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14 year old. Stretch mark treatments?
what's the best cosmetic surgeon / surgery in Nottingham east mids?
Debate about my eye colour n why this may change.?
why do flashing lights give me a headache?
What is this called in the eye?
Will watching a 3D movie effect red green colour blindness ?
red spot/lump on tear duct in eye?
Can someone provide me with a comprehensive list of occupational colour vision standards in the UK?
will i get chlorine poisoning?
I had my carpal tunnel done on the 3rd december?
best way to get over a hangover?
why do i sweat so much when i sleep? i am not really overweight.?
Whats wrong with me:(?
Can a hospital A&E Dept supply drugs prescribed by another depts if there closed?
Where & how are Oxygen Cylinders meant to be stored in a care home ?
has thryoid operation , but why wasnt i given any medication?
I'm afraid I have scarred pores. how do i tell?
My 14 year old son pulled his hamstring at track practice--his coach said just give it rest and look for...?
Pressure sores?
tip toe walking - please read?
Back injury due to sit ups?
Appendix question?
Bang on 'face' now numbness?
how do i get back too full fitness after braking my ankle its been 9 weeks and i still need a crutch?
I have a bad back!!!?
Hand Injury, should i get a second opinion?
My back tingles when I twist it?
How do sports physicians see ligament and muscle damage?
How long does a small open cut on your head take to heal?
Pulled calf muscle from overstretching?
How much longer before my broken ankle heals?! Fed up!!?
Do I have a chest infection?
Why are my sleeping patterns really odd?
Feel lifeless???! Weak , no energy, faint?
Nose Bleed Advice...?
How to get rid of Sore Throat, Blocked/Stuffy nose, and Dizziness?
Why does my nose keep bleeding?
Why does the area by my eyebrow keep on twitching?
what is LACTOSE INTOLERANCE doing to my body?
Does anyone have a toddler that has possible allergies?
Which allergies cause: Swallen, red, itchy, puff face?
Dry Eyes from allergies ?
How does allergic reactions relate to the immune system?
My ear allergy- what can I use to put in eat for barrier as I have a chlorine allergy?
What do you recommend for severe allergy symptoms?
Lactose intolerant?????
Tonsil Stone before Tonsillectomy?
Is it safe to give blood when I'm just getting over being ill?
what could be the cause of swollen lips...nothing happened that could make them swollen?
skin rash i think help advice pls?
i think i have an infection. ?
Is it possible that I am having some kind of reaction to the chemicals used in my school's indoor pool?
Banana smell stuck in my nose?
What's up with mee? Medical ?
Does my baby have an allergy ?
Can you make other people ill after having a tonsillectomy?
Are Charcoal tablets for indigestion bad for your health? Are they carcinogenic or cancer causing?
There are around 200 variations of the common cold ... so is it possible to have more than 1 cold at one time?
What are any other uses for Kaletra except when treating HIV?
How to stop feeling sick so I can sleep...?
3 concerts coming up and i have laryngitis!?
Question about "Scar Tissue"?
Why does my face turn white sometimes?
how methods for ESR test?
Why does urine sometimes smell like asparagus?
Who do i have a white hair on my eye?
can you still use regular prescribed lotion when using home microdermabrasion kit?
how many days does it take for sunburn to fade?
How hard is it to stay off drink & drugs when u know how good they can make u feel? Trying 2 stay straight.?
Are suicidal people considered to be mentally ill?
Why do people throw the word 'Depression' around so easily?
discolourment around my eyes?
GIRLS: Rate my looks (1-10)?
How long do dermal piercings last ?
Having a good result from my angiogram does it mean that I do not have?
Solvent Abuse effects?
Surgery Christmas 'Do?
Difficulty sleeping. Any suggestions to help me drift off to the land of dreams?
what is the plug of tobacco ash left in a pipe after it has been smoked?
Centile charts and how abnormalities are followed up?
Cold feeling nostral?
Weak bladder, what could this mean?
i have a blocked nose and i think its sinuses help!?
Can massage bring out problems in a person that were lying dormant?
how do I get motivated for work at 2 seeing as I've really really hurt my toe?
how long does it take for the bowel to work properly if it is stopped for an operation?
My glasses got smashed up and need new lenses - how much can I expect it to cost?
What are the best sites to purchase circle geo lens?
Laser eye surgery (UK) Does this price seem right?
Optical Prescription - Axis Qustion?
Lazy eyes? Will it....?
Question About Glasses.. ?
Can I change my brand of contact lenses?
Really hot & faint then back to normal?
Has my mum got a drinking problem?
What's a quick way to get rid of nausea?
Is this normal!??? Its really annoying.. What could it be ?
does anyone know what could cause a twitching tongue?
why do moam give me headaches?
Accuracy of hep c test after 11 weeks?
Pain in my lungs?
injured my 1st metertarsal bone.?
Hi there, ive had shoulder surgery on my (collarbone) r.clavical and had steri strips in, this was done 5 week
Hide the scars?
time off work?
pain in my left shoulder, have not lifted anything heavy or got an injury?
Ear lobe stretching, swelling, pus, blood?
Bruise on my back?
Haematoma in thigh for 2 months?
How long does a scaphoid fracture take to heal?
knee exercises?
Broken Ankle?
Are broken bones agony?
I still have pain in my knee after my mri scan?
i have inpaired glucose and impaired fasting other than my gp where can i get help i?
Flat Feet - Will I be able to overcome it?
Do I have tonsilitus?
How has physiotherapy developed?
will my medical records affect my ability to be a proper mum?x?
Should i take her to hospital ?
Feeling Dizzy/Faint All the time :/?
why do my hip flexers hurt during sit ups?
medical question-been in hospital?
How much do consultants in private practice charge for a medical consultation?
Bitter taste in mouth?
Is Eltroxin a good drug for hypothyroidism?
I have "severe" anaemia - Hb level is 6-7. Can I get a tattoo?
How does it work when you ask questions regularly to a person with a blurred vision?
What do these Symptoms Mean?
have i got an eating disorder...? :(?
U MUST ANSWER!!!! my ear has issues whats wrong with it?
can your genetics mean at one point you will get anorexia?
Feeling weak and sick all of a sudden.. what can I do?
rhinoplasty on the NHS?
stuck on codeine !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I have a High pitched noise in my left ear?
Dilated Blood Vessels?
How long does it take to recover from toenail removal?
anyone beat trichotillomania? how'd you do it?
Black things and purple things in my sight?
Why is the WHO so complacent about the Smurf pandemic?
what do you recommend if the eye drops don' t bring the pressure of 38 down behind the eyes ?
Causes of wavy blood vessels in eyes?
Red veins in the whites of the eye?
i want to aske about the stabilty about the chlorame phenichole eye drops and about insline (novonordesk )?
what's in the air to cause allergies to the eyes?
Urgent question about Benadryl and alcohol mix!!?
could I be allergic too....HELP PLEASe?!?!?!?!?
Why does my feet smell and my nose runs ?
About a Tree allergy....?
Somethings wrong with my nose :(?
What affect does lactose intolerance have on the body?
help! alergic reaction?
Should I see a doctor for seasonal allergy or should I self medicate?
What Are Snow Allergens?
What's going on? My boyfriend's been having headaches, nosebleeds and dizziness, since 5 days from now.?
Is having peanut allergies a phase for everyone or do some or many have it there entire life?
Should I go to the hospital and get checked out?
How do standard operating procedures impact the running of a pharmacy?
Can you get too much sleep?
I am the 40 Year-Old Virgin!?
Why do we have snot and what is it made of? (sorry)?
what does the rest of the body do?
Bump under adams apple?
Why does my jaw keep getting stuck whenever I open my mouth?
I always crack my knuckles?
Very weak arm after drying hair worries?
does elocom clear up acne?
Is doing a 5th Step on Yahoo Answers acceptable?
How accurate is a blood test for celiac's disease?
im ill - whats wrong with me?
What is pain caused by the passage of a kidney stone called? Thanks for your time.?
Im not as cold as...?
employment and support allowance?
After having tonsillectomy done and recovering, when does the bleeding and bad breath go away?!?
Can someone please tell me what is going on ?
What define a NHS hospital bed. Discharged from hospital into private care, told it classified as a NHS bed.?
Can you do work out dvds in student halls? is it to noisy for the people below?
there is a machine which put in the water ozone or O3.where can I find it and who it [email protected]
where can i get a will from?
are Vitamin tablets actually beneficial, even if u have a fairly balanced diet?
How long does outgassing in a new apartment last?
i cant sleep please help me HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
ESA medical examination?
What can you eat after having a tonsillectomy?
Concaved chest - Pectus Excavatum, can i have chest implants/plastic surgery instead of a hospital operation?
Post-laser eye surgery query... my eyes might be getting blurry again?
i hurt my ankle 3weeks ago but have just found out it is fractured!! the xray shows it has started healing?
will i need surgery on my shoulder?
how does the body mend itself?
I recently fell and sprained my wrist and thumb, I was given ice to put on it by a first aider?
Best way to heal a broken ankle?
Foot surgery - "joint tidy-up."?
Trapped nerve in hand?
has anyone had a steroid injection for tennis elbow.can you recomend a support bandage for same complaint ta?
I broke my elbow last january - but now i can hear the bone crunching? Anyone out there who can help?
Will My Nail Fall Off, OR Stay On. Please Help Me ! Thanks?
even if you ar back at base, can you still reduce your rest time down to 9 Hrs ?
i have got a blood blister what should i do?
WHat can I do to help the discomfort?
i think i pulled a arm muscle?
sleep paralyse?
anyone with thyroid cancer?
blood sear and blood film are the same thing?
i want know if dizziness comes with acid reflex?
How many children contract herpes from dogs?
i have really bad headaches,always different places in my head +a newborn and 2 yr old(no sleep)is that why?
My Dog's Poison or Not, I've Got To Fine Out.?
I have dark dry skin on the corners of my mouth, i've had this problem for yrs anything i could put on it?
What is the heart rate of a person sleeping?
is it safe to work in a commercial kitchen with open sore psoriasis?
Cancer and Red Wine?
What gas in your exhaled air would pass from your lungs into the persons blood during artificial resusitation?
Depressed at Christmas?
why do i feel unmotivated to take a shower sometimes?
Should I leave my brother with my parents or stay to look after him?
is there anything you can take that would stop the effects of alcohol?
is ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) an excuse for bad parenting?
Am I depressed......?
Does Paracitamol Help With Depression?
How can I learn to trust people again?
do i have postnatal depression?
Self Harm homework help?
Am i crazy?
Can Schizophrenia be cured?
Are you agree with me?
Depression...Please help me find out why?
My boyfriend needs help urgently i love him & want to help!?
why u r feelingh depression,is there is any sort out for depression?
I have times when I'm up, and times when I'm down. What should I do?
What happens if you drink alcohol whilst taking Prozac?
Medication or wine to help fear of flying?
Does anyone have any information on natural cures for insomnia?
Please help me on health care!!!?
I have the worse flu..:(?
For all the doctors out there, or maybe just the people who watch medical shows....?
Weird feeling on my arm-as if a drop of water had landed on my arm but it hadn't?
Day 4 of tonsillectomy?
Please help me, my mams not too well- what can i do?
How to warm up my fingers?
I keep getting this really weird dizzyness?
Does a bread box cause mold ?
Can you be allergic to dogs after living with them for almost a year?
what will happen if i took 2 allergy pills?
Could i be allergic to the alcohal?
runny nose and lots of phlegm?
How do you unplug your sinus cavity?
How to get around an oral allergy? How to cope with itchy throat?
How do you know when it is mold?
Why is my nose so runny in the morning?
What effect does long term use of Claritin nasal spray have on the body..?
what is a feinting spell? how are they caused? DETAILS PLEASE?!?!?!?
I keep getting a sharp pain just below my clavicle bone on my right side....What could it be?
Did you know that the 3rd of Dec...?
Bad Circulation? Help?
Evidence to show that a good night sleep leads to better learning!?
how do we breathe while asleep - deep breathe or lazy breathe?
Strange Sleeping thing?
what could be causing white thread like things in childs stools?
How long would a normal person have to go without eating for there sugar levels become dangerously low?
does being premature have any side affects as you get older?
Following Heart Attack?
should i be prescriptions and dentist?
what are the most important current medical issues?
How long does cannibis take to get out of your system?
Seeing streaks of multi coloured flashing. Sometime in the front, sometime to the side?
what is the diffrence between xanax and diazepam?
is it normal for legs/arms to slightly twitch during the day?
Am i seriously ill? wierd head feeling and feeling weak!!?
Is a ferritin level of 45 ug/l low,high or within the norm?
my mum gave me a black eye?
Astigmatism in both eyes & eyes have improved?
My prescription has changed. Has it changed much?
Should I be worried... Kidney Infection?
Any good online mental heath diagnosis websites?
Anyone know of a doctor in the UK who is familiar with slipping rib syndrome, aka clicking rib?
I've had a brain tumor very dangerous but I'm fine now. As a result of all the treatment I have some problems?
iam young man i have brother hit by allegele syndrome &i wonder if i got marry are my children will hit by it?
what can cause blueish gray tongue and face loss of appitite and weakness in an english bulldog he is 3 weeks?
embarressing excess wind 'breaking' inside me??? Help?
Pancreatitis or Gallstones?
whats up with me? symptom help?
Are they bothered?
What is the average jogging speed?
Why do we get bags under our eyes when short of sleep?
why ? where? how?
I seem to have and issue with sleeping...?
Someone give me advice about giving blood, please?
Health 'begins and ends' at the cellular level. What does it mean?
I have a dead bone in my ankle so what can i do?
Any doctors or back specialists?
what are acute muscle spasms?
spinal fracture?
Achilles problem.. help???
sore toe owww:(?
splint and sling?
Do I have a problem with my knee that needs sorting?
wrist injury?
can anyone help..? please...?
What can I do about Iliotibial Band Syndrome?
My ankle hurts.... :(?
What would happen if you got a nail-clipper in contact with an open-wound?
I feel completely worthless?
why do alot of psychiatrists have facial hair..?
is it symptom of heart attack/serious problem?
I can't sleep at night and then get up in the morning?!?
bony bump at the base of second toe?
What is happening with my body?
Hydrochloric acid? Please answer!!!?
Time off work with an inner-ear infection?
food down windpipe, did it come out?
Discuss Standard measures of health for your patient?
what is a quick and easy way to get rid of boils?
my son has a high allergic reaction to nickel-does anyone know of an effective treatment?
Vein disease?
What are the chances of scalp ringworm going away without a prescription if home treatment is done properly?
lymph nodes or what?
What are the chances of surviving Bone Marrow Cancer?
I drink and do cocaine once every two weeks...does this mean I'm an addict?
can sneezing give a stroke or heart attack?
how can u get stomach worms??
i get these red bumps/dots on my skin while im outside?
blood test result baso is too high and my ph is low?
Eczema Help?
Why would children have a higher survival rate for Hodgkin's Disease?
Help...with my bad skin?
how might viruses help genetic diseases?
Why do my bones ache?
Is Atenolol a good drug to take to help severe migraines?
Why does my Knee Click?
My ear is blocked since 4 this morning?
Can a 20 year old have spondylosis. Where the bones in your back rub together?
How can I stop thinking about a painful work episode?
Why do my ankles hurt of a morning.?
pain in my leg, outside of my calf.?
headache on ride side near temple accompanied by diorrhea and pins and needles what is this?
spondilitis neck pain any medical solution's??
Fuzzy head and feeling spaced out?
Always have back and shoulder pain. How to stop it without going to the doctor?
Why does hydrocodone make you dizzy or sleepy?
alternative pain control to amatriptaline?
Has anyone ever used a "Pain Gone" Pen, and did it work?
Shins hurt after power walk.?
i have a constant lump in my throat, what is wrong with me?
Help required.....I have left my tablets at home in Scotland?
14 year old son getting major growing pains in his legs?
how can i get rid of pain in legs?
What do these numbers mean with regards to glasses?
has anyone had laser eye surgery done by optical express??
ive very sore red eyes all the time,no drops or ointments work,please help my dry eyes,any ideas for me please
does the doctors receptionist have the right to say im not allowed in that surgery?
How Do I Sort Out My Sleeping Pattern Again. It's Causing Problems?
i have been stressed out lately. I know that being stressed out for prolonged periods is bad for your health.?
Ahhhh man whats wrong with me?
im incontinent where can i get free incontinet pads from?
what could be the common implications for a child in later life if a heart murmur was not detected?
I think I may have allergic rhinitis.....but the doctors won't test me for allergies?
Wheat intolerent sufferers?
Babies who have hard time passing gas, could this be a sign of possible allergy?
Any medications for furry pet allergys?
Allergic to dogs in the building?
i got hives..how?? why?
Are Palm Oil and Coconut Oil Linked for Allergy Purposes?
Feels like nose bleed but nothing comes out?
Will i be allergic to guinea pigs?
Best places in the world for my allergies?
Is It Normal To Have Snot Like Stuff In You Panties?
I'm babysitting this girl.. and...,?
13 Years Old With Stretchmarks?
I heard of a Easy Way To Stop Smoking Allen Carr, does it work ?
What makes the herpes virus successful?
Anxiety from Health problems and Marijuana?
Inner ear viral infection / testing?
I am starting to get a cold, how can i stop it before it becomes worst?
What are the Treatments/ Management for Pelvic Inflammatory Disease and Vaginitis?
I have an enlarged left ventricle..What should my doctor be doing for me? What should I be doing?
Been feeling jittery constantly...symptom?
Anything to get rid of sunken eyes?
Do this sound like mono?
where do you get colored eye contacts??
i have recently had eye cataract operation, would flying be a problem?
Mydrilate advice please..?
Give an example of a voluntary care sector in the healthcare in the UK?
Why do people have drift ways?
Risk at the hospital?
Why do i get such bad sinus headaches, antibiotics did nothing?
What can cause someone who lives in a cool climate, to be hot all the time, causing them to sweat often?
Alcohol 'more dangerous than heroin': is the Professor right or...?
Constant dizziness what could it be?
Do I just have a bad hang over or have i done damage?
What has my boyfreind got?
Ingrowing toenail......?
How can I improve my levels of concentration?
if you work 5 days a week how much sleep do you normally need?
What was wrong with this man?
what causes an eye to twitch?
Anti-depressants ( Citalopram)?
is it possible to... please read?
Is this schizophrenia?
My girlfriend is diagnosed scizophrenic and shouts at the voices we have tried all medications any suggestions
Will a plea of insanity let me off the hook for making false statements on my Housing Benefit form?
Help me! - Is my cousin crazy? ?
Poll: What mental health problem do you have a diagnosis of?
I feel so overwhelmed with everything.....sometimes i feel like just ending it all?
What can i do to help myself concentrate better?
I have a weird phobia lol anyone else?
I want to kill myself, thoughts?
Do premature children develope ocd when they are older?
depression help!!!!!!!?
Is there such a thing as a fear of....?
anti depressants. are they safe and do they work? is there any other answer to depression?
Does an unhappy/traumatic life contribute to mental illness?
How do you truly let go and forgive and forget all hurts and disappointments and anger once and for all and?
Do you think this is normal thinking?
is a open and close fracture the same as a complete or incomplete fracture please help im getting confused?
i bashed my elbow...?
Is it possible to break the bones in your ear?
what are these lumps in my nose?
Trapped nerve in my back...?
medical question-can you help please?
Any funny/embarrassing stories?
What happened inside my leg?
what is the name of the gel inside ice gel packs called?
I'm taking co-codamol 30/500 can anybody help please?
what to do with nasty eye discharge?
what is the perfect layout for a computer desk?
How to go about getting helps at a&e for an overdose and what to expect?
Should I go the hospital?
can you be poisoned by nutmeg?
answer this please someone?
can you be a police with tourettes?
Has anyone found that Buccastem 3mg causes drowsiness?
i have found a lump can you help?
Pain after kidney biopsy?
why am i constantly passing wind inside me?????
Paracetamol - a remedy for all illnesses?
illnesses in boss monitors?
What could these be symptoms of?
Does having a bad liver, make you lose your appetite and be sick and lack of energy ?
green ish colour discharge in stools? iron tablets?
advice anyone pleasee!?
please help dizzy.pressure in head,loss of hearing?
How is the money used in the cancer society?
Strange symptoms?
Is there anything on the market to do a self check for airborne mold spores?
what does a pulse of 100 and an oxygen level of 98 mean?
Is My Girlfriend Addicted To Inhaling Tipp-Ex(correction fluid) (I'm worried HELP)?
I have a chronic runny nose.... could it be allergies?
Can anybody help me? It is really getting me down.?
48 hrs after tonsillectomy?
do refresher sweets have the same medicinal remedy as omeprazol antacid tablets?
a person with severe allergy need adrenaline syringe?why do they need them and how does that help them survive?
how to deal with mold?
I am Allergic to chicken and eggs should I get this H1N1 shot and my neighbour has a lung disease should she h?
Does OHIP cover free allergy testing?
Doctor or nurse appointment?
I work and go to college I get 3 hours sleep a night, what can I take to get energy?
If my crazy ex spiked my drink?
can stomach acid cause breathing problems and a white fur coating on tongue and bad taste in mouth?
How long does diarrhoea usually last for and how to relieve/ get rid of it?
food allergy to yeast?
What do you do if you are allergic to horses?
Do I have low blood pressure?
Why do I get dizzy on escalators....?
Headache on top of my head and pain between my eyes....Could it be to do with my anxiety or something serious?
where can I get tested for food allergies in georgetown ontario?
Peanut Allergies: My Two Biggest questions about Peanut Allergies.?
Peanut Allergy Stats?
I used my epi-pen tonight but didn't go to the hospital?
Allergic reaction to antibiotic?
Can you eat magic mushrooms (the hallucinations) if your allergic to the vegetable mushroom?
What type of allergic reaction might this be?
Why can't I stop throwing up?
Am I allergic?
Dizzy spells, stomach flutters, and nausea whilst standing for a short period? (10-20 minutes)?
I think I May be Allergic to Bleach? Help please!?
How will my allergy affect science class?
Could this be an allergic reaction?
How do i know what i am allergic too and how can i get rid of itchy and gooyie eyes?
My eye prescription is -3.75 in both eyes, what line will i be able to read on the Snellen Test?
what s it that makes my vision 'zigzag-like', before leaving me with a bit of a sore head?
Eye problems with Heminiopia?
What type of contacts can you get?
i cant sleep because of itching?
Sick of covering up scars, don't want people to see them though, what should I do?
should i take an overdose?
Is depression really commen in a teenager??
can a deaf schizophrenic hear the voices?
does it ever bug you...?
Why do I end up saying the wrong thing when I'm trying so hard to say the right thing?
Is my blood pressure too low?
What is wrong with me?
Was it a panic attack or something else?
Is breathing through some fabrics bad for you?
Why is it so hard to wake up in the morning?
Back support - What is best for back support at work?
Room been spinning for 24 hrs now?? REALLY DIZZY?
what could this be..............?
My left elbow bigger than my right elbow?
what could this be (be prepared for a long un)?
Do you have to pay for a doctor home visits in the Uk?
Why do i sigh, talk in my sleep and sometimes sleep walk? How can i stop?
Are the dairy product eggs acidic in terms of PH value?
Any good treatment for lips in winterrr?
Why do i suddenly feel faint and shaky, goes away when eating?
IBS Q - Can a person develop IBS at any stage in their life if so why what causes this?
How much care is taken by surgeons?
I think I have artheritis in my knee?
Fibromyalgia - Does anyone in the UK actually get DLA? Have been refused twice!!?
Are Memory foam mattresses good for a bad back. ?
Is there anything you can put in the bath that eases backache quickly?
order tramadol tablets online?
Anyone heard of or tried the Pain Pen?
headache , tired eyes?
been feeling unwell f 6wks every joint aches and i av a pain in my left side like stitch now i av bac ache ?
So got bad tummy ache!!!?
Experiencing constant jaw pain and occasional stabbing pain in the ear?
Shins in pain whilst jogging!?.?
I have this weird feeling, its like a headache, but like shocks of headache hit my forehead?
how to get rid of trapped wind?
My neck made a pop noise and right after that a burning cool sensation came in place of it?
sometimes when i run i get this pounding feeling on my head.what does this mean?
abdomen pain, maybe water infection or worse?
What makes you happy? What takes away the pain for you?
Wrist Question.?
Info on TIA, Migraine or Fit PLEASE ??
About four weeks ago I started with a feeling of something stuck, like food in my stomach area and like trappe
Broken Finger?
2 wk old broken finger still sore ?
I would like to know why my heart beat is irregular when on propanonol bp.?
Now what do I do continued?
Osgood schlatters?
What can you do for a 13 year old with scheuermann's?
has anyone any suggestions on how to treat a my lower back that seems to?
Elbow pain and slow recovery what should I ask for?
Can an injurry to the Quad cause knee pain?
two days ago my chinchilla bit me, only a little bit but drew blood,?
bad back..how can i get to see a chiropractor or physio which one is best?
My friend caught cold last night, now he is saying he has burning feeling if he take a lick ?
Can mono be transmitted through all bodily fluids?
buzzing sensation in one of my toes what is it?
toxic fumes?
I'm and adult who suffered from A.D.D for years, what are some non-prescriptive ideas to stop A.D.D?
Cystic Fibrosis symptoms?
How can i get rid of my reaction ! seriously i am going on holiday next week! PLEASE HELP!?
medical problem starts with fibre?
OMG!! MY foot! a dog!?
Repeated use of Chesteze?
I've had an upset tummy all day and have just taken Andrews Liver Salts, how long do these take to work?
Why do I always become dizzy and light-headed in the shower?
where can i find how much different scans cost the NHS?
is aspirin good for dizziness?
my son is ill whats wrong with him?
Need Blood Pressure Help NOW?
i cannot sleep well any magic cures?
i need your opinion - life?
why is pepcidtwo out of stock everywhere?
I cant sleep! Help me!?
100% volume through in-ear headphones, how long until permanent hearing damage?
Why do i feel rough after 8 hours or more sleep?
Which is better................?
Issues falling asleep at the right time?
Deep, throaty cough which won't go away?
My cousin has really bad odour?
i want prescription swimming goggles so i can finally learn to swim, but need to know some things?
What's wrong with my eye/eye's?
How come your nose supposed to blow your nose after sinus surgery?
A cat or kittens diet helps with allergies?
I have a runny left eye and runny left nostril, is this allergies? ?
How long until dog allergies appear?
Could it be something i ate or?
is asthma another type of allergen?
i have a really bad case of the sneezes an they make me dizzy.?
Allergy question about children?
What does it mean when your snot is completely clear except for the occasional brownish spot?
Could it be something I`m allergic to ?
Is a martini harmful to a person allergic to gluten products?
I bought this soy ice cream and Im allergic to dairy products is any of the 2 ingredients gonna affect me?
I can drink milk, but can't eat cheese, am I lactose intolerant?
How does running nose works?
Why are my eyes so red, and itchy NOWADAYS? I have other symptoms as well?
I just started a job working with hay/straw making erosion blankets .....?
could this be allergies?
How long does a mango allergy reaction take to clear up?
Why sometimes when I run I feel a sharpe pain in my liver?
Please can anyone tell me how to tell if you have M.S. without going to the doctors, i have read some of the s?
Does anyone knows if having adernoids is a contra-indication to beauty therapy?
Anyone with flat feet? Do you find often when u walk ur feet hurt from under the big toe to the heel?
If you havnt passed a stool in days could you vomit where your body cant take anymore food?
is the follwing going to be handed down to me through my genes?
HELP!!!! Tonsilitis + GCSE's = FAIL?
is it normal to have free fluid in the pelvis and what does it mean if you have low density foci in the liver?
does my son have bipolar?
how do you treat idiopathic scoliosis?
Recovery? somebody please help me.?
good come down cures?
curved spines? disadvantages? what can be done to fix it?
help with pancreas divisum?
what would cause a new 1.4 gal toliet to flush slowly..note started after someone made bowel movement?
Is it possible to manage an inflamed Gall Bladder?
Could this be true?!?
What is this advert - link Please?
please help going on a long journey n need some reassurance?
Why doesn't coffee wake me up and why do I pee more if I don't sleep?
Which Doctor should i go too?
Is anyone here a counsellor?
Donor Card To Be Received In Post?
can you be so nervous it makes you sick?
Do you think I have tinnitus?
Can i give blood if I've had my ear cartilage pierced?
Can having a cold affect Blood pressure readings?
What could be wrong with me?
can i stay in the room when the dehumidifier is on?
Could I have appendicitis?
Feeling of Collapsing?
Did i have a stroke or something similar?
fear of being alone?
Was the theme from MASH correct in what it says?
my daughter has a split personality ,does anyone else have this???
Can anyone recommend a cheap psychiatrist???
ow long have you been off meds, have you ever felt like going back on them for depression and suicidal thought
Do you have to be a total nutcase to see a psychiatrist?
What would be your reaction towards someone, if they told you they enjoy certain forms of pain?
why do you harm yourself?
When does liking something turn into an addiction?
Anyone, please, Help?
Why do i feel everyone is against me and that they dislike me?
They say a little bit of stress is good for you, but how much is TOO much?
How to beat depression?
Dealing with depression on my own: Month 4?
Long-term effects of anorexia?
do you ever just hate everything? ?
Am I pushing myself?
Should I tell my family and boyfriend I'm going to get counselling?
How do you know that you have depression?
if you keep touching your nose will it go bigger?
What would it be like to suddenly go blind through an accident?
Is my little toe broken?
my knee is just not getting better - clicking going up stairs, pain after walking or exercising- whats up?
My right rib injured?
broke my ankle have to go to fracture cllinic tomorrow what should i expect?
if you were in a fight, it wouldnt be easy to accidentally break their neck right?
my lower back is starting to hurt when I do squats does this mean...?
How long does a pulled muscle in your back take to heal?
Been in plaster for 6 week after broken Fibula,get it off next week. What's next? Walking Boot or just Physio?
swolllen nose for long period of time?
weight training and muscle tear?
Only dislocating knee patella once?
What is causing this pain in my ankle/foot?
stiff glutes muscle, advice and speculation needed!?
What are the dangers of peeling off scabs from your nose after Septoplasty?
bruise on leg for since december?
Tennis Elbow: ice or heat?
can you help me people...x?
Slight Puncture on inside of cheek.. advice please!?
Help with ankle injury?
Cruciate ligament torn!?
Research for a story: Gunshot wound treatment in a jungle?
Is AZO Cranberry Supplement for urinary tract infections sold in Canada?
what is the CURE FOR A MIGRAINE?!! without Sleeping?
Modern plague?
If your left hand gradually goes numb...?
How to cure extreme chapped lips?
How do you..?
what is internal cystitis?
Instructions for Dr. Scholl's Wart Remover?
What is good to eat or drink after shock?
My eyes always look weak and puffed...any remedy other than cucumbers?
Feeling guilty about school?
I swallowed something sharp...!?
Ahhh im going crazy, Intiview...?
stress! How can I decrease stress and increase sleep without ruining my work balance?
why do my hands go numb when im a sleep?
What is wrong? Is it acid?
Whats wrong with my Eyes?
help i want a Second opinion, but i need it today, can i go to hospital for it now.?
Cramp-like pain in left calf muscle area?Could this be smoking-related?
16, But still love to. Jump?
Why can't I ask for help?
Can you help me out? Please?
terrible backpain when I lie on my side?
Any ideas of what is wrong with me?
What time should i be going to bed at ? Stable sleeping patterns?
I tried opening a stiff jar and got sharp pains on the left side of my chest. Should I get it checked out?
Anyone know anything about Orthotic Insoles?
Why do my legs ache?
Lymphoedema with cronic pain?
charlie horse cure????!!?
how can i prevent a migraine?
Why do I keep waking up with a sore head?
crying for about 30 min and now i'm left with puffy eyes..?
Sharp pain in chest!?
What could be causing this pain in my hip?
why do my feet hurt when i get out of bed in the morning?
My Jaw/Cheek Has Been Hurting For The Last 6 Hours?
Could I have crushed my toe by sitting on it?
i banged my toe and the whole toe nail lifted up i cut it down to the cutical wit a nail clipper.will it grow?
what is a bone spur of the heel?
Recurring Knee Injury?
Have I pulled a muscle in my upper thigh!?
how can i make myself throw up?
is it safe to freeze food in foil?
Can drugs (like meth / horiane / cociane) make your skin fall apart?
Why do people say don't buy things that say "Made in China"?
what does LLT stand for?
Superglue in my eye!?
eye convergence disorder?
Conjunctivitus.... What, How, Why?
please read..........................?
Cervical Dystonia does ne one have it on here?
What could enlarged kidneys but adequate amniotic fluid mean for the future of a 23 week fetus?
How do you stop the itching?
Do you know any home treatments for epidermal cysts?
Putting infected things in my mouth?
I got a zit on my hand - is this normal?
Where must the blood go before it can be sent to the entire body?
What does the Flu Shot guard against?
what type of mutagens cause lung cancer?
is the chicken pox vaccine a steroid?
Why are people still dying of E-coli poisoning,when there is a vaccine to eliminate it.?
What could this be?
Can a Mattress get mold in a month if the mould has been airborne?
Fluid behind ear drum?
i am scared of dying?
Do women get Schizophenia?
Why do i hear voices in my head telling me to burn things? Help!?
Can anyone tell me the best way to wake up feeling motivated in the morning?
where does confidence come from?
I want to destroy my boss at the office! Can anyone support my cruel intention by giving some good tips?
How long does it take to feel better after someone you love has died?
do u know any cure for having confidence ?
worried about repeating myself because i forget what i have said?
Why most of the doctors are chain smokers..knowing that it is injurious for health?
natural remedies to help depression?
How do people get Schizophrenia ?
What is the role of the nurse when looking after a patient who has COPD?
is it sore or dangerous?
what caused the transmission of HIV from animals to humans?
why is there so much sickness in the world and not enough cures and money for research?
IBS Maybe? Any imput would be great!?
can drywall dust make your throat red?
Have you ever gotten shaky hands after not taking your daily allergy medicine a few times?
My dad face sinus help i don't want him to be in pain?
stuffy nose for 3 months now.?
Am I reacting to my cleaning products?
Soy lecithin allergy?
What are the odds of anaphylaxis?
Why do people get snot in their nose?
This may sound strange ...are there any latex allergy sufferers out there who could recommend a latex free?
Is Calcium and magnesium citrate good for asthma/allergy child?
Allergy advice?
I need some serious proof that Mini Schauzers are Hypoallergenic?
Is this seasonal allergies or something else?
swollen upper eyelid medication?? what to take?
Nut free cereal available in Canada?
I am a recovering drug addict?
for sometime now iv been bloated alot of the time and passng wind alot it would feel like i need to go for a?
Is Autism Hereditory?
how long do fainting symptoms last before actually fainting?
Involuntary Vomiting After Meals?
What is this lump in my eye?
13 year old with duplex kidney and incontinence?
Has Tulisa from N-Dubz died ?
how do i apply for ill health retirement?
Does anyone know of a doctor in the UK who is familiar with slipping rib syndrome, aka rib tip pain?
i worry about everything? and chest pains? help?
i keep fainting and keep having panic attacks what should i do?
What is this Black out?
How long should my gall stone attack last?
Is it stress causing my break outs, headaches and fainting?
Is 3.81 TSH level normal of a 22 year-old Female?
Some quick medical advice?
Am I in trouble!!!!!!!?
I cannot get up for work!?
Bad belly ache after drinking some aftershave?
which is the best and safest online pharmacy in the UK?
Blood tinged mucus? Need advice.?
Drunk a Gulp of Male aftershave?
spine or muscle alignment suggestions and advice?
weight training and muscle tear?
subscription form to register to a doctor?
Pain in lower back on the right side?
i feeling sick after i eat and drink?
what is meant by post code lottery in relation to the NHS?
Should I go to sleep Now?
SICK I have a really bad cold my nose is running like crazy how do i make it stop?
would you recommend liquid iron (floridax) rather than iron tablets which is better?
Are enemas safe/ok, i tried it?
Can you help me interpret my liver function test?
My legs were numb from the knee down this morning?
Weird symptoms?? Help!?
Should I try weed just for the experience?
I'm 16 and smoked my frist cigarette today...?
if humans evolved from apes, then can reproduction occur with a human and an ape?
If you wanted a massage ...where would u want it the most ?
I think I have bronchitis..help please!!?
Is smoking in moderation injurious to the eyes?
I don't see 100% clear but my eye doctor said my prescription is as fine-tuned as possible?
HELP... MY EYE? :O.....?
my right eye is blurred / double visioned, my optician said thers nout there, what can i do ? GP? Hospital ?
What is colour blind thanks?
what are the health isssues of having an ECG??
AHHH! My skin is driving me crazy...?
if you cut the front part of the tongue of someone who lisps (like lowry turner) would it cure the lisp?
i need you to answer a few questions?
Eye Twitching/Swollen/Sensitive to light?
My Knees Keep Clicking!!?
Will major surgery go ahead if I have a cold?
Taking Kalms Lozenges for driving test nerves?
Do i need professional help ?
Is anyone interested in how their NHS health care is provided ?
Worried About My Neighbour?
Can someone explain my glasses prescription?
How can i grow a new leg?
My jaw clicks when i open my mouth, should I visit a dentist or my gp (uk only please)?
I really want to runaway.?
i've noticed more hair than usual is falling out and my hair is looking a bit thin? please help?
Headache, fatigue and dizzyness?
Is this why i am prone to ear infections?
I've lost my appetite, any ideas why?
is my temperature okay?
Hi, my glands in my neck hurt but they don,t feel swollen, has anyone else had this problem. It comes and?
Someone please reassure me....i have degenative disc in my lower back but having this can it make my legs ache?
What can I do to ease the pain in my side?
When to go to a doctor when Upper Right Rib pain won't go away after strep throat and cough?
painful lumps on appendix scar and beside the scar?
Pain in Knee's due to lack of movement?
wat do i need to avoid to keep the pain to a min?
Period carmp!help!!!!!!?
Does calpol work on periods?
Random Aches and Pains?
why iz my hand hurting?
Cant go to toilet after surgery (hermoroidectomy) due to intense pain! Please help!?
Extreme pain in hand which is worse at night, now there is a lump?
what is the best treatment for post traumatic chronic migraine?
Why does you hand ache when writing lots?
I am really scared i have to have a spinal epidural injection....has anyone had one?? does it hurt?
I have pain on the left side of my abdomen feels like gas but it's hurts to move, no bm problems what is it?
Tomorrow im having 2 injections...?
i fell off my hose landing on my head and i have a bad pain in my left shoulder and my left side of neck?
I'm going to start a nursing diploma early next year, has anybody studied this?
can drinking herbal teas cause diaohrrea?
anybody know which places in London have the best professional massages??
At what altitude do you start to feel the effects?
What are your opinions on the NHS?
Sucidal Thoughts. Am i emo ?
not taken seriously, no concrete or consistant support.?
Are you someone who fights for what they want in life or Do you give up when it gets hard?
Do i sound depressed to you?
I really need help.. please help me?
Depression... Is it normal to be THIS exhausted?
Is it possible to have been so damaged by people in your life that you turn so bitter & full of rage you cant?
extremely gifted and talented people who are mentally ill?
whats wrong with me ..? pls help?
I think about suicide all the time...?
How can I stop myself being wound up by a whistling neighbour?
depression back again and?
Help i am surrounded by negative people ,and its destroying me whether it be at work or my partner?
My friend wont talk?
I cant stop panicking! please help?
What do you recommend I do? Need some advice- People think I have an eating disorder?
any one know ??
help with signs and symptoms for eating disorders?
Will it be ok if I have another piriteze?
HELP....i CANT SLEEP and its tiring me out please heelppppp?
a question about cancer of the lymph nodes??
My sleeping pattern is on the fritz ... help plz?
I almost fainted in the shower this morning?
nhs hospital appointment cancellations?
what happens if i wake up a person thats sleep walking?
Rash after shots?
Suffering from extreme stomach cramp?
Why do I rarely feel hungry?
Bad reaction to weed? overdose maybe?
What could be wrong with my mum's eyesight, or maybe her mind?
Deep raspy voice, but no sore throat?
Really worried about my girlfriend?
I am 12 and have to have a myringoplasty operation?
it's hot, im cold. it's cold, im hot?
Aarrggh I just can't get up in the morning!! Please help!!!!?
Whats wrong with me? Help!?
If a hospital has to amputate a limb, do they give you the option to take the limb home?
If ur off with dioreha how longs is it till u can return to school?
I always waking up in the night?
Is cocaine psychologically or physiologically addictive? Or both?
Do girls really swallow?
help me plzz emergency?
im having a urine test 2 days after smoking a small amount of weed,whats gunna happen?
how likely is six-pack stomach gonna attract females?
does milk cause stomach acid?
my friend is 3 months pregnant?
can drug use show up in a blood test?
Please help, anyone can answer this!! Especailly old "users"?
is it true that when you get your ears pierced...?
What could theses symptoms be? .. Should I be worried? Should I call the ambulance?
i quit smoking on sunday and want to start running.?
what is the best way to overcome anxiety?
Amy Winehouse at HIV/Mandela gig?
question about threadworms??
Can someone identify this eye pain?
HELP!!!! i have just got a lot of bleach in my eye will i go blind?
when i get tired the whites of my eyes go red, not blood shot but just plain red. is this normal?
are there dangers of teflon coated eyeglasses?
Ex Drug addicts: Did you develop a habit/hobby as an alternative?
what's the different between ulcerative colitis and crohn's disease?
I got a bad sunburn on most of my upper body. What can I do to help it heal?
Help Me With A Sunburn?
Freckle on your cheek is cute to you??
If I have a mouldy house, would food exposed in the air go mouldy too?
What could cause someone to lose their appetite?
What helps you sleep?
Is a bottle of wine every night between two people too much?
can taking to many blood pressure kill you?
Doctors are useless, is there someone private my bf can go to about his migraines?
is there a type of pollen that's only produced every few years?
Falling asleep in Class ?! Help !?
Kiwi makes my throat taste like metal, why?
A question about NHS services?
Should i use Claritin extra strength + sinus if im using avamys nasal spray?
Help, my friend really isnt well.?
Feeling very run down - what can I do to cheer myself up?
I was taken to the hospital about 25 days ago with an allergy reaction, every since then I am not able to eat?
How long does it take for isocyanates to clear from urine?
Really awful taste in my mouth from snot, please help.?
I have been taking zyban...now im itchy?
What does it mean when you suddenly find foods to be too salty? Can Chinese medicine explain this?
Allergic to so many things??
Runny nose and chronic sneezing. What is causing this?!?
Does Valtrex 500mg causes allergy?
Does anyone know why I would have a terrible stuffed nose during the day and worsened at night, Gerd relevant?
Does the flu shot or other vaccines increase histamine levels in the body for days to weeks?
Can you just suddenly develop allergies to a certain type of food?
How can you tell the difference of infection vs allergic reaction in recently pierced ears?
Am I allergic to alcohol all of a sudden?
Possibly Allergic to Pine?
did i break my nose ???
What complications are possible with an organ donation??
Is TB a disease that infants require to get vaccinations for?
Alzheimer's disease- How long do you have it before...?
a question about vomitting?
NHS paying smokers to quit smoking?
what is the cost of a gastric balloon in uk?
Painless lump in jaw Dentist or Doctor?
How will they transfer a patient from one hospital to another for an op?
slightly green coloured snot and nose bleed & blocked nose is this healthy?
DLA Do I Need To Claim Careers?
If I have to leave home at 6.30am what time should I go to bed?
Finding It Hard To Keep My Head Up Straight?
Lump on foot should I go to the doctors?
How to find medical records about my birth. UK?
Cold Feeling in my throat? For a few hours now?
Is it normal to wake up tired at 11 am if I slept at 12 am at night?
getting cigerette smoke smell off hamster cage?
where could some one buy xanax?
How do you turn on the heater?
Do you know any directory of private child specialists in UK? or any other way to find one? Thanks?
loose stool then constipation, what could be the cause? (really detailed, don't read if easily grossed out)?
Having troubles going to bed!!?
i had my tonsils removed when i was 5, is this why i cant make myself throwup?
plz answer this...is clicking on the mouse has effect on the look of the arms?lol?
how many smokes(cigrattes) should u smoke a day?
My throat feels swollen when I swallow?
What can I do at work to relieve pain and stress on my feet from standing all day?
my left ear is blocked and i don't got time to go to the doctor how do i unblock it?
What are the consequences of eating ice cream when you have a cold or a flu?
How do your get rid of hiccups?
addicted to salt!!! what do i do?
Just over the past few days I have had increasing numbness in my left hand - particulary my pinky finger..??
I yelled/screamed too much now I have a sore throat, what should I do?
How can I sleep with loud noise going on?
Guys, help, easy question.?
what causes a blister
is drinkin a pot of coffee in the morning bad for me?
is this child abuse ?
how do i relieve a sore throat?
what is oxycontin and what does it do to you?
What does Heroine Do?
I sleep about 9 and a half hours per day, is that too much???
best/cheapest websites to buy prescription contact lenses in the uk?
Ever feel like you've had enough - so much that you would rather die?
what soap do i use to insert my contact lenses?
How do I tell my friends about my depression? Or am I best to just ignore it?
how do u deal with noise neighbours when no 1 want to know regarding loud music?
Is there a way to PERMANANTLY change your eye color?
How do I stop Procrastinating so bad? I never get anything done. Any tips?
Anyone had a near death experience?