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If there is a lot of blood underneath a loose toenail will it come off?
I have a slight fracture in my left wrist and really bad sprain, but would like to continue with light weights
My friend fell on his head and I'm unsure if he's okay?
Broke a blood vesil in my eye.?
I had Lasik 2 Weeks Ago?
boo hoo what do you do about torn ligaments and a bruised, swollen, sprained ankle?
How to treat a mild infection from a small wound?
oh noes! When i was rocking on my guitar.. head banging.. my glasses fell off! what can i do to stop that??
How can you turn shallow cuts into permanent scars?
How long does it take for a broken tumb to heal?
Anyone know how to fix a frozen shoulder only been 9 months and still har to move it around?
How long do I wait....?
What can i do to help my ankle?
I want to get rid of this scar?
Muscles got hurt i can hardly move my leg!!! i need help on how to fix!!!!!! please!!!?
Is dynamic streaching better than static streaching?
I have a bump on the back of my head please help. 10 p best answer?
Shoulder pain/arm weakness - should I do something?
Knee popping with some pain?
Can't straighten my knee... HELP!?
How to Treat a Swollen Ankle & How long does it take to Heal?
why does your heart beat faster when you are nervous?
how to get fit after years of no excercise?
Why does blood pressure raise slightly if you place your hand in ice water for a short time?
my blood presure is high how to it get it low,,?
My heart is weird help please?
drugs for excessive phlegm in the throat?
Chostocondritis- Help please!?
Pain in my leg....what can it be?
Whats happening with my leg?
my mate has a lump on side mof head is given him pins and needles asnyone knows what it v?
serious question but i can understand if you think im troll- Why do i get an instant headache when i headbang?
pain on left hand side under rib cage going round the back?
I sometimes get a stitch like feeling to my chest?
i have a bad back with trapped nerves, also t rapped nerves in my neck, cant get comphy to sleep?
whats causing this back pain?
Middle right back sharp pain, ideas?
I suffer with heel spur and need to buy a good pair of walking trainers, can anyone recommend some plz?
I take 10 co-codamol of 30/100 per day will this end up killing me?
if i went to live in spain would i be entitled to free prescriptions like i get here in england?
Gal Bladder removed and still gettting unbarable pain!!!?
Why is there numbness in my left thumb?
a throbbing pain on the back of my head behind my ear 6-7 days now?
9-1/2 weeks in cast, what happens when it comes off??
do memory foam matresses actualy work?
why does my fingers and hand feel numb all the time?
How do u get rid of colds and back ache?
back pain for 6 years, and doctors dunno what to say when i go!?
What can i do to ease a neck spasm, and why do they keep happening?
is there any medical reson to get pulses around the body?
Anyone help with back pain?
What is the best type of massage for tight, aching muscles?
HELP I ate these mushrooms?
Has anyone ever been to a hypnotherapist/been hypnotised?
Do you agree with this statement...... "If all the medicine in the world ????
Are there any other ways to take pills other than swallowing it them?
What is a healthy alternative to Cigarettes?
What crystals are great for Arthritis? Thank you?
Where can you find chinese medicine?
I smoked marijuana about 4 times in the past 3-4 weeks might have to do a urine test?
What cures nausea best?
How can I make my nostrils bigger?
A good way to treat sore throat?
do you need antibiotics to cure a uti? natural remedies anyone?
Quick remedies for a cold?
what is the best natural treatment for acid reflux have tried apple cider vinegar, baking soda?
Tonsillitis, any natural cures?
AIDS Cured, But How? What are these Miracle Cures?
Is Cetaphil good for acne and sensitive skin?
Is vinegar good to put directly on your face? Does it prevent acne?
are there any natural acne cures?
What do you think I have?
why do i yawn all day?
I have an annoying feeling everytime i swallow. It feels like sore throat but w/out the pain......!?
why am i smell this?
Calling in sick...question?
Is it really true that if you swallow gum it stays in your digestive tract for 6 years?
H/s student work 35-40 hrs a week, too much?
Is there anything wrong with being dependent on sleeping pills?
Why is my stomach making growling noises?
I am 16 and my knees are grinding?
What sickness do I have?
hey guyz im soo sick!!?
Why do I get tired so easily..?
If a person smokes weed?
as if my brain does not switch off i have vivid dreams like I'm still awake i am tired often get migraine's
why is this happening????!!!!!!!!!!:S?
Why does drinking milk cause so much pain?
is this true? do white filter smokes have fibreglass/ and r worse than brown filter smokes?
What was it like when you smoked your first cigarette?
What would be an average monthly Disability Insurance payment for a 62 year old man with cancer in Ontario?
who has an opinion on microwaved food
can symptoms of a stroke come long before?
My heart beats really fast at random times?
Help! Acne QUestion
do i have heart disease?
Heart Problem? Health Problem?
Is it possible to find out if you ever had a heart attack through routine annual physical check up?
what is the general type of valve that the aortic valve is?
Have you gotten the H1N1 Flu Vaccine yet? If so Have You Experienced any Side-Effects?
Scabs and blood ?
Hepatitis C question?
please describe the swine flu?
Is this the reason why I have caught a cold?
anyone know the defination of blood on blood contact?
Is it wise to make love while still recovering from strep throat? I am no longer infectious.?
describe the phychosurgical approaches/techniques originating from 1888 to 1946?
what are the advantages of the biological model of phychiatry?
if you suffer from low self confidence is it holding you back in life and how?
what is the best cure for.OCD?
Are people with mental illness stereotyped as mad and dangerous?
How do I get over my fear of flying?
how can i retain learned stuff in my memory?
i am about to move from an extreme into another,feeling sad and bad.unacceptable?
my work mates are ignoring me for no apparent reason.i feel so isolated like a leper an outcast dunno wat 2 do
My partner has post natal depression and I could really do with some support myself...?
in financial difficulty,can c/card comps take my property?
coping brain damage speech 25% damaging?
what happens in the head when we get head aches?
What is a panic attack?
Does mixing alcohol with fizzy drinks increase their effect ? I am trying to avoid getting drunk not enhance?
its been 3 weeks can i stretch my ears?
How do you know if you broke your wrist?
did you ever accidentaly hurt yourself with your nail?
Anyone with a knee injury?
crutches, HELP, any tips?
crazy question about stitches...?
Just swallowed an apricot pit... ?
I need to sprain my ankle and it needs to look swollen and bruised?
I got this cold sore??
help me someone,i so scared i'm crying.?
Hit my head and saw a spark?
What would a bullet look like after it was been in someone for a while?
How can i get my ribs to stop hurting?
Do you know what this could be ?
I have an injury that was caused from work, and I am being told I can't go through workers compensation?
How do you heal a sore hip?
I rolled my ankle during gym class yesterday, and the swelling hasn't gone down yet..help!?
is there something wrong with my wrist?
Why do I keep pulling muscles in my neck?
frequent bone fractures easily broken bones?
If you break your ankle, can bruising happen around the painful area but not ON the painful area?
I just cut my finger, should I get a few stitches?
Is alcoholism really an illness or just bad behaviour?
i have a bad pain in my stomach?
medical advice needed?
whats good for ditoxinating the human liver , PAULE.?
my stomach makes weird noises?
Could i have hormonal imbalance?
why does my head feel like its going to explode?
Are there any doctors out there?
why have i got blurred vision?
Is Endometriosis a "western" disease in the sense it's incidence is lower amongst "more primitive" cultures?
what causes Alzheimer's?
What is the best treatment for a month long cold which has affected the sinuses and eyes?
What causes the eyes to sting and water when you have a cold?
Why is my cpk (creatine phosphokinase) so high and how can I fix this?
Is there a homeopathic cure for eczema?
is centrum a good multi vitamin?
What is the best natural remedy to help me get a good nights sleep?
nerve damage? anyone know of natural way to ease the pain or speed up the recovery ?
Know any natural allergy remedies?
Why people who smoke cannabis are really thin?
natural remedies for ear infection?
Should I try salvia?
i'm dialted to 3 and drank some castor oil?
are there any good prescription medicines that you can get at the chemist for hangovers or anything to stop it
i have been living with hiv/AIDS for 25 years i use different herbs when i feel seek?
What is a good way to stop biting finger nails?
Is there any alternative medicine for Mental Health as there is for general aches and pains?
Home Remedies for Thrush!?
ACUPUNCTURE dose it work?
What's a good way to ease sinus pain and pressure for those with high blood pressure?
a natural cure for kidney stones?
What dietary supplement or vitamin etc can I take to increase my energy a lot?
What is this lump in my lower eyelid?
pain in hip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
question about cramp?
groin and hip pain..help please?
Does any one know of a painkiller...?
what could be wrong? bad stomach ache and back ache?
For anyone who has ever had back pain?
does putting ice on your face increase the pain threshold?
Is there a single nerve?
Sometimes when I drink alcohol I suddenly get pain in my shoulder.This only happens if I drink something diff?
Why do I suffer so much pain just lying down in bed?
Pain in left shoulder and left side of chest?
Is the HPV Vaccine causing this?
Why do my knees click when i walk down stairs?
where can I get some of that gas and air stuff for day to day use around the office?
relief from stiff legs?
What do i do with painful finger joints?
when i chew or yawn my right cheek,ear and head really hurt?
How many green tea studies (roughly have) claimed that it affects cancer/How many reject claim?
Question about wolff parksins white?
One morning I bleed blood & orange spots out of my rectum, since have other symptoms, any answers???
Is there bacteria on a bar of soap? Could some strains survive and live on it?
What is this, im freaked?
i have Raynaud's syndrome and i run cross country will it help?
help! need to remove my dad from hospital!!!?
Help, Please. Cardiology Question.?
blood preasure to low?
What is a low blood pressure for a teenager?
Mini stroke is it okay to drive in BC, canada right after?
What are emotional effects after a heart attack?
where can I find cardio songs?
Has anyone NOT had good results with TENS treatment on the lower back?
Holter Monitors? im getting one today and im kinda scared?
Is my blood pressure good?
My boyfriend chews on his fingers????
Does weed/cigarettes get in the blood stream? If so...?
If I drink 3 energy drinks a day....?
Have you ever tried marijuana for a migrain headach?
Really bad cold?
Pain under my jaw and around my throat?
Cant be addicted to cigarettes?
Sick for along time now! Serious answers please?
Is it possible to get addicted to tylenol?
What do you recycle?
Early menopause or something else?
how or what can i use to cheat a urinary drug test?
spitting out black stuff.?
any tried and true remedies to quit smoking, i've tried all of the self help books an aids available?
I need a good way to deal with stress!?
How do I stop thinking so much when I'm trying to go to sleep?
Diarrhea almost every day for the past week! help!?
Why do I always feel tired when I wake up in the morning?
How do shrooms get you high?
is marijuana or tobacco worse ? and is cigars or cigarettes worse ?
how do i know when im addicted to smoking?
Mono Help! 10 pts!!?
Hi, What's best for a cold?
Flu Epidemic?
how do I know when chicken pox is not contagious?
H1N1 flue shot???? Should I get it?
Why is malaria such a significant hazard in Africa?
How concerned are you for this flu season?
how do you look after someone with dementia?
how do i find a specialist in aspbergers syndrome in merseyside, have been looking for 10 years!?
what have you seen of a female manic-depressive?
Russell brand why must you taunt me everyday with your love of the oily's?
im afraid of an operation hip replaced ineedit butafraid?
can PMS make OCD symptons worse ?
How young can you be for Alzheimers to start??
how can i pack on muscle quick?
why do EMPATHS always get mixed feelings about thing's;in public?
forgotten how to have fun?......?
What are the symptoms of food allergies for humans?
Psoriasis Help...? OTC Products...?
how to get my face to tan?
If i Have an Acne Cyst, Will it Go Away?
I have some old scars that are getting whiter against my skin, what will help fade them?
how to cure acne NATURALLY???
HELP?! I feel the need to scar my face?
I get a zit that is underneath the skin it becomes a painful bump that takes forever to go away any suggestion
What is the best treatment for bicyclist jock rash?
I`m 19 years old and I`ve developed a strange underarm redness. It looks like its raw and it itches so badly.?
My Broken Leg - Crutches - Read!?
elbow injured in soccer and doctor's didnt diagnose anything?
I have a broken finger!!?
Help.this Hurts, please!?
I got the Top part of my ear pierced and latetly it hurts more?
Should I be more direct with my doctor?
How can I Remove a Cut on my lower lip?
are you supose to drain water blisters(burns)?
How long does it take to recover from a fractured vertebrae? Weeks or months?
Pulled a stomach muscle?
Guilty feeling/sore guts?
my toe nail hurts reallly bad it's swollen and red and puss coming out?
Will my knee get better?
When can I just walk normally without crutches!?
who is the the better band?
bad shoulder injury.?
What would the hospital do about a bruised rib?
How long before my ankle heals?
Is it possible for an unborn child to suffer a heart attack?
how long to perform heart surgey?
Is ischemia reversible and what is the best medical treatment?
What causes Paroxysmal supraventricular (atrial) tachycardia(PSVT)?
What to do for stroke victims after they come home?
Whats going on with my heart?
17 and have high resting pulse, high blood pressure/ circulation probloms, and many weird things.?
Keep getting a sharp chest pain ?
are palpitations dangerous or are they something I should'nt be to worried about?
low blood pressure with a high resting pulse rate?
my highs have gotten weird..?
I think I swallowed some aquarium water....will I die?
Am i allergic to marijuana?
how old do i look here?
Please give me 8 ways to grow taller in a short period of time without taking any forn of medication/drugs?
What does caffine do to you that is so bad for you?
Why does ginger ale help with upset stomach?
what is tramadol hci?
I'm 12 and will stretching help me grow?
What should you do if a boulder/loose rock starts coming at you down a hill, gaining speed?
is there anyone or any way that I can be turned into a vampire?
any way to eliminate muucus in throat?
negative effects of marijuana?
I rolled up some paper and lighted it up with matches, is this the same as a cigarette?
Can we do something about this little girl?
I have not had my period for 5 months?
What are the pros and cons of being a 6 feet tall girl?
What do you find best for an upset stomach?
How do you relieve yourself of stress. No drugs please?
Any home remedies for stomach aches?
are vitamin's required?
Cough/Stuffy nose/tired remedies??
any natural head lice repellents?
i am looking for home remedies?
i think ive just been drugged?
what drugs legal or illegal can cause violent aggressive behavior?
Will *Azoes* clean out your system as far as weed goes???
What is a good hangover cure?
Which of the 12 Tissue Salts would you take for a fungal infection under the fingernails?
Any good cures for hayfever that don't involve drugs?
What is Chineese medicine used for?
What do I do if I get my period at school?
What is a negative aspect of yoga?
Do you use Aloe Vera? What for? Thank you?
I'm on pain killers that the Dr. has prescribed(very strong),is there something natural that will help as well?
need some good treatment for candida?
whats the best thing to do to get rid of constipation?
What are the benefits of meditation?
going under....im scared?
when working out?
whats this weird thing on my foot?
my neck pain is so painful it interferes with my everyday life?
pain in upper back behind left breast when I turn round to the left?
pain in my right side, feels like period pains but much worse any idea what it could be please someone answer?
pain on right side of body?
My boy friend is always sleeping due to his pain killers that he is on what can i do with him?
How can i prevent my ankles, toes, knees, and fingers from cracking?
How to relieve needle pain?
why do i wake up stiff?
i have an intense pressure when i bend down behind my bellybutton.?
question about online pharmacies?
knee pain? now almost constant, got worse over the weeks? any idea why? or how to make it stronger?
unexplained pain in right hand lower ribs?
My auntie had a stroke yesterday . . .?
I hadmy gallbladder removed 10 days ago. From day after op I have suffered severe pain nausea vomiting etc.?
Any remedies to sooth a sprained upper arm?
can you tell me about tramadol?
After last nights run, my tendons and calf muscles feel extremely tight! Why?
Could my bad belly ache = appendicitis?
How do you treat tenosynovitis and ligament tear in wrist?
i have got a mouth ulcer that is just not going, what can i do?
Can the hospital Syringe an infected ear?
has any body heard of h-phlori or has anyone had it,if so what treatment did you have & are you Better?
Can stem cells be used to cure dementia?
what would be appropriate actions in cases of adverse reactions to medication?nvq?
Is a stutter (speech impediment) usually hereditary, and if so is it wrong for a father, who stutters, to mock?
Is it possible to prevent getting Alzheimer?
do i have a food intolerance?
I have had ..not a pain as such..but something going on in my left side just above waist area. what can it be?
i think i might be OCD what do i do!!?
Helping someone with an eating disorder?
does anyone konw any good cures/remedies for labyrinthitis?
Is it ok to drink alcohol if you have epilepsy?
Temp. 39.6, vomiting, diarhhoea and had a rash earlier, casualty?
Burning ear canal & ear drum feels tight?
Has anyone tried the e-acu-pen I would like to know if its worth buying?
How do I find out what's wrong with my grandchild?
waking up to cold sweats?
Can anyone tell me the treatment for trapped femoral nerve is surgery a possibility?
I was diagnosed with vit B12 deficiency 2 years ago i have to have an injection every 3 months?
what is Dravet's syndrome?
is chlorine good for acne?
What is the key to fighting anxiety?
panick attack??
Do you have info or experience about temperamental persons?
Prozac ??????
What happened to me this morning?
mental illness could it involve mind games?
what is the best way to do speech and language therapy?
Loss of emotion, how do i get it back?
Talk about fixations ...?
have you had bad experiences with psychiatric drugs?
Is it true that when you come round from an operation you can feel the breathing pipe in your mouth?
When should i sleep for a night shift?
please can someone help me out?
Has any1 ever tryed Sativah?
I haven't slept for two nights in a row is their a reason?
weird sickness thingy?
Champix Stop smoking Question?
bad chest pains, fast heart beat?
Why Am I So Itchy?! I Need Help!!?
My 21/2yr old has swollen thumbs and big toes. What is this?
I have a rash that my Dr. says is Skin Asthma, how can I get rid of it?
Why do i feel so numb?
Whats up with my bag?
I was taken to the hospital about 25 days ago with an allergy reaction, every since then I am not able to eat?
Should i use Claritin extra strength + sinus if im using avamys nasal spray?
Canada Pension with disability benefits?
Ive got no nuckle on my left thumb..and im missing a muscle in my left hand too..should i get plastic surgery?
how do i make myself cry?
How do you let go of an old habit?
Staying awake - 3 - 5 days?
How can i take these pillls?
do you get anything out of snorting vicodin?
I get random discomdiscomfortart area?
Mold in my bedroom window?
How do I tire myself out???
i a a single male now in a wheel chair and i would like to know are there any woman that would date and even c
What happens when you're high?
white dots under fingernails ?
What is the safest drug in the world?
motion sickness?!?
I need advice on my smoking habit?
I cut myself with a shaving razor (for legs) is this weird?
Why is my daughter so small?! Percentile is at 1%?
Can you die from being Lactose Intolerant??
Does cutting caffeine really help anxiety?
What could this lower abdominal pain be?
Can you swim in a long leg waterproof cast? ?
is it possible to over-pressure your ear drums when blowing your nose?
Whats wrong with my lower leg? sprained? broken? help!?
I've had a bad ache in my arm for a while now?
Is my arm broken/fractured/messed up?
Blood splatters....am i safe?
About an injured hand. Advice would be greatly appreciated!?
OMG i just fainted will i faint again?!?!?
How long should an ingrown toenail last?
I have a sore foot ......?
How is Congestion Heart Failure affects the person's ability to function?
I recently had vitreous detachment surgery....?
Does anyone have experience working with patients who have had a frontal brain injury?
What is causing this heart pain?
Terrible Accident?
MRI results?
Wrist Injured.what to do?
I sprained my ankle awhile ago and im trying to get over it, will doing strengthen excercies heal it faster?
Red line on the palm of my hand above an incision from surgery what is it? should I be worried?
I scratched myself against a rusty fence. It's a small cut.. will i be ok?
What symptoms will a person have with congestive heart failure have BEFORE diagnostic tests are done?
I have undue pressure behind my eyes is this something to worry about, otherwise my sight is ok?
where is your liver?
My brother has Guillain-Barré Syndrome - what can I do? What kind of treatment is he looking at?
My son's school is giving out LIVE vaccine 2morrow, he will not be getting it. Should I keep him home?
I have pink eye and i REALLY need it to go away! Please help me !!?
how long will it be before i feel sick?
i have a soar throat ?
I steped on a toothpick can it cause infections?
Can you develop arthritis in 7 months?
What's a Rhinovirus?
if hepatitis A B and C are all cause by the same virus, then why are some more treatable than others?
What are the side effects for the H1N1 vaccine? Is the vaccine right for me?
how long does a common cold normally last?
Can you get HIV from a crack pipe?
can adhd and ads co-inside?
Has anyone here ever known someone who was diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder?
Do you need support with BPD?
does propranolol work well for social anxiety?
where are we going to and what are we doing in life,if we are going to die at any moment?
Can you give me some true examples of intuition?
How SUPERSTITIOUS are you? Does it affect your life much. Can you get paranoid about certain things.?
What is your definition of psychology?
How do be more confident and social?
Can we choose which hospital my Mum is treated at?
Fluoxetine - numb face, lips and tingly tongue?
how long would it be until i can take off the bandages?
How to sleep all night?
Getting rid of a sore bony bum!?
my nan keeps stabbing me with a pencil?
emergency referral to hospital from doctors?
Do I have cramp in my foot?
getting tired all the time? joint pain all the time? im 21!?
When you left home, and fell ill for the first time, who?
Has anyone out there had a TIA and then flown on holiday within a few weeks?
hi -i have bad asthma and back pain and rheumatiasim of the knees?
bruised cheek bone question?
is there any bad side to precocious puberty?
Does anybody else feel like this?
Low abdominal pain please help??
Generally when you ask people their height, do you think they tell you their shoes on height or not?
Is It Normal To Feel Tired In A Wet, Rainy and Damp Weather?
advice about a painful elbow?
can i get rhinoplasty on the nhs?
2 big grazes on my knees that are very sore when I walk and sore when bending knees.Anyway I can heal them qui?
What are the effects to your skin of writing on your hand with a biro ?
Can someone help me please?
my wife has just been diagnosed with osteoporosis of the spine?
Severe Back Pain!!! Help!?
Can it b answered quicky ? Thanks :) .?
What should i do next?
Is toilet paper poisonous?
Are those electronic cigarettes good? and where can I get them?
Can a bad back (spine) and neck give you headaches?
Can you get head aches for no apparent reason?
PAIN IN MY HEART =/ (not love wise)?
help! knee keeps going!?
Feeling odd all of a sudden?
Which is healthier: A whole wheat breakfast cereal that contains sugar or an unsweetened "wheat" cereal?
How old were you, when you went the forst time to the ginaecologist?
Herbal remedies and effectiveness?
Can anyone tell me how to treat a fugal infection on your toes with alternative medicine?
Ear Candles?
5 STARS - Weed doesnt get me high?
What is the best remedy for sore troath?
Is Ketamine (Special K) really horse tranquiliser?
What effects does honey have if i pour a drop of it into my eyes everyday?
How to ease PMT naturally?
Blocked Ear?
Has anyone tried hypnotism to try and quit smoking?
Sore Throat?
Besides vinegar, what other natural remedies can be used to treat mosquito bites?
what otc viatamins or medicine to take for anxiety?
Is constant weed smoking safe?
Is there a medicine that makes you nauseated?
Is there any relationship between Reiki and Hypnosis?
will cranberry juice help speed up the process of getting rid of cocaine in your system?
Removing Plantar Warts?
Can someone explain to me what lupus is? what causes it? and how it's treated?
Who works with dietitians in hospitals to design a patient menu?
avnt slept for days?
Why cant I resist biting the hangnails off my fingers even though I know it will hurt/bleed?
Does anyone else go SleepWalking/ SleepEating at night??
Ok so advice on tonsillitis?
my mom just found cigarettes in my room..?
What is my Illness? How serious is it?
Gallstones and gall bladder removal?
Pains in chest and cough?
Is low red blood cells indicative of something very serious and what should the sufferer do immediately?
Is zinc good for sinus problems?
toe conditions?????????
Does any one know if o.c.d as anything thing that can be related back to a over active thyroid and if so what?
doctor doctor i can feel it burning .... hold me now !!!!?
Have I seriously damaged myself by an dangerously unhealthy past lifestyle?
Are there any support groups for klinefelter's syndrome in the U.K.?
How many people have surgery to correct scoliosis?
I had my Gallbladder removed and have been told that weight loss will be harder is this true?
What happened to nicotine stains ?
is there a time to stop taking medication to lower blood pressure/cholesterol please?
i'm spotty, my face seems swollen, i have put on half a stone - what is wrong with me?
what are good sleeping pills for a druggie?
do bulimic people get blue nails?
help dandruff wont... come off HELP?
How do you get rid of bug bites!!!!!!!?
Depression 7 months after bypass.?
sometimes i pass out?
What foods are good to increase your HDL Cholesterol level? ?
What is the most effective way to lower cholesterol and triglycerides and blood pressure without pills?
cholesterol and blood donation?
low fetal heart rate?
Leg amputation vs. straight legs?
Did you watch Oprah tonight?
marijuana and alcohol?
Why do so many teens drink and smoke?
How long can you detect marajuana in your system through a blood test if you only tried it once?
my son smoked some weed today will it show up in a home test tomorrow?
Why do people spit when they are smoking?
I bought a used bed. IT HAD BED BUGS.?
me and my husband are A+... but our baby came A-.. is that possible?
What does it mean to have a knot?
Chest pains and stress?
Does bench pressing at 13 stunt your growth?
i havent smoked in 3 weeks but i smoked a little bit of weed today?
How can I grow taller? Do I have any more time left? 10 points!!?
I'm sick, when should I seak medical help?
how to make your eyes stop hurting ?
Does Viagra actually enhance women's pleasure also?
Is there a scientifically proven way to slow down aging?
1 yr old has severe allergies. Do you have cake/icing recipe that has no eggs or dairy?
Does anyone else dream blurred?
adhd and austism?
What can cause a person to show her/his origin of origin, I mean the exact nature?
my illness is depression and anxiety, my medication is citalopram ,is that enough info smartasawhip?
Ok! last question on this one?
How can I combat reactive depression caused by overactive thyroid?
psychotic drug alonzapine?
how do you cure agrophobia ive been told anti-depressents work but not on some people?
do you have anything in your personality that you don't want others to know or notice?
question for hsc 4 in care?
Cannot fall asleep :(?
why do i wake up feeling really hungry when i eat just before i fall asleep? i'm not pregnant!?
How does one establish that one does not have worms?
slured speach, acting crazy, falling asleep mumbling is this a stroke or something help!!?
i see things. why is this? (MORE)?
Pea sized hard lump below knee, front of leg?!?
itchy worms loss of sleep?
I recently suffered a black eye the result of a football injury. I still have some marks any tips on healin it?
whats wrong with me?i feel like my left arm and leg are jelly?
Whats happening?!? D:?
stitches are out but ones left?
Can i get cosmetic surgery through the NHS?
Is there any product on ebay or amazon that can relieve stress for less than 50euros inc p&p?
What happens to your brain when you're Trashed?
Anybody ever use an Inversion Table?
is virgin coconut oil good for my skin?
What are quality hospitals in Metro Manila for treatment of Dengue Fever?
How do I know if I have cracked a rib? I have whooping cough.?
How safe is accutane?
What gift can I bring to the hospital after a stem cell transplant?
are white blood cells really puss?
Fluid in the lung?
what causes the skin on fingers peal?
elidel for eczema?
Baking soda..?
scared to death??(mass on neck)?
can i get Mederma at a drug store like Rite Ad?
Orange skin.. Doctor doesnt know why?
Does anyone know what health symptom this goes under: I get red dots on both of my hands and gets itchy. Help!
i need help! i have a 4 year old with a horrible dry cough.?
appendix removed?
How Long Will Swelling Last After Surgery?
Should my husband get shoulder surgery?
My niece has very badly damaged nails and her doctor told her that her matrix is dead, nothing could be done.?
Help! Bruised Toenail?
Do I have a sprained wrist?
My mother 68yrs old recently fell and fractured her tail bone. Does anyone know the healing time would be?
i have jaws locks after dental surgery and admitted to emer hospital 3 times, what shall i do? can i sue doc?
What will happen to my fingernail?
My knee cap dislocates as i walk jump or run. What should i do?
is this bad?
when you get a cast off..?
Is my ankle really sprained?
well i have this really bad cut on my knuckle and it's really deep i don't no if i should get it it checked
help! whenever i wake up, my left eye is always swollen?
you've got a bone to pick with a higher up. what does it mean?
How long to dissolvable stitches take to dissolve?
how to get rid/what is this problem?
is my toe sprained or broken or whatever else...?
stretch marks?
What are these bumps on my face that look like acne but never go away?
What to do if you have puss ?
How do i get rid of my acne before school starts ?
Sensitive skin? Sun allergy? Rosacea? What is this!?
Arm acne?? What works?
Is it true that wearing tight unwashed blue jeans promotes the growth of disease?
How do you stop your hands from sweating?
Oxy acne products..do they work?
When you eat things, does it affect your acne?
do i have roseca????
Why would people oppose to having a defibrillator used on them?
Is this a high blood pressure?
What can I do about water retention other than drugs?
what is good to eat for the heart and brain?
gastric bypass?
Will I have another Brain Anuerysm if the Dr. said there's an 80% chance that I could?
PCP and Alcohol horror stories, please?
what is artery claudation?
If you have a heart murmur, can you play sports?
why do i have a fluttering heart?
How deal go on without the only man who really loves me?
why might taking your blood pressure at home be advantageous versus at the doctors office?
radial vulvaectomy 30 years later?
Could a heart problem cause nausea and stomach problems?
Acid, Roller Coasters and a really big fear?
Anyone here get random brain zaps ? or is it just me?
Health problems for a teen.?
Do you think herbal medicine is better than pharmaceutical medicines.?
What does LSD do to you?
Home remedies on beating the common cold?
Is there a website with different type of ecstasy names and types.?
What's wrong with me?
Every morning feels like a hangover?
can hypnotherapy help with alcohol problems?
What vitamin is said to help decrease the signs of aging, heal tissue & prevent scarring?
i have glandular fever, I need tips for eating and soothing my sore throat?
ease mosquito sting?
who are more closed-minded: sceptics or believers in alternate medicine?
what is the best way to cure a cold?
Natural Vision improvement. Your ideas on this please.?
What are gallbladder symptoms??
Do you guys know that we need antioxidants to live?
Why does my 22month old toddler catch a nasty bug on nearly a weekly basis?
What foods do I need to add or eliminate from my diet?
natural alternatives for adhd?
Can you drink BATHROOM tap water?
how much salary does a uk Pediatric Opthalmologist get per anum?
Wierd Hand????????? Help?
Why is Beaconsfield East known as "The Death Ward"?
My sore throat has got so bad I can't talk or swallow without real discomfort?
Rite im having a general anesthetic?
Does the hardness of water effect your health in any way?
im freakin out here please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I fall asleep to easily...?
the longest cold......?
is it necrophilia if they are still twitching?
how can you get too sleep quickly and easy?
I think im sick. But i need help on deciding to go to a doctor.?
Will genetics ever be the answer to a longer life?
why do i feel sick when i don't eat?
If physiotherapy is so good,?
can I get through to my doctors surgery online?
I need help this....?
i have a small hernia how can i stop it from getting worse?
Who would care if you died?
TYlenol tablets from usa shipped to england?
what is the name of the job that gives people botox and stuff?
Ookay so is it bad that i could be ..?
I keep trying to poo and it won't come out because it is too big, what do I do?
which food do you eat, genetically modified or organic?
Recently my skin has started looking worse..?
How much LSD is too much?
I have two different coloured eyes, one brown, one green. Does anyone know the odds of this happening?
How to get rid of a stubborn cold?
What is an EKG? Does it hurt?
What's the difference between tap and filtered water?
Alcohol or Tobacco? What causes more bad health effects?
People smoke a lot of marijuana is it dangerous?
if you had amnesia but no one claimed you, who pays the bill?
How Long Does Extacy stay in your hair?
Can anyone help me to understand this anxity?
has anyone regained most of the feeling and function to the hand?
my daughter does the same thing but she passes out more then a minute she turns blue and becomes stiff help?
medical help?
Pros and cons of being Nocturnal?
Is it Epilepsy or not?
struggling to breath when he is sleeping. maybe not apnea?
i have scoliosis, and an appoitment in 4 days, and im pretty scared.?
If excessive sweating has been diagnosed as being caused by anxiety, why would it be triggered by physical?
Emergency Spot Crisis!!?
carpel tunnel syndrome?
People selling their kidney's for $65,000.00!?
Is anybody can explain the mechanism behind frequent urination when drinking black tea.?
Anxiety, dont feel real or like myself.?
Is it ok to mix amox-clav with milk?
if a colonoscopy shows i have diverticulosis ,will a cat scan show the same thing?
help - what is my illness?
Help For A Cold?
What are the early symptoms of Parkinson's disease?
If you kiss somebody while you have a cold can they catch it?
What do you think about sick people getting fined for going to work? It's about time, I say!?
How could someone be tested to see if they are lactose intolerant?
Tachycardia, sharp heart pain, loss of consciousness and paraesthesia (pins and needles sensation)..?
i get pins and needles in my hands at night while sleeping for past 6 months, nothing has changed. any ideas?
information on airwave blocked?
I Was Wondering, Do I Have Pink Eye?
What types of germs live on a pay phone?
How can I get rid of my cold sore?
What would white gueey type stuff be on my tonsils?
Perforated Bowel Surgery?
Any inspirational words or anything please ?
What are the limitations to the Recovery Approach in Mental Health?
Why do I keep dreaming about exams?
i want help with nursing research critique eassy?
Where does reality end and where does it begin?
Does Histrionic Personality Disorder go away?
If you are on CPA Enhanced can you get off CPA?
Brain Tumour?
Is anyone on mirtazipine (zispin)?
how to spell alzeima's?
Big dream to strive for OR enjoy each day as it comes and see where it takes you?
what medical drug sounds like cotayapin?
How to stop razor burn?
Possible Edema in fingers?
KP bumps? chicken skin D: ?
Diagnosed with gallstones?
How long would it take achol (getting drunk) to wear off??
There's a bump on my left shoulderblade...?
who does maple leaf foods supply with meat...since the outbreak where do i avoid?
listeria symtoms? ASAP I"M REALLY SCARED?
Dr. has No Answers...?
Vibrating feeling in my upper back and shoulders?
If I go to see a private gp can he give me referrals to NHS specialists like my regular gp would?
I feel tired all the time but i get enough sleep and i still have hard time waking up for school?!?
can staring at a screen to long?
got a question need an answer?
Help,whats happening to my knee ? Answer ASAP please.?
Where can I get a walking stick in Paisley?
Should I quit my paper round?
Constant eyebrow twitch?
Does urinating too much use your bladder more, therefore shortening its life span?
i need ways to fall asleep at night?
I want to know wots wrong with me?
Why do I keep going dizzy..?
Advice on sleep, please?
How do you make sure your body is properly aligned?
Self certificates..............?
High Blood Pressure??
severe chest pain, lack of breathing,numbness on left arm, blood pressure going down.?
What can cause a racing heart?
is there something wrong with my heart?
Does COPD effect your Short term memory ?
Irregular heart beat leftside of chest?
I think I may have Mitral Valve Prolapse?
how common is cad (coronary heart disease) in adults in their thirties?
High blood pressure questions... 190/110?
Suddenly, while cleaning up the dishes my heart started beating fast. That was half an hour ago.?
is it safe to jog 6 months after heart bypass?
Can hearts heal on their own?
a question for doctors please!?
What Can cause high blood pressure?
should i keep using proactive although my face becomes clear?
How to get rid of blackheads?
What to do with oily skin?
I have Glaucoma in both eyes. What is best treatment there is for this ailment?
My skin gets sunburned very easy--is there any ways to get rid of the red?
How come im so itchy?
is it possible at age 18 that ur skin will change and get darker in future?
What are some house hold products i can you to treat my eczema?
If you had severe toenail fungus and got cured, please respond. Thank you!!?
Is ringworm deadly?
Can sitting too close to the TV really hurt your eyes?
How long does it take to get used to glasses?
What could happen if you leave your contacts in to long without sleeping?
nose pads on ray ban acetate?
Did I pull something in my foot?
How do you treat a muscle pull?
what can you do if you break small hand bones?
I get a sort of cramp in the groin area when I sneeze too hard, help?
Im worried, A Bit Really Worried.?
why is my toung black?
How much does an ER visit and finger xray cost?
What do I do? (open wound)?
Why does this cut hurt so much?
a guy slammed a door on my hand?
Brain burned from the inside?
is EQUATE the home brand of Walmart Canada?
Is my ARM BROKEN??? HELP! it hurts A lot!!!!?
Is anyone good with stretches or muscles?
I BURNED MY HAND! How long will it take to heal?
My ear is popped and im going on a plane tomorrow, will that make it better or worse?
can i go to an emusment park with a broken humerus?
Sprained Ankle questions?
can the scarring skin after having stitches removed eventually stop pulling on the muscle underneath?
How can you cure nerve damage - no negative replies please.?
right fore arm is sore?
what is wrong with me?
Are there any non-prescription drugs that aide concentration?
whats a good remedy for hangovers?
would a mixture of baking soda and vinegar clean my feet?
Managing Crohn's disease naturally?
What's the best way to "fix" your immune system? What helps?
i take lipitor 40mg, and have just been diagnosed with osteo arthritis, is it safe to take fish oil capsules?
If you are still in High School what subjects should you be taking to be a doctor?
I have a runny nose waht are good remedies for this?
that cyst on my eyelid.?
what is the pasta herb you can smoke to get high it starts with a?
Does hypnotherapy work?
clean system of weed?
What are some facts about rosmary herb?
what do lecithin capsules do? someone told me they help bring oxygen to the blood, is this true?
im on antibiotics,im going out friday can i take them thursday miss friday then carry on saturday?
How long would it take about 8.5oz of hard alcohol to leave your blood and liver etc?
Does anyone know what i might have?
How to stop doing it?
if you get hand arthritis are you snookered?
Ingredients For Rennies....?
I have fallen ill whilst on holiday abroad can I send Tesco my employer a doctors not by email?
Help me with my contact lenses !?
check symptoms please!?
Why do I get Painful Indigestion after eating?
I slept really well last night but I'm still so tired.?
Am I disabled? Am I entitled to anything?
Do I have a good chance of growing to 6''1?
cant sleep and CANT wake up...help?
How long after eating is it still OK to take medicine which needs to be taken "with or after food"?
Temporary Deafness in one ear?
My fingers have a blue tint, what does this mean?
How to stop blood drying up?
What is the best tab/med to take for wind/tummy cramps?
Is there a British Health insurance provider that covers fertility treatment?
one of my spine disc is worn out and i have chronic pain in my lower back,?
Ive got a stiff neck PLZ HELPPP?
When I smoke I get this pain in my lungs and I cant take big tokes because it hurts, what's wrong with me?
Mind altering pain killers!?
I want to take up jogging but have hip osteoarthritis. Is there any evidence to suggest that I shouldn't do it?
Please help i dont know whats wrong with my stomach.. it hurts!!?
It looks like i only have one tonsil and when i swallow or yawn i get a sharp pain in my throat! WHAT DO I DO!
Someone please answer this because i'm worried. I have a very large swollen left gland in my neck?
my ribs hurt when i breath?
With ischemia (st-depression) would one's heart sound like a continuous motor rumble in one's body?
high cholesterol???
partial blocking of the broncial tubes brings on attacks of?
what is a normal heart rate at rest for an average women?
i am tring to lower my BP without meds. Any suggestions?
What is life expectancy after successful open heart surgery?
If I eat a little bit of shampoo everyday, will that be harmful?
does anyone know if it is possible to live a normal life without a spleen and a liver??
how you tell if a women is clean!?
how do you get rid of drowsiness?
My boyfriend suffers everyday from stomache cramps, and goes to the bathroom alot. He also gets heartburn to?
My grandmother is in pain...?
Are YOu Aware That 75 % Of People Taking Lipitor Have To DISCONTINUE Due To Side Effects And Steep Downsize?
What do you do if your constipated?
why does your back hurt when you are on your.......?
Only 17 and what feels like heart issues?
Blood pressure: What does a systolic 130 w/ diastolic 67 blood pressure mean? (w/ 78 pulse)?
heart flutters and chest pain?
Hi everyone im 15, and i went for a heart rate test at my local drug store and my heart rate is 100bpm,?
Concussions... DAnger?
Bleeding to death?
Why when i wake up i feel more tired then i did before bed?
why am I so awake when I haven't slept in 2 days?
What can happen if one pushes to hard during a bowel movement?
Any suggestions for workers not prepared to deal with management changes?
What drugs make toung blue?
Perfect blood pressure, but I have a heart murmur?
i've been throwing up, does anyone know whats wrong or what may help?
Missing A Pill ????
Am I freakishly tall?
weed+blood test=??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Back to school suplies???
Who is at risk for getting H1N1? Who is the highest risk?
wat does it meen when you love to fight? all the time? like...its a bad habit???? plz help me?
i am 47 years old.have my own private school.the trip was very hard and like digging stones;am fed up now..?
what it a.d.h.d.......?
Why is my Olanzapine dose being reduced when I am feeling more depressed?
what understanding is necessary,the effects and individiual may have when moving/handling/positioning?
Do your feet need to feel the same?
Anyone in the UK have any ideas and suggestions about Child Protection Conferences?
can my craziness get away?
what can I take to give long periods of high energy?
How do you get rid of acne scarring?
What kind of sunblock should I use if I still want a good tan?
Is there any herbal remedies out there for dry/cracked hands?
Help wit the Bumps on my arms?
the bruises on my skin take too long to heal, what am I lacking?
Acne,Hairbumps,Face Treatment (10 easy points)?
Should I go on accutane or the pill?
can i put a little bleach on my back acne to get rid of it?
I was kising my boyfriend and he bit my lips,then a nonpainful itchy bump popped up then went down,whats that?
im getting weird spots on my body almost like mosquito bites, why?
I have really dry, chapped, red hands...how to fix this?
what can i do for my sweaty hands?
I have another flat mole on my face, I'm slightly worried, what can I do about it?
If you already have tanned skin and dont want it darker does useing Sunscreen stop you from getting tanned?
Not seing results with Acutane...help?
Is this possible and if so how ?
My friend took a load of co-codomol last night.?
I have a cold - how to make it go away soon :(?
how do you have a poo?
im feeling really run down at the moment I need a tonic?
How will you feel watching them?
I need to urinate quite often?
NHS,is it going down the bedpan.?
why do i feel nervous whewn i wake up and can tell something really good or really bads going to happen?
What kind of damage can 3 packs of cigs do to you?
Help me please.. what do you think?
Medical advice about my sister?
Is it possible for your eye to get bad within just 3 months?
Is this usual practice for an opticians?
people who are against MARiJUANA have you ever used it before?
I'm lacking vitamin B apart from supplements whats a natural source?
Natural moisturising products?
i have a thryoid condition (unmedicated) does anyone have any natural remedies?
what is the quickest way to rid of fat gut?
how to cure stress?
What does 7 advil do to you?
how can I find good things about acupuncture?
Is there anything that can clean you out like a laxative?
problems sleeping and with sleeping pills?
what is a fast working herbal detox to flush cannabis from your system?
Why the FDA approves another dangerous gout drug?
Lower Back and Armpit aches?
Hypo Joints reall name?
problems r affecting my weeekkk?
Why does meningism cause nuchal rigidity?
Does anyone know if there is an established group in the South Wales area for people with Multiple Sclerosis?
slight vertigo, forgetfulness, numbness in face and hands, any ideas?
Bleeding in the operating theatre?Risk of Anaemia?
How to register with uk nursing council while I am in my country i.e South Africa?
blood test for high blood presure?
My eye hurts every time i blink there is like a bump on my eye!!! help?
help with my IBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
should i go to the doctors if i feel i am anemic?
Does anyone have the "3 days to permanent bacterial vaginosis relief"?
What work could my husband do with his illness?
Has anyone enrolled on the Lightning Process?
Need medical advice - should I get my head checked out?
How many black people have Downs Syndrome?
Can a brain injury/brain damage cause incontinence?
Tinnitus Help And Question?
are these facts about heart attacks?
A scientific question about cardiovascular disease?
how to sop smoking and change my life?
How can i prolong my cats life with heart disease?
What is the success rate for coronary stent procedure?
Dealing with aftermath of my mother's stroke?
Can one have an extremely fast heartbeat and a normal pulse at the same time?
Can you remove plaque from your arteries - from 10 years of smoking a pack a day and eating poorly?
need to get heart rate up for doctor's appointment.?
how to know what my heart rate is?
What can cause a person in their late 40's to suddenly start having seizures with no history in family?
back/hip pain??? im 19??
i have this huge area on my leg that becomes white?
what should i do?!?! please help!?
Does massage therapy really work?
Did i sprain my finger?
broken finger still hurting 3 years later...?
Injured Wrist?
Why do I have a pain in my shoulder after an orgasm?
Back xrays & what they have shown?
Sever pain after broken fibula. Pain worse when leg is put down?
what are black spots on the lower part of the brain on a CT or MRI scan?
HELP!!!!!! hope nose ring stuck in my nose!!?
If someone fell down a flight of stairs and died, would that be funny or tragic?
sprained my ankle and...?