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Can you help me I am worried?
pain in my left elbow?
taking dicloflex and co codamol?
Back pain,sweating, bleeding ?
Why does my tongue hurt when I run?
Why do I have lower back pain often?
I think I have a yeast infection, but there's only itching. What could I do to heal it?
What should I do for an ichy skin rash on elbow and fingers?
I have a crusty yellowish-white scab pusing yellow stuff. What is wrong? ?
How to remove warts?????help?
2 little skin flaps underneath my tongue!!!?
How to my skin less oily?
Are there any natural ways to get rid of black heads?
painful / sore bump ?
how to treat a severe sunburn?
how to get rid of face acne?
Whole body is itchy but no rash; small, red bumps in some places..help?
If you wear sunblock or sunscreen do you still get tanned?
Constant throbbing and Muscle Spasms in right top eye-lid. Should I be worried?
i need a health check at the hospital. what 2 expect?
Anyone Know what the pulse rate is per min if you run for 5mins?
i might need my tonsoles out :(?
Does anyone else out there have a child with OCD ? and if so how do u feel is the best way to help them ?
Obsession with yahoo answer. HELP?
what is raynauds syndrome?
Could anybody please explain why blind people play golf and cricket? Will it be motor racing next -????
my friend has yellow dots on the bottom part of eyelid?
does Michael Jackson like getting snowballed from little boys ?
Dual personality disorder??
How do you know when you re suffering with depression? &.........?
therapeutic scents i can make at home?
Natural way of balancing hormones?
Red hot chilli pepper, Anthony Keidis cured himself of Hep c with herbs. What were they?
I just had a lythoscopy for kidney stones done and now 2 wks later my back still hurts?
are blueberries safe for people with gout and diabeties?
About addiction treatment?
What are home remedies for stomach pains?
What are some good over the counter muscle relaxants?
Need help with Natural Remedies and Juices?
can i take tylenol pm & tylenol simply sleep together?
will my hands stop hurting from massaging?
Who is the looser that always 'recomends' that home remedy thing!?
can evening primrose help with menopause and hot flushes ?
Mesotherapy? Does it work?
Question about effects of marijuana?
Can you eat medicinal herbs?
has anyone used E.F.T tapping?
tonsillitis coughing up yellow mucuos?
what are some diets that balance the hypothalamus gland?
does anyone know any natural remedies for labyrinthitis?
If i wash my hands will i really be safe from Germs?!?
my boyfriends lip is really swollen, what should he do?
whats wrong with me? 10 points for best answer.?
how deadly is swine flu?
Mono or Flu? HELP!?
what can I do about people who have the flu or their family members and come to my work?
can i get shingles from my husband?
was this flu release by somebody rumors I heard?
Can you get aids from saliva? Kissing, sharing a glass...etc.?
What is Malaria... please help?
Do I Have Swine Flu?
can you get an endoscopy when your sick?
Has the whole swineflu thing been blown out of proportion?
Is the swine flu as bad as it sounds?
my husband is recovering from mrsa inf. still on anti. sleeping now has heaviness in chest could it be pneum?
Advice for an accident prone friend ?
Will it ever heal in time?
heat sensation?
Why does my elbow hurt whenever I go to grip something?
How do I get rid of a scar on my leg?
how long does it take?
Should i use those crutches?
How long does a T12 fracture in my back heal? 15 yrs old boy athletic drink lot of calcium?
After a car accident, chiropractors haven't been very helpful. Alternatives?
What type of rehab is used for Tricep injuries?
my son got hooked in the eye and now it's looking gross?
how long does it take for cold sores/ canker sores..........?
carpal tunnel / work comp vs. no surgery?
Weird pain in my achilles tendon!?
Had knee transplant 2 years ago and still have pain, is there some kind of reason for this, any suggestion any?
If someone was shot in the arm and had a few stab wounds, how long would they be int he hospital? :S?
why would an ems worker not try to revive someone after the person was stabbed in the chest?
How do i heal wounds quickly?
I have torn my calf muscle and reinjured it twice?
Is it bad to walk alot with a broken collar bone?
I have an abscess on my middle finger. Its all swollen HELP!!!?
what is the best cardio after a strain calf and aquilles tendon problem?
Hand Pain/Maybe Broken Hand or something idk?
Is there a doctor in the house?
i have polands syndrome?
I need a Doctor's opinion - possible Cushings Disease?
Feeling weird from head cold/ or virus?
Dissolvable Stitches- Sore, Itchy....?
Ive started to take shark liver oil?
Raynards info,please anyone.?
I collapsed last night and lost my sight..?
methatrexate for Crohn's?
Frequent Dizzy Spells?
Please help about organ pain?
hi do i have hyperthyroidism ?
Fluid around the Patella ?
Can anyone tell me what a penicillinoma is?
I'm active, skinny but I eat a LOT is that a problem?
why does my nose bleed when i wake u too early?
Are there any doctors on here????
Marijuana out of system exercise?
Do I have a photographic memory?
What are the positive and negative health effects of caffiene?
How can someone just die, out of nowhere?
I got my HPV jab today, and i'm getting a flu jab on thursday, is it safe to get these both a few days apart?
i am always feeling quite tired?
Lost Voice - Helppp :(?
Its a bit of a mysrterie, GP's, Nurses and Doctors advice..?
Sleep Apnea - Trouble Breathing?
I have scoliosis :(?
how long does crack stay in your body?
My eye is full of floater, flashes of light n my eye keeps twitching? Annoying wat could this be?
hi im 17 and want to be a doctor?
What could be wrong with me?
risks of legal high charge?
If you get restless legs at night,is it a sign that you need more exercise during the day?
Does the anesthetist stay with you for a regional/local anesthetic?
Bored Question, which I'm wondering why I'm asking Now =D?
is it wise to play a team sport such as hockey if you have the flu?
Scratches on my face?
Question about Proactive :) ?
Why do I have more hair on my arms and legs? What can I do about this?
Can i still tan if im taking this pill?
How do I get rid of bacne?
how would i get rid of a small foot rough spot on heel?
How can we help?
If you have combination skin - dry in cheeks - oily in t-zone then WHAT do you use ?
Does rubbing alchohol really work for misquito bites?
Accutane for comedonal acne?
Wart Problem?
Red face and no acne?
facial mask for blackheads and oily skin?
What are some foods that are very good for your skin?
what could it be..?
Authentic Goji berries in uk?
When having an eye test for Chromagen lenses, do you have to pay for the test?
can i take cod liver oil with glucosamine sulphate together?
Does anyone else get goosebumps when they are reminded of something they like?
Has anyone heard of Wakey Wakey pills?
What are your experiences with crystal therapy?
does anyone know of a proven estrogen lowering suplement?
Natural remedies for Ross River Fever?
what will happen if i....?
B-12 shots: Where can I get one in Marin County? Anyone know?
Is it safe to give my 2 year old daughter chamomile tea to help her sleep?
How do I use Borage Oil to relieve PMS?
Green tea/lemon juice detox?
when i was drink alchohal headache is stars?
night terrors in children, does any one else have kids who suffer from night terrors?
help with long term headache?
THey said that they did Clinical Trials and it's FDA approved.?
Bach Flower Therapy? Anyone ever used it and had success?
Has anyone had any significant health benefits by taking Wheatgrass regularly?
What happens if u snort ambien cr?
Question about Green tea and skin ?
I have a lot of back pain it started with a stiff neck and difficulty turning my head?
The Aloe vera Plant, I know its great with healing properties.?
HELP!I AM IN PAIN!PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!>please.!?
i have a 17mm flesh tunnel in my ear, should i expand it to 20mm?
Can diabetics take paracetamol with codeine?
I have hurt my wrist?
Re radiotherapy thanks for your answers, sorry about the avatar,?
Lump on the back of my neck?
Painful stomach ache?
Back problems..... hanging upside down?
could this be something to do with my kidneys.. or just a sore back?
Painful front teeth in morning?
Side effects from tablets?
How do you know if you have had migraine with aura?
Pain in my neck?????
What's happening to my knees?
How do you get a job while you have the disabiltiy of a brain injury?
if u a dog??
what does life meen why were we put here?
how do you deal with bieng a telephone freak?
do you feel that you are not lucky enough?
Seroxat withdrawal...?
Can anyone recommend a good therapist in Cambridge? That's UK not Massachusets?
hyper manic,q 2?
Which famous person has asperger's syndrome?
Why does most of my dreamin involve me thinkin I can see spiders/insects crawlin near me it always gets me up?
my doctor as taken me off escitalopram and put me on citalopram without telling me are they the same?
Can anyone tell me the history of Little Plumstead Mental Deficiency Institution in Norfolk?
i have been having pain in my back for a couple of y e ars it happend when i was digging the garden iwent to?
I have a line of blood under my skin from a blood pressure test....?
My eye is always watering?
Why do dogs bark at each other at night?
im 5'6 and almost 18 is there anything i can do to gain 1 more inch ?
Is it common to feel naseated from cigarettes after quiting?
One time i lost 6lbs goin 2 the bathroom, is that weird?
I have an iron level of 3 is that bad? I also was told i had low cortisol? I have been feeling drained?
Is expired medication still effective?
Bad answer, you use steel to get away from plastic and health trouble they can cause.?
Is it possible to eliminate the need to Pee and Poo by simple diet alone?
Doctors to gain weight?
Does diet soda give you holes in your brain?
Should I go to the hospital?
do i need to see psychiatrist if i cry alot?
Hard time passing gas! Help?
My fiance is gaining weight?
Would I know if someone had doped me with a drug such as LSD?
Major Sleeping Issues?
Does anyone know how to induce permanent deafness?
strep throat but what are the bumps?
Do you go to school when you have a cold sore?
If you have a yeast infection, use cream for external, and it barely itches anymore, is it healed?
How worried should I be about catching Swine flu?
mono question------please answer :)?
my sister has an eye Infection, how long should she wait before putting her contactss back in?
Does your gyno check you for hepatitis when doing a full check up?
Have heard of web site for ppl with Hep C, what is name of site,talking of treatment,and how they feel?
what is the difference between a cold and the flu?
What should I get my home health care nurse for Christmas?
should i get the h1n1 shot?
What is the difference between flu and common cold and what is the medicine for both?
Is it true you can get autism from the swine flu shot?
Anybody given up smoking using Zyban.?
How to cure 'Fallen Arches'?
Lightheaded when stood still for a while..what causes this?
not feeling very good?
My friends saughter has to wear contact lenses or really big thick jam jar glasses or she is dark blind or?
How did this women fall into an acoma after trying heroin for the first time?
Can't sleep! what should I do?
What is Dysplasia of the hip?
Why is my poo yellow and stingy?
I am on 6th day on Zyban still smoking but halved the intake: Tomorrow no cigs, what should I expect?
Can you still use NiQuitin Cq lozenges when they run out of date.?
What's wrong with me?
Where did all these specialists come from that think they know the difference between a TV and TS ?
I keep sitting up in my sleep.?
Do taste buds grow back?
Do you think that there will be better treatments for alcoholism in the future. I would say that we are in the?
When will patients be able to choose a GP anywhere, regardless of postcode, as has been proposed?
I'm getting pins and needles in one side have been for last cuple of hours?
Who suffers from acne?
Random question: ever met/seen a girl with a birthmark in her eye b4?
Has anyone ever tried that new Zeno acne treatment device?
What's the best way to get rid of razor burn?
I have a birthmark of the number 35 and i was wondering if there was some sort of meaning behind it.?
NEED ADVICE RIGHT AWAY (will choose best answer and 5 stars)?
Acne on Chest and Back?
Remedies to oily skin...?
theresa mole on my face its not cancerous I dont like it so im getting it removed(plastic surgry)will it scar?
Psoriasis??? I've just been diagnosed and want personal opinions and tips!?
What does the beginning of a cold sore look like?
How can i lose acne really soon?
I have like, the stinkiest feet on earth. Any good ways to get rid of this problem?
i have really Dry Legs. help!?
Anyone know how to get rid of boils?
Is it normal to have bags under your eyes?
dry skin and peeling?
my industrial piercing all of a sudden it hurts, why ?
How long until walking properly after surgery for ankle fracture?
tib/fib break - pain still?
pain in my ankle?
Is my knee dislocated? I fell down the stairs?
My 4th finger always locks up? Help!?
how do you remove a splinter of glass that you can't see?
my husband had a accident 14 years ago?
What is wrong with my knee?
How long should I wait after receiving a concussion before playing again?
I broke my wrist about two years ago and still experience pain at the fracture site the pain comes in?
is it an infection on my toe?
How can I avoid getting plantar fasciitis?
Why does my ankle burn during soccer game or being active?
what to do for itchy head while hair grows back?
What to expect from someone with a brain tumor?
what is wrong with my finger?
I had a wart freezed can I pop the bubble?
Iam sad n tiered all the time what should i do? ?
I have a large and painful inguinal hernia for 4 years now. why do I get doctors that do not care?
Why am i coughing so much?
A 350 ml can of evaporated milk dropped on my "big toe", now I'm in agony, please help!?
Ankle Help! PLEASE READ!!?
H3N2 questions please help?
how to cure stubborn anemia due to not absorbing iron rather than not having enough iron?
how long before it goes away/?
is this normal? i puked 3 times today..?
what is meanig staph 4+ please?
Hypothyroidism / Hair loss thinning?
I am swelling up wiv my stomach i believe it2 be IBS.i look preggers is this normal? really hurts 2?
Has anyone tried Motilium and was it successful in helping the bowel?
What is inflammation of the cervical spine and brain?
I feel awful, what have a got?? - list of symptoms in the additional information?
has anyone heard/had a bowel scan where to drink a preparation substance then pass it whilst being scanned?
my son was admitted to hosp he had low blood sugar apart from diabetes does anyone know any other conditions?
was there ever a disease that made you aggresive like the rage virus?
When making donations to charity....?
ive got tonsillitis, whats the best thing too eat and drink?
can red wine cause irritable bowel syndrome?
exhaustion or illness?
How long does it take for a bruise to appear on the cheek ?
Are recpionists allowed to look at patient results (doctors surgery)?
Unexplained bruises on my legs?
Champix and effects of other narcotics?
alternative medicine to get pregnant while got endometriosis, anyone know of any , would like t try before ivf
what is the meanings and examples of stimulant, analgesic,sedative, narcotic and hallucinogen?
how can get any aid for myself?
Reflexology - Reflexologist only!?
RAVE!, first timer! Advice!?
Can green tea help with migraines?
my mother is on warfarin, i would to know if chinese ginseng will affect or cause any reaction to warfarin?
what natural medicince or remedy can i take to feel amazing?
Natural/Alternative treatment for HypERthyroidism (Grave's Disease)?
What home remedy did you try that didn't work?
Does anyone know where I can buy the SinuCleanse Neti Pots online?
are there any natural ways to get aluminum out of the brain?
Who Knows what a "T.E.N.S" Machine is & where to get one?
is there a relatively safe way to use an alcohol enema?
Medication or Natural?
are the only useful probiotics refridgerated?
Can you be prescribed Medical Marijuana if your 16?
Oregano oil claims?
please help me with my question?
to indigo did you mean that answer?
why doe's the government?
Job interview need motivation can you help?
is dementia hereditary?
Why do I feel so low, it's rubbish?
Does anyone suffer with S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder). If so, how do you deal with the symptoms?
As a shy person, I have to say that I am the world's most undecided guy.I just find it hard to make a decision
Can astigmatism change thoughout life better and worse?
Horrible Pain in left eye?
what height should my computer be should the top of it be at eye level?
how to touch my toes?
I will see a doc but any ideas what this is?
Is this just a coincidence after quitting smoking?
When someone blacks out for a few seconds....?
How long can I take buscopan for?
How can I stop coughing at night?
I went to see the doctor and started feeling really sick but really didnt want?
is this weird that i only vomit at night and not in the day?
Is it better to pop blisters or leave them?
Is this unhealthy, should I say something about it?
Feeling dizzy, possible ear infection?
Really too thin or just peer jealousy?
Vitamin B12 Deficiency ?
I am exhausted, but I can't sleep. What should I do?
I'm always really tired and have headaches, what's it from?
what makes us get chills up our spine when.......?
If a person is genetically obese how he or she can control obesity?
I can't seem to get warm lately?
Should I go see a doctor...?
How does squinting help you see better?
Why is my skin always so cold?
Why do your feet get extremely cold sometimes?
Percarditis and hyperventaltions pain for 4 weeks?
why do i have a head ache like this . . .?
Tendon pain after lifting weights?
Does anybody know where I can buy an antitussive drug called DICODID, made by Abbott/Knoll in Germany?
meditation for pain relief?
Feeling dizzy....anyway to stop it?
Pinched Nerve?
What shoes/brands of shoes provide good arch support for your feet?
Told to leave my GP practice because of one horrid dr ??!! Help ..?
do you get pain in your back and hips with constipatoin?
Why does my head hurts after being upside down?
what are some things i could do to waste time while im trying to quit squares?
what is the fizziness in my chest?
any idea what this pain was?
Prescribed Anti Depressants?
Pain in my elbow... :(?
My head hurts, how can I make it better?
Hip pain at night and in morning?
Could you please tell me the difference between Chronic Venous Insufficiency and Peripheral Vascular Disease?
I have a bad sharp pain in my back, I got dropped.. Can anyone help?
help? what kind of headache is this?
I get terrible pains in my hands and fingers whilst typing on my keyboard but I have to type for a living?
Why does one side of my jaw seriously kill?
Accutane!!!need all the help i can gett!!!pleasee!!?
7 years ago i had a precancerous spot removed?
skin condition?
I have a weird bump on my leg, its been there for awhile?
How do you control excessive perspiration?
Why do I have acne? Explaination here.?
how can I clear a raw garlic burn as soon as possible?
are foot milk baths good for your feet??
What is a really good product that vanishes scars and marks on the skin.?
Any possible diagnosis to this mysterious rash?
I have a cold and my nose really hurts? anyway to lessen the pain?
what causes canker sores?
Why are the sides of my nose red?
scaly red patches on my arms. ?
I heard hippos need to keep their skin moist. If there is no water around, can humans put moisturizer on it as?
Broken ankle question when will I be cast free?
I'm getting surgery for scoliosis soon, and I'm only 14! please help!?
Does anybody know what the respiratory effects of spinal cord injuries at C7-8 are?
Scar removal how much and how long?
What should i do?
Do you think this is serious (concussion)?
Anyone Else have a Tramatic Brain injury?
pulled muscle in elbow?
my ankle???
Surgery - protein powder.?
I scratched myself with a boxcutter will the scratch go away?
I think my dog sprained his front leg?
I injured my toe a year and a half ago, but it still hurts...?
how long should it take for my ankle swelling to go away?
blood clot in my arm please help?!?
When cleaning a new stud nose piercing should you push out the stud a bit and clean the shaft?
I bumped my head at the very top last week and today it still hurts?
Is my finger just sprained, or is it more serious?
my ankle hurts what can i do??
PEOPLE in the UK: Where Can I buy Reading Glasses With Negative Diopters?
normal eye strain on the computer....should i look into getting a pair of glasses?
What contacts are used for darkening eyes? brown to dk brown?
Contact Lenses......?
Where can we buy a vari-flow valve in the UK - the type for oxygen tank for cluster headaches?
What Drugs is This?
how many days before tummy tuck should I take arnica pillulets?
Alternative treatment for post-baby hair loss?
how many coricidins are too much?
what are the actual brand names of some good over the counter decongestant pills?
Whats The best Thing To Do?
why do i get immune to medicine so fast?
Best Practitioner for neck / spine misalignment?
advantages of amphetamine?
metathione's side effects?
How can I live a longer live span?
Where is a good place to order Essiac Tea?
Anyone know where to buy homeopathic remedy kit - complete, practitioner style, cheap?
I have 75g of powdered Kava root, how do I use it?
what is better adderall pink pills or blue pills?
What medicine with help you throw up?
How to write therpeutic writing?
Ocd or just a weirdo??
how do you explain?
What sort of things do schizophrenics do throughout their day?
Goodnight everybody?
is 10 percent of our brain un-mapped?
Are there any portuguese speaking counsellors in london?
Are dreams significant or just the unraveling of your thoughts?
do ninjas make schizophrenics lives a misery or is it really a mental illness?
As a shy person, I ahev to say that I am the world's most indecided guy.I just find it hard to make a decision
Can I Put My Contacts In After Hand Sanitizer Got on Them?
Can stress and anxiety affect your weight?
Do you wear your glasses to bed?
whats something i can eat to help me have a bowel movement that isn't brand flakes?
what are the measures taken by the government to control lung cancer?
should smoking be banned?
What causes red blood vessels to break in the white part of the eye?
What would happen if one siamese twin died, while the other was still alive?
Why do people cut or hurt themselves?
Aghh!... HICCUPS?!?
What are some ways to fall asleep at night?
what are some everyday house hold products/drugs that can kill if in the wrong hands?
how can get my kundalini realise?
in counselling explain the importance of referral procedures?
staph i need someone who really knows what thier talking about?
My wife recently noticed a purple dot on my arm that she thinks may be a mole or a blood clot?
how do you get rid of sunburn fastt?
Do natural mole removal methods actually work?
Get rid of sunburn redness...fast?
Can absolutely anyone get lice?
Acne on my Back and Chest.. please HELP!!!?
What colour are Lymph nodes and does they grows under the skin and also how big can they?
Self-inflicted wounds - bleeding under the skin?
How do I get rid of acne on my back?
My mouth lips are itchy?
How do I heal this celiac related joint pain?
Bumps on fingers. How do i get rid of them?
Moles and freckles coming off?
Constant uncomfortable bloating, frequent urination, pressure in lower abdomen?
Why did the room suddenly "spin" even though I was sitting down?
epilepsy/other problems?
I want to donate blood, what do I need to know?!?
My school year had 70 male pupils, born 1950/51 in London [U.K.]. How many should still be alive today?
This is about my partner.?
How do you cope when your ill? Do you stay in or do you muddle through and just get on with it?
Not eaten all day, not had anything to drink all day. Whats going to happen?
What is this...................?
Feeling tired a lot of the time?
Why do I have to pay for prescriptions?
Back strengthening exercises?
Pins and needles in foot caused by lump/cyst?
a cold or sinus infection or what?
Opiate withdrawal, feedback needed?
do i have lead poisoning?
Does stress weaken your immune system?
How to get rid of a sore throat?
how can i get sick? ten points?
Abdominal pains, sore throat?
Extreme arm pain with the H1N1 vaccine?
A Bacteria question:P Please help!?
My fingers are stuck together !?
whats wrong? is it my appendix?
Where can I find negative Marijuana Statistics?
whats the difference marajuana between leaf and bud?
Which foods contain red dye # 40?
Does tonic water help cramps in you feet, legs etc???
Working out on a hangover?
How do you use sage to reduce excessive sweating?
How do you process the sticky stuff out of Aloe Vera? With out loosing it's vitamins or minerals etc? thanks?
health question?
What other Medicine shows up like Marijuana in your urine? Or is there one?
Is 5HTP Dangerous to take as a supplement?
Can I order an IV of vitamin C online, or buy one in Australia?
What are peoples views on Goji Juice?
is there some natural remedy for snake bites in dogs?
What is the nicest massage?
How to get rid of or cure to much zinc?
Can you buy no-doze (Or anything like it) online in Australia?
Wrong or right supplement/vitamin intake?
Does taking molasses cure dark undereye circles ?
Stomach bloating -Is there something natural I can take to alleviate this?
Is it true that continuous use of coconut or coconut oil for food is harmful?
Has anyone tried reiki and felt the benefits?I have been thinking about going to a reiki master. ?
What is the difference between Traditional-reiki & Unsi-reiki?
more information on a stigmatism????
How can I stop myself getting so stressed??
why my son about 3 yrs old ubale to walk or sit?
anyone had trouble with cipramil and tinnitus in first few weeks of treatment? did it go away?
Under lot of stress ................?
What conditions cause inflamed liver and high blood pressure in a 22 year old man?
Alzheimers, worried about our neighbour?
UK GP's and goverment giving out wrong info on drinking why ? when they know its not true ?
how do i go about starting my own village stroke club for stroke victims and there familys.?
When I wake in the morning my eyes are completely dilated?
I have Swollen Glands, need some advice?
gout cure quick please?
lower back pain/sciatica question?
Does anyone know what is the difference between ranitadine and lansaprosole? do they do the same thing or?
I have had gastritis on and off for 2 years I am in the throws of another episode I decided to stop?
how to controle the esr counts if it is more than normal count?
A question about Gastric Reflux?
Which painkillers are suitable for relieving symptoms of laryngopharyngeal reflux?
can you have vertigo for years and also have it every day, is there a treatment for it,?
Tired, nausea, diarrhea and mood swings. What is it?
My sister has a problem with her ribs?
i have been away from work for 3 months after having an operation can my boss sack me on return saying i am s?
Does anyone know of Doctors who perform Orthroscopic surgery on hips in Canada?
can you touch your toes?
Can a mild concussion cause memory or confussion ?
I gave my doctor disability papers today ? how does it work?
i fell don from a higeht of 12 foot,and my rigth feet is paining last 15 days ,i hada lot of medicines?
How do I gain the msucle back in my leg?
Help, I have a minor stab wound!?
Typically, how long does a person stay in traction?
Is my wrist fractured or bruised or ?
Back Surgery?
Do I have an injury to my hand?
What to do with a concussion?
Need opinions from Nurses help please?
I banged my head on a pole...now dizzy 2 yrs later?
i got out of my friends pool one day and...?
What are the chances of making a full recovery?
One of my ears popped?
How to know if you have a concussion?
Does ant one have shin splints and what do you do about it! I'm hurting!?
Broken distal radius...?
Will my heart mumer comee back?
Medical question- my mums is having problems with her eye, please answer if you know what this is.?
Could this be a brain tumor? :( please help?
Possible Brain tumor? help me! :(?
Questions about stomach flu...?
Can my mother get vaccinated?
weird chest pains under ribs?
any one heard of Evans syndrome ?
Naturly old looking skin?
How do I get rid of bacne?
Bump on upper left eyelid.?
NVQ 2 Care: How would answer these questions? Thank you.?
Dose your government publish safe drinking limits if so what are they ?
What's wrong with me?
Can I donate blood even though I smoke marijuana regularly?
upper gi done and prolly uclers?
Knuckle pain? Middle finger is...?
What sort of illness/condition would cause a person to be UNDERWEIGHT?
I cant stop coughing, it got better now worse whats wrong with me?
i wake several times because my arms have gone numb. cant cope with lack of sleep?
what are 'pins and needles'?
Any ideas on what is wrong with me?
5 confirmed cases of swine flu at my school, what to do?
How did pigeons get such a bad rap for being dirty and disease ridden? When there's little evidence?
How do mosquitoes get infected that spread malaria in the first place? ?
Is there any way to get rid of mano? And am i still contagious?
i have pin worms:s is there anyway to get rid of them?
How can I get rid of an infection that just wont go away.and close a wound.?
Can h1n1 or any other sneak up on you?
i just got home from a party and i got kissed by a girl with mono!?
can you get hep c from drinking too much?
What are the symptoms of Tetnis?
best place to buy adult diaper ?
i have a sore throat ?
My younger sister has got pinworms, is there a way to get rid of them without medication?
do people in mexico get colds?
Apendicitis... the symptoms?
do i have the SWINE FLU?
What is the actual use of having tonsils?
3 stool samples are needed of me, one says for c diff whats that mean and was it to be all from one sample?
Of Course Everyone understand All data of the elementary particle .?
is negative behaviour detrimental to the well being of your mental health?
any one wanna talk about despession and self harming experince ...?
I want to know about the learning disability valuing people 2001 it isa legislation?
what does it mean when you want to vent you feelings in the theme of a song and not to friends and relatives?
where is it possible to get ones hands on diazepam/nitrazepam (not GPs)any uk web sites you may know off?
Is sniffing face cream considered as a drug adiction?
What is the deal with all the acai berry spammers!!?
Does/has anyone cleaned their teeth by eating apples/lemons/and/or another fresh fruit or vegetable?
Xanax or alprazolam 0.5 mg?
I realy realy like opiates like morphine,heroin,oxy contine,ect.?
Is it dangerous mixing gravol, Midol and T3's?
Anybody tired of hearing "fast tracked by 7"...?
Is it safe to take two 20mg oxycontins?
what is the best supplement while while fasting.?
Which Chinese medicine treatments have worked for you?
Natural remedies for cats?
what can dulcolax sp do to my unborn baby?
Can anyone tell me about a tablet form of the noni fruit? Ive tried the juice version?
Any Naturopaths who can do email consultations please?
can any one tell me da way of curing cough?
Are there any other ex addicts on answers?
I've heard that XANGO mangosteen juice is really good for you.Does anyone know if I can buy it in Ireland?
Can someone tell me if Essential Oils go out of date if they are still good for 6 to 8 months after they exp?
Where in Australia can I buy liquid methycobalamin (b-12)?
new medicine for diabities from blue tounge lizard?
AMY I NEED YOUR HELP - acne home solution!!!?
Can you use hydroquinone while on accutane?
Can we still try getting pregnant?
Why does my ear have discharge and is crusting over?
Why am I still coughing up phlegm after 4 months?
Flu foods????????????/?
i am gasping fro breath every few minutes?
Cramp in toes?
How long does it take for a 500mg tablet of paracetamol to begin to take effect. i.e. when will the pain stop?
Can everyone click his/her neck from side to side or have i got a problem or is it dangerous?
adhesions.What are the best ways of dealing with these for long time sufferers?
i have broken my ankle the brake is a spiral fracture, how long will it take to heal.?
Why do people use office footrests instead of having their foot on the floor?
i've had a wart in the same spot for 2 years?
How can I lose my voice?
Strange stomach feeling?
what can keep me awake for the night??
I need to know how does it take to get marijuana of your system if I nevered smoked and I smoked a joint last?
How can I unplug my ear?
Is caffeine actually a drug?
how to tell real marijuana from the fake marijuana?
Can drinking Green tea (around 8 cups a day) Cause anal bleeding?
Proper and safe way to clean ear?
Quit smoking with the patch and NO cravings?
am i too short?? and will i still grow?
I'm having trouble sleeping, and don't have a clue why.?
How can I become left handed?
Odour problem?
My left nostril is in a lot of pain when ever i touch it.?
When your Ears are Ringing..?
What do they do if you go to the doctor to get tested for H1N1?
Is something wrong with me ?
Why are we subjected to have to smell people's perfume?
Help. I just took my pills before the suggested 2 hours before drinking Nestea Vitao Green Tea Fuji Apple.
when i move my head there is pain right down to my low back..any ideas of what this is?
I cut my foot should i go to the hospital?
Did I break, sprain or just bruise my foot?
I think I cut my mouth(details inside)?
Okay what do I do after I numb my fingers with water (steam burn)?
fed up whats wrong with me?
Symptoms of concussion 5 days later?
Should I keep my band-aid on?
My nervous system is twitching violently...?
So I twisted my ankle last night...?
Over training..How long should I give the injury before I run again?
Is this a stress fracture?
Fractured? Sprained? BROKEN?
Scab Question?
My foot is broken?
Injury between leg and private?
which doctor or place do i go?
Does stretching make you weaker?
My 3rd degree burn--what should i do?
have you ever had your foot run over with a van?
What are some exercises I can do to strengthen my knees?
How long will it take ?
Hi one and all, can anyone tell me the name of the sleeping sickness ??? But NOT the African illness.?
question about antidepressants>?
help this is really important whats the name of the disease going around starting with scar?
how can i get rid of my nerves?
ill, virus, i feel bruised?
How to cure my Nerves?
If you had a friend who told you she used to be bulimic and a few months passed...?
Toe seperation problem Help PLEASE !?
Question for an ophtalmologist: my friend is turing blind, below are some details of the tests... pl advice?
Lumps in my throat, what are they?
What is wrong with my nail and could there be a problem?
I have been to the Doctors with an ear infection in both ears but ......?
Can Cerebral Palsy get worse in adult life?
please can anyone tell me if fresh salmon affects gout would i be prone to an attack if i ate some?
What is the illness ME?
How do i stop ringing in my ears?
How can we cure the big problem (literally) with obesity in th UK?
lump in knee/ lower quad? im scared idk what it is?! :0?
Tuberculosis patients are now routinely given 2 different antibiotics at the same time....?
How to avoid the stomach flu?
What's your opinion on these pictures?
Is something wrong? (asthma) Easasy 10 pts?
how contagious is roundworm?
is it OCD?
Is a person who is a paranoid schizophrenic dangerous?
Glasgow Stobhill Hospital..Amarey Ward??
Has anyone been prescribed HRT as an adjunct to antidepressants?
Do Tree Shrews and Sloths make good pets?
i have no mental energy, not compared to ten years ago, why?
Do you have an obsession? yes?? read on......?
has any one heard of a temporal lobe abnormality on right side of brain and i do not have epilepsey ?
I'm getting flu ... worse possible time?
recommendation for the H1N1 vaccine?
Has the media brought about and encouraged "hypochondriac heaven" with the swine flue scare?
Are mosquitos the only thing you can catch malaria from?
Can one get rabies from this?
Help! Do I have tonsillitis?
Is it possibly to get H1N1..even after you got the vaccine?
Getting over stomach flu, dizzy?
Took Flagyl.. and now ?
Can my toddler bathe in the same water as my infant who has a bladder infection?
Anybody knows anything about wilson diease?
Why are governments so worried about the h1n1 flu?
What are the chances of getting appendicitis?
sore throat!!! over a month?
I have mono and a throat infection, I was prescribed azithromycin is the infection a symptom of mono?
possible hep c symptoms?
How do i get rid of a rash on my face?
Do anyone know what is the best alternative meds (preferably herbal) to remove fibroid?
how did massage begin and develop as a healing art?
Goji berries. Can I get them in the Himalayas or in India?
How good is olive leaf extract?
Green tea......................................?
Have you taken the supplement carnosine?
Tablets + Sinus Infection?
where can i get ritalin from in western australia?
Do hypnotherapy audio cd really work?
I`m really sick, sore throat[really bad!], headache, aches, etc.. Please help! How can I feel better.? D:?
How long should Thc stay in your system after using for 2 days? weighing at 250?
i am thinking of selling some medittion and hypnosis cds on the net,what websites are best for this?
What's the best way to stop a sore throat?
Dr Hulda Clarks Protocol for HIV/AIDS cure. For people who have used this ONLY and had success ONLY!?
I need some information regarding Homeopathy in Sydney.?
What are some of the food additives to avoid?
where can i buy medicines for my vitiligo here in the Philippines?
cough medince before drinking?
salt + cough qustion?
Help for extreme salivation side effect from medication?
i am a nurse. can i do job without registration?
Just diagnosed with Chronic fatigue syndrome can you help?
Any precuations I could take?
What is a normal blood pressure reading?
Doctors confidentiality?
i think im a misanthrope?
Is the constant cigarette smoke smell from over the fence dangerous?
are too many rennies tablets dangerous?
Why wont this bug go? Have you got any tips for boosting your immune system?
sorry if im being silly but im quite worried about this lump?
I have bad sleeping patterns?
Contact lenses peeples?
we can't bear to be apart but it's causing problems help!?
Should I bother going to the doctor?
can my brother still grow?, he's 12 and his height is 5'10"?
A question for the girls?
How To Get Yourself Sick Fast?
How heavy do stone blocks have to be to drown someone if they were attached to their feet?
What drug are you addicted to?
Trouble Getting to Sleep.?
What do you know about eating coconut oil? Does it have beneficial qualities that can help your body?
Would like to know what is good for sore legs?
Lice question??????????????
Do you think I have adult ADD?
Does cell phones really cause Cancer and Impotence if you use one for long periods of time?
Why do we need to sleep?
how old do u have to be to buy chewing tobacco in america?
How long should I wait before going to the doctors?
What's your BEST and WORST quality?
does protein powder cause constipation?
Does stress cause you to gain weight?
If I smoked weed,got depersonalization and recovered from it then could I get it again if I smoke once more?
Kinda embarrasing....?
Why do so many girls have eating disorders?
craig taylor are you sitting comfortably?
dose any one know what pin point injections are like please?
What's that white stuff that forms at the corner of your eye?
Mold on alot of school books and sheets, what's the risk if I use these?
I am getting ver sore brea?
Whats going on with my mom?
Getting rid of undereye lines...help!?
A cold that won't go away?
herpies out break and aids?
Does Hidradenitis suppurativa qaulify as a disibility for the Ontario Disibility Support Program?
What is wrong with my skin??? please help!?
How long does a sprained thumb usually take to return to full function?
I really need some help please?
Mild wrist injury - Let it heal on its own or get it checked out? Thoughts?
Is my back pain normal?
Yikes, i cut the back of my hand?
Sensitive knee could be bad?
Bruised Ribs?
swan neck deformity?
My ankle popped?
What stretches and excesses can you do for Sciatic back pain?
what are the major sines of tetnis?
My knee hurts help plz?
My son fell and hurt his jaw on the left side next to chin. The cut is 1/2 inch long and3 mm deep.?
Does this sound like torn ACL or Meniscus?
How to do situps without hurting the sciatic nerve?
A pencil lead got stuck in my finger yesterday?
I broke my nose years ago and now it looks like there is a dent in the nasal bone. how much to fix this?
Hurt my ankle please help me.
How would you feel if your at the point of needing a mechanical lift to move from bed to chair?
BROKEN collar bone!!!! HELP!!?
If you had a blood clot in your leg, would there just be one bruise or a whole bunch?
should I take kickboxing the day after I get my cast off?
has anyone tried rosehip vital for arthritis.... how many do you take ?
Where can i buy a volcano vaporizer in australia. bought one from overseas but they stuffed the order up?
Where can I get MMS with a safety seal?
What is the difference between the herbal medicines "catstraw" and "catsclaw"? More information?
Can fresh beetroot juice turn your urine pink?
wanting to be a surgen, help please.?
How can i speak word 'T' softly?
Banana phobia?
Rat poison to thin your blood ?
Side effects of taking Neem long term ?
what are the consequences of excessive destruction of erythrocytes.?
Question about injecting anti depressants?
can i take probiotics (inner health) after or before warm/hot drinks or meals?
know of a remedy to heal achilles tendinitis?
What does the working life of a Naturopath involve? More questions below.?
MRI "very expensive" how much so?
essential oils from the reject shop/warehouse (australia)?
compounded creams millimeter to milligrams?
Need quick answer about sleeping pills.?
will young teens that drink now have wrinkly skin before their 20's?
Has anyone every taken Affex (Fluoxetine) antidepressant?
I feel like I'm stuck in a 'life' rut, I have little motivation and self-belief any suggestions?
i m on accutane 3rd month(60 mg) now n hven't seen any mark improvement .. does accutane really work? ?
What are your thoughts on Accutane for treating acne?
itchy and buring what could it be?
What is the Mental Health Register?
Proactive Solutation and adult acne?
do you think this kind of nervous breakdown can be cured ??
Have you ever had a cyst?
Did I get Posion Ivy?
Could too much vaseline cause dryer skin?
my blood presure is high how to it get it low,,?
Weird painful bump on leg...?
What causes skin tags?
Hydrocortisone acetate cream 1% effect?
does anybody have depersonlization? and how do u cope with it and is there a cure?
cognitive analytical therapy/CAT - sources of info? anyone been through it?
How bad is a camel spider bite?
history of death by takeing depixal injection?
i have a small lump on the bottom of my index finger(in the inside of the hand) in the joint area.i can feel?
sensitive skin or rosacea?
Changing consultant during your treatment?
is there a uk supplier where i can get the sona pillow,?
ive just had lunch and for some reason my fingers went numb & i could hardly use my knife & fork?
How old do you have to be...?
i'm terrified of being on my own...?
Has any one claimed against the NHS for medical negligence?
How good do u think my hearing is?
What cringes you the most?
I have trouble with falling asleep?
can you help me with medical problem?
Why cant i ever sleep ?
pain under eye lid....?
My husband has black spots on the back of the body. The doctors don't seem to think big of the problem.?
Is the smell of cigarettes in the air as bad as the cigarettes smoke?
What are the dangers of breast cancer?
I work in a chicken barn and the next day I smell like it, how can you get rid of the smell?
What is a vaccine? Name one type of vaccine that you might receive in Canada u?
Toes turn purple...and my knee did aswell lastnight........circulation problem?
My toes turn purple, and my knee did aswell lastnight.... circulation problem?
I think i may have tonsilitis and the day before i kissed i guy when i had a sore throat. is that bad?
What was the country of origin the desease "Leprosy" was discovered in?
Phobia Barefoot Gym Wrestling? ANSWERS REQ'D!?
Can something get in your eye and stay there?
How does Malaria affect circulation?
Do I have the SWINE flu?
Didn't finish my antibiotics i need help?
Is o- a rare Blood Type?
What is the life cycle of Malaria and where is it controlled?
dark flashes in my eye?
after gallbladder is removed where does the bile go?
When did you First heard about H1N1 Swine Flu Virus?
How long does it take to get results from an infected wound culture?
Is it possible to be nearsighted with 20/15 vision?
I have the hiccups. What should I do?
Is there truly anything you can do to make hair grow faster?
i have a stye?
Pain in ankles (most likely caused by flat feet)?
my friend who lives in portugal uses tablets called Pravacol20mg. I would like to know their english name?
Runny eyes in elderly lady?
I have heart disease and kidney problems?
I've had trouble with Achilles tendinitis for a few months now , any ideas how i can make it better, thanks
My mother was accidentally prescribed thyroid (Levothyroxine 25mcg) tablets for almost a year?
how do I get tested for Dyscalculia in the UK?
if you work in an nhs hospital as a health support worker can you transfer to work in a different hospital.?
What can i do to reduce/get rid of sleep around my eye?
vision and hearing question?
What is the best thing to illiminate acne scars thats more effective than lemon juice?
Chest discomfort ? related to anxiety or more serious?
Do you HAVE to have yellow eyes or skin to know you have liver failure?
Where could I get tested for STD's without my parents knowing?
What high do abusers get from watson 853?
if you have used hgh, human growth hormone oral sprays or tablets, do you think they' helped muscle building?
what are the challenges and barriers facing traditional and alternative medical systems?
How to use Acai Berry?
How can i help my brother who is a pothead and epileptic. (excuse spelling)?
Is it safe to take sleep aids and naproxen while taking chantix?
is a biofeed back machine a good way to test for an enlarged prostate?
is the only cure for torn ligaments an operation?
dietry needs?
Thoughts on Hypnotherapy?
i need help for my memory!?
Have you tried Cellfood?
do you believe a material that can improve health if you use it 24 hours?
what is an enema and what is its purpose?
what side effects of nexium have you suffered?
How does Aloe vera clear toxins out of your body? Thank you?
Is it safe to take silicia and calcium sulphate together?
Has anyone used acupuncture,reflexology or any other form of alternative therapy to help insomnia?
My nerve got cut during surgery?
I injured my rib, what can I do to fix it?
I scratched myself with a boxcuter will the scratch go away?
Internal 'clips' placed during a Laparoscopic Appendectomy?
What part of the knee keeps you from bending or straightening fully?
Will this black mark go away?
I had my short leg cast removed about a week ago. Is it normal to have unbearable pain in my ankle?
Ow! I have terrible chest pain?
Muscle exercises/stretches?
somewhat deep cut on my forarm?
how to solve constant backpain?
did you know that when you take a hit/punch in the nose no matter how tough you are your eyes water? ?
Can you get a whole knee replacement if you are 48?
Bleeding ear on 2 year old boy.?
have you ever been in an ambulance?
My knee, whats wrong?
What is better A535 or Tiger Balm?
how long does it take a dislocated ankle to heal?
My knee cracks very time i bend it?
i sprang my finger and now its crooked what should i do?
will surgery be cancelled?
I have wierd brown spots on my face!!?
if micheal jackson lost skin would it grow back black?
can someone help me find names of antibacterial soap or anything for cleaning skin?
super freaked out - do I have lice?
i have a few red dots on my upper forearm, and for some reason my arm feels weak now?
What acne product is good but cheap?
My aunt has severely scaly, peeling, cracked dry feet? Not in a certain area, all over the bottom?
Can someone find me a facial product that's good for skin with acne, oily in some places, dry in others?
Is clean and clears morning burst moisturizer good ? 13 points for best anwser.?
is there something that i can do to my skin so waxing hurts less?
Swollen lymph node?
can botox be a cure for paralayses face?
What time of day are UVA Rays the most harmful?
what is the behaviourist model of understanding mental health and illness?
who would benefit from the humanistic approach of counselling?
It is very diffidult for me to decied what to do and when I do and go for it, I stop on the way and give up,?
I have always been indifferent my entire life--why is that?
ive just put a rocket up my...................................?
is it okay, to wallow when having a bad day?
Someone who feels the same ...?
How do you know if you are stressed, whether mildly or severely?
iminpain&onmedication,gotrunover&had2industrialinjuriesimonindustrialdisabilitybenefitbutcant get incapacitybn
Can sleep deprevation contribute towards epilepsy?
Can anyone think of any good websites to help cure my internet addiction?
Is taking a bath after long hours of work bad for your health?
what happens when an inbred child has children
why cant you drink alcohol when taking advil/tylenol?
Can marijuana reduce the chance of having epileptic seizures?
How come I ALWAYS have a fever even when i`m not sick?
Why am i a loud sneezer?
Women cigar smokers live long lives.?
"deformed" left rib, starting to hurt.. what's going on?
what is quinine sulphate?
Have you taken Topamax?
if you're a doctor would you treat someone with sars or swine flu knowing you can possibly die?
What will happen if a tiny tiny piece of glass is inside your stomach?
Cold? Flu? What do you think ?
Why can't i shut my jaw all the way?
Why do I throw up everytime I get the flu?
Why do people donate ExPiReD fOoD?
is it weird that i started puberty at the age of 12?
Anemia / Iron deficiency problem?
what is witches milk?
What's the cause of sneezing attacks?
How do I increase my attention span?
How do you know if w**d is laced?
Is this bad for the heart?