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is this classed as heart disease?
Why have I started to hear my heart whining ?
what causes low blood pressure?
How to cover my arms in P.E lessons?
Are soundwave/electronic devices effective in pest control?
What are the best a levels to take if your looking to become a peadiatric nurse?
Which are the best toric contact lenses in your opinion?
I Have this real weird issue.?
Quick opticians question?
Sudden blind spot in one eye.?
Can you delay your prereg year after obtaining optometry bsc?
Can i wear contacts to Thorpe Park?
I started using Lean+ a couple of days ago and now have itchy hands and fingers, anyone else & why?
Is there any medical condition that would require someone to wear a hat at all times?
Lupus & how to control it?
Could I have a hole in the heart?
what is the chance of death by pulmonary edema when a person has a regular irregular heatbeat?
will anyone out there please tell me what gluten is?I always thought it was any wheat product[not].HELP!?
does anyone Know about this operation?
Opaue densities around bladder in non related back X ray?
I suffer from Psoriatic Arthritis and I was wondering if anyone else had it and are they on a disability?
Are Macdonald's fries and hash browns gluten free?
How do statins help prevent heart disease?
Iva been put on a holter moniter for 24 hours and i feels like im having little electric shockes?
Whats wrong with me!? I need to keep going for a p*ss and to i've been to the toilet twice + i feel sick and?
What kind of disease do i have?
If i dont tell authority about my past job, what ways can they use to find out?
tunnel vision???********?
Amoxicillin, ibruprofen (nurofen) Together?
Found 2 tablets at home , wonder if u can help identify them, they are white & oval with s135 on them?
why di o keep feeling sick?
I am going to hospital next month to have a cyst surgically removed from the inside of my lip. How long?
Does anyone know the brand of the alcohol rub which is used in some hospitals?
What's the cigarette age in lanzorote?
Someone in woodbridge, suffolk answer preferably?
High platelets anyone can you help ?
Is it true that other smokers get jealous when someone is stopping?
alcohol with trazodone hyrdochloride?
how long is it safe to faint for before it becomes too serious?
I suffer really bad hayfever, and on days like today, the pollen levels have been really, really high...?
Ok weird question, but when I see my reflection in a bus shelter, window etc I look really thin?
My wife says that my feet and legs jump uncontrollably in my sleep ?
Nose bleeds when blowing nose ?
To all you doctors out there; injection question?
has anyone had ACL knee recontruction?
my nose..:S...will it scare..?
Arthroscopy - recovery?
my son has a broken hip bone and a broken collar bone (he is 15)?
I got my bottom lip pierced a few days ago, and I woke up this morning and its infected with a cold sore.?
Cut still hurts after a week?
I think my wrist is still broken?
I have a sore knee, feels like I'm going to collapse when I stand up?
Have I damaged my arm muscle?
Hi All, I think I may have broken some ribs.. are there any physical tests I can do to confirm this?
Where is the article about the flu vaccine being questioned?
What are you scared of?
What is the average survival rate for DVT in 20th Century?
I have bronchitis. the hospital prescribed prednizone. Now I am getting hot sweats, and my skin feels like I'm
My mum has heart problems, will she be ok?
what are the effects caused by a weak tricuspid valve on the cardiovascular system?
my total cholestrol level is 255.do i have to take medications?
Im a 13 year old girl with heart pain... i think.?
Very Serious Symptoms?
i`ve just had my spleen removed and wonted to no if i can smoke again i`m 46yrs old its been 6weeks?
Is there a doctor in the house?
How long to recover from umbilical hernia repai?
Anyone ever had a tingling/burning feeling in the the lower left side of the face? What is that?
Is arrested Hydrocephalus a disability?
Could my son have autism?
If anxiety disorders are a chemical imbalance...?
What does having high eye pressure mean?
about my lump in my shoulder?
Bloating from too much i ceme. Is there a cure please?
Can depression occur after a grand mal seizure?
One stop hematuria clinic?
My whole right knee is hurting and it has been swollen for years like the last 10 years?
my husband is passing blood in his urine?
why is my ankles swollen?
iv quit smoking :) but help...?
i have kidney pain, any ideas what it could be?
taking too many tablets?
my mum is 85 and has a blocked artery and a leaking valve. is there anything that can be done for her?
What happens after being diagnosed with a irregular heartbeat?
24 hour ECG machine ... im getting one.....?
my blood test shows high lipids?
what is wrong with my friend?
What is scholia? back pain :S ?
Anterior Cervical Disectomy with Fusion C5-C6 Total Recovery Time?
Should i stop taking my medication ?
Fanconi Anemia????.........?
What is the normal range of Vitamin B12?
if your cold and shivery/shaky could it be a sign of cocaine withdrawal?
what are the long term effects...?
i have anemia how low can my blood count go before i need a blood tranfusion?
i have a problem i have size 10 feet, im 12 years old and ihave a problem. Please help me shrink my feet.?
Can I donate bone marrow?
Good and bad points about being sick? (vomitting)?
how do i wean myself of citalopram 20 mg tablets?
why does my heart beat fast when i am frightened or panicky?
Sore Eye, Bloodshot, itchy, runny nose?
how do you get rid of a cold before it starts?
Inflamed stomach still causing misery after 3 months-why?
My Eyes wont stop watering, why?
how do i buy clindamycin phosphate lotion over the internet with no prescription??
Why does my mrsa keep returning as cellulitis? I am in perfect health however I work in a hospital.?
Are there any diseases, besides rabbies and cat scratch fever?
i have been on effexor for 1 year and just started on wellbutin.?
how to get rid of bruises.... ='(?
my brother has a white spot on his cheek about a nickel size. it's flat and not dry- how do we treat it?
Cough cough cough!?
torn ligament?
pain after being grabbed by thoraot,please help?
Will my hamstring ever be okay again?
my 17 year old son has fractured his ribs ..?
does anybody know how long a small bend in a bone in your arm takes to heal?
My hand is bruised, doctors or not?
whats up with my knuckle?
EEEKKKK nasty!?
Really painful shoulders and wrists?
Having my baby...?
Anyone done the 3 peaks challenge? what are the chances of injury?
Do you ever feel like you really need to talk to someone but then can't actually do it?
this is probably a silly question .. but what is the diffence between a cardiac arrest and a heart attack ?
am i having a stroke?
What does a positive test result for granulocyte immunology mean?
could a virus make someone be able to tell the difference between an infected and uninfected even with..... ?
How is immunity brought about?
Getting rid of a cold!! :(?
How does it get infected?
what is gasstricics? how could it be avoided in human being , can it kill?
How does vaccinating a child with MMR make them immune to measles?
Where can i find natural looking eye contacts?
I occasionally get a squint in my eye when I don't wear my Glasses?
Can Scars in the eye undergo treatment?
i have slight sinus infection and eyes hurt?
I would like to know what my sight is like when people say they have 20/20 vision?
i have glasses when shoud i wear them?
Contact lenses. Which one is better, trueye or moist?
Is LASIK Eye Surgery classed as Cosmetic Surgery?
Getting used to soft contact lenses?
What do i do when Im craving a drug?
Has anyone tried RU*21 hangover cure?If so is it any good?
What is the technical term/name for some who suffers from car sickness?
Why does puberty affect us mentally?
my ears are KILLING me. keep popping! what should i do?
Do you think that I am bulimic?
I get pains in my sides whilst drinking or after drinking alcohol.?
taking too much codeine?
Any tips to stop nibbling?
Problems sleeping...?
How long can a MED 5 (pink) sick note be back dated for?
is it possible to have panic attacks when your asleep?
Why am I still sick after a week?
Can anyone answer any of these questions to do with water retention? Please help - I'm so bloody miserable!?
Is there such an injection for a type of arthritis .as tablets do not suit me.?
What should I do? - My bones are constantly cracking?
diarrhoea after everything I eat?
is it normal to have a flat part of skull at back of head?
should I take the risk?, should i have the operation?
Please help! I'm sure loads of people know the answer to this!!!!?
Anyone know what this is?
i am still really sleepy no matter how much sleep i get?
whats the matter with me?
why do i always choke so easily?
Yellow Lump in Throat?
Liver Disease ??????/?
Iam Suffering From severe flurosis, What will be the approx coat to be spent for the treatment?
urinating so often but no burning or pain so not infection, what is it?
Tiredness, diarrhea and nausea?
i am suffered from dizziness. when i stand up i feel dark ahead my eyes .. i have hyper myopia?
Has anyone a good cure for gout? extremely painful.?
where/how can i get cholinesterase inhibitors?
how long does it take for a cat scratch on my lip to heal. swollen and bubbles w peroxide feels like a tumor!?
Embarrassed about my touretts syndrome?
is there anything that can be done for colour blindness?
Getting worried about Gout?
have you heard of small man syndrome?
Spastic Bowel?????? (or not)?
my lower back 'popped' and now I have extreme pain, have i slipped a disc?
Noxzema Exfoliator?
can we get pink red stretch marks on the lower part of the arm im in my late 30s?
How do you get rid of a corn on your feet?
Dairy & Acne?
I have pityriasis versicolor on my lower back... it is a skin condition...?
Iron for low hemoglobin and low ferritin levels?
Harding of the arteries,what is the balloon operations like and how long will it take?
whats the chance of me surviving swine flu if igot chornic heart deasease?
if i had an accident and was given blood?
Anyone ever had an anaphylactic reaction for a nut allergy?
What do you think is the problem here and do you know a solution?
Science book for children?
where can i find information on prescribed creams?
what are the effects of drinking red wine every day ''specify one or two glasses a day i.e''?
what is the best yoga/pilates dvd?
Why do people get tired?
If urine is an antiseptic why do you have to wash your hands every time you pee?
Looking for the best family doctor in Dubai ?
What is the treatment for torn ligaments in your foot?
I was Glassed.compensation,?
I hurt my shoulder at work on thursday?
broken .. fifth metacarpal ( pinky finger one) bone?
Sudden heat in my upper arm muscle with localised sensitivity, also knee?
helppp football injury in the foot?
head and leg injury why do i have such a hard time walking?
I recently knocked myself out for a few seconds when I fell off my horse?
pain in groin that hasn't gone away after 2 years?
How has conventional medicine failed you?
HELP!!! What Fluoride Filter product is good?
i have a raised plasma viscosity of 1.87 does this indicate anything?
Panic Disorder..help?
What causes major dehydration allllll the time?
How do I get rid of a Painful Cyst on my finger?
Is this some sort of birth defect...?
What areas of Cognition (thinking) is Affected by Dementia?!?
What are the symptoms of Crohn's disease?
Can we get rid of old scars?
Is it safe to use compound W on your face while pregnant?
accutane help?
lavender oil ? does this help with acne? what does it do for ur skin?
has anyone had unstoppable coughing bouts along with blood in your urine?
is the tongue web piercing dangerous? what problems may be caused from it?
what is the treatment for fluid on liver ?
How do antibiotics & antivirals work?
My dog has Lyme Disease.?
PCR negative for hep c after 8 months after treatment, does this mean im cured?
What Do You Do In A Walk In Centre??....?
flu & Alcohol.....any thoughts ?
what factors affect the outcome of HIV treatment?
Friends just told me that his sister has a brain tumour!!?
Why do I get so much ear wax?
What does it mean by High Liver Enzimes?
Why do you take antibiotics for five days?
Are there any pills or medication I can take to control ecessive sweating?
what can you hear when its all silent?
I can't sleep, can you help me?
Why does my right arm feel like its vibrating inside?
Does anyone with a disability feel its gonna really mess up your life?
i am ill have got sore throat and runny nose and a cold what shall i do?
I think I may have an acid reflux?
difference between minor depression and teenage hormones?
hiii every body, i've got two questions and hope u help me..?thx?
What types of NHS staff claim their mileage under Section 17 Annex L of the T&C handbook?
I have really bad kidney pains, shivers (even though its sunny) and a fever... Help me!! What could it be?
what can i do about my stomach?
how does this look?...what could it be.....?
Having really violent graphic nightmares currently!im on one year travel and usually work for social services?
Ways to deal with stress?
Why are my hands always cold?
Can you drink alcohol after taking cough mixture?
How often should you replace contacts?
is looking at computer screens and reading for long periods of time effect bad eye site/lazy eyes?
i lost my glasses from specsavers how much will i have to pay for new ones?
Just wondering what is your eye prescription?
do the pupils in our eyes change size??
Why is my eyeline becoming uneven?
Blurry eye affection co-ordination?
Do you think i might have a high risk of a heart problem?
Is fish oil the answer to heart diseases?
do you know if you can purchase ramipril blood pressure tablets over the counter in spain?
Can I take Claritin allergy pill every day for 5 months?
Can someone have an allergy to water?
Does anyone know what causes the skin underneath one's armpits to look dark or dirty? How do I fix this?!?
ribs and oxygen?
bulimia in denial?
Cures for bloating due to pms and dairy sensitvity?
Is it Brain Tumor...?
Lump on neck left side of Adams Apple?
Tumor Disease?
After reading the newspaper I find that my glands in my neck swell and my ears and throat itch.?
how can u make sure u dont fail this drug test if u have taken drugs?
11 years ago I was given a mild stroke with several seizures after I had an angiogram.?
My throat hurts really badly & feels extremely swollen. I also feel sick, what is it?
B12 and Folic Acid.?
Is this genetic............?
whats wrong with me (symptoms included)?
how long would u wait?
Diarrhoea and upset stomach?
blood spot in the Babbie's eyeball..it is something to be worried it just got discovered this morning..?
recurrent kidney infections..?
coeliac disease and anemia.?
What can be the reason for excessive sweating when moving?
why dont doctors say goodbye to theyre patients?
anyone out there have lymphedema of the lower legs? desperate to get advice/help?
Anyone who has heard of or used adalimumab!?
what can you get infected with by kissing a heroin addict?
what excatly does lazer therapy do to help ppl quit smoking?
Groin pain?
please help,this is worrying me!!!?
head injury?
my partner is suffering from a swollen left ankle.?
should you stretch your muscles when you have RSI?
fingernail injury?
i've got a really sore eye i thought i was a stie, but i have 2 little white lumps on my inner upper eye lid
Lewisham Cortisone Update?
Hit in the head...?
I keep getting a trapped nerve in my hip. How can I sort it out?
my achilles are really stiff every morning or after long periods of inaction...whats the cure?!!?
weird guitar RSI symptoms advice would be great?
Help! My Eye is really sore its swollen up and it hurts!?
i had a head injury one week ago while in magaluf got a huge bump thats gone down, but am starting to feel diz
Can anybody tell me the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning?
Roaccutane and pregnancy?
Sleepless nights due to trips to the toilets?
Who is awake now and where?
How do you get to sleep? I do something weird!?
Advice on anxiety. IBS. Fear?
how does the road to depression feel like?
What happens if you take 7 omeprazone tablets with vodka?
do i have to pay for my prescription from the doctor?
Looking to speak to some recovered alcoholics?
Don't you think that people's bottoms are rather large for the functions they perform?
Can't close my eye after a tooth extraction! Help!?
Does Amitriptyline help with insomnia ?
What is a Bicuspid A II Valve?
Why do I have a pain in my neck?
An ECG came back with the following results:?
My 1year old son has been having high fevers and diarreha for the past 5 days, what else could I do?
What's it feel like when your kidneys are about to fail ...?
Esophageal Cancer- How long till the effects of radiation take affect?
EXCUSE ME WHATS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A oven and a microwave microvave gives cancer? and oven dosnt kil the?
What does my eye test result mean?
how to relieve pet dander allergies?
I noticed that on Wikipedia when researching a gluten free diet, it mentions glutamate in the 'See Also'?
what is the physical reason for ones arm hurting during a heart attack?
heart question, nullness [i am so sorry, my question messed up badly b4 TWICE, please read!]?
how do i keep my heart rate down?
iam so unfit i need help?
can you have all symptoms of the starting of chicken pox but never get the rash?
I have been told my nan has MRSA in her throat?
catching cold sores and throat infections?
Is it possible to be still down as a schizophrenic with the psych after 10 years has passed without hearing?
What will they think?
Question for other people who are on Fluoxetine?
Should I tell my family about my history of on/off depression?
why do alot of psychiatrists have facial hair..?
Have you ever got over suicidal thoughts? If so, how did you do it?
to all of us who hate the holidays hang on in there its not for much longer?
My mind is racing, I can't keep still, I can't stay seated?
Am i strange for having thoughts about death?
how can i help my big sis. she's hurting herself again and no-one can see that.?
Has anyone just wanted to smash everything in sight and go Mental?
i need help with dreams???
Im terrified of flying, Im going on holiday to france in december by plane?
My mum found out I've been cutting...?
how to naturally hallucinate?
i think im depressed?
I am currently under psychiatric treatment, I have not been diagnosed with anything but?
Do you think she's clinacally insane???!!!?
incident where i was smacked in the face, the result was my eye burst a vessel. how do take care for it?
How long does it take for a ripped muscle to heal?
Recommended UK Surgeon For Bankart Operation?
broken ankle?
i was told yesterday by the doctor(gp) i have a cracked rob?
Neighbours say my black eye!?
my cast is coming off......?
what does your body produce to heal a wound? and what does it need?
Please help with my shin pain!?
I have previously suffered from dislocation of my patela and need help.?
I have been diagnosed with an undisplaced fracture to my 5th metatarsal should I put pressure on it?
My chest hurts :(?
Why does my lower back hurt?
My twisted back problems?
any dr's please, really need advice?
Why do I have pain between my eyes?
Im 14 And Have Excessive Back pain? Is This Normal?
Natural pain relief?
amlodipine and its side effects?
i have had an headache for a few weeks?
What is this Lower Back Pain.?
please help !!!why does the pulse rate go low ?
what duse an ecg measure?
I have numbness in my lower leg (calf area) and severe pain in my back and leg, looking for a reason why?
where to go to buy vitimin pills?
Anyone know sites that show gentle exercises which will strengthen back and abdomen
how do the pain killer tablets i take know which bit hurts?
My ears really hurt, why is this?
i have a weird pain in my left thigh, it feels really achey and hurts a little when i walk?
Abdominal Ultrasound?
Lower back pain, 16 years old?
I just got broken up with. I'm in pain, confused, and need help!?
how can i make my foot swollen plz?
what is infrasinatious tendonitis?
Does ice really numb skin??!??!?
Herbal remedies for arthritus in knee...??
I have an intractable pain in my foot?
LEGAL prescription colored contacts?
im so stressed out about year 10 i have a twitch in my eye what do i do?
can someone help me understand my eye test?
What do you think of my body?
Out of breath for no reason?!?
I have been feeling ill when waking up in morning i am 65 feel ok as day goes on what is happening at night?
I'm a bit self conscious...?
feeling sick and dizzy alot and your not the sick type?
Can the sleeping drug Zopiclone (Zimovaneā„¢) be taken occasionally as a kind of treat rather than regularly?
is knowing your HIV status make living difficult, speed up death?
5 HTP and Asthma?
Are you on Viagra (as prescribed or otherwise)?
Blood Pressure question?
how long for propranolol to work?
want to know about mental illness?
Suicidal, much?
If your severely depressed after drinking alcohol??
Can I make it?
Self harm..dont read if your not mature?
Ever been in a dark place, mentally?
I am scared!?
I moan far too much?
Why are doctors all in favour of dishing out antidepressants when we feel ill??
i'm worried i'm making myself look worse than i am...?
how do you cope with stress?????
what would happen if you went to your doctor and told them you was suicidal?
Any suggestions of books to read during a depressive episode?
Feeling homesick...is it a feeling which usually passes in time or does it mean its really time to go home?
I smoke grass for nuff time but have never felt Paranoid, I've even tried to make me feel it.?
Is moaning healthy?
I keep feeling suicidal, like once a week?
why do i............?
I feel really angry with work and im leaving in 1/2 hour........?
can any one help i am getting bullied in work by my partner and by yobs?
What do you do when you are feeling depressed?
Has any1 tryed Usana Pills?!?
I GOT PUNCHED IN THE EYE AREA about 15 hours ago and my eye is really swollen, HOW CAN I REDUCE THE SWELLING?
What types of physio can you do for pudendal nerve entrapment? please answer!!?
my dead arm....?
hi i was just wondering ive got a lump on my leg?
how can you tell if you inhaled water and if it got in your lungs?
ive got a bump under my knee cap?
Having A Ganglion Removed By Surgery What Type Of Bandage/Splint Will I Have will i have crutches ?
i think ive messed up my retina help pls!?
Fractured ribs still not healed?
Is it possible to correct bad vision?
Is it very uncomfortable to wear contact lens?
How much does laser eye surgery cost in the UK?
i want to know something about eyes can you help me?
Retinitis Pigmentosa & Cannabis smoking?
laser eye surgery in the future?
washing eyes with johnson's baby shampoo?
how do i convince my doctor to mole removal on NHS?
I have the flu.. :( quick cures?
Question about a lump on my temple.?
Pulse/throbbing in the back of my leg? Help!!?
if i have social anxiety disorder can it be treated without medical help?
Smoking related problems?
shaky hands. What could this mean?
How Long Does Slap Cheek Syndrome Last For?
How do i know if i'm anaemic?
I had pain in my left side of back(rib area)and kept getting...?
BM of 2.0mmol - not diabetic?
please help dizzy.pressure in head,loss of hearing?
HELP! What is an afebrile seizure?
information about alzheimers?
Is Thalassaemia serious or nothing really to worry about?
i had a cold coagulation 6 mths ago and the cells are still there - is that normal?
Can anyone offer any hope for someone suffering a massive stroke?
my son is complain of feeling ill,doctors say nothing wrong, is there?
What is single most hypoallergenic food that its almost unheard of for people to be allergic to?
Anyone had this experience with?
Visine what does it do, if you put in into a drink?
hay fever is it infectious?
Could i be allergic to alcohol?
Why all of a sudden this sensitivity to MSG?
I have an allergy test on Thursday, and I'm super scared!?
Is it possible to suddenly develop a contact allergy to a pet?
my 3 yr son has serious eye itches i took him to the doctor who said he has an allergy and gave us an eye drop?
Is there any exact allergy symptoms when you are allergic to cats?
Where can i get adult sized inco nappies from in Blackburn/darwen?
How old maximum and minimum my man should be I am 45yrs old?
Anyone suffer with chronic stable angina?
Ive been getting heart palpitations now for about 2-3days?
What type of tea is the best for your health?
home remedies for 2 year old with a cold?
What life events contribute to depressive illness?
thygesons keratitis eye problems help?
I had a sty in my eye the last couple of months ago but it is still there?
Anyone had complications after laser eye correction?
dry hands......?
Anyone else taking Imuran for Crohns diseaes?
what does elevated thyroid mean?
Did you have good results from laser treatment for spider veins?
what is similar to ALS, a disease?
my sinuses are extremely clear?
i have a weird feeling in my chest and throat?
what is a thallium scan?
Where can I find a home or private test for Lyme disease?
Is it likely that someone can contract meningitis after visiting the Carribean?
what does the nursing logo signify?
Are Golden raisins sold in the states the same as golden sultanas sold in the UK?
Anyone know any REAL tips to help me wake up in the morning??
Why do we yawn when were tired?
Could someone explain how healthcare works in the US?
Does anyone in England, West Midlands area no how much a career would cost by the hour?
Can anyone help me please? I am trying to find a "bug patch" to repel Mosquitoes but I live in Arad, Romania.
How do you get foam earplugs right the way into you ear, when they are not stiff enough to push in?
ulnar nerve damage?
Why is there a bump on my hand?
Lack of sleeping hours but not tired?
How Old Do You Have To Be To Have Nose Surgery in the UK ?
When I eat, my mouth surrounds my teeth and tongue to the point where I am human. Is this normal?
weird dizziness when i stand up?
i woke up dur the night cause my dog was barking and moved my neck very fast now i cant even move it.?
What would Happen if you accidentally overdosed on Anti-Acid Tablets?
Can you think disorders or illnesses that cause depersonalization and impair thiking?
How accurate is an EEG?
Fake tan face moisturiser?
what are the effects of sitting infront of the computer too long?
I have been with D&A opticians for a year, and want to swap and have a new test at specsavers, how?
I quit smoking 8 days ago...........?
Can You get a mole removed at age 16 like by yourself?
Anyone have these same symptoms?
Has anybody experienced withdrawal effects when coming off amytriptaline?
need help finding a site?
when is the best time to start taking bach remedy drops to help me with my driving test. I have 2 weeks 2 go?
sunbeds... 1st time? will i burn?
Hayfever Tips Anyone?
where can i go to learn specifically about how to become an infectious disease specialist?
Does anyone know how to get rid of blemishes/dark spots due to razor bumps that are healed and left scars?
i went to the ENT today he said everything was fine except my thyroid test?
how i open my eyes??????????
how do you get rid off spots quickly?
why i have this knots -lumps under my skin?
Skin problem please help :(?
i suffer from realy bad dandruff its that bad it makes me bleed and weap where i stratch it.?
Why do I have skin like this?!?! :( :(?
what does it mean if more mole start appearing over your body?
ingrowing hairs, how do you get rid of them?
How do I ask my mum to take me to a dermatologist?
what are your best acne treatments NOT given over the counter?
Annoying spots still there?
has anyone ever heard of?
do girls mind/dislike fordyce spots...?
How to get rid of spots?
How to quicken the healing stage?
Any advice for zits with poison in?
Waking up with deep wrinkles under my eyes every morning.?
how do i get rid of my allergies?
milk allergy?
does anyone know how to get rid of a dry throat and nose?
there's a pill stuck in my throat from last night? i've ate food, drank some drinks...how can i get it out?
Is it a turn off for a girl to have allergies?
my nose keeps blocking from cold.......?
if i was H2O intolerant could i eat glue?
An alternative to self harm?
is there any point in telling my counsellor?
good part time job for someone who is depressed and been out of work for nearly a year?
coming off prozac cold turkey?
do i need help?
Appointment with my doctor on Friday for my stress and depression?
How do you break Yahoo addiction?
What is the best herbal remedy for anxiety or stress?
Self harm - anger?
Is dialysis and or organ transplants covered by the national health coverage in the UK?
Torticollis ? ? Please Help?
does anyone else get a lump feeling in their throat?
Eek!! I have head lice. Ideas for killing them needed.?
Differences between two inherited diseases?
Swollen Glands........?
does my 5 year old son have tourettes syndrome from these symptoms?
im going to pierce a 3rd and 4th hole in my ear. what can i do so it doen't get infected?
Why does this keep happening?
Numb, bloated stomach?
I've had a feeling of discomfort around my lower left rib cage for some time. What could this be?
Is this Vertigo or just a small thing ?
Why does having a massage cause me to get Vertigo?
Done loads of excercise and now feel very ill!?
been on a antibiotic for five days now dont feel much improvement how long do they take to start working?
Is there any authority that give shelter for Tuberculosis (TB) foreigner patient (Myanmar Worker) in Malaysia?
People who have Hepatitis's B or C does they get sick right away or does it?
Ingrown toenail?!?
i think i have a verruca?
How can I cure or at least prevent Heat Rash?
blisters on face and neck?
Does Bio Oil helps to clear up spots scars ?
how do yo get rid if ripped skin?
Do pigeons pose a health threat to humans? I'm referring to 'mites' etc?
Have you used Eryacne 4 for acne by galderma?
HELP PLEASE?!! recently, i've been having loads of red spots appearing, especially on my stomach?
how long does it take to get aurticaria out of your system?
Can acne antibiotics cause eye dryness?
REALLY bad dry skin on my hands-Help!?
How do you prevent ur hands from sweating?
Question about warts?
Weird Bump On the side of my head?
how do u get rid of a double chin?
red marks left after getting sunburnt?
Santinelli Nidek LE series service manual?
What can cause my left eye to go grey, it's been grey and blood shot for 3 days?
I have one light brown eye and one dark brown eye, what does this mean?
my eyes are -3.00 and -2.75?
My husband ruptured his achilles tendon 9 weeks ago ...?
Broken foot!?
Unstable pelvis advice from sufferers please?
muscle/ligament strain or something else..?
does stretching muscles make them stronger?
OWWWW! My leg hurts! Please help!?
I Feel Sick When i Eat?
how do you find a decent counsellor and what do they charge?
How can I get rid of a cut?
Bubbles in stomach ? what is it ?
I have a spot at the back of my head?
a question about the hormone drug utovlan norethisterone?
Advise me on taking Tetracycline for someone who has never took a tablet before?
what can this be cos it's bugging me?
I have a little wax in my ear and am deaf. Should I carry a walking stick and wear dark glasses?
HAs hypnosis helped anyone overcome BDD. I am considering it instead of more cosmetic surgery?
Constipation - Do u think it could be IBS?
help i dont like this at all?
Do all surface piercings reject in the end?
any trichotillomania sufferers out there ?
Am i getting too much sleep?
My Stomach.........!?
Panic/Anxiety Attacks help!?
i keep having headache when im at school do i need glasses?
a friend of mind has bad circulation (in legs/feet-)he is on heart tablets and gave up smoking about 20 years?
Blood pressure Question?
why do we get blood spots?
What has caused an outbreak of spots on my face, I'm a 39 year old man?
Natural mole removal?
get really hot and red faces? help!!!!!?
Has anyone ever been refered to a dermatologist on the NHS?
how do you get rid of spots?
can oxy kill acne and how good is it?
How to get softer skin?
is gycolic skincare good for your skin long term?
Random red hard lump on my arm?!!!?
how can u cure acanthosis nigricans?
Location of melanin in skin?
what is the best way to get rid of marks left of from spots?
How can I tell which type of eczema I have?
WHAT kind of rash could it be?
Additional eye correction with glasses over contact lenses?
question about contact lenses, plzz answer ?
I am in a huge dilemma!?
Feeling very depressed again
DO you think a person who self harms should inform a doctor?
Acne Question?
What does it feel like to be Constipated?
I forgot my mobile today and my purse yesterday ahhhhh...anyone else like me??!!!?
How can I release anger effectively?
i'm so scared of telling someone, should i? (relates to last question)?
Ideas to keep bedriden patients amused?
Today i cryed at a jobcentre advisor...?
how do you get over depression?
I had surgery for the ear drum 1 month ago and produced tinnitus 1 week after. It's been 3 weeks of buzzing.
Natural Sugar causes acne?
Adult acne question?
Is there evidence that diets based on blood type promote health?
i wonder if someone could help me. i suffer from depression an p.t.s.d?
15-year-old girl overdosing?
What should I do now I'm a laughing stock?
I cant stop crying, whats wrong with me?
Did anti-depressants help you?
What is the life expectancy of someone with Lung Cancer?
How long do THESE marijuana withdrawal symptoms last?
I'm nervous about going to the doctors?
Short term depression?
Teenagers!! Nightmare?
Could I have heart problems?
eating skin?
about tumors ?
Is a fever along with a rash a symptom of an amoxicillin allergy?
I need details information about polio treatment?
What is scitzophrenia?
Is there anyone left who hasn't been diagnosed with bipolar?
can you work with old people if you have got a mental health problem?
Is it possible to stop hating yourself?
Questions about depression...?
how do you feel?
how can i get my daughter to blow here nose?
why do my mother get heart palpitations?
My friends cholesterol is 7.09 .Should he be on statins/asprin?
social issues about drug,smoking,alcohol and obesity?
What does coating the throat mean?
What help would a paraplegic need?
Can stress (e.g. exam stress) cause headaches?
I had a line of cocaine this morning, and im wondering if what happened was normal?
Is it possible to make yourself taller?
brown "stains" under my eyes?
I need help with my eyes?
Should lumbar puncture be performed on my preterm infant?
how sore is underarm waxing?
Is there any evidence that adults sitting on small chairs for long periods can get stomach problems?
Is it true that... (more than 20 letters :D)?
Can you smoke when you have bacterial tonsillitis and are on antibiotics?
Is caffeine good or bad for concentration?
Is it the heat making me faint?
I need medical help ? About Vitamins.?
I was wondering... If your went into a coma..?
Hi has anybody any idea .?
Hair and weight loss?
i am 14 years old, and i get angry VERY easily and when i get angry, i get very violent.?
Lemsip max cold and flu?
dry skin help please?
getting moles / beauty marks checked?
Blotches?? anyone answer?
What can I do about this?
my 3 month old son had a bcg abscess which ruptured a few mins ago. how do keep clean,what should i look out 4?
i have a rash/spots i dunno what they are help?
what causes sty's? (eye sty)?
How do i get rid of black heads?!?!?!?!?
i have some sort of skin problem and have no idea what it is basically i have dark patches on my face?
what can red bumps on palms of hands be?
brown dry spot appeared on left arm very itchy slighhtly raised not a freckle what is it?
Effective bacne treatments..?
difference between mole and blackhead?
will hair disappar in the skin if wrapped around a toe or finger cutting off blood flow to the toe or finger?
Phone number for a book on cholesterol and diet please.?
what can be done to reduce the risks of vascular dementia?
why am i dizzy and have one blood shoot eye?
Vision issues... Lightss... Please read.?
Changing Contact Lenses. Could you advise me please?
How do you reduce obvious veins in the white of your eye?
Can You Get Laser Eye Surgery Under The Age Of 18 With Parental Consent?
After being next to a really loud noise (fire alarm), my ear's been hurting loads. What's wrong with it?
i fell in my r00m in dec and i t0re cartlage and chipped my b0ne in my leg, it is still playing up ?
i had a 0perati0n 0n my leg in dec and it is still playing up! d0es any1 have any advice please?
How much compensation can I expect for a hand injury?
swollen ankle with big red blotch ?
Can't lift big toe up?
broken toe?
eyessight + fire?
I've sprained my ankle playing football. Does anyone know of a good ankle support i could buy?
Ive been having really bad headaches?
How much would surgery to help relieve a 'trapped nerve' in the lower back cost in the UK?
I'm going to ask this again...?
Old knee injury?
healed broken foot swallon?
What causes that mottled 'corned beef' effect on backs of arms and legs?
how do you get rid of a kancour sour?
My dad's an alchoholic, he's not violent but if I say he is he just says I'm hormonal, what should I do?
How do you get rid of lice?
iv had red cheeks since i can remember, well im 18 years old(male)?
mucus(yellowish) is coming out of my eye?
Does anyone have really dry skin on the side hand and the crease of the hand opening up.?
How do I get rid of a boil that wont close?
i have these bumps on my feet , it hurst when i walk but not when i touch what are they?
what is sleep paralysis? and why did I get it?
do i have an underactive thyroid?
sudden onset of feeling weak and blurred vision?
i have recently started peritoneal dialysis, and since then i have my period 2/3 times a month. is this normal?
my skin is in bits??
One half of body is not sweating. how to cure the problem?
How do I get rid of facial spots?
Can food allergies cause acne?
My son's Thumb Nail looks sore, can anyone help with what it could be?
Spots and Blemishes!!!?
what is this thing on my chin?
Lip scar tissue removal?
endoscopy - Upper gi?
Why are most people unaware of themselves fainting when they feel dizzy?
whats wrong with my friend? :( illness.. not eating?
Brown spots on face... due to Pill?
HELP? How to get my big red spot to scab over really fast?!?!?
mosquitio spots all over the body what is the best thing to use to get rid of the spots.?
Hair Removal cream: How can I stop reddening and spots?
what can i use to reduce sweating from my head?
Money burns a hole in my pocket! How can i control my urge to spend.?
White Flakes in my hair?
I've lost my appetite? IS there something more serious wrong?
I have just been referred to a 'Rhinologist' after CT scan?
are headaches all in the mind ?
What do these symptoms say?
Dry skin question ?
Laser treatment for dark circles under eyes?
what causes this rash?
Dry Skin on legs??????????????????
spots!! is this helping.?
I've got this rash and i dont know what it is!?
Hey. Spots how 2 get rid of...?
Feel like i have Depression, HELP ME :(?
Am i depressed?
Could someone help with my anxiexty please?
Itchy Nose, Home Remedies? Please!?
zyrtec (reactine) 10 mg?
i have a runny nose, headache and i feel so dizzy?
serious question about alergies?
I sneeze all the time !?
I'm scared of dark and quietnes at night? please read on...?
How to reduce the effects on health from air conditioning?
Does anyone know where to get mole removal from?
Mood Swings + Lumps??
Acid in the stomach what happens?
Can I take Oramorph and Zopiclone at the same time?
Why do i crave ice so much after heart surgery?
why dont you bleed when they cut you open for a op?
chicken pox...? HELP?
if you smoke and drink a lot of alchol daily does this mean you dont get the right amount of vitamins?
How long will it take to recover from having my tonsils out?
Why does poo smell awful...?
Could someone suggest a drug for my character?
please please please?
My lip is swelling up and is painful.?
Is it normal to feel flushed after drinking alcohol?
Is your skin an organ?
home remedy for & sickness and...?
I have a really bad cold how to get rid of please help?
hey what age do you have to be to get a medical?
why is it when I read out loud, my voice goes croaky and soft?
Advantages of hair removal cream?
Can smoking give you spots?
How do a cardiologist connect the heart to a heart-lung machine? ?
which are the top ten Obstetrics & Gynaecology hospitals in india?
Can you pull an eye muscel?
psorisis,leaves flakes of skin on furniture help me please?
Why do your ears burn?
Suffering from eczema?
do i have a problem with my eyes?
what is best for ageing skin.of my hand .Looks like 80 years old.?
Anyone know of a cure for skin ulcers caused by varicose veins?
Blisters on outer ear?
is nail fungus contagious?
is dandruff contagious?
Loads of moles keep appearing on my arms, why is this?
Foot problem - verruca?
Acne Has Ruined My Life?
Patch of dry skin on face?
how cani get clear skin?
how can i get rid of dark cirlces?
a question about scars, and bio-oil?
Can you damage a freshly broken bone by moving it?
Can you cheer me up today, feeling very low any idea's?
broken bones and fractures?
Is it ok to cycle after a discectomy?
punched in the back?
My voice, My voice, where did it go?
Twisted ankle, also trouble with knee any advise?
can you get severe head damage or any lasting effects to your head if you do amateur kickboxing?
leg muscle pain???
closed head injury!!!?
Will I Have Crutches After Having a Ganglion Cyst Removed From My Ankle?
What would you do. . . ???
I have a groin sprain and haven't been exercising for 4months and haven't seen any improvement what can i do!?
How to get rid of a zit that hasn't hit the surface yet?
What happens if you over exfoliate your skin?
what to do about an ingrown toenail?
How to get rid of acne scars?
can chickenpox cause stammering?
is 20 too young to have a microdermabrasion done?
Anyone know what could be wrong with my face?
Can you take Max Stress B product with Candida? It contains yeast>?
Does skin doctors hair no more cream work?
red itchy lumps on inside of wrists &on sides of the feet is under consultation seeking possible alternative?
My Face hasnt completely healed after a chemical burn 4 months ago?
ahhhhh the painnnnnnn!?
Do i need to go to the doctors about Blood Blisters?
psoriasis problems any suggestions please ?
Which tea tree product is good for treating spots ?
ANNUAL BOOSTERS good or bad?
Just moved into a flat and feel unwell?
what are good ways for boosting your confidence..?
Do most unsucessful suicide bombers practice first - Is this why we dont hear about them?
how do counsellors work?
can you mix St Johns Wort's and Fluoxatine together?
Whats the deal with people who seek sympathy by telling their "I've had such a hard life" story?
do you ever feel lonely?
i don't want to live anymore..?
when do u feel at your worst?
I am so tired but I can't sleep? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!?
is there any Natural treatments for depression that works?
If you go to your doctor because you are depressed what do they ask you?
Any advice on how to be more confident?
Is schizophrenia an illness or do they really hear voices?
So i have money but i don't know what to do with it ?
First appointment with the community mental health nurse on Friday?
How do I get a doctors appointment without my parents knowing?
Do yo feel sad today, and why is it so?
2 questions (unlinked!)how do I get rid of veruccas?how do I clean satin shoes? Any offers?
How can i become a success in life without failing?
How to stop depression?
Is the internet addictive and do you believe it can be someones drug?
is really lcnr exist in london?
Nurses doctors or blood lab people only plz?
the queen. doesnt she do well? shes nearly 80 and shes striding out with the rest of them?
Why do things never seen to get any better?
18month baby passing 4-5 mucusy stool since last 4 days,?
If I am allergic to Cat Fur, Can I still be around a Rabbit?
Is this an allergic reaction?
Is this an allergic reaction to a Spider Bite?
What things have gluten in them?
I heard the Other day about a device that turns Cigarette smoke into dust to be vacuumed up later...Fiction?
I sometimes get a runny,stuffed up nose,whenever i go into restaurant.Fancy or Fast-Food.?
Snot problem?
Is this an allergy??? Please answer!?
Help....weird eye problem!?
Episcleritis? Information please?
Why do I dream more often when I..?
How To Get Tonsil Stones Out?
What could indicate a malfunction in your sense of touch?
Hospital with Eating Disorder units?
Waking up with eyes all puffy/swollen?
my thyroid results r free thyroxin 18pmol/L tsh not detected t3 3.3nmol/L + weight gain not lose?
Who has had their initial shunt in the longest?
Does anyone know the name for the syndrome BETWEEN Aspergers and ADHD?
what can i do now that i have it?
Gall stone in bile duct?
Panic Attacks? Sweating? Thyroid problem?
is anybody out there on trazadone taken along side citalopram?
How long does brain surgery take?
What is life expectancy once metastatic cancer is found in the bones and lungs?
Woozy feeling?
Food Poisening.... Diarea and vomiting?
When Paraylized, can you feel pain in the affected areas?
Trouble Breathing Through Nose?
Is there a condition which makes you more vulnerable to illnesses?
Does menopause aggravate restless legs syndrome?
Suggest foods for a grandma with hiatal hernia.?
What is the disease callled that causes bone deterioration ?
I'm a seasonal allergie sufferer, are there any home remedies i can try to help?
Hay Fever help?
when someone is first diagnosed with kidney disease, how long do they wait until they can get dialysis?
Does anyone know any good treatment for verruca's?
I have saggy skin on tummy after pregnancy, could anyone tell me if laser treatment works?
started getting bad skin at 19..?!?
spots on thighs?? help?
do sunbeds effect moles?
Does anti-septic cream dry out skin?
Scars, scars, scars?>?!!!?
where can a very fair skin tone get a real looking tan?
i have a cyst on my eye....?
Why have I turned so pale?
Whats the alternative if ruaccutane doesn't work?
Itchy scalp problems?
swollen itchy hands?
I had a spot, but left it, now theres like a red mark where it was?
does skincoloration fade overtime?
How to reduce redness left from a spot?
Why does my Scar sometimes hurt?
Need to get rid of Double Chin?
Does colonic irrigation get rid faeces that are stuck in your intestines, does it flush away bloating?
how long does it take for you liver to recover from alcohol?
Any Ideas How To Stop A Stretched Ear Smelling Bad?
how can i sober up asap?
Is it possible to change my laugh?
I feel really sick but my mom doesn't believe me HELP PLEASE?
Why do people fall out of bed?
What SPF factor should I use?
What can I do to help me sleep?
can constipation make your tummy swell like your pregnant?
what is a polyp operation like?
i ate a bowl of cereals and now i have a tummy ache?? why?
How to soothe my painful feet :'( HELP!?
I keep fainting in Science?!?
How long do fizzy drinks keep your stomach bloated for?
Any eye specialists out there?
i have a small lump just below my ankle?
I had an really bad accident at school in late December....?
anyone got any ideas what my mystery lump could be?
Anyone know of any ideas to free up a trapped nerve in my thigh?
HELP With sore foot please!!!! Really needed!!!?
What is the best way to recover from a torn ligament (thigh)?
What is the quickest way to get knee surgery ?
dodgy leg?
Can Private Doctors Refer Me To An NHS Hospital?
help!! i need yor help?
Are pushups dangerous to my lower back?
Eye strain?
hurt my leg a wk ago doc signed me off 4wks going abroad while on sick can they sack me?
Cartliage piercing?
I broke my wrist in December 2007. After 8 sessions of physio, rotation is still poor. Is that normal?
Can't get breath in all the way?
I'm having an MRI scan on the 11th June 2008 on my knee. Any advice?
is this normal .....?
I think that I'm depressed . . . but I'm only fifteen!?
im homesick and i cant stop crying please help?
i need some real answers?
My mom thinks I have a liver/kidney problem cause I don't like meat!?
i am very frusrated with life,i am a kidney patiend and i usually go with financial problems.what shall i do?
I have a mild case of psoriasis on several toenails. I have NO skin symptoms at all.?
How Can I get Bug Bites To Heal??
shaky hands?
what are the causes for pruritis (intermitent itching) other than any allergic reactions?
I want to get a mole removed on my face?
Dermatologists - I need some help desperately (6 month long problem)?
My nail is hanging off.... ?
lazer treatment??? will it work?
What do I do about this thing on my foot?
Medicine for rosacea?
Blotchy skin on arms and thighs?
what are these spots on my face?
What to do with blisters?
PLEASE please help! I'm in agony!!?
What can I do about this Sweat problem?!?
does meningitus spots always come out in purple bruise type spots after the red pin spots types?
has anyone used bio oil for a long time?
Natural way to solve dandruff?
What is an unusual mole?
i have a very sore ear?
Chicken pox! have i spread it?:?
how can you make sure not to spread viruses?
7 Month old and Inhaler?
What should I do ?