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What are the two ways that the Canadian government is working to prevent a flu pandemic?
what does it me en to cough up white Flem, Mucus? when you have a bad cough?
Candida overgrowth? use of candida clenses?
Can you get food poisoning from this?
recovering from stomach flu, need some...?
what can i make at home to help get rid of a flu or cold?
Can i ask my gastroenterologist for some ampicillin??? I had an endoscopy done.?
Is this new prescription hurting my eye?
when should i expect something to happen ?
why are McFly so very very bad?
does anyone suffer from costochondritis?
Could it be a Candida Infection????
I can't sweat at all? Help!?
can you snot apo-ramipril?
is there something that works better to stop sweating besides antiperspirant?
To all of those in the UK?
Is it really healthy to give , donate PLASMA in your opinion?
My co ordination went and it scared me...?
Is Adderall okay to take once, or occasionally?
How many people have been helped by hypnosis?? Any?
Eating Food Problems?
hi i have a shaking vibrating feeling in my lower back it comes and goes any idears im on no medication.?
I feel so ill all the tim?
drinking olive oil causes a burn sensation?
I have Vitamin D/Calcium deficiency. Should i take multivitamins?
should we have to pay to visit the doctors?
how long do you have to live in Wales before recieving free prescriptions?
what exactly do support workers do?
Can magnets placed close to or on your head affect your brain?
I'm sooo tired :( HELPP!?
How do i go about getting a radiological report?
What harm can battery acid actually do to your health?
Is it normal to feel a tingling sensation after cutting an ingrown toenail out?
Who believes that people who swear when they're angry have a better physical well-bein' than those who don't?
How does chinese medicine work?? What is it used for?
What gemstones do these sound like?
Asking all Health information managers.........What are the hardest aspects/Most satisfying aspects?
Is cephalexin monohydrate also considered vicodin?
Can i stop acne with methylated spirits?
what is the most effective herbal medicine in the philippines?
Question about cannabis tea?
Does the use of power balance have any side effects?
Is there any alternatives to warfarin?
Home remedy for pink eye?
i live in north qld,oz, and think i have "swiss brown mushrooms" growing in my new garden bed. is it possible?
Does all salt contain Iodine?
Is cert 1V in Remedial Massage practitioner recognised in the industry or is dsiploma better?
aromatherapy oils and epilepsy?
Drying my own borage flowers to make tea?
Paroxetine is killing my libito... any natural medicide tips?
where to buy these natural remedies in baltimore md, would a pharmacy or health food store sell these?
accutane side effects - quick questionn?
What is Shujinghuoxuewan?
Drugs and Alcohol :S ?
How do u treat colsaws at home?
Blood pressure: What does a systolic 130 w/ diastolic 67 blood pressure mean? (w/ 78 pulse)?
I have a severe acne. Right now, I'm using Neutrogena products. How much time will it takes to show results?
Get rid of acne/oily skin without drying out my skin ?
How can i get rid of my Acne Fast?
weird hole in back that white gunk can be squeezed out, not an infection?
A natural Zit Zapper?
Why are there Bumps on the back of arm?
whats the fastest way to get rid of an ear infection?
Help!!! Head Lice!!!?
Has anyone had laser surgery for stretch marks?
I'm breaking into hives all over my body, help?
Whats a person called when they want to creat new skin creams?
Where do you find a good cheap manneause in the US?
Bruise in the throat?
HEAD MASSAGE technique to deal with Head-ache?
who has to get up early in the morning but cant be bothered to go to sleep?
orthotics and who can supply them?
Is it true that being on the computer too long can cause carpal tunnel syndrome?
What happens when you get caught for self injury?
what is a cure for heel spurs?
how long does a bruise completely heal?
DO i Have a concussion?
Why do my knees/legs go purple/red where my legs where crossed.if i keep them crossed for a while?is it bad?
My left shoulder is hurt from my seatbelt in a side impact accident. Can someone tell me what is wrong?
how long does it take for a fat lip to heal?
Broken Collar Bone Questions?
stubbed toe?
tripped over and toe nail has gone through the top of my big toe?
sliced tendons?
Laptop on angle bad for wrists?
vain pressed at wrist?
how to make my swollen feet go down by tomorrow?
How do i know if i pulled my forearm or just worked it too hard?
Have you ever slept on your arm?
My lower back hurts? Help! Possible muscle pulled?
Should I get my finger broken?
can fingering prevent me from having babies?
I think i have a brain tumor. please help me :(?
what are these noises coming from my throat? Whats the diff from tonsillitis,strep or mono?
how to get rid of the annoying blackheads on my nose????
Face so oily, how do i fix?
Crusty, Cracking, Painful Stuff on Crease of Ear?
I was wondering if anyone has personal experience with a visit to the Mayo Clinic in Sedona?
How to get the best doctor?
Is Vision Express and Specsavers good? Any alternatives?
What would happen if i kept awake for even longer?
why do I feel so run down?
What side effects can taking two pro plus and a can of relentless do?
How can I fall asleep?
What is this spinning feeling?
Which forms of advanced biological genetic or transplantological experiments you consider to be immoral?
I just joined BUPA, how does it work?
twitchy jumpy legs at night, what is this?
what could it beeeeee?
My hand has been asleep for three weeks. What could it be?
I feel Horrible... Can you help?
Could this be related ? Ulcer,jaw,neck pain ?
k im tryin realli hard not 2 panic...?
Were can i buy Apetamin syrup in the UK?
HELP!!! I Have a strange clicking noice at the back of my head It started monthes ago when i was out walking?
How can i get a good night sleep?
Multiple Health Issues?
Will i grow any taller?
Do you think sick people who cough without covering their mouths should be smacked upside their head?
Do you know the name of these eyedrops that dilate the pupil?
What's good for the kidneys?
why can i only breathe through one side of my nose?
how do u wiggle your ears?
whats the best place to buy herbs?
is this a good diet?
How can I stop laugh crying?
Why do I get sick when I play video games?
What does it mean if your stomach is sensitive to orange juice?
What are enemas used for?
Drug Question Need Answers...?
Do Head CT Scans Check for Neurological Problems?
Does Canada have morgues?
I feel horribly sick. What can I do?
what do i do i lost my sense of smell and taste due to a cold, plus how can i cure a cold fast?
treating a ear ache?
Saw palmetto?
Really bad trip on weed, what happened?
Why do I sometimes feel like I'm rocking back and forth when I'm sitting down?
are bad stomach pains normal at start of period?
I wore a tight sneakers and my both toes are discoloured and I begginning to pile of easily what can I do??
Dry feet......Will this work ?
Do you think I have mono?
getting rashes everywhere need help?
How many people have asthma in canada?
if my mom has keloid skin, does that mean i have it to?
So I had this lump on the back of my ear...?
I'm suffering from armpit odors what's the solution please?
What face moisturizer to use on Sensitive Skin?
red itchy little bumps on stomach ( picture)?
acne and lack of blood to face?
Intense Blackhead Treatment?
What could a dermatologist do...?
Using accutane, can I spend the day outside?
Does mole removal always end up in scarring?
Keratosis pilaris alba, Treatments?
lenses that give you naturally good eyesight by morning?
hi i am facially deformed please send donations contact me?
what is the hardest illness to deal with when it comes to kids?
please can some one help I Really need some desperate advise?
Thanks everyone?
Why is there a higher rate of young men committing suicide?
I have been prescribed Cipramil - should I take it?
have you ever been close - or felt that you have - to death?
does anyone else get SAD who live in warwickshire ???
I've been having trouble sleeping lately?
This is a question about care of people with dementia.?
Help, why do my emotions swing so drastically?
Can diet or any "home remedies" be used to treat/ avoid minor emotional disorders...?
Have you ever lost your marbles?
Just wondered, tips to get back on track?
Where can I buy a back support?
NEED HELP Boyfriend is shivering and cold at night?
My boyfriends sleep patterns are affecting us both?
Trouble keeping food & water down?
trapped feeling in left abdomen?
can someone give me some advice on how to quit smoking please?
Where can I find NHS performance / league tables 2007/08?
If you discover a fire, what is the correct procedure to raise the alarm?
My Bowls are broken!!! I need advice on what to do please?
Am I deaf.....................?
what is the best treatment for a pulled back muscle, i'm in servere pain!!?
help about my tablets?
Prevacid 30 mg side effects?
Is it only a matter of time before we Loose the War against the H5N1 Flu from becoming a Global Flu Pandemic?
(()()()() My eye!!! Please help!!!! ()()()()()?
what happens when gallstones large but too risky to operate?
I may have a dangerous illness or infection?
So, do I have that brain eating amoeba?Or is it paranoia?
So basically i think i have an infection?
how long do you needto wait inbetween hep shots?
Is cataracts hereditary ?
Is this just the Common Cold?
Basic allergy question?-10 pts?
Do I have a big nose?
one nut big than the other what do i do ?
My friends eyes are red and puffy? getting worse?
I have stuffy nose and headache again, i am worried coz i'm getting it 2x/month. could it be worse than cold?
Am I Allergic To Alcohol?
what do you do about hives and a partial throat closing?
Can anyone name me a few good sites with information on allergies?
My mouth goes numb when using the conditioner that comes in hair dye kits?
The inside of my nose piercing looks very swollen?
How to stop Nosebleeds?
Allergy to Pistacios?
Is this normal with lactose intolerance? I'm scared...?
Chronic Hives... fear working help!!?
was it a reaction to amoxicillin?
Do I have Allergies or is it something else?
i have metal watch rash and want to get rid of it so i can where my watch i think it is an allergies?
possible bug bites in a new apartment...?
Are These Allergies if not what are they?
Lower back sorta hurts from deadlifts?
What exercises are safe to do with 2 bulging discs?
Has anyone else with allergies had this problem?
Runny nose on and off?
Is it possible to be allergic to water?
What happens during a physiotherapy session for the knee?
How long does it usually take for a fractured rib to heal?
Help with getting the right brace?
Why is my shin swelling?
Does it hurt when someone gets punched in the upper back? Is the upper back considered a fragile body part?
Question about Amitriptyline for nerve pain treatment?
I have a muscle strain or appendicitis?
Popped a blister between my thumb and index finger on right hand, it's 1cm by 0.5 cm very painful... help?
Hi, I broke my 5th metatarsal, its a mid-shaft fracture and im planning to take it of 4 earlier than i should?
PINCHED NERVE SURGERY tomorrow??? help please?
Can a healed broken nose cause long term breathing issues while exercising?
partially torn ligaments and a split tendon?
could my hand be fractured?
I put my hand in a bunch of thistles!?
I stretched my ears and 2 days later their bleeding??
Do you know any over-counter inhalers for asthma in Toronto?
Do I have Ecoli infection from the ground beef I ate?
Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease?
Could celiac disease run in Hitler's family?
tonsil/strep question?
I used nair facial cream while I had a runny nose. Should I worry?
my 3 month old has redish cheeks is that normal?
what can i do about my IBD?
I know a 14 year old girl that still sleeps with a pacifier at night. What can I do to help her?
Do you think that having a metal rod in your back is considered a disability?
What are the proven effect of marijuanna on you health?
I'm SICK. What to drink/eat besides medicine?
what do i do??????????????????????????????????
how do you get rid of trembling hands without surgery or drastic measures?
How can i have dreams
what are the symptoms of date rape drugs..and what happen to the person who was drug-ed .?
what do these symptoms sound like?
My chin hurts when I woke up in the morn.?
HELP! . . .I owe the government $17,000. . .what can I do??
Need to stop a bad habbit please help!?
Help----diarrhea problems!!!!?
this is gross, but! how do i get rid of a foot and toenail fungus?
can you get medicine for the pharmacy if you don't have a prescription?
how can you get rid of headlice?
put in Q tip too deep in ear ouch!?
My behaviours changing.. ive starting smokin and bunkin of school i dont like who ive become..?
i want my black heads GONE!?
Bacne HELP please!!!?
i get cold sores on my lips?
my daughter has ezema really bad and some of her skin has come off her face. I was told preparation H will re?
does hipatities B deserpear in the body without treatments?
I'm on the pill. Why is my Acne worse?
Americans: How much do you pay for soft contact lenses?
Hi I'm going into hospital for Abductor Realising Surgery and what does it involves & the recovery is? than?
Just want to hear peoples opinions of the use of Methadone perscribing for the use of opiate addiction detox.?
Selective Hearing Does it Exsist or is it just an Excuse?
Did I Have Food Poisoning Or Something Else And Is The Effects Normal Of What I Had?
what could be wrong with me.?! please help?I?
Help me please, whats wrong with me..?!?!?
how to recover faster?
Is there anything I can do about my double-jointed (Hypermobile) fingers?
i wake at 5.30 every morning is this ok and am i getting enough sleep if i go to bed at 10.30?
why do i worrie so much ?
How do people manage to hang themselves?
how long after a bunion and hammertoe surgery do you get back to normal. i can walk now . cast off 2 weeks .?
left foot is ok,,but my right foot,,is swollen up due to having 3 strokes,anybody can make shoes.disabled.mary
Is there anyone who would like to take my email address and keep in contact for people who have arthritis knee
What is pain augmentation syndrome?
what signs are there?
Do people that suffer nervous breakdowns know in advance that they are going to have one?
For 24 hour help did you know you can ring the Samaritans? I just lost the question from the guy who was?
i need to know the eight roles for mental health nurses according to Forster 2001?
How can i use hypnosis any steps >???
bullying at work?
How can we best manage the anger of both others and ourselves?
beauty therapy question?
gaps in my memory?
How can i erase someone's memory?
anyone know a support group on line for help with seroxat withdrawal?
why do i feel like i'm gonna collapse and stop breathing?
I have a little Acne Problem?
Ciprofloxacin for sore throat?
How can I have glowing skin? I've recently lost weight and this cold weather isn't helping either.?
I have had a upper chest infection (coughing, congestion) for one week now?
Out of breath by merely walking VERY slowly?
How long should i apply tea tree oil to jock itch for?
Why Canadians have so many allergies????
i think there is something really wrong with my throat?
Debilitating fear...makes me want to die?
sometimes the back of my throat gets itchy and so does my ear?
I have serious allergy problems and nasal congestion is my main problem. Does anyone have any good advice??
Does anybody knows why whenever I wake up in the morning my face( my eye lid and lips )is swollen?
can I give my terrier cough syrup with DM?
How did your child describe their first nut allergy reaction?
How can I be cured faster?
Left eye is really swollen?
What ALLERGY meds do you use?
Is there any at home remedies that I can use on my 3 month old for eczema (on the face)?
Hi,I've had a deadly allergic reaction to gadolinium dye, and still have side effects. has anyone had the same?
my throat feels swollen?
Why are Asians so intolerant to Alcohol?
They say I'm allergic!?
my sisters allergy test?
Reactine Allergy Pills Question?
when your on ecstacy do you understand whats going on?
do you get enough sleep ?? what do you do!?
am i right for my age?
Sore throat on left side?
Success with Oxybutynin?
SteamRoom Question?????????
Why is it not safe to breathe in chlorophyll as a means of getting to sleep?
which surgeries if any am i allowed for free from NHS?
Has anyone used regucol? If so did it work?
i have these wart like things on my face?
been up for 2 days now need sleep?
Anyone know what my symptoms might mean ?
sporadic Loudness in one ear when i speak?
large lump under the skin?
has anyone out there had cosmetic surgery on eye area?
How to get rid of a rash?
Acne irritation problem! Please Help!?
How does chest acne develop?
This stubborn Acne is scaring me! omebody with expereine plz help me?
help with my skin?
Has anyone been able to get over psoriasis using Dr. John Pagano's book Healing Psoriasis ?
How to get rid of bad eyelid ? Pics included .?
Howcome accutane didn't work for me, I've been on it TWICE?
need help with my skin?
I have a mole in my bikini line area?
can i use canker sore medicine on cold sore?
How do I know if I actually broke my toe? Honestly tho..?
Partial MCL tear and Stretched ACL- can i work out?
how should I gradually excercise and strenthen my body?
My friend broke her collar bone.?
Should i still go see a doctor if the signs of a concussion are going away?
i hit my foot on the thing where u go on to wieght urself?
I am recovering from a stroke termed "ataxic"wondering if an elliptical machine will help my balance?
I got my lip pierced a month ago and it's still incredibly swollen. I clean it like I'm supposed to. HELP!
fell out of the tree?
My head...?
Hi when i was 28 weeks preggers i burned my stomach with boiling water?
My artificial gel fill nail ripped off and took away my real nail with it...What should I do? It's 1AM....?
is it as bad as people say it is?
What's going on with my knee?
My abdomen was hurting me very much today. I couldn't stand straight up from the pain.?
woodlands hospital nr leeds west yorkshire?
How much does an average knee brace cost?
How do you make a concussion heal faster?
Has anyone heard?
can an osteopath help my partner's sciatic pain?
Why is my leg very bruised up and swollen?
Does anyone have any advice for buying crutches?
If you have fractured ribs, how likely can you contract pneumonia?
What are these small flesh coloured bumps on my knees?
Im scared i have pneumonia?
Throat infection wont go away?
Where should i go to get medications for herpes outbreak on a weekend in london ont?
i have a metal taste in my mouth when i eat?
What does *COUGH COUGH* mean?
Fellow celiacs: do you still feel symptoms for a month or 2 after starting the diet?
Why is it that my ears and throat always itch?
non-prescription PIH (Hyperpigmentation) treatments?
How long does proactive take to work?
What are the viruses going around right now?
tincture, how do i make one that works, simple one, anyone know?
Starting to get a sore throat......?
Is it possible to have a viral and bacterial infection at the same time?
HOW TO KILL BED BUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Is there any way to inflame your appendix yourself? PLEASE ANSWER?
Where is small pox virus found? (in which countries)?
What's the medical word for when guys in suits take you?
Cost of Tonsil Removal Surgery in Ontario, Canada?
CBC blood test results!! :(?
What is the best way to get rid of a sore throat?
Will i get mono??help im scared.?
I got the H1N1 flu shot for my 2-year old daughter last year, and it made her extremely sick for 5 solid days?
Bubonic plague, How long do the symptoms last?
has anyone have a reaction to a PPD test?
Is Blepharitis contagious?
Is stress a positive or negative thing for YOU!?
i'm trying to find an article about mental health?
Does TV set effect a type of hypnotism?
Do st johns worts tablets work??
Are coma's easy to fall into?
My child has ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder). How do I go about getting him evaluated in California, USA?
Another anxiety question?
What are the effects of psychological stress? essay 1000 words?
I think my friend may be a danger to herself what can I do?
How do you best support a friend whose Mum has dementia?
Whats the best way to get over my fear of flying?
Does anyone want to help me and be a sort of online counsellor?
i need to find a percentage?
High Blood Pressure. Help Please.?
Why am i Busing easily?
Is this a good workout?
How do you get rid of red eyes?
Hypoallergenic foods?
Are Chinchilla's Non-Allergic ?
I always have to clear my throat, my doctor keeps telling me it's allergy any suggestion?
Would bra straps be the cause of a rash?
Is it possible for your skin to be allergic to your own body fluids?
people with perfume allergies?
Get the shots and get sick or don't get it and get sick?
Am I Allergic to SPF?!?
what to expect during an allergy test?
Unexplained allergies...?
Help my stuffed nose?
Have you taken the needle for allergies?
can i stop taking minocycline?
Allergic reaction to something?
Allergic after over a week?
I'm lactose intolerant, feeling very very sick?
how do you get rid of pin worms?
Why cannot I taste anything when I have a cold?
I have been thinking about training to be a paramedic or nursing. What is the most stressful part of the job?
sleepy problems?
treatment used during physiotherapy?
I get cysts around my ears anyway to prevent them?
what is the difference between a nurse practitioner and a doctor and why would someone choose to go to a nurse
Bump below both ears right near upper jaw?
Where can I buy an arthritic Hot Pad powered from a car`s 12-volt system?
Strong Urge to do More Drugs After Getting Off Weed?
how do i find out what blood type I am?
Muscle Pain?
If i have ADHD then why am i so calm?
Smoking weed before getting a nose job???
Do I have an eating disorder? If so which one?
Where can I find pediatric specialists I can ask for second opinion?
Would this happen to be a common cold, or something worse?
Why would I have a bubbling/squeezing feeling in the left side of my chest?
Does accutane help take away red marks from acne?
My feet are HORRIBLE. i have wart(s) and the bottoms of my feet are always dry, peeling, and red..please read?
How to get rid of acne fast!?
itchy red bumps filled with clear liquid...?
Natural Remedies to get rid of Warts?
my daughter has red painful sore lips.what is this?
Can anyone tell me if Streptococus and the Flesh Eating Diease are the same thing or two different things?
11 weeks (almost 3 months) of accutane, still breaking out?!?
On accutane with high cholesterol?
Why do I have a painful bump?
Why are my hands really dry and burn and cut whenever I wash them?
how can i keep my skin acne free?
My cheeks/arm are red and hot from painting today Why?
How can I deal with "grief acne"?
Small skin problem please help asap...?
If i have a fracture in my hand what should i do?
I have some unexplained bruises, should I be worried?
Any relief from a grease burn?
Is my finger broken - It hurts?
I have a curled second toe?
how do i stop my eyes from hurting when i move my head?
what will happen?
A year ago my son hit his head and it left a small bump. Will it ever go away?
did i break my wrist growth plate?
I accidently walked into my door.?
My groin hurts!!! What is going on?
helpie me here?
I ran in place for 10 minutes - calves are KILLING me??!?
What is the treatment to a stress fracture in the tibia?
i've a cast on my foot because of 3 broken metatarsels.how soon after it comes off wil i be able walk properly
Why does my hip keep cracking and popping!?
pinched nerve?
swollen foot and im not sure whats going on?
HELP! injured shoulder! HELP!?
Torn Ligament in my ankle?
Broken finger dissolvable sutures didn't dissolve.?
How long does it take for bruises to show up?
Can anyone understand moussa?
Is there such a thing as good mental illness?
drug abuse. How does this affect the family?
Will you try a dream experiment and then post the results?
does lexapro work and if so how long will it take to work?
analyse,the structure,policies,procedures of care providers impacted on a dementia?
Thanks 4 answers so far on Drug use. That was the 1st thing that came in2 my head but it seemed 2 easy.?
can an adult who lives in scotland, uk get a diagnosis for dyspraxia from his doctor?
effexor 75mg?
Whats that disorder when u fall asleep like instantaneously? Do I have it? It there a cure? HELP!! ZZZZZZZZZZZ
what will happen to my body if i wake up often during the night?
Hospital Appointment tomorrow any info on procedure?
Need Help !! My eyelashes were glued together?
still recovering from virus?
What kinds of symptoms or signs can you get from fallen food?
What is a good virus killer?
Do YOU think I have rabies, please answer!?
Anyone out there have the mild form of West Nile?
do you think daycare centres are free from germs and do providers really obey all the rules?
Can ear tumors kill people?
What are the specific health concerns one should be aware of in regards to a malfunctioning septic field?
Is it normal to be scared s***less about the Swine Flu?
what are the foods usually to be avoided in hepa b patient???
attempted cures for aids?
what kid of bug spray/ killer should I use for scabbies on furniture that is safe for my family?
how long can a person live with lock jaw , tetnus, if they have it?
Does anyone have opinions on whether to get the H1N1 flu shot, or for those who have gotten it, any symptoms?
Gallstones: What are they, do I have them?
I have a low retic absolute count with a high rdw count on my bloodwork. Is this a problem?
Should I get the swine flu vaccine?
Is my baby at risk of catching the herpes virus?
Do I Have Mono???????????
Has anyone had decompression eye surgery for Thyroid Eye Disease?
Are you sick?
Something else that freezes besides ice?
How can i make my step father to quit smoking?
what is more unhealthy cigarettes or cigars (the ones with the plastic filters on the end)?
What does it mean if your middle toe is longer then your big toe?
i have had suicidal thoughts help?
My nose just bleeds randomly? whats with that???
SSRIs and marijuana?
My son(28) has devloped an allergy to metal.As you can imagine,it makes his life difficult.?
information about acai berry allergies?
If you are allergic to anything, does it effect you badly? How do you cope with it?
Help! What is the best way to treat red, itchy, chapped lips?
Do I Have Allergies, What can help this?
Am I having a reaction to codeine or an anti-inflammatory?
When's the best time to take my allergy tablets?
know this type of headache?
Is it possible to get rid of a dust allergy?
my cat has diearea could it be the heat?
I have had TERRIBLE allergies all week!?
I have so much ACDT ,so what could I do?
Am I allergic to alcohol?
can an allergic reaction make you tired?
Food Additive... Is it safe?
Is it possible that I'm allergic to dog spit when it's on my boyfriend's beard?
Red Spots - Anyone have an idea as to what this may be?
can you do expired shots?
What is an antihistamine?
How long does a spring allergy rash last?
If I have a reaction to glycerin in store bought grooming products. Is vegetable glycerin the same thing?
Help me with allergic reaction?
Can spiderplants in bloom mess with allergies?
Are daily contact lenses the same for everyone or do you get your own personal perscription?
Is tap water harmful in Brussels?
Dignitas use Nembutal, but if you don't want to pay the 4000 or whatever euros to them, can you get it?
ingrown toenail problem?
vaccinations information?
Question for doctors about veins in my hands?
Is it bad if your muscles crack when flexed? What happens?
Can you cure narcolepsy?
Can I go to a Walk-In-Clinic for an acne prescription?
I am really sure I want to give up smoking and have set the date for tomorrow!! Any advice?
What GSCE qualifications do i need to become an ultrasound technician?
How do i get rid of bad acne?
ibs...pain of heartburn?new symptom?
What could be causing my dizzy spells?
Help with bad abdominal pain on right side?
In ancient Rome what herbal medicine was used to aid sleeping?
Alternate medication?
can i keep joints/blunts fresh in a cigar humifidifer?
Where can i...?
ideas healing a persons hands?
Alternative medicines for PCOS suffers?
what is the name for someone who in a chaplain in a rehab facility?
Has anyone tried kinesiology? and did it help you?
I'm looking for a holistic doctor in the Akron Ohio area. Any recommendations?
How to get 20/20 vision naturally?
what is the common and scientific name for Methadone?
Ross River Virus anyone know of natural remiedies that have helped with symptoms of RRV?
St. John's Wort with Ginkgo Biloba?
Will HGH injections make me grow taller? (EASY 10 POINTS)?
Will Appetite syrups work ?
How strenuous is it to become a naturopathic doctor?
Your experince about theta healing?
Are there any tanning pills available that give a natural looking tan with no side effects?
Why does your stomach go flat after taking MDMA?
Does Swedish Bitters cure constipation.?
My son is taking Short Course Chemotheraphy treatment, is there glutathione supplement available for kids?
Vata/Pitta Dosha combination?
can you see cancer and regular cells with a classroom microscope?
TB medication side-effects?
Tumoral Factor (Ovarian Cancer survivor)?
Can you use Dr.Scholls skin tag remover for...?
If I've had some blood work on my adrenal glands does that rule out Addison's disease?
What were the "complications" from the pneumonia that actually ended the life of the late Leslie Nielsen?
Are women prone to bladder infections from coitus?
How do you concentrate on what you are doing?
how long does risperdal take to absord intto body when taken in liquid form?
how can a healthy male get circumcized in the uk?
Depression aint good?
Why do so many people talk about bullying as if it is a school issue only?
I'm I allergic to Multivitamin?
allergic reaction?infection,dieseas?help?
for people allergic to penncillian, is there a natural remady?
Should I get a nose job?
Do you think I'm allergic to nickel?
Allergic reaction in my job ?!?
What are these tiny bugs in our new apartment? Dust Mites?
I have some questions about an allergy?
help me get rid of my stuffy nose !?
Pulled hip-flexor and what to do?
Walking casts question?
Fell Running Down A Hill Then The Pins And Needles Came?
Do i have a pulled groin or pull leg?
How long can a cold pack last?
What kind of cast can I expect to go into after being in a fiberglass cast for 4 weeks following ankle surgery?
I was told about 2 years ago that I had white matter disease and that it had gone dormant.?
is there anyway i can recover my hearing.?
Small dark bump on the underside of toe?
How reoccurring are knee injuries?
I cut nuckle open and.. PLEASE HELP?
how long after ACL surgery until i can walk without crutches?
Achy Calf after injury????
throbbing in finger ?
HEALTH, bruises? noooooooooooooooooo?
My knuckles crack when I make a fist?
I fractured my right arm and now there is no feeling and unable to move.?
can your lips get chapped if you have made out with someone for and hour/2?
Can a doctors receptionist read your file?
what can it be -all of the sudden i lost my eyesight a little?
my circulation is REALLY bad!!!?
Is it free to call NHS direct?
Up For It in Lanarkshire?
Is there something wrong with my arms / hands?
ok what on earth could be wrong with me?
Please Will You Help, Black Neck?
My sister may be taking my Eltroxin pills...?
Where to buy specialist socks with no ribs at the top of them?
Can i give blood in the UK?
Hair of the dog. . .?
toilet issue - no offence intended?
Is it possible to be prone to ingrowing nails?
Acne problems help! No product suggestions please.?
i have an open blister on the back of my foot from tap and its not healing?
how do you get rid of bug bites?
I'm allergic to benzoyl peroxide, what can i do to get rid of my acne?
Back in the day, could scarlet fever affect *speech* solely?
How harmful is the bacteria from human feces and urine?
How is malaria transmitted?
weird lumps on neck that comes with headache and fever?
is there a way to provent a toe infection befor it ocurs?
Are young people at risk of flu this winter as well as the old?
Has anyone ever been hypnotised? not stage show stuff but for giving up smoking, weight loss etc. Results?
has anyone seen a health kinesiologist for allergies or any other condition?
Chikungunya Fever in Mauritius... should I be worried?
can too many fluilds in the body turn to fat?,and are they as fattening as food?explain please!?
what are your views of the role of the district nurse?
how do mucus and phlegm build up inside the body?
I think I have poor circulation problems......?
If the Hep B surface antigen test is positive but the core antibody test is negative is that a new infection?
I just started taking accutane wondering if im going to ruin my life because of this?
Help i dont know what to do about my scalp problem anymore!?
Will accutane take away red acne marks?
ever popped a nad?
what happens if i have taken to many galpharm tablets?
Whenever I don't get enough sleep both my teeth and knees severely ache. Why is this so?
Can anyone identify white round scored pill with SK2 on reverse?
Got a dry throat how can I clear it?
does anyone know of a bone that starts with E?
can enyone please help me ?
Does lifting weight stuns height growth?
Why are my eyes swollen in the morning and as the day wears on, it goes away?
I have to do something referring to Stem Cell Research.?
Whenever I perform on stage my bottom lip twitches like crazy. How do I stop this?
What would you call someone who gets mad for a short period of time?
how long does it take you to die?
Why am I so tired all the time?
Swollen, painful eye? Help?
Help Quiting Smoking!?
Home remedy??
What should a girl age 13 - 15 be doing to take care of their skin, and what kind of products?
Got bit by a mosquito and it SWELLED!?
When you had an MRI did you get a follow up appointment?
One of my tonsils (right one) is swollen. What does that mean?
What would you lif one of your parents is in coma and the drs asked you to take of the machine would you ?
I have a lump down below that looks like a bubble,any ideas on what it is?
weird weed experience?
How does severe depression cause weight gain?!?
What would be a good name for a naturopathic business/clinic?
I started taking emu oil for arthritis and my heart started missing beats and fluttering?
EPA and depression?
cooking with medicinal herbs?
I would really love to know how I could get a hold of the Colonix program?
HELP!!! Is 5HTP Dangerous to take as a supplement?
has anyone recently being hypnotised for the first time?
Is there a website that I can find the energetics of foods on.?
Does anyone know where I can buy Litozin (the rosehip medication) in Australia?
Is Krill Oil as good as the studies indicate?
how can i remove thc from my body..?
what is the white medicene that you get during a procedure?
Has anyone tried VegEPA capsules?
Is Ginkgo Biloba safe to take with B12, folic acid, multi vit, vit c and milk thistle?
where in Melbourne, Australia, can you buy acai berry products?
has anyone done acupunture?
What are the best Yoga poses for high blood pressure?
an occasion when you had to deal with someone who was not satisfied with the way they had been treated.?
Whats the diffrence between a sociapath and pyscopath?
what support services are available to those with mental ill health?
PAMELA R........... ADHD ODD etc etc?
Irritated eyes - itchy (crusty in the morning)?
cant sleep what shall i do to sleep?
How and why do we hiccough?
How can i get rid of this catarhh?
Cleaning Contact Lens?!?
how to stop excessive sweating?
Sunburn treatment !!!!?
what's daktacort cream for?
how do you get tonsulitus?
im flat footed, should i do something?
Couldnt sleep, and have to go to work, what do i do?
Can I still have my varicose veins done on the National Health ? My GP says I cant.?
i want to report a care home?
How can I stop my back clicking?
can you get Oilatum for kids on prescription in the uk?
when can I stop stressing about head lice?
Urgent care: who calls back?
HELP, blackheads?..........?
Pediatric Oncology Question?
Help with an opening statement about MRSA?
I have slightly raised bumps on my sides, stomach and inner thigh?
When can I start briskly exercising after having pneumonia?
how can i stop my hands from sweating?
Anyone used proactiv before?
I wiped my bum with poison ivy! Help!?
cure face rash?
How do you get rid of acne scars?
I am 18 years old and I am a male and I have acne on my chest and on my back?
orange marks around mouth?
My skin underneath my eye really hurts and is very red;?
how can i make a scar last forever?
Will there be any permanent damage after taking accutane?
tips on haw to get rid of acne,fast!!!!!!!!!!!!please help!!!!!1?
should i be embarrassed about my elbows VERY URGENT?
Injured my shoulder in rugby, every time i make contact it clicks in and out?
Have pain in my eye from broken blood vessel?
If I have a medical note from my doctor saying he doesn't want me to do physical work for a month...?
A small, thin strand of flesh is hanging from my tongue?
What is third degree whiplash?
help me.this is very serious!!!!!!!!HELP?
potential torn acl, can i kickbox without surgery?
Will have jaw surgery again, after step 1 done today?
Dislocation or sprain?
Ingrown Toenail removal procedure?
Will I ever be able to play soccer or sports again after meniscus tear?
What do I do with my blue toenail?
Advice on Acessory Navicular Bone!?
I burned myself and now that its healing its really itchy, what can I do about it?
Red spots on friend's hands after hitting them?
what to do for wrist pain?
How come my ribs always pop out of place?
Do I need to get this cut off?
a scar on my elbow? infected?
Can you get a kidney infection from doing drugs?
What's wrong with me?
How to get taller without taking drugs?
is it weird for a 18 year old to be 4'11?
Does anyone have any ideas of what I could do so that I don't sit around and eat on evenings and week ends?
I cannot sleep, what should i do?
Susan Yarrawonga please find any medicine for my stoped Pituitary Gland u can do it.?
Is shock therapy still legal in australia?
melt & pour soap recipe?
alleviating limb length discrepancy problem?
How do you cure a sore throat?
Are there any whole food supplement companies in Australia?
Does oil pulling have any merit at all?
in a aromatherapy massage will the essential oils lemon, rosemary and eucalyptus promote relaxation?
Australian medicine manufacturers?
can you give me some safe sleeping pills that are available in the philippines..?
Can the Home Depot saliva get you high? We have it in our yard and we noticed leaves missing.?
Does anyone work at a health food store?
Can somebody tell me about the vitamin 5-htp?
Does evening primrose oil make you feel really nauseated?
What does Louise Hay say about cervical spine (neck) problems?
How to make home made prune juice from packaged prunes?
What is wind in Chinese Medicine?
have headlice nits and they wont go away no matter what we use please tell me better way?
my friends say, strepsils is non halal and now I'm having a fever . is it halal or not?
if you are 14 years old can you go and see your doctor without your parents?
I'm 3 months pregnant and have a lower back ache, not painful.Did anybody have this and what can i do to help.
Are there any support groups for migraine sufferers in the Bedford area?
Is it a home visit or do I have to go to the doctors?
Could somebody please explain why this happens?
had a headache for 2 weeks now, everyday. what can it mean?
I can't stop falling asleep in buses or cars or trains?
I can't stop falling asleep in buses or cars or trains?
why am i sooooo tired?
Who is Frank from Talk to Frank?
I am doing my SVQ3, does any1 know European legislations for prevention of abusive and aggressive behaviour?
How do I find specific consultants at two particular hospitals please?
Popping fat bubbles under my skin?
when music is to loud at work?
Pain in my eyes? Help from Dr Frank or Rhianna please?
why does ginger beer seem to soothe the affect of vinegar?
Whole body feels itchy, worms spread out to everywhere in my body. My leng and feet are itcky, what can i do?
If i already had h1n1 am i immune to it? And can i get tested for it after i am better?
is Hep A something u have 4 ever? (if u get it)?
iM IN GRADE 7 (keep reading) VACCINE?
Is this pink eye? i need help i dont know someone please answer?
hiv transmission or other diseases?
how long do germs live?
how to get rid of a sore throat fast?
Travelling across Canada with 8 month old?
What is the type of mutation responsible for Down Syndrome and what for Turner syndrome?
Minimal change disease?
Should patients insist that nurses wash their hands?
how long for my pink eye to go away!?
It would appear our cat has tapeworms. What is the usual treatment for that and is there a natural substance t?
What diseases can you get from being around rats?
Anthrax In Australia?
Are These Allergies if not what are they?
Is there a general anti-fungal cream that treats many types of skin fungal infections?
whats that disease called where you can taste and smell colours?
Kso I need Help with a cold sore.?
stop inflammation in the bowel?
do you think my ulcer can heal in a few days if I increase the amount of cabbage juice?
picking the scares on my face?
Need help on stomach disease!?
Thanks everyone?
Why do i feel 'Woolly Headed'?
Wrinkled Fingers?
fast asleep?
Neck Pain!?
hi' yes i am in care (mental health)?
NVQ 3 Health and well being, unit CL5.?
drops for my eyes? i have dry eyes i wear contacts and glasses?
do i have shingles?????????
Weird Zit and Swollen Lip?
How do I quickly get rid of plantar wart after blister?
If I'm using duct tape on my wart to make it go away, will it be effective if I keep it covered at night?
How do I get rid of a skin tag?
rash on hands, maybe due to winter?
What happens to skin cell when you burn?
Advice for dry skin (but gets oily) picking 10pts. Plz help :(?
What is this bump on the back of my head? ?
How can i make the scab on my face not scar? PLEASE HELP (read details frist)?
bacne cures (back acne)?
What experiences have you had on Accutane?
Are there any dangers from never passing wind?
SLE (Lupus)...Alternative Therapies? Do they work?
is 500g powdered kava enough for 2 people?
How to make organic apple cider vinegar?
uric acidin human body anits cures?
how do u give up speed ? this is to do with school work?
steroids? were can i get em?
does shoppers drug mart sell gh?
things to consider when visiting a acupuncturist?
acupuncture for tennis elbow.Side effects ?
How has Fish Oil helped you?
can Cyclobenzaprine show up on drug tests?
How popular is chiropractic in Australia?
What do doctors and the medical profession think of "Neural Cranial Realignment"?
How would I go about finding particular substances?
If you get high off sleeping pills does it show on a drug test?
What is ResV or even Resveratrol?
Are African Drumming classes more therapeutic than meditation?
Which essential oils are better to avoid until 2nd stage of labour?
Taking Celery & Juniper capsules every day bad?
What natural supplements balance hormone levels?
How To Get Rid Of Bags?
Is the tissue paper you put on top of a present,could that aslo be used as oil blotting sheets?
My beclodisk asthma meds expired a year ago, will they still be effective?
Right side of neck is so swollen it hurts to talk, let alone to consume.?
Help! How can I improve the look of the strech marks on my thies? Like make them disapear a bit..?
my skin turns red when i put a lot of benzoyl peroxide?
Where can I find a good dermatologist in Ontario?
Waking up stress, how can i stop this?
what do you believe causes underage drinking? (family problems, pressure exc.)?
how much weight do you think ill loose by just becomeing a vegan?
Where is the weirdest place you've fallen asleep?
Why am I so tired with plenty rest?
being operated on with out going to sleep?
Can you lose your voice from acid reflux?
What does a stomach ulcer feel like?
White Bumps On Back Of Throat?
How to get rid of this cold?
Does marijuana give you bad breath or is it cigarettes?
can you o.d. on 6 extra strength tylenol in two hours?
Can't wear earrings??!?!?!?
I don't know how to ask this .. ? So just click this ?
tanning does it really??
Where exactly is your pulse on your leg or foot taken to see if you have proper circulation to your feet?
why r safety glasses important?
surgery question about anesthesia?
Would you consider buying drugs on the internet?
Some questions about Beta Blockers?
I know this sounds gross but...?
F.S.A, has listed the address that yahoo cannot find,? the right to buy specialists ltd.!!?
Ninth person to reply gets best answer?
I have been trying to quit smoking every day for like 8 weeks what can I do...?
who else feels really tired come tea-time? what to do to perk up?
How do you reduce sunburn redness quickly?
what causes muscles or nerves to twitch?
whats wrong with me so many problems?
i keep standing in the fridge at work to keep cool, what are you doing to keep cool at work?
Pins and needles in my two arms?
why are my veins showing so much in my hands?
How can after spraining your ankles can you begin to excercise.?
What's wrong with my knee?
Would going on a vacation with a sprained muscle near full recovery make things worse?
Shin splints and strained quad muscle?
Goose egg or more serious ? (Bump on arm)?
Hair growing inside a wound - stitches were just removed. Is this normal?
Difference between a cast and a camwalker?
I've recently had a shoulder dislocation and am looking for excersises to rehabilitate. Any suggestions?
Please! Who do i call? Nothing seems to work! I'm Worried!?
I train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and I have been put in chokes that have made me bleed from my ear and nose, safe?
heard a pop in ankle little swelling no pain?
Help me,please...what cares should one have towards the practice of facial isometric?
Will my sprained ankle ever feel normal again?
Pain or Strain in my right Rotator Cuff, what is it?
has anyone else heard of an external sternum?
Please help ankle problems!!?
How do you cure a pulled Muscle?
Can i get a lip peircing over my cyst instead of getting it removed?
severely burnt the roof of my mouth. I have scar tissue from an operation I had years ago.?
any body with a child that has adhd?
Sometimes i get pains/stiffness in my left elbow, Can anyone tell me what this is caused by?
My son has some bad acne scars on his face. What creams actually work for this to fade?
Has anyone else with allergies had this problem?
can i stop taking minocycline?
Sweaty hands????????
What is the horizon treatment for leukemia?
can you still have oral cancer and be able to swallow food or liquids just fine?
why are my throat glands so ITCHYYY!!!????
What are some complications that arise as a result of Huntington's disease?
Regarding Caribbean Diseases?
Ontario man claims dying wife stranded in Mexico over unfounded swine flu fears?
Can antibiotic ear drops affect birth control?
Please what is the best cure or best prevention for the flue?
Epidemic Crises: Can dogs pass flu to humans and vice versa.?
Chicken pox HELP ME!!?
Do you think I have Mono? D:?
Whats the difference between the flu and the swine flu?
How can I tell the difference between seasonal flu and H1N1?
viral or bacterial infection ?
Am I sick? Do I have the flu?
Coldsores---once you have one outbreak, will you always have outbreaks throughout your life?
how do you know if your tonsils have to be removed?
I get a burning sensation in my throat.?
testing at barts hospital?
What is the new Cochlear implant called? Is it good?
Can immunosuppressents affect blood pressure?
If the eye gets a thermal burn will the eye color fade or turn black.?
is it safe to use tens machine if you have had a breast implant?
If a light bulb is to close to the eye will the eye color fade or turn black.?
Can acupuncture and herbal medicine help?
What natural food do you think is the best for Man, to boost immunity and Vigour?
What info can an aromatherapist give?
What are the natural ways of reducing melanin level in the body?
Does naturopathic allergy testing work? Has anyone had it done at a naturopath?
Good vitamine?
What are........?
Are medical antifungals better than herbal/natural products? Why?
Dose apo-paroxetine really work for anxiety?
How many Panadols would it take to kill yourself?
homeopathic and flower remedys, which one?
Do you know where I can download a mp3 of Weed is by my side for free??
Candida; should I avoid mushrooms and cheese with mould?
Is Apple Cider Vinegar availiable in Pakistan ? Where I can find it? Pls help?
Where in Australia can I buy Mastic gum?
what doctor would i look for if i need to ask about hgyperhidrosis?
there are benefits of chlorophyll (body odour). But it gives me loose stool...?
Are some dried Nori/Seaweed sheets toxic?
Morphine/Heroin/Subutex users? Do you find it difficult to climax whilst on the gear?
Can anyone tell me where to find / purchase / who supplies diet supplement named : Qing Zhi San Tian Shou ?
What is a natural oestrogen inhibitor?
can detoxing your liver cause liver pains?
when stressed, I eat a lot/unhealthy things. How would I be able to stop that and which alternative is best?
prescription drugs?
How long does a...........????????
I want to get nice rectangular non prescribed glasses?
Why am i falling asleep in class all the time?
I am exhausted, but I can't sleep. What should I do?
smoking weed complications!?
Why do I find reading from a screen so difficult?
Should someone wear glasses fulltime if ...
What is the average settlement for an MVA injury in Canada?
Tendonitis in my forearms, Any suggestions on how to heal?
after several accidents at work ended up with fibromyalgia. medical proof about relationship between the two?
I have ITBS in my knee and i want to know how long it stays for and how long i have to wait until starting to?
I broke my sternum six years ago, and all the sudden they're hurting today. Is this norma?
Stress Fracture... or micro fracture (i know they are the same)?
Walking boot or Air cast?
will and should i be able to continue riding after a dislocation?
does anyone know what it means to have 2/3 of a broken back?
ACL surgery operation Sponsorship?
Help! I have a Canker Sore.?
How painful is knee surgery to repair a Torn MCL?
Hurt Foot....What Could it be?
shattered foot bones?
How long will it take/?
i fractured my wrist in quebec its been two months now have another month for physio do i get paid for pain an?