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Clexane interactions?
today i felt dizzy and had a really bad pain in my head?
Why does my hand twitch when i speak to a person?
what should i eat? if anything?
I took yesterday one tablet of amitriptyline and now my eyelids are swollen etc,help pls?
does anyone else with crohn's disease suffer from back pain?
Does Crohns desease affect the spine?
what things can cause a small head?
How come there isn't a section for epilepsy questions?
Man has an ulcer on his ankle. Its extremely painful and he can't walk on it at all. No-one has dressed it for?
Medical term- kalazion?
Is insomnia related to stress?
Suddenly feeling dizzy and sick, explanation?
Pain down my legs, right lower pelvic pain?
should my children be tested for coeliac as both their grandfathers have it?
How long does it take Ursodeoxycholic acid to work when you have Obstetric Cholestasis?
Constant severe pain from my RA?
Is uti and sore throat connected?
How to talk to doctor about a serious issue!?
how is plastic surgery in colombia?
How much poo for a man in his life?
does anyone know what it means when their is bale in your wee?
How come only your fingers and toes get prune in the shower and nothing else does?
Nails and Ridges?
Can you get contacts that last 30 days in the uk with theys proscription curve 8.6 diameter 14.1 power+ 8.00?
Why do my eyes keep glazing over?
ok this is really weird... but my eye keeps twitching.. why?
Laser eye surgery Lasik Wavefront Surgery how long does eye stay red after surgery?
Why have very frequent eye tests? Every 4/5 months?
I lost my bearing ball to my Shisa/Hookah. Can I still use it?
Am I messed up ( body wise in reverse )?
what percentage of people that are addicted to heroin, recover?
Why does it hurt when I pee in the morning?
Why do I get headaches after short periods of reading and computer use?
i have taken a citrpram overdose?
What can I do about my pigeon chest?
Sleeping Problem - any advice?
Advice to make me happier?
how can you tell when someones pupils are dialated?
on averge what to trauma or ER doctors make?
Dextrose tablets - some questions :]?
my body feels like its experiencing an earthquake?
How do you treat a bacterial infection? How do you treat a viral one?
what illegal drugs make your pupil shrink to the sight of pin holes ?
I broke out in hives while in Cuba do you know why? Anyone out there who has broken in hives while away?
do you think its the heart?
Whenever I take a multivitamin I start to breakout with acne about a week after, does anyone else notice this.
Small lump inside elbow?
How do I get rid of all my zits as fast as posible?
I,have dry skin/What is the best make up fondation for it?
Do you have a spouse with cancer ? If you do, can you help?
my german sheppard is 6. and I think she has HD are there anything I can do to help her on my own???
what is minor abdominal surgery?
what a nausea is like ?Specially relevant to that of colon diseases?
I'm having problems with my feet they are dry and they peel? This has never happened to me before?
How Do You Help Someone Who Self Harms?
Help... dont really no what the question is...how can i sort out my life?
How can I take life less seriously?
Have you ever felt as though you were falling down a very deep hole?
Been prescribed with 'Prozac'!?
happiness is it real?
Anyone on anti-depressants having trouble sleeping at night.?
Should i really die nobody cares about me anymore?
Are you happy with the life you have accomplished?
ADHD- lack of discipline and proper food?
i have a morbid fear of sudden death and its ruling my life?
Repetetive songs in my head !?
How to get rid of migraine?
Can you take nurofen as well as paracetamol?
why do my hips always hurt and click?
Is this too extreme...?
Is my spending to much time on the computer hurting my writst?
What do shooting pains in the head indicate?
Headache. Doctors please!?
How can i deal with the pain of a lip piercing?
Pain in my right eye?
i have go a twinge?
Bad Head Pains on One Side?
i have really bad back pain before bed and worst in the morning besides a chiropractor what else can i do?????
Healing from torn shoulder tendon and bursitis
White mole on the top of my head?
I want to buy Mederma But live in the Uk, who stocks this? Or is there an alternative in the UK? Thanks.?
Burning sensation and reddening of the face, sides of neck and arms?
How can i get rid of blackheads?
`does potatoe skin get rid of old acne scars fast?
How do i apply panoxyl for acne, do i need to put moisturer on before or after applying the panoxygel?
help with my red chin ?!?!?
Hairdressers, how do you feel when someone comes in with dry scalp or dandruff?
Retin-A Gel for Acne?
how can i get rid of my spots?
Is dove intenesive lotion good for facial eczema?
Spots help please!!!!?
Is there a name for these types of facial spots?
Bumps Showing Up On My....?
I'm suffering from eczema?
how can i get rid of stubborn blackheads that ive had for years?
best prescription antibiotic for acne?
flaky/red/irritating skin :( (Picture of me before it happened) So can anyone HELP ME!?
why do i have crusty stuff that forms behind my ears?
How do you get your tonsils removed?
harlequin ichthyosis?
my freiend is suffering from ITP with Epistoxic. he is loosing platelets count in blood despite blood?
do you find that when ever you try and diagnose urself on the internet, you endup having some horrible disease
Does Osgood-schlatter Disease Heal?
Why Do I Feel Like This?
blacking out? PLEASE HELP!?
does pushing the osgood-schlatter bump from top to bottom multiple times help it heal?
So scared....Doctor called me back after my cat scan?
What is a dibilitating condition?
can borax be used on human skin. I hear that it works when you are disinfe?
Do i need glasses or perhaps an eye test?
How to clean eyeglasses?
How much do contact lenses for people with dry eyes cost?
Botox for squint/strabismus?
Relation to the heart.?
bad sleeper?
Does anyone else think that crack is really morish?
what is it called when one person drains the energy from another person?
How do you get rid of...?
For some reason when i drink it seems like I cant see pieces of my vision go grey. why?
is social smoking bad?
Is fybogel a laxative?
question about motilium?
Should I have someone take a look at my shoulderafter a bike crash?
Where can I buy a surgical mask and a pair of latex gloves?
Where can i buy cheap suncream?
Do Holland and Barret Tan Tablets actually give you a tan?
Hearing name called whilst asleep?
Ortoplasty- in other ears plastic surgery.?
What would happen if....?
What is the bone called that seperates the nostrils?
Is weed considerate a drug?
Where do you buy a will in UK?
Can you die from an ear infection if you don't go to the doctor?
i have a rash and swollen hands and feet and my lip is swelling?
can blood test determine stomach parasites?
can you be tested to see how lactose intolerant you are?
what makes horners syndrome happen?
what histological changes might be observed in a biopsy specimen of the jejunum of an individual?
Bladder problems.....?
Is shaking and trembling whilst praying bad?
strange smell everyone noticing?
what characteristics do i need to expect from my son who has cerebal palsy? Does it affect his behaviour?
with osgood schlatters disease might my knee have to be drained?
Do you think it's more than IBS? daily diarrhoea, extreme pain, mouth ulcers, joint pain?
Popping/Bubbling sensation in upper chest?
HELP ME!!! negative strep test, now they think its mono! Advice needed!?
I keep falling asleep in my flat in the afternoons and wake up feeling very drugged and lethargic.?
I took Xanax and Coke together, and now?
Pressure in the head and dizziness?
What can cause nausea, every day, so it seems like the norm to have it?
which is a worse drug. Angel dust or da heroin?
I've been diagnosed with high cholesterol and gastric reflux. Any suggestions on safe things to eat welcome.?
Constantly nauseous - never hungry?
Calling on all sufferers of IBS!?
Absolutely so bored.?
Is there a mental illness with symptoms like this?
Making the Brain Sharper?
Can anyone describe schizophrenia and how it develops and what causes it?
Is it better to stay in a job that stresses me out, or to become unemployed and broke and bored?
is my son bipolar or adhd?
How do I deal with procrastination?
Is it your crazy childhood that makes you crazy or are you just too?
S. A. D. i think i night have a mild form of it?
CITALOPRAM- for depression/phobic disorders?
Depression: is it possible to recover?
Would you disclose mental health problems to an employer?
Do i have depression?
I have really bad acne what can i do to prevent it?
Doctor Prescription For Blushing?
How can i get rid of blackheads?
Bicarbonate of soda on skin?
could any body help ?
Help with skin/dermatology?
Which of these acne systems actually works?
why do people's faces get red in the sun?i wanted to know because this happens to my friend?
Why has it all swollen up?
can any one have this treatment?
Does having the water too hot in the shower do this?
Bio oil for scars - I have scar on bridge off nose - anyone tried Bio Oil and is it any good?
how much does it cost to have spider veins lasered on face?
Purpleish red spot in genitial area. Help please.?
why do some people have moles & some dont? what are there purpose?
been having severe bad backs since having my daughter what could this be?? please help?
Ring Finger amputation - Has anyone else suffered this injury?
My daughter fell and banged her head at nursery how can bruising change or drop? i'm confused!?
What knee ligaments are connected to the tibia and fibula?
my shoulder keeps clicking?
Kicked In The Knee, What Have I Done?!?
I am scared of my eye test today..........?
Eyes And Vision Help?
I don't know what colour my eyes are?
Tired eyes at the end of each working day! (anti-glare?)?
Y does many people need there appendix removed and have to go through all that pain?
What could be wrong with my arm?
I think I may of hurt my tailbone or my sacrum?
Pains in back and shoulders?
i have a pain..?
About 3 years ago i was unlucky enough to get beaten up, my hip was severely bruised i think im not to sure..?
Medication and Alcohol...?
my mother was born with 6 fingers on each hand, 6 toes on foot, and the date was 4/4/44, is this some sort of?
How do I stop the air pressure during plane descent from hurting my ears?
Achilles tendons are killing me...?
I overworked at the gym by doing squats, lunges & other exercises. My legs are still in pain after 3 days and?
My hip osteoarthritis has suddenly deteriorated today. ?
my 70 year old mum has a yellow face and awful back pain?
Athritis of the spine, crumbled disk?
i have pain like inside my shoulder blade and can feel it move down my arms at both sides?
should i go see a doctor?
Slipped Disc lower back 2 months ago have dull ache?
My doctor has just given my some Ibuprofen anti inflammatory tablets?
what side is your gall bladder on?
can i exercise if i had knee pain?
Cant sleep?
Burning noes?
Is a positive side effect of ACE inhibitors (hypertension medication) that of making you feel calmer?
what coned of salt should i use please let me know you can help me please??????????????
how do you treat cigarette burns?
What could be the cause of a knee joint sticking out on the left of one leg, while not on the other?
Sick? cant put anything in my mouth?
I hate being Homesick :(?
What are the symtoms of insomnia?
I'm having bowel trouble..?
How do I save my skin the most effectively?
im having moles removed from back of my head, will they have to cut my hair?
What happens if one of my kidneys failed?
Does anyone know anything about legal "highs" eg drugs which are legal?
Why am I so tired at the moment ?
swollen after play fight?
Self Certified sickness?
What are all the vitamins?
Bruised armpits?
I use Lifecell anti wrinkle cream for 3 weeks now..I have seen a little bit of results...will there be more?
AMPK and atherosclerosis?
Is donating a kidney a wise thing to do? Risks?
can you donate your hair (to a cancer society or a wig place) if it has been dyed?
My face has red spots?
Does Canada offer Ionithermie treatments?
i took several antibiotic treatments last year,and now i am allergic to most foods help!?
Have a cold, now my nose is sore underneath?
Undevelopping stye?
If my contact lens prescription is almost the same, would my glasses prescription have changed?
Question please for anyone who wear glasses full time?
I'm scared im going to kill myself?
Help my contact lenses are stuck to my eye ?
how to ask the doctor to see a councellor?
what are the signs of depression?
I can't seem to stop myself from overeating, due to emotional stress. what can i do? I'm scared,?
Can you use a 'tonometry test' to check for an astigmatism?
INCEST is sinful according to the holy bible and the good lord if that was the case how come when the lord tol
Can an old glasses prescription affect contact lenses?
If one suffers from depression and is on high anti depressants do you think he should go back to work or?
I was clean form cutting for 6 weeks but i messed up?
Borderline or Depression? Please help!?
How do you cope with STRESS at work.?
If you found out that your best friend has been self harming, has been doing for a while how would you react??
Very unhappy at the moment!?!?
For everybody with a mental illness please answer-->?
How did you beat anxiety and panic attacks?
Im 13 and depressed what can i do?
Does anyone agree with this ...'I think excessive use of punctuation is the sign of an unstable mind.'
Can anyone help me feel better please?
Does anyone have a fear of bees and wasps?
domestic abuse help!?
My friend said she has fantasies about stabbing people to death,she's not normal right?
elderly lady suffering from continuous itchy back?
Treating fungal infection of toenails?
Has anyone used " Curanail " to treat toenail fungus?
How do you get rid of small flat mole?
Can eczema affect development.?
red rash over body what can it be?
is it possible to remove stretch marks on shoulders & arms with plastic surgery?
Is it OK to use non-steroidal Fucidin ointment on spots caused by an ingrown hair?
does anyone get itchy skin who uses omeprazole?
razor burn ????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
acne and acne scars help?
my boyfriend has a scar near his right eye how to remove it?
skin complaint starting with glum---------- amnlese?
I have spots and blackheads and its giving me a bad complexion any advice of a way to treat it?
My pulse is 48 . Is this normal or a bit too low . I am not an athlete only gyming twice a week.?
I've heard that taking a tablespoon of olive oil each day will keep your arteries squeaky clean, is this true?
high blood pressure problems and symptoms?
( hand injurie ) Iv fallen on my hands a few months ago, And the palms hurt so much near the wrist. at?
I hurt my ankle 22ND March, it still ain't healed...?
how do you know your KNUCKLE is broke?
What are the symptoms of Repetitve Strain Injury and Carpal tunnel Syndrome ?
I've pulled a muscle in my back what can I do to stop it hurting?
pain behind elbows after gym?
Ive got a pain in my leg that wont go away on the left side of the shin?
Help! why does my right ankle keep swelling?
Big Surgery need AFTERCARE?
Severe pain + swelling of my left knee.?
Nose piercing fell out in my sleep :(?
Can you me with claimimg compensation?
what can i do about this?
Sore back!?
How long of bad habits does it take before you get a UTI?
What headlice treatments actually worked for you and you family?
lactose intolerant people?
Nodding Off without any warning (please help)?
Do I have some form of Autism and how do i get i diagnosed?
Bugs: How long can you have stomach pain for before you vomit?
Pain in stomach and under right rib only in the evening!?
Hey im ill and need some advice plese?
Glandular Fever Blood Test?
Pain's in hubby's abdo, and feeling to throw up?
Hypermobile 17 month old not bearing weight?
so i went to the dentist and there was loads of blood.. anemia...?
i have lymphedema what exercise?
Can someone tell me what's wrong?
Do i suffer from Bipolar Disorder too?(please help)?
is the swine flu hotline a good idea?
Cracking your bones on purpose??? (Not knuckles)...?
Hernias during pregnancy?
False teeth ?
Get colds and flu too often, why?
Can anyone recommend a good spa resort? Either here in the UK or abroad, would like to go for a week?
How can I sleep less and not be tired?
When was it discovered that mitral valve prolapse causes anxiety?
Brain MRI TEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
is there anywhere to get one for free?
What would cause urine that was clear due to 2 litres of water you forced down the day before to make it so,?
What is the most effective form of liquid replacement?
What are the causes of these symptoms?
What exactly is a nicotine rush?
Problem with my Bad Habit cant stop? help?
Help!! How can I cure insomnia?
Has anyone successfully sued after getting tardive?
wat are vircore veins?
Does a health care provider have to tell their patient that they have AIDS?
Thinning skin on wife's wrist due to cortisone injection 16 months ago. A wrist watch tears skin. Any help?
If you touch a infected drug needle?
What are the chances that BPPV could be misdiagnosed for something more severe?
Endoscopy results? What it means?
When can't you open a nail solon on Family Day?
Does anyone find it strange that there was more SARS cases in Canada compared to the USA?
Funny Smelling Scalp?
Does Cuba have a real cure for Cancer?
How much does an eye test cost in Specsavers?
my right eye????????????????
About Eye prescription?
How much does the Specsavers cleaning spray cost? (in UK)?
Are the RAF likely to accept aircrew candidates having had LASIK or PRK eye surgery in the near future?
why is life a shunt.....carnt sleep with my pain.getting pain killers what could knock an elephant on its bum?
Suffered some head injury and starting to hurt a lot?
My shoulders are killing me and i dont know what to do! please help?
Headaches In The Morning...?
neck pain?
mY WIFE IS not as mobile these days hips'knees, should i encourage her to get around more.?
My chiropractor says he's going to use "the agitator" on me.?
Is anyone else??
Ever woken up suddenly and been physically unable to move, talk or even breathe??? help me?
ibuprofen, paracetemol and anadin?
is sitting on one leg likly to cause knee pain?
How Strong are "Strong" pain relievers?
Can't swallow tablets?
anyone know any good anxiety exercises?
6 weeks pregant, have an ache either side of my pelvis.?
stabbing pains in my head-both sides-lasts a few seconds...?
Any experts on migraines?
ive got brusies on my legs and more and more keep appearing but i havent banged them, why are they appearing?
I am having severe pain on the lower right side of my stomache..what could it be?
Tonsilitus Question??
why do i write with my right hand but do everything else with my left?
is this bipolar?
how many Nyquil pills does it take to kill me?
why do i feel so angry everytime he uses crack?
Going to the GP for depression/self harm?
can a person with a mental illness such as schizophrenia be a trustee to a seven year old inheritancece?
My friend told me something I don't know if I can handle it?
Stopping Depression?
it has suddenly dawned on me that i am one of the sad people about to ask a question do you think we are sad?
Has anyone found that Venlafaxine/Efexor made them more anxious?
depression, stress, etc?
How do you deal with anger?
Are you jealous because the little voices are talking to ME?
Why did he have to die?
Very unhappy. I want to hold down this job...please help!?
Is suicide ever justified for someone with a mental illness?
at my disadvantages can i still make my dreams & goals a reality or am i to disadvantaged ?
Antidepressants and their side effects.?
I Like Sight Of Blood And Death, I Laugh At Peoples Pain And Have The Feeling To Kill Am I Going Mad?
In what ways does your mental illness effect your ability to function daily?
how could you retain your self from having a breakdown?
Do you think drinking only water will help to get rid of spots?
My yorkshire terrier has and always has had flaky skin?
should i take tablet called Vitamin E for heal wee bit chicken pox deep scars and some of little deep scars?
what are these spots?
A little dry skin problem?
Do you squeeze your spots even though experts say not to?
How can you tell the different between a bedbug bit and a punch wound from an injection?
whats the best way to get rid of acne spots?
get rid of acne scars?
what is the condition m e as my friend has it?
anyone out there have a bypass and was able to get disability?
why is community health important in your home region?
Anklosing Spondylitis?
Did anyone see tha programme on ITV Tuesday night with going abroad to do plastic surgery?
Yoghurt? Yuk.?
Eyesight prescription?
Opiate withdrawl?
can't take deep breaths?
need acne gone!!!?
how do you get rid of acnee on your arms?
I've had an allergic reaction to a shampoo or a facial soap HELP!?
pityriasis rosea?
Kidney Stones?
how much does it cost usually for recovering CIPD disease?
Oily skin :(?
I used Nair last week and my legs are red, itchy and bloody?
I have some bumps and spots only on my back and chest. How do I get rid of them?
How do you do a pupil test on people with dark eyes?
nausea + eye twitch in left eye for a week.?
Why do these eye test results mean?
Just broken a bone!? :(?
Mr brother got jumped the other night. He says he's fine but I want him to a see a doctor?
help.. something is wrong with my eyes!!!! :(?
Eye Issues :( Help ? ....?
liver laceration?
knees and ankles feel like they are going to snap!?
regarding a question I asked a few mins. ago regarding Flitflops.?
is this flat footed?
I have a recurring pain in the leg just above the ankle area, fluid in the bone is the cause. Can it be cured?
A friend has hurt her leg, she has fluid behind her knee, how long will it take to heal?
Severe Aches?
How can I heal a cut, quickly?
Physiotherapy Treatment?
Broken Ankle......... Again!!?
Lower back spasm specifically when my shoulder/neck is touched?
Foot pains?
Broke foot bone help?
Do you still get the full benefit of fish oil if they are swallowed in capsule form?
does bed bug powder really work?
Does my friend have an eating disorder?
Any one else getting hot feet?
Is there actually anything you can do about hiccups?
is this normal?( England only )?
what can i use for a inflammed ear lobe?
i get a sicky feeling in my stomach?
Emergency ( Help if your a doctor )?
Can you become immune to Gravol?
Quitting Smoking - have you done it alone?
Am I depressed? Do i need medical help?
Please Help! Why do I have holes in my feet? Are they still verrucas?
Do you have a sign on your front door which reads" This is a smoking house, If you are a non smoker please?
Sickness and diarrhea bug?
Is it possible to be injected and not know it?
Did i faint today? & Why?
What do you think of doctors opinion?
Give me your thoughts, been doctors they said stress and anxiety?
What illness would cause these?
if you are a doctor or an experienced nurse, please read?
I have been suffering head jolts?
the doctor changed my blood pressure medication. now my blood pressure is 101/43 and i am quite lightheaded?
My friend is having a colonoscopy. What should or can I say to help her feel better? lol?
can you fly with inner ear problemsand vertigo?
can you help an alcoholic?
Underactive Thyroid! hypothyroidism.?
potassium levels whats going on?
Surgery or not? - help me please!?
Do I Have Some Sort Of Eating Disorder?
Is there anyone to talk to?
If you have an existing mental health condition, how safe is it to be around people who are smoking weed?
whot is wrong being gay,lies and sint?
What does it mean when you have a conversation with an empty shopping trolley ?
I have a rubbish job, little money, no friends, no partner, and I'm unhappy. Anyone else like this?
I dont know whats wrong with me! <?>What is it?
Can excessive dope use for 15 years make you immature?
Does anyone else have days like this?
What are some good psychological movies I could watch?
if sitting in room where people are smoking heroin is it likely to affect the no smoker by passive smoking?
does anyone know how relieve sevre anxiety.?
What Mental Disorder Does This Come Close To?
What is the second sign of madness?
How many hours do yu sleep a day?
which catagory do you put brain injuries into? mental health or physical health?
Is Alcohol more dangerous than Heroin?
Depressed vs. Depression... Where's the boundary?
Are our personality's shaped primarily by genetic or environmental factors?
why am I constantly getting cold sores?
I can feel a cold coming on?
So what kind of test would u do to study the levels of troponin?
Sorry I made a mistake Gigantic zit motherfckin zit on my nose?
Netti pot? Please can anyone tell me is this effective way to clear your sinuses, is it safe to use? Thanks?
Is it normal to feel weird the day after smoking pot?
Reminly...anyone experience usage?
Does Lemon Juice and Cucumber juice help take away my acne scars???I am only 14 i need help..i never broke out
What kind of skin disease is this??
Tanning bed rashes, what causes this?
if anyone out there has or knows someone with anhedonia, could you please tell me what the symptoms are? Thnx?
Help, vision went funny?
my right eye is more out of focus than the left...help?
botox for the eye muscles?
Can someone tell me what health services are provided in the USA that NOT provided in the UK?
sleeping trouble?
Can you personally recommend a very good health insurance in UK? Thank you.?
I wake up a few times in the night with pins and needles?
Am I entitled to free eyesight test and glasses or discount?
How to stay awake for 24 hours?
What is this when I'm sleeping?
I Wanna Go To Sleep But...?
Sleep advice?What can i do?
Has anyone taken Webber Naturals Joint Ease?
I was off work with work related stress, after seven months my employer sent me an appointment for work doctor?
my son is having his tonsils out on thursday but he has a cold and a cough will they still take his tonsils ou?
Rumbling in my intestines lol?
Are these really disorders?? What will they come up with next..?
How much would it cost for someone not resident to stay ten days in intensive care in a NHS hospital?
When did HIV testing for new born babies start ? ?
Does Having A Cold Weaken Your Immune System Or Not?
what are antigens, antibiotics and antibody..?
I have lots burn marks and cuts on my hand ?
Red marks from plucking?
i have a red rash on inner thighs and small boils top of legs what is this condition please?
what is Impetigo, is it from living in dirt ?
a bad infection in my ear and it smells really bad why and what is this?
could this be stomach worms?
how to get rid of dark circles around the eyes?
Why does hair stop growing through scar tissue?
I have like excema on my forehead.. well i dunno what it is . but i've had it for months and it won;t go away?
yellow skin patches? on the palm of my hand?
Why is the part above my nose and in between my eyebrows so itchy?
Grr.. I hate moles :(?
what is the best hydrating moisturiser for 32 year old?
might i ever get acne?
my blood pressure is 136 ove 78. and 90BPM is that ok?
broken ankle 3-4 panadol in 4 hours?
My knees have become stiff?
I have an unusual headache?
I have Gout can anyone give me remedies and foods to avoid in helping me control this pain full thing.?
How to relieve burnt throat?
taking painkillers?
My tongue is swelling.?
Miss him so much it aches?
does anyone know what its called where you feel someones pain?
Severe Pain in my hips?
I Keep Getting This Pain?
Incapacity benefit stopped?
What can heal numbed nerves?
It hurts when I swallow, and my throat is generally painful. What is it?
Constipation - burning pain in upper left abdomen.?
What are these pains?
I need help getting over my fear of needles fast please?
Bruised, sore arm after blood test?
Can you help me on this?
soft lump on back of hand?
Has my day been worse than yours? haha?
My left little finger burns and has pins and needles. Is that rheumatism?
my knee hurts when i do exercise or when i twist my knee. is there any way tht i can speed up recovery?
Why can aching feel good? - Weird question, i know!?
Woke up this morning with the right hand side of my nose sore and swollen, any ideas whats wrong with me?
My daughter burnt her finger on Monday and the blister is still quite large?
Swollen hand but is it broken?
I have injury , need home help free?
i have had two cortizone injections now in my shoulder for tendinitis. my arm is worse than before.?
why do i keep getting really achy eyes and head aches?
my son has a broken nose?
If I waited another 50 years, would we be any closer to a cure to cancer?
how do i heal my knee pain. da trainer said that my bone is going into my muscle.?
is there a such thing like that?
what can I do to heal two discs rubbing together in my back?
sports numbness and nerve issue?
Rosacea Help Please?!?
Could I have herepes confused with chelitis?
what can i do for a bad stomach ache?
If you tried cocaine once, how long will it stay in your blood system for?
My 30yr old wife in Peru is 3 months pregnant and has deep anemia?
when i was young i was pretty and had all the men chase chase me?
I went to buy Crampex medication at my local pharmacist and was told it's no longer available, is this right?
When a student nurse (UK goes on "placement", how come it is for such a long period in one stretch?? 12 hours
What would happen if Yoda had a relationship with a wookie?
my sister in law had a knee replacement. i am caring for her but she had to be taken to ER for the redness?
tirdness linked with gas?
If I have 2 Left Feet-will I fall to the Left or Right?
Have I damaged my contact lenses?? URGENT!!!?
i need the author of the human reproductive system?
i need help to go to bed early before school starts?
What can cause excessive fluid in the spinal cord in the neck and is there a treatment/prevention?
What is wrong with my ear?
Hiatus hernia, how does it affect you?
I think i may have OCD but i'm not sure,?
quick question about diarrhea symptoms?
I had a medical spinal tap done over 4 weeks ago and that area is still hurting a lot is this common?
any1 had a stomach scan before?
I have a rather large Meibomian cyst.. *BEST ANSWER 10 POINTS*?
I'm scared of taking anti deppresants?
what are the side effects of mixing suboxone an crystal meth?
could crying affect my vision?
I randomly experience blackouts but im only a healthy 15year old guy?
can digestive enzymes make you ill?
Any help? Ive been experiencing dizziness sometimes leading to almost fits..?
Aching muscles, tired, light headed and sore throat?
inner ear infection......?
What are some fundraisers For Relay For Life?
what does it mean when u have uncontrollable shaking in the hands and arms and some times legs?
what is a thyroid condition?
About a Baker's cyst.?
cissamet, some drug for pain?
How I can get my daughter's hand to stop shedding skin after every bath?
My skin on my leg turned a spotted red from grass and i wanna know how to get rid of it really badly?
Eww...sister blackheads =P?
A Health Question please answer!!!?
Which Clean & Clear Facial products work best?
How does epinephrine help an allergic response??
What happens to your thorax(chest cavity) and abs when you take a deep inhalation?
flashing anomalies in the corner of my eyes. What could this be?
Can you have laser eye surgery done under sedation?
What is the name of the specs which had a half moon shaped lens which you could look over the top?
Do you wear rose tinted glasses?
I need help with reading my eye prescription:?
lumpy skin? chicken skin?
has any body had shingles of the waist?
i have a huge spot and it needs to go help?
Please Help Me! I Have Pink Spots On My Stomach!?!?
Is it possible for a keloid to heal naturally?
Split Veins / Spider Veins?
I have pigmentation in my skin. When I apply my st tropez moose it seems to emphasise the pigmented areas. Why?
should i wash my face while taking roaccutane?
i have watery spots on my face coming up, any idea what they are?
Skin Problem.. anyone help?
Blotchy itchy Rash because lack of sweat?
Has anyone had Schamberg's Disease?
My skin is good, within a few hours it looks 'dirty', why?
spots on chest and back :(?
How to get rid of blood vessels in the face?
I have moderate to severe eczema. And I just wanted to know what would be a good plant to keep in my office?
describe the relationship between the types of lipoprotein in the blood and heart disease?
i hear voices but only on tuesday tea time dose anybody eles?
Hot Bikram Yoga. If you've tried it, did you like it?
My partner broke his arm above elbow but we are going to Mexico in 4 days?
Ruptured Achilles help?
Broken my leg, Cant sleep?
hi been suffering with reapeted cytitis for a year or so is there any self help out there?
Self harm (cutting) is confined (assumed) to younger people, by why do they do it?
sad mood? unloved? why?
Stress help - Aged 16?
Save me, please... I don't want to do this?
What happens to you when you are nervous?
Fighting some demons?
Panic attacks and work?
I am terrified of death, please help me?
How can I get to sleep?
Does St.Johns Wort For depression work?
What should i do if i'm bipolar?
Do schizophrenics have feelings? What type of feelings? Love?
can you catch an ear infection from another person~?
how can i get on deal or no deal?
is this normal .....?
if someone, 3 years sober, quits aa and doesn't drink - will they be ok?what can they do with their free time?
Do i have rheumatism?
What is aspartame bad for?
how do you find out if you have a neurotransmitter deficiency/problem?
Why does having a cigarette make some people need a pooh?
weird feeling in throat?
Is ultrasound cheaper than x-rays?
Do You Like Baths Better Or Showers?!(:?
How often do you blink your eyes? How would you describe the way you blink and what affects this?
My right eyelid keeps twitching, does anyone know what it is or why its doing it?? Thanks?
Chronic back pain, shoulders, lower back and neck, since had my 17 month old daughter? Any help to relieve it?
Doctor is being really useless - can I demand to see a specialist?
Books/ autobiographies/ biographies on famous people who have overcome depression?
If in the middle of the night I need to get up and pee, when I?
Hi, i,m so depressed, last week i was told by my doctor i have degenative disc disease in my lower back, the?
Doctor now or in Morning?
Why do my wrists hurt?
can my doctur send me back to work?
I burnt my hand, what can I do?
What causes really bad heartburn?
Why is it when i run or walk my toe next to big toe on my left foot really starts to hurt?
i hurt my foot the other day and sad, is this normal?
Really bad chest & back pains.?
my fiance has a problem with pain pills?
What could this foot pain be and how do I relieve it?
What have I dont to my back?
Lower back pain with left foot numb?
Lower left abdominal pains.?
Neck problem-pain/stiffness?
Migraines Every Day?!?!?!?
Headaches! Any Advice?
Is it better to take a vitamin tablet in the morning or evening ?
Any home remedies, oldwives tales for the relief of heartburn!?
Lower right side tummy pain?
are my doctors lying?
I have a bad pain in my underarm after pulling up a carpet i can barely lift my arm any1 know what i've done
what does embolic,stocking,admission,clot and heparin mean????!!!!!!!PLEASE?
I was diagnosed with a UTI 4 days ago because of blood in my urine, but now half way though my medication...?
neosporin and polysporin?
How do you get rid of tinea versicolor?
How to stop the wars and prevent people from suffering ?
Swollen neck glands!?
how do i know if my cat has a pneumonia?
. I'm pregnant and have a 1yr old child coming with me to Dom Rep. What should I do w the threat of Malaria?
Pain in right shoulder, upper arm, wrist, and fingers?
clear mucus in the stool?
little pouches under eyes?
noxzema question?
Around what age does your eye vision start declining?
What happens if your corrected vision is not 20/20?
whats up with my eyes can somone help me ?
heart rate dropped from 159 to 90?
I have to be careful about a heart malformation: what kind of sports can I do?
Hi, can anyone tell me of an acupuncturist you could recommend in Suffolk? Thanks?
I'm really worried about cleaning products.....?
How can I stop myself feeling sick everytime I get stressed?
Mavicol sachets for constipation - can i buy it without prescription?
If the chemicals in household cleaning products.....?
Why do some of us feel the need to "refresh" our position in bed during sleep?
has any one out there got a eating disorder and ibs?
why does your piles stick to the bed sheet every night?
is aloe vera gel good for burns?
If a parent has age-related macular degeneration, should the children take lutein as a precaution?
Has anyone ever had type F Leukemia? It's a rare kind. What were your treatment options?
drugs that cause esophageal reflux?
How do I know I don't have Bronchiectasis or Pneumonia?
Glucagon for Beta Blocker Overdose?
Blister on my cheek?
What's the disease called wherein mothers constantly bring children to hospitals believing that they're sick?
why ars my eye so fuzzed?
does acutane work?
What's the best way to stop coughing fits?
If you look at the sun for a while how long would it take for you to go blind after?
Do you know what this is?
Laser Eye Surgery does it hurt?
Do eye exercises work ?
Fifth Disease?
Can you get a refund/exchange from Specsavers if you do not like the look of the frames anymore?
Can anyone tell me what it is?
Please Help, This Is Really Taking Over My Life!?
Thyroxine medication long term?
Can sum1 give me list of all blood condition such as Diabetes,Hyper/Hypoglycemia,Gluten Intolerance,Celiacs?
My partner has started to develop what might be an eating disorder, any help/advice please?
how long it takes after a grommits operation to wet your ears?
Is there a connection between heavy alcohol consumption and rectal bleeding?
Osteoporosis drug infusion - did it make you feel ill?
i feel pressure on my face?
whats the best thing to take for ibs?
Strange eye ability! :o scary!?
Sent stool sample off to be tested but I'm worried...?
can u fly with a perforated eardrum?
i have been going deaf since being a child .i now have 2 hearing aids.can i be classed as having a disability.?
What does it mean when my Liver function test shows a high total protein ie 91g/l. Jennifer B?
What is this twitching/shaking/tremor sensation in my arm near the elbow?
after you drink do you get diarrhea?
Why might someone faint whilst playing sport?
I keep getting dizzy when i stand up?
I have had recurring stomach cramps in my stomach for the past week.....?
what are hospital regulations ?
whats your anti- hangover secret?
Bloating after eating...?
bad earache and bleeding ear?
This Is Really Weird It Happens Every Day.?
If i took a multi vitamin suppliment could i survive on marmite on toast for a year?
im tired...............?
losing all my drive....how do I beat anxiety and get healthy again?
Can a pharmacist refuse to sell you cough syrup if he/she thinks you are abusing it?
Why does my tongue hurt when i eat salty food?
Have you got, or do you know anyone who has a gastric band? How has it changed you/them?
What hayfever compound is better, loratadine or cetirizine hydrochloride?
Coughing up dark coloured blood this morning?
i have taken 12 paracetomols and 4 codines but at regular intervals in the last 24 hours. am i at risk?
Why does this happen?
why does smoking make me..?
I'm scared of life. What to do ?
is it normal to not want to get better from depression?
at home i get bulled all the time and i am really depressed what do i do?
help i can't relax?
FLUOEXTINE? help!!!?
can you put yourself in a mental hospital in uk ??
thats it i go now life is not worth it thanks 2 all i help but not 4 me goodbye?
why do i get the urge to kill people?
sufferers of ANXIETY and PANIC ATTACKS?
i think i have depression what can i do?
Can potential employers discriminate against you for having a mental health problem?
Does anyone else get emotional when they think about their past?
What to do about sleep troubles?
Panic Attacks - Help?
how can i be mentally tough?
Question what is really?
Bad thoughts?
i am afraid of the number four should i seek professional help?
please help me to get rid of depression?
I rode my bike for the first time in years lastnight and?
Does the Flu jab work, does it mean you will not catch the flu?
could i have impetigo?
how were antibiotics discovered?
2 in 1: Do I have a chest infection? How can I build up my immune system?
How long do coughs last for?
how do antibiotics kill or ihibit the growth of microorganisms?
Flu jab with temprature?
My wife needs a biopsy of her thyroid (the left lobe is enlarged).?
If the doctor does not tell you blood test results over the phone, does this mean it's something serious?
My mother has cancer. It will be a month until she sees an oncologist. Is there any way to speed this up?
Snoring, giving sleepless nights to my neighbours?
Food allergy's?
Is there charge to get a Pneumonia vaccination in Canada?
What is the diff. between a antibiotic and a probiotic?
What is anaphylaxis?
Does Ginseng Really Help??
Thinking of quitting smoking?
Does Tanda really work?
How much does it cost to get your mole remove from a dermatologist?
blinking eyes is this stress?
Im 16 and have Intermittent exotropia can it stil be treated? Should i get it treated i feel it holds me back?
Any ophthalmologists reading this....?
i keep throwing up but cant work out why?
CAN I STILL GET TALLER AT 17? (late bloomer)?
Mosquitoe bites - need help?
Why do i always feel sick after...?
Is It Possible To Improve Your Reaction Drasticly Over Time?
Constantly tired anyone got any ideas ?
Best thing to eat tomorrow morning? Exam?
what does it mean when you get pains in stomach when coughing and sneezing?
Why did my friends breasts rapidly grow?
Weird sensation in head / brain?
sometimes i find occasional nits how do i remove them?
What methods can I use to help improve my short term memory?
Pristiq side effects and withdrawal?
how to build my confidence.?
Anyone out there live with a person with Borderline Personality Disorder?
no windows and no doors,how do you get out?
fatigue..feeling tired and sleepy all the time. what are some ways do help urself.no doctors?
Advice to help cure my terrible depression?
whats the best thing to use to self harm?
Why cant people with poor circulation use corn plasters or bazuka etc?
Could a tension headache be mistaken for a brain tumor?
i have a in growing toe nail in my big toe, i have been to the docs and been giving anti biotics,?
Interview in a hour & ill!!!! Advice please!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Help with Delirium Tremens.?
Is there something medically wrong with drooling in your sleep?
I feel really down right now (sad and teary) for no reason... Help!!!?
Can you get appendicitis by being punched in the stomach?
ive got a lump in my arm what is it?
Did you know black people are more vulnerable to various illness because they need more vitamin D?
Will Stem Cell research lead to a cure for Schizophrenia?
what are symptoms of swine flu?
i keep having severe stomach cramps what could it be?
Is cod liver oil any good for gout ?
what do these symptoms sound like?
my son wants to play canoe in the canal but there is risk of weil's disease?
what's up.I'm in my 30's. My ankles get regularly swollen and my shin get bruised very easily.?
I wheeze, get headaches, get temporary Vision loss, get dizzy often and faint from time to time?
Any one know whats wrong with me?
Raised ketone level in urine test?...no diabetes...?
My dad has been waking up each day with bad pain in his little and adjoining finger on both hands? Any ideas?
Help i hurt my (right hand) knuckle?
what injects are used to relieve back pain?
can a rumbling appendix go on 4 a while.?
it hurts really bad :( help?
Every time i have a orgasim i get this terrible sharp pain in my head.It is so painful,can some one help pleas?
Why does my leg allways ache ?
aching pains on back of both my knees?
Lice !!!! :(?
Please describe the progress made in reducing infectious disease in the third world. Thanks?
do you have to live with a hemerroid??!!!!?
cramp in my tongue.... help?
hi my dad has r.athritis & has just started methatexrate medictaion & has gone reeally paranoid?
Can you give cough meds for cough due to croup?
Why does chocolate give me a headache now?
Would a recent back injury cause hip ache?
hi all sufferers can you give me some answers on sciatica.?
is there an illness for addiction to pepsi?
If psychopathy can be caused by damage to frontal lobes, would neurosurgery help?
i have a mild pain in my abdomen?
does anyone know about chelaton therapy, as in used for artery clearing/cleansing?
Is It Normal For Your Pupils To Get Bigger?
Why does staring at something like this link make your eyes go funny?
Has anyone tried Champix, tablets to help stop smoking??
Work in a hot environment how can I keep cool?
droopy eyelid?
Hi people, if you plan on asking a question regarding abuse, be very carefull to delete it from the history?
Who is the best surgeon for hernia repair in the UK?
Why does my knee come out of place when i walk?
My friend claims a chiropractor who was working on her back was so rough they actually bent her spine, causing?
i haveavery sore lump in between my mouth and my chin, which is causing me to speak funny?
help with my: Bone Scan!!?
Injured hand should i get it checked out?
Could i have dislocated my jaw?
Pain moving up and down my back?
The bus man opened the bus doors and squished my hand?
i had concussion when i was about 15?
What happens when you have an injection and they hit a nerve in the top of your arm?
Im really confused i think i blacked out.?
Which are the best foods to; reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol?
Obsessive Behaviour - biting own skin and pulling out hair?
why do some people get shorter while others get taller?
Help Opticians! Small, flashing, spots of light?!?
Do i suffer from Bipolar Disorder?PLS HELP?
I want my hair to grow, what are some nice foods/meals rich in protein?
At what age does a person have to start paying for prescriptions from the doctor?
Painful pains around my chest area?
why do i have a hole on my stomach?
pinning back ears .?
Need some health advice?
my eyesight has changed?
how do you get rid of a blister?
whats happening with my thumb?
how common is natural immunity to chicken pox?
Why is heroine, coke, crack and ice more addictive than most of the other drugs like dope or L.S.D?
daily vitamin supplements - looking for daily vitamin supplements?
i tryed salvia about a day ago?
if i have never worn contacts before, do you think it's safe for me to wear coloured contacts?
I think I got glitter in my eye..help it hurts?
How can I get healthier skin naturally???
What risks are there from freezing polycarbonate bottles?
Does cellulite cream work?
How dangerous is an enlarged right ventricle?
Help!!! I think I have what seems to be the beginning of a Bunion. What do I do?
Did I do the right thing?
17 & depressed?????a lil help please!?
is it true if you listen to the same song for hours does it mean you have autism?
Does any1 else suffer from Anxiety?
ive been self-harming for over a year now, and i feel im going to get found out tomorrow! what do i do?
Is this a mental disease and is it common?
Do you ever feel like you need to scream and cry but ...?
in the uk, if i get diagnosed for depression, will i get anti depressants straight away?
what do i do? this depression is killing me...?
What is your favourite way to relax?
Is there anyone on yahoo answer who has panick attacks and how do you deal with it?
what is the low risk results of measurement in a nuchal scan?
Abdomen ultrasound.. what to expect.?
Hurt my finger badly help...?
pains, and they really hurt?
What do i do with my head?
Do I need a return to work from Doc b4 I go back to work?
what is the remedy for vertebra ?
can i take beta blockers & pain killers at same time?
why can i hear a ringing sound in my ear?
Pain in right side of stomach?
What is an Elbow Fat Pad Sign?
Many years ago I had a whiplash injury and have had neck problems for years as a result recently I have?
will i have to have my foot re-broken?
Has anyone had back surgery to relieve a slipped disk/trapped nerve at L4/L5?
I've had 7 keyhole knee ops over the past ten years. Should I continue to play football?
Whats Wrong with my leg ?
Lump on my neck? Doctors Please. :)?
I understand I am about to have a cast fitted to my fractured wrist (non-surgery) Will it be possible to drive?
How do you know if you pulled your hamstring?
Wat is wron wit my foot?
Applying ice pack for sciatica?
Terible eye pain?
Can i see an orthopaedic surgeon on the NHS regarding a broken thumb?
How do you tell the difference between a badly sprained ankle and a broken ankle?
i was playing with my dog today and accidently hit my wrist off his tooth. it looks like a have burst or?
I had a heavy cold the past few days but as the cold cleared away last night I felt really sick?
I have a prosthetic leg and I want to know where I can have surgery done to have a leg attachment.?
hand is spraint or broken any advice?
How would swallowing acid affect your body?
I've had a bad back for a year and a half now, what could it be?
What is wrong with me?
What is this pain in my wrist?
I have swelling in the legs do u think reflexology will help to find the problem?
EARS HURT....HELPP????????????????????????
weird headache for the last 4 days HELP?
is it possible to sneeze in your sleep?
To what extent can a spinal problem cause psycholigal distress?
four different complementary therapies in relation to orthodox treatments?
Why do they sterilize the needle for lethal injections?
Best Say to Shave Armpits?
do i have a big nose?
Itchy ball's "please help",?
Now Man Flu Is No Longer A Myth...?
Can depression and anxiety really stunt the growth of your height?
How much would it cost to get a genetic screening?
whats wrong with me ?!?
Why am i heaving everytime i eat?
shall i take arpizole 10 mg for sleepin peacefully and for mental relaxation?
Weird symptoms after crying; HELP!?
Hole In The Neck ? ? ?
What do you think of the Choose and Book System (NHS) (UK only)?
What happens if you're sick during an exam?
Any1 taller than 6 ft 5 and wants a fight?
Do I have the flu?
Whenever I eat ,I un-optionally puke(even if in taking small amouts)is this a eatting disorder if so what one?
What can extreme high levels of CK (skeletal muscle enzymes) be the result of?
Starting Solids and food allergies?
Is there a chance that I'll get fifth diease if I already had a German measles?
How can you cover peeled off skin?
Kronic Nausea That has no cure?
Birth Control?
How much Amitriptyline can one consume in 15 seconds without getting harmed?
urgent question for health care prof: appendicitis?
What is the average life span of someone that is paralyzed?