worked for you? For major health problems?
possible to get HIV????
tapeworm removal?
Do You have nightmares and/or hullisinations when you are very sick (Flu)?
Why aren't medical doctors and nurses scientists today?
Anybody in England with HEP C experience this?
ahh really scared?
How painful is gum surgery?
Retainor???!!!!URGENt PLSE HELP!!!?
if TCH stays in body for 90 days why dont you stay high?
Is there any natural remedy for Amnesia?
Anyone know any home remedies for an unbearable earache?
Does anyone know of any good autobiographies of sugeons?
How many MG of percocet will it take to get high?
Natural remedies for a lower back ache?
Kidney Infection - Done meds still in pain.?
Help! Plantar Fasciitis?
Any clues as to whats wrong with me?
what are some tips for falling asleep quickly?
I feel like I'm so old?
Making a blood draw easier?
Why does it take me sometimes 2-3 hours to fall asleep?
hepititis b or c?
okay so my mono test?
what is the symptoms of Having HIV positive?
Does medicare pay for hearing aids?
West Nile Virus. Is there a Cure?
Can anyone help about Anaemia?
Natural ways to cure eye infections?
Plant disease and alternative medicines?
Where to buy Ramdev Medicines?
In need of a good all natural energy supplement.?
i need medicine badly but can't pay for it...?
do you have any natural ways to clear a drain?
Pain near appendix??
how do u get rid of a migraine?
I did oxycodone for about 2 weeks. Stopped 2 days ago, and the withdrawals are here.?
my knees retain water?
what causes tension in muscles?
Feeling light pressure pounding pain in appendix area?
allergies or cold???
over the counter pills for oral thrush?
Whether AIDS as a disease is more devastating than Malaria, Diarrhea and TB?
How do you get Chicken Pox?
Is it safe to take tylenol right after getting the flu shot?
Healthy Meal For Flu?
What do you do for a diabetic person who has an elevated reading (208)?
Having difficulties lately to control my sugar, been diabetic for almost 10 years want to try alternative med.
I have diabetic neuropathy in my feet and want to know how to eliminate the pain?
What is the medical term HDTV or I think it may be called HTV?
anyone know of a small scar treatment that actually works without costing a fortune?
How do u get rid of exzema ? ?
whats the best way to get ride of acne??
dry skin help!?
what is the BEST acne product/kit?
I was just prescribed betamethasone (for Diprolene) for my hair loss.?
What is a good & safe treatment for infant eczema?
Has anyone actually cured their toenail fungus without Lamisil tablets?
recovery and rehabilitation from a massive stroke?
How do calcium channel blockers help to reduce blood pressure?
what is the main heart hospital in Oklahoma city?
I have very high blood pressure. Does cod liver oil and/or caster oil help ?
What happens when someone is no longer a candidate for heart surgery?
does anyone know of natural vitamins / herbs for severe anxiety, phobia, panic?
whats the best weed you've ever smoked?
What would happen to you if you took pills to lower your blood pressure?
Can Oscillococcinum a homeopathic flu medicine be taken for the onset of cough and cold?
What band did comfortably numb before pink floyd?
what is the best teeth whitening product?
does low shear strees walls of articical hearts contribute thrombus deposition?
How does exercise affect the ECG?
cardiac surgery?
Transtelephonic Ecg?
Heart related question!?
my target heart rate?
Do you find it hard to make lifestlye changes?
do you know about using plavix 10 tab in acute stroke?
what does it mean when you have heart pains?
lump in back?
Could this be migraine or what?
Has anyone ever had kidney problems due to taking pain grade Methadone?
i have been experiencing pains in my hands and other parts of my body in the past few years.?
about a rottweilers.........?
How can I cure these allergy symptoms? [Sneezing, clogged/runny nose, watery eyes]?
what diseases or infections can chlamydia cause?
Do magic johnson have hiv or full blown aids?
Alcohol is?
Has anyone used Sea Bands for motion sickness during travel?
Selection Bias or Cognitive Dissonance?
Anyone else done Lemonade Diet (aka Master Cleanse)?
Can herbal medicine protect our health?
Can putting your toes into a tub of bleach soften the skin and kill bacteria. I heard that?
medicine & treatment of essential tremor because i have heared that no cure of this desease.?
Has anyone here used vibrational medicine or know somebody who has, and it worked?
My husband's Dr. just put him on nitroglycerin pill's what dose this mean is he having heart attacks now??
Loud cracking nose from front teeth after braces were applied?
Two teeth under regular teeth in gums?
I just got braces this morning..?
What wrong with my tongue?
I had root canal done two years ago but did not get crowning done. The tooth is paining now. What to do now?
What is the best teeth whitener you can buy at Walgreens?
Whats, the most reasonably cheap tooth whitening kits, and are safe?
do retainers after braces need tighted once a month? or at all?
how will you know if you have hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism thru t3, t4 and TSH?
What is the max amount natural sugar/day with type 2 diabetes?
I'm diabetic and two weeks ago i had my gallbladder out. when i got home my sugar was 600 numb tongue,lip,slur
what is the alternative(s) to avandia that doesn't cause weight gain?
My blood pressure is about 20 points higher on both numbers on my right arm. Is this normal?
Does a constant upset stomach have anything to do with my heart condition?
Atenolol, pulled off the market?
Heart Palpitations?
I am a dieing llama?
Why can I sleep during the day but not at night?
how do you get wood splinters out?
is this serious...10 points !!?
What are the risks for an angiography if the patient has high blood pressure and diabetes?
Can a teenager take vitamins that are meant for people who are 50 and up?
Does anyone have a heart murmur?
which term does not belong n why? spleen, thymus, tonsils, nodes, vena cava.?
heart attack help!?
How common is it to remove "normal" appearing gallbladder to treat pancreatitis?
Fast Hearbeat during workout.. not very long into it my heart is beating like crazy..?
whats a seisure?
surgical asepsis technique alternatives?
what to do for chest pain - any medications. Have suffered angina?
Why does my blood pressure go up so much when I don't eat?
Please help me out here. =[[?
Where can I get more information on Kangen Water?
How long will my Vicodin Withdrawal last if I took 2 a night for at least 2 weeks?
If Sound has this effect on water do minute amounts of matter do the same?
The tea company: "The Republic of Tea" has a product called "Get Clean"?
Flaxseed oil for acne - in capsules or by tablespoon?
Does "Chlorophyll tables" help cure B.O.?
how far does a cotton swab test go back as in a week or 2?
Does anyone know the connection between heart flutters (PAC's) and the vagus nerve?
How to learn to relax?
can you cure cavities without going to the dentist?
How to whiten teeth quickly?
what do i do?
What determines how long braces must be worn?
my tooth hurts alot?
heart diseases.?
Is hypertrophy of the heart neccesarily a bad thing?
what is the exact time a heart beat takes before another comes in?
which would you rather have?
I have an unwanted wart. Help?
I have a pretty bad blister :(:(:(?
Is it legal to sell your prescription medication if you can't use it anymore?
Diets that help get rid of zits?
Rough patches of skin on my arms?
acne question?
Nataural Treatments For Acne?
Supraventricular tachycardia?
Is omega3 good for lowering cholesterol?
low heartbeat?
blood pressure?
Homework Help in Physiology?
Please explain the recovery from surgery involving opening of the chest.?
Is it possible to take too much Vitamin C?
hw does tar in nicotine affect the lungs....hw can ppl be addictive to nicotine?
Is there a quick way to cure snoring?
Why did she need to stay at the hospital all this time???
Whats the difference between a 2 chambered heart and a 3 chambered heart?
question for drs/nurses about open heart surgery??
My INR is 1.4 . what does it mean?
when you get a heart attack...?
what is blood calcium?
Medicine for Artery Blockage?
what's the best way to know if someone has gone to doctor?
Increasingly worse hand and wrist pain!! Please help!?
How can i get teeth like Estelle?? ♥♥♥♥♥Estelle♥♥♥♥♥?
Natural toothpaste..?
What are those rust marks on my retainer?
A natural remedy to clear toothache please ? Too late for me?
What are these things in my mouth, do you ever get them?
Listerine or Crest Pro Health?
how do i get dental treatment with no money?
whats better for your teeth, drinking pop faster or drinking pop slower?
i think i have halitosis? (bad breath)?
feeling jittery, nervous, and anxious after drinking a pot of coffee is a condiction referred to as?
How serious is a staph infection in your nose?
Im doing a project for school and im doing AIDS, Can AIDS be prevented? How?
what is diastolic pressure?
Help I have one month! SVT?
Could I possible have heart disease?
Cholesterol still over 700+ Holistic Dr.s anyone heard of them What's a DO doc?
is there a relation bet Infective Endocarditis&wbc count?
What would cause a sudden increase in foot odor?
What causes chronic dried lips?
How does someone get rid of a boil under thier skin?
what is cobra? i thought it was a drug or some sort what is it used to treat?
Is taking Supple joint drinks better than just taking Glucosamine/chondroitin supplements?
have you ever successfully cured any disease through alternative medicines where alopathy failed. how?
Whta do u think of marihuana?
Is there sun vitamin supplement?
Is surgery 'natural'?
Ia Cholesterblock truly safe and can truly reduced cholesterol?
the electrocardiogram is a powerful tool used to diagnose certain types?
What's a good way to get rid of sunburn on your face?
how many grams are in 1 carbohydrate?
does anyone have a dog that is diabetic?
What can relieve ear pain for an adult?
I passed a kidney stone (my first one) over the weekend, what are my chances of getting another one?
i'm getting braces tomorrow!!!?
Migraine Headaches?
How Do I know if my heart hurts?
crest whitestrips classic?
Can you brush away a cavity?
does it hurt?
Does invisalign really work?
How long does it take for a braces "chain" to move teeth to fill about a 1/8'' gab?
Average time for a dental check up?
do you lose your "eye" teeth??
Heart trouble?
Heart Check?
Has anyone had this done before? What should I expect?
How Many Know THat Ancel Keys Left Out Data From 22 Nations THat CONFLICTED With His FALSE Low Fat Theory?
is these heart rates is correct for children?
Why do blood pressure and heart rate differ when measured in a reclining postion and in a standing postion?
how one should effected with STD diseases?
What kind of vaccines you get before you begin basic trainning.(Army) I Joined in 1990?
what is the ICD-9 code for Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Dysplasia?
Down syndrome Question here?
sedatives work fine for me until i start doing work and then i feel like my heart is beating too fast.?
I'd like to consult any MDs or sufferers of congestive heart failure with edema?
how badly does HPV effect men?
is there another way to cure a kanker sore?
What is your best home remedy?
What are homeopathic treatments for acne?
What is the best remedy for voice loss?
Am I taking too much, too little, or wrong meds for RLS?
What cleanse/ supplements / treatments are good for anxiety / depression?
I went to a chiropracter yesterday afternoon and are extremely tired today?
Please dont judge me (mature people only)?
How can I get my teeth super white?
what are rubber bands or elastics used for on braces?
I'm gonna need braces soo...?
Heh Heh. What should I do? ?
is chewing gum is injourious to health?
how much does it cost to get your teeth whitened??
I'm to excited to sleep! Its 2 in the am and I have to be up at 6, what can I do to fall asleep?
Are there any long-term side-effects from taking shrooms (psychadelic mushrooms) from Amsterdam?
I been getting bad head aches and heart burn?
What's wrong with me?
Why is there corn in my poo.?
Approximately how many Americans have HIV/AIDS?
Pros and cons of Verapamil for hypertension...?
what does this mean?
brain storming?
How long does it take for the flu to go away?
Should I be worried about my kid with MRSA?
How long does it take for your appendix to burst if you have appendicitis?
y is neurological damage permanent?
What's the best way to defend a cold coming on?
where is a safe place to get my daughters ears pierced??by sterile gun????
I am looking for a chat room to obtain help with controlling diabetes and high blood pressure.?
if I have prediabetes and get type 2, could it ever go back to pre?
Alcohol level as in intoxication.?
bites on back of neck?
is there a plastic surgeon anywhere that will bleach your whole entire body??
stretch marks?
have you or someone you know had a chemical peel?
Irritated patches of skin??
Good acne subscriptions?
Homeopathy for serious conditions?
i nhave a headache but dont want to use medecine. any natural remedies?
Will this question be deleted?
ma grand mothers aorta which is in the heart has a small cut or break she sufferin,no medicine avalible?
How do I take an accurate Blood pressure reading?
Heart help!?
about heart attacks?
I have had this weird pain in my left arm it comes when i think about it if im talking to someone. Help any1?
What are the signs of a blood clot?
do i have hpv or not?
Can HIV cause gastric problems, or chest pain, if just newly acquired?
Heart Monitor percentage?
Dull heart pain?
blood testing?
Arrhythmias / I need some Advice please / Heart Issue 25 years old?
I got bitten by someone... what should I do? Please help!!!?
Could this be heart related?
What kind of infant cough medicine do you reccommend?
Is it possible for one to have had a heart attack although one has very low cholesterol and blood pressure?
i have a sore throat?
disease question.....need help?
salmonella and e-coli, which is worse?
My sister is in OSU hospital. They gave her a IV now the spot is very infected.?
Tonsils Out as a Young Adult? ?
Why sometimes you catch a cold simply by being exposed to cold weather?
Does high blood pressure make one feel tense ?
type of blood circulation between the heart and the lungs?
what if you have heart problems coumadin c.o.p.d.?
What's good for a cold if you have high blood pressure?
Any good nataral remedies for sneezing?
Bloody snot and pressure in nose?
how can i recover from food allergy?
do blood tests tests that come back as normal rule out chances of having hiv.?
can someone help me find out whats wrong with me??? Plz?
hiccups after brain stroke?
WILL Phentremine cause your blood pressure to go up ?
how do I lower cholesterol?
Any Guys from Michigan?
Locating a drug rehab facility?
can you get high off one cigarette?
How much longer do you think this person is going to live........?
what workouts can i do to increase my max bench press quickly?
What's a good way to PERMANENTLY lose weight, the healthy way?
Lose weight one week gain weight the next?
i need to lose weight in the next ten hours?
Not sure what to do about being underweight...?
They say the one exercise woman should not live without is push ups?
how to loose 10 pounds?
Does It hurt to get a Root Canal
Why can't I lose my baby teeth?
what do you think of my braces?
Why am I getting so many nosebleeds after my wisdom teeth have been removed?
I got braces yesterday,any tips, also can I use the mouth way I have at home?
Has anyone here ever received dental care at South Texas Dental?
I had a root canal about a year ago, and my tooth is now sensitive. What should I do?
Wisdom teeth making other teeth heat/cold sensitive?
I am 26 years old and have chest pain and discomfort....but I've already been to the doctor with no success!
Is ringing in the ear (tinnitus) could be related to any heart diseases?
approximately how many people in the uk have died this year from heart attacks?
I am 24 and am having an ECG tomorrow, can someone tell me what to expect?
how we can differentiate coarse ventricular fibrillation from ventricular fibrillation?
how i prevant dandruff?
I wanted to go into integrative or herbal medicine, but...?
My daughter is 12. Green tea diet pills?
can you die from a panic attack?
Is this online Canadian pharmacy trustworthy?
what is the best alternative to alchol?
Does vitamin e affect the vitamin c level in orange juice?
Questions about gentile herpes?
'Flip-Flop' feeling in my chest every once in a while and an irregular ache-y feeling in heart area?
My Heart Murmur is on the Right side of the heart! doc said it's Quiet Rare!!!?
My grandmother has been in the hospital for about 3 weeks now after 2 failed discharge attempts. She suffered?
elersdanlos syndrom?
What is meant by " Aortic Knuckle " ?
my blood pressure was 150 or 160?
how can i get rid of red eyes? i ran out of eyedrops?
My pet is constantly itching?
Does my house have a dust problem?
Muscle memory and aerobic exercise?
which is best for a healthy long life....strict vegetarian or mixed diet?
How long does it take to see a difference in your biceps if you work out everyday? I'M ONLY 15 YEARS OLD?
Is it better for a kid to drink 2% chocolate milk or no milk at all?
What would be the best time for walking?
Which is the best way to reduce weight without taking any diet pills?
what's the best way to relieve pain from ear infection?
Using sleeping tablets while on cpap therapy?
Is an Oxygen level of 85 in a 90 year man fatal?
is choncroid curable and what is it?
What is the healthy number of hours to spend on the Internet per week?
omg getting teeth pulled today and sooooooo SCARED?
Several of my teeth are sensitive today. They weren't yesterday, or before. Today even if I breath air throu?
Braces retainer question
whats the best time of the day to floss your teeth?
how soon did you go to work/school after wisdom tooth surgery?
Will Invisalign close gaps completely?
Symphytum: Looking for homeopathic information on uses and direction for a foot fracture.?
any home remedy's to help strep throat?
How is ecstasy testing legal?
What would be a good product to purchase if I am Toxic?
bio identical hormons?
When is the scheduled HPV Vaccine Public Release Date?
what std, is related to unusual spot on face and fever with low temperature?
Gf is concerned, she has discharge and itches?
weight question?
What do they call it when you exercise to the point of no pain?
What motivates you to work out and lose weight or gain muscle?
How do I lose my tummy fat healthy?
how can i lose weight really fast?
why is my throat sore every morning when i wake up?
Metoclopramide & Lower Abdominal Pain Under Left Rib?
Treatments for Degenerative disc disease....
what is exforge 5mg*/160mg precribed for?
I have a lump under my rib cage?
Wrist and hand tendonitis?
I have Neurofibromatosis type1 I want to meet others who are about my age(29) who have NF.?
Can eczema lead to systemic lupus?
Can someone have chapped lips all the time?
Help with ACNE?
Help! I need to lose weight Fast!?
Burning fat, Or am i okay?
should i learn to love my belly?
How can i better my beep test (multi-stage fitness test) score?
I keep cheating on my diet?
How can i lose a little weight over the weekend?
Do you burn more calories if you exercise while being exhausted as opposed to being well rested?
The harder I try to lose weight, the more I gain?
Is this Bruxism?
Has anyone ever used an over the counter teeth whitener that worked well?
braces- rubberbands?
My 7 month old's tooth is crooked. Could that be painful?
Put eyedrops in & taste bitterness will I get poisoned?
Having Total Knee Replacement...?
I heard Aloe Vera juice is good for stomach. Is it correct?
Does anyone have experience drinking Bio Salud?
Best Valerian Root brand for insomnia?
Best heartburn /Gerd medicine over the counter?
Chinese herbal medicines and acupuncture for Anxiety? do they work?
I have been told by a doctor that we should be taking melatonine and DHEA hormone everyday to combat antiaging
HSV-2, If you can't die from it, you can have healthy children, and few OBs with med., what r the major risks?
Is there anyway to distinguish the symptoms between, chlamydia and an UTI?
What's a good house remedy for itchy scalp?
any cure for Seborrhoeic dermatitis?
facial acne medicine (what worked the best for you)?
How to get rid off dark circle around the eyes?
I rolled around in grass changing the oil in my car and now I have skin irritation on my arms. What is it?
Clear Skin?
How do I tone my legs and thighs quickly?
have i eaten okay today?
How do I lose 5 - 10lbs FAST ?!?
Are sunflower seeds bad for you if you are on a diet?
How can I gain weight and muscle size but keep my stomach fat free for abs?
How can a 13 year old girl loose belly fat fast?
How do you get that space or gap between your legs?
How many calories a day should i eat if i wanna lose muscle?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Can males be treated and cured from HPV?
How accuracy is Anit-HIV elisa test at 2 months after exposure?
what are the symptoms of HIV?
What is this? Is it OCD?
How do neti pots work?
Are there food particles present in the scent/smell of food?
how to disinfect a ear piercing?For a guy?
buy deltasone online?
can you become immune to multivitamins?
Which aromatherapy scent is good for 'refreshing' people?
Is there a difference between death by poison and death by pills?
Anyone have a natural salt deodorant recipe to share?
What is the BEST NATURAL medication for anxiety?
Dislocated knee. Ten points best answer!?
Painful arms + tingley fingers?
is gabapentin 100mg stronger than vicodin?
What Do I Do, I just broke my Both Arms From Doing a HandStand,I can't Move my Fingers.?
When you have tryed everything, like oral jell tylenol ice,everything what do you do for a teething baby?
i want to hurt myself just to see if there is a pain worse than how i feel?
I wanna get this thing for my teeth called "Invisalign" but i have some questions?
drinking after getting teeth pulled?
bad breath?
Radiation side effects?
health issues?
Alright so can you help me!?
Should I get a treadmill or is running in place just as good?
whats a good way to lose weight like in the stomach area.?
(For Guys) Would you rather a girl that is 10-15 pounds UNDER weight or 10-15 OVER weight?
what are the perks when eating bananas?
Is there anyone out there who likes 58 year old obesity?
Gain weight?
I'm fat and want to go to world challenge?
hiv+ but still doubtful?
What are the chances of becoming pregnant after you have had gonorrhea?
Can Harry Potter get Herpes?
Have someone tried VEMMA(mangosteen)?
what is reiki and how it works?
is it good to take a one a day vitamin before you sleep?
What type of suppliment can be used?
wrist pain, help doctors.?
Does anyone know?
Have to get braces. any advice?
Tooth-Like Thing Coming Out Of My THROAT?!!?
i put alum on my canker sore and went to bed when i awoke around the canker sore it was really swolen .why?
what weight should I be at 5'3?
How much caffeine do you consume in a day?
How much weight will I lose jogging 30 mins a day?
Plez help Weight issues?
what is the best way to lose 5 pounds in 3 days?
Is it ok to substitute water for food?
Is it crazy to attempt to lose 80 pounds in 6 months?
Can islet cell transplant for Diabetes be done in India?
Predict when peak hypoglycemia will occur for a patient receiving NPH insulin 60 units and regular insulin?
Humalog 50/50 pen?
Why is using lemon and honey in hot tea good for laryngitis?
Have there been any scientific studies on green tea?
how do i find volunteers....?
do sharpy markers realy make u high?
homeopathic Doctor /Please communicate?
how strong is a 30mg roxy?
What is an alternative med other than vicodin, but just as effective?
How much would it cost to get dental veneers on all of your visable teeth?
How long was it before you could eat solid foods again after getting all 4 wisdom teeth pulled?
What in the world??????????
What is DRY SOCKET? How can I prevent it?
whitening teeth???
inflamed pulp?
How can I deal with excess saliva when I'm speaking (and reading from a prepared script)?
Can anyone tell me where are the relaxing points on ur toes and feet?
this is for anyone who know's about back pain, please!?
fasting headache?
is it normal for the liver to hurt violently while doing sport-like things?
will taking hydrocodone with my seizure medicine trileptal hurt me?
Heart stopped during gall stone surgery Help plz?
How long has HPV been around? (human patholoma virus) Were people getting diagnosed with it back in mid-80's?
stomach fatttttt, how do you get rid of it!!!!!!?
I'm embarrassed to go to the gym?
Can we still grow in height if we are 18 for guys?
does binging at night but still eating reccomended calories make you gain weight?
Healthy SNACKS?
does a indulgence every once in a while make you fat?
define the purpose of dialysis?
What is the best thing(s) to do to help lower my A1c?
I want to know have any one taken the medication Diabeta?
what's the home remedy for pinworms?
Is Crystal Healing quackery?
What are natural alternatives to shampoos?
I did coke about a week ago, and ecstasy on Friday. I feel fidgety and have cravings?
how long does ecstasy last?
Are my wisdom teeth in my jawbone?
Freaking out about my 2 front teeth?
Making jawbone/chin more defined?
Stop biting your nails?
Can anyone recommend a teeth whitening method (system) that works? Anyone tried laser whitening maybe?
I am freaked out about the dentist!!?
How much sleep is too much if trying to gain mass?
how can i get Six Pack Abs?
Does soy milk have the same benefits in a diet as 2%?
Cant lose weight!?
do crunches actually work?
Do i HAVE to skip days between workouts?
Are protein shakes healthy/safe for 14 year olds?
Reacting to injection.??
What medications could be used for allergies during pregnancy?
Thanks everybody, my bigger problem is how to divorce my wife if am infected with the HIV. i love her so much?
My english bulldog is having head seizures/tremors!!! What is causing this?
Are these sypmtoms of asthma, another condition, or are they normal?
What is something that can help me sleep? I'd rather not use pills.. ?
Can dentists charge as much as they want above Insurance cost for the service provided?
is there a recipie for a homemade toothpaste?
I have 2 bejon freizea male has bad breath female not.?
I have come in contact with poison ivy, is there any home remedies out ther?
I recently had to have my leg amputated, and I have no funds for Xmas, Where can I get help? Thank You?
is there any commercial driver with diabetes that have file for a diabetes exemption.?
Will Georgia Medicaid cover Exubera?
i need to lose 40 pounds in 3 months the quickest and effective way?
How do asian women stay so thin? What kind of diet?
What is the most effective way to gain weight?
Can you name some foods that burn fat?
I keep having to blow and blow and blow my nose again?
I take Claritin 1 pill a day and I still have bad allergies, what else can I do? I still get running nose, sne?
Am I allergic to avocados?
eyes itchy what should i do?
Question about a disease.. for those of you who know alot about health?
My brother has a scratched cornea?
Can ADD go away as you get older?
What can 3 days of no sleep do to you?
How to stay alert and awake after 4 hours of sleep?
mother says she is seeing like stars are falling down from left eye?what is the matter?
Anyone use Coryzalia Homeopathic Cold "medicine"?
I need advice on what to do with my future.... who do i go to?
feel like im stoned.... when im sober?
Is gecko really a cure for HIV or any other disease?
My feet itch on the inside, what is going on?
i really overate yesterday.. help?