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has anyone had lifeline screening to check for abdominal aneurysm?
can i start taking thyroxine again after i stopped taking it for over 2 weeks?
Nicky Hambelton Jones?
double vision op?
pain, feels like a stitch but probably not?
What natural remedies would you recommend for slipped disc- and hip joint pain?
Intense pain and breathing difficulty from scoliosis surgery 23 years ago?
what's the matter with me ?
Pain in the lower left side of my back?
Migraines in the morning.?
NHS patient with back pain?
How to swallow tablets?
How do i get my pain and anti-anxiety medication in europe when im there (specifically newcastl england/europe?
Why Does My Right Hand Hurting Me ?
I sometimes get a pain in my side mostly when i lay down and its when i breath in.?
i want a face and neck lift can any one recommend a good one?
have bak ache.weak muscles in lower bak.hav spasms.limited to wot i can do.anyone else who suffers.some advice?
How do you sooth growing pains?
Tramadol Does anybody have any advice or can you relate ?
Im getting a brace tomorrow, on a scale of 1-10 how much is it gonna hurt?
Please help. I think my ear might fall off :s?
Why do i get dizzy when i Stand up?
The muscles in my shoulders 'pop' when I push my shoulders back, why is this?
Went Bowling on Saturday and...?
Should i use tramadol with valium? 20 mg val and 100m of tramadol?
Could I be developing a form of epilepsy?
What is kleinfilter syndrome?
I am bulimic but dont know how to stop?
When you have epilepsy is it normal to feel spaced out a lot?
I got referred to specialist because GP thought I had fissure. Pain/blood has decreased so should I still go?
Loss of appetite and pain under ribcage?
Meningocele / Spina bifida?
propranolol for long term anxiety?is this safe i.e years?
how fast can a brain tumor grow or any kind of tumor in the head?
Am I a Coeliac or not?
i woke up this morning with vertigo?
Anyone have any factual info on organ donation and......?
Urinary Tract Infection Symptoms?
Hey my father has been diagnosed with "frozen shoulder", he's doing physio and everything but?
What is this huge lump on my elbow?
Do Ganglion cysts get bigger?
Do I have an eating disorder?
i cut myself on the face do i need a stitch right away?
My L thumb has been aching for about a week now and I don't know why. Any ideas?
Injury to my ankle has left 3 of my toes numb?
what is the remedy for a partial thickness tear of the ACL?
i injured my knee really bad today?please help?
reason for numb toes?
Can anyone help me please i have got a lamp on my upper thigh?
What scenario makes you feel peaceful/happy?
TV Watching?
I need a model/picture of why we sneeze?
do powdery mints like imperials give constipation ?
David Beckams return to form?
Aerobic step?
How much do you pay for health insurance every month in the US ?
Propranolol and indigestion ......?
What medicines cannot be mixed with bisoprolol?
help with an ear abscess?
when taking tylenol and aspirin ...what?
Why have i still got a cold?
Driving Phobia-ways to help?
i have a ringing in Ear?
bad diarrhoea, help please?
what are the side effects of deprivation?
Are people who get motion sickness whenever they travel in?
Waking up with my neck soaked in cold sweat?
does a watering mouth mean i am going to be sick?
Rheumatoid Arthritis?
what is a histiocytoma when found in humans? and are they cancerous? x?
I have these symptoms, do i have swine flu?
Urinary catheterisation and maintaining dignity?
is it true when you smoke carbon monoxide goes into the bloodstream and throughout your body?
what would happen to someone if they got amnesia and they had no idea who they were?
why did i blackout/faint?
why do my eyes swell up after i cry?
i fainted, what shall i do?
have i got the flu again?
I have a sore throat and can't stop burping, what should I do?
Anybody know where I can find free guided meditation online?
where's a good place to buy a manual juicer, to juice wheatgrass?
I found out I had pityriasis rosea on Sunday... How long will the rash keep spreading for? ?
has anyone used Duac spot treatment cream. just need some advise as i have been using it.?
Red spots on my arm after drinking alcohol?
my son has a small yellowish spot on his tongue,?
Mole in armpit......?
How long does toenail clipping analysis take?
Help with ezcema....How to stop the itching?
Has anyone tried hamira the injection for psoriasis?
How do you get a golden sun tan when you normally go red?
What's up with her hands?
Which one do you apply on first sunscreen or moisturiser?
Do you use sunscreen on areas exposed?
Pierced my ear on top and a weird bump raised!what to do?
acne problem :/ .?
really annoying cyst, how do i get rid of it?
What is Ocobrax eye drops made of?
How do you know if you're anorexic?
will life always be so confusing???
How come when iam about to start my period i feel like crying?
Incapacity Benefit medical - what to expect?
how do you become an insomniac?
i went to the doctor on monday...?
I feel depressed and lonely all of the time.?
I can't stop counting thing's in my head..?
I am so tired?
will my grandchilldren get it from there grandfather?
Which is more addictive, Tobacco or Heroin?
How do you stop a computer addiction?
with drawral symptons?
Could I become a psychologist?
does depression work in cycles?
Why am i ill all the time?
Am I the only saddo on here with nothing better to do?
i had a stroke back in 2008?
I have had my Angiogram done and have been adviced by my cardiologist for a bypass surgery - now the Surgeon?
is there a cure for vitilligo?
This question is for people with ulcerative colitis .......?
About how much weight is gained with recovering anorexics that lost 10 pounds becing anorexic?
do you ?????
If I ignore it, will it go away?
I have amblyopia-can I use microscope?
Can marijauna shrink tumours?
I am getting a mole removed?
need info on how to clean a one piece colostomy bag?
is oral thrush the same thing as a yeast infection on the tounge or the mouths. what are the differents?
Dry patches of skin on parts of my body.?
Does Dark Chocolate prevent cancer, or some other illnesses?
My son is 18 years with galactosemia. He is very alone. He is looking for people with the same disease.?
if you break your neck and become paralysed from the neck down....?
I need an ana buddy?!?
How can i stop scratching at night and what is it?
free consultation in hypnotherapy good or bad?
Im getting an injection tomorrow & im petrified of them, anything i can have before to calm my nerves down?
what does this mean about my fingers?
How much does it cost to have your ears pinned back?
Why cauliflower and Brussels sprouts make create so much gas in the intestine?
what organ produces chemicals and releases them directly to the blood?
Need to know what these medical things stand for, do you know?
Can i take beta blockers with Erythromycin tablets?
first day back at school and i have a very bad headache ...?
Why can't I sleep?!?!?
Does the neutragena wave work?
What does vitamin B actually do for you?
Could it be an undiagnosed heart problem?? please help?
My daughter is almost 5 and today she complained of her leg hurting there is no sign of injury.?
Are the symptoms of Thalidomide hereditary?
Insomnia?z z z z z z z z feeling so tired.?
what foods are good for the heart and ateries?
Palpitations in 22 year old woman....?
Does Vien-Guard pills and the cream really work?
my arm keeps twitching?
How does Epsom salts help with an infection or sore?
my two front teeth stick out and i cannot have a brace could veneers work?
nicotine gum?
i started taking goji berries and i have diarrhea. Is this normal?
Is there anything I can do, one of my eyes is smaller than the other!?
Epicanthal folds - toddler - medical opinion please?
Bacne - any natural remedies?
Help me Please. Have i got Dandruff?
Lots of swollen lymph nodes?
how to get rid of facial spots?
i Get Itchy Skin When I Use A Facail Wipe Why Is That?
Weird piece of skin under armpit?
Spots help please please please.?
cold sore? fast gettin rid of?
How does banana skin hep get rid of verrucas?
Where can I find ....?
finger ?
my scar on my knee is swollen?
how can you get rid of pain by pressing on a pressure point on the palm/wrist?
why does my shoulder 'pop'?
I have a big graze/cut on my hand and it's yellow?
How do I manage oily skin?
how long does it take to recover from broken thigh (femur) bone?
sprained ankcle. i done this a couple of weeks ago it was really swollen i heard it crack ?
Cramp like pain- lasting 3 days?
My toenail fell off.....?
why do i get dizzy when i stand up for a long time?
If you fell from a certain height onto water then what would happen?
could this injuries actually happen from coming off a dirt bike whilst attempting daredevil stunts?
i have a broken arm, i do ballet - so i need to keep fit, what shud i do to keepfit nd how long will it take?
So I twisted my ankle 2-3 weeks ago. ?
have any of you ever suffered a spinal fracture?
Book required on knee problems & surgery ?
Any medics out there?
can i get a nurse to splint a potentially broken thumb?
where can I find disabled people like myself to chat too?
can anyone help please?
Can anyone recommend a magnet and supplier, to relieve back pain?
Anti Inflammatories for Knees?
what is wrong with me?
Hi, sometimes i get a sharp pain in my right elbow joint....?
I had cramp in my leg and the next day a bruise appeared where the cramp was does this mean anything?
pain in my wrist? ibruprofen not working!?
like,do deaf people get 'ear-ache'?
Does Cartilage Piercing Hurt?
I have a pain in the ball of my foot. I cant put my weight on it as it causes a sharp pain.?
about bad back pain....................?
knee pain and cant get help?
in bed leg cramp is killing me=?
Has anyone ever experienced such terrible ache in leg?
Serve back pain HELP!?
Bad pain in the left hand side of my chest?
i would like to help people who..........?
how can I get some energy?
Going to get a mole removed?
I have serious whiplash from a car crash and I've been signed off work by the doctor, will I stll get paid?
suddenly stop taking prednisone tablets?
Could I have Trichotillomania?
Could this be sensitivity to noise/ noise anxiety?
in layman terms what is a low blood count.?
chrons and making my self sick, to make me feel less pain.. is this really that bad?
Is a distended Gallbladder anything to worry about?
Does this sound like a migraine or something else/worse (medical professionals please)?
i have fabry disease and I wondered if any body else on here has it?
I have rheumatoid athritis?
Another anaemia question?
Been ill for 2 months and I am scared I have a brain tumour. Please help!?
crohns and make self sick is this really bad?
What is a Systemic Medical Condition?
does anyone know what vartas syndrome is?
lump - above my right ear ?
How does Huntington's disease affect you?
A little while ago when I did a poo I saw blood down the loo.?
Are These Symtons To Any Illness'es You Know!?
Weird thing under my chin? Feels like an extra bone?
i have a real bad stomach ache!?
Citings of doctors about cerebral palsy and statistics?
Could I Possibly Suffering From BDD?
health concern ,blood infections?
my cat has a nasty infection which will not clear?
my 10 year old son has thrush in his mouth?
What is the difference between a bug and a virus?
Are all autistic people good at something?
Why are some people so blessed?
What to expect from Psychiatrist appointment?
I take Amitryptaline, but need something extra ?
Lithium ???
What sort of a home would cause a person to grow up with low self esteem,depression, shyness?
Don't want to be forced to go to hospital or anything....?
ive a phobia where can i find help?
Anti-depressants - For better or for worse?
thinking instead of talkin?
Can I resign from work while on sick leave.?
I'm scared??
I need hope, what gives you hope?
I need a rest, how do you go about getting a bed in your local pshyciatric ward?
someone help - i need to speak to anyone who has beat severe depression or tried suicide?
what is the best thing to do if you think you're suffering depression?
Have you experienced unpleasant side-effects from pseudoephedrine (brand names Sudafed & Suphedrin)?
if a parent has depression is it more likely the child will develop it ?
Constant suicidal thoughts! Would love to! But dont wanna hurt people..?
Do heart palpitations induced by stress go away?
is it possible that people can blush to much? like it could be a problem?
Weird Allergic reaction?
Bluish lump on a infant..looks like a vessel?
Can an allergist do a skin test to see if you are allergic to penicillin and sulfa drugs?
Can someone catch and uranary trac infections from someone who has it?
Shingles on the back of the leg?
Can someone get encephalitis from Hashimoto's disease?
how do you know when to go to 2 mg of the Nicolette gum?
they are so irritating?
(URGENT!!!!) I heard that if an amoeba...?
does anyone know about stints in the neck.. I think it's the carteroid artery. My dad has an 80%blockage?
acidic breath?
eye creams - which one do you use when your eyes feel tired or you have dark circles?
what is the best vitamin or mineral for keeping the eyes in pristine condition?
Are there glasses available for short sightedness which DON'T make your eyes look smaller?
What could it be? Growth ?
i go to sleep wearing earphones from my personal stereo which is playing music, is this bad for my health?
why do you get black lines underneath your eyes when your tired?
medical exemption form?
Water is supposed to be good for you, what happens if you add Robinsons is it still good for you?
what are the strengths and weaknesses of facial expressions?
I met a girl and she is really slim and I am embarressed about my body...?
why have I developed excessive wind in the past three months?
am part deaf and i wear a hearing aid. do i qualify for disability?
can using hairspray everyday cause dandruff?
Why do pharmaceutical drugs have funny names?
Not a normal hangover... help.?
Where can I buy surgical/ scrub caps from?
question for women...................?
please help me am scared go see my GP?
What causes hyperactivity, other than food?
Im 15 and I have had botox for...?
i have a runny nose, slightly closed and runny eyes. im a catching a cold?
What age can you smoke ciggeretes ?
why does it take me ages to fall asleep?
i wake with headaches,seeing stars,dizzy when standing,feeling sick,eye on the left twitches,?
what is ischaemic heart disease?
Is it safe to travel if you have arthritis?
Melatonin isn't working anymore for autistic boy?
What is the best product to use on the skin if over productive oil on body?
how does physical work capacity affected in liver cirrhosis patients?
Rip in main tendon in foot .. have u ever had it?
Gave blood, but arm still hurts after nearly 2 weeks?
i need help with my ankle?
Does anyone know of any good Injury lawyers?
Burning Bruise? ?
can i get my uncle done because he grabbed me round the neck?
what wrong if the third lid is covering only one eye?
bruised and purple ankle bone!?
Post ANKLE fracture.WHAT EXERCISES should I do to help rehab?
how much do osteopath's get paid?
My knee! ouch! advice please!...?
how do you get the black X's on the back of your hands?
what is a maxillofacial surgeon?
I have a lump on my heal, and it came about two weeks ago. new to it, i work on my feet all day and lift?
Cracked ribs and bruises?
knee injury? football injury to right knee, i had the same problem b4.?
will the dent go away in time?
Help Please?
eipdural steriod injection?
how to get rid of my dry skin?
Boyfriend thinks I'm cheating.. (scabies.)?
why have i suddenly got so itchy?
Will my health insurance cover this?
how do i get rid of this persistant spot underneath my skin!?
Why isn't accutane affecting my oily skin?
Do i Borderline Personality Disorder?
My Constipation had started curing thanks to Green Vegetables but how i can Remove Earlier Fecel from Colon ?
what are the signs that you have stomach ulcers?
can operation to unblock tearducts lead to loss of taste and smell?
Starting college but I've got a cold?
a medical question on appendicitis, could some one with medical knowledge answer.?
My boyfriend gets migraines frequently?
How will 10mg Diazepam make me feel?
Question about Parkinson's disease?
DO i have mild ocd ?
Anyone know how long legs are sore after varicose vein injections ?
How long will it take for them to find out?
Has anyone tried otex ear drops?
Cystitis: alkaline drinks only?
Did the sight of blood make me feel like this? (Description)?
i get hiccups everytime that i eat whats wrong with me?
what is feeling drunk a symptom of other than...?
Best cure for blocked nose/blocked ears?
how to cure lower thyroid function?
Pain In The Chest :( Please Help!?
Hard lump on joint of index finger, any ideas ?
when i sleep on my stomach and bend my knee i have pain on my hips?
Why have I got this constant pain in my foot?
slight pain in upper left arm?
Why do my ankles hurt when I go jogging?
Does Botox hurt and is it worth the pain?
can potatoes break your wrist?
weird spasm in left arm?
as a painter and decorator does ypor bib and brace come under PPE if so should they be provided free of charge
Is Yahoo! Answers you hangover cure today?
what structures are primarily responsible for detecting a change in blood pressure?
Best Detos kits?
How do u get rid of sleep?
am a good reader, of late i found out that i dose to sleep anytime am reading, what could be the likely cause?
as a new canadian NGO'S I should like some one more experince than I tell how to reach donors for Hiv/AIDS
Pale Yellow Stool ?
Ear blockage help!?
what is hepatisis?
Is diarrhea a symptom of Mono?
how can fluid surround phelopian tubes?
Asthma help!!!!!!!!!!!?
Has anybody ever heard of the use of active bacterial cultures to treat chron's or colitis?
when i have my gallstones removed will i beable to eat normal again?
How to get rid of ringing in your ear after a concert?
What vitamins can help with reactive anxiety?
can i get treatment for my ibs?
Is there a way to prevent hypnagogic hallucinations?
Have you ever taken a supplement/health product that you feel has made a difference to your health/vitality?
Is there a difference between a neurologist and a neuroscientist?
Pain in my lower right side?
How would a hospital use spreadsheets? 10 points please help!?
chronic constipation?
does black spot mould hurt damage heath?
i keep throwing up but cant work out why?
Cloudy Urine...good or bad?
Could my mum get laser eye surgery?
Anyone have trouble with their eyes(flashing lights etc)when closing their eyes,after being on internet for an
what is a heart murmur in a three year old child?
I have just measured my pulse rate with my fingers and its 100 bpm on my excercise machine its saying 120bpm?
I was running on the treadmill the other day when I had an "alert" come accross the screen telling me that my?
How long will it take to heal torn ankle ligaments?
what precautions to take when cleaning up an apartment vacated by a person infected with hepatitis?
Can anyone give me some information about porphyria?
I have my first ever CT Scan coming up regarding my liver. What am I in for?
Is there anyone out there taking Emu Oil Gel Caps for Cancer Treatment?
what are implications of posterior wall damage to heart -is it repairable or can anything be done to correct?
Is there a special diet one should be on after having the gall bladder removed.?
How long after strep to wait to drink?
info on outside catheters for men?
Bearing in mind I am a 21 year heart transplant survivor with a subdued immune system?
no sensation when breathing?
Follow up about losing your licence.?
cramped calves?
Is 299 mg/dl total colesterol in a female of 48 years of age?
honey oil- is that marijuana or hashish?
Where can i buy Hypericum (St. Johns Wort)?
Heart aches! pain under the ribcage, is this worrying?
What long term effect does 'Whisky' have on the vital organs?
sometimes- rarely should i say, i get...?
what is the best way to get puss out of a cartilage piercing?
slightly painful lump under my armpit... help please :D?
I all of a sudden started bruising from even the lightest whack, what does it mean?
does being overweight slow body healing time?
going on holiday and want to wear bikini but embarressed!?
How much will mole removal cost?
are there safer natural ways to have slighlty lighter skin ?
What would you like to ask?What causes "an itch"?
i have a scars in my legs since im 5yrs old..now im 24yrs old..what will i do?
should i ring the midwife about itchy skin?
Help! want to get rid of nits immediately?
hi. i got bitten by a bug or spider on saturday. i was just itchy at first. then on sunday after a 2 mile run?
weird rash at top of my legs?
who do i get rid of sunburn blister on my and do i take skin off?
Skin problems please help?
Skin pigmentation NO RUDE ANSWERS PLZ?
h0w can you calm infected irritated skin all over the body?
what cause lifting of product when doing nail art?
What are these round itchy big bumps on my leg!?
can you give Your 12 month old his measles and hepatitis B vaccinations at the sane time?
multi vitamins and cod liver oil?
Food poisoning or virus or flu? help :(?
I can't stay asleep...?
What risks are involved with a LARYNGOSCOPY. Been told I need to have one under general anaesthetic. Would apt?
Can someone give me advice on congestion in the nose?
How to get rid of a sick feeling?
why do americans have headlice?
Is it worse to smoke roll ups with filters compared to ordinary cigarettes?
Banana relieves stress?
i keep getting dizzy spells and get blurred vision. my head sometimes feel like it's going to explode at times?
How To Get Rid Of An Ulcer Quick?
My friend bought Tamiflu tablets and was told to take one week before travelling.?
hi i have a question?
the difference between acute and chronic?
Is smoking herbs okay for you?
Do you have to register with GP's in Ireland?
my feet are slightly sunburnt, what do i use?
Is hookah/sishah smoking really as bad as cigarettes?
Does anyone ever get sweaty hands whilst driving?
I feel sick all the time at the moment?
I have 2 Numb Toes............................?
Genetic Screening for Autism?
What could I include in my anorexia speech?
Feeling ill,weak etc whenever i've eaten, whats wrong?
can myxodedema and kidney disease go hand in hand?
HELP! my big toe finger! =(?
can you get bruises from lying in bed too long?
is there such a thing as too much muscle?
Depression, I really need some advice.?
Best ways to deal with constant depression and anxiety?
What is the best way to stop anxiety attacks?
What do future employers really think about.....?
My mums death how can i get over it?
Wil my brothers hate me when they are older?
It`s 4am here in London, if you are in the same time zone; Yes there is more than one. ?
Does anyone get a strange cold shiver feeling while out walking?
My mum is upsetting me everytime I see her and over the phone. Help?
is there anyone out there who has been cured of severe anxiety & panic attacks?
How can you tell that someone suffers from Schizophrenia?
what anti depressant drugs and sleeping pills are usually prescribed when u go to the doctors for them?are the
how do you get rid of chronic depression? i take antidepressants + see a cousellor but still feel blue?
I'm afraid it will get to a point when I won't be able to cope at all.. but who cares anyway?
To quote the song is suicide painless?
Is this a panic attack or an illness?!? Going mad! :(?
If you're diagnosed with borderline personality disorder will they take your children away from you?
Please help me i cant cope any more?
Who can I tell if my brother molested me and I dont want to tell my parents?
What's the symptons of B12 deficiency?
Looking for clear information on Sickle Cell...?
In ontario am I allowed to choose my dermatologist or is it at the discretion of the physician who is refering
Bloated Help!!!?
A question about ulcers.?
Can you be gluten intolerant even if you do not have celiac?
R S.D. anyone diagnosed with this?
A potiencially dangerous needle?
has anyone had a problem with a peg tube and throwing up all the time?
I have a question about someone in coma?
another vicks tip?
just had gallbladder surgery what foods are easily digestible?
can i get my prescriptions from the states transfered to canada?
Has anyone successfully treated bipolar disorder with alternative medicine, or know of anyone who has?
is gravol safe for pregnancy?
how old do u think each actor will live for??
just had my appendix out in hospital, had keyhole surgery just wondered how long im gonna be signed off?
Acupunture? Can it really work when trying to...?
Capital of Abuse ?
Mercury Spill?
methamphetamine:the most dangerous drug ever?
its huge gone hard and purple and its throbbing even the veins are sticking out?
Has anyone had laser eye surgery for stigmatisms in both eyes?
is it ESSENTIAL to have a hepatitis C jab to go to mexico?
I get 1-5 maybe more heart palpertaions a day?
I want to take diet pills but I have a high resting heart rate?
does anyone out there suffer with excessive sweating?
Blood test results? Why do I have to have another one?
I woke up gasping for air?
Flat foot (fallen arches) treatment?
What is positive health and negative health as regards to holistic health?
Big feet, will they grow more?
Please help i have very very bad stomach ache?
Arghh, toilet troubles?
Can Topicort be bought without prescription in the UK?
I have a severe case of gout and would like to know what foods to avoid and what meds are best?
Is it possible to contract a skin disease from a public shower?
warts and latex gloves?
What is your opinion about this matter?
I have odd lumps on my head, got it checked and results showed nothing. They are now bothering me again....?
How do you stop your eyes watering when wearing contact lenses?
I have benign intercraneal hypertension - anyone else out there with the same condition?
whenever i try to wear contact lens, it doesnt go comfortably in my eyes. plz suggest me the right way..?
Is it possible to get actinic keratosis on an area of skin that has had little to no sun damage?
What's your experience with olive oil for acne scars?
son has nasty rash - advice please?
what to do if i have a little bump forming on my nose piercing and there was a little blood? im scared?
my back side of my body is like a rattlesnake skin?
please give a advice how to cure to stretchmarks?
I cant get a suntan in told this is because i dont have enough of something like iron or fiber?
What could cause small white/skin colored spots on the knuckles, that itch?
Fell asleep now have red welts all over :(?
I have a dark brown patch from sunburn that doesnt match my body!?
Eczma and sunbeds, to use or not to use?
is there a mole/wart remover available in the uk without surgery?
if i boil shaved monkey heads and try to pawn them off as apples do you think anyone would notice?
should i drink laxative tea?
I need some serious help from CHINESE SPEAKERS.. who have some knowledge about medicine? ?
artificial cardiac pacemakers?
How bad is catheter ablation for wolf parkinson white?
I 'm 74,have taken digoxin following Valve repair and double bypass 22months ago has caused hrt bloc?
Could multiple sclerosis be the cause of a fast heartbeat?
Syndrome name please.?
Does anybody here suffer or has previously suffer from Agrophobia?
I really have to urge to hurt myself ...?
how do i explain that a death of a loved one isnt hurting me as i feel no emotions?
Are people who have "depression" really depressed or just dont like their lot in life?
My doctor wont see on my own? Is this right? Im 14..?
Suffered from depression for 21 years?
my friend has convinced herself she is body dysmorphic - how can i tell her she's just not very attractive?
Advice on depression?
How can I cope with depression and the death of a family member?
Is anybody on.............?
Please help me! Is this agoraphobia or what?
How do you cope with a husband with Bipolar?
Survey...Please help..?
I'm having suicidal thoughts again?
I feel really wrecked lately?
am i drinking too much?
Why is it that someone suffering from total amnesia can still speak their own language perfectly?
Do I have depression?
People who have been seriously depressed only; if you were to do suicide what quick & painless method would?
what is your blood pressure level if your healthy?fathers blood pressure is very low what should it be?
NHS waiting list?
why do i always want to pee before i go to bed?
Phelgm and vitamins?
dislocated shoulder recovery...?
Right Ball, Right Leg and Upper Right Groin Hurts?
I haven't been feeling well for the last two days now.?
I have damaged my knuckle?
does anyone have any ideas?
Bruising when sleeping?
UK: Who stated that at least 75% of 999 calls must be attended to within 8 minutes (Category A)? ?
the bottom of my foot hurts and i can't put pressure on it what is wrong with it?
My son (11 yrs. old with mild CP) is going to have dwyer osteotomy. Can anyone give me info????Thanks~Lorri?
What sort of injury would result from your hand or fingers going under somes feet ?
I have a slight strain in my leg?
i have a foot that the quarter keeps breaking out and want grow back to keep a shoe on ? Any suggestion ?
what is this pain in my knee?
Concussion and amnesia?
can someone please help me?
will i get a black eye? help lol?
Pain around the knees?
what is an esr blood test for?
what is Multiple Sclerosis?????
What does a swollen lymph node feel like?
anyone give me any information on Hydroxyapatite deposition disease?
I think that i am dying.?
I have a lump between my ribs doesnt hurt? feels like fatty tissue? pretty hard?
should a brain aneurysm be 100% occluded?
Hi im throwing up yellow liquid it is smelling my breath?wat is it?
How do you not panic when you're under pressure?
How can I get physiothreapy?
DO I HAVE bells palsy???? =(?
My 7 yr old is suffering with nerves?
neeed help duno what it is?
Is it possible that i have swine flu?
How many people will die of swineflu ?
How bad is my Astigmatism?
man passed out in shop anyone no wot could bo wrong?
Menieres disease help?
Could a bad gallstones attack give you temporary liver disease ?
I think something is wrong with my head.....?
Is it good to have a big tv after having had laser treatment 10 months ago?
Information about the disease CREST?
I have to start Respiratory Therapy soon and I am wondering what is involves in the sessions.ie. What do you ?
if you get bit by a rabid animal after getting a rabies shot can you still contract the disease?
How often is a gallbladder so inflamed that a laparoscopy is not viable -they have to cut you open the old way
why do i have a bump on my big toe?
What does it mean when one eye gets pink suddenly?
white patches on arm?
what is hypertrophy?
what 'could' the dark spots be on my son's back x-rays?
HIV would be classified as what type of virus?
Progressive Lens's?
After an excell shunt has been put into your eye, how can the pressure be raised to 10 from 5?
Could somebody please tell me, is shunt lounge going to be closed down in may? if so, then why?
Intended more for the edification of the patient?
can pedicure from a salon be a source of getting aids or hepatitis?
what is paracetamol made from ?
t coil can it case infection?
my valley bulldog has both acl,s torn what do you recommend?
i'm having headaches since the past week?
My boy friend is crying because he is in pain what can i do t take his mind off of the pain?
omg im so scared...what could it be?
Is it normal to feel sick the day after an endoscopy?
why do they always take so long when you go to pharmacy to get your medicine?
If someone is taking cocaine everyday, smoking 20 ciggaretes a week, and drinking 17 units of alcohol...?
what are the symptoms of an overdose?
Is it possible this is why I look ill?
How to change your NHS Medical Card?
errmm... my nose is being weird?? =S?
how can you get your chromosomes tested?
im getting headaches?
could anyone one describe what is meant by an "intake"??
Experience with effective sleeping pills?
What options do you have if your GP doesn't seem that bothered in your symptoms?
I have a really bad phobia in that i cant go to the toilet in public?
Iv ran out of contact solution and iv got tiny bit left, can i use water?
Please help! my friend just had 13 fluanxol tablets! - will she be ok or not!?
why does it hurt getting water up your nose?
what bit me? help. kinda scared?
help! my friend just took 8 clonidine tablets - will she be alright?
Is passive smoking worse for you than smoking yourself ?
I have just been prescribed ramapril. Why must I stop donating blood?
ok ive been really run down and stressed lately and ive had .......?
sulfur soap as a skin treatment for keratosis pilaris?
My friend has Plantar warts, treatment gone good, or bad?
What other antibiotics can you be on at the same time as Accutane long-term?
How can i get rid of white strech marks ? they are really awful :(?
Who knows well staphilococcus aureus ?
Does anyone know any good ways to make me feel more awake in the mornings?
ranitidine hydrochloride side effects?
Is there anyway to lower the nose bridge(the top) without surgery?
ladies problem--- or people in the medical nursing profession?
Please help me i need a fast solution!?
white tiny bubbles on side on my tongue caused by medication?
Why do I have bloodshot marks on my chest?
What do I do by myself in bed?
Empty Inside?
I Really Need Some Advise On My Therapist?
What can I do now? My psychiatrist has given up on treating my Psychotic Depression?
Any advice on stopping self-harming?
Are high testosterone levels in men linked to depression and anxiety disorders?
Dont you think after reading that question about the girl who asks whats wrong with her ?
Does anyone know where you can chat with people online or in a forum who are suffering from alcohol addiction?
How do you sleep naked without parents knowing?
Is this social phobia?
Please help me...?
Bipolar's.. How do you feel?
I'm a 17 yr old male who is really emotional and dont like it?
my 76 year old mother had triple bypass 10 years ago?
rappaport stethoscope, what exactly are these and how do they differ from a normal one?
what would be the main reason if a doctor could not insert a stent into an artery?
what has low blood pressure liver problem slight hearing loss and memory loss,what is the problem?
Does the sun or sunscreen give you cancer, or do both?
i think i've pulled a muscle in my shoulder. I long could i be out of playing sports ?
What have i done to my shoulder?
Is Glyphosate herbicide safe?
swollen under eye!?
is it true that if you break your back you have to learn to walk again?
What is Paratrigeminal Neuralgia?
Which muscle is involved in a groin strain?
have you ever heard of such a dumb doctor?
Sprain/torn ankle liagament?
Has anybody had there gall bladder out??? An if so what was it like?
I have a pulled muscle in my shoulder. It seems to be getting worse, spreading up to my neck Is that possible?
im thinkin of having my ears pinned back, what do you think?anyone had this done?
Swelling of hands, leg, feet?
I get swollen glandes a lot like in my kneck?
has anyone got follicilitus?
Broke my index finger - how long to heal?
Symptons for a broken/sprained foot...?
I had eczema on top of my hands and the skin felt rough , it went a way, now i have a little?
Buying coloured contacts?
Laser Eye surgery?
healthcare in africa in the 1970's?
Ever felt like not stopping?
can so ya milk cause gas and bloating?
Do i have Histrionic Personality Disorder?
I am a 20 year old female.. I Have had white blood cells show up in my urine now?
Bathing a child who has a broken arm?
what does it mean to be a nurse?
How do you make yourself like water ?
anyone recommend me on what to do as im being sick pure blood?
What's the Funniest Instant Cure You've Had From A Doctor?
How to prevent kyphosis in the spine?????
My father had open abdominal aortic aneurysm surgery on Tuesday....?
My 34 year old boyfriend has chickenpox, how do i keep his tempreture down?
Not feeling too good, is it mono?
Has anyone tried fluoxetine for bulimia?
No appetite, feeling sick when eating a tiny amount of food?
bulimia and breast growth ;?
Can your brain shake? Very scary situation?
What would cause pain in kidneys after drinking alcohol?
I suffered one bout of acute pancreatitis, 8 months ago, caused by alcohol. Will i be able to drink again?
vitamins for optic nuritis?
Tears from only one eye.?
Why am I sleepy? Is it Mono?
Has anyone had these symptoms or know whats wrong?
I had blood tests to determine the cause of slightly high blood pressure..?
My friend has a really bad stomache ache and i need some ways to cure it without meds.?
Are all forms of autism visible with brain scans?
can you overdose on Sleep Aid Dipenhydramine Hydrochloride ?
Should i trust acupuncture at 32$ a session?
How long do I have to wait after getting off Seroquel to take more natural products?
Bitter Melon/Bitter Gourd Juice?
How long does a nose polyp take to appear? can it overnight?
My right ear is weaker than my left ear?
gr 11 bio help on sickle cell anaemia?
I am sure I have ringworm.......?
How to become fair again after sunburns?
losing weight, feeling tired and vomiting blood is symptoms of what?
what is your take on this?
Spontaneous pneumothorax AND Visa?
Can anyone help me with a mysterious skin problem?
i have laryngoesophageal reflux and so the doctor had me raised my bed and my throat had got better in the fir
My son needs a liver transplant! Does anyone know of a center that will consider with a history of alcohol?
cocaine vs amphetamine,which is best?
Is counselling a good idea (personal not marriage) does it help?
My partner works nights, how can I control my fears of being alone all night?
If a monocle is a monocle why are spectacles not called binacles?
does taking a hot shower make a sunburn go away?
red spots under arm pits?
This spot in the back of my head is very sore.What should I do?
i have white dots on my forearms what are they?
Sewating ALOT !!! What can i do, although i cannot afford botox.?
best way to treat irritated skin rash overnight? help!!! it feels really dry?
My Parents wont let me take any form of medicine from a doctor?
I have these marks on my legs?
Bellybutton Ring QUESTIONS .?
what is the red itchy rash on my face with small white spots? i haven't used or ate anything new?
how do you get rid of blackheads?!?
Sleepwalking, wetting the bed, and my boyfriend!!?
trying to find health insurance that covers the cost of cosmetic surgery?
finger injury just back from a&e?
i had an accident at work...?
I suffer from migraines.?
How can I treat my leg injury?
been preshreb wrong pills cant stop rubbing my self how do you stop the hicth?
is it common after a hernia op for the scaring to go hard?
painfull lump on lower arm but no redness?
Is there often a fever with a concussion?
Why do i have Pins and Needles in both Feet when i touch them?
i have been told that if i stretched all my arteries and veins out they would stretch around the world?
im concerned about my strength?
numbness of the right hand and arm?
Last week I fell over, I had ice instantly on my left knee, because it was stiff and i was unable to move it..?
what should i do about this situation with my nose?
How to Sleep Better?
how can i get the wasp sting swelling on eye down?
Compression Stockings and DVT?
How long will a torn knee ligament take to heal?
Help, i fell on my thumb and it really hurts!?
are my ribs bruised/broke?
revenous hunger?
What can I do to lose weight?
Are 14 yr old people at risks of heart attack/heart disease ?
Please Help Me!!!!!!!?
how long before i can fly after a stroke?
Something in my eye?
Eyes watering?
Bulging veins a sign of blood clots?
How long would it take to repair an ASD (hole in the heart)?
Co-Cyprindiol and Blood Clots?
Does anyone else experience this with their eyes?
Why isit i'm still getting stitches when i'm doing the same walk everyday?
what can happen to someone if they take 12 500mg paracetamols and 4 500mg co dydramols?
Am I too young to get DVT?
The other day i tried to make myself sick, and since then ive had a chest pain - does anyone know why?
Help i dont know what wrong with me i. my hands and feet are always cold?
Removal of Benign Lymph Nodes under Chin?
what does it mean when your eyes jumps/twitch ?
bleeding tongue wat do i do?
why is there a snake....?
what is this? (health)?
can tonsils grow back?
My cold came at a bad time...can anyone help?
How to stop red eyes after crying?
Can you effectively treat a Candida Cleanse/Treat Toenail Fungus if you're also on antidepressants?
Help! anyone please. ?
Why do i always feel tired?
Confused by this guy's comment?
why am i still on here?
Should i tell my counsellor about an overdose it took years ago?
Am i in danger of having a heart attack at nineteen?!?
My blood pressure is 135/110 and sometimes 150/95?
What problems would occur if a semi-lunar valve does not shut properly?
what should we expect to happen at the post op appointment after repair to AAA?
Will a CT scan detect a stent?
about suffering with Gout?
Can a head injury cause Tinnitus?
abdominal pains can u help me?
Does anyone have dogs that have suffered from gastritis?
Odd food intolerance query?
i have a glomus tumor in my thumb HELP!!!! 10Points?
do you think a cronic liver disease is curable?
my local hospital has lost bloods from me twice its set my hip op back 6 months, agont whats happend PAULA T?
Does it sound like i have OCD?
Other than death, are there any ailments caused by exposure to carbon monoxide?
Is this a sign or symptom of Borderline Personality Disorder?
my stomach is swollen and have pains in my back passage?
Is this just Anxiety or Bipolar?
Would a lymph gland swell up because of multiple insect bites?
My Liver Function Tests - can anyone help?
MRI report says loss of lordotic curvature of cervical spine.no evidence of listhesis.c3-c4,c4-c5 & c5-c6 i/v?
Anyone have or know someone with Non-epileptic seizures?
How long will allergy serum keep during courier transport if its been packed with an ice pack?
dry/oily skin ?
How do you get rid of brazilian wax bumps?
Atypical lymphocytes?
why is my face so abnormal?
do you know about extra skin on body and what's the way to cut them off?
How do I confront my mother about her bulimia?
How do i get rid of whiteheads IN my nouse?
so i have tryed to stop smokin a few times and i have yet too see the end of the smoke any good ideas?
what are markers for down syndrome?
why do some person use sporasec capsules?
what is the youngest person to get tremors?
Encephalitis and West Nile...any medical professionals know....?
If I have had liver disease and bladder surgery is monavie safe for me?
pic day 2 morow.. how can i get rid of zits..?
What is good for Cystitis ?
AIDS and HIV prevent it...........How?
I'm suffering from Lower back pain consistanly for 2 years?
how can i loosen a stiff neck?
I have a trapped nerve which is stopping me get any sleep. Pain killers from the Doc don't help.?
what is the cause for pains running down both arms and going num and pains across the chest?
Back problem?
pins and needles?
bad headache please reply?
what are the remedies to back pain ?
Both of my ears feel wierd?
Acne!! HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
My hands turn orange when im in the cold.?
where can i find neosporin in the uk? or the equivalent?
skin cancer, mole on back, help?
I have dry patches of skin by my eye, on my cheeks, and my nose is always peeling...?
for people who have been on Roaccutane/Accutane....?
Could this be a cancerous mole?
Spot or infection? Please help!!!!?
How to get rid of my dry scalp?
What can I do about frostbites on my toes?
metatarsals.. fractured 2nd, 3rd and 4th in the UK?
dislocated shoulder & fitness?
Do I Have Wrist Tendinitis?
If someone was holding onto someone's arm and the other person fired a 9mm round into them, would they still?
what is a calcaneal osteotomy?
twisted knee on some cobbles in the street?
Trapped nerve in shoulder - mega painful?
Due to the big work load i get from school i always sleep late and wake up late. how can i fix this problem?
About exams and health?
Why do I always need to pee in the night?
Sleeping in a Draught?
Can Working to many nights affect yo in any way?
skin discolouration?
How to calm heart palpitations?
I have a tremendous nutritional product to distribute and I need business partners to team up with me. HELP?
do women suffer consterpation more than men?
Body worms?
seeing dark patches -?
Stomach bug but I can't be sick!?
can a 16 year old take trimethoprim?
My legs need some help !!?
Painful ways to kill people?
Can this just go away?
my girlfriend wasn't on her period and she started to bleed in foreplay earlier, help?
why do so many people on here ask about how long drugs stay in yr system?
In UK. Do you feel that your GP's advice is target driven rather than patient driven?
B12 deifciency connected to short sightedness?
Do you think I could have Temperal Lobe Epilepsy?
Relief For Mouth Ulcers?
Headache and leg pain,what could it be?
i have sickness and diarrea, and i have prom tonight. How can i get rid of this?
why is using cotton ear-buds bad for your ears?
Is this a period what is it?
Skull crushing headaches?
had botox yesterday for squint correction wished i hadn t had it done now why did this happen?
what is the chance of death by pulmonary edema when a person has a regular irregular heatbeat?
Normal Blood pressure?
Anyone had or know anyone whos had heart surgery ?
I have had shortness of breath, and chest pains. Help please?
What does having high blood pressure actually do to cause Coronary Heart Disease...?
Why does eating chocolate before bedtime cause bad dreams?
Please help me, I'm going crazy, I'm begging you.. :(?
do i have depression or bi polar?
why do i have a fear of going out?
anti depressant query?
Will I wake up in a mental institution...
please somebody help me?
Is it wrong to think of suicide as a comforting thought?
Do you think de'ja'vu is memories from another past life?
Can an employer turn you down because of mental health issues?
is there a stronger contact lenses power than -12 00?
Can english cherries have an adverse effect on pain medication?
Cochlear Implant - glasses arm affects and hurts the magnet - why?
Is cardiac ablation worth the risk?
Is it normal not to have "white moons" on all your fingernails?
What is soft bone located in right tumerus?
Does creatine show up in drug tests?
What does it cost for a lung transplant and will medicare cover it?
Need some medical advice-persistent fever?
eye sight problem?
Can I swim after having thyriod surgery?
How to prevent a cold?
most prescribed medications?
Does anyone know anyting about Taheebo Tea helping cancer patients through chemo and radiation. thanks.?
Doctors/ medical people in this dangerous?
my brother is 37 and has just been told he has heart failure he's a non smoker and very fit i was wondering w?
I'm 13 and a little overweight heart paining?
What kind of deposits in blood vessels can cause a heart attack?
Hypertension or high blood pressure. Apple cider vinegar helps reduce HBP. HOW?
Echocardiogram questions?
my husband has been told his platlets are low [88] what should normal number be?
Can anyone help regarding stammering and stuttering?
I'm goin to bed....Night all.!!!!!?
for a few years now i have been taking valium and i now think its got out of control?
Do anorexics ever take a dump?
Ulcerative colitis question/problem?
iron deficiency cured with iron tablets,keep taking them?
Video Telemetry - Epilepsy - Kings in London?
What's wrong my saliva?
I feel sooooo fatigued and need some advice! (Wondering about Iodine deficiency?)?
i have a glomus tumor on my thumb?
How To Cope With A Chest Infection?
what is the difference between high functioning autism and autism?
Advice for raynauds disease?
What is the name of the affliction, pronounced perpeelee?
my daughters got these raised red lumps on face/arms and legs?
Iron deficient but not anemic?
i want to buy home thyroid test kits (tsh) anyone know where to?
is it thyroid disease or something else?
How can I help my chaffed lip from the cold recover?
why might my red blood count be too high?
Want to give up alcohol because of my skin condition. But how can i still have fun with my drinking friends?
why might my red blood count be high?
Solution for Hyponatremia? tried 0.9%saline drip, tried fluid restriction, tried fluid restriction+oral salt?
I have four spots on my right cheek that won't go away..what could be causing them?!?
dark circles round my eyes . lifecell?
Help with foot drop ideas for treatment?
Eczema and the Army. HELP.?
red acne scar removal?
my horse has severe itching- it's november!?
Wrist Pain?? Anyone one with advice?
hmm think its my killis muscle is it called? sorry for the spelling..?
who has ever been in a splint for two months and your elbow has pus?
i have my leg in a plaster?
I fell and think I may have sprained my finger. Do I really need to see a doctor. Pain, redness and swelling. ?
I broke my Clavicle how will it affect me?
Injury at work do I still get paid?
i have my leg in plaster broken bone in foot?
Sprained knee....................?
specsavers returns policy?
Does anyone know what the lumps on the insides of my legs are?
Tumour in large intestine?
can a nurse practitioners open up a clinic?
If you get mono, how do you get rid of it?
does whitening cream or lotion really removes skin discoloration and blemishes? Which brand works?
can i get a nice bong for 50 buckss?
What is a normal pulse beat?
What does my cholesterol reading mean?
because i have dilated cardiomythapy a specialist has told me that heavy manual work will eventually help to?
What happens when your hamster stops moving and breathing and moves again?
Tickly cough every time I have a period!?
most times i stand up i feel really dizzy and everything turns white, why is this?
what affects will this have on my daughter (medical question)?
I've broken my foot. Well i have a blister on it which is close enough. Should a Woman come and clean for me?
Sauna, Steam room... Whats the point?
mental health question?
I've recently begun having problems with waking up scared in the night...?
Am I of average height?
Is Adderall a good medicine for ADD?
How is the flu initially transmitted?
Do any vitiligo sufferers out there have the contraceptive implanon chip?
Whats the most affective way of getting rid of stomach Bugs?
Very bad self esteem problem!!?
CITALOPRAM - I'm finally starting to come round I believe. Anyone else taking these meds?
What incense is good for clearing the head and focus?
Will i grow Taller anymore?
high heels make me sick...help!?
am i an attention seeker?
am i sad please help?
is loneliness really a killer?
Eating issue?
Bipolar Disorder?? Voices Question?