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Any advice for newly diagnosed sufferer or Rheumatiod arthiritis?
can people fill me in on vertigo...?
Anybody else experiencing strange brain tingling , flashes and weird brain sensations?
Who gets to see CT scan results.?
Tinnitus Question Help Please.......?
Sinus advice..... please read and help me :) :)?
How can you lose mobility of your legs as a teenager?
im 66 i have taken tablets for about 40years i always feel cold is there any food that would help me?
if a person is suffering from a condition even when they get blood tranfusions it appears to disappear out of?
Got Full Moon Feelings?
How long does it take for a sprained finger to heal?
I badly injured my knee, but was invited to a summer place. Help!?
I have an ingrown toenail and i can barley walk, should i go to the doctors?
Broken Collar Bone...how serious?
i fell off my bike and my foot went in a weird way?
odd!"pain" in my nose? or nerve? lmao...?
Will I ever walk normal again? Broke my tibula fibula 6 month ago, , been walking for 2 month, will my leg?
Should I be concerned about bruises if I don't know what they are from?
Broken ankle bone?
I got a one inch cut on my finger and is it post to be light pink around it?
Dislocated Shoulder Immobility..?
Sat for long time, now feeling tingly line constantly at my back... feels like something wriggles. Any ideas?
Do I have whiplash?
If a centipede had one leg amputated would we notice?
How come my finger randomly went numb?
I noticed blood on my panty after kickboxing and skipping, does anyone know why? should I quit kickboxing?
Never snowboard again?
my pelvic is broken in the from & the back, is it ok for me to put all of my weight on it?? it's been 1 mo.
Back surgery!?!?!?!?!?
dexie pills?
How much extra money should I give a massage therapist?
What can you take for hot flushes HR no a solution as there is breast cancer in family??r=1225503037?
Can anyone tell me the benefits of methylsulfonylmethane (MSM). Is it addictive and does it have benefits?
Have you had Cancer,have you tried alternative treatment?
Can you find Bromelain in liquid form....?
Anybody on yoga experience?
have you tried a naturopath for infant reflux?
Depression... I need to get off all the meds!!!?
Is White House Apple Cider Vinegar OK to take...?
Can a transplant patient use homeopathy?
I have an abnormal health problem with marijuana?
what are the best ways to cure colds and flu?
Does herbal exctasy work?
is craneberry juice good for an yeast infection?
Alternative medicine - what is its place in todays world?
Is the residue inside the base of an ear candle after use the waste product of the candle or is it the actual?
ALTERNATIVE to ecstasy?
What is a way to make ulcers disappear? 10points!*?
Has anyone ever used Luvox?
Does anyone else go to A. A meetings ?
my son has schizophrenia, how can I support him to the best of my abilities.?
can any one answer why my friend teeth have shrunk and her eye sight is going.?
lounge furniture required for aged person who is incontinent need to know where to purchase in UK?
seriously insane?/?
is there a condition for the fear of space and infinity?
Should George Bush and Tony Blair be medicated with anti-psychotics before they make things even worse?
How do I reduce Dark circle under my eyes?
Does anyone know a good cream for sensitive dry skin?
Whats the fastest way to get rid of acne scars?
What kind of ingredients should i look out for when picking out a facial cleanser to prevent skin irritaion.?
What are some side effects of Cephalexin that you may have experienced?
Is it bad for me to get 10 hours of sleep?
Is It True Carrots Can Enhance Your Vision?
I really need help im very concerned?
If i have epilepsy can i still become a pilot?
My antibiotics say i need to take them on an empty stomach, 1 hr before or two hours after eating, so...?
help getting to sleep ?
How does american healthcare work?
back pain problems male?
I keep getting a recurring pain in my ankle which feels like I've just been stung, any ideas?
Is there a foot wear that I can use so I don't slip on ice?
im feeling ill please answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(?
Sciatica, what can I do to ease the pain?
Owch ..My Muscles hurt :( ?
Toothache..Ouch, need advice.?
Are aspirin addictive?
whats wrong with me i feel awful?
I took three pain killers within2minutes and now i don't feel so good...HELP!?
Have you ever taken co-codamol?
can i take pain relief while taking antobiotics?
did anyone ever suffer from bad ear ache as a child?or still do?
What's wrong with me? (symptoms detailed) 10pts?
please help me as im in alot of pain and cant sleep?
how do i cure a creek in my neck?
At night, my left calf cramps are hurts so bad! Why is that, and what can I do?
Headache for 2 and a half weeks?
Why do my knees start to hurt after I laugh?
I Have a pain By My intestines Kinda Thing?
shooting pains in my right hand and wrist?
Ibs pain!help!?
Can any type of fever be airborne?
Is there a way to tell if you have a bacterial infection or a viral infection?
What do you do when you THINK you caught a cold or flu?
Bug bites? why don't i get them?
how is a hormone imbalance tested?
What symptoms or illnesses can elevated brain lactic acid levels cause or be indirectly related to?
Are CT scans for appendicitis 100% accurate?
xanax and trying to build muscle?
what can i do to ease my nurofen plus poisening?
is this true ?
any know the name of book that had eye exercises to improve sight?
Tongue diagnosis help?
Can I take thyroxine & homeopathic remedy all at once?
What happens if u overdose on Panadol?
what is a good fresh fruit juice to have for a liver cleanser - that is nice.?
is overdosing on pills painfull?
Has anyone healed their eyes naturally?
Good Herb Tea or other drink to help with Addiction?
Can using an inhaler become addicting?
Where can I buy gemstones online?
Do you rate reiki?
Is there a proven way to prevent hiccups?
Several months ago I lost a toe nail. I think I have a fungal infection because it is very grey in colour. It?
Standing on your head cures hiccups. True or false?
Can you get laser eye treatment on really bad eyes?
since heart bypass surgery 2 years ago I've had persistant dry eyes and tinnitus.Any suggestions?
how much accupuncture for smokers cost in australia?
Are anti depressants free for students?
Any parents of autistic children out there!!!!!!!?
looking for the name of Irish Life Coach who has book, uses the mnemonic APPLES to explain his philosophy.?
why do you think the negative side of your thoughts are more powerful then the positive?
Why do some men cross-dress?
I am interested in studying for an MA in psychotherapy. Is it worth the time and expense?
Does anybody know of any support groups for husbands of manipausal women in or arround Sydney, Australia?
How come grief catches up with you? You dont even realise you have it, then bang! ???????????
the skin on bottom of feet peling off?
How long would it take?
When I am scared or experience intense emotions, it feels like my heart beats irregularly...?
Persistent Chylothorax?
Still feeling heartbeat in my throat, nose and head...But my BP is okay..?
does balloon angioplasty hurt?
my blood pressure is 146 over 96 is that very bad?
There are 2 bright spots found on the baby's ultrasound on the heart?
Does strenuous exercise make aortic regurgitation worse?
Please help me on Defining Resting, Max and Target heart rate.?
Is there an easy way to memorize blood pathway of the heart?
Light headed for a week?
cardiac question?? my blood pressure has been very low for the past year at least?
can an implanted greenfield filter in the vena cava artery cause hyperthrophy of the heart?
Chances of heart attack with high cholesterol? What to do in situation?
Are there any contraindications to scuba diving with a heart condition, namely atrial flutter?
Can wearing a Holter Monitor for 24 hours tell your doc whether or not you're at risk for a heart attack?
irregular heartbeats while showering?
Anybody have experiences with pulmonary valve replacement surgery to share?
Can rapidly loosing weight cause lower blood pressure?
Where can I find information on ARVC?
Pinches shoulder nerve?
How long would it take?
how can I recover from my index finger crack?
How do I know if I have a head injury?
Sore Wrist... Should I get an X-Ray?
Wrist throbs with pain?
What's plantar fasciitis?
torn hamstring feels the same as it did 3 days ago?
Do i need to go to the hospital?
Ripped/Pulled a Shoulder muscle, What should i do?
Help, will I be ok?!?
What is the connection between Fibromyalgia and physical trauma from an accident?
Why is there blood on my hands?
Got piles...need high fibre foods!!help...?
Levothyroxine, anyone taking this medication for underactive thyroid?
pain in hip&side of leg,what can this be?
Describe the physical and neurological reasons which can lead to impairment of hearing?
I drink water all day long, litres of it but i always feel dehydrated!?
what are the symptoms of insomnia?
How often can I have a free NHS sight test. I have just been told that i have the start of cataracts.?
My 2nd Cousin is Albino...?
what is severe diahorrea if someone gets that?
I have just been commenced on Levothyroxine, how long before I notice any changes?
Why are my fingers swollen?
Sudden severe vertigo and near blackout?
What causes hip pain?
I'm being sent for blood tests...what are they checking for?
Severe conjunctivitus please help!?
whats the best way to take care of your skin if you suffer from hypothyroidism?
What's wrong with Universal Healthcare in the US?
I had blood tests done the other day and when I called for the results I was asked to have them done again?
Lymph gland removal....really scared?
Chicken pox question?
whats the best way to sleep early?
How can i get rid of my Lisp?
does hyperthyroid cause throat cancer if not removed or left untreated for long?
Sinus advice please and some cheering up :)?
Hi do you know what is wrong with me? I'm 16 i keep waking up in the night?
is there such a thing as being too tired to sleep?
What causes trapped wind?
My ear is really really blocked? How do I unblock it?
Memory Question - does it take you 1 second or 10 seconds to recall..?
why shouldn't you smoke weed if you have depression?
Since yesterday afternoon i have been feeling like I have the flu. I took Benadryl last night but it made me?
my muscles hurt? whats wrong?
Weird Question...Sweaty Hands. :P Please help 10 points to best answer. ?
Why am I tired all the time?
Depression + Acid + Friend Who is Doing Acid = VERY VERY VERY BAD IDEA?
Is there a way to get taller after puberty?
what is the best way to quit smoking altogether?
Does anyone know anything about SUDC/SIDS?
what type of foods make you smarter and help your memory?
Will I End Up Taller?
My liver hurts after night of drinking?
Does smoking marijuna cause blindness?
I feel that my throat is gonna go sore, what can i do to prevent it?
What can be done about medical specialists leaving Canada for the U.S. to make more money?
How do I get rid of my cold quickly?
How do you become taller?
Birth Control Question?????
Is wearing really old glasses bad for your eyes?
Black spot in in vision blurred?
Question about blood pressure?
high blood pressure and hot tubs?
why i have a sharp pain in my chest after my heart beat goes faster?
what can i do after beating red in heart gold?
Why is the superior/inferior vena cava furthest away form the heart?
acceptable levels of creatinine and the dangers/effects of either too high or too low levels of creatin?
how to estimate adiponectin?
Is my heart rate good?
what is One hypokinetic condition?
is there any support groups in toronto,ont for complex regional sympathetic dystrophy?
how can i get life window cardiac monitor model ml 6oo?
My mom may have had a mini stroke. She completely lost her hearing in one ear all of a sudden?
my son fever was 104 at 3:00,103 at 4;00,101 at 5;00,102 at 7;00 102 at 9;30 and now?
weird blood pressure?
Insomnia question...how to get over it?
okay i have had psoriasis for about 12 years now and i am taking enbrel as we speak will you please answer? ?
Weakness in chest after taking antibiotics ?
Possible Skin Cancer Lesion?
Why are prolonged fevers dangerous to humans?
Weird question re: strep throat?
Advair 250/50 questions, 5 points easy!?
2 weeks on antibiotics ?
does anyone know whats this rash on my chin,and on the inside of my arms? and whats wrong with a right toenail?
Shingles are hurting really bad?
Should i get the swine flu Shot? ! Help ?
Pink eye - cheak red and hot?
what kinda sickness do i have????????
What is the name of the vaccine that you need to take when you are between the ages of 14 and 16?
never had hav vaccine going to costa rica im 56 year old female my doctor told me i dont need hav vaccine?
i was popping my zit...?
I don't know what to do. It hurts = (?
shall i go out shopping today or shall i go back to bed?
anybody had any trouble with amphetamine?
Opinions on Prozac?
can you describe a "borderline" personality?
If a woman had a general anaesthetic unaware that she was 5 months pregnant...?
how long does it take to recover if a person has been using amphetamine for 3 weeks?
I have had a pain above my right eye (just above my eyebrow) for about a week now, has anyone else had this.?
Delibratley not sleeping. is that insomnia?
I have ''growing pains'' at 16 are they actually growing pains?
Why does it hurt the bottom of your feet...?
back pains? i need help!?
Has anyone had any side effects from coming off of citalopram?
Do you have a reoccuring dream???
is there a panic disorder specalist in maidstone?
Last night i was out in a nightclub and i felt perfectly fine one minute the next i felt extremely faint and h?
Anyone else in agony with shoulder pain when on laptop?
Why does a person's sense of smell get better when you have a migraine?
I have just noticed I have had two expired 250g gaviscon tablet thy exp in march is this dangerous?
How to raise money for an electric bed for my disability?
Is it normal for the hand to swell after upper arm surgery?
Is it normal for bones to ache?
How do I prevent my mild back pain (I'm 14 years old)?
i have lower back pain .i get the pain whenever i go to lmove like e.g sit down or get up.its really sore !!!?
How to stop neck pain?
Is there a cream or lotion which will numb the skin? I cannot stand any sort of pain.?
how can I get a bigger tunnel into my earlobe?
what would cause a tingling numb feeling in my leg, n painful too touch?
Any good ways to cure a headache!?
whtydo i get pin point pupils somedays,could it be the meds i tkae?
tramadol after meals?
what the best massage technique for sciatica pain?
Is it okay to give my 13 year old Temazepam?
vitamin supplement question?
Is it better to say awake?
Taking Valerian for anxiety?
Whats the remedy and/or constitutional remedy for someone who can't stand to look at a stopped or broken clock?
Does anyone know of a natural cure for Tropical ear?
Has anyone here been to an 'Insight Seminar'? What did you think and did it change your life in any way?
Help getting pregnant. What is this profession called?
does the ingredient lye undermine the naturalness of a soap bar?
I am a licensed massage therapist that works from home. Is this legal and what is the best way to advertise?
A question about herbs .. good or bad?
Which machine is cheapest and best Rife Generator?
If I was to take Methotrexate for Rheumatoid Arthritis, what would be the best natural supplement?
What are great foods that boost your metabolism? Some Vitamin and minerals also boost metabolism Thank you?
What is the difference between Meditation / Visualization / Hypnosis & merely closing your eyes?
Are there any males that have used Neem oil for contraceptive purposes?
should weed be considered a narcotic?
where can i buy baby oil in bulk or mineral oil which ever is cheaper?
Aspirin and Alcohol...?
How long would it take for nutmeg to get you high?
i need an opinion on this. Please help?
why do i feel tired all the time?
bcg question !!!!!!!!?
Can a person actually get shorter?
I can't sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Websites that tell you when you are going to die?
I CANT sleep,natrally i only fall asleep at 3am-6am and wake up at 6pm!i have uni in 2 weeks! help?!?
can I get hypnosis to stop smoking on the nhs?
How come I have trouble sleeping? And How can i get a better nights sleep?
Should foreign governments be made to pay....?
Any good websites articles for reorganizing/finding balance in your life?
I get really cringey around wool, carpet and fluff =/?
Would a massage once a day help reduce pain and soreness in your muscles?
Why is this happening?
Prescription glasses from internet?
What's the best electronic cigarette model?
I think I might still be constipated even after the laxatives that were given to me two weeks ago...?
do i go to work (sainsburys)?
why do i get a numb feeling on the left side of my upper back?
Itchy skin and Laundry?
Why do your feet get extremely cold sometimes?
What is 'Preventive Measures"?
Marijuana - if it grows in the ground...right?.?
Guess What.....I now have a working sauna! =P What are the Benefits of it?
i caught a cold i really wont to get rid of it before school starts!! HELP!?
Gas pain! Help?
please help! [flu shot problem]?
At what point can you begin kissing again after getting a cold sore?
i ve been apprenticing body piercing for a long time now , i m just wondering where i can go for my license?
I'm looking for movie about what happens when you smoke marijuana for 30 days?
Tummy Pains in middle section and diarrhea plus iv had chills and my body is sore could this be the flu?
How to feel better when sick/or have a cold?
how long does gravol stay in your system?
Will this prescription show up on my parents' insurance?
I can't breatheeeeeee!?
what's wrong with me?
what causes a yawn and why are they contagious?
WOW please any doctor or nurse help me ?
Is something wrong with me?
i've been sick?
what do you think of weed? ?
yesterday i had a bad day......?
Why is my head so itchy all the time?
Does proactive solution work?
why do my inner thighs itch?
New Bed Sheets. Rash/Hives/Bumps all over my body. What is going on?
Do I have a 1st or 2nd degree sunburn?
Brain Injury I cant wait until monday to go to the doctor?
I have frost bit on my toes, what should I do , how long will it take to heal, will it heal?
i have to walk to school every day with my heavy back pack ?
Can a badly sprained ankle break from walking on it? BEST ANSWER GETS 10 POINTS!?
What Should i do?
My body hurts all over, what do i do?
a few days after trimming my 13 months old nails I noticed that his finger is red and swollen?
What could it be?
Is a cast supposed to be tight?
how do i make a scar fade or disappear????
Symptoms of a concussion?
In UK can an adult whose symptoms years old, since childhood, have been missed or not taken seriously by GP's?
Deep Brain Stimulator (DBS)?
Numbness in my hands, most likely caused by work?
know anything about sleep paralysis?
Dislocated elbow?
what are the causes of tingling hands and arms?
I have a bone sticking out of the bottom of my thumb?
torn ligament?
Did Justin Bieber break his leg or foot?
What can i do to cure this?
Help, my toes are bluish greenish black.?
Does anybody know of a link between clinical depression and use of cullulose thinners?
What illness have I got?
The treatment for thyroid?
I have a lump in my underarm?
Medical proffesions....................................................?
what are the mental symptoms of anorexia?
I'm about to embark on a long flight with a recovering ear infection?
Is it possible to not have a gall bladder?
I have burning sensation inside my head and my hair is falling?
my rat keeps urinating on me?
how long does it take you to get off herion?
What could this be, any ideas?
My mum has cirrhosis.. please help?
ive been on lustral for the past 2Y for OCD & Depression ive been presc venlafaxine but im scred bout taking?
how can i help someone with ptsd ? served in the armed forces?
Is yoga any good ?
What is a nervous breakdown?
can anyone recomment a good low cost psychologist in south east london?
Is Body Dysphormia Disorder just a FANCY term for being vain?
has anyone got adult adhd ?if so have you had any side affects from concerta xl?
Is there a form of tai chi or yoga to accommodate someone who suffers very tight hamstrings and a curved spine?
Im going out later with a girl/friend christmas shopping but i feel really low right now?
why am i constantly tired ?
How long does triamcinolone work?
collagenous colitis ..diets and such what is available in this catagory?
can myeloproliferative disorder be diagnosed by MRI?
research on the mutant viral pneumonia (m.v.p)the causes and treatment as as well as how it cant be prevented?
Anyone suffer from keratosis pilaris?
my 7 year old son has been sick for 3.5 years. low white blood cells, swollen lymph nodes,pneumonia, bone pain
I have red bumps on my body - similar to a mosquito bite after returning from Honduras. They are not itchy.?
what causes muscle spasms in the upper back?
Can Plantars Warts spread to Flat Warts?
how do you cure a sore throat and get your voice back!?
What is Cladosporium ?
Licorice Extract: Can this be used as a lotion to treat facial skin pigmentation .?
Pinworms keep coming back.....?
what happens if people get swine flu? is it permanent? does it paralyze you?
What sets AIDS apart from other diseases in Africa, such as malaria?
What do I have........…?
should i get the flu shot?
what are oxxy contin tablets for?
Alternative Labour Inducing Methods?
What are the different types of heroin?
Metamucil,fibre for constipation.When to take.?
Man who claims to live without food or water for 70 years.?
Can my 13 month old take fish oil vitamins?
I have just been diagnosed with Graves Disease and am thinking of trying natural remedies, any suggestions?
If I planted brahmi in my fishpond would it improve the goldfish's memory?
Has every one fall Asleep Easily & Naturally?
Is there a natural product for a stomach hernia? Thank you?
Can acupressure help psoriasis?
Flu help? please?
Smoking pot and taking diet pills?
how to fix a sluggish thyriod?
Aloe vera for ulcerative colitis?
what are the best fruits and vegies etc. for you immune system?
Can lavender kill???
what do your think?
Soothing Music?
Can i use the NHS optical voucher ?
3d vision??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????
How to unblock my ear (keeps getting blocked all the time)?
Sharp Pains With Headache And Feeling Sick What Is This HELPPP!!!!!!?
Do you get better with Psoratic Arthritis? Is there any pain Relief apart from takin pain killers?
back pains when I run?
Is polymalgia a lifelong thing?
What could it be? Pleae help ?
what does "sticking a pillow" inside the bass drum do?
pain in lower right side of the body?
My Mum has a constant pain in her right pectoral muscle (Lower shoulder muscle, on the chest) Please help?!?
what causes acid indigestion!?
Is water retainment serious ?
Can lying about smoking kill you if you have any tests in hospital?
Worried about leaving my dressings off?
itake effexor venlafaxine?
can the british goverment have some 1 mentally sectioned indefinitely if they want it and if so where do i ask
Suffering from depression? do you think........my friends son is suffering from manic depression,could be?
What is Irvin Yalom's opinion about astrology? has he ever talked about it?
What do you think about these conversation of us ?
more anwers to this qn please???
Telling people about your Asperger's?
self actualization?
has any of u consume herbs instead of modern medicine?
Gilberts syndrome and allergies any experiences ?
What are good essential oils to burn when you have a migraine?
Fluid Retention?
What is the origin of accupuncture?
what is the difference from essential oil and aroma oil?" ?
where do I apply to pay for a pre paid prescription?
What are the health benifits of Sage?
Is my son getting high off of hycodan?
mr howard why have you not answered any of my questions? urgent!?
information on flax seed cold pressed is it good for you?
What can I do to get rid of my scars and smoothen my skin?
Is there a natural medication for swine flu? Thanks?
GABA - what is a good brand of pills to buy?
im from australia. where can i buy Acai berry products in drugstores?
What are some health risks of food dyes?
Is Chiropractic Science a good field?
why does dexamphetamine make you feel like your high?
Does this system for growing actually help you grow taller?
What alternatives are there to xanix?
is kleopin and valium contain same drugs?
was my drink spiked last night?
Should I take my herbal and vitamin supplements whilst on a detox diet?
Worried: Should I take medication for inactive/latent Tuberculosis Infection?
Why is this happening?
can a person have a few drinks while on thyroid meds?
I'm unhappy with my skin color please help?
Stomach muscle pains from IBS?
Did you gain weight or lose weight from your bulimia?
Smoking question. If u r going to smoke is it better roll tobacco or is the no difference if they are pre pack?
a lump under the right side of my jaw? ?
Sprained or broken wrist??? NEED ANSWER ASAP?
Is My foot broken? How do I know?
How do you treat a Grade lll MCL Knee Injury?
Is it possible to sprain your collar bone?
Will I get crutches if...?
What to do about burnt hands?
Strange lines on upper thighs?
If your hurt outside of work do the insurance companies have to give you lost wages from recovery and surgery?
What is Escherichia Coil?
why did my left hand feel cool not cold ...feeling funny from my thumb too ?
What is wrong with my foot/ankle?
has anyone had to get a bone rebusted so it heals right and straight?do they knock you out first?
Is my cast too tight? Broken wrist?
Foot In A Cast and Toes Gone Numb?
Can someone clearly distinguish how regular soreness feels, a cramp feels and a torn muscle feels?
Shin splint type injury - healing slowly?
i got hit on the head and i think i might be going deaf can anyone help me?
so at my grad last night i kind of fell on glass.?
How to get rid of scabs under the skin?
what should i do about my goose egg .?
injured my head, is this a concussion?
How can I tell if my index finger is broken?
I Have a throbing "Loss Of Blood" feeling in my legs...what is it and how can i make it go away?
What are the most dangerous sports by mortality rates and brain injury rates?
What do these symptoms sound like to you?
What happens if I smoke catnip?
what age???
What are some ways you can boost your immune system?
How does 69'ing work?
I just took a dump and it was fiery diarrhea puree. What does this mean for my future social life?
How can I get rid of my headache?
Why do I still feel dehydrated?
is nail polish and nail polish remover real bad?
I have a weak chin but no one else in my family does, why?
Please read Description then answer. Medical question.?
What's the bare minimum that I can sleep everyday and still be perfectly healthy?
how much toothpaste do you have to eat to get sick?
Hard teeny bump on back of neck by hairline?
Do you or does anyone you know squirt water when yawning?
What`s Going On With Me?
My skin turns purple when I'm cold!?
Do you think doctors should be evaluation every so often for competency?
Do you believe in Scientific researches on diseases or healthy foods?
i need help!!! 10 points?
What hurts more, tragus piercing or a tongue piercing ?
Why doesn't my sciatica go away?
hurt my wrist?
i have a degenerate disc what dose that mean?
Why do i get a head ache after intense exercising?
Is anything wrong or will the pain stop on its own?
Anyone had this bad experience!!?
i am getting pain in my left leg in my calf everytime i walk ?
should you go outside or travel with the mumps??
I can hear strange noises in my head?
Why when I come of the drip in hospital does my body ache.?
what is a sacra coccyx Geal injection for?
I Physically Cannot eat without a throbbing pain?
can i take the pill and nurofen?
Zolpidem sleeping tablets?
going out tomorrow night and dont feel to well,help!?
Strange pain in upper part of stomach?
Pain in Lower left side?
How long after a keyhole op to remove gall bladder can you have a bath.?
How can I prepare for knee replacement surgery?
Help My Grandma Suffers From Arthritis And is Very Depressed?
Symapthy Question, asnwers anybody?
what is the best way to pass the time in hemodialysis?
a person who is taking 3 to 5 bottles i.e.400ml - 500ml codeine in shape of cough syrup how could he recover?
i ate too much sugar free candy and have diarrhoea BAD!!?
Would like to know more about Crohns disease?
Stress / Acid Reflux?
my stomach swells up between my left hip to under my right rib and feel very uncomfortable?
Any Plagiocephaly sufferers out there ?
Question on Pituitary disorder?
What things can trigger an epileptic fit?
what illnesses cause low iron levels?
Polymyalgia and im 23?
how effective is it to be treated with Rituximab if I've got ITP(Thrombocitopenic idiopathic purpura)?
What could this be??
i have been walking for a couple of hours and had two beers in my local?
What is a good way/product to get rid of acne in hard places like right on the rim of the nostril?
Does getting warts froze/burnt off hurt?
Just noticed something horrid?
How do I get rid of a stye that has been on my eye for over a month?
do you pop the zits that have the white pus visible at the surface?
is there any damage in making yourself sick?
I have a thin dark line on the top of my index finger that feels like a bruise? or is it a vein?
please help.. is it natural to stink only when you sleep?
how can i stop my real nails getting weak after having false nails?
What caused me to faint when i got up?
i smoked ganja once about a year ago is it clear out of my system ? PLS HELP AM FREAKING OUT !?
I need help, my sister randomly faints and when she wakes up, she never remembers a thing !!?
i've been smoking about 2 cigarettes a day for the past month or so. would a doctor be able to tell?
Would I be eligible for an otoplasty/pinnaplasty on the NHS?
mucinex dm?
How can I make a home made facial toner that closes pores well?"?
anxiety after miscarriage?
Wat do u do if ur son wont get a job hes not had 1 since he was ill a couple years ago, he had burst pendix?
quiting smoking HEEEEEELLLLPPPP!!!!!?
fish oily brain?
Leg Numb?****?
massage therapy-positives?
I just listened to "If You Leave Me Now" by Chicago and cried?
Is hypnotherapy any good?
my brother has autism(aspergers)my boyfriends bro also has it.If we have a child,is there an increased risk?
Is melanoma easy to treat?
What are the benefits of Cod Liver oil?
does anyone know a natural remedy for gall stones?
can you flush your system of cocaine and how?
what are some herbs i can smoke?
Why when i am ending a meditation session do I sometimes feel disorientated or confused?
What is the best way to kick a codeine addiction for good.?
why has Vodka got such a bad stigma attached to it?
Are drugs used to treat anxiety similar or the same as anti-depressants?
i need some one i can talk to but feel like i ant talk to no one i dont trust any one and cant get close?
Are there any drugs that give the same effect as drinking?
What is a negitive aspect of a remidial massage?
just out of curiosity. there was some guy selling drugs on the street called....?
Anyone ever got caught of using a fake doctor's note?
What part of your body is it possible to dislocate?
What's wrong with my knee?
I have broken my arms a total of 3 times now is something wrong with me?
How do i know if i have a concussion?
i swallowed two pills pretty fast and i think one got stuck?
pinky toenail injury(accidental) HELP!!?
i have been feeling nauseous on and off for a few days?
Knee hurt/injured during basketball game?
Went to sleep with headphones on, ear hurts now?
How do you know if you have a broken thumb?
My toe has been numb for two days, now it is painful to walk on and swollen.?
if you place a pin on ur nose for lets say, a couple of months everyday, will ur nose will be thinner?
Popped a vein on my hand.. will it heal back? =[?
What is the correct direction on Robaxacet, muscle relaxant?
what to do for car pol tunnel?
my ankle has swollen and has a big knot hurts can't remember doing anthing to it?
If you have staples...?
A reddish blue dot in my finger after a small injury?
I'm curious to know is it normal for someone to faint from too mch stress?
Is it really okay to take a shower when sick?
How long does it take to get the Stomach flu?
what kind of bean is in a bean bag ice pack?
How can I stop feeling hungry?
what is levomenthol w/w?
Whats the best thing to take to help keep your arteries clear and clean.?
Red itchy skin at night! 10 POINTS?
Have you experienced severe problems with accutane?
Frequent pain in shin, diagnosis?
how can I stop it hurting so much in my throat?
Would you feel dizzy if you had a trapped nerve in your shoulder?What other symptoms are there?
What is the name of the condition where your neck spasms?
shall i get my foot checked out?
shooting pain in the top part of my right arm ?
Lower Back Ache advice?
why does headache and feet pain come together?
Hurting joints, what could be the cause?
Im a right handed person but recently i find myself eating with my left hand??? any1 else w/ this problem?
Is it normal for joints to hurt after slight exercise?
Bad headache and cant stop eating!!?
Throat and head?
falling on the ice yesterday and now my back is in pain?
I keep having sharp pains shooting through my head area, there getting stronger and more painful help!?
I have a horrible back ache, how can i stop it!?
why does my wrist click?
Anyone know how to make scoliosis less painfull on my upper back?
Has anybody notice their Fibromyalgia symptoms get worse after having a Mirena fitted?
DO U THINK CODEINE Indications ... ?
Backpain relief parcetemol or asparin?
I have been told that i have an unactive hypothyroioism?
Funderaising For Breast Cancer ?
How is JRA (juvenile arthritis) diagnosed in a teenager?
What are healthy cells made up of?
Are there any acne pills you can take that are availabe without a prescription?
If a person is a alcoholic and gets Alzheimer's do they forget the need for alc. as the disease progresses?
My roommate has bedbugs, how do I prevent myself from getting them?
Recurring ear infections?
A tiny peek into panic disorder. Have you seen her?
I have pukey tasted burps, what could they be from?
How do the Immune System Cells become synsitized?
Have you ever had these symptoms?
can you pass gallstones?
recovery time of perforated appendix with abscess treated with antibiotics?
Eye parasites?
is this really bad i have flu/tonsil problems at the same time?
Can cruise ship company force employees to take flu shots?
Is it unsafe to use more then 1 suppository a day?
100 cold viruses?
Heavy Growth Strep Throat!!!?
Open wound and blood on a door handle?
will my urine infection get worse?
What are the points in acupuncture to treat migraine?
Something that has completely changed our life, health wise....have you heard of suspension gel technology?
Do you have to believe in homeopathy for it to work?
acupressure points? and massage?
what happen is you take 1 capsule of omega3 without meal?
Who out there has smoked dmt and what was your trip like?
Bulk up???????????????????
Does anyone know of a good, free, on-line meditation?
What are some natural antibiotic/antiviral foods that won't interfere with immunosuppressants?
What vitamin/mineral defeciencies cause migraines? What supplements can help migraines?
Do you use Tissue Salts?
does smokeless tobacco also impede bone healing?
Is there anyone who has found a way of curing or treating their rheumatoid arthritis without drugs ? Thank yo
Okay, so i have UTI whats the best way to treat it?
Is it alright to do Dxm Occasionaly?
Know any natural remedies to cure keratosis pilaris??
how to cure gout in the big toe?
is acupuncture helpful for bells palsy?
Does biomagnetic really work?
anyone with ocd from south wales who would like to join me going to a drop in centre in cardiff?
What is the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist?
what are the different routes of medication?
patient privacy in UK psychiatry?
describe how you can effectively communicate sensitive and complex issues to a person in a care home?
does anyone know where i can watch the 70s interview with donna williams?
Question on Shaw Trust?
Dream analysis?
Will it damage my liver drinking 3 smirnoff ice every weekend socially?
How do you know if you have "Piles" ?
My son was born with gastroschisis and a week after his op to get it repaired....?
My mum is a hypochondriac. Advice?
Is arthritis serious condition?
blocked nose all of the time?
I have Gout and take Colchicine tablets. I also have swollen ankles and take water tablets.?
Ganglion Cysts are a pain!?
Will a doctor refuse treatment?
Very Painful Feet ??
Are these the symptoms of DVT?
PLEASEE help me!! :( obsessed with a friend?
what is this called? -medical term?
does it make you breathless (ectopic heartbeat)?
complications of multiple bowel operations?
Im after information on prolonged use of antibotics damaging organs?
every time the clocks turn back in October i cant sleep in the early mornings.i wake at 5:30am?
How many Hours sleep do you have every night?
Blood donor phone call?
Why am I constantly tired?
i have been drinking heavily and taking drugs for the past 10 years as well as?
What is the worst pain you have ever felt?
I Keep Getting Headaches when Im out...?
What's wrong PLEASE help !?!?!?!?
How can I break into the care Industry?
Confused about blood test :/?
help, need to go toilet alot, strong urine cant sleep more then 4 hours?
My jaw clicks when I wake up. It doesnt hurt but it feels awkward and goes away after a while. I am scared!?
i got glasses how do i keep them clean?
Dont know what to do?
Hangover, puking, advice??
in your experience... what is the best things to get rid of a cold?
So i have a bladder problem and i'm 14years old?
can I watch an autopsy?
Kidney Stones and Alcohol?
I am so NEW to this, I am going to get my VCH pierced tonight I am excited & nervous any advice? Does it hurt?
I think I have a skin problem?
What does it mean when you have white stuff on your tonsils but you don't have a sore throat?
Please help. Getting seriously worried.?
Which socks make you smell the least and make you swet the least too?
I want to try something new in bed, any suggestions?
Do I have an eating disorder? If so which one?
Acne gel really hurts, help!?
Can you get high off 1 gram of weed?
Does anyone wear contact lenses for astigmatism? What brand?
Genetic Counseling?
Why am I never really hungry??
Get dizzy when running?
how long does pot stay in ur body for?
Are nurses overpaid in the U.S. hospitals?
Home Remedies for Dandruff?
Mysterious black spot appearing on back?
big white bump around the inside of my lip piercing?
How to get rid of blackheads fast!?
BLACKHEADS! GUUUUH! How can I get RID of them!?
I get boils in my ears all the time? Why do they keep coming back?
Do nearsighted contacts wearers have to wear glasses if they don't have their contacts in?
trapped finger in car door?
Self Injury scars need help?
Does wearing sports tape around your wrists make them weaker?
My sandal strap was too tight today (8 hours), and now it really hurts in that spot. What should I do?
Important Back Injury?
What's a Fast Way To Heal Canker Sores?
How long does a slight tear take to heal?
Hit by a ball?Problems?
Hurt my back, should I go to the docs?
Can I go swimming with a large scab?
Sprained my MCL.....?
Help Please....Severely Torn Ligaments in ankle!!!?
Has anyone had a patellar graft ACLR? How was your recovery and rehab and approximately how long?
I was dropped on my head...?
HELP PLEASE!!! I went to a specialist for my ankle and now after he touched it it kills!!!!!!!!?
How long should it take to recover from gastritus?
Passed out after being hit in the stomach?
When I digest anything that is warm or hot I can feel it down the left side of my middle back. Why?
My doctor says I have a virus, but I think it's something more?
Is sodium bad for someone who is lactose intolerent?
I've been clean now for a year, but everyday is a challenge, I seem to crave meth everyday. What do I do?
Weird Stuffed Nose?
Is anxiety really the cause?
Professional acne product?
has anyone heard of eyrthomelagia? it's a condition of the feet.?
MMR and Autism ...have you noticed a change in your child after the MMR vaccine?
Bizzarre illness, still not sure what it was?
MS (multiple sclerosis) question...??
Is this a Viral infection??
What hospital was Qikiqtani General Hospital in Iqauluit transferring services from?
my daughter died from meningities.should her body have been embombed?
Why does poisonous food taste so good?
Energy healing...?
Who has a favorite, natural, remedy for a blocked sinus from flying?
How long does it take?
safest drink bottles?
joanna the doctor putr me on diuretics now the chiropractor put me on cal citrate , do u think its good i have
Question about homeopathy?
Does anyone know some natural remedies for hayfever?
Has anyone had hynotherapy to improve motivation and/or get rid of insomnia?
Would a small dose of individual drugs give you a bigger high?
milk and orange juice for hangover cure?
What is Vitamin A Complex?
How is that bee venom isn't used to alleviate arthritis?
phobia of vomiting?
Please help! I need help with typing up text for my NVQ in Health and Social Care. Can talk cant put on paper?
i was told by a teacher when i was young that i had mild dyspraxia how would i get conformation?
Lexapro side-effects?
can you ever stop taking Rispiridone anti pcsycotics?
Why dose my left arm often tingle or go dead?
girl trouble..my down below is stinging inside and is painfull what is causing this ?
Is there any joint exercises for a damaged knuckle joint?
I have been doing regular bicep and tricep curls since May, why am i not seeing any difference?
Hurt my knee. Is it what's made me ill? :S?
I have an acute anxiety state?
i have a bit of a cough but ive noticed in the last day or so i have been getting really sore chest pain on?
What's the best thing to put in your bath to help with back ache?
How do you get out of a straight jacket?
Has anyone tried Magnesium to treat anxiety/bruxism?
Can anyone give me some information on these Capsules......?
severe back pain wat to do?
help me pleaseeeeee pleaseeee?
Compulsive Shopping!!?!?
What is lower back pain, headache,stomach cramps, diarrhea?
what other methods of pain relief are available?
How could u have a miscarraige and not know r feel any pain?
my 3 yr old son has high fevers his head hurts & right arm hurts is this okay?
What can i do to stop muscle spasms at night?
My right hand and arm keep shaking. What could be causing this?
a 12 year old scar on my lip is causing me pain ......?
Numb arm and flashing lights ....... Anyone had this ?
young man 24, fit ,now feeling drained,no energy,needs extra sleep but always fatigued.any sugestions?
what type of medication scan one take that would raise his GGT?
I had 3 cups of Camomile tea last night,and it knocked me out.Is there any danger if I do this every night?
I am from the United States. Can I receive free medical care from public hospitals in London?
When will the cravings end?
i feel weird...why??????????
Whats wrong with my eye?
do you have to have a GP referral to get an appointment at the hospital?
How long does it take to start work for NHS?
Why is my poo orange?
Can you still give blood if you have just recovered from a mild cold?
I wonder what is the secret of living health and more than 100?
why do i get soo many headaches?
Sick for months now!! Help?! :(?
My 12yo Brother And Weed?
My body is messed up?
Autism: Do you think this woman is onto something here?
how do you mediate? what do you think of? Im having problems doing this... help?
is claritin clear adult good for my kid?
Name of prescriptions that you can't go in the sun??
how do glasses help people see from far and near?
How to stop cracking your knuckels?
Please help What could this be?
what causes children to vomit a lot?
what is it if you smell burnt toast?
what are pins and needles?
How do you get and upper ear piercing removed?
Tylenol 3 can make u sick?
Do you sleep on your back, your side or on your stomach?
my skin became drak?
toenail fungus my wife is taking an antibiotic for a tummy tuck surgary?
how to get flawless skin????????
why does your skin itch when we sweat?
How do you get rid of canker sores?
How do I remove dead skin on foot that keeps coming back?
does anubodu know how treat acne?
Dry painful skin on my face...? What to do...?
what could this be? shingles?
My niece I take care of has a wart and.?
My doctor told me that i have a rare fungus, but they look normal, is he lying to get a reaction out of me?
Why do I get sunburned so quickly?
my daughter has a mild form of cerable palsey she is 5 i dont now how this going to efect her life.?
Why do some immunisation jabs last longer than others?
Is halitosis the only complaint that affects others more than the patient?
help with pale skin (anaemic)?
question about high cholesterol?
I need documentation that confirms bowel operations cause more bowel problems?
Any good ways to reduce my IBS symptoms?
Disability Living Allowance?
Question about a hiatus hernia?
can people on benefit can financial help with coeliac disease?
how do you know if you suffer from insomnia?
Life expectancy of someone with ME?
What could this be? an illness?!?! please awnser?
elevated hormone level?
can trimethoprim be taken along side ritalin?
Can you get home tests which tell you if you have adrenal insufficiency or problems with the gland?
What is stool color........?
Why should you drink alot of fluids when you have a cold?
Is President Barack Obama to blame for the Swine Flu Pandemic?
my boyfriend has mono...?
should i stay home from school - h1n1 in our school?
40 Weeks Pregnant; having baby Sunday; should I get H1N1 vaccine?
Can you get arthritis by...?
tonsilitis or what is it?
Do I get the swine flu shot or not? Ugh either way it doesn't sound good.?
Question About Smallpox?
Is this Anti Biotic side effect ?
What are Scabies and how does it affect children emotionally?
how to get rid of gallstones in the elderly?
how can i bring up my immune system?
Do you know anyone whose spread herpes through a cold sore to other areas of the body?
it is possible to get the stomach flu twice in 3 days?
Is there any way I can grow quicker?
Can anyone help with this?
I just swallowed a 5p coin?
Is there anywhere where you can apply to do free nursing voluntary work in the UK or abroad for students?
tired and lightheaded? please help!?
Horrible creaking in my chest?
What kind of food causes migraines?
at my college a 20 year old was crying because she didnt feel well with quite a high temp , do you think?
I have many cuts in my toungue,I consulted doctor but got no satisfaction.pls helpme?
should i see the doctor about this?
problem with soot smell?
Oooo help meeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!?
Help me get the motivation!! Please?
Are Dr. Frank and Rhianna Returns the same person?
my voice has gone funny, all croaky and hard to talk?
are you for the 'pocket sprang' or 'memory foam' bed?
am i eligible for this?
Can OCD be a feature of Bipolar Disease?
Can hypnosis work for panic attacks?
community psychiatric nursing... a good job?
AUTISM... Disability to be treated/cured if possible or difference to be celebrated, what do you think?
indirect mental threats?
Feels like a bruise with no bruise?
For locking and cracking jaws whats the treatment?
should my whole foot swell when I sprain my ankle?
What is wrong with my finger?
What happens when you break your toe?
whats a good thing to do when your stomach really really hurts? [theres more to it]?
I just squashed my finger..?
I recently broke my neck, and I need some drug to do during these three months i'm recovering?
I broke my neck about a month ago, and I enjoy smoking, but i know i can't so can I chew tobacco instead?
does anyone know how treat meningeal tears in the cervical spine?
wcib in ontario?
Whats the best herbal sleeping tablet available in Australia?
I'm wanting to know if chocamine (pure chocamine powder) is illegal in Australia ?
How do I know a GOOD Naturopath when I find one.?
Would you say marijuana has a sweet smell to it?
Looking for a Dr Williams with Health Reports called ALTERNATIVES?
know where to get real essential oils?
My back shakes when i bend over?
Sinus/hayfever and the cold - natural remedies?
whats the vitamin thats good for your immune system?
What do you do for a blood blister under your toenail?
i have the beginnings of Osgood Slaughter do those strap things....?
Goji Juice?
Is Life Force International's 'body balance' drink homeopathic nonsense?
how can i go about creating a cure for asthma with herbs which i know are efficatious .?
How do I get rid of a stye in my eye with natural home remedies?
will george lucas make a 3rd star wars trilogy?
is peppermint tea good for irritable bowel?
I have the May 12, 2008 issue I can not find the article on soy isoflavones and resveratrol what page is it on
what is the best way to treat hayfever?
where is the best place to learn yoga in India?
how much do chiropractors earn?
I've invented a oral remedy - using natural oils...what do I do next?
What sort of exercises benefit constipation?
Natural remedies for gout?
Are there any natural herbals to treat schizophrenia?
What's a good anti-nausea drug?
Can you buy lortab's fast and easy on the enternet?
what's benefits of fragrance.?
what is the best exercise for a stiff leg that is coming from back problem?
Does a Sense Of Humour Bypass Operation involve Major surgery?
I was told by my doc, i had an ruptured ear drum how serious is that i also have a lot of hearing loss?
Ok hands up, who has broken their New Years Resolutions?
Where do these little bugs come from?What are they? Are they harmful?
What are the best vitamens and how do you know if they are actually dissolving in your stomach?
I am sleepy. Should I go to bed?
Afternoon sleepies? How to prevent this?
how to treat overly nervous problem naturally?
Marijuana effect on memory?
Today when I was coughing I noticed that there was some blood, does anyone know why this is happening?&I smoke?
What do you honestly think about this?
Why am i so tired when not in bed, and when In bed im wide awake?
What neurological disorders can cause gastric symptoms?
Really bad stomach pains after drinking a lot of water?
when does naproxen 500 mg expire? I got it a year ago, can I still take it?
Does ecstasy effect growth in teenagers?
Is there a specific reason why hot dogs make me sick?
I need help with a needle problem, I get light headed.?
Is this just the flu or something more?
How to Grow Taller, Will i grow more?, am i really short?
how can i change my voice? Is there a way?
My heights 5'1.5 and i want to get taller fast.how am i sposed to do this?All my freinds are taller than me='(
Peroxide and ingestion?
My mom checked my head 7 times in a 3 day peroid and didn't have anything, but i'm so scared. Do I have lice?
can i die from sittin under cold shower in the bathroom?
Is my eye sti caused by my contacts?
My forehead feels dry?
Treatment for corns on feet, other than salicylic acid?
What happens if you have an infection that is drug resistant?
I am worried about my little sister?
How long is pink eye contagious?
my armpits sweat alot, so plz help me find a solution?
why do i keep making little coughs?
phlegm yellow with blood?
What disease do you think this could be?
How long should you wait after a risky encounter to be tested for HIV?
Headache and stomach ache only at night? HELP!?!?
ibs,pain like heartburn?