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i know im mentally ill but what exactly is wrong with me?
How to deal with horrible people...?
how 2 have a good memory??
Someone very close to me has had a nervous breakdown?
Prozac and extreme tiredness?
do we carry our pain n sorrow wherever we go?
How do you beat insecurity?
Would you be employed if you confessed that you had suicidal thoughts in the PAST!! Not now?
can someone help take the pain away?
is my life just a set up?
Do you think i've got OCD?
why are some people really nosey and petty,?
help please?
Psoriasis- help?
Hi, Is anyone from bedfordshire and suffers from chronic pain?
How lifestyle and invironment affect Health and society?
Why do stomachs gurgle?
can someone always be unlucky?
how does uv rays effect our skin?
Should i get a second opinion..?
what is the little pulse thing like a tic that keeps beating near my eye? it driving me mad.?
I get Severe Electric Shocks all the time how can i stop them?
Stabbing pain in my fingers (and toes)?
Feeling pressure in my head when I change position?
How long is "Indefinate" for DLA?
I suffer from severe lower back pain and a cold sensation in chest?
my bottom reli hurts!?
can a sudden physical pain to make an adult man break in tears like a baby?
what are the causes of a headache that feels like someones punched me?
I have just had a cold now I have an ear ache.?
stinging feeling down below! anyone help?
Could Diclofenac Sodium 50mg harm me?
What is best to help ease my ear ache?
what remedy will kill the tooth nerve?
i have a headache right at the back of my head it was on the left side earlier and the right now...it hurts!?
Blacking out when I stand? Sharp pain in my head randomly?
in reflexology, which foot foor is the past and present?
I have always had deep cracks in my tongue. Have you ever heard of anyone else having this?
what can i do to stop the ache of the muscles near my spine?
Which one is stronger paracetamol or ibuprofen plz help massive head ache.....?
question about medication?
lump beside nose right hand side?
What a good face wash, for acne?
For girls: Would it be a turn off if you see a guy or your boy friend with acne on his back?
Why are my ears blocked?
Suddenly cannot seem to either eat or digest oily food, which has been the type I grew up eating?
What is a gluten free apple cider vinegar brand?
Children with Peanut Allergy - Mother question?
Why does my throat hurts when i drink orange juice?
what to do for allergies?
i have a constant belching or hiccups, wht could be the cause? Could it be that i am allergic to something?
Oil of Oregano for Sinus problem -- how long should it take before I see an improvement?
questions about allergies?
I have this dry, hacking cough periodically and sometimes a shortness of breath. I had a chest x-ray that?
What would the hospital people do if i had a very severe peanut allergy reaction?
Can having a stuffed up nose make you feel dizzy?
High ESR count in blood for a 28 year old?
Extreme Photophobia after chemotherapy?
girls wiith hairy arms?
What kind of strep throat could this be?
How do you get rid of acne?!?
is there away i can get rid of black heads that will truly work?
what are the odds that wormwood is a genetic bomb involving cattle and sheep.?
If you have cancer, please click here :) ?
how painful is the pain in your back from a kidney infection?
Would it help the enviroment if we had more days off work ????
Wallet on the back pocket?
What should i eat before a football match?
i have a swollen face on my right side, swelled up about 2 hours ago ,no pain anywhere ,any ideas?
Do i have high Cholesterol for 24?
Does oversleeping make you more tired than sleeping the correct amount of time?
Can you talk about personal things with the doctor and they keep it confidential?
why i keep waking up during the night every night?
RANDOM how do you...?
need hep to find way to have kids?
Ive just been abroad and i don't know why am feeling dizzy?
england : services used and how was it?
what seems to be biting me?
Whats wrong with me?! (tired, weird circulation)?
how hard is it and how long does it take to go from being a nurse to a gp?
What causes the crackling sound in our ears?
examples of conflicts experienced by nurses?
what is the texture of raw chicken?
my friend has taken her nose piercing out for a couple of hours but the hols healed what should she do?
Why do I get heartburn alllllll the time?!!?
Can the NHS pay for an operation in another country?
Can i still use my Cup?
very important question?
Why is my arm is throbbing?
Bed bugs in New York?
how will i be treated?
is it safe to have breats implants if you have auto immune disease?
Is working 7 continuous 12 hr shifts legal?
symptoms from quitting smoking..how long do they normally last and how can i help ease them?
Any body know anything about Laser eye surgery?
how to get my dad to quit smoking to help prolong his life?
How can I stop this weird stomach thing?
how can i stay awake all night while in bed?
i have just been for my contact lense check up?
can any body tell me which pgcourse is good nowdays?
eyes help me please i need helpppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp?
I keep getting heart palpitations, should I be worried?
I keep getting panic attacks, how do i stop them????
1.74 or 1.67 high index lenses? Which one should I choose? (Prescription included)?
im being electronically harrassed and gang stalked. How can i stop this happening?
can i go to alton towers if im having tests for heart/lung&kidney problems?
lump on big toe what is it?
I'm a 18 year old Female and 4'9", am I consitered a "little person"?
my mom smokes and im inhaling it anyway so why dont i just start smoking anyway?
Why do I pee up?
How long have you stopped smoking?
Do you think I could grow to 5'8?
How much sleep is too much?
is smoking a quarter ounce of pot per week bad for you?
What's the opposite of a fever?
WHY does my nose BLEED every morning?
Should I start smoking?
I want to know, what gives you the right to tell me not to smoke outside.?
Why are people so against people smoking weed?
What operation have you gone thru that was sooo not fun?
What is the best exercise to lose my chubby stomach weight?
Sick Issue!!!!Pleasse help!!!?
What disease do you feel should have the most money and research applied to it?
Does anyone else sleep with a bar of soap under their sheet?
How do you stay happy?
Can you wink with the left eye or right eye or both (not at the same time that would be a blink)?
What happens to the gum if swallowed?!?
Will eating fat at places like McDonalds and Wendys be looked own upon one day like smoking is today?
aaahhh! ithink i got mono. what are the signesss!!!!?
What is the best soap to use for a child with eczema?
Pulse Pressure: increases or decreases?
What could it mean when now and then, when you breath, just out of the blue, you get spasms?
Skin questions, need your expertise?
Getting rid of black heads??
who has seriously considered taking their own life?
Thinking to much?
Can you wiggle your ears?
is this classed as bullying ?
I need help and advicefrom kind people?
i feel awful and i dont know how to stop it..............?
Any one know how to stop smoking weed?
What is the best way of stopping the automatic negative thought habit.?
If you hear voices what do they say?
I normally sleep very well, but for the last 7 nights I have been having terrible nightmares?
I don't know if I'm depressed or not? Some advice please?
What would you do?
someone said that i eat too much and have addictions?
i was in a road accident 5 years ago,and now my short term memory has gone,can anyone help?
What's the point in living if the one thing you want is impossible?
my daughter wakens almost every night crying?
how do i help my wife with her depression?
stressed out?
What's the dark spot on my skin?
How to get rid of ringworm/fungal infection??
What heals sunburns best? And melts it into a tan?
Acne Question (What worked for you?)?
Is this going to leave a scar?
T.B injection question O_O?
Why does your jaw sometimes hurt when you put something really sweet in you mouth?
Omg what happened to my hand?
which are the best opticians?
Feeling sick when I..........?
why do we get sleepy?
Why do my toes split at the join to my foot?
does staying up all night/being really tired make you ill?
why is my eye twitching?
Why do the tops of my legs keep getting tingly, like 'pins and needles' kind of feeling?
what is the cause of very painfull foot at the heel like throbing pain increases while am sitting down?
Hip problem in a teenage girl. What could this be?
pain in the neck?
Should I go to the hospital for this?
why is my 2year old child not sleeping every night ?
Do you want to earn loads of cash quick? Travelling,student etc?
Whats wrong with me.........?
What are the best things you've ever done for your health?
sleeping problems whats wrong with me.?
Tablets still not completely working?
Vomiting with alcohol?
i quit smoking a month ago help?
HELP...Tips to have a good nights sleep?
Is hypnosis dangerous to quit smoking?
How can you quit smoking while still drinking alcohol?
How to react with Nose bleeds?
my baby is having an operation?
My hands sometimes shake.. Do I need to get it checked out?
How many hours sleep do you get a night?
Someone please help me? why do i faint so much at this?
All over my body I have random Twitches?
If I take 3 x 200mg Ferrous Sulphate tablets a day, how much is the equivalent in a liquid supplement?
Am I eligible to drive if I have a vision of -8, but I were contact lenses?
When I am driving in hot weather, I sweat so much, my window steams up; is this normal?
there is a HUGE wart on the bottom of my foot, how can i get rid of it.?
what could be wrong if you throw up 1/4 of a cup of blood when your sick?
Pulling an all nighter, any suggestions to help keep awake?
Is it wrong to take a shower everyday?
How tall am I supposed to be?
I have been feeling naseous for about 2 weeks now, what causes nasuea?
why do I get nauseous when I don't eat?
is there life after death?
itchy scalp?
Can u overdose on vitamins????
Can you curl your tounge ?
Why do we say 'bless you" after a sneeze?
SERIOUS: Eczema all over body, so itch, please give me some solutions?
What do you honestly think about organ donation...and why?
does white out really kill your brain cells because i heard something about that ?
Does anybody else do this?
natural cures for anxiety and depression that work for you?
What can you smoke that is completely organic... not weed?
Home remedies/cures for UTI? : )?
Do you think i have lymphoma? PLEASE HELP!?
snoring problems?
Gentle or rough?
Cystic Acne very painful.Help?
Hep c results after 11 weeks?
Sunburn help!!Please...?
who invented the cigarettes?
head/brain cancer ???
Needing info about Hodgkin's lymphoma, please. Main concern is chances of cancer return or recovery.?
canthacur for mulluscum?
C-Diffucle Survivors?
Oxy Pads????
EKG..........does the heart condition change the shape of the pqrst wave?
How can I clear my skin before school starts?
How do you get rid of acne naturally?
Do you peel it?
What helps with scars on my face & how long it'll take?
head lice treatment while pregnant?
Why do my eyes always hurt in the morning?
Is there a good site that gives online reviews for Doctor's surgeries in the UK?
Alcohol & Nasofan Aqueous?
I was standing in my kitchen and felt like I was going to pass out?
How much sleep should i have per day?
Ive been really tired lately? what could it be?
long & short term effects of not getting enough protein?
Do I have some kind of disorder?
Would someone who works for the NHS please spare a little time to answer my questionnaire?
Should people who consider suicide be shamed into knowing it is the most hienous, wicked, selfish, cowardly?
can soemone with mental sickness 'go off the rails'?
should i talk to my teacher?
Does medication for depression / anxiety work?
Is it me, or are there far too many?
How can I get over my fear of flying ?
Do you consider yourself two-faced?
Does olanzapine (zyprexa) make your feelings flat and your mind blank?
Is spinning a baby round in its bouncer likely to cause any damage to the baby?
My cousin attempted suicide last week... would the school be notified?
Have you or anyone you know attempted suicide?
Is it normal to live a dream life in your mind?
can munchausens be classed to a 40 year old female who cares for her elderly parent who has cancer?
Does this guy have an alcohol problem, or some kind of problem?
Have you ever tried meditation?
why cant i sleep at night nor day?
I really want to cry. HELP?
i started taking fluoxetine 20mg in the morning today...?
Counselling -should I only go if I have a problem?
Have you ever been shot by a tranquilizer gun?
What is wrong with me?
What does this mean? Is it anything to worry about?
I accidentally swallowed a small amethyst stone cos it was on my drinking water, will it affect my digestion?
Healed Ear Blowout Help.?
How to stop a computer-induced headache?
I can't get to sleep....someone please write down expert answers?
Doctors/Nurse avoiding give free prescriptions to those entitled to it, why?
I can't get up in the morning!?
I keep seeing a glow around people?
I want to book an appointment with a GP from the NHS, how should I go about doing this?
how to stop thinking about bad things?
If i took a 2mg diazepam tab and had a urine drug test 20 days later would i pass?
I am not very flexible. Would like to learn how to do a straddle or split. Stretching ideas?
Symptoms during month of Ramadan????!!! [10 PTS MORE IN DESC]?
Tablets making me tired?
Am I double jointed in my wrists?
Could I get a copy of my medical records from my NHS doctors?
What should I do............?
has anyone here ever taken lithium, i am about to stat taking 1200ml per day, any information for me, thankyou
Area around stitches is yellow?
Why do I have excessive hickups?
sunburn peeling?
Weird rash on my neck????
Seizures and Driving?
when you SMOKE, if you do,. Do you inhale all the smoke in one puff,.?
So What do you think? I have a couple questions?
cement off flesh and wond on heel?
Al-anon... positive/negative?
What food and medicine will inflame acute colitis?
My dad broke his elbow, and he's feeling really cold?
severe back pain at 30 years old?
what does pins & needles in the face mean?
Can the appendix be hard to remove from overweight people?
Chest pains on my left side near my breast?
How can i go on holiday with my ibs?please help!?
Is the operation for Carpal Tunnel painful?
Keep on having Headaches?
When i sing my throat hurts?
Why do my knees hurt?
Causes of tummy ache? Please help !?
My dad's partner has very painful knees and fluid filled legs.?
what does it feel like if you appendix is swollen or if there is something wrong with it ?
Gall bladder removal?
my jaw constantly click why does it do that its sore?
Heartburn, acid reflux, pains anxiety?
What could this be that is hurting?
What would cause a swallow foot that was also numb My mother as gone into rest bit and as started with this ?
how can i cure my burning toungue?
I worried about my friend drinking as she already has liver damage,im not sure how serious it is...?
What happens at an appointment with a neurologist?
31yr. old, abdo pain, blood in stools?????? Help.?
hashimoto's thyroiditis hereditary?
What's the prognosis for chronic pancreatitis?
I hit my funny bone and my fingers are numb?
Whats that like flu thing you get from rivers?
why do i get a creeping sensation under my skin in my upper thigh?
posted the wrong question earlier i'll try again... kidney failure?
Does cystic nodules about 3 mm is also hyperthyrodism?
any emetophobics out there? (phobia of vomit)?
does anyone young have varicose veins?
My daughters cold sore might have got infected, what should I do?
Name the 2 stages involved in the production of urine in the kidney.?
What should I do about the party?
My dad has to take a home fecal occult test, should I be worried?
Does anyone have any advice on how to deal with long term illness?
Pain in my fingers.....?
How can I help stop my son from stuttering?
i am constipated what do i do....?
How can I report a dead bird?
why do i get sick when i'm on the nicotine patch and i still smoke?
my 7 year old son still pees the bed, every night.what could be wrong?
What Kind Of Doctor Do I see?
Do you feel better after you vomit?
can u go to the pool even though u have lice?
I think I have Kidney stones and I'm 15. What to expect?
can you get free eye tests with a maternity exemption certificate?
how do i keep bed bugs from coming back?
anybody know a good way to stop smoking?
Have i become a smoker?
Does anyone have a list of the things they do in full body physical exam?
Is it normal to feel physical pains when feeling depressed?
Are you going to die?
what is worse for you weed or alcohol?
What is the difference between "detox" and "rehab"?
answer if you can... easy points..?
When you are very tired and you take a nap do you ever get paralyzed when trying to wake up???!!?
What are the differences between?
why are chicken pox called chicken pox?
Is it possible to have flu without a fever?
Glandular fever??
How do you get rid of a shockingly bad cold?
care for muslim patients?
on a daily basis i have a thick clear mucas from my nose. i know when its there because it feels uncomfortable
Medicine packets / boxes and warning notices?
facet joint injections?
Re Jehova witness?
true or false can chocolate causes acne?
What is the best product to get rid of Acne?
What can I do to get rid of acne?
Could a lump under the armpit have anything to do with excessive perspiration?
recently my skin has been VERY dry i put alot of cream on but nothings seems to do the trick any help ?
How do people get extra skin....?
eczema on my face?
Bleeding from inside the ear...?
please help me, i'm at my wit's end!?
Scuba diving, cracking ears - connected?
How do I obtain a copy of my blood test results?
what causes a light headed feeling as though you ar about to fall asleep and suffer tingling down both arms si?
Could I be starting to get sick?
Why does my arm keep twitching?
smelling things that arent there?!!?
British health and medical websites?
How do you wax your crack and sack?
A sleep problem I've had since I was little?
Can't sleep AND have restless legs "/ please help!!?
what does it mean when an ingredient in a product is described as 'eu approved novel ingredient'?
Is my brother dying or something?
I also believe in a yellow cement mixer.?
help! i think my anger may take over my life!?
why is life so harsh?
complaining about a psychologis who advises rape victims...?
Can a phobia actually kill you?
If a person is just starting to clean up from a year long drug addiction,can one event that they are sensitive
Does anyone else sometimes feel like they just want to get in bed and stay there?
what do you do when you keep being rejected by people ?
at a loose end.......any suggestions?
Why did a lot of state mental institutions close in the 70s?
Is mental illness becoming fashionable?
Chest X-Ray...?
how is anxiety treated?
what if by mistake a lesser dose of lamictal is consumed at that time instead of the prescribed dosage.?
Is Prozac supposed to make you feel worse after just 4 days?
How do I get admitted into a psychiatric hospital?
Ok this is gross. Every so often I wake up in the morning feeling like I have something in my throat.?
Is this a big problem 4 my health?
severe skin problem?
Which of the following eletromagnetic waves can be used for treating cancer?
stretch marks help?
What eye drops should I use when salt water's in my eyes?
Visual Field test results now abit worried?
Are there any blepharitis sufferers out there?
Do you know optometry? What do the numbers mean?
Is parkinsons inherated?
I feel ill every night? help please?
Why do I suddenly feel really light-headed?
Bites/Red Marks On My Leg?
What is this pulse below my rib cage?
why do i feel dizzy and nauseous?
Fecal compaction in children?
Dizziness after drinking coffee or tea or any other stimulant (including vitamin C supplements)?
my sleeping postion has changed? 10 POINTS!?
What causes muscle twitching and how do you stop it?
Question about head related habit?
Slight spasm in throat after cold liquid - nothing to be worried about?
what are the advantages of a pro-biotic supplement?
Instant effects of ingesting bleach?
why can't i sleep? (i think too much)?
how old til I can have my sons hearing checked, he is 2 1/2 now, ty?
body hair..what do guys prefer?
Im ichy everywhere whats wrong with me?
Would drinking a couple glasses of wine a night be considered an alcoholic?
How often should I sleep?
what was wrong with me? was i high or what?
Is it bad that I want to be anorexic
My stomach is bloated and I have diarrhea, whats wrong?
How can I improve my self confidence.?
Am I considered Bulimic or starting to become bulimic if I tried throwing up ? ?
What is it like being in the hospital?
My dog wont stop coughing up glass, should i hit him?
Do most girls have an eating disorder?
I can't sleep more than 2 hours per night. what can I do?
Is chalk harmful to your body when ingested?
i am alegric to flea bites what can i take or do so that the stop biting me?
what do you do to cheer up when your feeling blue?
what is the name of that bally thing that hangs in the back of your throut?
What are the dangers of pot?
What is the meaning of life? Death?
PROACTIV question!?
how to get rid of acne scars?
I inherited an oily skin from my parents and I've tried almst every brand of face washes. Any recommendations?
Does cracking your knucles actually cause harm?
Why does my grandma rub my legs all the time ?
how can i get rid of all my achne?
How do you stitch your own open wound by yourself?
Doctors made me pay for there stock using my prescription is this allowed plz read first?
Been having stomach pains?
How do you crack your own back?
if i'm signed off work for one week, when do I go back to work?
Does emu oil help psoriasis?
What causes hyper-pigmentation, especially on the face?.?
I have been diagnosed with Marfans syndome and Im wondering if I should continue going to the gym?
Cancer research from Russia !?
still not sure what to think?
After having a tooth out how long does the pain last?
What is the connection between Growing Pains and Full House?
ideas for my neck?
i have a bad pain in the left of the back of my throat?
Will a steroid injection give pain relief for plantar fasiitis?
pain in my bottom when I run or walk?
Really hurts to pee now :(?
question about my knee pain?
Migraines, and the light hurts badly, do I need glasses?
i have 11 trapped nerves in my back i see a chiropractor but am in there less than 10mins is this right?
Do Homeopathic Remedies Work?
whats the best thing for an inflamed membrain in the foot, my mum is in great pain can you help.?
why is left side of my keyboard typing normally bo th upper and lower case and the right hand side just figure
hip joint problems in 16 year old daughter?
Will I have to have physio therapy after my spinal fusion operation?
bad head for 6 months every time i sneeze or cough or even laugh it's like my heads going to explode?
Right ball hurts when cold and ?
yesterday i had the hvp cervical cancer injection but i have woken up with puffy eyes and a rash on my neck?
Is there enough support and help?
i'm scared of sleeping?
Scared of needles going into veins?
Bit of help please ......xxxxx?
Hmm will the doctor say anything? Will he find weed in my system?
Why do I keep burping?
I don't like the smell of cigarette's nor do I really like the taste but I still do it, why?
I cant recall my childhood memories help?!?
Quit Smoking Advice-Read Details?
What happens if you drink Red Bull and take paracetemol?
How do you make sure the results of a blood test don't give away too much information to your GP?
Tired and randomly dizzy.?
do those tablets for nervousness really work?
best location for discussing sensitive issues?
I Sleep To Much! Whats Wrong?
did i deal well with this situation? and how do i get over the shock?
Why can't I throw up?
Getting a emergency prescription from a pharmacist (UK)....?
Why is there a weight minimum for people who want to give blood?
I woke up with blood on my pillow, Im not sure where it came from...?
How Do you get your eye to stop twitching?
what happens to your pupils when you close your eyes?
if someone has e coli 0157 how long should he stay indoors for?
Drunk everyday for the last 8 months?
Nursing Question? Help Please?!?
Has anyone ever used or heard anything about a site and company called Canadian Neighbour Pharmacy?
Caravan loaned out & smoked in, how can I prove they did, they say didn't! Are there nicotine test wipes?
i have found that i am HCV patient,,, any help?
Lithium with alcohol - does it increase levels by much or only a little?
throat infection-need natural solution to the problem?
what could be wrong with me?
Do I need to get sleep apnea treated? and could black mould make it worse?
Can you cover up a person who has a temperature?
What was wrong with my friend?
why do I feel so tired in the evening after work?
How do you sleep at night!?
what is minamata disease? how do they transform? where did minamata spread like an epidemic?
please help before i crack?
Is there such thing as a displaced/twisted colon?
Goat's milk - does it make your body smell?
how many people have died from lugarics disease in 2008?
where can i buy chloraquine?
How to get into paediatric nursing?
Help - REVISEDcrossword clue - 'Orange plant extracts thought to offer some protection against UV radiation' ?
Birth control pill for acne?
Anyone called the quit smoking helpline?
what's the cure for inflammation behind the knee?
how is a good way to get rid of mosquitto bites?
if a drive has sustained severe physical damage to the disk surface will it show up in POST?
what could be causing all this pain 18months after a c/section?
cervical spine from the occiput to the upper thoracic spine?
Why am i tired ALL THE TIME?
answer me :)?
does anybody know how to get a drug addict help that doesn't want it?
How long does it take marijuana to leave your system?
what is the difference between vomiting and barfing?
peeing in bottles? it is bad?
Is it normal to grow a tail?
Why are drugs bad for you ?
I found a pill in my childs dresser, is has the imorint APO 500 on it, should i be worried?
What do you think about death?
Is smoking marijuana once a month bad for you?
How do you hope to die?
Are there any side effects from blazin (smokin weed) once?
What are some tips on falling asleep?
If you knew you had a fatal disease that was painful and slow what would you do??
french kissing?
How bad is smoking weed and drinking alcohol really?
How do I avoid waking up so early?
I just recently started smoking... how long does it take to become addicted to it?
How do i stop my back from sweating so much?
animal cruelty why is nothing being done about it ..?
Is anybody died from ITP?
are cocaine bugs real?
what organs does colon cancer spread to?
Resting Heart Rate of 127?
I have pinworms and i bite my nails!?
Exposed to the flu on Wednesday, by when will I be safe to know I didn't catch it?
How easy to cure is bladder cancer?
Acne Over Personality?
Why Government raise more fund on Aids, when there are room full of Cancer patients at the hospital?
Lately I've been waking up with the lower part of my upper eyelid poofy/swollen?
Help! I'm on fire, what do I do?
What are the causes of bruises?
Why does less sleep make me less tired?
Is it true that by sleeping less, you will live longer?
Bruising all over the leg is it normal?
Is it natural to have an afternoon nap and are we putting our health at risk by not having one?
GP's limit for issuing on prescription?
i've always wanted to work with babies but i'm not sure how to get there.help!!?
why do you get a lump in your throat if you stop yourself from crying?
My friend has overdosed on aspirin how likely is he likely to have permanent hearing problems?
eye test results anygood?
Eyes go blurry during day?
Can I buy contact lenses online and use my HC2 voucher?
What is my eye power?
in 2009 my right eye was + 150 in 2010 it is + 275 is this right?
How do I know if I am suffering from depression?
What happened? Would it be illegal if....?
Why do I prefer sleeping on my sofa than in my bedroom?
Mental health - Depression?
How can I make myself leave myself alone?
Panic Attack sufferers: Have you tried this course and is it a total scam or genuinely effective?
Have you had bad experiences withdrawing from effexor (venlafaxine). What sort of experiences?
What is wrong with me?
should i go ????????????
I get so confused between reality and my dreams?
does having an eating disorder effect your parenting ability?
Is OCD a mental illness?
Help me control my mind.
Am I mentally ill and should I speak to a professional about this?
self injury question?
How can I keep my mum taking her medication?
Should I see the doctor or will I be waisting his time?
I'm an emotional mess?
I need help about Drugs?
Minimal calories??
Has anyone suffered sciatica in the FRONT of the thigh?
Back-injury, how can I treat it?
painful lump under my chin. i think it's a gland?
My brain is COLD!!?
Always getting headaches?
burning sensation after i have been for a wee?
how many different types of arthritis are there?
How good is topical ibuprofen (ie in cream)?
why has gp given me these tablets?
back injury, numbness,pin+needles in legs?
i cant swallow anything because it hurts to much and i cant talk.. HELP!?
I have an abscess...HELP!?
Why do my eyes (lower half) go bloodshot after a shower???
I have strong "pins and needles" feeling in my right arm ...?
keep getting lower stomach pains?
Neuralgia in face - any tried and tested treatments, painkillers not working.?
how do you fix a prolapse disk?
What are the effects does pain relief from analgesic medication have on excercise prescription?
What do i say to my doctor?
i get extrememly bad cramps, could i take a half of oxycodone to fix my pain?
Bananas and night time leg cramps?
Diagnosis? hmm..?
I have clear bubbles in my mouth?
how quick does a bug spread?
Trapezius Muscle Twitch?
Is there any way I could make my self wake up?
why does curry make you pump?
my veins in my legs are big?
why do the corners of my mouth keep splitting?
What is the best course of action for an Inguinal Hernia?
I had to have a routine blood sample taken last week. So I would like to ask about my GGT levels!?
It's 4:20am, who else is still up in the uk and why?
Mum's chest and head pain?? Please help!!?
Very confused in hospital?
How often do you have to get vaccinate?
No sleep for almost 2 nights - Advice needed!?
A question about quitting smoking?
My Ear Feels Like Im Breathing Through It?
Is the same as a panic attack?
Emetophobic? Keep worrying and making myself feel sick?!?
why i can't buy proactive at drugstores?
do you know a home cure for eczema?
ate my girlfriend out and now got bumps on my lip.?
I get itchy scalp that bleeds when i scratch..?
quick need help?
What is worse, pot or tobacco and why?
okay,give me some advice on grieving my Mom' passing?
Is there any way to make a bruise go away faster? i bruise really easily so it would be GREAT if there were.?
what is wrong with me? am i sick?
How can I make my skin less oily?
is 4'9" too small for a 13 year old girl ?
How can i grow taller?
Why is poo brown?
I can never sleep why?
How can I make my stomach feel better?
Any natural remedies for getting rid of mucus?
is my weed spiked?????
In most of the USA has smoking in public places been banned?
I have tylenol 3's that were bought in 2004, have they expired? Can I still take them?
What're some ways I could improve my eyesight?
What is this called? My neck leans forward and I have a bit of a hump?
How do i get rid of will nots?
Im trying to quit smoking! Help!?
Should children be allowed to get plastic surgery?
my stomach is like a baby's?
would a doctor be able to tell if i have tinnitus just by looking in my ear?????
Questions about MS ?
can gastric dumping syndrome be caused by trauma, like violent vomiting?
my mum has bleeding ears?
Is there a difference between severe autism and just autism?
Are there any complications one can get from lack of vitamin K?
Stomach is aching ! :( :(?
could you tell me please if the MILK is bad for sinusitis?
I need my spleen to have an x-ray?
Does anyone yet know the symptoms of swine flu?
Extremely sharp pain in lower abdomen...HELP ?!?
i asked a question earlier on, and i have been discriminated against it,?
my fingers feel stiff...?
What happened to that guy?
unexplained bruising?
I'm feeling ill. Any ideas what's wrong with me?
Are contact lens better than glasses?
does multi puropose contact lens solution 'activates' when transferred in to another container?
Is your eye floater very dark or barely noticeable?
What is my eyesight vision?
My eyes are burning when I put in my contacts?
emirates (airline) medical?
eye brightness ?????????????????????
Has anyone ever had eye damage from a camera flash?
How to heal a cut in the corner of my lip quickly?
my eye has been twitching for the past 4 days, should i worry and go see a doctor or let it slide..?
Randomly Losing Voice Over Past Two Years - Any Ideas?
If a NHS GP practice closes does this mean that they have been shut down?
Why do I feel so weird?
where in the world is that place where these 'people' use their bare hands to remove 'stones' ?
My 2yr old very poorly don't know what eles to do?
Right side in pain and burning please help me!?
I have a spot on my back .. should i get it checked out?
why do i have bones sticking out the side of my knees?
why do i keep huccuping?
i'm very tired today?
friends teenage boy is very underweight?
Please help I cant pee!?
I fell down the stairs; Is my shoulder broken?
What Could I have Done?
Why won't my cut heal?
I think I broke my big toe
I went for a run today...?
is it normal to get headaches and to get nauseous on the computer?
My thumb nail has a bruise D:?
is it possible to regain function and feeling after a nerve was surgically reattached?
where can i talk to a doctor online for free?
are all antibiotics the same?
Please!! Can anybody tell me more about my grandfathers health? (Haemoglobin levels...)?
I suddenly feel tired?
What is this Dent / Crack in my forehead ?
Can a simple operation cause serious and fatal illness in the elderly?
Should I go to a mental hospital?
why am i getting blurred vision, particularly worse after eating?
when is it safe to eat normel food after haveing sickness and diarrhoea.?
Can the receptionist at my doctors surgery give information about me to my manager?
Problem with excessive sweating?
Has anyone experienced this?
Have you ever fallen asleep on the tube and found your head resting on the man sitting next to you?
Can I Blame Doctors For This?
what is the best to get bi focals or veriafocals?
metacarpal phalangeal joint ,is it the correct term?
i am really scared of dying. im 19 now but i've been having distraught thoughts ever since i was 13.?
depression ..help please:(?
Have i got depression?
do we all dream?
What initial side effects can you get when taking Prozac for the first few weeks?
What causes a person to develop agoraphobia and panic attacks?
Serious Question- Symptoms of Depression...?
what does that symptom mean when your thoughts race constantly, leaving you confused, then from time to time?
do patients often abuse their nurses, therapists in mental homes?
Why is there so much stigma attached to people with schizophrenia?
is this some sort of disorder or illness?? if...?
I've been avoiding contact with my friends because i have had deep depression please help!?
please help,I am the victim of HATE and I cant contain myself with so much feeling of REVENGE?
is schizophrenia a problem only if the voices are negative? If they tell u to be good to people ...?
My sister smashed up my room because i ate one of her chocolates. Bipolar?
Question about panic attacks - urgent?
I am seeing my counsellor every fortnight, but.....?
Can't get over euthanisation of cat?
how on earth do you make yourself get up before sunrise every day?
Who has this phobia??
Do you think that it is possible to 'accidentally' self harm?
I wanna get rid of my dry skin during the Christmas break. I have 2 weeks. Please help me with some tips!!!!!!?
Is it embarrassing to wear a bikini to the beach when you have stretch marks?
Rash in the shower on legs? No itching or anything...?
I hate blackheads please help me?
okay i have acne on my back...?
Cure for itching all over (eczema)?
What is on my feet, seriously?
How do men really feel about a female who has acne?
my douther eye has some kind of dischrge since she was borned,?
Will my eye ever go back to normal?
Why did banging my head make my eye water?
Is it normal to see flashing lights?
started to have bloodshot on my left eye since yesterday?
why am i always tried even when i wake up from sleeping
Help please!?
About IRON pills ???!!!?
How do I tell my therapist I cut?
what will smokeing weed do to you 2 days before a hernia repair(surgerie)?
how old do you have to be to buy cigarrettes?
What are some common drugs used by teens?
I don't have air conditioning, what is the fastest way to cool my apartment on a hot day?
how long can the human body last without sleep?
Rectal Bleeding? Sorry for being so graphic but please help.?
How do I get rid of my sore throat?
How do you cure smelly feet?
Sleep with TV on or off?
is it weird to be sleeping in the day and wake up at night?
help with snoring?
I haven't slept through the night in 4 and a half months?
Do you think its wise to let anyone have your DNA?
I am 15 and i want to grow at least 3 more inches. is there something easier to do?
I'm trying to quit smoking, any suggestions?
Why do I do this? Is it normal?
I am on Effexor and am having a problem with sweat rings under my armpits.?
Whats the best product to use to take of age spots , scars?
Where can I purchase a suitable gift for a cancer patient in Ontario. Canada?
Does anyone know details about Waldonstrom's Macroglobulinemia?
Does microdermabrasion help reduce the appearance of keratosis pilaris?
Lump on my head?
brownish color all around mouth?
what does a small questionable density of left peripheral mid lung zone mean..likely a composite shadow.?
So Sick...?
Whats the best remedy for a cold/ flu to help feel better?
Help with Chemotherapy?
I wana know there is a sleeping pill that can get you to sleep right after takeinet.?
shes just woke up but there's blood on the bed now i dont no what to do?
what does your organisation require legal for equality diversity descrimination and rights?
What's Up With My Left Knee?
i never have any energy?
Is my Dr. fully qualified ?
My muscle Twitches. Is it bad?
I have been feeling tired and fatigued lately, along with an inconsistent appetite?
Strange brown markings (not birth mark) please,please help :( xox?
Is my plastic bottle toxic?
Can drinking straight from a plastic bottle give you chapped lips?
why cant i get to sleep i got a 5am start :/?
help?... problems?!!!!!?
I need a 'declaration of fitness' signed by a parent to do a tandem jump...?
How long does constipation usual last for?
Are the dark rings around my eyes be caused by my gallbladder problems?
Anyone have Sinus Bradycardia? (slow heart rate)?
ive just got bk from turkey when i was there got a diarrhea bug still not right now what is wrong with me?
when i eat chocolate my throat feels like its getting crushed and my nose hurts, why could this be.?
Pilates for sciatica?
help really bad head and ear ache
Do you get pain after key hole surgery?
Has anybody got some of these special needs & which one is the most popular?
How can i arrange a CT scan with my doctor and how long will i have to wait for one (England)?
I have this twitch in my neck for the last 3 years...?
pain thereshold how do i increase it?
everytime i do press-ups, my elbow clicks. is it nothing?
My neck hurts--is it probably stress-related?
keep waking up with cramp any solutions to stop this?
I'm getting surgery on my lower back.One of my spinal discs is trapping a nerve. Whats involved?Is it keyhole?
Is it ok to work out with leg pain?
hi can you use both inflammatoryy cream and ibuprofen at same time plz? thanks?
What's the best method to extract codeine from Nurofen Plus?
I have really bad cramp in my foot....... Alcohol related...? Please help?
how often can you use hand sanitiser?
what is wrong with me?
Im getting worse not better?
my 3 year old is always ill?
I urinated coke.. why?
anyone ever bought prescription glasses on line?
is the radiation from my laptop and phone bad or unhealthy. should i avoid them?
why do i feel really weak and tired with a couple headaches here and there and dizzy when i stand up .?
whats the BEST and most effective contact lense refreshing drops?(must be available in uk pls)?
Has anyone ever had a septum operation ....geniune details pls..... x?
ARE there any long term effect of taking paracetamols, obviously when u need them??
what is morbidity and mortality?
Can you die from hitting your head on a door ? Health question.?
how to dig a bullet out of ones arm?
:( i just got the h1n1 shot 5 hours ago and now...?
is a sprain worest then having a broken bone?
how come my cheekbone hurts so much?
i slipped on ice while walking to the punch clock.can i sue my employer and still keep my job?
im eight months pregnant and i just burnt my stomach on a hot pot. it hurts so bad. what can i do for pain?
help i fell on my arm?
Can I still go to the doctor after 2 months?
should i worry about head injury???
Knee Problems?
Help I feel though the ceiling?
Why dont pain pills (advil,tylenol,ibuprofen etc.) work for me?
I have these small amd red bumps on my armpit they itch & Burn but are not razor burn what are they??
any solutions for acne and blackhead problems?
how do i get rid of this ?
is it possible for salmon to have salmonella?
What should I do about my eating disorder?
what kind of deformity or syndrome is this?!?
How do you know if you have leoprosy?
Swollen Glands?
Radiation from computer and tv? bad for health?
How do you make a celiac person realize he has to eat properly?
What do you know about dysplastic moles? and do they eventually turn?
Is there any other way to get my tongue pierced because i have a major blood vessel under my tongue?
How do you get rid of bumpy darken armpits?
is there any over the counter medicine for obese ppl?
How would I know if i have Lupus?
Question about Carpal Tunnell Syndrome (CTS)?
Should I tell my doctor ?
Im Male and 20 years of age and off to the carribbean in May, do i need Jabs/pills?
Booze, pills and brain damage?
How is a headace formed?
Does eating rice relieve constipation?
mydad had colitus....?
Interpreting my CRP (C-Reactive Protein) level of 44?
Fifth disease: any experience of it?
I can feel a very hard sort of bump when i press my finger on my jawline. it feels like a ridge..what is it?
have i got IBS or is it something else?
My tinnitus helps me pick up very quiet sounds?
has anyone come of omeprazole and went onto lansoprazole?
what does genetic councelling involve? (downs syndrome)?
please help! my 25 year old son has been vomitting for over a month, dizzy, tired, tingling, lost weight etc?
whats the chance of me getting ms, if my granmother had it?
I'm sick... I can't sleeep and I have SCHOOL in the morning!?
What can you do to stop lice coming back again and again?
How exactly is marijuana harmful?
Does anyone abhor smoking and try to keep a distance from people that are smoking?
What exactly is Valium? And who needs it?
i cant go to sleep till 2-3am and im 12 ?
I chew/bite the inside of my lip and cheek and don't know why? Any Ideas?
Is it bad to make onself vomit? not talking about eating disorder! ?
I have a cold and have to make a speech?
heyy folks.. i really really need your advice and suggestions. ..please please read and help?
follow-up to my urgent question on marijuana leaving the bloodstream?
how do i stop being sick from my hangover???
help ! can i get taller by playing tennis and running ?
when you smoke weed would it feel like smoking a cigarette?
Is it a good or bad idea to bathe in salt?
u tell me can this happen?
I've woke up at 1pm!...how can I have a good sleep tonight?
Is it normal to get headaches???
How can I remove a BB from under the skin?
My daughter has been vomiting and I gave her a bath and discovered a full body rash?Should I be concerned?
Do I have an eating disorder?
Why did I have a seizure when I smoking marijuana?
My kidneys hurt REALLY bad, what could be the problem???
I dont understand why people donate there body parts...!?
Any good movie suggestions for mental health class,please?
Can I be forced to receive treatment for my mental health?
Why do schizophrenics get registered?
What should i be like?
how can i quickly relax?
i think I'm actually insane?
Hey i went to the gym?
i am worried about getting sterelised because im 32 overweight and smoke can anyone reasure me?
What can I do to stop myself from being such an insecure person?
Do you find that anti-depressants and counselling makes you any happier?
Ever been on prozac (fluoxetine)?
how should i word it? should i say it at all?
I Was Raped.. Anyone Who Is Willing To Listen... Please Help?
I think Im having a breakdown?
Being More Positive?
If someone gets adicted to councelling, how could you treat them?
Talking to your self? Not in the normal way though. Mental disorder?
I feel like I shouldn't asking this....?
What is the most effective way to get rid of black mould?
temperature in a 2 year old?
How can you find a DR who will treat you when your own hospital refuses?
senakot is this right?
confusion about food poisoning?
day 5 of tonsillectomy , can i smoke a cigarette?
what gives you a stitch?
Is There A Way For Someone To Erase Your Memory?
horrible sleeping problems?
Is there a way to change flat face?
working in ceilings?
Please answer: There is a huge, watery lump...?
I have a few yellowish-tan spots on my face located below the eye area/top of my cheek. What could this mean?
can we get lymph nodes by the ear lope? were are lymph nodes located ?
is there any difference between apo-atenol and ratio-atenolol?
My dad's blood count is low, and has to wait another week before chemo ..is this common?
Had seizure does any one know what a gran mal is Explain please Dazed and confused?
What happens when you don't go to the loo when you need to?
it's susspected that im diabetic, i've got to go to the doctors, but ive just been puked!? HELP!?
Is it possible to have surgery to remove scar tissue?
8 Year Old with temperature of 39?
ive just got a new electric fire but its giving me a really sore throat is there anyway i can stop that?
Can I buy Almax Forte in the uk?
Has health improved in the last five years?
Is it ok to buy antibiotics on the internet?
Is this normal? HELP !?
Giving blood for the first time?
I ache all over,have a cough, nasty headache and shivering. Any ideas what I've got?
Why do i have such a bad tummy achee? it hurts so badd im 12 btw?
Getting headaches EVERYDAY! :(?
Why do some people grind their teeth as they sleep?
What could a sharp pain...?
Why do doctors take blood from the back of my wrist they say it is from the artery?
What could this pain be?
In what part of the body is the tricklia found I don't no if I spelt it right?
Any one had a hip replacement?
I'm currently having chest pains?
Why does it hurt so much?
I get sharp, almost electrical shocks through all parts of my body. Does anyone know what this could be?
pain on right side...?
Can taking omeprazole cause liver problems?
hip replacement?
why when I sqeeze a spot on my shoulder do I get pain in my left foot?
What would cause the left knee, shin, ankle and top of foot to ache while driving?
weird pains in my wrist/hand?/?
Why does my foot that i broke still hurt after a year and a half of it being healed?
living with chronic back pain and nerve damage .does any one know why amphetimines help with this..?
25 miles this week from running. Dodgy pain in ankle. Doesn't hurt whilst running but hurts when I straighten?
What could this pain be?
Mole Removal?
Very gross question about toes?
i have eczema??????? please help?
If I were to lose an arm and sew it back on would it still work and if not, why not?
I was in a car accident doctor told me that their is nothing wrong with my knees but I don't believe him?
How do you heal or relieve moderate to severely sprained knee?
How severe can tendenitous (spelt wrong) be?
Did I break my bone?
I stepped on a big nail about 3 hours ago?
Any new beauty tips?
My friend's twitching on the floor with foam coming out of her mouth!!! What should I do????
I always need to crack my ankle or else i would feel uncomforable?
can I swim with stitches?
How Does numbness feel?? PLEASE ITS IMPORTANT?
Hurt Elbow?
i want to break my ankle , is that wrong ?
dark patches to vertebrae?
My little boy has a bloodshot eye anyone know if he could get anything from doctors?
I think I have a water infection ..but blood?
Is there anything i can do for my varicose veins?
on what grounds can a gp refuse to give you a doctors note?
How do I avoid greasy build up on contact lenses?
im very anemic, B12 or something, and cant absorb any food.... really scared!! please help...?
Can someone who's had one help me?
snoring cures - which ones work?
problems with breathing not really sure whats causing it?