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Help I'm 13 in canada with a lot of stress and problems ?
Depression.... does it ever end? Any advice....?
How do i achieve the normal, happy life i so want after everything ive been through, i fear its to late now ?
i am going on holiday soon not interested in anything do you fake interest because of depression?
help me to not be aggresive..?
If thinking about your emotions and life makes you want to cry, should you keep it all locked up?
whats the quickest way to die?
I think about suicide alot, but does that mean i need help?
Do you suffer from anxiety?
antidepressant advice?
Can a doctor prescribe a drug that could deal with anxiety AND depression?
what do i say to my mum?
Can you sign your self into hospital?
¿How can I stop eating too much?
Really Bad Nightmares i need help - please?
If wou had feet instead of hand and hands in stead of feet would you walk around like u was doing a handstand?
Anticipating migraines?
Any one suffer from loss of hearing?Doc says i've got blocked Eustrasian tube? any help to make it better?
Not being able to sleep?
Should I go to Greenbelt at age 61?
blood pressure problem?
can someone display the symptoms of another's ailment?
When you get contacts, how long does it take for them to arrive after you order them?
How long does it take for Vitamin B to start working?
I want to buy a roor bong. and would they happen to be sold at a local headshop?
Swine flu or paranoia?
Please Answer Quickly About My Mam?
SCIATICA info tips on coping with sciatica?
Back pain from cold, is this possible?
i rugby tackled some guy in p.e. and i was immeadiately left in pain. i feel doctors and helping my knee heal?
What is a good painkiller for severe back pain?
my boyfriend has a stabbing pain on his left hand side?
What could it be....?
any cure or help for my painful tennis elbow?
Severe Stabbing Pain - Please Help !!?
please help,feel very unwell?
Could my knee be dislocated ?
why does this happen???
How to get rid of pain from a bee sting?
Does disc problem last the whole life or can it be cured?
help what is this pain? left chest ?
why do we get pins and needles.?
Im off sick with lower back pain can work ask me to leave?
i am male 22 i have nee pain can anyone suggest anything?
does cortisone injections help trapped nerves in the leg?
my son has a red mark on his left leg any1 know what it could be?
Scar tissue on nose, what should i do?
Why does it sting when you put deodorant on your skin when you get out of the bath/shower?
can pH 2.5 water cure Hong Kong Foot?
How can I get rid of this scar?
Something wrong with my mole?
How do i get rid of my puberty spots?
Blemish on skin. What could it be?
Please help me! Acne problems?
Diprobase question...treatment for acne rosacea?
Birthmark question (child)?
How do I stop getting cold sores?!?
Homework: Why can loud noises cause people to lose their hearing?
why cant i swallow???????????
i need help with muscle damage in my foot eg exersizes,self physio?
my husband was hit by motorbike couple of weeks ago he he still not right has severe laceration to ?
What should i do? Please help its doing my head in lol?
has anyone pulled their back then suffered knee trouble when walking ! any answers please.?
i had my nose pierced with a needle about 17 months ago. i still get the bump and it is very painful when i ?
I was working on a job when i think i got a needle stick ?
My right ankle is so painful that i cant walk on it or put any pressure on it?
Bad wrist after two months still in pain?
what is the function of the lower sphincter muscle?
Xalatan stored at room temperature?
Is it good to produce ALOT of tears when you yawn?
In an eye test, what now replaces the part where you looked at a semicircle of radiating lines?
if i have a very high alcohal tolerance, will nyquil still make me tired?
whts the symtom of endiometrosis?
Hindi word for Shingles?
can you fail a drug test even if you don't inhale?
Asbestosis, I need knowledge and understanding.?
What are the causes, symptoms, results, and possible cures for anorexia nervosa?
am I becoming "Michael Jackson"?
Pain that started in armpit and now is around chest?
Niece age 2 had a seizure (entire body stiff, blue).M&D did CPR. MRI,CAT,EEG,EKG show nothing. what to do?
what is cancer?
How do i control muscle pain from being hypothyroid?
I notice light brown marks above my top lips, i went to a Dr and he said its could be freckles from the sun?
I have jaw pain which is VERY painful?
Irritable Bowel Syndrome, pain in left side of abdomen?
Which spinal surgeons in Europe regularly use the Trans1 device?
What causes flat feet to make the sufferer walk with a bounce?
what is the creatinine level that will need dialysis?
lump in my leg? what is it im worried?
epilepsy seizures :(?
Symptoms- worried about this rash, what is it?
Kidney Infection Question?
can ginkgo biloba cures dizziness or vertigo?
What do these symptoms point to?
N.H.S waiting lists (do they exist)?
whats the difference between.........?
Any parent got toddlers past the age of nappies been on holiday!?
Why am I always hot and thirsty?
took my 2yr old to doc's,as her knees seem to go in.been diagnosed with flat feet.anyone else in same position
hacktos cough medicine anybody know who makes it?
hepatopancreatobilary surgical operations list?
heart doctor famouse?
My father can't sleep at all after having a stroke.What should we do?
Why does blood pressure decrease as blood flows down through the circulatory system?the?
what is the differrence of heart rate and breathing rate?
How long until i have tonsillitis?
Can I go into a chemist and buy pinworm/threadworm treatment if I'm under 16?
i have a very large ingrowing toenail, what should i do?
am i disproportional if my legs are 36 inches from the hip bone and i'm 5'3?
I keep getting bit by insects ? what should i do ?
Well, Ive Been Noticing Im Getting Yellow Tinted Skin But NOT Eyes So Its Not Jaundice, What Is It?
What's the most effective way to get rid of a raised (keloid?) scar?
Help! How long do you usually have a red, swollen and sore ear after an Upper Ear piercing?
Types of Vitamin E cream?
Why do i keep getting blisters under my skin?
How to get normal skin back?
Blister treatment no skin?
How to prevent spots?
can exfoliating slightly change skin colour?
When a sore is oozing water from the skin what is causing that to happen.On left foot.?
Does Tesco sell HRI clear complexion tablets?
How do I motivate myself in the morning?
What's your favourite cigarette brand?
Quick question about incontinence..?
question about acne, blemishes and stuff. please tell me what you think.?
Verruca suddenly has black spots?
i need tips for Anemia problemz?
laser skin treatment information..?
a question of health.. can you help?
will I lose height from cracking my back?
Which one of these cleansers would you get and why?
how can i stop getting red spots on my legs?
dream matte mousse is correct for combination skin.?
The Diazepam Isn't working?
I am mildly nearsighted in one eye and moderately nearsighted in the other. Advice please.
I broke my Glasses.. how can I fix them
Is this prescription bad? What does it mean?
eye strain on new computer?
can you recommend a suncream that doesn't cause sore eyes?
which anti depressants DON'T make you gain weight?
Just how many hits does it take to hit rock bottom?
I feel angry and depressed all the time.?
have you ever felt so suicidal?
what are the symptoms of a lung infection?
How do you relieve pain from hemorrhoids without using prescription steroid suppositories?
Does Neo Citran actualy cure you or....?
osgood flatters- problem with the bone-knees-13 year old male?
"What the different between ( low, lowered, lowing , decrease , little , deficiency ) increase , high , highly
So I had my several different heart tests done due to the symtoms I had been having. My holter test came back
I have been referred for an echocardiogram, should I be worried?
is heart beat of 33 too slow?
i had a heart attack 10 months ago,?
stroke paitent needs help to sleep, Medical?
TEA,what are the medicinal & healing properties of tea.What is the magic medicine in tea?
Is there a way that someone can op-out of the NHS, and put their share of earnings into Private Health Care?
Does anyone have any tasty recipes for lunch and snacks to help me detox for 2 weeks and eat healthily?
How do I stop my contact lenses (gas permeable) misting up?
I asked a question about quitting smoking?
please could someone tell me what (nail)varnish thinners are and any benifits and contra-actions? thanku x?
what causes fits in someone who gives up alcohol?
I hav acne type spots on my knee dey r red not 2 big but stick up bout 1-2mm frm my knee cap How do i get rid?
Injury at work claim?
does anyone know how to make a home made bandage? not for cuts. For sore muscles and injuries? for my shoulder?
leg injury - What is it?
When can you leave hospital after a blood transfusion?
for approx 10 years i have had a right keee problem ?
Fractured Thumb ?? HELP !?
what was this injection for thrombosis?
Anyone had a chipped or broken elbow before?
My tongue will not stop bleeding!?
I am currently off sick, from work. the first week was self certified and thereafter i was signed off by my GP?
swollen bottome lip, what could it be?
I hit my head yesterday, have a recurring headache and neck pain?
Should I get it checked? I was punched very hard on my upper arm four days ago. ?
What could this small lump be? its not painfull!?
fixing a broken nose?
i dont no what i have done to my ankle help?
How long after surgery can i wear contacts?
okay anyone know of a plase?
National Insurance policy.?
Medication question--PLEASE help!!?
Are glucosamine patches effective, for arthritis?
My dad has Spinal Stenosis and we are worried about the op. Does anybody know anything?
How long does conjunctival hemorrhage take to lose redness?
Why do I have a consistently high temperature?
FLUOXETINE 20MG cap are they safe or not?
Actimel is giving me diarrhoea when it is supposed to do the opposite and cure it. Why?
head ache..feeling sick?
What are some good techniques for regaining flexibility in a finger that was broken?
Prescription epilepsy tablets.........?
recovering anorexic (ish) but please help?
I am addicted to marijuana, any advice on how best to quit?
feels like not enough oxygen going in?
question for doctors and any medical students?
when transference occur between patient and client?
fast heart rate help?
is it normal for a 14 year old girl to be a size 8 in clothers?
How do you treat nitz or get rid of them?
What is the difference between panic attack and feeling extremely nervous?
Amitriptyline Withdrawl?
im having pain in my neck just under jaw at the front, is this glands or lymph nodes?
Help Please. Personal Question?
I noticed that my 6 year-old niece's face twitches?
How do doctors perform a blood test?
Swollen glands please help....?
I have the following symptoms?
What types of scoliosis back braces are there?
what are my chances heart problem?
my heart is missing a beat every fourth or fifth time is that reason for concern?
I got AF at 27, I have mitral valve, pacemaker and ASD. Will I die soon?
Why are my questions always deleted when I CHALLENGE the cholesterol theory?
My husband just had 2 stents put in for arterial blockage in his heart, what foods now are best to eat?
high blood pressure symptoms?
How do I over come fear of getting a heart attack?
To have Cystic Fibrosis, do you need to have all the symptoms?
How much do these cost?
Air movement bothering eyes?
what is focal calcification?
Is there any permanent cure for Hyperhydrosis or Excessive Sweating?
Mortality figures/statistics for Cholera in Victorian England?
I have a nail fungus and am struggling to get rid of it, I dont want prescribed drugs can anyone help?
why am i getting itchy?
Touching the socks of someone who has athlete's foot?
UC Skin does it work?
face got allergic reaction or burned?
i've got a mole/freckle on my chest, and just picked a little bit off the top by accident .will it be okay?
anyone else going to miss their bump?
What are the symptoms of a yeast infection of the skin?
how to get rid of tiny spots on my forehead?
What are my options for skin treatment?
WHAT on earth bit me!?
how long will it take for white little white sports to go from having a chest wax yesterday?
Has anyone used an Eazze?
Small hard lump on my upper back.?
Pure tea tree oil and healing deep cuts..?
Is Lime Juice Good For Nails?
what is good for your heart?
how long after stent treatment can you fly?
who is inch high private eye.??
Every so often I get a blind spot in my eye.?
Eye making funny noise when blink & touch?
How does the eye stay in focus?
how comes i feel tired all the time? i do not work, but am job hunting. why do i feel tired?
Just a question!?
Something to make me cry?
can i really be sectioned?
The gunman in Virginia was taking antidepressants. I am taking antidepressants. Could I turn into that killer?
How can people help to reduce the stigma of mental illness?
how can i explain myself when i dont know how?
how can i overcome my nervousness and anxiety?
who do i ask if i am not happy with my doctors diagnoses(cant spell it)or who do i complain to?
Scared of death?!?
can you answer this question?
Hi I'm having trouble sleeping due to a lot of stress at work.. Any suggestions?
how do you deal with kleptomania in children?
Furosemide, any one taken these?
I need serious help with TMJ?
I always have belly ache?
my wife is in hospital with massive headaches that will not stop - what could it be?
Headache after gym. Is it normal? What to do?
will my doc give me cocodamol for my bad leg?
How serious is Whiplash?
What could this be?
help! elastics on my brace!?
Ive had a really bad cough for a few days, now i have agonising chest pains what can i do to stop the pain?
How long do braces hurt after they are fitted?
gas for surgery?
What could the pain in the left side of my ribs be?
Emotional/mental of Physical pain????
strange lump please help (pics inc)?
Phobia of injections?
Why is my jaw so painful + clicking?!?
my daughter keeps experiencing numbness in the back of her leg (calf) and says that it doesnt hurt?
Why do I get pins and needles in my hand at night?
i've got a pack of haemaroids flaring up.?
Is it safe to return to the pool after getting sun burned the day before?
I fell over and hurt my hand.?
I have a broken clavicle ,snapped in two how long will it take to fuse?
I got some new shoes, but they're rubbing?
if you break your back and sever the spinal cord ....?
what is nerve damage in the groin?
bruised lump in hand?
I Think Ive Pulled Muscle In The Right Side/Top Of My Bum Cheek What Is The Problem Cause It Keeps Happening?
How do I stop shin splints from coming back? ?
I think I´ve re broken my metatarsal?
Could Spondylothesis be aggrevated by a car accident?
Why is my toe nail black?
I Twisted my ankle, 40 days in crunches. Can you help?
Help treating pulled shoulder blade muscle?
If you were to bang your head against a wall, would you get brain damage.Do Heavy metal headbangers get damage?
a car went in the back of me last night.... ?
When will my shoulder injury heal fully?
I bent my middle finger sideways a couple of weeks ago now it has a knot in between knuckles which is painful.?
why over the last few mths when i've hurt myself instead of the usual bruising i've developed huge ?
I wear daily contacts, can i wear them to a water park?
Are these Liberty Caps?
where can you buy ACAI BERRY in canada?
is Medical Cannabis Legal in Canada?
How can i stop itching?
Aggh wart help pleaseeeeeee ?
where in the uk can i buy dermatalogica face products, i use the clay ones for oily skin bought off ebay?
Does uv light treatment help to get rid of psoriasis?
How long does Chickenpox last?
how to cure sweating?
How to get rid of a hot red rash?
why people have scars on their faces and bodies?
My little brothers rash around the eyes?
what is is on my lips ?
(piercing question) How can you prevent an outbreak of Keloids?
how can you get rid of bumps on the top of your arm?
At what age should my acne go away?
What condition will my nose be if i carry on doing this?
severe abdominal pain diarrhoea and vomiting loss of appetite and weight/grey colour to face what could it?
Question about platelet donation?
do i have parasites in me?
can you have a thyroid gland that varies from overactive to underactive at different times?
How to rid yourself of nerves on a first date.?
Advice please - Painful abdomen?
I have a question about my epliepsy...?
Bipolar disorder.. anyone have it.. whats it like?
Have I got ME?Myalgic Encephalomyelitis?
What treatments are there for Torticollis? I'm 18?
itchy from sleeping pills?
has anyone been diagnosed with gallstones?
Hand surgery in West of England?
How can you promote a temporary illness?
does it sound like my boyfriend's got conjunctivitis or something along that line?
What type of epilepsy seizure is this?
do i have to keep my daughter in if has got measles?
risk of injury related to prolong use of immunosupression?
what kind of risk involve if i carry baby with heart disese? (By pass done )?
what do I have?? Is It tonsillitis?
My baby has a growth in his navel,he has to have it burnt out.Has anyone else experienced this with their baby
how long does it take the effect of marijuana to go?
how fast does chiari malformation 1 grow?
what is considered low blood pressure?
can you get heart dieeses if you eat a lot of food?
Perfume Questionnaire?
nicotine withdrawals symptoms last?
When do the effects of aging really kick in?
my eyesight is..strange?
librow helps your eyebrows to grow but is this a healthy procedure?
help with getting rid of this stinking cold?
Does my anxiety effect me ?
How old is this girl?
Is it wrong to say bless me when i sneeze?
If someone becomes deaf, could they forget how to talk?
Going on the sunbeds for the first time.?
What are the chances of recovery of the Hospital Bugs?
Hospital bugs MRSA and Stomach Bug?
I have heard about a company in India called "tour2india4health" apparently surgery is two thirds cheaper?
can anyone tell me wot encephalitis is?
Hi yes another question on Jeddah KSA! Is malaria a problem there? I am worried as mosquitos love me!?
i have the flu and it never felt like this before?
help! un-explained cough?
Can i get a prescription over the phone?
What is wrong with me?
Do you think doctors mind if you continuously go back to them if your suffering from different symptoms?
could i have brain damage? help?
Could i possibly have obsessive compulsive disorder?
what traning does an optician have to do?
My eyesight? Optician said eyes look healthy though?
Have you switched from Metformin to Actos?
information would be great?
Does anyone have tips for recovering from varicous vein surgery?
is 0.5 % hydrocortisone cream safe for babys face?
Is Hodgkin's Disease the same as Leukemia?
help me pls its been 10 yrs since I had them?
How do I find a gastroenterologist that is familiar with Habba Syndrome?
flu and cold season.. Can anyone recommend something for a sore throat?
For over a yr now i'v had a prob after i eat, i can't breathe properly and at night i cant sleep+ i burp a lot
What works the best against tropical mosquitoes?
what is difference between depression and stress?
Is anyone here on Fluoxetine????? Has it worked for you?????
Why do I feel myself so bad cos I have no boyfriend?
What to people get out of trying to hurt people who ask for help?
What should I do?(Suicide threat)?
have you ever overcome a drug habit? what do you do now INSTEAD of taking drugs?
Why is it that when adults have multiple personalities they are put in an mental hospital, but when a child ha
Have you ever felt REAL lonliness and depression?
If i tell....?
advice needed on adhd i think my 4 year old son has?
i hate my mum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Pro's and Con's of Anti-Depressants?
am going out tonight with friends but am in depressive state - please give me advice to get through evening.?
Whats the best way to get over a cocaine addiction?
Anyone else have nightmares?
Do those hypnosis CDs work?
im depressed, how can i deal with death?
Has anyone had hypnosis for panic attacks or anxiety and did it work?
My gf self harmed herself last night, I thought she was happy, how can I help her?
Can you get high blood pressure causing for being overweight?
Whats the fastest way to get rid of a sore throat?
what is the best course to get into marijuana?
Can you hallucinate on Zoloft after you overdose on it twice?
Getting rid of spots and blackheads?
every one picked on me today because of a spot on my nose what should i do?
On my nose i have a brownish spot?
Blisters caused by a reaction to a plant/weed?
my grin line area on my face is dark, with it be a good idea to use Ambi fade cream?
How can I really be certain i've got dark mask because I want to use ambi fade cream.?
Hey! skin problem..what should I do?
They say some skin creams are dermotologically tested, who is this Dermot O'logical?
Does anyone get styes and how to treat them ?
why have i got razor burn opn my legs? how to avoid them?
best treatment for sunburn?
i just waxed my bikini area, there is a red rash like thing what can i do?
How do you get rid of redness from waxing quickly?
Could ID Bare Minerals foundation be making my acne worse?
the best way how to get rid of a cold?
Broken Elbow Smashed into peaces?
i completely ruptured my achilles tendon, and have had surgery on it to repair it,what sort of time frame for ?
foot injury - still in pain and cant wear heals 9 months later !!!?
How can I Prevent Blisters when Playing football?
how long can whiplash usely hurt for?
how can you stop nerves jumping?
Arthroscopy - i can no longer bend my knees?
i keep pulling muscles when i stretch or yawn?
please help me out, i feel yesterday...?
I got stood on months ago and it still hurts?
Trapped nerve in left side of hand?
What could happen if someone poked you hard (but accidentally!) in the eye?
any physios out there?
What length of time is categorised as long term sick leave ?
what has happened to my ankle?
Can anybody help- scars?
What are the regulations reagrding manual handling??? and also what injury can be caused by incorrect lifting?
how do you get rid of trapped nerves in the base of your scull?
What do I use for muscle recovery?
part 2, sooo tired more info?
i want to see a sleep specialist and get a sonogram done...?
What opportunities are there for health promotion for the care of the elderly?
I plan to give up smoking tomorrow?
Is a daily banana harmful to a person taking a potassium sparing diuretic?
how long does crack cocaine stay in your system?
Does anybody know which is the medical treatment for binge eating?
I suffer from fibra myalgia,how do you cope?I have trouble with my weight cos I cannot exercise without?
anyone out there with a partner who is on dialysis who would like to chat and give each other support l?
ive been on omeprazole for 5 years mostly 40 mg, has anyone come off them after such a long time & felt ok?
Pain in my eye, possible hay-fever?
what medication can be given to a 6year old child to stop diarrhoea?
Severe head pain, nosebleeds, bloody coughing?
Ihave gassy stomach for 2 days and my urine is very yellow.What is the cause or cure?
Quadriplegic spasticity global development delay?
Does anyone have Marfan's Syndrome in the UK?
what is edward jenna famous for.?
Can someone help answer questions about IBS?
HELP!! I need someone who has had gallstones?
Question about osteo arthritis?
When I feel sick, my body won't let me vomit - why is this?
my eye is very sore and bloodshot?
I woke up this morning with cramp/diarrhea?
anyone tried the tablets to help stop smoking? Success?
my elbow aches bad now?
How can you tell when someone's pupils are dilated?
I have a sore throat can i still have the third cervical cancer injection?
Trouble breathing.....?
What do people mean by 'Your very knotty'?
Who is anaemia most common in and why?
Very itchy red spots on face and neck?
Can alcohol ever be good for your body?
Is there a stomach bug doing the rounds?
how do I know if I should seek help for the amount of pain relief I took through the night?
sick!!! need help fast?
Why am I always cold?
best cough and cold remedies?
burning sensation in between breasts...(perfume related)?
can i buy balance activ at any age without a parent?
Stomach Bug Hallucination?
i have a painfull shoulder neck and it moves to my shoulderblades?
Knee problems ?
Exercises for strengthening back muscles?
i get a pain in my knee when i walk down the stairs, or if i sit with my knee bent any idea what this cld be?
After effects of taking Morphine?
Mexico - taking Codeine with you as pain relief
Why sometimes feet are sill cold even in warm room and you cant warm them up?
does anyone have a treatment for sciatica please.it goes from my hip right down my leg?
help qucik what should i do my tooth is badly acheing please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Frozen shoulder?????? Any remedies for this?
Please help, Sharp pain in chest?
astrologer suspects bone tb as one of my relative suffering from back spinal pain from last 20-25 days.?
pains in left arm???????????????????????
how much children's paracetamol can a 18 y/o take.?
what is wrong with me?
why is it garanteed ever morning i wake up pitching a tent and need to relive my self ?
My boyfriend has had a pain in the right side......?
What do you do to ease severe cramping of the fingers and legs?
Pain in the side of right foot (outside), hurts to walk.?
Ibuprofen and Co-Codamol painkillers?
I must have slept on my neck funny, it's soooo painful. Help?
help!!!!! what's wrong with me!!!?
my doctor can't help me with my sleeping!?
Can they make you stay in the hospital if you want to go home?
nail diseases and disorders?
Glandular Fever - Getting better but keep vomiting?
ARGENT! Do You Think I Should go to the Hospital? (Please Read)?
It Cant be flu because i have had it for over 10 months and i have the flu jab. ?
Could any form of Meningitis be classified as brain injury?
Any advice about Bournholm's disease?
Do i just have a cold?
what do you find helps glandular fever?
need to fill in blue badge form. what informatiion?
i want to see a counsellor?
short term memory really bad ,how to improve it?
Would you be so kind as to tell me a secret?
Tell me; What is happiness?
Feeling sad- turning 20 next year. Any words of wisdom?
hi can any give me any advice about ritalin ?
Help me i'm depressed?
Anyone feel lonely and not have many friends?
i have been told i need a heart bypass anyone out there had one and has it helped?
What do cardiac physiologists do?
What is the element sulphur used for in naturopathic medicine?
A few questions about Specsavers contact lenses? 10 points for bets answer!?
Plz Ansa, DOCTORS !!! Sun burn around the eyes, feels dry, stings!?
Over the past week i have had really sensitive /stinging skin from my left shoulder blade?
bad blisters on lips that i dont think are cold sores?
Skin too sensitive to sun....?
red raw hands and the skin's splitting?
Explain what age spot is please. Don't understand?
how do you get rid of Spots?
Why do I only sweat from my head.?
I think Ive got cat scratch disease,but the doctors say its a cold sore virus,what else could it be?
my dog has little blisters on her eye lid what is this?
how long more will i be in pain with sunburn?
My armpit is always itchy. Why? and how ?
Home remedies for spots.?
does evening primrose oil stop oily skin ALSO READ IF YOU DONT HAVE PROBLEM SKIN?
"Shingles" can any one tell me how long they last & is it ok to go on holiday with it.?
Psoriasis on palms - have you cured it?
What type of rash are they?
why shaving rash now?
hot and feels like fever?
why does it take me ages to fall asleep?
i went out last night,got really pist! now im in bed and my arm,shoulder keeps twitching,what up with it?
going to start working nights, what is the best way to recover?
Why does putting a light on if u can't sleep or get back to sleep help?
sleep pattern?
Are there health risks by wearing a formal shirt and tie quite tightly on a regular basis?
best hernia repair clinic in uk?
I wonder whether it is possible to cure varicose veins?
i injured my back at work lifting heavy fixtures and now they wont pay me what can i do?
I Think I Broke My Knee Without Noticing?
when I am hungry my muscle throb ?
discectomy and lumber decompression?
Crushed under my foot?
Sore swollen foot please help!?
i have a groin strain. how long should i wait until starting rugby again?
Have you ever sprained your wrist?
what causes some one to get a nerve trap?
i was running on the threadmill and really hurt my already sore back...what do i do?
I went for a lumbar puncture and it didnt go as planned!!?
my knee been hurting for a while and sometimes i can walk and others times i can't .what do u think it is?
Is my shoulder broken?
Has anyone had acuncture treatment for painful arm and did it work?
Head problem?
How can I stop command voices??
how can i build my confidence back up?
i think that i?
i have a sad life?
I am struggling with my eating disorder.?
Can you ever truely recover from anorexia?
is anyone else on this medication???
is there a cure for shyness?
why do we bite our nails? either through stress or as a daily habit, why nails?
How to cope with obsessive compulsive disorder?
I shake my head to get to sleep ?
Does this make me a bad person?
I am haunted?
Do you think this could help?Please help?
anyone feel relief when they harm themselves?
Why do i keep thinking about my death?
Im so Depressed, Help please?
how can i get my family to understand?
scared of being in the house by myself! help!!?
Can epileptics give blood?
Has anyone had a bad experience with an antes tic or antibiotics?
does anyone know what supermusclear palsey is?
Cheapest and best place to get anti glare lenses for my glasses that accept nhs voucher?
Is it okay to wear normal contact lenses? (I have astigmatism)?
My eyes feel sore & I can't see things properly and my eyes make me feel cold ?
eye whitening Eyes drops safe?
I've missed the mass this morning and am between to go to the gym or to the night mass?
Problems falling alseep?
Why do OB/GYNs get sued for malpractice more often?
Will acidophilus help my digestion problem?
Why is it bad to cook with Flax seed oil?
stomach pains, possibly food poisoning?
I might of got some detergant in my mouth please help me 10 points?
I always get a stitch when I run, even when i havent eaten before, any ideas why?
Why does my sister's bad throat and coughing not go?
A weak and aching wrist - why?
I have been referred to a Paediatrician by my doctor, is this bad?
people think ive got a disease but its just freckles! what can i do help!?
alot of my hair keeps coming out....!!!??!?! anyone know why?
is there any way to get rid of keratosis pilaris?
Itchy Rash on arms and legs?
Can I take ibuprofen with dicloflex?
Anyone use any steroid replacements?
I don't really know what this rash is..?
how can i get rid of /provent getting little red dots going up the outside of my legs?
Surgery,how do they do that?
can the small scars be heal, fade and repair by itself?
Why don't I tan easily? I'm not fair skinned.?
I have trouble swallowing around other people - its anxiety related - any recommendations to help me?
Spots/tiny whiteheads on chin when it’s hot, how to stop them?
How can I get rid of spider veins on my legs? :(?
What particular private specialist would diagnose a hormone imbalance?
Does smoking stop you from getting spots?
my voice breaking? lol.?
HELP!! I got attacked by hobos and one bit me. What is going to happen to me and do I need medical attention?
What makes someone flexible?
Dark patch around my under my nose/mouth area ?
Do you need a blood test to diagnose Vitiligo?
My husband has developed a wart on his foreskin - i have none - is he cheating on me?
any one know of a place or hotel that does massages in Northamptonshire?
What is the best Camouflage cream to cover Vitiligo?
what happened if i sunbathe?
help me please, im going mad :(?
Is there any issue to getting a cat if you are thinking of starting a family?
Earache with a difference?
My heart sounds strange?
any one ever had a fall by tripping on a pavement with a hole in it.and made a claim is it worth doing. ?
How is a hip fracture treated?
i keep hurting myself! now i think i have a muscle bruise!?
My toe and nail is infected. I am taking antibiotics- will it fall off?will it infect the bone fracture?help!?
Why does my right knee pop out of place?
Calling all the spinal doctors on here?
autopsy... do they cut off heads in head trauma cases?
How long does it take to recover from shock?
broken finger???help?????????????????????????????????
Why do you get a throbbing sensation when you hurt yourself?
Knee injury recovery time?
how big will the scar be?
Lump on my leg not going away?
Why do the 5th Metatarsals on both of my feet hurt when I walk?
I have broken knuckle?
if you had a cast on your leg did you wear a sock on your foot?
Neurology appointment?
Why do we have sleep in the corner of our eyes when we wake up?
Did you notice that walking on grass stresses out ?
nervous twitch advice?
Reflexology course. is it worth doing?
what are the different models of health,health protections,healthcare choices,healthcare philosophies?
give two examples of how people's values may be different to health and care values?
Twisted eye vessels?
Is it normal to have deja vu frequently?
Is it normal to drink alcohol to try and forget about your worries?
Help gratefully received?
How is it possible to kill yourself in a psychiatric ward when on suicide watch?
Is there something wrong with me?
Can an alcoholic control there drinking?
Why would someone just cry for no reason?
regrets?god forbid?
What's so bad about cutting if it's controlled?
I cant even trust my own mum.. :(?
What will the doctor do when I tell him about my self harm?
How do I tell mum about depression?
How do you know when you are an alcoholic?
Is any one married to someone who has mental health problems. How do you cope with it.?
have you ever been so depressed that...?
What worries you most right now?
I think I am properly addicted to the Internet...?
can someone suffering from depression, know that they are suffering from it?
SARS pattern of transmission most closely resembles what other disease?
conditions that favor the growth and replication of bacterial spores?
bone density?
2 months with a kidney stone?
I need to go to the doctors office and have allergy test, does this mean drawing blood? I may be allergic to?
Repeated and prolonged contact?
The impulse for the heartbeat (pacemaker) originates in the ????
How does inherited deafness affect cell membrane..?
to feel jealousneess is bad.?
Are antihistamines the safest depressant?
Celexa Withdrawl Question?
What did people do to prevent sunburn centuries ago?
Whhat type of people, or who, benefits off of an hot stone massage?
I need to know some natural medicines to help with PSP (Progressive Supranuclear Palsy)?
Clinical manifestations of mononucleosis?
are you meant to pop wounds/sores that are full of puss?
Why does paracetamol clear my acne?
Rash on arms since cutting privet hedge?
Skin issue please help what can i use?
Moles have changed = should i get it checked out?
how can you get rid of a rash, and how long do they take to go?
sunburn and tiny blisters on a babys face?
I have very pale skin ... ?
Help! acne + Swimming party?
Help! Bacne + Swimming party?
Can too much biotin give you acne?
How Can I Stop My Hands From Sweating So Much?
Help about mole on my face?
I have a red itchy and sore rash on my face?
Why have my spots come out after cutting my hair?
what are columns of bertin?
tired and lethargic all the time?
How can I stop sweating?
Aching head and headaches for 2days?
Can you put Thursday Plantation 100% pure Tea Tree Oil on your face?
Soft foods I can eat....really sore throat?
why am i waking up in the middle of the night at the same time?
what can i do to grow taller?
What could this be, illness?
What could be wrong with my bladder?
Are my headaches and my eyesight linked?
What could cause a hangover headache just around the right eye?
is a dmsa chelator safe to use for removing mercury from the body?
advice on getting through a blood test alone?
Is taking four Ibuprofen dangerous?
How can I eliminate migraines?
how can smoking affects the care that the patients if receiving in nursing?
I don't know what's wrong with me I really need some help please?
Have you ever had an outer body experience?
Minimum age for donating blood?
in bad pain with neck will my doc give me something for it?
I have Hayfever and was wondering if a bad tension headache and sore throat can be symptoms of this?
How To Put In Contact Lenses?
What do to if there's something is your eye?
eye trouble.............................?
chest pains on and off for 15 years! had a heart op as a child. what shall i do?
Heart rate slows down then weird feeling?
whay can i do about cramp?
Why does my mom need to use the toilet continually at night although she doesn't drink anything at bed time?
I'm wanting a lap band so please can anyone recommend to me a good low cost cosmetic surgeon abroad?
what happens when a heavy drinker gives up alcohol for a month?
when i wake up my eyes are very dry inside and have to move then?
where can i find medical records from bath childrens orthapaedic hospital dated 1945?
Is there a difference between the amoxicillin prescribed to me and the one they perscribe to my cat?
Can anyone recommend a guided mediation CD to me?
Can I take Ibuprofen and Anadin Extra at the same time?
how do you use a ceiling host sling?
my child hurt her arm 2days ago she had her wrist x-rayed it was ok, but her hand is still as bad?
what do you think is wrong with my wrist?
what are the symptoms of a torn MCL?
i've had minor surgery and have a couple of questions?
whilst playing football i injured the lower muscle in my leg?
Weird ankle feeling?
Is it a bad idea for me to do P.E with a bad hip...?
pulled muscle in my neck help?
is my hand infected??
Concussion - Worried about starting college.?
How can I home treat a child who bit his lower lip that created a moderate wound to it?
i want to fight for my country but i have an old injury i have plates in me right leg would that be a ploblem?
Doctor Online ?? JetSkii Accident.?
how do you deal with a lesser know form of bullying that is people that are just down ignorant to you?
Could someone with knowledge of mental health law help me please?
should i be worried about my son?
Going back to work after depression.....?
I have depression and social anxiety what do I do?
Bi polar bf on downer dont know what to say?
Is it possible to die from stress?
How can i get over my fear of rollercoasters?
Is there a phobia about being abandoned?
Whats the worst that could happen?
Is it possible to just keep feeling worse?
do you think that it is possible i have a mental condition?
How can I stop worring and feel calm?
Is St Johns Wort any use?
any tips on drink drugs n gamblin problems?
What's the third sign of madness?
ADHD sufferers did/does ritalin help you?
Could this mean my depression is getting worse?
aaarrrggghh i feel so rubbish?
What is so good about Juicy weed?
Can a person's eyes change from being long-sighted to short-sighted and vice versa?
Can a Psychiatrist prescribe sleeping tablets?
i have been feeling weird and sick for the past 3 days. whats going on?
what cooler glasses or hearing aids?
I need a diagnosis, why has my body changed so much?
Any good ways to get everything out your head?
Why do we get skin tags as we get older?
bad sleeping routine, help?
what is wrong with me?
FATIGUE - Question for people who sing?
where can i buy oestrogen supplements?
How does Cod Liver Oil help your body?
Do you trust surgeons operating on you after reading this?
Slight water comming out of ear of a morning?
so people often feel this?
I am having to have my pneumonia, meningitis and hib vaccine again as i have a low immune system- does it hurt?
how can i get rid of my medical records?
Why can't I concentrate on my uni work?
what needs to be on a prescription to make it legal?
How dare Arnold Schwarzenegger.......?
How come the amount you sleep doesn't always relate to how tired you are?
Will i ever be able to touch my toes?
why does johny wilkinson"teetotal" wake with a hangover?
a boost in circulation?
Red circles on scalp?
how do you get rid of painful corns on your feet?
Weird things appearing on my body....HELP?
does anyone know where can i get greek helenic olive oil soap in glasgow uk as i have skin condition?
i want to do hair removal laser. what are the risks?
Stretch mark issues.?
where online can you get 4-6 percent hydroquinone without a prescription?
How long does Tea tree oil take to fade scars?
keratosis palaris?? (spots on upper arm)?
Heat rash? Prevention and Getting rid of it?
Why don't I sweat when its really hot?
Blister On My Nosee Helpp Pleaseee?
Can you still get a sun tan from wearing sun block weak/strong?
I have a lump on my eyelid...?
What can i use on my dry skin?
ears not healed after 6 months?
I think I've dislocated my little toe?
Broken bones / bone growth?
knee pain, cant bend fully,what is it?
Is there a way to support a shoulder injury?
muscle help please...?
companstion from working as a plaster thec in nhs?
What should I do to heal my injury?
can anything be done to help a 2 year old that dosent have the use of the left arm?
finger problem- help?
What does it mean when you heal really fast...?
what are the foods that should be avoided of persons that has gallbladder polyp and what is the best diet?
Had sinusitis or something like that a few months ago, but can still feel pain occasionally,,?
What would a swollen lymph node feel like if...?
Can Juvenile myoclonic epilepsy (Janz syndrome) be cured or treated?
runny nose, blocked head and pain in my ears. what can i take?
As a singer, what if any thing can I do about colds?
Cold sores and Erythema Multiforme?
Why is my poo cold HELP!?
I have a ferritin level of 354, what does that mean?
Sore Throat Help and Cures?
finger and tore nails treatment?
Is there any good review website for relaxation/meditation/sleep/dream music?
How can i stand drinking cough syrup with its horrible taste?
What are some legal, over-the-counter research chemicals ?
Flovent HFA - Is it just me, or does it taste bad?
Does quitting smoking effect your sleep?
Is there glands, lymph nodes on the cress of the ear that's is connected to the skin of the neck line?
What is good for a very raspy sounding voice?
acne problem?
Why does some peoples urine smell skunky?
Pediatric Oncologist?
Do we have small veins on the wrist of the arm?
My throat was getting clogged and now it hurt so much and my lips are swollen and i feel the need to throw up?
Can you explain snot to me?
How does ethnicity affect the reliability and success of bone marrow transplants?
3 week long Sore throat!?
Is anyone sick from work with anxiety and depression?
Erase ONE memory?
How do you deal with suppressed anger?
i face the world every day ,full of Valium,what are the long term affects?
HELP please please please help me i don't know what to do about my friend she has gone mental D:?
what is the difference between grieving and depression?
what do you like best, jeans or cake...?
why am I getting these thoughts?
I'm having a bad day with Bi-polar disorder?
my friend self harms, please help!?
Single tablet of ecstasy causing death? (Homework)?
Why do so many people suffer panic attacks nowadays?
I am totally and hopelessly bored of living,I'm not going to go kill myself or anything..?
work fears.?
I can't sleep, what can I do for fun?
is it possible to manage an addiction ? ?
biopolar disorder?
What are your experiences of being on anti depressants?
Can you get ill from not sleeping well?
What is the major cause of insomnia?
what might be causing my dizziness?
Would I need a Perscription for Drysol??
I don't know what to do anymore. I know I will lose my girlfriend because I smoke. When I met her, she told
what is the best medication for ms which can be taken orally?
What causes Cramp/Stiches???
I think I have some kind of sun poisoning or serve sunburn on my shins How do I know if I should go to the doc
SKIN CANCER!! I am paranoid!! Help!! whats this!??!?
Getting glasses at 25 - how strong will they get in future?
why are my eyes uneven?
Is there a natural way of improving eyesight?
working in a job that works with natural health and the digestive system... Anyone a Naturopath?
acne medication question?
Any advice on Athlete's Foot?
Is E45 cream good for treating dry skin on feet ?
im getting dry skin with PanOxyl aquagel 2.5 HELPPP?
Is there a way to make scars from spots on your face and body heal faster/dissapear?
my lips are always sore, not as in dry but they are red and cut, i can't use anything perfumed on them and whe?
How long does it take to recoveer from toenail removal?
Have been diagnosed with a skin disease callled prurigo nodularis. has anyone else got it?
I have spots on my face, nothing happens when I sqeeze them?
why is black skin so good against sun light?(sciencey answer plz lol)?
whilst on accutane is it advisable to take acnepril?
Is there a cure for alapisha?
i have been prescribed retin-a and erythromycin for my acne could you please advise me if i should use this?
why are the palms of my hand wrinkly?
Do I need crutches or just rest?
help! i'm not quite sure how to diagnose this. leg problem.?
Im 6ft bare feet will i still grow?
Am I experiencing panic attacks?
is rainwater safe to drink?
Average hour sleep you should get a night?
Upcoming drug test!!?
Is this a horrible nose in your opinion?
HELP! My feet gets so hot at night. None of the answers posted worked for me. My doctor doesn't know the cause?
help to stop smoking i smoke 10-11 per day?
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and pupils?
How do i stop myself from eating so much?
is it true that the NHS pay for?
why can't i go sleep?
Is anesthesia scary??
anixety causeing dizzy nausea how do i get rid of it ?
why is the ball and Socket the most move able joint?
Ear stud went into my ear. Its swollen, painful, bleeding and...
I had two painful lumps in my finger, one has gone one has stayed
how long will my groin strain cause me pain (rhymes)
bruise will it get worse if......?
diffuse disc bulge and annular tear
Was my osteopath right discharging me from his treatment?
can some one explain what calcination of the ligament is? my friend has a shoulder blade problem
Painful swelling around eye/cheek
My groin hurts when I walk
Pain in wrist could it be RSI?
What can be done to heal my knee?uk
Broke ankle. Plaster off 2 weeks. Can I walk? No physio avail 4 2 months. In Spain...advice please
my scaphoid injury
what is the quickest way to get rid of a cold? its making me ache!!?
Face and Head Pain on the right side?
just woke up and im feeling very weak and my eyes hurt.?
can you help diagnose me?
What is the strongest over the counter ?????
pain killers???how much is too much?
I keep getting leg cramp at night?
I feel my food getting stuck down my throat and it hurts when it reaches my chest region.difficult to eat.help?
for the past couple of days i was having pain on the upper left side of my stomach is it gas?
Whats the lump on my little brothers wrist?
I asked a question about how helpful acupuncture would be on my shoulder, it got damaged when I fell down stee
My fingers are upset with me and I can't type?
Sore throut ?
Im i pain, how can I take my mind off it?
my backs hurts when i sleep flat on it ? why?
what are pins and needles?
My throat has been painfully hurting sinced sunday, my mum thinks i have a swollen tonsil, which it feels like?
i have streptococcus a and its on my ear , im on my third set of antibotics but its still not clearing?
Random diarrhea and sickness causes?
How do i clear my throat from pleghm?
Today I got my results from a throat culture and one organism was found: ENTEROBACTER AEROGENES How bad is it?
3 parts of the body which help prevent illness.?
Itchy Ears and super sore throat?
how long is it till i can let my staff pups go to there new home?
do i have... look down cos i dnt want it getting deleted.?
38 week pregnate had bad head ache and been sick for 2 days also got thrush?
where does all the gunk in your nose come from when you have a cold or flu ?
Anyone know about gout treatment?
whats the best foods to eat to avoid gout?
my mother has been diagnosed with gout?
Should I be worried about my swollen ankles I have no idea how they got like that?
is there anything wrong with me or not?
Does anybody know of any successful things to do to help Reynauds Phenomenon other than keeping warm?
what type to care my liver functioning properly?
My BF has been ill for almost two years with continuous nausea, diarrhoea and weightloss...?
Does If I drink alcoholic beverages while on Metronidazole(in my case antibiotic) will it still work?
PLEASE HELP, Labrynthitis?? Or Brain Tumour?
i think i might have kidney stoones anyone help with home remedies for trying to pass them?
How can I get free reading glasses?
I desperately want to wear contact lenses but I hate the feeling when they touch my eye! what can i do?
What's going on with my eyes?
what causes nymphomania and is it really a problem?
Where can I get honest professional advice on hearing aids?
Build-up of blood in one foot?
please any suggestion?request and understand my problem.?
What does it signify in ones tongur is dark brown instead of pink?
I've an exercise machine I want to give away. does anyone know the name of recycling website in Norwich area
why is it that i feel tired / sleepy all day, but when night-time / bedtime comes, i can't sleep?
While your sleeping do yo ever feel that you fall or hit something?
i feel suicidal and i really don't know what to do?
How do i go about getting help???????????????
I am depressed and need help. heres what happened:?
Would taking Pro-plus pills help at all with my depression?
I keep walkng out of shops with out paying?
how long does grief last for?
I am 21 and i have not cried in 10 years?
people have done and said bad things to me and its interfering with my concentration because these things keep
I feel lonely, anything that can help to release stess?
Any ideas on how to resist negative thinking?
How many 400mg Ibrufens to overdose?
should we fire nukes at the sun?
Whats happening to me?
can someone help me cause i won't be seeing my counselor till next next week?
why in wales so many teenagers a killing themselfs??
I'm going crazy! Help me?
do people listen to advice when told?
I have just lost £3000 on a bet, how do I cope, I'm, depressed?
How Long Will THC Stay In Urine?
Will taking ibuprofen and drinking alcohol do me any harm?
Valcerine / Champix stop smoking tablets?
can i still smoke whilst on medication?
Brain MRI TEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?