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Cirrhosis/Liver disease life expectancy. Please help???
have you ever been on Zyprexa?
i am uneasy to breath. whats the problem and solution?
perscription information?
do i have diabetes? please help?
I am 22, and i depend on fiber supplements to go to the bathrrom, is this bad ? Its scary, what do i do ?
remedy for diabeties?
moodswings side effects of smoking??
Chantix side effects extremely dangerous PLEASE READ?
always tiered,weight loss, always hungry, always thirsty, headaches, shortness of breath, blurred vision?
What is wrong with me?
Question and concerns about Hypothyroidism ?
what kind of problem is this? How can it be treated?
Porcelain braces... can use with soda?
just got retainer , teeth are already shifting!?
Do you think you can rack up a lot of points by answering "see a doctor" to every question in this section?
what to do???????????????
What should i wear when I sleep?
What are the benefits of taking flax seed oil?
Best Way to Explain the Concept of Acupuncture/Meridians to a Scientist?
Giving the flu vaccine to ALL children??????
Why do I get lightheaded?
how dangerous is umbiblical hernias un adults?
What can I do to ease the pain of my ulcer?
Kidney Problems~?
What could cause a sharp pain just in 1 spot in your head when you bend or cough? Not a tumor I pray!?
what is vonwilla brand blood disorder?
what is the role of ACE_I in congestive heart failure?
what is a rightward axis of the heart?
Transposition of the great vessels- who is the musard procedure named after?
How can one improve HDL (The good Cholesterol)?
Anyone with any experience with the Agaricus Blazei mushroom?
Has anyone used the new product Zoriasis for eczema?
help! Server eczema and going to kindergarten.?
I need to lose 25 lbs...?
what is the best WORKOUT you can do?
possible to grow inches after 18?
what vitamin is sunlight?
How can I get rid of the layer of skin on my body, that looks like a snake's skin?
how do you get rid of black heads?
what can i do about acne scars?
My skin is really thin on my left wrist, where I used to cut. Is that normal?
did you know that if you are on medicare and have an insulin pump, medicare will pay for your insulin?
Can insulin make your blood pressure go up?
What're the chances I've diabetes.?
Brain tumor, or disease?
Whats the difference between a sinus cold and a sinus headace or a sinus infection?
Intense stomachaches in the morning?
I just ate a rock? What's going to happen to me??!!?
how long does my mother have? She has end stage liver disease...?
My mom just found out she has growths on her ovaries....?
in the AA promises what do they mean, 'We shall not regret the past..."?
For how long does THC affect your system?
Why is it hard for me to fall asleep?
Does it work on all types of teeth?
Toungue tie please help?
Invisalign or Braces?
what should my undergraduate major be if i want to be dentist?
what are those stinky unchewed rice pieces that come out your throat & how do u get rid of them?
Is there anything that can be done to prevent teeth from growing in crooked?
I went to the ortho. & he said my top teeth don't line up with my bottom teeth. He said I have two options?? ?
Heart Surgery Question?
What do you need for non prescription colored contacts?
I need some information about vitamins?
is it normal to freak out when you don't have your glasses?
I wear freshlook colorblends and...?
heart attack symptoms?
problem with eyes...too much computer?
What was this my heart? Should I be concerned?
My heart rate is very high. I'm only 12?
My weenis is big?? plz help?
A lead warning on my new earphones. Will I get cancer if I use them?
Do anyone know any hospital in the u.s that take pediatric patients.With squamous cell carcinoma,of both lungs?
C.S.Lewis' tobacco use and cancer?
Can chewing gum/eating candy sweetened with xylitol cure oral thrush?
Does Niacin remove marijuana from your system?
How do the homeopaths procure MENSTRUAL blood for their pill Sanguis menstrualis?
Marijuana Joint or Magical Brownie?
besides exercise whats a natural subtle fat burner? i'm only 5 lbs overweight?
my baby have caugh n running nose what should i do. can i let her take shower as long as i have?
what is the cure for alzheimer's disease?
What's the major cause of Retinitis Pigmentosa?
Cystitis help please?
what could this be... it hurts pretty badly?
what are some specific reasons a person would become an alcoholic?
bleedin but only when i pee
how do i get skinny like a model fast without being anorexic or bullimic?
if i did 50 sit ups/ crunches every night will i see a difference?
How many pounds will i loose if i use Zumba everyday twice a day for an hour each?
Have you, as an "alcoholic" tried Rational Recovery and AA? Do you have an opinion on the effectiveness of ..?
what should i do if my love bird bite so that my skin was broken and bleeding?
My thumb toenail is fallin off from oneside nd it was bleeding 4hours ago?..wat can i do?..or wat can happen??
I cant stop coughing?
Is having blood in your mucus a serious thing? What does it mean?
My friend says his lungs feel like they're on fire, like a burning sensation, and his throat is really sore.
does it matter what age you are to get heart disease?
Unstability of blood pressure?
why would ones blood pressure increase and pluse rate drop?
Help my daughter doesn't like food what can I do?
Stiffness of left arm, slightly feeling weird in heart area
Can you have swine flu and not even know it?
What does it mean now that there is a tamiflu resistant H1N1 virus strain?
How do you get the Swine Flu?
What should you eat and what should you not eat if you have gall stones?
I just found out that my mom has multiple sclerosis. Are there any treatments?
Do You Have Or Know Of Someone Who Suffers Chronic Fatigue and/or Frbromalygia?
do i got tourettes?
What is it like to live with muscular dystrophy?
the last 2 days Ibeen very dizzy 1 02 options it can be inner ear or 2 eyeglasses?
I was just recently prescribed Prednisone from my doctor to get rid of these bronchial spasms?
Where is your "special place" to go for peace?
How to get whiter teeth?
Is chewing ice bad for your teeth?
can a tooth hurt ur head?
Can someone give me some advise for my yellow teeth and bad breath?
Hypo calcified teeth?
I was making out with my bf, and 4 of his teeth fell in my mouth?
Important question about my dental work???
When dentists remove peoples Wisdom teeth? Do they usually remove them all at one visit?
what do you do to go green?(Environmentally conscious)?
Eye Problem, What Should I Do?
where is the problem if you have a loss of color vision? in the eye or in the brain?
Eye Injury from a bad contact?
Drinking pineapple juice to cure KIDNEY STONES? Does this work?
Anyone take Melatonin for Sleep Issues?
Can you overdose on..?
Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplements - do they work?
Approximately how many calories do you lose when you sleep?
which is better to eat before you excercise or excercise before you eat?
what can I do to curb my hunger after a run?
how are we expected to lose weight if we have to burn 3500 calories to lose a pound?
lose weight?
im 650 pounds any ways i can lose sum weight?
what kind of workouts burn few calories but still build muscles?
I Had a Bad Acne breakout!?
I stink terribly under my armpits. doctor said to buy "certain dri"?
What is Happening to my cusin? 10 points)?
acid reflux?
My tongue is sore as if it's been scalded although it hasn't been! It's very sensitive to most everything!
Help me? This disease is ruining my life?!?
What over the counter sinus meds can you take with mitro valve prolapse?
What does Mitral valve regurgitation I / III mean?( 2 D Echo)?
What is the diagnosis code J18.89 stand for?
How do the kidney and vascular diseases contribute to hypertension?
Type one diabetes?
what is type 1 diabetes cuz my boyfriend has it nd i dont know what is it?
I take methotrexate for the treatment of arthritis. It seems to be making my hair fall out?
feeling "disconnected" during a panic attack?
Can HIV/AIDS be passed on through Mosquitoes?
can CMV be transfered through food? will the person infected with CMV be contagious for the rest of his life?
Can kids under the Autism spectrum be covered under Social security disability?
is it painful to die of liver failure?
How do I know if I have a parasitic worm in me? ?
circle lenses help!?!?
Do You See The Same Thing..With Two eyes Open and Then Just One Closed?
My opthamologist has prescribed the following?
Goin to the eye doc tomorrow! :D Got some questions, thanks! ...?
Can tooth grinding @ night cause ulcers in your cheeks and headaches?
difference from a voluntary muscle,& heart muscle?
life style of a cardiologist?
High blood pressure or white coat syndrome?
Beta blockers and ephradine?
Does Dr. Robert Jarvik have an ego problem for inventing the artificial heart?
How effective is contraception?
anyone successfully OFF meds for bipolr,scz,or other mental disorder? how?
What is the best option for using an alternative to a fresh herb?
natural cure for muscle dystonia?
I have a Reiki business and looking for another service to go with it.?
how can I reduce effects of drinking alcohol ?? tell me some Ayurveda medicines to control it??
Natural remedies for excessive worry/anxiety and depression?
I have a sore throat and everytime I cough, I get alot of chest pain and a runny nose. Anyone know what it is?
Sudafed + Beconase + anti-histamine?
My right ear gets clogged about daily for about 7 - 10 hours...help!!!?
I am allergic to lisinopril and atenolol my tounge swelled up i feel the dr is cofused what to give me help?
kinda confused?
A.D.D. and A.D.H.D only people with it or who have children with the disorder please...?
Hypothyroidism or low electrolytes?
My ear will sometimes shut off and hum. what is this?
is it safe to take 50 m of seroquel and 1m of klonopin?
what will happen if i take 60mg of adderall?
im concrnd bout my uneven busts.im 19 n concrnd bout cancer.can any1 hlp.?
with tongue cancer is there just one affected area?
How can I verify information on mesothelioma?
What is the difference between thyroid disease and thyroid cancer?
Can men donate facial hair for cancer victims?
Blocked ear, an suggestions!?
Scoliosis treatment options?
My boyfriend will NOT wake up in the mornings! What do I do?
Anyone in the medical field ever heard of this?
What does dying feel like?
acne inheretance question!?
twitching in my left eye?
Hazel Eyes Change Color?
Tpe II diabetic, taking oral meds. Blood Glocose levels range daily from 317-389 ...last night 4 hours?
How many carbohydrates are there in a Kebab?
Why did I almost pass out?
My readings been really high today.?
What are some good recipes for diabetics?
can anyone tell me what the blood sugar level should be for children 10-14yrs old?
My first shroom trip..?
Does taking a vitamin supplement give high energy? Why or why not.?
Does the company JBNI Biodrux actually exist?
My Mom says her legs hurt and are getting worse.?
Mixing Supplements with Prescription?
Have u heard of the Silva Method.....?
"A mini stroke after a heart cath... with no tests coming back abnormal???? Help me understand!"?
What medical problem is this?
Weird medical question?
If I dont take my iron pills ( I have anemia) will I get worse?
Medical Term Question?
help me please iam sick please read detail below ?
hyperactive thyroid questions?
Any treatmenst for this syndrom?
What foods have pineapple in them?
why when your feet get cold do they take ages to heat up?
is little sleep bad for you?
Is red wine good for your heart?
Since 1900, Cardio Vascular Disease has been the number 1 killer in the United States for every year but 1918.
what is cardiomegaly and is that serious?
just want to know if cardiomyopathy is still curable?
Prominent Diseases and Disorders?
i have a big problem.?
Are there any ways to naturally break up a kidney stone?
Permanent brain damage from alcohol.?
Hi! I stopped taking Chondroitin/Glucosamine 3 weeks ago and feel like shyte now . . . ?
got bite by my cat on my hand on toip of hand by the thumba nd under by the thumb its swollen and painful?
What are some causes for lower back throbbing?
Does somebody have a good advice for migraine when pills do not work.?
Why is my Body Twitching?
i need eye exam! i dont know where to go?
what happens if you stretch a contact lens?
how much does lasik eye surgery costs from lasikplus?
Will you be the guinea pig for the swine flu vaccine?
Zombie outbreak or virus?
I had 2 sips of gatorade that i know had food poisoning in it, what are the chances i will get it?
The Swine flu the beginning of 2012?
How to get rid of a bad cold quickly?
after you have the flu?
Are you getting the swine flu vaccine and why or why not?
Can you use acidophilus for an ear infection?
Can someone tell me what the dosage or daily usage for a homeopathic remedy is?
whats the best remedy for a hangover?
Almost a re-ask, but getting desperate, any alternative therapies for this?
i need to know what herbs do what and not just the basic ones?
What were the alternative options?
Can't stop binge eating? HELP PLEASE!!?
wut is the fastest way to get a six pack??
Is is customary to have to pay a Co-payment for Nurse blood pressure checks?
I need info about negative effects of high doses of anabolic steroids on the heart and lungs. Thanks!?
i want a scintific presentation ( power point ) for bisoprolol or lisinopril thanx?
rib pain, lump in the throat, acid reflux,?
Want to know what has helped my fibromyalgia?
When you're in a coma, how do people feed you? Do they brush your teeth, cut your hair, nails, etc?
What helps reduce dizziness as a side effect of antibiotics?
i am fifteen and my both ears singing since am eleven . tinnitus. help?
My head feel drowsy and tired, my body feels cold, and my throat hurts what could I have?
Kidney and Liver Failure?
Went to the Dr today and She wanted to admit me to the hospital....?
How long can a person go without their pump before they make ketones?
Should glucose meter commercials get for real and show a reading of 200+ every now and then?
What are the symptoms for being a diabetic?
Is the Atkins Diet Like Being on a Diabetics Diet --?
What can I expect from an endocrinologist appointment?
does canary seed milk helps loose weight and cures diabetes?
Should i get a check up?
How do I get admitted to the hospital?
what is a chain smoker?
i am looking for a receipe containing garlic that helps stop chronic dry coughing.?
My son is 3 and has had croupe and has asthma he has a severe cough. How can I releive his cough?
shady dentist?
Transparencies in teeth?
biting inside of mouth question?
Teeth question?
is it dangerous for my teeth?
I'm looking for a reasonable dentist in the Texarkana Tx /Ar area?
How long after you quit smoking does the "bi*chiness" go away?
See an attorney or get a 2nd opinion from MD after hand surgery?
my 15-year-old brother has juvenial arthritis, can he still become a S.E.A.L.?
Swine Flu virus vaccine?
Do doctors really come to your house to see what's making you sick if your in the hospital?
What does this sound like?
How to tell you DONT have swine flu?
My Grandma was exposed to Swine flu... (or should i say h1n1 virus)?
When will the swine flu hype be over? And is it REALLY that bad?
Do you think I could have swine flu?
Who is afraid of the bird flu disease that is being predicted to kill millions before a cure?
does anyone know of a website that explains kidney function and?
I think I have an ulcer. What should I do?
Crohns Disease any advise?
Is threr a way to prevent Zellweger Syndrome?
Locking Jaw?
Eyes tired from reading notes from the computer and books?
Stye, been given eye drops?
Is it possible to improve eyesight?
I AM doing a lasik surgery ! i am terribly frightened !?
Best cure for a cold?
Ambien dosage and tramadol?
I am about to purchase Biotin supplements and I am wondering whether to buy 250 or 1000 mcg.?
Ritalin or adderall? (ten points best)?
Does herbal smoke have the same effects as marijuana?
weight loss tips? (sum1 who has actually lost weight)?
How do you deal with being called fat by peers?
I'm in 7th grade and I want to lose weight... What are some good ways?
chewing and spitting out food make you fat.?
my hips are huge and my legs are very fat too so what should i do for that?
How Do You Handle Hear Problems If You Are Snowed In?
what is rhumatic heary disease?will it come to a60 year old lady?
loosing 25kg (60 pounds ) in 9 months brings heart problems?
how is gluten related to heart disease?
discribe the cardiac cycle and how it would be affected by a myocardiacinfraction?
ear fluid buildup?
Why do people call anorexia and alcoholism a disease? Cancer is a disease. Eat more or drink less.?
Rh status and allergies/autoimune diseases? Only answer if you know you're Rh+ or Rh -!?
Can't get full deep breaths?
can cinnamon cure gum disease?
im only 17 and i think i have a brain tumor i get sore heads sore eyes n i get?
can any one give suitable points for me on the topic "are we resposible for ou r haelth and illness"
stomach problems?
Has anyone here ever been diagnosed with Optic Neuritis?
extreme loss of apatite, nausea, help!
When shall we take post postprandial blood sugar test? after having beak fast or after hanving lunch?
ceramic or metal braces?
Jaw Popping ?
How to find a good dental plan?
Question about dentures- in a young adult?
wisdom teeth....?
Opinions on Lumineers?
Does anyone have experience with a chlld with Hereditary Angioedema?
Its almost swimsuit season and i want to get sum abs how to i get them FAST?
how do i get my stomach flat?
Why do they say that you should'nt eat after 8pm or so?
Could I be overdoing it on the treadmill?
Do you think I'm going blind?
Will I get a medical discharge from the marine corps if I'm partially blind in one eye?
how do you cure blurred vision and why do my eyes hurt?
If my glasses give me headaches, can I go back and get new ones?
Can anyone help me on contact lens? about saline and the multi purpose solution?
Why do my eyes burn from looking people in the eye?
Does the computer increase eye pressure?
Heart Problems and Hunger?
What whole food supplement do you recommend taking?
Should I up the dosage of adderall 10mg to 20mg?
please! what are ways i can swallow pills?
I keep getting a weird feeling.?
how does too much sleep make you tired?
How to sleep?
my friend got hit in the eye by a weed and now has a big water pocket on the side of his eye is he ok?
Lower right side back/hip pain??
Why do i get sick when i sleep with a fan on me?
Sore throat (so bad) please help!?
Tingling and numb hands and feet?
My girlfriend has been sick lately and very tired?
What is this on my foot?
I believe heart disease is basically "chronic scurvey". What do you think?
What is meant by "EF=60%" (part of an echo-cardiogram test)?
how does it feel after a cardiac bypass surgery?
Why is a patient kept awake during Angioplasty?
when am i supposed to get veneers?
Dentists? Please answer!?
2 yr old with black spots on tongue and ulcers in mouth?
Has anyone ever tried those teeth whitening booths at the mall...?
do I need eye glasses?
Where can I get contacts without a prescription?
I think my wife poked me in the eye last night?
I hate my eye color...?
I just got my NEW EYE GLASSES today I can see things up close perfect but, objects are blurry far away........
I have a yellow lining in my eyes what is it?
Whats the difference between a viral infection and a bacterial infection?
flu shot adverse reaction....?
Is Obama correct to declare swine flu a national emergency?
Will Scientists and the World find the facts that Swine Flu is Germ Warfare.?
all my m8s are doing cocain and im thinking about doing it but i could die cud i have sum advice?
if my youngest daughter might have swine flu should my oldest daughter stay home?
what is the best cure for a tickly cough?
Can Bronchitis turn into Pnemonia?
Pre-Asthma is the name. Any "home-made'' remedy? Any Suggetions ?
shortness of breath while walking?
How to cease this snoring??
I need to loose 2 inches in my hips. how can I do this?
as someone with a mentall illness wot is the nuttiest thing u have done?
Is there a cure for diabetes?
how often should you check you blood sugar?
What is high blood pressure for a 4 yr. old girl who is very active? PLZ HELP?
what one means by borderline t wave abnormalities in ecd?
What is the meaning of a abnormal electrical conduction in your heart?
Does a root canal hurt alot?
problem in opening mouth because i was use tabaco & pauch please give any suggetion?
Another question about me gettingmy braces 2morrow?
What do you think non conventional medicine is?
are there any medical ways ie. taking supplements or homeopathic medicine to reduce Mens body hair?
Sundown Naturals Acai, is it weight loss pills?
How do I get rid of my inner thighs?(10 pts best answer)
How many days out of the week do you go to the gym or workout, and for how long?
how can i work my lower abs??
Is there anyone out there who has lost a lot of weight?
How much weight could I lose in 7 months?
can you eat too much fiber? and if so, is it bad?
My Blood pressure is 112over90 why?
How do I recieve free Plavix?
After Angipolasty-discomforts?
Calcified bicuspid aortic valve?
what are the health factors on Congential heart defect?
laides: what can u do to stop horrible cramps?????
I have been eating raw garlic for a month now (1 clove a day), could this be the reason?
My contact lens prescription..? Same as glasses?
Can I wear my old and new glasses?
What would you do when you find out your dentist is working in your mouth without gloves?
Are Cavities Real?
How long after having an anesthetic in your gum should you wait before consuming alcohol?
is it supposed to hurt. . . .?
How does the orthodontist take photos of your mouth?
Sore in my mouth??
Can you get cavities in your dentures from using too much artificial sweetner?
After brushing my teeth are white...then they turn yellow..WHY?
fancy mouse has an earache?
How else can I use Pure Sea Salts ?
Does marijuana have a lethal dose?
Are you a medical marijuana patient/grower? I need your help!?
apple cider vinegar tablets?
whats the best thing to relieve heartburns?
is their a test on the web Bcat 5 Test Critical Care Testing?
what causes sever pain in arm while taking blood pressure?
How do you reduce triglyceride number?
How long does it take for a blood clot to form during paroxysmal atrial fibrillation?
symptoms and effects of swine flu?
help i have a bruise under my eye?
Do you need to apply sunscreen even if you never ever get sunburned?
Pictures on monday and I have a HUGE zit! Help?
how do i break my addiction to chapstick?
Type 1 diabetics only please!!!?
pharmacuetical human insulin regulator?
Which organ has absoulte requirement for blood glucose?
Swollowing liquids down the wrong tube?
i need to keep my hand pressed on the middle of my chest?
Question about contacts and eye redness. 10 pts for best advice.?
strabismus, amblyopia and astigmatism in my left eye?
how i determine blood pressure by counting heart rate/pulse bpm?
Plz help me out with thos coronary tamponode condition!The coditions keep gettin worse day by day.Can u help?
LDL cholestrol of 48 indicates what?
Quadruple Bypass? More questions.?
gallbladder/gallstones flushes...should I? Are they safe?
What can help with inner ear problems and equilibrium?
How Do You Feel After You Smoke :D?
Herbal Remedy For OCD?
Why did my doctor prescribe me Flonase for my cough?
Experienced weed smokers please... question about a drug test?
what is the best way to treat pinworms without going to the doc?
I would like to know,why these germ killing company's can only kill 99.99% ?
Do I need a Vaccination against Hepatitis B?
My dad is a stubborn diabetic?
what is the management of diabetes ketoacidosis?
Help! i sleep 2 hrs a day?
Afraid of the dark; must listen to music to fall asleep - solution?
I always sleep with something between my legs.?
How do you cure the flu?
Has anyone ever tried Zrii?
why do some sea fishes make us alergic or itchy?
In the Last couple of years I have become allergic to eye makeup.?
I have this awful burn on my chin from making out and I'm not sure what to put on it.?
Herbal recommendations for regulating a women's cycles?
I have a bad chest cold, what are some natural ways to deal with it?
Can to much or to little or vitamin D cause nausea?
My wings are turning black? (black spots)?
can too much vitamins make one tired?
What are the health benefits of spirulina,and are there different types?
Stings near my inner left ankle after acupuncture?
cardiovascular heart failure?
Does anyone else find that Lipitor guy creepy?
How long does it take for patient to recover fully after coronary artery bypass surgery?
health questions?
i ve been taking laix for my adema for abo0ut a year now and it no longer works what do i do?
clinical manifestation of hypertension?
what is autism?
Anyone get acid reflux when taking Topamax?
Really dry skin on my face?
Why is my right arm always numb?
How long after you smoke a cigar or ciggarette does it show up on mouth swabs?
Could I have mono.......?
Does anyone have info about this disease: Clostridium difficile colitis?
I have swine flu...how long did it last for anyone who had it, or how can I speed up recovery?
My eye is very red and puffy and sore to touch with lots of eye gunk coming out of it. I woke up like this?
I want contacts, but dont know anything about them...help!?!?
Is it bad to get vaseline in your eyes?
home rememdies for ADHD?
SOS Natural anti anxiety remedies SOS?
getting a new bed, do firm mattresses always work for those of us with back pain?
Why would I get a headache the same time every day?
My neck hurts soooo much when i turn my head to the left?
I had undergone Apisectomy thrice but still I'm feeling pain in the tooth.?
How much does it cost to have one adult tooth pulled with aneshetic?
how long before i can get a new bridge in my mouth?
Braces help quick please?!?
Does any one know about Premature arterial contractions? My son has been diagnosed with this.?
what are the dangers of nitrates?
How bad is my cholesterol for my age?
how can we relate the blood flow and the blood pressure?
My daughter was born with Hypoplastic left heart syndrome on January 15,2007 she survived only 8 days.?
How can I get used to a new sleeping position?
Feeling really tired this week, has it got anything to do with bodyclock and less daylight hours?
I just stepped on something and it stung me, and it itches really bad, how should i relive it?
Sudden blurry line in vision?
Are you type II diabetic ?
i just got my stitches two days ago, is it o.k. to put neosporin on them?
What lifestyle changes have you made that have improved your health (mental and physical)?
Knock-Knock.... It's Charlie Horse!?
Why do our eyes get teary when we handle onions?..?
human sense?
What are some good ways to take back control of you're life...? (serious answers only please.)?
Does acupuncture release negative emotions?
Can i take 3 ibuprofens?
What are the health effects of eating marijuana?
what natural supplement can i take for this?
Is it true that cranberry juice can take weed out of your system?
Why do many people equate natural with safe?
Whats the best way to take vitamin D supplements? and which ones?
My boyfriend is addicted to adderall and call of duty!!!?
how do i get nicotine out of my system?
why doe we have finger/toe nails?
ingredients in h1n1 vaccine?
are you worried about the swine flu?
Food Poisoning.?
Questions about the disease Yaws?
how many diseases can our immune system fight ?
Am I the only one who thinks that the stress of knowing you had HIV would make you sicker?
tuberculosis linked to San Francisco clubs?
i have 3 wisdom teeth busted off under the gum line i have a severe tooth ache how can i relieve it?
How long do you have to wear a retainer after you get your braces off?
invisaligns or braces????
I think I have lockjaw because of my wisdom teeth coming in. What can I do?
Wisdom teeth...?
chiropractor to fix deteriating disks?
can anybody help me up with hand and elbow pain?
Sharp pain on the bottom of my foot?
Friend cuts self, drinks, and is only 12?
The Diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder: What Does It Really Mean?
How do you cure pink eye?
might i have diabetes?
What food and fruits can help reduce LDL Cholesterol?
what are the new guidelines on cpr?
whats the best food you can eat when you have heart disease?
Is there anything I can do to improve my eye vision?
Is it bad for your eyes to wear glasses too much?
Does anyone know of an alternative way of getting rid of floaters in the eye?
Wheat grass raw vs. Wheat grass juice? More wheat grass questions?
is it scientifically possible to...?
in taking vitamin c do we really also take vitamin e?
cranberry juice and an infection?
Natural cures for PMDD?
K2 summit herbal incense?
Can't Sleep From Scoliosis Pain...?
Does it hurt when you try to stick your tongue out as far as you can?
anyone help please help meh?
I have this weird cramp...?
i burned my finger?
poked by used inciline needle?
can u get a mosquito high?
what is cardiovascular accident?
he is 61 yrs old and went in the hospital for fluid over flow , i think its around his heart? can you tell me?
help ugeant!!!!!?
My eyes are swollen and sensitive to light, what can it be?
My son has been sick for months now.. could it be allergies?
Could I have a spearmint gum allergy?
Which brand of disposible contacts last the longest?
What is a natural mood swing remedy?
What are some ways to boost my immune system?
Do homeopathic remedies work for anxiety?
what is a natural remedy for lip cold sore
I am taking 500mg of Metformin twice a day and i dont know what type of diabetes I have is that two much?
What's the difference between a rub down and a massage?
How long does it take to get return to normal after building up a tolerance to Hydrocodone?
What can you do for a splitting headache that Motrin and Tylenol won't even touch?
I have this really painful sore on my leg, I have pic can anyone look and tell me what it could be?
do children have growing pains in their chest?
Has anyone ever taken the prescrption drug called Chantix to quit smoking?
caffiene and anxiety?
how do you care for a patient with a trach?
Is it true that mildew can cause respiratory problems?
Second hand smoke is more harmful than most people think..?
anybody who has dentures..I ask are you happy with them?
Would it hurt to take out your retainer for one night?
what will tooth decay lead to.?
who thought of the hawley retainer and who invented it?
What can I do now, I have braces and....?
Do whitening strips weaken toung teeth?
can taking a bath or brushing your teeth with bleach be helpful?
How long until your braces start to move your teeth?
would green and black go together for the bands on my braces?
what is indeterminate axis on an EKG?
what is atrial septal aneurysm?
What are the symptoms of a heart attack in females?
i have pad in both legs, again, help?
What does it feel like when you have a stress test done?
What are the symptoms of H1n1?
recurring throat infection?
Have you heard of interstitial cystitis?
Bacterial Vaginosis/Birth Control?!?
what is the cure for strep throat?
i'm nervous to take a shower because the cut on my wrist will sting, any suggestions on wrapping it?
Is this a spider bite ?
i have just taken a thorn out of my palm?
Um, ingrown toenail??? Help?!!!????!!?
lemon juice on whiteheads????
How can i get a zit thats been around for like 3 months to go away!!!!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!?
Itchy red hands at the mall....?
How can you increase collagen growth to prevent wrinkles?
what happens if i leave my contacts in too long?
Dodgeball to the eye 2 days in a row?
Can I wear non-prescribed colored contacts even though I have 20/20 vision?
URGENT plzzzzzzz help!!!!!!!?
what is the best medicine for hyperthyroidism?
who is the st of healing?
Pre-grad school related work for alternative medicine? Ideas?
how do I relieve toothache pain?
Calling All Juicing Aficionado's, Experts and Enthusiasts...?
emergency...how can i stop biting my nails right away!! my nails need to grow fast!!?
when would a doctor not perform coronary angioplasty on a patient ?
does anyone out there know anything about balloon valvotomy?
Lower your Blood Pressure and Cholesterol.?
Can a pacemaker be put in the lower abdomen or side?
what are the long term problems with repolerizaton of the heart.?
My heel hurts. Been doing a lot of running lately and my heel has started to hurt. Any idea what it is?
I always hunch when I'm sitting how do I fix this?
My dr. recently said i may have fibromyalgia does anyone know what this is?
is there anyway to close a small gap between bottom teeth without braces?
can you color your tongue with crayola markers without sick/dying?
Tooth Sensitive To Cold Drinks?
How do dentists remove wisdom teeth that are partially grown out? Do they put you to sleep?
How long does it take to get braces?
soft foods to eat while braces are adjusting?
Why do my eyes feel irritated AFTER I wear my contacts?
my sons eye won't stop watering?
How Much do monthly contacts cost?
sore throat.?
what muscle relaxer is better robaxin or flexrial?
e cigarette in missouri?
I take 800 I.U. of vitamin E daily?
How old do you have to be to purchase a hookah and the herbal soex stuff?
What does a kinesiologist do and how can they help you?
Any one else have a fear of vomiting?
Get rid of eye stye ?
asian orange disease?
what could be the main cause of dizziness and fatigue in young adults ?
How can you treat Left Bundle Branch Block?
Aldosterone's effects on the heart and aorta?
What are triglycerides and do I need to lower mine? How could I lower them?
Doctors and Nurses Please Advise?Im Scared And Don't Know What To Do? Please Help?
Where would i go to see if i have ADHD?
What relationship exists between cardiovascular diseases and the circulatory system?
how could living at high altitudes affect breathing rates?
My moms' x-ray says that she has an enlarged heart. Is this dangerous. if so how bad????
what is waxing? How do you do it?
Help! Why am I getting these red dots under my eyes!? My mom thinks they're broken blood vessels.?
What vitamins clear acne the best?
mom wont take me to the doctor for bad sunburn?
How is toothpaste made?
After 9 years of not wearing my Orthodontic Retainer my teeth are shifting...help!?
Does Familial Hypercholesterolemia always require medication?
can urinary tract infection cause atrial fribillation?
what does a hangover feel like?
how can cayenne pepper be used in first aid?
What does astigmatism mean and is it harmful?
I put my contacts in and now my upper right eyelid is swollen?
How do you treat house hold burns?
If you go to the ER and can't pay, who picks up the bill?
itchy, spotty scalp?
Can someone tell me the answer, medical prof. or cancer patients...?
does anyone know of a product that will keep insulin at the correct temp when travelin by motorcycle? ?
I read a report that sleep Apnea can cause diabetes. Anyone else know of any sites which say the same?
Question about stem cell research...have they thought of...?
how do I get ahold of my diabitties?
Why does the skin under my nails keep ripping away from the nail?
dental problem. help? (bite issue)?
If you have dentures, was it easy to adjust from your real teeth to a denture?
What will happen at my dentist appointment?
have u ever tried camel milk, is it true that it heals diseases?
is mad cow disease a virus or a bacteria?
What's the point of taking flu medicine?
Why do you think the government is making such a big deal out of swine flu?Do you think there is more to it?
What causes Urinary Tract Infections?
im very very very cold?what should i do?
Is coughing up blood serious?
how long can a person be sedated?
Is Swine Flu going away?
Why does my boyfriend never text me?
I think my girlfriend is bipolar, she cuts herself and says it's because of me. Please help.?
What should i expect from my first therapy session?
Is there a natural approach to depression/bipolar aside from anti-depressants and mood stabilizers?
What are Supraventricular events?
what is posterobasal akinesia?
Is ringing in the ears related to a bad heart valve? I heard the ringing stopped after heart valve surgery.?
Why is my Heart Rate high and my blood pressure normal? It stays at 91-123.?
My son in law had a stress test done on a treadmill and his blood pressure ?
for those with herpes and haven't had an outbreak, how u do it?
Expired contact lenses?
is it hard to wear contact lenses?
A little blind in one of my eyes?
Question about saline solution for soft contacts?
Can you put "daily" contact lenses in a cleaning solution? (See details)?
What is the main difference between a respiratory and lung disease?
Does high blood pressure have anything to do with loss of breath?
What do you do when you can't fall asleep?
Why shouldn't I drink?
Food portions?
omg i have homecoming in 2 days and i have a cold?
Can you safely be around someone who tested positive for mrsa?
How does chiropractic therapy increase blood circulation in the body?
What natural medications should I be taking every day?
how can i make a homemade pipe for salvia divinorum?
what is best to detox marijuana.?
I am looking for this specific person name Rohina Schuck Hayudini she is recently working in al-rahba hospital
Am I having a Panic Attack?
Triglycerides question?
i have chest pain and some sort of chest tightness?
had sonagram done foound 2 spots on fetus heart, what are chances of having a Downs syndrom baby?
Dad passed away suddenly on Nov 4,2007, I need help in finding an answer of what could have happened?
Seems like i Can't Qiut Smoking what do i do!!!?
what is the differance between diabetic melitis type 1 and diabetic melitis typr 2?
If you have diabetes that is not under control,which is better to have bypass or stints?
having diabetes can i take doxycycline?
Why is the space under my earlobes red, cracked and painful?
after having changed earrings??/?
Whats a good home remedy for keeping feet soft and smooth?
Remove blackheads?
i have eczema.. please help!?
Is there an underarm deodorant that does not cause itching?
Mypal has AIDS but she said she wants to effect others.....?
i want to sart fingering?
Is it true that you can get HIV AIDS from mosquitoes?
Do you yawn in your sleep?
do you really think, that hypnosis is useful to cure our medical problems ? thanks..SANAT.?
Why do I pee so much?
i sleep alot and im still always tired?
Pain in my side every time I excercise?
High eye prescription, need contacts?
where can i buy colored contacts that wont effect my vision? Just ones that change my eye color thank you :)?
how low can blood pressure go before it gets dangerous?
some one out there with a heart help metell me if this sounds like a heat condition?
I have chest pain, it feels like something is bad, what might be wrong?
How do you keep from feeling faint at the sight of blood?
how does aids take over the white blood cells?
what are signs of a mental/nervous breakdown?
Does this make me one of those creepy people?
Why would someone take COQ10?
smoking tea bags? how?
I want to strain herbs, can I use something other than a cheesecloth?
has anyone ever had a urinary catheter?
how long does the HIV strain stay alive and deadly on a needle at room temperature?
am i supposed to believe?
I've caught Mononucleosis, but I don't feel weak or tired?
plz help me this doesnt feel right?
Is this bulimia? PLEASE HELP! URGENT!?
Does it hurt?? What is it???? Why do I need it?
can you purchase dental insurance?
Why are my teeth a little clear at the bottom?
How do you tell if you have a latex allergy?
help? i got a cold, nose is clogged. cant sleep?
Sometimes, I get all shaky.?
when you do shrooms how long do they saty in ur systrem for and what do they show up as?
How do I throw up (Im not bulimic, i have a weak stomach system and sometimes it doesnt fully digest food.?
Should my feet be falling asleep 20 times a day?
Is going to bed late worse than going to bed early even if you get the same amount of hours sleep?
I'm having a thirst problem. I get thirsty sometimes, and the problem doesn't go away until I drink. Help?
When checking labels on food what is a good # of sugars ?
How can i tell if i am insulin resistent?
Is it possible to get a headache from thinking to much?
Why is Pepto-Bismol Pink?
What's it like to do shrooms?
Has anyone ever used Homeopathic Remedies to change the constitution of a clingy toddler?
contact lens or glass (i mean simple eye glass )?
How to induce the OBE (out of body experience)?
please what do i do to grow taller?
What does it feel like when you orgasm and what happens?
How long does alcohol stay in hair follicles for testing?
If you go to sleep listening to music on the radio every night, will that affect you in any way?
whats your favorite season?
smoking weed ?help please?
How can I get into the habit of sleeping early?
Graft failure after bypass surgery?
what is anemic.?
I have a loose permanent tooth?
What is the estimated cost of dental care without dental insurance?
Natural ways to whiten your teeth?
What do you guys think of all the teeth pictures on yahoo advertising lately?
What toothpaste whitens teeth the fastest and most effectively?
How soon after exposure to type 2 herpes are you able to transmit it to someone else?
Do you think I will get HIV?
What does Epstein-Barr virus look like?
What can I catch from Woman by kissing them or sharing something with them?
I have chronic autoimmune hepatitis I was wondering if I would be able to drink alcohol?
do I have h1n1(swine flu)?
what are three asian countries affected by cholera?
I've cheated on my imaginary boyfriend,what should i do now?
I need to know about Emotional Companion Dogs.?
Why do i mix/combine words?
Ive been diagnosed with depression, anxiety and mild insomina why dont medication make me feel better?!?
help little red dots on my skin?
Pool Bromine reaction?
What can I put on my tongue to cure a cut?
I burned my lip on a Lean Pocket, and now there is a HUGE blister on my bottom lip?
Can I put anything on my skin to get a tick off of me? The head broke off and is stuck in there.?
long term effects of snake bite piercings?
Do you have a long fingers?
i need to get THC out of my system by Monday, april 6th how do i do it?
Why Can't I Sleep Like I Use To?
Why should fast food be banned?
Sudden chest/heart pain, lump on left abdomen, high blood pressure, and 16 y/o, what could be wrong with me??
i have to wear a heart monitor for 24hr's what doe's it check for.?
Tetralogy of Fallot- heart valve replacement is necessary?
is LDL stronger than HDL?
can a person be denied employment in a war zone if they test positive for hiv?
When a person is newly infected with HIV , when do they begin treatment?
How can you get rid of tobacco stains off teeth,...?
Why are right-wingers more likely to naysay alternative medicine?
I don't think Wellbutrin is working for me PLEASE HELP?
Can sleeping with your i-pod next to you cause cancer?
I'm thinking of donating blood this thursday, what should I be eating the days before?
How can I make myself fall asleep?
Can health insurance companies release health info to doctors?
Where can I get a good unbiased overview of the new proposed health plan?
Is this a mild case of insomnia?
blood pressure?
Heart transplant question?
I have angular cheitisis. is it really because of hiv?
How did HIV/AIDS start?
Why isn't my lysol getting rid of my herpes?
Will a girl/women get offended if i ask her if shes clean of STDs before i go in?
How can I get in touch with myself and what I want?
I don't like going out in public it's really bad?
Any ideas for dealing with a "bad day"?
how can you remove corns from your toes?
why do you get moles on your body ?
If you hold in your urine too long, can your bladder burst and cause death?
Feed a cold, starve a fever? Is that how it goes? My client has a cold...how do I help?
how do u get rid of the horrible retainer taste?
Does getting your braces removed hurt? PLEASE HELP!!!?
When should my child lose his first four teeth (the top two front and the bottom two front)?
how much does a pharmacists make a year?
can a naturopath help with depression??
If you combine Valerian and Lexapro (SSRI) are there any adverse interactions?
How do you survive a so called killer heatwave?
Any home remedies for...?
Can someone give 'recipe' for a liver or a gall bladder cleanse please?
Is it a bad move to become a neurosurgeon considering the new health care plan?
How did you manage to quit smoking?
What is the pain i have underneath my left breast?
how can you avoid an anirisom I don't know if I am spelling this right but it's when a blood clog erupts i
What are some of your experiences with your cholesterol level?
Is it normal to feel your feel your heart beating in your chest 24/7?
heart beat..helpppppppppp?
What is the social effect on a person with AIDS?
Hey,OK please no criticism, i just got contacts & just want to know why they move from side to side? holla?
where can i buy the contacts inserter & remover thing????
Are wearing glasses all the time bad for you?
well orange juice with pulp help u get over allergies?
Will my sense of smell come back after using nasonex?
If my lip is having a reaction due to the type of metal my piercing is, what should I do?
What can you do around your house to help with allergies?
can a person that was a boarder line diabetic 12 years ago be a kidney donor?
am i overweighted?
can i take lasix if i'm on ativan?
How long can a person live with HPV?
Is it good to sleep on the floor?
How does a pacemaker stay charged?
i had an ALJ hearing the job placement guy said i am considered unemployable. Will i be approved?
why can't i feel his heart-beating?
Nursing Home part 3?
What does apple cider vinegar tablets do for you health wise?
I took 300mg of DXM about an hour ago and don't feel much, I'm definitely not tripping. Should I take more?
is bipolar linked to any hormonal problem example high testosterone?
Does acupuncture help with Piriformis syndrome?
How many aspirin is an overdose?
"Morning breath" if I go a few hours without food?
Please could any one help with this question on HIV/AIDS?
chlamydia....for how long???
Help with my stitches?
what can i do for a ear infection?
How do I know if my ear piercing is infected?
Puncture Wound...what should I do?
I have an ingrown toenail...but my wedding is in 6 days so I can't get it taken off!!!?
Hi question about an overbite?
Is it ok to get braces when you have only one baby tooth left????
Should you avoid chewy foods when you have fillings?
is it a heart thing or a panic thing?
What happened to the generic for Plavix, Clopidogrel?
What is a vinous dolpher?
Is there any connection between having a low EF and experiencing ED?
are eye floaters normal?
I need an optomitrist help?
Anyone prescribed Adderall?
Do any other guys put their hand in their?
what are the foods to eat that help with depression?
What is the US doing to help people with Autism?
How long does depression usually last?
Did they really find a cure for HIV?
I saw a valtrex commercial that said 1 in 5 people have the herpes, is that true?
has anyone heard of the do it at home aids test?
Could someone explain how low hydrochloric acid stomach acid causes heartburn?
is there a cure for severe case of Atherosclerosis in ayurvedic treatment?
how to get into holistic nutrition counseling without going through a hokey sounding online school?
how do i tell my friend im a wizard?
Klonopin VS Ativan??
WORST SORE THROAT EVER! D: i need help now please!!?
How can a person get Hepatitis C? How is it caught and what exactly is it?
Why can't you get a Flu shot when have a cold?
i just got done kissing a girl who has kissed 10+ guys. Im worried i have mono.?
can you die from vei breakage?
weird question but if you had tons of blood tests and seen a dr about 7 times in the past 6 months would they?
Maryland Bridge- HELP ASAP!!!
If teeth are stained, will brushing and flossing more than twice a day help remove the stains?
sugar addict :(?
eye bag or mark under my eyes?
do color contacts change your eye color this girl's eye cooler change freaky?
Can some one receive sores?
How do I get my self to sleep in later?
what can you use to treat posion ivy? It has to be all natural.?
is it bad to do this?
does ambien go in the meatus?
what is the best cure for a headache?
My tailbone hurts whenever I sit down?
Is tramadol 50 mgs as strong as ultram 50 mgs? Do I have to double up on dose ?
Why does my face gets red easily?
how are itches formed?
Whats The Best Remedy For Acne?
What do you need to eat to have healthy skin?
why do i talk to frank the bunny at night?
Why does my husband really believe that I am the one lying?
I can't stop thinking about someone, what's going on?
If people consider me mentally incompetent & crazy, why to they hold me responsible for my flaws?
Can Most Mental Illness Be Caused By A Magnesium Deficiency?
Do you ever feel like you're just biding your time until the day you die?
As a person with chronic sinus problems, is LA a bad place to move?
Can i smoke weed while wearing Invisalign Aligners?
Tooth Problem! Please help!?
can i apply pure baking soda directly to my teeth to whiten them?
Does Louisiana Medicaid cover Invisalign?
how much would it hurt..?
My gum has separated from my tooth after wisdom teeth extraction?
I have bad breath I believe. I have sometimes smelled it my smell when I ask my husband or kids they say......?
How do I whiten my teeth naturally?
Can I get eye color contacts if I'm near sighted?
Can you tell me all the types of the snellen chart?
could my eye doctor have misdiagnosed my vision problem?
opium healthier than marijuana?
how much jwh 081 per 1oz of herbs?and is 100mg too much for 5grams of herbs?
Passion Flower extract or capsule?
Is there a pressure point to induce bowel movement?
Can you get aids from having a bleeding cut in a pool or a lake?
how can i get rid of my freind that is very aniong?
Did you ever get stretch marks because of your topical psoriasis meds?
I have a scare on my nose got any advice to take off?
After my body has built up a resistance to doxycycline, how long should I wait before it will work again?
Staphylococcus aureus outbreak map?
Can anyone tell me the 7 Most Deadliest Diseases In History ?
When A Cyst Is Popped, What Is That Fungus Like Stuff That Come Out?
Why are you allowed to donate blood if you have hep a?
How to get rid of a cold fast?
Can a urinary tract infection cause someone to lose their ability to speak and use their vocal chords?
Do vaccines do more harm than good?
im pregnant with the flu, what can i take?
my ear is squeaking ?
My Wisdom Tooth Is green?
Does all Wisdom teeth hurt when they come in?
I need to whiten my teeth.?
Is it common to experience sore throat when just beginning to wear a retainer?
ceramic braces over mettalic braces?
why can't i sleep after taking my supplement?
Is proper nutrition enough to treat high uric acid?
What essential oils would be good to increase blood flow, especially around the male gential area?
is it normal to have a lot of gas during a detox diet?
My bottom lip swells up all on its own sometimes :/?
How many mg of Zinc should you take daily?
can i replace zoloft with st john's wart?
is it true that the zebrafish can cure blindness?
i got stung by a wasp?
Is it normal for new ear cartilage piercing to be red and swollen after slept on ?
I think I have a std?
Am i taking to much ibprouphun?
When I do ballet, my knees hurt when I'm at the bar doing Plies, or anytime i bend them at the bar.?
Do you have very tough feet?As in you can walk around almost anywhere barefoot and it not hurt your feet?