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Why do you feel pain inside the ears if you dive deep? and why does the pain go away when you come back up?
Did I snap a tendon in my arm?
How to care for a dislocated knee?
The top of my foot hurts, what could be wrong?
Why do my calves get stiff while i am running?
i get panic attacks before school...?
could this be why I'm ill?
Why did it take so long for my blood to come out for a blood test?
my body becomes very hot often and i felt very uncomfortable even in winter. What to do???????
Electric current running through my bed.?
I smoked a cigarette really fast today and I felt AWFUL for 2 hours?
Please tell me if theres somthing wrong with me?
my left eye (bottom lid) has been twitching non-stop for the last 3 weeks, it's never happened before.?
question about taking pills (drugs)?
Does your Child take Melatonin?
Marijuana is bad for your brain I know that, but is it bad for your body?
I live in a house with mould, is this dangerous?
Lip piercing without a spleen?
Feeling sick (faint, gassy, headache, SWEATY?)?
how much water do i need?
Can someone tell me about the health-related and social consequences of rave drugs and marijuana??????
is it bad to bite your nails?
How long can the human body survive without water and...?
what can i do to reverse caffeine in my body,i overdose myself by accident.?
Can you have chills and sweats with a common cold?
I'm 18 and I get at least 8 hours of sleep a night yet I wake up tired. ?
I need to figure out whats wrong with me...?
Can I drink alcohol with my new medication, Nadolol?
my doc said im allergic to humans what should i do?
Migraines - How successful is Imitrex?
I can feel myself getting sick...is there anyway I can stop the cold before it hits hard?
My mothers anniversary death?
normal symptoms for smoking marijuana?
bowel problems?
Is this normal?
Accidental suicide while eating a?
Deep throated cough, runny nose, painful bowel movements...what's wrong?
Dark areas on skin?
I can't make a fist with my left hand because of severe pain.?
What to do at a stabbing?
How to fix back pain?
I have chest pains...please read on?
really sharp pains....?.?
sometimes when i walk i get sharp pains in my shins, is this normal?
I got hip pain when I was working in a factory before two years. The pain is still the same.?
cutting off, amputation of, hacking off toes from feet?
what is causing Pins and needles in my right thigh ?
Four day mild, but persistant headache on the left side of the head?
will i be damaged (paracetemol)?
Pain in lower left abdomen?
How does my toothache KNOW when its 9.30pm on a Friday night?
i have asigmatism, i have been offered botox in me muscles to correct ths. what do you think?
Any tips for visual static when using a computer?
I have something medically wrong with both eyes.?
What do birthmarks mean?
acne problem?
Why does AIDS spread so fast in Africa?
how can you prove you recieved infection by a "dirty" needle in emergency?
What are your opinions on swine flu?
Has anyone took more drugs than shaun ryder?
i always put my questions here!!?
How to keep a pessitimistic person motivated?
i like Pete on BB , but is this helping people with turrets?
Wanted use of 3 storey Lift in York/Selby/Leeds area?
If you felt your life had been stuck in a rut for ages,how would YOU try to change things.?
do you feel there's just not enough hours in the day??
i am on anti-depressants what health products can i take when i have finished the tabets to keep up my spirits
can i buy xanax in the uk?
my 8 year old daughter has been diagnosed with A.D.D(attention deficiency disorder)?
What is the average bowel transit time?
rib cage theory!!!!!!-girls only-?
Punched in mouth, stitches in lip, pain in teeth, little infection general questions?
Cigarette importation????
can anybody help me please?
Sweating and shivering... how is this possible?
Hi i suffer from Hiatus Hernia. I am on nexium but i feel nausia all the time. From when i get up in the?
I don't know whats wrong with me?
Where can I get work experience in the Healthcare ?
What do growing pains feel like?
My cervical cancer jab?
what is a health care worker?
Heartburn on my back?
do i need medical attention?
every few months i get pain for a few hours in my back and stomach, what could this be?
I'm looking for a good gp in Greenock,scotland?
Warning!! Sand /Grit in cannabis 'Gritweed' Read this!!!?
What causes 'flashes' of pain?
Do drugs that say they make you grow taller work and are they safe?
Any home remedies for cold sores?
what is the natural source of omega 3-6-9?
Something for sleep?
Is There Any Problem With People That Have Fetishes About Urine Or Is It Bad For You ?
How do I get rid of worms on ME- without medicine?
does anybody have a simple cure for toothache?
How effective is acupuncture?
Does drinking water get rid of cellulite?
Wolff parksins white HELP!?
how do i cure my sore throat?
Aromatherapy Treatments/Oils for Irritable Bowel Syndrome?
sleeping pills? .?
Natural alternative to crazy hormones and slow thinking?
a reask question......i was asking about h pylori, a short simple yes or no question?
Should I get checked to see if I have high cholesterol?
What are some good tips to naturally relieve a sore throat?
Does anyone have an opinion on the 3 exercises to lower high blood pressure?
Is Co-Enzyme Q10 just a waste of money?
whats the best thing to get rid of urine infections?
herbal alternative to klonopin or clonazepam?
Is This A Faster Than Normal Heart Beat?
What are some sleeping remedies?
cardiovascular diseases?
is there anything but cranberry juice that help a pee infection?
I had an EKG done and the nurse said she found an irregluar heartbeat - what could be causing that?
What are symptoms of heart failure and kidney failure?
what are the side effects of a d&c?
I was just laying in bed texting then I got numb and my heart was pumping quick?
what is trochrolon heart medication?
me and my heart or chest pain?
my dad is about to have major surgery on an aneurysm, am i entitled to have a free flu jab?
Is it okay to take paracetamol and drink alcohol?
how to stop yourself from getting dizzy?
Ingrowing toenail removal: Worried about something?
Waterproof insect repellent?
what is pre-assessment appointment before admission for surgery?
Does this medicine time to work ?
Please help I can't find this answer anywhere. About Breast Cancer?
Do you think I have Mono?
what do spider bites look like?
Does anyone get this feeling ?
which class of antibody is most likely to cause agglutination if the wrong blood group is givenin transfusion?
how can you convince people to get any vaccine ?
What's the link between vaccines and autism?
is amoxicillin bad for treating mono ?
shaky hands...whats going on?
what does it mean if sumone thinks the universe evolves around them is it a type of mental illness?
i found worms inside my chocolate! how..?
Need Homework Help!!?
Do you smoke weed, if so how many times a week?
has anyone ever felt this way...?
Don't know what's wrong with my friend. Help?
Stomachache everyday?
How to fix dry coughs and runny nose immediately?
How can I fall asleep faster & easier?
I am shortsighted and wish to have laser eye surgery, but I have dry eyes.?
why do i feel like throwing up?
I can't sleep anymore...help me please.?
What drugs can cause loss of hearing?
What do doctors check for on the patient, while doing a Physical examination?
Any ideas how to get rid of foot pain??
What's wrong with my stomach?
What is this ball in my childs earlobe after holes closed?
Is it possible that....?
How come old people are never tall?
Problems With Acne... Any Help?
What is causing my acne?
Anyone have any suggestions for a tinnitus sufferer. Had it for years but it is getting worse.?
has anyone ever had a glomus tumor?
My Friend has an eating disorder?
what illness do I have?
Can Juvenile myoclonic epilepsy (Janz syndrome) be cured or treated?
What's the most common brain tumor in a 13 year old male?
dizzy spells what could cause it?
Should my mum stop taking thyroxine?
Hey, I have a question on Epilepsy.?
how do i know if i have mental problems without going to the doctor?
Ehlers Danlos Syndrome EDS?
worried about swine flu?
Can anyone help me I have suddenly become unable to urinate?
Under active Thyroid - why do I need retesting?
relating to language and communication?
two days ago my doctor put me on statins,but last week i bought a?
Are there any effective over the counter treatments for post nasal drip?
For 2 months now I have been experiencing aching , numbness and pins and needles in my left hand?
hi, i have worn disc in my spine?
Sciatica diagnosed; Musc/skel/Physio appt. 3 days AFTER I start WALKING hols Spain! Defer/Go/suffer?/stay?
In have crippling pain with osteo athritis and worsening mobility. Who should I ask my Gp to refer me to?
Painful Ear Infection =(?
i have reflex sympathetic dystrophy and i suffer from extreme pain i have claimed dlabenefit will i get it?
What is this chest pain?
Ear pain from ear plugs?
blue Zopiclone sleeping tablets what strength are they?
H1N1 vaccine question regarding children?
What do I do, I'm worried, it hurts, and it can't be an STI?
should i be worried about my symptoms?
What do these symptoms mean ?
Can you catch a disease from a pedicure?
Flu bug question..........?
Oh boy...E.coli defending roommate?!?
I have had 2 surgeries for a herniated disc in lumbar spine.The neurosurgeon will not let me return to work.?
Why is my earring hole hurting?
My husband has everything wrong with him and ss still turned him down what to do without a lawyer?
Headaches? Naproxen and tylenol?
well, just wondering can i play tomorrow?
Shave head for stitches?
I helped move a piano about two months ago, my wrist was injured (a sprain). It still is sore, is this normal?
What to do without making it hurt too much!?
Will physiotherapy help my hand?
What is wrong with my finger?(please no smart comments)?
How to make a spot on my face less swollen?
chorea in acute rheumatic fever??
Are potassium based salt substitutes safe?
How long will it take for my big toes toe nail to grow back?
Bad knee pain from hyper extension injury.?
Is having low levels of HDL cholesterol bad?
Is the heart monitor on the treadmill more accurate than measuring your heart rate with ur hand?
How long will it take for my knee to heal?
what causes area between knee & ankle to be numb with intermittent pain?
Do people have to wait to get heart surgery in the UK?
Can heart problems cause muscle pain?
why this fish has lots of cholesterol? ?
can ST-Depression be caused by a lot of stress?
what are heart attack symptons?
Tightness in chest, racing heart, heart skips a beat gets worse if I move, but still worsen on its own. heart?
Chest discomfort, anxiety, heart attack, something else?
I have hight cholesterol for the last 10 years,can the damage in my artery be reverse?
Is a general anesthesia safe with a heart condition?
Urachal Remnant in 11 month old?
when did rasilez actually came into the canadian market?
Does relaxing with your hands above your head predispose you to a heart attack?
What is the drug called that is given to patients post heart attack in a puffer?
I'm only 16, but sometimes my heart suddenly hurts for 2 or 3 seconds? Why?
smoking and the heart?
do beta blockers make you tired?
thanks guys,another question,if i suffer from anxiety is it true that it will worsen through menopause,?
why is my cousin eddie as white as snow.................its 30+ degrees outside?
If the human brain was simple enough for us to understand, would we be too simple to understand it?
My friend (same 1) says that the number 3 is green and 7 is yellow and blue may be 6. Is this synaesthesia?
any stuff for sale in bromsgrove?
How do you cure OCD?
how do primary care trusts in England commission healthcare?
if low dose oral contraseptives and antidepressants are a current treatments for menopause,?
I may have taken a dose of paracetamol too early by accident, am i at risk?
what does it mean when your right eye is constantly twitching?
My fianceé spent the day writing our wedding invitation cards. She licked 200 envelopes before she posted them?
How to stop myself swallowing (my own spit) - help!?
I have a chest infection, helppp!?
What causes a bitter taste in the back of mouth?
Ive lost my voice, what can i do?
Can i have a drink of water 5 hours before a nose job?
Anyone had key hole surgery for an inguinal hernia?
Advice for my boyfriend's sleeping patterns. How can I help him sleep more routinely?
anyone else aware of smelling strange smells , like fire, when there`s nothing there?
I keep getting really hungry after just eating food. losing weight.?
Is Air Conditioning Bad For You ???
intussusception...helpp now constpated?
what does rocking in my sleep mean?
I feel like I'm going to vomit!?
What is Wavefront Lasik Surgery?
Question please for anyone who wear glasses full time?
My E.N.T consultant diagnosed that I had neuralgia it is extremely painful?
has anyone tired Zerotoxi detox patch and do they work????
i have osteoarthritis in my spine,i have put weight on,mainly my waist,can i do sit ups to tone my stomach?
Uncomfortable with a hiatus hernia? Trouble breathing and wearing a bra or anytight clothing.?
Do you smoke weed from a bong or a joint?
acai berry question?
Whats the best hangover cure?
what other type of tablets can i take for cholesterol other than simvastatin?
Do you irrigate your colon?
have been diagnosed with pinched nerve in hip area. Needles didnt work permenantly got any ideas?
how can i cure a sore throat?
worried about my friend who done weed from a water bong?
What alternatives are there for cannbis?
LSD ACID blotter?
Has anyone tried Herbal remedies for infertility?
does anyone know of any natural remedies that work with cold sores?
I am looking for advice about alternative medicine courses?
I need a cure..can anybody help?
im 16 years old right and im have beathing problems?
Does anyone have any home remedies for a disgusting headcold?
Will all those older "Tea Party" marchers give up their "Socialized Medicine?"?
What are the causes and treatment of bad breath? Naturopath iriology?
how to cure a sore throat?
Does Gjoi juice really do anything for anyone??
Is there a way to cure hemerrhoids at home with over the counter items?
My mom has a hickey . .?
I've had flea bite scars for awhile, any help?
how do I get rid of canker sores?
Is it true that eczema, dandruff, psoriasis usually show in the winter?
28 and just started getting Eczema- what can I do?
Aside from lice, what other types of critters can take up residence on the human body?
How do I get over my cold?
weed for the first times?
My eyes are really itchy and i dont have allergies, whats wrong?
i been married for 20 years to my husband he used to be very active in alot of things until 1999?
How old would an ex-alcoholic and ex-addict live to be, do you think?
How old are you when you first get your blood taken at the doctor?
Is the height important to become a firefighter? My height is 1,71m (5,6 ft)?
How many weeks does it take to a newborn to be able to see?
How can I stay awake without going back to sleep again?
In the morning, my saliva is really thick - why? ?
what is wrong with me?
What's wrong with me?
Can your vision get worse once its bad?
what are some ways to beat somone up with out leaving a single bruise?
why is my doctor a liar/i;m told the medication is good for me.?
Have a very very sore throat that's been here for 5 days?
can an employer fire you for missing too much time from work due to illness?
Is it normal to feel depressed after a night of drinking?
Is it okay to smoke weed with a fever and sore throat?
Ever since I started meditating once a day I have irregular heart beats?
Left hand and pain below elbow ?
Can frequent palpitations, feeling like I have to cough, constant fatigue and weakness be from bad air quality?
Brain damage couse by lack of Oxygen?
what is the corralition between tetralogy of fallow and vasculitis?
What to be avoided after an ICD implant?
HeartSaver VAD (please help!!)?
i wii like to ask about health?
Wolff Parksins White??
Why does Anti-Cholesterol medication destroy your muscle strength, and endurance.?
Can you help with these echocardiogram results?
can you get a heart transplant if you have coronary artery disease?
I have right bundle branch block (RBBB) in my heart...would tinnitus be related?
why does my heart do this?
What right does my mom have in a hospital?
What is considered high blood pressure for a 15 year old?
i went to the doctors and they have told me i have .....?
Help I Keep Cutting Myself And Even Thought I Hurts It Feels So Good Is This Wierd?
How to know if you've fractured your wrist?
is it possible to get bruises around your knee from jump roping on cement?
I have swollen painful toes on both feet any ideas?
I got my lip pierced 3 days ago and it is still really swollen. Is this normal?
Do I have a concussion?
Is there something wrong with my ear?
how can you relive pain from and stubborn big toe nail?
How long should a kid who broke his arm 3 days ago?
Can't afford braces !? :s What do I do ?
How to get rid of shin splints.?
How to tell if pinky finger is broken?
What do we do with a ripped off toe nail?
Girl bit my hand, and now I can't feel my pinky?
Injured toe is bleeding brown blood.?
I just broke my cast, what should i do.?
Arm Fracture help/?????
Has anyone had laser eye surgery? What's it like?
How much does a Physiotherapy appointment cost and how long is it?
What percentage of the people have the problem of hearing (imagination) of music in their head?
is it big for a man of 5ft 8 to weigh 15 stone medium build?
Can you be controlled through the computer?
Does anyone else have problems creating mental images?
How can you tell if someone is depressed?
How long can anxauty last coupled with depression?
Does anyone know if counselling really workks for trauma?
My partner has bipolar disorder. How can I persuade him to seek medical help?
Help from Dr Frank, Rhianna or any other medical professional please?
Is anyone NOT getting the H1N1 vaccine?
Does anybody with epilepsy have this!?
Lump on my left side by rib cage?
Who knows for what diseases it helps the medical test of spitting in 3 bottles of plastic 3 different days?
Is bronchitis serious?
Looking for help from anyone for undiagnosed toddler?
How is the best way to cure Hep C plus Hep B?
Pain relief for leg troubles?
I've been referred for gastric surgery on the NHS?
How much does the price of lice medication cost?
What is this lump near my ear?
cure for deadly disease,if you had the cure how would you use it?
My patient is 20 years old, has a tremor in his arms and legs and?
My sister has mono, what are some things that would help her feel better?
if your appointment is at 5pm and it involves a urine test?
How to get rid of a cold?
Upper Abdominal Pain & Nausea - Help!?
can you go to a hospital if not from the area?
Is It strep or just a sore throat ?
Wat ailments can basil fix?
What herbs helps throat inflammation?
have you had your palm read?
Hypnosis for anxiety relief - does it work?
I put papaer clips as earings and now one is stuck!!!HELP!!!?
I'm loosing my eyesight, can I make it better somehow?
I am aware that Injectable HGH is used in anti ageing therapy. Where can I obtain injectable HGH in Australia?
I need to take a drug test and I need to get marijuana out of my system. What herbs should I drink?
what does an enema feel like?
what is the safest dosage of acidophilus?
Is medicine always the cure?
As a massage therapist what do you do to ryour clients?
how many fluoxetine pills would kill you?
What foods/herbs can I take to aid digestion?
Have any of you or anyone you personally know tried any height gaining supplements or Glucosamine supplements?
What products or food can improve someone's mood?
Are there any OTC drugs that will kill you?
What is the Best Antioxidant?
The most affective diet pills to use?
anyone else have bumps at the back of tongue ?
i have really veiny legs...and its pretty grosss?
What is the lowest injection fraction on record where the patient ..?
LDL cholesterol is known as the "bad" artery clogging cholesterol....but can there be healthy levels?
Low blood pressure. Just before x-mas, I had an appointment at the dentist and for some reason they checked ?
..below your lower target heart range?
what exactly does an echo cardiogram tell us?
. Are there any risk factors for heart attacks that you have no control over?
I have long QT syndrome, is it ok if i take Valium?
Any ideas what causes these heart problems?
Irregular HeartBeat.?
Medical professionals: Whats the fastest heart rate you have ever heard of?
OH no! This is not good!?
If you have heart arrythmea, can you go zip lining?
cardiac - older adult?
Please help. Does this sound like symptoms of a stroke?
Im so scared, does this sound serious?
what is high blood pressure?
if i cut the tip of both my index fingers off and a dr stitched them together would they heal stuck together?
What should be the normal color of veins?
I am having a hard time with jealousy regarding women who are pregnant or have new a new baby. Help!?
Clay colored stool help!?
why do i sweat so much when i am in bed trying to sleep?
how do I avoid white bits?
how does spinal HVT work? Theories of its physiological effects?
Why do people like the internet so much?
in structions for boots tens machine?
I have a natural bend to my back posture, how can I straighten it up?
jammed pinky finger?
Sprained Ankle? hmm?? .?
Sprained left ankle?
there is this red bump on my nose piercing with a big white head, what do i do?
How long will it take to heal from two broken bones in my left leg?
how do you stop a nosebleed that lasts 30 mins?
What is wrong with my toe and what can i to about it?
clean wound after stitches?
Would a shoulder injury cause pain in my upper back?
On new years day i got into a car accident,It wasnt serious but now i hurt?
what happens when you break both legs?
feeling tired?
My grandma just fell on her artificial knee?
How do you fix a sore back/neck/shoulders?
Treating puffy, black eye...?
when a tendon has been sewn together, how long does it take to heal to be useful again?
Ways to reduce delayed muscle soreness?
Will jumping up and down on the spot for a while make you shorter?
sainsbury centre for mental health?
Looking for a word like hepatopia related to the brain does anyone know it?
Remember when we thought the government was encouraging smoking weed so that there would be no revolution?
fast acting anti depressants are there any out there?
Has anybody heard cases about small boys being given the drug Phenobarbitol in Ireland a few years ago?
can having a brain hem change your personality?
Can sleep be minimised in a healthy way?
why do i always have pains around my left shoulders,and sometimes around the left part of my head(brain).?
Support for Depression?
are there any retreats for self harmers who are also suicidal?
does any one else here have a phobia of people thowing up?
Shaun is going a bit odd? Why is that?
How long does it typically take someone to recover from their first psychotic episode?
why is it important for the chambers of heart to contract seperately?
What does it mean when your heart keeps skipping beats for no reason?
What does it mean if you only have only one chamber?
Can I take Toprol XL and Coricidin?
feeling flushed and hot in the face?
Got my ECG/EKG done at the clinic.....irregular results....?
bin gettin sharp chest pains on my left chest and now on my right aswell, can some 1 tell me wat it is?
Is there a device available that monitors users blood pressure and heart rate and shows the result on PC?
Heart Attack Risk?
Questions about gen-simvastatin (lipitor)?
i am suffering with a back problem and getting pains down my legs?
burning constant pain in left outside arm from below shoulder down to fingers?
Feels like something stuck in my throat?!?
Going out normally post-scoliosis surgery?
why do i get a headache after a nap?
Why Do We Get Pins And Needles ?
I get a numb sensation down right side of my face when anxious. It tends to come and go. What could this be? ?
why is my elbow still REALLY sore?
low blood pressure? any advice?
My nephew was told he has high lipids. Any idea what this means?
ibs i have it and hate it so much who else has it?
is there anything wrong with my heart?
Why is my baby toe numb?
why do I get a headache when I eat or drink something cold?
Suffering from pain in spleen, someone help!?
is it safe to run while under the influence of codeine?
keyhole surgery??????
Dissovable Stitches on Hand and Wrist?
I've been feeling down, tired, tight throat an inability to feel motivated?
Omg please help i think i have humonia?
tendonitus in my wrist?
Are there any types of hydrocodone that contain oxycodone?
My tongue feels like i burnt it. Does anyone know what it is?
excreciating pain under left armpit please answer asap?
Any tips for removing a wart?
How can you get rid of acne in two days?!?
What is a good treatment option for heat rash?
how do i get rid of my tiny zits quickly be4 i go 2 skool 2morrow!?
how can you hide a dark hickey?
Can anyone suggest a good home remedy for dandruff?
I just got contacts and sometimes my vision is blurry and sometimes it's not. what should I do?
Does garlic really work in keeping the flu away?
what oils are safe for massage during pregnancy?
Tahitian Noni Juice....?
what is the best natural remedy for a sore throat?
what is the best way to treat a nasty cold?
Chakras, auras, crsytals, stones,reiki,?
Why are my feet so swolen? is it because of my high blood pressure im 15 by the way?
Anything antidotal to caffeine?
Has anyone tried Spirulina ( A herbal drug) and does it help energy levels as someone told me it might?
is there a cure for herpes or something to keep it at bay?
Is my reason for caffeine pills good enough?
Private Practice Name Needed ASAP?
Headlice Treatment....?
Does Bach Flower Remedies actually work?
does niacin clean narcotics out of your urine?
Natural remedies for a cold?
How cold does it have to be befor i can refuse to work?
Is it really safe to get a H1N1 vaccination ?
I have a cold, and I'm going out tonight. Help?
What is the meaning of 'H5N1'?
Sore throat for MONTHS! Help me!?
Do you think I could have mono?
Differnence between swine and bird flu?
why is it that the flu or a bad cold gets worse in the evening?
If a male and a female are both HIV positive, can they produce a baby that is HIV negative?
Protecting From the Flu.... PLEASE HELP!!?
what can i do after i burned my tounge?
mucus...blood. =|?
does not coughing up sputum from smoking mean some serious health problem?
sweating helps cool a body?
Do we rely on antibiotics too much?
How do you get a really bad cough?
Stomach growling - related to bacteria/tapeworms?
Is this a 1st degree burn?
reason for "headrushes"?
What are the "nails" that hold your bone together when you have broke it called?
Are chiropractors really "bad" for you?
What is the strongest sleeping pill.?
My adam's apple shows and I am a girl, is that ok?
I'm Seeing flashes of light?
Ear piercing infected after 2 + months?
how dose it feel to die?
Can the consumption of Advil cause weight gain?
Why do ball gags make you drewell?
My sister had her drink laced with acid 4 years ago and every once in a while she gets weird. is she goin back?
my friend recently had her stomach pumped due to drinking excessively one time (about 4 weeks ago)?
Can constipation cause intense back pain? (please read on)?
Does anybody actually get 8 hours sleep?
Please take a moment to look at my question.?
I have a real need for attention?
What are your views on teens that smoke tobacco?
Is this Major Depressive Disorder?
Do you think this is Bipolar?
Do i have narcolepsy?
Can a nasogastric tube help in the treatment of bulimia?
Apparently I have TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder)- help?
The doctor says he thinks i have gout, im only 36, is this to young got have it.?
Symptoms of constipation?
i have big cysts on my stomach what should i do?
What are ALL the things a holter/ambulatory monitor can diagnose????
vascular problem: hypotension?
What is the most accurate method of blood-pressure testing?
My heart beats funny, are my breasts to blame?
Blood pressure meter?
without physiotherapy does one recover from a stroke?
Dizziness From Video Games?
How long does medical grade silicon last after a heart valve transpant?
Has anyone had liposution and been totally disatisfied with the results?
could this be sinus tachycardia?
Atrial Natriuretic Peptide (ANP) question?
Blood Clots - Treatment?
what would cause a tachycardia first thing i the morning every morning?
my juggler vein did something scary....?
I would like to know about anxiety attacks.?
Does anyone have any recipes that would be suitable for a diabetic patient who just had a quad-bypass?
why is my upper back so stiff?
I've broken my neck, and I was wondering if it would be bad to smoke maybe once a day?
Why do sometimes i get dizzy and can't see for a little while, Like 30 seconds?
this is nothing bad? rib poped and pushed it back in..?
Is my baby still in pain from a fractured arm even after it's healed?
am i at risk?
hi i just recently torn my knee ligament... is there any exercises that can help heal my knee?
My arm is broken!? READ PLEASE!?
Persistent knee problems?
i dislocated my patella about 3 years ago?
Is anyone else on crutches right now?
Tennis elbow (tendinitis)?
wierd red/purple bruise, with a lump under it?
Bruised ribs just got worse?
How do i know if I jammed my finger or broke it?
does a swollen elbow mean it is broken?
What does a fracture feel like?
Does anyone know where I can buy a good but cheap priced digital piano?
Whiplash or a tumour? Please help!?
Please help.I was in an auto accident which required surgery for a broken patella while moving to SC?
I sprained my ankle a while ago and it is bruised, but it looks like the bruisiing is going away.?
So i think i stress fractured my foot....What should i do?
What happens if you leave a band aid on for too long?
Is it possible I have a concussion?
last friday i woke up with a painful right knee and it took untill the afternoon to get better, this morning?
What have i done to my pelvis?
Why does this happen, and what in the world is it?
Will it be a wasted hospital journey?
Broken Wrist Worries?
Eyeeeee hurts help!!!?
My arms all blotchy and loads of lumps are on the top of my arm!?
I have a really sharp pain in the lower right side of my back ?
why do i have back pain?
Period like pain at 34 weeks of pregnancy?
Help!! Is this temporally?!?!?
What can cause a terrible straining feeling in the thigh?
can i take tramadol 50mg and aulin 100mg together, is it safe?
my coccyx hurts.....?
I've experienced clinical death at least 6 times. No white lights,first time was cool each following get dull.?
what could this be,plz help?
bad back ache, blood when blow my nose and cough?
mid back pain is waking me up in the night but goes when i get up not changed mattress and it`s in good cond ?
Headache, neck pain, confusion?
Heartburn? Help please :(?
any one here know any thing about the girl that was murdered in blackpool in cork ireland?
Ever heard of this nervous tick?
Do you take ambien/stilnoct/zolpidem?
when u dream of 2 fish swimming i kno its pregnancy but does it mean for u of 4 someone else?
If everyone stopped taking their anti depressants would the suicide rate go up or down?
I need to pay for CBT or Counselling privatly in Cardiff. How much is it and how long does it take?
How can I rid myself of manic depression/being bipolar?
need sites on abuse was abused as a child seeking help?
would you help a friend?
how long does abilify take to work?
how long do you (an adult) usually nap for?
I know i've asked this Question before but y cant i sleep?!?!?
I have a cold....anyways to help me ZzZzZ?
My glasses are broken how do I get another prescription?
How Tall Will I Be When I Finish Growing?
Bit by something. what was it?
How long does it take for a sore throat to recover?
A question about taking vitamins?
Why am i wheezing?
I wake up at night for no reason...?
I have an excessive sweating problem how do i stop sweating so much, in my arm pits?
Anyone have bad panic attacks with GERD?
is it good to have a private life or no?
I think I might have accidentally mixed cleaning chemicals, could I have created dangerous fumes?
How To Make Yourself Feel Really Ill?
18 mth.child with loose white stools for 2 wks.No other symptoms.Can't see doc til next week. Anyone know?
How do I get rid of my addictions to the net and music ?
How do i get my dad to quit smoking? Please help me please! :(?
STUFFY NOSE PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
i am a nurse. can i do job without registration?
Is this okay for a high cholesterol?
my mother 78 is experiencing high blood pressure at night. over 200/100 she is on meds.is there a cause?
Has anyone used EDTA Keladine creme ?
How does tachycardia become genetic?
is pregnancy considered a preexisting condition for short term disability?
What can canadians do to reduce the impact of cardiovascular disease on our health care system?
what does angioplasty feel like?
What can cause an Aortic Aneurysm to burst?
Is a runny noise and alot of phlegm related to HIV... had for about three weeks.?
Is it unsafe to sake hands with a person suffering from hepatitis-B?
How big is the Hepatitis needle, i need to get it HELP!?
Can other disease affect the result of HIV 1 testing like kidney stones and anxiety?
What is a disease that is terminal in about a month or two?
how do you prevent expression lines on the face?
How do I make my lips red again?
Have you tried feet pressure at organ correspondent points to stimulate and affect bodily organs?
What is healthier an extract or a concentrate?
Do you swallow or chew lysine pills?
ear candling?
how to get rid of acne scars WITHOUT PRODUCTS!!?
Anyone know of any vitamin supplements without calcium?
Does ear piercing interfere with acupuncture meridians?
where can i learn different massage methods?
"Most wanted" as drug slang?
Anybody know what this means and where I can find more info?
Are Halls Soothers actually for sore throats?
What's a good natural cure for toothache?
does teabags help puffiness under the eyes?
Does anyone know side effects of Accutane?
natural remedies for the common cold?
How much do cardiothoracic surgeons make?
do you think osteopathy is gaining popularity in australia?
Natural Therapies for the treatment of patients are now not only widely accepted but preferable to traditional?
What is a good meditation c.d?
Appropriate Melatonin Dosage?
How do I visually tell the difference marajuana between leaf and bud?
Is Lavender oil supposed to make people cough?
Do you have High Function Autism?
Anyone medically trained - bowel habits problem?
autism ??????????????? x?
My friend was taking Amitriptyline why did he itch terribly when he stopped taking them.?
Do I Have a head cold?
I know someone with an neurological disorder where the eyes move side to side nonstop and fairly quickly. ?
i break my head hairs how to get rid of this habbit?
I have a benign liver tumor. Is there anything I should avoid?
Multiple sclerosis (MS) ?
How to get rid of a wart? :?
Writing A cancer story?
small light brown mole (the size of 3 sesame seeds) just below my armpit?
Does anyone know sites to get reliable information on Graves Disease or Hyperthyroidism?
Chronic Sinusitis? Or just a cold?
low blood pressure or pregnant?
if i have low blood pressure, shouldn't i ADD salt to my diet?..because if you have high blood pressure, your?
Do I have Marfan's Syndrome?
HELP! Is this a health risk or is it normal? I feel my heart in my stomach!?
Can somebody help me with my echocardiogram?
Why is it that my husband sweats much more easily than i do in hot temperatures?
i need list of foods that are low in potassium?
Has anyone ever bought a brace that corrects bunions?
Do nurses get actively involved in teaching children road safety?
Risk of having another heart attack?
Heart vibration feeling cause by reflux?
Low Blood Pressure and high heart rate?
Why am I starting to hear better ?
Please tell me the sideffects of Parkitidine?
Is this a normality of the heart?
What is blood pressure?
what is an abnormal cardiology test?
Do you think this is something to worry about?
carotid artery thickness?
Is it normal for your heart to skip around like this?
10 month with cctga old?
Right Atrial Enlargement Borderline ECG?
do i have a broken collar bone?
Kickboxing forearm pain?
Sometimes I can feel my computer working.I mean I feel a tingle it that normal?
Are the torn ligaments in my ankle ever going to heal?
what did you do when a wasp bit you?
I think I have a pulled chest muscle, at least I hope thats all!?
how have you sprained your ankle???
How did I stop the nosebleed?
Ankle Weights and Biking?
How do you know if your nose is broken?
How do I know if I've broken my thumb or not?
Mystery Injury of My Friend...?
if i put bandages on my niplles will it help hide them?
Does it sound to you like I may have broken my foot?
I MIGHT DIE! (full serious) please! advice!?
how can i get rid of an eyelash in my eye?
How can you break a bone fast and easy? just woundering?
what to do?
how come when you get an injury in swells and gets all brused?
I think I broke my big toe. Help me please!
Please explain the anatomy function of human being's left brain?
Modafinil, is it available on presciption in the UK ?
does anyone have problems with their epilepsy when they hear deep bass notes.?
does anyone else feel terrible after losing so much confidence?
People with ADHD and ADD?
Has anybody heard of the "Dore Program"?
How to recover from bulimia 2?
If you are sectioned under section 6 mental Health Act, what are the reasons for this?
What's the best way to cure depression, when complicated by anxiety and panic?
how much sleep does a healthy adult really need and how long could we safely go without?
What are my rights in UK from being sacked for being off work long term with depression?
Does hypnosis work for phobias?
do you believe in guardian angels, if you do what have they done for you, and what have you done in return?
What happens if a bug crawls up your nose?
I cooked black beans on Monday. I kept the leftovers in the fridge... are they still ok to eat (on Friday)?
how many pills of benadryl to get high?????????????????????????????
I already know about the negative effects smoking has on one’s health, but does it really help one lose weight?
10 points for helping?
What part of the brain stimulates dreams?
I heard that having enough vitaminB can help you dream (or remember your dreams) Anyone else heard of this?
How can i get rid of sweat zits!!!?
What is going on with my hearing?
Does the health sign with the snakes going up the pole have 2 snakes or one?
Is it normal to tripp out THIS much from smoking marijuana?
are female birth control pills safe for males?
I`m constantly tired... someone help ! ?
Why am I afraid to fly? Any tips on how to conquer my fear of flying?
How long does it take a dead body to start emitting a noticeable odor?
I DID NOT KNOW I WAS PREGNANT. I am 21 weeks & didn't know ?
Okay I'm tired of this. How can I stop it?
What really IS the strongest bone in the human body?
What Should I do... ?!?!?!?
What are some physical advantages of quitting smoking?
How to not be tired...?
How to easy toothache pain?
when i move my neck i get a tingling sensation in my bottom area,what could this be?
i have pins and needles in my left index finger and tingling up my arm then i get pains in my chest?
my neck and shoulders are often sore, what can i do to alleviate the pain?
Trapped wind... Help?
Knee pain? Not sure as to why?
would could be wrong? tired, shaky, headache, nausea, weak, hungry?
has anyone suffered from gallbladder problems,?
Your answer to my other question does not make sense to me?
Bones are kind of hurt?
tingling pains on my neck, shoulder and left arm?
My eldest son as Idiopathic scoliosis, and his awaiting an operation any advise on whats going to happen?
gasy and stomach pains?
Is back massage, standing on back full weight safe?
Can women get "PERTHES DISEASE", the painful disease that gets in the hip joint or joints.?
What Is Wrong With My Collar Bone?
area of cuboid?
what is the difference between dihydrocodeine and codeine phosphate?
Stomach Pain/Cramp Continuing after Stomach Flu?
Acne on chin and jaw line..?
I have really wrinkly and dry lips, I'm only 16 ?!?
Kidney Infection? Any Help ?
Is there any ways of coping with FibroMyalgia?
I have had Tinea Versicolor for 6 months now..and still have uneven skin tone?
is my cartilage beginning to get infected? or is this normal?
do you think it's bronchitis?
help me get rid of my planters wort?
left lung hurts when...?
How can I stop being so clumsy?
Which collection, year and season were these chanel optical eye glasses from?
how long does it take for marijuana to get out of your system?
can acupuncture or chinese herbal medicine help you get pregnant?
is there any home remedy for prostatis?
whats the best massage?
r there any medicines os supplements to help u grow taller?
Which internal organs of the body can be beneficially massaged through the skin? Please list with benefits?
can anyone tell me what colloidal silver is? And what it is used for.?
Doctor doesn't know what's wrong with me could it be the B vitamins?
Alternative methods of fighting against Sleep Apnea?
Cold sores - have you ever tried homeopathic remedies? Did it work?
What are some famous deaths caused by amphetamines?
Does apple cider vinegar need to be refridgerated once opened ?
cluster headaches?
How good are true essential oils?
Can acupuncture help my nail biting habit?
Any alternative medicines or foods which Alleviate hyperthyroidism...?
Anybody know how to cure a sore throat?
Root vegtables can cause health problems . Is it true ?
Natural Cough Remedy for 2 y/o?
true or false: aloe vera is drying to the skin?
What's a food borne illness?
So many kids are becoming sick in my class?
my 5 year old daugnter has swine flu why doesnt the rest of family got it?
are these the symptons for low iron... ?
My mouths all pruned inside and I have a horrible sore throat?
Is it possible to contract C-Diff from the antibiotic Clindomyacin? If not, how does one contract it?
Does BIC razors slice up your face?
I've got the flu and I don't know if I should go work tomorrow?
what is the treatmeant for hyperthroidism?
i have one of the leads recalled from medtronic and it is stressing me out?
What is a good heart rate for a 13 year old who was very recently sick?
I'm sick, but my teacher said I wasn't sick enough to call home...?
is it possible to have rhuematic heart disease even it was cured already?
I have an irregular heartbeat, why do my doctors say it's "normal"... I don't know anyone else with one....?
Im having sharp pains in my heart area and middle of upper chest is this serious.?
how bad did i heart me knee?
I have an abdominal aortic aneurysm of a size of 4.6 cm. Can I take a 15 hour long haul flight? Can I exercis?
Is there anyone out there with 'Usher's Syndrome?'?
What can a service dog do for person with heart problems? What sort of tasks?
I need some info on Cardiology?
Does plaque on your teeth have anything to do with plaque in your arteries?
Can you join the canadian army if you have heart disease?
What is the cause of Plaque in a blood vessel in the Heart?
name the parts of the muscular, skeletal, nervous, and cardiovascular system in physical activity.?
what are the positions of a cardiac surgeon?
do you know anything about costochondritis?
What would a bruit in the Abdominal Aorta sound like?
Anyone out there got obsessive compulsive disorder?
is it lazy to have your pjs on at 13:10 in the afternoon?
relationship with brain injury man to manic depression!!!?
Anyone used NLP to combat their depression?
How does shy depressed teen find love? I suffer from depressionand apd. Is love the only cure?
What Happens To Hair When ......?
Questions About Anemia?
do i have something wrong with me?
I have had the flu for a week and it wont go away?
Everytime I eat or drink anything?
Will the antibiotics I am taking for my wisdom teeth (Amoxicillin) do anything for my UTI?
How much per a year does a average adult drink fliuds in litres?
illegal drug help please!?!?
how bad is neurofibromatosis?
Is double vision after wearing goggles anything to worry about?
How long does it take before a steroid injection is effective?
My 13 yr old toy poodle is vomiting and has lost control of bladder. What can be causing this?
what is causing my headaches like this?
Changing Cultures In Dementia?
could i have hypoglycemia?
What can u make up of these symptoms?
I'm trying to get off cigarettes and am finding it difficult, can anyone tell me what worked for them?
relating to diagnostic procedure what does the term sensitivity and specificity mean?
Blood test for Celiacs Disease?
Any miracle cures for Gout?!?
Can you diagnose from these symptoms?
I have a red rash on my forearm, what could this be?
lose a finger or lose part of the nose?
what would be best product to iron out and eliminate wrinkles under the eyes and forehead as well as the face?
why does my hip hurt after i run?
which dehumidifers are the quietist,and work best?
Need advice for healing old injury - directly over the eyebrow bone?
why won't my bruises go away?
Could the pain be so bad from a broken rib that you black out ?
Leg Exercises With Previous Knee Injury?
I got hit by a field hockey ball in my inner shin?
What can I do my shoulder keeps flaring up?
What is the best method for removing a nice sized sliver from my daughters foot?
what happens when glass gets stuck in your foot?
what bone in the wrist that takes almost a year to heal when broken?
A large object hit the bridge of my nose real hard & hours later, I still have a headache.Should I be worried?
headaches any ideas?
I have a little lump on my ear above my peircing and it kinda hurts when i touch it should i get it checked ou?
any one had a nose job?? how long does the procedure take? does it hurt? leave any marks? cost in Toronto??
skateboarding accident?
Is it possible to twist the muscle inside your ankle?
I'm currently in the process of stretching my ears, and one is swollen... please help?
My eye is killing, its all blurry i can barley see out of it?
I banged my hand against the end of my bookshelf and now there is a big blood clot .?
difference between a bruise or fracture of a bone in my case 2 bones.?
Skull Fracture healing?
I think I fractured my foot?
Kidneys might hurt. Might not be serious?
my pulse is very high?
Nervous for Store Loss Prevention Job?
Can you get blocker arteries at the age of 18?
Does 40 mg of Crestar equal 80 mg of Lipator?
Heart palpitations ten years after ablation procedure?
what is the formula in calculating drugs with like dopamine?
what external factors may have influenced jerry's decision to implement positive health behaviors?
Any one knows good cardiac surgeon in newcastle.UK?
What does it mean when results say increased risk with apolipoprotien A?
how does the sympathetic input affect the heart?
what are the sites where i can get the normal & abnormal reports of test do for detecting the heart disease.?
What is the reason of having a high heart rate in the mornings?
Where can Internal Medicine Doctors work?
Dislocated my knee?!?
swollen feet?
coccyx pain???????????
How do you soothe a sore tongue?
How can i relieve bracest pain?
Why is my head still hurting?
inflamed shoulder what can i do at home to correct it ANY HOME REMEDIES?
reiki, does it work?
Magnesium/Calcium supplement causing muscle cramps and twitches?
Dose drinking water help me calm.?
where can i buy caffeine pills?
Do you believe a full moon can cause insomnia?
Are there any natural remedies for teeth grinding. I am a 39yo male and have been doing it for years?
Have you had acupuncture treatment?
Muscle cramp in tummy side ect.?
Cholesterol Lowering Side Effects?
Is Members Mark a good brand for Omega 3 Fish Oil Softgel capsules or are there any better brands?
back pain / spasms UK?
can i take a sleeping pill right after u i had ibeuprofen?
Pain in my upper left thigh?
constipation home remedies?
Any doctors out there that can help me?
I have quite bad leg pain?
I have constant neck pain which runs down my whole side when doing sport- is this abnormal?
what is the best cream for healing a black eye?
Constant bad throat, lasted a month and a half?!?
what does fda stand for?
Does nasal irrigation really work?
what is a natural medcine to improve a teenagers concentration?
weird, tender 'bone pain' in breast bones and areas around chest...?
Pain in the side of my right hip?
should i continue my studies to be a chiropractor?
Australian Surgeons and Neurosurgeons?
has anybody been hypnotised and does it work?
Does anyone know where to purchase Ion foot spa's?
Does anyone else use Orthotics?
Can running cause piles?
39 weeks and getting short sharp pains in by back - Braxton Hicks??
Why does my finger hurt?
McLaren are you being real or sarky?
Does Prozac actually work for anyone?
¿Have u ever felt or have u been in synaesthesia state?
We all need love, don't we?
How can I contact a clinical psychologist in Christchurch, New Zealand, who would take a trainee for 4 months?
What's the best time of day to take Prozac?
is answers an automated computer program to keep me of the streets?
what alternative is there to lithium that does not cause weight gain?
Who can put George W Bush in a Straight Jacket for the good of every child in the World?
can taking anti depressants alter your personality?
if my skin is darker dirtier and possibly dull is it like that perminently or will it go away?
Sinusitis -- Recommendations?
Whats up with my eye?
Can you get extended wear overnight coloured lenses?
Can too much exercise raise your blood pressure?
what are the kinds of drugs for hypertension?
What happens to the pulse rate during different activites?
Is The Heart Attack Grill real?
Concerta, Cardiovascular ?
what are the effects of heart palpitations?
How important is Watching SODIUM Levels in a Diet with LOW CHOLESTEROL?
what's worse for your heart; diet pills or cigarettes?
My blood pressure has been 148/123 for awhile, on medicaton.Sometimes my BP drops to 102/68. Why?
I have heart,chest and back pain. Its like stings all over. And sometimes my heart twitches also.?
I have an irregular heartbeat and my doctor says it's nothing to worry about... is he right?
My toddler has strep throat and with came the high fever and she has fever ulcers in and out of her mouth.?
is the reddening of tongue is sign of high blood?
Becoming a Heart Surgeon?
HELP I have a 39.9 (Celcius) fever is that dangerous?
Why do bacteria sensitive to antibiotics usually out-compete resistant strains in the absence of antibiotics?
I had a maroon / black bowel movement a few months ago?
What is this bump on my elbow?
what are some ways to stop obesity?
side effects to products?
Do you know anyone with kidney disease? how old are they?
Antibiotics and the consequences of it?
what is the cure for impetigo other than bactroban?
Is this swine flu or something else?
Does it sound like I have H1N1?
Can I spread/get a yeast infection like this?
Do zombies eat anything other than human flesh?
does anyone with any form of epilepsy only have it while asleep?
Drinking lots of water but i'm not peeing lots?
what can one eat if diagnosed with oesophagitis?
What causes gout and is it serious ?
does acupucture cure pins and needles?
do i have an eating disorder?
symptoms of overactive and underactive thyroid?
How can swelling in the lower leg happen?
I get bad shakes! what could it be and is there a cure?
whats wrong with me somethings not right?