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swollen eyelids?
Chemical Free Sunscreen??
cant breath with my nostrils?
Does anyone know if gettin nose bleeds is a part of dehideration?
What can I do with the anaphylaxis?
Question about Allergy medication?
Could this be allergies or sinusus?
rly rly itchy mosquito bites?
Question about dairy allergy?
what in the WORLD could this be!?
i have a sore throat an sometimes it goes away fa like a day an then comes back... oh an i have a runny nose?
Is anyone else allergic to chicken? If so, is there a treatment plan you found effective?
Why do i keep getting sick?? please help!?
What can I do about the pain management problem?
cant get my medicine anymore,, help in awefull pain no insurance its called ENBREL ENTERCEPT?
red veins in eyes?
Rash on thighs after sleep?
Medical Microdermabrasion does it work/safe?
How to get rid of spots overnight?
scary mole?? help...?
What is the itchy red rash on the palms of my daughter's hands?
What is this rash on my arms?
facial dermatitious scarring?
do bananas make acne worse?
if we take vitaminD tablets does it make your skin darker?
i want a tattoo but have keloid scaring - will this effect the tattoo?
i have had a small scab on my face for 2 days how long before it falls off?
The attack of hairy arms?
how can i get rid of dry skin on side of my nose?
What is my glasses prescription if my soft contact lens prescription is -4.25?
I have varifocals if I cover my right eye i cant read with my left eye has anyone else experienced this.?
What is the usual prognosis when someone has heart failure? ?
reduced cardiac out put??what is it?
Ectopic heartbeat - do you sometimes have them regularly?
cancer gene?
monroe question?
How to get rid of a headache?
does no!no! work? and does it hurt?
35 f. dont know how to xplain but i get sharp pains inmy head dat last like 5-10 min or so and then its passes?
How can i learn pain management.?
Why do I wake up like this every morning?
Why do i get pins and needles?
what is a bone profile my doctor said I need one?
is pain in shoulders and back with lack of appetite are related to home sickness?
hip piercings??
Why does codeine always come packaged with paracetamol?
I use 12 kapake a day for my severe back pain its the only thing that eases it is this ok?
how to stop the pain after an injection?
stomach keeps swelling and going down after a few days,feeling constantly bloated, and a dull tummy ache, help?
i am 14 and my knees ache on random nights?
Sore knees ? How can I solve that problem?
Swollen gums, heartburn and unexplained bruising...?
Hip pain???
hi im in bad pain and i need help?
My right index finger is stiff and slightly swollen. It doesn't hurt though. What can I do?
Dodgey eye/head ache that won't go away.
What is this pain in my ribs?
Where can I buy DMSO in San Diego?
Is it true? Can Cold air cause this pain?
Do you think i have little feets?
Morning after pill, now I have a rash on my arm?
could someone tell me what happens when your lip is healing after a piercing?
A Question For The Male's?
does migranes give you a sore eyeball?
I would like to know in which European countries the rates of Anorexia and Bulimia are the lowest?
If you vomit five times over a 7 hour period is that dangerous?
how can i cure my phobia?
I am having pains in my joints; worse when passive. No swelling. What could it be?
Recovering from Bulimia?
Boyfriend unable to urinate?
Pilonidal cyst operation?
I have prolonged fatigue, nausea, head spinning, any suggestions?
can you tell if you have MS through a complete blood count?
What does an elevated Plasma viscosity indicate?
Why does my ankle keep clicking?
Advice on a knee injury?
sports injury, need info please?
can you helpme with information on a stabbing in Aldershot on the 11th May?
fractured my fibula?
how does muscle strain affect independant movement?
broken bones how late can they be fixed?
Will I Scar?
what does it mean if i get a strech mark on my shoulder near my chest?
someone help me?
my left hand, the finger nearest to it, is totally numb - for days, just the tip?
broken toe! 5weeks still not healed!!!?
How long should a knee injury (Bruised Ligaments ) be rested.?
I Have a muscle strain or a pull a the side of my torso/back, how can i help this heal quicker?
Whiplash Injury?
Creases under eyes? I'm 17!?
Painful bump inside ear :( What could it be?
red 'bruising' around finger joint? what is it? please help !?
Does any1 know any home made remedies to get rid of spots?
Torn MCL in Knee?
Big, annoying wart on middle finger, and a few tiny ones on other fingers?
Triple Dry deodorant?
What can i buy over the counter to treat ringworm?
Does anybody know if this MARK on my back will EVER clear away?
Should i be concerned?
how do you get rid of spots on your back?
mole removal...................?
BlackHeads HomeMade Remedies?
Why do i have dry hands?
Why Do Love Bites Hurt?
Whats the best spot treatment ETC?
How to get rid of chillblains?
Can Low blood pressure cause Angina?
what shall i do??
is prozac any good?
Why has self harm become a fashion??
symptoms of stress?
what will help me give up alcohol ?
Hi, I have a beautiful 2 year old daughter but this last week I have really struggled -all of a sudden I feel?
I keep hearing whispers?
top 5 songs you like right now?
attention please!?
If suicide is legal in the UK why do questions asking for methods get deleted?
What are negative emotions and how can you control them?
anyone else scared of flying?
what are the common symptoms of tourettes syndrome?
What's the best way to stop feeling suicidal?
do i have a mental disorder?
How emotionally mature are you?
what do i do? im so angry!?
whats troubling you right now ?
How can I cope with exam stress?
Cramps in the neck?
Have you ever taken Tramadol as a pain killer..?
How do you get a high pain tolerance?
Please help! In major pain....?
I have a mole inside of my eye?
What is it with these laser eye correction treatments ?
if a i divide a 500mg cap into two,equally.does it means it will become a 250mg cap crug?
My boyfriend has been having stomach troubles (Please read for more info.)?
What is a liver lesion and how do you get them? Treatment?
I have very sensitive skin, prone to hives. When I pluck my eyebrows, I always end up with itchy/puffy patches
please help i think i have pneumonia what should i avoid?
Can you explain these things in layman's terms?
How many people in Canada have Cerebral Palsy?
Low immune system? How to fix that.?
How much will it cost if someone is taking a rifampicin medication on a 6 months treatment?
Im worried i have a sinus infection, but i hear from alot of people they never go away? :( im in pain?
Panic attacks??
What does a belly ache look like?
Why is it you get pins and needles?
Chest pains after having an arguement with someone?
I crack the bones on my feet a lot as I get pains from it. What could be wrong and what treatment should I get?
Im Getting A Brace Soon And People Are Telling Me It Doesnt Hurt And Others Are Sayin It Does!, Does It Hurt?
I have a lump on the left side of my neck?
Suffered some head injury and starting to hurt a lot?
Mole question- could I please have some advice?
Pigmentation color change after Savlon Antiseptic!!!!!?
nizoral what to do? shedding?
Help! I am always so itchy at night wjen i get in bed?!?
Apart from poly-filler is there a treatment ?
I have a cyst on my right lower eyelid.?
For some reason, I'm bruising really easily?
Calluss On middle of Index finger?
How to get rid of spots?
looking for help in treatment of alopecia?
a question on livedo reticularis!!?
can u put undiluted chamomile oil on to the skin is it safe?
Best way to pop a zit?
Under eye problem - little white dots?
Has anyone tried oxy pads ?
Does anybody know how i can get rid of a spot by tommorow?
How do i prevent chickenpox!?
pain in knee and hip?
Come up with a cure for self obsession?
Why when i wake up at four, I'm ready to go out the door?
why do i still feel a bit high 3 days after smoking?
How would ill health affect a persons quality of life? URGENT.?
Can eye anti-biotic drops be bought over the counter?
i do this thing where i mouth what i just said after saying it?
Headache Isn't Going Away?
Effective relief from a thrombsed pile, during pregnancy ? :(?
how long does this depressing feeling last?
question about body temperature...?
Do i have heyfever or a cold?
Preventing Second Hand Smoke?
Why do I have to keep snorting in my snot?
If people cough at you does it mean?
throwing up a bright yellow fluid?
how can i grow a bit taller? plz help?
sensation of small bits of food stuck in my throat, then a couple of hours it disappears any explanations?
Im a slim girl but I have no sense of moderation when it come to food?
can any body tell me why?
Anyone been on Sertraline Hydrochloride before?
I am taking co-amoxiclav. i have pins and needles in my head ?!?
Continous Conact Len's ? Has Anybody Experienced them? how did they go? what do they feel like to sleep in?
Axis on my eye prescription?
Laser Pointer Got Shined in my eye?
What glasses lens is right for me + when will I need to wear my glasses?
How do you rid of a cold?
What does it mean by having passive and active immunity?
Kennel Cough - how long will my pup be contagious?
what is the difference between hepatitis A, B and C? these r all liver diseases but why a, b, c?
what are the organs of immune ?
Someone I know has a stomach ulcer?
I've missed two days at college because of the FLU?
What is the incubation period for a bladder infection?
I had a blood test and it showed i had 20 for infection? what does that mean?
when there is something such as a tummy bug where does it originate from?
Has a sneeze ever changed your mind ?
Can You have an allergic reaction to vinegar?
Am I allergic to Tomatoes and bread when mixed together?
i talk from my nose!!?!??!?
Is there a cure for cat allergy's?
How should I clean my place to allow someone with cats' allergy to stay here w/t having any problem?
What if one parent has Celiac disease... what are the chances my baby will have it?
can someone be allergic to uncooked dairy but not when its cooked?
How did you cure your nasal allergy?
can stress cause allergies. like hives/can last on and off 4 weeks/they move from 1 part 2 the next?
Whats the difference between Celiac Diseas and Allergy to Gluten?
I am horribly allergic to fur, all fur, and i dont know how to permanentally get rid of my allergies, help me!?
I get really gassy and nauseous when i drink milk ...?
PLZ help on newly periced ears? is this sign on infection? PLZ!! HELP!!?
My daughter got a few mosquito bites and they are swelling up is she allergic?
Can allergies cause chest pain?
HELP Allergic to apple cidar vinegar! Face turning red!?
I am sick to death of Heartburn!!!?
Female Backpain??? Causes and cures?
growing pains?
Im about to push my tongue out of my cheek ....like?
why does the top of my head hurt?
solutions for lower back pain?
what can be wrong with my hand?
Pain? upper chest etc.?
Pain and aching in knees?
does anyone who suffers with tension headaches get pains in their shoulders neck and back?
does anybody have any good suggestions to releave the pain from tennis elbow.any good creans at the chemist?
Does anyone suffer?
sore nose?
What "type" of headache do I have and what is the best way to treat it?
I nearly broke my nose about a month ago and it's still swollen and very sore. What can I do to help this?
I have only just hand my arm out of a cast because i have broken it?
What is a swollen blood vessel??
A very heavy object fell onto the bridge of my foot - 5 weeks ago....still swollen?
i get ill evrey wekk please help im only 13 =[ !!please-help!!?
i got a cartilage piercing about 3 weeks ago its sore but onley when i press on it how long will this last?
Headache and Eye hurting?
do you know anything about sprains?
damaged knee ligaments after falling over last week and on crutches.....?
How do I know when a headache is more serious?
What can i do to help heal a broken rib?
whats the best thing to use to self harm?
Is Susan Boyle hot or what?
After six years am I past the point of rescue?
infected cysts what are they?
I've Had Cold Symptons For Over A Few Months Now, Is It A Cold Or Something Else?
Can Crohn's disease be confused with appendicitis?
I got a horrid cold, what can I take or do to feel better?
what's wrong with me?
Loss of appetite.I haven't felt like eating as much.?
i have extreme pain in my limbs all the time and i also suffer from iron deficiency, are they related .?
Do I have low potassium?
whats this taste on my tongue?
esophagus, why did it rupture?
Gout help............?
How long does it take to recover from long term overdose of Levothyroxine?
wine drinking illness?
friend always gets cold so easily?
do bulimic people lose weight?
Is my lightheadedness linked to my TMJ problem?
Does any oneknow how many people have asperges syndrome in the uk?
How do you get problems with liver & kidneys?
bloating of the stomach?
Is a lot of pain at the top of the front of your chest a sympton of gall stones?
I need help getting over my fear of needles fast please?
i have a pressure like pain in left eye, and pain in head behind it. is reoccurring. is it a migraine?
who should i see about a neck problem? Osteopath or chiroporactor and what is difference?
swedish massgae why is the calcaneum significant for the calf muscles?
i have a sliped disc that requires an operation?
Colonoscopy with not pain control or sedation?
What are the side effects of donating bone marrow?
circle lens? with prescription?????
Can I keep my contact lenses in when I have a shower?
improve eyesight......?
40 year old male with conflicting ecg results?
Cigarette Question?
how high should blood pressure be?
why do i feel sxo tired when its hot as well as naquered?
Am I the only person who can't bear the sound of brush bristles?
Best hangover cure please?
work work work.... medicals?
Water upstairs?
Insomnia question?
help! eyesight!?
Why has my eye been twitching for the past 2 days?
Cure for Kwashiorkor?
Best way to pop a spot?
Vitamin E cream on scars?
What is better to use for acne cream or wipes ?
blisters up the nose?
Any ways of hiding Verruca's?
i have really sore throats in the morning everyday now help?
I'm 13 and have lots of spots, how can I get rid?
is this a cold sore if so how do i get rid of it?
What procedure can I have to get rid of acne scars?
Skin care for oily AND dry skin?
Stye wont go away been 5months!?
How to get rid of acne fast!!!!?
rash on arms and legs?
What are these bumps/lumps on my arms...?
What causes itchy hot heels?
worsening rash across the entire upper part of my body?
I've taken some shrooms like three days ago, about half 1/8. Will I get a trip if I take some more tonight?
What are ALL the ORGANS and TISSUES involved in the respiratory system?
What is causing this rash/hives/welts ? Only stays for a few hours, then appears somewhere else on my body?
Cystic Fibrosis Test?
how many days or months should pass to know that a person has safe and no rabies??
games in water for the deaf?
Does anyone have an idea of the life expectancy for a 62 yr. old man with leukemia?
What do I do to get rid of these zits?
Thyroid glan?
zapping / buzzing sensation in my 3rd toe?
Vitamin E deficiency and weak legs?
Dispensing Error of prescription at local chemist - next step?
Wythenshawe Hospital?
Local & General Anaesthetics!?
What are the symptoms and signs of an ephedra overdose???
spiritual midwifery by ina may gaskin has anyone got a copy?
Blood in my mouth then comeing out of my nose?
Are these symptoms of an allergic reaction...?
if a person is allergic to something and they're turned in to a vampire will it be magnified?
Claritin VS. Zyrtec?????? (im pro Claritin!!)?
This may be gross but-I have phlegm what can I do to take care of it?
Is any one taking gogi juice, and is it doing any thing for you??
When applying for my provisional license, online do I have to tell the DVLA of an atigmatism in my eye?
is life really worth all the pain?
Woke up with a aching throat and full nose?
Stabbing pains in chest?
i have had two miscarrages since december 2008 and i blame myself for it because of the fact ive had two. :(?
Painful leg cramps - any good advice?
sore fingers from guitar..?
I was 13, he was twice my age, I feel sick thinking about it, I NEED HELP?
why does the heart ache?
Why does overdosing on painkillers hurt so much?
Can sleeping on the floor really help a sore back?
forehead pressure what can it be?
pain pain go away and dont ever come back again?
what an I eating that could cause leg cramp?
i am having a pain in my chest when it is touched and its really discomforting.?
Do I need a return to work from Doc b4 I go back to work?
how can i control my anger?
please help i know ive made mistakes!!!!!!!!?
what is split personality disorder?!?
what is electrolyte imbalance?
Our 13 year old is scared of his room and won't sleep in his own bed. Suggestions?
i need some happy pills?
Feel so empty and useless..?
I need help im getting so depressed! and i dont know how to not!!! HELP!?
is there something mentally wrong with you if.....?
My mom is depressed and suicidal and I don't know what to do. I am worried?
What is the Average length of time that Depression & Anxiety can last?
Do you trust anyone enough to let them section you under the mental health act.?
Does mascara lift your self-esteem?
What are your views on therapy? Does it work?
If you were tired of life and decided to exit, how would you do it?... If you wouldn't, don't answer?
could it be depression?
how can you improve one's memory?
Is it hard to have a shower.....isnt it really hard wetting your hair....how long does it take you etc.....?
What websites gives free samples?
Very sore throat/tonsils, please help?
how to get high levels of testosterone ?
Is there something physiologically wrong with a 19 year old man who hasn't any facial hair yet?
HELP! Im not ticklish is this normal?
why the active life is better than the dull one?
whats wrong with me? HELP?
Which Is Best To Use To Treat An Open Woound? Savlon Or Dettol Disinfectant?
Effects of dehydration...?
i bit the inside of my lip, how can i reduce the chance of getting a cankersore?
Why Am I Feeling Sleepy All The Time?
If you haven't been doing something you're passionate about for a while do you lose your passion?
a shots girl.... hmmmm?
Will the leg swelling I have after an ankle fracture ever go?
Whats up with my foot?
are there any ways to reduce swelling after the initial ice pack and heat.?
problem with my big toe?
How long before I can give up crutches after ankle fracture?
Bruised/broken thumb?
how can i make my toes heal quicker? flip flop injury.?
Anybody with a knee replacement? How did you fell after 8 weeks?
Arm Injury?
What is cramp?
Recovery after athroscopy for torn knee cartlidge?
Treating a cut?
Can morphine adversely affect the recovery of someone with a head injury?
How would I know if I had broken my cheekbone? Is it possible for A&E doctor's to have misread x-ray?
How to claim for fall?
I am going in for a knee operation but I have a throat infection - will the Op go ahead (its a general anaes)?
Help sleeping!!!?
I'm having problems sneezing?
If I sleep less and don't get tired, does this mean I am cleverer than someone that has to sleep longer?
When will it go away?
I Woke up with a numb unmovable right arm?
Which pillow should you sleep on to help prevent sleep lines when you sleep on your side or face?
getting motovated?
what causes a 'twitch'?
hi i feel shakey?
I have a very small planters wart on the side of my foot, how do I know it is gone?
I have a small, red, round circle on the back of my havd on my knuckle. It doesn't seem to be like a ringworm
What degree of burn would you expect from the described injuries to the inner thighs? Observationally, how wou
What is a Paralyzed Diaphram?
I know brocitus is a medical issue but?
Aloe Vera Gel ?
Hepatitis spread through water.?
can you take trimethoprim after a hot drink?
Glandular Fever and food cravings?
whats the difference between contagious and infectious?
What is the best way to get rid of stings eyes?My Brother has wore glasses for long time but he gets sing eyes?
Need to get rid of scabs left from spots quickly?
Pink marks on stomach, will these scar?
Can, (its said [ex-ma]) infect your ear piercings?
I have severe eczma on the face helpp.?
I have bad acne and now starting to feel sick and sore heads. I am now on Oxytetracycline?
freezing your spots??????
Contact dermotitis , anyone have the same thing ?
how do you get rid of this ( PLEASE TELL ME QUICK)?
I am not bein vain, but have lived with vitiligo all my life.?
why do i have little red spots on my face cheeks, what does it mean?
What is the best medicine/creams for Psoriasis?. All replies appreciated..?
Dermatologist in the uk?
how do u get rid of spots?
suffering from pains in my joints and suffering from calcium deficiency?
Stomach pains needing help please. X?
Why do Agnostics suffer terminal distress?
Ibs,i'm in agony!Please help!?
Painful joints- natural remedies?
is this normal?
why do i keep feeling dizzy?
what to do when u cut your wrist?
cam i get a copy of my mri scan as i need it to seek additional advice?
my face pulls up on the left it dont hurt but?
Only blowing nose through left nostril?
My neck is swallon and really hurts when i move it and my tonsills are swallon and hurt when swallow?
Fed up of being in Pain, HELP ME PLEASE!?!?
Im in pain, but i don't know what to do any more?
abdominal pain for two and half years!!!!!?
Is the pain in my fingers because of cracking my joints?
I keep having pain in my upper rib cage and centre of my back, is this indigestion or something else?
Should I stick needles in my face for neck pain?
SLIPPED DISC.Ive just been told today by my GP thats what i have,have you got this problem?how long have you?
omg do you thing i have swine flu?
Why do I have a shooting pain in my left arm?
Alan Carr - Stop smoking - did the book help anyone stop?
will i be able to where normal contacts for cosmic purposes?
child going on ace inhibitor trials need advise?
where can i get like a really recent issue about heart disease?
How do I check on a surgeon credentials (UK)?
if i need doctors note from 5 days before will I get one from my doctor, becouse I had one day sick?
what is steroid toxaemia?
What is your opinion of a Sober Alcoholic being over tired and over hungry? Is this detrimental?
As do you know if the person has a real attack of epilepsy?
I have excessive thirst?
White blood cells in urine?
my daudhter has protien in her urine.her kidney was scarred due to UTI as a baby.i am feeling worried?
Female Glands/Growth - Removal?
Help with medical mystery?
What's it called if you have no sense of smell....?
Digestion problem when I eat?
very slight hand tremors?
Is anaemia hereditary? Is there any way you can test for it at home? or must you visit your GP?
Will all schools be closed down if swine flu reaches stage 6?
Can anyone tell me what these various blood tests are for? U+E FBC LFT ESR TFT and the last one URP...or?
please help what should i do?
my husband has got a lump in his earlope ............?
What type of milk is best for IBS Suffers?
What are the effects on your health of being cold for sustained periods?
i have a problem with my hearing which is getting worse, is it symptomatic of anything i need to worry about :?
Worried about attendance.... not been in college for a week now.?
any ideas whats wrong with me ?
i have been on hormones 8 months and plan surgery - should i tell my family now or after?
Some People in the U S A have their body's kept in tanks of some kind of liquid gas so they can come back to?
What effects does overdosing on Paracetamol (Taking 3-4 insead of 2) have?
Is it true that the pain of passing kidney stones can be worse than childbirth?
Ex-smokers, I need your strength?
What are the best sources of these vitamins?
I faint at the sight of blood, what should i do?
Its Just After 9pm on Saturday evening and I stting in my room with Y/A on the pc others are having fun in?
someone said amitriptyline contain something but cant remember what?
i am a beauty therapist who today treated a client?
constipation problems?
Bad Immune System Help?
i have chronic pain in my eye, ear and jaw (all on the right side)?
is it bad to have 2 ibuprofens and 1 paracetamol within 1 hour?
I have a very big pain in my left leg but not shore what to do?
What is the difference between mg and ug or are they the same?
Even though I hardly get any sleep, don't eat healthily, don't have vitamin supplements and don't revise...?
can the nose huggie make your upturned nose go down?
any reflexologists out there? or anyone that can help?
How often should you take?
Constant stomach ache,feeling nauseous, tired and week all the time?
why does my jaw ache?
Numb left arm! HELP!?
What's the pain we feel when our hand is in very cold water?
migraine, back pains and left arm and leg pains also dizzyness?
hip and back pain for 3 months?
Can sciatica be cured by physiotherapy or does it need an operation?
Suffering with eye socket pain for 3 days. What is it? Cause? Should I go to optician?
dimenhydrinate inate cinnarizine tablets?
fluid on the knees, swollen ankles, and sore feet..what's wrong with me?
the part just under my nose is really sore when touched any help?
need help i have bad piles ?
Show me the way to go home?
unbearable pain in my coccyx?
I have problems with my back?
I had tightness around my heart (similar to migraine)!?
Span - Re : arm reach !!!?
Angina Pec is in my family. How can I avoid getting it?
Mental abuse or...?
What makes u anxious in life, and how often do u feel it? (not talkin about fears)?
Has Anyone here ever been hypnotised?
If you suffered from stress, who would you take advice from?
My friend commited suicide last friday?
Have I got body dismorphia?
Hash and mental health problems?
Do you ever feel disconnected from the space-time continuum?
need help to get over the fear of my hoover! everytime i hear a hoover i scream and go under my bed covers?
Daily stress and anxiety?
can you tell me some self relaxing tips?
Are there more people suffering Mental health problems now?
i have a friend who i care about but she is bi polar?
What are you looking to get out of life?
How many different diseases can a human have at the same time without dying?
I gave up cannabis 3 months ago.What has happened in my brain since then?
Symptom of depression.?
Hash and Memory loss? HELP?!?
Has Citalopram (or other SSRI's) helped your anxiety and panic attacks?
Has anyone been on anti depressants and they have worked?
Salivary gland swollen, earlobe lump and fever?
Do i have bladder weakness? Or is it something else? Can anyone help?
How to fake and look ill!?!?
waking up dizzy in the night?
Is it possible to have Hypoglycaemia but not show up in blood tests?
I feel sick every night?
When i was having a canula put in my hand the nurse popped my vein, what should I?
i find it hard to get to sleep and...?
Free Prescriptions? Help needed please.?
where can i find Collins Elixir?
why does the tip of my tongue tingle (a little like pins & needles) just before i sneeze?
low blood pressure & needing adrenalin following surgery?
Why do we feel like going to toilet inmediatly after smoking?
Will Lipo 6x help me?
My eyes are really itchy and sore from Hay fever?
taking macrobid without food?
For people that are REALLY allergic to pet dander...is there any dog to get and i would groom it all the time?
Good remedies for allergies?
Food makes me sick :S?
Is it possible to be allergic to chlorine?
Cat Allergies: Is There Anything That Could Help?
My nose i plugged!!!!!?
I have sensitive eyes for the last 2 days?
Is it possible to be allergic to medicine capsules (not talking about the medicine)? What are they made from?
How do you become allergic to something?:)?
I've got a chilli pepper seed in my eye, how can I get it out when it hurts more to open my eye?
ankle problem?
Injured knee, what to do!?!?
I damaged my knee ligaments and my knee is swollen after four days ive got a splint but cant walk that good?
anyone had a claim through criminal injuries compensation?
Broken fingers please help?
Rotary cuff shoulder op?
Broke my toe?
coccyx / tailbone injury feel movement?
wot causes numbness in the groin?
how long does it normally take to heal a cut?
cruciate ligament?
Does anyone know how long does it take to recover from a dislocated knee opperation?
Toning outer and inner thighs?
can i ask to keep my x-ray after i've had it done at A&E? UK(London)?
Hit in Eye With Baseball?
how long does it take for torn ligaments to repair?
Leg pain sort off???
Knee hurts when i stand up? :'( (((best answer awarded as soon as possible.))))?
Tongue swelling?
Have I chipped my kneecap?
i get a bad neck and high back pain really easerly. what can i do?
best way to deal with severe back pain?
I returned back from egypt a week ago and have a rash on my neck that feels like spots,what could it be?
sweaty bum need some advice please ?
Why am i getting spots in between my mouth and chin, its frustrating. I'm 23 and didn't suffer from it b4?
Is developing acne a symptom of quiting cigarettes and alcohol?
how to get rid of acne scars?
womens nail discolouration?
does O2 White cream work?
Whats up with my lips...?
I just can't stop itching all over my body!?
what are random patches of bumps that appear and itch and then disappear within 2-3 hours?
Some strange dry patches of skin...?
I go back to work tomorrow after a cold how can I get rid of the flaky sore nose before I go back? Thanks x?
I have no gallbladder,?
15 year old daughter neck severe twitching at back nausea, trouble sleeping headache?
Isotretinoin with Creatine tablets?
Find it REALLY hard getting to sleep all the time? It's nearly 4am in england and i can't sleep!?
carer's allowance..................?
Mega Cold? Helps Please? (:?
I have not been feeling well i have had really bad headaches and feeling light headed?
Should I be Worried about my Boyfriend's Drinking?
My oldest son just got diagnosed with Autism, and i am very worried about vaccinating my youngest son?
Does Anyone know the early symptoms of Parkinson's Disease?
Where can I find a Doctor of Physical Therapy in the greater Toronto area?
Manky Feet- My sis-in-law has really bad feet, can anyone recommend any good chiropodists in the London area?
how do I get rid of a coldsore!!!???
How do I get rid of acne scars?
can still sing with an enlarged aorta
my fiance got a ban for drink driving for 3 years has to do medical but do they also test for drugs or just al?
should health care workers be, at all times, role models for health?
i was dancing, and now...?
Is there a medical prolem with someone who has shrunk in height?
When was the first Colostomy and performed?
Is body art harmful for body?
how can i make my foot swollen plz?
it hurts when i blink - what can i do?
my pain killers have made me feel numb...?
Anyone have chest wall pain, triggered by a cold intolerance?
Im only 16, have an increasingly bad back?
My prescription isn't working as well as it could, what should I do next?
help, sore throat, cold, head aches, ear ache, and my cheeks ache?
can you work in retail with arthritis in the hands?
i have a pain in my side please help?
what could be causing these chest/heart pains?
My Leg Is In Pain, What Could It Be?
I understand it is illegal to tie someones hands and feet in hospital in England is it illegal in Spain?
My whole body hurts? Any ideas?
have numb aching pain in my neck shoulder and down my arm may be a pulled muscle going on 4 2 weeks?
the whites of my eyes have a blue tint what is the cause of this?
Why is my eye colour fading?
How do i get hard feet?
I struggle to sleep at a normal time, I'm starting to think I'm nocturnal.?
What causes temporary pain and throbbing in the head?
Why does my bottom left eyelid keep twitching every so often?
how old can you be tto visit your GP on your own?
Can anyone help with black outs and shaking ?
I have this really bad habit of biting my fingers and toe's now I have an infection..?
Is the MMR vaccine safe???
Hepatitis B, father& mother from endemic country, what chance children inherent this infection.?
how can i get rid of my chesty cough??
Alternative to using chemical shampoo and toothpaste?
Level 7 prostate cancer.Can somebody send us some info please on treatments and choices they've made to treat ?
What is the maximum amount of vitamin C a person can handle without it being wasted?
Tinnitus Help Please?
i have a lump between my ribs...its in the middle of my chest?
Regurgitation Of Food And Water!?
Regurgitation Of Food And Water?
How do you control your hypoglycemia?
When is swine flu vaccine will come in england?
When having blood taken how long does it take to fill 3 vials?? IN UK?
Is this Major Depressive Disorder?
im cold, and i cant warm up?
Sickle Cell Trait with a added physical disability?
what is medical condition M S?
Don't you think it's abit sillt that people make such a big fuss of...?
why can i "pop" my ears on my own?
Medical advice needed?
when i take my sons temperature it reads 101 but he doesnt feel hot to the touch?
What is the quickest way to get rid of a cold sore.?
how to cure (SORE) white dots on tongue?
i have tinnitus waiting to go see specialist what if any is a cure for it?
epilepsy in identical twins?
How do I get rid of a calcium spot?
tongue "ulcer" what could cure it?
Extreme itching on palms and soles of feet. help!?
i have a few red marks on my arm that come up in little red bumps on my arm that really itch?
Can anyone help me get rid of a spot?
mole removal surgery?
Please help-sweating!?
I have a lump under the skin on my lower arm and it itches, anyone have an idea what it it?
acne pills without prescription?
Does anyone know of a product similar to Oxy Blackout?
What hand cream would you recommend ?
Does Dalacin T tropical lotion work for acne?
Inside of my foot is always itchy?!?
Does anyone had dark circles due to tiredness and how you got rid of it?
sweat under armpits?
Does stress still affect your acne when on Accutane??
I have 2 daughters. I got rid of all nits but they are back. this is the third time they have nits.?
allergic reaction? anaphylatic shock? help?
blackheads are a pain.?
is it true that water makes your skin nicer?
Help. I am afraid I am taking antibiotics for the wrong reason?
anyone have experience with measles in a child?
hair inhibitor?
Hep C Transmission?
How do you deal with itchy excema?!?
First visit to a PSYCHOLOGIST, what should i prepare for?
i need ur help u guys?
how common is sleep paralysis, and y do some people suffer more from it??
What would you do...?
i am having problems sleeping?
Has annyoe teird selep dervpioiratn for dpssoiern?
if i prescribed with heavy anti depressants by my GP would social services take my children away?
Who has been stalked on Y!A?
Can you overcome depression without going to see a doctor?
I have a phobia of the dark? Plz help me !?
i wonder this alot on mental health part of yahoo?
CT Scan shows 'dense area on right side of brain', what could this mean?
Viruses help please!?
what are the prospects for employment following completion of my health care aid training?
Does it sound like I could be anemia? Is it worth checking this out?
If I drink 2 meal replacement shakes a day and 2 litres of water a day, How much will I lose in one week?
I'm tired, shall I go to bed?
the medical model of disability?
why do I feel absolutely shattered?
My legs ache so much! Cause of dancing, and it's not going away!!!?
headaches in the front left part of my head?
whats wrong with my tongue..?
Can't sleep cause of painful shoulder and arm.?
My mother recently suffered the onset of a headache while bending..?
what does it mean if someone has broken their back and they are t12 complete?
haemotoma in thigh?
Shoulder Surgery?
Personal Injury?
when will my ankle be better?
Painful foot?
What does returning fluid on knee mean?
can i give blood after a fracture?
What could be wrong with my knee, it has been clicking and is now swollen up , feels like there is fluid on it
Sore muscles!?!?
I am feeling a bit shattered tonight. And it is only Tuesday. How should i liven myself up??
my sharp bone and mucle pains have been bad couple of weeks left arm heavy but still use doctors blood test?
Help 16 days ago i felt a pop in my calf muscle and thought it was cramp?
sprained ankle?
Do passive accessory movements help with...?
Need Cheap Silk Cut!?
Question concerning Plastic Surgery?
Having a serious sleeping problem?
What is the average shoe size for a 5'7 girl?
I am sad that people have been negative to my dilemma?
Should I call the doctor? (diarrhea) sorry. ><?
After giving blood....?
Name my ganglion please......?
If sweating is to cool down the skin, what could cause someone to sweat in a cool climate when they are not?
does everything sound in proportion ?
Where in the UK can i buy a neti pot?? Is there any shops or pharmacies that sell them?
swollen ankles problem?
Is it necessary to have a heatwave warning alert system in place?
how to heal my blistered feet?
How are food additives tested by the FSA to prove they are safe to use?
is there an explanation for my neck twitch and ache?
Worried about my heart, please help?
Does weed do this to you?
does anyone know how long knee replacements last?
what food should you make for someone who has been sick?
can you drink alcohol when on Trimethoprim?
how often do the dvla requier a medical?
My eyesight keeps on getting worse?
I get really bad pains at night a week before period. An it makes me sweat and shiver?
What's Really The Side Effects Of Taking Too Much Kelp Tablets?
Do I have allergies?????
I came home from a party last night and realized my feet were swollen..?
Am I lactose Intolerant?
Could this be an allergy to bananas?
I think I might be intollerant to wheat... I have a rash on my neck after eating wheat germ or pizza?
Do I really have Allergies, or something else?
anyone ever heard about someone allergic to bad odors?
Tickle in throat when I lay down?
Anaphylaxis Question!!!?
How come I'm the only one in my family who has a weird allergic reaction to mosquito bites?
If I am alllergic to coconut, will it have the same effects if in a skin product?
Is this fruit allergies?
whats the best thing to do when ur allergies are bothing you and u can't stop sneezing?
Any1 had glandular fever or an illness that makes u feel v.lathargic, swollen or sore neck-had it since sept..
Something stuck in my throat?
Any tips to help me sleep?
Concerned - worried about care my sister is receiving, please help?
How can you train your bowels to perform at a different time of day.?
How do I sleep without my tv, I've always had it on all night? READ DESCRIPTION?
I feel tired all the time, what could be wrong?
what is a pre operation?
Constant chest pain through night?
is dieing of an aneurism painful?
My friends mother has M.S. and needs a heart bypass.?
doctors please (lymph nodes)?
Name the solute that forms a concentration gradient between epithelial cells and the mucus. (cystic fibrosis)?
I have a bunch of marks on my knees and they wont go away how do i get rid of them!?
Question regarding Isotretinoin?
Skin Conditions on the face?
After hyperventilating, why is it hard to breathe?
why are people still dying of cancer!?
My son has these flesh colored bumps on his body they have a head.Thick hard puss like stuff came out when?
What foods are good for your cholesterol?
unstable angina?
sister had a brain aneurysm, she has been fine for a few months but is having nose bleeds will she be ok ???
My grandad has been told he has a heart that is too big and blood that is too thick...does anyone know anythin
Can anyone tell me why I am having irregular heart beats?
Really bad dark acne scars?
Has anyone had success with goats milk as a cure/treatment for eczema?
Clear skin???? serious answers only please?
fastest way to deal with spots?
boyfriend has unexplaine circular bruise around flesh colored lump on calf, was old scar tissue, what is this?
What is the best natural method to remove spots from your chest?
How can i get rid of my scabby spot, FAST!?
cold sore vs date need help!!!!?
i have this problem...?
burnt by out of date vicks?
What should I do to cure Chest Acne?
why dont I sweat - this isnt a nasty question.?
itchy spots on my arm?
Does anybody know where i can buy.. Dr. Sheffield's Clear Zit Acne Cream?
Need help with healing a broken hand?
My friend has a review of his current medication but cant go into the doctors surgery for appointment ?
answers please ??????????????????
should you take acidophillus if you have diarrohea?
can you get uk presciptions dispenced in pattaya?
How long does it take for tylenol pm to work?
How do i stop from my feet smelling bad?
Do i have Appendicitis?????? and what are symptoms for it?
Ways to improve your eyesight?
i have severe pain sometimes when walking in my right leg where the joint meets the hip?
how do you make yourself sick help pleaseeee!!?
why do i feel sick often?
what is the minimum age to bye?
question about medicine i took (ADALAT)?
Am I addicted to Caffeine?
NHS direct uk?????????????
why we live in this world?
weight gain supplements?
Who has had meningitis?
Any ideas on what could be wrong with me?
where can i buy scholl softgrip class 1 light support knee high socks.?
How can the Sleep Cycle Alarm App tell the difference between turning in your sleep and actually waking up?
I keep feeling dizzy, and when I walk I feel heavy?
what about the carrer in parasitalogy?
If you think your having TIAs how do you tell someone?
Ive always had big visible veins but now one one arm is thin and half missing and my arm is freezing?
Do hypnosis CDs work?
How at risk am I from these illnesses?
hi ive self harmed in the past mainly when im drinking?
What do my symptoms mean? M.E?
When you call in sick with a Migrane do you feel guilty once you feel better?
Severe Constipation help?
cattarh in ears causing deafness?
i keep sort of, fainting without losing conciousness?
why are my daughters muscles wasting.?
i have low Alkaline phosphatase (92) in my blood. what does this mean?
Do i have an eating disorder?
Why Am I Always Being Sick At Work?
Tinnitus Question And Help?
Does anyone know of a website which, effectively, is an ABC of Spina Bifida websites please?
my eyes are blood shot?
I have diarrhoea???????
have i fractured my hand?
Ive had an accident at work.what if it was my fault?
heelys website for broken heels.anyone help?
Tap dancing >> Twinge in knee??
Scuba diving after DVT?
I have a realy sore knee?
whats wrong with my toe cant bend it hurts if i put it down not banged it or anything feels like its broken?
Why after cracking my wrists are they so sore?
I hd a realy nasty fall whn I ws ridin once (i fel head 1st on my bak) and wen i keep a straight bak it hurts?
Repeated Bad Back (Continued)?
Carpul tunnel returned? Only had op month ago...?
can an hernia injury in your arm be resolved through surgery?
Do i need to go back to my doctor or is this normal?
Has anyone had degenerative neck discs? What treatments can help? Can you get back to normal?
Is 40mg a high dose of propranolol (URGENT ADVICE NEEDED!)?
spit , gargle or swallow ?
what is a good way to get to sleep?
whats happened to me?
School tomorrow. How can I wake up feeling refreshed?
I want to get allergy tested, for everything?
Mild allergy symptoms!?
Allergies need help!?
My cats nose is leaking blood?
Black dye in hair colouring can cause allergy reaction?
What is the cough syrup that actually works?
Is it safe to eat Gorgonzola cheese if you are allergic to penicillin?
am i allergic to pure oxegen?
Why are the optimum levels of blood pressure aimed for in Britain and North America different?
I just sniffed two 4 inch long lines of red candlewax (rose scented) is it possible that can i die?
I was craving coffee. I drank about 4 cups with cream. now I have hives. Am I allergic?
My Nose is clogged at night!?
What's In My Nose All The Time?
i have Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis is there is any probleme if i buy a dog?
drugs/smoking/alcohol are not addictive from the first time right?
What's the best way to solve constipation ?
Am I anorexic??????????????????????
what do you think of tongue piercings?
Help ?? why am i craving ciigerettes?
the name of an antiseptic cream that was yellow and smelt awful for burns and cuts?
What makes people grow taller?
My ears stick out a LOT, how to stop it?
What makes you most self concious?
Okay need to be sick help?
are Cigarettes the most addictive drug?
So, is it normal to...?
I'm starting to stutter and my words are mixed when I talk?
I shower twice a day?
What could cause pain in the stomach?
im stressed sick and very shaky is this from stress?
Painful Mouth Ulcer!!!!?
why i go to the bathroom alot?
amoxicillin is making me sick?
HELP! me plz, idk wtf this is! ACNE?
what do you think ? answer please?
Question for those that have relapsed....?
What could be causing flashes in vision and dizziness?
Is microdermabrasion good or bad for rosacia?
What tests can they do too check your bodys blood circulation??
how do i know if i have west nile virus?
OMG PLEASE HELP! I just popped my cold sore! what do i do??
overactive thyroid and treatment..anyone help?
Betahistine... Should I give it a shot?
Coughing fits, no sore throat, BLOOD IN PHLEGM?
My palms get very hot sometimes, idk why?
I'm afraid I'll vomit when I'm on a roller coaster!!!?
Is it good that i've actually ( finally ) given up smoking? on day 9 now!?
Passed out during a nosebleed?
My first day without a cigarette and finding it harder than i thought. any tips?
I always wake up early, and cant get back to sleep?
why do i have this craving for sweets?
How am I going to stay awake and make it through four night shifts in a row? I've never even done one!!?
can i go to A&E/hospital for..?
SPOT ON INNER THIGH what do i do?
What options are there in cases of intussusception?
help me with my body??? :/?
I have 4 tiny microscopic black things in my toe which I found out I had when my toe hurt to stand on..?
Dermalogica for dry skin prone to spots?
Bad ankle/foot area please help?
Spots and blackheads!!!?
I sweat a lot all over and its really getting on my nerves.?
Do i wash my skin too much?
Blotchy Ankles Help!?
ive got a tattoo that burns?
is ZENMED good for removing scars ?
my ear is blocked and its so annoying?
What could this be a result of?
Suicidal, taking Champix 4mg, quit smoking 4 weeks ago, quit pot, morphine, gabapentin, df118's, Any Advice pl?
How many types of nurses are there in Ireland?
what should i do with a small blister i have on my finger?
Best way to minimise surgery scars?
sweat problems : is there anything the doctor can do?
If my eyes and surrounding area look awful?
i had my ear stretched up to 3mm and itkeeps getting gunk & i clean it everyday- help?
Why is my skin so oily all of a sudden?
Consequences.. itchy scalp/ flaky -> highlighting/ bleaching it?
My face been red all day except round my eye area Why?
is there any way to remove stretch marks?
Has anyone taken medication to get rid of or dissolve gallstones?
where do toxins or sugar sit in your body ?
councelling material?
Do I have depression?
hi, i have an anxiety problem, i have problems socialising with people and always feel on edge, any else?
hi have any of you used an anti depressant called Efexor?
what is asperger's syndrome?
I have taken a paracetamol overdose....HELP???
what is independence?
Do you feel an actual pain when you cry?
how do you deal with someone who plays mind games. constantly?
Is it depression or anxiety when you feel so lonely at home in the evenings you want to cry, and you think?
A Manic-Depressive?
Help I was raped.. I cant get over it...?
having trouble sleeping?
If u r on income support for a possible but unconfimed mental illness, is it possible?
whats wrong with me, depressed but this is different?
how do i handle an anoying 13 year old cusin?
talking about my illness?
does anyone feel really weird when they are hungover?! as in pyschologically and mentally not just physically?
Why does hash get you paranoid?
Does anyone else feel like they are too sensitive for this world?
is my finger double-jointed?
Bed height why is it important that it's not too low?
what is wrong with me?
Will drinking alcohol and eating affect a vitamin d and allergy blood test?
Why do I feel so dizzy? (other symptoms aswell)?
What could this be and could it lead to something dangerous if not sorted :O?
So tired, what could this be?
How much does rose reshaping cost for the Harley Medical group?
Now just as a lil test if i said do you know what M.E is ?
Could I have prevented my self from getting taller?
Sick and cold at school?
Can I buy the clasps for Ace bandages?
Would surgery be best or are there other options?
hi im getting my brace fitted on monday and some people have told me im not aloud to eat curry is this true?
How has physiotherapy developed?
GIRLS: Rate my looks (1-10)?
Why do i constantly eat?
what could it be if you have pains at the bottom of your stomach?
What area of the body muscle?
What job could i get if i got this qualification?
after applying glycolic acid can i apply vitamin e oil on my face?
Best way to get circulation to your extremeties?
What are the best ear plugs to use to block out sound at night? ?
How long do dermal piercings last ?
What are the best facial care products for shiny or red skin?
i have had CIN3 cells removed from my cervix and now?