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waves on nails?????why?
Might be getting admitted into hospital. I'm 16 and scared HELP! :(?
can you use gripe water and inforcol at the same time?
How can I be refreshed in the morning? I always feel tired in the morning?
what potential hazards or dangers exist in an office environment?
What are some good things to do instead of self harming?
How can I regain my confidence after panic attacks and go back to work.?
I believe the Mother of three children?
Why does my dad hate me?
Should l really see a doctor about this?
Do you ever get this?
help with what i think is depression?
What do you do if you just cant do it anymore?
I hate school now, and I don't know what to do about it?
A question about anti-depressants?
I am so depressed. Please, any advice welcome..?
For people who have taken ecstacy tablets what was your come down like?
Is there any point recieving therapy if you are on medication?
I cant sleep at night!
I pee my pants while i laugh really hard... how can i stop?
Can advil cause depression?
Why do turtles live longer than humans?
what to eat after vomiting alot?
After drinking coffee, why do i taste sourness in my mouth?
what are your best sore throat remedies?
I'm 14 and 5 foot 8.5 inches (with sneakers on)... am I short?
what can you do about dry mouth, even after you drink 2 litres of water a day?
Took a long nap, now I can't sleep and I have to work at 8:30am, any suggestions?
Becoming ambidextrous will it have a postive or negitive effect on me?
am i too young to have a massage?
Can you stay awake for 15 hrs without getting tired? How?
Is drinking alcohol every...?
how do you treat over sensitive hearing?
i want to buy diapers but i am kind of nervous of what the clerk might say?
Bursting Bladder - is it possible?
need help still sick?
Do I have to keep taking CHAMPIX eventhough i've STOPED smoking?
Does eating bananas make one more susceptible to mosquito attacks?
What do you find works best for getting your voice back?
Should i stop be a vegetarian/vegan?
what exactly is glaucoma?
Feeling very anxious and have acid reflux, ovarian cysts, and stressed.....?
help plz my white blood cells have been high for over a year!!!!!?
any solution against skin iritation?
is thiamine available over the counter in a chemists?
do you feel afraid when you get sick - when you vomit?
Arm Spasms happening very often??!!??!?
If I get a surgery for deviated septum.......?
If I get a surgery for deviated septum.......?
Raynaud's Disease?
how do you get rid of a sore throat?
tuberculosis test questions! please answer :)?
I have a red rash on my back and chest. There is also a sharp pain that occurs occasionally?
i have complex partial seizure disorder?
Do the larger branches of Boots the chemist do hearing tests?
Why is my right ear painful and swollen?
why do bulimics have bruised knuckles?
Question on Deafness?
my sons had stomachache on&off for 2weeks,now he keeps rubbing his back&head do you know what could b wrong?
Headaches, dizziness, and vision trouble?
i have a wierd almost menthol smell in my house. anyone know what it might be?
Is MS (Multiple Sclerosis) passed down from mother to child?
Is there anyone who can tell me about gallbadder debris?
Dizzy & partial black outs?
injecting fluids?
hyperhidrosis solution?
I have just been diagnosed with a Diverticular Bowel.?
What exactly is in a Booster Shot??
Only one pupil dilated?
Nuclear Stress Test
chances of surviving stomach cancer
Does anyone know anything about thyroid nodules?
In the dark all I can see are little flashy lights?
Can You Get Laser Eye Surgery Under The Age Of 18 With Parental Consent In Ireland?
Changing Contact Lenses. Could you advise me please?
Can i get headache from looking at a computer screen and listening to iPod too long?
What should I do when I can't sleep the night before an exam?
Current health issues UK especially LD nursing?
omg help me .............................................................................?
How Do I Get My Friends To Quit Smoking?
question about sleep?
why are my legs vibrating?
Can you have stretched ears fixed on the NHS?
I feel really sick - how do I get over it so I can go to school?
how many man hours are lost at work due to appointments at hospitals and doctors etc running late.?
How long does karyotype testing take to get back, in the USA? We used Quest Diagnostics?
Why do my ankles occasionally twist when I walk?
if you knew me would you be proud of me?
Waking up, something wrong or plain lazy?
Stomach bug going round last month or so?
I haven't been able to sleep?
The right corner of my left eye feels bruised and sore?
how do i get rid of a bump on my ear piercing?
Vitamins that are good for your liver?
how to cure psoriasis?
How can I get my light skin back?
help i want to get rid of this acne i have on my face, and my body (chest, back and upper arms) any ideas ty.?
15 yearold- botox for excessive sweating?
What are blackheads?!?!?!?!?!?
how can i get rid of acne ?
how to get rid of acne?
I feel like there is something stuck in my throat....?
Is it ok to put last years suncream on the kids?
Do i really need to go sleep for 8hours (im 16)?
why do i fall asleep right after eating?
HELP! how do i remove super glue from skin, its a very thick coverin?
Tight, tingly feeling in hand?
Have a very sore back of left leg above the knee, who knows whats up?
When I drink alcohol I wake up dizzy suddenly after one hour and half of time of deep sleeping night time ?
Illness.. ear.. temple pressure.. muscles?
illness, sinus or blocked ear..?
Where can i get a good food intolerance test for a decent price in London?
specsavers glasses UK?
How can nosebleeds be linked to stress?
smell of bad eggs in nose?
When walking should you push the knee of the landing leg back, to keep it flexible, or would this wear out the?
eyesight borderline for driving test?
doctor said a viral infection has given me ashtma like symptoms?
good resources to help convince my parents to adopt healthier lifestyles?
Could someone give me any websites that shows how many people die due to drugs?
I'm having trouble swallowing?
I have a lump on my middle finger, is that a symptom of something?
Headaches, dizzynes and really sleep after food?
How can supraventricular tachycardia affect your voice?
Please Help Me!! Itchy Skin
Mild Chest pressure ?
Celiac diet... Help?
Lost of appetite..HELP please :(
What could be wrong with me??
PINWORMS...i have a good friend whose son just got treated...he plays with my son...please read.
My 87 Year old Mother has severe pain from Spinal Stenosis, ( narrowing of the spinal canal)
So, Im having alot of trouble breathing lately and chest pains when I move around. HELP?
It is possible to get a rash from something in the air?
Is There Anything That I Can Do To Cure Trichotillomania?
My grandfather had a stroke because of a doctors mistake?
Does Skin ID work???
HELP!! Accutane Question
How can I get them to do this?
Pain in Abdominal, vomiting, Heart and Lungs
Marijuana question i want to smoke weed for first time by myself...?
if a guy gets "fixed" can he still orgasim?
What are your views of decriminilizing cannabis, chronic?
How can I become immortal?
How do you get rid of a soar throat?
Only girl in gym class!?
what is the healthiest city in america, plz give me a source?
Stretch Marks.?
has anyone heard of hand foot and mouth syndrome?
i need help in waking up?
When is Big Brother ending?
What to say to a friend I think has bi-polar disorder?
Migrane problem-afffecting life?
Smoking weed or drinking beer?
Does the drug apo-naproxen have any recreational value... at all?
Will I get hospitalised?
I Am Generally an intelligent person..?
injured my left foot.?
Really important Q- please help me?
How do i deal with depression?
i got a weird pressure feeling in my head and neck and pain...?
Got Any Ways To Get Sick?
the drug mushrooms????????????????//?
Disturbing thoughts...help :(?
Why do some people create fake identities online, even creating profiles with a strangers pictures on them...?
Poll: what's your opinion on weed?
Mysterious Ongoing Stomach Ache?
I have schizophrenia?
How much booze is too much?
how would you handle a situation like this ?
Jaw ache really painful?
dizzy, headache and nauseus after bus/car collision?
Back pain please advise?
why ther black under my eye?
where can i get ritalin for my add without anybody knowing i have add and have to take it?
Boyfriend was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress after parents death?
Ear Ache Cant Chew Painful?
Will dating a smoker affect my health even if he doesn't smoke in front of me?
MSG: why is it in our food?
Okay. I need help. other question didnt work out?
Need help...controlling my self harming?,,,?
very bad bone problems...?
what is it like going under ga with gas?
Left sided chest discomfort?
Just came on my period and i have my gcses starting tomorrow!!?
Sore knee joint right leg?
My Second toe on my left as started to bend is at times pain full?
I have been gettin this weird burning feeling in my upper back?
Random warm feeling in my thigh?
Should I go back to my doctor?
where can i find these saucepans?
one of my spine disc is worn out and i have chronic pain in my lower back,?
Bad pain since epidural went wrong, What can I do?
my husband has just been told he has siactica?
Whats the thing called that they put in your hand when you have an operation ?
My back has been really sore for 2 weeks now!!?
leg pain?
pain all over my head,?
Can a 13 year old boy die off of LSD?
Back pain injury?
Is my toe broken ????
I put a toothpick up my pee hole and now it`s stuck. Help?
what should i do?
i am feeling nauseous how to solve this problem?
How long should dizziness & headache last after head injury?
Should i sue?
Im Stretching My Ear! Help Please?
I think my scrotum is torn.?
Can fireworks kill you?
would going to swim practice hurt a strained ankle?
So painful! What can I do?
I think broke my ankle and am now really bored because I cant move it so I need to know what I can do?
A Gun Injury Question???
What is hiatus hernia and how is treated ?
Applying for health insurance - need help with a question?
Does smoking actually stunt the growth or not?
what is the accurate reading for blood pressure.is the right or left arm?
Does a better quality of life exist without the TV?
Should I give blood the day before my last exam?
I wet the bed last night, what is going on?
Hospital doctors - particulalrly paediatricians - can you help please?
What's wrong with me?
restless legs please any advice on how to cope with them?
why does my eye hury from the sun and reg lights in the day ?
stitch tunnels *makes longer*?
Why is my toe nail bleeding?
Okay, I'm trying to quit smoking....?
have u ever felt like runing away ,let the rest take over cuz its geting to much for u ?
i have just Chlorpheniramine and paracetamol.. isit dangerous?
Glasses problem?????
Should i have my ear syringed again?
am i entitled to a tea break if i work 5 hours?
Does anyone have chest pain with irritable bowel syndrome?
whats aids?
what is IVLA therapy?
how many hrs?
What's the best natural way to get rid of my eczema?
I have a 15 year old QH. A week ago he started coughing and now he is wheezing. HELP!?
what will be my repercussions if I was to drink 6 large cups of java coffee,while with the flu virus.?
skin problem...?
what do you go through after a stroke?? side effects???
Diseases we can get from not wearing Boots?
what homes are most likely to contain asbestos? mine was built in 1991.?
pink mucus??
To: All acne recoverers?
Concerned about breast cancer!?
Health risks after Chemotherapy?
Any possible surgery for Hemicranial Continua if all other options have been taken and no results?
on 1899 death certificate cause of death (looks like) "acute phtisis exhaustion? HELP!!!?
Rare complications from sinus infection?
up set stomache a lot wind pass from rectum heart burn, acid, constipation, pain and feel pressure in rectum?
I think my friend is bulimic?!?
Throat ulcer help. how long?
What my operation involves.?
why are the diabetic clinic playing with my health?
Could i possibly be anemic ?
My friend has lost his hearing completely. He even cannot hear his own voice. Any advice please?
Would I get help with prescription charges if I applied for a HC2 certificate?
will giving up smoking improve my skin, hair and teeth?
Does anyone know of an online symptom checker?
I have been prescribed.....?
Should an extensive syringomyelia and syringobulbia straight after diagnosis or should it just be monitored.?
possible causes of a mis-diagnosis of M.E?
not going toilet until last minute?
i keep blacking out, why?
Can the wrong doseage of Thyrox for hypothyroidism lead to hyperthyroidism?
Did other people with anaemia/thalassaemia just think they were lazy?
anorexia recovery-how long until hair grows back?
NHS costs for US Citizens?
what makes a good smoking cessation program?
My foot started hurting 2 days ago for no reason (i cant remember twisting it or anything - i didnt do any?
i don't no what to do?
If you have had a blood test in the past would your blood type be on record?
why cant i quit smoking im 14?
can energy drinks make high blood pressure worse?
Why can you smell car exhaust fumes when you have a common cold?
Vitimin D - are we getting enough?
Can somebody please tell me whats wrong with me !?
Questions about giving blood.....?
help please pacemaker problems????HOCM etc...?
ok i have a mole on my leg and im going swimming with a girl i really like and she hates moles what can i do?
why do they say not to eat yellow snow? does snow go yellow when it is bad?
should i wake up my dad to take me to the hospital?
My parents think weed is verry BAD! is it?
How do I overcome my fear of the dark?
I think i am getting a cold? any ways to prevent this??!?!?
I have had Diarrea for 3 days, have tried Imodium bt still have it .can you tell me what to eat or drink?
Someone told me that an unborn baby 'breathes' through the mothers naval (?) is this in anyway fact?
What other addictions did you have before Yahoo Answers?
Which is the Healthiest Cereal?
Baby health question.. please help?
How tall is TOO tall?
Is Chinese food bad for migranes?
To all girls..Do u think guys look for a personality or attitude in a woman?
How does it feel when being stabbed in the belly ?
How long does weed stay in your system?
I have the flu and i'm super thursty, help?
someone i know was taking 40mg oxycontin for pain 4x daily. is it ok to take this after getting pregnant?
if i am just around marijuana smoke will it show up in a hair drug test?
How to deal when it seems nothing in life is going right?
According to my mom I wake up in the middle of the night sit on my bed and go back to sleep HELP PLEASE?
Will I get trained if I become a nurse?
i'm quitting cold turkey?
Do the hospital staff have to tell my mother about me being in hospital?
Could you stay awake for 48 hours?
What could give a sixteen/seventeen year old sciatica?
Why do i keep twitching and getting weakness in my right arm?
Why do i crave sweet things such as chocolate etc...when i wake up?
Is there a danger of DVT with tight topped Knee Highs?
Please help? 5 year old running a fever? (10 pnts)?
Why can i feel my spine easy. It's like i have no fat covering it and it hurts when i lay on a bare floor?
i have fecal impaction?
I have not have sufficient amounts of sleep since MONDAY! 3-4 hours of sleep enough?
can you please give me ideas about whats wrong?
why do i sleep better in the day?
I just cut in a circuitboard, would that be dangerous?
Not sleeping... help?!?
Really Tired and Hungry All The Time...?
am i insane for hearing voices?
need you NOW.please?
I think I'm suffering from depression? How do i know?
Sleepwalking / talking / nightmares?
Does anyone get depressed because the years are going by too fast and nothing's changing in your life?
How do you know if your sinking into depression?
Do you find it difficult to share your emotions and ask for help?
What is wrong with me?
Does breast cancer generally hurt?
Trigeminal Neuralgia - has anyone got a solution?
Is this what you call shin splints?
i cant sleep!(in agony!)?
Stinging pain when your eyes water?
Lump on neck and headaches?
my back is in so much pain?
My question is i have suffering from back pain.?
why my child doest feel much pain?
Earache, what could this be?
Sore Subject - Sorry in advance.........?
can anyone tell me where i can buy EXEDINE MIGRAINE in the UK?
My feet are always cold!!?
Reallllly Bad Back Of The Head Pain!?
I have continuous pins and needles in my left little finger. Any ideas why?
I am getting intermittent stomach pains cramps – I had it yesterday till I ate porridge then it went . I woke
i had really bad back ache in my lower back, just came on for no reason?
does rhubarb have medical propertys?
What pain relief medication can I take with Naproxen?
flashbacks after fatal accident - how can i stop them?
Will I get my hearing back?
I got bit by a friend of mine
what happens if you don't get surgery after 24 hours of getting a fracture?
Scar coverup?
Twisted my knee AGAIN. What do I do?
i dont know if its broken or not..?
Would a shard of glass to the temple kill you?
The top half of my toenail fell off because I dropped something on my toe a few weeks ago, is it painful.....?
what did you do the first time your nose fell off?
whining dog?
i have a cigar burn on my arm, its scabbed and looks white. should i take off the scab and disinfect?
Planning to sprain my ankle, don't ask why!?
Does this cut need stitches? (Picture included)?
What are the signs or side affects of cracked, brocken, or fractured ribs?
what to do with a pierced ear that might be infected?
Should I Stay Home?
I tear my calf muscle, how to make it better faster!?
where can i find a doctor who can make me walk again?
I felt nauseous lastnight, and I still kinda feel nauseous right now. What is wrong with me?
how to make a bruise go away as soon as possible?
how do i stay in shape with a broken leg that i can not put weight on yet?
*AcneFree* is it a good product?
What are all possible signs of anorexia?
If you have warts...?
What is the best thing to do to get rid of and/or prevent canker sores?
i need some help, i cant live with myself nomore im depressed?
Attention Doctors: Pain in chest and bloody sputum?
Intestinal Hernia Information?
What is this white line across on my fingernail?
Why do i still get eyebags even when i sleep for 9 hours?
I don' get a proper nights sleep, only 'half sleep' 4 out of 7 nights, what can I do to get a good nights rest?
Problems giving blood?
Dizzyness CONSTANTLY....help!10 points?
I'm 35 and planning to train as an aerobics teacher - am I too old?
Controversial issues related to children's health?
How old do you have to be to go to a spa?
why does doing everything seem so difficult?
My Friend Wa'as has problems opening a lid how do I show him how to open a lid ?
I have really bad acne on my forehead and chin, what do I do?
Psoriasis cure please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
ive tryed everything!!! the poison ivy wont go away what do i do??
do all warts eventually go away by themselves?
wat helps cure eczema?
What home remedy mix can I use on dry skin?
Is preparation H good for Eye wrinkles and puffiness?
how can diet regulate body ph. are there foods that will reduce ph?
How often should you wear a Tummy Corset, and how fast does it work ,to reduce your weight ?
rWorld Health Org. recommended Drinking water salinity levels?
my spine is hurt in me?
My mums having a Hip Replacement, any advice please?
Is caffeine addition dangerous?
I have a Urine drug test in 6 days and i smoked (weed) last night, i just foundout 2day. what can i do 2 pass?
cracking knuckles? (10 pts)?
umm... drug question?
what you would do if a highly contagious bacterial infection were to begin show up in your area?
I'm staying up all night tonight, what can I do to stay awake tomorrow?
Is there no such thing as a painless death?
What sickness do I have?
Does marijuana make your life better?
when a male patient gets examined by a female dr should there be a female nurse present?
is selling my body over ebay healthy for the environment?
labyrinthitis. a few questions!?
how high will the gas prices be, in 10 years?
can black mold be removed by yourself or do the pro's have to do it??
i was biking today and when i got home it hurt to breath or burp, should i be worried?
doctor said a viral infection has given me ashtma like symptoms?
How to fall sick?
My G/F has an unusual sleep disorder, does anyone know how to treat it?
What hurts more, physical or emotional pain?
health and social care nvq 3?
Whole right side feels numb, Whats wrong?
Small Internal Lump Behind Jaw Bone!?
Can i take Diazapam and Levofloxacin (antibiotic) together?
Why do I feel like this? Please help?
I think I have Scoliosis?
How to "pop" your ears?
Good nights sleep Please?
Does anyone know how to stop burning stomach pains?
ways to deal with raynauds disease?
all or nothing syndrome?
Can your liver repair itself?
Does anyone know anything about anterior knee pain also called patella femoral knee pain?
Breatholding attacks: advice please?
Could trapped air stop a tablet from going down into your stomach?
Return of night sweats with sore throat.?
how do i help myself with acid reflux?i get pains each time i eat fruits whether fresh or dry.?
Twitchy Legs and Arms, Please read && help!?
blood count whats normal and whats low?
Has my verruca gone?......?
has my toddler got cold sores or foot and mouth disease?
How does fasting affect your urine?
How long does it take swelling in leg to go down after DVT diagnosis and warfarin started?
Neuro-surgery question...My mom is having her L4 AND L5 Vertebres removed..how long is the recovery ?
Acute kidney failure? Has anyone had it...i think i might what were your symptoms?
Tiny blisters on fingers and palm?
What illness do I have? ?
Babies and Strep Throat?
I had recently been diagonosed with the worse case of quinsy disease my ENT has ever seen.?
Any suggestions (blood sugar and food)?
Why is my head itching?
My stomach always hurts.?
My throat infection?
can my counselor report me for saying i feel sucidle?
Do you think fish oil can improve your mental abilitys?
How would you cope or what would you do?
help.. i feel so lonley?
Do i have depression?
Can anyone tell me what clinical depression is & how different is it from the ordinary one?
what do u do when u have no one in ur life?
do i need to declare that i have/had an anxiety disorder on a job application form?
can you die from schizophrenia?
how do you diagnose schizophrenia?
What is the quickest and most painless way to kill an animal?
What are the effects of labeling people with mental health?
Is Anyone Else Scared Of The Doctors?? Serious Answers Only Please..?
Is it acceptable to have a day off if ......?
I'm very embarrassed, I need some friendly advice?
how should you deal with if when you go out, you feel threatened?
Right contact lens is blurry?
When will i feel better after tonsillectomy?
eating dry toast when feeling sick?
Will a hospital tell me if someone i know is a patient at their hospital?
does hyssop help prevent nervous diarrhea?
My fingers and toes are always really cold when the weathers warm?
how can you stop yourself sweating?
I get tired after eating,it is not sleep apnae I have been tested for that.?
what is causing my neck pain?
are you meant to feel this bruised after physiotherapy?
Help Im losing my voice and thing to make it feel better?
Nicorette patch question?
Reasons for Nosebleeds?
What would you like to ask?What are those things in hospitals called which go 'bleep. bleep. bleep.' and have?
what does ridges on your nails indicate?
What is multi-agency working within health care settings?
Can someone answer my question please?
My hands go numb and tingly? if i am texting someone my right hand will got really numb and tingly. i have it?
What is the easiest way to get to sleep if you are struggling?
When I was back at school, I got punched in the back of the neck?
do opticians like specsaves have spare temples to fit to a different frame if the temple gets broken?
What can we do to prevent the swine flu?
I Injured my self really badly. READ DETAILS?
help please, is this a problem?
i have a black eye due to an accident & was wondering what to do to remove the black and blue on my eyelid?? ?
i swallowed a memory stick cap?
should i go to the doctor??
When you get a bruise do you injure skin or muscle tissue??
Was it smart to fly her to new york with a head injury?
i was lifting the wrong weights and i pulled some muscles in my right back side . What can I do abou
Is it wrong to crack our toe?
should i be taking calcium supplements for my broken pelvic and how long will it take to heal??
If you hit a bone enought will it break?
i bumped my head day before yesterday badly on a cabinet.?
I hurt myself pretty bad skiing?
i am sure i have osgood shlatters at a 27, do you think thats odd?
Can I get some help with something? I hurt my knee...?
After Surgery?
Im scared..Help!!?
I am getting nervous about this..?
is there anything to do to stop muscle loss?
How much will the removal of (medical) staples from my head hurt?
Lower Back Pain? advice?
What facial masks are good for acne?
acne and gross skin !? ewwwwwwww?
what will happen if i completly avoid the sun for 2 whole years?
im getting a wart removed today! at the docters! does it hurt!!?
My jaw really hurts what can be the cause?
Blisters Help! Ouch!?
Why? do you get a head ache if you over sleep or sleep in late when your older.?
My wife has shooting crippling pains in her back passage from time to time.?
does the inner ear piercing hurt .?
Leg pain arm and wrist pain even back pain, then add to that shortness of breath, what does that sound like.?
is there a known medical term for having sore achilles and ankles from wearing flipflops/sandals?I live abroad
Constipation and Gallbladder removal?
Neck ache...........?
Muscle pain but I haven't exercised?
When I jog, and start to get tired, why does my throat hurt quite badly?
what to do with a painful burn?
Does any body know any good ways of helps migraine's? i suffer alot from them and am on tablets already?
I'm looking for Rosemary Conley's Facial Flex?
if you had a xray can it?
palotitus any ideas form of arthritis?
Is it bad for your eyes to watch tv in the dark?
My girlfriend suffers with kyphosis and get's really bad back pain nearly every day.?
Bowing technique........?
A friend of mine recently did ecstasy but ever since he can't stop twitching. Help please?
what could this be? health related issue?
Getting Tired on a night out?
can i take paracetamel and ibuprofen with flucloxaxillin? i have a knee i?
Constant discomfort in my lower back, keep stretching and bending, keeps cracking but it won't go away?
can i drink alchole when taking erythromycin?
where can i get cranberry pills from in the uk?
Should I listen to my body? I like to eat hot curries (Vindaloo etc), and they tend to 'burn both ends'...?
I can feel my knee popping when i bend and straighten my leg?
How do you sleep through the morning successfully?
Abnormal bleeding when on pill?
taken a caffeine overdose, how dangerous is this?
If i wake up earlier i don't feel very tired but if i over sleep i feel very tired, why is this?
Why do I rock and nod my head?
Joint pain prevention?
pectus excavatum?????
my "other good cholestrol" has been low last three times.what problems can this cause?
Any ways to help you sleep?
Why do non-smokers feel the need to tell smokers that smoking is bad for them?
Why do Marijuana users claim it has no negative effects at all?
what do you do when your tired and can't sleep?
if you smoke are you tired of people bumming smokes off you in public?
what's your thought on euthanasia to help vegetated patients?
Will the hospital keep your sickness anonymous?
Does anyone have a home remedy cure for a toothache?
What are some symptoms for a appendicitis ?
Is it normal for kids to cough after having done some sort of physical activity?
what would cause my girlfriend's "area" to become "tighter"?
Desperately need help with anorexia?? Please help...?
If hydrogenated oils are not good for you why do the companies producing things keep putting it in their stuff
How do I stop my wife eating her inside cheeks?
Am I suffering from dehydration?
Kids too fat !?
What is one habit you would like to be rid of?
Why do we Yawn when we're tired?
What happens if i take 4 pills of advil instead of 2?
How is someones height and heart rate related?
please help, i have mental health problems and its getting me really down!?
I have red lumps all way up my thigh?
does anyone know of any good websites that diagnoses you with things?
Is this a mouth ulcer?
everyone thinks smoking is bad?
I need some help, please?
Eye Twitching Problem?
What is the reason behind this about my eyes?
what medical screening are required for certian groups of people?
How many pints of water should you drink a day?
Doctors: what is wrong with me?
Doctors working both in hospital and in their own private practise?
Coughing up blood for quite sometime?
When were free prescriptions axed in england?
OPCS codes - can anyone tell me the OPCS codes and the banding for the following procedures?
Medical Help?! BestAnswer = 10points!!?
Bad posture problems.. please help!?
Ever had this happen to you? Found a new danger to headphones!?
Very Worried! Please Help!?
what is the best way to disuse smoking?I am 5 years smoker?
Do you need to sleep everynight?
What are the stabbing pains ...?
Thinking seriously of buying Philips HP 3641 for pain relief and improvement of blood circulation.?
What is the difference between a mental breakdown and mental crisis?
Cutting Problems.... Questions....?
How to improve my life,,?
Does it comfort you to know that more intelligent people are more likely to get depressed?
Depression / Prozac; when will I feel better?
Suicidal tendencies... Help..?
How can i tell if i have an eye infection?
Can anyone explain what causes dermographism to me in laymans terms?
What can help to relieve constipation so i can have a poo?
is it safe to take multiple pills in 1 go, in the morning i take a multivitamin pill,cod liver capsule and a?
Sleep Help pleeease?!?! :|?
bleeding through the nose because of eating too many mangoes in a hot country. is it true?
i been smoking for 2 months but i quit and so how can i make it seem like i never did?
Any suggestions for a quick fix?
due to go on holiday in 18 days daughter has a full arm plaster due to broken wrist can she fly?
I'm 19 and in full time education but have no job, do I have to pay for NHS prescriptions now?
Running and legs buckled?
Since i smoked a joint on friday night before i went to sleep i keep getting oanxiety and panic attacks?
RDA of vitamin c for smokers?
There's poison running through my veins, help me?
Can my parents overrule me at 17 years old?
my eyesight is getting worse by the day =[...?
Dr's or nurses please..........?
How do you rid of the worlds largest zit?!?!?!?
ProActive Question.?
i have itching on my lower legs ever since heart surgery?
how do you get rid of a plantars wart? My 8 year old has one.?
Itchy Breasts?
What is the most effective way to get rid of zits in one night?
Do I have to eat my veggies even if my mom says I should?
Cold soar on cheek?
How can I get rid of a difficult zit?
how to get rid of my calloused, dry hands from gymnastics?
What kind of cold do i have?PLEASE HELP?(i said please)?
Swine Flu - will you get the vaccine?
What will happen if i starve myself?
has anyone had eye lens replacement surgery?
Is it normal for crutches to hurt?
Lower left back pain?
cracked nail will it heal?
how long does it take for ur cartilidge and navel ring to heal?
just found out that i have a complete tear of my ACL and a complete tear of my MCL , dont know what to do?
I mildly sprained my ankle and I've been icing it, but...?
I got elbowed in the side of the head?
I fell off my bike and now I see black spots...?
I had my spine surgery two months ago, wherein they've put in two rods to support my vertabrae.?
Shoulder problems?
i have a large sliver in my wrist how do get it out ?..it s right on the vein?
Anyone know if you can put your own neck back in place, and how? I am in sooo much pain!?
i have swelling in my right knee and don't know what could be doing it ?
football+injuries.i need some good advice on a injury from a football game?
Question about bruised foot?
How can I tell the difference between a broken or sprained ankle?
ok please help! i really nead eurgent help!?
How to bruise your arm?
broken blood vessels in eye?
How can I tell if my finger's broken or just sprained?
In general, do you think men smell worse than women?
Nosebleeds, tiredness, sore throat and headache!! help?
what does gp partner mean?
What is wrong with me? Symptoms included.?
What is making me so cold?
What is a good way to get my children's immune systems up?
Can anyone tell me what's wrong?
Counting sheep?
How long does Marijuana stay in your system?
I've been taking Ecstasy for a week straight?
Why don't pain killers work on migraine headaches?
What to do against snoring?
Are rectal exams as bad as they sound? should I just revuse to have one?
i smoked weed with my friend today around 3 p.m and yesturday. and we are still awake at 4:45am ..why?
Can some one yelling 1 foot away damage your hearing?
What happens to you after you've been stung by a bee?
What is Xanax?
Is 5'8 tall for a 12 year old? Almost 13 BTW.Just out of curiosity?
can performing cpr wrong be fatal?
Difficult to tell whether its a Scam or Not?
how do i stop smoking for real?
any tricks people found that made them grow taller?
How long does 4 hits of marijuana get out of your system?
How can I sell my blood on Ebay?
I feel sick all the time, The doc can't find anything.?
Does anybody else have a hard time sleeping at night?
How do you fake sick?
Would you rather die today, or live the rest of your life with a 101 degree fever?
Is this normal?
Was is this pain in my left eye?
Sharp pain on my right chest coming towards the center?
cardio while having a lower back bone pain?
How do I get rid of my shoulder pains?
for the last 3 weeks i have been having pain in my left upper arm from shouldr to elbow and into my fingers?
who has to pay hip on a house?
Why is this pain staying?
Iv had an injection and it hurts...any suggestions?
Abdominal pain?
what does FON stand for?
quickest way to get legs back in shape?
i want to know treatment of lower abdomen left side pain.?
are these pains normal?
Headache, Nose bleed then Migraine?
Need help trying to figure out this pain on the left side down my ribs ?
Help, my mum has taken too many ibuprofen?
Severe headache for 3 days?
Cramp in my leg?
How do you get Rid of black heads FAST???????????
Does Athletes foot spray stop mosquito bites from itching?
How to reduce scarring?
reaction to nair hair remover?
brain surgery removal... question about the recovery?
I'm a nail biter, if I touch an infected surface, can I get Hepititis?
Yellow patches of dry, flaky skin on my chest?
Red marks !! HELP?
I got red dots where I shaved.?
how do you treat infected sunburn blisters?
Is there any way to prevent memory loss as you get older?
Why am I such an attention seeker?
How do you be brave when making decisions you dont want to make?
i almost killed myself?
Was my Counsellor wrong to say this?
A question for doctors, nurses and such like...?
If i go to my gp for depression......?
Is sad (Seasonal Affective Disorders) real i think i might have it and how do yea cure it?
Can you recommend any self help books for deal with low self esteem?
what diet is best for behaviour problems?
Any Anorexics or Bulimics out there?
panic attacks after 8 years version 2........?
Im rele angry and feeling depressed right now i rele wanna cool down what do you do when you wanna cool down??
How do i get over his death?
how much sleep does a 15 year old need?
why do you support clients to eat and drink and what special adaptations would you provide?
Does anyone know how I can start my own agony aunt forum?
If i have am just overcoming cold and i go down on my boyfriend can i pass anything onto him?
can piles make my stools more frequent and soft?
How to cure a sour lip?
Blurred vision caused by activity ?
I was at hospital yesterday, and nurse popped the vein in my hand whist insering the canula?
Will employers refuse to employ me if Im a dialysis patient?
Why does emotional pain heal over time?
What's the cause of red fingertips on my 4 year old son?
have insurance policy now contracted hiv what now?
chronic epstein barr virus?
Hard lump on my head?
how much does it cost to have an injection to get rid of varicose veins?
Why did my bottom bleed when I urinated?
pernicious anaemia causing pain, numbness, difficulty walking and falls. what can be done to help?
Can anyone tell me what symptom's they had for bells palsy.?
what is this gp term?
Tinnitus Question ??????
Ganglion cyst on my hand?
Why is my stomach still sore 4 days after weekend cider binge ?
How can I stop smoking-it's really difficult,isn't it?
Can anyone give me any info regarding the illness Giant Cell Arteritis?.?
Do i get enough sleep?
Name the disease that is caused.....?
my son (6yrs) has a sebaceous cyst?
Should my brother see a doctor?
I have been tested for underactive thyroid but was negative have to big lumps either side of windpipe,???
How close are we to CURING Parkinson's Disease?
I need information on aspergers.?
how to not look like a zombie after/during a cold/flu?
Need advice-any medics or doctors out there?
Home Remedy For Sunburns?
How can I get rid of severe acne and acne scars?
My skin tone gets darker in the sun ,How do i prevent this?
what are the short term effects of alcohol and weed on teens?(not addiction) Is it that bad to smoke sometimes
How much pot is too much in a day? if you have a joint, take a puff and then hours later take another, ok?
i need a smoke but ive never smoked?
For what and whom is medical marijuana for?
What happens when you take too much tylenol, or take tylenol with alcohol?
Is marijuana addictive?
Does marijuana kill brain cells?
Did you like being pregnant?
If you had to give up one of your five senses, which one would it be and why?
Sometimes When I Satnd Up My Vision Gos Black For About 2 Seconds And I Get A Bad Headache?
Is wanting to be disrespected my men normal?
Can eating to much raw cookie give you worms in your stomach?
if you got an H1N1 vaccine, do u also need to take the flu shot separately?
what is vertigo?
birth certificate?
please help me?
I Am TOO short for a 14 year old, what should i do?
i have a lump on my neck at 15 , could it be cancer?
remove gag reflex muscle?
Who else can't sleep?
How can i help stop a hangover?
What are the differences between snorting, and injecting cocaine?
How bad is second hand marijuana smoke?
Can someone help me with a reptile scratch?
Which are the best type of ear plugs to use when sleeping?
"Corrugated" fingernails?
I find it very hard to get to sleep at night and i constantly wake up, any help?
i naturally blink roughly 3 times an hour. Could that be the reason i have heavy bags under my eyes?
What is more harmful, Khat or Cannabis?
what shoes can i wear while i stand all day for work?
What is a health insurance cartel?
Not feeling well at all.?
my friend has just been go karting now hes realy ill dose any one know why?
Is it possible to become a GP by gaining the relevant qualification by self study?
Birmingham residents, what bus to Selly Oak Hospital from town?
Small bump on the top of my wrist?
How can i use a random controlled trial...?
Opinions on hospitals?
When I hold my cat my legs go really weak, only ever happens when I hold her?
What do you think they'll do?
how long will it last sinus infection?
I really need some advice about what to do :(?
will you notice if you have a tick on you?
3 red dots?
i just took a TB test and its reddish, whar color is it supposed to be if your negative or positive?
my daughter had fever 2 weeks ago.she got fever again . do you think it is the sign fo swine flu?
Latest Swine Flu Numbers?
What is the definition of a contagious disease?
Okay So I'm The Biggest Baby... EVER! But...?
Should I get checked for Swine flu?
i went for a blood test friday now its wednesday and i have not heard any news from my doctor im worried?
lost my mucus plug.. whats next?
Cutting myself? Please help?
I recently noticed numbness in my left leg from the knee down, help?
If a teen about 15 years of age lost part of his left thumb due to an accident, would it still regenerate?
10points best answer ....not sure if I have a slipped disk?
What is the cause for wounds taking a long time to heal?
10 Points ))) Please Answer This ?
How can i prevent a keloid scar?
is my nose broke it bled at first now its runny and my eyes are a little black and it hurts to touch?
Does bruises heal by itself or do we need to put ice on it to heal fast?
Bruised Toe?! HELP PLEASE?
CT Scan question?! Please please help!?
I quit smoking about 2 1/2 years ago. Every now and then, I get a tickle on my lungs that makes me cough?
I stubbed my little toe into my door frame?
need help now!!?
my friends brother cracked his head open?
Do you think I broke it?
whenever i sit, my legs get numb soon after i cross them. Both legs are affected?
can an empty water bottle cause a concussion?
My dog scratched my skin, what can i put on my skin to make the scractch disappear so it doesnt make a scar?
Can someone help me with a little research for a story I am writing? (Regarding stab wounds?)?
My lips are really dehydrated..?
Embarrassing question re bleeding?
question about indigestion?
i want to pack in smoking for good - i only smoke on nights out any tips?
THE drug meow?? is that the stuff that they call snow in head-shops?
Is it right for my GP surgery to charge me £15 for giving me my x-ray to show my chiropracter?
Some advice about being off sick from work?
does anybody know the answer to this...?
Black stuff after drinking beer?
So, how much does the LASEK eye surgery really cost?
Eyesight problem? please help!?
Do some contact lenses come in only 1 size?
Please help! Do i have 'grumbling appendix'?
i have weird habbits, how do i stop them?
Do you ever feel self conscious while eating in public?
Can you really fully recover from depression?
my niegbours are dirty ridding feckers?
OUT OF CONTROl what can i do?
christmas is coming,and i have never felt so bad..?
I feel "itchy" when I'm in my new apartment, what could it be?
What do you make of this?
Is my tongue ring infected?
If I have mono can I kiss someone else with mono?
dry skin rash on hand?
Sore throat, trouble breathing, and neck pain...is it just a cold?
Does anyone know about Conn's Syndrome otherwise known as adrenal disease or cushing's?
how common is breast cancer in your 20s?
Has any one had any experience with crestor causing bowl problems?
Hi, I've been on antidepressants for 8 yrs. now. I take 300mg. wellbrutrin and 100mg zoloft. I find they work,?
Is it fine to take creatine if you're a HepatitisB carrier?
Mitral Valve question....?
what to do when someone swallowes powder bleach?
Gain Weight I'M DESPERATE!!!!!!!!!!!?
I haven't had a bowel movement in about a week?
Any tips on how I can fall asleep quicker?
I am dizzy most of the time, is it from stress?
URGENT !I am having a panic attack right now please help me me?
My legs are KILLING ME?!?
im sick!?what should i do?
What are hiccups and why do we get them?
What are the easiet ways to quit smoking?
need advice on quitting smoking...?
When am i going to find mister right for me and my kids?
where can i get a surgical mask that can block out fumes like smelly chemicals that type?
What is S.A.D. seasonal affective disorder?
Banning smoking in cars that carry children. Yes/No?
Whats "Chronic" ? i know its a kind of drug, is it Weed?? :S?
help me sneeze ive tried pepper dust and light HELP ME SNEEZE?
what is the best way to diagnose an illness ?
Guy what do u look 4 in a girl?
why is it that everytime i go to take a shower i have to urinate first?
i am feelin light headed quite often?
what is wrong with me?? dizzynesss pressure in ears?
How do i cure a sore stomach after too much alcohol at weekend ?
What gets rid of nits as well as lice in head hair?
how can i help alzheimers disease?
Severe cough just before sleep?
Why are my feet swelling?
my doctor at the hospital ordered?
What music would you listen to while having surgery?
ADEM my son was diagnosed beginning Feb and has just finished steroids end of March?
Why am I suddenly travel sick?
Throat And Ears Trouble :(?
intestinal gas question?
Throat And Ears Question?
Muscle Memory - Swallowing/Stomach/Vomit?
Ears Question???????
Got the doctors stumped.....?
Upset stomach, excess gas in my stomach, bit of chest discomfort, and trouble eating..?
Im worried my friend might have an eating disorder?
Should the NHS be abolished?
Im feeling sort of funny, can you help?
Waking up having a panic attack thinking I'm going to die?
When im tired my eyes move from side to side?!?
My 6 year old has night time temperatures?
HELP! 16 years old and getting varicose veins?
Im constipated :( .......?
When you go to sleep at night do you cross your arms across your chest to save your mum doing it if you don't?
feeling really down and feel im getting worse?
What's wrong with me?
Can I sue the NHS for maltreatment?
I really want blue contact lenses but i dont want to damage my eyesight, does anyone have any advice?
itcy legs mainly on the shin?
i'm on antibiotics for a chest infection but i've got a really stiff neck,why?
Numb Thumb and Index finger left hand?
Is there anything wrong with me? Read for more?
I have no energy need help...?
How long do I have to wait before i take another Beta blocker?
There's a devil and an angel, one above my left eye the other above my right?
is it possible to not go to sleep for 2 days?
Are there any conditions which would mean you cannot work in a dark environment?
What toiletries are used to care for children?
I never have a full nights sleep, what can I do to sleep better?
why does my knee keep cracking?
What if you saw a girl trip down the stairs, what would you do?
Help!!! ankle probles and dance?
-Ingrown Hair- Puss has been literally pouring out for about 2 hrs.?
Whats wrong with my finger?
OUCH!..any advice is wanted for this injury.. :( :)?
I went to the dr today, does anyone have helpful ideas for an anal fisher? An anal fisher is a muscle tear?
Torn ligaments?
Is it OK to wash my Stitches?
banged elbow & cant straighten it.?
knee problem?
Can i run with stitches on my ankle?
Swollen base of finger-Picture! Med Advice?
i sprained my ankle about a month ago but i stopped doing actvivites on it about a week ago.When will it heal?
numbness on the left side!?
Cut oFf part of my thumb!!!!?
If you broke your rib, would, (with enough force) the bone be able to break the skin causing an open fracture?
My dad slipped on ice and bumped his elbow. Please tell me if this sounds like an emergency or not.?
I juat piereced my nose myself and it was fine untill?
Will tendinitis get better with resting the wrist?
ankle tattoossssss?
what remedy will kill the tooth nerve?
I have always had deep cracks in my tongue. Have you ever heard of anyone else having this?
I have this pain in my sides but can Only feel it if i rub the skin gently any help?
I keep getting this cold sore! HELP!?
Why is my leg still numb after morphine injection?
Is it true that a ear tatoo hurts very much?
is red bull bad for you i herd that drinking too many energy drinks is bad for the heart is that true?
If you snorted salt, would it burn?
am i a freak>?
How much does the human head weigh?
why do i have stretch marks on my arms, side of my stomach, back of my leg and thigh?
How do i get rid of my hunched back?
What is better to use hand sanitizer or hand wash?
When it comes to headaches which method is most effective to use? Tylenol or Advil?
do guys more like girls that are skinny, or more curvy like 160 pounds? do they like that?
how old will you be if you die on Saturday, October 21, 2073?
whats the worst drug for you?
I can never fall asleep?
Which is worse for you, Ecstasy or cocaine?
What temperature do people melt at?
I have diarrhea....................?
i have a drug test in 3 dayz!!!!!?
Birth Control Question???
Help! Diarrhea Issues...Big Problem!?
sooo hungry....?
Before i go to bed i cry....?
I need help determining the sickness I might have. What could it be?
can anyone tell me why i feel like this ?
why do we get low when things are going well ?
why does he do this? :/?
Treating a cyst?
my lips are so dry.........?
3 month expired penicillin?
How to get rid of a stomach virus?
Does anyone know if you can get the stomach flu again right after you just had it?
I'm afraid of the swine flu because of the media?
What germs/viruses can be passed between humans and dogs?
Is the swine flu virus in new york?!?
Why is swin flu so deadly? or is it?
why do i feel like im going to faint every morning when i wake up?
Hc2 certificate eligibility?
What can we do to reduce the risk of Parkinson's Disease?
what is a good acne facewash that doesn't use benzoyl peroxide?
Is this something to look into?
Heart conditions and relevancy?
Can a cat scan of the lungs detect tuberculosis?
symptoms of urinary tract infection??
anyone have complete info on --williamssyndrome ??
Are there any natural remedies for heartburn?
What are some natural hallucinogenic drugs?