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Anyone suffer from strange sounds in you're lower back?? help :(?
Have you ever been hit by a bus?
Whats the difference between sports massage and normal massage?
can't keep still at night - now affects during the day?
Do you have any suggestions on how to stay awake?
Can chronic jealousy and an inability to take stress in a persons stride chip away at their relationship?
How old do I look.....?
Delirium tremens - what should I do?
I quit smoking a week ago. When do these feelings of wanting to smoke stop altogether?? Or do they?
why do i feel sick constantly!!?
If you seen a adult wearing diapers what would you think?
Feeling like theres water in your throat?? HELP!!!?
Breathing difficulties after having 3rd cervical cancer jab?
I cant breathe? When trying to sleep?
why do my hands and feet itch sometimes?
Any oncologist.....What is a treatment for b cell high grade lymphoma? Not diffuse large b cell....?
How to avoid catching the Norwalk virus from relatives tomorrow?
Not Peeing after Dialysis?
I need a list of nutrients to support healthy organs.?
could i have strep throat?
Whats a good age to let children take their inhalers (puffers) directly without using an inhaler mask?
Does anyone know where PCOS meetings are being held?
very worried?
vip.ca virus fix?
Can food poisoning have long term health effects?
how long does it take a shin splints to mend?
i have a groin injury and i really want to go training ?
Can i be sacked for being off sick with a fractured foot?
Still have a really sore foot?
I want to change doctor to new area.?
i hurt my ankle 6 weeks ago it was swollen and now my ankle stiffens up alot
Is my chest going to heal - broken ribs maybe?
can someone give me information on my coxic bone please.?
How long does it take to recover from having a wrist pin inserted?
Can a tendon rubbing against a bone wear a groove in it?
Shoulder bag problem?
What Makes a Small Wound Infected?
There's a bone sticking out in my wrist...
how to get rid of the annoying cellulite on the back of my legs and bum ?
What's the Sunlight's bad effects on your Skin ?
Can IBS cause skin problems too?
white dots all under the skin?
How do i get rid of a spot?
What is the incidence of Hidradenitis suppurativa in men?
is there a way to get rid of sweat patches or to prevent it from happening? please help x?
Ingrown hairs? How to be rid of the darn things! Please tell me?
Red dots appearing on skin?
what is lympha dema? and how to get rid of it?
Can I Cure Crease Lines With Anything Like Cream or an Injection I have a Large Line on my Forehead?
Giant mole behind left ear. Any ways to conceal it?
Nits or not - Please help advice needed?
I have a single raised taste bud for a month on a little stalk! no pain, no other discolouration. Any ideas?
Any one ever get at all?
Help for sunburn please?
warfarin side effects?
What is the structure and function of the heart? What is the role of the heart? What are some diseases of the?
Is there a difference between Diovan 80 and diovan 80/12,5 ?
My pulse rate is very low?
INTACS...personal experiences please?
do sunglasses help prevention of cataract? do they damage the eyes?
I can taste my eyedrops is this normal?
need to know the causal factor of the psittacosis disease asap?
Found a verruca and accidently touched my mouth?
is the nicholas cage virus taking over?
Perthes disease in adults?
wound is watering & swelling?
Is bronchitis still contagious after 3 weeks?
Is there a cure for highly strung people?
How long do gum infections last?
One tonsil bigger than the other?
my daughter has hypercalcemia,anaemia,skin all broken down and raw,lethargic and in pain what is causing this?
Can you catch shingles by playing golf with a person who has shingles but is taking anti biotics?
Why is Boric acid good for treating Conjunctivitis?
bulimia and breast growth ;?
Chrone's disease sufferers - did you get bad food poisoning 2 yrs or less before diagnosis?
I love my feet - and love to watch others feet too. What bits of body do YOU like watching?
What might be good natural antibiotics for bacterial infections like E.coli, salmonella, etc?
If i take the powder out of my medication capsule and mix it with orange juice will it still be effective?
Is The Thought Field Therapy (TFT) for real???? or pseudoscience ( a joke)?
is it wrong not to socialise at all?
Do i have a mental illness?
Hands up if you are an insomniac.....?
Anxiety and Panic attacks?
help me! help me! i'm gonna die i'm going mad i need answers!?
I have been severely depressed for a year. I have tried Prozac, but it made me feel worse.?
best way to handle stress?
im goin insane?
do i tell someone or will it pass? :( serious answers only please!?
Is the whole world conspiring against me..please no sanctimonity!?
If there was a vote today, would you vote in favor or against marijuana?
i want to cry do you ever feel like that?
How do I tell my Doctor I self harm?
Is it possible to be suicidal without being at risk of killing yourself?
Advise for when your bored?
General anxiety/paranoia?
Do i have an OCD?
Off Sick from work?
Uncrollable shaking?
What happens if you suddenly stop taking your Anti D's then start again few weeks later?
I have nothing worth living for and I just want to end my life?
Im 28 and this dont feel normal?
Mental problem?
Counselling...how can i tell my counsellor how i feel?
What are liver palms/hands? Any relation to liver spots?
Hi,has any body else toddlers urine always show blood traces when dipped with dipstick at doctors?
Gastroenteritis - And the effects on an unborn child?
i asked a question yesterday?
Is there a quick way to flush crystal meth from urine prior to a urine test. Other then costly detox meds.?
smoking neighbors?
I Am having a left upper lobectomy my lung cancer is in stage 1. what can I expect ?
neutrogena best for acne?
age wise blood pressure chart?
sun care and moisturiser?
what is the prescription colour for nurse in wales?
why am i always ill and exhausted ?
what are the benefits to children of physical play and exercise and the need for sensitivity?
What is the best nasal spray that i can take all year round for Allergic rhinitis that's trigger by dust mites?
Stomach pains Please Help.?
Why do i keep on getting blackouts?
is it an eating disorder?
i pee alot i seen the doc and ...?
Can anybody tell the reason for the increase in the length of ovula inside the mouth?
Why is it bad if you eat before you sleep?
What do you think .... ( Funny )?
Does anyone ever get sweaty hands whilst driving?
Eye test results differ?
How can I grow taller?
whats the best treatment for chronic hartburn and indigestion and traped wind in the bottom of your throat?
What health supplements do you take?
muscle spasms and twitches?
I have been stuck in all week.. ?
Does Exercise and Physical Activity Help or Hurt Your Arthritis?
Destress!! two young boys and one on the way!!?
when i lay carpets or after exercise i feel pressure in the top of my brain as if something is going to burst,
For about a week i have had a twitch in my back, why is it doing it and how can i stop it?
What is the cause of my extremely intense stomach cramps?
Fiance has snapped achilles tendon.....
best treatment for jammed finger?
i slept funny two nights ago and now i have crick in my neck/shoulder. what can i do to ease the discomfort?
anyone in canada sell air-o-swiss humidifiers?
my baby is 6 weeks old and has skin irritation and rashes,what can i use?
Nuclear stress test?
is the ginjal group related to the remedy for kidney stones?
i have chicken pox red marks does oxy10 removes it?
Has anyone ever used Exposed acne treatment?
She's aways in the bathroom. Is there something wrong?
what is it you think?
Isn't it risky to create anti-acne pills with belladonna in them?
oher names for cervical cancer?
Please Help!!?
what is the best way to cleanse you system from nicotine?
How do you feel when your high? and tell me a fun experience when you were high? :P?
can bird's nest (a kind of food, not the real nest) be brought into Canada without duty?
how long for Recreational drugs to show up negative in a urine test by International Olympic comittee standard
hormones going crazy?
What are the advantages of exercise bikes?
I'm blind in my right eye, and can't stop staring at the sun, help??!?!?
does anyone know what the strongest and most recommended acne medication out there (even on perscription?)?
Help!!! Why are my hands like this?!?
Cigarette burn scars?
is there a cure for...?
Small hard lump on my Child's forehead, on hair line?
I have small, red itchy spots on left chest and upper left back. What are they?
Best way to peel skin without using chemicals?
swollen top lip ? HELP!?
why is my back so spotty?
has any one used or is using psoriosis phototherapy UVB lamp, do they work?
Little White Lumps Under My Eyes,?
tongue got red dots on it?
oozing eczema on my face?
Would it be possible to remove the skin of a sleeping human being without waking them up?
Raised mole on back is irriating?
She won't take a bipolar test! ?
Alcohol gives me Nightmares?
How do I cheer my Mum up?
I need to cut myself, but I don't want anyone to see them. Suggestions?
What is the ONE MAIN thing that causes depression the most and why so?
How can the stigma of mental health problems be removed?
short question here!! (honestly :P)?
I am really not feeling to good?
Where can I buy Pro Plus over the counter? :) ...?
When you take too much ecstacy you have the time of your life, when you drink too much, you throw up...?
my stomach easily bulges after marriage. is it normal?
Bulky scar after hernia repair. Is this normal?
Can you feel anything under Local anaesthetic?
How do I lose weight?
vaccinations, i'm going to asia, what vaccines do i need, and can i get them done through my GP or do i need?
Stomach Cramps anyone/ doctor nurse? help?
I am on Fluoxetine (Prozac) tablets, one a day. How do I come off these and are there any side effects.?
I have an obsession with eating paper, normal right....?
Anyone know any really good spas in the West Midlands?
I can't remember who I am?
what size are you in jeans, short girls only please.?
what are the best deodorants?
what is it and should we do ?
Decision making for children with terminal illnesses?
Can My g.p find out if i left the country or not?
my dad needs a kidney removed asap he has kidney cancer & has doubts, says god will heel him ndoesnt want surg?
Getting benefits for illness?
Wondering why i am constantly getting coldsores one after the other?
MSRA. how many types of the strain are there?
food Poisoning how long?
Have you had Shingles? I currently have a servere case & I'm wondering just how long until I'm properly better?
what are the immune system's anitbodies?
Do you think this is swine flu? Am I immune yet?
i have 28 year old son with a autoimmune disease called Chronic Re curing Inflammatory Optic Neuritis.?
How does the body react to food poisoning?
Whats wrong with my eyes?
Mild problems with my eyesight?
Where can I order just one pair of continuous wear contact lenses online? So I can try them out?
How long before I can get back to work with fracture of elbow (radial head )?
What's the waiting time for non-emergency x-ray at any London Hospital?
Swollen ear after stretch?
My ears have popped please help :(?
I broke my wrist/arm 3 weeks ago and it came out of cast today but still hurts?
slipped discs in my lower back!!!!?
need help broken finger?
What should i do about my sprained ankle?
Had pineapple a week ago, still have a 'burnt' tongue?
Help need advice?
whats happening when....?
I Have narcolepsy.I need help in finding a sleep specialist I?
Will contact lens improve your eyesight?
has any one got any suggestions?
How much does BUPA healthcare cost?
What to do when you have Pink Eye? 10 POINTS.?
where within a hospital or clinic does an ultrasound technologist work?
Is it safe to buy weed from legalbud.com?
What are some good websites with information on herbal healing?
euphoria and in many ways?
have you ever tried shrooms?
Has anyone tried 100% pure D-Mannose for the treatment and maintainence of bladder infections?
I have a prescription of wellbutrin xl 300mg, I need to take half the amount but there is no score on the tab.?
need healing process of broken rips and how long does it take?
What happens to water when oxygen is taken away?
how does pseudostratified ciliated columnar epithelium ensure air becomes warm damp and clean?
I am requesting information on a health problem about spinal stanosis?
Anal Abscess?
Do you feel this way about death too..?
Am I Depressed? Because I Dont Know Whats Wrong With Me?
Is fear related to depression? Is this depression?
How are you tested for bipolar??
i suffer with aniexty but need a job, and im worried im going to get panic attacks whilst workin!!?
Is this suicidal? i am not sure?
Trouble sticking to the anti-depressents?
We have a 31 year old daughter who has suffered with depression since her teenage years.?
Have u ever had an out of body experience? what could this have been?
What is anemia? Just wondering x?
sunbeds and eczema ......?
Help! I am worried about my little brother?
what causes fluid on the ankles ?
what is Eczema? what can help it?
skin on back feels cross between itching and sunburn had for a week now (had no sun though) any ideas?
Why ,when avoiding dairy produce for eczema relief ,is goats milk recommended when it is classed as dairy too?
when i was a child i was seen by a GP who gave me a sulphur ointment for my zits. where do i buy it now?
Why have i got bumps/ridges on my fingernails?
Skins: Piercings of the female cast?
Spot and acne medication? what works and what does not?
who hasn't had a drug problem in this town?
What is the best way to get rid of adult acne?
i need a spot cream that will get rid of my spots in a week and keep them down, but i have sensetive skin.?
If athletes get athlete's foot, do astronauts get mistletoe?
how to get rid the scars which appear on some of my body parts including on the face?
taking care of your skin?
Does the start of chicken pox Look like a slight rash with a few bumps that look like insect bites?
Why do I have a lump on me eye?
Organ donations - can I donate?
ever had a mole removed by doctor?
Nail Growth Treatments and tips?
weird rash??????????????????????????????
Does anyone know if I can purchases a evening body suit for my baby girls eczema?
Can a syringomyelia or syringobulbia be the cause of blackouts?
Can eye exercises improve your eyesight?
can anyone duplicate an eyeglasses demo lense to the exact shape, flatness,curve, material and reflection?
Fear of hurting bad knee.....Advice needed?
Is it normal for a new employer to contact your doctor?
Where can I get crutches from free of charge?
Who do i listen to? A doctor or a quack?
tell me symtoms of alcohal induced liver damage of outer body, like eyes skins etc?
how sck can i get if i drink?
How do you resusitate someone who is uncounscious?
Besides chamomile tea are there foods that are relaxing?
Heart cramps what could this be?
Are there any dangers in having the swine flu vaccination?
should my three year old have swine flu jab?
Suspected Pelvic Inflammatory disease, Help!!?
I have all the symptons of the Swine Flu but the cough; do I have the swine flu?
Best cure for eye mucus?
I have been told I have swine flu.?
Just felt sick then extremely dizzie when i stood up then pretty much collasped after excerising.?
I am never hungury and I feel sick all the time and i get really bad headaches does this mean anything?
Verruca problem................?
a lump with a white top on the top lip of my mouth?
When and how can i give blood?
hey if u use ur laptop in the dark does the light affect your eyes and cause headaches?
Could you still see without your eyes in their sockets?
Eye vision problem on waking up in the morning?
Air Optix Aqua contact lenses please help?
Has anyone used the York Test service to test for food allergies/ intolerences? If so, was it value for money?
Wonder if any one can help or advice?
What is a ' ba- donka- donk'?
Can you buy an a equivalent of dance safe analyzing in GB?
Anyone else got gas poisoning?
Everytime I drink something I feel sick....?
Why is it I can NEVER think of anything to talk about with my friends?
Please help me..i feel like dying?
What are your experiences with Ritalin?
hi,I'm a long term sufferer of agoraphobia,does anyone know the cheapest purchase place 2 Buy diazepam on-line
Do cigarettes contain "poison"?
Depressed but i need a job.?
Do you believe suicidal feelings are always as a result of depression?
Hearing Voices In My Head?
Does anyone suffer from Seasonal Anxiety Disorder? Can you help me get through it Please.?
10POINTS! I have a wierd phobia/Cringe of biting into sertain metirial?
Should you let someone know about your mental health before you start a relationship with them?
Can I drink alcohol if I'm taking 20mg fluoxetine and 50mg amitriptyline?
is there anyway someone can be born without a full funtioning brain?
Can anyone help me please :( ?
Social Anxiety if you have got it how do you deal with it?
How long does it take for you to start hallucinating due to sleep deprivation? Also, how long can it last?
I always had a nightmares and hard to sleep.What can I do to solve this problems?
How do you know if someone is an alcoholic or not? And how do you help someone who drinks too much?
desperatly in need of help!?
What could be causing this rash?
I Dont have spots but i have like red patches under skin that look like spots but ino there nt?
are cetaphil products any good for skin that is prone to acne?
What mole/spot is this? Picture 10 points ... help!?
What are these tiny red dots/bumps?
Have acne prone skin which is very oily what type of foundation is best to use?
Could CFS affect the clearing up of a ringworm infection?
what type of foundations work with eczema?!?
how can i get rid of scars?
how can i get rid of scars on my legs?
How can i get rid of this on my legs?..?
Has anyone got any more news on young Youseff from iraq that was taken to the US for burn treatment?
Getting Rid of Back-acne?
blue hands.........hand problems :(?
what is chrones syndrome?
Down Syndrome?
Why despite medication watching my weight and exercising
Do you know of any Canadian websites or stores that sell piracetam?
Why is there medical Marijuana?
lac caninum to increase milk supply?
Will using B1(Benfotiamine) and B12(Methylcobalamine) fix Periferal Nuropathy; I am not Diabetic.?
What is the oldest face-reading knowledge (used for health analysis) in the world?
Will i be allow to wear eye contact lenses?
Where can i get the best Novelty eye contacts?
What are the weird shapes that appear...?
everytime i play some sports i have a hip pain ?!?!?
A fly flew into my eye, what do i do?
A peculiar injury?
Sunburn? how long will it keep hurting?
Back muscle?
in a spinal injuries hospital sould the nurses..........?
I've had an accident at work last year and wondered how much compensation i might get?
I recently badly bruised my arm. Bruise has gone but I have funny bobblie feeling the under the skin, why?
Small lump on the back of my head?
quick healing recovery?
my daughters arm?
Why do i still have a painful shoulder?
Fracture of the 7th Vertebrea after a fall?
had a op nearly 6 weeks a go?
Non-epileptic seizures?
i have been feeling vertigo for two years now, but my doctor said it is not an innear infection and there is?
prescription charges?
neck irritation?
what is cold-night?
i have folicuitus. I've tried a few different treatments but it won't go away. What do I do?
Will health insurance cover inpatient treatment out of the country?
Allergies or Glaucoma??
which Canadian cigarettes are the lightest?
I have had a constant cough for the past year!! I have gotten a chest x-ray, had allergy tests...?
Is it possible I have Melanoma?
Survey question: Has anyone in your family developed cancerous moles or melanoma recently?
can i donate a kidney to friend?
i have a 40 yr old friend,ithink he is smoking crack....what to do.?
Can you catch tonsillitis?
What % of the world's population will die due to SEVERE pandemic?
How do people go to sleep very late and wake up very early?
why do we stretch as soon as we wake up?
lump above knee?
How can i get rid of the spots on my face?
i have a wart that is bleeding underneath should i pop it or would that be dangerous?
Scratched at a freckle?
Advise please - Moles appearing....?
i had the first treatment of pripsen for threadworms...?
36yrs old woman, do i have acne?
what are progesterones (levonorgestrel) and oestrogens (eithinylestradiol) benefical for when treating acne?
Anyone know what will help ?
What is a good solution to stop a mosquito bite itching?
can sombody reccomend a good waterbased facial cleanser?
how to reduce redness overnight?
What could this rash be?
will my toe nail grow back?
Where can I buy Meladerm (skin lightning) in London?
What does sunblock do?
can you tell me what is the best way of get rid of stretch marks?
I am avoiding dairy because of my eczema...?
Best shampoo for flaky scalp?
what is the fobea of fear of bridges?
Depression/ Anxiety, and college work?
Is anxiety a mental health problem?
Anyone in the UK please answer?
How can I be less lonely?
Are there any depressed people out there?
i think i have deperession can some one give me some advice?
is self harm a symptom of depression?
What do you think of online therapist?
Red Bull and Prozac?
i dont go out?
Whats wrong with taking some sleeping pills and valium?
can you pass out if you only eat one thing in a week?
Have I been given the right tablets??
Do I have to hand in my resignation if my boss asks me to I suffer with anxiety and depression panic attacks?
What triggers panic attacks?
is my head messed up??
im so stressed?
I licked a rock and It speaks to me. Is this normal?
I got angry about even very small things very easily. What can I do to stop my anger?
Could this be depression?
My sister is 11 and she self harms, what should i do?
Where can I purchase a light box in Toronto?
Why do Alka-Seltzer tablets only react when placed in water?
How do you make a local anaesthetic or something to numb the skin ?
Is there any other way to get immunized against Hepatitis B besides injections?
When feeling IRRITATED/angry i get a low stomach PAIN... WHY?
pain in my left side ......... its like a sharp shooting pain i've had it for 6 hours now any ideas what it is?
Upper Back pain?
Eyes Ache And head ache after long periods of ps3..?
how hot should my wax bath be for hand arthritis?
why do my joints ache when i am cold?
has anyone got a slip in there back, and how do you cope with pain relief?
i have lower back pain on left side only began after started to walk uphill?
why am I in pain what is wrong with me?
I have had a bunion operation! it's the most painful operation! has anyone else had this done? or am I just a?
A quick question about lower back pain?
i have heartburn and nothing is working to get rid of it?
have this pain in my back and it won't go away?
please help me ??
Why am i in so much pain?
am in lot of pain think its my ibs?
if your scalp is inflamminated would tea tree oil cure it.?
looking for a doctor taking new patients in brampton?
I have high level of alt , ast ,total bilirubin?
Can you get Zyban in Canada?
I have this tapping sound in my right ear. I can feel and hear it vibrating like Morris Code.?
Wierd blotches on my stomach like bug bites??
What is the best night cream for aging skin?
my iron levels are slightly elevated.what causes this and how can it be corrected?
BLOOD IN VOMIT, sore throat, voluntary vomiting, bulimia?
does anybody know exactly how much egg is in a flu shot?
Anyone have experience with using a NSAID vs Glucosamie Sulfate for osteoarthritis?
I want to get my nose pierced what can i do to cover it for school? (im 16). appart from the clear retainer ?
should i see a doctor?
Acid Reflux?????????
Smoking [16]........?
End of life under morphine, what happens?
Why am I not getting fat?
Arm numb!!?
helpp?? big problem with my knee need answers quick?
badly sprained ankle.?
i had an MRI and Arthogram today and I'm confussed!!?
do you think i have a tear in my shoulder?
do you know when u have a cast off?
Carpal Tunnel and a Ganglion Excision?
What do u think???
Bruises that haven't faded from well over 3 months ago?
what is wrong with my arm (elbow)?
Should I have a lump above my knee with quadriceps tendinitis?
nose piercing aftercare?
What are the most common causes of serious injury/ death in household accidents and who are most susecptible?
question about my whiplash injury?
Ankle injury?
my eyes keep watering and they feel like im tired when im not actually tired why o.o?
Boss poking him self in eye, whats it mean?
Concern about heart rate?
Temporarily - high blood pressure, dizziness and low pulse rate?
question to dr. frank or other medical professionals about heart condition?
Will you ask to see Doctors Credentials?
Can not eating properly affect your heart beat?
high blood pressure and vision changes?
was mpi scan good for diagnois of heart condition?
Methods of getting rid of granuloma annulare?
8 months after taking tetralysal my skin is still flaking. will this stop?
Do scar fading creams/oils work on OLD scars?
How can I get rid of red spot/acne scarring?
what is this hot sensation?
have hard skin on sole left foot wont peel of but feels like ai standing on a nai?
whats worst 1st or 3rd degree burns?
Every month or so I get a thin red line down my cheek about an inch long. It disappears after 3 or 4 days. ?
i have spots on my lip line they r realy annoying me how can i get rid of them?
dermatologist question ?
Dry & spotty skin, what a nightmare....?
How do you get rid of whiteheads ontop of spots quickly and easily?
What treatment would they prescribe?
Tiny line of spots on the inside of my index finger again?
HELP: Acne and spot medication.?
tea tree oil product for acne breakout?
Can dogs have chicken pox?
will swine flu come to ireland?
What form of addiction do you have most and least sympathy for????????????????
pain after lymh node removal and mastectomy, anyone had this happen?
Why do I get Dry Skin ?
Red bump in my mouth?
Red Cross in America has double red blood donations, does Canada?
How does the saying go?
do you think people can get better at reading if they have brain surgery i know i did!!!?
dry skin under eyes?
my child who is now two years and nine months is having exotropia if he undergoes surgery at this age whether?
Lung Disease.....?
how to clear up cuts in one day?
What Are They?
I think I have a cold sore coming...?
Why am I more hungry in the morning If I have had something to eat just before I got to bed?
I have had a bruise on my back for about 4 weeks now why has it not gone?
Why is having separate taps more hygienic?
Is it unhealthy to sleep too much?
Colin Fry nd Tony Stockwell?
Any herb out there that CAN or may reverse thinning hair or men's scalp?
How do I persuad my doctor to give me pain medication?
Lactose pills, weight loss, and health risks?
I heard there's a tea that can stop bleeding? Is it true?
Which product is best Alka Seltzer Or Eno ?
rapid digestive transit?
Help please.........?
Does smoking cannabis effect your eyes?
Can an op., help glaucoma?
I wear -1.50 daily lenses but the optician gave me -3.25. Could I have damaged my eyes?
How long does swelling last with sunburn?
tiny spots ,wont go away for ages?
does anyone know any treatment cream for hypopigmentationn?
What are these spots on my body?
How Can I Get Rid Of A Sweaty Back?
what is the best product for removing verrucas?
why are my feet itchy alot?
Why is it me and my friend share simular skin tones (white), but i tan really dark and she doesn't tan at all?
Stop Skin looking Oily?
My Little Girl Has A Rash, Does Anybody Know What It Could Be?
Rash Question? Help? Like, Soon? Or Now Maybe?
is itchy, blotchy, raised skin a side effect of an overactive thyriod?
i am gettng sweat too much?
what could be wrong for the last few days i have a very bad earache but sometimes it just goes away?
Is A 26 G Cup Size Normal For A 16 Year Old?
Do you sometimes have problems relieving yourself before you enter the lavatory?
Hi, does anyone know what this line is on my fingernail?
spot prob????????????????????????
swollen lymph nodes and tonsils with white spots, sore throat, hurts to swallow and talk, blocked nose, etc?
Is there away to increase brain power?
Why are my lips always so dry?
Does Johnsons Baby Oil Cause Acne/Spots?
i bought drugs online and I'd like to be sure they are genuine?
How to establish if a medication web site is Genuine ?
Is there any relation between nutrition and head growth?
Can anyone recommend a calmer i can take for nerves?
alcohol and medication help please?
Medical staff - Can anyone advise me please?
How can i get rid of Anxiety when i see my ex?
What is a person feeling and thinking when they are having a panic attack?
I am looking for a Mr Beers who specialising in the pelvic pain area but I came seem to find him can any1 help?
Why does this happend to me? I feel like I am going to faint in the hallways.?
who can tell me what is wrong?
Feet?? i live/work leeds/wakefield area UK and want some TLC/ pampering for my feet any ideas?
What can poisonous food?
id like 2 donate my body 2 medical sciencewhen i die?
I want to grow taller - doctors appointment -- HELP :)?
Can you take Piriton with Fluxoitine and is it safe?
can severe allergic reaction to hair dye (head like a football) cause fits or other side effects?
What causes a respiratory infection?
What kind of paint did old salvage ship use in the 1950?
I am doing my product on acne and need to know how to get rid of it of my acne what should I do?
When a child is diagnosed with tonslilitis and they are put on antibiotics are they still contagious?
After sports Care?
what should i do about havinh a Big nose?
back pain??????
hi can some one tell me?
personalinjury question...?
advice on personal injury claim?
My son has just had his knee drained by a doctor thinking it was fluid ,?
Can any one tell me what's wrong with my wrist/forearm?
i dislocated my knee 8 weeks ago and im scared of it dislocating again. wats the chances of it goin again?
Knee Injury?
bruising on my left knee?
am feeling really run down - what can i do to feel better?
swolen ankle?
what are the treatment options for a first metatarsal phalange oblique stable fracture.?
Stress fracture in my back.?
What's wrong with me?
Who do i ask for help now?
Does anyone know how the British government define "Unfit to work"?
IF you ever gave up smoking for a good length of time, what was the reason you started back again?
I didn't think i had a problem but my friend called me bulimic?
What is the best way to help someone suffering from agoraphobia or alcoholism?
suicidal 'fantasies'?
Sorry I keep asking questions but...?
How to breathe when having a panic attack?
Trance-like states?
I've suffered from depression for a long time?
A man jumped in front of a Train.?
Am i eligable for incapacity benefit?
Do you go to the normal doctors for mental health?
I have ADHD. I was wondering why is it so hard to read?
Should I take antidepressants?
i really need a short break away to help me recover from abuse but have very little money any ideas?
What is a fast, natural way to detox THC/Marijuana from your system?
has anyone had a sore on their gums?
Can you tell me what your initial consultation with your acupuncturist was like?
have i got a cold please answer !?
Roughly how long will my tonsils stay swollen?
What kind of an alternative community is there in or near SWINDON?
Can our kidney's repair themselves? Other problems too!?
What do they see in blood tests and urine tests?
Billirubin In Urine. PREGNANT!?
does anyone else expereince palpitations when nervous?
Help, im blacking out like 6 time a day and iv already fallen down some stairs.?
should I sell my tamiflu?
How much alcohol would it take to kill a normal person and what damage would it cause?
Where can I buy dairy-free pro-biotics in Egypt?
What Causes Acne?...........?
what products are best for oily skin?
my sister has a rash?
Is watching DVDs on your LCD laptop screen bad for your eyes?
Problems With my feet?
I keep getting a rash wich doesn't itch on my hand for no reason?
Help pleaaaaase :( x 10 points!!?
What is the best oil-free moisturizer?
my skin is quite dry and have a few blemishes and cant find a foundation that works with my skin, any suggesti?
aloe vera application?
Should i still be feeling and actually being sick 2 days after surgery?
remove verrucas with duct tape?
I have a coldsore/spot on the edge of my lip, but right where the top and bottom lip meets...?
SKIN TONE ????? how to manage?
How can I get contact lenses as an American citizen?
my eyes have been aching lately and ive just realised its making me dizzy?
a few little red spots under my nostril?
Can itchiness be caused by nervousness or excitement?
Why do most people have a chicken pox scar on their forehead and not anywhere else?
contact lanses that moisturise your eyes?
Info about B12 deficiencies?
i have swimmers ear, and my doctor gave me drops but no pain pills, IT HURTSS!!!!!!?
Energy drinks and herbal sleeping pills...?
I need advice about my Inner ear infection pills?
sorry i haven't my mobile with me, what's the time?
What Happend to me Last Night?
i feel i have water or something trapped behind my eye..anyone have an idea of what this could be..? please he
How can I stop cracking my knuckles?
Hernia Repair - Inguinal operation,how long does it take to recover?as my b/f is going into hospital soon,also
Bags under eyes?
Are there any Natural cleaning products on the market?
What are your plans for the rest of the year?
dr frank? is she out there??? is she for real?? is she like the docs on bbc1 doctors? does she really care?
What's wrong with my knee?
:( blister ahhhhhhh?
concussion. what is normal after having one?
My foot really hurts but i havent fallen over what is it?
Why do i get/feel so tired?
Anybody any experience of a 'mallet' fracture in their finger..?
i think ma pot to tight on ma foot?
How long until my sprained ankle is healed?
Knee problems!!!?
Left Inner knee pain?
really badly swollen lip HELP?
Ive sprained my jaw and am in pain?
My son has a very large deep graze on his nose. How can I help pevent/reduce scarring?
whats wrong with my knee?
Does home micro-dermabrasion help splotchy skin?
I have an extremely large johnson and girls are afraid what do i do?
I'm taking sulphur pills for my eczema and does anyone no if its for eczema.?
hey anyone there, my mom has hepatitis; the docter told me something and I didn't get what he said, pleas help
what is the leading cause of morbidity in canada?
Infected with TB?
How can I fix my cracked nail?
sweating issues?
I have an allegeric reaction to Tilapia. What is in this particular fish that is not in others?
Worst desease possible?
Slimray Lipolaser from 'Vital Solutions'?
Urine Infection... On antibiotics?
Can I have tb with out a cough?
genetically modified or not?
How is a T-tube removed?
How can i get rid of spots?
what is goji juice?
Vegetarianism promoting acne?
How long does it take for hair to grow back in alopecia areata ?
If I was offering a service to listen to you talk about all thats good about you for half an hour once a month
How is glucose absorbed into the GI tract?
Is it true head lice can jump?
brown spots on legs???????
does moisturizer help you get acne-free skin?
does vaseline help spots lose redness?
White patches Help!!!!!!!!?
The soap im using is giving me dry hands?
what does it mean when you mark easily on skin when scratched lightly?
Could taking lymecycline for acne lead to greasy hair?
Do you have anything special you do 4 clear skin?
Fastest way to get rid of fake tan!?
Anyone have itchy ear canals with skin peeling off? What causes it and what can I do about it?
Why do I always have a red nose?
Whats the best way of getting rid of Blackheads?
Any thing to buy that really does help the appearence of scars/make them vanish completely (face)?
When you smoke weed, are you concious?
Does hoodia work? Are there any permanent side effects?
What are the real prices for Lasik Vision?
Should I take pepto bismol?
If 1-2 whole bottles of advil are taken, what are the changes of dying?
I told a lie to my counsellor........?
I get headaches and feel like my mind wanders a lot of the time. I am 15. wat could this be? Please wirte bk x
why would anyone want to have bipolar or schizophrenia?
How do I cover it up?!?!?
I just want to leave -im not interested in anything else - how come nobody will help me with this goal ?
Does this sound like borderline personality disorder?
why is depression so addictive on other people, especially there partner?
Does anyone else sometimes feel that everybody apart from them is having a fantastic time? Are they really?
I think I was raped when I was younger!?
im 14 and too scared to be alone?
My eyes are constantly dull, an off white colour are there any vitamins or foods to improve the health of eyes
Please can someone explain my glasses prescription to me?
is there anything that can be done to improve a red - green colour defect in the eyes?
Is it possible that AMD dry type
[guys:] if the skin around your eyes becomes dry & inflexible, what is the best product to rehydrate it....?
what causes this? small dots?
Feels like i have somthing in my eye when i dont ?
How can I stop my ears cracking when I swallow?
flu-x and cancer?
what is dysarthria?
Is stress the only cause for excessive recurring mouth ulcers, or could there be another, like GERD?
What is this white spot on my uvula?
I have a hickey on my tongue, I know how it happend, but has anyone else EVER had this happen?
Does anyone else on Yahoo answers have metabollic syndrome x?
throbbing pain in veins?
suffering symptoms including anaemia, swollen lymph node, bruising etc..?
is my lip piercing infected???????
how do you get rid of an earache?
lump on the nose? getting bigger?
smelly urine and black stools!?
Need a solution for dry, cracked feet?
Anyone had an iron infusion? 35 weeks pregnant?
My friend needs help!!!!?
How long would it take for ibuprofen to cause severe damage and death?
wot is wrong wif me i keep shakeing an being dizzy?
Blood test for Lupus?
I've done something terrible to my knee, please help?
My foot hurts AAHHHH!!!?
i had a band fitted in april 2007, it has gone very well, i have since got a hernia pushing it down can i die?
I had my cast off my arm today...?
Get answers from millions of real people.?
Small scar on near my right eye? Please help?
I have a sprained Jaw but i don't know what i have done to course this?
will my managers let me go back to work while im on crutches?
Injured foot?
How to me minor cuts heal quicker?
Is it broken? why no more info?
it looks the same-it feels wierd-hurts alot-aches-no blood-broken it before-have i broken my nose?
i was lying in bed yesterday and got up and think ive trapped a nerve in my lower back?
Will It Scar? Know any ways to stop scars?
what is this?
Back cracking ... :S :( ???
Is there a connection?
Swollen ankle after jogging and aerobics?
How much would it cost for an MRI scan privately in the UK?
Heel injury?
hmm... pseudo-lice?
I get about 20 to 30 cold sores per year. I heard of a preventative drug. My doctor denies it.?
I have just startiing taking accutane. I am in my second week an my skin had gotten alot worse.?
How long should it take till you see the effects of botox?
What to do with painful flat feet?
Whats it like having contact lenses?
How to get rid of blisters [quickly] ?
why does chicken madras give me hickups ?
I need head lice help?
Is it normal to not want to eat whenever I get upset? I always lose appetite / get sick.?
why am i always falling sick ?
Does being a traveling nurse get paid more then regular nurses?
I've forgot how to sleep...?
what is going on with my body?
I am always tired but I get enough sleep?
Help! How old do you have to be in the UK before you can get an appointment at the doctors?
Can i buy the morning after pill in Tesco pharmacy (in Bishops Stortford if poss) i am under 16 ad male?
is there a remedy for a broken heart ?
A question about mosaic verrucas...? (Sorry if this is a bit gross)?
What do you think is wrong?
Why do people bother with silly things like ear candles?
Chronic Pain please help?
where would i get free surgical masks to prevent against swine flu?
Long unhealthy life or Short healthy life?
sick , best way to cure a cold?
do I really need a silica supplement?
I'm looking into doing invetro fertililization, looking for financial info...?
please help!! spot disaster!! :(?
my son has developed rashes since about november last year. he has been prescribed daktacort and daktarin?
how can you get rid of facial spots...?
What are these red blotches down my arms?
How do you get super glue off your body? Ive got some on my hands and have stuck my right hand to my head?
Can anyone tell me a natural exfoliate?
rash/spots on my face?
i used this cream on my face?
can liver help the scars and deep chicken pox scar to heal and smooth?
Sweat: do you have a solution (not medical) to control sweat?
I used to have cystic acne(Nightmare) although it has cleared up now....?
red mark on chest? help?
thanks for the feedback every1 on new baby JAMIE if i could leave feedback on every1 i would thanks a mill ;oD
Why is methadone treatment repalces with ibogaine treatment for addiction?
Bones in my feet keep cracking?
what are the dangers of using nicotine gums for a long period of time?
CLiCK HERE ..................please?
With "body burden" testing, what are your fears regarding the numerous chemicals that modern day humans have?
I cant swallow tablets?
Is it possible I've sprained my FOOT (rather than ankle)?
Why are my muscles always sore after exercise? ?
age wise blood pressure chart?
Do you think that people should have their lives ended if they request due to painful and terminal diseases ?
I have a lump on my lower back, what can it be?
On glasses can you scratch off the writing on the lens?
Need help Medical Eye Question?
Medicine/Medical question! How close are scientists close to finiding..?
Bright light whilst using computer?
What if the gallbladder with stone is not removed.?
I Want To Drive But Have Epilepsy?
Right so im getting a weird feeling in brain area and its become more and more frequent?
how can frequent diving enable a person to adapt staying longer under water?
my eyes are so weird, they have bubbles in them :S?
The opticians booked me another appointment because of the headaches my new glasses are giving?
Why am i feeling lightheaded?
Is this Insomnia?????????
I go all dizzy when walking from a dark room to a very light room and vice versa..?
What causes permanent visual snow / persistent migraine aura?
My friends think i have it OCD?
what r the side effects of materbation?
is bipolor 2 the same as borderline personality disorder?
has my friend got an eating disorder?
Getting signed of work with stress and anxiety.?
What to do- Overbearing Work Colleague?
Has anyone experienced adverse effects from taking Antidepressants?
Can someone please help? ?
Will the hospital treat you if you don't have a health card here in Canada?
Are there any likely changes in the treatment/diagnosis/...etc for scarlet fever in the future?
I am getting my Needle and i have a question please HELP ! :)?
What's it called when one faints, and their lips go blue as a result?
Drug which can enter the brain causes side-effects such as drowsiness. which component u think is most likely?
Is there any cure for chicken poxs?
how do i become an xray tecnician?
What does white spots on your fingernails REALLY mean?
keloid formation?
Will Neti-pot help with inner ear problem?
are children tonsil suppose to be large?
Really itchy skin...?
Lung aspiration .......?
what is care standards act?
would it make a difference if informal carers were recognised for what they did?
Can bacteria on food become airborne?
Why does my whole body shake, and my right arm turn bright red, when I eat dirt?
is your hip width inherited?
Anyone know someone who had general anesthetic in pregnancy ?
can anyone help me as i am being sick when im asleep?
Do I have a problem with my feet?
How much does a physiotherapist get paid?
stomach pains, what to take ?
how to get tamiflu? swine flu ( not sure)?
pro plus or kalms which one?
Why did they send the sample of for testing when they put me on antibiotics?
why do i have trouble sleeping?
why is my left arm behaving like this?
how do you get prescription coloured lenses?
Have you ever given blood before?
Horrible hangover today - why? eeeewwoo?
Partial Seizures - Haven't had diagnosis yet?
What really is the purpose or uses by the body of plasma?
What artery is closest to the surface of the skin and how many millimeters deep is it?
I think i have got swine flu and contacted the NHS hotline today?
Do you think music can heal sick people?
Where can you buy mederma and dermablend in the uk?
Weird skin Texture on legs and upper arms?
Will people still like me even though I have vitiligo?
has anyone broke out using simple refreshing facial wash?
I've been prescribed Doxycycline for my spots..?
seborrheic dermatitis....help!?
anyone know if there is such a thing as a home skin tag cutter and cauterizer?
I always get spots on my back?
strange rash on hands?
is there any quick tips on how to get rid of spots?
Really dry skin! help plz?
I'm sick of acne! What helps yours?
I have a really itchy rash on my neck!?
why scars won't remove and heal forever?
Getting rid of Spots?
Any experiences with Bio-oil for acne scars?
How do u remove dark underarm,i mean if your armpit is darker than your normal skin what do u do to remove it?
foot injury? please answer thanks?
Help, I cant walk in so much pain?
Do i have nerve damage?
quick advice on stomach muscle recovery?
Tendonitus? i can't walk :'(?
I have Got a sore eye help ?
sciatica in back of my foot and ankle?
What do I use to heal a twisted ankle faster instead of doing nothing about it?
can you damage your funny bone"?
Can really bad eyesight improve? :O?
best contact lens prices?
i have dark brown eyes where can i get good contacts?
if a gut said he would give u sey......500$orĀ£ but u had to snog an 80 year old man would you do it?
This will sound really sad but what do you do when you feel you cant cope?
Will I ever get over my social anxiety?
What's the best way to deal with a depressed partner?
Does an eating disorder make your hair fall out?
How can i improve my memory?
seretonin/what is it??
do you think too much??
ive had 7 paracetmols and alcohol:S?
John Ritter's physcians were cleared of any wrongdoing in his death?
How do I cure myself?
Sulfameth/Trimethoprim 400/80 for an 8 Year Old with a UTI?
does OHIP cover cost of hemorrhoid treatment?
Anyone ever had an operation to treat "ACHALASIA"?
Model of the heart.?
Bone Cancer?
question for someone whos know what theyre talking about when it comes to medical things..?
one ear is sort of deaf?
does your heart swell?
help for orderlies how to move a patient?
Do we get lymph nodes above the eye brow ?
i Have a Very Bad pain Were My Ribs Are, What Could it Be?
why does this sometimes happen to me?
What is causing shooting pains?
Blood test help anyone? Please read?
how can i break my wrist without getting hurt that much?
Have you ever woke up next to someone?
releif for arthritis
how can i improve my eyesight?
why would you see lines in your vision, lines you can follow when you move your eyes.?
surgery for ingrown hair on backside is it sore?
what's the best way to cure a fever blister?
i get palpitations what can it be?
does heart beat fast when having heart attack?
Can my cousin sue the NHS if his GP failed to spot his Scheuermann's disease when he went to see him about it?
I've been feeling sick for 10 days. I can taste sick in my mouth and feel bloated?
I have a medical report from a phsychiatrist?
Can people confined to wheelchairs suffer breathlessness more because of the lack of excercise?
how healthy is it really for brain and health to give plasma?
Can anyone calm my nerves. I am due to have an endoscopy (camera down the throat) to see why I have anaemia.?
find it hard to swallow?
Tribulus Pro 95% Saponins 300mg - Testosterone Boosters?
I hate my body, what can I do about it, I get too much attention?
what does it mean if white cells have been found in a urine sample?
I've decided to stop drinking alcohol?
Illness is severely getting to me now. Should i go back to doctor?
Every night I faint and then wake up in the morning?
Sleeping After Swineflu?
Can't stop hyperventilating?
When your DRUNK or HIGH - why do people laugh more than normal?
Is it safe to drink alcohol if I've taken Beechams tablets for my cold?
Is the incidence of motions sickness declining in the last 30 years?
Does anyone else suffer from this?
Does anyone know of anywhere private you could go to get custom eyeglasses lenses made?
Optician said it is normal to have partly blurred vision with hard lenses?
Refractive Surgery to correct astigmatism in eye ?
I see fuzzy bits in my vision?
Strange Visual Disturbance?
theres summat up with me and i dont know why?
I had a stye on my upper eyelid, and now my eyelid is swollen. What's up?
bloody lump in my ear...help?
Broken / dislocated toe!! help?
Where can I buy an orthopedic arm sling which would support the elbow?
Questions about knee recovery after surgery...?
Broke big toe and smaller toe next to it, anyone got advice on how long it will take to heal?
help on injections please?
My ankle is still swollen after a month??
Whats worse a Pikey or a Wasp?
Anybody after an operation on a slipped disc?
Injury Lawyers... are they a good idea?
get rid of spotty back + arms?
I have a bad blushing problem? :(?
using hats - ringworm?
Why do i only get spots around my mouth area?
Sweaty hands and feet?
Can you advice me on acne rosacea?
can i use tomato,lemon,cucumber together to get clean,clear and glowing skin?
Which 'WITCH HAZEL' is more affetive and reduces acne?
Has anybody used Trosyl Fungi Nail Treatment?
how long will the pox in my hair take b4 leaving?
Is it ok to put a plaster on an athlete's foot wound?
my brother has woken up with a large blister under one eye it is not painful or itchy what caused this?
Bites without being bitten?
Can you use Bonjela on coldsores?
Is it the cooling of the cucumber that reducing dark circles around the eyes or does it have special chemical?
Are skin peels good for acne scars are they effteve?