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What are some natural herbal remedies to get rid of headaches?
EFFECTIVE treatments of yeast infections.?
Was there something in the weed?
Becoming an informed smoker?
Are performance enhancing drugs illegal?
Home remadies to treat a wound ?
wild rose can-aid vs renew life candida cleanse?
Mother's Milk Tea/Supplements?
a question about marijuana for people who smoke it?
How long does Shrooms stay in you system?
Can we buy adrenalin ?
How has venom been historically used to treat ilnesses?
What is the difference between XR and CR on medication prescriptions?
safe home remedy for swollen lympnoids?
About medications!!!?
Herbal high wholesale distributors/supplier?
My dr prescribed 40mg Nexium. Has anyone ever tried it and if so what were the benefits?
how long are prescriptions good for in canada?
What is 7 .5 Ativan pills equal to?
Herbal/Natural Remedy.?
is this indigestion or something more serious?
Can I functionally stay awake for 48 hours?
I have two abdominal hernias,I cannot have them operated on,what are the + & - of a hernia support.?
Do you yawn in your sleep?
Anyone know where one could acquire some lsd in vancouver BC?
side effects od nerve stimulator?
Where is the cheapest place people have found Genuine Health vitamin products in Ontario?
Does any one know a good site to buy poppers?
a safe site you can buy thyroid armor on line?
Anyone know of any Herbalism Books?
Where can I see / buy / hire Gentleman's Edwardian / Victorian swimming Costume, in Britain?
what is the best way to get my daughter to go to toilet?
where can I find current nursing research on managing chronic pain?
Look at this.........?
Does anyone know about growth hormones?
what is glycemic impact?
i need a good, well reputed rehab for substance abuse. i hope to pay about 3 grand for 6 week course.?
I have an 8.5 yo son who is 54in and weighs 103 lbs. Is this a normal weight for that height/age?
Is it normal for me to poo so much?
I. Can't. Get. To. Sleep!?
Spot in my vision that doesn't move or change position. What is it?
How much marijuana (weight) do you need to smoke in a sealed 8'x8' room to die of asphyxiation?
I found a pill in my daughters bag ap-500 do you know what this is?? it might be op- 500 it is hard to tell?
marijuana problem!!!?
is this normal .... for my past,WEED?
noses bleeds causes????
what tea do u use to get rid of colds?
swollen belly?
When you have the stomach flu, how can you make yourself throw up faster?
Why do I still get eyebags when I get ample amounts of sleep?
Does crying make you sleepy?
Anyone been an addict?
How do you tell your boyfriend that he has a unibrow?
Marijuana smoking......?
I Can't stop eating....?
Why does this happen when I go to smokey places?
d o i n e e d g l a s s e s ? ? ?
My daughters stomach keeps "rumbling"?
Weed keeps giving me headaches, why?
How do you cure callouses?
What could be causing the following symptoms.?
i bring up Flem all the time?
What is this lump in my throat ?
Get rid of Stomach Bloating?
i have veg degree.how can i get degree in doctor?
Question regarding bowel movements? Sorry if you're eating!?
What is wrong with my kidney? How can I get a good diagnosis and treatment?
Accidentally drank water in China, now pain in Abdomen, diarrhea, et. What can it be?
Coeliac disease - what happens if you dont alter diet?
how do you know if you have an eating disorder?
Am i the only recovering addict/alcoholic on here?
what is happening to this person with theese symtoms?PLEASE HELP!!?
How do you know if I have an infection and treatment?
Needs doctors advice?
for the past week or so, when ive got out of the shower, there's been a crackling sound in my right ear..??
is it likely for gallstones at 16?
Loss of Smell and Taste?
I want to ensure that I get a good nights sleep every night.How best to go about this?
Is -3.75 mean I have really bad eyesight?
Will losing weight make acne scars worse?
Does it sound like I have an eating disorder?
Would it heal faster if i let the blood out from under my nail?
what happens when u swallow a chicken bone?
Has anyone ever seen this kind of a rash?
I got chips stuck up my nose while I was laughing. I AM SERIOUS.?
Help I'm Scared Nose Bleeding?
Numbness in back/hip/thigh?
i think i broke my finger?
Terrified of needles !?
How do you break a bone?
Has anyone ever had a medical condition wherein they walk like a sober drunk? Please let me know ASAP.?
Does anybody else here have a muscle problem?
What is the best treatment for lower back spasms?
help me someone?i really need it?
Shin splits, I am in the 7th week of a walking progam could I have shin splints?
should i stretch my ears?
I broke my ankel and got my cast off today?
I lost my right to justice due to brain injury caused by neglegents what do I due now and have you the same?
i have a swoolen elbow after a fall. is it broken?
can an injury to cartiledge in one knee eventually lead to a tear in the cartiledge in opposite knee over time
Help?! Big lump on foot?
What Are The Symptoms Of Depression?
my health please help . . . skitzophrenia?
Which of you has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and how difficult is it for you to live a normal Life?
Doctor's given me Risperdal. What does it do?
Would long term amphetamine use cause memory loss?
does medicating bi-polar limit creativity?
i suffer from post tramatic stress can anyone give me any advice on how to stop being so panicky and anguish?
think i'm going to have to bail out?
what would you call this ?
Do I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder? (OCD)?
Why aren't mental health problems taken very seriously?
i feel a little depressed what should i do?
Is there a cure for boredom, (not working on Doctor's order) other than this?
i carn,t cope with life at the moment i have had enough?
Anit Anxiety Medication Which Ones Have You Used?
my moods are ruining all the good things in life?
i've lost myself.. i need help.?
Do you want to tell me your prominent dream to be analysed?
My glands are swollen so it hurts to swallow.How do I make the swelling go down?
Does anyone no what This is. I have pain in my left 3rd and 4Th toe?
Be honest - how much mobility do you get after a hip replacement?
My eye hurts - PLEASE HELP
Bad pain at back of right nostril?
How do I look after my knees?
what to do if you have earache?
hi there... been feeling sick for last three days...?
what does somatises mean?
My back of my foot hurts after running?
lower abnominal pain?
has anyone had a ligament tear before? in the leg?
Hip problem...?
i realy need to go to the loo but my bum hurts when i do?
Is the jogging on clay or grass okay for people who have disc slip?
i have chest pain and arm pains after i fainted?
What tablets am I allowed to take?
why does my wrist click when i move it?
I have chronic arthritis in my back and hip is exercising ,necessary when it hurts more?
Does this injection hurt?
I Have Been Having A constant Pain Down The Back Of My Legs What Is It?
i feel other peoples pain :/?
Confused about H1N1(swine flu) ?
are you scared of the h1n1 virus?
What are some natural herbal remedies to get rid of headaches?
Do i have a bladder infection or something?
what class of drug are over the counter drugs?
do you think that swine flu shot is too dangerous?
How can I get rid of my sore throat?
Experimenting with prescriptions..?
Where is the cheapest place people have found Genuine Health vitamin products in Ontario?
Saliva phobia/ what is the term used?
Could someone please name a fatal disease that shows up later in life?
Do I have H1N1 flu virus?
Should I talk to my doctor about valium?
What is your opinion about accupuncture?
How do I tell if someone is on drugs?
If you catch a cold from someone, can you give it back?
Home remadies to treat a wound ?
what the name of my problem?
Can you ask your GP for a referal to a particular chiropractor or would it be their choice of chiropractor?
I have constant lower back pain now for 3 months 24/7. I haven't done anything to it does anyone know why?
Why might my face become hot and flushed suddenly?
can i drink vinegar to get weed out my System?
Advise for smoking cravings while out on the tiles!?
I can't sleep away from home.?
Why does this happen to me?
Are we safe in their hands?
Indigestion help please?
how long will it take to get my core strengh back after the op?
What is this thumping sound in my left ear?
Knee Arthroscopy and scab on knee?
do nurses work in a team? and if so, who is involved in the team?
My nose feels really awful as if something is stuck aswell as a bad headahce?
What are some natural hallucinogenic drugs?
Does any one know a good site to buy poppers?
I wanan lose weight ? Do u think im overweight ?
whats the worst headache you EVER had?
Why do I feel tired all the time?
I don't understand how people could...?
Does anyone know of a natural food or supplement to overcome kind of depression?
What are the long term effects of taking hydrocodone and beer in massive quantities daily?
i often catch myself holding my breath for no reason at all and am at a loss as to why I keep doing this. ?
Why do I get a sore throat after using my laptop?
What are these pains? I'm really worried plz read!?
Quit smoking both marijuana and tobacco?
little boy won't stop touching in aqaward places!?
Should i rat them out?
is dopamine a hormone?
What can I put in my shoe to neutralize the odor?
I am 12 and i am constipated !!!?
What causes the blood vessels in your nose break when you drink to much?
scale of one to ten.. how much does a nose piercing hurt?
i woke up with a scratchy sore throat this morning. what can i do to get rid of this?? please help?
I think I'm very sick but nobody is helping me! What can I do?
What do you think is in the meat you eat everyday?
I am feeling sick, what medicine should I take to go out tonight (new years)?
When you get your blood taken, how much does it bleed?
i am coughing up blood and I'm pregnant?
What are the 12 steps in Alanon?
Is there something like mono?
how come organ transplants only last about 10 years?
Lots Of Headaches; Why?
wierd skin bumps?
Is there a possible cure for mad cow disease??
does salt water help to cure acne?
I've had a wart for as long as I can remember?
Why does my finger keep twitching?
Weird problem...interested if anyone knows what it is?
Has anyone had colonic irrigation in a private UK clinic?
How long before bed should you have your last drink (non-alchoholic) so you don't have to get out for a wee?
My arm really hurts...?
Do you think its anything serious?
Dulcolax help needed ASAP.?
What can cause somone to develop a small mouth, when they are in their pre-teens, like in these photos?
why do i feel like this?
I can't stop waking up 3/4 times in the middle of the night?
Is The Way I Walk Normal ?
How can you wake up really early in the morning- within 10 minutes preferably?
What could be causing my jaw to be painful on the right side when moving side to side?
I don't know what to do?
I smoked weed for about a year three years ago and now I still feel crazy?
how bad does your eyesight have to be to not get into the fire service?
I'm going to be in a long queue tomorrow for a concert, how can I stop needing to wee!!?
Do you know the best way to overcome social anxiety in the uk.Any organizations or support groups?
which newest mens fragance is popular among women?
Is it possible to get rid of panick Attacks?
Is there any secific case study written up, for strategys daeling with a childs challening behaviour?
does anyone know where a freind of mine can get help overcoming his severe anxiety and social phobia?
What is the social stigma to having Borderline Personality Disorder?
what is ganzer syndrome?
How do i stop someone bullying me at work?
Does fluoxetine help with constant anxiety problems, and normally how quick does it take effect?
can any body out there tell how do you know if ur having a nervous break down/mid-life crisseis?
should mental health be taught in schools?
will hypnosis help eradicate my post traumatic stress disorder?
whats a common delusion in poland?
Ive been on Prozac (20mg) for 1 week now, getting side-effects of shaking, feeling uneasy, do i still take it?
CODROCK is a miserable ****?
Do you think the solar eclipse has an effect on our mood? In what way?
Paroxetine - how did you stop taking it?
Do you trust me??? I'm not a Doctor.....?
Can you interpret my dream please?
can hypnotherapy help anorexia?
my glasses lense has chipped will specsavers fix this?
why do you get tired?
how long does it normally take to heal a sprained wrist?
have you ever jammed your finger playing football? if you did, how long would it take to heal?
i hit my head 3 days ago and i still have a headache?
What happens if you take 2 advils early in the morning and then take 7 when you get home all at once ?
What do "Frozen Shoulder"symptoms show up like?...help please?!?
Post trauma seizures?
I broke my fibula like 3 weeks ago and i can walk on it already is it a good idea to keep goin like this?
i hurt my ankle and it hurts, should i put ice on it or put my feat in hot water,?
what is a hernia and how bad is it to operate?
Boyfriend has terrible lower back pains?
Cut to wrist during accident while meat cutting?
Should he be using his crutches?
My ankle is green?!?!!? what should i do?
what to do for forearm muscle pain?
I think I broke my toe?
Pain in right shoulder from guitar-playing (sitting down only)?
Dislocated Finger?
how do you know whether to use heat or ice on back pain?
Has anyone ever had a cortisone shot in their lower back?
I've made myself bulimic because I'm depressed and it gives me a thrill?
Im allergic to cobalt but I want to get a tattoo?
My sister has the Hives ... what can she do?
Headaches and "Spoonerisms" very scared need help urgently..?
What are these symtoms of? ....?
Had Sickness and Runs for 3 weeks.?
Does your stomach hurt from acid reflux or fatty liver?
Whats this pain ? Its really killing me :(?
i had a total knee repacment and it is sill very pain full the new knee clicks and knocks?
i need to know I'm in a lot of pain?
Left body side weakness?
Pain in my knees when doing squats?
what can help getting rid of nausea?
why have l got a headache after a stroke?
anesthesia induuction experiences?
Pains in my lower abdomen?
Scoliosis? How does it affect you as you get older?
Stitch feeling?
Is a tension headcache worse than cramp?
i woke up this morning and i can't see out of my right eye very well...?
Pain in my neck, back and stomach!?
I have terrible pain from hip on down to the back of my leg, and it hurts when I walk?
how can i crack my back and neck safely and easily?
my head really hurts......help?
Could this be arthritis?
when does the hurt stop?
well ckm1956, ur d only one who couldnt read my question, no one?
I've been reading researches everywhere about lack and alot of sleep?
can u still donate blood if ur having ur period?
Can Kalms Sleep Keep You Awake?
Melted plastic in oven = toxic fumes?!?
sore throat and nausea?
What is the legilasation of chewing tobbaco pouches?
what are emotional barriers that prevent someone from recieving the best possible healthcare?
What are organisational barriers that prevent a person from recieving the best health care?
i have something stuck.?
Stomach help/advice????????????
veins in left wrist and foot suddenly more prominent?
can having a mobile phone next to your body EVERY DAY harm you or cause cancer?
is there.....................?
I seem to be tired constantly....?
any ideas as to why i feel so tired all the time?
I feel tired but I'm so anxious I can't sleep, please help?
neon yellow urine after taking effervescent vitamins, anyone else has this reaction?
Why is my eye watery?
I think I'm getting strep throat. i HATE strep throat. how do I stop it?
a autistic child ..is it legal to deny them services @school?
how do you get high leagally?
are you currently or have done in the past cared for a loved one that passed away?
My bf goes to bed very late, but i have to get the right amount of sleep, asking doens't help?
Do i have compulsive overeating disorder but was skinny my whole life and i still am? or is it something else?
How do you eat when you feel sick all the time and your stomach is in knots?
Do doctors?
sleep problems....? how to fix?
Are you for or against Stem Cell Research?
is crackin your knuckles bad?
how long does it take for someone to get chicken pox after you have had them?
todays my b-day and i am sick what should i do?
Why am i getting hiccups so often? whats the best way to get rid of them?
How can I stop waking up in in the middle of the night?
how do you get rid of a cold fast?
whats the down side of marijuana?
Has anyone been told, while depressed, that their physical symmptoms are psychosomatic?
why do i get gray hair when i was 10 year old?
Faking a Death?
If your doctor kept telling you how you feel instead of listening to you, would you have that file transfered?
What type of facial cleanser do u guys use? Brand?
Is tanning really all THAT bad for you?
What exactly is a stye? And how can I cure it?
Can you just buy colour contact lenses or do you have to have a consultation first?
Why does my stomach get itchy and red...?
why are my eyes always sore and tired?
omeprazole side effects?
i am 15, could i have a stomach hernia?
if spending half a hour on my ipod at night in the dark -will it damage my health?
Why is it you have to change?
causes of bloating? your advice please?
My BF has a Stye in his eye...?
what is dilantin?
Little Bumps..?
Second handsmoke abuse?
question about burns on the face; i got burnt by some hot oil right under my left eye.?
Went to clinic for severe lower back pain and he gave me blood work?
For irritated itchy red eyes; would i apply an ice pack. cold cloth or a warm cloth on eyes?
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help with kidney!! ANYONE!!!?
is there a vaccine i can get to prevent getting computer viruses?
What happens if you don't treat mono?
feel sick after a bowel movement?
what is the best acne treatment?
If someone suffers a stroke and then a second stroke within 3 days, what are his chances of a full recovery?
anyone heard of using thalidomide for dementia (alzheimers and vascular) could there be adverse side affects?
i think my son has ASBERGERS SYNDROME?
What the diffrence?
How well do you have to wash your hands after going to the toilet if you have a yeast infection?
weird white curd- like discharge from mouth? ?
Is there also a swine flu breakout in Canada?
iam on antidepressants and have been for 7 months how low long do u think people shoud be on them?
does miracle whip work on lice?
Where do you get the swine flu shot?
Urine is weird yellow/green...help?
Overdose on anti-depresants?
What can I do other than vaccinate....I am all about Green our vaccine???please dont respond if your not.?
What was the world's most devastating pandemic?
How long did you wait in line for your H1N1 vaccine?
Do you think medicine for mental health is a good or bad thing?
what else should I add about my essay on Swine flu?
H1N1 Symptoms - Do I have it?
i need to understand my partner as he is schizophrenic and as much as i love him a relationship is impossible?
has obama got the N1H1 flu vaccine?
Could I get yeast or bacterial like this?
I had a really weird dream last night where James Blunt had died, but had came my family was?
How to get fresh wake up in the morning when late sleep and very tired from working and studying?
Why laugh when you're nervous?
How can I think quicker?
What do you think I should do if..............................................oh ive forgot now.?
whats the point of quitting smoking ?
will taking sleep pills have a negative effect?
Where can I find summarys of the reports listed below?
As we get older why do people suffer with more wind?
Has anyone got any experience of having gallbladdersurgery to remove gallstones ?
it takes me for ever to get to sleep?
Where to send a medical misconduct complaint?
what is this called?!?
Can anyone give me the names and hospitals of top nephrologists in bangalore?
was i going to faint?
Is there a site/or forum where you can get advice from a doctor or trained medical Professional?
How can I find out the names of the people head of the morgue department in my local hospitals?
What is the food that gets prescribed by a doctor for babys when they are young?
Is it possible to faint while sitting down? Please help!?
contact lenses? 12 hours?
How do i stop my right eye from twitching?
Please answer this question about me coughing?... (Best answer 10 points).?
I find it hard to get to sleep?
Sleeping too much the causes ?
what is the biomedical approach?
My left eye blurred but my right eye normal?
Help. i got punched in the nose, now it's all black...?
Is it bad if you lose feeling in 2 fingers?
Plaster Cast Care?
I need some help from anyone with any medical background?
Whats a good lie about the scar?
what can I do to help my friend with muscle spasuims?
can you sue a doc. who tells you its all mostly in your head,and you have severe headaches and dizziness after
Can having something stuck in your ear cause PERMANENT hearing loss?
why am i suddenly bruising so easily??
Is my arm BROKEN????
IN canada does it cost money to get a cast for a broken wrist?
Healed broken wrist, how can i stop it from cracking?
What's up with my leg?
Can u help me, i have minor internal bleeding, should i see a doctor or will it be ok?
will i get get any better or am i going to die soon?
Is it possible I have a fracture?
If i set myself on fire what would kill me? The oxygen being burned up or going into shock cause im on fire?
I have a dog bone lodged in my throat and I don't know what to do?
Finger broken?
sore neck problem?
What could be the cause of my wrist problems?
Weird acne?
What's a good acne product I could get at the drugstore?
Ihave ingrown toe nails in my two big toes how can i get them out .They ars so painful when they grow out.?
i have my neck COVERED in hickeys. if my mom sees then shes going to freak.?
Breast reductions?
can you get anxiety attack es at any age?
What is a web-site theat can give me info on medication?
Need serious answers: Is it ok if a human drinks dog urine.?
I sweat. A lot. How can I stop this?
Is there any way to cure cold sores?
Any top tips with dealing with I.B.S.?
Why are my ears ringing?
What things have radiation?
My friend is wanting to commit suicde by....?
Is fluorescent lighting less healthy?
What is the Placebo Effect?
i NEED to cheat!!!?
What illness do I have?
How do i get to sleep?
What's up with all the severed feet washing up on the shore?
What does our body do while we sleep?
How does one use a bidet?
How to take care of your eyes when working for 8 to 10 hrs on computers ?
I have a bad habit......!!! Can you help?
Its hard to do it sitting down.?
do i have bipolar disorder???
i have a bad cough and it makes these really loud sounds and everytime i cough it makes my stomach muscle hurt
Can I do you all night long?
what is the reason for sneezing which starts on waking up and progresses through the day?
my eyesight has always been good, but recently i have notice writing is blurry once 10cm away from my face?
Sleeping difficulties, patterns and so forth, quick question?
what stunts calcium absorbtion?
two lumps on forehead, just above each eye. what IS this? is it NORMAL?
I am so scared, darent leave the house! Please help..?
Why am I trembling? Help please?
Could it be a deformity or double jointed ankle's?
How long can I stay in Freezer?
How can i sleep less?
Is there a medical word for being kinda spaced out ?
Feeling tired, lack of Concentration Etc.?
How can I stop tinnintus.?
should i go to the hospital straight away?
I forgot to take anti-depressants this morning?
how to get rid of black heads?
Brain damage caused by bum wind.?
Have I got bad circulation?
Why is natural/herbal medicine so controversial?
Is LSD good for my head?
Would it be a good idea to take some LSD?
What foods are good for helping with depression??
I am depressed-Stress is in my Blood????
how best to top myself? can't get work and no future?
why do i get feelings of de-jevu allday long?
people on antidepressants?
help my girlfriend hates me for no reason & it can last for weeks she is manic depressive wat do i do?
can manic depressives love someone then dislike them the next day and then love them again the day after?
any one on flourexetine or (effexor)?
Home Office initiative to help home detox (first step(?)) - Any info?
Am i psychic cos each time i log onto here i can sense lots of other people with enquiring minds?
what is manic depressive psycosis?
How do you get over a fear of heights?
no im mean prozac fluoxitin i take it with my thyroxin, just wondered if they mixed or not?
Phobia of the feotus?
How do you know your having a nervious break-down?
what is a disease of the mind?
I just wanted help, is that a bad thing?
How do you get rid of evil, wicked thoughts in your mind that are things that you will regret doing...?
How can psychotherapy help me?
How much can you get paid for testing drugs at places such as Astra Zeneca?
I'm just getting over gastroenteritis and...?
Not eaten properly and feeling sick?
How much would it cost me to have an hernia operation anywhere in Europe? Cheap as possible?
i have to wake up in 2.30 hours will i be more tired if i go to sleep or stay awake?
Does ur nose really never stop growing?
Can I take prochlorperazine at the same time as taking omeprazole?
i'm having a small surgery under local anesthetic on thursday ..?
Why are certain beauty products/cosmetics not suitable for pregnant women or people with diabetes?
Will my employer know the details of my health problem if they are the people paying for my health insurance?
Is paracetamol bad for you in any way?
fluid on the knee how do i ease the pain?
can i take any other pain relief while taking dicloflex?
What could be causing the shooting pains in my head?
!!! How long does a cricked neck last - URGENT!!!?
how do i cure golfers elbow?
Cramp in hand when writing essays?
Why do I get lower back pain when I walk?
Is expensive paracetamol actually more effective than a basic line?
Could it be just a headache?
how painful is eppilation?
I sufffer with chronic pancreatitis, and alsoacute pancreatitis, there is dense bone calcification on the tail
Little weird lump on head?
S**tting Problem! What is going on.. HELP me to understand this one:?
help for lower back ache? i am male, 6ft 4.?
what is wrong with my foot?
My right arms feels like i pulled a muscle, but it has lasted for over a week now. it hurts to touch?
why would my kidneys hurt????
I have been taking Diclofenac for 2 months now?
help nerve damage?
Coffee gives me migraines/headaches, is this normal?
whats the best way to crick your neck?
Any tips on how to get rid of under-eye circles on a budget??
normal pulse rate resting for 75 yr woman?
Rash keeps spreading...?
Extreme Dry Skin?
how serious can a ear piercing infection get? >>?
How to get rid of Acne easy?
My skin is pale and cold...Why?!?
bowel movement problems?
how do u noe if you have prostate cancer? what are the signs?
Kissing, and smoking.?
I'm going to Scotland next week. Should I consider being inoculated for dysentery?
Clean & Clear acne kit, did it work for you?
What else can I take for wheezing?
Sunburn...Part Two.?
Same colour as my skin: bumps that are sometimes itchy?
Which is better Skin Id or Proactive?
Do moles grow in size ?
Tip of finger inflamed and swollen??
I have nodular acne, how can I reduce the amount of breakouts I get?
Tooth Paste and acne?
i need acne help ASAP?
ATHLETES FOOT after many years I still can't rid my toes of it.?
will it hurt to get skin cut off?
slight buzzing sound in ear?
Has your child ever been misdiagnosed by a doctor only to later end up in hospital?
My 4 month old has a temp....?
in the uk if i register with a new gp do i have to get the signature of my old gp..?
How can I stop the craving after I smoke crack?
Those with medical knowledge only; what can cause the jaw to be out of alignment?
swine flu jab questions?
I've had the swine flu jab and I'm starting to feel ill...?
fairly long, please read though, i really need your opinions..?
Any quick-fix remedies to help conquer flu symptoms please?
i got hiccups yesterday at the cineama?
How can I become more patient?
now that i have started clicking my fingers differently my fingers have changed shape? :|?
Clean Ears...........?
What kind of patients will I see on a pharmacology ward?
Went to the hospital..is this a good sign? (abnormal cervix)?
This is something quite weird, but I don't....?
Is it possible to condition yourself to sleep less?
Stopped taking antibiotics, what should I do?
do i need to go see the doctor??
getting surgery on a ingrown toe nail?
Minor concussion and spitting out blood?
I have a minor concussion and I smoked.?
Small Glass in My foot?
How can I make sure my arm is broken?
How hard will using crutches be?
head injury?
what's an MRI?
Do I need crutches?
Too many injuries?
my tounge has turn black. does anyone know whats going on with it? im so scared!!?
What are the chances of a 16 year old girl getting brain bleeding after hitting her head on a sharp object?
How do you fix a fractured nose?
Can someone tell me why? and what? causes my legs to swell up 2 to 3 times its normal size?
Is it supposed to hurt when you poo?...........like every time I go it hurts.......?
My 11 month old's blood shot eyes?
Chest Pain?
I've had a permanent bruise on my left shin for over two years...?
What are some good herbal supplements or treatments for irritability, anger and anxiety?
Do you know anything about Auto-erotic Asphyxiation?
Was everyone always this unhappy?
Have any of you had a day dream that was horrible and evil that you are scared of it becoming true?
Could someone ever get addicted to counseling? If so, how could you treat them?
What is teh treatment for autism/aspergers syndrome?
anyone been on a antidepresant that doesnt put on weight?
i'm not very happy at the moment so please say somthing to try & cheer me up ?
Can anyone find me a source (i.e. journal) that shows that the prevalence of depression is rising?
Is it possible that hypnotists just see dreams instead of the past, as they're both part of the subconcious?
What should u do if u think a friends life is in danger?
How true is mental sickness heritable in families?
Need details about Reiki?
what is a sub conscious mind? and how does it effect the conscious mind?
i think im bipolar?
what does 2 abnormal eegs mean in a 9 year old child,eeg showed slow waves on right side,she also has dyslexia
I feel lost, and my heart feels low.?
is there a positive future for my son diagnosed with aspergers?
How can I get some attention on the nudist's beach?
i need case studies for kleptomania. please help.?
How long does hay fever last for?
Quick onset of dry throat, itchy nose, malaise and feeling weak. What could this be?
I cant pee ! i feel like i need to pee bad?
Do I have insmonia? Please help.?
Can Degenerative Disc Disease spreead to other parts of the spine?
If You Had Cleft Pallate, Can You Get Surgery To Correct Your Deformed Nose And Mouth?
If the whites of the eyes are very white what does this mean in terms of health?
Retinitis Pigmentosa & Cannabis smoking?
can u become addicted?
do you fall asleep easily?
Is it Normal To Lose All Appetite When Tired?
I just had the hiccups- am I going to get sick?
Needles with a bit of oxygen put into the blood..?
Is it healthier to drink alcohol moderately or not drink at all?
is a routine blood/urine test different from a drug blood/urine test?
should I move to Canada?
PLEEASE help me.?
I use the computer for about 6-8 hours each day.......?
is there any way to make gettnig out of bed in the morning easier?
sore throat?
OMG help!!!?
I want to grow taller.?
Help! My friend feels really sick!!!?
Does smoking weed make a cough worse?
Acne, acne, acne, never seems to get better...?
help! acne redness!?!?
26 boy, I reach home at 1 AM AND I have one class at 7 AM mornig , so i walk up 6 AM, is 5 h sleep is enough?
Really need help, please read!?
can anyone explain how that we eat all different colours of food, orange carrots, greens, white ice cream etc.?
why is it when im nervous I aways need to take a dump?
a question about quitting smoking with champix?
Do your legs or arms move rapidly right after you wake up at the end of a dream?
Will I Get To Sleep Today?
How much do vaccines/immunisation cost the NHS every year in total?
smells sooooooooo bad?
what are the health and safety laws? and how often can you take breaks?
Can CNA's look at charts?
how do i get veins popping out my forearms?
Is there something wrong withme?
need medical advice concerning celebrating?
Why do my hands go purple in cold weather?
What is causing my dizziness / giddiness?
a safe way to get sick?
Cold be gone by tomorrow!?
When under the age of 30, is it possible to get shingles?
Do i have Swine Flu (N1H1)?
My dog that has liver desease for a few months now just got yellow skin, should i call the vet?
Aids can be transported by kissing?
Is it true that Teenagers & young Adults are more likely to die from the H1N1 Swine Flu?
What should I drink with a bladder infection?
I have a U. T. I. and am on Antibiotics but my Q.is how long before they start working and the BURNING STOPS?
FOR PARENTS: How many of you give VACCINES ..?
What can I do to prevent ear infections?
America's Deadliest Sweetener Betrays Millions, Then Hoodwinks You With Name Change?
Blotting on my body ? HELP!?
My Mother has had?
head lice treatment while pregnant?
I can hear strange noises coming from my parents room!?
Has anyone else been addicted to Solpadol/Solpadeine?
My Knees Are Aching Why Is This Can Anyone Help?
ok. So if a baby weighs over 450 lbs, wouldn't it die?
Why my left eye swollen when i woke up today ?
For the past 7 days i've had yellow stools and cramps just below my chest and also further down on the left?
I have been diagnosed with myalgia? but dr wants to take blood?
Help Please Too Much Pain!?
how can i tell if my pain threshold is high or low?
I have has a headache for over a week now, only on the right side and it hurts around my eye!?
VERY painful throat (tonsils) i cant sleep.?
lump on the right side of my neck at the back?
Anybodies experiences of having a hip replacement!?
How much paracetamol can a 3y/o take?
What is the best form of treatment for lower back pains/aches?
Confused about headache symptoms?
sore/ache pain?
Why do I keep getting headaches or head pains?
Discomfort sleeping with earrings in?
Rape - does it leave you feeling insane? (Soz, similar Q just posted but less specific)?
Might i have an Mental illness?
how do you discipline a 9 year old boy with ADHD, ODD and SPEECH AND LANGUAGE DELAYS?
Are the symptoms and causes in childhood vs. adult depression similar? Are they separate disorders?
What do they call it when you're afraid of phobias?
How do you know if you're in denial?
I like to follow stalkers around and go through their trash. What does that make me?
My sanity is making me crazy. What can I do?
I don't care at all what other people think, and I worry that people find me shallow for it. What can I do?
what is the pattern theory?
What is Tinnitus? Does it result to brain damage?
how can I realy learn to love myself? not just how I look, thanks?
Explain the common therapeutic phenonmenon for increased suicide risk as depression resolves.?
ok i would like to do a naked dare any ideas ?
what is sensory processing disorder?
What is the best way to help someone with OCD?
Are there any Tourette's Syndrome sufferers who find using laptops/games consoles make their symptoms worse?
Depression and Mania?
How do you know if you're crazy? Can you actually tell?
how long will it take?
What is statsibatsiphobia?
Does anyone else experience random words, phrases etc in their mind?
Im 25 weeks pregnant and have a vein on the inside of my leg thats itchy and swollen is this normal?
If you had a back injury of some sort and the paramedics came in, how would they get you on the stretcher?
if i had my lip peirced and it was swolen what could i do to stop the swelling?
HELP!!! I Think I Broke my Baby Toe?
on halloween i kicked a guy really hard , and i couldnt walk for like a day and it still hurts what is it?
Swollen and Bruised toe. Is it broken?
I cut my thumb, diagonally through the fingernail (deep enough for 5 stitches). Will the nail grow back?
Sometime whenever I walk into a room I get dizzy?
How long does it take to get over a badly sprained ankle?
Could XRAYS Have Stunted My Breast Growth!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Help! fast! i don't know why but my stomach hurts when i bend?
neck injury? if your experience please help?
More on the MRI!?
What causes earring backs to grow into back of ears?
Toddler and concussion?
What happened?
I can drink milk, but can't eat cheese, am I lactose intolerant?
EYE EXERCISES To Improve Long Distance Visions Which Appear Blurred To ME?
How Can I Stop My lips Hurting And Cracking?
how do i use a wrist blood pressure monitor?
How is it that nothing bothers nurses?
what do these mean and How bad is my eyesight and astimatism?
Is tubal ligation covered by the NHS?
i need a sick note from the uk ?
i left my contact out for 3 hours, help?
health insurance **UK***?
is this enough sleep?
I think I'm getting a cold - how can I stop it!?
What happens when you take to many Vitamin C?
What are the long term effects of prolonged PPI use. (Omeprazole )?
what exactly is a lumbar puncture?
when I stand up I feel weird?
How long does a vomiting bug last for ?
Why does my left ear hear things in a different pitch to my right ear?
Have your lips ever gotten THIS dry?!?
My scalp is dry and flaky?
how is rice good for you?
What Happens To Your Skin If You Take Too Many Showers Everyday?
I have a cold. My voice is gone. I sound horrible! What can I use to help get it back? ?
Feel like i'm too scared to sleep?
Do I look over-weight?
Why does this happen to me! I don't know what's wrong. Please Help!?
Do I need to lie to my doctor about having suicidal thoughts?
What causes hiccups?
buy steroids online?
Why do feet sometimes become numb after sitting down for awhile?
If 4 out of 5 people suffer from diarrhea does that mean the fifth one enjoys it?
Does facial hair make you appear taller?
Almost overdosing after effects?
Is there a term for the opposite of "brain freeze"...like when you swallow hot soup and it burns all the way
Is it bad to write on yourself with marker?
How does the insides of a person smell?
Something AWFUL has happened... help?
a post-menopausal woman with a level of HDL 44.But total cholesterol is 260.no medical history.any risks 4 her
Does anyone here have medical (pediatric) knowledge?
is it rosacea on my chest?
Why is this happening??
Spit in my eye!!?
Scare removers with out sergery?
I have athletes foot - any cures available?
Skin Care?
Tween Sleep Problems?
Is an ESR Inflammation result of 4 good or bad on a blood test?
I have Crohn's disease and I'm 16; can I claim for anything?
Too much sugar in my blood i think?
Why does Gastritis take so long to go! Help?
Tingling in face and head, popping in ear?
lump on head hurts to touch?
Is there a new remedy been found in america 2 come off heroin?
Restless leg syndrome.?
really bad stomach pain?
Help with this symptom please? A.S.A.P?
I have just been diagnosed with gastritis ~ what foods can I eat ?
I need an answer do I have OCD?
should i be concerned about my niece - blood clots?
headaches, lower stomach pain, lower stomach cramping, weakness/tired feeling in legs, feel sick. im a male?
Nausea, vomiting, really bad rib pains?
what are symptoms of brain tumours?
Heart problem..and now strange symptoms?
How tell a female friend they have nits?
the high fibre drink "fybogel" does it come in other flavours? or a tablet type of the same thing?
got a urine infection results havent came back and its been 3 days?
How many times do you need to have tonsilitis before you are offered a tonsilectimy?
i Just don't feel quite right. any ideas?
Should I stay at home or go into sixth-form?
How common is a twisted intestine in a child?
weed vaporizers: cheaper vs. expensive?
can you change the time you poo? i regularly need to go in school?
my sons sleeping problem hes 12 years?
Is my arm O.K after a blood test?
help bad sleeping habits ?
What is the normal llevel of hemoglobin?
my thumb is infected having surgery?
Veins becoming visible in legs, what is this a sign of?
how can you raise your blood pressure if you have low blood pressure?
have applied for job as home carer been on citalopram for 10 years will this affect my chances?
I'm on antibiotics for acne and have to get a blood test to test my thyroid?
How long does a UTI last without an antibiotics?
What is you take on the swine flu? Do you agree with the vaccine or not?
can i pour in ethanol in my ear for ear infection?
Does washing dishes help prevent Arthritis?
How to apply for a GOS3 form? (NHS Voucher for glasses)?
do contacts take long to get used to them?
anyone have a tried and true herbal remedy for insomnia?
Does smoking weed make you smarter?
What does natural Aloe Vera taste like? Thanks?
Are there any weight loss pills that work????
Are there any reliable websites where I can go to purchase pharmaceutical grade vitamin supplements?
How can I stop these painful gallstone attacks?? PLEASE HELP?
I need to know 2 things: Are kidney cleanses safe? Are liver cleases safe?
What is the best vitamin supplement brand and why?
natural remedies headaches?
how does a student mental health nurse deal with nursing a patient that is a nurse?
emmotional freedom definition of?
Why do people write poems?
i am on antidepressants since i have been on them i have been a horrable man but?
Can Citalopram 60mg cause antisocial behavior ?
Should I ask this question in this category?
How do you get over fear of the dark at the age of 24???
has anyone ever been to main house in birmingham and if so what did you think of it?
is it possible for the mind to just simply run out of memory?
if practice makes perfect but theres no such thing as perfect, why do people practice?
What does the accronym SOLAR means?
do you think that counselling helps?
what is the best antihistamine for dermatographism?
Nurofen or Solpadeine?
my glands are up and it hurts to swollow?
hi i have a absess back of throat getting really fed up?
how to cure a stiff neck?
I keep drinking this strange liquid, then falling over, being rude and waking up with no money and a headache.?
what is the best way to stay off tramadol?
where do I buy entonox?
I am 70+ hardly my voice come out from throat, Doctor said it is sallowen in side? what i do?
I've just turned 37 been having pain in my neck for a while my doctor told me its Cervical disk degeneration?
Why am I getting dizzy spells and pains in my stomach especially my right side?
Why do we get stomach ache?
Have i a broken bone in my hand ?
Today im so stressed it hurts how to calm down?
Tender, 'bruised-like' skin?
Migraine when not prone to them?
Does anyone else take Glucosamine Sulphate? I just bought some?
Just been reading about Painsolv which is a device to zap the site where you are having pain such as backache?
What are these red lumps on my leg?
taking paramol.......................?
Sharp Pains With Headache And Feeling Sick What Is This HELPPP!!!!!!?
Is it true that Olive oil is good for your skin?
How do I treat large cuts to the bottom lip? And does the bottom lip scar easily?
My foot creaks/squeeks? What do i DO?
Stretched Tendon?
My heel is swollen after playing football in the snow ?
Can you soak a flesh wound in salt water or let it heal?
severe motor 4 wheeler burn HELP!?
Can people with their ears cut off still hear?
how long does a broken or sprained ankel take to heal?
My wrist hurts whenever I bend it or put any pressure on it. What do you think it could be?
Fretting..a bit over Ganglion Cyst?
my nose hurts i got hit in the face with a ball?
Hamstring injury (help)?
Painful hip muscle adhesions: Other than Ice packs, how can this be treated?
My 4 month old has a 103.7 temperature. He had his shots 2 days ago.?
Is the "50 First Date's" selective amnisia real?
What's wrong????
Has anyone ever had stitches? and why? Wanted: a good story!?
has any one had back surgery for herniated disc. how was the outcome.?
How do i determine if i have a torn ACL?
Is my arm O.K after a blood test?
Why do I lose my appetite, when I've recently met and fancy someone?
Stomach aches and more .. embaressing. :( HELP!?
Who would be considered a "Chronic Smoker"? (Marijuana)?
How do i convince my parents to let me get pills?
What is your favourite throat lozenge?
Question About Drug Testing?
how to gegt rid of headaches..?
What are the effects of the theobromine?
Drugs - Can they be beneficial?
does anyone no what this could be?
Feeling very sick, help?
solpadol caplets30mg500mg.or co-codamol30/500tablets..whats the difference.like costs,,etc?
is it healthy to run everyday for more than 3 hours?
How do I cure severe RSI caused by 10+ yrs computer use? Massage, acupuncture, AT and physio haven't helped.
How can you sneeze?
i asked a question about pollution 3rd world they seam more to buy arms then food?
I feel sick to my stomach?
Smoking mushrooms ?
Can you get a coldsore on your tongue?
Do you use an alarm clock to wake up?
How Would You Remove?
How do i make my bowel get in motion?
Do I still need to wear glasses fulltime?
i can never sleep, because i wake up with my heart pounding!?
Should I get my heart checked out before I start playing hockey again?
I've been told that if you eat something high in fat content, it poses an instant health threat. True?
Frequent heart pains.!?
blood pressure question?
i found a red pill in my house. Its round and has a number 1 on it... what could it be?
has anyone got any great remedies for sleep insomnia?
Horrible Question to Ask..but...?
Healthiest herbal tea?
help with LSD comedown.?
what is the funnyest thing that happen to u today?
my wife walks on my back for me as a massage.the kids want her to walk on them.is it safe for her to walk on e
Why does everyone think natural products are safe?
What does it feel like to smoke Salvia?
Help for hot-flashes? Are there any OTC supplements that work? Can't afford to go see a Doc!?
Herbal sleep remedies for toddlers and where to buy them?
Any suggestions to help with a bad hangover?
is there anything i can do to stop moles from growing?
Why would a baby be born with low white blood cell count and a lung infection.?
white blotches on back of my hands, what is it??? Looks like skin that have never seen the sun?
Dad has to take another break from chemo, cuz of low white cell count..?
how does an asthma test work?
Bowel problems!?
I have a rash on my forehead, should i worry?
why am i always tired?
my six yr old son stands sway back all the time and I can not find info about this on line at all?
my lip is turning black?
How do I heal sun poisoned face quickly?
A part of my chest hair won't come out when I wax it. Why? It works for the rest of my chest.?
Does Neosporin work on acne?
Best treatment for TRUNK RINGWORM?
What are the origins of Phsyciatric ward rounds? How did they start and for what purpose?
can any GP prescribe naltrexone?
i drink too much tea and how can i reduce caffeine effect(staying awake)for tight sleep?
where is there a universitie near wakefield?
has anyone suffered side effects while taking lustral ?
paranoia who has any ideas?
Can someone tell me about bipolar?
does anyone know of a chat room that is linux compatable?
How long can I use drugs to stay awake for before I damage my health?
where can i find doctors that specialise in eating disorders london UK?
How to cope with constant pressure?
I think, so therefore I am, I think... but if I think Not, dose that mean I am not???
Can I become a medical research volunteer if I have taken Antidepressants in the Past?
What is the gall bladder operation like?
Does anyone know where I can find a video covering Williams syndrome.?
Acid reflux question?
Is dementia a white western illness?
What illness is this?
how can i get rid of headlice?
I take Levothryoxin for uneractive thryoid , i have been told i have high?
what is the shaw trust for?
autism help and advise, very worried mum?
what type of downsyndrome is this?
what is vetting procedure or vetting care in the care setting?
does the thyroid gland have a major role in the body functioning properly?
How can you give your self a stomach ache?
questions about pku. worried for boyrfriend coming off diet?
Anorexia hospital and clinic questions?
Will lactose intolerance show up in a blood test?
what painkillers can i take with seroxat (paroxetine)?
I don't know what's wrong with me!?!?
Will this problem go away?
I have almost totally lost my voice....what can I do to get it back?
Can using the computer too much be bad for you?
Dizzy, headache, numbness on hands, delusional, tired.?
Has anyone done the lightning process?
Am I eligible for a Medical or GP visit card?
Whats Wrong With Me? I Can Never Seem To Find Out?
In the UK what is the highest paid doctor?
Wierd Lump on my Leg?
chapped, bleeding lips in my 3 year old?
help please, markings!?
does blood spillec in wars cause aids?
Can Hepatitis C lead to HIV? How are they related?
please please please help me with my acne scars ! need desprate help !?
I have a little problem?
Banana smell stuck in my nose?
HELP!! gangolion cyst on base of my finger?
Does this sound like Swine Flu? Please answer ASAP.?
How long does it take to fall into a deep sleep?
I accidentally hit myself in the chest with a wooden baseball bat... Should I be worried?
Why did I blackout on the bus?
I need help?
Am i sick?? Is this a high temperature or is it normal?
Pros and Cons of Cocaine?
how to stop sweaty but?
I can not use the bathroom please help. !!!?
I NEED AN ANSWER! please....?
How do I get my deaf father to accept his condition and get hearing aids?
What happens when you start drinking again after quitting for a long time?
The girl I like started doing weed, what should i do?
Is it normal to throw up (vomit) when you are nervous/upset?
When would be the best time to take the tylenol? Wart excised?
I need advice.. seriously, help please.?
What do you call the bone right under your eye?
Can Amblyopia(lazy eye) be corrected at age 12?
I had an eyetest today and was told....?